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For Properly Prepa
ing and Serving
Thanksgiving Dinner
T should be the aim of every hostess to. have Thanksgiv
ing dinner the best-prepared, as well as the best-served
dinner of the year.
We have made ample provision to serve-our patrons
with every requisite of table, kitchen and pantry. In our house
furnishing store will be found every available -ecoking <evice
of foreign and domestic manufacture. Rich table wares of ev
ery description for serving the dinner with proper elegance and
Attention is directed to our complete stocks of the follow
China Dinner Services. (over 3 Pattern.)
Elegant Service Plates.
Turkey-decorated Plates and Platters
Fine Carving Sets (Handles of Stas, Silver and Ivory).
Rich Cut-Glass Tableware.
Colored Gold-Decorated Decanters,
Wine and Hock Glasses, etc.
Handsomest Sterling Silver Dishes, etc.
Silver Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cande
labra and Shades, Copper Urns, Tea
Kettles, Platters, etc.
Beautiful Table Electrbliers.
DuLin & Martin Co.,
1215 F St. and 1214-16-18 St.
Elegance of design and shape. in
the PATRICIAN Shoe suggests
o , . the first purchase. But once on the V
u feet, the comfort afforded induces
the purchaser to wear nothing but
the PATRICIAN, no matter what 6
the service. The PATRICIAN i
. combines the qualities of a custom
made shoe with the economy of a
ready-made product.
Thousands of women can and
will testify to the all-around wear
ing qualities of the PATRICIAN.
Its nattiness in bulldog and 'varsity
% lasts sets off the jaunty outing cos
% tume to best advantage, while the
Slighter opera and full dress designs
are exceedingly attractive for social
wer. ALL STYLES .50
R. Berberich's Sons,
1116-18-20 Seventh St. N.W.
Washington's Most Progressive Shoe Store.
Steam or Hot WaterI"ypetcAe
Heating Apparatus -ubA ..
We will .eutate fo'r ee. 13Gm
We have the arget. most compte and beet mt ,b I ma Ieaneba
eq.ipged eb.p in W.ahington deYOtd ezcheyasiey ~ehruaahba
to thia cle. or work.
Repairingand Remnodeling.KaftsB k y,
HUBBARD ______
WeDys etpetic A ge
asorent waaof WuneeAT
pledges, co.n'sisn fo brea- o
Krafft's a ery,* ,"
siera. eod e ie.
AEstablished re866.ton OHic3.
PIANs AN m A. _236_Pa._Ave._N.W.
MiniatueGrand mond,IWa&es ndGutw
A Iag u3siderablyboy ewmarke pre.
AnAn established reputation,of 38
"A nargeNsouitis a eassan$body."
oBese ste,..nr"
A asImr rr . -
Plans tot nlaegIB the AX
and tfr hroresse il $8e9
of We ek
The impetus given the PeopWs MIusOn0
at the rousing anniversary meting S '
night, at the Metropolitan M. I. ChUrft
is working out splendid results, the oeOers
of the orgamtion say, and last night an
important business meeting of the mission
members was held at the auditorium. i
Pennsylvania avenue northwest, folowefi
by a spirited rally. New trustees were
elected and ways and means considered
for enlarging the work of the mission were
given weighty consideration.
The business meeting; which *as largely
attended, was called to order by Mr.
Thomas C. Noyes at 7 o'clock. He stated
the object of the session, and announced
that the election of a board of trustees, to
serve varying terms, was in - order. The
election resulted in the choice of the fol
lowing gentlemen as trustees: Messrs.
Thomas C. Noyes, chairman; B. H. Warner.
Thomas H. McKee, George W. Havell. Will
iam C. McMichael, R. L. Pile, Sigel Brown,
Thomas Bridge and J. M. Patterson.
The next business in order was the elec
tion of evangelists. Mr. W. C. McMichael
and Mr. George W. Havell were unani
mously chosen. with Rev. E. D. ley and
Capt. Thomas H. McKee as associates.
Cheering reports were made of the pro
spective enlargement of the missloi's
quarters and its work.
Rally Meeting Held.
Following the business of the mission a
rally meeting was held, the auditorium be
ing well filled with anditors. Mr. R. L. Pile,
the Monday night leader, after calling upon
the congregation td sing the gospel song.
"Oh, Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice,"
called upon Rev. E. D. Bailey to preside.
Dr. Bailey stated that efforts are being
made to have the building occupied by the
People's Mission, at 910 Pennsylvania ave
nue, purchased for the proposed enlarged
work of the organisation.
"I am of the opinion that this should be
done," he said, "and I have a trustful feel
ing that the good Lord will astonish yqu by
showing you how easily it can be done.'
Dr. Bailey termed the proposition "expan
sion in the work of the Lord," and said the
People's Mission is needed here for a larger
and more effective work than has ever been
accomplished in Washington. He spoke of
what is being accomplished by the missions
in Greater New York, and of the field for
Christian work presented among the work
ing classes. He said "biblical preaching,"
would accomplish results where so-called
"cultured preaching" would fall in its pur
poses. Oratory, he contended, could not be
substituted for religious fervor, or culture
for the word of God. Spiritual fervor is like
apostolic preaching and modern evangelis
tic work should be along those lines.
The speaker told of a highly cultured
congregation in Bristol, England, which
went out upon the streets in procession
with a band of music at its head and
singing gospel songs, and recited the
good results that followed.
"'he ministers of this grand country."
said Dr. Bailey, "are awakening to the
fact that their duty is not done with their
efforts within the four walls of a churoh
building, while sinful humanity without
is hurrying on to eternity. Prosperous
work by the mission means grosperity in
our churches.,.
In conclusion, Dr. Bailey called upon
the preachers to engage in the work of
the mission; he expressed the belief that
in the enlargement of-the work help will
come from unexpected quarters. "When
the people of Washington know the good
that is being done by the People's Mis
sion they will respond and render what
ever assistance is necessary."
Other Speakers Heard.
Capt. Thomas H. McKee was the next
speaker. He spoke of inspired preaching
in comparison with that which had been
termed "beautiful as polished marble, but
"If it were not for the evangelistic
preaching from the heart," said Capt. Mc
Kee, "I don't know what would become
of the world. As to prayer, we should
pray for what we need-not for what we
want. God will clear the way for us to
do this work here.'
Mr. Thomas C. Noyes spoke of the power
of spiritual preaching and earnest prayer.
After speaking of the miracles recorded
in the Bible, where the blind were made to
see, the deaf to hear and the lepers were
healed, Mr. Noyes said: "Christ Is as
strong today as He was in those olden
days. He does the same things now in a
spiritual sense. If any man wil go to
the Lord Jesus Christ now In faith and
ask that his eyes be opened, it will be ds
and that man will have his oles omeJ
glorious and divine beauties. He wl p
your ears and you will rece*Oe the mew
sages from .heaven sent to all whose ears
have been attuned. Any of us who praP
earnestly to God for spea will-reeie ft
and be able to tell God's miessage in some
manner. Ask for that poVer and you wil
receive It. -If 'lame and halting, ask that
it be cured. It will core as renfely as
God's promises are true, and they are. al
ways true. If you are spiritually sick, If
your yes re closed, if you- are deaf. toec
th ei fChrist's garment and you wBil
be made whole."
- An Unlarged Auditor'lum.
Referring to the proposed enlargement el
the mission auditorium and its work, MW
Noyes urged- his hearers -to -pray, to ask
God earnestly, through Jesus Christ, for~the
Increase of facil,ities, "and," he added, "yea
will see this building enlarged."
An affecting incident occurred at -the elose
of Mr. Noyes' address. An old colored we
ritan in the rear of the hall argue and said
.he had "prayed hard" fe the mission when
It was swept by fire, and It lad -been ue~
"Now" she declared fesrlIdly~ ai
tora until this center siail comes
the imtnkrednIam going t
pray all night, and ft wnbe dose.
useal tOmsenersesse of ghe a3esi iSta.
BoThs, M. *ewemhq' i al seo
Mrs. Antoaia &rUli SfMdell, this edunty
died yesterday afternoon, In her forty-ear.
enth year. at her home of a empenUea
of dae... lirs. Carlin had b4ss sat
for several yeare had sbout sifmmths age
was taken to a hospital Is. #.sangi fe
treatinent. Her anemae was beyond qe-.
tee and ahe dice Westrsy as VaalOw M
hu.bad ad two eabndre essvse hut
uiatra mea the Va,Imegsel sm
af Jo})a T. N(iohelson, a Ubl.nnase,aed~
anspleye bare, while r
es e his home was t*n
bene #En- al rsaw o
Aew More of the Thanks
giving Dlnners-Order
YOURS at Once.
The limit is likely to be reached at any moient- ad after that
no more can be furnished under any circumst&xes. In view of the
rapid advance in the price of turkeys it is an' offer unprvcedented.
We will furnish, neatly packed in a basket, the articles named. below
(no charge being made for basket).
One Whole, Plump, Fresh-Dressed Turkey
(No storage goods; fresh killed and delivered to us today.)
Cape Cod Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes,
Early June. Peas,
Crisp Celery, White Potatoes,
Rich Plum Pudding,
Mixed Nuts.
Price for the $ 89
Dinner Complete.
These dinners we cannot deliver; they must be called for either today or to
morrow. a
Great Selling in Furs
and Wraps.
A very special offering of smart and stylish Sable
and Isabella Fur Neck Scarfs; made with bushy tails and metal1opf 1o 9
clasp; made to be sold at $10.00; a snap in the sale at............
Beautiful Isabella, Ermine, Sable Fox and Mar
ten Boas and Pelerines. with heavy bush and clusters of
Extra long and wide Boas and Pelerines ; rich
ly and handsomely made of Isabella Fox. ermine, Sable Fox,
-txclusve fur store would ask 30 for. ale price ................... 0
Rich and elegant Long and S h o r t V e I v e t
Coats, of the finest and most lustrous quality; lined with
tese 'el cat e llegul"arly*at"50""..*... **.....$29.98
Very stylish and popular Coats, in the "broad
tal n or crushed velvet; military length; Bishop sleeves;
brown and black; trimmed with fancy Persian braid; fullie ihstn 9 au .......................
The ismart and very dressy Short Tan Covert --
Cloth and ilack Cheviot Jackets, so essential for the 1ght
wrap; the quality and tailoring re arest-class. For the sale they
are priced.....................................................
Fine grade Black, Brown and Castor Kersey
and Cheviot Coats, in the hip length-tailor stitched, col.
larless ef[ect; lined throughout with satin; newest sleeves;
.at pleat.iseams; they are the $20 coats, at......... $12
ThLery serviceable and convenient Rain Coats,
ia the fuU lngth; made in novelty mixtures and plaids;
no*est full sleeves; belt back and pleated styles; $25 valu e
missionising by the navy league to show
the country. first, that a strong navy is
the most vital necessity of the emuire, an
ndy by being prepared for war
][istook Obn &oate for Ja ireaes.
British TDiaouu S ativit of The belief that the Baltic fleet mast have
mistaken its own torpedo boats for Japa
nose vessela is steadily ganingnt ground. It
Their Naval Fleet. receives conrmation from the flet- which
has now transpired that the priest and
some of the men on board the Russian tor
IN NORTH SEA INCIDENT phich to,late on the Dogg.r Bani.
It is even stated in some quarters that
the Russian to9ede boats tem
ra nves within the sonq ofh ted b
~OKIT WN3A15a ap nfotilla. Thsat statms
............seems almost too grotesque to be believed,
but even if the signple fact'that the Russian
Spcuatonin e:n. Oerl admialmistook his own torpe ofo
uranc Tok it Tur of Vent- fodflihonthe incapacity ofteu
sinofrs tan thatersoralat io.
OyeetLumosmespof theiorTheaval -g Ifr. telf tohet y
WONDON, Noveber 7. 1904. t anot '~'"~
All calculations of the newspapers~nd own torpedo boats that he fired 'upon be
9umeirardigx2Ibe settlewasnt of lagt must surely have discovered ths fact befoe
wee's erisis over- the North sea outrags this, and the ii%il bsulecoure for bim
are es pletely us*et by Ad,nfrd4 Regeo a*e purued would 'vebeen to frankly
.e iy' ude lieparturetflom blugor. a this
bia whole fleet and the sm5no sl-qrythe only conclusion that could be ar
ing of Lbg4 C1adtss Be t restofsa *i ie at ~oidbe that Admiral Resetven
Giits wihgek eiae to aein sky bia sabrll upbrassed the fact tn
ametm le 1hearment ihRs olo the Russian radAk,whe
ala, or the latter country is acting in bad warla. ole anima+es ate amnty at
fatth. It was suapposed ob- al. sides that St--eerbrg n who ase
the enstl set of. the staats Smet would i r niata
remin at~ Vige until thte inquiry ya un. i th of futun
lehed, ane have heard that It was tiaided My Bsour hii--tu hr
that the Mfagship, one battle abIp an4 a taight be danger of mn.e.r
eralsar were to be kept baek. aa.a ptma in the future, and even the Tinns.th
asee eas a )een a=an.g a-ls - abowgs~ some alassa lest the Rue
maa. '1t Wil be ree=zen -tts Uae snShould seek to reWitve
man... t ac -e of the asrve . c be
n.mab.mwe wetsi s Jas n.a at r
Asbwb~) t an a h suse tM te ,- rg e hoo the todlBe.
toS *We tba a estesat tei st anei1. .t..ai.
g4. t Whate desls el$ eassing h
. as , we thea n.a.m. teir pws ase hem 3.-- se ot
~5UI5 det.' It r ambiet'mE Wt
is ~u e is lre eU Anr SW a sst.
. 1 Ett es s Tseelt Qeesiatives als
a amewaya o the*mag Ausqan OSba tOesaisk b'ae aIesaxe
~me Sheea for
"edyj r de
are fre.
e Thusay, Thankl IVa .
200 Highest Grade Turkeys
Below Prevailing Prices.
The Hecht Stores have purchased 2oo of the finest corn-fed Tur
keys from the mountain district of Virginia-and having contracted
for them some time ago, before the recent advance in Qrices (and
which will undoubtedly advance still more before Thanksgiving), they
will be sold at considerably less than the prevailing price. These Tur
keys are of the very highest grade, are strictly corn-fed, and will
weigh from io to z5 pounds each. They are to be delivered to us nice
ly cleaned and dressed-and while the zoo last they will be
sold at, per pound....................................22c.
Here Are the Thanksgiving
Requisites in the Grocery
I Min e Mat e ofne trewh mde
hinc 3e ea et of "e e
,.r" ol .p.e a.il best
M a.beef: put up inlhuge Msoalas -4
M eat. ..".'.'"".--..* -.
Pure Spices, all kinds, incuding nutmeg --.-.. .... ...... Ac.
Fancy Mixed Nuts; finest quality ............. ............. 1134c.
Turkish Figs, in round boxes.............. .............. 7hc.
Finest Bombay Stuffed Dates; round rood boxes............ 23c.
Rich Plum Pudding................................ .... 9AC.
Fresh Cape Cod Cranberries; full quart....................... 7Ac.
Fancy Seedless Raisins, per pkg............................ 7%c.
Selected Greek Hand-cleaned Currants...................... 7%c.
Bedwear Much Below
$ev 10.4 Blankets-gray, tan andi Heavy 11-4 Tan and, 811
wbte-eome .slightly imper- + ver Gray Blanikets; sel u
feet; worth 'sc. pair; not 59ce regularly at a pair; t9
more thn tw, to a buyer tomorrow...............
et-- deyComforts, i Has 11-4 T an and 8 O C
nowerde te. value..omo.. :rno .. . . .....
prettypatt'rns--n'"nd wh"te 89c.
now edued 0.c.......
Heavy White"B4dapreads; in White 10-4 Wool Blank.
e ........ . . .
W> ~~~espee fl- Wel$It-_ vr
pair. t: nv.e 9 a ?-' w - 9c.
an appeal for a suned -00 with whiab to building en the evb ?f his departurf Om
meet thme ost df rs4nt the tower of Washington. Roving the pe4v leW to d.
Purleigh Ch ai l on a bill about liver the adsre t i i men
four mUes. t~ rmo in esex. by, wa ttola th- a the t and seod
of .a pra " assciatsan vhieh wWl of his_ snaboeog, t e Great,
theedgc vit a anCesbor of toward the
d-..a .a..met .he4 l . at.Nm e.
aided over by >14 es ry Ciy ten. Th pneal of lurpe oth grat
United 9tates consul asseral. Lawrence et general on earth." The pelnce .eemef
Wae isiten ra rector of Parleigh from surrined by this maenat MnW t appeared
18 antl 1sd. and an beh eeossd tea- that I was the amt e. to r ene hm of
eon of his loalty to the mnlrQyui this feature of the friendly relatios be
the- elvil war. he settled in Northaant-)e- twien the two great men. After ni ad
shire. where are bwo churches. in which the dress had been pubished a great amany
tomb. of members of the family may be letters appeared is valeom newspapes at
ean. After the death of Lawrence Wash- tacking the historical truth of state
fogton. his t.o.o... In UK. emigated to meat that drde.a the Great eve. er.t a
Virginia. and one of them. John, was the sweed to George Wa=mhsanso..eu eaRing it
diatgrnte of Geog Whign.a myth. Kooboa e.hOwever, of
loved the nen of Washington. felt great about that sword of t eic
lnaet in the project which the maeeting beg to adA that the swere presented by
convened to'promnote, and he appealed Frederick to Washington Is now in the
to the liberality of' his fellow countrymen cofleetion of Washington relics which was
to .supply the funas needed for Its exeen- p*..S5 by the state of New York in
tion, pointing out that the chnonem and an dei.=ieed in the state library at
r.ave of tim chure- thirteenth or foar- Albany in 15 wt the folwin eomment
'rated in 1591 alt a coat of Li1., which was One of Oae swords left by Washington in
raises with gre*y - difficulty and wIthout his Will to bin five nephew. then living.
Asserican aid. The Rev. R. T. Love, the TM frest, nml.howas the eMdest. Win.
1. Cainutell of the City Tempe sae in SU dthis sword on account oits
support of die appeaL. ~ ~ E* hi-oy The l noknw
Old-The Plaer'ortath.in the femnny that this sword was
News of thet death et peer Dan Laine U5rove ro brope about the year
came as a painful shock to London play- tf V rc the Gt).Kngo
.... today.U stoa.eakor t- -a. Pessia. 4'Vm the edet general of the
he was appeaing nightly at the N4EineS, waria to the greatest." A: "pieture' with
Toward the latter end of last weeft It be- thn sentence insedibed ODnis it ismase
camn ts that he was mU neri from a Oe in A SW that 0e
antildtheisftal termination mour""- was another nwaaota it was brought
edwusjmtnea of M death is oee 4ad dg*' Myai Col. David
th -sa--c- Ofet toeapen atiei. th 6GBveaa eaetcu sthohadmea
. tom n1 .1 the "Eion aammasAn
orian a& eaen has, ad on emas bvo--.
pease with te ss tht1at Tross the altSt gemaeal in Muepe to the
Pan X ah euhas senwed u raseut serae emas.- A nasdrae
ves lie4 e w ben fla. mee wa m ian'"'- a.. a
en a tal- t.me theiremew s rt. b e i sn sof stha .-sai
In...n..naodte VesMt g' hi gens sb
pa aw a teTta as the aiire tuos jwardye
.atict fai king he weabi~et r si. & -tsUi
eQuseo s anmutCues menerL e .pa
Jnhabtb Bewas eryprod atbemhe asquest.
Mt M4.551i.mggetmat es 94ei

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