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BOTD TATLOtt..... .Amlata a f Traaiarai
Interest Continued Over the
- . , . ?: r= ,& ?-*- ?
Money Situation.
The London Market Wat Ball and
Mostly of Professional Character?
"Pennsy" One of the Strongest
and Most Active Features.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
NEW YORK, April 7.?Not much was to
have been expected of today's abbreviated
session In the stock market, hence there was
no eood reason) for surprise or disappoint
ment at the results shown. Interest con
tinued concentrated upon the monetary
situation, and most of the morning's dis
cussion was occupied with the probable
showing to he made In the weekly bank
statement. The various preliminary esti
mates of the loss In cash which the banks
have suffered this week ranged from $6,
000.000 to over $10,000,000,the smaller fore
cast being much In excess of the entire
amount of last week's surplus reserves.
Apart from the apparent betterment In
the labor situation In the coal regions,
there was little of interest In the morning s
news relating to the general market or
particular stocks.
The foreign exchange market was aga.n
weak, but there were no further definite
announcements of engagements of gold
for import, although London advices were
to the effect that an active American in
quiry for the metal was detected there.
The London stock market was dull and
irregular in advance of the fortnightly set
tlement upon the stock exchange there, but
American stocks were generally steady.
Little was done here, however, for foreign
The local dealings were In small volume
and for the most part of a professional
Active Features of Railway.
Pennsylvania continued one of the strong
est and most active features of the railway
list, but otherwise very Irregular tenden
cies prevailed there. Other active stocks
In this department were Union Pacific,
Reading, Erie, Atchison, the bituminous
coal stocks and Rock Island. Amalgamated
Copper, the United States Steel shares. Na
tional Lead and Consolidated Gas furnished
the bulk of the transactions In the Indus
trial and miscellaneous group, where price
changes were also irregular and generally
A very weak bank position had been fore
shadowed throughout the week In the strin
gent conditions which prevailed in the
money market, but today's bank statement
made even a weaker showing than had been
commonly looked for.
The most disappointing feature of the
statement was the increase In the loan
Item, as It had been generally expected that
that account would show a sufficient cur
tailment as to reduce the net loss In re
Bank Statement Disappointing.
On the contrary, the loan account showed
an expansion of $7,205,000, although It Is
likely that the real position of the banks as
of yesterday would have set forth a reduc
tion in that item.
On account of the employment of the
average system in making up the bank
statement, the full extent of the reduction
In that Item will probably not appear until
next Saturday. The loss in actual cash
amounted to $7,904,000, a sum fairly well
In line with the preliminary estimates. The
deposit account fell away J&tfcOOO, and re
serves decreased $7,691,000.
The bank statement accordingly showed
a deficit below the legal requirements of
$2,561,000. The last deficit shown was on
December 0 of last year, and amounted to
$1,246,000, and previously on November 11,
1905, when the deficit was $2,428,000. No
previous deficit had been shown since Sep
tember of 1902. Surplus reserves in the cor
responding week of last year were $8,682k
000, in 1904, $22,916,000, and In 190?, $3,741,
New York Stock Markets.
Furnished by W. B. Hlbba & Co., bankers
and brokers, 1410 F street, raeir?bers Mew
York stock exchange, Washington stock
exchange and Chicago board of trade.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Amalgamated Copper lil% 111% 110% Ul%
Am. Car and Fdry? 44% 44% 44 44%
Am. Locomotive 68',-4 ?8% H7% ?8%
Am. Smelting ltio% 100% 130% 109%
Am. Smelting, pfd 122 122 122 122
Am. Sugar 140% 140% 139% 14U
Am. Tob.. pfd 105 100 106 10S
A., T. and S. F H3% 93% H3% 83%
Anaconda 274 274 272 273%
Balto. and Ohio 113% 113% 113 113
Brook. Rapid Transit 87% 87% 86% 8?%
Canadian Pacific 172% 172% 172% 1T^%
Chcsa. and Ohio 60 ?0 60% 51)%
Corn Products 27 27 26% 26%
Corn Products, pfd.. 83% 83% 83% 83%
Chi. Great Western... 21% 21% 21% 21%
Chi., Mil. and St. P.. 177% 177% 176% 176%
Col. Fuel and Iron.... t?l% 01ft ?o% ?1%
Col. Southern 35% 85% 35% 35<4
Consolidated Gas 142 142% 141% 14a
Chi. and Northwest.. 209 209 209 209
Dcla. and Hudson.... 214 214 1113 213
Den. and Rio Grande. 46% 46% 4574 4^14
Erie, com 45% 45% 45 46
Erie. 1st pfd 78% 78% 78% 78*
Erie, 2d pfd ... ut)% t?% 0914 my
Groat Northern, p"d.. i^J3% 323% 321% 321%
General Electric 173 173% 178 173
Greene Copper 81 31 31 hi
Illinois Central 173% 173% 173 173
Northern Securities... 55% 55% 55% 55%
Louisville and Nash.. 150 180 14H% 149%
Manhattan Elevated.. 156% 156% 156% 166%
Met. Sees. Co 73% 73% 73% 73%
Mexican Central 25% 26% 25J,i 26%
M., K. and T., com... 85% 35% 35 86%
M., K. and T., pfd.... 72% 72% 72% 72%
Missouri Pacific !W 1)0 1)5% 96%
National Lead 83% 84 82% 82%
New York Central.... 144% 144% 144% 144%
N. Y., Ont. and W.... 52% 52% 52% 62%
Norfolk and Western 90 90% sy% ?u
Northern Pacific 220 220 218% ui8%
Pennsylvania R R.... 141% 142% 141% 141%
People's Gas of Chi... 95% 95% 95% 95%
Pressed Steel Car 53% 53% 53% 63%
R"' ding 138% 138% 137 181%
Rwy. Steel Springs..". 56% 56% 06% 5?%
Rep. Steel and Iron... 31% 31% 81 81
Rep. St. and Iron, pfd 103 108 16B 103
Rock Island, com 27% 27% 27% 27*4
Rock Island, pfd 66% (?% o?%
Sioss-Sheffleld 88 88 82% 82%
St. Louis S.W.. pfd... 56% 56% 5B% 56%
Southern Pacific 69% C9% ??% 08%
Southern Pac., pfd... 118 118 H8 na
Southern Railway 40% 40% 40% 40%
Southern Rwy., pfd... 101% 101% lvl% 101%
Tenn. Coal and Iron. 151 151 151 isi
Union Pacific. 157% 158 156% 156%
Central Leather, com 45 45 4474 447!
Central lather, pfd. 105 106 105 105
U. 8. Rubber, com.... 53% 53% 53 63%
L S. Rubber, pfd 114% 114% 114 114
?? 8te? 42% 42% 42% 42%
U. S. Steel, pfd 108% 108% 107% 1U7%
wa'"V*r'JCh?m" Co" 60% 50% 50%
Woolen Goods 42% 42% 42% 42%
Wabash 22% 22% 22% 22%
Am. Tob. 4's 79% 79% 79 79
Rock Island 4's 80 80 m
U. S. Steel 5 s 09% 9941 uuu ugu
Wabaah Deb. .81 81 80% ^
Government Securities.
2 per cents, registered, 1930 103% 104%
2 per cents, coupons. 1980 103% 104U
3 per cents, registered, 1908-18 103% 104
R per cents, coupons, 1008-18 104 104%
3 per cents, coupons, small, 1808-18. 108 ...
4 p - cents, registered, 1007 103% 10i%
4 per rents, coupons, 100T 108% 104ft
4 per cents, registered, 1023 182 J322
4 per cents, coupons, 1925 132 132?
District of Colombia S.ORs. 1924.... J18
4 per cents. Philippine. 1914-84..., U?U U1U
4 per cents, Philippine, 1835 lOtg 110%
NEW YORK, April 7.?The cotton market
opened firm at an advance of 8al5 point*
tn response to higher Liverpool cable*,
bullish week-end statistic* and liberal spot
sales In the English market Trading here
was only moderately active and the market
acted nervous, -but price* were well main
tained during the early cession on the cov
ering of recent sellers and a little freah
buying for long account. The weather map
made a fairly favorable showing, and pri
vate weekly reports Indicated that farm
work had been resumed during the week
and In some localities was making rapid
Futures opened Arm. May, 11.20; June,
?i-.W; July. 11.15: August, 10.UD; October.
10.53; December, 10 58; January, W.57 bid.
Futures closed steady. Closing bids:
April, 11.0#; May, 11.1#; June, 11.13; July.
11.16; August, 10.99; September, 10.70: Oc
tober. 10.57; November, 10.67; December,
lO.iiW; January, 10.01.
Spot closed quiet; middling uplands, 11.70;
middling gulf. 11.95; sales, 400 bales.
Estimated receipts of cottou at the ports
today, 12.000 bales, against 21.257 last week
and 21.248 last year. For the week, 9o.<00
bales, against 110.3:12 last week and 171,31#
last year. Today's receipts at New Orleans,
4,518 bales, against 6,0t'0 last year, and at
Houston 3.234 bales, against 9,819 last year.
Today's Cotton Summary.
Quotations furnished by At wood Vloleti * Co..
roe nU-ra New york and New Orleans cotton ex
changes. Washington branch office, 713 14th street
Open. High. Ix>w. Close.
May 11.20 11.21 11.18 11.19
July 11.18 11.17 11.13 11.16
j October 10.53 10.58 10.53 10.57
Open. Illgh. Low. Close.
I May 11.27 11.29 11.25 11.25
! July 11.37 11.89 11.26 11.37
October 10.47 10.51 10.47 10.48-49
Liverpool Cotton Prices.
LIVERPOOL, April 7. ? Cotton ? Spot In
fair demand; prices 4 points higher; Amer
ican middling fair, 0.04; good middling,
6.34; middling, 0.14; low middling. 5.9S; good
ordinary, 5.ts0; ordinary, 5.60. The sales of
the day were 8,000 bales, of which 500 were
for speculation and export, and included
5,800 American. Receipts, 15.000 bales, ln
j eluding 9.800 American. Futures opened
! quiet and steady and closed very steady.
April. 5.90; April and May. 5.96; May and
j June, 5.97; June and July, 5.98; July and
August, 5.98; August and September, 5.94;
September and October, 5.79; October and
November. 5.73; November and December,
5.72; December and January, 5.72; January
and February, 5.72.
CHICAGO, April 7.?Local wheat market
was firm today because of a fair demand by
commission houses. Favorable weather for
the crop was reported, but this influence
was overshadowed by the general demand
for wheat. The May option opened un
changed to a shade lower at 77%to 77^a
77%, and sold up to 77%. Buying by shorts
and cash houses advanced May corn to
May oats, on active covering by shorts,
sold up to 31%.
May provisions opened firm. Pork at
10.20. lard at 8.40 and libs at h.65a>>.<>7%.
Grain and Provisions Summary.
CHICAGO. April 7.?Grain:
Open. High. !!x>w. Close.
Wheat-May 77U, 7T% 77%-% 77%-%
July 7714 77%-% 77% 77%-%
Corn- .Uay 46% 48% 46% 46%
July 46% 48 45% 48
Oats-May 31% 31% 31% 31%-%
July 29% 30 28% 29%-30
CHICAGO. April 7. ?Provisions:
Open. High. Low. Close.
Pork-May 18 20 16.22 18.20 18.22
Lard?May 8.45 8.47 8.40 8.45
Rilw?May 8.8a 8.87 8.80 8.65
Liverpool Grain Prices.
LIVERPOOL, April 7. ? Wheat ? Spot
nominal; futures dull; May, 6s. 7%d.; July.
<is. 4%d.; September, 6a. 6%d; September,
6s. 0%d. Corn?Spot steady; American
mixed new, 4s. 3d.; American mixed old,
4s. 7d.; futures dull; May, 4s. 3%d; July,
4s. 3%d.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE. Md.. April 7. -WHEAT?Steady;
spot, contract. 83*83%; April, 88a83%; Uay, 83%*
84; steamer No. 2 red, 76%a76%; receipts, 6,419
bushels; southern by sample, 70%a78; southern on
grade, 76%a83.
CORN?Strong, spot, 51%a51%; April, 51%a51%;
May, 51%a61%; July, 51%a62; steamer mixed,
49%a49%; receipts, 152,898 bushels; exports, 34.286
bushel*; southern white corn, 60%a52%; southern
yellow corn, 49%a51%.
OATS?Firm; No. 8 white. 88a38%; No. 3 white,
37a37%; No. 2 mixed, 36s36%; receipts. 1.249
RYE?Firm; No. 2 western, 65a65% export, 70a
71 domestic; receipts, 1,170 bushels.
HAY?Flew, unchanged.
GRAIN FREIGHTS?Quiet and unchanged.
Famished by E. S. Chapman A Co.* (G. 8.
Chlpu.an, manager), members New York Stock Ex
Betlilehem Steel com.. 29
Bethlehem Steel pfd.... 87%
Chicago Subway 52
Greene Con Copper 31
Greene Con Gold 3%
Greene Gold-Silver 8
International Sait 40
Mackay Companies... 62%
United Copper 69%
Butte Coalition 38% 86% ?
Copper Securities 38 38 37% 37%
London Closing Stocks.
LONDON. April 7, 1 p.m.
Consols for money 90 11-16
CVnaols for account 90*1
Anaconda 14%
Atchison 96%
Atchison pfd 107%
Baltimore and Ohio 117%
Canadian Pacific 178%
Chesapeake and Ohio; 61%
Chicago Great Western 22
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul 188
De Beers 18%
Denver and Rio Grande 47%
Denver and Rio Grande pfd 92
Erie 46%
Erie 1st pfd 81
Erie 2d pfd 72
Illinois Central 17s%
Louisville and Nashville 155%
Missouri, Kansas and Texas, 36%
New York Central 130%
Norfolk and Western 92%
Norfolk and Western pfd 94
Outarlo and Western 53%
Pennsylvania 73%
Rand mines
Reading 1st pfd...,
Reading 2d pfd
Southern Railway
Southern Railway pfj 106
Routhern Pacific 7iy
t'nlon Pacific 168$
Union Pacific pfd
United States Steel
United States Steel pfd
Wabash pfd
Bar silver, steady, 29%d. per ounce.
Money. 2%a2% per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for short
bills is 2 15-16a3 per "cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for three
months bills Is 3aB% per cent.
Marine Corps Orders.
Second Lieut. Ward Bills, to Jain a bat
talion leaving for the Philippines.
Col. Green C. Ooodloe, paymaster, return
from the Philippines May 5th, 1J06, by
transport Thomas.
Capt. John W. Wadlelgli, from marine
barracks, Washington, D. C., to marine
barracks. Norfolk, Va., and then to the
Capt. N. H. Hall, from the marine bar
racks, New Orleans, to the marine bar
racks, Washington, D. C.
First. Lieut. WllMam E. Smith and Wil
liam L. Redles. from the Oregon to the
marine barracks. Mare Island, Cal.
Practice of Veterinary Medicine.
After a conference wth those interested
Commissioner Macfarland made a motion
tn board meeting that the bill drafted by
Health Officer Woodward and Corporation
Counsel Thomas to regulate the practice of
veterinary medicine In the District be ap
proved with its amendments, and that It be
forwarded to Congress with & favorable
recommendation. The provisions of the bill
were reviewed in The War at the time it
I was first forwarded to the Commissioners
by the District health officer.
Trading on the local stock exchange wu
not to tetln today as It Ium been tor sev
eral day* past. Salaa of a few railroad
securities. trust company atock and stock
of the Washington Oaa Light Company
mads up practically all of the business of
the day.
The 4 per cent bonds of the Washington
Railway and Electric Company produced
the first business. Thursday's price of 87%
prevailed, and at this figure a total of $10,
000 was recorded as traded. The preferred
stock of this company was traded to a slight
extent, the prices being first 90 and then
Forty shares of Capital Traction stock
brought 145%, the price being just the frac
tion above the closing bid yesterday, when
no sales of this security were recorded.
Two shares of Union Trust sold ex-divi
dend for 13714, which was considered a
good price. The prevailing price of 2IS was
got for twenty shares of Washington Loan
and Trust.
One hundred and eighty shares of the
stock of the Washington Gas Light Com
pany were traded. The price started at
61, which was % below the price at which
four shares were sold yesterday. Eighty
shares went at 01, and then fifty more at
an advance of %. In the buying of two
rwenty-flve lots the price advanced to 61%.
The closing quotations were 61% bid and
stock offered at 61%, a slight advance over
yesterday's closing figures.
Today's Government Receipts.
National bank notes received today for
redemption, $679,508; government receipts
from internal revenue, $612,579; customs.
$1,050,!: 25; miscellaneous, $61,226; expendi
tures. $1,060,000.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales- Regular call, 12 o'clock nooD?U. 8. regis
tered 3s. $100 at 1U3%.
Washington Kwj-. aud Elec. 4s, $1,000 at 87%,
$1,000 at 87%. S4.000 at 87%.
Columbia It. It. 8s, $1.000 at 113.
Capital Traction. 20 at 145%, 20 at 14.W,.
Washington Kw.y. and Klec. pfd., 10 at 00. 24
at 89%.
Washington Loan and Trust. 5 at 218, 5 at ?18,
10 at 218.
Cnlon Trust. 2 at *157%
S. P. Service Cor., 10 at 115.
Washington Gas. 25 at 01. 2.1 at 61. 25 at 61.
5 at 61. 25 at 81%. 25 at 61%. 25 at 61%. 25 at
Mergenthnler Linotype. 10 at 192%. 10 at 192%.
I.anaton Monotype. 100 at *14%. 100 at *14%.
100 at *14%. 100 at *14%.
After call?Washlugton Kwy. and Elec. 4s. $4,000
at 87%.
Potomac Elec. Lt. 5s, $5,000 at 105.
| Greeue Copper, 5 at 31%, 100 at 31%, 100 at
I SI 1-16, 100 at 31% <buyer 10), 100 at 3t (seller
10). 100 at 81.
I Bid. Asked.
Capital Traction 4s 103 106%
Metropolitan 5s 115 116
Metropolitan 5s cert Indebt, A..,.. 101 ....
Metropolitan cert, indebt.. B 101 ....
Columbia 6s 113 113%
I Columbia 5s 103 106
i City ar.d Suburban 5s 106 .....
Anacostla and Potomac 5s 104% ....
I Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s.... 87% 87%
| Washington Gas 4s 104% 104%
I Washington Gas cert 115% 117
U. 3. Klec. Lt. deb. lT?p. 6a 103
i U 8 Elec. Lt. cert. Ind. 6? 100
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 6s.... 106% 106%
Washington Market 1st 6s 106
Potomac Electric Lt. 5s 104 106
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5s 110 111
Bristol Gag aud Elec. 5s 90 ....
National Safe Deposit aud Trust.. 185 188
Washington Loan and Trust 217% 218%
American Security and Trust *275 285
Washington Safe Deposit 64 76
Union Trust *155 160
Wash. Savings Bank 118
Home Savings Bank... 251 300
Ur.lon Sav. Bank 275
Security Storage 155 160
Capital Traction 145% 146
Washington Rwy. aud Elec. pfd.... 89% 90
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.... 41% 42%
Bristol Gag and Elec 60
Bank of Washington 534
Metropolitan *335 340
Central 338
Farmers and Mechanics 330 342
Second 156
Commercial 187 190
Columbia 290
Capital IS? ?????
American 177
Traders 195
Llacf la 148
Biggs *814 665
National City Bank 135 140
firemen's 2&jfa 27
franklin 50
Metropolitan 90 97
Corcoran 94 .....
Potomac 29%
Arlington 30 .....
German-American 265
National Union 8% 9%
Columbia 10% 10%
Rlgga 8 8%
People's 6% 6%
Commercial 5%
Colonial 100 120
Real Estate Title 87 ....
Columbia Title 4 4%
Washington Title 6% ....
Chesapeake and Potomac 60 6l
American Graphopbone com S 6%
American Graphopbone pfd 9% 9%
Washington Gas - 81% 61%
Ueorgeiown Gas 00 ....
Mergenthaler Linotype 192% 193
Lanston Monotype *14% 14%
Greene Con. Copper 30% 81%
Washington Market 10 10
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 295 300
Realty Appraisal Agency 22
Mitchell Mining 11% 12%
S. P. Service Oor 112%
Bank Statement.
Reserves, dec $7,691,900
Reserves, less U. S.. dec 7.693,625
Loans, lnc ?... 7,205,500
Specie, dec 6,137,000
Legal tender, dec 1,767,200
Deposits, dec " 849,200
Circulation, dec 127,000
NEW YORK, April 7.?The statement of
the clearing house banks for this week
shows that the banks hold $2,560,628 less
tlian the legal reserve retirements. This
compares with a surplus of $5,131,275 last
week, a decrease of $7,681,900. The state
ment follows;
Loans, $1,0?2,709.400; increase, $7,205,500.
deposits, $1,003,441,300; decrease, $849,200.
Circulation, $5L,717.400; decrease. $127,600.
Legal tenders, $76,541,700; decrease, $1,
Specie, $171,758,000; decrease, $6,137,000.
Reserve, $248,290,700; decrease, $7,904,200.
Reserve required, $250,860,325; decrease,
"Deficit, $2,560,625; decrease, $7,691,900.
Ex-United States deposits, $372,075; de
crease, $7,693,925.
Money on call, nominal; no loans. Time
loans firm; 60 day* and 90 days, 5%a6 per
cent; six months, 5%.
Close?Prime mercantile paper, 5%a0 per
cent. Sterling exchange firmer, with actual
buslneess In bankers bills at 484.75a484.85
for demand and at 482.20a482.30 for 60 day
bills. Posted rates, 483a% and 486. Com
mercial bills, 481%a482. Bar silver, 64%.
Mexican dollars. 49%. Government bonds,
steady. Railroad bonds, steady.
Russian Loan After Easter.
According to the understanding In finan
cial olrcles in London a Russian loan of
$400,000,000 will be Issued Immediately after
Easter In New York, London. Paris and
St. Petersburg, the two first-named cities
probably taking between $60,000,000 and
$60,000,000 each and Parts $200,000,000. The
report that Germany has definitely decided
not to participate in the loan la confided In
London financial circles.
31 Per Cent for Call Money.
Call money loaned at 20 per cent short
ly after the opening of the New York stock
market jwsterday. The ruling rate was 25
per cent at the end of the first hour, and
the rate rose to 2T per cent before noon.
The rise In call money extended until at
noon It loaned at 81 per cent.
LONDON* April 7.?The amount of bullion
into the Bank of England on balance
today was ?11.000.
PARIS, April 7.?Three per cent rentes,
99 francs 15 centimes for the aocount. Ex
change on London, 26 francs 11% centimes
for checks. _ ,
BERLIN. April T.?Exchange on London.
20 marks 48 pfennigs for checks. Discount
rates-Short and three months' bills, 3% per
Special etajMtck to Tfce Star. ~
NEW YORK. April 7.?The opinion was
confidently expressed this morning that as
soon as 'the money appears easier the stock
market will become materially more active
and Advance rather sharply. The senti
ment seems to be almost entirely in favor
of higher prices. I .ittie bearish talk is
heard. It 1* generally accepted as a fact
that the bituminous coal strike Is practi
cally a thing of the past now. Compara
tively little attention, apparently. Is being
given by Wall street Interests to the an
thracite situation.
The idea is very generally entertained
that the money market will be considerably
easier next week. It la not believed that
it will be possible to maintain the largely
artitk-lal rates which have been quoted this
* *
A well-informed railroad man. who re
cently made a general trip through the
?outh. says that he was surprised to see
the large increase in the number of new
banks. He says tliat in counties where a
few years ago there were only two or three
banks thirty or forty may ha found now,
all apparently prosperous. Another well
informed railroad official says that the
earnings for the railroads as a whole In
this country continue surprisingly large.
* *
The Black Diamond of Chicago today
"Owing to the Rtrlke on Monday In prac
tically all of the bituminous mines In the
central and southwestern bituminous fields,
the market on bituminous product Is in
more or less doubt and is largely regulated
by the amount of coal offered for sale by
tlie individual shipping company and the
urgenscy with which it must be had by
the consumer. As a matter of fact, prices
generally on coal from the territory afTect
ed are no higher than they were a week
ago, while in some Instances they have
been lower. In one or two Instances de
murrage product has been offered in the
Chicago market and considerable conces
sions 'have been made by the selling com
pany to move it and avoid additional de
murrage charges. ' Following the activity
which previously prevailed, the market can
be characterised as dull and devoid of In
terest aside from the strike feature. This
Is accounted for on the ground that the
large consuming interests have prepared
for the present emergency to a greater ex
tent than was generally anticipated and
will not be In the market for further sup
plies until stocks in hand have been de
pleted to some extent and until they have
better Information than Is obtainable at
present as to the probable duration of the
* *
It Is reported from Chicago that the New
York Central lines will make use of the In
diana Harbor belt line of that city, crossing
every railroad that enters there from the
west and south, as a means of securing a
larger share of freight bound to points east
of Chicago. The belt line has hundreds of
prosperous manufacturing Interests along
its right of way, which will serve as a feed
er to all lines of Che New York Central sys
* *
The total gross earnings of thirty-four re
porting roads for the fourth week of March
were $12,736,171, as compared with $11,805,
703 in the same week of the previous year,
an increase of $930,406, or 7.88 per cent.
The gross earnings of thirty-five roads for
the month of March were $45,008,105. con
trasted with $41,202,719 in the corresponding
week of 1905, a gain of $3,84)5,386, or 9 45
per cent.
* *
It is reported from Pittsburg that the
directors of the "Panhandle" railroad at
their meeting next Tuesday will authorize
an appropriation of between $2,000,000 and
$3,<100,000 for improvements. These Include
the reduction of grade on the Tuscarawas
Hill, west of Denlson, to enable heavier
freight trains to be hauled by the present
motive power. Other improvements, such
as straightening the lino and double-track
ing sections, are also under consideration.
* *
It is said in Chicago that sixteen railroads
entering that city are preparing to begin a
boycott against the International Harvester
Company for the purpose of forcing that
company to make a settlement of $150,000
alleged to be due the railroads for tho de
murrage of freight cars.
+ *
Boston reports that the controller of the
currency has authorized a dividend of 50
per cent to be paid to the creditors of the
American National Bank, which was placed
in the hands of receivers on November 27,
* ?
Alexis W. Thompson, former vice presi
dent of the Republic Iron and Steel Com
pany; Edwin Ohl of Pittsburg and Frank
Pierce of SharpsvlUe have formed a com
pany, and will apply for a state charter
on May 1 to engage in the manufacture of
iron and steel. They have acquired pos
session of the Sharpsville furnace, and will
place it In operation.
* *
The report from San Francisco that the
Western Pacific Railway Company has en
tered into negotiations with the North Ger
man Lloyd and Hamburg-American steam
ship lines for a steamship service to the
orient is officially denied. No agreement
with these lines has been made or is con
* *
According, to private cable advices re
ceived by bankers here today, the amount
of South African gold which will arrive at
London today or Monday is approximately
?400,000, or $2,000,000- It is expected that
arrangements will be made for the import
of the greater part of this to New York.
A prominent international banker expressed
opinion that New York would have no dif
ficulty in securing additional amounts of
foreign gold, and added: "We shall be able
to import all the gold we need."
Supply of Vegetables is All That
Could Be Desired?Egg Situa
tion Booming.
"I hardly know what the Potomac river
fishermen are going to do this season," one
of the dealers In marine products said to a
Star reportor. "The weather has been
against them, and the catch of shad and
herring has been small. With a continu
ance of the warm weather, however, there
may come an Improvement which will op
erate to the advantage of the fishermen and
give them a short but profitable season."
Shad and herring are becoming more plen
tiful each day, and the prices are corre
spondingly lower. It is stated that most of
the fish are being caught la the Chesa
peake bay, and that only a few of them are
received from the river shores.' Roe shad
were selling at CO cents this morning, or
about one-tialf the price that was charged
for then a week ago. Buck shad are quoted
at 80 cents each. Shad roe is In great de
mand at this season and dealers are now
able to supply the demand for them on ac
count of tits Cheaper prices prevailing.
Heretofore they have been too high, and
buyers were not willing to pay the prices
charged. Fishermen along the Potomac
river are catching more white perch than
they have caught during spring seasons for
a number of years, but many of them are
small. The sight of barrels of tfee small j
buy tw*" ^ her* and th* **""? win
Thousands of Small Perch.
porchap? ^"sanA, of the ,maI1
lar*.. rm "r T*cHve^' there are also iom?
" ?n of the extra nopply
tL ZX'tL'"'" ??~???
s week. 12^ cent a a pound htlng charged
IruWoed of 15 cents
?re looking for a substitute for then,
?ZlY<l lnd U"y
?WW(hb*U*ht blu,,fl"h nr? *l?o aco^kfid"|fy
PoTom^ h" 83 a sood "ubstltute for the
P?L ^Lba" Th<> ?? cent, a pounl
Pan rock are to >x? had l<or 16 cent. .
26 "cents"*1 soft **"? ?n<'" for *K>IIIn?
th? ?wcraha are In the market.
thl, week,1 lS**0" having arrived here
Ir?! from N?rth Carolina. The ion.
a doien "h6,8!!!1"* fron' 78 cents '<> II
TW ?Ut the ? ? ? dose*
demand Is* n1?i 8ma11 3t th,S ?'"! the
Cr^b meit |2 ,n8/r?at ,M U wl? l*' ???*r
and c^ fl'ki " ",?> a ?all?"
are U H '? ,l d0 a gallon. Fr?g?
H a dozen, or 50 cents a pound
Vegetable Market Never Better.
the ^!VrvVP**taMM **r thejr never saw
this rear1* at th" ^ th... It I,
But, one of the dealers said, "the prices
are Inclined to be high." P
ari l!. ? about th* v'clnlty of Norfolk
xr?h- -rr
them are not fifr kV^?S Char*ed for
Peck; spinach 10 runt ' 15 c*nt* a
tuce. from 0 ' to 5ft^ . quarter-peek;" let
cents a bunch Nornfr^' a.Pd ra<!H?hea 5
la selling at ?]i> cent, e a,r? asparagus
Prime st^k and 1" ce?l ar*" l,un'-^- ?'
ma toes are owr !i f ,Mcnrui" To"
cholcest of them Price, the
pound. String bean. f?? 40 opll,s ?
cents a quarter n*^ eif^fS da aro 30
bunch and beets 10 'c nu n?rli' r"r'!s 11
Is much finer than It has been ry
at twla^^ntyandfSone 'Vth !),< r,1"n '
?m, sfsirtsiag-- ? s;
tlrUl ^Thwe^are**very^f6^* win-"
they are high, the most Elneapples ar"'
Ing ready Safe at a 5.!rlor 1?,0'k
berries are not so niemPr". eaoh' s,r*w"
a week ago and aro fTri as they WPr?
SO cents a box. selling at from 35 to
Price of Eggs.
. Jh? market is booming." was the
statement of a dealer last n!ght "Th!
wholesale price has Increased from two t>
p^ls ITrVrs;
somft of J#mf suii nave
holdfn^ back SS?
thePwe?ek. u,ldcr?on?' no change during
concerned. Turkeys, chickens, ducks aril
las? week ,lSnnCarCM and hIgh as they vera
last week. Domestic game It no longer to
mL I uP?n the benches of the d<-a!er^
LnH Iaw making It an olTenee to have ducks
after April 1 th? I>?SSt^lon <* Person
aiier April 1. Dealers are permitted how
~V0 se" lmP??cd Kame and locai Seal!
h 1 if r'reparf<i t0 furnish orders. Eng
llsh pheasants and Scotch grouse are $1 25
each and Scotch plover M.SO a dozen
smaU game.'" dema"d ,0 ,ake the pIa"e oi
Prices of meats are about the rame as
they were last week. Spring lambs are
nw>re plentiful and the demand Increases
as the season progresses.
EGGS.?Nearby fresh Virginia, 18;
West Virginia and southwest Virginia,
1714; Tennessee, 17 V4; North Carolina,
17?,4. Duck eggs, 28.
Jobbers' prices are somewhat higher
than prices quoted above.
BUTTER.?Creamery, fancy, 28; west
ern firsts, 26; Heeonde, 26; process, fancy,
lba20; fair to good, 18; store-packed,
fresh, 15.
CHEESE.?New York state factory, fall,
large, 15; fall, small 16; summer, large,
15; summer, small, 14; western factory,
new, choice, 14; fair to good. 12al3.
POULTRY.?Chickens, spring, large, per
lb., 17al8; medium, per lb., 17aW; winter
chicks, per lb., 17a20; hens, per lb., 13;
roosters, per lb., 8; ducks, per lb., 14al3;
geese, per lb., 10al2; turkeys, toras, per
lb., 17al8; hens, per lb., 19a20; keats, per
lb., 10.
DRESSED POULTRY. ? Hen turkeys,
undrawn, per lb., 20a21; average, un
drawn, per lb.. 18al0; thin, per lb., 14al5;
toms, per lb., 18; chickens, winter, large,
per lb., IflalS; medium, per lb. 17al8;
small, per lb., 18a20; capons, 7-lb. aver
age, per lb., 20; small, per lb., 17al8; slips,
per lb., 14alo; hens, choice, per lb., l'ta
14; roosters, per lb., 8; ducks, per lb.,
15al6; geese, per lb., 10al2.
VEGETABLES.?New potatoes, bbl.. 5.?X)
a80?; old potatoes. New York, 85a90; old
potatoes, Michigan, 85a60; sweet potatoes,
1.75&.H.00; yama, 1.60a2.00; parsley, ba.sket,
2.00; carrots, per bu., 73al.OO; cab
bage, Danish, 4.00; spinach, bbl., 1.25al.50;
kale, bbl., 1.00; egg plant, crate, 2.00a
3.00; celery, Cal., 7.3a 1.25; celery. Ela.. 3.00
a3.50; cucumbers, hothouse, loa20; cucum
bers, Fla., crate, 8.50a5.00; Bermuda
onions, 3.00a3.25 per box; lettuce, basket,
1.00a2.00; onions, bbl., 1.75; peppers, car
rier, 1.50a2.50; string beans, basket, 2 (H?a
3.50; tomatoes, crate, 2.00a5.0o; Brussels
sprouts, box, 15a25, rhubarb, doz , 5oat>o,
new beets, 1.50a3.:>0 barrel crate; new
cabbage, barrel ciate, 3.00a3.25; gieeti
peas, 3.00a6.00 per tiiasket.
GREEN FRUITS.?Apples, Baldwin bbl .
5.0oa6.50: York lirperlal. bbl.. 5.00a6.00;
Ben Davis, bbl., 5.noa6.oo; King, bbl., a.oo
a7.00; Win.- Sap, bl>I., 4.50a6.50; Spy, bbl.,
4.50a6.50; Greening, bbl., 5.00a7.00; or
anges, Florida bright, box, 3.00a4.50; Flor
ida russets, box. 3.00a4.00; fancy Indian
River, box. 4.00a5.00; California navels,
box, 3.50a4.00; lemons, box, 3.00a3.50;
grapefruit, box, 4.50a7.00; strawberries,
per quart, 20a30; pineapples. Crate, 4.00a
HAY AND STRAW.?Timothy, choice,
14.50al5.00; No. 1, 14.00al4.00; No. 2. 13.0J
al3.50; mixed hay, 8.00al3.00; clover, 7.00
all.00; straw, rye, bundle, ll.S0al2.5o;
rye, machine thrash. 8.50a9.00; wheat, 7.00
a7.2fi; oat straw, per ton, 7.00a7.25.
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per cwt..
5.00a5.50; butcher, per cwt.. 4.00a4.75:
ordinary, per cwt.. 2.50a3.50; rough, per
cwt., 2.00; hogs, per cwt, gross, 0.2oafl.50;
ordinary, per cwt., S.ooau.oo; sheep, wool,
3.50a4.50; lambs, medium, per lb., 7a8;
spring, per lb.. 10; calves, choice, per lb.,
7a7*4; medium, per lb., fla6^4; common,
per lb., 5a5*4; cows, prime, fresh, each.
35.00a40.00; common, each, 20.<Kia30.<>0;
old and dry, each, 10.00al2.00.
DRESSED MEATS. ? Hams, country,
sugar-cured, 14al5; hogs, small and neat,
?er cwt., 8.50; medium, 8.00a8.50; heavy,
,50a8.00; rough, 6.00a6.00.
WOOL AND HIDES. ? Quotations for
furs on No. 1 articles only. Wool, washed,
free of burrs, per lb., 88a40; wool, un
washed. per lb., 30a83; hides, green, per
lb 10; dry, per lb., 15al7; sheepskin*,
green, each, 1.00al.25; dry, each, 25a75;
calfskins, green, each. l.OOal.SO; muskrat,
each, 15a20; skunk, each. 25al.SO; mink,
each, 25a3.00; rabbit skins, each, 114:
opossum, each. 25a27; raccoon, each, 25a
90; fox, red, each, 1.00a2.50; gray, each.
FLOUR.?Winter extra, 3.00a3.25; win
ter straight, S.T8a4.00; winter patent, 4.50
a5 00; spring straight, 3.75a4.00; spring
patent. 4.00a4.50. Cornmeal, per 100 lbs.,
GRAIN. ? Wheat, choice, 75a78; off
grades. 50a75. Corn, shelled, new. white,
53a54; yellow, 53a54; ear, 2.65a3.00. Oats,
western white. No. 2, 36a37; mixed, 35a30.

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