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Afdemy-Bmy Clifford in "How Ho Won
"W1 8:18 p.".
Mase's-ose Coghlan and polite vaud*
VWe, 8:15 p.M.
totumbI-the College Widow," 8:15 p.m.
kernan's-"tbe High Rollers," 8:15 p.m.
tafayette-"Miss Bob White." 8:15 p.m.
National - Amelia Bingham In '1'hw
ClImbers," 8:15 p.m.
Chevy Uhase Lake-Concert by Marine
3and and dancing.
Steamer Macalester for Mount Vernon at,
10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Norfolk and Washington steamers for
Fortress Monroe and Norfolk at 6:30 p.m.
Randall line for Colonial Beach, Maddox
creek and intermediate landings at 7 a.m.
Steamer Estelle Randall for Glymont and
Intermediate landings at 9 a.m.
Weems line for Baltimore and river land
bngs at 4 p.m.
Kenny's Handsome Scholar's Com
panions free Saturday, September 17. A
ammoth pencil, containing pencil, pen
[older, pen, ruler and slate penciL C. 1).
enny Co., teas, coffees, sugars.
Royal Glue
Mends everything. Druggists', 100.
Mary Cox, colored, forty years old, a
resident of Burke's alley southwest, was
taken sick In the feurth precinct police
tAtion last night. She was sent to the
Emergency Hospital.
Delicious Washington Dressed Ieats.
Exacting purchasers never find meats so
patisfactory as when selected at the stalls
ZT. T.KEANE CO., 84-51 Center mkt. &
Wholesale Row. Delicious Washington
Beef, Southdown Lamb, Smithfield
ns, etc., at lowest consistent prices.
A Beverage for Convalescents.
Abner-Drury Brewing Co.'s "Old Glory" i
hly recommended as a tonic for those re
ering from illness. Famous for its pu
ty, age and excellence. 'Phone W. 486.
Everybody Would Eat "Malt" Bread
uld they see how it's made. Visit Schnei
s Model Bakery, and you'll realixe wpy
good grocers sell "Malt" Bread-why the
beet people always demand it. Only 5c.
While working on a new building at South
Brookland yesterday afternoon Michael
Pullivan of 805 N street southwest was
#truck on the head by a hammer which
fell from one of the upper floors. He sus
tained a slight scalp wound, which was
dressed at Freedman's Hospital.
Purisina ths True Quality Whiskey.
It's a tonic of the highest nutritive value
-imparts strength and nourishment to the
system. 'PhoneN. 528. Wm. Cannon, 1225 7th.
$1O Ostrich Plumes, $7; California.
Salesman will call. Box 255, Star office.
A broken arm was the Injury sustained
by William Mason, fourteen years old, of
2403 H street northwest, while he was
P laying base ball near his home yesterday
Ifternoon. He was given surgical atten
ion at the Emergency Hospital.
The explosion of an oil stove caused a
slight fire at the home of W. H. Dove, 823
4th street southeast, about 4 o'clock yes
terday afternoon. A section of the fire
department was called out and soon had
the blaze subdued. It is thought that $150
will cover the loss.
John E. McGaw forfeited $10 collateral in
the Police Court today on a charge of vio
laUng the provisions of the anti-smoke law
at the plant of the Purity Ice Company re
John Newton, colored, admitted his guilt
when arraigned in the Police Court today
an a charge of stealing a silver watch a
razor and a hat from Robert Morton. AFter
bearing the facts Judge Mills gave Newton
an absolute jail sentence of four months.
Marine Band at Capitol and Barracks.
The United States Marine Band. William
H. Santelmar.n, leader, will render the fol
lowing program. weather permitting, at the
Urited States Capitol this afternoon, begin
mtng at 4:50 o'clock:
tdarch, "Jack Tar".......................Sousa
Overture, "Zampa"......................Herold
Mfusic de ballet "Excelsior".......Marenco
Cornet solo, "Flocktonian Polka.....Casey
Musician, Frank R. Todhunter.
grand Fantasia, "The Pearl Fisher"...Bizet
Intermerzo, "Russe"....................Franke
Palop, "Husarenritt".............Santelmann
National anthem, "The Star Spangled Ban
ner............... .........................K ey
The Marine Band will also give a concert
.t the marine barracks tomorrow after
poon, beginning at 5 o'clock. Following 's
3March, "Admiral Dewey"...Santelmann
Overture, "Stradella"................Flotow
gelude to "Parsifal"...............Wagner
Cornet solo, "Flocktonian Polka".....Casey
Musician, Frank R. Todhunter.
Suite, '-Peer Gynt"....................Grieg
(a) Morning Allegretto Pastorale.
(b) The Death of Ase. Andante Doloroso.
(c) Anitra's Dance. Tempo di Mazurka.
(d) Dance of Imps in the Halls of the
Mountain King. Alla Marcia E Mar
Waltz,,"The Debutante"........Santelmann
Nationa^l anthem. "The Star Spangled Ban
Flynn's Business College, 8th and E.
Business, shorthand, typewriting, $25 year.
For Study of American History.
The reorganization of the American
History Club has been decided upon by
its president, Maj. J. H. Stine, and the
other offiers, and the members have been
requested by Capt. Homer J7. Lockling,
wice president and acting secretary, to at.
tend a meeting to be held at his residence,
t08 A street northeast, Friday evening,
for the purpose of electing offeers and
arranging a program of historical re
eitals for the fall and winter of 1904-5.
The American History Club was organ..
$sed In this city more than eight years
ago and has embraced in its membershill
alen of note In the military and nnaa
pervice and former offcers who wor4
both the blue and the gray In the civl
jra. Many papers containing war his
trheretofore unwritten have been pre
$ented atIts meetIngs and afterward
widely quoted. Maj. Stine, the president
is historian of the Army of the Potomac
Moses' 10th Annual Sept. Furniture
Sale and clearance of carpets and rugs. *
Funeral of Mrs. Genefta Wahiler.
The funeral of Mrs. Genefa Wahler, whos
death occurred Monday morning at he
tesidence, No. 217 Fillmore street, Anacos
tia, was held this morning, beginning at 14
o'clock, from St. Tereass's Church, Wash
ington and Fillmore streets. Rev. Charlei
N. Bart, the pastor, offciated at requien
high mass. The pallbearers were the th
phews of the deceased from Coge
eihts, and were Messrs. Valentine, Fna
eb.J,sph, Carl. Conrad and Ignatius Wah
. Mrs. Wahler being an old resident an<
hhly esteemed in the community, the fu
aeral services were largely attended. In
ter'ment took place at St. Mary's cemetery
Downey's Turnouts for Weddings
St the most exacting requirements. Styl
elegant. Hired reasonably. 16-28 L.
Draft on Emergency Fund.
Commissioner West yesterday afternooi
cenferred with the controller of the tres
WI'y relative to the propriety of drawing oi
the emergency fund of the District for th<
$1,400 necessary to equip the District pub
31. schools with gas stoves and small filter.
hocontroller agreed with Mr. West the
would be proper to draw on the fund
ustoned for the purpose, and Commis
dmer West today recomimended that thi
be ds..,
Acepts a Call T.dered by Providenmp
X, L, Cwngregation-church
4eting Coled.
Rev. Gerhart A. Wilson, D. D., 'has ten
dered his resignation as pastor of the West- I
ern Presbyterian Church in this city, and a 8
meeting of the congregation has been called
for tomorrow evening, when the matter will
be considered. The announcement of Dr.
Rev. Gerhart A. Wilson.
Wilson's request for severance of the pas- I
toral relatioa was made from the pulpit I
Sunday morning. He has accepted a call i
to the First Presbyterian Church of Provi
dence. R. I., and expects to remove there J
next month.
Parting Words.
In tendering his resignation Dr. Wilson
said: "Happy memories will always cluster
about my thoughts of the Western Church
and its dear people. Of unpleasant features
there have been just enough to remind us
that roses do not grow without thorns. We
have experienced joys and sorrows in sym
pathy with each other.
"It has been my pleasure to have baptized
your children; It has been my joy to have
received them Into the church; it has been I
my happy privilege to have united some of I
them In the bonds of holy matrimony; I 4
have had your confidence in the ministry I
of the word and of prayer In the chamber I
of sickness; it has been my sacred duty to I
stand by the forms of your departed dead I
and remind you of the resurrected Christ,
the Christian's hope. From this desk I
have ministered to you of the word of God,
as He has given me light to understand it,
and always with the purest of motives. Not
frequently, I believe, have I been misunder
stood or misinterpreted. To err is human.
Undoubtedly both you and I have made
mistakes, but the spirit of charity has kept
us in the bond of peace through these years.
"These experiences which we have had
in common form ties between us that can
not be severed even by the dissolution of
the pastoral relation."
Native of Chicago.
Dr. Wilson was born In Chicago, attended
the public schools there, prepared for col
lege at Lake Forest University, where he
also took his college course, and was gradu
ated from Hartford Theological Seminary
in 1S1. He worked in "Moody's Church" in
Chicago, was one of the missionaries of the
State Street Mission of that city, was in
charge of Warburton 'Chapel in Hartford.
He was also associated with Dr. Storrs of
Brooklyn, as acting pastor of Pilgrim
Chapel, and was for eight years pastor of
the Presbyterian Church at Holyoke, Mass.
In September, 19O, he became the pastor
of the Western Presbyterian Church of this
city, where be has continued to the present
Deposits Draw Two Per Cent
per annum interest and are subject to check
at will when made with banking dept. of
Union Trust & Storage Co., 1414 F.-Advt.
Prospects Good for Oysters.
The prospects for a bountiful supply of
oysters on the beds In Chesapeake bay are
said to be very flattering. Capt. William
H. Sanders of the Maryland oyster police
schooner May Brown recently made a cruise
along the eastern shore of the bay, and re
ports plenty of oysters on most of the bars,
the growth of young oysters being very
satisfactory. Reports coming from the por
tions of Chesapeake bay in Virginia also
indicate a good supply of the bivalves.
The tonging for oysters In the tributaries
of the bay In Maryland and Virginia be
gins tomorrow, and hundreds of boats are
awaiting midnight tonight to sail for the
oyster grounds. The taking of the oysters
with dredges is not allowed for a month
Goes to New Field of Labor.
Rev. Win. H. Bowers, after officiating
most acceptably In the Church of the
Epiphany for the last five months, leaves
today to assume the duties of rector of
St. Paul's Church, Charleston, S. C. His
departure is regretted both by the regula.r
congregation and by those drawn to the
church by the zeal and ability of his pulpit
ministrations. This sentiment was embod
ied In a resolution passed by the vestry at
a special meetig recently held.
Printing Troubles Should Be Cured,
not endured. Byron S. Adams. Printer, 512
11th st., will show you how. Two 'phones.
-Adv'ertisemen t.
Sailing Vessel Inspected.
Under the marine laws all sailing vessels
of over 700) tons burden have to undergo an
annual inspection at the hands of the
steamboat Inspection service to determine
their seaworthiness and to ascertain If
they have steam power aboard to raise
anchors, sails, &c. The boiler used has
also to be inspected. It is seldom that the
Inspection of sailing vessels takes place
here, but the enforced laying up of the
fleet of coasting schooners while awaiting
business made it necessary for the big four
masted schooner Edward E. Briry to be in
spected in this port. This was done Mon
day last by one of the inspectors from the
office of the steamboat inspectors at Balti
more. and the big schooner was found to
he in the best of condition. The new ma
rine regulations also reQuire vessel masters
and mates to pass an examination for 11
cense,' the same as is required of masters
of steam vessels.
Xoore & m11(In, 71714thSt.
"Wesel ad rnthouses." Money to loan.
RemnoTal cf Hain Hello Uzwanevg.
Arrangements have been completed to
move the "main" exchange of the local tel
ephone company Into the new building on
12th street northwest this week, following
Which the companty promises to greatly im
prove the service.
Charged With Non-Support of 3'amily.
Robert B. Jordan of 813 Monroe street,
Anacostla, was named as a defendant in
-Judge Mills' branch of the Police Court
Ithis morning on a charge of non-suppr of
his family. The charge was brought by his
wife, who complained that he has neglected
for some time 'to roely provide for their
t minor child. -Jordnpromised to mabs an
I allowance of SI each wek, and the 4eurt
accepted his pesnlbends, aster inspos'
s ing a flne of as a gentle regader' tha
The NaM m4 th u7
PWeowingAme a inesWas at the )
I&iai nheater eoms th. e. e-r the osd
musment Company eaterpes e
faid and the Nummy," a mery ausei
welange the book of which Is by Bleba
Uarle and the musie by Robert Ueo4 oWW
rm . % has been.soan
1aam $0r the booko * Gt4
gummy." Tha masgeset states a
,sely that the main object of the entertat
ment Is to produce-aughte ad . T
ompany contains some of the best-know
amOs of musical fun-makers. Include
re Richard F. Carrda, Edward Garvil
leorge Beane, Louis Wesley, Ernest Grol
frm. Annie Yeamana, Janette Priest, Ma
ilossom Boley and Adele Rowland.
The Eternal City.
The next pttraction announced by ti
managers of the Columbia Is Liebler A
'o.'s stupendous, production, "The Eterns
Edward Morgan is starring In the play
ad bids fair to supplant the impression b
made as John Storm In "The Christian
,nd as Sidney Carton in "The Only Way.
vith his work as David Rossi, th
'oung Roman political reformer, in th
tewer play. He is assisted by a youn
'Ittsburg woman, Janet Waldorf, who ha
von enviable popularity In other sections
'his will be her first visit to Washingto
n a leading role of great consequence, an
hat of the fascinating Donna Rom
hould give her a splendid chance. Fred
rick de Belleville is a conspicuous figur
n the cast, playing the prime minister
3aron Bonelli. The eight tableaus rep
esent, among other famous places, sue
Listoric objects as the Coliseum, St. Peter'
he Castle Angelo and the gardens of th
Boys' Symphony Orchestra.
Chase's next polite vaudeville progran
ommencing at the matinee Monday nex
vill present the Boys' New York Symphon:
)rchestra, which will play at every pi
ormance. There are fifty professional mi
iclans in this organization, which is sab
o rank as the foremost of its kind. Georg
V. Day, the popular monologist, will giv
Lis latest collection of nonsense under t1
amiliar title "In Cork." Mary Dupor
ill appear with her own company in
*mIc conceit entitled "A Leap Year Leap.
d1le. Albertine Mellich, the celebrated foi
Ign bird trainer 'will exhibit her feathere
Lctors, among wilch Is a cockatoo that ha
oeen taught to do a somersault. Lucie an
7iate will give a startling slack-wire per
ormance, and Wood and Berry will intro
luce songs and dances.
Sunday Concert.
The first Sunday night concert of the sea
on will be given at Chase's next Sunday
Lnd the program for the occasion will 1
'urnished by the Boys' New York Syr
ohony Orchestra. The leader, A. !. Pint
s the eldest, and but twenty-threft year
f age. Their program will be widely v
ied, and will contain the proper propor
ion of popular compositions. The sale 9
,eserved seats is now in progress at th
Melodrama at the Academy.
"Dealers in White Women," a new pla
n four acts and eight scenes, will hold th
ooards at the Academy next Monday nigh
)ne of the most dramatic scenes in ti
>lay is the second scene of the second ac
vhich represents police headquarters
4ew York. During the progress of th
cene the celebrated "third degree" is worb
d on a suspect exactly in the manner the
he police work it in homicide cases. Ever
Lct in "Dealers In White Women" is re
)lete with surprising sensations.
"Cracker Jacks."
Next week Bob Manchester's "Crack<
racks" will hold forth at the Lyseum Thea
:er. The show starts with a laughab
nelange called "The Jolly Bachelor," an
ntroduces Bob Van Osten and Sam
Akdams. The ollo includes Belle Hathawa
with her troupe of baboons and monkeys.
Report of Operations the Past Moni
Submitted to Gen. McKenzie.
General Mackenzie, chief of engineer
has received the report of operations c
the filtration plant, near the Soldiers' Hor
during the past month, showing that t)
work is gradually drawing near to a fa
state of completion. One entire block, ea
of 1st street, containing ten filter beds,
finished so far as the masonry work Is co
cerned, and Is receiving its permanent cov
of earth.
During the month 15,400 cubic yards
earth were excavated at the site of vario
filter beds and the .material was used
making the fill over the finished filters a)
around the walls of the filtered water
servoir. The total amount of concre
placed during the month was 14,190.8 cut
yards, being an average of 525.6 cubic yar
each working day. Of this concrete, 3,60(
cubic yards, was placed in the floors ai
underdrains, 3,586.6 in the walls, 1,019.8
the piers, 902.7 in vaulting and 5.081.1
the regulator house for the clear water re
The brick work on the pumping stati,
has been completed, except the finishing
the cornices, which work will be done aft
the roof Is put on. The erection of t
pumps, engines and traveling cranes b
been completed, and it Is expected t,hat
the regulator houses, seven in number, is
be finished up to the floor line during ti
month. The regulator house for the cle
water f'eservoir is nearly finished.
Moses' 10th Annual Sept. Furnitur
Sale and clearance of carpets and rugs.
Golden Rule Tent Meets.
Golden Rule Tent, No. 1084, Independe
Order Rechabites, ltdies' branch, met
Order Rechabites, ladies' branch, met
Monday evening. After an hour spenlt
receiving reports of committees, readil
and passing upon communications and ge
eral routine business, the tent passed
consideration of the "good of the ordei
with Mr. Chas. Williams of Golden Rt
Tent in the chair. The subject, "Is t
Use of Intoxicating Drinks Increasing
Decreasing?" was commented upon by I
5. 5. Hessler, jr., and Mr. Zollie Wrigi
Miss Amy Beckerton, Miss Margaret Bec
erton, Miss Theresa Elbert, Miss Margar
Elbert and Miss Elizabeth Brewer of 0
ward Tent, Mr. John Mitchell of Eaj
Tent, Mrs. Mi. E. Salkeld, Mrs. S.
Hissey, Mrs. Nettle Atlee, Mrs. Lot1
Bridgeman, Miss Hattie E. Hissey, Ml
Eva Gregory, Misses Mamie and Margar
Raum, Mr. Chas. Williams of Golden Ri
Tent. Following the discussion a vote w
taken and the majority declared the bell
that drink is on the increase and that the
is work ahead for the Rechabite workel
Mr. Zollie Wright gave a vocal solo, a
companied by Miss Theresa Elbert of 0
ward Tent; Mr. John Mitchell render
mandolin selections, accompanied by Mi
Hattie Hissey, and a vocal solo was rendi
ed by Miss Margaret Raum.
It was announced that Golden Rule Te
had unadilmously elected Mire. Sadie
Hissey and Mrs. Mary U;t Salkeld as del
gates to the High Tent, which convene's
Westernport, Md., the 4th proximo.
The members of the tent received an I
vitation to attend the entertainmnent
Harmony, Advance, Onward and Welcon
tents Wednesday evening at Odd bello
Hall. The ipvitation was unaninously a
. 16-World's lair-0. & 0. ly.
Coach excursions via scenic route, 2
p.m., Saturday. In Sept. One night out
hAded to Polies itens
Major Sylvester has recommended t
appointment of the following persons
privates of class 1 of the inetropolitan m
1ie* force: Joseph W. Pierson, John C.
Enight, Stephen J. Walsh,. Win. K, Tayl
Chae. C. Grimse,Gec..KMrn ThM
dere Delavignse, Jign uMile n a
W Tmm.# h...am
Gesanaa maemlh dra" to
The lumber-laden baft of Jo &
Wkmsatt, which was 4anfed by the
steamer River Queen In, rseent collislon.
6 and which sank on the ats near ths
r United States naval powr magasine, noat
ed yesterday morning at high tide, and with
her decks awash drifted out into the chan
nel in the path of passing vessels. Com
I modore Button was notified of the obstruo
tion. and the harbor police boat Vigilant
brought the barge up to this city. One
corner Is knocked out of the barge and con
siderable repair work to It will be necessary
B before It will be ready for service again.
As the longboat Five Sisters was leaving
the pier at which she discharged a cargo of
a lumber yesterday afternoon she collided
5 with the 6ld wharf used by the steamers 0
g the lighthouse service, but so far as could
5 be seen from the 'Wharf no damage was
done the vessel at the pier.
There was a fairly large Aupoly of trout,
butterfish, tailors and some other varieties
of salt water fish on sale at the 11th street
wharf wholesale fih market this morn
ing and the demand for the fish was quite
fair. River-caught fish were also on sale.
Prices are firm and show but little change.
One or two vessels with oysters aboard
from the beds In the lower Potomac ar
rived here during last night and restocked
an almost exhausted market. The demapd
for the bivalves is good and prices range
from about 50c. to 80c. per bushel.
The supplS, of watermelons on sale at the
wharf market Is still ample to meet the
demand and prices show a slight advance
on all grades of stock. The watermelon
season will close in a few days.
The new dredging machine of the Poto
mac Dredgini Company, which has been
working In Mattawoman creek, was a day
or two ago brought up to PiscatawaY
creek, below Fort Washington, to dig sand
e and gravel in that stream. The tug Camll
e la, which was towing lighters of sand and
t gravel for the Potomac Company, has com
pleted her charter and has returned to gen
eral towing on the river.
Several large flocks of wild ducks were
again seean yesterday on the river near
d Shepherd's landi of the Baltimore and
S Ohio railway. The birds are feeding on
d the wild grain growing plentifully on the
river flats near Shepherd's. The arrival of
- the bird's, the rivermen say foretells the
coming of cooler weather and heavy north
westerly winds.
General News of the Port.
The steamer Pokanoket, which came here
, under charter about a month ago, and
e which, since her arrival, has been running
- excursions to Colonial Beach and other
, points, concluded her charter term Monday.
s She sailed Monday night, it is state(1, for
- Philadelphia, where she will go Into serv
f The repairs to the damaged wood work
e of the hull of the steamer River Queen are
being made at Alexandria, and the boat will
be ready for service agaln by the end of
the week. It Is stated the "Queeg' has
completed her excursion trips for the sea
y son and will go out of commission at the
e wharf, foot of N street southwest, for the
winter. The "Queen" is now lying In the
dock adjoining the slip of the Alexandria
e and Washington ferry line steamer at the
t, Alexandria end.
n Mr. George Greason, steward of the
steamer T. V. Arrowsmith, and Mr. Julian
Moore, electrician of the steamer Pentx
will leave here Friday for a two weeks
stay at Atlantic City.
Mr. George J. Stafford, manager of the
Randall interests at Colonial Beach, will
return to his home In this city this -week,
and will take charge of the purser's office
on one of the Randall line steamers.
Mr. Jeff Burnell. chief engineer og the
steamer River Queen. is superlntending
6- the repairs to that steamer at Alexandria
le Mr. John B. Padgett; manager of the
d Alexandria ferry line, painfully Injured him
foot a day or two ago.
The tug Spray is hauled out on the ma
y rine railway at Alexandriafor some repah
work to her hull. The tug Juno is also O'
the railway having her hull rebuilt.
Consolidation Coal Company barge No. 0
laden with about 1,500 tons of soft coal al
the Georgetown wharves, left yesterday it
h tow of the tug Wm. H. Yerkes, Jr., for the
mouth of the river, where she will join 9
tow going to Boston and other New Eng
9' land ports.
in The schooner Fannie, laden with sand
, from Greenway flats for a paving com
le pany at Georgetown, has arrived in port.
The three-masted schooner Marie Browr
is lying at Smoot's wharf at Alexandria
It discharging a cargo of phosphate for tht
is Alexandria Chemical Company.
a- The two-masted schooner R. Mason ha
5r arrived in port with a cargo of cord wood
for the dealers.
The Oyster Boy, laden with oysters Ir
f the shell from the beds in the lower Poto
.s mac, has arrived in port and Is lying a
in the 11th street wharf market.
nThe schooner Five Sisters left here ligh
id yesterday afternoon for a down-river poin
e- and will load back to this city.
Is $10.00 Niagara Falls Excursion,
.4B.&O. R. R.
CCd Special train. Standard Coaches and Par
In 1or Cars, from Washington, 7 a.m., Septem
In ber 10. Route via Philadelphia and plc
s- turesque Lehigh Valley. Tickets good fo
ten days. Stopovers returning.-Advt.
SCharge Made in Police Court Agains
ll Sanders Abbott, Colored.
Is Saunders Abbott, colored, was -named a
ara defendant In the United States branch e
the Police Court today on a charge of as
sault with a dangerous weapon. He she
two persons last night, it is alleged, an'
because of their being unable to' appear ii
court today Assistant United States At
torney Ralph Given postponed preliminar3
at hearing of the case Indefinitely, and dl
in rected that Abbott should remain In jal
In unless he can give a bend of $500 as secur
In Ity for his appearance.
ig The shooting occurred about 6:30 o'clocl
a- at Abbott's homne in Gould's alley north
to west. Robert Dennisonl, colored, wan sho
,' In four different places, and Is in the Cam
le ualty Hospital. His wife Ledora Dennisor
is was shot In two places and is under treat
ment at the Emergency Hospital, to whici
rinstitution she was conveyed. Dennison, I
[r is said, has been separated from his wift
it for a short time, and last flight he founc
IC- her at Abbott's home. Her month an<
et brother were also there with her, as was
n- also the occupant of the house.
'le According to Dennison-7 Abbott ordered
El. him out of the house, and when he did! no
ie go pulled a revolver and began shooting a
as him, two of the bullets' going wild ann
et striking Mrs. Dennison. ~Neither Denniaor
le nor his wife is seriously injur-ed, and it il
et hospital in a few days.
B ranch OEee, Vt. Ave- 'and I St.
n~- Advertisements are redlved at The Star's
Id branch office, King'. rgstore. corner Ver
es mont avenue and I se at regular ratea
r- No charge for messenget.
nit Ordered by Oofiu"'EInnes.
a., The District Commsions tuday ordered
in That twe valve esng be r'emoved ant
two valves replace& on- acesunt of wor
nof the Washingten ElecUle Itailway Com
ie pany at 11th street. and Columbia reed, a
-u Sn *set,ed cost of $157, ohargab
0- gainst the depsit of the Washington Rat
way and Electrie Comapany.
That In coneueMon with the improvaee
of 7th street nornbe.t the following uitol
Hartford streets, ..aed a . o.t.a.s..
nier of Hartford ag ColOnla stret At ai
estimated cost of $490 tie. t
Sstreets, at an stm*dof m;,
abe # ggauenameso)a *Gim S
114 evening at his 1" "
tt orheast. Bra in BalAWtnle, X.
W, be early became a etisen of
Mssachusetts a4 served severa termsI
the legislature of that ammanawea1
Was appointed United States consu4 at
kuattg&r, may, In 18M M subW I
uently wras to Urefelt. yher
he remalneG until 100,%n came to this
city three years ago and took an active In
terest in securing Improvements for the
northeast section, where he made his resi
dence. Deeply Interested In the culture of
silk worms, he had gathered at his home
probably the best collection of them in
this country outside of the Agricultursl
Mr. Potter was a member of Hiram Lodge,
F. A. A. M., of Arlington, Mass, and the
remains may be taken to that city for in
terment. His wife survives him.
Member of Marine Corps Victim of
Serious Accident,
Frank Bahar, twenty-four years of age,
a private in the Marine Corps, met with a
serious accident while attempting to board
a Capital Traction oar about 6:30 o'clock
last night at the corner of 6th street and
Pennsylvania avenue northwest. In en
deavoring to board the motor car he fell and
his left arm was run over by one of the
front wheds of the trailer. The arm was
badly iangled, and .the surgeons at the
Naval Hospital, to which Institution he
conveyed Immediately after the acci
decided to amputate It near the elbow.Tdi
operation was performed and this morning
It was reported that he was doing nicely.
Will Pay Tribute to the Memory of
Capt. Leibhardt.
About 100 of the clerks of the dead letter
office will attend the funeral services over
the body of the late Captain Lelbhardt,
which will be held at Lee's undertaking es
tablishment tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock
under the conduct of the Grand Army of
the Republic. Acting Postmaster General
Shallenberger has granted permission to as
many of the clerks of the ofice as can be
spared from the work at that hour, and It
has been found that 100 will take advan
tage of the opportunity to pay their final
respectq to their late chief.
Immediately following the ceremonies the
body will be taken to the Pennsylvania
railroad station and will leave the city on
the 8:30 train for Milton, Ind., where inter
ment will take place. Mrs. Lelbhardt And
Mr. Frank Leibhardt, the latter a brother
of the deceased, will accompany the re
mains, and In Milton will be met by other
members of the family, Miss Ina LeIbhardt,
only daughter of the deceased, being among
them, having come from Los Angeles for
the purpose.
The floral tribute presented by the clerks
of 'the dead letter office will be placed on
the casket and be taken to the place of
$1.60 to Baltimore and Return,
Pennsylvania Railroad, account of Na
tional Convention Fraternal Order of
a les. Tickets sold daily until Sept. 14,
limited to Sept. 19.-Advt.
Accepted Personal Bonds,
Henry Johnson, a resident of Buffalo, N.
Y., was arraigned In the District branch of
the Police Court this morning on a charge
of violating the speed regulations while
opers,ting an automobile on 14th street
nort'hwest yesterday afternoon. Mr. John
son admitted his guilt and explained that he
had only been In the city three hours and
had not had time to get acquainted with
the speed requirements. Judge O'Neal ac
cepted his personal bonds.
Anacostia and Vicinity.
The opening meeting for the ensuing sea
son Of the Ladies' Home Literary Circle
was held Monday evening at the residence
of Mrs. Jane Rice McKinney, the vice presi
dent, In Anacostia. Mrs. Bessie Anderson,
the president, occupied the chair. Theri
was a discussion of plans for the coming
season and several literary articles were
read. Refreshments were served. Those
present were Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. McKin
ney, Mrs. Shipley, Mrs. M. L. Scott, Mrs. A.
B. J. Scott and Miss Mamie Hite.
Mr. Alfred Furboush Goss of San Fran
cisco, Cal., who was the first supervisor
ever appointed at the Government Hospital
for the Insane, was a visitor yesterday at
the institution, where he was afforded an
I opportunity of noting some of the remark
able changes that have occurred since be
t was connected with the institution. Mr.
Goss was supervisor at the hospital from
1851 to 1851, at which latter time he re
signed to enter the army with the 2d Mary
land Regiment. He Is now over eighty
years old and Is strong and hale.
Mrs. G. F. Pyles, who has been visiting
the family of County Commissioner Wallace
Pyles at Camp Springs, Prince George's
county, Md., has returned to her home, 106
Jackson street, Anacostia.
Miss Lessie Browning of the government
hospital has returned from Linden, Va.,
where she spent ner vacation.
Mrs. C. 0. Isaac, wife of the pastor of the
Anacostia Methodist Episcopal Church, ac
companied by her daughter, Miss Emma
Isaac, and young son. Master Frank Isaac,
Is at Ellicott City, Md.
Mrs. A. B. FriIb~ and Miss Florence
Friable have ret d to their home Qfn
Washington street, Anacostia, after spend
ing the summer at Colonial Beach.
Messrs. Daniel C. Smithson and Frank:
Barse have returned to Anacostia, after a
- ishing expedition to Wilkinson's landing,
on the lower river, where they report much
success at angling.
Sisters Her 'Beneficiaries,
,By the will of Ann A. Deeble, dated Feb
ruary 5, 1895, and filed for probate, her two
sisters, Elizabeth J. and Lucy Meem, are
made beneficiaries. Lucy Meem and Jesse
H. Wilson are named as executors.
Born So?
Is that why you are so
cheerful? Or is It because
you keep your liver active
with Ayer's Pills? All
vegetable, mild, sugar
coa,ted. They tct directly
on the liver. Cure consti
pation, biliousness.g;t'A;,:
unsurpassed as a stomach
tonic and' preventive of
7c. .4T. 500. Pr.
Te ,uality House, 1'nLta'ss.
(Good advartlslng
wIll put your busi
ness to the front
and keep it to the
We write the right AD)S
to m a ke a d ve r tiiuag
GOOD advertidang.
L. e OrMe Ady. Agncy,
E4i11af fti. 99"Wla
tru AhAw Mauine
Ieet I,1 as usual, be
&Q unti 11. The bedus of
notion at the ruso theater Is In
AI the other amnuments are
Vpen,. brs ar the usu" Illumbiaane
4rr ighk'Their-n evening in Matar
Chr ChAbw am"Zake oempltes one
Pe m1et eeanmfu -easonsa in its is
Nurmftereus smants are abrady
plabned for the co= year.
Old Point is attracting tourists from every
point. Steamers of the Norfolk and Wash
Ington Steamboat Company sall every day
In the year at 620 p.m. for Old Point Com
fOrt and Norfolk, passengers after
I, delightful sail of e t. These vessels
Lre notably complete In their appointment
Ld provide every cemfort demanded
he highest class of travel. Connections are
made daily at Norfolk with steamers for
New York and Boston.
This is a most economical time to visit
the Pacific coast. Via the Southern and
Southern Pacino special rate one-way tick
ts are on sale, which permit of unusually
liberal stop-overs limit October 31 These
tickets are on sale until the 14th of Octo
ber. The usual low rate for berth applies
for these tickets. Full information may be
btainea at the offlice of A. J. Poston, gen
ual agnt 511 Pennsylvania avenue. or at
the uptown offlea, 705 1th street northwest.
V. Naldwin Soham
akes a specialty of family coal contracta
612 9th at. n.w.-Advt.
An 31arly 2srning 3as.
A fire alarm was'sounded from box 61 a
tew minutes before 3 o'clock this morning,
bringing out several engine companies and
the police reserves from the ninth precinct.
The are originated in the qtable of Benja
min Redmond, in rear of 8 1st street
morthea and was discovered by 3#.
Redmond, who sent In the aLVUL MY
the time the firemen arrived on the peenO
the fe ha4 gained considerable ,eadway.
I was Impossible for them to save the
a ur T valuable horses rem
d, % the firemen bent their en-Gosto
esp tileblase from spreading to oining
codshefs. Despite their efforts, however,
o adjoining sheds ca ht fire, but the
blase was ex2hulthed before any reat
damage result T a total loss In es
ed by the police to be $17&
The 'Tonio Value of "Xunich" 3eer
is recognised by the best physiCIans. Un
equaled for "bulldlng up" the syste.
Brewed of finest materials. Fully aged.
'Phone 222. Nat. Cap. BrewingCo. 2 doz.,$1.2L
Have You Tried "Milk" Broad?
It In the one bread that gratifies all who
eat ft Made In the real h9me way and
with fresh, pure milk instead of
water, it Is both nutritious and delicious.
We deliver "Milk" Bread fresh from even to
table at _c. a Irf. Holmes' Bakery, 1st &
E sts. 'Phone .8S4. it
Edward Deenehan, thirty-five years of
age, fell from a window on the second
floor of his home, No. 85 K street pOrth
eat, about midnight last night and sus
ned A slight scalp wound. Ie refused
the assistance of the police, who wanted
to- send him to a hospital.
Paeonian 9pring Water.
For years I h ve been selling spring
waters, and I cl to bexpert In them.
It has been my aM tion to place a spring
water of superior merit on the Washington
market at a low price, and I have at last
succeeded by securing the exclusive agency
In Washington for Paeonian Water, which
I do not hesitate to pronounce superior as
r healthful table water that is grateful
to the stomach and helpful in maintaining
the vigor of the excretionary function with
out the aid of lime or Uthia or any solid
Ingredients which are apt to produce evil
effects In the long run. I am now pre
pared to make prompt delivery of Paeonian
Water at the low price of 40 cents for a
case of three gallens. M. L. Harper, 109
.G at. n.w. Telephone main 1847. oel4-10t
If you wish to enjoy a fine Blue Wing
Teal Duck, selected Reed Birds, Ortolan or
Sora with a fine Oyster M to Harvey's,
corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th at. His
game cook is an artist. it
Maud Thomas, colored, a resident of
Virginia, fell from a car at the corner
of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue,about
7 o'clock last night. She was only slightly
hurt, but was sent to the Emergency Hos
Old Carpets Woven Into Reversible
rugs. Drop postal. Nonpareil, 240 9th at. n.e.
Brown & Tlson's Auction
at 1412 H st. n.w., tomorrow will include
desirable household furniture, handsome
new upright piano, new and used rugs
carpets, etc. Sale opens at 10 o'clock sharp.
It cannotInjure, may do wondrous good.
For wrinkles, blem4hes, skin troubles use
atin Skin Cream. 25. Kanns. it
Price and Quality Satisfaction
are assured when one buys at EisingerBroe.',
2100 7th n.w. Lumber for fiats a specialty.
Guarantee With Every Box.
When you buy a box of Mi-o-na, the
marvelous remedy for dyspepsia troubles,
have Henry Evans sign this guarantee:
I hereby agree to refund the money
paid for Mi-c-na on return of empty
box, if the purchaser tells me that it
has failed to cure dyapepsia or stom
ach troubles. This guarantee covers
two 50c. boxes, or a month's treatment.
Mi-c-na Is an unusual combination. It
heals and soothes the irritated stomach lin
ing and cures any congestion and inflam
mation there may be. It aids digestion
and saves the stomach from exhaustive
work while the cure is going on.
Remember that in purchasing Mi-o-na
you run no risk whatever. Henry Evans'
guarantee absolutely protects you should
the medicine fall to- do all that you ox
peoct. He stands ready to refund the
money whenever the purchaser says Mi-o
na has not done all that is claimed for It.
lull Creamn Cheese, 12%c.;
F'ancy Elgin Butter, 25c.: Cal. Hams, loo.;
8cans Sifted Peas, 25c.; 8 cans Salmon,
25.; 4 lbs. Fancy Rice, 25o. 3. T. D. Pyles'
7 stores, Including 948 La. ave. ie12-It
A. 3. 0, Haeaa Po'wde,
Immediate relief. Druggists, 10.. aus-U
AK. Ta W..
The High Roflerf
81rfts X, a. Tie..
Farce Comedy & Burlesqu$
The College Widow
Edward Morgan
The Eternal City,
W). and SAT., L
No Raise A. THIS W -
in MMR 's 1
Prices. fI ww.ad G..
-- - - MISS
pIext week-KING DODO. *1-tZ
Ist Appea at o lar Prites of vaudeviliews
ropular Feate
The Matinee Idol. in the Musical Comd-4ra
A Bappy Bb*itg of Musical Come 8a
o S !t*
Miss Hawkes Dancfnr
enr 0d tiro' e
~~~S Idne U niversity pas
For Mount Verno:I
Str. Charles Macalester,
Home and Tomb of Washingtol
Da -i a.m. and 2:30 p.m. 9 una Ok&"
$48.25 One Way
To California
Sept. 14 to Oct. 14. Berth, $&%
Stopovers until Oc t
A. L. POMTM!. Gen. A9t;-. 511 ft. AM.
Norfolk & Washlngto
Steainboat Company
- "'er 4ayain th ,r frm o
E or sorthe f t ine a
M"a't. "NE i
f dTW=huon.'*
j.v.Washngto.-90 1101 Lv. fortswoth. .1
-tjeXa w . I I 11G
1ff.~~ *1eadia. 0 p,n 'r. I.... 0
Ar. int on Mer amrt CUr.00
o '00E A. Aezad , a
tmot.9:30 a-lAr. WashLns" 00
i 7Throagh tnections mae st r
- with pta~r f OdDmininont
-~for Ne-w aor anMrchants Mn
Fteamsehlp for Boston c
rentrias, ot. 10, n hat .. .Jia i
editneran rvice S.
Hamburg-tes A ercand 50.,ie
OOFOlGUN, * ..2""

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