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Veterans Unite in Aid of Per
manent Home.
Meeting of Committee Representing
Various Organizations?Compli
ment to The Evening Star.
A bill has been introduced In the Senate
by Senator Galllngor of New Hampshire,
chairman of the Senate committee on^ the
District of Columbia, appropriating $75,COO
for the purchase and equipment of a suit
able soldiers' and sailors' temporary home
In the district. A similar bill has been
introduced in the House of Representatives
by Representative Bishop of Michigan. It
Is believed the Joint measure will become a
law early In the present session of Con
Representatives of eighteen patriotic or
ganizations of Washington held an enU.u
slastlc meeting last night at the Soldiers
and Sailors' Temporary Home. 1W
street northwest, in furtherance of the
plans for the establishment in this city of a
suitable temporary sojourning place
Uncle Sam's former fighting men.
meeting was called to order by CoU B -
Chase, president of the board of m;inaRe
merit of the home and chairman of t
joint committee, and Mrs. Ada W el-s.
secretary, read the roll of members.
Col. J. Tyler Powell, vice president of the
board of management, announced that
eighteen patriotic and military orders
wore fully aware of the necessity for a n-w
and more suitable home for veteran sol
diers. and had therefore sent representa
tive. to the meeting. He also announced
aide of Prison Ufe in Llbby." for the bene
ft nf the home He said this lecture would
? given Wednesday evening: Decemljcr 13
at the Metropolitan M. E. Church. 4^ and
CM'rsC B RChlsTand Capt. A. A. Maxim,
the latter superintendent of the home, fl?/"
the committee on decoration for the
church, reported that material had been
secured and that the church would be em
helllshed in a most beautiful manner.
After all committees had reported Col.
Ch?i~e called on Chaplain Bradshaw of
T'? talking recently with Bishop
VrCe.be and it Is his desire that comrades
SftieQ\ R and kindred organizations,
together with the ladies of the patriotic
nrfiera be Riven special seats, and I hope
all who may be able will wear their d.s
tlnctlve uniform. \\ e want to make tM
lecture the grandest affair of its kind
given in Washington.
Bill to Establish Home.
??A word as to the bill for the establish
ment of a suitable temporary home which
will bo brought before Congress. We have
assurances from Mrs. Donald McLean and
Mr? Fairbanks of the D. A. R. that this
measure has their highest commendation.
We have already assurances also, from_ a
large number of senators and representa
tives that they will support the measure.
Mr Bishop of Michigan, himself an old sol
dier. will look after the measure when it
comes up before the house. mi..
Col Bradshaw specially complimented The
Star for aiding In bringing this matter be
fore the public, and also thanked the other
papers of the city.
Encouraging reports were received from
the Legion of Loyal Women by Mrs. u ?
Calver and from the Women's Relief Corps
by Mrs. iJda Hart, department president.
Col B. F. C'has<! said: "We Intend to re
organize the committee and go to work
and map out a campaign in the interest of
the Soldiers and Sailors' Temporary Home.
Our home must be secured, and I feel sure
It will be. 1 feel that a large number ol
senators and representatives will stand by
us till we get th's bill through. I have
been connected with this worthy Institu
tion for the past six years and hope be
fore my present term expires to see the
needs of the home fully supplied."
Indorsed by U. V. U.
Col. Dean, on behalf of the Union Veteran
Union, said: "We heartily indorse the
project, and will assist In every way to
bring about the passage of this bill. All
comrades of Union Veteran legion favor
the work being done by your committee.
Other Addresses.
Capt. Jneeph F>. Hart said: "Everybody
in Washington favors this project. X have
talked with many members of Congress
who have assured me that they heartily
favor the bill, and I hope to see a perma
men': organ'.zatlon perfected to further this
worthy projcct." ? ? .
Hrgh H. Henry of the Sons of \ eterans
said that he had talked with many promi
nent men In Congress who w'.ll, when th<J
ir.stter Is brought up, stand by the sol
diers and sailors and pass the bill.
William A. Hickey, representing the
Army and Navy Union, U. S A., said his
organization is In line with the other sol
dier bod'es. and will render any assistance
possible to further the measure.
Members of the Army and Navy Union
and Spanish War Veterans, in their dis
tinctive uniform, he said, will act as ushers
and assist next Monday in decorating the
Tlse final meeting of the committee on
Bishop McCabe's lecture will be held next
^Major J. H. Stlne of the United States
Historical Society said: "This is one of the
grandest movements that could be made
for the benefit of this country. It takes
care of those who served this county.
Assurances were given that the I nlted
Span.sU War Veterans, nationally and lo
cally, were behind the movement for a
new temporary home for soldiers with all
the force of that organization.
The Sons of Veterans were represented
by Past Commander H. H. Henry, also
past national commander of the Army and
Navy Union and a past camp commander
Of the United Spanish War Veterans, who
said that organization would give Its hear
Meat co-operation In the movement for the
benefit of the grim old veterans of the OOs
and vhe younger so'.dlers of 1S98.
Additional Delegates.
The additional delegates who were at
the meeting last n'.ght included:
Representing the United States Historical
Society?Maj. J. H. Stlne. president; Capts.
Homer J. I.ockllng and R. H. Wood, for
merly of Ohio.
Daughters of Veterans?Mrs. Annie M.
Roberts. Mrs. Virginia Staley and Mrs.
Constance Melville.
Union Veteran Legion. Encampment No.
PO-^ol. A. J. Hodges. Hiram Johnson,
lfenrv W Sanford. Encampment No. lit?
Col C. S. Wilder. Thomas J. Shannon and
^ Military order of the Loyal I.egion?Com
panions A. Hart. Gilbert M. Husted and
McKlnley Circle, T.adtes of the G. A. R ?
?? ?? ? .?
committee on decorations.
White Ribboners Meet.
The Northwest W C. T. U. held its
monthly meeting last evening at 5J7 Iowa
circle. Opening devotions were conducted
by Mrs. Hull, president, and Mrs. Robinson
led in prayer. Reports from the secre.ary.
treasurer and various superintendents were
Learning of the Illness of Mrs. Dubois, a
member, it was Voted that flowers and an
expression of sympathy be sent her. Mrs.
Robinson discussed her trip and the na
tional convention, which she attended, at
Ijob Angeles, Cal. This talk will be con
tinued at the Mt. Vernon Method.st Church
the evening of the 13th Instant.
Seventh Street
Boy the ?
Girl's Coat |
W e offer tomorrow the best v
chance of the season for buying ^
the girl s coat. The variety from jg
which to choose is large and the 3
price reductions for the dav arc r
truly wonderful. Four great of- 2
Children's Cloth Coats, strictly T
all wool and splendidly tailored; 8
tan, red and navy; made with deep k
cape collars; lined throughout;*
sizes 1 to 4 years; <{0 /rtv (C^ 3
a very special bar-A
gain at ^ 3 t
Children's Rich and Stylish f
Bearskin Coats, in red, gray and ?
white; sizes 2, 3 and 4 years; the ?
smartest coats of the season; j|
selling regularly a
at $5 ; for Satur- /r*. (Q> *
day a big attrac- /M ^
tion at ^ 0 g
Girls' high-grade Coats of fine $
cheviots, brown and navy; full
?length; straps across back ; velvet jfe
collar; made full and large; these 5
coats we sell reg
ularly at $8.50; flp R /Tf\ F? &
for tomorrow re- *
duced to
Girls' Very Stylish Military ?
Coats, lined throughout with g
finest flannel; embroidered em- &
blem 011 sleeve; these coats are &
man-tailored throughout, and no
store would sell ft
them under $15<dt? (Th (fV\ Q 5,
we have reduced ^
them to M
?t Cuticura Soap
^ Frostilla
*? Gamble's Tooth Powder
Gamble's Tooth Paste .......
Imported Rice Powder...........
ft Dr. Charles' Flesh Food
Toilet Paper; 2 rolls
?? 10c. Bromo-Seltzer
Jl Theatrical Cold Cream; %lb......
2 Rubifoam
iv Colgate's Violet Toilet Water
^ Violet Cucumber Cream
IWoodbury's Facial Cream
? Colgate's Cashmera Bouquet
Soap; small
Ix, Pure Castile Soap, with Turkish
Wash Cloth
AS Danderine
sf 25c. Imported Tooth Brushes.....
ft 25c. Luetr-ite Nail Enamel
jm 50c. Imported Hair Brushes
2 Eastman's Benzoin and Almond
X Lotion
2 Wilbert's Florida Water
harvest of holiday merchandise
(y ] , which we've gathered from all over
the world for this year's Christmas
trade is away beyond that of any pre
vious year. Of course, you'll do your holiday
shopping at Hechts'?everybody does. But our
word of advice to you is?do it early. You gain
nothing at all by putting it off, by waiting un
til the rush days. Remember that Christmas
shopping is now a pleasure?a couple of weeks
later everything will be in a whirl?and in the
last week 'twill be a rush and scramble. The
sooner the pleasant duty is over the better?
Z\l/\OU'LL find it extremely interesting?
)J especially the knowledge that there's a
S-* place in it for an account in your name,
and that your holiday purchases, no
matter how much or how little you buy, will
gladly be charged, if you wish, and you can
liquidate the bill in small amounts at specified
intervals after the holiday pressure lightens up.
Many hundreds are daily finding places in the
"Christmas Book." The big store is just
crowded with the spirit of Christmas, its stocks
fairly glisten with the beauty and charms of
Yuletide?with everything worthful that you
could ask for. Get your name on the Christ
mas Book?
? Heavy Ribbed Hose, that sell
ft everywhere at 25c.; a big at- I Rif
^ traction at "
Weight Shirts and Drawers, a
ffr that always sell at 39c.; to |
& be closed out at "
?> Fleece-lined Jersey Vests and' =
Pants; a special bargain of
ft ftring for tomorrow at "
ft Covers, in all sizes; for a /-**, ^ '
^ day to be specially reduced ? (C r
dren's Sample Golf Gloves; * n.
tv, all good qualities and not a ii 9(17
jj pair worth under 25c
?i, Hose; very serviceable
quality; sold usually at <1 ^rj /
10c.; a Saturday bargain J[
St el's Hair and Natural
rfi Wool Socks; soft and fl 'TjIT/
^ warm: for Saturday re
That AH
of Yoiuir
Toy amd
From 5 to 9 p.m. tomorrow
)TF we will sell these large Glass
Sauce Dishes at the surprisingly
V small price of 9c. They are in
jjfiL new and very pretty feather pat
tern, are highly polished and
have heavy base; they are 6
inches high and 9 inches in diameter. We cannot sell more
than one to a buver and none can be delivered.
The suits that we sell regularly
at $20 will be drawn upon tomor
row for the special selling, and
$14.75 buys your choice. Here's
the news in detail: From the
splendidly high-grade lines of
suits that sell always at $20?
representing the acme of perfec
tion in tailoring, made by tailors
famous for the surpassing su
periority of their productions?
we have taken 100 suits, and these
are to be sold tomorrow at
$14.75! Every rich plain black
and smart dark mixed pattern is
included?finest imported cassi
meres, best cheviots ? single
breasted suits and double-breast
ed suits. Not one of these 100
suits would sell anywhere under
$20, but while they last tomor
row they are to be sold for
Two good and sufficient reasons are behind the big business now
^ being done by this department of toys and dolls?a variety equaled
by no other store and prices materially less than elsewhere. Note
these as instances:
10c. Games, alt kinds 7c.
25c. Drams ? 15c.
bc 25c. Tool Clkests . ... ? ? ? 15c.
? 25c. Folding Emamsil Doll Beds . . . 119c.
25c. Sets of Soldiers 19c.
50c. Mechanical Trains, with Track . . 39c.
50c. Sets Pewter Dishes .... 39c.
& 98c. Drams 79c.
70c. Tool Chests ...<>* 49c.
$11.5? 15=Key Pianos 98c.
$1.50 Magic Lanterns . . . . ? 98c.
35c. Blocks; many kinds ... * 23c.
? 30c. Books; all kinds . . . . 23c,
As an additional special for
the 4 hours tomorrow evening
we will sell these large and
beautiful two-part punch or
orange bowls at 45c., instead of
75c., the real value. They are
heavy and in genuine cut-glass
pattern. 7^ inches high. Only
100 at this price; one to a
Probably no store in Washington shows such an extensive
stock nor anywhere near the variety that you'll find here in over
coats. The long box coat, the double-breasted coat, the surtout,
the paddock, the conservative 44-inch coat, the 52-inch double
breasted English box, raincoats, etc.?any style you could ask for.
$7.50 to $30.
50c. Sets off Soldiers
Famomis Friction Toys; many kinds
Best Friction Toys
$1 Dressed Doll Beds * . .
$1 Air IRiffles . ...
$1.50 RoEl=Top Desks . * .
$1 Parclheesi Games . . .
We have placed on sale W B J
a very remarkable purchase ^
of about 1,000 elegant quality
Silk Waists, right from the best waist makers in the country.
These waists are made in the newest box pleat effects of finest
taffeta silk; they are in all the evening and street shades, in
cluding white and black; not a waist in the lot worth less than
$6.98. Crowds will come for them at $3.98.
SPECIAL!?We will place on sale tomorrow another lot
of those Young Men's Long Pants Suits in sizes 15, 16 and 17
years?all tailored equal to the men's wear; c=7
suits selling in every store up to $15; for to
morrow take them at
2? You'll find dolls here by the thousand?the little one for a pen
? ny and the handsomest imported doll at two dozen dollars or so, and
^ every size and kind in between. Special Saturday pricing:
|r Dressed Dolls, jointed or kid body 25c.
|! Jointed or Kid-body Dolls 49c.
^ Handsomely Dressed Dolls; sell at 75c 49c.
^ Handsomely Dressed Dolls; sell up to $2 98c.
ft Famous Kestner Dolls, kid body 98c.
f: Large Handwerck Dolls, full jointed; $2 values $1.19
lar plum and heliotrope shades; they are made in the very newest and smartest
Etona, with the bolero and Persian vest effect#; they are made of beautiful chlffon
flnlshed bro&dclo'th and pan cheviots; they are in the single
breasted, cloBe-fltting styles, some with the high girdle ef
feots; they are handsomely trimmed With velvet and silk
braid; skirts in the new flared and pleated styles; the ooats j,,
are lined with fine white taffeta silk and match color Bilk. (J! r]) A N#
These beautiful suits were made to ?ell at $S9.98. A great rJy 2L (Pm
surprise sale at ^ a u * ^
Stylish 24-inch Kersey Coats, black and
castor; prettily trimmed with stitched
bands; full satin
lined; new sleeves; a. - ^ ^
these coats sell T|
regularly at $10.98; (Op) jj
for Saturday
necessary Rain Coats, In Oxfords, cas
tor and mixtures; made with belted
back; new shape sleeves; these coats
are splendidly Ui- ^ ^ 0
S'fa $ 12.98
for Saturday at
Women's Fine Dress Skirts, in splendid
quality taffeta silks, voiles, broadcloths,
Panamas, etc.: box pleats, side p'.eats
and kilted effects; black and blue; these
skirts are strictly man- ^
tailored and high-class; <S! (fj) (M)?K
values are $12.98 and y/ 0 <?>
J14.0S; for Saturday....
offering of Women's Elegantly Tailored
Dress Skirts, In richest broadcloth and
Panamas; chiffon finish; pleated and
kilt effects; In blue ^ __ _
and black; these skirts ^ (TT> &
are fairly priced at (Ofy /] . (P^
*10.98; for Saturday at. ^ ^ ^
ert Coats, in the stylish empire styles;
splendidly tailored; fancy velvet col
lars and cuffs;
half lined with
satin; these coats _
are priced regu- (CI T| ry /f"tv CT
larly at 116.98; for
In the 60-lnch length; empire, pleated
and full styles; made of best covert;
some made with belt back; half lined
with satin; these ^ ^ _
jssd":.p? $ 16.98
for Saturday
For Saturday we shall make a special offering of a high-grade
lot of Boys' Suits that regularly sell at $4 and $4.50 for $2.98; these
suits are in the double-breasted and Norfolk styles, /r\\ <Q>
all splendidly tailored and a most unusual offering,^)

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