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m oms., 11th St." wad Imasyle.ia Av.a.
The ima Stur Newspuwe Ompay.
New Trk ib.: Tre ls Duig.
isag. Of..: Tribae Building.
Th Evenag Star. With the Sunday morning edl
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Naval Engagement Near
Anambas Islands.
St. Petersburg and London in the Dark
-All of Rojestvensky's Squadron
Accounted For.
AMSTERDAM1, Holland, April
12.-A fight is now in progress near
the Anambas Islands (east of the
Malay peninsula), according to a
telegram from Batavia, Island of
Java, to the Handelsblad (news
The dispatch adds that five Dutch
warships arc near the scene of bat
tle. Details are lacking.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 12--(4:33 p.m.)
-The admiralty has no Information in re
gard to the alleged naval battle in progress
off the Anambas Islands, as reported to .a
newspaper of Amsterdam, from Batavia,
and dots not credit the possibility of a
general naval battle yet. The otlicials con
cede, however, that the Japanese may have
attemptt d a torpedo-boat attack on a con
voy during the night. It is pointed out
that there Is no cable connecting the An
ambas Islands and Batavia, and that the
first news of a tight should come from
Singapore, unless the Dutch warships are
able to communicate with Batavia by wire
less telegraphy.
London Has No News.
LONDON, April 12.-No confirmation has
yet been received in London of the report
from Batavia, Java, of a naval battle off
the Anambas Islands, and, as there Is no
cable 'onnectioi with these Islands, it is
difficult to see how tatavia eould have
go: such news before Singapore.
A dispatch to L.loyds from Singapor to
dav practically confirms the Associated
Press' tirst inf.rnation regarding the com
position of the Russian squad,on. which
pass, d here April S. Lloyds' agent says it
was cormposr"d of seven battle ships, two
armore,d cruisrs. five unarmored cruisers,
th1rt, cnt,v, ted cruisers, seven torpvdo-boat
d,.stroyers, sventeen steamers and hospital
ships an 1 a tug.
French Cruisers Active.
SAl(N. French Cochin China, April 12.
TIm French erui.r De scartes and tive tor
Ielo hm ts are cruising off ('ape St. James,
n: r hi C.
I'ie French gunboats Archeron and Styx
ar, abo-t to leave Saigon for the purpose,
It is said, of preserving the neutrality of
French Waters.
The l)es ites, which is furnished with
wireless telegraph apparatius, has received
sev r al dispatches in a foreign code which
are tllegible.
Several Japanese ships are cruising off
the coast of Cochin China for tAe purpose
of pr 1-evcnting the Russians taking coal on
bot rd and art making reconnaissances.
A Chinese junk which arrived here re
("ntIly i ported that two Japanese vessels
purciased supplies at Pulo Obi, at the
southernu extremity of Cnchiin China.
lIn e:.re a hattle occurs off thei, coast of
(Corbin " hinra the only itncidenuts anticipated
by te Frenchi colony here are that the hel
lienats may send disabled ships to this
Colliers Befused Clearance.
SINGAPORE. Straits Settlements, April
12--The' German colliier Hlindoo, niow at this
port. It aded withi 4,200) tons of ('ardiff ctoal
for thei island of Tanjong Pandan, has
bteen re'fused cle.irance papers for Saigon
unlt'ss her commander givts htonds to de
liver lhe- cargo thbrough the British cotnsui
tIer,'. A guard has been placed on board
thet steamer.
Tb' Straits Times today publishes a dis
patch from IBatav'ia, Java, conirming on
g sd aunhoityl theIn statemien t that there
are no Russian waurships at Muntok, Island
of Itank t.
Court-Martial for Ouktomsky.
ST. PlElTESIltRfG, April 12.-The de
7 ANA~
p, p,
mand of Rear Admiral Prince Ouktomsky
for a court-martial has been granted. The
court will consist of four admirals, Admiral
Dikoff presiding.
Prince Ouktomsky succeeded Rear Ad
miral Withoeft in command of the Port
Arthur squadron when the latter was killed
in the naval battle of August 10. It has
been claimed that the prince did not carry
out the orders previously issued by Admiral
Withoeft not to put back to Port Arthur.
All of Rojestvensky's Squadron Now
Accounted For.
LONDON, April 12. - The Associated
Press is able to confirm absolutely the
statement that the Russian battleships
passed Singapore going eastward April 8.
so that all of Vice Admiral Rojestvensky's
squadron are accounted for.
This definite news about the battleships
gas sent to Singapore by wireless tele
graph from the China sea.
It is presumed here that the battleships
passed further out to sea than the rest
of the squadron, hence the divergent re
ports regarding the number of ships.
Senator McComas Does Not Aspire to
Court of Claims Bench.
The Baltimore Evening News of yester
day effectively disposes of the candidacy of
Senator McComas for a place on the Court
of Claims. The News says Senator Mc
Comas was seen at his law offices in Balti
more and said: "The death of Judge Wel
den deprives the bench of an able jurist
and the country of an admirable man-a
filend of Lincoln.
"I deprecate this custom of discussing the
succession to the places of deceased offi
cials as soon as the death becomes known,
hence I must decline to discuss this matter.
"I may say, without reference to this
instancc. that should the President tender
me an appointment on the bench of tihe
Court of Claims I should respectfully de
cline it. 1 have not the slightest expecta
tion he will do so. I am now here in my
law oflices practicing law."
Net Increase of Fifty of the Largest
Postal receipts of fifty of the largest cities
of the country for March, 1905, were $7,042,
875, as compared with $6,456,816 for the
same month last year, a net increase of
9.08 per cent. There were decreases in the
revenues for the month this year at Roches
ter, N. Y.; Columbus, Ohio; Hartford,
Conn.; Peoria, Ill.; Portland, Maine, and
St. Joseph. Mo.
New York received $1,532.(Ki3 for March,
19P5, and $1.384,116 for a like period last
year, an increase of 1V.tS per cent. Chicago
came second on the list, heating Philadel
phia. which has generally stood second. her
receipts showing $1,225,384 for March last
and $1,067,468 for March, 194. an increase
of 14.S0 per cent. Philadelphia showed
$458.74)2 for March last and $439,411 for the
same month last year, an increase of 4.39
per cent.
Washington showed a gain of 15.24 per
cent for the last month over the same
month last ytar. the receipts being $li;.(92
for M1arch, 1105, and $!2,57:1 for March. 1904.
Baltimore showed receipts for March,
1903, of $ili.384, against $117,218 for March,
1904. a gain of 99 per cent.
Richmond, Va.. showed receipts of $.9.579
for March, 1t5. and $36,150 for March, 1901,
a gain of 9.49 per cent.
The greatest gain was shown by Dallas,
Tex., the figures being $33,509 for March.
1105, and $2S,.766 for March, 1904, an in
crease of 16.49 per cent.
It is Declared That There is Nothing in
It Personal to Minister Bowen.
While the officials here do not deem it
consistent with a sane and temperate con
sideration of the Venezuelan issue to make
public at this stage the text of President
Castro's reply to Minister Bowen's arbitra
tion proposal, it may be stated that there
was nothing personal to tihe United States
minister in President Castro's statement.
So thai. if it should be eventually held to
be undiplomatic and even rude, then the
injury will be sustained by the State De
partment rather than by the minister, and,
therefore, it is the former alone that will
he concerned. That is particularly true of
an inquiry from the Venezuelan govern
ment as to whether the United States pre
sumed to question the integrity of the
Venezuelan courts, the inquiry being
couched in rather vigorous language.
It also appears that there is a disposi
tion on the part of the Venezuelan govern
ment to localize the issue by concentrating
attention upon the Olcott case, wiheh was
the subject of an arbitration in 1903, and
.1 11
evad!ing the attempt on the part of the
State Department to rest its case prin
cipa:ly upon the asphalt controversy. As a
mat!-r of fact, the State Department has
never been particularly strenuous in its
efforts to force a settlement immediately of
the Olcott case or the Jaurett case or any
other minor pending claims. being indeed
willing to allow all of these to be ad
justed at some future date through the
usual agency of an international mixed
commission. But it has pressed the as
phalt case principally because the Venezue
]an government in that matter may possi
bly establish a precedent that m:ght inval
idate every foreign concession.
Bids Opened at Navy Department for
150,000 Pounds.
Bids have been opened at the-Navy De
partment for 150,000 pounds of tobacco,
the annual supply purch sed by the gov
ernment for the sailors. Nine firms entered
the competition, submitting from two to
four samples each, with varying prices for
the different grade s. In the case of tobac
co quality is a primary consideration, and
therefore iP - not mean that the lowest
bid is nec"' . the one that will be, ac
cepted. First the samples are subjected
to a chemical test, then are submitted to
jackies for their report. Under the present
contract 40 cents a pound is being paid.
The bidders and prices submitted are as
follows, the figures given being the range
of price per pound:
Butler & Bosher Cc., Richmond, 34 to 35
cents; P. Lorillard Co., Jersey City, 30% to
31,_ cents; Liipfert 3cales Co., Wiiston
iSaim, 40% cents; La,us & Bro. Co.. Rich
monid. 381 to 41 cent-+; Manhattan Supply
Co., New York, 35% fo 30 cents; Patterson
To.acco Co., Richmend. 36 to 41,? cents;
Rt:ker & Ritter Tob:r.co Co., Richmond, 38
to 16 cents; U. S. T'tbacco Co., Richroond,
38 'to 41 cents; Wright & Caesar Tobacco
Co., 45 to 48 cents.
Suicide of Rochesfer Bank Official.
ROCHESTER, N. Y.. April 12. - Arthur
Lutchford, secretary and treasurer of the
Mechanics' Savings nank of this city, com
mitted suicide at his home today by shoot
ing. The cause is said to have been 111
4 s
No Likelihoo3 of His Being
Secretary of the Treasury.
Senator Crane Was Offered Two Cabi
net Positions, but Declined Them
The Postmaster Generalship.
Cabinet officers whoj are pretty well
posted as to prospective cabinet changes
cannot see how it, is pbssible for Henry
Clay Frick, the milliQnaire steel magnate of
Pittsburg, to become Secretary of the
Treasury when Secretary Sh'aw steps down
and out next February to get ready to
launch his presidential candidacy. Two
distinguished members of the cabinet today
agreed that Mr. Frick was a great man,
big enough to become a member of the cab
inet if the law and the proprieties would
stand for the President asking him ti
come into the official family. They shook
their heads, however, when their atten
tion was call:d to the fact that Mr. Frick
is slated for either Secretary of the Treas
ury or for Secretary of the Navy, and both
stated that they know positively that no
hint has been given to Mr. Frick by the
l'resident that he is wanted in the cabinet.
They are confident that no such hint will
ever be given, so far as the two positions
mentioned are concerned.
A Prohibitory Law.
There is a law that prohibits any im
porter from becoming Secretary of the
Treasury. Any man at the head of a
great 'business that imports materials andi
pays customs.f. ,the government could not
presidle over the degartment that collects
those dues. Mr. Fripa's giant concern does
do this. But that would probably not be
the strongest reason against Mr. Frick be
coming head of the government finances.
His concern sells armor plate and steel to
the government for battle ships.- Would it
be proper for a Seetetary of the Treasury
to be interested In.contracts of -any kind
with the governnr.et and sign the war
rants drawn upon the treasury dor the pay
mnent of these contracts? Woild a Secre
tary of the Navy be kept In the cabinet If
he passed upon the bids of his own con
cern for furnishing arm6r plate, steel, etc?
But beyond this, It is quietly pointed out
by eabinet odicerr. Mr. Frick Is directly
and Immediately identified with Wall street
and the most powerful interests there. No
man could be Sedhetcry of the Treasury
who was so closely idestiod with Wall
street or had. been-identified with It in -Such
a way as to have liihgering iterests. There
are too many functions belonbg to the
treasury portfolio- that essely touch the
financial markets of the world for any
man to be In that- oeitten who. could be
accused wIth isny fairness, of idpying one
way or another. The salg.of Ua*4States
bonds, the purchase of ad, the'iakn
or withdrawing of 4.positu, ty: or a hun
dred things that esine jigetin the duties
of a Secretary of tihe ep ywithin a
year or so, are all linked wt tefortunes
of Wall street, eithem. oIl1a remotely.
Th0re Is grave doM 4tet friendly
Senate would conflrRa smpIns of this
kind made to it bg, a who had
probably overlooke& the a against
a selection of the mt,W .tewould
be held responsibleby h .
Offers -to Messed.
Senator Crane of ==== us=U* the suc
cessor in - the 8enate~ g the U~etei Hoe,r,
was. off ered the treaqr or loby Presi
dent Ro4sevelt, w4was iet aciquainted
with the fact that r. Crae -wais at the
time the owner of,the plaat that tufns out
the distInctive- c~is-rmWhigi the gov-*
ernent prints currency and bank
notes. Mr. Crsne C1at catraet
With the t'hia knew
tha o accept
the a
stangi. A h toat 4t
2eIWr with
.. t
1 %
can be made against him because of his re- s
lations with the executive branch of the I
government. t
Mr. Cortelycu and the Treasury. e
There have been repeated suggestions that i:
Postmaster General Cortelyou would be r
transferred to the treasury when Secretary t
Shaw retires next February. This would
furnish a chance for Mr. Frick to become t
Postmaster General. a department of the s
government that his business or WVall street
re-lations would have no dirtect connection r
with, but his steel contracts would continue
to be made with the Navy Department.
Good judges do not believe the President
has the le.ast idea of making Mr. Cor
tely-ou Secretary of the Treasury. which t
will be the first cabinet position, as things ti
now look, to become vacant. Mr. Cortel- I
you, an able ma n in most departmental
matters, is without that knowledge of
financial affairs that would fit him to be
come an ideal head of the treasury. He I
would have to depend much upon chiefs of l
divisions and subo rdinates for information
and facts that he is ignorant of himself, f
with the result that he would hie at the I
mercy of these officials. The belief is that t
Mr. Cortelyuu will remain where he Is for
the next four years, and that he has no \
desire for a change. He likes the work of t
his department, is familiar with It to such I
an extent that he could not be imposed a
upon, and hie has attained the height of his 1'
ambition in getting .o the head of a depart- d
ment in which hie was at one time a $i,:.ilt f
clerk and private secretary for an assistant
postmaster general.
The Fathomer Will Be Used Among
the Philippines- - r
The new coast survey steamer Fathomer,
built by the insular government of the
' -y
Philippines for survey work about the is
lains and turned over to the coast survey
service, has gone into commission under
the command of Capt. C. C. Yates. Cap
tain Yates has for his staiff assistant F. B.
Loren and aid H. M. Trueblood as watch
officers; Dr. J. N. Force as surgeon. h. A.
Watson Is ttief engineer yf the vessel.
Tihe Fathomer will be employed in mak
ing a general survey from the entrance to
Manila bay to Cape Santiago.
The steamers Pathfinder. Captain West
dahl; steamer Research, Capt. W. C. Di
brell; launch Anelia, Capt. Wm. Bowie,
ndaunh Fil inos a ost ler in ur
veytterk iabout th t Phillppgnes.
Thme an ite States coasth sureay.eae
Hdsogrprhs ar rivcdte atafor omtion.
an, facsohm Nofl,an is empnoryedo imcoast
Wit work tretta. ewudlea h
meresenttese oUnderwoodTh belinks thet
the eet 'ou years, and Btte han
"Noethint tha ab ould neoctbeipoitc T
justn nw, heplied ataiedreeihtiv ofer hit
awto in Agabma,in o the eade of eate c
mlrkand peraescretar forngressisnt
sposta generyarml. tr a ody
nthe deocathe mulge Use frAmong,
"hate cae weey tamerbut Fanhom?r,
T'hiilony twor ueyst rkonsu the is k-o
lynl aond tred ove tor sme atimureyt
srvision has gone Intoubomicaniadmintr
the i commnd o CapthC Cy Yateas that
tain Ydeocras fhi bst ift alostn For
awhie Fntilwom ehter th epoe rpicak
ingka generan surey fromessionstranco toe
poule ad toe Cae San takego. iin"
brell Y laun mIa,CAptO.FICE. Boie
nloinch Exercises ofe Localychoon Yur- 1
Th ntedSate Atnoon steme
Hyxrerpes hncden arrvo the presentat N.
C..pfom toolthe andees moyted medcast
piotp work thermyadNten.Gar h
havesnnshed cUnerwonoth armyk hedia
co Leths Sit teehed Beter a af
t"nothnga thea about dmdcati politics
ustgow, -eped ORepreyetiendeth- u
wdiofa Aaa, oneo thrle leaersemaof the
preiitnt deocrae co inCoess, The e- r
"Facis, sinalsem te cmoe tha the lssvetlk C
Te ofl tweso uetivtn the nrst like a
lyto emtinerestd Nin o omeim Guo 1
ce ared raentadrae rgulon an taif e
the deocrsadets hdbs rf ln o
awieutilw e hte h eulcn
he medical corps of the various state Na
:fonal Guard organizations and also to con
:ract surgeons in the army. One of the
atter, Dr. Duncan, attained the highest
iverage of any member of the class and
was awarded the Hoff gold medal.
The honor graduates. in addition to Dr.
Duncan, were Assistant Surgeons Wickline
tnd Owens. The graduates from the army
were Assistant Surgeons Cullen, Weed. Da
,is. Bailey, Freeman, Humphreys, Zinke
ird Brown; Contract Surgeons Gitner and
Bruns. From the National Guard were
1ajor Dulin of Washington state. Major
vTicholson of Nebraska. Captain Colby of
kIichigan, Captain Cole of Kansas and
lieut. Richardson of the Ohio naval militia.
All of the army graduates have the rank
>f first lieutenant except the contract sur
,eons. .who hold no military title. The
'aculty of the school includes Col. Hetz
uan, president; Major William H. Arthur,
%4ajor William C. Borden. Major Walter,
D. McCaw, Major James D. Glennan.
apt. Karl R. Darnall, First Lieut. Harry
L. Gilchrist and First Lieut. James Carroil.
That "politics makes strange bedfellows"
4 shown in the most recent case by the
ombination formed between former Gov.
rank S. Black of New York and Senator
homas C. Platt for the overthrow of
)dell's leadership in republican politics In
hat state. It was only a few months ago
hat Mr. Black was keeping Senator Platt
wake o' nights by his candidacy for Sen
tor Depew's seat.
In that contest Mr. Black and Governor
)dell were in copartnership politically. Gov
rnor Odell had promised Mr. Black the
enatorship, and Mr. Black, relying upon
t, had warmly championed Governor Odell
n his efforts to destroy Senator Piatt's
eadership. At the last minute Governor
)dell found it convenient to break his prom
te to Black and agree to the re-election of
?enator Depew.
Mr. Black was furiously chagrined and
lisappointed, and immediately broke off all
elations with Odell, not even deigning to
eply to the apologetic letter that Odell
vrote him. A few weeks ago the Platt fac
ion began making overtures to Black for
n alliance against Odell. who is chairman
f the state committee and the republican
moss of the state.
These overtures seem to have been well
eceived. and telegraphic dispatches from
Llbany report that the deal was clinched
esterday and that the rising young boss of
clbany county, William Barnes, Jr.. grand
on of the late Thurlow Weed. and in the
ist campaign chairman of Odell's execu
ive committee, had joined the Platt-Black
utfit and was ready for a round-up.
It has not been made clear how the feud
;ts can get action, however, until the next
eorganization of the state committee. for
hey can hardly put Olell out, and he is
ot the kind of a man to walk out for the
sking. The combination is attracting in
erest among politicians, though, just the
Persons who recall the events of the last
epublican state conve ntion will remember
hat the statement was made at that time
i terms the most positive that warfare
.ould be made against the Odell outtit
fter election and that the republican party
a New York would try to eliminate him
nd his closest backers from control of the
arty organization.
The move of William Barnes. jr., is very
>gical, for he never was much of an Odehl
te at best, and squirmed under the Odell
adership. When Odell was pilloried for
is alleged treachery to his benefactor.
enator Ph'tt, Barnes began to draw away
rom him, and his loyalty during the caa
aign was rather to the party than to the
With two such men as Frank S. Black and
Villiam Barnes. jr., at his side, and with
he assistance, as it is reported, of William
. Ward, the national committeeman, Sen
tor Platt has a militant organization which
oliticians say is likely to give Odell a great
eal of trouble and may eventually oust him
rom his leadership.
kmerican Lawyer Suffering Confine
ment at Guatemala.
Imuiry at the State Department into the
eport which reached San Fra ncisco by one
f the southern steamers to the effect that
man named Gardener is being illegally
mprisoned in Guatemala City develops the
act that the person is really a United
tates lawyer named Joseph F. Darling
nd that he has been in coafinement for
bout a month. lie is accused of contempt
if court, and such information as has
eached the department goes to show that
ie was certainly very brusque in addressing
he court, and, moreover, that he has made
ome pretty strong statements to Mr. Mer
y, the United States minister there.
However. the State Department, to which
omplaint had been made of Darling's im
risonment, referred the matter formally to
Ir. Merry, with instructions to use his good
fices to procure an amelioration of the
nan's condition.
Lecent Orders Incident to Transfer of
Canal Commission Affairs.
Several important changes are to be made
the bureau of insular affairs. War De
artment, in consequence of the plan to
ransfer th local work of the isthmian
anal commission in this city to that bu
eau. A new division of the office will be
reated for the consideration of the affairs
f the canal commission with rented quar
iers In the Mills Building, corner of 17th
treet and Pennsylvania avnue, with Mr.
I'. Leon Pepperman in charge. The offices
f the commission in the Evening Star
ullding will be transferred to the Mills
ullding. The main offices of the commis
lon will 'be established at the headquarters
Panama with Mr. Dominic 1. Murphy,
scretary of the commission, In charge.
Mr. Pepperman Is at present chief clerk
f the bureau of Insular affairs, where he
as established a high standard of effi
lency. Prior to coming to this city he was
icorder for the first Philippine commis
on and afterward secretary of the Philip
ine commission and a member of the civil
ervice commission of the Philippine gov
Maj. Robert E. L. MIchie, 12 Cavalry, a
iember of the general staff corps, as
gned to duty at the Army War College In
als city, was today relieved from further
tity with the general staff and ordered to
port to the Secreatry of War for duty
the bureau of insular afrairs as assistant
Colonel Edwards, chief of the bureau.
[aj. Michie Is- a Virginian and was grad
ited from the Military Academy In June,
185, and assigned to the cavalry arm with
hlch he has been connected ever since.
uring the Spaalel war he was a major and
isistant adjatant general of volunteers and
isisted Gen. F'ltshugh Lee In the organi
tlon of the 7th Army Corps. He is regard
I as one of the bhlshme.t young 0fficers in
to army and will undoubtedly prove most
Rotent-In. his new field of duty.
The m4: yemiung has arivewd at
asiit s iauegw rld d left
NSe"C t Su cme
The Sunday Star will be Ii
cluded In the subscription to The
Star, which after April 1 will be
60 cents per month for the daily
and Sunday issues. All subscrib
ers to The Star will be served
da!!y and Sunday unless orders
are given to the contrary.
Protest Filed Against Award
ing the Stone Contract.
Bids Were Really Nearly $100,009
Apart - Total Cost of
Trouble has broken out over the contrcts
for the new District building, and today a
protest was filed with the commission.
which consists of the Secretary of the
Treasury and the three District ('omm!s
sioners, by the Blue Ridge Marble Com
pany protesting against the awarding of
the stone contract to the South Diver Com.
pany. Ever since the awarding of the
stone contract was made there have been
rumors. and some open talk. eritilcsing the
methods In conducting the arrangements
for the new building. The pre sent protest
Is on the stone contract itself, although
that is not the only subject about which
criticism is hovering. At the time- the com
mission met and awarded the stone con
tract to the South Dover people there were
two other stones being consdereri. a gran
ite and what is known as the Cherokee
Stone. controlled by the It:ue Ridg. Matble
When the award was m:de to the South
Dover it was stated that its bhi was abo:t
$354 higher than the 1'herokee,. but the
Startling statenent is now made that the
South Iover tid, whir-h showed a cut of
over $1m4A.MM on its original prolssillon,
was made on radical modiications of tha
plans upon which the other competitors
had submitted propositions. and in their
protest filed today the Itlue Ridge Com
p:any makes a statemnent that on the same
moditfications their bid would h,.lav ttee.
over ftMa(tAI less than the South Dover.
I. is said that while the prop,.sals we-e
for the stone. itself only. that the com
mis-ion has awarded a entr:-et to the
South Dover people. not onl) for the stone
work. but for the setting ,I the stone, giv
ing them a sum of $;5.:t for this latter
work without any comlIwtit:\u bid what
The Protest.
The protest of the Blue Ridge Marble
Company, a copy of which was placed in
the hands of each member of the commis
Sion. is as fol'ows:
, VASHiNGTYN. D. C.. April 11. 1i515.
'l lion. Leslie M. Shaw. Secretary of the
Treasury: Hon. Henry It. F. Ma,'farland,
Hon. Henry L. West and Col. John Riddle,
Commissioners of the District of Colum
bia, acting jitly as the municipal build
img conmission:
(eintlemen--0n or ;tbout the 27th day of
l)YiIi,er 1I. pursuant to and in accord
ance with at audvertisemlient, inst ructions to
b;dders andl certaln ila4111s :tnd! Specifica
tins, theretofore publicy promulgated by
your honorable commission, the Blue Ridge
Marble Comipany. among otthers. tsubmitted
for your otsideration its c,.rtain bid or
proposal for furnishing the material de
rerihed and rt,tuired in said advertisement.
instructions to bidders and said plans and
sli e telnctions. The said hid or proposal was
duly accepted by you as reguhlr and in
roper form for your consider;Ition, and
conisiderationt t hereof was duly andl formally
proce ededi with lby y our honot' rabie commi s
siont utntil the~ 2th day of Mtarat. 1i%.5. upoan
wihicht date. We atre advised, ur h.rab le
nolmmitsion awarerd or sinitied your in- -
tenlttonIc totwaird or acle' t a certain
secret mnoditied idI ar IrolIaSal sut)
mitted by onte of said comnp.-ting bid
ders. based upoan rililal chant:gIs anad
moditient io(ns int the a fI aes:aiid pilans
andt 5tpecitic'atimias, nec ssarity thleretoafore
adopted by yotur honoirabli. Commission tas
youaar moadintitin anad chPangas of said orig
muinalans and SpeCitiv. airns, and, oaf which
we. as cometit ive bididers, had nto knowi
edge~ andti no oippor(tuntity I ffordled us by
youtr honotarable commission to entter into a
fair and eqluitale comtaetitiion with the bid
or p)ropo,sal so submit ted, awairded or ac
epted, as .aforesatid.
We are furtht'r advised that it making the
award, or tm accieptinag tihe bid oar proposal
afaresaid, you hatve taken intao comnsidera
tion new piropoisit ions submitted by the
afoare.aid bidder, wicht are entirely foreign
to said original advertisement. instructions
to bidders plans and specilicautns, and
which will enttail an additiunal expenditure
noct contemplated in said origitnal adver
fisinment, inastructions to bidders, palans and
speIcifications. cf upward of fifty thousand
dollars of the public money, tand that you
intend to include said new propositions in
said award and in any conatract arising
therefrom. Where fore,
The Blue Ridge Marble Company, feeling
itself aggrieve d and dlamaged. in that its
equitable and legal rights have been ig
nored In the premises. hteraeby enters its ex
ceptions and objections to your 4lforeuaid
proceedings and tu said award or accept
tance of said ma,aitied bid oar paroposai, and
resrectfu:lly protests agtainst your honorable
commissioni enterinig into. signing or in any
form or manner exe:-utintg any contract or
conittacts for the purpose of car rying said
award or accepatan.ce into effect. for thte rea
sons that your proceedings in the paremises
are contrary to the stattutes govarning and
controlling the exnenditure of public
money, and to the iawt: regulating atnd con
trolling the construction o1 p,uluie build
ings and to the law authtorizintg the con
struction of said munici:pal building; thtat
your proceedings are contrary to the let
ter anid spIrit of the advertisemen,t, instruc
tiens to bidders, plans and specifications
promulgated by you, and that they are con
trary to the rules and estahlished customa
and laws regulating and controlling the
award or acceptance of competitive bids or
In conclusion we desire to call your at
tention to the fact that since the award
or acceptance herein complained of we
have been accorded-through the courtesy
of your honorable commission-opportu
nity to ascertain the extent and character
of the modifications and changes upon
which said accepted proposal and award
was made, and beg to inform you that, if
given opportunity to submit a proposal er
bid based on said mgllications and .
changes, our proposal er bid theeng
would be SMLUBno, a bid lower by s
than the bid ot' proposal accepted er is
tended to be accepted by you, and if the
setting proposition be included, Our b
would be more than $01,000 lower than
said accepted bid. Very respectfully.
By John P. Carrothers, its Attorney.
Other Crtittnsma
It is not certain what further steps the
protesting marble company intends to tak..,
al.thongh it is saId that the matter .15.
possibly' go into the corts.
Still another interesing potat a eeu**
tieu with the new emna= Is )iag
at aMdthatmI

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