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thk "masonic and eastern star home ok
TUB I>1 STRICT OF COLOMBIA, illuated ne?r
].amond's station. will be dedicated by the Grand
Lodge on TVEMDAY, OCTOBER lfl. 190?. All
master Masons are Invited to assemble at Masonlc
Temple at 12:45 p.m. and escort the Grand
Ii<nlge to the B. & O. depot. Dress, dark clothing
and hat. lambskin apron, white glovea. Special
train at 1:30, returning at 4:15. Fare, round
trip. 25 centa. Tickets for sale at office of
grand secretary, Masouic TVmple. By order of
WAI/TER A. BROWN, grand master.
_oel2 4t A. \V. JOHNSTON, grand secretary.
and all persons Interested In the MASONIC AND
EASTERN STAR HOME of the District of Columbia
are cordially invited to be present at the
Indication and formal openlug of the Home on
TI'RSDAY, (MrrOHKR Ifl. 19<> . Member* of
the order will assemble at the I*. A O. depot at
1 o'clock p.m. Special train to the home, near
Lamoud'n station, at 1:30. returning at 4:15.
Fare, round trip. 25 cents. Tickets for aaJe
at offl'-e of the grind r?cretary of the Grand
Lodge. Masonic Temple, and at depot. By order
of Mm. JE ANNETTE tt. NEWTON, worthy
grand matron.
ocH?4t Rose A VosT. grand secretary.^ ;
fraternal notices.
Lodge. No. lo. I. <>. O. F.. will meet this (M<nila.\
? evening at 7:30 o'clock to arrange for funeral
of Ilio. S. F. D. Ourand. Funeral Tuesliv
-*1-.2 I' ?1- E S.Jiltl MLEY. Secretary/
special" notices.
We of the American Brotherhood of Cement
Workers of Washington. 1). C., do declare that
on and after the 1st day of January. 1907, eight
h<?urs shall constitute a day's work at the rate
of 50 cent9 i?er hour. C-ement Workers' Unions
No. HO. pres.. Jno. Link; see., Jno. B'field; No.
<51. pres.. Walter Wyehe; sec., Sazenbery. ocl5-7t*
heretofore existing between Frank (*.
Wander and Dennis J. McXauiara has been. by
mutual consent, dissolved. The cigar and pool
room business carried on by said partnership at
No. 25 II st. n.w. will be continued by Frank
<?. Wander, who assumes the payment of all of
the late firm's debts, and to whom all claims
due said firm are payable.
ocl5-3t* DENNIS J. McNAMAKA.
Make Lighter, Quicker,
Ciieaoer Work of Cooking
OVEN CAS HAN<;E ill the kitrhen. No
stooping or bending- An excellent cooker and
S. S. Shedd ??BR0 432 9th St.
The RIQIHIT Pllace to Biay
Office Supplies
-li at this store. Price advantages are all .
In Tour favor here, for we're wholesalers as
well as retailers. More complete stocks
than ours are not to be fouud In town.
tCTLet us have your next order.
1000 PA. AVE. AND 401-03-05 ELEVENTH ST.
r>nv One dollar for a MASSAGE CUP
U that we will sell yon for 25c. N'>t?iF^I^TP
,nK better made. WE STILL* ltEi
pair dolus.
pa v holmes & co., rubber uol>ds,
" ** 511 9th st. n.w.
ocl -78t.eSn,6
The Public Wil Surly Think
U R Trying 2 Hide
If your store front or biznis building Is not
properly signed.
Enlighten Them?Do It Now.
Consult With
JACK The Signnian,
MAIN" 62S0. 924 L> ST.
Office of tbe
Washington, D. C.
The Board of I>1 rectors have declared the regular
annual dividend of 8 per cent on the capital
atock of this company to stockholders of
record st the close of business. October 31.
1906; the ?ame payable November 10. 1{H>6. The
t?ook8 of the company for the transfer of stock
will be closed^Noveinber 1 to 10. 1906. inclusive.
oel4-3t Secretary.
The regular quarterly meeting of the society
will be 1 eld Tuesday evening. October 16. ltMXi,
* p.m.. at Go.". G at. n.w. (2d floor?. Present your
trade ca-d at door.
By ord??* of Executive Committee.
ocl3.15Alrt-3; H. C. EMEHY. 635 G st. n.xf.
Photo Work That Pileases. !
? The more nartirular Ton *r<? the more^TOo'll
clreii* our Photo work. It's strictly first class.
Moderate cburges.
Pfll rlLr*?(P ,'1'OTO 122S F ?t- nwSTUDIO.
Formerly 477 P?. ?Te. n.w.
?to have printing done avail yourself
of our splendid equipment.
We U*ri? the facilities required for execut- 1
ing hurry** orders with satisfaction -modern 1
presses and machinery?experienced hands, .
etc. Prices always lowest.
Geo.E.HowaLrd,7I14 B2th St. ]
PK1VT I." II lfVf?D i Vtt) i vn (lAMlTDIVntrD
*?.'? ?.??, i..iunn ? uu a.iu uvvnui.ivbw.
wl3-d.r8u.14 >
Don't NegEect the Roof. '
? Simply !>eeanse It hasn't leaked before In not a j
cuarantee that It won't leak this winter when the
eavy rain and sleet beat down. Have onr *
"Rooftnj: Experts" examine the roof and do the I
Hfcfwry repairing. They'll make It equal to new.
Grafton <& Son, t'/V ofh Stn.w"*''
orl'VlOd '1'hone M. 760.
The Best Values to Be Had
in Cleveland Park Lots.
Lots 50 ft. front. located in the l>est part of ]
the Park, on <^r near Wisconsin ave., priced
flN Io\V Hit SI rum WVll 111 :i U < tlio torma In
suit quick purchasers. ]
Weaver Bros., ^taa'le 1416 F St.
eta-got.io ' ' 1
Accuracy im Legal Printing
- Is sll Important. and quickness is u feature
sh well. lawyers' Hrlefa and Motions printed
here promptly and correctly. ,
Judd & B??weil!er,
The Hlg Print Shop. 420 22 11th St. N.W.
l ud
Have Iron=Clad Paimit JEfs*
?and It will stand the worst storuis without leaking.
Postal or 'phone us to call.
7" ? st. n.w.
j - ?' 'liour Work. 'I'hone M. 3710. 1
ocin 6d
Heating Plants Repaired.
?Don't wait until the ru*h comes. Ijet us
put the furnace or latrobe In perfect condition
now. Strictly first-class work guaranteed.
Moderate charges.
Hutchinson ?& McCarthy,
Mainsprings for Watches. 75c.
Watches expertly cleared, 75c. Crystal, 10c.
Our work will please you.
Max Greenberg,?? iocn.?
*55n R
Notice la hereby given that lb#1 animal meeting
of the Stockholders of the Wellington Saft? Depoult
Company, Incorporated, will In* held at the
ofBce of the Company, No. 121 South Royal street.
In the rlty of Alexandria. State of Virginia. <n
the sixth day of November. 1JJO0, at 12 o'clock
M.. for the purpose of electing a Pres'd-nt. VIee (
President and Secretary- and Board of I>irector-?
for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of
such other business as may come properly before
Mid meeting. SAMUEL CROSS.
ocl l-12texSu Secretary.
726 15th st.
Shirt Mikfn. Delmel IJcon-Mesh.
* GOLDSMITH, 421 nth st.
'Phone M. 6332.
??24 90t.? ?
Closing out sale of aLo?e ko.m1i All mast be
dls;>oieU of by Not. 13. I<arge stock of OAK,
1URCH, MAHOGANY nod white. Also a lot of
1st* mantels.
se 17 30t*7 M. ROCHE. 818 12th at. a.w.
Argo and Cyko are the best photo paper mad".
Try them and save money. CAMERAS RENTKO.
MA II Manufacturing Optician.
. IL.CCSC, B14 od, ? w.
aulS BOt-S
To the Trade.
1332 New York Avenue.
bis office to 130a L at. n.w. near lltb and
14th at. cara. ocO-Ht
Largest padded Tana, $4 load.
Two-horse nragon, $3 load.
COLUMBIA TRAN'SFEB CO.. 713 11th ?t. n.w.
je3-tf,4 ^
Fair Tonight and Tuesday; Light
Northerly Winds.
Forecast till 8 o.m. Tuesday:
For tire IMstrlct of Columbia. Delaware
and Maryland, fain tonight and Tuesday;
light northerly winds. ?
For Virginia, fair tonight and Tuesday, t0
warmer in the interior; light variable gt
winds. re
Minimum temperature past twenty-four se
SO; a year ago, 45. ch
Weather conditions and general forecast: a
The eastern area of high pressure has S
given way slightly, but still continues to Tl
dominate the weather conditions east of m<
the Mississippi. The southwestern disturb- ,
ance of Sunday morning is still central in
eastern Texas, where It 'has caused rain P?
for almost forty-eight hours. The rain appears
to have ceased, however, although
rain is now falling in Arkansas, Oklahoma,
T..<;inr. VfU-ontirl ?U
iiminit leu uuij, ivnun tt--, neo lciii ui^cuui i n i
and eastern Nebraska. co
Showers are probable during- the next
thirty-six hours in the lower Mississippi c"
valley and Alabama; elsewhere the weather. C<
will be fair with slight temperature ci
changes. " ?
The winds along the middle Atlantic
coast will be fresh, possibly brisk northeas-- an
terly; on the south Atlantic coast fresh tit
northerly; on the east Gulf coast fresh an
northeast to east, and oil the lower lakes
fresh southerly.
The following heavy precipitation (In ha
Inches) has been reported during the past w)
twenty-four hours: Little Rock, .3<>; Galvftotnn
1 7k* shwpnnrf 1 ^2f?: Oklahoma.
1.12* " ' """ * ' ' In
During the twenty-four hours ending 8 wi
a.m. Sunday: Abilene, 1.38; Oklahoma, 1.20;
Galveston, t!.44; Palestine, 2.44. '
Steamers departing toilay for European .
ports will have fresh north to northeast
winds and fair wsather to the Grand a*
Banks. a_s
Records for Twenty-Four Hours. in
The following were the readings of the
thermometer and barometer at the weather Vli
bureau for the twenty-four hours beginning
nt 2 p.m. yesterday:
11 J m m rtK. a 1
p.m., 47; 12 midnight. 42. October 15, 4 a.m., th
13; 8 a.m., 52; 12 noon, 71; 2 p.m., 7(1. fe
Maximum. 76 at 2 p.m., October 15; mini- ,
mum, 30 at 3:30 a.m. October 15.
Barometer?October 14, 4 p.m., 30.20; 8 K'
p.m., 30.20; 12 midnight. 30.32. October 15, Si
4 a.m.. 30.29; 8 a.m., 30.28; noon, 30.21; 2
p.m., 30.15. ar
Tide Tables. tr
Today?Low tide, 12:10 a. m.; liigrh tide, '
5:30 a.m. and 5:57 i>.m.
Tomorrow?Low tide, 12:36 a.m. and 12:55 to
p.m.; high tide, 6:22 a.m. and o:4a p.m.
The Sun and Moon. M
I otlay-r-buu rose, oilrj a.m.; sun sets. a|
5:2! y.m. to
Tomm-rw-^Son "rtres, a.m. tw
Mann rises 4:20 a.m. tomorrow.
The City Lights.
The rity lights and naphtha lamps all he
lighted by thirty minutes alter sunset; in
extinguishing begun one hour before sunrise.
All arc and incandescent lames
lighted fifteen minutes after sunset and extinguished
forty-five minutes -before sunrise.
Condition of the Water. to
Temperature and. condition of water at 8 he
a.m.. Great Falls, temperature, 52; condi- se
tion, 19; Dalecarlla reservoir, temperature, Ui
5:;; condition at north connection, 1H; cond'i- . j
tion at south connection, Georgetown ,
distributing reservoir, temperature, Wi; condition
at Influent gatehouse. 18; condition 2
at effluent gatehouse, 18; Washington city of
reservoir, temperature, ott; condition at influent,
ltt; condition at effluent. III.
? 1*0;
Up-River Waters. as
Sprolal Dispatch to The Star. ar
HARPERS FERRY, W. Va., October 15.? mi
Both rivers are clear. S
* hi!
rhe Cruiser Columbia Ordered to New tei
York. J
The cruiser Columbia, which brought Sec- co
-etary Root and party from Cartagena, Co- th
lonibia, to Hampton roads anjl was held In ca
those waters for possible use In the transportation
of marine reinforcements to
Cuba, has been released from detention w,
md ordered to New York, where she will be
put in dry doc-It for the purpose of liav- ,y
inK her hull scraped and cleaned. In case .
it is deemed advisable to send any more
warships to Cuba in the near future the IV1
Columbia will undoubtedly be the first one r"
selected for that purpose. ^
" Sn
L.. Tait et al. to John B. Armstrong, lot
?, DIOCK Vl\ a a
EAST?T. Franklin Schneider et ux. to 0f
William G. hang. lot OT square T.'tti; $10. t
sons et vir. George W., to Emma J. Ben
son, lot 30, block 8; SHXJ.
NORTHWEST?W. II. H. Smith et al., oa
trustees, to Helen S. Wright, Esther B.
Phillips and Marie L. Smith, lot SO,
square !I2; Sin.
between P and Q streets?Michael J. a"
Keane et al.. trustees, to William J. 'n'
<> uonneii, lots us ana 14.., square ?"
$8,075. *
between S and T streets?Clarence B. tic
Rheem, trustee, to George W. F. Swartzell,
part original lot 2i. square 2.'58: ne
*ti,(S<)0. George W. F. Swartzell et ux. s':
convey some property to Conrad Riehter;
S100. Pr
E STREET SOT'THEAST between 14th and Ju
l.'ith streets?Thomas T. I..uekett et ux.
to Ross McMullen, lot m, square 1002;
et ux. to Catherine R. Rabbitt. lot 4 and
part lot 5, estate of Malhew Wlgtield,
Whitney et ux. to Elizabeth J. Mead, bu
luis o aim ?, uiucn u, ^n>v.
President Takes Horseback Bide. an
.'resident and Mrs. Roosevelt, arcompa- on
nied by the President's usual military orderly.
Indulged In a horseback ride late yesterday
afternoon, part of the outing being m'
a dash through Rook Creek Park. The dl'
President, unaccompanied, attended the su
services at Grace Reformed Church yester- ge
day morning. re
Building Permits Issued. pr
Building permits were Issued by Inspector m
Xshford tndflv as follows: flfi
To R. A. Colston for one two-story dwelling;
at IIS# Genoa street northeast; arch.- 5?
tects and builders, J. A. Lankford & Co.;
estimated cost, 11,000.
To D. H. Ferguson, to erect a two-story ls
addition at 1207 2T>th street northwest; m
architects and builders, J. A. I^ankfoid &
Co.; estimated cost, $2,000.
Indictments in Alexandria County.
The October term of the Alexandria
. . . ..... _ _ M
circuit court oegan toaay wun judge c. K. ^
Ntcol presiding. The grand Jury returned H
Indictments as follows: John Cisco, for n(
assault with intent to commit rape; Joseph j
Thomas, alias Rice, colored, for rapm+ Jos- ?i(
eph Thomas, alias Rice, for murder; Jos- f0
eph Thomas, alias Rice, for assault with In- Cu
tent to kill Forest Goodlin, and an indict- m
ment against Thomas in connection with
an alleged assault on Miss Mafrel Risley.
The grand jury adjourned at 1 o'clock and i
met again at 'Z o'clock to consider several
matters. d]
At a meeting or the board of regents of a
the University of Kansas at Lawrence a
proposition was presented to the board i>y
Chancellor Strong to ask Andrew Carne- la
gie for money with which to build a new pi
fine arts building. The proposal was voted ai
down. The motion rejecting the proposition ,
was introduced by William Allen White, a
member of the board.
.ft/u Any yjung man or woman who fo
jRE wants work can get It through The 81
ll* Star. One cent a word. di
aswer Filed of Sheriff Shlpp and His
Nine Deputies in the Tennessee
The Tennessee Contempt Case.
The Supreme Court of the United States
day denied the petition of former United
ates Senator Burton of Kansas for a
hearing- In the case In which he Is undei
ntenoe of Imprisonment and fine on th?
arge of accepting an attorney's fee In
case In which the government was interted
while he was serving as a senator,
le effect of the decision will be the lmediate
imprisonment of Burton unless his
torneys devise some otner means ui yuainlng
the execution of the sentence.
Contempt Case.
fudson Harmon filed in the court today
e answer of Sheriff Shipp of Hamilton
unty, Tenn., and nine deputies to th?
arge of contempt laid by the Supreme
>urt In connection with the lynching ir
vattanooga last March of a negro named
1. Johnson, after the court had granted
i appeal in the case. He took the posi>n
that Johnson's case was not appealable
d that therefore the Supreme Court wa?
ithout Jurisdiction, but that if the couri
id jurisdiction Shipp and his subordinates
?re not guilty, as they exercised due dill
?? ivnohlmr Hhinn was
m:c uu pictciii, n?v . w..e.
the court room, but none of his deputies
is present.
The seventeen other defendants in* the
se. charged with participation in the
nching, also filed their answers through
torneys, denying the act charged, and
king to be discharged from custody.
>ne of the alleged lynchers was present
rhe court took the matter under adsement.
The Fertilizer Trust Cases.
Solicitor General Iloyt filed a notice for
e advancement of the hearing in the
rtilizer "trust" cases and suggestted that
ey should be heard before the Thanksving
holidays. The cases came to the
ipreme Court on an application for a writ
habeas corpus under wlilcn tne aeienalts
seek to prevent their removal for
The court granted the motion entered last
onday to suspend proceedings In the hisrical
boundary line case between the
ates of Delaware and New Jersey, limttg
the operation of the order to the first
onday In February. The suspension was
lowed to afford Congress an opportunity
ratify the settlement reached by the
ro states.
Die Seneca Nation and other New York
idians who sought to attack the distrlbu>n
of their funds were today denied a
aring. tile motion tiled last Monday beg
* - * - - X- T?_l
j&eaay 10 u-o 10 rnwiu.
ABILENE, Kan., October 15.?Joseph
ilph Burton, former United States sen.ir
from Kansas, when seen at his home
re today by an Associated Press reprentative
regarding the action of the
lited States Supreme Court in refusing
m a rehearing, said: ,
'This is not my time to talk."
Hr. Burton absolutely declined to talk
the case. However, it is stated from
authoritative source that he has alady
communicated with his attorneys
king that his term of imprisonment be
ranged to begin at the earliest possible
lome time ago Mr. Burton caused an
Iclal statement to be made by his atrneys
that if the Supreme Court denied
m a rehearing he would neither apply
r a "pardon nor accept one If It ware
Hr. Burton today was found in his
ime here. Ilo received news of the
urt's action in the came calm manner
at he has displayed in each step in his
se. Mr. Burton has remained at home
re practically all summer, with the
ception of one or two small trips. The
st trip he made was to Chicago two
jeks ago.
iTCHISOX. Kan., October 15.?Bailie
aggoner of this city, one of Mr. Burn's
attorneys, said today that he has
it received any communication from Mr.
irton, but said that Mr. Burton had
eviously expressed to him the wish to
gin serving sentence immediately if the
ipreme Court should finally decide
;ainst him.
Canton Bank-Wrecking1 Cases.
The court today fixed November 12 next
the date for the hearing in the cases of
ichtel and others against Sheriff Wilson
Stark county, Ohio, known as the Can11
bank-wrecking cases. There are five
the cases, and they represent twentynr
indictments, based on the charge of
ecking the Canton State Rank. The
ses involve the constitutionality of the
ite law governing in the prosecution of
in/lii)ant honlfinf
!'h<' Chicago gaslight case. involving the
ijdity of a 75-eent ordinance, was today
vanced on the docket on the understandg
tiiat the case should be submitted on
inted briefs. .
i'lie hearing in the case of J. G. Rawigs.
a Georgia preacher, under convic111
in Lawndes county of that state on a
arge of murdering two children of a
ighbor, was today fixed for tlie 2i?tli inint.
Rawlings attacked the proceedings
the trial court on the ground thai
eachers were not allowed to sit on the
ry that heard his case.
;sult of Co-Operation of Government
C4-o f ? c+{ niano
rhe geological survey has just issued s
illetin by Henry Gannett which reprents
the result of the conference and coeratlon
of the land office, census offic?
id geological survey In an effort to agre?
what constitutes "the area of the Unlte<3
rhe absense of a standard of measureent
for determining the area led to a
screpancy between the tables of the cenx
office, made in 1881, and those of th<
sneral land office, prepared in 1890. Th<
suit of the co-operation of the departents
is that the area of the United States
oper, which Is given as J,?r.:u,78!i square
lies, has been increased over the census
;ures by 1,188 square mile*.
rhe bulletin gives the area of Alaska as
0.884; the Philippines. 115,026; Hawaii
Ull; Porto Rico. 3,435; Guam, 210; Saoa,
77. and the Panama canal strip, 47-J
uare miles. All of the detached territorj
subject to change as the limits become
ore correctly defined.
Woman's Foreign Missions.
Arrangements have been made for th<
lai'terly meeting of the Woman's Foreigr
isslonary Society to be held tomorrow al
a.m. at Western Presbyterian Church or
street, near 10th street. Reports on th<
w business of the year are Expected. II
stated that a large sum of money, outie
of the regular pledges, has been raisec
r special object work. An address or
irrent events in foreign mlssiens will be
ade by Mrs. Amos G. Draper.
Alleged Larceny From Grandmother.
Edmund Howe and Jerome Emory were
.a ? 1 .. 1..* * it T-?
aceu oil trial uciuic justice uarird
and a jury in Criminal Court No. 2 on
charge of grand larceny preferred by
leir grandmother, Mrs. Mary Howe. The
tter, according to the contention of the
rosecution, slept with a bag of money
ound her neck, and May 28 last, it is
larged, the two boys went into her room
hile she slept and took the money. The
ig is said to have contained $125.
Attorney J. McD. Carrlngton appeared
ir the defendants, and Assistant United
tates Attorney F. Sprigg Perry is conjcting
the prosecution.
* >
United States Supreme Court.
Present, the Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Harlan,
Mr. Justice Brewer, Mr. Justice
White, Mr. Justice Peckham, Mr. Justice
McKenna, Mr. Justice Holmes and Mr.
Justice Day.
I William G. Burke of San Francisco, Cal.;
ffloyd McGown of San Antonio, Tex.; Samuel
P. Maddox of Dalton, Ga.; Albert RAllen
of Fairmount, Minn.; Thomas J.
Knox of Jackson. Minn.; Noah vv. warden
of Chattanooga, Tenn.; S. L. Hutchlna of
Chattanooga, Tenn.; Hill McAllster of
1 Nashville, Tenn.; Joe V. Williams of Chat[
tanooga, Tenn.; Martin A. Fleming of
Chattanooga, Tenn.; James J. Lynch of
Chattanooga, Tenn.; T. Pope 8hepherd of
Chattanooga, Tenn.; Robert A. Hewitt, Jr.,
of Maysvllle, Mo.; Lewis Shepherd of Chattanooga,
Tenn.; George W. Chamlee of
Chattanooga, Tenn., and Don C. Smith of
Guthrie, O. T., were admitted to practice.
No. 18. The Territory of New Mexico ex
rel. E. J. McLean & Co., appellants agt.
The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company;
appeal from the supreme court of the
territory of New Mexico; decree affirmed
with costs: opinion by Mr. Justice Day.
The chief justice announced the following
orders of the court:
No. . Original. Exparte: In the mat!
ter of the Seneca nation et al., petitioners;
motion for leave to file petition for a writ
! of mandamus denied.
No. 1. Original. The state of New Jersey,
complainant, agt. The state of Delaware;
further proceedings herein . suspended
until the first Monday in February
No. 68. W. S. Keel, jr. et al., appellants,
agt. E. E! DouviWe: motions to disnvss or
afftrm postponed to the hearing of the cause
on its merits.
No. 143. American Smelting and Refining
I r'ninrinnv nlnlritlfP In orr/?r act Thn nunnlp
vvix^uo.) , t""*"ill >-? ? Vi, "r > ^
of the state of Colorado ex rel. Henry A.
( Lindsley, district attorney; motion to advance
granted and cause assigned for urgu1
nient on Monday, December 17 next.
No. 200. Hugh Wallace et al., plaintiffs
, in error, agt. Mrs. Ella Adams; motion to
[ advance- granted and cause assigned for
' argument on Monday, December 17 next,
1 after No. 143.
No. 3J>2. J. G. Rawlins, appellant, agt.
J. F. Passmore, sheriff, etc.; motion to advance
granted and cause assigned for argument
on Monday, October 29.
No. 44*5. Corwin D. Bachtel. plalntifT in
error, agt. R. Frank Wilson, sheriff, etc. '
No. 447. Corwin D. Bachtel, plaintiff in
error, agt. R. Frank Wilson, sheriff, etc.
No. 448. Harvejt, _H. Miller, plaintiff in
prrnr "R "Pmnlr V7ilsnn shoriff *?tr?
No. 440. William L. Davis, plaintiff In
error, agt. R. Frank Wilson, sheriff, etc.
No. 450. Charles H. Van Horn, plaintiff
In error, agt. R. Frank Wilson, sheriff, etc.
Motion to advance granted and cases assigned
for argument on Monday, November
12 next.
No. 1S5. Uriah S. Lee et al., plaintiffs in
error, agt. The State of New Jersey.
No. 2i>3. The United States, appellant,
agt. The Wi)liam Cramp & Sons Ship and
i Engine Building Company.
No. 364. The William Cramp & Sons
Ship and Engine Building Company, api
pellant. ngt. The United States.
No. 407. Dona Maria Francisca O'Reilly
de Camara, Countess of Buena Vista, plaintiff
In error, agt. John R. Brooks, major
general. United States army; motions to
1 advance denied.
No. 286. City of Chicago, appellant, agt.
Darius O. Mills; motion to advance under
thirty-second rule for submission on printed
briefs granted.
No. 413. The Atlantic Trust Company,
petitioner, agt. Edgar C. Chapman; receiver's
sale; petition for a writ of certiorari to
the United States circuit court of appeals
for the ninth circuit granted.
No. 433. Henry Arnold Richardson, as
trustee, etc., petitioner, a'gt. John M. Shaw
et al.; petition for a writ of certiorari to
the United States circuit court of appeals
for the second circuit granted.
No. J42. The Eagle Ore Sampling Company.
petitioner, agt. Duncan Chisholm,
trustee; petition for a writ of certiorari to
the United States circuit court of appeals
I for the eighth circuit denied.
No. 2S*S. M. P. Reeve, petitioner, agt.
North Carolina Land and Timber Company
et al.: petition for a writ of certiorari to the
United States circuit court of appeals forthe
sixth circuit denied.
No. 30r?. Arthur Weinreb et al.. petitioners,
agt. Joseph H. Fink; petition for a
writ of certiorari to the United States circuit
court of appeals for the second circuit
No. 322. Carmelo Greco, petitioner, agt.
the steamship Sarnia, &c.; petition for a
writ of certiorari to the United States circuit
court of appeals for the Second circuit
No. 3?0. The Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western Railroad Company, petitioner, agt.
William W. Rutter et al., executor. &c.:
petition for a writ of certiorari to the
, I'nited States circuit court of appeals for
the second circuit denied.
Xo. 3.''.". David McKenzie, petitioner, agt.
James Pease, sheriff, &c.; petition for a
writ of certiorari to the United States circuit
court of appeals for the seventh circuit
Xo. 3117. The Saginaw Match Company,
petitioner, agt. the Diamond Match Company;
petition for a writ of certiorari to the
United States circuit court of appeals for
tne slxtn circuit.
No. 43<t. Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph
Company, petitioner, agt. mayor and
city council of Nashville, Tenn.; petition for
a writ of certiorari to the United States
circuit court of appeals for the sixth circuit
No. 441. New York Kvening Journal Publishing
Company, petitioner, agt. Joseph
Simon; petition for a writ of certiorari to
the United States circuit court of appeals
for the second circuit denied.
No. 442. The Atlantic Transport Company
Claimants, petitioner, agt. Frances M.
Barnes; petition for a writ of certiorari to
! the United States circuit court of appeals
for the second circuit denied.
No. 443. James P. Stewart et al? petii
tioners. agt. H. S. Wright; petition for a
writ of certiorari to the United States clr
cult court of appeals for the eighth circuit
No. W7. Frank D. Zell. plaintiff in error,
. against The Judges of the Circuit Court of
the United States for the eastern district
i of Virginia; in error to the United States
circuit court of appeals for the fourth cfri
cuit; judgment affirmed with costs.
No. 330. The Graham and Morton Transportation
Company, appellant, agt. Craig
Khinltiiilfli nc Pnmnflnv- a nnoo 1 fp^m V->
district court of the United States for the
northern district of Illinois; decree affirmed
with costs on the authority of People's
Ferr.v Company agt. Beers, 20 How.. 303;
Roach agt. Chapman, 22 How., 129; Edi
wards apt. Elliott, 21 Wall., 532; The Robert
W. Parson?, 181; U. S., 17, and cases
No. 250. The United States, petitioner,
! agt. G. Falk & Bro.; motion to advance
s submitted by Mr. Solicitor General Hoyt
1 for the petitioner.
Nos. 360 to 370. James G. Tinsley et al.,
appellants, agt. Morgan Treat, United
States marshal etc., et al.; motion to ad>
vance submitted by Mr. Solicitor General
Hoyt for the appellees.
s Nos. 45 and 4i>. The Dakota. Wyoming
[ and Missouri River Railroad Company et
' al., plaintiffs in error, ngt. Charles D.
' I Crouch and Francis Seiberlinsr, trustees:
i motions to dismiss or affirm submitted by
5 Mr. Clifford S. Walton in behalf of Mr.
, Charles W. Brown in support of motions,
and by Mr. William T. Coad in opposition
i No. 435. Robert M. Green, plaintiff in
, error, agt. Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
. Railroad Company; advanced -pursuant to
L the thirty-second rule on motion of Mr.
r Frank P. Prichard for the plaintiff in error.
No. 414. Moritz Esner et al., petitioners,
agt. Emllie Saxiehner; petition for a writ of
certiorari to the United States circuit court
of appeals for the second circuit submitted
by Mr. Chiirles K. Allen, Mr. Leopold Wals
lach and Mr. Charles G. Goe for the petij
tioners. and by Mr. Antonio Knauth for the
' No. ll>5. Elbert R. Robinson, petitioner,
i agt. The American Car and Foundry Com)
pany; leave granted to file reply brief here.
in on motion of Mr. J. Gray L>Ucas for the
No. 318. Southern Railway Company, peI
titioner, agt. Mattie J. Stutts, administrai
trix. etc.; petition for a writ of certiorari
) to the United States circuit court of appeals
for the fifth circuit submitted by Mr.
George E. Hamilton in behalf of Mr. Milton
Hennes for the petitioner and by Mr.
nirharrl W. Walker for the defendant.
District Supreme Court.
EQUITY COURT NO. 1?Chief Justice Clabaugh.
Cahill agt. CahiU, rule to show cause returnable
October 19; complainant's solicitor,
C. W. Stetson; defendant's solicitor, W. S.
Stahl agt. Wilson. trustee authorized to
borrow money; complainant's solicitors,
Millan & Smith. ?
In re lunacy of George T. Bartlelt, Hosea
I B. Moulton appointed committee; bond,
I $4,000.
Lloyd agt. Lloyd, sale finally ratified and
reference to auditor; complainant's solid
tors,. Ralston & Slddons; defendant's solicitor,
Stanton C. Peelle. '
Hoffman agt. Hoffman, rule US to restraining
order returnable October 19; complainant's
solicitor, Walter P. Plumley.
Elwood agt. Dohlen, restraining order returnable
October 26; complainant's solicitor,
Carlton Fox.
EQUITY COURT ~NO 2?Justice Gould.
Trustees of the Louise Home agt. Eustis;
trustees authorized to make sale; complainants'
solicitor, H. S. Matthews; defendant's
solicitors, Blair & Thom.
Butts agt. Butts; decree vacated and custody
of children awarded; complainant's
solicitors. Wolf & Rosenberg; defendant's
attorneys. Leckie, Fulton & Cox.
McNaney agt. Baboon: auditor's report
confirmed; complainant's solicitor. John
Raum; defendant's solicitor, II. M. Baker.
Morris agt. Taff; auditor's report confirmed;
complainant's solicitor. George C.
Gertman; defendant's solicitors, Coldren &
Fenning and C. H. Bauman.
Callahan agt. Callahan; rule to show
cause returnable October 19; complainant's
solicitor, W. W. Wright.
In re lunacy of Charles Edmunds; committee
authorized to sell.
CIRCUIT COURT, NO. 1-Justice Wright.
Jones agt. Croswell; on trial; plaintiff's
n ArnnT-o 'rVirtivi nenn i*. T nelrflV /Yafond
anvi nvjo, x iiuiii^oiiu uc uaonvj ? ?v?v??v?
and't attorneys, Hayden Johnson and S. D.
Baker agt. Stutler: judgment on verdict
for defendant; plaintiff's attorneys. W. R.
Graham and H. A. Wrenn; defendant's attorneys,
George P. Hoover and D. C. Stutler.
Huyck agt. Whitford: judgment on verdict
for plaintiff; plaintiff's attorney, .. Y.
Bradley; defendant's attorney, W. A. Johnston.
Kaufman agt. Dobbins and Rosenthal agt.
Dobbins; certified to Circuit Court, no. 2;
plaintiff's attorneys, M. D. Rosenberc and
D. W. Baker; defendant's attorney. Leo
Ford aKt. Ford; plaintiff takes non suit
and judgment for defendant for costs;
plaintiff's attorney. B. F. Leigliton; defendants
attorneys, John Raum and A. L. Richardson.
CIRCUIT COURT NO. *2-Justlce Anderson.
Cowan et al. agt. Jones, continued for the
term; plaintiff s attirneys, Ralston & Siddons;
defendant's attorney. H. E. Davis.
Beasley agt. B. & P. R. R. Co.; on trial;
plaintiff's attorneys. R. F. Downing and C.
A. Ke!gwin; defendant's attorneys, McKenney
& Flannery.
CRIMINAL COURT.NO. 1-Justloe Stafford.
United States agt. S*muel Petrello; assault
to rape; plea not guilty.
United States agt. William Bronaugh;
grand larceny; plea not guilty.
United 8tates agt. Robert Greewald; embezzlement;
plea not guilty; attorney, J. B.
United States agt. James Bradley: robbery;
plea not guiity; attorney, J. E. Collins.
I'nited States agt. James Fosque; grand
larceny; plea not guilty.
United States agt. Arthur Tabbs; assault
to kill; plea not guilty; attorney, John E.
United States agt. Robert Brookin; housebreaking;
plea not guilty.
United States agt. Charles Seabright; depredation
on property; verdict guilty on second
count; sentence, workhouse for six
months; attorney, Campbe'.l Carrington.
CRIMINAL, COURT NO. 2-Justlcc Barnard.
Steubner agt. Hancock; verdict for plaintiff
for $125; plaintiff's attorneys, P. H.
Veltch and George P. Hoover; defendant's
attorney, I^eo Simmons.
United States agt. John McCann, grand
larceny: plea not guilty.
United States agt. Edmund Howe and Jerome
Emory, grand larceny; on trial; attorney
J. McD. Carrington.
PROBATE COURT-Justlce Gould.
Estate of Simeon T. Xeal; will dated October
23, 1JKKV, filed.
Estate of Anna W. Kummell; letters of
administration granted to Tillie Beresford;
bond. $30<>; attorneys. Bates Warren and
William L. Browning.
In re Lawrence B. Weeks; order appointing
Harriet A. Weeks guardian; bond. $20.00:);
attorneys, Hamilton, Colbert & Hamilton.
Estate of Ellen M. Kennedy; order to sell
real estate: attorney. John Lewis Johnson.
Estate of Simeon T. Neal: petition for
probate of will filed; attorney, James T.
Estate of Nancy Bishop; order authorizing
payment of sum in lieu of annual
In re Dwight B. Gait et al.; order to advance
funds; attorney. Louis A. Dent.
Estate of David E. Sharretts; will admitted
to probate and letters of administration
c. t. a. granted to Sidney T. Thomas; bond,
attorney, S. T. Thomas.
Estate of Ellen Murphy: will admitted to
probate and letters testamentary granted
to Elizabeth T. McCort; bond, $200: attorney,
J. A. Maedel.
Estate of Little C. Osmun; order to sel>
securities; attorney, jonn 11. learner.
Estate of Charles G. Zange; will dated
October C, 1891, filed.
Action Affecting District Employes
and Their Work.
Orders issued by the Commissioners today
Included the following:
That service sewer be constructed along
the south side of Park road from the sewer
<n Yi?-? wft o f cMn A f 1 Wt Vi rtrorit Anctmn
All ii JC ??coi ?3iuv vi AVWA cucii rarinuiu lu
a point 'JO.UO feet east of the east line of
18th street.
Sewers In alley of square 1000, abutting
lots 9, 13, 15, 10 and 38.
That the subgrade of Massachusetts avenue
northwest between Observatory Circle
and Tenleytown road be rolled and macadam
spread and rolled by day labor, at an estimated
cost of $900, chargeable to special
appropriation now available for this street.
That F. A. Perlay, assistant engineer, Is
directed to proceed from Washington, D.
C., to Philadelphia. Pa., and return, for the
purpose of Inspecting the plant of the North
Penn Iron Company in connection with
railing for Connecticut avenue bridge; expenses
chargeable to the appropriation for
toi/1 lirl/ltra
That C. B. Hunt, engineer of highways,
and Assistant Engineer Charles Fernald afe
directed to proceed from Washington. D.
C., to New York city and Hoboken, N. J.,
and return, for the purpose of Inspecting
the type of train sheds In connection with
the union station; expenses chargeable to
the appropriation for elimination of grade
That the resignation of L. Earle Thornton,
temporarily employed as draftsman In
the office of the surveyor, be accepted, to
take effect October 9.
That the roadway of 2d street southwest
between E street and Virginia avenue
be paved with asphalt, under contract No.
3223 with the Brennan Construction Company,
at a nestimated cost of $1,">00; prelir?U>n?r
n.A*lr rv Kn /^Ann Kf /ln? UUA. -
iiuiiuai j nuin IU UWJIU uj uaj lauui ai
an estimated cost of $700, chargeable to tne
appropriation for elimination of grade
That the neccssary grading, resetting of
curb, relaying of roadway pavements and
sidewalks, together with all incidental work
made necessary by the change of grade of
7th, C and D streets and Virginia avenue
in connection with the elimination of graue
crossings Is to be done by day labor at an
estimated cost of $14,000, chargeable to the
appropriation for the elimination of grade
That Bryant street northeast between
17th and 19th streets be graded by the chain
gang at as early a date as practiceable, at
an estimated cost or ?100.
That in connection with the change in
the grade of 7th street southwest between
C and D streets, required by the act providing
for the elimination of grade crossings
the necessary work of caring for sewers
?*nd drainage be done at an estimated
cost of $1,000.
That in connection with the revisement
of the plan and changes in grade of 9th
street southwest between Virginia avenue
and D streets, required by the act providing
for the elimination of grade crossings,
the sum of $3,000 be expended by day
labor for such work of restoration as maybe
That a horse be hired for the use of assistant
engineer in the surface division
for work in connection with the repair of
streets, the cost of same to be charged to
the appropriation for Improvements and repairs.
repairs to streets, avenues and alleys.
and that the proposal of ThomaB P. Kennelly
to hire said horse fo? the sum of >15
per month is hereby accepted.
That service sewer be constructed along
the east side of Warder street northwest
between Manor place and Newton place.
Death of Mrs. Mary Beul&h Perrie.
Mrs. Mary Beulah x PeTrle, widow of
Charles P. Perrie, died today In the
seventy-fifth year of her age. Mrs. Perrie
was the daughter of ihA latfl Hfinrv W a nri
Elizabeth Stelle Macpherson, and the moth- I
er of Miss Bertha E. Perrle, the artist. I
Funeral arrangements have not been made.
f*. M A M .l_l1 . W * M tVTlAl
nas name to snue jjmereuces wm
the United States and Republic
of Panama.
Enrique Cortes, the new minister froi
'Colombia to the United States, who wa
sent here especially to negotiate treatle
settling the differences between Colombi
and the United States and Colombia an
Panama, today expressed confidence tha
he will be able to complete negotiations I
a lew monins lor ine sausiaciory hujum
ment of the differences.
"Secretary Root's trip to South Americ
did much to bring all the republics of thi
continent closer together," Mr. Cortes sak
"and Colombia feels that the spirit of fait
ness which characterises the actions o
President Roosevelt and Mr. Root wl
prompt the satisfactory adjustment of dis
puted questions with Panama and th
United States."
Mr. Corte^ said that Colombia realise
the necessity for the establishment o
friendly relations with the republic of Pan
ama. Although Colombians do not conced
that Panama seceded for Just cause. Mi
Cortes said his countrymen feel that tw
i neignDormg repuoncs snouia noi ne ene
mies and should have trade relation/! whtc
will - make It possible for the Pacific an
Atlantic co?sts of Colombia to be brough
closer together by means of the Panam
railway and later through the canal.
"The minister said that the foreign deb
of Colombia, of which it Is held by Colom
bla that Panama should pay a share, is 1
round numbers about 2,700,000 pounds. H
would not express the opinion of his coun
try as to what portion of this debt Pan
ama should bear, but said that in appor
tioning the debt population should not b
used as a basis for negotiations, as Pana
ma was an asset to Colombia far out o
proportion to the number of persons on th
Washington will probably be the scene o
the negotiations looking to the treaties wit
both Panama and the United States. It I
believed that the Panama and Colombia
legations In this city will carry on nego
tlatlons through Mr. Root, and Mr. Corte
said any treaties which may be found mus
be referred to Bogota for final action.
In response to questions concerning tli
strained relations between Colombia an
Venezuela Mr. Cortez said that the feelln
between the two countries Is becomin
more friendly and expressed the opinio
that the neighboring republics will soon b
able to resume diplomatic relations.
Capt. Frank Mclntyre, acting chief of th
bureau of insular affairs, who has been i
Cuba conferring with Secretary Taft fo
two weeks, resumed his duties at the Wa
Department today. The insular bureau i
now charged, as it was in 1898, with th
[ administration 01 certain uuoan anair
such as auditing and other civil duties a
cannot be performed in Havana. Capl
Mclntyre has perfected arrangements b:
Secretary Taft's direction for the clerica
machinery and the business methods n?c
essary to discliarge that heavy task.
Capt. Mclntyre was satisfied when he lef
Havana that there was no likelihood of fur
ther disturbances in Cuba in the near fu
ture. The best interests in the island ar
extremely anxious that they shall not los
the prospective sugar crop, and the planter
and others used their influence with bot
siues in me late reoellion to bring about
cessation of hostilities with the single pui
pose of getting the labor back 011 the plan
tations in time to cut the cane and save ?b
crop. That work will continue until nex
March at least, so that tranquility for tlia
period of time seems assured.
For tlie same reason, namely, that the la
bor is needed so badly 011 the plantations
no considerable element in Cuba is demand
inpr the holding of elections that would ca!
the men away from their work, hence thesi
elections also are in the distant future, nex
spring being the earliest date yet men
Claims for Property Destroyed.
Indications were not lacking that a considerable
number of claims for property destroyed
or taken during the course of tin
rel>ellion would be filed with the provisiona
government if it will receive them. If noi
they will in all probability be submitted t<
the next regular constitutional governmen
of Cuba. Included in the list will be a number
of foreign claims, for the plantatlor
owners in many cases are foreigners ant
the corporations that suffered from the re
bellion, such as the railroads, which los'
bridges and stations, are owned by foreler
stockholders. Following the precedent laic
down by our own Spanish-American claim
commission in adjusting claims for dam
ages in Cuba growing out of the war o
separation, it is understood that none o
these claims will be paid by the Cuban gov
ernment where they are based on damage
inflicted by the rebels. Only claims growing
out of property destroyed or used b;
the titular government will be recognized
It was a practice of the insurgent general:
to freely avail themselves of lndlvidua
property for the maintenance of troops
They went through the form of giving th<
owners of the property a receipt for thi
goods taken and a promise to pay in be
half of "the constitutional government o
Cuba." Many thousand dollars' worth o
this paper is afloat in Cuba, and it is verj
doubtful If any or It will be redeemed, al
though If the liberals should prevail In tin
next elections their congress may, as an ac
of grace, though not of legal right, pay thi
A more serious matter Is the large ex
pendlture of money by the Cuban govern
ment In Its effort to suppress the rebellion
and. while the figures are not posltivlei
known here. It is believed that in the pur
chase of arms and munitions of war uru
the payment of extraordinary bounties t<
volunteers about $12,000,000 has been ex
Mrs. Elwood Wants Agreement in Hei
-Interest Complied With.
Mrs. Augusta Elwood today filed In thi
District Supreme Cotfrt a suit for speclfl
performance against John H. von Dohlen
Charles Hannemann and Louisa Hanne
mann, heirs of the late Claus Hannemann
to enforce an alleged agreement on the par
of the deceased to convey to her house
No8. 621. 623 and 623?? Morton street. Mt
In March. 1900. about a year prior to hi
death, Mrs. Elwood says, Hannemann. wh<
rented a room at her house, urged her t<
purchase with hfm on their Joint accoun
tha property in controversy, with the un
demtandlnir that she was to occupy one o
the houses and furnish a room for him an<
provide him with home comforts until hli
death. He promised, she states, that h<
would make a will conveying to her hli
Interest In the real estate at his death. Sh<
furnished Jl.fiOO of the purchase money
she informs the court, and also carried ou
the stipulation for the comfort of Hanne
mann until his death April 23. 1901.
rr* 1,? K.'o
X WU wcuna wciwic mo utoiu iiauuciuaiii
gave into her possession, Mrs. Elwoo<
says, a bundte of papers, which, he Inform
ed her. contained a deed to one of th<
houses and a last will by which his Inter
est In the other two would revert to her a
his death. Being a German, unacquainte<
with the English language, she says, shi
was unab'.e to read the papers, but rellec
on the Integrity of Hannemann.
May 14, 1901, she says, she was arreste<
on a charge of misdemeanor and the bundl<
rtf nnnprs was tnVrr>n hv nr? nar r?f
eighth precinct, and, she declares, she has
never since seen them. She has been in
formed, she states, that no will was found
and the defendants, as heirs, claim th<
ownership of all of the houses.
Attorney Carlton fox appears for Mrs
Two Ships Ashore.
EUREKA, Cal., October 15.?The steamers
Roanoke and Scotia are on the South
Spit Inside the entrance to the bar In Hum
t boldt bay. There la no danger to elthel
J vessel unless the weather changes and th?
bar becomes rough. In which event they
are likely to bo wrecked. Tl;ere could be no
? loss of life as the passengers rould be taken
oft In safety. The life saving crew In Its
boat Is now lying alongside and a federal ^
gasoline launch also Is there. A tug has a
line fast to the Koanoke and It Is expected
she will be hauled back to deep water to?
l day. No dlfflrultv la
the Scotia, as she is of lighter draft.
Outcome of a Very Bitterly Fought
n Election.
s Special ni*p?t.'b to The Star.
s SUFFOLK, Va.. October l.Y-Notwitlv
a standing the "wets" won by only eleven
d votes in a total of more than 7?1>. desplt?
it the fact that the grand Jury has indicted
n one of the election Judges for alleged cor>
ruption and although a contest was threatened,
the "drys" have allowed the time
a limit to pass without instituting action.
uNMia hh me iuwn WW remain
"wet" unless Circuit Judge Prentls has the
' election set aside and orders a new one.
- The contest has been the most bitter In
,f Suffolk's political history.
II *
Violence at a Pennsylvania Tin
,? MilL
WASHINGTON. Fa.. October 15?The
e first shooting in connection with the lock
out at the McClure tin mill took place last
night. As the deputies were escorting somn
h workmen to the mill at midnight a crowd
d of two-score strikers and strike sympaI
thizers followed. Jeering them. Stones wer?
a thrown. It Is said, and the deputies turned
and tired a number of shots at or over the
II crowd. No one was hurt. A riot call was
sent to the local police, but when they arn
rived the men were in the mill and all wa?
e quiet.
j Was Operated On In Washington Re
e cently.
f BOSTON, October 15.?Search was instlh
tuted by the police of this city vicinity
s today for Mrs. Byron Boyd, wife of Byron
n Boyd, secretary of state of Mulne, and
daughter of Representative Edwin C. Bur t
lelgh, who escaped from a private sanitarium
in Brookllne Saturday night. Mrs.
e Boyd had been In ill health for some time
<1 as a result of a severe surgical operation
K performed in Washington last winter. FallK
ing to recover fully she went to a private
n sanitarium in Brookllne last June suffering
e from nervous prostration.
L Will Meet in Paris on the 23rd of
This Month.
PARIS. October IS.?The third international
congress for the suppression of the
traffic In women, over which former Premier
Bourgeois will preside, will assemble
here October 23 and remain In session until
e October 25. All the continental powers
n and Great Britain will be represented, but
r the United States has not given notice that
r she will send delegates.
e Mexican Officials Coming.
s ST. L.OITIS, October 15.?Senor F. Pimens
tal, mayor of the City of Mexioo, aoomi.
panled by Senor Juan Chapa Convex and a
? staff of secretaries und
? ....... gr? vvv ? n, IW"
rived here in a private oar. and spent to1
day sightseeing in St. l^ouls. 'i h<- party 19
- touTing the United States.
e Believes Republicans Will Win If
e They Vote Their Full Strength.
I, Speaker Cannon, who passed through
a Washington yesterday on his campaigning
tour. Is Inclined to throw cold water on the
suggestion of currency reform at the comt
lug session of Congress. He expressed th?
t opinion that there is Httle or no sentiment for
currency reform outside of the bankers,
- and he had not heard any clamor for It duri,
ing his trip In the west from the rank and
- file of the people.
I Speaker Cannon is dead set against Cuban
e annexation, believing that wi;h a fresh
t start the people of the Island will be able
- to govern themselves. He is confident that
the republicans will win this fail if they
will only turn out and vote the full republican
strength. The Speaker is not alarmed
- at the fight belnf, made on him in his own
district by the Federation of L<abor.
, The Speaker reached Washington yester.
diy morning in his private campaigning
car, accompanied by his secretary, Mr.
^ Busbey, and Representative Watson of In>
diana. During the day the Speaker had a
t conference with President Hoosevelt anfl
. with National Chairman Cortelyou. in which
1 the political' situation In general was die1
cussed. The Speaker said that he also man
- ageu to "touch" Mr. Cor t el you for a postt
mastership during; the conference with that
i official.
1 At !) o'clock the Speaker left for south3
western Virginia, -where he will speak at
- Wythevllle and other towns. He will pass
' through Washington tomorrow night on Ma
" way to New York and Pennsylvania. In
which states he will make a number of
3 speeches,
r *
Mrs. Maria Hughes Kennedy. Mged fortys
nine years, widow of Frank Kennedy, died
1 yesterday at her home on Prospect street,
Hagerstown. Md. She had been 111 for a
s long time and her death had been expected
5 for several days.
54,600 Meafls
\ Dfldl MI firm No Good
- How One Man Wasted 50 Years of
~ His Life?Thousands Like Him.
^ "What's the use of eatin', anyhow?" said the
j scrawny dyspeptic to his rotund, pronperous-looking
friend. "Here I've been eatln* three times a
. day, and sometimes twice a day. fur 30 year*,
and look at me. I'm raw-boned und skinny, still
at the bottom of the ladder, sour on the world#
and a pessimist. I know it, and I can't help It.
If I bad it to do over again, though. 1 would take
care of my stomach, for I don't believe I ever
r really relished a meal in my life, not even
mother's Christmas dinners, and I firmly believe
that my wsy of eating, or whatever it was.
e brought along with it darkness and impossibility
C of success."
i, "You're right.'*, nodded his companion. "Of
. cqjirse, that isn't always the case. But in thin
age jve must not only 'trust in the Lord and keep
1 our powder dry,' but we must swallow sunshine
with oar food. Cheerfulness, especially while eat9
ing, which Is the most essential act of man. Is as
necessary to him as sunshine Is to the flowers*
Nothing normal can be produced in darkness.
3 "But this Is what you haven't been doing, Mr.
3 Dyspeptic. Your brain and your stomach, remem*
^ ber, are twins, and you have to treat them accord*
lugly. Wby not start now and repair lb* damage
' you're done. It is nerer too late, you know."
1 "You mean at my age? And suppose you can't
j always get the sunshineV"
3 'Absolutely, yes. Science has made It possible
j to get tbe sunsblne, tbe health and the strength
that your stomach needs, all put up togbther in llt3
tie' tablets. They call them Stuart'x Pyapepala
, TableU, the most effectlTe tablets in the world
t for this rery thing. One Ingredient In these tab
- lets digests 3.00Q grains or food without tbe help
of the stomach. Two tablets after each meal can
l do more work, quicker work and better work In
digesting a heavy meal than the stomach can Itself.
The stoma.ch need not work st all. Stuart's I)y?pepsla
Tablets do all the work and give your Jaded
stomach a rest, the rest It needs. Meanwhile you
cure yourself of brash, lrrltsllon. burning sensation,
heartburn, sour stomach, acidity, fermentation.
bloat and the worst case* of dyspepsia and
lbdlgestlou. You get lid of these for all time.
And then, besides, you can eat all you want and
whenever you want, and you will also rellsb
mother's Christmas dinners If you will take Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets after eating. That's the
sunshine I whs tslklng about. Then your face will
reflect the internal change going on. you'll be more
energetic, your mind will be clearer, you will hare
more confidence In youraelf, you'll be happier and
. you'll be yourself attain.
"Your heart will change and you'll feel rosy.
1VU ll CU^f JVW UKaw?*uu n?r. IT I lYtlK
down to the drug (tore tod let me Introduce you
to one little package of these Smart-* Djapepsla
Tableta. You call C"t them at any drng atore la
the world for only 50c. a package. It ia worth It,
Mr. Dj-Bpoptlc."

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