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@N DIDAT MXM,J1C ow 001 -
katioual Council of Women-XacC
bees"e anqet-menerai and Per
aoaEil Iatters of Interest.
pec1a1 ('orrespondence of The Evening Star.
ALEXANDRIA, Va.. April 11. 1905.
The omce of corporation attorney for
Alexandria. which will be relinquished by
Mr. Gardner L. Boothe at the end of his
present term. will not go begging if there
is' any indieation in the number of names
mentioned in connection with the candi
dgcy. The succeeding term does not begin
util the first of next year. but the demo
egatic primary. which in this city is some
times equival.at to an election, will be held
at a date this summer not yet determined
uptOn. With the exception of one prospec
tire catthiate,a Mr. Paul B. Hultish. who r'
a repuhlican. all the attorneys who are
spoken of or the position are democrats.
SiL.uli Mr. Ilaltish finally decide to make
flie c,.nt"st It is asserted the d,m.cratic
nulne will have far from the usual walk
over, though the election of a repnblican
candidate to this office is not considered
probable. Mr. Esugene B. Taylor. whose
name has been mentioned, is understood
to be unwilling to make a tight for the
nomination. Mr. Robinson Moncure. who
has been referred to in this connection,
states that he will not be a candidat. The
other two attorneys prominently spoken of
for the position are Messrs. J. Randall
Caton and Robley D. Brumback. It is said
that the tight. so far as the democratic pri
mary is concerned. will probably be nar
rowed down to Mr. Caton and Mr. Brum
National Council of Women.
An entertainment and reception will be
given by the National Council of Women at
the "ynagogue on North Washington street
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Addresses
will be delivered by Mrs. Hannah G. Solo
man of Chicago; Mrs. Hugo Rosenberg of
Allegheney. Pa.; Miss Sadie American of
1ew York and Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett of
this city. After the lectures a reception
will is held. A large attendance of mem
bers is expected and the public has been
Maccabees' Banquet.
-A banquet was given last evening at the
I%ohraus 'restaurant - by Alexandria Tent,
No., 2 K nigbts of Maccabees, at which
there was a large gathering of members of
the order and their friends. Addresses were
naade by Rev. J. A. Jeffers of Trinity M. E.
Church and Mr. Gardner L. Boothe. Deputy
State Commander C. A. Bladen explained
the tinanci:il workings of the order. Eight
hnew names were added to the rolls.
- General and Personal.
At a meeting of the Alexandria Light In
fantry, held last evening in Armory Hall
Mr. Samuel Robey was elected second lieu
tenant, a position which has been vacant
for some time. He has served in the United
States army in the Philippines.
Catherine. the five-year-old daughter of
the late David A. Makeley, died at her
mother's home, on Gibbon street, last
night of croup after an illness of only a
f-w hourt.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis James Davidson
hRve sent .wt cards for the marriage of
their daughter. Miss Florence English
lt,'hison, aid Lieut. Charles Minnigerode
Maigne of th"" 7th Cavalry, United States
tmly. The ceremoay will take place
'tu"s.lav evening at 8 o'clock. April 25, in
St. hul's Episcopal Church.
MIs i'loret-ie Storie Nash and Rev. Bur
ton Ilamel Whiston. both of Fredericks
burg. Va., were quietly married yester
day at the parsonage of the Methodist
Episcopal Church South on King stree.
Rev. J. '. Stump,, the pa tor, performeU
the ceremony.
Miss Lillia;n L. Eichleberger and Mr.
William R. Sims. both of Washington,
were natrried Sunday afternoon at 3
o'chs"k at the parsonagel of the M.' F.
Church South. Rev. J. P. Stump officiat
Rev. Ilr. J.S. iutchinson. who was re
c'eutiy appointed presiding' elder fot
Washington district, Baltimore confer
ence. M. E. Churc.h South, will make his
home in Alexandria during his term of
The will of Mrs. Virginia Emerson has
been admittel to probate in the corpora
tion court. Mrs. Sallie It. Bruin is named
its eit.'utrix ..
Time Required to Bring a Letter From
San Francisco.
Every follower of the affairs of the day
knows that in no branch of the government
service is a greater improvement beiag
shaown than in thea Post Office Department.
Yet thecre are probably few who know that
the timne required for a letter mailed at one
side of the continenat to reach the othuer
shore has been. in the past few years. re
duced from a week to less than flye da.ys.
F.our days and twelve hours is the short
time now necessary to carry a letter from
Washingtona to San Francisco, an average
speed, eliminating stops and connections.
of more than thirty-two miles on hour for
the trip. The great trans-conatintental rail
road comyanies and thecir connections have
been the real factors in this improvement,
and improved rolling stock, roadbeds and
general equipme'nt the impiortant essentiels
to tiw itesuit.
A letter left San Francisco for Washing
ton last Wedne.sday. It bore the postmark
if the receiving office dated at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon of that day and was can
t-lied oan the reverse side in the Washing
tn ottice at 2 o'clock yesterday morning.
yh le time hbetwaeaa the two canacelations
was just four days and twelv'e hours, and
tie distance between the two points is ap
paroxanaately 3,500 miles. TIhis is as fast
us has ever be-en made on a trip of that
srt anad equals many of the speedy special
ruans which havre been made lay private en
t.rparise over the same route. The result
i- particutar-ly satisfactory toa the oficials
of the Post Office Department who handle
tii mails, and both they and the railroad
people are congratulating each other on the
improvement of the transportation facili
In connection with the immensely aug
mented rural free delivery atnd the mail
routes to the northernmost limits of snow
houand Alaska. it is at pleasing commentary
on the advancemenat of rapid transit in
the U'nited States. Trhe limiat has not been
)et reached, and with the continued im
prov'ements in the roiling stock and motive
power of the railroads of the country it is
not a far cry to a three-day trip across the
Instructions to Canadian Commission
of Inquiry.
According to United States Consul Gen
eral Holloway, at Halifax, in a report to
the State Department, the instructions to
the Canada section of the international
o,mnmission. to investigate the conditions
and uses of the waters between the
t'nitedt States and Canada. embrace the
iaollow ing subjects -
The proposed diversion southward by
tJae Minnesota Canal and Power Company
of Duluth of-certain waters in the state
oif Minnesota that now flow north into
the Rainy river and the Lake of the
Woods; the diversion 4tbout a mile and
a half east of the towen of Sault Ste.
Marie of part of the waters of the St.
Mary river into the Hay canal entirely
through American 'territory. The river
St. Mary now forms part of the boundary
between thse United Sitaius and Canada,
and the waters o( ties.iver are clearly
international: 4&nadianvessels, of neces..
sity, are using the Hay canal, hut no
treaty has been made confirming their
righat igg i.y interAhe effect of the con
stru~t te kte Citieago canal on the
Iee gJa a,.ann and Erie; the
buldfit or da an&.other obstructions
on the St. John river, flowing through the
state of Maine into New Brunswick, con
Na omi Tha ter.
"I may not kfss y
"No. You may not. But Udna May."
And the audience at the National Thea
ter last night broke forth In applause as
tumultuous that the librettist needed no
further vindication. Miss May appear-1
anee in "Te School Girl" revealed naaew
qualities in that f9rttgpaj yqung womnl.
Her personal attractions have, not diih
Ished, her singing Vofee is suf eapt:focgAll
practical purposes and her portions of dia
logue are delivered wf h 'studidd bnd i kl
litluous modulation. She is careiyg sur
rounded. Some of the members of the com
pany are exceptionally clever, although
there is little risk of feminine rivalry. The
burden of the entertainment rests on the
shoulders of Fred Leslie, jr, Fred Wright,
Jr., and James Blakeley: The- ebmc inter
est is sustained by the efforts of this trio
in all the scenes in which they appear, and
the great saving hMarlous climax of the
play occurs when they sing a song about
the simple life. In whieh hley revert to the
pastimes of childhood. The audlence rose
to a pitch of enthusiasm that would not
permit the play to go on until the come
dians had offered convincing proof by
change of make-up that no further encores
were available.
The substantial attraction of "The School
Girl" is the music, through which 'sugges
tions of the "Florodora" sextette are con
stantly floating with agreeable reminis
cence. Pretty chorus girls contribute
smiles in blossoming abundance, and the
costuming Is picturesque.
"The School Girl" conveys no new impres
sions. It is of a familiar and popular
type, modest in its artistic pretensions and
occasionally irresistible in its foolery.
Columbia Theater.
The Primrose Minstrels began a week's
engagement at the Columbia Theater last
night under extremely auspicious circum
stances. The first performance of the
famous minstrels was the occasion of a
benefit to Almas Temple Patrol, and the
red-fezzed nobles of the Mystic Shrine and
their friends filled the playhouse to its ut
most capacity. The boxes as well as every
seat In the house were occupied and there
were rows of interested spectators who
stood throughout the performance.
Old-time and up-to-date minstrelsy,
songs, comic and otherwise; plantation
melodies, classical compositions, Jokes,
jests and sketches of folly and frivolity
were a few of the things that went to make
up the Primrose program last night. -And
here and there throughout the evening
were songs and jests interpolated for the
benefit of the nobles present. - One-of -these
was the song, "In the. Good Old Mystic
Shrine," sung to the air of "In' the Good
Old Summer Time."
One of the best features of the program
was the Hungarian Boys' Band, under the
leadership of Niklas Schilzonyi, who were
heard in a number of pleasing selections.
George Primrose was seen in several of his
dAnces, including "Eva"ye," "Lady Moon,"
"Essence of Old Virginia" and the "Silver
Shower Clog." The entertainment closed
with a series. of scenic panoramic effects
with allegoricaf features. - -
Lafayette Opera House.
"The Princess Chic," which began its an
nual engagement at the Lafayette Theater
last evening, bears up quite well under the
test of constant performance to which it
has been subject during several consecutive
seasons. Of course, this comic opera of
Kirke La Shelle and Julian Edwards is not
so old as "Erminie" or "Wang," but even
ir it the marks of age are apparent. The
producers have not given it an opportunity
to rest and be 'revived,' as, has'been the
case with the other two pieces, but perhaps
the future holds this good fortune in store
for "The Princess,' and after, the rest andi
recovery from the constant glare of the
calcium it will appear brighter and fresher.
However, as an entertainment device the
piece served its purpose, as was evidenced
by the applause of the audience. The cast
presenting the musical- play last night com
pares favorably with the companies pro
ducing it for several seasons pasts Sophie
Brandt plays the title role in an accept
able manner and sings. well, besides.;pre
senting a -striking appearance ip -the vari
ous costumes assumed by the Princess.
Gus Vaughan ,ae lae Duke -f "B}rgundy
displays a baritone. voice of pleasing tone
and quality.
Polite vaudeville, as defined at Chase's
this week, combtnes the advantages of the
circus with those of the theater. The man
agers who scour the country for novelties
for the sawdust ring are fast -being put to
serious straights to supply their patrons
with new and Ntartling methods of defying
the laws of gravitation, which, with' the
old-fashioned zoological colection, seems
to be about what the circus stands for
nowadays. Managers of what it was
pleasant to call tlIe "continuous" ten years
ago, but which now parades under the,
name of "polite vaudeville," have invaded
the field of the hippodrome and have taken
away from the circus Its nmcut daring per
formers. Mile. Cariotta Invites destruc-.
tion twice a day by looping the . loop on
a bicycle. The thing is quickly done and
the audience Is over its agony of Suspense
very roon. Delmore and Neida. the other
circus team, do some tricks as equilibrists
and at fancy balancing that show much
practice and study. Aside from these two
acts the bill Is of the usual kind, including
smnging, dancing and mnonclogu.e.
Adventures and sensational scenes make
up the plot of the new melodrama, "After
Midnight," the attractien this week at the
Academy. The principal character of the
play is a young man, country bred and
kind hearted, ever willing to lend a help
tag hand. One feature Is the school for
crooks, where the young boy is taught
crime. A kidnapping piot arises over a
fortune belonging to a child of the heroine.
The company Is headed by Jack Webster,
who Impersonates the role of Robert Liv
Kernan's Lyceum Theater.
The Thoroughbreds Burlesque Company
Is this week' attraction at Kernan's Ly
ceum Theater, opening to two large au
diences yesterday afternoon and night.
Boyd's and Vicinity.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
BOYD'S, Md., April 10, 1905.,
Dr. Johnnie Wilson of P.ennsboro, W. Va.,
niece of Mrs. Sarah E. Boyd of this place,
Is here visiting relatives. Miss Wilson re
cently passed her examination at 'one of
the leading colleges In New York as a phy
sician, and now has an offer to go to China
to one of the principal cities in charge of
work for that governnient.
A double wedding Is to take place at
Cedar Grove, this county. -near Boyd's, on
Wednesday. The bridal couples will - be
Miss Laura Woodfield and Mr. C. A. Wat
kins of Baltimore, and Miss Rose Wood
field and Robert A. Jones of Baltigmere.
The brides-to-be are sisters, and daughters
of Mr. and Mrs. John Woodfield, prokai.
neat In that vicinity.
Mr. R. E. Darby, a prominent farmer in
this section of the county near Boyd's, will
announce himself in a few days for isheriff,
subJect to the decision of the democratic
primaries. Mr. James -P. Gott has an
nounced his candidacy for the same ofile.
Mrs. Moalierset T. Williams has returned
from Washington .after a successful opera
tion at Providencu Hospital.
Beneits of C(Oleg Training.
Priw the Topaka Capitat.
An Atchison young man who is away at
tending school wrote to his father a few
days ago: "1 played feet ba,s,IWednesday
for 50 cents and won. WE are also- going
to play for 10 dollars. I want 2 so I e'en
get me a suit. Tihe pange cost 1 d'ollar.
amod 1 baad guard cost 5i0 cents, andl tihe
nose guard cost 23 eents, tidas.pw*
cost 25 cents. So 'til tqEtetcssd
lars. If we 'wfn. 1 wjga
to Vout for yQ 2 o
sure tp vin hmneM,q
ne1m MrAsse U
u "Yt a s C d - a
atr ., aI
OW is the time th modern ho . ee s preparing for the
arranging the house for the su meJuanishings.
- An intelligent preparationj r te, ritg cleaning and g
ners, with moth and similar vexatiQns,- w 1bring about resulti
renewing we have accumulated a supply of helpers whose ingenious d
We also have a complete line of kitchen furnishings and laundry
and reducing the strain of kitchen drudgei *ta minimurnm.
Our workmen are ready to do all repairing k you need, and ti
replenishing your house.
Upholstery Department
(Fourth Floore o Street.)
Sli p Covers, Window Shades,
Window and Door Screens to Order.
LIP COVERS, Window Shades, Window and Door Screens
made to order.
Lace Curtains, Draperies, Carpets and Rugs cleansed and
Competent men, sent without charge, to measure, plan and esti
We advise early attention to this work.
Our workshops not being overcrowded, we are now able to give
more time and careful attention to the making.
Slip Cover Materials.
Our line of Slip,Cover materials is complete and embraces every
possible want-goods of every description and design and effects to
suit every taste.
36-inch Art Tickings, yard................ 30c. 60"nch Pure Linen, yard......... 45C"
36-inch Belgian Stripe. yard...............8c. 66-inch Pure Linen, yard........
31-Inch Imported Cretonne. yard- 4nch Swanadown, yard ............... 35C.
35c., 5oc., 75c. and 9oc. 31-inch Striped Damask, yard............. 30C.
and Tafetas. yard.Cton.e.... $225 to $3.00 31-inch Unen TBRetas, yard. ........... C
Attention is called to a very special- value we are offering in Slip
Covers for 5-piece Parlor Suites-made of the best Belgian Stripe
Cotton, allowing 25 yards for the making ; style and fit guaranteed.
Special Price, $7.50 the Suite.
Linen Couch and Table Covers.
We are showing a large assortment of these cool-looking and serv
iceable summer coverings, made of pure Belgian Linens, with plain and
striped centers and colored borders, finished witt'fringe.
Couch Covers, plain, $1.75. Table Covers, 4-4, 5oC.
Couch Covers, fringed, $2.75. Tab)e Cqers, 6-4, $1.oo.
Table Covers, 8-4, $2.00.
Burlaps and Dni s
For wall, floor, stair and hall coverings. "
This class of goods has to a very great extent taken the place of
matting ; and well it might, even for no other,. eapl than that of cleali
ness. Red and green are the most effective and chiefy used, but we,show
all the principal colors.
We furnish this material, the lining, sewnit as-.required .and lay the
same, as well.as send a man to take measutent9for_
Burlaps, 35c. a yard. Dejt s, c, a ard.
The Woodward & Lothrop Cabinet-made Streers for windows and
doors are unsurpassed for convenience, durbility and appea ance.
We make the Window Screens, with full guides and spring slides.
They can be used at top or b9ttom of window, and will be finished to
match any woodwork.
The Doors we make to order in specially attractive designs,of solid
oak or best quality white pine, painted to match- the woodwork of the
doorway ; finished with spring, knob, fine brass hinges and a high-grade
brass lock.
We use only the 14-mesh Japanned (not painted) steel wire, which
insures absolute protection from the smallest fly or insect.
A postal will bring our man with a model screen, who will take
measurements and quote prices.
Cedar Chests to Order.
Just the thing for storing wint*r clothing and furs, as they are strict
ly moth-proof. We make them to fit any size space desired.
Special attention is called to an unusual value we are offering in
Cedar Chests, made in our own workshops, of the best seasoned wood,
with fine cabinet finish throughout and complete with oxidized handles,
lock and key ; size 22 inches high, 22 inches wide and 38 inches long-a
very desirable size-at the
Special Price, $13.00 Each.
Made=to=Order Box and Head Couches
Special attention is called to our Made-to-order Couches, which we
make in any length or width--to fit any space you may desire-of the
best materials and in the best possible manner-that is, by experienced
cabinet makers under our personal supervision.
Box couches. covered with imitation denima or Box comeheg, covered with figured tapestry os
trete.nes. Dlain red.
$io.oo Each. $18.00 Each.
Head Conches, with tufted tops, filled with
Bx oches., coee wth real denim., Buohe- cure hair a e oe ;it fli rep. taffeta.,
$13-50 Each. $2.oo.to $35.0o Each.
"Vudor" Porch Blinds.
These shades are very inexpensive, consideri'ng their durability and
utility. They are finished in different weather-proof colorings to match
surroundings. They are durable, artistic and afford perfect protection
from the sun, and yet allow the free circulation if air.
A porch fitted with the "Vudor" Shades adds another living room
to your house, where during the heated term. ngch comfort may be
4x8-ft., $2.0o each. ,]pd-fg $3-50 each.
6x8-ft., $2.75 each. . ox84L $5.oo each.
Busse Patent Adjustabte Chair seats
(For Reseating Clges
These seats are made for reseating cauedr @ber-seated rockers,
office or dining chairs. They are ready to adjst#ato any chair. No
cutting or trimming. Any one can put theinu6dace without the use
of tools, in a few minutes.
.They are upholstered with the best q$0ity'of morocco-grained
leatherette, filled with a soft elastic fiber !~ojted upont a founda
tion of 3-ply veneer, to which are attached 5la.wrought steel hooks,
the device by which the seats are fastened 1 gt itair frame.
45c. to $1.25 ch
Furniture Repaired d Reuphoistered
Winter is the time of the year when. furnitUrh is sa iected to
hardest wear. And it is almost intpossibly for the housekeeper in get
ting ready for the spring renovating, not to be Ie to find one or more
pieces of furniture that need recoverzi r gfamiahug, ii -somue way.
We would suggest That this is a seaswib time juare,t ofis~
work done. Materials and workmnen aitreay ' ah tb4
furniture into-new,. and our shops not being overcnwded w preet
we:are able to*s you better sewice.
ew Yok --WASH ITNi- Paris.
ad Noveltls.-Maa Ploor, 0 Street.
renovation of the home-removing the heavy draperies and curtains, pack
)od tools for the workers, with plenty of time to institute the semi-annus
which will gratify the most expert housewife. In anticipation of this es
evices will greatly facilitate the labor and reduce unnecessary anxiety an
requisites, which offer many unique and clever inventions and convemen
is advertisement will doubtless suggest to ,you many useful hints as to t
Housefurnishings and
Housecleaning Requisites0
HE vast area of the fifth floor of our establishment is devoted
to goods and exhibits which, at this time, have very special
interest for every woman who is the head of a home. It pre
sents varied and attractive collections of Cut Glass, Pressed
Glass, China and Porcelain for the table. Also Kitchen Furnishings
and Utensils, Laundry Requisites, Housecleaning Necessities and
Helps-all the appurtenances of the corresponding department of
housekeeping in a well-regulated home.
Just now we are offering many labor-saving devices of recent in
vention, each with a distinctive feature and some particular point of
merit to recommend it.
The several kinds of goods, including the thousand-and-one practi
cal little things, more or less necessary or helpful in the conduct of the
home, are so well arranged and so systematically classified as to render
the selection easy and pleasurable.
And the prices, which are absolutely the lowest for same grades of
goods, are only made possible by buying in large quantities direct
from the manufacturers.
Moth=Fighting Furniture and
Materials. Floor Polishes.
We sell only the most reliable Moth Pre- The best makes of Furnftuee Polish, for
ventives and we especially recommend furniture, pianos. hard-wood trimmings and
Manahan's Tarine Moth Bags and Paper, hard-wood floors. We quote a few items:
which when properly used, give entire sat
isfaction. We quote a few items from a tbg-fow" Furniture Polish, bottle'
stock which is now complete. ad'Ing-fow"" Floor Polish, bottle...........a
Manahan's Tarine Sheets, large, dozen...... 50e. Such Furniture Polish. large bottle"7be"
Manahan's Moth. Bags, small, each.... ...30 None Such" Floor Polish, large bottle. .
Manahan's Moth Bags, medium, each.......40e. Jordan's "Perfection" Wax Oil Polish. can
Manahatz's Moth Bags, large, each...50. . and ic.
Manahan's Moth Bals, extra large, each. ..e. "Nonpareil" Furniture Polish, 6b.ttle. .
Best Quality Moth Balls, c " " TWisbina7. Fxrnitue Polish, potg.e ........ 2c
Camphorated Flakes, tin box ..............18. -fw Stain Remover. bottle........
Lavender Camphorated Flakes. pekg...... ..1 Fe or and interir woodwork:
"'Orlental" Crystalised Camphor. pckg.... ..1e. obson's Prepared Wax 1 and 2-lb. cans
Chinese "Ta Na" Cam hor, pckg....... -... -25e. 4lih ano Wa.
Packing Camphor, .........- ,18 and 2-lb. cans
"apoae Flks40k O.~c. and '75c.
Camphorated f lakes, pekg.. ........... l. Butcher's B-sto. 1olish or Wax. 1n I and 2-lb.
CytlieCedar of Lebanon Camphor, mhr pekg.........1e.
Crystalline Camphor, pekg..............- . ad -t
Sulphur Candles, each ........... c.
Sulphur Candles, large sie, each ..........10.
Disinfectants andPolishes.
Disifecant~andWe carry the best makes of Polish, for
Insect Exterminators. gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass. also
Platt's Chloride, bottle ..... ... .0e Gold Bronze Lacquers, for regilding gas
"Acme" Chloride of Lime, can .........-...10e. fixtures, c.
"Dead Stdek" for bugs, bottle............1e. imported Put Pomade, for brass or copper.
"H.-and H." Soap. for cleaatr' carpets and all hr'b
kinds of silks and woolens; also for exterminating r. P , .
moths, cake...... ....,..... .......... ..--.-.15c
Peterman's Roach Food, box ................10e
Peterman's Ant iood, box . .windows and . .rr..r.; b.x.
Peterman's Discovery, for bugs, can, 15c. and 25e. 5. and 25c.
Household 'Ammoala, for all cleansing purposes, "Wonderful" Polish, for all metals, lox.... 5c.
bottle ................................8. to 25c. Myer's ut Cream Metal Polish, can
g ~"Yankee" Cleaner, can...........1:i'. and 2.',.
aouseceaning"Ournlshlite" 13lvesYrt slve Poi. a.. 1 and 4xj.
Housecleaning " Fienanel, for all deaoratile
par4 reglldlpg purposes, box .......,.ie. and W5.
Brushs. .Rpady-m,4Yed Japanese, Gold Patnt. for all decora
Brushes.tiv and reildbg purposes, bottle.. toe. and
We carry a complete line of Household. "Cremo" Metal Polish, can
Brushes, brushes for every Imaginable pur- -e., 15e, and $1.00
pose-for painting, dusting, cleaning and - Gobe' Metal
sweeping ; Wellington *ul Polial, 'an....
lalue Seai' .SVver, Polish. S or gold sod silver,
floc beee..Lac.,._..,.,...75c. andti p bote ...... ............... Me.2 .. 45c. and Ti,c.
af 'Btuoes,' Each.-.............. .50ie. ud u_
Dusting Brushes. Each ..............loc. and up
Furniture Brushes. Each-............40c. and up
Radiator Brushes. Each............ 10c. and up 1l"den and laWn
Refrigerator -Brushes. Each........0
Carpet Beaters, Each...............10c. and up
Whitewash Brushes. Each ..........250. and up Imlenents.
Stove Brushes. Each...............19e, and up
Stove Mitts. Each..........................e.. We are now showing a complete line of
Sink Brushes. 2 for..................... ' s Rakes Trowels, Spades. etc., for
Filter Brushes, 2 for....................... .
Scrub Brushes. Each............e..5. and up
All-bristle Bath Tub Scrubs. Each.-.........110ci itrowel, paci! r. .........._ ........be. sod t
Window Bru8hes. Each............... 45e. Weeders. each..........be.
Closet Brusbes. . Each ...............25c. and up Rakes, each.....................18c. and up
Fringe Brushes. Each ..............25e. and up Grass Shears, par................ .. Me.
Silver Brushes. Each,. ...........25e. and up. Hoes, each..........................23c. and up
Round Paint Brughes. Iach......... . a. nd up Spades, each....,.... .... ...A:5c.
Flat Varnish Brushes. Each ......... 1c. and up Garden sets (3 pieces), each..............
Painters' Wall Brushes. Each ....... 15e. and up Lawn Weeders, each........................15c.
Window Scrapers. Each .............25e. and up
Lambs'-wool Wall Dusters. Each ...........f0e.
Whisk Brooms. Each................10e. and up
Carpet Sweepers. Each............$1.00 and up
Weighted Waxing Brushes. Each...2.00 and up
Cotton Floor Sweeps. Each .... ......$1.s ali
Floor Mops. complete. Each .........25e. and Bp
Hearth Brooms. Each...........,..10e. and 1ip
Good Corn Brooms. Each. ... . ... . .. .20. and up Weaenwsoigtebtqult
Readixe Paintspoerknsbuwepeetooernl
and Varnish Stains,.is uaiIs
We have a full line of Ready-mixedSwtPes4pcg.fr........... .
Paints. Varnishes, Bath Tub Enamnels, Jhsn&Soe'VgtbeSes
Wood Eneamels, etc.. which are so handy at fr...................
this season of.the year to refinish all kinds Vuh' etLw rs ed cg le
of woodwork, bath tubs, iron beds. etc. GldoaBbsdoe ..........Je
Beady-mixed Paftat, for inside use, ean.....10e. Thru eoi ub,snl n obe ah
Ready-mixed Paints, for outside use, earn... .8c. c
Beady-mixed Varnish Stains, can.. .10e. to 50e. CaaumoElpntarBb,eehS.adl
Ready-mixed Eisal Paints, earn.. .15e. and 25c. Dhla,ec............." l.
Ready-mised Ena..aa for bath tubs, can- Bleigeat,ac............l.
-i1e., 30c. and 55c._____
Ready-mixetl Floor-shine Enael,1 can
'Sapolin" Aluminum Enamel, fer frdste CapeiadverP pe
""or '"fapolin." StvePpeamel, for eh- CenrD m ntain
ameling stove pipes, irn work. etc., can
lie, and 25c. W r eosrtn h odru imn
"Japalae" New Wood Finish, fior loors, thr prte f h jee"CaptClae- hc
ture, interior woodwork, etc., ean....,.15e, to 75j emo it utadsaisfekcres us
GlMden's Varnish, for furniture, ete. can- ec,Wtottesemiyo aigteafa
~O. to 50c e. for hsceitae h itadds
Gliddets's Light Hard Oil 1inish, carn, 20e. to SOc.ouanretesherinlclr,ntadi
"Sapelin'' Wire Sereean namel, for window diigi ,a etces o
screens and doors; does not clog the meshes, Thdeetrt wlbepasdocensml
can .... ....................................re.0inhso mllr o ny~a li
"Sapolin'" Floor Stain, can....25e.. 40c. and 75c.t ins h eiso hswneflcenr
"'Easyruil' Paste Varnish, a revelation for hams. ii ayieieav,bigol
kee rs, tunth as a wax and a varnish, can....a50ake
I th flPur,Eleuenthaat
Thes idal looc ens hfrd-ummer faors. nwe queyi a rate :
divesityof pttens, olor andw h-fom'' auntre forlrice, ott er
for beaty. Al are5rmarkabd good
Whe seecinga Mttng "Crhard -fwa chooPsh, thoe........i...
Weight isntheues"entialirerusPte-the heavierbthelbettc.
Fo efet n urisin tk 'eNJapnesh Flort'oins, Thre China-...c
anadhresto he radtioal i Je lidan'ns b "Prfcis Wanest os can- i
pat f isreigon Hncte atenpcageil eryur Plitle hor t at all ...2c
frm er o er,an he'wae "'Bforsiar curncntreaos,t e .po. th . 2e.
weain qaltie. n heothr an,cheg rew"stiever botteele....pc
olrigsasrih ad aredasth -forst candpiterosowok
Mostof he A erian att s Jre n atson's Prpaed Wao,ors-1rads 2-lucas,
grens nd ellws-nd.beu~ mde f--he oug, dra 4e0radr7ic
gras,ar ecelen fr ffcean Okce Enwh" threWr i mucnd 2-o.otn
SPE IA ..5rolsExra BevtChr's Mtingolinho Wa, nbe ano2f
SpeialPrie fTme Polshes.y
Fin JpanseMatius n irpt Wecarry CiaM tngthe best mkso oih o
Gaoern,d Brotnz ae rs wear-rglin a
We are aso showng a ful l3a fxtrs M tc.gRg,nditybis
greens,inealresd,sfoagdd adrslve,sa
'' nke"-"eanr,can .........5. and .
~ ~.
"Ou*F -it" ilerEntnl,fo al ecraiv
*S - .J
ing away the winter clothing and
I conflict with dust and dark cor
sential household renovating and
d expenditure.
ces for simplifying housework
lie selection of things required for
We have just received through
the Georgetown Custom I louse our
last spring importation of House
keeping Linens
Table Cloths,
These are the practical, service
able linens, especially suitable for
use at the seashore, country or
mountains, and being bought under
the most favorable circumstances
enables us to quote exceptionally
low prices on them.
Bleached Irish Linen Table
2z2 yds., $2.00 each.
2z2% yds., $2.50 eaet
2x3 yds.. $3.00 each.
20-lnch Napkins to msteh. $2.00 d,.zen.
Bleached Double Damask Table
2z2 yde., $3.0O, each.
2x2% yds., $3.73 each.
2z3 yds.. $4.50 ea.h
% Napkins to mat.h, $4.50 dozen.
200 Extra quality Double Satin
Damask Table Clothe,
2x2 yds., $3.60. Value, $5.00.
2x2% yds.. $4.50, %alue, $6.2A
2x3 yds. $3.40. Vlute. $7.5t1.
26-Inch Napkins to mptcb. $6.00. }alue. $8.09.
Skeond door, EIleretb t.
Spring and Summer
Bed Coverings.
Full lines of Spring and Summer
Blankets, Comfortables, Allendale
Quilts, Linen Sheets and 'Pillow
Cases, etc.
Zephyr-like Suminer Blankets
those that afford sufficient warmth,
yet are very light and fluffy.
10-4 alze. for stnfte beds,
$4.oo, $5x and6.25-a fair.
11-4 size, for 4oul beda, -
$3.75, $5.00, $6.oo to $ pair
Extra qualitieS aud .szes up to
200 pairs 11-4 Outing Flannel Blankets, is taa$
effects-blue, pluo-and gray.
$1.oo a pair.
Lght--eight Wooi-1lled. jiliulin. coa.(.taMs.
Light-Weig t Cott il - .1 e.Cuufittabies.
$1o, $i.353$t-.' Job tach.
The old-fashioned White Dimity
Quilt that can bN laundered as easi
ly as a muslin sheet.
For neagy two years the manu
facture of,this quilt has been dis
continued,' and they are now being
made onlysin limited quantities.
We have on sale our first delivery
and would advise an early selectian.
All sizes.
7-4 for Single Beds.
8-4 for M4 Beds.
11-4 for Double Beds.
.12-4 for Extra Size Beds.
Seon loor, F st.
Brass and Iron
Our stock of Brass and Enameled
Bedsteads for this season is the larg
est and most complete we have ever
shown, and represents values that
are very unusual.
All-brass Bedsteads, in rich and
handsome effects, $20.00 to $75.0o.
All-white Enameled Bedsteads, in
neat and dainty designs, $3.50 to
Colored Enameled Bedsteads, in
the latest and most desirable tints,
to match or harmonize with room
decorations, $6.oo to $20.o0.
Cribs, in brass and white and col
ored enameled, $550to $r13.0
Special attentiob is called to the
Bed Outlte at
-pca Prics
Ontit No. . roemprise the foneartag: One
Whute aaer edtea.d. with h.... t., ran
two parte:~i er with et.
Complete Set for $r5-oo
Wise Spring, with .rppis an one S. a C. liat.
Complete Set for $9.00.
Higia-grade Mattresses.
Pano.de Ii
a5, eooa. -s an 4 anen Suit
-.gs is vatiey of pretty ef
frets, 11-8 enkerAnaespe
cially deib~fabrie io we at

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