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wOwn s arv6m
oat. amane se
aresdtws a DNR
OUneedn't speed
a ij tim er
worry, or maairb
tions for the
bakery goods. Order
us to bake the Presit
cakes, and the other
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see W
to $to
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adOutfit for ,4 "
A great etrtainer and. fa maker.
With the ON!uimine
140, Nee c-UTiix $16.50
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Columbia Phoori
M taaelel
4 ,1 batI 6OWN.SA -a.h
ana, taia ls = but 71s the. r m
and ob mdret, ! ws statet at b inie
totay cat the dsed was the result of hbl
oeattn ad use of.intokka*td.
He returned hasie 'nder the hiabeat 09
linuor yesterday ad teed members of Is
fmily that he bad een bbe4 of WIin
money not hi own, and sald he eold Wt
face his eimptoyer again. is wife told Mm
it was nonsense for him to talk that way,
and said she woui- make good the *'tass
The much disturbed 11a saK he, felt the
hand of a man I his pocket and knew he
was taking the money but he did not hae
the strength to stop him. Between 5 and 6
o'clock in the evening he went to a drog
store and purchased five cents' worth
carbolic acid.
"I want to Ute It as a wash," he told
the clerk in the store. "it's all right," he
added, "as I have been In the habit of
using it."
Jones, it Is believed, Intended to take the
seid.last night, but felt asleep and probably
forgot about It until this morning, when he
was awakened in time for breakfast. After
getting up he repeated the remark he had
made about being unable to face his em
ployer, showing that the loss of the money
worried him. Addressing his son Walter,
who is employed In the navy yard, he said.
"Walter, you had better stay home this
morning, as your mother will need you."
Swallows the Polno.
The boy thought his father was Joking,
and laughed, but the request for him to
stay at home was repeated. The boy had
not gone to work when his father took the
fatal dose, for it was then only about 7 30
o'clock. Walking toward the door the de
pressed man swallowed the poison and then
returned to the dining row, where his wife
and two sons were eating breakfast.
"It will all be over In a few minutes," he
remarked, throwing the empty bottle on the
table. Then he.lay down on the sofa.
"I believe father has taken the stuff," said
the son, when he detected the odor of car
bolle acid on his father's breath.
When It was realised that the husband
and father was In a serious condition, phy
sicians were sent for and a policeman sum
moned. The physicians, It is stated, thought
he might recover, and the members of thb
family hoped for the best until he became
unconscious. Jones refused to allow the
doctors to treat him, and asked that he be
permitted to die at home. 'He was hurried
to the Casualty Hospital, however, but his
condition was such-that the physicians there
declared there was no hope, and death
claimed him about 10 o'clock.
Native of Maryland.
The deceased was a native of Maryland.
having been born near Croome, in Prince
George's county. He came to this city many
years ago and has worked as a drummer
for several tobacco firms. Coroner Nevitt
Investigated the case and gave the neces
sary death certificate. The body was re
moved this afternoon from the hospital.
His funeral will probably take plae tomor
row or Thursday. The pastor of Christ
Church, navy yard, will officiate. The In
terment will be In Congressional cemetery.
Then Arrested at Instance of Those
Who Stole His Money.
William J. Holmes, a young man who
resides in Northeast Washington, had the
experience of being held up and robbed, of
being arrested at the instigation of the
men he accused of stealing his valuables,
and then being locked up on a charge of
carrying a concealed weapon.
When Holmes was taken to the ninth
precinct station he told the story of the
robbery, and the police Immediately went
In search of George King and Lee Brown.
each about twenty-one years of age, the
men who, It is stated, had Holmes arrest
ed. The two young men mentioned were
conveyed to the station.
In the Police Court this morning Holmes
was fined id0 for carrying a concealed
weapon and Iing was held under $1,000
bond to await the action of the grand
A short time ago, It is said, Holmes In
herited about $300 from the estate of an
uncle who died recently, and immediately
after receiving the money, It is said, he an
nounced his IntentIon of hpuing a good
time. He remembered having bought the
revolver, with which he said ho expected to
protect himself from highwaymen. Mon
day evening, he alleges, he met King and
Brown, and they held him up and obtained
a $100 bill, leaving him the resolver and
another 8100 bilL. After Brown and Kingr
were arrested 'Brown's home on -Krp,mer
street northeast was searched by .the police
and 382 was found folded In a high collar.
Brown weakened at the ~station, and
made a confession, It Is said, charging
King with the robbery. He was released so
as to become a witness for the prosecution,
and gave his evidence In court today.
F1ve Found Guilty at Portland, Oreg.,
The jury In the land fraud case which
has been occupying the attention of Judge
Bellinger's court In Portland, Ore., for over
two weeks, brought la a verdict of guilty
for all the defendants with the exception of
Miss Marie Ware, yesterday afternoon, af
ter forty-five minntes* deliberation, No ree
ommnendatlosa as to-punishment were made.
Miss Ware was acquitted, following the in
structions of the court. .The verdict of the
jury fellows:
"We, the jury, Alnd~the defe ots muxh
L. Watson, 8. A. D. Puter, Horace G. Me
Kindley, D: W. Tarpley and Frank E. Wol
gamot gulyof the crime of conspiracy to
defraud tegovernment out of part of Its
public land sites situated In township 1,
south of rne7, east, as char'ged. We
find the d aedant, MarIe -L. Ware, not
Mr. Hall, asked that the defendants be
placed under additional bonds in this
case, but the court decided that a bond
of P4,00 deposited i the case would le
sufficient, and therefore ordered that sucih
security, should be le.This plcsthe
defenasts eash undr ,100 bnsfor each
o( the eases w&the exeeption" of a
pley and Wolgamot, who do not fg In1
There inodoubt that an apea wllb
taken. The atternsy fst th el are
now preparing their Rsettensad naB
probhbitity presn it at liv e le0
neat ease on Deae
The trial ofth.epi hebt s
TIm hare s * Vimmt a
Th --e,..
77iict. mpr. GelmaniSt
$375 te*Ga
$650 cash.
7I,oct. Miniature Gran
Thspartientar piano is one of 1
s for $75 and $900.
e Tabyeran la
,I 'The tone is woi
a most sympat
better if y u bought a new one,
Te, twenty, yes, even thir
ceptible difference in the STE]
Huntington Piatos at $300
at $36o andtupward should have
CANNOT get a Steinway.
923=925 Pen
Leading Piano
Presidait's Yesage Nay 3 -Dissd
of Federal Law
,~ .~tI.the DiMtrct..
Ali'hohi-'eadiness for the conventiot
of tbe.. Ngtinal Svil :irice Beforn
Leags wigh. will open in this- eity to
morrow morning with .a meeting of the
governing, council of tilo weag"e at the New
Wihat4 H8eL. The-,airman of the coun
eils Charles J. Bonaparte. Daniel Gi"
man, peesineat6 and >ilot H. Goodwin, see
rotary of th istional organiention, are ex
pected to ar$ve in this city about ' o'cloel
this evening and to open oMices in the New
Willard atonee for the transaction of con
vention businesi
The progstai Tfor tomorrow In.detail is as
9:30 a.m.-3eeting of the council, at the
New WRlied HOtel.
12:50 p.n.--lAmneheon to the members oj
the coniPB> &fe -New Willard Hotel.
2:80 ph-Frtsession of the.leagse, pub.
lie meetin'at the New Willard Hotel; ad
dress of eloeby Mr. Henry B. F. Mae
farland, presiident of the board of Commia
sloners of thie District of Columbia; reporti
from civil service' reform associations com
posing the league; reports from the wo
men's apreiarea; report from the clit
service tfoest committee of the General
Federation of -Women's Clubs, Mrs. Imoger
B. Oakley; reading of papers, "Eztensions
of the Competitive Service," Mr. Clintog
Rogers Woodruff; discussion.
s:0 p.m.-Afternoon tea to delegates and
ladies aecompanying them, tendered by Mr.
and .Mrs. John W. Foster at 182B 181t
street northwest.
s:00 p.m;-Second session of the ege
pubic mneengs at the New. WAlard 5tl
annual report of the council, to be reed by
th absraan, Charles J. Bonaparte ad
dsesWDr. Daniel C.Oimnpesam
era of national pronntni.a
- ''b r!uidant's lesiage.
In the opnin of Seeretary Sidems of the
local Clvle Swviee Redorm Assonitian, the
pottion of President Rosvet' msge te
Congress which refers to the oneulsa
service will lse givep omsmns&eation by the
conventona. a his maessege thi Pres=Meel
"Our consnlar systeam needs Impr t.eu
Salaries hsedi be substitutes fr ess, and
the peweer classliqin,wdand trans
fer of eonsular oeshinoud be provided,
I am nt p njarutmy a o
ent wosidworJ vei; but lig law Ihol
he w.AOaihould be f.mneI
Co . wichthyply
Gnma--or Span a
wit thmseomres the United -
ateebeabe t e Naaheea
t a pirse.
'e_t 48 all sbowt this,
tuse tet crSii . . Ia
i @ de:the c fe tr is of
ie tenis trlyngnost,Ne
"J elar Tt of tiStein
3W"yprghts Con-ains
. Scale and I action and tone
I r -e.b its tiies are cassic.
i only tyle "I" new sells for
d Used for a few months in the
family of a cabinet officer. 'Any.
than this crosses the danger line.
is IDEAL for small apartments.
mundreds! New Miniature Grands
superb instrument was leased for.
mths. There's not a blemish on it.
iderfully rich and sonorous; it has
tetic singing quality. You'd do no
costing $950
ty years of use make no very per
and upward and "Gabler" Pianos
your serious consideration if you
isylvania Ave.
nd Music House.
lIshed may be overthrown in aeP
by a new President.
Secrptary addons was sorry to have to
anouboe:-this mornig that Governor Win
throp of Porto Rico. who has been in thi
city recently, will not be able to address the
convention, owing to the necessity of keep
ing an engagement in Boston. A letter
from the governor may be read to the dole
gates, although. this is not oertaib. In
- the wek of the with 3r
g?eefte' i hew
merning that he intended to i
',the (egr s, of the inland that an, islan
civil.service-,law be .establlsak ed. ;eI
heartiy in favor of the general plan of:th
Among the members of. the Dcs&kX of
Columbia association are Willam
loughby; treasurer of Porto Woo,
Adolph G. Wolfe, amatas usti,c!Iiui
supreme court of the iand. The lalter
was once treasurer of the lowal body.
- ederal Law in the DLttrlet.
The Dfstsiot nf --"==aa in theirre
port to the PresMeat yesterday eaed: .at
tention to the advb.baity of eatendiag tIn
federal civil service law to the Dai of
Columbia, a move for Which the teaguq
both -local and, national, has teen eonW
lng for a long time. It 'Is sincerely he'ped
by the association that the President wil
see ft to recommend, as he has done i
previous mesages. that Congress t*e the
required action in this matter.
Since the last publication of the list of
those who are expected to attend- the con
ventlon, Gee. 3Eenry L. Burnett, United
States attorney for the southern:district ol
New York, has signified his Intention to be
present. About five hundred prsons are
expected to attend the grand reception i
the New Willard Friday evening, the ereni
which will mark the close of the convens
AcceptIng death as a grateful gift, quoting
from Plato, Willian B. Bjsbcoek, ofmce
umanager of the western branch of the Re
hiance Insurance Cosmpany, attached a tabe
to a gas jet in his roeon in Chicago yester
day, 13asa5th street, and asphyxiated him
self. In bin room he left a note, containing
a quotation froms Plato, which read:
"To die is the moest precdens gift of maa"
This! halber, and I accept this gift grate
lb. Babcock was ==n=awle4, and, in the
words of an .eams lie-tong - eiad. Kr.
Biggs, was a conSramed helotr, sufnering
fromdan lal and insomnIa. He ws
about ftyyears oil, conservative and
thoughtful, seiBlosn enpresing an psn
He was a well-road an, a sdetof
philemophy and a en.nereader. The ia
wae the recent death, of Mr. Blabcoc's
mnother and sister.
Tndaa ea EuWs'hmea
Gilbert Burns1 emd Sf ty years shot ass
kiled his wife and o.esph *Resat whose
-om his wifo *as .esssed, at nas-ete
In. Atter Abe ao.brattleiow Barne gW*.aG
two hhnsethe bes ef bis: dsser-edie bse
liigr of the [email protected] of ia -w h4 Mts,
Uteamis, wh feni de
Grips, was eet sufin *-~
the eegsthat 3hmed the ete mama
er. mA L b eena uney
freend tie
mo s t -bede
" * a al
engens at
~ 'see
We 0 e way of suggesti
ga n Laes' Ready-to-wear
ty s d for Xmas presen
we Ideful-they are the kind of g
;, iNtOd. _
RIch Far Neckpioces
Pur PAleringh -o
ur Man - -
Ostrlch Peather Boa.
Cote Peather Boss
Smart Tan Coats -
FU Length Rain Coal
Velvt Coats -
$145 Persian Lamb Co
$35 Electric Seal Coat
$8 Electric Seal Coat
Styli Suits -
Beautiful Silk Waists
Fine Silk Petticoats
Eiderdown Bath Robe1
Turkish Towel Dressin
fllgh-Grade Corsets
oo" sr "Msas o xxa
At the Inter-Ocean Building.
Annual Xi
Reduced prices this week on a]
duce early buying. A small deposi
thing chosen, and easy terms of
extra cost.
Ladies' Desks.
Neatly made oak and
mahogany-nish Writing
Desks. Regularly M5.00. 8 1
Flne'Oak Writing Desks,
eut noa $8 to.............. J60
Qnuesd oak. hird's-eye
apla. oi mahogany Writ
lng Deslos, cut from $10 to
m1 Dawks, In oak or $ 07
week at..... ...............
Fine W Desks. In oak
or mahog ay, cut to.....
Very rich Mahogany
Da 'a--"i $9.00
o.t ,u,ar, $17,25
-sma. > as week........... $1 .2
-y-.:* $. nok 18.75
UsamCsa cu-t.........
ilai- h Comhi-u% .
D0ew cut ft v= $fa to...
FieQUartered Oak
- " '5 $27.50
fels ..
- - c---t $34.25
com $36.50
China Closets.
Closet, ihleaded cut
- -e ..$57.50
Large oatre6. quarter
Fine quartered oak
China closet. mirror 3
b-ack and top. Cut from
Eandsom. quartered
oak C h i a ,2Coset,
swefled front anded.
- --- e-- $- 16.75
regla peoYUCAs.se
flPalor Tables for.........
P..r.....T....................U -
EI arlor Tables for.........
Psarlor Tales fer.......3...
PatrTables for....,......6
.Lansburgh Fi
naer-Ocean Bldg
on a few of the ay beautiful
ihown at McKnew's that are
tation. They are rich--they
ifts that will be nost appre
- - -$6 up
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gSacques - St.n
- - $1 to $6.0
DELIzuvY Ir D *ID.
W, 933 Pa. Ave.
512 Ninth Street.
nas Sale.
I things suitable for gifts to in
t will secure the reserve of any
credit can be arranged without
Oak Rock- r a
!rs, her seat. Cut
from $s5 to ...............'
Weathered Oak Rock
ar. leather . seat and
*ack. $2 value for... ....
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r. t from $6 to............ *
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tockers. Cut from $5.50 to..... .
Substantial Oak Rockers. g, U
tt from $s to................. =
Upholstered or Weed Seat $175
Rcee. Cut et. $.25 to.....U.75
Cane Beat Rodkr.C
ero4. 6 to..... ...Cut $2.00
Parlor Chairs.
Handsome Recsptleo Chaiar of
nahogany frame; pbst
t.r.d I0 tap..tr, or 0.
rerona; a big 2 value..
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hairs, with tapestry seats
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apestry. Cut trom '.ft j75
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fdamask, tapestry e
,ons or velour. Cut
r .m $16 to ........ . -
Pretty -Aut Corner
Thakn, properly made.
ut irom $16 to..........
ig' walue, at pB Neat 5
reek for...,......... *
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BO Music Cabinet............20
Iloris Chairs.
Okor Mahogan-aa
l00 orris Chairswt e
L5.0 Morris Chairs fr....
..................... U.
13. Mrrs Caistor...........;g s
150 Morris Chairstfor...........37.50
Parlor Cabinets.
LI' ParS.r Cahinets..r...........3.M
foPre CMesr.......... y
foPro Cmn.r.......... g
...P........b.n.ts............... B
Par... r........ r----.........S
irniture Co.,
512 9th St.
Treated Freee
e. msisalmtmbe

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