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The World
Market Fluctuated Aimlessly
Throughout the Day.
Some Disappointment Over Shaw's
Promised Belief.
Election Nervousness Again Noticeable?Considerable
Selling for
Foreign Account.
Spwltl Dispatch to The Star.
NEW YORK. October 23.-Dur1ng the
forenoon session upon the stock exchange
prices declined as steadily as they moved
In the contrary direction yesterday. After
midday the market hardened somewhat,
and the rallies which occurred In a number
of Instances Imparted a more Irregular ap
pearance to the day's dealings as a whole.
Definite explanations of the varying shifts
in prices were wanting.
Apparently there was some disappointment
with regard to the extent of the
money market relief measures announced
yesterday afternoon by the Secretary of
the Treasury, and seemingly there was also
some increase In the concern felt with regard
to the outturn of the election.
The American department of the London
market was again feverish and depressed,
while other quarters there continued steady.
Foreign houses again traded on a large
cale In the local market, and were sellers
on Daiance 01 upwara ax av.uw snares.
Await the Settlement.
It was upon the conclusion of this selling
that the local stock market showed its first
disposition to rally. It whs considered likely
that the liquidation for foreign account
would have been heavier except for the
fact that the general settlement upon the
London stock exchange begins tomorrow,
and this necessitated the remittance of the
proceeds of today's sales by cable transfers.
Contangoes for the settlement In the
Kaffir department today ranged from 7% to
per cient, and there was much interest
BriirpsBpH In the rnfes likelv to be Quoted
for American stocks at the making-up day
tomorrow. Houses with foreign connections
have been commonly advised that
there must take place further heavy transfers
of American stocks now carried
The opinion was commonly expressed in
banking circles that the efficacy of the
most recent relief measure adopted by the
Secretary of the Treasury would depend
almost entirely upon the extent to which
the national hanks are prepared Immediately
to take out new circulation. There Is
ordinarily Involved In this process the
lapse of about three weeks for mechanical
purposes, but some of the larger banks
usually keep a reserve supply of notes on
hand for such emergency purposes as are
Involved in the present situation.
Little alteration was observed In moneymarket
conditions today, the rates for loans
on call averaging somewhat lower than
yesterday's mean figures. Price movements
In general showed the same degree
of uniformity which has been exhibited
ince last Friday, upon the announcement
that the Bank of England had advanced
Its rate of discount to 6 per cent.
There were, of course, some exceptions to
the general drift of prices, a rather striking
advance taking place In National Biscuit
common, while the remainder of the market
was declining steadily.
Little Change In Money.
The maximum losses during tho morning
ranged from one to two points In all of the
active Issues, and with greater declines
howing In some of the higher priced
New York Stock Market.
Furnished by W. B. Hibbs & Co.. bankers
and brokers, 1419 H street, members New
York stock exchange, Washington stock exchange
and Chicago board of trade.
OppD. High. Low. 2:45.
Amalcsmatert Copper-... l-J'4 H4>4 H3;'4 114W
Jim. ( ftr A Fontinry -M'-, 44 W 43^i 44
An). Card foandry.pfd.. 10H? lOHi 10l5i 10l3/i
An). Jce Securities 8s>j 8S>| 88J{ 89
American Locomotive. 75!\ 751^ 74'4 745^
iiniriicAii IAICU.,
/merlcan Smelting... 16fi'4 156V4 1M'4 1M
/merlcanfmeltlng. ofl. 117% 117'4 117% 11 Tf-i
Amenran Pugar 134 184 13S^? 183H
.American Tobacco,pfd. - -
/caconda 275 275 2705* 278
Alcb., Top. AH.F 101J4 102 100^4 101?
-?Ub..Tor>. AP. F? pfj_ 100)2 100?4 lOOJi 100'4
Atjautic Coastline 138 136 186 188
Baltimore A Ohio 119 119?^ 118!* 118^
Buck Ij-ii Rapid Transit 79 79 77^ 78?
laudlan I'aclfic 174)4 175 173J4 174>i
1C? C. A St. L -.
CtBtralLeather 38^ tG?/t 86^ 381*
Central leather. pf(!L_? ?.... ........
Central Rt of N. J
Cbetape&ke A OhlOu..._ WS MV? 67H 58
Chicago (Jreat Western. 17K 17y. 17!^ 17X
C11. Mil. A St. l'aul 171H 171", 169% 171%
C A K. w 206 206 204 204
(hi. Ter. AT. Trust, pfd.
Colorado Fuel AIron__ M1^ 14% 52'^ 61
CclcredoSouthero 89 89 38 88V,
Ccoiolldated Gas 13x"4 1S9>4 138!-< 138W
tern 1'roducts SOW 20 /? 20'4 20'I
Ccin I rodurts, pfd?.__ 75^ 75^ 7ft'i 75'i
T tlsuaru I. 11 n.fuAn Old *<101/ 01 u ma
? * ' " Uk UUUJUUmmm 419,'1 iio AiO
L. A W
X ?EVfr & Klo G. Uy 40 40* 89T-i 40W
I lfllllers .Kecurities_._ 69 69 68'i 68%
?rle,common 44% 44 % 44'/,
I lie, Jit pld 75% 76 "5)2 75)4
frle, '2d pfd_ 68 68 66 V. 67U
C ttieral Electric 176 176 175)2 175),
Git at Northern. pM. 82JW* 825% my, 824'
Gttene Copper 2o?/, 26% 25)4 2?%
llliKolf CentraL. _ 173>^ 178)4 173 173
Inlerboro Met _. 87 87% 86): S8V4
lntertoro Met. nfd 76% 7?H <6)4 76)2
Jdercatkmal Taper.
International I'ump 48 48 47)4 47)i
K Rlifca- City Southern-... ..
Struts City So,, pM fc?>/? 59*^ 68% 58%
IcultvllleA Naahvllla? 145 145 144)2 144)4
Manhattan Kiev ale J
kix lean Central 21)4 21)4 20>4 "iji
Jie., Kan. A Tex.,com._ S4 34 33%
M o., K an. A Tex., pfd._ _ 69)4 69% 69 69
M- .ifuuii I ni inc HO lo *0/ . 84TZ
hallonal Lead 7S 76'^ 75'<i 7#
Js?? York Central 129W 129^ 128U l'2?v?
h. Y.. Out 6t Western.? 45% 46% 4M-, 45W
hfllolk A Western ._ 1M 94 gjiz
I^erthtrn Pacific 213 US<4 211% S13',;
P auliiM all Steamship..
I mnsylvanla K. 15 141% 142% 140% iii%
Ptopie'tUasof Chicago. 89 88 K9 89
J-nwed Steel Car 66% E6 64% 64%
Railway steel Springs... ......
ktadlm; 146 145'^ UJ% 144%
iupubilc Steel Jfc iron. _ 86 86 35
1 tp. Heel A Iron, pM 97% 97% 97% 97U
Jvcck Island, common 27% 27% 27% 27)*
Kcck Island pfd ... " '
ilc^beffl.I<fst?#l 72% 72% ?S
*1.1.. A S. >2d pf>l . ? _
li.l culsF. \V..pM_.
fcutliern Pacific 68 93 91% 92%
ICUttern Pacific, pfd__ 118>4 U8>4 118X Usk
tculbern Hallway 34 34 33% 834?
feulbern Hallway,pAL_
1 < tin I r.al .b I rnn
T.?fc i ?oiiio.. Z.'?h "sen "a&
Toleflo, St. LAW.
Toledo, St. L. i W.,pf<L. 54 54 54 54
I rion raclflo IMS 184'4 182T4 184>;
Luton Pacific, pfd ........
I Blten Mates Rubber 48 49 47% 48
t\ S. Kubber, pfd 107X 107% 107 107
Vn:uo Mates steel 47ji *1% 40% 47,-i
JJ. KEteel, pfd lte'-i lOSVi 105 106W
\ ?. < ar, Chemical Co 37 87'4 87 S?'4
J) abash i19>/, 1?'4 19%
V abash, pld 45 45 4ft 45
Ti (stern L nlon. , . ........ ........
V ifcnisin Central ?
V itcc nsln Central, p(J_ 52 62 52 52
Ulolm UooO* 35J4 36'A S5 35J<
Arerlran Tobacco4's._ 78% 78% 7*% 78%
ten. Tob. 4*a ..
Bick Island 4's
1'. l'ac. Cout. 4'a
i li lUd Mates Steely*- 100? 100* 100* 100H
* t La<L ljeb. H'? 8JH 83'^. BO 81
Stock Quotations.
At the oloao of the stock market the following
stock* had changed In price sine*
and Trade
Above quotations, there being no change la
Aalance of the closing prices:
Amalgamated Copper, 114%.
Am. Car & Foundry, 44%.
Am. Ice Securities, 88%.
American Locomotive, 75.
American Smelting, pfd., 17%.
Anaconda, 272%.
Atchison, Top. & Santa Fe, 101%.
Baltimore & Ohio, 110%.
Brooklyn Rapid Transit, 78%.
Canadian Pacific, 175%.
Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul, 171%.
Consolidated Gas, 13ft.
Corn Products pfd.. 75.
Delaware A Hudson, 218%.
Distillers' Securities. 80%.
Erie, common. 44%.
Great Northern, pfd., 324%.
Inrferboro Metropolitan, pfd.. 7fl.
Louisville and Nashville, 145%.
Missouri Pacific, 95.
New York Central. 130.
New York. Ontario and West., 45%.
Norfolk and Western. 93%.
Northern Pacific, 21%.
Pennsylvania Railroad. 141%.
People's Gas of Chicago, 80%.
Pressed Steel Car. 54%.
Republic Steel and Iron, 98%.
Republic Steel and Iron, preferred, 001
Southern Pnclfio. 93.
Southern Railwav. 34.
Texas Pacific, 36%.
Toledo. St. L. and West., pfd., 55%.
i nion racinc, l?*.
TT 8. Steel, pfd., 106%.
Western Union, 86%.
American Tobacco, 4's. 78%.
TTnlted States Steel B's, 100%.
Wabash Deb.. 81%.
NEW YORK, October 23.?The cotton
market opened steady at a decline of one
point to an adyance of one potnt, In response
to cables which were about as due.
The weather map made a more favorable
showing than expected, and thta attracted
some selling, but the prospect appeared to
be for colder weather again in the southwest.
and there was considerable buying
on this outlook, as well as upon a privatd
crop estimate making the crop about 11,AAA
hnlaa TV?? marnla^ mii+A ir
regular during the early session, but prices
In the middle of the morning were about
net unchanged.
The market was quiet during the late
forenoon and at midday was steady with
prices at practically the closing figures of
last night.
Spot?Quiet: middling uplands, 11.25; middling
gulf. 11.BO.
Estimated cotton at the porta today, 104,000
bales, againat 88,050 last week and 62,D62
last year. For the week 420 000 bales
against 3T2.277 last week and 293,803 last
year. Today's Teceipts at New Orleans, 19,252
bales, against 10,621 laat year, and at
Huston, 39,555 bales, againat 27,403 laat
Cotton futures onened steady. October,
10.98; November, 10.92: December. 10.00;
January, 10.90; February, offered 11.06;
March, 11.16; May, 11.23; July, 11.31.
Today's Cotton Summary.
FurnUheil by Dick Broa. tk Co., 1412 H at. n.W.
'Phones Mala 0440-0441.
Open. High. Low. 2:00 p.m.
October 10.03 10.03 10.90 10.90
December 10.00 10.94 10.83 10.92
January 10.99 11.02 10.92 11.00
March 11.10 11.11 11.00 11.18
May 11.23 11.28 11.18 11.28
Open. High. Low. 1:00 p.m.
December 11.00 11.00 10.00 10.61
Janutry 11.08 11.11 11.08 11.05
March 11.29 11.81 11.21
May 11.39
December., 10.90
January 11.00
March 11.17
May 11.24
KtlY UKLEA39 LVnUS, ? I'.U.
December 10.00
Jauuarj 11.07
March 11.16
May 11.41
Liverpool Prices.
LIVERPOOL, October 23?12:30 p.m.-*
Cotton?Spot, moderate business done;
prices steady; American middling, 6.27.
The sales of the day are estimated at 7,000
bales, including 500 for speculation and
export: receipts, 13,000 bales, including 11,100
American. Futures opened quiet and
at 12:30 p.m. were steady.
CHICAGO, October 23.?Wheat today
opened firm on a moderate amount of trading.
Commlsston houses were good buyers,
and the receipts in the northwest were
smaller than had been expected. The unsettled
weather was also a feature. Decern
ber opened a shade to ftaft higher at 72% to
T27*, declined to 72%a72% and reacted to
Corn offerings were light, and December
Armed up to 42ft.
On covering by shorts December oats sold
up to 33.
Grain and Provisions Summary.
CHICAGO, October 23.?Grain:
Open. High. how. Close.
Whe,t_Stv 77&:& Z2*
May 78 7iVi *8
' Con??Dec 42ft 42 ft 42 42ft
May 43ft 43* 43 43%
Oats-Dec 32% 83ft 82% 33 V*
May 84ft-% 34% 84ft 84%
CHICAGO, October 23.?Provialona:
Turk-Jan 13.00 13.82 18.M 18.62
Lard-Jan 8.20 8.23 8.15 6.22
Ribs?Jan 7.40 T.42 7.3T 7.42
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE. Md., October 23.?WHEAT?Quiet;
spot. contract. 74%a74%: spot. No. 2 red western,
78%a78%; October, 74%a74^; November. 75*4a75Vi;
December. 70V4a7tiV?; steamer No. 2 red. 69V*atj9^4;
receipts. 24,918 bushels: exports, 50,000 bushels:
southern by sample, 07a?U; southern on grade, 6$%
CORN?Weak; ?pot, 31%a51%; October, 51?fca
51%; .rear, 471-4a47V<a; Janunrv. 46%a47; February.
4?%: steamer mixed, 50^?a50&: receipts, 146,383
bushels; exports, 145,714 bushels; southern white
corn, 52a54; southern yellow com, 52a54.
OATS?Quiet; No. 2 white, 38V%a39; No. 3 white,
37?3rt; No. 2 mixed, 37a37Va; receipts, 25,210
RYE ?Firm; No. 2 western, export. flfla67; No. 2
western, domestic, 73; receipts, 3,097 bushels.
HAY?Steady, unchanged.
GRAIN FREIGHTS?Quiet, unchanged.
Furnmnea rtj K. K. unapman & (Jo. (U. B. Chlpmu.
manager), members New York stuck exchange,
1301 V at. n.w.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Butte Coalition 3* 88 37% 37*
British Col. f.^per 13% 13* 13Vi 13%
Chicago Subway 52Vi 52>4 81 ? 51%
Cumberlan.1 Ely 1.3* 13% 12% 13
Dominion Copper (new) 0 6^ 6 6
Oraubjr Copi>er 13% IS# 18% 18%
Green* Copper 2Ti>4 25% 23% 26',I
Greene Golu-Hilrer 2 2 2 2
lut. Mer. Marine pfd.. 27% 27% 27% 27%
Marka? Comuaniea 71% 71% 71% 71%
Mlcuiac U"ld >% 8% 5%
Mitchell Mining SS 8% 8% 8%
Nevada Utah 4% 4% 4% 4%
t'liiteil Copper <M% ?H% 63% 04
Government Securities.
Bid. Asked.
2 per renin, registered, 1030 104 104%
2 per cent*, coupon*. 11)30 104 104%
8 per cruu. registered, 1908 18.... 102ty 108*4
8 per cents, coupons, 1008-18 103)( 104
8 per cents, coupons, small. 1908-18. 102*
4 per cents, registered. 11)07 102 102*
4 per cents, coupons, 1907 102 102%
4 per cents, registered. 1925 130 130U
4 per Cents, coupons, 192S 181 131 u
District or Columbia 3.03s, 1924.... 119
4 per cents. Philippine, 1914-84.... 100 .....
2 per cents, registered. Panama.... 104H 103Vi
2 per cents, coupons, Pansma 10S 106
Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
Furnished by Dick Broa. * Co., 1412 H St B.W.
Phones Main 8440-?441.
upen. HigD. Low. 2:00 pOL
American Cement... 9 11-16 9 1JM6 9 11-16 9%
Cambria Steel 37% 37V 37 U 87 <4
Eler. of America. .. 11% 11% 11% lltf
LeUlgli Valley X*t.. 77% 78 7TV4 77^
Ptalla. Kiev-trie 8 11-16
Tonopab 20%
I nlle<l Oaa Imp 91 g 91% 90 ^ 91%
Foreign Exchange.
BERLIN. October Exchange on London
20 marks. 51% pfennigs for checks.
Discount rates: Short bills, 6 per cent;
six months, 5%.
PARI3, October 23.?Three per cent
rentes 95 francs 67Vi centimes for the account.
Exchange on London 2S francs 26
centime* for checks.
The feature of the trading at today's
meeting of the stock' exchange ?u gas
stock. One of the broker* had a block for
lale, the exact aiae of which was not developed.
He seemed to be disposed to let
it go at 67, and fractionally higher. He
sold several lots within the range of 57T4
to 57, including one of one hundred shares.
Fifty-seven seemed to be the low limit,
and the cheaper offering* that were made
from another source did not change that
decision. Al a point lower mere waa uw
veloped strong support for the stock, a*
there were bids at 56 tram two brokers aggregating
seven hundred shares. However,
the supply at the lower figures was not
forthcoming, and In fast there was ho very
broad demand for the stock after the buy*
lng had taken place, which was on a rather
extensive soale for the market hi Its present
I nsplte of that fact, however, there
seems to 1>e an idea among the brokers
that gas stock at the present prices Is
cheap. As the regular dividend yields 4
per cent on fifty such a view mast be based
upon the prospect of an extra dividend.
Payments of that sort are made every now
and then by this company, and there is apt
ft Ha nwiM ni> 1mm a# O srv&Aii!n tlva mnxrft.
*?? V V1 iOM V* 0> O^CVUMMITV M?v? w
ment In the stock In anticipation. In thW
way the general public sometimes gains
knowledge of the fact beforehand.
The better prices paid In Boston today for
Mergenthaler did not bring the market here
up to that level. In Boston, Vt was reported,
that the stock was selling for 208.
while here sales were made at 205V4. and
fractionally higher. All the stock that was
to be had up to 205% was taken.
There was considerable trading In Michel!
mining at a fractional falling off from the
level of yesterday.
The dally clearings of the local banks run
up to about $900,000, which is an unusual
amount. Min?olnliv at tViia tlmA of the
month. As compared with former years
this shows a large increase and gives an
Idea of the volume of the dally business of
the city that Is rather impressive.
The million-dollar mark is oftAn reached,
arid such an aggregate is another evidence
of the expansion that is going on in all
branches of aotivity.
A study of the course of events convinces
the Wall Street Journal that the financial
power of London Is declining, while that
of New York Is rapidly advancing.
"The Bank of England's rate of discount,"
It states, "has been the balance
wheel of the money market for many a
decade. It Is still a great power. But it
no longer possesses the significance which
it had only a few years ago. In 1890, when
+ V. ?? Vinnl* Mta mna ? n V? ftlin H riflr "
mo UO.UA lttlD nao ^>Ui3IICU U|/ IU v pet ??...?!
It spelled disaster of world-wide Import.
"Today the bank rate Is pushed up to 6
per oent, and It Is explained as a fear on
the part of the directors of the bank or
the power of New York to draw more gold
from Its reserve stores. We are no
longer doing business In millions, but In
hundreds of millions, and the scope of our
operations is on such a colossal scale that
it requires the united power of European
finance to deal with the situation under
these new conditions. This does not mean
that New York has become the financial
center of the world. It has not yet. But
It Is forging ahead faster than any other
of the international markets."
Today's Government Receipts.
National bank notes received today for redemption,
|435,lfl2; government receipts
from Internal revenue, $468,858; customs,
$1,135,749; miscellaneous, $179,257; expenditures,
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales.?Regular call, 12 o'clock noon?Washington
Rmr. and Elec. 4s, $1,000 at 87. $1,000 at 87.
$1,000 ?t 87, $1,000 at 87, $1,000 at 87V4.
Potomac Elec. I>t. 5s, $2,000 at 105.
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 6s, $1,000 at 104&.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd., SO at 88%, 20
at 88%. 30 at 88*4, 80 at 88HWashington
Oas, 25 at S7h, 100 at 57, 28 at
67^4, 28 at 57, 10 at 57ft. 25 at 56%, 25 at 56%,
[-10 at 37%, 10 at 56%.
Mereenthaler Linotype, 5 at 205%, 10 at 205%.
10 at 200%. 10 at 205%. 10 at 205*. 10 at 205%,
2 at 205%. 10 at SOfiVi. 10 at 206k. 10 at 205%.
I.tnston Monotype, 100 at 14%.
Greene Copper. iO at 25%.
Mitchell Mining. 100 at 5%. 100 at 5^4. BOO at
5%. 100 nt 5%. 100 at 5%. 100 at 5%. 100 at 5%,
100 at r>%. 100 nt 5%.
After call?Washington Rvrjr. and Elec. 4s,
$l.()Oi) at 87.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd., 50 at 88%, 50*
at 88.
Chesaneake and Potomac Tel.. 10 at 56.
Washington Gas, 10 at 57, 10 at 50%.
Bid. A?kM.
Washington Gas 4s 103 104
Washington Gas cert. Cs 110 113
Capital Traction 4a 105
Anacostia an<l Potomac 5s 101
Citv snd Suburban 5s 102 .....
Columbia 5s 103%
Columbia fin : 100 109%
Metropolitan 5s 113% 11*%
Metropolitan Os. B 100
Washington Rwy. and Elee. 4s 87 87%
U. S. Rlec. Lt. deb. Ga 101%
U. S. Elec. Lt. cert. Ga 100%
Potomac Elec. Lt. 5s 104% 105%
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5a 10(5 10$
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5a... 104% 105
Washington Market 6s 106 .....
Capital Traction 144% 145
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.... 39% 39%
Washington Rwy. and Klec. pfd.... 88% 88%
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 275 2S0
Washington Gas 5G% 56%
Georgetown Gas 08
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel 53 00
Me^enthaler Linotype 205% 206
Lanston Monotype 14% 14%
Greene Copper 25 25%
Mitchell ~ 5% 6%
riAliUn&L X>Ai>rV OXVUIVO.
American 170
C?pital 178 .....
Central 3*5 865
City 139
Colombia 283 800
Commercial 200 210
Farmers and Mechanics' 820 830
Lincoln 140 142
Metropolitan 321 350
Riggs 005
Second 145 160
Traders* 150
Washington 530
American Security 279 800
National Safe 185 195
Union Trust 146 152
Washington Loan and Trust 216 220
Home Savings 275
Union Savings 290
Washington Savings 119H
Arlington 8214 ....."
*1.1 >1. 1AIZ 441#
Commercial 5 .....
Corcoran 78
Firemen's 24 27
Franklin 55 .....
German American... 285 .....
Metropolitan .88 .....
National Union 7%
people's 8? 6%
Potomac ? 28 .....
Rlggs 8 9
Columbia 4
Real Estate 85 05
Washington 5 _
S. P. Service Corp 110
Graphophone com42% 45
Graphophone pfd 84
Security Btorage 150
Realty Appraisal Agency 20% 28
Washington Market 20
Fidelity Storage 110 12S
Tendon Closinsr Stocks.
LONDON, October 23, 4 p.m.
Consols for money 88%
Consols for account 85l{
Anaconda 14
Atchison 104%
Atchison pfd 104Vi
Baltimore and Ohio 122>4
Canadian Pacific 180
Chesapeake and Ohio..,. 8#U
Chicago Great Western 18^
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul 174
De Beers 20
Denver and Rio Qrande 41\
Denver and Klo Grande pfd 67
Erie 46U
Erie 1st pfd 78
Erie 2d pfd 69
Illinois Central 178%
* 111. ...J \r..k..lll/> < in 4
1 Missouri, Kansas and Texas 34%
New Tork Central 138%
Norfolk and Western 96%
Norfolk and Weatern pfd 93
Ontario and Western 46%
Pennsylvania T2%
Hand Mines..'. 6%
Reading T4
Southern Railway 86
Southern Railway pfd 100
Southern Pacific OS
l.'nlon Pacific 188%
I'nlon Pacific pfd SB
Vnlted State* Steel 48%
United States Steel pfd 100%
\V abash 20%
Wabaah pfd " 4T
Spanish Fours 04%
Bar silver, quiet, 32 7-16d. per ounce.
Money. 4%aS per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for short
I>1U* la .1% per cent.
The rate of discount la tbe open market for three
? moatna Dili* is 014 per cent.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
NEW YORK. October 23?Ab was lntlmated
in this column yesterday evening
prominent speculators understand verj
definitely that before the day was ovei
Secretary 8haw would announce some plan
for further relief to the money market. Th?
reported heavy buying of stocks during th?
idov Kir m ?uuMlau>?* V?A??ii
? tnuiuiuviiv OIUV/& OAWlCMIgt uvuu?
generally understood to hare prominent
Washington connections was taken as confirmatory
of the rumor. It was learned
today, however, that banking Interests id
this city were aware of the fact that Secretary
Shaw would make an announcement
late yesterday afternoon, the onlj
question being the form In which the relleJ
should be given. It was Intimated, too
that Mr. Shaw was willing to bring forward
at this time a more potent r el lei
measure than the one he made public, but
that he was given to understand that 11
would be unwise to do anything at thdi
time that would specially encourage speculation.
It was believed by well-informec
Interest* that II the active ctemana iw
money existed after election the Secretars
would announce a considerably more comprehensive
relief measure than that giver
out yesterday. In the meantime it wai
thought that If speculation in stocks wai
kept within proper bounds there would b<
no serious trouble as to the money market.
* *
It is learned that banking interests would
have been better satisfied with the demonstration
of considerably less strength 1e
stocks than was recorded. In other words,
these interests are decidedly opposed tc
special activity in the market prior to No
Vember 6, and until the general money
market Is In better shape. They point out
If large sums of money are required to
finance a speculative movement it will tx
practically impossible to adjust the money
market for some little time to come.
* ,
A. banker of this city who is actively Interested
in the political campaign, particularly
up the state, and who Is watching
the situation very closely, said this morning
that the Indications are now stronger than
at any time In the campaign so far that Mr.
Hug-hps will be elected by a safe majority.
In discussing the situation somewhat in detali
he said that a canvass, of several counties
Indicates that the rural vote, both democratic
as well as republican, will be very
largely in favor of the republican candidate.
This canvass also indicates that the
mill and factory element, which heretofore
In a good many instances has been largely
democratic, will at least break about even.
In some cases It is learned that the vote,
which hitherto has been at least 75 or 80
per cent democratic, will be practically the
same in favor of the other side. In the
case of some manufacturing institutions, he
said, there Is a rather large doubtful vote,
and indicated that apparently it will be lm
possible to get a definite idea as to this
vote before the election actually take*
* *
The marked strength of the Colorado and
Southern issues yesterday, particularly the
common and second preferred, was undoubtedly
due to buying by Interests which
are aware that a favorable announcement
will be made before long affecting all of
these securities, particularly the second preferred.
* *
The Intimation comes In ueflnlte form
from well-Informed sources that If the
events of the next two weeks are In favor
of the company, the Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Company will not only consider but
actually declare a dividend on the stock
this fall.
* ?
A man who has always operated heavily
In the United States Steel stocks, particularly
the common, and who was originally
connected with some of the subsidiary companies
of the steel corporation. Is understood
to have told his friends that he Is
pretty confident that the directors will declare
another dividend on the common
stock at their meeting this month.
EGGS.?Nearby fresh Virginia,"?28;
West Virginia and southwest Vlrf^a,
26a27; Tennessee, 26a27; North Cart *a,
23a24. ?
BUTTER. ? Creamery, fancy, 27fta28.
Western firsts. 25a2C: seconds. 18. Pro
cess, fancy, 22a22^4; fair to good, 18al9.
Store-packed, fresh, 15al6.
CHEESE. ? New York state factory,
new, large, 14al4ft.
POULTRY. ? Chickens, per lb., 1S?14;
hens, per lb., 11J roosters, per lb., 7a8;
ducks, per lb., lOall; young ducks, per
lb., 12al3; keats, per lb., 8al^.
DRESSED POULTRY.?Spring chickens,
per lb., 18al4; hens, choice, per lb., Ilal2;
roosters, per lb., 10; ducks, per lb., 12al3.
VEGETABLES.?Potatoes, bbl., No. 1,
1.75a2.00; No. 2, 1.00al.25; yams, bbl., 1.00;
yellow sweets, bbl., 1.00al.50; carrots, per
bunch. 2a3V6; cucumbers, per bu. basket,
2.00a2.50; onions, per bbl., 1.75a.2.00;
Spanish, per box, 1.25al.50; peppers,
per 100, 1.00; tomatoes, nearby, per
box, 3.00a3.50; new beets, per bbl., 1.25:
cabbage, N. Y., per 100, 4.00a5.00; eggplant,
per doz., 75; celery, per doz., 40aU5;
turnips, per box, 50a65; per bbl., 1.50al.75;
cauliflower, per bbl., 4.50a5.00; squash,
1.00al.25 per bbl.
GREEN FRUITS.?Apples, loose, per
hhl 1 Oft' annlps nnofcprt nor hhl
2.00a5.00; oranges, California navels,
per box, 4.50a5.00; Florida, per box,
2.75a3.00; grape fruit, per box, 3.0Oa3.75;
Pineapples, per crate, 3.00a3.75; peaches,
per basket, l.OOal.SO; pears, Bartlett, per
bbl., 3.50a6.00; per crate, 1.75a2.00; Sickle,
per bbl., 5.00a6.00; per basket, 2.00;
grapes, per basket, 12a20; chestnuts, per
lb., 5^4; quinces, per bbl., 4.00aG.00;
cranberries, per box, 2.00a3.00; per Dbl.,
HAY AND STRAW.? New timothy,
choice, 17.50al8.00; No. 1, 17.00al7.50; No.
2, 10.00aX6.50; mixed hay, 11.50al4.50;
clover, 8.50al3.00. Straw, rye, bundle,
11.00al2.00; rye, machine thrash, 7.50a
8.00; wheat, C.50a7.00; oat straw, per ton.
DRESSED MEATS.?Calves, full dressed,
0.00; heads off, 9.50; hog - dressed
calves, 8.50a?.00. Haras, country, sugar
cured, 14. Hogs, small and neat, per cwt.,
8.50a9.00; medium, 7.50a8.00; heavy, 7.00a
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per cwt.,
4.75a5.00; butcher, per cwt., 3.50a4'.00; ordinary,
per cwt., 2.50a3.50; rough, per
cwt., 1.50a2.00. Hogs, per cwt., gross, 6.50
a7.00; ordinary, per cwt., 5.50aG.00. Sheep,
clipped, 4.00a4.50; lambs, choice, per lb..
T^a8; medium, per lb., 7a7%. Calves,
choice, per lb., 8V4: medium, per lb., 7'^a
8; grass calves, per lb., 4a5. Cows, prime.
fresh, each, 35.00a40.00; common," each,
20.00a30.00; old and dry, each, 10.00al2.00.
WOOL. AND HIDES. ? Wool, washed,
free of burs, per lb.. 35a36; wool, unwashed,
per lb., 27a28. Hides, green, per
ib., 12; dry, per lb.. 16al8. Sheepskins,
green, each, 1.25al.50; dry, each, 75al.00.
Calfskins, green, each, 1.00al.30.
Wholesale market price of BEEF CUTS.
?No. 1 ribs, per lb., 13; No. 2 ribs, per lb.,
10; No. 3. ribs, per lb., 8. No. 1 loins, per
lb., 13; No. 2 loins, per lb., 10; No. 3 loins,
per lb.. 8. No. 1 chucks, per lb., 7; No. 2
chucks, per lb., 5; No. 3 chucks, per lb., 4.
No. 1 rounds, per lb., 9; No. 2 rounds, per
lb., 7; No. 3 rounds, per lb., fl.
GRAIN.?Wheat, choice, 73; fail to
good. 65a70; ordinary, 30a55. Corn, shell,
_kti. KRn K O 11 mm-mr*
ea, new, muio, , jouuw, uud)u; ear,
3.00a3.10. Oats, western, white, No. J, 38
a39; mixed, 36a37.
London Stock Exchange.
LONDON. October 23.?Trading on the
stock exchange this morning opened dull,
but Immediately after the tenor of Secretary
Shaw's plan to relieve the American
money market became known prices improved.
The bankers express favorable
opinions of Mr. Shaw's arrangement for
the acceptance of $18,000,000 in securities
other than government bonds In order to
stimulate bank note circulation, regarding
this as likely to be a more elastic plan of
relieving stringency than Is the releasing
ot treasury funds.
nrcksasx or cerctjxation.
I Applicants Will Remiv* Attention in
Acting Secretary Keep of the Treasury
Department announced today that applications
for Increases In national bank circula
uun unuer secretary ctoaw 9 oner 01 yew
terday will be favorably acted upon in the
. order In which they are received at the
| treasury. If, however, a national bank
should apply for an Increase of two or three
millions, or even lees. It probably would be
i necessary, in the Interest of smaller banks.
, to grant the application as to only a part
of the sum asked for, and so extend ti.e
privileges conferred by the Secretary's oiler
to as large a number of banfcs as possible.
I ,
One Party to Proposed Marriage Not
, Consulted.
Inspector Boar dm an of the local detec
tire rorce was asked today to land his as,
sistance in a peculiar case involving Frits
t Lis, a young baker, and Miss Anna Sellner.
? The latter's father and brother announced
that Lis had procured a license to marry
Miss Anna without first securing the consent
of the young lady. They deolared they
had been to see Lis and he had surrendered
the license to them.
Ca.pt. Board man assured the father and
brother that the mere issuing of the license
did not mean that the ceremony had to follow
as a matter of course, as Miss Sellner
need not marry Mr. lis unless she cared
to do so. He said, however, that he would
instruct the police in the vicinity of the
Sellner home on. Mount Pleasant street to
1 keep their eyes open for possible trouble.
It is understood that Lis, after procuring
l the License to marry Anna Seflner yesterday.
arranged with Rev. Henry Schroeder,
pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, to per'
form the ceremony. The minister received
a call from the father and brother of the
girl today and was very much surprised
to hear their story. He, too, assured them
> that the marriage would not take place
i. without the young lady's consent, license
' or no license.
Citizen Protest Against Its Substitution
for Sheet Asphalt.
onnAnn/?Amor?f that frhft CVimmlSSlon
. era will use asphalt block to pave and repair
streets throughout the District, because
of thfclr Inability to receive bids within the
amount specified by Congress for sheet
asphalt, has called for a number of protests
from citizens. The majority of the
latter are persons who do considerable
driving and they contend that the asphalt
block is not much T>etter than the ordinary
Belgian block, which, as a matter of fact,
was never invented for driving or to afford
any comforts.
, Dr. Charles B. Gilbert of 1444 Rhode Island
avenue northwest, in a letter of protest
to the Commissioners, stated that as a
driver he would enter an earnest protest
against the laying of asphalt block on the
city streets. He said that even the sheet
asphalt has its faults and is not perfect,
but the asphalt block is very unpleasant,
especially after it has become a little worn.
He concluded his communication by say
??T<~ I? ,3 an,.ol
liig, X U III J 111111U llicio 19 u?i ?.w
sprinkled macadam on stre?ta and roadways
In a city of the climate of Washington.
With such a pavement Washington
would make a fair summer resort."
Representative Hoar Worse.
WORCESTER, Mass.. October 23.?Reports
from the bedside of Representative
Rockwood Hoar are less favorable today,
and no attempt is made to conceal the fact
that Mr. Hoar is in a most serious condition.
Dr. Frederick Baker, one of the attending
physicians, said today:
"Mr. Hoar is a very suck man. He has
been very sick ever since he took to his
bed, but yesterday brought a slight change
for the worse."
Jamaica Track Entries.
23.?Following Is the list of entries for tomorrow's
First race, maidens, six furlongs?Jester,
110; Marathon, 110; Rappahannock, 110;
Rider Haggard, 110; Sandy Creeker, 110;
Molesey, 107; Pierrot, 110; Little Minister,
110; Charles G. Gates, 110; Light Comedy,
110; Mambysis, 110; Landsman, 110-; Linepee,
110; El Capltan, 110.
Second race, selling; one and one-fourth
miles?Louis H.. 102; Bragg, 102; Grand
Kiss, 9!>; McKlttredge, SK>; Sonoma
99; Woodsman, 103; Winifred A., 97;
. M., 89; *J. F. Donohue, 89; *Dazzle,
rd race, selling, five and a half furtTongs?Waterbury,
102; Beleast, 102; Umbrella,
101; Gallant Dan, 102; Royal Breeze,
102; Roswell, 102; Acrobat, 102; Merrill,
101; Laroso, 99; Pla,ud, -99; Athens, 99; Gordon
Rush, 99; * Taunt, 94; *Woolstartle, 97;
Royal Ben. 105.
Fourth race, Southampton handicap, one
ana uiLW-aiAin iiuiea.?nui auuu), hi ,
Ironsides, 113; Arkllrta, 109; Wes, 105; Orilene,
107; Ben Ban, 102; Rye, 100; Belle of
Pequest, 100; Zlenap, 96.
Fifth race, handicap, six furlongs.?Voorhees,
121; Monet, 119; Athlete, 112; Bryan,
111; Monterey, 109; Diamond Flush, 102.
Sixth race, selling, one and one-sixteenth
miles?John Lyle, 103; A. Muskoday, 106;
Nemesis, 100; Just So. 103; Young Davis,
98; Robador, 106; 'Chimney Sweep, 106;
Rama. 90.
Seventh race, maidens; six furlongs?
Colblesklll, 110; Herman, 110; John J. Rogers,
110; Tuckernuck, 110; Lord Pike, 110;
Prince Fortunatus, 110; Rip Rap. 110;
Veronlque, 107; King Brush, 107; Sophie
Carter, 107; Captive, 107; Ambush, 107;
Turbulence, 107; Royal Ben, 110.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Note.?The first race, having received
twenty-eight entries, was divided, and will
be run as the first and seventh races.
Weather clear, track fast.
First Race at Jamaica.
JAMAICA. N. Y., October 23.?First race,
handicap, six furlongs, two-year-olds?Main
Chance. 4 to 1 and 6 to 5. first: Gild. R tn ?
place, second; Dunvallo, third. Time,
1.15 3-5.
Second race, one mile and sixteenth, sellin*,
three years old and up?Macy, Jr., 7 to
5 and 1 to 2, won; Columbia Girl, 3 to 5
place, second; Johnstown, third. Time,
Dealer Fined Forty Dollars.
Charles T. Hunter, a bicycle dealer, was
fined $40 In the Police Court today on a
charge of falling to keep a report of a second-hand
bicycle which he bought and of
failing to make a report of It to the police.
The wheel In question. It was testified,
turned out to be stolen property.
Detectives Grant and Trumbo of headquarters
made the arrest. It was stated
that the owner of a wheel which had been
stolen saw it on the street, and the possessor
stated that he purchased the wheel
ot Hunter The latter's record failed to
show the transaction, so the arrest followed.
ALEXANDRIA, La., October 23.?The
steamer H. M. Carter, with 1,000 bales of
cotton on board, sank In Red river last
night. No lives were lost. The steamer
can be raised.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. October 23.?Herman
Thompson, the negro youth who was
given a hurried trial at Montgomery on a
charge of attempted assault, was brought
here today on a special train by order of
the governor and sent to Pratt mines to
begin his twenty years' sentence.
ATLANTA. Ga., October 23.?The Carriage
Builders' National Association opened
here today the first session of its annual
convention. The trade is represented by
about 4.000 delegates from all parts
or the country, me memoersoip having
about one hundred and twenty-five million
dollars of invested capital in the United
States. The convention will continue until
DAYTON, Ohio, October 23.?Suit was Instituted
in common pleas court here today
for the appointment of a receiver for the
Columbus, Delaware & Marlon Electric
Railroad Company and constituent corporations.
John G. Webb, prominent Springfield
'Ohio) traction magnate, is named as defendant.
The suit was brought by Walter
A. Black of the brokerage firm of W. A. ;
Black & Co., 9t which the defendant is a :
CHICAGO) October 23.?Four members '
at the United Garment Worker* of America
must serve sentences of four months
each In the county Jail, according: to a decision
of the branch appellate court handed
down today. The men were found guilty of
contempt of court by Judge Kavanaugh last
year beoauae they violated an injunction of
his court issued during a labor strike. The
decision of today disposes of the appeal
made by the men to a higher* court.
POMEROY. Ohio. October 23.?Safe blowers
secured $3,000 ffbm the general store of
W, A. Ellis and (150 from J. C. Hayman's
hardware store, both at Racine, Ohio, last
night. The robbers stole a horse and buggy
from a farmer near town and drove to Mlddleport,
ten miles. Officers are In pursuit.
BOSTON, October 23.?George F. Dunn of
Kansas City, grand president of the brotherhood
of Boiler Makers, was In this city
tftdav In, tha ?v\nfaj>Atw?A with thfl nur.
workers who have struck at the Ailston
shops at the Boston and Albany railroad, to
resist a piece work schedule introduced by
the company. It was understood that the
advisability of calling a sympathetic strike
at the Boston and Albany shops at Springfield
and Albany, N. T., would be acted
ESSEN. Prussia. October 23.?The association
of coal owners has replied to the
demand of the miners' committee of seven
for higher wages, saying that the association
cannot recognise the committee as being
representative of all the miners employed,
and suggesting that the owners of
each mine shall deal direct with their employes.
This action on the part of the association
brings the threatened strike of
220,000 miners appreciably nearer.
CHICAGO. October 23.?The opening session
of the American Railway Association
at the Auditorium today was devoted to
committee work, and the actual work of the
f^nnvpn tlr\n <ll<t nr*t <vimmAn<%0 until lata <n
the day. when theVarloua committees made
their report* to the convention proper.
In the Criminal Court.
Frank McKnlght, an elderly man. when
called for trial today before Justice Stafford
In Criminal Court No. 1 withdrew a
plea of not guilty, formerly entered to an
Indictment charging qrand larceny, and
pleaded guilty to petit larceny. Justice
Stafford, In sentencing McKnlght to serve
three montha in -the workhouse, took Into
consideration the fact that the prisoner
had spent three months In Jail awaiting
McKnlght was placed In charge of a
schooner at Philadelphia, Pa., In July last
to tyring the vessel to Washington. After
ht? arrival h am thA
that he took the hawser of the boat, valued
at $60, and sold It for a trifling sum.
Assistant United.States Attorney Turner
told the court the hawser had been In use
for some time and Its present value did not
exceed $25, which reduced the offense to
petit larceny.
William Bronaugh, colored, was today
coarlcted by a jury In Criminal Court No.
1, before Justice Stafford, of grand larceny.
The testimony adduced at the trial tended
to show that Harry J. Halloek In August
last was papering a house In the northwest
section of the city, and In putting
on his working clothes hung on the wall
his street clothes, which contained $43. The
defendant was working about the premises,
and, it Is alleged, took the money from the
trousers pocket. Immediately thereafter
the defendant fled to New York, where he
was apprehended In September and brought
here. Bronaugh was remanded to jail to
ttwttu oeiiLeiicw.
DIRECT from the leading
European looms, thua eliminating
tho middle men's
j profits, as well as securing
: the most distinctive Patterns
| for your selection.
C7"See our latest importa!
tions In SUITINGS and
Tailors, 11 11 11 1 Penn. Ave.
l'~ "'?
The fifty-seventh regular quarterly dividend of
one and one-half per cent (1%%) nas been declared
on the capital stock of - The Washington
Loan and Trust Compauy. payable November 1,
1908, when checks for dividends will be mailed
to all stockholders of registered address. Books
for the transfer of stock will lie clowed from October
26 to November 1, 1906, both dates inclusive.
Stockholders who have changed their addresses
since payment of last dividend will please
notify the Company.
ocl7.20.23 ANDREW PARKER. Treasurer.
e/f1<^<?Tl E make a particular feaC\L(mJL
*ure M?rtSa&e 1?"
this line of the business
as we do, naturally develops
greater business. We can place
sums to any amount in first mortgages.
The safest lnTeatment*
paying anything line
the amount of profit.
The F. H. Smith Co.,
1408 New York Ave. N.W.
^oc22_28d i ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
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start a savings ac- E- Qn,nc^S}itent
count and lay the awd m.
found ation for John b. Sleman. jr., I
your future finan- Q. o. walm""7'
cial independence. Jactton
Interest allowed L Q KJ?{? r
on sav- n) n m Aoairor. i
ings at A h
Union Savings Bank,
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CTN Omir SavSogs
^ Department
?Your funds will not only draw
interest but will also be payable
on demand. Let us have your
savings account.
E7A dollar starts an account.
_ .#>0 OO
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them. We alas boy (olteica anbject to hm
Write for terma.
no tl MOT Q at. a?.
The Safest Investments
AM thoa* that do not dapaad
npon the financial ftapoaalbiuty
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trnat (mortgage) notea liberally
muni on good real aetata U
the DUtrlct of CohimMa ronaMtot*
"gilt - edge" tBTeetneata.
Theae an the only kind we make
and (apply to toreetor*. Tke;
hear Intereat, payable aeml-anaaally,
at the rate of Fire par ceat
r annum, i nd may be had of oa
amonnta from 1000 and ap
? P?r ana accrnea intefeer.
tod for booklet. "Ooncantat
Loans and lnreatmcata."
Swartzell, Rheem A
Hensey Co.,
m w bnm north hut.
writs for our markkt urtk*. bent
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Savings Account here?and
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tS.SOO. (4.000.
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1 CAE Will" I
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j 307 COLORADO BLDO.. 14TH AND G 5*TS. *
^ ^ ^ ^ W V W
V """^cipiTair"?J r^A*XCsurp^
DRAFTS issued direct)
on time principal j
I cities of the world. t
j?Exchange bought and sold. /
(?Letters of Credit issued. \
)?Money transmitted bv cable. /
(?Stocks & Bonds bought & sold. \
/?Collections&Investments made/
I Riots TZ*'
(Pa. Ave.,oppositeU. S. Treasury. (
Fiscal agents for the United States
Depository for funds of Philippine
Banking Corporation.
Capital and Surplus:
The International Banking Corporation
ollcit* every description of banking
business -whether business. professional,
truatee. personal, or household accounts
?and extends a cordial welcome to all
Intending customers.
In the matter of loans and discounts
the bank afforda the most liberal treatment
consistent with sound banking.
The bank pays 2*4 per cent per annum
on accounts subject to check and
higher rates on time money. Particulars
rtf tho?A ratAt r?n avmliftatlon Th?
attention of the deporting public 1# Inrited
to the wide margin of aeenrltj
afforded hy the bank's exceptionally
large cash Capital and Surplus of
Six and a Half Million Dollars.
1415 G Street Northwest.
Tlhe Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York
Gainst cm fixed (scorn* for life, which Is eon*
It protected by over foar hundred sad ferentj million*
of itieti which hare accumulated la ?oceeciful
builneaa experience of aixtr-tbre* fotn.
Our booklet. "Annuities" (ami free on l' qm 03*
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Manager far Dl?trlct or Columbia.
No. 1338 V *t B.W.
Second-story front room. Telapfaon* Kite lilt
offices 310 Columbian building and Rosaljn Va..
furnishes titles 10 all real Mtat* la Virginia anf
gives too a yerfeet title. a*28-S0t*
Loan <& Trust Co.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $1,000,000.
"SURPLUS, $600,000 (EARNED)."
Loan* In any amount made on approved real
eatate or collateral at reasonable ratea.
Interest paid upon deposits on monthly bal?
ances subject to cbeck.
This company acta as execntor, admlnlstra
tor, trustee, agent, treaaurer, registrar and
in all other fiduciary capacities.
? Boxes for rent in burglar and fire-proof
vaults for safe deposit and atorage of Tain
able packages.
? Real Estate Department Is prepared to aa
aume the management of your real eatat*.
Careful attention given to all detalla.
JOHN A. SWOPE Vice President
ELLIS SPEAR Second Vice President
UiRRV fl MKF.M Assistant Treasurer
BOYD TAYLOR Aaalsiant Treamirer
THOMAS BRADLEY Heal Estate Officer
Four Per Gent
Per Annum.
Interest Paid Every Three Months.
Assets $^8os.6.io.8i
Surplus $198,194.67
Loans $1,000 for $5 per month,
$2,000 for $10 per month, $3,000 for
$15 per month, $4,000 for $20 interest
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Principal to suit the borrower. The
g-eatest savings institution in the
istrict and the most liberal. Inquire
at liic i ^ipciutfi uuuuiu^ rvsautia*
tion, 506 nth street.
JOHN COOK, Secretary.
Loaned on raal aetata. Prompt atteotloa.
Heisketl & McLeran,
-tf.a loot r *t. b.w.
4& andS%
on district bui nriit

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