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I? . ^{ MBIA bat declared the anil seml-sn
nual dividend of three (370) per cent <>o the cap
ital stock of the company, payable at ita office.
Pio 328 IVnna are. s.e., JULY 2. 190?.
Book* for trsnsfer of stock will '.-lose June 2&
?nd remain closed until inly 2. 1V?, inclusive.
JOHN K liKKKKU,. President.
Attest: HENRI K SIMPSON. Secetsry
cutters, which has t??en called off WedOMdiJ,
June 13. will t?e held TIK8DAY. July 31. Tlck
eta m?ld for Jane 13 for the outing intl barbecue )
will l*? K??"d July 31 for the outing and barbecue,
nt the Kate* at lxina Park. B\ o der of Butch
era and Meat tetters- I*.cal 14K
M HKIJiMl Tll. Chairman.
No 1 today refuted to grant a restraining order
or appoint recelvera In the case of Peyton I). Vln
?on va. Itlrbanl M Perry. Tlie suit was for a
receiver, accounting and (lirsolutlon of purtner
?hip. Attorney L. <'-a bell Will: :mson represented
the defendant It. M. Perry will continue to con
duct h!s own business as heretofore, without re
at ralnt.
Parker an Expert wort.r,r*lt
?Our ?*>rk plriaea particular people?you'll be
<lelltfhti-tl will, It Favor u* with a call.
Jdci PHOTO '128 F atr.-?t u.w.
IT aiilK.es STt'DlO, Kormerl} 477 Pa. ave. n.w.
Heavy Rains Cause Leaks.
?I?et me repair the roof now and pave future trou
ble and exptiise Old roofa made new like at small
Practical Tinner. 812 14th at. n w
tLuUf Stove Kxpert, 'Phone Main 2739.
Just leave the printing to us an-i
you'll he more than satisfied with
the results.
Typesetting machine* and erery modern facility
for doing good printing quickly.
Judd & Detweiler, ,NCi
The Big Print Shop. 420 22 Utb st. ?
Je21 1<M
Sron=CIIad Paint on Roofs
--la a protection to them?a safeguard against
leaka anil rusting. Let na give joura an estimate.
** r*iniTPTIP *0 E*v?*rt in HlUat. n*.
J 11 U Roof Work. Phone M. 3710.
Je2l Od
Tlhe Promptness With
Which We Can Handle the
Largest Glass Contracts
our service
to merchant* .
who are rebuilding
or making improve
menta. We utake a at?e
clalty of Plate Glass?Bent
<?lass - and Mirror (.lass fot
? tores and offices Old Mirrors re
silvered at nominal coat.
"Glass Expert," 913 7th St.
how a tiik [press Brick Front?
?Should It reunite attention let me know My
specialty la making old press-brick fronts new-like.
Wm C P#?aLr#? 20 years 630 Ps. sve. s.e.
\V III. l UKt, a Painter. Phone East 30.
Je21 fld
Well Be QEadi to Estimate
?on your next PRINTING or
?der and furnish samples. Prices
?will prove as attractive as our
Geo. E. Howard,7114 112th st.
Je21 d.eSu 14
S!!ag roofing wiSS last as 1
as your house does.
It's the cbeaiu'st roof in the end t?ecause It la*>ts
the kmgest and require* uu painting or repairing.
Let ua tell you all about It.
Grafton & Son, Tu5K!?-853?:?
ITV AN J ? TRl'ST COMPANY. heldst Its <.mcs
on the llith lnataut. the following resolution waa
unanimously adopted: \
The Board of directors of th*? American Se
curity an 1 Trust Compsnv records with deep re
gret the death of Robert Partner, one of lt? mem
l?ers, which occurred at Msuassas, Va., on May
23. 1906.
The official connection of Mr Portner with this
company extended over eleven years, he having
flr*r f>e"n elected on the board at the annual
meeting ??< the stockholders held In January.
1S95 The qualities wtilch so largely contributed |
to Mr Portner'a success In other fields of busi
ness activity guve great value to his presence In
our councils; hla persons 1 relations with mem
bers of the board ttn.k charm from the consldera
tioii he gave t?r others and the Justuesa of his
views; hla friendship for the company and hla in
ter* st and ftlth In Its suecesa were earnest and
Resolved, therefore, in token of the sentiment j
of the bosrd. this minute l>e spread upon Its rec
ords and communicated to Mr. Portner's family,
with an cxpressi<?n of the deeo sympathy which
bl? sssoclat?a individually feel on this occasion.
( 11A HUES J BELL, President.
JAMES F. HOOD. Secretary. Je20-2t
With a 'Oas Water Heater
ur.tlcr jitur lx>llcr jmi d'-n't tbc kltchcn range, i
All tt.? hut water you ,,-ant In a few mln- ? n e
ute? ?t a '-oat of a few centa. Price, pu! up ?f H |
HL'TCHINSoN * McCARTllY. Mo Ktth at.
Estimates on Heating Plants
Gladly given on application. Steam and Hot-Water j
Systems Installed by experts of loug experience.
Biggs Heating Co.,
HAVE TOP taken advantage of this
very special price we're quoting on Rub
b#r Bands? It's decidedly to your Interest pel"
to secure a supply at this price. Hend us n |U
your order w!'h<?ut delay.
10?* FA AVE AND 401-03-00 ELEVENTH ST.
Systematize your business
* * by means of our Loose Leaf B?ank Books and
? ? Flitng devices. You'll save time and money
Hodges' Bookbinderv, *ao'a
)e2D 0.1
Ball Han tine's AJe Will
Keep You in Good HeaEth.
A palatable beverage that iM?sesses a big
share of health-promoting properties. ^ fl
loosen bottles for 4* li
Shoomiaker Co., .'Si *? ? U58 SI.
< 2.W cream), delivered dally by eapress fr ?;c
Herndon. Vs.. after Juljr 1 or sooner If desired,
u.ske best offer. Address Box 270. Star office.
Watches.^C!^ Cleaned, 75c.
?Mainspring. 75<?. Crystal 10c. Strictly flrst
i'Usi work guaranteed. 27 years' expeneoce.
Max Greenberg.KL^ ^ou, ,t.
JelH-rt e.Su 8
11 \?r<.1 SiN1 tona of the lleil WHITE ASH PEA
COAL at 14 K I?r ton. Don't fall to place your
urtlar at once. 11. C. KMBRV. Aj*ot,
>16-7t <W> 0 at. n.w.
Contractors for Cement Pavements,
Otanolltblc and ?ern?nt paving, walka. atepa, cop
ing# . baaen.enta and ataMea )el#-18t*8
from l?th anil New York are. n.w. to ft'V) 14th
at n.w. )a!2tf
Largeat paitded Tana, $4 load.
Two-horae wagon ?3 li>ad.
COLOMBIA TRANSFER CO.. Tit 11th al a.w.
1?? tf.4
OoT line this year surpasses anything we have
bad before We are o*>sltive we csn give you bet
ter values than elsewhere. Cuffs attsched snd de
tsched. Prices. |l to S3.
T26 15TH ST.
Jaager and Dalmal Agvnctea. Bfclrta lo Order.
Makaa a ipeelaltr of reproduction of patent office
Orawlnga cbarta. maw. plate of real aetata and
all line work. Superior to lithography and prlcea
the loaaet. Oall ar aaod for booklet. apSl tf 10_
Elmoiermau on "Darkeet Manhood and Uie Way
Oat." to men only, tonight. June 21, 8 o'clock,
i H Oarland. Tocaltat, will aln?
no lt/TH 8T N. w
Other Navy Yards Want the
Half Holiday.
Delegations Visited the President in
Their Behalf Today.
Representative Boutell and Captain
Purdy. Comanding Chicago Naval
Militia, Ask About One.
The action of President Roosevelt In
granting a half holiday on Saturdays dur
ing July, AugruBt and September to the
employes of the Washington navy yard has
caused a request upon him for similar ac
tion on behalf of the employes of' the
Brroklyn and all other navy yards and
The President was today visited by Repre
sentative Calder of Brooklyn, Representa
tive Roberts of Massachusetts aj?d Repre
sentative Dawson of Iowa. They asked the
President to grant the same favor to em
ployes of all navy yards. They said that
navy yard employes everywhere would be
delighted to be put upon the same footing
as other employes of the government, and
would appreciate an order from the Presi
dent that would give them the same rights.
The President said that he regarded the re
quest with favor, and asked Secretary Loeb
to take It up with the proper officials and
see if he really had authority to issue such
an order.
The President Informed his callers, ihow
?'ver, that he would not issue a half-holi
day order except upon the understanding
that the employes should not charge double
pay on holidays they might be required to
work for the government. Under the pres
ent rules a navy yard or arsenal employe
who may have to work on holidays is al
lowed double pay. The President said he '
did not consider this fair, if he gave half ,
holidays on Saturdays through three
months of the summer. If he found, So
eald, that dou-ble pay was asked he would I
revoke any order he might Issue.
Government of Printing Office.
Government printing office employes saw
the President today and submitted a re
quest to be granted Saturday half holidays
during the summer months. The delega
tion, which was Introduced by Representa
tive William Allen Smith of Michigan, con
sisted of T. C. Parsons, W. F. O'Brien, J?'.
C. Roberts, E. J. Hall. G. G. Selbold, A. H.
Watklns and E. M. Nevels. The President
told the delegation that he saw no reasm
why they were not entitled to the eame
privileges as navy yard employes, and that
he would take the matter up at once and
see what he could do. He intimated his
belief that he would be able to Issue an
order that would give the employes a halt
holiday the same as other government em
J. L Feeney, president of the Bookbind
ers' Union, saw Secretary Loeb yesterday
-afternoon and helped pave the way for to
day's successful visit.
Training Ship for Great Lakes.
The President was today asked to take up
with the Canadian authorities the question
of a naval militia traing ship on the great
lakes. In 1MJS Representative Boutell of
llinols, secured an appropriation of $225,000
to construct a eraining ship for the naval
militia of the great lakes, but the ship wai
never buillt because It was held that it
would be In violation of existing treaties
against war vessels on the lakes. Represen
tative Boutell went to the White House to
day with Capt. W B. Purdy, who com
nvands the naval militia of Chicago. They !
represented to the President that It was ex
tremely important that the naval militia'on
the great lakes should have some help In
the way of a vessel, and asked whether
something could not be done to gee the as
sent of the government, tl was pointed out |
that the vessel would not be armored and
could hardly be ranked as a war ship In ti e
meaning of the treaties In existence. The
President said he would be glad to assist
the naval militiamen on the lakes If ie
thought It could be done wHthout objection.
He will have the question looked Into by
the State Department.
The Greatest Congress.
Representative Murdock of Kansas thinks
the democrats will find difficult work In
making the country believe this fall that
the republicans have done little that Is
good during this session of Congress "Old
officials of Congress," said Mr. Murdock.
"tell me tht this Congress hs excelled any
other in the history of the country, In times
of peace, in the amount of work done. I
made an investigation and find that 234
public ucts have been passed by Congress
to this date. At least thirty of these are
Important measures, commanding the at
tention of the entire country. There will
be a number more to add to this before the
end of the Bession. I have not counted
private bills of any sort, like pensions or
claims. Neither have I counted new legis
lation, some of it Important, attached to
appropriation bill*."
The President Is expected to shortly ap
point Robert J. Thompson of Chicago as
United States consul at Hanover, Germany.
Last year the President named Mr. Thomp
son as consul at Clenfuegos, Cuba, but he
declined that position.
Russian Giant Received.
Feodor Alexlovitch Machnow. the biggest
man In the world In point of feet and inches,
was r>-ceived by President Roosevelt at the
White House yesterday afternoon. This
tremendous piece of flesh, nine feet three
li.ches tall and weighing three hundred and
sixty-five pounds, got to Washlngtcn in the
afternoon with "Parson" Davles, the old
?porting backer. Accompanied by his wife
the giant went to the White House and sat
In the room of Secretary Loeb. Machnow
and lils wife were not overly bright, and on j
tlielr way to Washington from New York, i
to which thev returned last night, they were
exceedingly nervous, the woman being
afraid that her husband was about to be
The President greeted the giant with his
usual cordiality, although compelled to
stare at him out of the ordinary so oa to
take In his full length.
After the interview the giant frequently
referred to the President as "the king." at d
said he looked much like the Emperor of
Presidential Nominations.
The President today sent to the Senate
the following nomfnatlona:
Consul general at Stockholm, Sweden?
Edward L Adams. New York.
Consuls?Jose de Ollvares, Missouri, at
Managua. Nicaragua; l-ester Maynard, Cal
ifornia, at Sandakan. British North Borneo.
Collector of customs, district of Kenne
bunk. Me.?George E. Cousens.
Appraiser of merchandise, district of Bal
timore. Md.?J. Carlyle Wllmer.
Assistant surgeons In the army with rank
of first lieutenant?Albert Gallatin Love.
Tennessee; Harold Wellington Jones, Mis
souri: Omar Walker Pinkston, Missouri;
Mathew Aaron Reessnes, Illinois; Henry
James Nichols, New York; Louis Hedven
Hanson. Wisconsin; Lucius L. Hopwood.
Iowa; Charles E. Freeman, Missouri; Fer- j
dlnand Schmltter. New York: Howard A.
Reed. Pennsylvania. Henry B. Mclntyre,
Vermont. I
Not Quite the Thing.
From the l*bUtt!elpb!i Press.
"It's just possible," remarked the editor
of the Bugle In his patient way, "that
Jenks may decline to pay for his ad lc
this issue. The big headlines should have
read: 'We have more furniture, bedding
and rugs than we care to carry In atlck.' "
"Well?" queried the foreman.
"Well, it's 'bogs' In the paper."
Central High School Promotions An
Following I* a list of Central Hlrh 8chool
pupils who have been advanced to higher
Those marked with an a?terisk are tak
ing a special course. Pupils promoted con
ditionally must take the September exami
nation: ?
Promoted Prom Third to Fourth Tear.
A:l section: Girls?F. A. Carpenter. M. Hen
dricks. C. Herman, E. A. Larlmore, 8. A.
Osborn. *E Shedd. H. Summy, R. Van
Deman! N. 8. Wllklns. M. C. Wright.
Boys?E. B. Allsworth, H. H. Bliss. W. F.
Donnelly, O. P. Fleming, J. R. Hlldebrand.
J. P. James. K. F. Maxey, *J. W. Noyes.
?W. A. Noyes.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?A. U.
Browning. H. Gatch. Boys?W. E. Roder
B.1 section: Girls?M. R. Byrne, E. G.
Cronmlller. *M. Howard, N. L. Richardson,
A. L. Rose *E. A. Webster. Boys?F. B.
Bielaski, H. A Davis. R. Jewell, A. K.
Muhleman. R. M. Rogers. A. E. Woodson.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?A. Gilll
lanu, V. Iden. Boys-^C. W. Curry, G. V.
C3 section: Girls?A. H. Drake, M. W.
Farrar, R. A. Grablll, *H. Marean, *M. E.
Solean, N. Thomas, *M. M. Woodward.
Boys?G. D. Br.igaw. A. Buynttsky, *H. M.
Corr.ing, E. N. Corey, L. H. Gatehouse, W.
L Schmltt.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?R. B.
Keith. Boys?W. 8. Beller, B. P. Turnhull.
D3 section: Girls?B. H. Dalley. M. S. Gard
ner, E. C. M add us, *A McLachlan. *M. A.
Porter, *H. Stewart, L. G. Stewart, M. A.
West. Boys?E. D. Clark. E. Cox. H. K.
Craig, D. R Forbes, P. A. Galleher, R. H.
Hunter, E. C. Kemper, L Marks. G. M.
Oyster, C. E. Parsons. F. J. Patcheil. A. R.
Thompson, F. G. Wheeler, J. H. Wilson, H.
A Bishop.
Promoted conditionally?H. N. Clagget,
J. W. Stephenson.
El section-Girls: M. D. Biarer, E. H.
Carswell, M. E. Cobey, L. Eversfield, *E.
M. Faye. L. L. Fahrenbruch. H. M. Her
bert. F. M Hlllyard. C. M. McGIU. J. B.
Meacham, E. I. >Noack, E. Petingale. L. V.
Pywell, B. A. Robinson, F. D. Smith, L.
V. Speer, M. A. Stephenson, G. Thomas,
H. H. Thomson.
Promoted conditionally?B. L. Murray.
F3 Section: Girls?G. Dixon, H. Duvall. F.
Egbert, C. C. Grandfleld. S. Kause, G. Ker
foot, M. T. McKee, A. P. Martin. G. G.
Meyer. G. Rice, S. Rucker, M. L. Thomas,
L. Veihmeyer, 8. E. Watkins.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?S. C. Cul
len, G. I. Curl, E. C. Magruder, ?A. M.
Porter, *A. S. Thompson.
G3 Section: Girls?F. E. Eppley, E. D.
Falconer, K. Follin, G. Harmel. I. L. King. !
M. A. McElvare, B D. Randall, E. L.
Sprlghtley, E. Swaine, K. Washington.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?M. Bar
rett. V. Videtto.
H3 section: Girls?M. L. Alexander, *K.
Collins, E. S. Eberbaoh, E. Ely. E. K. Es
pey. E. S. Gasseling, A. Huntress, M. K.
Koogle, J. Llndenkohl, M. Minnlx, *M. C.
Ferkins. M. Roberts, M. H. Schafer, B. t\
SchilTman, E. Senseney. Boys?S. Burcn,
?W. R. Coe, W. Dick, W. Lent. 1. P. Tay
lor, H. Wlegand.
Promoted compulsory?*G. E. McGulre,
?A. McDonald. W. F. Turton.
Promoted From Second to Third .Year.
A2 section: Girls?O. M. d'Astre, M. L.
Belote, M. E. Cunningham, E. M. Hazen.
J. 8. Herriott, *H S. Lyon, D. Magoffin.
E. Moore, K. New bold, R. C. Reld, K.
Rose, F. L. Trigg. Boys?H. W. Clark, A.
W. Davie, *H. Eager, J. Eager. M. T. Kin
ley, K. Gaynor, F. H. Koschwitz.
Passed conditionally: Girls?M. R. Little.
Boys?M. W. King, O. G. Magruder, W. P.
Richardson, J. H. Wiley, ,1r.
B2 section: Girls?J. G. Barnes. F. Bur
kett. E. Day, M. 8. Ison, M. K. Little, M.
Ritchie. Boys?S. O. Blythe, C. A. Bonlne,
S. Grosner. C. B. Hamilton, G. R. Heltmul
ler, A. Kause. W. F. Kelly. R. S. Mad
den, C. B. Taggart, T. H. Tweedy, G. W.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?*A. C.
Ward. Boys?C. L. Hall, J. M. McLachlen.
C2 section: Glrte? M. B. T. Coyle. M.
Cummins, L. Howard. M. L. Jackson. N. R.
Pepper, M. J. Russell, *H. H. Sloussat. Boys
?W. Burnside, H. Lum, M. M. Selinger, H.
J. Tunstall.
i Promoted conditionally?Girl: D. D. Sny
der. Boys: E. L. Jackson, H. Keats.
D2 section?Girls: A. M. Bates, C. S. Bur
ton, M. L. Butler, E. Clemens. C. T. Dunn, I
A. F. Garrels, *H. L Goldsmith, G. Ivey, |
O. M. Keys, ?V. Lewis, C. Martin. M. Mc- 1
Entyre, R. A. Miller. N. L. Nelson, B. J.
Noah, E. F. Pollock, E. A. Sheridan, B. E.
Taylor, E. Thomas, C. Todd, E. L. Turn
burke, M. H. Tutthill, E. Williams, A. L.
Willis. Boys: A. B. Lindsay, P. M. LJ-ung
Promoted conditionally ? Girls: M. E.
Brlghtwell, N. C. Dodge.
E~ section?Girls: A. R. Betts, J. E. Boss,
A P. Douglass, E. A. Kellogg, M. M. Lit
tle, M. M. Miller, M. E. Mudd, 8. Pierce,
B. L. Ramsey, E. I. Summy. Boys: E. B.
Hartshorn, I.. S. Vann.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?*L. Corbln,
?C. V. Crane, *V. Crane, M. A. McGee, K.
Means, 8. V. Kehoe, ?E. E. Nesmlth, I. J.
Prinun, E. A. Thompson. Boys?G. C.
Hinckley, C. B. Kennedy.
F2 section: Girls?*F. A. Beall, R. Foster,
J. Geschlchter, *1. D. Hodgkins, K. R.
Lynch, G. E. Meyer, L. E. Wright. Boys?
H. Hare, A. M. Hits. G. P. Huber, R. B.
Owen, R. W. Richards, H. S. Smith, J. R.
Webb, T. O. Williamson.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?*M. A.
Clarke, R. Taylor. Boys?F. W. Evans, P.
N. Kingsley.
G2 section: Girls?I. Bacon. *A. Eaton,
| *L E. Kldwell, *R. J. Morgan. Boys?H.
Borchardt. R. Bryant, C. M. Carter, M. B.
Clagett. H. F. Clark. T. Lawrence, H. T.
' Munn. ?H. H. Saum. G. J. Townsend, W.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?M. L.
Hartley, M. Sagrarlo. *1. A. W'allace.
Boys?E. F. Coultry, *L. J. Kllian, C. E.
Tracewell. H. Wingate.
H2 section: Girls?F. C. Beach, *E. L.
Breunlnger, 'M. A. Brooks. H. E. Burkart,
G. N. Carline. G. Carpenter, M. V. Charl
ton, D. M. Crossley, E. L. Elliott. E. Es
ktns E E. Freeman, M. Hammer, *R. M. |
Lang. G. M. MarBden. R. Mautntr, R. Mc- j
Narnara, *A. Moran. L. Moser. J. Scott, I. |
i Umhau. D. E. Wysor. Boys-E. L. Mueller, j
Promoted conditionally! Girls E. N. Dan- ]
iel, *S Fraser, L. McDonnell, K. F. Mc.E!
; fresh, I. von Esdorf, E. M. Warde, M.
' Stewart. , _ T
12 section: Girls?E. Baker, Fanny L.
Blount. Florence N. Booth, Minnie H. Brak
hagan. Kate E. Carr. Miriam E. Caywood,
Albertlna Cook. Frances M Crosswell. Pearl
A Hauser. Leonora Heald. Leona Hechin
ger, Marion Heilurin. Minna Hellprln, Cecil
B Norton. Mary Petingale. ?Lillian R.
Reeves. Mabel R. Relss. ?Francis Wood.
Louise Worster. Boy?Edward W. Byrn
Promoted conditionally: Girls: Lulu M.
Burket. Elleene R. Heine. *Mary K. Lynch,
Emma A. Swingle. Boy-Paul Galen^
K2 section: Girls-T. M. Beagle. *H. K.
Durnin V. C. Edmunds. S. Gundlack. C. D.
Lee, G. N. Mayer. 8. C. Quick. *C. S. Rob
inson. V. B. Snyder. *M. Swormstedt, M. \ .
Walker. Boys?E. R. Haas, R. J. Hoover,
A. Stern, T. P. Sze.
Passed conditionally?Boys?*C. L. Boyd,
N Seltzer, M. Strawn. *H. W. Phillips, J.
A.' Phillips. *0. L. Rlhl. *C. Winter. ?
Section L2?Girls?'Marie Goodloe, Clo
tllde Grunsky, Mildred Harban. Julia Jack
son D. G. Montgomery, E. C. Northrup,
Ida Smith, G. A. Strong. Boys?F. E.
Duehrlng, R. N. Easton. B. P. Flshburne,
R. H. Harrison. R. J. Potbury. B. R. Read.
Section L2 ? Promoted conditionally?
Girls?H. C. Gerber. Boys?J. A. Scott, G.
H. Wathen.
Promoted Prom First to Second Year.
A1 Section: Girls?N. A. Altchesor., Z. L.
Clendening. J. M. Hunt, M. L. Menzel.
Boys-B. Bayly, LeR. Van A. Blrd^ F.
Boushee. D. McC. Chung. J. A. Eldfldge/L.
R. Grayblll, G L. Harvey, xt. W. HOdg
kins, A. Holla, J. 8. Rose, R. L. Wright.
Promoted conditionally?L. C. Easter
B1 Section: Girls?M. Dawklns. G. De
Pue, E. A. Lincoln, M. E. Smith, L. E.
Walters. O. D. White. Boys?W. Bastlan,
W. C. Chaney, A. T. Coumbe. M. B. FUher,
G. W. Hodgkin*. R. Hospital. O. W. Ken
nedy. A. H. Redfleld. H. R. Stunt*, C. F.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?G. E. Ab
bott. M. E. Coleman. M. V. Edwatds. Boys
?W. G. Harris. A. K. Meek, F. W. Thomas.
D1 section: Girls? N. M. Alderton, E. M.
Barbour, H. Brylawskl,. M. J. Carter, D. M.
Long. E. D. Lord, A. O. Mellck, M V. Mey
ers L. E. Sargent. L. G. Smith. Boys?R.
E. Lent. E. A. Moody, A B. Trudg'kn
Promoted conditionally: Girls?F G.
Adams, E. E. Stevens, M. A. Welsh. Boy?
C. N. Odell
El section: Girls?M. E. Claxton, M. C.
Davis. P. L Etsklne. R. S. Fuller, M. M.
Lawrence, L. M. Payne, L. B. Robertson,
G. Schmidt. 8. B. Sheriff, M. Taylor, O. A.
Taylor. Boys? L. T. Breunlnger, E. E.
Mori. H. S Morrison. A. R. Williams.
Promoted conditionally: Girl*?P. N.
Da via, H. Hayes. Boys?R. J. Amboa, D. H.
F1 Section Glrla-M. Barbour, M. W.
Brown. H. R. Cavender. E. A. Dodge, ML A.
Duvall, M. H. Hunter, J. W. McGaugtvey,
M. El Morgan. M. E. Morrison, M. R. Paine,
M. M. Reeves. B. M. Vara. K. 8. Wells
*M. Whltmarsb. Boys: O. B. Buchanan,
S. T. Knight. G. W. Lancaster, I. A. Pels
man, P. H. Prlmm. L. N. Wilson.
Promoted conditionally: Girl*?*JL Thom
as, A. Wilson. Boy: C. C. Lancaster.
G1 Section: Girls?A. E. Carey. M. I. Car
penter, L Dillie, I. E. Graham, L. Hamil
ton, A. McCoach, *M. H. Walsrolth, M. A.
Williamson. Boys: L. D. M. Beerbrower.
C. Elfemart. H. S. Lincoln. R. H. Moran, A.
Morse, J. N. Peale. E. M. Schwartz. P. J.
Conditionally: Girls?G. Day, F. H. Gross
hart, H. Tiffany. Boys: S. M. Asquith, R
I B. 81mcoe. N.<A. Witten.
HI section: Girls?E. E. Alger, E. W.
Crews. C. B. Caylor. L. Compton. M. F.
Jackson. M. E. Knoneene, *G. McLachlan,
G. Rutherford. Boys?E. B. Anderson, C.
M. Daly, R. B. Hancock. 8. G. Hale. B. C.
Little, L. I. Nuber, G. P. Pollock. G. E.
Relnburg. L. Shote.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?*M. Cal
laghan. ?E. Haslup. Boy?C. J. Deahl.
II section: Girls?L. H. Clark, M E. Cris
well. M. A. Entwlsle, M. F. FondiT W. S.
Gatchell, D. Shaw. H. Todd. E. P. Ullman.
M. M. Wlngate. Boys?R. H. Bond, J. L.
Elliot, W. L. Townsend.
Promoted conditionally: Girls?*E. L.
Williams. Boys?A. M. Bacon, Orland
Campbell, Filbert Eiker.
K1 Section: Girls?V. M. Albertsen. M.
C. Fitzpatrick. E. E. Hanvey. H. S. Heff
ner. B. I. Llngle, I. K. Murphy. C. G. Wil
liams. Boys-B. P. Boykln. A. M. Burklin.
L. L. Hamner, H. S. Harnsberger, O. M.
Harrah, M. C. Hole, E. D. Rheem, B.
Smith, M. R. Welgle, F. J. Woodman.
LI Section: Girls?H. Cheny, L. Coblen
zer, D. Done. E. Heltman. E. R. Rich, H.
F. Rogers, M. F. Stoddard. C. E. Taylor,
H. L. Vaughan, M. E. Wallace, E. L. Wal
ter. Boys?G. Hahn, J. A. Hyer, P. Mason,
P. V. Rogers.
Promoted eon^.tionally: Girls?P. B.
Hobbs. E. L. Washington. Boys?W. C.
Allison. J. M. Sherman.
Ml Section: ulrla?I. M. Aldridge, F. E.
Bennett. E. Browning, E. F. Clark. F. E
Crupper. L. L. Fallas, E. K. Greenwood. E.
M. Heltman. A. E. Hill. C. B. Moser, F. L.
Nelson, F. U. Sands, E. K. Schrelber, D. E.
Southal, M. Whltford. Boys?A. F. Eber
ly, J. A. McKeever, F. W. Ruess.
Conditionally: Girls?M. A. Kaufman,
Boys?F. J. Oyster.
M section?Girls: M. C. Darrah, ?C. A.
Deltrlek. E. H. Gathgeus. E. M. Goodwin,
C. L. Lusby, R. E. McCathran, T. E. Mey
ers, C. L. Stack, F. Taylor. Boys: J. Ed
wards. B. M. Hlldebrand, G. Hinds, K.
Huee, H. M. Wiegand.
Promoted conditionally?Girls: D. Lange,
C. E. Moore, F. Work. Boys: J. M. Lupton,
L. H. Mangum, L. W. Patch.
Ol section-Girls: M. L. Callan, E. Copen
haver, M. Hall, H. Hannan, M. Hannan, E.
Holier, F. M. Kidwell, E Oppenhelmer, I.
Sahli. L. Sahli, L. E. Stanford. Boys: J. R.
Barr, H. L. Breuninger, J. W. Follln, J. H.
Promoted conditionally?Girls: *A. M. Bal
llnger, N. L. Brighton, M. E Wilson, Boy?
C. C. Ellsworth.
R1 Section: G!rls-*JJ. Atchison, P. Bls
chof. H. Crossley, B. M. Davis, H. Glenn, A.
J. Meekham, T. H. Michaelson, H. Rice, H.
F. Scammell, H. Schwartz, V. Spiker, J. 8.
Vann. Boys?C. S. Bailey, D. E. Bulloch.
W. H. Eagan, D. Elkins, J. Flshel, G. C.
Conditionally: Girl?E. M. Lowey.
SI Section: Girls?A. Coughlln, E. R.
Danforth, *M. Eberly, E M. Hall. E. A.
Hanft, R. M. Kiiby, E. E. Magruder, J.
I. Maxwell, J. G. Rosenbaum, G. F. Shoul
ters, E. M. Trusheim. Boys?J. C. Ham
mack, C. E. Jones, B. Y., Morrison, A. J.
Promoted conditionally: Girls??A. M. An
| derson, C. Harbers. Boys?W. H. Holmes,
R. A. Ledwig.
Funeral of Richard Meany.
Thefuneral of Richard Meany of this
city, who died In Allegheny, Pa., June 18,
took place this morning at U o'clock rrom
St. Paul's' Catholic Church, 15th and V
streets. Solemn requiem mass was sun?
by Rev. Thomas A. Walsh, after which the
minister paid a high tribute to the life and
character of the deceased.
Mr. Meany was the son of John Meany
of the Treasury Department and was Dy
occupation a paperhanger. He resided In
this city nearly all his life and was highly
respected, having a host of friends.
Three brothers, Michael Meany of this
city, John Meany of New V'ork and Thomas
Meany of Richmond, Va., survive him.
Six members of the local paperhangers'
union acted as pallbearers.
The lloral tributes were numerous and
handsome. Interment was at Mount Olivet
Building Permits Issued.
Building permits were issued by Inspector
Ashford today as follows;
To the Washington Sanitary Improve
ment Company for three two-story brick
dwellings at 200 to 2<H Bates street north
west; architect. A. P. Ciark, Jr.; builder,
Thomas H. Melton; estimated cost, |11.5<X).
To the Washington Sanitary Improvement
Company for three two-story brick dwell
ings at 201 and 235 P street northwest;
architect, A. P. Clark, Jr.; builder, Thomas
H. Melton; estimated cost, $11,500.
To James May for one two-story frame
dwelling at 1?00 Jackson street; builder,
John G. Green; estimated cost, *3.200.
To National Capital Brewing 'ompany
for three-story additon at 3t03 M street;
I architects, C. A. Dldden & Son; estimated
cost, J1.000.
The List
Next Sunday's
The Graduate
By Edward S. Martin
When it is realized that there are some
40,000 graduates "turned loose" this
year, the importance of the subject be
gins to impress one. The author covers
the subject in a sensible and delight*
fully entertaining way.
Tom Masson
Tudor Jenks
characteristically represented
and besides
there are some nighty good stories and
articles of general and nnusual Interest.
An issue, in fact, to look forward to.
Next Sunday's
District Sap none Court.
EQUITY COURT NO. J?Chief Justice Cl?
? bftufh.
Selby agt. Selby; alimony ordered paid;
complainant's solicitors, Lester * Price;
defendant's solicitor. W. E. Ambrose.
In re lunacy of Catherine M. O'Connor;
Michael A. O'Connor appointed Ancillary
committee; bond, >1.000
Stagg agt. Cowardln; leave to have bond
discharged (ranted: complainant'? solici
tor. Douglass * Douglass; defendant's so
licitor. J. J. Darlington.
Wilson agt. Jackson; sale confirmed nisi;
complainant's solicitors. R. S. Smith and
George H. White.
EQUITY COURT NO. 3?Justice Stafford.
Kennelly agt. Kennelly; sale Anally rati
fied and reference to auditor; complainant's
solicitor, T. Percy Myers; defendant's so
licitor, Charles F. Wilson.
Hall agt. Hall; recommittal to examiner
?for further proof; complainant's solicitor,
Robinson White; defendant's solicitor, K.
L. Gles.
Richards agt. Richards; divorce a vln.
mat. decreed; complainant's solicitor, W. P.
Williamson; defendant's solicitors. Archer
& Smith.
Wlnsmore agt. Thompson; stricken from
calendar; complainant's solicitors. Maul.
Kent & Malion; defendant's solicitor. H.
J. May.
Dempsey agt. Dempsey; on hearing; com
plainant's solicitor, F. Edw. Mitchell; de
fendant's solicitor, J. Easby Smith.
CIRCUIT COURT NO. 1-Justice Wright.
Davie agt. Daniel; order to return $5o de
posit for costs to plaintiff's attorrey.
Gentner agt. Cockrell & Co.; demurrer to
declaration sustained with leave to amend
In ten days; plaintiff's attorney, C. H.
Syme; defendant's attorney, E. A. Jones.
Palmer agt. Palmer; motion for leave to
amend declaration granted and leave to de
fendant to withdraw plea filed April 22. 1906,
and plead to original and amended declara
tions within twenty days; plaintiff's attor
ney, S. C. Peelle; defendant's attorney, H.
F. Woodard.
Golden agt. Wallersteln; motion for new
trial overruled and judgment for $195; su
persedeas bond, $300; cost bond, $100; plain
tiff's attorney, W. A. Johnston; defendant's
attorney, Malcolm Hufty.
New York and Washington Realty Com
pany agt. Lawder; motion for security for
costs granted, undertaking or $50 deposit
In fifteen days; plaintiff's attorney, J. S.
Easby Smith; defendant's attorney, E. S.
Rldenour agt. Hanneman; motion to re
quire plantlff to pay to tbe defendant cer
tain money in his hands, overruled, plain
tiff's attorney, J. B. McLaughlin; defend
ant's attorney, F. H. Stephens.
CRIMINAL COURT NO. 1-Justice Gould.
United States agt. George E. Green and
Willard D. Doremus; conspiracy and bri
bery; on trial; attorneys, A. 8. Worthlng
ton, J. B. Stanchfleld and J. M. Thurston
_____ ' ?
PROBATE COURT?Justice Stafford
In re Lollte J. Nash; petition for dis
charge of guardian filed.
Estate of Joshua Bishop; will admitted to
probate and letters of administration c t. a.
granted to Mary A. Rogers; bond, $10?, at
torney, John Ridout.
Estate of William Messer; will admitted
to probate and letters testamentary granted
to James A. Messer; bond. $300; attorney,
Irwin B. Linton.
Estate of Edward Shoemaker; letters of
administration c. t. a. granted to C. Walton'
Shoemaker; bond, $1,000; attorney, Geo. A.
Estate of Jane E. KIckham; will dated
March 8, 1898. filed.
Estate of Rachael Denton; petition for
letters of administration filed; attorneys.
Irving Williamson and James F. Bundy.
Estate of Eugene C. Galther; will dated
December 19, 1901, filed.
Q and R streets?Raymond J. Cooley to
James Henry Smith, lot 145, square 364;
AiLLEY between E and F 2d and 3d streets
northwest?James E. Connelly et ux. to
Lewis Holmes, original lot 29, square
568; $10. /
Howard Constantine to J. Aioert Dutali,
lot 40, square 924; $10. '
3d street?Hattie S. Maryon to IJzzle
and Isaac W. Burkart, lot 71, square
519; $10.
M. Shafer et ux. to Carl A. V. Hartle
ben. lot 36, square 79; $10.
CHICHESTER?Richard M. Parker et ux.
to John S. Copeland, lots 49 and 50
block 2; $10.
PET WORTH??The Kennebunk Realty Com
pany to Ella K. Jones, south half of lot
2o. square 6; $10. Ella K. Jones to Rob
ert E. Buchanan, parts lots 11 and 25
square 6; $10.
WEST between 14th and loth streets?
J. VV. Cabaniss et al., executors, to Etta
H. Peck, part lot 5, square 213; 0,000.
WEST between 4th and 5'h streets?
Alonzo O. Bliss et ux. to Washington i
Loan and Trust Company, trustee lot
32, square south of 516; $10.
EAST?Walter C. Balderston, trustee to
Arthur Carr, trustee, lot 53, square 614 ?
lot 5, square 935; part of lot 13. square
914; lots 22 and 23, square 991; part (
original lot 10, square 983; lot 60, square
1027; lots 39 and 40, block 10, Blooming
dale, and lot 83, block 2, Trinidad $10.
\ ERSI PARK?Galen L Tait et al.
trustees, to Frederick C. Chorley lots
8 and 9, block 32; $1,200.
N STREE1 NORTHWEST between 4th
and 5th streets?Geo. W. F. Swartzell,
executor, to Terence Fegan, part lots
85 and 86, square 513; $6,100.
MERIDIaN HILL?Bernard A. Duke et
ux. to Harry T. Jones, lots 11 to 19 40,
41, 42, square 2564; $17,000.
and 13th streets?James A. Sullivan et
ux. to William D. Sullivan, lots 19 to
22, square 1007; $10. William D. Sul
livan to Jeremiah H. and Hannah T
Donovan, lot 21, square 1007; $10. Same
to David and Gertrude Barrett lot 20
square 1007; $10. Ssune to John D. and
Elizabeth T. Sulllt'an, lot 19, square
1007; $10. Same to James A. and Mary
C. Sullivan, lot 22, square 1007; $10.
GRANBY?Carl H. Smith et ux, to Henry
F. Smith, part lot 18; $10.
EAST?Frank T. R&wllngs et al., trus
tees, to Frank T. Rawllngs and William
H. Young, trustee?, original lots 3, 4 5,
square 1122; $647.95.
Capitol and 1st streets?Pauline Thorn
ton to Henry K. Hunterson, part origi
nal lots 14 and 13, square 620; $10.
WEST between M and N streets?Eliza
beth R. O'Connell et vlr, David, to Julia
A. Patchell, part lots 1 and 2. square
Johnson et vlr, John O., to Norman E
Ryon, part lot 3, $10.
TION?George V. Bell to Walter F. Don
aldson, lot 51, block 8; $10
Frank Wunderly et ux. to Jesse R
Sherwood, lot 185, square 444; $10
to John Hays Hammond, lot 6, block 19
WEST?James D. Ferguson et al. to
Thomas B. Ferguson, trustee, one-third
Interest in lot 35, square 220; $10.
WOODRIDGE?Robert McQulston to Will
iam E. Sands, lot 21, block 8; $10.
ux. to Louise P. True, lot 56. block 32;
$10. William H. Schmidt et ux. to John
P. Polk, same property; $10.
Files Suit foV Divorce.
Mrs. Mabel Carey today began pro
ceedings to secure a divorce from Frank
Carey on statutory grounds. They were
married January 7, 1902, and have no chil
dren. A co-respondent Is named. Attorney
George W. Drew represents the petitioner.
Sunday School Outing.
A Sunday school excursion Is scheduled
for tomorrow, River View being the objec
tive point. The steamers St. Johns and
Queen Anne will make its first trip to the
resort at 10 a.m., and the last trip at
7:15 p.m.
Boarding House Keeper?"Will you have
soup tonight?"
Lodger?"No, thanks. I'm off tbe wa
ter wagon."?Smart Set.
-Jl "the queen of table waters"
Warmer, With Much Less Humidity,
Scheduled for Washington.
According to belief at the weather bu
reau the people of Washington and vicinity
are In for a considerable spoil of dry weath- |
er and considerably hotter weather than we
have had, but probably no worse to bear,
owing to the fact that It will be dry heat.
The rainy spell Just ended commenced the
27th of last month. Now the outlook Is
aboutthree weeks of continuous, though not
quite continual, rain Now the outlook Is
for a correspondingly long dry spell. The
thermometer was still creeping up at a late
hour this afternoon, and will probably reach
83 or HI before It stops. Tomorrow It is ?-x
pected to be fair and warmer and the nest
day warmer still.
Weather Predicted for Tonight and
Forecast till 8 p.m. Friday?For the Dis
trict of Columbia, Delaware and Maryland,
fa!.* and warm tonight and Friday; fresh
iKUthwesterly winds.
For Virginia, fair tonight and Friday,
warmer Friday in extreme southeast por
tion; light to fresh southerly winds.
Maximum temperature past twenty-four
hours, 83; a year ago. 85.
Weather conditions and general forecast?
The weather has cleared In eastern districts
and the lake region. In eastern Texas,
Arkansas and southern Florida showers and
thunderstorms have prevailed.
For tonight and Friday generally fair
weather will prevrfll in all parts of the
Washington forecast district, except that
occasional thunderstorms are probable to
night along the lower lakes and In the
northern portion of the middle Atlantic
states. The outlook at present is for a con
tii uation of fair weather with higher tem
peratures In the Interior valleys and eastern
districts for the next few days.
The winds along the miiddle Atlantic
coast will be fresh southerly; on the south
Atlantic coast light to fresh southwesterly;
on the east Gulf coast light and variable,
an-! on the lower lakes fresh southwesterly.
The following heavy precipitation (In
inches) has been reported during the past
twenty-four hours: Fort Worth, 2.04;
Houghton. 1.40; Tampa, 1.84; Port Arthur,
Steamers departing today for European
ports will have light southerly winds and
fair weather to the Grand Banks.
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were the readings of the
thermometer and barometer at the weather
bureau for the twenty-four hours beginning
at 2 p.m. yesterday:
Thermometer?June 20. 4 p.m., TS; 8 p.m.,
T2; 12 midnight, 69. June 21. 4 a.m., 88; 8
a.m.. 72; 12 noon. 81; 2 p.m.. 82.
Maximum. 83, at 2:15 p.in. June 21. Mini
mum 68, at 5 a.m. June 21.
Barometer?June 20. 4 p.m.. 29.90: 8 p.m..
29.90; 12 midnight. 29.93. June 21. 4 a.m.,
29.5)4; 8 a.m., 29.97; noon, 29.93; 2 p.m.. 29.90.
Tide Tables.
Today?Low tide, 1:42 a.m. and 2:20 p.m.;
high tide, 7:28 a.m.and 8."00 p.m.
Tomorrow?Ix>w tide, 2:20 am. and 3:00
p.m.; high tide, 8:05 a.m. and 8:38 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today sun rose 4:34 a.m.; sun sets 7:28
Tomorrow^Sun rises 4:34 a.m.
Moon sets 6:09 p.m.
Now moon.
The City Lights.
The city lights and naphtha lamps all
lighted by thirty minutes after sunset; ex
tinguishing begun one hour before sunrise.
All arc and Incandescent lamps lighted fif
teen minifies after sunset and extinguished
forty-five minutes before sunrise.
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of water at 8
a.m.: Great Falls, temperature, 73; condi
tion. Ooo; Dalecarlla reservoir, temperature.
77; condition at north connection. 350; con
dition at south connection. 110. Georgetown
distributing reservoir, temperature. 77; con
dition at Influent gate house, 100; condition
at effluent gate house, 45. Washington city
reservoir, temperature. 74: condition at in
fluent, 50; condition at effluent, 22.
Up-River Waters.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
HARPER'S FERRY. W. Va., June 21.
Both rivers are "muddy.
EGGS. ? Nearby fresh Virginia, 18;
West Virginia and southwest Virginia,
17^4'- Tennessee, 17%; North Carolina, 17.
BUTTER.?Creamery. fancy, 21a22;
western tlrsts, 20; seconds. 18; process,
fancy. 16; fair to good, 16; store-packed,
fresh. 12alS.
CHEESE.?New York state factory, fall,
large, 11V&: fall. Bmall. 12.
POULTRY.?Chickens, large, per lb., 22
a23; medium, per lb., 21a22; small, per
lb., 20; hens, per lb.. 13al4; roosters, per
lb., 7; ducks, per lb, 10; young ducks,
per lb.. 14al6, geese, per lb., 6a8; turkeys,
per lb., 8al0; keats, per lb., 8a9.
DRESSED POULTRY. ? Spring chick
ens, 20a23; hens, choice, per lb., 14al5;
The husband of to Ohio Tomio brought home
some parkagr* of Grape-Nut* one evening and there
wa* nofh discussion. but let her tell the story
"Two years ago I waa thin and sickly and suf
fered ao from indigestion, waa very nervous and
could not sleep at night, I waa not able pbyalcally
or mentally to perform my duties and waa con
atantly under the care of our ffoyslrlan. I had
cried plain living and all tbe different rentedlea
recommended by friend*, but got no better.
"One day my buaband brought home two yellow
boxes and aald, "The grocer wants us to try this
food and report how we like It; be thlnka It will
help you.' I read all It aald on the boxea about
Grape-Nut*, and I remember how 1 laughed at it,
for I thought It foollab to think food could help
me. But tbe next meal we all at* some with
cream. We liked and enjoyed the delielously crisp
and new flavor, ao we kept on using Grape-Nuts,
not becaun we thought It would cur* me, but be
cauae we liked ft.
"At that time we had no Idea what tbe results
would be, but now I am anxious to have the world
know that today I am a well and strong woman
physically and mentally. I gained over 30 pounds,
do not suffer from any of tbe old ails and I know
that It Is to Grape-Nuts alone that I owe my re
stored health. They call me "Grape-Nats' here la
tbe home, and all of my friends hare asked me
the cause of It sll. I have persuaded several of
them to use Grape-Nuts and every one of them
who b?s done so has been benefited, and I wtah It
were In my power to Induce every one who Is alck
to girt this wonderful food a trial. We atUl have
Grape-Nuts three times a day and never tire of
It.'' Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Tea days on this nourishing and completely di
gestible food will show any one who is nsn down
from Improper feeding s (rest Changs, sometime*
worth more than a gold mine, boesaae It may
mean tbe Joy and spring at perfect health In place
of the old alls. Trial proves. "There's a reason."
Look la pkgs. for the fastis little hook, 'The
l?td to Wetinile."
?Bargains In
?New and Used
summer clearance Ml*
/f 1 offers you a choir* of our
IV 1 entire stock of nrw and
used Pianos at the moat
liberally reduced prices
ever quoted.
Bargains in New Pianos.;
Such hlgh-grnd<' piano* aa the ' ?
Sohmer, Hardman. Vose A Son*. ' '
Shonlnger. McPhall, Harrington. ' t
Weser Bros.. Martin, etc , are be- j k
lng closed out at tbeae bargain , ,
$<5oo New Pianos $475
$500 New Pianos $400
$450 New Pianos $35<>
$400 New Pianos $300
$350 New Pianos, $250 & $275
$300 New Pianus, $200 & $225
^ Bargains in Used PianosJ
X A large number of slightly used.
.t. high-grade instruments?So h mere. <
A Knabes. Vose & Sons. Chlckerings. .
Shonlngers, (iablers. Btleffs. Kim- ?
.}? balls, Fischers, etc.?to select
from at these small prices:
2 Upright Pianos at...$100 !
3 Upright Pianos at...$125
8 Upright Pianos at...$150
A 6 Upright Pianos at...$175
X 10 Upright Pianos at...$200
Y 6 Upright Pianos at...$250
Several $350 and $400 Up
? right Pianos, almost new, to
- go at $225, $250, $275 and *
Terms, $10 to $25 cash and
$5, $6, $7, $8 and $10 per
Self-playing Pianos, $500
and up.
|0. J. DeMoll & Co.,!
I JSS? 1231 Q St.'
The President
and " The Jungle"
"Well, sir, it put th' Prisidint
in a tur-rble Btew. Oh, Lord,
why did I say that ? Anny
how.Tiddy was toying witha
light breakfast an' idly turn
in' over th* pages iv th' new
book with both hands. Sud
denly he rose fr'm th' table,
an' cryin* 'I'm pizened,' be
gun throwin' sausages out iv
th' window. Th' ninth wan
sthruck Sinitor Biv'ridge on
th' head an' made him a
Other information as to what
led the President to proceed
against the packers is re
vealed for the first time by
Mr. Dooley in his remarks
on "The Food We Eat."
Now on Sale at All News Stands
roosters, per lb.. 8a0; ducks, per lb., llal'Jj
geese per lb., 8.
VEGETABLES.?New potatoes, bbl.. No.
1 3.00a3.50; No. 2. 2.50a3.00; culls, 1.50a
2.00; yams, ?.00a2.50; carrots, bu.,
1.00; spinach, bbl, 75nl.50; cucumbers,
N. Carolina, 75al .25; Bermuda onions,
box, 1.75; Texas Bermuda onions,
box. 1.40al.75; Egyptian onions, sack,
2.00a3.00; grreen onions, per 100, 50 a 100;
lettuce, bbl., 1.50o3.50; peppers, carrier,
l.ROa 1.75; string; beans, basket, 50al.00l
tomatoes, fancy, Fla.. crate, 2.00a2.2S;
choice, crate, 1.25al.50; tomatoes, Missis
sippi. crate, 1.00; Brussels sprouts, box.
15a25; rhubarb, per doz., 20a25; new beets,
per bunch, 2a5; asparagus, green, par
bunch, 5a25; new cabbage, bbl., TfJa
1.00; green peas, bbl . 4.0tia600; eggplant,
Fla., crate, l.OOal.75; radishes, per bunch,
la2; Florida canteloupes, crate. 1.50a8.00.
GREEN FRUITS.?Oranges, California
navels, per box. 4.50a5.00; strawberries,
per Quart, 10al5; pineapples, crate, 2 00a
2.75; cherries, crate, 1.50a3.50; Florida
peaches, box, 1.50a2.50; blackberries, per
quart, 7a?; currants, per quart, 7al0|
raspberries, per quart. 20a25.
HAY AND STRAW.?Timothy, choica,
17.00al7.50; No. 1, 17.00; No. 2, 18.00
alO.oO; mixed hay, ll.00ali.00; clover, H.0Q
a 12.50; straw, rye, bundle, 11.5O&12.00t
rye, machine thrash, 7.50a7.75; wheat, tt.00
a0.25; oat straw, per ton. &25a6.75.
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per cwt.,
4.75a5.00; butcher, per cwt.,4.00a4.50; ordl.
nary, per cwt., 2.50a3.50; rough, per cwt,
2.00; hogs, per cwt., gross., 6.50a0.76; ordi
nary. per cwt., 5.50a0.00; sheep, clipped,
3.00a4.50; lambs, spring, choice, per lb,
7%a8; lambs, medium, psr lb.. 7; calve?,
choice, per lb., 0%: medium, per lb., 0;
cows, prime, fresh, each, 35.00a40 00; coij?
mon, each. 20.00a30.00; old and dry, each.
WOOL AND HIDES. ? Wool, washed,
free of burrs, per lb., 30; wool, unwasha&
per lb., 27a28; hides, green, per lb*
12; dry. per lb.. 18; sheepskins, green,
each, $1.26al.60; dry, aach, 75&1.00; call
?kins, green, each. 1.00al.S0.
Wholesale market price of BEEF C
?No. 1 ribs, per lb., 18; No. 2 ribs, par j'
12; No. 8 ribs, per lb., 10. No. 1 loin*,
lb., 13; No. 2 loins, per lb., 12; No. S ?
par lb., 10. No. 1 chuck, par lb.. No.
chuck, per lb., 6; No. 8 chuck, per lb.,
No. 1 rounds, per lb.. S; No. 8 rounda, pat
lb., 7V4; No. 8 rounda par lb., f.
GRAIN?Wheat. choice, 84a 85; off
grades, OOaTO. Corn, shelled, whit*, 40i
62H; yellow, 90; ear. 3.00aft.29. Oats. wtlU
em white. No. 2. 40a48; mixed. 4?a4T.
It. *
yyoni Smart ^
He?"I got a tip that there would ba 4
'good thing* out at the track yesterday.
She?"And did It prove truer*
He?"Oh. yes! I want mrt."

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