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Greatly cut
Four lots of tempting sweetmeats
200 lbs. of Chocolate-ooverf-d Peanut
Cluster. Equals any- at 40c. ?ja.
lb. Special, per lb
Chocolate Cavern*, usually 40c.
per lb. Special, per lb
ano lbs. fresh Glace Pineapple. Tifjy,
Special, per lb 6y1,
200 lba. pure Peppermint Loz
enges. Value. 20e. per lb. ?fUr
Special, per lb 1W.
No gift pleases a woman more than something new In neckwear. No neckwear
as pretty as ours
COLLAR AND CUFF SETS, of fine muslin embroidery; choice of 12 CA.,
patterns. A set ?..?7vV?
CHEMISETTK SETS, of fine mualln embroidery, with insertions tfi 1! />/f\
of Val. lace, with half sleeves or deep cuffs. Boxed at. a set vlltvw
Saturday only prices.
Lyon's Tftoth Powder tomorrow J
for *'
25c. Boxes Perfumes tomorrow fl Of
for fl
86c. Hand Mirrors tomorrow
Aiurea Perfume tomorrow EQr
only, or "yl"
Right reserved to limit quantity to a
First Floor.
8thSt. & Pa. Ave.
Jabots of pretty lace or liberty silk. Boxed for
Box Ruchlng. In holly-trimmed boxes; contain 6 different style neck
lengths. Only
Rl'CIUNO TO BUY FOR YOURSELF?Neck lengths. In all colors.
Worth 10c. a strip. Saturday's price
First Floor.
CHsTJ N these Christmas offerings of Umbrellas we arc keeping up the reputation we have
f gained in previous sales for lowness of price.
^ If you have an Umbrella to give?and who has not?you Gannot afford to let
such offerings slip by.
fitted with best grade sterling silver and rolled plated effects, in
long post and heavy knob handles. Also buck-horn and burnt
ivory handles, with sterling silver trimmings.
A specially large and varied line of Umbrellas in this lot?
and remember they have ALL-SILK covers. Select from
these and you will choose wisely. Only
? $5.00 Umbrellas,
j YARN-DYED Taffeta Umbrel
4;" las. tape edge; long rolled gold post
JvC and sterling silver and pearl handles.
?M. A splendid $5.00 woman's umbrella.
4 Special at $3.U8.
Value. $3.25.
Value, $7.50.
Value. $1.98.
Value, $5 25.
Value, $4.98.
Value, $5.08,
| Umbrellas, $2.50.
4 SIZES for men and women in
these Piece-dyed. Tape-edje Union
Taffeta Umbrellas, in sterling silver
and natural wood sticks. Best um
3? brella that this price ever bought.
Th I I Stori ng
Silver Thiui
1> I e ; also
Kach In i?lus?h
case. Worth
2.V., for
98c. ^
SIZES FOR men or women.
Made with union taffeta cover and a
large variety of neat handles, such as
horn, German silver, natural wood
trimmed, Dresden and pearl effects.
The men's umbrellas have boxwood
sticks In plain and trimmed styles.
Solid t;oM Lockets,
lifco cut; various
Jewel Collar, like cut. Worth
Special price
(Other styles $:!.50 to $12.00.)
Bracelets to match collars. 98c. to $8.00.
Ladles' Enamel Watches,
like cut; all colors; com
plete with pin and plush
case. Worth $3.98. Spe
Umbrellas, $1.98.
CHOICE OF 250 style handles.
Sizes for men or women. They are
Union Taffeta Umbrellas with gold and
sterling silver knobs, plain and trim
mod horn, gun-metal effects and box
wood, in plain and trimmed styles.
Umbrellas. ^
A LARGE line of Children's Um
brellas. In neat effects and qualities,
ranging in price?
50c. to $1.98.
HANDSOME Umbrellas for
men and women at $6.00, $7.50, $8.50,
$9.00, $10.00 and $12.50, that many
stores would ask more for.
Lorgnette Chains of 20-year gold-tilled
stock. Worth $5. For
Umbrellas, $2.98.
ALL-SILK Colored Umbrellas
Umbrellas,$2.25& $2.98.
las, In sizes for men or women. This
umbrella we guarantee to wear a year
?If not we will recover it free of
(At Solid Gold Cuff Links,
like cut, and other designs. ?
Worth $LH8. For 4
(B) Solid Gold Cuff Links, like
cut, and other designs, s
"Worth $4.98. Special, at 4
(C) Solid Gold Cuff Links, S
like cut. Specially priced at
Sterling Silver Cuff Links, many
designs. Worth $1.49 to $1.75.
Lorgnette Chains
stock. Worth $3
10-year gold-filled
!. Special at
in navy blue, red, green, brown, gar
net and purple?guaranteed to wear
for a year; complete with Princess
handles. An umbrella that all wom
en like.
Sterling Silver Bag Tags
Lorgnette Chains, 14-karat gold filled.
"Worth $2.49. For
Solid Gold Scarf Pins, like cut,
and 20 other similar designs.
Worth $1.49. Nicely boxed.
First Floor.
Sterling Silver Buffers,
Wonderful, indeed, are the opportunities for selection of fine gifts?suitable gifts, in our big 3d floor Fancy China and Glass
sections. Prices very low?many lower than at any time previous.
Sample Waists are always greatly In demand because they
are always extra well made, and the price is usually about
half real worth.
Parents will find it an advantage both In price and style, to select the new coat
for the child tomorrow. Such prices are unusual. _
ALL-WOOL THIBET CHEVIOT REEFERS, button high at the 3> /fh/fh
neck: box back: embroidered emblems on sleeves. NAVY ONLY. aD n \11/U 1/
sizes 6 to 14'years. Reduced from $5.00 to ^ v v
ter length; belted back; of fancy mix
tures in light and
dark colorings; lined ^
throughout. Sizes 0 (ST XI Er
to 14 years. Re- d? 0 V 5>
duced from $7.50 to.,
The silk waists are In various colors.
They are all elaborately trimmed?some
with lace. All sizes from 34 to 40.
Good chance to buy an extra dress
waist for one's self?or -to give.
We have just 25 of these Sample Waists,
and they are made of hand-embroid
ered French mull?all-over lace?or im
ported radium silk.
nish mixtures; loose back, double
breasted; finished
with velvet collar. *, ^
Sizes ?5 to 16 years. {*>. ?>t fln E?
Always $12.50. Sat- ^(LJo
urday for ^ ^
Bi>er Steins. Chop Plates,
Salad Bowls, Cheese Dishes,
Hot-cake Dishes,
Cake Plates. Chocolate Pots,
Fencing Girls,
Ind. Tea Sets,
Hatpin Holders,
Handled Bonbons,
Hiindled Nat Bowls,
Fancy Sugar Bowls,
Celery Trays.
Hair Receivers,
Puff Boxes.
Condensed Milk Jars,
etc., etc.
CRYSTAL Glass, to reflect ^ A
the pleasure of the for
tunate recipient who " vwfjjjv
finds one or more of these JrfI
presents o.n Christmas 111! If
morning. JlP (
CRYSTAL Glass Punch nil j
Bowls. 12-inch size, cut
glass design. 4.&(C U I
Special .
CRYSTAL Glas3 Flower fj|>
Vases in graceful de- I I
signs, 24 to 3tt inches 1
high. "7Q>r f lU
Special 1 Ml
WATER or Lemonade mJsuL
Sets, good shapes, deco- J/In rl
rative designs in MJr\}\
color; with metal
CRYSTAL Glass Bonbon Dishes, three
cornered. with handles. Two Q^,
pretty cut-glass patterns U5*.
CRYSTAL Glass Punch Sets; Harvard
pattern. Twelve-inch bowl on stand;
twelve mugs to match, on ? 11 A a,
Jiooks. Special ?PIl.ii-C>
CRY'STAL Glass Punch Sets, Cornell
design, thirteen-inch bowl on stand,
twelve mugs to match, on fflTl a ?
hooks. Special
CRYSTAL Glass Punch Sets, three
handsome cut-glass patterns. Four
teen-lnch bowl, extra deep, on stand;
twelve mugs to match, on ?&?>
hooks. Special ??,?.>'?
Cut-glass Whiskey or Wine Sets, with
decanter, six glasses and nickel tray
Several dainty patterns. a a
Special .p.?.^0
Cake Plates,
Cream Pitchers,
Hair Receivers,
Baby Plates,
Beer Steins,
Shaving Mugs,
Pin Trays.
Syrup Pitchers,
Salt Shakers,
etc., etc.
Cracker Jars,
Cake Plates,
Fancy Plates,
^Bugar and Cream,
Shaving Mugs,
Salad Bowls,
Bonbon Dishes,
Hair Receivers,
Puff Boxes,
Pin Trays,
etc., etc.
Bonbon Dishes,
Sugar Shakers.
Mustard Jars,
Celery Trays.
Syrup Pitchers,
Salad Bowls,
Pin Trays.
Cracker Jars,
Beer Steins.
Fancy Plates,
Chocolate Pots,
Sugar Bowls,
etc., etc.
Second Floor.
*;:= A grand waist and in style that is most popular. Made of all-wool nun's
*?- veiling, in navy, red. gray, reseda, myrtle, white and black; button-front styles,
';r with broad pleats edged in taffeta silk. Cuffs are deep and stock has silk tie.
3? Also button-back style, with small tucks to the bust in graduated effect forming
5>; yoke; deep tucked cuffs and stock. All sizes. SATURDAY'S BUYERS CAN
3? HAVE THESE AT $2.00.
jj? Second Floor.
Things for both men and women?and gifts
that are not usually duplicated.
Sole Leather Suit Cases, like cut. 24 inches
long; steel frame; linen lined; brass lock;
strap catches; worth $0.o0. Our leader at
American China Toilet
Sets 10 pieces; hand
somely decorated in gold
and white; graceful
shapes; this decoration
will harmonize with the
color scheme of any
bed room. Special.
Cowhide Leather Suit Cases. 24 inches
long; leather lined; detachable leather
flap In lid, fitted with
all toilet and manicure ?
S ^3t.va!uee.ver. $25.00
Cowhide Leather Suit Cases, 24 inches
long; linen lined; hand-sewed corners;
heavy brass lock and <?> f=j
3traps. An unusually rjul)
good case for
Crowds growing bagger and bugger. Do your boy
ing NOW arsd avoid the Hater greater rush.
New glazings and col
orings. Artistic shapes.
Cigrar Cases of
Walrus Leath
er, like cut;
worth $1.48.
Special at
breakfast, dinner and
tea service combination.
Decorated with fllled-ln
flowers and gold. Special
Medicine Cases ?
black or brown
leather, fitted with
vials ready to be
filled with medi
Writing Tablets, like cut, made of black
grain leather with clap strap hinges and
loop Inside for blotter, and box
for paper. A specially good ?
value at .* II .??
Cigar Boxes of
genuine Seal
Leather: black
or brown; calf
Other styles, 49c.
to $5. OS.
Bissel's New Cyco
bearing Grand Rapids
Carpet Sweepers; fitted
with first quality bristle
brush; finished in brown
oak; guaranteed,
same number of pieces;
thin and dainty; effect
ively decorated with
floral design and gold
tracing. Special,
This auto?$72.50.
Suitable for four children.
Seats beautifully upholstered; ball-bear
ing; chain bicycle gearing; finely fin
(Same style, but larger?$100.00.)
This auto?$4.98?
Biggest value we've had?they
are going fast.
You'll never buy them for less.
1 Adjustable seat so they are suitable
1 for large and small children 4 to B
' years.
This patrol wagon?$7.49
? . ? A special?Fitted with
IT large gong; shaved
V. j/y.ltiB spokes; built very
strong, large enough
for flve ch"dran' ex"
$1.98 $2.98
$1.98 for a 10-inch Jar
diniere on 16-inch Ped
estal; good shape, rich
A special leader tomorrow is a 75c.
Bl^ck Grain Leather Writing
Tablet for
This iron wagon?$11.49
Painted dark red
with blue interior.
Wooden bottoms;
steel axles; size 13
by 26. A big value ifmQf-] < Y^t'
at $1.49.
COATS, $8.50 & $11.75
Soft Gray Leather Pocket
books; gilt clasps, in dull
finish; strap handle on top;
lined. Fitted with purse,
card case and celluloid en
gagement card.
Black Leather Pocket
books; pebbled effect;
gilt clasps; finger
strap on back. Fitted
with purse. Only
A saving of $3.00 or more on each coat?and in the best styles pos
sible to find.
The $8.50 coats?worth $12.00.
Stylishly made of brown and gray mixed cloths?nice dark shades
that will give splendid service. Coats are 40 and 50 inches long
and made in very loose box coat effect, double-breasted or fly-front and lapel
collar. All sizes'.
ALL Dolls ai>ove a dollar and most
of them above 49c. have the ball
Take the shoulder joint for
With our Dolls you can take the Doll by
the arm and whirl It about?no Injury.
The arm would be twisted off with such
treatment without the ball joint. Those
who have bought dolls know.
That's one reason why the Dolls we sell
at a certain price are better than Dolis
to be had elsewhere at the same price.
Red Suede Bags,
like cut; gilt clasp,
with bill and purse
compartments. Fit
ted with pocket
mirror and powder
Cy $2.98
THIS Swinging
Shoo-Fly; upholstered
In cretonne; painted in
all the bright co'.ors;
for children 4
HORSE ? will not
break down; has steel
braces; horse fitted
with nice saddle and
bridle. Spe
cial tomor- 61 A Q
row only
SHOO-FLY; nicely up
holstered In cretonne;
fitted with tray for
toys; well
made. Special..
Bought these away under usual pricl because we took the entire lot
of a maker who had too many.
COATS are of nice weight kersey, made extra full in pleated style; collarless and
with braid trimming about neck.
To this lot we have also added a few odd styles from regular stock, of which we
had not all sizes. Rare bargain in any one you may choose.
Taffeta Sii* Opera Bags, all colors; gold-plated bar top. -Worth
$2.49. For
Opera Bags of taffeta and gros grain
silk; all colors; bar top; chain jjor
or silk cord. Worth $1.49. For
Taffeta Silk Opera Bags, in all colors.
Wrorth $3.50. Special ffiT) <QQ
Miss Viola, 22 inches tall, very hand
some of features and perfect in form;
ball-jointed wherever there Is a joint.
She's the pride of the whole Viola fam
ily. No other store Is showing her
equal under $2.00. HERE ffi 11 /TfcfTh
while the few left last a ??"
Same kind of Dolls as Miss Viola, but
larger. The one that la 27 K1 (\Q
inches tall *w."?
Music Rolls, of different leathers and
many styles. One like cut for
The finest furniture that you can get for children. Handsome in ap
pearance. substantial and practically unbreakable. The pieces illustrate the exact
articles offered tomorrow at special prices.
No. 8 $4.98 No. 9 $5-49 No. i% $4.98
No. 11 $2.49 No. 12 $398
Sices for children 4 to 8 years.
Fans in many styles, some of silk gauze
In hand-painted and lace effects,
backed with fancy bone sticks, nfi/.
Worth $1.46. Choice yw?.
First Floor.
The one that is 30 Inches tall
Other styles, 49c. to $S.00.
The one that Is 32 inches t&ll

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