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Academy-"A Wife's Secret," 8:15 p.1.
iChase'5-Polite vaudeville, 8:15 p.m.
Columbia-Dustin Farnum, in "The Vir
ginian," 8:15 p.m.
Kernan's-Scribner's Morning Glories,8:15
Lafayette-"Sherlock Holmes." 8:15.
National-Cecilla Loftus, in "The Seria
Comic Governess," 8:15 p.m.
Norfolk and Washington steamers for 1
Fortress Monroe and Norfolk at 6:30 p.m. b
For Mount Vernon, steamer Charles Mao
aleeter, 10 a.m. and 1:46 p.m.
"Savannah by Sea."
Merchants and Miners' Trans. Co. stealSa a
ere leave Baltimore Tues., Thurs. and Sat..
6 p~m. Excursion Tickets on sale at low
fares. including Meals and Berth on steam
er. Send f9r booklet.
B. & 0. R.. ofces. W. P. Turner. 0.*
P. A., Balto.. Md. a
John 3. Kelly c
has resumed business in the Center market,
south end of the middle aislq of the 9th St.
wing. New York Roast Beef and aH prime
cuts of Beet, Lamb and Veal at the lowest
market prices. Corn Beef a specialty.
$3.50 Miller Oil Heaters. $.50
1204 G. C. A. MUDDIMAN & CO. 616 12th.
A blame, caused by the burning of some t
waste paper in a wheelbarrow, started a 8
fire scare in Prather's alley yesterday aft- 8
ernoon. The fire department went to the p
alley in response to an alarm turned in m
from box 261, but found no work to do. a
Pure, Preah, Clean Ashburn Mlk 1
delivered on time. 138 14th st.; 'phone N.183.
A. . C. Headache Powders. a
Immediate relief. Druggists, 10c.
Save the Pieces! Royal Glue Mends 'Em o
China, Toys, Furniture, etc. Druggists'. 10c. -
$10.00 Extra Large Oil Heater Only
$7.90. A. Eberly's Sons, 718 7th n.w.
Cooper's Stables,
Rear 1322 I st. n.w. 'Phone Main 18.
A street car and ash wagon collided near
the intersection of Indiana avenue and 8d
street Saturday night. The car fender and h
rear axle of the wagon were broken. e:
Gas Logs. Coal Grates, Au4irons. v
616 1.h. C. A. MUDDIMAN & CO. 1204.
Interesting Nem for Lovers of Candy. t
Finest W0c. Candies are still selling for
ONLY Mc. lb. at SHEETZ'S, 10th & F.
Order a box when down town shopping.
Neer That's Good for You. e
Inferior beers harm instead of help health. c
Abner-Drury Brewing Co.'s "Old Glory' is t
brewed and aged with every regard for
cleanliness and purity.For case 'phone W.488. a
The Selection of Meats J
is always attended with greatest satisfac- b
tion when orders are placed with T.' T.
KEANE CO.. 34-51 Center mkt. and 9 Whole- e
sale Row. Their famous Washington-dressed F
Beef. Southdown Lamb and other meats are
served on the best tables. Lowest consist
ent prices-prompt service. 'Phone 188. 1
Martha , [Ancoln, colored, twenty-seven
years old, *am treated at the Mmergency
Hospital about 2:30 o'clock yesterday morn
ing for a severe- wound on her right wrist.
She said her husband had inflicted the h
wound with a razor. She lives in Ricketts tl
court southwest. rl
A wagon belonging to the Chesapeake A
Bakery and a Capitol Traction car col
lided near 14th and I streets northwest
Saturday afternoon. The breaking of the
car fender was the only damage done.
Henry Carter. colored, seventy years old, C
died suddenly about 11 o'clock yesterday
morning at his home. 227 Pomeroy street.
Coroner Nevitt made an investigation and
gave a certificate of death from natural
causes w
William Cunningham. forty-five years
old, was taken sick near the Baltimore and
Potomac depot yesterday afternoon. The t
ambulance was summoned from the Emer- g
geUcy Hospital. but Cunningham had re- L
covered by the time the doctors reached, C
and no service was rendered.
The Commissioners have appointed Mr. m
W. S. Haskell, sealer of weights and meas
ures, as the District representative at the j
first national conventiorf sealers of
weights and measures, to beheld in Wash- ti
ington beginning Monday. January 16.
Until Lansing street, east of 13th street,
is graded and placed in proper condition.
no trees will be planted along this street,
according to the recommendation of Mr. T.
Lanham, superintendent of parking. This
report is made with reference to the re
quest of Fred Barnes, of 2115 H street
northwest that trees be planted along the
thoroughfare mentioned.
A Japanese nurse girl-kimono, hori. geta, r
obi and all-is a unique feature of domestic
service, which perhaps cannot be found in ti
all America outside of Washington. Sen is ti
her name, and she is the nurse and gov- e
erness of seven-year-oad Joe Humphries,
son of Quartermaster General Charles F. si
Humphries- it
Andrew Harris was fined 620 by Judge w
Kimball today for the theft of a stove from
William D. Clark. He was employed to c<
haul the stove from one place to another,
and sold it. He admitted his guilt. ha
Isaac Harris forfeitedo$5 collateral in the
Police Court today for an alleged violation ~
of the gambling law. It was charged that
he conducted a game on his premises,
Swift & Co.'s sales of fresh beef in Wash
ington, week ending November 12, aver- 5
aged 5 and 00-100 cents per pound.-Advt. t
Missionary Conditions in Ynmia.
The congregation of the Church of the
Reformation, Lutheran, yesterday morning
listened to a description of the missionary c
conditions in Telugu county, India, by Rev.
Dr. 'L. L. UhI, a returned Lutheran mis
sionary from that district. Dr. Uhl has
been engaged in this work for a quarter I
of a century, and his address was of un- d
usual interest.
He said there were 20,000,000 inhabitants ~
in the Telugu district, and that the Luther
an mission was doing as good work among
them as the mission of any other church, a
He said his mission now has 500 native I
helpers in the work of evangelization.
Dr. Uhi preached lest evening at the Lu
ther Place Memorial Church.
For Safe and Conservative Investment l
of funds Union Trust and Storage Co. of
fers exceptional opportunities. Consultation
invited with officers at 1414 1F street n.w.- t
Firemen Repair Leak In Church Roof.
The promptn~us of Rev. Dr. Stafford, r
pastor of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic t
Church, yesterday afternoon about 5
o'clock in sending for members of the fire
department to aid in locating and stopping
a bad leak in the church roof during the
sto'rm, probably prevented the failing of
part of the ceiling of the auditorium, The
pastor first sent several men who were U
about the church to repair the root, but I
they were unable~ to locate the trouble. ~
The firemen sont by Chief Belt scaled the
exterior of the building on ladders and
found that one of the drainage pipes was
elogged with frozen snow. The obstruc
tion was removed. Dr. Stafford expressed al
appreciation of the prompt response of the u
Pestage Required fog Mailing The Star. s
16 to U pages........... 2 eats, J
as e p .........R8ests, s
34804 tem th
but 1wintted to Lem 2mwa
Dressed In a khaki sult, Adam Black, a
oung man hoiling from Shellburg, Pa., W-,
eared In the Police Court this morning an
hie charge of carrying concealed weapons.
1e was found asleep on the platferm Lt
be Brookland station yesterday morning
bout &o'clock. Sergeant Slattery aNd PO*
Iceman O'Donnell relieved him of a re
olver that he carried Is ,aima At
kched to his belt.
Black was a stranger in the city, and
rhen looked up he sent for Attorney Cmn
ell Carrington. The attorney appeared
Dr him in court and made a plea which re
ulted in his release.
"1 was on my way to Mobile, Ala&," he
risoner said. "I had my withdrawal card
mrm the United Brotherhood of Painters
ad Decorators."
"Why were you going to Mobile?" he was
"I was going there to work." was his r40
ponse. "I worked there once before."
"Ia you been drinking?" be was asked,
"I don't drink nor use tobacto," he said.
The coui'rt next asked him why hewa
rmed, and he said he carried the weapon
:r protection. Two years ago, he stated.,
a was knocked down and robbed by two
Dlored men In South Carolina.
"Did you have a pistol on your person at
at timer' Judge Scott inquired.
"No, sir," he responded.
"If you had been armed 'at that time,"
aid the court, "would you have used the
"I would have protected myself."
Judge Scott told the young man that go
Ig armed is the wrong way to travel in
his country.
"It Is a severe criticism of a free coun
ry," the judge said. "for people to have to
rm themselves in this way. As you are
oing to work, however, I am not going to
ut anything in your way. There are
any people who will not work, and when
man wants to work he should be encour
The court Imposed a fine of $50 and sus
ended execution of sentence.
)n Account of Midwinter Exposition
nd South Florida Fair. the "Atlantic Coast
,Ine" will sell, on November 15. tickets to
'ampa and return. limited for return 15
ays, at one fare plus 50 cents. Inquire at
fice of the line, No. 601 Pa. ave. n.w.
eception at Corcoran Gallery of Art
Saturday Evening.
The ninth annual exhibition of water col
rm by the Washington Water Color Club
as opened Saturday night withA reception
t the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The build
ig was brilliantly Illuminated and in the
thibition rooms were hung 138 pictures,
ie work of members of theclub. The prize
nning pictures, painted by Miss Bertha B.
'errie, Miss Elizabeth Shippen Green and
r. H. Hobart Nichols, received especial at
ntion from the five hundred or more
uests who attended the reception.
The exhibition will continue daily until
ecember 10, from 9:30 to 4:30 during the
ay and from 8 to 10 in the evenings on
ondays and Thursdays. On Sundays the
xhibition will be open from 1 to 4 o'clock in
he afternoon. The officers of the club in
harge of the reception Saturday night and
he exhibition include Mr. William H.
olmes, president; Miss Grace E. Atwater,
cretary; Miss Bertha E. Perrie, vice presi
ent; Mr. Carl Weller, treasurer, arid Mr.
ames Henry Moser, Mr. William Fuller
urtis and Mr. H. Hbbart Nichols of the
Drd of managers.
The award of prizes by the judges of the
ihibit was as follows: To Miss Bertha E.
errie, the first Corcoran prize of $100 for
An Italian Salt Ship;" to Miss Elizabeth
hippen Green, the second Corcoran prize
$50, for a calendar design, and to Mr. H.
obart Nichols, the Parson prize of $50 for
rwilght in Maine." Honorable mention to
r. Lucien Powell for "The Grand Canyon"
id to Mr. W. A. Sharp for a drawing,
The Experience of Many Years
is convinced hundreds of the best families
iat James F. Oyster's butters are inva
ably of. finest quality. 5-lb. boxes of
Four-leaf Clover" Creamery a specialty.
murt Imposed Fine, but Gave Assur
ance of Leniency.
Leo Wheat appeared in Judge Scott's
irt this morning and admitted that he
as drunk and disorderly on the street
hen he was arrested.
"I hope your honor will excuse me this
me," said the prisoner. "I have an en
agement to play the big organ at the St.
ouis exposition, and I hope you will let
harlie Massie put me aboard the train."
"Do you know Mr. Massie?" the prisoner
-as asked.
"Indeed, I do," was his response, "and
ove him, too."
"But Mr. Massie doesn't drink whisky,"
se court remarked.
"That is true, too." said Wheat, "but he
'asn't raised on it as I was."
"Where were you raised?"
"I was born in Nashville, Tenn., but I
ved in Virginia many -years."
"Did you ever live at Wheeling, W. Va. ?"
"No, sir, but my uncle, Gen. Wheat, did.
[e killed my brother, or, at least, the
ankees did, and-"
"Never mind about that." said the court.
Gen. Wheat was a fine lawyer and 'citi
The prisoner agreed with the judge in
his respect, and repeated the statement
at he had an engagement to play at the
"I'm to get 350 for the performance," he
id, "and I hope you will let me go to get
.In addition to getting the money I'm
Sbe entertained by my cousins for a
"If you had the money now,' said the
hurt, "what would you do with it?"
"Put it right in bank," he said. "after I
ad bought a coat."
A fine of 810 was imposed, and the judge
tid he will- release him .upon an assurance
at he will go away.
Managed by Local Men.
Better apply for that Metropolitan oil
tock today; 10c. per share. No. 8Swell will
e completed in a few days, when the stock
Ill advance. Full information Icom 24,
11 G at. n.w.-Adyt.
reorge Washington University Con
greas Debates Election of Senators.
After a debate in the George Washington
'nveridty congress Saturday night it was
ecided that United States senators should
ot be elected by direct vote of the people,
oth sides to the question advanced argu
aents in such a forcible manner that when
vote was taken it resulted in a tie, which
ad to be decided by the vote of the pre
Iding officer.
Argument on the affirmative side was
pened by James H. Price of South Caro
na and the closing speech was delivered
y E. A. Merritt of Arkansas.
The opening and closing arguments in
le negative were made respectively by J.
.Tellier of Vermont and W. B. McCane
I Georgia. The speaker wasn J. B. Rtickard.
Nearly every one of the twenty-four
aembers representing the democratic and
epublican sides of the house took part in
be discussion.
The congress is conducted by the students
f the university, with Mr. Samuel kli.
ldelstin~of Wisconsin as speaker,
'our Medicine Cabinet Should Contain
Old Braddock" Md. Rye at all times. It's
adoubtedly the best "emergency" medicine.
ure-old-smooth. At quality dealers'.
Scholarships Feunded.
Among those who have founded scholar
alps at Johns Hopkins University to grad-.
ate students Is Mrs. Harriet Lane John
ton of this city, who has established three.
Smemory of her husband and her two
n-Henry 3. Johnston, Jasea unchanan
shaston and Henry 3. Iohnsten, Jr. The
_-ely Cefortw. at Mat Oaptl and 14th
streets, took plaae Ytn amornig with
ppropriate eaeadse, The pastor of the
ehoroh is Rev. Vatber MoGoirO who has
beat engaged in charitable work in the Dis
Ofet for ma yeara, end the Church of the
Holy Comforter wii hereafter be the head
quarts of the loeal Roman CathoWl ebar
The opening exercises yesterday mormint
consisted of a high mass, conducted by
Rev. Valentine Schmitt, pastor of St. JO
seph's Church, at 10:30 o'clock, on which
occasion Rev. W. Sullivan, a noted Faulist
missionary, preached a sermon. The sine
ing wa largely congregational, but was
swelled by the voices of the choir, which
was led- by MIss Alice . Farrell. , Congre
gational singing at all mama will be a
feature. It is said, of the new church's
Notwithstanding the inclement weather
the church was crowded by members of the
congregation and visitors from other par
ishes.- The interior was tastefully deco
rated with flowers, noticeable among which
tas a great bunch of white chrysanthe
mums, the gift of Rev. Father Harlin, rec
tor of Holy Trinity Church, Georgetown.
Incident to the opening of the church
a one-week mission was inaugurated by
Rev. Father Sullivan, who will be assisted
by Rev. W. G. Kerby and Rev. C. E. Boone,
both of the Catholic University-of America.
The mission is for men and women. The
following Is the schedule: First mass each
day at 5 o'clock, second mass at'7:310, each
followed by a brief Instruction; evening
service it 7:30 o'clock, at which the rosary
will be recited, and a sermon, followed by
benediction of the blessed sacrament. The
mission will close at the high mass next
V. Baldwi ohnson's Coal, 612 9th St.,
Cheers both hearth and heart. Try it.-Ad.
Bust of Andrew Carnegie to Be Placed
in Institutiol.
The bust of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, which
In being completed by Mr. L. Amatels at
his studio In 19th street, will be presented
by the sculptor to the Washington Public
Library, and will be placed in the new li
brary building on Mount Vernon square,
which is the gift of Mr. Carnegie to the city.
Mr. Carnegie was averse to posing for the
work, but his friends in Washington finally
prevailed upon him, and he granted Mr.
Amateis a sitting. When Mr. Carnegie was
in Washington a few weeks ago be went up
to see what progress had been made, and
.was so pleased that he remained nearly an
hour, at the disposal of the artist.
$l.00 Harper's Perry, Charlestown,
Winchester and return, B. and 0. R. R.
Leave station 8:30 a.m., Sunday, November
20. Beautiful scenery en route.-Advt.
ReV. Carl S. Smith Goes to Christ
Church, Brooklyn.
A call to be assistant rector of Christ
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., has been ac
cepted by Rev. Carl S. Smith, who has been
assistant rector of -St. Thomas' Episcopal
Church, this city, for several years. He will
have charge of Christ Chapel, Van Brunt
street, Brooklyn, after the 1st of December,
in the place of Rev. Horace T. Fell.
Mr. Smith is regarded as a clergyman of
much ability, and has gained considerable
popularity during his labors here in Wash
ington, and were it not for the better ad
vantages of his new position his departure
would doubtless be opposed by the local
Successful Business Men Say
.that it pays to have printing done at Byron
S. Adams' 512 11th at. n.w. Two 'phones.
Parents' Meeting Held Friday-Pro
gram of Exercises.
Wednesday last S. Colridge-Taylor,
musical composer, accompanied by Mrs. L.
Hammer Burrell and Mrs. John P. Green,
visited the Langston School. Friday a
"parents' meeting" was held, with a large
attendance. Dr. Lemmon was designated
by the board of education to talk to
parents on the subject, "How to Rear Chil
Dr. W. S. Montgomery. the assistant su
perintendent, made an address, congratu
lating the parents and assuring them that
as long as the school and home were
brought In such close contact that the
future is safe.
Mrs. Oscar T. W. Scott, the wife of the
pastor of Metropolitan A. M. E. Church,
rendered a selection on the piano which
was highly appreciated.
The assistant director of primary work,
Miss E. F. G. Merritt, made a short talk.
The teachers took part In the following
program: Address, Miss E. D. Barrier, prin
cipal; solo. "Unanswered," Miss K. Slade;
address, "Attendance," Miss M. A. D.
Madre; recItation, "A Prayer," Miss .Blance
Colder; address, "Character," Miss K.
Blade. The other teachers were busy re
ceiving the parents. They were Misses
Cromwell, Howard, Johnson, Earley, A. D.
Wylie and A. Alexander. Refreshments
were served.
BRechabites Hold a Meeting.
Eastern Tent, Women's Branch, No. 35,
Independent Order of Rechabites, held a
meeting In Rechabite Hall, 304 B street
southeast, Friday evening last. Among the
business matters considered was the ac
cepting of an Invitation to attend the anni
versary of Jehu Tent, to take place next
Tuesday evening. --
Mr. George W. Rue of Wreath Tent
served as levite in the Initiatory cere
monies. Reports of officers for the quar
te' just ended showed Eastern Tent to be
the banner women's tent in the district.
Among the visitors present were High Sec
retary Wayne W. Cordell, George W. Rue
of Wreath Tent, and Samuel Hessler of
Advnce Tent, all of whom spoke under
"good of order." Games were indulged in
until a late hour.
Dyspeps ia.
Don't thInk you can cure your dyspepsia In any
other way than by strengthening and toning your
That i weak and1 inlcapable of performing its
functions, probably because you bave Imposed upon
it In one way or another over and over again.
You shouid take
hood's Sarsaparilla.
It atrengthens and tones the stomach, and per
manently cures dysppa and all stomach troubles.
Acept no substitute.
Wild Cherry Cordial.
The best-known rem
edy for colds and
75c. bot.; 500e. pint.
The Quality House, Th~.Ig
Cold weather coming-better get f
the glass in.
C. Glass Panes
a seas tak e
Nmern'emey 1gigen JaO
boarding houe at 401 166 10 Dort
west Uaturdw Ugabortly deec
and asked to kakan in V
room of-Dr. Jsepba , stari. a Ma X
bew-Am eail jWaeal bout th ina im
FrQ Glad I*tta1ared sointhit OW
ans ho4lpeged gSpim. It veolrea ol
04 breakiug eve puse door and a giant
Ia the room 1e sthat the dotor W1
dead. The fnsaswgas froma X amal go
beater ezplalnl -t3 oause a ba dent]
It is thooght *6 had ben escapib
since about 10 w Friday ht.
The conditioswof e body indieated thi
ideath had oecuiredloame hours before P4
liceman Shepherd reached the room. The
spw nothing found In the. ross -tit indial
that Dr. Starr had committed suicide. am
Coroner Nevitt gave a certificate of Aci
dental death.
Dr. Starr was a native of New York as
a graduate of Georgetown College. He ha
been stationed at the -w85hit1 n Asf"Ie
Hospital -and the Emergency Hospital fl
a 'short - time. A friend had the body rI
moved to Gawler's undertakling .establ
ment and an effort was made to notify h
relatives. His brother and sister, the on]
surviving members of his family, it wA
learned, are on their way to Mexico. A
rangements for the luneral have not yi
been made.
Orchids and Lilies of the Valley
are in high favor for corsage bouquets. Ti
finest at Blackistone's, 14th & H sts.-Adv
Business Session Held, Followed by
social Hour.
The Washington Architectural Club hel
its opening reception of the year in its ne
club rooms, 1420 F street, last night. A
exhibition of the sketches made during It
summer occupied 'the walls of the mal
room. A short business meeting was he]
and eight new members were elected, mal
ing the total membership 109.
The club took occasion to express its r4
gret at the departure of its secretary, X
Arthur M. Burtt, for his new position s
architect for the Panama canal comml
sion, at Ancon Hill, Canal Zone, Isthmt
of Panama. Entertainment was furnishe
by the musical members of the club, X
Burtt contributing a number of songs. X
Wolfsteiner and Mr. Atkinson gave pial
solos, and Mr. Matthews also entertaine
with songs. The rooms were crowde
throughout the evening, and refreshmeni
were served.
Among the sketches exhibited were
number of water colors by the late J. Weill
Champney of New York, and by Mr. Harr
Pratt. It was decided that the club shoul
attend in a body the annual exhibition (
the Baltimore Architectural Club, whic
will be held December 10, at Peabody Inst
Best Pies That Can Be Made!
The famous Connecticut Pies. Clever]
made of good materials. Always delicioU
Steam Launch Disabled.
The large steam kunch Alert, belongir
to Dr. L. E. Rauter4erg, was brought ini
-port last night with her engine so bad]
broken that it Will be several weeks befoi
she goes into commission again. T1
launch with a party on board went dow
the river Saturday ean a pleasure cruise. St
was on her way1 hotne in the blinding sno
storm and had reached Shepherd's Lan<
Ing, between this city and Alexandria, whe
there was a crtsh & the engine room ar
the' boat stopped. Investigation found
cylinder crackel, rhston. broken, and othi
damage done, but so one was, hurt. T1
Alert was towed into a dock nt Alexandri
by a rowboat, and 2. tug was then secure
to bring her home.
Turkey Difaer Mfor GAsch Benent.
The' Ladies' Ad Assogjtion has al
range&_*o give a turkey dinner at t
Church of Out trat~r Wednesday eveninj
Ice cream will be served also.
My! My! You are grow
ing old fast!
And you know why, too. It's thos
gray-hairs! Don't you know tha
Ayer's Hair Vigor restores color t
gray hair? Well, it does. And
never fails, either. It stops fallin
hair also, and keeps the scalp cleat
Sold for sixty years. . Lo X"
Half Ton Just Received This morning et That
N. Y. White Clover Honey.
And while the coat is considerable you shall hal
it at the old price, 20c.
Elphonzo Youngs Company,
ocer., 48 9th at.
Cardinal's Residence,
North Charles Street,
Baltimore, Sept. 23, 1904.
I urge upon all Catholics the
use of the Manual of Prayers,
the Prayer Book authorized by
the last Plenary Council of Bal
I. .ardaflibbons.
Banmore, Md.*
For sale at all Book and De
partment Stowes.
"The Picture Place."
]NOTRINlG adds so mucal
to the appearance ofa
ronts pretty framed
-We frame ptetures in -the newest
and most 3i Mstic moldings and
coharge mt toasonably.
iplenmt Imi C brassed Dictues, p1.0
S. J. VtELBLE, "'t t
NEW S'tDRE, 1I5 G St.
-Business growth 1I
the dtrect result of good
-- you want your busihess I
pow with tapid stijdes consta
us aboutadvertssing andiet
write dhrght ad t aske yot
sa fhe OM msm 1010 smgovwed the ie
'POts of aspeeter A.-& Donana&m V2.
h- smaamw ot the .eng r4ewestmt, to
I the esset that the '0et shoud set b4
te held Nale for the. inJes eeived 4W 54'
at ward W1e1t. Oetober I as -the 30sult of
*. Wet's being knokd off a siSeet eam b
t- strikig the temeaar7 bri. over qew
7 or treneh en 4fstreet ser -Aarand ave
* aue southwest. The nmatr has been te
is tarred to the corporation counael for for
Is ther.reuort.
. The report of Inspector Dann declares
that the secident to West resulted frotd his
own negligence, according to the tastimony
t of ewitnees; that the contractor has a
I- flagma on each side of the crossing to me
re that everything is right before ears cross
to the temporary bridge over the sewer trehch;
4 and that one of the flagmen stated that he
I- saw West running to catch the ear and or
dered him to stop, but that the man. paid
i4 no attention to him, and stepped on the
A running bard Just as the car = the
a truss which knocked him of. He was ro
wr moved to the Emergency Hospital and af
a- terward taken home.. Mr. Bradshaw, the
I- special ,s tor, reported in a similar man
ia ner, and accharged West with negligence.
The Best BreAd Kade Today
Is Holmes' Genuine Home-made Bread. The
proper proportions of pure materials are
te properly mixed with fresh, pure milk, and
t. every loaf Is baked just so. "Milk" Bread
is highly nutritious-and decidedly delicious.
Delivered direct, 50. loaf. Holmes' Bakery,
1st and E sts.; 'phone E. 1440 and 1441 It
Tony Jiminutt, an Italian, fell and sprain
ad his left leg while working at the filtra
d tion plant Saturday night. He was taken
to Freedman's Hospital.
n, Brown & Tolson's Sale Tomorrow.
n Within their auction rooms, 1412 H at., at
10 a.m., Including furniture for all parts of
the house. A chance to get goods at a
saving of 50 per cent. it
Weddings and Banquets Photographed
on short notice at reasonable rates. Drop
postal. H. C. Yetter, photographer. 80 H
st. n.e. nol4-6t*
The Editor's Wife.
r. The following letter from S. H. Duncan,
to editor of the Seaton, Ill., Independent,
d shows that there is at least one editor who
4 wants to help others. He writes as follows:
:m "To the Editor of The Evening Star:
"I wish you would print the following
a and thus help me to do a kindness to your
s- readers. My wife has been a great suf
7 ferer with stomach troubles for the past
d four years, and the last two years prac
kf tically an Invalid. Nothing seemed to help
h her until I procured a box of Mi-o-na, na
I- ture's cure for dyspepsia. This gave her
so much relief that she continued using
the remedy, until now she enjoys her
meals, Is relieved from all pain in her
stomach and has increased in flesh.
y "S. IL DUNCAN, Editor Independent."
S. Henry Evans has the local agency for
Mi-o-na, and his faith in its merits equals
Editor Duncan's. He, in fact, offers to pay
for Mi-o-na himself in any case where it
does not give satisfaction.
,o The Hops Used in Brewing "Xunich"
ty Beer.are imported from Bohemia-the malt
e is America's finest-the water flows from a
te 400-ft. artesian well. ' 2 dos., 31.25. For case
n 'phone 222, Nat. Cap. Brewing Co. it
r- You Should Rave a Bottle of "Private
Stock" In your house this kind of weather.
A The purest whiskey, 75c. full quart. Don
a nelly's, 14th and I st. Delivered promptly.1
Is California Hams, 77-c. Lb.;
d Choice Potatoes, 59c. bu.; Onions, 25c. pk.:
4 cans Tomatoes, 25c.; 3 Corn, 25c.; 3 Uma
Beans 25c.; 3 Succotash, 25c.; 3 Str. Beans,
25c.; 9 Sited Peas, 25c.; 8 Salmon, 25c.; 3
Chal. Milk, 250.; 8 Ots., teahs, 25c.; 7 qts.
Hominy, 25c.; 3 pkgs. Mountain Buckwheat,
I 25c. J. T. D. Pyles' 7 Stores, including 948
La. ave. no14-3t
Mrs. Elizabeth Tutton, seventy-five years
old, fell on the sidewalk near 7th and T
streets northwest Saturday afternoon and
cut her head. After receiving treatment at
Freedman's Hospital she was sent to her
home at 2200 BrIghtwood avenue.
e Small, Bright Cal. Hams, 8% Cts. Lb.
Best family flour, 35.50 barrel. John
Lt ston's, 731 7th at. n.w. 1t
Purniture Sale Wednesday, 10 A. 3.
it New Rugs, Draperies, Couch Covers, etc.
Wilson & Mayers, auctioneers, 1227 and,
g 1229 G at. n.w. it
Nourishing away wrinkles, blemishes;
Satin Skin Cream gives lovely complexion,
- satinskin. 25c. Kann's. it.
A Sure Way to Save Money
Is to buy lumber at Elsinger Bros.', 2100 7th
n.w. Lowest prices always. 'Phone N. 1227.
Reginald de Koven,
Lafayette Theater.
First Concert Next Friday, 4:30
flme. Etta De Mon tjau,
Single Seats Now Selling at T. Arthur Smith's, In
S=a-s & Starman'.
New Pythian Temple,
DedicIon Entertainment
wEEK OF NOVEMBER 14-10, 1904.
Dancing Each Evening. Refreshments.
Seasen Tickets, $1.00. Single Aizneaano. le.
Reserved Seats, 25 cents extra, at Laes's, 614
9th at. s.w. it
38th and L sta. n.w. .
Wednesday, Nov.,16,
4:50 to 7 o'clock.
Tickets, Sie. Ice Cream, l0e. extra.
Scribner's Morning Ulories
The Devil's Daughter.
Next Week-THU TIGER LILran ag-5t-15
Dailr Matinee, Sie. vesings, le. ant 80s.
'Y~ttisha M fegmgq~-New Tk Jo.e.al.
RTalisePiotwsse ma
Autumn Meeting
Washington Jockey Club,
Nov. 17 to Dec. 3.
Opening Day Thursday.
The Columbia Handicap
and the
Bladensburg Steeplechase
and four other races.
First Race, 2 P.M.
Admission to Grand Stand, $1.50; Paddock, 50.
extra; Ladies, 50c.; Boxes holding 4, $2.50 extra.
Season Grand Stand and Paddock Badges on
sale at Droop's. 925 Pa. Ave.; T. Arthuf Smith's,
1325-1327 F St.; S. T. Walton, Shoreham Hotel, H
St. side.
Season Club House Badges for sale by S. T. Wale
ton, Shoreham Hotel, H St. side.
N. B.: Objectionable characters positively e
COLUMBIA-Tonight at 9: 1s
Kirke La Shelle's Production of Owen Wister's American Drama,
,ML 1EW W ~UJ1J N aRES SAT. W aoftAerutat R
SPENCER & ABORN 0.I Washigt. Ape..-. a
resent a SlidProduction ad the Beautful ldi i
Wartlwi Dra.."*""" Vladimir
:AFAETTE -- 6 Noember 25,
-Am. THIS WEK .*P.M.
WILLIAM wis. 25c e.
ILLE'TE'S 2 04.& 50ct Pa. - A
---> a..- - LUO TURE BY
Sherlock Hlolmes, Charles Wagner,
Next e-Re- eto- in Twirl WarIII- "TH E SIMPLE LIFE."
flusical Festival Tusdy, Nov. 22, 4 p.me.
H i a a t h a t t hO y r c e 8 1t .,r e. N.. 1 .
"PUBL A E @ Sa . S a8toduy. 1We. 1 A Prices $r-5o($r.oo and 75c.
se.a. s . or s awah., ae. .- a General Admission, gaa
,*E~ tielilt'. N... Pa .. av . . ., "
"'(h.E'MA ~ r.n.and Opening Ball
_-. __r_- ___r ___- ARION,
II .12-3 14 ADMISSON Mc. NW
- Through Sleepers to CALIFOR.
RATONA ET T ERNO0N, N hlout Berth, $8-50
4135. m..... ....tea. e-weset th year. -a.
r.1 Pa. ...t
1~. nlytheaeFonrWMountm duVernonin
Danie roba..re.et.st.C als aa tr
b o...a, y rm ~~ u~ Arlington, Myer, Falls Church.
"-.Im.^t--- N''''' ****sh'"g**"
ir PsmKey's

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