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Sudden Demise Wrb a Surpris
Prominent as a Business Man
and Mason.
Rufus H. Darby, who for more than thir
ty years had been a leading employing
printer of this city, was found dead at his
country home. Hickory Hill, near Alexan
dria. Va.. this morning He had been in
good health of late, and his sudden death
came as a great surprise to his family and
friends here.
Mr. Darby was president of the R. H.
Darby Printing Company, with offices on
14th street near Pennsylvania avenue. He
was also interested in a number of other
Rufus H. Darby.
Important business enterprises here. The
deceased was a native of Maryland, and an
employing printer since tiie time of his
young manhood.
He was for many >cars active in the
Masoi.i order, living been made a Master
Mason in llarm< y Lodge. N'o. 17, F. A. A.
M.. April 13. 1*7<> Mr Darby was also a
member of th< Royal Anil Chapter, the
Knights Templar and Almas Temple of the
Mystl ? Shrine.
The deceased is survived by a widow, a
son, Rufus C. Darby, and live daughters.
Rezln W. Darby of West Washington is
his brother. Mr. Darby was fifty-four
years old.
The arrangements for the funeral will
be announi td later.
CHICAGO. February 2.?Long legal argu
ments marked tiie opening of the packers'
case toda; It was contended by District
Attorney Morrl&on that Jesse 1*. Lyman,
former president of th> National Packing
Company, was not a proper witness, be
cause Lyman was not a party defendant,
nor is tiie company with which Lyman was
formerly connected one of the companies
against which an Indictment was returned.
It was claimed by the attorneys for the
packers that tiie National Packing Com
pany was included in the indictment among
several companies which were mentioned
as "several others." The arguments over
the admissibility of the evidence of Mr.
Lyman consumed nearly two hours.
The attorneys for the packers declared
that they wished to have Mr. I.yman testify
regarding his conversations with Commis
sioner Garfield at the time the commis
sioner arrived in tills city to commence hl3
investigations into the packing industry.
After the arguments had been in progress
for over two hours the court commenced to
put questions. He addressed himself lirst
to the district attorney, saying:
"If it is true that the defendants in this
case sat on the board of directors of the
National Packing Company, of which Ly
man was the president, he was their agent,
was he not?"
"Not at all," replied District Attorney
Morrison. "He spoke only for himself."
"in answer to Mr. Miller, I will say that
this Garfield report came to me like any
other public document which had been
published for weeks, and 1 used it as
"If it has not been settled by the courts
that corporations can have immunity, some
of the evidence which has gone in is in
error," said Judge Humphrey.
"It has not been settled," replied the dis
trict attorney; "but If the persons get it
In this rase. I suppose the corporations
might as well hav<' it. I have not yet,
however, heard a reason based on any rule
of evidence why this testimony of Lyman
is competent."
The court here remarked, with evident re
"I really hoped that you gentlerhen would
have a clear argument to put before me
this morning."
Garfield Report Used by Jury.
"We can show," said Attorney Miller,
who is acting for the packers, "that this
Garfield report was used before the grand
Jury, before which Mr. I.yman was a wit
"Can you prove that?" asked Judge Hum
' I cm prove it by this very witness," r#
plled Mr Miller. "1 will show that the very
matters given to Mr. Car field, relating to
the National Packing Company, were
brought out before the grand Jury through
Mr. I.yman. arid that the Garfield report
was us-d before The ijrand jury by District
Attorney Morrison In cross-examining Mr.
District Attorney Morrison declared that
the arguments had raised the question of
whether a corporation can have immunity.
He declared that the only way it could ob
tain immunity was for one of Its ollicers
to produce books and papers of the com
pany under oath.
"Well." said Judge Humphrey, "if Gar
field talked to this witness about these de
fendants. and bow he was to get the books
and papers, his testimony is competent."
"I do not see by what process of reason
ing the court arrives at that conclusion,"
replied District Attorney Morrison. "If it
Is to be that by talking to any man in the
company Garfield gave immunity to all. we
are spreading Immunity about like a pesti
Provisions of Bill Drafted by Health
Should the bill submitted to the Commis
sioners today by Health Officer Wood
ward become a law, diseases such as
whooping cough, chicken pox and epidemic
cerobro-spinal meningitis must be reported
to the health office as now are diphtheria,
scarlet fever and other contagious dis
eases. At present there Is no law requiring
the Jisejs* s first mentioned to be reported
to Mr. Woodward's department, or re
stricting in any way the conduct of persons
suffering from them, except the regulations
that relate specifically to the medical in
spection of public schools.
The health officer recommends that the
proposed bill be forwarded to the corpora
tion counsel for examination and when In
its proper form that an effort be made to
procure its enactment.
Station Ship at Guam.
The Navy Department is Informed that
the converted cruUer Supply has arrived at
San Francisco from the Mare Island navy
yard and Is about to sail for the Island ot
Guam, where she will remain as station
"Buster Brown" Stockings,
12&c. Pair.
The widely advertised and popular "Bus
ter Brown" Stockings for boys, at exactly
half the established price.
'*Buster Brown" Stockings are noted for
their good-wearing qualities ? and every
parent will be glad to take advantage of this
Tomorrow at I2>2C. a pair instead of 25c.
La Mattchiche
May Man ton
F&ahlon Sheet
for March. Get
& copy tomor
May Manton
Fashion Sheet
for March,
containing all
the new styles.
This celebrated March, Introduced by the Marine
Band at the White House New Year's
day, promises to become as decided a
hit In this country as it has-In Europe. ^ ^
"La Mattcliiche" Is a march on popular T1
Spanish themes and Its air has an en- 11 (11/
chanting swing. Special at
All-music from "Mi*pah." 2So. **??
"Can't You See I'M I/oncly," 15c. ?""*1
"Star of the Sea." 15c.
Open until 9
o'clock tomor
row night.
Open until 8
o'clock tomor
row night.
Men's Suits, if C
Men's Overcoats,
Former Prices, $8.50, $10 and $12
The old must make room for the
new. A final clean-up of all the re
maining lines of Women's Winter
Footwear brings you regular $3.00,
S3.50 and $4.00 Shoes at $2.65 a
All styles, all leathers, including
calf, kid, patent colt and patent kid.
Lace, Blucher and button styles.
Every size in the lot, all widths
from A A to E.
Welt and turn soles.
The policy that compels us to show brand
new stocks each season dictates this sweep
ing reduction sale of Men's Winter Garments.
To make a complete clearance of every Man's
Suit and Overcoat in the house we will devote
Saturday to selling off the surplus without
thought of value or cost.
Unreserved choice is offered of our entire stock of Men's Suits and
Overcoats which sold at $8.50, $10 and $12 ? including all this season's
best models.
The Suits are of fancy cheviots, cassimeres, tweeds and novelty fab
rics by the score; in single and double-breasted styles. Choose from an
excellent variety of the most favored designs and colorings.
The Overcoats are of fancy mixtures, overplaids, stripes, etc., full 52
inches long, with belted back. Lined with Serge. All arc fashioned
with particular care as to style and fit.
SUITS SOLD UP TO $15.00?In another lot we've included oil
our better grade of Men's Suits, which sold up to $15. which will be
closed out for $7.50. Single and double-breasted models of fine quality
English worsteds, plain and overplaid fabrics in the fashionable oyster
gray, etc.; also fancy cheviots and cassimeres. Garments recognized as
the standard of goodness in style and tailoring, and superior values at
the original prices. Unreserved choice for
Misses' and Chil
ren's $2.00 Shoes, of
patent kid, patent
colt, dull duro calf
and glace kid; in
lace, ' button and
Blucher styles. Spring
and low heels. Sizes
8 to 2. 25
styles. Re- tj <3}
duced to ?P Jl .UV
Boys' and Girls' $1.25 Shoes,
of calf and kidskin; in twelve different
styles. Boys' shoes in sizes up to 2;
girls' sizes up to It. Every ?llf
pair fully insured. Reduced to
Misses' $2.50
Hand Sewed Shoes, of
gun metal calf, pat
ent colt and soft,
pliant kidskin leath
ers. Sizes 11^ to 2.
and 2*4 to 5. Superior
style and workman
ship. Re- ffifl JJ9
duced to ?P11.>'0
Men's $3 Shoes
of iiatent colt, dull
calf and soft surpass
kid. welt sewed. Lace,
Blucher button and
congress stylos. Broad,
narrow and medium
toes. Also $.">..Vi high
cut Storm Calf and
Tan Calf Shoes.
Children's $1.50 and
Shoes, of calf, kid and patent leather;
spring and half heels. Large and small
eyelets. Tipped or piain toes. 5 T>
SIz"s *; to 11. Reduced to ^ u
5 Boys' $2.50 Shoes, of patent
4* colt, box calf .Hid strong kidskin: in all
sizes from 2'-? to 5VI. Welt sewed?no
+ tacks or threads to hurt the ? Tj 9<0)
"{* feet. Reduced to
The remaining stock of Women's Winter Coats is being hurried out to the accompaniment of prices
+ that do not represent the cost of materials and making. The economies are so great that it vill be profit
J able for you to buy a coat for wear during the rest of the winter and lay away for.next season.
Lot one?Coats of broadcloth kersey, cheviots, vicunas and gray mixtures; also tail jpz?
T color coverts and castor broadcloths. Made in all this season's correct styles, including Long Box Coats.
Overcoats, Tourist Coats, plain and tailored effects, Empire models and others. Trimmed with self-cloth " xT-l[~V\ ST* |)
+ straps, velvet collars, yokes and plaited effects. vUjly/
J All sizes in the lot up to 44. Values worth up to $16.9S for $5. . IJ
*5* * ? t
+ Lot two?Gives you practically choice of our entire remaining | ,,
stock of Women's Garme'nts. which sold up to $23.00, with very few exceptions. They [/ V
"** include Imported Broadcloth Fur-trimmed Garments, finished with frog ornaments, \NL // ll )l
T Handsome Imported Tan and Black Kersey Coats and1 Elegant Tan Covert Coats, I // \V^j 1
T trimmed with tailored cloth straps to match Others are Empire Loose-fitting Coats, /"T* Ml II f?*,11 if iJ
X >"ke and plaited effects, with large patch pockets and panne velvet collar. Broad- VSlL-V I I O / VS?-V
J. 1 loth Kersey Coats, handsomely trimmed, with novelty inlaid braid collars and cuffs.
j. Most are lined with satin: otners are unlined. In black, castor and tan.
.4. Values sold up to $25.00 for $7.98.
$1.00 Silk Opera Bags, made of fine
quality brocaded or figured silks in a
variety of rich colorings, with a ^
heavy gilt frames and chains,
Special at
Reduced From
Hand Bags?Ladies' Leather Hand
Bags?several popular shapes
in black and colors; regular jf UJ/(C ?
$1.00 values. Saturday
We want to close out every Boys' Overcoat in the stock?and to +
make quick work of it we've grouped all the small lots of regular lines ^
sold up to $7.00 and marked them $3.69. |
lliree, four and five of a kind, including Irish frieze, beaver, +
melton, kersey and fancy mixtures, in plaids and checks; also plain +
blue and Oxford gray. T
Not every size in each stvle?but all sizes from 9 to 1^ rears in +
the lot. J
All are made in double-breasted style, with detachable belt back, J
extra full length. +
Boys' and Children's Hats, of all sorts including Tam O'Shanters. In ^ ^ J
round and square shapes; ear-warmer Caps. Golf and Norfolk styles. ^
Serge Tam O'Shanters and All-wool Toques. None Fold underlie. Choli e at 4.
hoys' All-wool Unfinished Worsted and Cheviot Suits. In navv blue rind black; +
two-piece double-breasted styles; with straight knee pants. All seams /j*>^ yi <ri\ T
are taped to prevent bursting. Sizes ? to 15 years. The-. suits. VJ AtV' T
which.sell regularly at $4.ito and $5.00; at ^ * *
Boys' Shirts, of Bedford ^ f=? Waterproof Collars, sizes 12, F? _ 4
Cord and Striped Madras; sizes Jj&Q 12%. 13, 13& and 14 Offered +
1.J, island 14. 50c. value tomorrow at three for 4"
Silk and Satin Shield Bows, Elastic We4> Suspenders. ?i f* _
in fancy patterns. Regular 10c. with patent cast-off ends. Sold j! |5C ?
and 12^c. values for regularly at 25c. a pair, for X
Actual $2.00 Value, +
A sale of Girls' Natty School Dresses, of J
novelty worsted, at half the regular price, is ([) j +
the extraordinary good news for Saturday. f?)J (vj) (I n *
Sizes to fit girls from 6 to 14 years of age. O +
Garments are lined throughout. Waists are 4!
neatly trimmed with yokes of plain cashmere, finished off with +
lace inserting and buckles. Full Jdouse effect. +
Regular $2.00 value, tomorrow at 98c. +
Girls' All-wool Serge Peter Thompson Little Children's Flannelette and j
Suits, In navy, red and brown. Deep Gingham Dresses, made in Mother T
sailor collar trimmed with white braid, Hubbard style; trimmed with embroid- T
embroidered emblems on sleeve, shield ery. ? Sizes up to 3 years. ^ = X
and collar. 6 to 14-year yp . Variety of neat stripes and y/JSiC. 4.
sizes. Regular $7.00 val- Oq checks. Special value for
ues at ^ 4.
Children's Heavy-weight Flannelette Our entire stock of Children's Silk T
Night Gowns, yoke trimmed and Velvet Bonnets, in white and colors, T
with plain flannelette. Sizes high styles, beautifully <f> rf-MO
up to 14 years. Special value 4l*u/<3 trimmed, which sold up to >) 11 QJIK T
at $6.!?8. reduced to u 0 ^ 2
An interesting list of Home
Needs from the Basement House
furnishings section for Saturday.
Savings you cannot afford to
$1.25 Austrian Glass Water and
Lemonade Sets, consisting of pitcher,
six glasses and tray. Beautiful dec
orations 88c.
25c. Nickel-plated Nut Sets, con
sisting of six picks and double
cracker 15c.
29c. Austrian China .Sugar and
Cream Sets, in beautiful decorations. 19c.
Thin Blown Table Tumblers; regu
larly C0c. dozen, Each 3>Ac.
20-gallon Galvanized Iron Asli Cans,,
with corrugated sides 95c.
5-gallon Galvanized Iron Garbage
Cans; regulation size :59c.
7\k-. Stone China Slop Jars, with
ball handle and cover 50c
$125 Russian Food Chopper, with
four blades 89e.
96k:. White Warwick China Bowl
and Pitcher 75c-.
Three-piece Carving Sets, made by
the American Cutlery Company; reg
ularly 49c. set 29c.
Rogers' Nickel-silver Teaspoons;
set of six for 21c.
Double Sheet Iron Roasting Pans
for 19c.
2-qt. Glass Pitchers, cut-glass de
signs; 20c. value 19c.
(Basement.) 4*
No housewife who practices $
economy can afford to buy her J
Groceries elsewhere. Here's evi- +
dence. +
Curtice Bros.' "Blue Label" White Mar- T
rowfat Peas; regular price. 15c., X
can 10c. a
National Biscuit Co.'s Z11 Zu Ginger 4?
Snaps. Oysterettes and I'needa Milk +
Biscuit, package 3??c. T
3-lb. cans of Lemon-cling California j.
Peaches, 23c. value 16c. Z
Homestead Brand Cream Sugar Corn, *
Maryland packing, 10c. value Cc. f
3-lb. cans of Shriver's Standard String T
Beans, 12c. value sc. T
3-lb. cans of Kalromel Konx Syrup, .s'^c. ij,
Wilson Catsup 4c. ^
Nantlcoke Tomatoes, large on?::- for..He 4*
Dwinnel - Wright's famous "White i
House" Coffee, regularly 85c. lt>. ...29c. "P
Armour's "Star" Brand 11 ms, lb,..12^c. +
Large cans of Mustard Sardim-.s. regu- T
larly 12c., for Gc. T
Gillies' "Jav-Marmo" CoIRt, regularly X
28c. lb 19c. +
Columbia River Pink Salmen, Jlon Bon
brand sc. <|>
Van Ltll's Celery CIhiw. re^ulaily 10c. *
Ciiallenge Brand <,ondeii-"d Milk....7%c. T
Maryland Brand Fruit Preserves. In T
Mason's pint jars Sc. T
From one of the most VV)/
famous makers of Men's \ ]/k ''
Shirts in this country we HlO v '
have closed out a lot of /AL ?
y | ( about 200 dozen high- I v
*. * grade, "Semi-soft" Neg
** lige Shirts ? comprising
\ the season's overplus lots
, *t and stock made in excess X**
ft ?
* of regular orders. 1
^ / It is by far the most important ^ x
V* yO Shirt event Washington men have
ever known, offeringasit doesthevery P-*
finest-grade Shirts produced, in a great \
I variety of favored designs, at the lowest \
I price ever quoted for shirts of such superi- 1
I ority. \
I The materials, are finest imported Madras, \
/ in light and dark patte rns for spring wear, %
/ including the newest designs in stripes, fig- \
I ures, etc. ? 1
I Attached and detached cuffs. All sizes from \
/14 to 18. \
I They are Coat Shirts, with semi-soft bosoms, l
/ which can be laundered stiff or soft, as you desire,
f These handsome Shirts, the identical qualities which
* retail in every, exclusive men's furnishing store in the
'country at $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50, go on sale tomorrow
morning at
Women's Garments.
(Second Floor.)
Women's Fancy Flannelette Kimono
Sacques, with scalloped edge.
Blue, pink and lavender flg
ures. Regular 79c. value for
Blouse Corset Covers of nainsook and
cambric, with embroidery and lace
trimmings; some run through _
with ribbons. All sizes up to .
89 Cents Eaclh
New models In Coutll Corsets. In short,
medium, dip hip and girdles. Some with
garters attached. Lace trim
med. Sizes 18 to 30. Well
boned and perfect fitting. Spe- $3 xJC a
clal at
Taffeta Silk Petticoats, in three styles.
Good, heavy, rustling quality, with doep
shirred ruffles, pleatlngs and tucks.
Black and all changeable & a ir\> Q
shades. All lengths. ??.9S ^4 OQ
value ^
Black Mercerized Sateen Petticoats,
that have the same appearance as the
more expensive silk sort*. Made with
deep sunburst pleating?, quill- _ 0
lngs and ruffles. Several styles Ogf
to choose from
(Men's Furnishings Section, First Floor.)

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