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H111111 > i i 1111 ? *?*****
I n Women's T\
+ In this Suit, Coat and \
J r:ght in from the street; no
J the largest and best assortn
latest effects, all the newest
i shown here, and always at
+ find them elsewhere.
i Blouse
+ One of the newest and
J cheviots, broadcloths and v
+ wine and navy. These com
? fects.
| $25.00, $27.50,
J Tlght-f
. i Several effects in this s
+ button through, others fly fron
I $20.00, $25.00,
+ One of our specials
+ Suits, in all colors. Worth ?
| Sem5-fa
* Including the now wanted
+ in braid and embroidery velv
% A very chic Cheviot Sui
J trimmed, at $20.00.
f $14.5'
+ An extraordii
% Finely Tailored S
| of $25.00?their \>
+ This sale of Women's 1
2 standard for special sales. A
+ $25.00 you will know that
the suits will be found here
J stock of the High-grade T;
+ price than they were made t
* price difference, representing
J lot, but at this price we do no
jj demand tomorrow.
+ SI4.5A itmstealdl of
! Tourist C
% At this price we are off
$ shown, including plaids, ch<
ij erously; trimmed prettily.
* Others in great variety,
! Patte
| For Tome
J These are our IMPORT
ideas for our workrooms ar
+ sortment of the finest hats rr
J ors?light blue, pink, white,
+ They have served their purpi
| at the great price reduction.
T more than we ask. We give
| $14.S0 s.
Were $25.00,
? ? (Millinery 1*
SlSIk Beaver Hats.
' 1 Black, white and colors?same
" ' material as men's silk hats. Most
' 1 stylish hat of the sea- a ? a
' ' son In large picture >^41.
;; and small hats 4>TTo>'a>
illS. Bob '
> n
Have you ou
If not, send for i
ing the illustrati<
fore you come
" vnii wi
11 V VV V* J IT J
much of your ow
able time?fory
be able to call i
styles that esf
jjjj^ \ ^ ^
are a great nur
which he selects
you desire.
There are sev
made just to su
of the Patricia
insure your get
Prices, $3.5
R. Berbe
Washington's Most
1116-18-20 S
fWHUl IHtll t l I I11 11> ??? ?
AL Correct Dress 1 rift
Iarche la
+ besru
* in 1
*r * ? 1 - ^ T ntho
V dIM Llliciu l;ii iiiv, iiiJi i?yvi, t *-??
steps, no elevator?we are showing J ^
nent of Suits in the city. All the *
models, all the wanted colors, are ?f chan
a little lower price than you will
T Th
t Jubi:
Eton SuSts. + over
most dressy models we show in ? The
elvet, in black, brown, tope, green, J
c in braided and embroidered ef- + led t
t the
_ J Chui
Of!) irfl $4^00. 1
SIA V V V VMft U u VM& U J
T J. D
itting Suits. | joh^
tyle, and several lengths. Some j centi
it and some vest effects. All the colors. *
$? Tne
$30.00 and $35.00. t
4? conc
-the $20.00 Broadcloth Tight-fitting t
>25.00. + aTh
** foun
tting Suits, $ jhe.
Pony effect; also Vest-front Suits, If! tT^<
et and button trimmed. + liver
it in this style, velvet arrd braid +
j. Re
X M. E
?|p and
0 Suits. ?
t* cona
nary sale of Women's $ se^
uits at $14.50, instead |
vorth. f I Frld;
J Re
Tiph-grade Suits will set a new price +
Alien we say the suits are worth J geits
it is not a fictitious valuation?that +
. . . . ?
just as we claim?a special surplus ?
lilored Suits bought at a lower J We?
o sell for, and offered to you at the *
y the saving we made. ?lt i3 a big it gpeci
t anticipate that it will supply the * ge
^ duet:
No charge for alterations. t Sr*
?X on a
+ !!!!!
vu/oi IL?S>9 c4> yoa>^o + ~~
ering some of the best values ever J shy
ecks and stripe Cut gen- J Seu'l
Aorth $11 to $14 * cate(
Sit;.00, $16.so, $18.00 and $20.00. J ever.
^ ^ J mari
T your
re Hats 1 2?
nrrow's Salle. | Sf'
'ED models ? Hats imported for it if"
, , r.-r. I near
id represent a very Deauuiui as- "T allot
lade?every one different?all col- X
brown, mouse, emerald and black. X daus
ose and we now offer them to you f ever
The feathers in some are worth I
you your choice at J
nod $ 19.50. f **
$35.00 and $45.00. t Pj
?partment, 2d Floor.) *r man
- mon
Stiff Trammed Hats. ? i*ll
ITntrimmed Hat Department. Va- + his
ried shapes, styles ten(3
and colors. The hat /jo /rt. o *5"
for tailored suits. J* OrJ 4* wan
Worth $4 and $4.50 4- Th
T took
March? liS. f 5
^ cour
4.4.4,,} a cc
? -= love
^ Hav
ClClAM? ?
ir Fall Style Book?
it at once. By study- Nov
3nsbe" ?
to be r
i muc'
ce that E
r salesmen will over- ??
. , . C?un
>k showing you just
i model that would g.cl
5t suit you. This may BT
;ily happen, for there JS
nber ot styles trom I orde
; such as he "thinks" g1
eral Patrician Styles
it you?and the aim
n Style Book is to
ting them. J
- The
0 and $4 Pair.
a tat i
rich's Sons,
7 mar
Progressive Shoe House, slze
tevemth St. N.W. CI,
jlished 1868. <?mi
P. l
? ???J steai
ieth Anniversary of St. Paul's A.
M. E. Church.
e celebration of the fiftieth anniversary
It. Paul's A. M. E. Church, 8th street
^een D and E streets southwest, was
in yesterday. The church was organised
836 by the late Anthony Bowen and j,
rs at 922 E street southwest and named 4
l mreei Mission. a lew years i
William H. Hunter purchased the site 2
which the present edifice stands and 4"
iged the name to St. Paul's A. M. E. T
ch. 2
e services yesterday Included "The
lee Sermon." by Rev. Mr. Hunter, and T
Jubilee Platform Meeting," presided 2
by Perry H. Carson, who has been a J.
ber of the church for forty-one years. 3.
Blaine Invincible Republican Club, J.
ed by President J. W. Jackson; the }>
levelt and Fairbanks' Republican Club, 4<
>y Its vice president, R. B. Blount, and 4>
P. H. Carson Club of Zlon Wesley 4"
rch, accompanied by its ladies' auxll- V
s fltterHpil in a hn^r A mnn<r fhp T
Iters were Dr. Robert Reyburn, Prof. "
. Baltimore. Messrs. J. W. Bell, John .
ids Wilkinson, Archie Lewis and Mrs. .
l T. Layton. The church was decorated .
palms, ferns and cut flowers. In the .
Br of the auditorium, over the pulpit, j,
a portrait of the late Anthony Bowen. .
choir and Prof. John T. Layton fur- ,
>d music for the occasion, the latter .
ering several solos. A sacred jubilee
ert was given by the choir of the
ch, assisted by several noted singers, ?
evening. "
b program for the week includes a
ders' jubilee meeting this evening. *
1 the surviving members of the K "
st Mission will relate reminiscences of ) ]
organization of the church. Messrs. ..
?s W. Bucher and F. P. Turner will de- ..
addresses. At the close of the meeting ..
: will be a reunion of the members and .
^e banquet to all present.
v. O. J. W. Scott of the Metropolitan A.
Church will conduct religious services
Rev. P. J. Jordan of Brown Memorial "
[. E. Church will preach the sermon to- *'
ow evening. *)
v. W. 1}. Oaston of Garfield, D. C., will " j
uct the religious services and Rev. ..
les Young of Anacostla will preach the ..
ion Wednesday.
v. E. E. Tyler of Lakeland, Md., will
uct the religious services and Rev.
erick A. Beaton of Sbenezer A. M. K.
ch will preach the sermon Thursday.
"Jubilee love feast" will be lit order +
ay evening.
viral Jubilee services, consecration and
rience meeting next Sunday will be con- *
sd by Mrs. Anna E. Brown, the evan- *
t. "
ilthy Old -Unci? Had to Abduct
the Girl. I!
al Cablegram to The Star.
INBVA. October 15.?An amusing ab- *)
Ion occurred recently at Hunlngue, on .
Jwlss-German frontier, where a wealthy
eu mere nun i namea una was arresieu i
charge of carrying oft a girl, but was $
atcd as soon as the facts of the case *J"
me known to the police. *'
appears that the old man's nephew, a ..
young man of twenty-three years, fell
>ve with a girl while on a visit to *'
;hatel, and his sentiments were recipro- ..
1 by the girl. The girl's parents, how- *'
, refused to allow their daughter to ] 1
-y on the ground that she was too ..
len the lovesick young man told his
ales to his uncle the old man upbraided *'
for his lack of enterprise, and promised j'
ring the girl to Huningue within forty- [ \
I hours. Hiring a powerful motor car, .,
taking a couple of men with him, Felix . ,
for Neuchatel, abducted the girl from
her home, and returned within the
ted time. The marriage took place the '
day. "
e girl's parents have forgiven the '
;hter, who was not In the plot, and "
ythlng has ended well. ,
7" 1
eral Savoyards Took Themselves
Too Seriously.
ial Cablegram to The Star.
VRIS, October 15.?A curious little ro- .
ce was wrapped up In a wedding cere
y which took place at Havre the other '
Some weeks ago a Savoyard emi- .
it In New York received a letter from *
fiancee at home statin gthat she in- \
ed to kill herself because her parents
ted her to marry another man. *
e Savoyard, whose name is Centenarinl, [
; the first available ship home, de
mg ma intention or snooting himself 3
lis sweetheart's grave should she have J
led out her threat. *3
i the voyage, however, he met a fellow- j
ltryman, who was returning home with J
imtortable little fortune. They fell In J
with eaqh other, and on arriving at Ij
re were promptly married. j
ntenarini's happiness was unmixed j
remorse, for awaiting him at Havre .
ound a letter stating that his fiancee .
sad of carrying out her threat to kill
elf had married the "other man," and
satisfied tha.t she had made the right *
ce. "
su-lxa-n s xwjuay. ;
r Beported That He Was Success
fully Operated On. , ]
111 Cablegram to The Star.
>N8TANTINQPL.E, October 18? It Is ]
ried from an absolutely reliable source
the sultan's malady Is stone In the *
der. the same ailment to which Na- *
on III succumbed after an operation
ormed on him In Chislehurst. The op- '1
Ion to which the sultan submitted was j
less dangerous, however, the disease ,,
having made such ravages as It had ,
, Napoleon, whose constitution was
ty nearly undermined at the time of
operation. Abdul Hamid "has passed
forty days after Noureddln Pasha's
essful operation in comparative good *
th. His actual condition, according '
'rof. von Bergmann, Is quite satisfac- "
He describes the sultan as being "
and In need of rest, but showing good j
ts and exhibiting distinct symptoms of ,
very. The greatest source of danger, ,
German specialist added, was not so
h the possibility of a relapse, but the
mai me suuan wants 10 auena to
y detail of state business personally,
sby overtaxing his strength. The sul- "
sometimes refers Jocularly to the news- "
it reports which describe him as being *
death: at other times, however, he is '
tly Irritated at these reports on ac- \
t of their political bearing. ,
1 1
et Meeting of Convention Consid- 1
era Grievance.
. PAUL, Minn., October 16.?Three hun- .
delegates of the Order of Railway Cob- '
ors are holding a meeting here today, j
delegates represent 213 divisions of the
r In the United States and Canada.
e meetings are secret and nothing is '
n out for publication. It is known, ,
ever, that one of the matter* under dls- ?
Ion Is the discharge of conductors
? *** wuiyaiii&o uyvu cUlO UUiUOUb
nds. .
Elks' Fountain Unveiled. ,
VRRISBURG, Pa., October IB.?A mar- \
ihaft and fountain, erected by the Order .
Slks throughout the United States, In <
lory of Meade D. Detweller of Harris- a
twice grand exalted ruler of the order, '
unveiled In Reservoir Park here today, )
anniversary of Mr. DetWeller'a birth. ,
principal address was delivered by .
re Jerome B. Fisher of Jamestown, .
wnose BUDjeci was "An i^sumate or 4
vcller. the Man and the Elk." The 4
je was unveiled by Mr. Detweller'a two 4
> sons, after which It was turned over T
layor Gross and by him to the park T
mission. J
a memorial consists or an elaborate ,
ble structure. In front of which U a life- ,
bronze elk. ,
Furniture Plant Destroyed.
NCINNATI, OMo, October IB.?Fire
jletely destroyed the plant of the John )
>ecamp Company, manufacturers of <
nboat furniture, early today, buu
00, partly loaured.
: + ^
McCain's patterns M
always H Oc. and 15c. 1
The style and lit of your new dress Is ^
Assured If It's cut out by a McCaU
Pattern. None just as good. Get the
November Fashion Sheet?many pretty
waists, skirts and suits pictured. Fatterns
always 10c. and 15c.
I 4. ^
Women's W
suits at... v & su
We offer at this price exclusive Wc
models. They will satisfy those gs
who habitually patronize custom E:
tailors. And prices are $20 to $30 nn
A custom tailor cannot offer you bet- i?
ter work, better materials or better as
fit than you will get at this price. an
We've been very careful In selecting Co
models for this line and know that gt
nothing shown In the south ap- nu
proaches them In excellence at the m.
price. ch
Best va
^ ? m
JNot only are prices
WAISTS, with entire
front embroldered
In floral de- fl /Ov /pv ?1
signs; tucked cuffs " II II 111 1 t
and back; fasten ^ 11 0VU'VU/ t,
front style. Sizes 34
to 44. Worth all of ?
$1.50. OUR PRICE v
Second Floor?S. Kann, Sons & Co.
"Dropped" pi
Bob Femme
The makers decided to "drop" these'
patterns?and so disposed of those on hand
j. at an average of half price.
|* THESE BON .Femmes are used one to a
jT window, and choice is offered of white
? or Arabian; various lengths and widths.
L THEY HAVE elaborate Renaissance motif
^ in center, with torchon lace edge and V
f Inserting; very elaborate?and most beauY
[ YOU'VE PROBABLY Lace Curtains to buy.
I ? ? J ?. 1, . . V, n.linn V,
!, uuu wii> iiui get lucui v> iit-ii butn an cuwL
nomical opportunity is thrown your way?
! Not more than enough for one day's sell|*
ing?so come tomorrow.
r Choice of any In this lot at $2.75. rSamnle
A most timely sale. Before getting t
for the winter see if some of the ch;
ings?and also the pillows? This is i
wants?and it'll not occur again this ]
You'll want a half dozen Upholsterers will a
or so pieces after seeing
these. They're simply this a good cha
gorgeous in color and
quality. buy tapestry.
Kinds are French Gobelin.Orien- I 1*~
tal Stripes, Veronas, Silk Ve- .
lours, Brocatelle, Satin Damask,
Mohair Velour, Ottoman Reps,
Mercerized Tapestry.
Unequalled d
If you want the latest fancies or
spread to this country. In six very choice pai
stylish materials brought out this season. Fu
BROADCLOTHS in 86 Inches wide, that
all the new fall , .
shades. This is a beft, , u;,
regular $2.25 grade. the making of chilWe
shall sell, a dren's dresses. 59c.
yard, grade, a yard,
ii (0)& A<n>c
11 ? ^ ^ I U ^ VJs^O
Warrn<& "roomy" Tj^
house garments. A
Long Kimonas are really the cot'
most comfortable sort of a gar- ba'
ment to put on when utterly san
tired out. Splendid line here.
T7T I?I7/-"T7r\rkAXrKT T r\\m T7~T do:
iU 11 uvmu IVI" jjg
mon&s, In Japanese and Persian de- ?T
ofgns?over 23 styles to select from CJ-.I]
in blue, red. pink, lavender, black e"
and Cray founda- ul?
tlona with pat- /*o >->. P*|
terns of contrast- (s^) /jT\/||\ p
tag shades; trim- JN \l UU U 10-T
med wash ribbon ?K v v Ta
down front. Only. H '
Klmonas In the late fall colors and
pattern??very rich effect; fitted from ?
shoulder to waist; bo1
folds to match pre- rJrVrtl) n VI 1/ VI 1/ thf
dominating -color. ?r vi"^ ? w ^ ma
Choice pri
* xn-vt/-< r?T\r?r?r? tttii'/wt a r* . 1 _ _
LUINU LKt-rc, MiviuiNrtD ; rne haj
kind preferred by women for wear on reS
sleepers. In plain colors of red. Hgrht ea<
blue, pink, lav- ^ ^ HAI
onder and black; MJ T| (Tt\ <Js? slz<
uhlrred front and JYS) II \\J/(TSI reg
back; trimmed In il ? 15c
natln folds. Only. chc
I! 11 n I 1 I I M I : H111M i I-H I -f-H-H
is'r "the busy cob
VV C 11 J^l
cin vAn rat
Vllvil 1. Jf V/U VUI
where for th<
Furthermore, we '11 gi
naterials and styles to chc
n any one store south of N<
ibout this being the advanl
. r
o-wear attire tor women.
rrvice here?its resources are world-wide.
ient, and at prices that you know are righ
illy chosen stocks. You'll find it a pleasu
lean to purchase. You can't lose here?
ore in the South can give you. Give us ;
>ns you make, the more business we do.
'omen's -2 a ^ g Wom?
its at suits i
mderfully handsome are the A dozer
irments shown at this price. arrivals
xclusive tailors do not give will be
ore stylish effects. Values are ex- rics are
emely good. We'd like to show you of plain
me of the jaunty short-coat styles th
broadcloth and worsteds, as well ' 1
the more dressy models with 24 prevail!
id 36-Inch tight-fitting coats. All Styles in
ata at this price are lined with ting. Pr
laranteed taffeta. Skirts are lu a fects. C
imber of handsomely pleated satin or
odes. All the wanted shades to effective
oose irom. | ureasiet
lees in Z
lowest?but styles are ne\
ACK SAT-] - I 50 AI
ith entire fronts quality
t embroidery; fas- / ? /n\/Ctv In effect
:n back style; " Ssj 11 (I |)(| 1) silk 111
ncked collar and 0 quarter
Uff?. All sizes. fh c|
forth $1.50. While
NLY quantit;
utter jus of
Worth Up to $6.50 a"d ra
r them i
at They a
...call... {ully (
(?j\ V~7/ suited
?A0 11 fi) %?
Any in
Third Floor?Upholstery Section. Third p;
stry ends" j^_
?79c.?98c. '
.69 a length.
he house in "apple-pie" order Use Tr
aire rln nnf ronmro *ion' StVlC.
Alio UV (lUb 1V\|UUV ll\- YV VUVC1" ^
i grand chance to supply such bear^u
^ear- silk p.j
,lso find First choice means a in onewhole
lot. Today in colo
.nee to throngs of women brow
bough t?you do the greens,
same tomorrow. and qu
: .j. tinctiv<
. , new X
Sizes are 24 by 50 in.; ming.
36 by 50 in.; 54 by onenta
50 in. & 72 by SO in. a%o
i I onlyIress
goods of
the best standard goods at the lowest pr
le latest in checked fabrics. It is the vog
tterns, regular and broken checks, in b'ack and wl
11 45 Inches wide, and less is required or a suit t
that Is 50 inches PANAMA, Prie
wide and a usual ley-s make; ghru
80c. a yard grade. _ A .
Special tomorrow at. and unspottat
a yard. Worth $1.50 yard,
59Co 98c.
TON Batting, regu- | FRUIT Pin Cushions,
y isc. per i| J*-, just received from Eut.
Sale price... rope; kinds always selli
IT ART Safety Pins, lug for 25c. each, fl (Th ?
ick or white; regular- Choice U ICC.
3c., 4c. and Sc. per
e. Sale price, 2 J HAT Pins, with long
* ror stems; cut crystal
>JG-SOCKET Fasten- heads; all colors and
i. black or white; reg- shapes; regular 10c. to
ir price, 15c. 25c. pins. Sale
r do*. Sale j ^ price, choice
ARD Piece English EVER-READY Buttonpe,
all widths, from holes, by the yard or
1 . , , ? V? A Kflol
co i men wiae. ixegn- mauc ui iuc
price. 10c. to quality lawn, in white
;. a piece. Sale 4. _ or black: made with
ice OC? false fly % inch wide;
IHINE Oil. regular 5c buttonholes 3 inches
ttle. Sale price, g? apart. All you have 10
o bottles for SC. do Is to sew the strip
rt , ? ' on to the waist. Prices
RT Marker or Gauge, vard
! handiest and best per ya a'
ce. 25c. each. TJ/Tlf. HOC., fl2C. 113C,
ie price
R Nets, all colors; PERFECT Basting Cotular
price, 10c. ton. 500-yard spool; reg
;h. Sale price...***" uiar 5C. spool. Sale
R Rolls, all colors; price, 2 spools for.
;s 10, 12 14 Inches; .. _ ..
ular prices, 10c. to CHICAGO Silk FeatherSale
price, ?/?_- bone, black or _
>lce oi"? white, per yd J C.
H-l-l-l M"M1 H-l-M lllllli'lll I'M t II
ve vnii hp*
RTS and >
ii possibly
s same mo
[ve you greater vari
>ose from than you']
ewYork. There's no
tageous place to buy
We ve a truly won
We can supply every outerwea
t. We've never had such great
re to inspect the styles, whether <
and you can get a service that
a chance to prove it. The more
$24.75 ?
i or more new models?
> of the last few days? Eve
shown tomorrow. Fab- go
extremely varied, consisting
i and novelty cloths, broad- suit
Panamas and worsteds in the qU!
ns shades. lo*
elude the favorite tight-flt- Kr<
inee Chap and pony coat ef- This
:oats are all neatly lined with The
broadcloth. One of the moat J<s
Is a new broadcloth double- 12
1 cut-away suit. - gu
Zt w 1
vest?and most disti
.L-OVER] N 1
1 In good tv
V/iuu> iai:e ^
tve manner; (4? E3
ned; three- ' V' X. st'
s 1 e e v e 3. V ^ o rxJ' wl
1 consider ch
leap at $4.30. na
the small sis
Y lasts, only.J O!
to$25 Real Irish (
lit Bed Sets =
i W /MI r V*II T'QI1 frt?" tKaoa '
hey're the direct result of
s recent trip to New York,
ther than take them back to Eu
at practically less than they cos
re really exquisite?so ?ne and
&ED SETS are in large size foi
for brass beds, have deep vak
1 and bolster roll to match.
1 make the best sort of gifts fo
the lot?whether it's worth $i
loor?Upholstery Section.
[email protected] trim
U V LI ll-U^ vv
immings profusely and )rou'll h
Fashion dictates trimmings or
on the rest of the waist; also
ie stamp of Dame Fashion's approval
sijjed effect and VESTINGS. In et
rs of new blues, feet?combination
n s, tans and shades of gray
They're new? and pretty. A
Ite^dis- yard
combined with colors to narraoni
i the richest of the above trimm
1 colorings. with red, gray and
suggestion of gilt. with gilt interm
iia- 2 styles: dozen,
4oC. 20c. and
ferings. sh
ices, we have them.
^ue in England, and has
lite effects. One of the most as
han In ordinary widths. A
$2.00 we
45 inches wide, and
ile. a grade that sells at SIL
at 59c. a yard. Special,
sail in price? &
; in importance. "
| CL I M A X Sewing Silk,
black or colors; per fl r n.j
spool """
WILLIMANTIC 200-yard ~
Six-cord Cotton; black,
white or colors; regular
price, 5c. each.
Sale price, C ?
spools for
5-YARD Piece Mohair f }le
Braid, black or colors;
regular price. 10c. C13
a piece. Sale price CJIT
DRRSS Shields, all sizes; lor
lightweight; double-cov- the
erea; regular price, iuc.
. to 2)c. a pair. Rr ,
Sale price ing
KESWICK 100-yard Spool are
i Black Silk Thread; regular
price, 5c. a spool; Flctior
in black only. Sale editii
. _ <Ty<W? M i 'A
price, 2 spooia ? n."v v
GEM Pins, full count; \ie -regular
price. 5c. here
per paper. Sale q>~
price Applet
LION Brand Hooks and 0f
Eyes, all alz^s; black work
and white; two doi. on J1.50,
card; fl cards to gross. j12j S|
Sale price, per ARD
gross J here
M H I 1 111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1'1-M-H
Get a good lunch
in our grotto
lie shopping. Splendid ?ervic?* and
new menu preparea *mIly. ?iroer
iat you want?we'll h&ve is?and it'll
cooked to your liking. too. ChargM
ry moderate.
get else= ;;
11 find I
doubt WUg^ ' '
u| i i% "
r require- I j j lj\ ; \
and care- / . i r; \ I!
>r not you // / I y ; j
no other /// I \ \ v\\ *'
STaf... $119.75!
<As pictured a&ove.?
ry one a good value at $25.00. | *
they're extremely good barins
at $19.75.
s are made of broadcloth of ffo<>>l *
ality. with choice of colors as fol- ""
vs: Black, navy, brown, wine and
?en. " |
broadcloth is strictly all wool. ""
picture shows the catchy model ? ..
inch Prince-Chap-style skirts with . .
Korea and pleateft Coat lined with
arantped satin. .{.
nctive. "
? Iir T? A T? ^
2. \v i n. r E
AISTS, soft-finish V
iterial: tucked /lb ,f>. p
>-le and finished - Jf_ (JJ)
th French knots;
oice of black or * *
\-y; lined. All ..
:es. Worth $4.50. ..
<1 AO::
They're importer's samples,
irope, the importer let us have 11
>t to land in America. 11
the design work is so beauti- ;;
r double beds, and specially
ince on three sides. Include
tfUI U.Nh Ut A JvlI\D. I
r October brides. T
[5 or $25?at $11.49. t
amings f
ave your new dress one of t
i the sleeves, collar and fancy ?
design work on skirts. Ours I
?so you'll be safe in buying them: 4*
rap ef- with broken edges In *"
of two the daintiest of pastel [ *
?novel shades. Yd., CI . ?
59C. only ..
>NS, In with border of white ..
ze with ar,d colored stones to ..
ings, in match center of but- ..
black. xons i wo sizes; j
ilngled; 39c. doz. and f
^?1)** First Floor?New Trim- -I
ming Section. X
H2j^c. ?3 p I
adow ?iflks,^4^4
Shadow Silks" have gained X
themselves great popularity X
linings. They are light in x
:ight, yet have firmness of
ave to hold. These are 16 X
wide, in black and colors. "
E JOININGS, with high luster, light in
Ight. black and all colors. ^ " "
gularly 35c. yd. Choice /jDf
tiorrow of either at
TEEN, in fast black and colors; 36 ?
hes wide. Worth all a{1 /
^23c. yard. Our Jl2y^C. !!
Book specials. ::
re are so many of these spe- i
Is,and each one isso worthy of t
eful consideration, that book- J
era have a rare treat In store for ?
m this week. You will find upon [ |
rjparison of the prices in the follow- .
bulletin with those of other book "1
lartments or book stores that ours " '
lower in every instance. ' ]
1?50c. and 75c. $2.50 ed+tion WEB- " *
>ns. here..15c. S T E R S UNA- '!
sditions, BRIDGED D I C - [ .
25c. T I O N A R V. ..
^anions, nere iftto. ..
44c- $21.50 set of
on's Famous SHAKESPEARE'S "
ish Editions w O R 1C S, here, *"
famous old $4.08.
s. originally
here 4?c. Visit the Book De- \ |
et of STAND- partment ? Third ..
AUTHORS. Floor?S. KAN'S, ..
49c. SONS & CO.
111 111 M 1111 ii l Ml 11 n

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