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^Chesapeake & QShlo Ry.
SPECIAL. Solid vestllmled elcctric-llghted
Dining <*nr Train, reaches Cincinnati *:00 a.m..
I^uDvllle 11 <*> a m.. St. Italia 0:28 p.m.. Chl
????*?*, r. :tu p m. Pullman Slee[?er* to I>ouIsvnie.
Cincinnati, Indlananolis. Chicago and St. IxhiI*.
Connection f??r Virginia Hot Springs. Inning
Cur from Washington.
31:10 PM DAILY- F. F V. LIMITED So'id
vcstlbnled. electric lighted Din ug Car Train to
Cincinnati. Pullnan Sleepers to Cincinnati,
I?e\lnirton and Ix>u!s\llle without change. Com
psrttnent Sb-cper to Virg n5a Hot Springs dally
. fxcfpt Sunday. Sleepers Cincinnati to Chicago
and St. Louis. Dining-car service.
. !:? nervations and tickets at Chesapeake and Ohio
Office. 513 Pennsylvania arcnue; 00? Fonrtecniu
str^vt neftr F. ami at tlie station. Telephone Main
irT3u for Pennsylvania 11. R. Cab Service.
Telephone Main 1?*W. General Pa?cnger Agent.
?? BiAQ0.K?AS>
CHICAGO 8PECIAU?Parlo* and Dialog Cart
Barrlsbun to PIttat*?rgh. Connects for Chicago,
Cincinnati, Indianapolia, LoulavlUe and St. Louis
Parlor Car and Pennsylvania Kallroad Cafe Cat
Ui Ilarrlsburg.
10 BO A.M. dally. MAIN L'NE EXPHESS.-Pull
* in an Duffel Parlor Car to Harriaburg. Parlor Cat
Harrlsburg to Pittsburgh. Petmaylvanla Railroad
Caf.' Car Harrlsburg to Altoona.
12.01 P.M. dally ST. LOUIS LIMITED. ?Sleeping.
Dining. Snicking and Observation Cars from Har
riaburg. For Cincinnati, ludlauapoiia, lioulsvllla
and St. Louts. Buffe. Parior Car to Harrlsburg.
ED. Pullman Sleeping. Dining, Smoking and Ol*
?err at Ion Cars fri?m Harriaburg. For Chicago,
? Cleveland. Toledo and Detroit Buffet Parlor
Car to Harrlsburg.
* :40 P.M. daily. PENNSYLVANIA SPECIAL (18
hours to Chicago).-Pullman Sleeping, Dlnl.ig.
Sna king aad Observation Cars from Harriaburg
for Chicago. Sleeping Car to Harrisburg.
1:40 P.M. dally. CHICAGO AND ST. I/jUlS B.T.
PliKSfl. Sb oping Cars Washington to St. Isouia
Bleeping and Dining Cars Harrlsburg to en.cag"
IndlanapoiIs, St. Louia and .\n*b*iile (via Cia
cluuatl and Louisville). bleeping Car to llama
fc40 P.M. dally. CHICAGO LIMITED.?Sleeping
Cur Washington to Chicago and Cleveland. Penn
sylvania Railroad Cafe Car Ha.timcrv to Uarrla
burg. Sleeping. Smoking, Dining and Ob&'rvatl >n
Cars from llarriaborg. For Chicago and Cleve
-? land.
7:1C P.M. daily. ST. LOUIS EXPRESS.?Pnllmaa
Sloping Car Harriaburg to St. Loula and Cin
7:40 P.M. dally WESTERN EXPRESS.-Pnllmaa
Sleeping Car to Pittsburgh &4d Chicago. Dining
Car to Chicago.
EXPRESS.?1'oilman Sleeping Cars Washington to
Hurrisburg. and Harriaburg to Cleveland and Ciu
cinnati. Diuing Car.
30:40 P.M. daily. PITTSBURGH SPECIAL.-Pall
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburgh. Dining Car Al
toona to Plttsbargh.
10:40 P.M. daily. TACIKIC EXPRKSS.-Pullnni
Sleeping Car to Uarrlsburg ami Hurrisburg to
Pittsburg. Concerts for Cl< leland and Toledo.
7M A.M. dally. BUFFALO DA* EXPRESS. with
through Tarlur Car, Pteonsy Ivania llallroad Cfcf?
Car atul Coacbes to ltulJul >, via Emporium Junc
;.&0 A..M for Eric dallj, Caoandalcua. Roebeste:.
and Niagara Fall, dally, except Suudav
1U:C0 A il 'for Klmlra end Iteneva dally, except
Suailay. For WiUiumsport dally, 3:40 P.il.
7:1B P.M. dully. UUF1-AM) NllJUT EXl'ltSSS.
with 1..r<'u?u UutTet Slrtpiag Car and Coaches t.
Buffalo, *ia Emporium Junction.
7:4t> P.M. Uttily for Kile, Hoclieater, Buffalo and
N.. i i t all., ?itb Sleeping tar VVii&uiugtoo t,
l\M. daily for Erk tlauaodaigua. Rochester.
1 ilo and .Vngara Falls.
I 00 r M. "CoNdKESSlO.NAL LIMITED,- fot
New York only, daily, all l'ailor Cars. Dining
. Car.
ExiT'^i. rf.5 S..M). ?10 00 (N*w York only), and
?11.00 A.M.. -ntSS. -aioo. 3:16, MiiO, 6:50
10 uo p M.. 12-30 uigbt. On Sundays. 'H:50
?11:00 A.M.. 12:01. ?3:00. 3:11 ???:?, C:30 and
10:00 1J:30 nlgbt.
For PblHdelpbla on>. Express, 7:40, 10:00 A.M.,
12:01 P.M. wt-ek daya. 2:00, 4:00. -6:35 and 5:40
I'.M. daily; ti:.~>5 A.M. Sundays.
Fcr Boston, wlibout rbangc, 7:40 A.M. week day*
and *5:30 P.M. daily.
For Baltimore. 5:00. 6:13, 0:35. 7:40. 7:50. 8:50.
10:00, 10:50. 11:00 A.M.. 12:01, 12:35, 1:10, 2:00.
1:00, 3:15. 3:40. 4:00 <4:00 IJmita.1), ?:20. 4:45
4.4H. 5:85. B:40, ?:10, ?:50. 7:15, 7:40. 10:00.
10:4fl, 11:35 P.M., and 12:30 night week days. u>
Eondays, 0:55, 7:50, H:50. y:0B. 10:50, 11:00 A.M.
12:01. 1:15. 2:00. 3:00, 8:15. 3:40. 4:00 (4:U0
United), 4:20, 4:45. 5:30. 0:40, 8:10, 0:50, 7:15
7:40. 10:00. 10.40 P.M.. and 12:30 night
For Annapolis. 7:40 A.M., 12:35, 4:20 and 0:40
P.M. week days. Sundays, 8:50 A.M., 0:40 and
10:40 P.M.
For Pole's Creek LJno, 7:50 A.M. and 4:43 P.M.
week days; 9:00 A.M. Sandsya.
Tli ket offices, corner Fifteenth and G streets, and
st the ststlon. Sixth and B streets, where orders
tan b* left for the checking of baggage to destina
tion fr m hotels and residences.
Telephone call -Mala 3730" ior Peunaylranls
Rallrvad Cab Service.
?Dining Car.
General Mnnajrer. Pass'r Trafflc Manager.
General Pasaenger Agent.
iieaboard Air Lane
K..r IVteraborw lUlelgl.. Wilmington Col'nn b i
Pavannab. Jack..?nr,lle. Tampa. Atlanii Birmlnc'.
1Mol.lie. I'ciiMii (i, nnd New Orleans ?""IJS
i.1'.!'50 "W" ,,A" V, Seaboard M?:l ' Tltroash
I u!iin,m Sleeper to JacknoiiTllle, Fla., eonn-ctl'" ?
at Hamlet with PiiUii.-iu .Ieef*r to Illrtulngbam
ta.'c dining car Washing! n to Hamlet N c
, ' ' iV i nwlUi I joiited - -
I . rl. I Iglite.s Kxcluvively Pullu.an. Solid tra a
I" > Aogustlne, lla? arrl?ing there 2 10 PM
I lie l'ra?ing Ro?hu. Compartment. Library Ob'.
MfTvatlon and Dining i'arn.
" 2.- P.M. DAILY S*-.Ntard Kxnres Si>l j trni-i
to Js ksonvllle and rampa. with Pullman .H-ei-r.
1 iir.Kigh sleep<-r to Atlanta and Birmingham. Al?j
it..'i-UKli r to Hlchoioad dallj Sunday
mmmm mum.
. 'i V fro,u '>"?sylvan a Station
. .. s in. i>a 1 !y Local for Ilarrlsouburg War
rpnt.oi Danrtlle and way .lationn,
10:51 a in. Dally Washington and Morlda I.lm
l'..l- I'tir.Kujii roaches and ?ieei>er to Columbia
rannsh and .!acL?..iiville Parlor car to Plne
liur>t \. C., week day.. Dining car serrice
I 1 r. a.m. Dally. Palled Slates Fast' Mall
: : !kh? conches and slee|>er to New Orleans
?1 ? ? 11 ng car m-rvlff,
' l' ?'??k Daya. I?ooal f<?r Hairl*K>iiburg
and y uy itatl^an* on .>lanaa^aa branch.
' i? rn. Dailjr. Local fur Warre^jtou and Char
' P ii'. Wri k dayK Ss.ufh tij'.h Pnlm Limited.
. ' Pullman train. K he trie lighted. Throagh
* ?l*'rs to Aiken. Augusta. Savannah. Jacksonville
??'I Auguatlne. t'lub and obaervatlon cars. 5>j.
11 y. dining car aervlce
T :u> p in Dally. New Y??rk and Atlanta Express.
1 .rat elas.-? coach t*? Atlanta. slee|>er |o Colunfctia.
?.a ; Sunset tourist *ir? per Washington t.? Hau
FraneiaCO Mondays. Wedneadars and Pridav*
i):50 p.m. Dally. New \ firk and Pkrhla Kxj.re^a.
Thronxh e^achea and sle< j>en? to Columbia, HfYan
iia'? and Jackaonville. Sleeper to Augusta and Port
Tampa. Dining car service a la carte.
W 00 p.m. Dally. New \ ?>rk arid Memphis Urn
itcd (via l.ynchbargt. First claaa coach and sl-ej?er
t Koanoke. Knoxvllie, i'hattanooira and Memphis:
sir* per to liinulugham and New Orleans. Dining
car *ervlce.
' ? 4.*? p m. Dally. Washington and Sonthwestern
1 I'm ted. All Pullman train: ??l?H'r\-atlon car to
Atlanta and Macon; club car to Atlanta: aleeiters
Nanhvllie. At'anta. Maeim. lilrtulngham and
New Orleana. Dining car s?*rvlee.
I^eave Wssl ricton S 10 a.m.. 1:30, 4:45, S:06 p.m.
vv ek day*. f..r Pluemont: 6:2S p.m. week days for
l.ctsburg only. On Sunday leave Washington U:10
a.m., 5:oft p.m.. fur IUueiuont.
Through trains frnm tbe aonth arrive Wa?ihingt<?n
< 42 y 40 9:50 a tn.. 10; 15 a.m. (except Moa
days), 31:00, U '.0 sn.l 0:50 p.m. dally. I?cai train?
ft^ra HarrUonhurg. 11:55 a.m week days ami 9 20
pin. da ly. Prom < harlot tetfviUe. 8:10 a.m.; from
l.yuchburg. 0.^0 p.m.
Tickets, sleeping car reservations and detailed
information can be had at ticket offlcea, 705 15tb
511 Pa. ave. and Pennsylvania Station. Raggage
checked through from hotels and residences.
'Phone Main TT30. P It. K. Tab Service.
H. B SPRNCRR. ?en. Man.
Jua 30. 8. H. HARD WICK, Paaa. Traf. Mgr.
W. II. TAYLOR (Jen. Paaa. Afwit.
u a m?i am. Act.
Express trains "every hour on the boor*'
between Washington ami Baltimore, week
dajs. both directions.
Royal Blue trains "every other hour on
the odd hour" to Philadelphia and New
Through fast, flnelv equipped trains to
PItt*bnrg. Cleveland. Columbus, Chicago,
Cincinnati and St. Louis.
Information conccrntag departure* and
arrival* of all trains, reservation of sleeping
or psrhir car space, rates of fare. Sec., will
be quickly furnished ^
707 l.'th St. N.W., c??r. New York Are.
Telephone: Main 1591.
619 Penna. Ave. Telephone: Main 278.
Station. New Jersey Ave. arid C St.
T'cket Office, Telephone. East 687.
Information Bureau. East 724.
Effective January 8, 1906.
4:30 a.m. daily?Sleeping Cars New York to
Jacksonville, Fla.
8:4S p.m. daily?Sleeping Cars New York to
Jacksonville. Fla.; New York to Port Tampa, Fla.,
via Jackson?!il?.*: New York to Thomasville. Qa. |
(Tocsdayg and Thursdays): New York to Augusta,
Ga. ; New York to Charleston, S. C.; Washington, j
D. C.. to Wilmington, N. C. Connects at Peter*- ;
borg fo? Norfolk via N. & W. DINING OAK I
SERVICE e-E this train.
#:10 p.m. dally except Sunday?"NEW YORK
and FLORIDA SPECIAL," composed entirelv of
the most Modern Pullman Drawing Rcom, Sieep
Ji s. Compartment, Dining. Library and Observa
tion Cars, lighted throughout by electricity and
lea ted by steam, runs solid from New York to
St August Jne.
For tickets and all Information apply at the
District Passenger Agent. Washington, D. C.
Pass. Traffic Mgr. Oen'l Traffic Mgr.
Direct Line to Havre?Paris (France).
.Sailing ?*very Thursday at 10 a.m.
From Pier No. 42. North River, foot Morton s* N.Y.
La dascogne Feb. ?l*La Tonraine.... March 1
?I*a Savole F*?*> 1Mf.a (lascc.gue. .. .March 8
La Bretagnc Feb. 22TLa Lorraine.. .March 15
*iw . -?*_;?* sieaiueis.
1*11 ti ST. N.W.
nit:l-312t.eSu 14
Hamjburg=American Line.
Pl\ mouth? Cherbourg?Hamburg.
tPatricia Feb. 3
* Pretoria Fr>b. 10
?JRluecher Feb. 15
tWaldersee Feb. ?4
15 Amerlka Mar. 1
tPeni.sylvanla... Mar. 10
?Deutschland Mar. 15
I tPr* trlcln Mar. 17
, .. ,.,r? o?v rn'. ?? I . ? fil It 111 SIRT. n
8. S. Amerlka. Most Luxurious and Most Modern of
?Grill room. tGymnasium. 'Elevator and a la
carte restaurant tCalling at D?>ver for London
and Paris.
Mediterranean Servicc.
tDEU'rSCHLAND Frh. fi, 2:30 p.m.
?Hamburg Feb. 17, noon
Prins Oskar.... ..Mar. 7. 2 p.m.: Apr. 19, June 2
Prinz Adalbert.. Mar. 22. 10 a.m.: May 8, June J9
Uaiea. 1st Class. $70. ^fll?? upward, accoruing
to steamer selected. s
?Call at Gibraltar. tCrill room.
i ''nly 8 Days to Italy by the Great Flyer
E. V. DROOP & SONS. 825 Pa. ave
Fast Express Service.
Fastest and Most Luxurious of Leviathans.
Kaiser Feb. 6. TO am'Ivronprinz. .Apr. in, 7 am
K. Wm. II..Feb. 20. 1 pu Kaiser. .. .Apr. 17, 10 am
Kaiser Mar. 6. 10au K.Wm. II..Apr. 24. 6 am
K. Wm. II.Mar. 27, 7 a JKronprlnz.. May 8, 6 am
Twin-Screw Passenger Service.
Rheln Feb. h, 10 am I-'rankfurt.Mar. 22, 10 am
Cassel. ..Feb. 15. 10 am tKurfuerst,Mai\29. 10 am
I'. si;u. Mar. 1, 10 am li ran'burg. Apr. i 2, 10 am
Koeln. . M-r. 8. 10 ara? Breslau. . Apr. 19, 10 am
tCalling at Plymouth and Cherbourg.
Mediterranean Service.
K Albert... Feb. 17. 11 am ?Ne-'kar. .-Mar. 17. 11 am 1
I'.a: Ii;iiuvs i. Keb.24,11 arnlK. Albert.. Mar. 24. 11 am
IV Irene. . Mar. 11 a:rt;Harbar'-sa. Mar.Hl. 11 am
K. Luis'*....Mar. 1<>, 11 am;P. Irene... Apr. 7. 11 am j
??.n.iaiiai and Naples uin>.
OELRU lis A CO., NO. 5 BROADWAY, N. \.
K. V. !>RO<?P A: SONS CO.. 920 PENNA. AVE.
CELTIC (20.9-.I4 tons) Feb. 17. 12:30 p in.
REPUBLIC Mur. 9, :t p.m.; Apr. 21. May 31
CBETIC Apr. 3. lo a.m.; May l(i
I CANOPIC .* Feb. 24. 11 a.m.; Apr. 7
ROQ1ANIO... Mar. 17. 3:30 it.ni.; Apr 2S
DAVID LINDSAY. Passenger Agent.
Ie* S12t.eSu 23
Winter Schedule, In effect December 28, 1965.
Steamer will leave Washington every Thursday !
at 4 p.m. for IJaiilmore and River Landings, ar
riving In Baltimore early Saturday morning.
Returning, will leave Baltimore, Pier No. 9,
light at., every Tuesday at 5 p.m. for Washington
and River Landings, arriving in Washington carl/
Thursday morning.
All freight must be prepaid. Accommodations
for passengers unsurpassed.
G. F. and P. Agent. Ag< nts, 7th st. wharf.
de27-tf,15 Telephone Main 7-45.
K. ?. UA.\D.\lZ"pOT< JM AC Rl\ t:tL 1?1NK C? ?
SAT! 1M>AYS at 7 a.m., for landings on Potomac,
including I\>rt Tobacco creek, .Maddux creei.
Wicomico river and Nomini creek landings. ?Siil>
N USD AY a: 4 p.m., for river landings, including
IsLdmgs on tte Wicomico river, Nomini and ioire:
M < r>odoc creeks.
Returning, strainer arrives In Washington Tues
day an J Sunday afternoons and early Friday
Steamer for GLYMONT and Intermediate lan 1
lii^s at ^ a.m daily except Sunday; returnioj
about 4 p.m. nold-w
Four Days Adrift in a Boat.
After four Jays antl a half in an open
dory without food or water in a terrific
gale and with a half-crazed companion,
who twice attempted suicide by jumping
into the s?a. Charles Mattheson, forty
years old. with his unconscious dory mate,
"Kred' Hemmeon, eighteen years old. was
picked up liy the tishinjj schooner Flora S.
Nlektrson Saturday afternoon off ' the
Southwest <leorj;e'!? Banks and landed in
Boston port.
The.-e t'sOiermen are the last to be ac
counted . r of the eighteen memiiers of the
crew of the schooner Quonnapowllt, who
wi'iit astray in the fog on Tuesday. Their
Iiks left Oapt. Klbridge Nickerson at. sea,
in a severe northeaster, with only his cook
and a spare hand to run the vessel. They
started for port, and on the way four men
from another schooner were taken aboard
and the vessel .-ame safely In. Here they
were welcomed by sixteen of the crew, who
had been picked up by the schooner Ellen
l\ Burke and landed in port Wednesday
morning. Mattheson and Ilemmeon re
mained to be accounted for, and the tale
of their < xperienoe brought tears to the
eyes of their mates.
Warehouse Property Deeded.
A lieeil was placed on record yesterday
by which the American Security and Trust
Company transferred to the Security Stor
age Company the storage warehouse prop
erty of the former at 1140 15th street north
west. The new storage company was re
cently Incorporated for the purpose of
taking over the storage business of the
American Security ar.d Trust Company,
and the transfer of the property is in l.ne
with the plans which had been made for
the new company to begin business today.
Administrator of Batcliffe Estate.
Justice Stafford, in the Probate Court, has
granted letters of administration on the
estate of the late James W. Ratcliffe to
John T. Crowley on his giving a bond in the
sum of $8,000. The administrator Is author
ised by the decree to continue the auction
business formerly conducted by Mr. Rat
cliffe until such time as a favorable sale or
the business may be effected. Attorney
Citarlea W. Dur represents the
(Continued from Eighteenth Page.)
John P. Rlxey, Miss Mary B. Rlxey, Mr.
and Mrs. Charies H. Robb. Miss E. S. Rob
erts, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Roberts, Mrs.
Lydia Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Roberts,
Mr. Samuel M. Robertson, Mrs. Robeson.
Miss Robeson, Mr. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
C. Robinson, Mr. and Mr3. Joseph T. Rob
inson, Miss Lota Robinson. Mr. Norborne
Robinson, Mrs. N. T. N. Robinson, Mr. V.
Gilpin Robingpn. Miss Pearl Robison. Mrs.
G. E. Rockwell, the Misses Rockwell. Mrs.
George Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Rodenberg. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G.
Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Jules A. Rodler, Mr.
and Mrs. H. V. Roe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
H. Roeseh, Mrs. Clara J. RogerB, Rev. E.
M. Rogers, Hln Helen Rollins. Mrs. Nicho
las L. Roosevelt. Mr. and Mrs. W. Em!en
Roosevelt, the Secretary of State, Mrs.
Root, Miss Root. Mr. and Mrs. John H.
Root, Prof, and Mrs. E. B. Rosa, Mr. and
Mrs. Clifford Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.
Rose, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rose. Mr. E.
Rosewater. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rou
zer. Miss Rouzer, Mr. Charles R. Rowdy
bush, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Rucker,
Mr. Jacob Ruppert, Jr.. Miss M. D. Rusher.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Payton Russell, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. Russell, Miss Lucy Rus
sell, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Russell, the
Misses Russell, Miss Edith Rutherford. Mr.
nnd Mi's. Edwin Ryals, Mr. and Mrs. Thoa.
Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ryan. Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. B. C.
Mr. Rodney Sacket. Mr. and Mrs. William
M. Sage, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Salkeld. Mr.
Richard Saltenstall, Mrs. Albert T. Salter,
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Samuel. Mr. Frank K.
Samuel, Mr. E. Roger Samuel, Mrs. Lenora
F. Sanborn. Miss May Sandt, Miss Adelaide
Sargent, the Misses Sasscer, Mr. Selwyn J.
Sasscer, Mrs. C. E. Sawyer. Mr. and Mrs.
Marvin F Scarfe. Miss Scarthe, Mr. H.
Schade, Miss Schade, Dr. and Mrs. J-sse B.
Seharhirt, Miss Seliermerhorn. Rev. Dr. and
Mrs. John M. Schick. Mr. James P. Schick,
Miss Mary Schick. Rev. and Mrs. Albert S.
Schiflf, Mrs. Mary H. Schulter. Rev. V. F.
Schmitt. Mr. and Mrs. Gustav A. Schneebell,
Mrs. T. F. Schneider. Mr. and Mrs. Fred F.
Schrader, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Schroeder,
Mr. H. W. Sohultz. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
H. Schwartz. Miss Scott, Mr. and Mrs
Charles F. Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan B.
Scott. Mrs. W. W. Scott, Mr. Thomas E.
Scroggy. the Misses Secklindorff. Mrs. Sem
ple. Miss Christine Sevier, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry A. Seymour, the Misses Seymour,
Lieut. Chauncey Shackford. Miss Bessie E.
Shackelford. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey W.
Shackleford. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shafer, Mr.
and Mrs. Shallenberger, the Misses Shallen
berger, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Sharpe, Mr. ,'wid
Mrs. Cassius M. Sliartel. Miss Shartel, the
Secretary of the Treasury, Mrs. Shaw. Mr.
Earl B. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Fhaw.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs Arthur B. Slielton, 1
Mrs. H. P. Shepherd, Miss Shepherd. Mr.
Carl D. Sheppard, Mr. Morris Sheppard.
Mrs. Sheridan, the Misses Sheridan, Lieut.
P. H. Sheridan. Mr. Swager Sherley, Mrs.
Thomas H. Sherley, Mr. and Mrs. James S.
Sherman, Mr. Richard I". Sherman, Mrs.
Sherrill, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Shinn, the
Misses Shinn. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ship
man. Mrs. J. V. Shipp, Mr. Thomas R.
Shipp. Mr. and Mrs. Justice Shiras, Miss
Eva Shorey, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Showalter,
Mr. John S. Shriver. Mrs. J. A. Shriver, Mr.
T. F. Shuey. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sibley,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Sidwell, Mr.
Manuel Sierra. Miss Lucille Simcoe, Mr.
and Mrs. Furnlfold McL. Simmons, Mr. and
Mrs. George Simmons, Mr. Lybrook Sim
mons, Rabbi and Mrs. Abram Simon, Mr.
and Mrs. Nathaniel S. Simpklns. Mr. Na
thaniel S. Simpkins. jr., L>r. and Mrs. John
C. Simpson, Dr. John C. Simpson, Mr. Hor
ton Simpson. Mr. Anthony C. Simpson, Mr.
and Mis. Thetus W. Sims, Miss Elizabeth
Sims, Mr. E. K. Sims, Lieut. Commander
and Mrs. William S. Sims, Rev. and Mrs.
D. W. Skellenger, Mrs. W. F. Skill
man, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Slayden,
Miss Slayden. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell j
Slemp, Miss Jaaie Slemp, Mr. and Mrs. i
John H. Small. Mr. atid Mrs. Rouel Sanail.
Mrs. Eva B. Small, Mrs. R. D. Smart. Mr.
and Mrs. Amzi Smith. Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Smith,
Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Smith, Mr. ("har es S.
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. David H. Smith, Rev.
E. II. Smith, Mrs. Electa E. Smith, Mrs.
F. H. Smith, Mr. Francis H. Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. George \Y. Smith. Mrs. H. Spencer
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hal II. Smith, Mrs.
Harry Smith, Mr. H. 15. Smith, Mr. I. R. T.
Smith. Mrs. E C. T. Smith. Miss Ethel
Arnold Smith. Mr. Marcus A. Smith. Mrs.
Mary A. H. Smith. Miss Narcissus Smith, j
Mr. and Mrs. Ray I,. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester |
C. Smith. Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas A. Smith, |
the Misses Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 1. Smith, Mr. j
anil Mrs. William Alden Smith. Mr. and
Mrs. William O. Smith. Miss Imogene
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith, Mr.
W. O. Smith, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Smitliers, Mr. John Frincis Smithers,
Mr. Reed Smoot, Mr. and Mrs. Martin L.
Smyser, Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Snapp,
Mrs. S. I". Snead. Mr. Hubert Snowden.
Mr. and Mrs. John Snure. Mrs. TSnyder, Mrs.
A. D. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C.
Snyder. Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Sontag.
Mrs. William Soper, Mrs. John Giover
South. Mr. Robert G. Southall, Mr. James
II. Southard, the Misses Southard, Mr.
George N. South wick, Mr. and Mrs. James
11. Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M.
Sparkman. Mr. and Mrs. Nehemlah D
Sperry, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spight, the
Misses Spight, AJr. Maurice Splain, Mr.
Ainsworth R. Sporford, Miss Spnfford, Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Spooner. Mr. Philip L.
Spooner, jr., Mrs. Alfred Spring. Mrs.
George Spring, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Spur
goon, Mr. William H. Stafford. Mr. and
Mrs. Augustus O. Stanley. Dr. and Mrs. O.
T. Staples, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Starek, Mr.
W. II. Starnell, Mr. A. F. Slatter, Mr. John
K. Stiuffer. Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Steiley, Mr.
Watterson. Miss Willie Stealey, Mr. Amas
A. Steele Mr. Frank A. Steele, Mr. and
Mrs. Halvor Steenerson, Mr. B. G. Steener
son, Mr. and Mrs. George S. S'.elfel, Mrs.
Lucy Page Stelle. Mr. and Mrs. John H.
Stephens, the Misses Stephens, Mr. and
Mrs. John A Sterling, Mr. Louis Stern,
Rev. C. Rochford Stet-on. Mr. and Mrs.
Fred C. Stevens. Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Stevens. Rev. and Mrs. Hugh T. Stevenson,
Miss Steward. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo H.
Stewart. Miss Stewart. Miss Clara Stewart,
Mr. Llspenard Stewart. Miss Minnie Stew
art, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stew
art, Miss Clara Stinson, Mr. Alfred
J. Stofer. Mr. C. B. Stoltenberg, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. -I. Stone. Miss Mabel Stone,
Miss Mabel C. Stoner. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
G. Stott, Mrs. Stradley. Mr. and Mrs. N. N.
Stranahan, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Strayer,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Strickland. Dr. M. B.
Strlckley. the Misses Strickle}-. Mrs. C.
B. Strohm, Mr. If. A. Strohmeyer, the
Misses Strong. Mrs. Stubblerteld. Mr. and
Mrs Thomas Sturgls, Mr. Florence E. Sul
livan. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sullivan. Mr.
and Mrs. S. E. Sullivan, Mrs. Theodore
G. Sullivan, Miss Sullivan. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas J. Sullivan, Miss Sullivan. Mr.
Timothy B. Sullivan, Mr. W. A. Sullivan,
Miss Mary Sullivan. Mr. Cyrus A. Sullo
way. Miss H. Belle Sulloway, Mr. B. W.
Sulloway. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Sulzburger,
Mr. William Sulzer. Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Sumner. Mr. Albert E. Sumner, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Sumner, Mr. and Mrs. John
T. Suter. jr.. Mr. and Mrs. George Suther
land, Miss Edith Sutherland. Mr. J. J.
Sutphin. Mrs. S. A. Sutton, Mr. and Mrs.
W. D. Swan, Mrs. J. Thomson Swann. Mr.
Claude A. Swanson. Mrs. L. D. M. Sweat.
Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Swem the Misses
Swett, Miss Hortense Swift, Mr. S. Roy
Svkes. MaJ. and Mrs. Richard Sylvester.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Taff. the Secretary of
War. Mrs. Taft, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua F.
(V Talbott, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Talia
ferro, Miss Taliaferro, Miss Kathryn Tal
madge. Maj. Fred C. Tarr, Mr. and Mrs.
R. B. Tatham Mr. James A. Tawney, Mr.
and Mrs. Edward L. Taylor, Jr.. Mr.
George W. Taylor. Miss Anne T. Taylor,
Mr. and Mrs. Hannls Taylor, Miss Taylor,
air. and Mrs. Horace A. Taylor, Mr. and
Mrs. 1. D. Taylor, Rev. and Mrs. J. Mur
ray Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. James K. Taylor,
the Misses Teachum, Mrs. Mary Techen
tien. Miss Elna Tegethoflf, Mr. and Mrs.
Erasius D. Telford, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
M. Teller, Mrs. Henry Ten Eyvk, Mr. L.
William Thavis. Mr. Henry A. Thayer,
Miss Anna P. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Aus
tin Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Charles N.
Thomas. Miss Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles R. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Thomas,
Miss Thomas, Mr. George N. Thomas, Rev.
i.onry Thomas, Mrs. Samuel Thomas, Mr!
\V. Aubrey Thomas, Mrs. John R. Thomas!
Miss Mary A. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Willis Thompson. Rev. and Mrs.
E. M. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Graves
Thompson, Mr. John G. Thompson, Miss
Frances E. Thompson, Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
W. Taliaferro Thompson. Mr. J. H. Threw,
Mr. Oak Throckmorton. Mr. and Mrs. Jo
aeph E. Thropp, Mr. mad Mrs. E. C. Tl*>
S^T m^'m I r*2Baa TttB^e' ??
tomln t? ? Tift* Mr. and Mm. Ben
a^T r ~ TUlmaa. Miss Tillman, Miss
jh Ttanberlake, Lieut. and Mm.
Mr .nTv^ ^T0",8, Mr Jwskaon Tinker,
TirreU- Arthur
mi.. X" and Mr* Grorge E Tobey,
k?vM s^s-st s&
MtesM.Trt?% . lnd Mrs- South Trimble.
? Fenwlck Trimble. Mr. J. Frank
bridle r?r ?aj<' x#*rs" Geor*e W. Trow
ralifLr^i- *?? rs A. C. True, Miss
JKJizabeth P. True. Mr. and Mrs J A.
WnLbm R M4^' Fran1Ses M Tnohjr, ' Mr!
ff? .?? 7urn?r' Rev- aDd Mrs w?
TV^Jii ?2. ' Mr- and Mrs. William T.
Tyndall. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Z. Tyssow
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Underwood.
V^ Arl,11^ Jv? Van Amdale, Miss
Mr" , Wr-V^r?,C,\ Vv"
Mr^ Frank v- ? " J{ers^laer. Mr. and
I Vierk Mr o ^ ?y ' MiSB Dorthy Van
kle Mr^f m Marshan Van Win
' * ' r ^ Mre- T- B. Van Wyck Mr R
L. \asque*. Mrs. Eleanor M. Vessey Mr
Jolni J. \ eazie, Miss Veazle Rev and* Mrs"
T vSi V^brycke' and Mrs lfroy
????n* iu^r" "S4 Mrs- Andrew J. Vol
IMward B v"y, E;, \ondy. Mr. and Mrs.
tMward B. Vreeland, Miss Anna Vreeland.
whPV w Pra,lk C- Wachter, Mr. Ed
Mr ?nd rr' 51133 Hattle C- Wachter.
Wadswort^^rs. James W. Wadsworth. Miss
vvadsworth. Mr J. Wagner, Miss Wag
Miss Waltp"** S'^i KlnK Wain wright,
Mr aM mV? o F" H" Wakefield,
Mr, 2? s" Georse E. Waldo, Mr and
WalkcfnMI? 3eawer* Mr" Herman B.
H C wif, '? A,?ler?V?lla?l Mr. and Mm.
Mrs Krt 'f 'l ,? Wallac?. Mr. and
fjff" J!?Pcrt M Wallace, Mrs Waller
ton MrLn* Mr' a?d Mrs' C,irford S. Wal
t?Ik ?, Mrs- Irving P. Waneer Mrs
ggr?* v^rger- J"r Gcw^^:
miss Kuth W anger, Mr. and Mrs Newton
MissTbbveH T Mrl, A? Gorman ward"
Warner Mr Mr" JosePh De Witt
Mr an^' m^I' ?".d ^rs- William Warner,
r. and Mrs. Bates W arren, Rev. and Mrs
F-dward Warren. Mr. Francis E. Warren
Wastrm^8 mY"11^"? ,Warren' Mr- ?
. errnan, Miss Adele Wasserman Mr
Alonzo \Vasson, Mr. and Mrs. W H *H
T w??' EarI Clifrord Wasson, Mr. John
Walk?nsrmM^ TIr, a"d Mrs. John Elfreth
r?R J HJO, ",,T' Watkins. Mr. and
^rs. Kobert H. Catkins, the Mioses Wat
WebsJr. Mm"1"! ?c. ?We^r? $eb'
Joi n W w\ jr - Mr" and M".
tX vv- Weeks, Mr Pandit t
maenm MrManda'nMrsMrR L w -V;;eIeht
Weir?k'rM L- Mr. ?nd^hTh'
Welrick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H Weiss*1
ArcaWel^h''M0hn ,^elborn' Mr- and Mrs.'
Mr C M wJS' a?(1 Mrs' David E. Welch,
ivlr i# W e,d' Mr- and Mrs. J. C. Well
iwfsses Wri? Mr5i Wa,tPr Weliman, the
Mrs rpZle Wel!s- Mr- and
Mrs. George P. W etmore. tiie Mioses Wet
more. Mr. William S. K. VV^more Mr
u?gPMr ^7 nm0rT- Mr CIiarles S. Whar
ton. Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Wheeler. Mr. J c
V p wl;, Mr-R'issen S. Wheeler. Mrs.
T Wheeler. Jliss Rachel F. Wheeler
h WM,.Ta Whipple, Mr. and Mrs. Thom.is
D. Whistler, I rof. and Mrs. Fred C. Whit
comb. Mr. and Mrs. Justice White Mr
j Brooman White, Miss Emmc Fryo White
Mr. and Mrs. William Frve White M'ss
Made.ine Wliite. Mr. and Mrs. Frank 1
2^*' mleadi.MJss Margaret R. Wiilett. Dr.
; and Mrs. Milton Whitney. Miss Annie W.
T Miff. Wickliffe. Mr. and Mrs. J.
wiM M,ss Wilber, Miss Louise c.
S and 5frs- Ar!?sto A. Wiley. Dr.
' ? ' Mr- and Mrs. I,. II. Wiley,
Mr- and .Mrs. Winiam H. Wiley. Mr. and
;. |,.Jol2 E- XV,i!,k;c- Mr- Donald. Miss Jean
1 kie- Mr- and Mrs. Howard Wilkins Mr
r" AVil^Vt m" R V'-bins- Miss Margaret
R. Willett. Mr. and Mrs. C. Arthur Wil
liams. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams, Miss
Eva Williams. Mr. James X- Williams. Mrs.
John R. W 1111'i ms, Miss Juliette WulHams
R- Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John S
? illiams, Rev. and Mrs. Richard P. Wll
' Robert Williams, jr., Mr. John
\% riliamson, Mr. Ii. Parker Willis Mr
Wiiloughby, Mr. and Mrs. William f'
Wiiloughby. Prentiss M. D Willson. Dr.
and Mrs. . H. Wilmei1. the Secretary "or
Agriculture. Mr. Jasper Wilson, Miss A lis-in
Wilson. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George P Wil
son. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse K. Wilson. Mr. and
Mrs. John P. \\ ilson. Miss Leila M Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. W.ison. Mr and
Mrs. William W. Wilson, Mr. Jimes It.
Wimer. the Misses Wimer, Mrs. F. K.
Winc-hell, Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Wing
Mrs. Witmer. Mr. Ansel Wold. Miss Bertha
F. Wolfe, Mrs. Frank A. Wolf, Mrs. Wood
the Misses Wood. Mr. Ernest E. Wood Mr.
Ira W. Wood. Miss Ellen P. Wood Mrs
Jessie Porter Wood. Lieut. Commander and
Mrs. S. S. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F
Woodlock. Mrs. E. Dora Woodman. Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel W. Woodward, the M sses
Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Wood
yard. Mrs. Lucretia Worden, Miss Ruth
\\ orden. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Worthington,
Miss Worthington, Mrs. Joseph Wiley
W ray. Rev. Abner K. Wright. Mi-=s Nell
Wright. Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Wright Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar W. Wyatt.
Mrs. Charles E. Young. Mr. and Mrs H.
Olin Voung, Miss Caroline E. Young, Mr.
and Mrs. J. IX Young. Mrs. John RusSell
Young. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Young. Jr., Mr
Warren S. Young. Mr. and Mrs. William J
Mr. M. E. Zeigler, Mr. and Mrs. William
T. Zenor.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., February 2, 1003.
The county commissioners for Anne
Arundel county have appointed W. T. CoJe
police officer at Masonvilie, and J. Neter
lezke officer at Curtis bay, this county. The
resignation of J. T. F. Forrester, patrolman
at Brooklyn, this county, has been accepted.
The board appointed Expert Accountant
Rogers to examine the county's books.
The funeral of Daniel McRae, who died
in Baltimore Tuesday, took place Wednes
day. Mr. McRae was for many years a
tailor in Washington and had an establish
ment at 7th and H streets. He made clothes
for Daniel Webster and Henry Clay, and
for several *yf the Presidents of the United
States. He was seventy-eight, years old.
Commander F. W. Bartlett, U. S. N., is
I visiting his family In this city. Commander
Bartlett's son, Owen Bartlett, is a member
of the graduating class of midshipmen at
the Naval Academy.
Mrs. A. J. Hickey and daughter. Miss
Mary Hlcksy of Kingston, N. Y., are here
for the graduation of Midshipman Hickey.
Honor for Mother Pleases Carnegie.
The trustees of the Carnegie School of
Technology at Pittsburg have received a
letter from Andrew Carnegie thanking them
for naming the woman's department after
his mother, Mr. Carnegie says: "The trib
ute to my mother is exquisitely fine and one
she would have rejoiced in receiving. The
interest she took in women wherever we
lived was extraordinary. She became the
sage of the neighborhood and was continu
ally in demand In times of trouble by her
neighbors. I am delighted with the action
of the trustees. Please say that I am deep
ly touched by this remembrance of one to
whom I owe everything that a wise mother
ever gave to a son who adored her."
Tragedy on San Francisco Street.
In the midst of a throng of pedestrians
at Market and Kearney streets, San Fran
cisco, last night. William Walbridge shot
and killed his wife. Mabel, shot two by
standers and killed himself. Jealousy
prompted the acts. He had been separat
ed from his wife and came Into possession
of letters sent to her signed "George." The
lettem were written on paper of the Han
ford (Cal.) Sentinel. One bullet struck Wil
liam T. Parlln In the mouth, shattered a
tooth and lodged in the Jaw. The other by
stander was shot in the ankle. Walbridge
was about forty years of age and appar
ently a laborer.
Atlantic City.
Atbmtt* Cttr.
Jffsw jers;
Mwlr. ~
Atlantic city.
I.* J? J? J? J? jl Jl J? Jl Jl J? jl jl jl jl jl,
Situated on the Atlantic Coast, completely surrounded by salt water, with a mild climate gov
erned by the Gulf Stream which flows directly along the coast, has made it the most healthful and
desirable resort to be found, and within easy accessibility of all metropolitan cities.
The BOARDWALK, seven miles in length, forty feet wide, with an unobstructed ocean
view, is the world's greatest promenade, free from snow and slush. The equable climate allows
great activity in outdoor life. GOLF, AUTOMOBILING, GUNNING, YACHTING, FISHING,
and outdoor pleasures of all descriptions. Everything for the complete enjoyment of the sojourner.
HALEY'S WASHINGTON ORCHESTRA renders music daily and Sunday every morning,
afternoon and evening?instrumental, vocal and promenade dance concerts. Musical attractions at
the Casino, theaters; an attractive programme of social gayeties that appeals to the most refined
and exacting.
Write the Leading Hotels for Information, Rates, etc.
NEWLIN HAINES. "Bl^heim!" >lpens 1 March" l,^
under name for both of
HADDON HALL, josiah white & sons.
American and European plans,
.1 ? , H. E. EDER.
Will reopen Feb. 15. after extensive
F. L. YOUNG, Manager.
Atlantic City is reached from WASHINGTON via Pennsylvania Railroad, Delaware River
Bridge route; via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, connecting at Philadelphia with Atlantic City
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ANNAPOLIS, Md.. February 1,
All other matters before the Maryland
legislature, or likely to come before it tlus
session, palo into insignificance in public
interest beside the absorbed attention every
one is giving the Germans, father and son
in conncctlon with the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad. , ,. ?
That there will be a legislative Investiga
tion. with A. P. Gorman, jr.. for the prob
ing finger, and A. P. Gorman, sr.. the strong
arm behind the legislative hand, is no
longer a matter of much doubt.
It is generally conceded that this will be
the action recommended by the finance com
mittee of the senate on Messrs. Gorman and
Bauehman's report. President Seth. in his
SOpacity? today gave out a*uongi?
terview advising this course and urging
that the senate call upon the house to co
operate in appointing an investigating com
Son the Senator's Pride.
The pride and joy of United State* Sen- !
ator Gorman's life is the young man who
represents Howard county in the .UPP^r
branch of the Maryland legislature, and
nothing probably in that long life has ,
given him such unalloyed satisfaction as
the fact that his son to a certain extent
has measured up to the Position '"t0
he forced him, for the advice of all the
elder Gorman's friends was against P'tcn
forking the son into the politica of tbe Mate ,
so cte< plv without his first having been
given an" opportunity to win spiirs f
the house or somewhere else. Now it is
siid that satisfied with the way the bo>
has behaved, it is the father's intention to
advance him to the position which he him
self now occupies?in other words retire at
the end of his present term as United States
in favor of his sen.
What truth there may or may not he in
this surmiso your correspondent is unable
to sav hut the facts and surface indications
unmistakably bear this out. Senator Gor
man in his old blundering way has hit
upon a popular chord.
Will Follow a Hot Trail.
As in the force bill fight of 1SOO, he has
stumbled upon a hot trail: and that he will
follow it, especially if his ambition for h.s
son really is at stake, few doubt. And the
demagogue attitude which the son now as
sume? his father is apparently strength
fninsr in every possible way.
It -was even young Gorman who, as tem
porary chairman of the c?mmlttfe J '
d'icial procedure (by a curious coincidence,
one of his father's henchmen is
chairman and was conveniently absent),
turned in the report this morning which
showed that the state printer is not do ^g
for the state within several thousand dol
lars the amount of printing which the con
tra.pt can compel from him. ....
It ha*. never been known until this morn
ing that the state printOT can be compelled,
under his contract, to print every local bill
introduced, and without one cent of extra
compensation. It was young Gorman also
who introduced the bill in the senate to
repeal the law pensioning judges, which
looked at that time to be the most popular
bill throughout the counties to be presented
this session. The fact that it is rapidly los
irg in that popularity, and that it will more
than probably be defeated, proves nothing
to the contrary, but merely shows up the
senior senator's old fault of seeing with d
ficulty the popular trend. The course pur
sued by the son today on the cigarette to
is doubtless likewise an instance of
same poor judgment.
Laurel Orders Install Officers.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
LAUREL, Md., February 1. WOU
The annual public installation of officers
of Ivy Conclave, No. 5W2, Improved Order
Heptasoiphs, was held last evening at Hill s
Hall, on Washington avenue. The Installa
tion exercises were conducted by M. Hays
Perry, district supreme archon, of Wash
ington. D. C.; J. E. Harrison, supreme past
archon of Potomac Conclave, No. 470: Wm.
A. Knotlem, supreme provost, of Columbia
Conclave, No. 11; John Duffy, supreme prel
ate, of Annapolis, Md.; Allen T. Lewis,
supreme inspector; Charles A. Anadale, su
preme secretary; M. G. Gerson, supreme
treasurer, and A. J. Dixon, supreme war
mer, all of Washington. D. C.
Those installed were: Archon, Jonn *\ ?
Grav; secretary, Joseph Curley; financier,
C H. F. SwalHeld; treasurer, Or. J. ??
Huntt; past archon, J. N. Newberry; pro
vost, George W. Curley. jr. prelate W J;
Thawley; Inspector. ?... Erne?* Nichols,
warder, E. Thawley; sentinel. M. Lelzear,
trustees, George W. Waters, jr., M.
Tighe and Frank W. Await.
The Laurel Orchestra rendered a number
of selection during the evening. Refresh
ments were served.
Laurel Lodge, No. TO, Knights of ^h ? ?
baa elected and installed the follow ing >offl
cere for the new year; Chancellor com
mander, A. D. Luster; vice chancellor. Geo
Davidson; prelate. John R. Dorsey ;mase
of work. J. B. Simmons; master of M-m*.
James Federline; master of finance J^m^s
A Lawrence; master of exchequer. Wm.
Frothingham; keeper of records and seals.
Wm H Dorsey; inside guard, wm. ^
King; outside guard, Ellsworth
trustees Theodore Sakera, M. 11 ton H.JL>?
aldson and James Federline. Mr. \* m. H.
Dorsey has been selected to represent
lodge at the Grand Lodge, which will
d,ni^ rooms ^the^demy o
Md., in behait
of the bill on local option.
SjJ!?* nrovldln* tor an investiga
iSMJa SS5? of Cincinnati.
Translated From lllu?trirte Zeltnng.
By a strange decree of fate the Morocco
conference is being held at Algeciras. In
this city, where twelve centuries ago the
Moors began the conquest of Spain, Europe
is now about to decide the fate of the last
independent Moorish state.
While Algeciras is situated at the uoutli
ern extremity of Christian Spain, the coun
try around it is for the greater part still
Moorish. The Strait of Gibraltar between
Spain and Morocco separates the two con
tinents, but not two civilizations. On all
the heights surrounding Algeciras Moor
ish castles are still to be seen, and Moorish
watch towers along the coasts, i he neigh
boring Tarifa. the most southern city of
Europe, has remained Moorish to this day,
with its strong walls and a formidable
kasba. the exact counterpart of 1 angler
on the opposite side of the strait, Even
Gibraltar, on the east side of the spacious
Bay of Algeriras, is still crowned b> an
indestructible "Moorish castle, which is now
being used by the Knglish as a prison. 1 he
people who inhabit the Iberian peninsula
are the direct descendants of the ancient
Moorish inhabitants, and resemble the peo
ple of Tangier, though they do not ?ear
the burnous and fez, like their brethren
south of fhe strait.
The city of Algeciras is moie modern
than any of the surrounding towns, though
one might expect to see castles and walls
and towers, and narrow streets wit.i high,
gloomy buildings and grated windows, sin-e
Algeciras is the oldest of all the Moonsh
settlements. It was here that in <11 the
first Saracen army, under the brave one
eyed Tarik, first set foot on Spanish soli.
It was the starting point of that remark
able expedition of conquest which has leit
such wonderful monuments of architecture
in almost every city in Spain except at
AThe''inhabitants of Algeciras still show
the spot where the Saracens erccted ,lie.ir
fiist camp on the south bank of the little
River Miel, which passes through the city.
The town built by Tarik in 7i:t and iortl
fied by his successors was in the course
of the centuries several times besieged and
captured, and finally, in KMiS, it was en
tirely destroyed by Sultan Mahomed \ oi
Granada. On the green island at the mouth
or the Miel, which has given to the city
its Arabian name of Al-Gezira al-Khadra,
there are only scant remnants of the old
town, and there would probably not be any |
place at all where to hold the conference
on the west shore of the bay if the Kng
lish had not wrested Gibraltar from Spain
two centurws ago. When the English, in
1704. hid hoisted their flag on the rock of
Gibraltar, the proud Spanish Inhabitants
of the town at its feet would not remain
there; they abandoned their possessions and
emigrated to Spanish soil. Some of them
settled at San Roque, north of the Hay of
Algeciras, others turned to the opposite
shore of the bay and built the present town
of Algeciras. with its uniformly low houses
and quiet streets.
There is very little commerce in the city.
The only industry of note is that of stop
pers, manufactured out of the bark of
cork oaks, which are numerous in the sur
rounding forests. There was little life in
this city of about twelve thousand inhabi
tants until recently, when the railroad -0
Granada was completed. Since then many
travelers, with their red Baedekers under
their arms, begin here their trip through
Andalusia. The great German steamer
lines the Hamburg-American and the
North German l.loyd, with their numerous
steamers landing at Gibrultar, carr\ man}
visitors to this part of Spain.
In addition to the unpretentious older
hotels, a magnificent caravansary of ^ the
most modern type, the Hotel Reina Cris
tina. has recently been erected at Alge
ciras. It stands directly opposite the land
ing place of the small Gibraltar steamers,
near the railway station, which is the start
ing point for the trains to Granada, Sevilia
and Madrid. This elegant, and correspond
ingly expensive, hotel is about the only tit
traction which Algeciras lias to otter, in
addition to its mild, sunny winter climate.
While tiie Morocco conference is being held
in the city hall?quite a large building--the
members of the conference will no doubt
be glad to find comfortable quarters at the
Hotel Reina Cristina.
Let us hope that the delegates of the
powers will succeed in putting an end to
the deplorable conditions prevailing in the
country on the other side of the Strait of
Hyattsville and Vicinity.
Special Correspondence ot Th* Star.
HYATTSVIL.L.E, February 1. 190*5.
Mr. Edward A. Fuller entertained a com
pany of gentlemen at duplicate whist last
evening at his residence, corner Wine and
Franklin avenues. The invited guests In
cluded Mayor Charles A. Wells. Dr. Joseph
R. Owens, president of the town council;
Judge John P. Briscoe of the Maryland
court of appeals. Messrs. James C. and J.
Harris Rogers. W A. Feu wick and A D.
Bla-ck of Washington; R. E. White,
Charles H. Welsh, John G. Holden. W. D.
Porter Jr.. and Harry W. Dorsvy. At the
conclusion of the games, a light supper was
^Delegate J. Enos Ray, Jr., of Hyattsville
district, introduced a bill In the legisla
ture yesterday authorising -the mayor and
common council to issue bonds in the sum
of 112,000 for the purpose of installing an
electric lighting plant in Hyattsville. The
bill will be referred back to the peopls for
adoption or rejection, and it Is probable
that a special election will be held some
time In March. It Is estimated that should
the people approve the bond issue, the
plant will be in operation by early fall.
A bill has been drafted and sent to the
legislature which. If passed, will make It
unawful for any one to shoot any par
?_i rjtthhit. woodcock, etc., during the
T^e bill is backed by prac
everv sportsman in the county, and
is intended to tirevent the extenn*natton of
the Bob White and other game tn
Gearire county. During the severe winter
of 1904-1906 hundreds of partridges ?pcrlabed
&r WTof <ood and .better, and
tbeia becam ?W pray tor Prowling hawk..
Will o4>en Second Month <Febrnary), 15tb. En
larged and beautifully Improved by a strictly Fire
proof addition containing one hundred rooms and
hatha equipped with every known modern conven
ience. Room pinna and information.
fe2-tf,20 W. J. BUZBY, Owner ami Manager.
Ocean front; Itetween the two piers; fresh and
aea water hatha, running water, etc. Special win
ter and spring rates. Auto meets train#*.
fel 30t,5 CHAS. E WAONER.
The St. Chasies.
Most select location on the ocean front,
Distinctive for its eb*france, exrlualreness. high
c?aaa patronage and liberal management v telephone
in rooms, artesian water, sea water in "all baths.
se5-240t 10 NKWLIX HAINES*.
bltA^SOB tnu.-UibE,
Best Location on the Ocean Front.
oc2-150t,ft F. P. COOK A SON.
Chester Inn. V'?very"%lt^i!
ence; steam beat: elevator; $2 up daily. $10 np
weekly. Mrs. D. KNAl'ER. ja27-9(H
iiote. Pone: ae Lean,
Virginia ave. at Beach. Modern In appointments.
First-class cuisine and service. Special spring ra*e?.
$10 up weekly. Booklet. S. E. SWKKXY.
1 a!?.*. 90t r.
ihlADOoN (HiALL,
A;ways Open. On Oeean Front
Courteous Attention, Homell'*e SurrLUiivLnj**.
Every Comfort.
Booklet and Calendar on application.
Overlooking the Ocean. Open all the year.
Malinger. IVdidtflt.
Always Open.
. On the Beach. 'Fireproof.
Send for Literature.
fT alen h a l i77
Our elegant New Brick Building
is now complete.
No more luxurious accommodations
on the <>>ast.
With half an nrre of curative
Baths and a swimming pool.
Booklet F L. YOUNG. Gen'I Manager.
au27 ISOt.lO
The Rndolf is offering superior aremndations,
with the finest cuisine to be lad. Reasonable win
ter rates. American and European plans.
ja21-tf.0 H. B. KDER
Ocean end Michigan ave. Booms en suite with
baths. Long distance 'phones in rooms. Elevator
to street. \YM. K HOOD
jh21 OOt
"""Motel" boscobeu
Ocean end of Kentucky ave. Now open.
Every known hotel appointment. Elevator to
street level. Cuisine anil service anexceU* d. Rooms
single or en sulto with both. Running water lo
rooms. Capacity 350. Highest class Washington
patronage. Wrlt?- for illustrated literature. Special
rates ft?r January and February.
jnl4-30t A. E. MARION. Owner and Manage-.
[hotel hortonT
Virginia ave. near Beach, Atlantic City, N. J.
I Open all the year. Fine table. Suites with private
bath. Handsomely refurnished. Perfect sanitary
arrangements. Elevator to all floors. Special laiea
! for winter. Capacity. 250.
Jail 15Qt 10 Mrs. N R. HAINFS. Owner 4 Prop.
Forest Glen, Md. Open all the year. Baths, elec
tricity, sun parlor, covered verandis, hot-water
beat, open fires. Pure spring wster piped through
tbe buildings. Ita convenience to Washington es
pecially recommends It. Send for illustrated book
let. Fall months esi>eclaily delightful.
?elS-tf-10 Addresa G. II WRIOnT. M.D.
Our treatment for drtnk and drug habits contain
no alcohol, morphia or strychnia. No hypoder
mlcs. Craving removed in 24 to hours. If. A.
BREWSTER, M. D., Medical Director.
r-i i i The United FruitCo.'s
I (J J Steamship Lines
V y aTTurd an Interesting, comfortable Toyam
od tbe mafutflcent twin-screw "AD
Weekly tailings from Boa too and Philadelphia.
Round trip, one way, $40. 8. 8. Brookllne and
Barnstable weekly from Baltimore. BOCXD TRIP,
|40; ONE WAV. $35, Including ueaU and stats*
room bert h.
Addreaa for Information and booklets. Local
Tourist Agent uc Paaaenger Department.
United Fruit Company,
Boaton. Philadelphia. Baltimore.
Tfco onlTeratty ton and fashionable wamt
" winter mart of the Alps.

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