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; Bon M
Correct Dress
|! Ten-Dollar Tr
nr I ?1 i
\\ e niaKc a specialty at an t
|| tractive assortment of Trimmed H
11 j and this week we have had made :
at this price.
You will find more Ilats, bel
I for the price than elsewhere. Bel
|j ship, better styles?making the Pi
These are made of fine silk \
ij plumes, flowers and ornaments,
A Splendid
$ 10.
Other Hats at $5.00, $7.50, 2j
|| P.O\T MA
3,000 Ladies'(
I Garments
I Thfl n
I LrfV/WC/ V/ V/C/
This is a broad statement?it
you to do a little figuring when >
count the cost of materials at the f
by the yard, and the statement at I
Prices for Outing Fl
44c. 64c. 74<
Worth Worth Wor
79c. 98c. $11.2,
Prices for Outing
19c. 25c.
Worth 29c. Wortih 39c. 1
All garments liberally propor
iRnro O 1 /> O O A
I Marcfoe OIO=O^U
I I f
ELIXIR BABEK Is a Southern retnedr ror
an alltnent beat understood In the South
and In all hot countries. where miasmatic !
conditions prevail. No part of the United
States Is. however, free from the dread
bciiuirr, nuica bb|js (nam; auu riinrars m
the system to the attacks of malignant dl?- |
ease. HOT WEATIIfSK is coming on. If, j
i instead of warming, Invigorating you. there
U a chill feeling of winter lingering in your
blood. MALARIA Is yours, and ELIXIR
BABF.K will cure It?taken in time will
prevent it.
Washington. P. C.. Oct. 15. 1000.
Gentlemen: This fail inj little girl was
again attacked by malaria. I sent for a bottle
of ELIXIIt BABF.K. and I must say It
has passed mj mont sanguine expectations.
She has entirely gained her normal condition
and has no signs of a return of the
dr^ad disease. One-half bottle only was
used. Respectfully,
59 K street n.e.
Fifty Cents a Bottie.
I Ai Ail uruginn .
il| aulB^w.f.Su.Sm.SO 1^ |
The C. M. Bell Studio
Makers of
I'ortraliN by Photograph/,
!at** of 4ti3 IVuua. ave., I
Low located at
1321-1323 G St. N.W.
Old Sores,
Old Skin Troubles j
cured quickly by using l^anasol Olnt- i
mont. A specific for old Bores, Itch
1 lng skin, pimples, barbers' Itch,
ulcer* eczema, ringworm, plica, flu- J
tula, etc. I |
Price, 25c. <& 50c. Jar.
Henry Evans,922-924 F St. j
Thoroughly Reliable ]
Made by workmen whose lives hare been \
spent in piano making; made of the best ;
ouaterlala money ami .>xr*?r!pnce can boy. ]
1842 UflnnnA^ S906 !
n aorp*H?d hy no othar make la toaa.
durability and faoltleaa eontraeMao.
Tanlng br Factory R*perta. 'Phona SOW.
523 Eleventh St. N. W.
mn-it n j. a. ooNLxrr. manaoeb.
larche 1
For Women.
immed Hats.
f * - ' ? _ 1 s -i ^
unes ot snowing a large anu ai[ats
at $10.00, but for tomorrow
some very special Hats to sell
tter Hats and finer Hats here
tter materials, better workman'ice
Difference Evident.
-civets, trimmed with ostrich
' ?
in all the leading colors.
512.50, $15.00 up to $40.00.
RfHF ==
)uting Flannel
at a Price
! nf
t. v? |Ti\a?.v>a auiv/i
sounds reckless?but we want
Jou attend the sale tomorrow? \
(rices you would pay if bought
the head of this item will be ver[ous
order with the
:essions, and the un- i
lLE will be greatest
artment for outing
lXD underskirts.
annel Might Kobes
c. 89c. $1.29
lb Wortlfo Worth
5. $11.50. $11.98.
Flannel Skirts.
39c. 48c.
\H r a n as*. r, t r j n
worcirnwc. wortiniyyc.
tioned?also extra sizes.
Seventh Marclhe ||||||
- ?i\
' ==^1
Credit for All Washington.
IE nit iy> rm n ? n nar*
11 Will 11IIII ti. IUI U <&9
Carpets on
At Lowest Cash Prices.
Our fall stock is a magnificent
gathering of all that is
newest and best in housefurnishings,
which we invite you
freely to choose from and pay
the bills at your leisure without
interest or any additional
charge. All prices are marked
in plain figures, and we positively
guarantee the durability
and trustworthiness of very
article sold. Whether you need
just a single piece of furniture
or the entire furnishings for a
home, it is worth your while to
examine our handsome stock
and consult our prices.
Peter OrocaiiriL
o f
817, 819, 821, 823 Seventh St.
Between H and I Streets.
Porcelain Enamel Killings. ? perfect ffi fl /f>/r\
ootb-llke material 11 .WJ
Teeth worth $5, my price S3.00
Teetn worth $7.50, my price $5.00
Teeth worth Sin to ?12 mv nrl^? *7 sn
Aseptic Velvet Rubber I'iates, prevents
soreness $10.00
Porcelain Crowns. $3.K0. 22k. Ctold Crowns. $4.00
ip. Silver Amalgam Fillings. 00c.
Dr. Cartetoni Vaaagihain,
1012 F Street N.W. 'Pbone Main 205d.
* Tine Imcreassang Demand |
5 5
# ?sh-v.vp that its merits ore appreciated, m
5 It's * fuel you tan rely on. Never falls &
9 to give the best results when used In the &
^ range fo- cooking. We supply Coke. b
6 25 Bushels Large Coke, delivered $2.50 ig
|Sf -lO Ru*hels Large Coke, delivered..... .$3 7J M
0 ?;') Bushels Large Coke, delivered 15.3ft ?
g 2.r> Hush els Crushed Coke, delivered... .$3.00
3 10 Bushels Crushed Coke, delivered... .$4.50 fi
? 00 Bushels Crumbed Coke, delivered... .$6.50 2
k W ash 5 ragtora Oasfl ig!ht Co. I
B ocC28d 413 luTH ST. N.W. X
'MW'MUMMKi* >UHI" ? ~~ ? III l"l II"" II l?l| 11 Ml lllllllMHIIlH MMMWl??H
a White Brandy
Of surpassing cfuallty?the beat you
can use when brandylng peaches.
Lends additional flavor to the fruit
65c. qt. $2.50 gal.
<vB-20?l .
1 Credit t? |
| Ev?Fylbod?01
| S. H. Berrman, |
2 1721 Penna. Ave. N.W., I
3 Ladies', Men's and Children's I
| and MILLINERY. ?
^?j Formerly of the firm of Dodek A Bertnan, K
1014 7th ?t. n.w. E
^ ?*'7'y)t-40
$15 Sets special
this week, $8.
Allow us to make you one of these $15 sets of
teeth Rpeclal this week for $8. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Dr. Patton, an eminent dental specialist.
perrorms an operative won.
Dr. PattomTs 9L;?'?? ffnnt'lp'r'<>r'Y
Headquarter* for the better kind of Hardware. >
I |
I Espey's $ 11 |
| Qyaraoteed |
I lUaimr. I
X ?Shave yourself and you'll |
Y save time and money. The ?
$ razor to use is Espey's fa- ?
X mous $i guaranteed razor. X
It never fails to give com?
plete satisfaction. X
B. Espey, 1H0f0Rp.w^ReE,n.w.|
The Cheapest Form off
JlfiKi Inennifoiin/'Q
u usouHim mi^uianvvi
/>. OD can buy Health Insurance now. SeY|
J eral good "Accident" Companies sell It.
1/ Sixty dollar* per year will brlns you
C (26.00 per week for every week yon
are sick.
But your time, alone may be worth
fa. more than that.
And |200 per week might not pay for yonr
That's why "Cascaret" Insurance, which prevents
Sickness, la worth ten times t>a much money aa
othc. "Health" Insurance.
Yet "Cascaret" Insurance will cost you less than
Tel. Cents a week:
That gives you a "Vest Pocket" Box to carry
One tablet taken whenerer yon suspect you need
It wil' Insure you against 90 per cent of all other
UU likely to attack you.
Because 90 per cent of these Ills begin hi the
Bowels or exist through poor Nutrition.
Cas a rets don't purge, don't weaken, don't Irritate
nor upset your stomach.
Vo? they act like Exercise on the Bowels, lnstptd.
They stimulate the Bowel-Muscles to contract and
propel the Food naturally past the little valves
tba mix Digestive Juices with Food.
Ttv time to take a Cascaret la th? rery minute
you suspect you need one.
?When you hare * touch of Heart-burn. Gasbelcblns,
Acld-rlslng ln-throat, or a Comlng-onCold.
Car.- the "Vest Pocket" Box ready for baslnesa
where It belong*, just as you would your Watch,
Pocket-knife or Lead-pencil.
It coats only 10 cents. At any druggist.
Be sure you get the genuine, made only by the
Sterling Remedy Company, and never sold In bulk.
Every taMet stamped "CCC." 745
Fire= Proof
Separate Locked Rooms holding
one-horse wagon load, ?! to J2.50
per month.
Separate Locked Uooms holding
three-horse van load. $4 month.
Larger rooms at special rates.
Furniture, Pianos, etc.. moved In
padded vans by experienced handlers.
Lowest rates, estimate sub
liAn J
milieu. j
Merchants' Transfer
& Storage Co.,
920-922 E St. N.W. 'Phone 629.
?A little paint Inside and outside
will add greatly to the appearance
of the bume. Use NEW ERA?the
> nnulitv Pulnt?a nil cot thn Kaut ami
Vwy most lasting results!
We'll supply you. Sole D. C. agent.
W. H. BetSer Co., rM*la
oc6-20d "
1 We'll Move I
I Shortly. I
*T T
?Increased business has about taxed the y
capacity ot our present quarters. We'll y*
move to
j: 917HST.N.W. $
In a few day*. Our new borne la a model ? >'
atructnrs o< lta kind. Haa large, comuiodl- < )
una aha\r roonia. Big ahop. A.
T 1410 PA. AVE. N.W. 'Phone M. 8531. l?
first m\m
National Encampment, S. W. V.,
to Open Tomorrow
Business Session of the Committee
new last Aignt.
Grand Marshal Appoints Members of
His Staff?Many Delegates
Already in City.
Practically everything is in readiness for
the opening of the national encampment
and reunion of tlie United Spanish War
Veterans'Wmorrow forenoon at 10 o'clock.
In the armory of the District National
I ~ 1
gg?Pi m
Lee M. Lipscomb,
Treasurer National Encampment Committer.
Guard, Pennsylvania avenue and 8th street.
The program of events, as finally arranged
by the national encampment committee, is
as follows:
Monday, October 8?Opening session with
joint assemblage of United Spanish War
Veterans and National Auxiliary to the U.
S. W. V., at the National Guard armory,
8th street and Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
10 a.m. First, invocation by national
chaplain. Second, address of welcome by
H. B. F. Maefariand, president of the
board of Commissioners of the District of
Columbia. Response by Commander-inChief
Charles R. Miller. Third, report of
the commander-in-chief.
Afternoon session at 2 o'clock?First, report
of the adjutant general. ^Second, consideration
of amalgamation agreement with
the Legion of Spanish War Veterans.
Evening?Campfire by the department of
the District of Columbia In honor of the
I- - ' b' ' _M
BBP& - T i
Maj. Jos. M. Heller,
CTiairinan Munic Committee.
national body anil visiting comrades, at the
armory of the Washington Light Infantry.
15th and E streets northwest.
Second Dav.
Tuesday. October 9?Business session c-t
the National Guard armory, beginning at9
o'clock. Report of committee on revision of
rules and regulations and other business.
Afternoon?Parade, military, civic and
veteran, to start from the Peace monument,
lift street and Pennsylvania avenue,
: M8SU
MlBMUfl^VwaHSil^ME^^Hu ?? ^HH|B
|r" II I
sm T - ^bhh
Jeremiali A. Costello,
rUairraan Cawpffre Committee.
at 2:30 o'clock p.m. Line of march, from
Peace monument on Pennsylvania avenue
to 19th street northwest, to K street,
through K to 14th street and disband.
Grand marshal. Col. M. E. Urell: chief of
staff, Capt. D. V. Chisholm. Marshal military
division, Gen. George H. Harries;
[ chief of staff. Adjutant Gen. Brett. Mar
wi:n c-iviu uivisiun. Lapi. i.?ee m. upscomD;
chief of staff. Capt. Richmond Pearson
Hobson. Marshal escort division. Mr. W. F.
Gude: marshal veteran division. Maj. Frederic"
S. Hodgson; chief of staff. Capt. J.
Llgon Kmg.
Evening: Reception by the Llneil Society
of the Spanish War at the Shoreham
Hotel. J3th and H streets northwest. In
honor of the officers and members of the
national body, the visiting comrades and
Mew Yoi
Our Wo
Tomorrow we place on sale
we have just received from one c
;5 ij sibly indicate to you the extraor
row's selling.
The lot consists <
Cheviot, Plaid Serge
sive models.
$10.75 for $16.7!
| $15.75 for $19.7!
$4.95 for Wn
!i i Tomorrow we shall offer a
J pleated and full-flaring sort, of gr
! strictly man-tailored, and great
&4_E(TD for
I I u U
??in the most complete assortme
hold good for Monday only.
I Full Lime <
ii|! ?in gray mixtures and covertsM
I Closing Ou
B lrf^T '?//// *'
I f ft
If/! 3
n ,?
h I ?
ilib/' ' < /
M 1 i? /
^ / V
p Vs I a iiVj i/avi
distinguished officers of the army and navy j
( and of the government generally and
prominent citizens, from 8:30 to 11 p.m. i
Reception at White House.
Wednesday, October 10.?Business session ]
at the National Guard Armory at 9 o'clock
a.m. Report of committee on legislation
* * -A1 V-..OQ mav r>nmo ho. '
anu sucn ihm-i uusni?a ?--- ~ ? (
fore the encampment.
Afternoon: Reception by President Roosevelt
at the vyhite House, 2:30 o'clock.
Evening: Reception by the Ladles' Auxiliary
of the District of Columbia, and the
Mary A. Babcoek and Kdith K. Roosevelt
Auxiliaries in honor of the officers and
members of the National Auxiliary, the
officers and members of the United Spanish
War Veterans, visiting comrades and distinguished
military, naval and civic guests.
at the EobTTt House, 14th and F streets
northwest, from 8 to 11 o'clock.
Thursday, October 11.?Business session
I^SSsBBP^Kt ^j!Ei$
kflK&^^k^ vWwl
^ :
Maj Joseph Buppel,
Campflre Committee.
and election of national officers at the National
Guard Armory. 10 a.m.Afternoon:
Excursion down the historic
and picture3qu<? Potomac, comp-.mentary
to the v'siting comrade3. The steamer
Queen Anne to leave her wharf foot of 7th a
street at 2 o'clock sharp. d
Evening: Banquet tendered by the national
encampment committee to the paat <
?k Clotfaini
7 Seventh Stre
unary Moodi
men's Depa
: a lot of the newest Tailor-made Su
?f the foremost makers of the count!
dinary bargain worth at the prices w
iff Womera's Tailored Suits (
i arsd Farocy Tweed Maxtur
5 Suits, $19.75 1
5 Suits. $22.75 i
Mmeini's $8 Sep.
newly received lot of Women's Wa
ay mannish worsteds and plain Panai
values even at $8?for $4.95.
fp O II RvT
^IIK aeo m
nt of styles; all thoroughly dressmal
of Tourist Coal
?specially priced for tomorrow's sell
t Oar Entire Ff ||
W 1 an'
1 LI wa
1?> i d
~f: 1
? ' lit,
I\%< do
I | ' is
, off
' It
i Jp*. J ou
II y canr
w?ewte vcrt
snport & C<
ind present commanders-in-chief, the national
and past national officers, to Gen.
George H. Harries, chairman, members of
the citizens" committee on finance and
ather distinguished guests, at the New Willard.
7:30 o'clock.
Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13?
Pilgrimage to the Spanish war monument
it Arlington and the graves of the solliers
who fell in the war with Spain; sight
Capt. W. H. Mellack,
Aid to Department Commander.
SCC1IIS LI ipa ttuuui ?* aauiugiuu anu His
beautiful environs. "Home. Sweet Home."
Arrivals Last Night.
A number of delegates anfl visiting soliiers
arrived in tills city last night and
vere assigned to quarters, but the great
najority are expected to reach here today
ind tomorrow. A telegram received by
Department Commander J. Walter Mitchell
ram Commander Alex. Ji. Sands of Gen.
i*itxhugh Lee Camp of Richmond, VaT! anlounces
that the camp wiH reach this city
.bout noon Monday. Fltzhugh Lee Camp
ras assigned at the time of Its formation
o the District of Columbia Department,
.nd will parade with the department Tueslay
Among the distinguished arrivals yesterUy
was Capt. William E. English and lira.
I House,
et. |
rrt\ 11 /lv 2
uy omc uuii
irtment. |
its and Skirts" for women which
y. Only an inspection can pose
have marked them for tomorllli
)f Broadcloth, Panne
es no the most exclu=
for $25.00 Suits. | j
for $35.00 Suits. ||!
a rate Skirts.
Iking Skirts ? the stylish fullmas,
in black, blue and brown? I
Waists !
ker - made. The special prices
ts at $7o9S
ing and fully worth a third more.
liture Stock I
'tui\- r\i,, B
i 1113 v^iniici V/iuati in
lden oak, with mirror
ck and rubbed-finish
d circular glass ends,
.s $24, now
It is selected at ranm
from our stock and
in no sense a special
ering, but is simply
)ical of the sacrifices
are making to close
t our stock.
wing to the rapidity with
:h our goods are selling, we
>Ot nromis^ th* nnhlip anu
--- r ""J
itities of this or any other ad- S
ised article. I
English of Indianapolis. Capt. English Is
a past commander-in-chief of the I'nited
Spanish War Veterans. He rendered distinguished
service in the war with Spain
in Cuba, and while serving as a staff officer
in front of Santiago a shrapnel exploded In
front of his horse, wounding the animal
and causing it to rear ?nH ta?
on its rider, severely injuring him. A fragment
of I he shrapnel slightly wounded the
arm of Col. Theodore Roosevelt of the
Rough Riders. The latter, however, paid
litt>e heed to the wound, but. it Is recorded,
went actively ahead into the right.
Grand Army Escort.
General orders No. 7. headquarters Department
of the Potomac, G. A. R., were
Issued yesterday afternoon by Department
Commander B- P- Entrikln and countersigned
by Assistant Adjutant General Kd
I n'-i?*? T? '
nam TTirosit-i. in j?n in**3 are as jouows:
"The I'nlted Spanish War Veterans, having
extended an Invitation for the Department
of the Potnnmr, Grand Army of the
Republic, to participate escort to that
organization in their parade dur.r.g their
annual encampment in this city 'he fttli instant,
the department ooramani.'r lias. <m
behalf of the department, accepted the invitation.
and directs that all post commanders
assemble their posts on Si", street
northwest, right resting on north yirlc of
Pennsylvania avenue, at '1 p.m. Tuesday,
octoner w, ana report to finer stafr K.
H. Holbrook for assignment tj plate In
"The O. A. R. uniform, or '.ark clothing
with badge and white glov />, should be
"By executive order all comrades who
desire to parade will be excused from duty
in the departments, and It is hoped that all
who are physicillv aMe will respond to this
call, thus showing respect for tliems'-lves
by doing honor to this association of yountf
men who so gallantly followed in ovir footsteps.
and, shulder to shoulder, folloved
Old Glory in the service of our common
Col. Urell's Orders.
Col. M. Emmet "TTrell. grand marshal Of
the parade, has promulgated general order
No. i, as follows:
The following orders for the organization,
movement and dismissal of the paradt
of the United Spanish War Veterans are
published for the information and guid
ance or all concerned:
The military div slon. Gen George II.
Harries marshal, will assemble In column
of com pan lea on B street northwest, head
of column resting on 1st street northwest,
facing west.
The civic division. Capt. Lee M. Lipscomb,
marshal, will form on 2d street
northwest, right resting on Pennsylvania
The veteran division. Ma]. Fred 8. Hodg"
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