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Y 1MI _i? t inn A,
y i cic|ihiiuiic ivu.cuill JJUU. X i
i ? i
Prof. Mitchell to Be Tried for Heresy. '
Hickley O. Mitchell, formerly professor ]
of Hebrew literature in the Boston University
School of Theology, will be tried 1
on charges of heresy before the Central 1
New York M. El conference, which J
opens its sessions at Penn Yan. N. Y., to- j
day. Rev. George Alfred Cook of Brandon, 1
Vt., is the complainant. The case was taken <
up by the board of bishops of the church 1
at Louisville, Ky., In 1905, and again by
the same board when it convened In this 1
city last fall. Prof. Mitchell was removed t
from his chair at Boston as a result. 1
Outline of Program of the S. W.
V. Encampment,
i1 ?
Details of the Parade to Occur October
i -
Grand Marshal Names His Aids?Indorsement
of XaJ. Hodgson for
The members of the Department of the
District of Columbia. United Spanish War
Veterans, are busily engaged in preparation
for the national encampment of the orgaization,
which will begin next Monday
morning. It is expected that a number of
camps and state departments will reach
this city Sundav. Thev will be met at the
depots by details of uniformed members of
the local department, headed by a band of
music, and escorted to the headquarters of
the national encampment committee at the
Hotel Regent.
Commander-in-Chief Charles R. Miller
and staff will arrive here from Cleveland.
Ohio, Sunday, and national headquarters
will be at once opened at the Ebbitt House.
General order No. 3 was promulgated today
by Department Commander I. Walter
Mitchell, covering the participation of the
local veterans of the war with Spain in the
parade to take place at 2^0 o'clock next
Tuesday afternoon.
Text of the Order.
The order, which is countersigned by Department
Adjutant William Peacock, is, in
part, as follows:
"On the 8th day of October next the
United Spanish War Veterans convene their
third national encampment in this city, and
It is the duty of every member of this department
to do his share to make It a
"Among- the features of entertainment of
+ Vif? onnamnmAnl <n
wus uiivaiupuiciii. <11 miiun una uc^ioi luiciu
Is most interested is the parade.
"The parade will take place on Tuesday,
October 9, at 2:30 o'clock p.m.. and this department
will form as follows:
"At 1:30 p.m. this department will assemble
on 6th street northwest between P and
G, right resting on F street. Each ca.mp
commander will form his camp at its headquarters
and proceed on foot or otherwise
to the place of formation, and at the command
of the deportment adjutant will take
positions a* follows:
"Col. John Jacob Astor Ca'tnp, No. fl, left
center; Henry W. Lawton Camp, No. 4,
.Ink* ri T^? M ?
i>6ui. tciuci , nuiuiiai uewey isftvai
Camp, No. 7, on the left of Col. John Jacob
Astor Camp; 4th Immune Camp, No. 3, on
the right of Henry W. Lawton Camp; Fltzhugh
Lee Camp, No. 8. on the left of Admiral
George Dewey Naval Camp; Richard
J. Harden Camn. No. 2. on tho rlirht nf 4th
Immune Camp; Gen. Andrew S. Burt Camp,
No. 9, on the left of Fitzhugrh Lee Camp;
Gen. Nelson A. Miles Camp. No. 1, on the
right of Richard J. Harden Camp.
"The Harries Veterans, as escort, will
take position on the right of the band.
Matter of Uniform.
"The commander of this department desires
those who have not been able to
procure U. S. W. V. uniforms to turn out :
yai auc anu n?l 9CI ViCQ UUlIUnU
or dark clothes?black or dark blue?with
white gloves and campaign hat.
"By the kind permission of Gen. George
H. Harries, commanding the District of
Columbia National Guard, the Harries Veterans,
Company G, 2d Regiment, D. C. N.
G., Capt. Clarence V. Sayer. command
ing: First Lieut. Arthur W. Leonard and
Second Lieut. Jesse J. Owen,' will act as
escort to the Department of the District of
Columbia, U. 8. W. V,, in the parade.
"The department will then proceed In
column of fours to Its designated station,
and in taking position in the line of parade
will form in column of platoons
twelve flies front, each camp under the
command of Its respective officers, and the
camp commanders taking position three
paces In front of the chief of the first
platoon, and being careful to preserve
proner distance between camps.
"The right and left guide of each camp
will carrv a euidon attafhpd tn ? ?tnff
about 5 feet long, pennant in shape, blue
and gray In color, 18-inch base, 3 feet In
length, on which will appear the name of
the camp, the number and the department.
All camps, if they desire, may carry the
camp colors, and the 4th Immune camp
will carry an additional national flag.
"The department stall and aids will report
to the department commander, at 6th
and G streets northwest, at 1 o'clock p.m.
October 9.
a ?? a t? A r-? ? - ? -
vrcu. aiiuicw o. r>uri tamp, ino. u, nas
been formed and will be mustered In in
time to take part In the parade.
To Serve as Escort.
"Each camp la requested to furnish a detail
of ten or fifteen uniformed men to act
as escort with a band of music to the visiting
comrades, to their respective quarters.
This detail will report to the department
adjutant at the Hotel Regent, Sun*
day. October 7, at 12 o'clock m.
"The department rommander
_ -
every Spanish War Veteran, who is a member
of this organization, to turn out and
by his presence augment the numbers and
thereby increase the showing of this department.
"As this is a Spanish War Veteran event,
all members of this department belonging
to other organisations which will participate
in the parade are exected and ordered
to turn out with their respective
camps, unless they be members of Che National
"The department commander feels that
this Is the time In the life of the Depart?-*
y~" - - -
111 <rui ui me i/uuici ui uoiumma, and his
desire is to take advantage of it so that
the visiting comrades and friends can point
to Washington with the linger of pride and
"The department having indorsed Comrade
Fred S. Hodgson for national commander,
the department commander urges
every membfer to use his utmost endeavor
to secure his erection."
Aids Appointed.
Col. M Emmet Urell, past commanderin-chief
of the Spanish War Veterans, who
will be grand marshal of the parnde, has
aaiiuuuceu cue appointment or the following [
Capt. D. V. Ctalsholm, chief of staff;
Past Commander-in-Chief William E. English,
Past Assistant Adjutant Gen. John J.
Duffy, Past Department Commander S.
Clifforil Cox, Past Department Comminder
John Lewis Smith, Gen. Andrew S. Burt,
U. 8. A., retired; Capt. C. Fred Cook, general
staff, D. C. G.; Capt. Charles J.
ntiriuw, l. street; capt. lieorge W. Skipwlth.
Fltzhugh Lee Camp, Richmond, Va.;
Capt. Emil G. Schaefer. "Jd Regiment. D. C.
N. G.; Capt. Robert Cook, 1st Regiment, D.
C. N. G.; Lieut. Wi/son B. Evans. 1st Separate
Battalion. D. C. N. G.; Maj. C. C.
Pierce, chaplain. U. S. A.; Lieut. Anthony
Holmead. late 4th U. S. V. I.; Capt. Sherllan
Ferree; Capt. Francis B. Wheaton,
Comrade Jeremiah Costello, Miles Camp;
Comrade George A. Jolnes, Dewey Camp;
Comrade J. F. Sullivan. Astor Camp; Wm.
3. Neumeyer, Naval Battalion. D. C.t Scrgt.
John J. Strain of Gen. Burt Camp, No. 8,
ind others to be named by Col. TJrell. _
In connection with the encampment of th?
3panish War Veterans there has been
alaced on exhibition at the Regent Hotel a
.. " 11-> ? 1 ? ?
iiat vie imvucmmwm Dcatuc, a tiicauBCU UU31 U1
i cavalier or cavalryman ready for battle.
U. is the work of Dr. Herbert Barbie, a
Virginia sculptor, who, among other works
>f art, made the confederate monument at
Luray, Va.
The cavalier is pronounced by those who
xave seen it to be an excellent production,
;he expression of the face being particuarly
fin* and attractive.
Dr. Warfleld Urgently Recommends
Prompt Appropriation by
Dr. W. A. Warfleld, surgeon and chief of
FnfldmAn'i Rnanlta 1 kaa fiurf unhmlttA^ hi*
report for the fiscal year ended June 80.
1906, to the Secretary of the Interior. He
says that 2,207 patients were admitted to
the institution during- the year, of which
number 1,614 were from the District of
Columbia and the rest from the states. Two
hundred and Ave births occurred there in
the same period of time, 151 being the offspring
of residents of the District. Taking
the little newcomers into the count a grand
total of 2.565 patients were treated during
the year. July 1 there were 153 patients In
the hospital, 114 being residents of the
The total amount of money due the hospital
for the care and treatment of theae
patients was 138,223.75, and of this amount
$25,500 has been paid, leaving a balance
due of $12,723.75.
Surgical Work Heavy.
Dr. Warfleld says: "The surgical work
continued verp heavy throughout the year,
1,012 operations having been performed. It
la II ?
i nun uiuvii cuvi i, uuuci mc |iicacui nuiited
facilities, that proper care can be given
this kind of work. The same difficulty is
experienced In all departments of the hospital,
however; and although the number of
medical cases treated during the year Is
less than the preceding one. yet the amount
of labor required for their treatment did
not perceptibly decrease.
'In the out-patient department 4.426 were
treated, as follows: Medical, 1,885; surgical,
278; eye and ear, 383; gynecological. 3.",0;
nose and throat, 2?4; nervous, 428; skin
and genlto-urlnary, 800, making a total of
6,991 cases treated In all departments of the
Ul?t" fcCfc*.
"Thirty-seven post-mortems ware perfromed
and 946 pathological examinations
were made. This branch of the work is
very important, and it appears that satisfactory
results in every particular will not
be had until it is placed in charge of a salaried
pathologist of experience.
"The training school for nurses is in an
excellent condition. In selecting candidates
for appointment in the school the very best
are sought, and there are at present several
pursuing the course who formerly were
teachers and many others are high school
graduates. The present course of tw?
years' training, with only one month's probation
to determine the "fitness of applicants,
Is too short, and it being the policy
of the hospital' to turn out well-trained and
capable nurses of high character, I would
recommend that the course of training be
extended to three years. Including six
months' probation.
New Buildings Wanted.
"The early completion of the new hospital
buildings Is so very urgent that I can not
refrain from calling the attention of the
department to It, In the first place, the
buildings now occupied by the hospital are
wnm r?iit ar?rl Inaanltopw frr* a HlwV.
- ? ? ? - ? V. IHUUIi.VlM/ w ? > lllgil U^6,CCI
and with the added danger of fire their
further occupancy is fraught with grave
concern. To remain here another year
would necessitate an appropriation of not
less than 540.000 for repairs and proper fireescape
facilities to make the buiidingB even
fairly safe and sanitary. This amount
for repairs can be dispensed with by obtaining,
immediately after the convening
of the next session of Congress, an appropriation
covering the amount estimated for
the completion antt equipment of the new
President Boosevelt Will Participate
in the Ceremonies.
President Roosevelt will take part In the
ceremonies attending the dedication of the
new state capitol at Harrlsburg, Pa., on
the 4th Instant, on which occasion he will
have an opportunity to view a structure
that Is playing a gteat part in the present
campaign In Pennsylvania. The state capitol
was authorized in 1897, when an apnrnnrlaHnn
was fnr if o#
t ?. ...WMW i.ut 11 U1 OUgUU/ U V UI
$500,000. In 1901 this amount had been expended,
and the total was raised by an addition
of a couple of millions of dollars
more. That was expended, and from time
to time additional appropriations were
mede, until now, that the structure has
been completed, the total expenditure is
over $13,000,000.
This expenditure was made~"while the
state was under the control of the republican
party, and now the fusion candidates
are claiming that reckless extravagance
characterized the transaction, and they hint
that there was fraud and corrouption. They
rtlolwt that M AOAAftA J -
v^.vw,vw was expenaea on the
chandeliers of the building alone. All the
decorations are of the most elaborate nature.
no money having been spared to make
the structure a notable one.
Those who are responsible for the building
claim that the state was entitled to the
best that could be had, and that the people
will uphold them in a broad and liberal
expenditure of money to place in Harrisburg
a notable structure that will be one
of the great capitols of the country. They
claim that the building was built within
the appropriation and that there was no
jobbery or any corrupt method in connection
with it.
There will be an Investigation into the '
c.ivue unuer, out u is naraly likely that ,
It will be settled before election day. The
President will be In the midst of men who '
uphold and those who criticise the construction
of the state capltol when he goes to
Harrlsburg, and will have an opportunity
of judging for himself whether the expenditure
was on such a wildly elaborate
scale as to affect the election.
Piles Cured
Quickly at Home
Without Pain, Cutting or
? - - ? -
aurgery. instant Relief. 1
Seven people oat of ten are said to have Pile*. 1
Not one man In a million need have them, and we
are proving It every day at oar own expense. We ,
11 end a aampk' package of the wonderful Pyramid
Pile Core to any person absolutely free. "
We don't do tbla aa a matter of amusement or i
piuianmropy, nut because It is to our Interest to
do so. We know that the sufferer from piles, tormented
and driven almost crazy by this wretched
trouble, will And such Immediate relief that be
will go at once to bis druggist and boy a box and
get well.
We know tbat we bare got-the greatest remedy
in tbe world for piles, and we are ready and wining
to stand or fall by the verdict of those who I ^
make tbe trial. We have been doing this for
some years now and we never yet have had occaalon
to regret it.
And tbe remedy at the drag store Is exactly the
same as the sample we send oat. As, for in
stance, bare to a man who got soch Immediate relief
from the (ample that be at one* bought a box. Waa
it Just the samflrt Undoubtedly. alnce It
cored him after all aorta and kind* of tbinra had
failed. r
Here la a sample of the kind of letter* we set
erery day and we don't bare to aak for tbem:
Received yoar sample of Pile Cure and hare given
It a fair trial and it baa proven the best I ever .
tried and effected a" comDlete cure. I can wnm_
mend yon highly in thla vicinity. Have used your
ample and one box and. It baa been a complete 8
care. It ha* been worth <100 to me.
Thanking you for the aample and the cure. I $
will recommend you to everybody. Yours respect- j
fully. Julius Mayer, Dealer In Feathera. Ginseng t
and Hides. Bedford, Ind. .
Pyramid Pile Cure la for sale at every druggist's
at 50 cents a box or, If you would like to try 1
(ample first, yon will receive one by return mall t
by sending four name and addresa to The Pyra- v
mid Drug Company, SO Pyramid Building, Mar- c
shall, Mich. t
. -
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< cool weather from now on. G
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toneral Order Issued by the Interstate
Commerce Commission.
The interstate commerce commission ha*
iromulgated the following general order
rith respect to liotices of changes in ra^es
md party rate tickets:
"Where a Joint rate is In effect by &
:lven route which is 'higher between any
loints than the sum of the locals between
he same points, by the same route, such
ilgher Joint rate may, until December 31,
.906, be changed by reducing the same to
he sum of such locals, but not otherwise,
ipon posting on* day In advance a tariff
f such reduced rate and making a copy
hereof to the commission.
Busier E\
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th a snap and a vim that indicates th
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reatest clothing values in Washington
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, Fall Suits,
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and Double-breasted Sack
^*11 if" in 4 urirla lino r\f fka m/vat
<? muv U11W VI HIV 1UW31
stylish and most desirable fabrics
and colorings, including
the new fancy worsteds and
velour cassimeres. Real value,
$15. Our reg-^n^ oe
ular price
Other Suits at $10.90 to
| TJ/ J?
-+ 4 *
j. _t *
-g- T
cy M. S. M.
ts. Trousers, Fj
by $o?o9(0) $
r'alue ReaI Vajue? qua'
525' $5.00.
r and Fine worsted for
:s. Kind trousers in the R e i
old at new fall and win- valu
of our ter patterns. Qual- Our
?II ftO lties that are reffu- lar i
larljr sold everyists
at *here el?? at ? Ot;
> $5- Si'SKSa.w H
* + * 4?
J. Kaiifk
I <& CO., 1218-1
f Excellen
jen used but are in pet
en inaugurated in ordei
i the house and the c\
:eived a number of used ]
ley have been put- in tho
: have been taken in exc
mgelus and Emerson A
erms of payment aretatt
>sewood 1 HELLER Upright;
ew con- fine rich tone;
1350 tnstrume
:u t?c, kallmii heller Upright;
tor a 4)?U,U' nial ca?e; fine
lent condition.
J.S!: $550 usually attrac
$350 instrume
a rmo ^<600 smith & barne
Fine mahogan
- case. workmanship,
^ nificent mahog
u vr v siinrr upngnt; i]
iied case; rich
nincent A rare bargali
'or WHEELOCK Upri|
, * STERLING Uprigl
lgn- * d>i|AA HARDMAN Uprigl
on- A ^#00 HARDMAN Uprigl
se; large size. Uaed VOSE Upright, fane
ct con- A?/\/v VOSE Upright, fan<
ln?tru- -gfl DO KIMBALL, Upright,
^ ^ ~ ^ I KIMBALL Upright,
allies In Plane
a fine A rna a but now in exc
oils of price
^ S25 Cash.
S dawn, $5 per month.
* $250
Jt down, |te per month. '10 Cash and
$25 up. Organs
erms on All Advertised
fABE & C
'inriric *nr mrmnr irtPmrr
"Desire to meet the rates of a competing
road line which has given the full statutory
notice of change in rates will not of
itself be regarded good cause 'for allowing
changes in rates on a notice of less than
thirty days.
"The tariffs and regulations governing
the issuance and use of party rate tickets,
together with the rules relating to the
allowance or free charges to persons using
such tickets, srtist be regularly filed and
published. The privileges so extended must
not be limited to any particular class or
classes of persons, but must be open to all.
Regulations governing issuance and use of
mrtv rate tickets must not t>e such as will
operate to evade or nullify any provisions
of the law. The commission suggests that
the rules should provide that the party
hall travel on one ticket and consist of not
1m tbaa ten persona. In special or emerf
rery Day. |
Suits, Raincoats -
Iling Fast. |
tat this will be the banner year
.fit at once, for you can expect !
, ,. t J |
"M.S.n." Topcoats, ; J
Real Value, $12.50. t
A Smartly-styled Fall Top- ,
coat,; beautiful tan whipcord; 1J
buffalo horn buttons; elegant- | [
ly lined and finished. One of 1>
the latest M. S. M. Models. J \
Real value, $12.50. d;,
Our regular price. <
Other Topcoats at $15 to 31
$30. j;
; j? + >
+ X .
$2.50 50c. *
all Hats, |
ill.90 Neckwear' jj
Lt? that have
Ity and ?tyle.
Hats for day ,,
r and Derbies < >
_d.T" w?aJ' Fine Silk 4-ln
5 u i it r fz.au
? hands; handsome
reKu?j nn
price. "P' ?rv new pattern*; 50o
her Stylish kind?special at I I
ats at $3. 200. ;;
+ + +::
back.** ::
boos-1007 ::
?\ m\
JidLii.Ji9 Pa- Avenue-1
220 F Street. I
t Pianos. I
feet condition. 5
r to close out at once ?
[uestion *of price is a ?
pianos from our factory ?
1 TA *
rougn repair. Pianos ?
hange for new Knabes *
ngelus. *
ractive. *
large size. Magnificent case; s\ V
In excellent condition. A ^
beautiful mahogany colo- dJ'Tj/fV/O, ^
action and scale. In excel- fe
A 5300 Instrument for ^ ^
S Upright, large size. Un- Vl
tlve case: full, rich tone. A ^
8 Upright; medium size. tl
y case ana me oesi or -ty J V ?
A $325 Instrument for ^
S Upright; small slse. Mag- (J* DOO ^
any case; rich, sweet tone. 5fty,JljuD r.
ment for ^ *
irge slie. Beautiful ebon- a *
tone; of fine construction. *
n at ^
rht; ebonlzed case (125 ^
at; mahogany case $-- '> ,
it; fancy birch case $325 *
it; fancy rosewood case $250
it, fancy ebonlaed case $200 i
:y mahogany case $275
;y ebonlzed case $200 A
mahogany case $200 ^
rosewood case $190 ^
Players. ?
ET PLAYER?slightly used. <.
salient condition. Special .ft ,/. ] C d ii
910 a Month. " %;
SET PLAYER. Beautiful ? ?. _ ^
1 and a rare bargain. Spe- SJ fl J) Ej| f&
?S a Month *
$15 up.
Instruments. ^
0 l2't'rf' ?
vy/o, F Street. >
gency cases prompt consideration will be
given to requests to chance tariff rates governing
party rate tickets on less than
thirty days' notice when such requests are
accompanied with full information as to
the conditions and necessities upon -which
they are baaed."
Child Burnsd to Death.
Ethel, the five-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Benjamin C. Price of Wllkeabarre.
Pa., wu burned to deat? this morning.
lira. Price waa formerly M.aa Kitty
Shuckera. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.
F. Shuckera of this city. Mr. and Mrs.
Shuckers left for Wllkesbarre today.
It paye to read the want columns of The
Star. Hundreds of situations am Plied
through then.

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