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A. Lisner - - -*-r- - , and Cenh ts.
Th h mutinlsdpes sEvening tr thfoowu Patterns.
No. 17-675--heshrtwa1tsut.a
Not-Af paters ae mile iec rovbeduitsef to beo onee oftose happ in
for r i dysfomtie ouo. i etods eof itrwimmln reay abe usd -
\ trd. T e los i on mete n aro
Filipinos Have Good Traiti
as Well as Bad.
aEvss SAVE IT.
Are Born Orators, but Have No Loglt
-Apt Scholars in Husic
and Arts,
Special Corre 5ce of The Evefing Star ai
speia Crrepotego Record-Heraid.
MANILA. July 5, 1904.
A friend who has lived here five years
and in an educational way has come in
contact with thousands of Filipino children
and young men. has a very poor opinion of
their moral and intellectual character. He
declares that they are neither loyal not
honest nor grateful. The children who
come under his instruction are from the
best native families in the islands. but he
says they have no principle; they seem to
lack moral consciousness, and do not un
derstand or appreciate the difference be
tween truth and falsehood or right and
wrong. They are full of tricks and decep
tion and cannot make accurate statements.
They cannot be trusted in any way; they
have no sense of honor, but will take any
advantage of their teachers, their school
mates or their parents to gratify their van
ity or their desires. They are natural gam
blers; will sacrifice everything to get to a
cock fight; they have brutal instincts and
are without sympathy or affection. But
mentally they are very quick and keen.
They learn easily. have good memories,
make excellent recitations by rote, but have
no reasoning powers and often do not un
derstand the meaning of the words they are
repeating. Their senses are remarkably
acute. They are especially quick at music,
drawing. penmanship and in the decorative
arts, and they recite and declaim with nat
ural grace and talent. Every Filipino is
born an orator. and in composition of a
certain sentimental style they excel, but
they have no logic, are particularly de
fective in mathematics and are inaccurate
and superficial.
Habitually Inaccurate.
The newspaper publishers here complain
that it is difficult and almost impossible to
get carriers and newsboys, although there
are many applications from young men to
learn the printer's trade, which is consid
ered remunerative and honorable. Bankers
and other business men testify that the Fil
ipinos are habitually inaccurate in matters
of accounts; they do not have mathematical
minds; they do not appreciate the impor
tance of accuracy and are altogether unre
iable. While they are indifferent about
paying a debt, they will never repudiate it.
They will admit an obligation and protest
their intention to pay, and, if it comes con
venient for them, they will do so; not from
a sense of honor or duty or any other con
scientious motive, but as a matter of policy.
In mercantile circles as a rule Filipino
redit is very low, but the Chinese trust
them and manage somehow or another to
secure payments. They resort to subter
fuges that European and American business
men are not willing to adopt, hence the lat
ter seldom loan money to Filipinos or give
them credit for large amounts.
The Filipino is not avaricious. He does
not seem to care for money except to spend
it. As a rule the people are extravagant
rather than prudent, spendthrifts rather
than misers. They have very little busi
neas talent; they are easily swindled and
humbugged. and their fertile imaginations
are apt to make their judgment inaccurate
and unsafe in business affairs. There are
no rich Filipinos. A few have estates and
ronsiderable city property, but none of
them have accumulated wealth by hard
work, good judgment or economy.
Tradesmen say that the women of the
Filipino families are much more business
ike and careful in their dealings than the
men. and can always be trusted. They are
almost invariably honest and candid in
their dealings. One merchant, who has
been here a long time, told me that he had
never known a dishonest Filipino woman,
and in the same breath he declared that
he had never krown an honest Filipino
man. When a man incurred bills he did so
recklessly and without considering the
question of payment, but no Filipino wo
man ever purchased an article withoui
having made up her mind how it was to be
paid for.
Gen. Davis' Opinion.
Gen. George B. Davis, who has been in
ommand of troops over here for two or
three years. says in his final report:
"We have been Americanising these Ma
lays in one respect, that of teaching them
to get all they can from the government,
and there is no lack of officers of higher
rank to assist them. No necessity exists
for conceding their demands for more food:
neither should they have the same pay, the
same clothing allowance nor the same ice
allowance the white troops receive.
"Americans in the Philippines have not se
far been an unmixed blessing to the native
inhabitants. We have raised their hopes
and expectations to a level far above the
possibility of realization. We have paid
extravagant wages, rents and prices for
ommodities at a few places, but we have
not yet succeeded in doing anything thai
has raised the general social, industrial
and economic level. To concede pay and
allowances out of all reason for a few
thousand native troops would to a certain
extent debauch the recipients, and only ex
cite the envy and unrest of the vast mass
of the populatIon who must still depend
upon agriculture for subsistence. The Fili
pinos flock to the cities, where army quar
termasters hire some natives at four times
the pay they formerly received. The wait
ing list for these jobs is always a long one,
while the fields in the country remain un
cultivated. public roads projected by the
government are unconstructed and labor
at living rates by industrial employers is
unprocurable. If the army would cease the
employment of natives they would have to
return to the fields and resume tilbir former
"It~ has been often stated that an Amer
lan soldier costs $1,004) a year, but na
tive soldiers do not cost England, Hol
land and France in the orient more than
about one-sixth that amount. There is
no reason why they should cost us more.
If we pay more than others the increase
s a bounty which really helps but the
few and leaves the mass unhappy and
As a boldier.
As to the merits of the native as a sol
1e Colonel Scott of the regalar: army,
now second in command of the constabo.
lary. says that he "is neat and orderly,
extremely amenable to discipline, and his
onduct is generally good, but he must
be managed with a strong hand. A weak
or vacillating~ officer will convert his
ommand into a trifling, worthless outfitt
whereas ah energetic officer, who de
iande the utmnost respect, keeps his dis
cipline up to the top notch, controls bia
men, and at the adme time is kind but
strict with them, will always be suc
't is not believed that patriotism- en
ters very largely into the -Filipino's
metre-up," said Colonel= Scott. "go is
not a coward, and will follow a brava
offier anywhere. Patriotism does not
cause hipn to enter the service, nor does
it keep him there. If he has a commnand
g ofBecer who compels him to do his
duty and who looks out for the soldiers'
welfare, the soldier looks upon him as
his chief, and therein is the seeret of
obtaining from him faithful and loyal
Foreman says: "The native has ao ideg
of organisation en a large sesle, hsence a
sccessful revolution is not possible U
nfined to the pure idlgenous popula
ies unded by other., se s oreoles
and foreigners, He s lebeave ad fearn
me cosequenees whme with or against
his equals, or if led bF his sepesier., b.j
evietlen of maeir~ , morat er
physicaL, Sn the advesi esis.
"is admiration for age -e~
sa et
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tempt for cowardice and puerility, and HIS ANNUAL R
this is really the secret of the native's 11IS
disdain for the Chinese race. Under good
European officers they. make excellent
soldiers. However, if their leader fell,
they would become at once demoralized.
There is nothing they delight in more
than pillage, destruction and bloodshed,
and when once they become masters of
the situation in an affray there is no
limit to their greed and savage cruelty." Sgets That Vessels Carry 1
Can They Be Trusted?
General Davis says: "The question is oc- Lights From Sunset to Sun
casionally asked: 'Can the natives be
trusted as soldiers?' The answer is that all
men are usually faithful to their own inter
ests. The native regiments were not un- In his annual report, which has jus1
faithful to Spain in the rebellion of 18YK, so submitted to the Commissioners. H
long as they were properly treated. One or
more of these regiments were comprised or master
'disciplinario,' or convicts, drafted into the vessels, whether lare or small, havi
army. It is notorious that in 18196 the paythwaesotePtmcoreeh
and allowances of th~e native soldiers were teDsrc,b eurdt ipa
long In arrears. The amounts allowed to
the Spanish native private soldiers were: wielgt rmsne osnie
Pay, 36 pesos; clothing, 3 pesos; total. CA eest o oescUrqieet
pesos per year; which converted into goldbeivdhabenmemoeug
at the rates then current would give them
about $80 gold Per annum, or ?i2~ 0 easnoh een cietwi
month. The pay and clothing allowance 0!e d nteWsigothne,i
a native soldier In the United States army oelf a ot
isThe rin motha Spanish native soldierInometgonhimaerH
was very nearly two pounds of rice per day,maerStosys
and nothing else, which cost about .t125 gold., Asuc fmchcmlitfo
while the rations tha. United States Issued st riiga n evn h a
to our native soldiers costs the United
States about 15 cents gold. Bringing all the telc fadslyo ihsb
figures together, It results that the nativecrfonteiv.Wthheire
soldier cost Spain about $3.8U per month,nubrothsveelteliiiy
while the same man costs the United states cdn nespoe ihsaecri
about $15 per month."aloicesdantormythsi
~dIn reomen anan eort hc adeus
curme t eatmethte CommissiongH
A gentlemanawhohasJbeen hereonnceetoementsoth
beginingof Aericn ocupaton, n esse''Alas undter taren onsm, hethe
ten lass say: "irtus anvics, the waters of the Distoact of Colmbia
essentallyompartive Dtc, be required to display fr1nstt
enuerte, ae Is a ihtwhite light,vsusbe all aurie
tems I w sy heFiipnoisdih nest,sth y hoison. sc eqieet
incaabl, ufaihfu, unelible norloa Asnd ows rges othient whi
lacks ntegrty, w coulmayheusa ed ielin t Wanhogton canyneo,i
thins o the Aercan but i we wee fe vgbwas est. h isrc
comprin th tw th coparsonwoud Inbasalb com e uire tohislayrH
favr te Aerian.Abiity stbilty,re sst Suton sunieay bigtwht
liabilityA etc..eare argelycmatterstofrde
gre. Te iliin copaed t th vsible arlln aund heavoizn.hhr
most resaectsn the charactertofttheitraen
ingrecivd b te Fliino fr hndedS "nyeron her ess hfailigyto
of ear maifstsItslf vey nw adpycideth nyss proisins re tari
agan. ontctandassciaio wih a sallo becreased guilt to mytisem
hoetVpirhtsranioid eope n ncnicinteefi h
tmdoubIereyommendgreat cnaegesrInbeharae
ter nd empOaRD1t onsderig ~ Curto the Ditrctt of theflowing
trmeint on i nualn e t a~c~ t wit n th be-S pu ise or achor s enot - rcedin b310
numerted, are esse~6 noial comaterise amrighmt oht eeing vsil molt'
tless in e this eP ' Filpinsihnt, yth ori n smnsnteds
irsaptbe, fifl, b" u relie, no oya f th 'Als co wsbresorohe
acks integ ity we conudsy "The saewien W1ts lyegatachr in,apti,
The olu f themeriabt wewre the .Stnavigabl wat onl reee Dstrht
compin sehie two tedcoparisonel wulk ofubachal bte. beuied to ddsplay
favorte Aderica Ablrge mstaitre-o h useo to sni brssels forite
adpability, tc.d arg liltesw e vtis sc asn thefa viorion
ian n keegree udThedy useuhperio game fihats."nid
amstcalan wepet Thehaater and thctracy. "'Ay, Serton orentsons aH theeoa
ing reed e evno udrag py wietr atviy ofth rsct to th w
tcn. Ciil ta c nd aoifation hw h i salb demed lthps yea a n idm
em tol up r stl igutowrdep win a ndth fon Thicts,io ueo in pete :
undoubte wok t th ie fO Cour etson the Congrict of thlumas
dilter n kd i VIt is surp r eulinse b or a the notvexcfed in10
but al tmal i sterbste byC both rie.r nfshont, din pthe di
gunt. In ths tteio rw riing, o th of the rtrcantohenr
f~isthenal clinterxit. "Th hsumero esselsnenter this lelain'
y esnotsim an iect,g entr th e aol- haMr. sutton atenotonya elenh
"Toahee clsof se'eiaaely qubiHik to tuh enforcebut oil ten tow a
w q rite h isaon ie to stet purpolin, andh of the ftS and gioaie
adaptab aed gre. They use the pen gameaandeAsh lawh.
artist ine.cin "tachinaing and rehaeberactivit tthepc atote c
- atonsel shwhs partmnt thepast year, tani eva
tracin. air e ty I in isue si n~ arith- fore T i.ehedsy,- lbs du e, np r,
t oOn trhe d en e Filpn ands fr extesion 'b ongres ofte~ la
inus in and asuf~wt wla conire- regulaieo sdrthe oern en ortk
met the lP3'o 0ter wry it, a gr our of eDitrc andr to the ine
noti s.ipe andi piect,eno is he,Idg able harbor Eseia attn hs een
adeo hen elessly Me ist . ei oteefreeto h sa
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aftemmnd te~S~ t3 bi1. b h he hben ouha t ate t ieonc
andear 1-j* IaL N. --+de f en eas tha anan
malt na raamusic~ talh itr- al ~on pads+-*- uru torbk
meets,~ The are . heial gelie amn or fesr ntep
ndtiese sf ?iMe t, 11 gggeO of ggar s tain es
the heIs that thaVe5k rapid pr-the Potoacs river of ice taw nees
gemss oard a' t5eof i - to pjeses a geed. bsm.eiS m
-is. --_______ the - tfeenInSe =-e a.as
tigat 1~g19E W..Sm
g sophMons ss-pa
ram e
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chusetts Avenue N.W.
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r Bedding, is Included in this great Discount
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)T their presence will not interfere with the which orders for their shipment will be
free ingress and egress of shinp'ing. filled.
Commodore Sutton mentionv that he has No cral)pie have been seat out this sea
been harbormaster in the Diatrict during son for the reason that these fish cannot
LTES the past twenty years, during which time be handled in warm weat:1.-. L.ate in the
the salary has remained at $1.2in a year. fall, when the atmosphere is cool. thou
"In their reports to Congress in former sands of crappie will be 'listribtit.l. e'er
years." says Mr. Sutton. "the Commissior- tain local sportsmen will request that sonN
ers of the District have seen fit to recom-- of these game fish be placcd in the PotO
mend that the harbormaster he nade a mac. it is said.
captain of the police denarcment. a change Ar. C. K. Green, superintendent of tite
which would carry with it an increase of government fish ponds, is away on his sum.
salary to $1,800 per annum. The legislaticn mer vacation.
necessary to secure this change has not
been enacted and the salary of the harbor- MZ SO= 01 JONADAB.
master remains the same as it has been
since my assignment to that ofice in 1N1C.
namely. $1,200 per annum. Councils of the Independnt Ordet
been When it is considered that since that Transact Boutine Buines,
trbor- date, a period of more than twenty years.
I the duties and responsibilities of the posi- Hope Council. No. 1, independent Orde
at all tion have increased more than fivefold. and of the Sons of Jonadab, met In Concordia
sting _ that to the original duties of harbormaster Ha.l .wt r et, last M a e nn
're in there was added in 1l188 the charge of the M.R .OBin otycif rsdd
rgtpolice harbor boat, It will readily he seen
rgtthat the compensation received, being that M.T abn.ogns,ldi h evc
The of the position of harbormaster simply, is o og hr a ag tedne n
it is wholly inadequate for the performance ofcldnvsiosfm(tortonad'nt
|tt by the duties of the two nositions. Cucl.Terglrruiewsfloe
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