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New York?WASHINGTON?Paris.
Christmas Cards, Booklets, Calendars and Diaries?Main Floor, Q Street.
The morning?and before 1II o'clock?is the ideal part of the day in which to shop.
Decorative Art Objects BrSc=a=Brac ir Xmnias Gifts.
E are offering a most interesting collection of artistic pieces of many kinds, suitable for the ornamentation of Parlors, Halls,
Libraries, etc., including works in Bronze and Harble, Porcelain Vases and Plaques, Cabinets, Hall Clocks, Regulators,
Clock Sets, Small Bronze Pieces, Miniatures, Jewel Boxes; Bronze, Qilt and Jeweled Photo Frames; Decanters and Cologne
Bottles with screw and hinged stoppers; Brilliant Engraved and Cut Glassware, Electric Lamps and Electroliers; Lamp
Shades, Candlesticks, besides various other artistic pieces, the assortment affording an unusual opportunity to make a selection of
Holiday or Wedding Gifts.
Practical Gifts on Second Floor.
PLENDIDLY ready for the holidays is our vast second floor. A perfect and natural light falls
through the immense windows, displaying to the utmost advantage the extensive and varied
stocks gathered from the marts of the world.
There are so many choice gift things on the second floor, that are at once practical and ornamental,
that we think it worth while to devote a large part of our advertising space to them today to let you know
of them. The several classes of merchandise represented are Dress Goods, Silks, Velvets, Linens, Blan
kets. Quilts, Down Comfortables, Utility Boxes, Decorative Screens, Bamboo Furniture, Flannels, Linen
and Flannel Waist Patterns, Metal Beds and Cribs, Sewing Machines, etc. ^
They represent the latest novelties and the highest grades of the most celebrated manufacturers
productions. , . ,
During the present year we have sent more buyers to Europe than ever before, and in the greatest
markets of the world the Woodward & Lothrop buyers were hailed as the personal representatives of an
American firm who will buy only the best.
We submit the following list, to which we invite your attention:
Dress Goods.
UR spacious and beauti
fully lighted dress goods
department is replete with
one of the most superb
stocks we have ever offered. It is
rich with matchless broadcloth, the
spotless weaves?panamas, chev
iots, and all the handsome heavy
wools for street wear and the softer
fabrics tor the house.
Magnificent cotton and silk and
cotton materials in 1906 designs
are being displayed in great beauty
and profusion.
Mousswllne de Soie and finest Organdie*.
In new and charming: patterns, are among
our recent importations. They are In plain
colors, and also in large flower patterns,
representing high art printing.
The dainty Banzai, the pride of Japan,
is in all the delicate evening shades.
A new line of Silk and Cotton Eolienne Is
being displayed. For evening waists and
Slips It Is much soughL.
Voiles made in Switzerland are some of
our Imported novelties. They are In white
and pale colors, embroidered in small fig
ures. This soft, clinging fabric builds into
a most graceful gown, that is becoming to
any style of beauty.
There are many other appropriate Christ
mas gifts in our Dress Goods Department.
New French ^hallles for kimonas are in
rich Persian designs, with border in fringe
Dress Patterns are either boxed or folded
and fastened with two w'de wh.te bands,
prettily decorated with holly and Christmas
greetings. The wools are cheviots, Pana
mas. s^tgos ?nd other materials.
Colored Wool Dress Patterns,
$.^.50. $4.00, $5.25 to $7.50 the pat
Black Wool Dress Patterns,
$3.50, $4.00, $5.25 to $7.50 the pat
Cotton Dress Pattern's, $1.00,
$1.25 and $1.50 the pattern.
HIS is par excellence a suc
cessful season in silks. Al
though we have sold thou
sands of yards, the holiday
shoppers find a rare and an almost
unlimited stock from which to
Particularly appropriate for
Christmas are our new importa
tions in silk waist patterns. They
are richly embroidered, in self col
ors, black and white and charming
floral designs in the natural shades
|>f the flowers. Very elegant ones
dre all-black and black embroidered
with white. The jardiniere decora
tion is one of the exquisite novel
ties. An illustration and full direc
tions come with each waist pattern,
which is nicely boxed, ready to be
presented to some favored friend.
Charming Plaids and Floral Figured Silks
are popular for waists. These will be cut
anj desired length and neatly boxed for
Christina* gifts
Our line of Silks includes all the newest
designs and most styl'sh weaves, such as
Peau de Cygne.
Armure, Chiffon Taffeta,
Faille 1 rancaise,
Satin Duchesse, Moire,
Paillette de Soie.
Peau de Soie,
Chameleon Taffetas.
W arp-printed Taffetas,
Brocades. Crepe de Chine.
Silk Dress Patterns up to
any price desired.
Embroidered Silk Waist
$5.00, $5.50 and $6.00 each.
Sewing Machines.
ROP Sewing Machine is
an appropriate and accept
able I hristmas gift, espe
cially to those just beginning home
making and who have many house
hold ornaments and needfuls to
make. They are faultless machines
and are fully guaranteed.
"\\ . & L., $18.00 and $28.50.
"Eldredge Automatic," $35.00 and
"Eldredge Rotary." $35.00.
"Imperial," $20.00.
Hand Machines, $5.00 to $13.so.
We also carry other popular ma
chines in stock.
Bed Spreads, Wrapper
Blankets, Etc.
F all the nursery novelties,
about the most unique are
the coverlets for children's
beds, selected in Europe by
Mr. Mack and recently arrived.
They are wonderfully interesting
and instructive to the little ones.
Inside the pretty floral border are woven
all sorts of figure designs representing Lit
tle Bo-peep, the cow jumped over the
moon, the barking dogs, ride a cock horge,
cats, owls, ducks, chickens, all sorts of
birds, pigs In clover, cock robin, boys, girls,
ladles and knights In full dress, on pranc
ing steeds, trees, flowers, fences, houses,
games. At one end Is the alphabet com
plete in quite distinct letters, and at the
other a ro^v of numbers up to ten. The
figures are all so well defined In the weav
ing that they will attract the attention of
anv child.
The coverlets are In fine Marseilles fab
ric, all white, and colored grounds with
white figures. They will bear much laun
dering without being harmed.
Price, $2.50 each.
Bed Blankets, $1 to $30 pair.
Crib Blankets, 85c. to $6.50 pair.
Cotton Comfortables, $1.25 to $3
Marseilles Spreads, $2.25 to $25
Wrapper Blankets, $2.25 to $7
Roman Silk Blankets, $1 to $4.50
Down Comfortables.
GOTTEN Christmas gift
is a down bed comfort.
They are in elegant silk
and satin in all the brilliant tints of
the rainbow. A magnificent one is
in dark rich hues in Persian effects.
One Is a splendid solid crimson. A highly
artistic one has cream ground, over which
are scattered bouquets of pink roses tied
with blue ribbons.
A dainty blue is adorned with sprays of
small flowers and leaves, and a stunning
pink Is elaborately brocaded.
Some have both sides alike, and others
are in plain colors on one side and floral
designs on the other.
Down Comfortables,
$4.00 to $50.00 each.
Flannels and Flannel
Waist Patterns.
LANNELS were never in
finer weaves nor more at
tractive designs.
Flannel Skirt Patterns
are handsomely embroidered in
dainty floral designs. They are
in all the pretty and washable col
ors. They are in neat boxes, as are
also the plain patterns. We are dis
playing a varied assortment of all
weaves of flannels.
Saxony Flannels, 65c. to $1.00 yd.
French Flannels, 50c. to 75c. yd.
Scotch Flannels, 40c. yd.
Plaid Flannels, 75c. yd.
W hite Flannels, 25c. to $1.25 yd.
All-wool Shrunk Flannels, 55c.
Eiderdown Flannels, 50c. to $1.00
Flannel Waist Patterns, $2.28 to
$3.50 each.
Embroidered Flannel Skirt Pat
terns, $1.75 to $5.00 each.
Qi d 'J
Decorative Screens.
N account of their varied
usefulness, as well as their
beauty, scrcens are elegant
Christmas gifts. They form
a necessary and attractive feature
in all well-furnished homes. For
keeping off draughts, obscuring cor
ners and. doors they are indispens
Our extensive collection ranges
from tiny fire screens to mammoth
creations, and all show the artist
screenmakers' best work. The dec
orations include studies of all imag
inable kinds, the grave and gay, the
humorous and the truly historical
farm scenes, Gibson studies, land
scapes, marines and home scenes.
A Mozart screen is in very rich tap
Fire Screens. $1.75 to $6.00.
3-fold Screens, $3.25 to $25.00.
4-fold Screens, $4.50 to $25.00.
Table and Toilet Linens
RACTICAL and elegant
Christmas gifts are found
in profusion in our linen
Table sets, consisting of table
cloth and twelve napkins, range in
quality from the most magnificent
hand-embroidered, rare lace cloths
and Mexican work to the soft sat
iny damask for less pretentious oc
casions. Almost every flower is
now woven in the damask. Very
fashionable are the poppies, blue
bells, tulips, smilax, Marguerite
with pearls, tulip bouquet, also the
Dresden scroll, the Gothic scroll,
wild flowers and scroll and clover
and scroll.
Centerpieces are In exquisite work, show
ing many special designs.
White Sofa Cushion Covers, hand-em
broidered, all white, are lovely novelties. ?
Hand-embroidered Shirt Waist Patterns,
with Illustrations and full directions, are in
boxes ready to be used as Christmas pres
Fringed Doylies, $1 to $5 dozen.
Hemstitched Doylies, $2.50 to $10
Teneriffe Doylies, $1 to $3 dozen.
Cluny Lace Doylies, $4 to $12
Hemstitched Linen Scarfs, 75c.
to $5 each.
Renaissance Scarfs, $1.25 to $3.75
Hemstitched and Embroidered
Scarfs, $1.50 to $5.00 each.
Renaissance Centerpieces, 15c. to
Teneriffe Centerpieces, 25c. to
$1.00 each.
Cluny Lace Centerpieces, $1.25
to $15.00 each.
Damask Tray Cloths, 25c. to
$1.75 each.
Hemstitched Napkins, $3.75 to
$20 dozen.
Damask Table Sets, $6.00 to $30.
Embroidered Table Sets, on
sheer handkerchief linen; Doylies,
$6.00 to $12.50 dozen; Centerpieces
to match, $2.25 to $2.75 each.
Utility Boxes.
Bamboo Furniture.
?rjT^v ARTICULARLY appropri
ate for Christmas gifts are
q) the lovely LTtility Boxes.
-ILL Some are as large as or
dinary trunks, and have trays and
various convenient compartments.
They are of cedar and other hard
woods. All of them have a pro
nounced Japanese air.
Many are covered with very fine,
closely woven matting, and elabo
rately adorned with bamboo trim
mings, some of which are formed
into floral decorations. Many very
handsome boxes are pyro-etched in
tapestry effects, and in this finishing
are those in Navajo Indian designs,
the real Indian colors being weil imi
A Card Table in bamboo, with
matting top, has six graceful chairs
to match. It is a charming Christ
mas gift.
Utility Boxes.
Burlap-covered, $2.75 to $6.00.
Matting-covered, $3.75 to $18.50.
Pyro-etched, $8.00 to $12.00.
Bamboo Furniture.
Foot Stools, $1.00 to $2.00.
Tables, $1.00 to $6.50.
Chairs, $1.50 to $3.50.
Couches, $15.00.
Metal Beds.
UR buyer of Metal Beds,
who is always seeking the
best of the newest shapes,
has selected some special
patterns that are as elegant as they
are unique. They include the old
mission, the colonial, the French de
signs and the graceful canopy beds
for draperies. Baby Cribs of brass
and enameled metal with brass
trimmings are of the finest makes.
Brass Beds, $20.00 to $75.00.
White Enameled Beds, $3.50 to
Brass Cribs, $30.00 to $40.00.
White Enameled Cribs, $5.50 to
Mattresses. $2.50 to $30.00.
Springs, $3.50 to $6.00.
Box Springs, $12.50 to $18.00.
Rich Holiday Furs.
E are showing a splendid collection of Fine Furs for holiday
gifts or for one's own use. All the most desirable kinds
and shapes are generously represented, from the elegant
Russian Sable Set that we offer at $500.00 to the set for
the baby at $1.50.
Mink, Black Lynx and Squirrel for Daytime
Wear, and Ermine, Chinchilla and White Fox for
Evening Wear,
Are decidedly the leading Furs off the season.
Handsome Black Lynx Fors.
None of the Furs shown this season is so strikingly handsome,
when worn with the new suits in red, wine, plum and green, as this rich,
lustrous black lynx.
We show an exceptionally choice collection of large and small
pieces for the neck and some very elegant Muffs.
Elegant MSmik Fors.
Mink is the most popular of all the furs this season. Young and
old are anxious to possess this rich, elegant and beautiful fur. Manu
facturers have made special efforts this season to produce effects that
are desirable for the young lady as well as for the matron.
Our selection comprises many superb effects, both small and
Ties, $118.50 up. Muffs, $30.00 up.
Popular Squirrel Furs.
None of the popular-priced furs are so stylish, none give such gen
eral satisfaction as Squirrel.
Our collection is large and most complete.
We offer splendid Squirrel Muffs at
$7.50, $10.?0, $112.50, $15.00 up to $30.00 each.
And all the new shapes in Ties, Cravats and Collars from
$5.00 to $30.00 each.
Misses' Furs.
As is our custom, we have made special efforts to collect a most
complete and desirable assortmentof furs.for the little folks.
We show a variety of new and choice Fur Sets of White Thibet,
White Lamb, White Coney, White Angora and a good collection of
the darker furs that are desirable for the children.
Prices from $1.50 to $15.00 per set.
Four Very Special Values So
Popufiar= Priced Winter Garments.
HESE are much better garments than are usu=
ally offered at these low prices; and they will
make very substantial and acceptable Holiday
Heavy Winter Jackets, made In a very desirable
semi-fitting style, of good Mack broadcloth, and
axso a good, heavy black cheviot, with strapped
seams: good satin lining; all ?Izes.
Special price, $ro.oo each.
A rack full of Winter "%-length" Garments,
made of heavy cheviots, heavy smooth cloths and
heavy mixtures. Some have full, loose barks;
others are semi-fitting. A most attractive collec
tion of desirable winter garments, at the
Special price, $15.00 each.
Medium-weight Tan Covert Cloth Jacket*.
length, tight back*, strapped seam*. aatlu lined to
waist; all size*. A splendid value.
Special price, $12.50 each.
A good collection of jaunty Short Jackets, in tan
covert cloths, black cheviots and light-weight ker
seys; all satin lined; some are perfectly plain,
others have strapped seams.
Special value, $10.00 each.
A Special Value ini Rain Coats:
. Imported Cravenetted Rain Coats, in two smart
styles, made off fine cloths?some velvet trimmed.
$28.50o Regularly $38.<1
Two Very Smart Shirt Waists
Suitable for Holiday Gifts:
At $1.50.
A splendid collection of patterns in a fine English
madras, all white, made with plaited front _a_nd
back: new designs; just received. All sizes."
Third floor, G st.
At $1.25.
An exceptional quality of black sateen, made with
cluster tucks and plaits front aud back and fin
ished with hemstitched white lawn collar and
cuffs; all sizofi.
Winter Special Sale off
Trimmed Hats, Toques
amid Bonnets
For Carriage, Street, Visiting and Evening Wear.
ODEL Hats for dress are displayed and offered for sale to
morrow at attractively low prices.
Exquisite White Beaver Picture Ilats, Rich Black Vel
vet and Beaver Picture Hats, with elegant ostrich plumes;
dainty creations of lace, chiffon and ostrich plumes, in the charming
and beautiful light effects, which just now are very fashionable.
And many other styles, expressing the latest ideas now in vogue in
Paris, and which all well-dressed women will want to see.
These have been arranged with a view to the demands of dress for
early winter, and are offered at very special prices.
' $10.00 to $15.00. Values, $15.00 to $20J
Second floor, Tenth it.
Gift Slippers.
The first Christmas you ever re
member you'll probably recall the
slippers your mother or sister gave
to father?or vice versa. And it al
ways will be so, while the Christ
mas thought means giving comfort
and pleasure to the recipient. Slip
pers have a place that nothing else
can fill on Christmas day.
Special attention Is called to our
fine line of House Slippers for Men,
Wemen and Children, which are
made especially for comfort, of the
best materials obtainable.
Men's Opera Slipper*, of tan and black kid
SSl rilr...9of,\. $1.50 and $2.00
Men's Romeo*, of tan and black kid
skin, with soft, flexible soles. Pair
Men's Felt Bomeos, with leather soles.
Men's Felt Slippers, with leather sole*.
Men's Pelt Slippers, with felt sole*.
Women's Felt SHpper* and Juliette*.
of the
best quality felt, with flex- ^ j <5 _
lble soles. Pair $I.OO ailQ $>1.35
Women's "Comfy" Slippers, for tht bed r^\
room?very soft. Pair
Misses' and Children's Felt Qr.. t/^Ci ob.
Slipper*: according to slxe. Pair. ?J " lO >pl
Third floor. Tenth
Art Novelties for
Holiday Gifts.
We are showing in our Art Nee
dlework Department hosts of new
and beautiful things, made up and
to be made up, especially suitable
for Xmas gifts, including
Center Pieces,
Pin Cushions,
Handkerchief Bags,
Handkerchief Gases,
Opera Bags,
Jewel Cases,
Pin Cases,
Pillow Covers,
Needle Books,
Glove Boxes,
Handkerchief Boxes,
Tie Boxes,
Veil Boxes,
Picture Frames,
Etc., etc.
Moderate prices prevail on all
these classes of goods.
Main floor, W at.
Woodward & Lothrop.
Aim of Boomers From Okla
homa and Indian Territories.
Three Bousing Cheers Given Former?
The Speaker Also
Called On.
"Joint statehood without any string to it.
If possible, but Joint statehood, at all
This is the motto of the Joint delegation
of statehood boomers from Oklahoma and
Indian Territory, reaffirmed nt a meeting: of
the members this morning at the National
Hotel, preliminary to making a visit to sev
eral senators and representatives at the
About one hundred out of the one hun
dred and thirty-eight members of the dele
gation went to the Capitol this morning for
the purpose of calling upon Senator Bever
idg<e. chairman of the Senate committee on
territories; Representative Hnmllton, chair
man of the House committee on territories,
and others, to Impreas upon them this atti
tude of the body.
The cause of the two territories was pro
moted in a most novel way. When the del
egation oalle<l to pay its respects to Senator
Be\eildge the committee room would not
accommodate all the visitors, and the sena
tor received them in the corridor and ad
dressed them there. The overflow occupied
the stairs leading to the marble room, one
or the seml-sacred precincts of the Senate.
Those stationed on this elevation led in
cheering the senator, who oompllmented the
people of the territories, and promised thev
should not be disappointed in their desire
for statehood.
Three Rousing Cheers.
Three rousing cheers rang through the
Capitol at the conclusion of the speech, and
Charles G. Jones of Oklahoma City, chair
man of the delegation, declared that Sena
tor Beverldge ever had been ready with
the right kind of advice" in the fight made
by Oklahoma and Indian Territorv for ad
mission to the Union.
The prettiest scene of the entire proceed
ing was at the close, when Helen Renstrom,
a flftten-year-old girl from Oklahoma City
sang three verses from "Oklahoma." the Joint
statehood song. By this time It seemed that
half of the habitues of the Capitol, includ
ing a number of senators, had been at
tracted by the gathering. The little girl has
a remarkably good soprano voice. When
she had finished Senator Beveridge shook
her hand and thanked her for the privilege
of hearing her sing, saying that any one
who heard her would be sure to Tavor the
cause she promoted. Other senators praised
the little girl, who departed with her
friends, wearing a happy smile.
The statehood boomers also received
much encouragement today from the rep
iw" .n? d1 whose committee rooms
they called Representative John Sharp
Williams the minority leader, In address
ng the delegation said he would do all In
his power to have Oklahoma and Indian
Territory admitted as one state, provided
their admission Is not coupled with the ad
mission of New Mexico and Arizona
Representative Hamilton, chairman of
J i"s,e commitfee on territories, assur
ed the delegation that statehood will doubt
less be granted at this session. The dele
gation also called on Speaker Cannon.
Judge Charles B. Rogers Of Vinita, I. T.'
J. S. Johnston, secretary of the Federated
Commercial Club, Oklahoma City Okla
and several other members of the'delega
tion made addresses at the various com
Views of th? Delegation.
Three citizens of Indian Territory were
discussing the situation in the National Ho
tel lobby this forenoon. These were C E
Hunter of Chickasha. J. T. Coleman of Ard
more and Judge C. M. Joiner of Ardmore.
"One hundred and twenty-five of us want
Joint statehood without any restricting
?la"se- ' sald Mr. Hunter, "but one hun
dred and twenty-five of us will be glad to
one i?(0c for the two territories as
tlnn. Tki Congress does impose restrlc
Hons. There are three ministers in the
tn ,they naturally would like
see a prohibition clause Inserted in the
enabling act. but the rest are not pushing
that subject, nor are they, for that mat j
.'.'That's right." said the other two.
Statehood of some kind, so loner as it
one state for both, is whkt we Ifre after
ii ,*'ant U at this session. We ire not
Colemanr ' detu"8'" reiterated Mr.
"Of course," said Mr. Hunter, "we think
we are capable of self-gt>vernment, and
therefore we would like to have our state
hood straight. One way of looking at It Is
that if Congress does not think us fit to
get along and make our laws without cer
tain restricting clauses in the act it ought
not to give us statehood at all. That argu
ment may be used, but not to such an ex
tent as to run the risk of losing out en
tirely at this session."
Mr. Hunter was a private in President
Roosevelt's rough rider regiment during the
Spanish-American war, and he was elected
last April to the presidency of the Presi
dent Roosevelt Rough Riders' Association.
He is an enthusiastic admirer of "his
colonel," and when he left home he brought
with him an Immense piece of mistletoe
the emblem of his territory, a large por
il?n,Sl.whlch he sent to Mrs- Roosevelt at
the \\ hlte House this morning as a compli
ment from the joint delegation from both
The delegation attended the services at
the First Congregational Church last even
ing, and Miss Renstrom sang "The Hells
of Bethlehem." The three ministers of
the party?Revs. J. J. Thompson of Okla
!Tant'uy',Ii' clou<1 of Weljtston, Okla
and T. H. Harper of Oklahoma City-occu
pied seats on the pulpit with Rev. Dr S
M. Newman, the pastor of the church. The
delegation attended the morning* service of
the Metropolitan M. E. Church yesterday,
on which occasion Rev. Dr. Frank M Brls
tol preached upon the text, "There is still
more land to be possessed."
Watch "Jumped" Into His Pocket.
While at work in the bakery at 718 Hth
street southeast on last Friday, Adolpli
Saebode lost his watch, which was In his
vest pocket. Andrew Dyer, colored, was
arrested "by Policeman Weber of the fifth
precinct for the larceny and was arraigned
before Judge Kimball in the Police Court
today. After hearing the testimony the
court Imposed a fine of $:? or sixty days In
When Policeman Weber was investigating
the case he recovered the watch from
Dyer's room.
"Ifow?..d,d the watch come in your pos
session?" asked his honor of the defendant
"I works at the bakery, too, and I sup
pose the watch jumped Into my pocket "
was the reply. ' .
Had Been in Court Before.
John F. O'Brien asked for a handout at
the wrong house Saturday evening. While
he was there in waiting Pollccman Allen of
the ninth precinct returned to his home and
found him. O'Brien was showing a letter,
with which he hoped to get money.
When he appeared in the Police Court to
day Judge Mullowny recognized a familiar
face. O'Brien was before him Thanksgiv
ing day and, pleading that he had work
waiting for him outside, was allowed to
go with a light sentence.
"How did you like the workhouse?" he
v as asked.
"I didn't like It. I would ratl(?r go back
to Ireland than go there again," was the
serious reply.
"You better stay lo this country," sug
gested his honor. "Ninety days."
9 l
John ffloane, president of the carpet firm
of Ward J. Sloane, died Saturday at his
tome. In New York after a brief Illness
Jfr. Sloan* was seventy-ttr* ]rears oWL
To Beautify
Your Complexion
In SO Days, Use
N A D 1 N O L A
The Unequalled Beautifier.
(Formerly adrertlsed and sold as Satlnola)
Xadlnola 1* a new dtacorfry, ifiiar^nteed s nft
money will }*e refunded In every onm> uh<>rc It
falls to remove freckles, plmplet, liver spoti,
eollsr dtfrolorstlons. blackheads. disfiguring erup
tions. etc.. In 20 days. I.eav**? th^ nkfn ciear,
soft, healthy ami restores the t**suty of youth.
Sold In each city by all leading drugglats, or by
mall. I^lce 50 cts, and fl.OO.
Prepared by
National! Toilet Co., ??:??.?
Rold in Washington by Affleck's IHug Store,
People's Pharmacy and other leading druggists.
dell m.w.f.70
?The Most Useful
?of All Gifts.
/T^HERE Is no more useful or
w/T I aeeeptsb!# gift to the young
l( | housekeeper than tine nlnner
v\ \ y Sets, of which we are show
tng an Incompsrsble assort
ment in Frenea and Austrian
china and Rngllsh and Amer
Join porcelain In the mr?t artistic and
exclusive shapes and decorations.
Fine Austrian China Dinner
Sets, 100 pieces. Including
soup tureen. Special at...
Fine Porcelain Pinner
Sets, 100 pieces, lnclud Q A ?
'rZ 7?p..tartm: sp' $5.75
Bissell Carpet Sweepers
?the best Carpet Sweeper <>n tlie mar
ket and one of the heat and moat use
ful gifts jon ran make to n house
keeper We hare thein Id all styles
and slses -fitted with g fl "7C
latest Improvements - .P U ? / cv> UI jjj
Chas. R. Edmonston,
1205 Pa. Avenue.
For Sale
at fair and
reasonable prices *
and on
accommodating; terms.
Special discount
for cash.
Pianos tuned, repaired,
moved and packed.
John F. Ellis & Co.,
M.Tm8. 537 Penn. Ave.
Burchell's ??Bouquet"
Coffee, 25c. lb.
Even if other Coffee
has been good, there
MAY be better; prob
ably is. Try "Bouquet."
N. W. Burchell,
1325 F St.
Stylish Pain Coats
?make ideal XMAS GIFTS.
Superior quality and style dis
tinguish all Lindsay Rain
Coats. 6 prices?$7.50 to $25.
807 PENN. AVENUE and 2fl8 Bdwy., N. Y.
'Phone M. J878. Successors to (joodyssr Rubber Co.
"Chapped" Lips
and hands never bother those
who are wise enough to have
handy for use in cold, windy
weather. Contains no grease
?delightful to use. Price, 25c.
gV Thompson Pharmacy,
FrankC.Henry,Prop.,703 isthSt.
I t
i I
I j Including our own make, but slightly used, j '
Square Pianos. all makes, too aparard.
Tuning and repairing by Factory Exports.
Chas. M. Stieff,
Factory War*rooms,
!i 521 11th Street N.W.
a't J. a OONUFF, Manager.
Give Wine.
Fend jour friends or relatlres In the country
a caao of To-Kalon'a pur* American <|? ?=>
wines. It'a a glf* *v?"? ?
12 quarts of wines,
<rlnes. It's a gift they'll appreciate. Vi
lues, assorted, only.
Kent express prepaid to any addreaa In
Maryland. Virginia or North Carolina.
61* 14th st.
'Phone M 0M.
dell 20d
i^Mpi ?i ssiii.MitiMWPmgfiwwiMnni'y
Beautiful Diamond Ring
Here's a bargain for yon. S-karat Diss
mcrnd a magnificent stone. Tiffany setting.
Special, $68.
783 7th st n.w.
A. O. Hutterly,
riy W a M. m.w.

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