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Silks, Dress Goods Vff Domestica
At 29c, Black All-silk Ch in; fun l- T " -
*21 inches wide; value al- bv -Vfh;cnb
ways oft made up wthout lc.ingw.
All-silk Black Guaranteed U, 4
Taffeta; usually sells at * w e
At 79cGuaranteed Black Peau de
At 79c. Sole: the reversible kind; At S.
24) inehe. wide; $1 value. gtjhg 9L Valua.
At S W -'I-inch Guaranteed Black TAf- Bleached Bed
feta: elegant quality; regular 90; with seam; hemmed
price. $1.40. ready for use; Me. usual*.
AP. pieces of Finest Black Bleached Piliow Ca:ess
At 69c- Suk veeifcot-wve
ihlek Velvetw: close-woven deep hem-h; for a
itAt 5-- *
~Here's Your Thalnksgivin"g:
~ We will furnisb, neatly packe
in a basket, a limitednubrO
~ J jj~ Thanksgiving dinners to include
the articles named below. ts
very special and unusual offering
will not only save much in a
money way, but the worry and
trouble of getting your dinner to
gether from various sources is
-, hereby obviated. Also, if you
should desire to donate a dinner, the convenience is equally as
great. The dinner will include the following (no charge being
tnade for basket)
Onte Whole, Plump, Fresh-dressed Turkey
(no storage goods; fresh killed and delivered
to us November 22).
Cape Cod Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes,:
Early June Peas, Crisp Celery, White Potatoes,
Rich Plum Pudding, Coffeej Mixed Nuts.
Rteginning this Monday morning we will take orders for
these dinners, and sell tickets to be presented to us on Tues
day or Wednesday, Novemher 22 or 23.
Price for
Dinner Complete, o
These dinners we cannot deliver; they must be called for on either Novem
ber ;= or ;rl, and as but a limited number will be sold, we would advise
eavly' securing of tickets.
the Mohawk valley by the xdbway strike in
FARProfits on Crops:
Hay Is the best crop In N~oirau., -As you
________ ave seen. and It is mostly4 iktiffir04pan
Isb clover, which yields three crops a year
MO6at the rate of about one and one-half tons
Agricultural Product Morean acre c cutting, ahd ,tella from $:&W
t$10 a ton, according to the:demnand. -For
V aluable Than the Mineral. feeding stock It is worth about $7 a too at
al tme adseasons, lafai o only
__________a staple, but It is a perpetual income-pro
ducer. and demandsa less labor and brings
b etter cash returns than any other. It is
HAS BEEN A GOOD YEAR a hardy perennial, and once planted
quires no attention except to tun on the
_____ _____ water Into the irrigating ditches occasion
ally and to turn In the. mowing . machlnae
Colorado Is the great potato state, and
TILLING OF THE SOIL. my latest Information Is-that 1,500 car loads
have been or will be sifpped to the east
__________ern markets within the next few weeks
from the town of Greeley alone. and the
A Bed of Peas 2,500 Acres in Size- return to the farmers Is from $2110 to 2
per car. There Is no'limit to the productive
Immense Shipment of Melons capacity of the state; nor Is there any
limit to the demand for potatoe, *- The
From the State. eastern markets can absorb an' quantity
and shiploads are sent loEro.....
* Cabbages, onions atdi other Av-lgetables
gro* with equal profit4 ~and aihough prices
BY WILiJAM E. -CURTIS. are low - this year It is Impossible to- lose
0 ritten fur The Evening Star and the Chicago money on them. The Agricultural atthoi
Recod-Hesid.ties of the state report that the! avers'96
Record-Herald.net profit on sweet pottoes never falls be
Colorado is not usually reckoned an-agri- low 5 per acre, and oten runs as high as
cultural state. When it is mentioned we are $150; tomatoes will pay a net prot of .$W,
accustomed to think of mountains, minerals, and celery $10 per ae, although that re
ranches, scenery and health resorts. But quires more labor than any othqr :c3'p.
the people "farm, the scenery" with great An Immense Peas.
profit, and I have beard It asserted repeat- While most of the firms are small, an i
edly, and I believe the statistics justify the have already told you,ithere are some very
statement, that no other section of the large ones. For examale. Longmont caim4
Union produces so much per acre of cultiva- the largest bed of peas, the largest aspara
tion. It is true that only a few years ago gus bed and the largdet currant patcH In
Colorado was only a health and tourist re- the world. The bed of peas is 2, c n
sdrt. a mining -and. cattle country, but now size and Io cultivated entirely by machin
it claims t6 produce a greater value of vege- ery. The seed is plated, the vines are
tables thar, minerals; to be seventh in the cultivated, cut and thrashed. thoda a
shelled, the peas are graded, and put Into
list of agricultural states; to be third as a cans, cooked, sealed.-IOtbeledand C"
lay producer, fifth as a wheat grower, and almost without being toue hutuib
this year expects to make a record In fruit hands. Everything t4 done 4y , matld
anid putatoes. In 1902 the crops were valued machinery, and X am. told that the fact
connected with this-farm it p 9;&.' = I~
at an average of 885 per capita of po'pula-aeof4,0cnsfpaseraydig
tin. This year it Is estimated that the 25,-thseon- -
509i farms of -ten acres or more have pro- Tebgaprgsbd-cvt--.( ~e
dyced harvests worth $49.000,t00, which is n otistrequreso ilo
c'onsiderably more than the estimated value pat.Isetr rdc spre i
of the output of the mines. The items will cnas ymciey eoebigsn
prove whether Colorado Is a mineral or an t akt
agricultural state, or both.Thcurnpahcoesigt-ears
Thte following estimate is based upon the adhs1500bse.Ec uhwl
product of 1903 and returns so far received pouea vrg faglo fcrat
for the current year:evryeransoefthmsmnys
. FARMS. - MNStnglos hntefutrpn nam
Fruti. . .. .. . .8.500.000 Sler ,, itundntopcthm- -
lIelry pred. .. 7.500.000 co .sm o hl ooaocno opr thhm
Wheat...5000000La....a5ooonst ndteDktsi h oueo
Sitar heets... 3.500.000 Zie .25000wetpouets-vrepracea
l'otats...... 3,o000.000 r ~ nar I ai rp wih t rsn
Pol y.es.2,00.,00 01r l'a 0.00wl
C oal. nas .rmsof.Dkotacoudbeirriate
Tota.$4 500000perapseheywoud.d.a. ellforthe00f
If' eattle, horses and other live stock were frneI rp isetrl nteapi
added to the agricultural column, as theycainowte.Clrdshpvryite
well might be, it would lift the total to a wha.hwvr h oa il bobn
much h her figure, but this table is enough Thsur-etbinsisoim rat
to liusfl'te -the situation.
and sohw vallreyng the sallhy stoikein
BanerYer fr heFarNewi fork te-etr
Thi isexpcted o b a nerHearyor Ts thebetaope in beford. A
th olordo frme, fo eveythig h sTh ctlorpwc ils hre Intiuton, andea
been n hi favr, an he illeleb at whe rte not plabto Cando-halftns
'Phaskaivig wth ful pcke bok, s mans acre wach cutingd iereinis rm-t$e.t
wellas ful hertand t i expcte th tgory $p0aticulaccrlyingt the:-dlemand.h -o
the esuts ill rin inthouand oftn-kanaediv stnc th iswoutheasotr corne tofa
igrats ad maerialy ehancthea lu tmesa wheatesoil, cliatand notherl
t~armng lndwhih isnowalredyort condit.on utart especall farptale ncoeo
from lit) o $10 per cre werdvecer, awndo demand sth labon ofng
ten an rach t. ost f th fars a eter ndsry Ieun told you ny her. It ise
smal, ndompredwit eater sttesth hrttabo perea, anda eon plant re
kerag tndr ulivtin imte. qn- uiresomtento wee ago tr n t
deed twety ares cnsidred s muh tDr into the lateigasong 8,00tces wccaron
l&~aiam oe ma and tea cancultiate yevotd to ataupe in the Ao knas mah-n
but uder te sysem of~'lntnsiid" wend about 1,ripe. owaemeos
in hat andprodcesabou th sam Whlerd the lte areaqute poastoitate ain
'~a'l reglarl, cothptthe nly my quatetn ite ao icihat 1,50 cavr loau
t make. O cors, te frmr cnno te frmret withiesnot-h next fe welorie
control rices; e is ebirefyom the town ,hm.bca~ of comeetey one andoq thegi
of te deler, an th deaersare on- eturn thom fandter srtates,- t $25
troied b thelaw f suply nd dperd mor Tsnhem to m'arketto hecproute
If te mrket ar flodedwithhay ae it sof lky an tedr there Isagetdany
melonsivigetablhe andafruitfpricesamust.waste.e
eatr mak can absr anyefo quantity
go own an th oorso frme ha n-angdt shploan are en aotaEuron-a. a ~
profis redced ccordnly.But heabbaMr.swin nins at ter toe etablwes,
never anythfaquareprfnt.tend andough pfices
neve an lac ofsunsine whih ae at e w hs cyeard at few mosil to "so-e
most mporant onsieratonsextonehi to -them wayhe gcultalte aor
own indusry and inelligence the state temreot, Iht te'e aerag
A fol afiet orman betertha hestnt are ndsee ipoutr toes rievels~e
cando nytingels, ad i Isthet- ls and pery pceop a tn rune aseIcgh bat
$t5e; ctmae much pay atpt of Farm,
thig alay mn houd tin oftati ead ofeaerag 15ntel clie, n althuhthtri
up. o scced i "itenifid" ,i'igqetiso peore ar hn any othr op
a mn us wrkjut s ardan gt p ho woAnew hewnta do I c doub.
do in an other knd and h mustemimhst rf the frmslk a eginee, ras
braiswih th watr anthemed han- e leadyve tone manu, ith aem very.
telgen andIndutryare ecesary orargope. Foremnt eanmla Londmn clvat,
succss n eerOccpatin, utnfeastwent lares bdopea , th warst ameara
arethe moe ssetia tan n frtlzw riehe wld. Theed a oe heads Aip4acrsi,
The Diorderin Colrary. hu aeed sispa'd the [ vine15sares
Ther Isan mpresio amng he popl cult ighated cut and -hashd, I tamouh.r
boarld, tthe -yasa erd bands put int
troules;tha peole i th eas supose ns,' coke, ele d, N lew eledic and . kf11.
thatthe iotsthe hav rea abut althe oth Inithou re eains arounhd us Af usad
ewpaprs aveextnde ovr teetir haonds. Eerymothg ix' woe 'yod metid
are, ad tat ifeandprpery hve ver-lfmahnery, and suise d that trch at
whee ben mprild. ha Isa gea mi- teco ntdo-ith ths~frmlt iilt~td
tak. d nt tin schan mpagoei lif 400 ch an of pepe ay'urn
godwgsthe season -tsi
thThe bhe aeparaguiabedr, coverwere2conagred
- tos wic ocuredsi yar aands contain theequrtr of- a milo
conine I th Ledviledisrat. ~n plaa nts.1 It entre prouc is pked s
the esiof he tat wasno oreaeidciadn alofb ahinery, eoe bingo .sent
by he a rell nt s mchas heinThe curkanta patch cove eigty-nce
prari frm o Iloisbyth rcet tr poucte. n aveae ofagllno crat
of the butceerstinandotho oratheapeonetoheivotume..ht
whet podued it-aeaepracea
A Great Purcl
Taiored W
The alett buying system of t.ik Necht Stores ha
known New York woman's tailot's complete remai
sale selling now drawing to a close found the'imak
and an almost equal number of high-grade skirts A
his best and largest buyers, we were given the oppor
price by taking the entire lot. Notwithstanding our
not resist the chance, and accepted the. offer
Lot of about 15o Women's Suits, finelyi
best quality cheviots, dark mixed effects, &c.S6A iii
blouse, some collarless, some in tons, some i
effects; trimmings include braid, taffets silk,
fancy braids and metallic braid; blue, black,
brown. and' novelty mixtures. These high'-grade
suits 'were bought to sell as high as $25; for to
morrow only.................................... *
A beautiful lot of high-grade Suits, specialy talo e
in Imported Lymansville cheviots, pebble cheviots iae
cheviots and smart mixtures. Also a smart lot of i e
Suits in cheviot and novelty mixtures, *ith tourist backs
Every detail of trimming and tailoring is of
the finest; these suits are in brown, blue,
black and novelty mixtures; most of them S12
were made to sell at $20. Choice..............
New and well-tailored Skirts in hfie instep 4en
made of good quality novelty fabrics in the
,dark,effects; skirts for *hich every store asks'
and gets $2.98 and more; for tomorrow i rare
bargain at...................................
A handsome collection of high-grade
of finest pan cheviots, novelties and dark mixedu
tailored throughout, and represent the highest.
loring; in the kilt effects; some trimmed.: wlth.'
match designs irn stitched straps and small but. A
tons; this lot of skirts sell as high as' $8.98.
Choice in the selling...........,..................
A lot of fine black and colored Peau de Soie Silk
Waists; made in the newest styles of excellent quality silk
profusely tucked and plegted;..these .waists were
made to sell at $6.98. For the sale they 'are
priced at............................. .... ........
Oak Combination Bookcase nd- Writ- Oak Wa4dpe"&
ing Desk, exactly like paneled sides an
cut; has good finish and -4
neat carvings. .Only.-Ir W QJC5-,
We sb
mense v#!
of valetI
(_structed, for...........
Big assortul
every desirate
Oak Chiffonier, exactly like cut; hse tachref
full serpentine front and . t' href
1Ntnch bevel plate mir
ror and good ainish. Olily and hing. ~
mess, s much a car load for the whole enormous'quaantities
,rop. M1. 0. Coggins of Pittsburg gpt the over the Gveat Divig
sontract this -season. He has an office bigetrcad..
at the depot, where he receives the melons most aTr ag i~
is they are delivered by the farmers every, a 91o oit
norning, and packs them itway' in the trahta 1 Ashentalde,
f cars that-stands on the side track. N# isn.-th. enm g
*ndles about sixty cars a dag in thIs town,. Indian reservatoa
md 1,500 oars for the season for the meioA6 b~i~ dfI the~i~
listrict, which estends about thirty miles in the world. Hg3
ip' and down the ArkbnUas rivet.:. Our~ pqckqRple
islyl telsons sold for $10 a -orate. At the and k abt
delght of the sqason when the rush camne 'MAp.CL f~i.
:hey ran' as low as 50 cents a crate' and wiflboq of
mverae about 90 cents a crate for thme PoI145of 6fi?
Iwhole 'crop. Every farmer, of core s n~rios
mnahous to get an early crop, and the o~sn.more money i
wayr he can delt is by forcing his vkis f~~fW
"Twaty-oi ctes funs t d~S. . a~o
market. New York, PhlladslphiS. ad
~otake fromn ten to atee. er a Rev.-SM GermaabIl
meah; St. is, Pittsburgf en oth Street Bapge
!mthree to fvcas ofasd. be1Rea's
yarZ ri etn matana froma ther ARoosSVe$. .In a
oraisr ein" ing at the churc
Othe Uruts aL Vgetbleu - The President a-s
Other fruits and vegetables are el&
ntsaeway throughout Gelladtfo' stru g
Banta Fe road alone tati year has hnle 'eedtnarl
asf vegetables ad will bandle 00 esrd.t itandsge f
igiles and 10S oars of' udsery- fro the~ broterd
Elwkyford district. 'It is a str~dug ph.--'ntig
mananan that rsna fuidbas the largest Gita Dww t ' ,
and most prodtable omht for' Untama countryr be said, si
rg9tales a mai %rat.. 0m0 posit tuda there i94a
tiak that the people et !tbast state waB 4 teg newi
b are to tim raeise 'bt bdf
SRERTI& 1 Img Tomg.
ear on Sale.
s again scored a big sutcess in the purchase of a well
ningstocks of costumes and skirts. The fall whole
with many 'hundreds of his best productions in suits
nd wraps on,-hand. As we have for years been among
tunity to secure these at an almost unbelievably small
season's stocks have already been bought, we could
e particulars below:
nd j dsome Suits in many effects copied
*r " l4 and are ultra high-class In all respects;
ey asy k finest' broadcloth, Imported cheviots. and
some In the tourist style, some close-ttihg
aid Alet styles; some with detach
abii . ffee the popular brown, blue,$2 .9
hl 0annm mixtures; values up to $ 24
A l*Ct iotki16 new and smartly tailored Skirts, in
the ibtep:Jength finely made of stylish novelty mixtures,
Lymansville cheviots, hairline cheviots and pebble cheviots;
bive.-AMgano mixture effects; mostly In the
e *effects.-. These fine skirts were In
tehlJed- - sell as high as $6.98. They are $2.49
in t ale at.......... ...............................
A, W'ibdsome lot of Taffet4 Silk Underskirts, in all
-the.kinted cotts; all the evening shades; handsomely ac
cerdoibn' pleated Und ruffled: positive value, $&98.
Oot the. biggest offerings at the specially re- $3
duced price f f;., ..... ............ .................
Thi ; " 1ih Tourist Coats in the smart belt
Wgek - effec -quarter length; they are
Ithe ty mixed goods and are .98
$16.M9 they an priced....
V-rY kj! #4'handsome Black Peat de Soie Silk
Cat . tljlf bfj3ength In the collarless
'101%690thfancy braid and lired
h grade and properly $14.98
priced $25............................................
Fine grade Kersey and Cheviot Coats in the hip
l;ength - tailor-stitched, collarless effect;
lined throughout with satin; newest sleeves; $12.98
flat pleated seems; they're the $20 coats at...
Quartered Oak sideboard, exactly like
r4%qtlylik ,ct. as ut; Is highly polished, and has large'
dors, French %bevel plate mir
ror. A special big value
.pr................. .
bo every !-*liable grade of furniture, f0
Ifety of patterns at prices that cannot bt
teerepr ent
a gladly 4t; ended to you, If desired, a
to suit yourFrconsnfence without any exti
When in Doubt, Buy
evetI f;and I grde) f ntret
.c rep. -nt
Ligs, ec
ent of patterns in -
e grade. No ex
Quartered Oak Parlor' Table, exactf
rsewing, laying like cut; 24x24-inch top; Is
.highly polished and made
-of select quality wood. 9
I ~ Special price...........
r fuitfa ti'ws DONATION PARTY. -
eof rniarand a numal PunCtion Under Auspices of
teg hor- athl. e niegt .f America.
,Sihwsa The~ annual donation party, social and en
a few ya.ago, itertainment for the benefit of St. JTOephs
.raa Orphan Asylum'has been- arranged for by
___ the Catholic Kuights of America, and winl
worh o fr~t be held in Convention Hail Thanksgiving
*b4~d~oi~tnight, Novemberti, This wI be the twon
15,~ bresof ty-firut affair of' this kind given under the
niedcanauspices of the CathOlic Knights of Amer-.
Shorticulture than 1a 'ion,
_The success of the 4oiat.in pasty in the
hall last year has. prognpted ,Sie committeg
(in mtGB. to make more elaborate arageents tis
lsicstor of the . There wHi be many mere tower and
_b__arerehmn booth. than before, anid neie
Pedet e mui eag roomnfn
to n- ished ba lreba~ nd, -iib~
ship of L .J.L Pereings, instead of by
4.hshgh piic. be- "Re. Dr~ Staer will dlve an addressn
,A q t.mmin* e * on. tecak'".id te ophn e ||s
a hard blow to easte will furnish amioal numbairs.
thieUnite e'n. ge . It is said the needs of St. Inms Or
bittaabin rightr sth are t g year,
:b tifod fG w eroe of tSatiteuio.a'ssvenueoau
ottaa... T MY~~ pergos are tteeoeg..
n'a eneinipesst 2 to se a~feed. sr oter
op I t3ito eu *=~i is ebarge
.ta a..,e ... e::i::~gi..
f edweariLUh Below Regular.
it 4W BHeavy 11-4 Tan
-100000 WOW ve Gray Blanket. sell
NOOA"Otwoto buyer..................'13
Whut. 14wo Bak b 10-4 Wool Blank
wt huetty borders; pink, ae. With Pretty borders:
blue and red worth
Well-made fisi Comsforts,
WOU-ade8" Cmfots.Heavy 11-4 Blasikets-gSray.
In "t pttrn;9ah tan and white; worth $1.5I C
e ......-...49c.
S pair: reduced to ........
Heavy WMt Bedspreads; WhIte Bedspreads. in at
Patterns; never sante l
......8 trTe sat.c..e the ........
Whiterc s 1O4fo, lak
S,4elflng a Rare Puchseo
Children's Wrapy & Desse
:Tomorrow we shall place on sale a manufacturer's fine samples of
Little Girls' Coats ilt velvets, corduroy, broadcloth, covert, &c.; sires
W to 6 years; also a lot of very high-grade Bearskin Coats norchidren
stip months, one and two years old. All of these samples, repre
senting styles the very newest and handsomest and qual
ities of the highest, are to be placed on sale tomorrow e
at about half the price they should bring; take the coat
you w ish at...:....................................
Children's Flannelette G o w n s ; in GIrls' Extra Good Quality CasAhmere
sizes 2 to 6 years: nicely Dresses; navy. red. brown; silk-ero
made and good quality; re- 2 c broldered stars and bre
duced to........................... telles; trimmed with sQ -
Sizes 7 to 12 years. 39c. tache braid: $3 value...... .$
Girls' Finest Quality and extremely
Girls' Coats, elegantly stylish tourist and Peter Thompson
made, In full-length styles: Costs; heavy blue elievit,
cape and tourist belt 95 with embroidered emblem: .95
styjes; for tomorrow ..-.-.. full length; $140 value ..
We will present to every purchaser of Children's 4oats a Pair
of finest crocheted mitts for the little ones up to 8 years of age.
In white and various colors.
Ilen's and Boys' Underwear. o
Men's High Rock Fleece-lined Shirts Good Quality Heavy Flevce-lined Shirts
and Drawers to match; finish- and Drawers. of baet Australian wool:
ed seams and suspender tapes 9C finished with double Kussets and ss5
-75c. value. For tomorrow re- 3 pender tapes: sold regularly
duced to....................... at $1.5. For tomorrow tIe 5c
Small lot of Boys' Good Quality Fleece- price is reduced to.
lined Xnderiwear; the qoality Men's samples of fine quality I'nder
usually sold at 50c., and worth wear; only 3:.- piewes in all;
every penny of it. For tomor- 25c. uual $1.4- to - 59c.
row .............................. ----------- - -
Men's very desirable Derby Ribbed
Men's High-grade All-wool Red Flan- Fleece Back Underwear.
net Underwear; the $1.75 Shirts and Drawers; suspend
quality everywhere. Re- , er tapes; the usual 75cqual- rC
duced for tomorrow ........ Ity. For tomorrow .............
Oak Chiffonier, exactly like cut; has Oak China Closet, eiaetly Mo out;
lve drawers and pretty has bent glass ends and
top ornament. A regular $4.9*5 is nicely finished. A big
$7.00 article, for ......... value for..............
or coverings, etc.-im
equaled for the amount
ld terms of payment are
-a charge,_,
TOak Dining Room Chair, exactly like
Or cut; has high back, brace
a - arms and good finish.A
special value for......
Lace Curtains,
couch Covers,Lr;
etce, etc.
-All the newest patterns. Big
variety to choose from. Excepi- Ok ~ ~ ylk
cut; has broa cob
tla ly low prices throttghotut. ab set a is well co~~
several ether -members of the Catholid HOD 'IU mV .
The commnittee on enteretament and ad
vertifing conmists of William H. De Lacy, Iy
Dr' A. D. Wilklason and John A..Madlan.-I
E. 3. Hannan iw chairman and George R. W w'*
Repetti vice chairman of the reception Thmebrofhenw etnyDti'
committee. Cqo edterfrtsriea uy
Th atrof oeremonsies is 3. Henry ognsdadrcgie etu sit
Buscher. During the dancing the Lw ysedyoonort 1olt a h es
P.3. Wee aseistaRt..D quewEB8.1 stte E .tw .
thaol Oilm ** ere k C.ngregatisof
1d'Irrag~ .ii~tCorp wa hel Satrda m -~ ember of tha he Bethny Bapit
preidet.andu~ebea. f er taRwes tsChek bed terir ers sevo amsu a oul
~e~d~ed ~witb. honors, and prrne oteFit ecoised. apttu meteset
wa the Inpc . A.er D.t Wkon, h itah __
yesterda morningat a1no'toek atsheettor
pronunjed i wel dss, peaingparter-Thi muart a it gde eemahet,
larl ofthe lo beaersworktan od husati o=nthns, nw terbs of
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