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How Beauty Is Acquired and Preserved. Ozsy Bam-..e, se and =0.
o yn LoN1n-75c.
Mrs. Hanson is just from New York, with indorsements from
the elite of society there. Mrs. Hanson represents the "Oxzyn" -- -
Company of 88 Broadway, New York. "Oxzyn" preparations are Oxs'n Roe Iquw-Uc.
not new-famed all over the world. Mrs. Hanson will demonstrate
"how beauty is acquired." Her book of forty-eight pages instructs Toilet Soap--2 a caw, 9 for Bft
how beatity is preserved. It's free to patrons. Note the special Oxsyn Hair Tonic-3S.
prices quoted for Oxzyn preparations.
-The Palais Royal.
The best of new 1904-'05 Furs, known as "Small Furs," are
here at $15 to $ioo. One-tenth deducted from the price marked on
any piece selected here tomorrow-with the guarantee that the
marked price is from 15 to 25% less than the furriers' quotation for
similar furs.
for Scarfs, Stoles, Pele- $3.69 for the Black Hare Sets,
* rines and Muffs; marked marked $4.50. The stole
$10.98. These are guaranteed the has four full tails; the muff Is cor
equal of furriers' 812.50 to $18.00 furs. rectly large and fLat.
Note that Children's Sets are only $1.79.
Newly Flat Feather Boas, Imported Direct.
$2.89 $3.89 $7.98 $12
Usually $3.so. Usually $4.50. Usually $io. Usually $15.
Direct from Europe to the Palais Royal-with only the small necessary advance a
cash business makes profitable. Personally selected by the Palais Royal representa
tive in 'Europe last fall. Superior specimens, in white and gray, 2 to 3 yards long.
For sale with trimmings, on second floor.
Silk Eolienne. and Other Silks, Sic Yard.
If a regular patron of the Palais Royal, you know the season began here with best 75c Silks at
59c yard. You bought so largely that the Palais Royal representative has been again enabled to
visit the wholesale markets and close out enormous lots. 5ic a yard now can be guoted for best of
75c fabrics. Eolienne, the newly beautiful Soft-finish Silk, was made to retail at $1 a yard. Compari
sons with silks made to retail at 5oc per yard will demonstrate the inferiority of the one and the relia
bility of the other.
Sc yard for 1.520 yards Black 51C yard for 785 yards Black 51c yard for 1.234 yards Printed
Taffeta Silks; soft finish; Peau de Sole and Peau de Warp Silks, made especially
guaranteed 75c quality. Cygne; guaranteed 75c quality. for shirt waists; 75c quality.
510 yard for 1,545 yards Black 51 yard for 5,207 yard. Taffeta 51 Yard for 2,201 yards neat
Taffeta Silk. heavy and rus- Silks, in all colors; guaran- tripes, polka dots and fancy
tling; guaranteed Tc quality. teed 75c quality. designs; 75c values.
Expensive Laces Cheap.
The importer has closed out his remaining importations, and the best bar
gains of the season come to the Palais Royal. Expensive kinds, $4.68 to $o
yard for $6 to $12.50 real Duchesse and real Point Laces, 15c to $3.98 yard for
25C to $5 Laces; 39c to $13-50 yard for 5oc to $15 All-over Laces; $1.25 to
$8.25 yard for $2 to $1o Spangled Nets. See below for really good laces at
prices usually asked for the inferior.
25c 39c 48c 89C
4oc Laces. 5oc: Laces. 75 Laces. $i.5o Laces.
Match Sets of Cluny Brussels Net. 72 inches Best Lace Galloons, All-over Laces, 18 inches
Lace edeges and Insert- wide. White, cream and from St. Gall. Some are w
positively worth $1. per wiePonVnceBul
Igo. Used for art need- ecru. Wanted and scarce. yard. None worth less and Oriental; white,
lework, etc. 39c instead of 50c. than 73c. cream and ecru.
$2.48 for Best $5 Umbrellas.
Initials Engraved Free.I
It's a passing opportunity. The handles of some of these Ul
brellas are alone worth considerably more than $24. just the su
perior kind one looks for for Christmas presents. Do you know
Christmas day is only thirty-four working days away? Will such
a bargain opportunity occur again this side of Christmas?
3 ~ Wool Dress Goods.
The usual 5oc Tailor Suitings, Silk and Wool Plaids, Crepe
Albatross and Henrietta, are here at only 39c yard. The 44 to 54
moc Value. inch $i Tailor Suitings are only 51c yard. The surprise is the $x Value.
greater-because all are this season's productions. ---------
$1.50 Cloths, 89c. Bodlt,$.5 pca t4c
The new season's 54-inch Bs i~ id l-olCeit eyse
wide Waterproof Suitings, in SpneBracohinbak cabcusitswth erl
mannish effects; and 54-inch adaltebs oos nhs tiefrynn et ad
pin-stripe and invisible Check wieGodnwfomaeso Vrypcalbauete ol
Suitings. On second floor,.ais alrmd on. n h y r eibe
Bes Har t Sap"ron'sFroteyin $ A.r l Kind- Te A;-woo larevo.ner Cspe
Fasenr;doen Cod essng Cl he bst colors, 54linchesa twsceforty-ninetcentsd a yard
Bal ad ocet.9c Prtetor:wusideGo thing Rorlakrlo.Vr special b d ecue the-wo
Seialforchldes tallorm d ouble Sergehe rdycarrliale....
Besot H Bo nesiespah,"e
alsiese; dozen. g, cl......2c Blig ieo arwBs trApc kr
Special.............' Har gtWr ar wdh 0yad.6cBad ul5yrs
Piece specal.**".Piee,.spcial
Warranted Steel Scis- RaadPpaBentSl rsaaWtrySolCto;
sors; all sizes;dorCmconBidn;flful20yds
3% to 6 inches. 9bie.Ecsp'saiDznseil. c
Pair, special...... lihs m.......5 ars ic,1calnmes
"Hicks." Puethkeen ull0igranehtelngestSehesns krtSp
lightweight; launderable yrsfrcohtvr Tibe ,resadLn as
Dress Shields; adkitn. 4 ah pca on ,,
'.izes 2 and 3., poseilBs e is ul bnd pca..
Pair, special........ s" er.L c40cut Ppr cIpre eun m
Worsted Skirt Braid; ws;fl 0 us c seil...........re;bs.Ec.~f~
full B yards; black.Sol pca -b o rs-seil...
Piece. special......... ScIiainSelHi aes Pn;alSlc evte kr
Genuine Human Hair Pisinselamr sie;bs.Bx23Bndg;fl
Wavy Pompadours; all anblc.D- c spcayrd.Pe,12
shades. Each, ~ n pca ohmPA oeSp pca....
speeial...............otes mdewihexraSlkChffnColas
Astoria Cube Pins; full anEy;bakadhayssedratnou;blcad
100 count. CubeS ht;alsssf,, wb aiae 3 ht;alclr.9
89 for $ Clankestn C oheort
AndOhr Schial alercs
g~cfor$1.5 feecd cBakets. ..9fo ...25 lfrnaBanes0..'
$i.98 or $250 Sctch Banks. or 8f crCliorichenktt
ImlateneSed SwisRibdUonSisteisalwsprcof94
sureD. on henhgolsoknia ut reofrda c
andEy d thec amosAeianoseyCdaysbetUdrer
onte ly sise ras. sies
Roll, special........
.~-4< P.ece,>special- ....
RAPO22XV -.Z.y A Sam
Story Coafrmeopy otehqS' m
Authentic Souree at NukAex
Gallnt Hers, Career.
A cablegram froni'Mosow says: Nemiro
vich Danchenko, a well-known Russian war
correspondent of the Associated Press, tele
graphing from MUlden under Saturday's
date, says the reports of the death of Gen
eral Kuroki are confirmed.
According to his version the splinter of
a shell struck General Kuroki, tearing out
a portion of his breast and abdomen. He
died on October 4 at Liaoyang and his
body was sent to Japan.
A rumor Is persistently circulated that a
kinsman of the mikado, Siaosanal, literally
"Little Third Prince," has been appointed
General Kuroki
to succeed General Kuroki, but the actual
command of the army has been intrusted to
General Nodzu, who is reviewing opera
Dispatches from Mukden dated Septem
ber 7 stated that reports were current there
that General Kuroki had been killed and
that two other Japanese generals had been
made prisoners, but no one seemed to know
whence the reports originated and no con
firmation was obtainable. In July it was
also reported that General Kurokl was suf
fering from malaria, anid In June there wei -
similar rumors of his being captured by the
Russians and that he had been suffering
from a mild attack of typhus fever.
Though none of the rumors were sub
stantiated or confirqped by later informa
tion, more or less of mystery has envel
oped General Kurokinsince the Japanese ap
proached Liaoyang, jought their great bat
tle for that city, and made their further
advance toward Mulden.
Euroki's Gallant Career.
Kuroki was one of the hereditary fight
ers of Japan. He was sixty-two years of
age, and when cliosei for the command of
the first army was Atilt vigorous, mentally
and physically, and enjoying- the com
plete confidence of the emperor and his
fellow-countrymen. In the war with China,
ten years ago, he was selected by Field
Marshal Count Oyama to command the I
right column of the army for the advance
on Wei-hal-wel.
In the final assault Baron Ktirok retained
the command of a division,' and after other
columns had carkied ourthe task intrusted
to them he received Orders to advance
against the forts which offered the chief re
sistance. He justified magnificently the
trust of 'the commander-in-chief and the
forts were captured, leading to the capture
of the fortress on the following day. Kurokl
became a popular hero In Japan and his ap
pointment to lead the army in Korea and
Manchuria was applauded by public opinion.
As head of the o'iginal firsf army, sub
sequently and until the arrival of
Marshal Oyama' before Liaoyang, the
commander-in-chief in Manchuria, he' be
came famous for his alertness, skill and
wonderful expertness in superintending the
first debarkation of his troops, the quick
ness Of the forward movement into Korea,
his infantry marching passing cavalry
records, and his remarkable assault In
force at the Yalu, where he overwhelmed
the czar's artillery by the astonishing. ac
curacy of his gun fire, outwitting his foes
by a fast series of skillfully hidden move
ments which enabled him to pave the way
for a tremiendous -Russian defeat; his own
men, encouraged by his presence, wading
the river under a fire of deadly shot, dash
ing up and over breaatworks to annihilate
the fleeing enemy--these achIevements made
him the idol of his army and his natIon.
News of the death of General Kuroki
was received in~ Washington with great In
terest last night. In view of the fierceness
of the fighting in the campaign in Man
churia little surprise was expressed that
so distinguished and important an officer4
had been lost. 4
The consensus of opinion here seems to be
that General Kuroki was a thoroughly able
captain, but no estimates of his strategy
can be obtained, because army ofmcers are
prevented from expressing their views about
any phase of this war by the President's or
Lieutenant General Chaffee, chief of staff,
U. S. A., said: "I knew nothing of the work
of General Kuroki except In this war. On
that account It Is- difficult to express an
opinion. In the present campaign he has
shown himself to be aa able- and efficient
officer. Further than this I do not care, to
express an opinion."
Quartermaster General Humphrey said:
"'I think you will find that most officers in
Washington regard General Kuroki as an
officer of marked ability and attainments.
Further than thiat it is difficult to say much
on account of the uncompleted stage of the
Safeguards Against Pine.
Visits to the various charitable institu
tions under the control of the board of
charities were. made by the secretary of the
board, in company with Chief Belt of the
fire department, this week, for the pur
pose of Investigating the precautions in use
against fire. As a result of the investiga
tion reports have ime filed with tbe fire
department and cojies WIll be sent to the
various nettiosTihe rbports
contain reomn frimprovements
along this ine. ,4
The board -of eh~~ewas addressed at
Its last mpeeting by ' to -Wa~ller Bar
rett, In behalf of Il*. rince Crittenton
Mission. ?Lrs. B4et asked that the
board's contributiot7o mission be in
Engineer 1sase Injured.
George Jackson, t!lIIIdengineer of the
tug Juno, wasn paI,*sler burned' about the4
face and head this spprsApg by the blowing
out of a joint In at pipe aboard his
tug. He was brou t his city and his
hurts were dresd. ,trbe was able
to return to duty aai'his boat.
Drama at Soldo one Theater.
A musical drama, "OnceO en a Time,"' was
presented at the Soldiers' Home Theater
Thursday evening by the Lawrnc Oper
atic-Dransatic Company, under thes direc
tion of George Lawrence. The various
chacacters .were portrsaed as followse. Ju
lian Brytaskk, Jacob Tracy; M11e. 'Valer,
Julia Tracy; ~ Anlawrence, NettetRs.
mend Xmn=leld Disk -Obnbbucl; C. Leo
Brook, Hortaav the ,itian,and1. 4
rence, Luke Hardy, the hero-Tbu. whoe
witne=sed the -prednption exprssed their
aprciatteA ja a iennmetey lsu3e
We me"t the
ireather weas
* 60emmefassort
mients and val
un that make
this store the
natural provid
Wise spenders.
Ladies' Genuine *
Priestley Cravenette m G
This extraordinary sale of Priestley Cravene
merits--and buyers are carrying forth the news toI
These are genuine Priestley Cravepette Ra
mark which shows it is the real article.
They are loose box fronts and tight-fitting
gives the tourist effect, but at the same time they a
are collarless effect, inlaid with cloth of same mate&
Buttons are made of samne materials to matcl
effect to match the rest of the garment. Tan, Oxf<
from 32 to44.
$25 Tailor-mad
A saving of nearly half pride on a new and st
a winter suit to buy. That's exactly what this sale
They consist of fine black imported camel's ha
are nine-gore with foot kilts; style is the very newc
ty-seven inches long and finished off in the new in
These are strictly tailor-inade suits and are pc
len's Underwea.
News of several lots of Heavy
weight Garments at Saving Prices.
Men's 50c. Heavy-weight Fleece-lIned Shirts and Draw
-ers; shirts extra well made and finished; drawers
have pearl buttons and suspender tape.; full cut
and perfect flitting, all sizes.......................
Men's Fine Blue and Flesh Color Derby-ribbed Fleece
lined Underwear; shirts and drawers; shirts are
silk faced and taped neck: drawers have double
crotch and suspender tapes; felled seams; anlse&
Men's Fine Natural Wool Underwear: shirts and draw
ers to match; shirts are taped neck and ribbed 5c
bottoms; drawers have reinforced crotch and sus 75c.
pender tapes; all sizes up to 48...............
Wright's Genuine Health Underwear; pure wool geeced;
shirts and drawers to match; shirts silk
faced and taped; drawers have suspender ,
tapes and pearl buttons; all sizes...............
You Save Largel
Because they were bought under the most fav<
manded big advantages in price, we are able to of
than regular value. They are superior quality F1
Nobby Zaza Natural Gray Squirrel Natural Squirrel
- Tis; fnishd on larless effect and bri
Neck Four-in-hand Ties; finished onfin
the ends with long orname ith
silk chenille fringe; matc h; lined
value, $12.9. with rich bro
$9O caded Isatin.
fered tomorrow as $ % 75 Value $1.
a special value. at Special at...
Allturol suSn9
Q p Qualities Sold
e Regularly at $e andf$f.2e.
All-wool Suitings, in the new mannish effects,
including smart Scotch mixtures, stylish pin
checks, invisible plaids and herringbone effects.
54 to 58 inches wide.t
In all this season's most desirable colors, sucli
as brown, navy, gray, green, etc., as well as black.
Regular $i.oo and $1.25 qualities offered at 73c
a yard.
California Wool
50lpi-oof uatinsic thenetas, qaeries
inuren smat Scth inkure bordrs, bon
iteckst fo inilglis. n ernboeefcs
543to8 anches isde. 6otmorw
In- anets seao' do tsrble A caos ofuchg
aes; bron, ay rayte gdn etcda pelas, inck
eayfe.Regular 3 n 125 qual.ite ofarele atterns
5Air efl aesltcf supneriorquater Doube
Pure whit, with pwhite ottn redebrdesbt
ityfisfo ar scolktthe;qilego.oh ie
de offnBled Comotcoeelithni oo ul-jsen
stitche aqit isega of. value atomorr...
F14ilanets eotdube AIw s cas .flres
Regular $2 Co
Ladiesy'arridedualityfHeapyrioannualtte Diubt
onse inpnkd blueorps; yoveed i md withfanc
brid; llolne and cuffpl it whteriotoacr. l
sohed eutted Regua 31.n naleateft........
PCannlette Gowns, 9c.
Cldes hgood qualitHy Flannelette Night ws
GonsIn pink and blue stripes;yokshmed with wahancy.Siesu
to e 14 toe17.
Specia valuie at 29 cents.
og, metal ends64legh;4g C
worth Pin..o......a.ge..e.
Diamond .Brand Dress- edpn;asre
maker.' Pins. ~8 pins to ~ ~ a c
oldhads; needle
rgarprice. So. KdHi ulri
for '..-..ae
Lion Brand Spring Hooks t~ice.Coc..
and Eyes; S dosen ~Ios ue.wt
on. card; 6 cards, 1 hr 4
gross.....................pca t :3
.Tet Head Mourninf Pins; Kr~Bad- ima
Children's S usap e n der r wc
waists, in white or lact, c
with hose supporters attach- Ba rd ahn i
bestUe. rade 19 (blld; 4-o, gu-) land
gaoi eepe#dn.a a pinuyV.
heLgo tL#iWm1ttb l~a eduman
t t att oki ead dar brown; - ies3
-Curling Irons, nickelu.with
Kirby Beard - Diamma~
-il Bet rae acin1o
Reaftdy th Ie
winter Cam
pagn with the
following tinely
sale. events:
Suit Sale.
Coat sale.
SST EE T S . s.. awe, a. Ac..
worth $22U.50(q140 1
and $25.00, P$ 4.98
tte Rain Coats is meeting with all the success it
he four quarters of the city.
n Coats, and each coat bears the registered trade
back, with three box plaits to the waist line, which
re belted tight, which is the' very latest fad. They
d1, handsomely stitched.
I the coats, and the sleeves, too, are full box-plaited
,rd gray, olive, brown, and blue effects. All sizes
e Suits, $1375.
ylish Suit is not to be ignored by the woman with
of a prominent maker's stock offers.
r; jackets are lined in black satin duchesse; skirts
st; single-breasted, tight-fitting effect, about twen
Lnnish cut.
ositively worth S25. Our price, $13-75.
Ladies' Underwear.
Illustrating the advantages that
- come from large buying and close
Children's Fleece-lined Shirts and Drawers, in -
all sizes. Well-made and perfect-fitting garments. 25c
Special at............................................
Ladies' Oneita. Union Suits, medium and heavy 0f c,
weight; white and natural; all sizes. Worth $1.:. 05 e
Ladies' Flat Wool Vesta and Pants; natural
color. Worth $1.00 and $1.25, for.................. 69c.
Ladies' Fleece-lined Vests and Pants, fine rib
bed, finished with silk; taped neck; all sizes........ 25c.
Children's Wool Underwear, Vests and Pants
to match; re of 5c. on each size, beginning with 35c
size 24, at..................................... ....
Infants' Half-wool Wrappers, excellent qual
ity. Special value at............................... 2 c
y on These Furs
rable circumstances, at a time when cash com
Fer these handsome Fur Pieces at about a third less
rs, correctly fashioned and new this season.
Pelerines; high col- Genuine Marten Imperial Neck Boa.
aad shoulder collar; both sides alike; long tab fronts; full
shed at neck with effect around the neck; finished with
tments and cords; heavy silk or
large tails to naments, and
at bottom of
tabs with -four
rich fox tails.
41298 Value, $1s. Spe-$ 12.9
cial at...........
Colored Taffetas,
3 9 qL 11)Sold Regulary
9 c.~I, at 59c. a -Yar~f
Every yard bears the words "Wear Guaran
teed" woven in the selvage-the maker's assur
ance that they are perfect quality and will wear.
Besides black, white and cream, there is the
widest possible range of wanted shades, includ
ing seal brown, golden brown, navy, royal, na
tional, light blue, pink, emerald, bottle green,
gray, cardinal, garnet, etc.
Strictly all-silk and good heavy quality.
Again tomorrow at 39c. a yard instead of 59c.
lankets at $3.98.
6.00 Pair.
nd with silk-stitched taffeta. Heavy, fine, soft qual
ugh admixture of cotton in its make-up to wear
re double 11 - 4 Wool Blankets;
andsome jheavy weight; soft, fine $
Special I ( quality. Regular $4 value;
Ipair at.....................
iiforts, at $11.39.
-bed Comforts, covered with best quality silkoline,
r by a new process.
--and carefully finished.
Superior quality Slkoline-covered Comforts, scroll-stitch
ed, quilted on best pure white cotton; made
sanitary by a new process. Regular 18.00 val
011 Heaters, $3.69.
The Nesco Oil Heaters, with the Miller smokeless
and Odorless Burner, holding one gallon of oil;
tank mi~de of solid brass; frame made of best
quality steel; Japanned. Special at............69
The Star Gas Radiator, with aluminum top., 0.
made of steel; will heat good ise room. Special.. O e'
Best quality Gas Tubing; warranted against
leaking; regular price, Sc. toot. Special, per fet;* 5c
alllengths......................................... *
Cube Pins; Jet head; large Auiu ~ s c
cube, containing 100fo.......
pins; worth Sc........ * er rTruieLc
24-yard rolls White . is luetclb.4
Cotton Tape................ed;Sua...
Extra - length Hat .A.BlcDan
hed................... * a otn po.*. c
King's 100-yard Basting 6P05 nbnl;asre
bnor ..........
Clark's 0. N. T. SprCto ae
Cotton; 6 5pools for. Go ult lc
Su~k Chiffon Collar Ferns: WoteBrsSktBi
whIte, black or colors; 3 a;wrhS.adT. 3
Inches hgiround or yr
pointed supe; 10c
,va................... Sev rtcos ecr
Automatic Bachelor But- bako bcs
tons;' one dogea itr; lii..
was ~Ade tenumg Tan bd be; i
Mr. 11.5 1'Wse toeatdPanmb; o time etbl n
~- Hearfab: ~Tk buyhesas dese........... ie
- .3f~ i~a eoa . an K. bier Darn-,~
in atet sl. - ~g te. eol.... EC
6 ieeesesbyKr in bte;. asbrte
widths;.5 w ort arrs.

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