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% Inc
\? Fire Underwriters ??y the private rooms In <
^ approved. M(
I Sereem
^ 5creen
_ Kojr. value. Speeli
" Mah. fin. red Imt. lea. .$20.00 $13.3
^ Mah. fin. fold tapestry.$40.00 J-'i-'l
Wea. Oak fold tapestry.$37.00 $27.7
* Wea. Oak Imt. iea. &
^ dec $25.00 $20.0
2 Mah. 4 fold green silk,
' vel. & dec $:(.",.W $26.2
v 1 Wea. Oak 3 fold gr burlap
& tap $2T>.00 $18.7
? Mah. fin. 3 fold gr.burJ
lap & tap $S.50 $6.8
T? Wea. Oak 3 fold red
* burlap & dec $12.00 $S.C
y Wea. Oak 3 fold red
burlap & dec $6.75 $5.-)
Wea . Oak 3 fold red
- burlap & dec $12.00 $9.(
Wea. Oak 3 fold red
* burlap & dec $13.ri0 $1>.S
Wea. Oak 3 fold gr.
? burlnn Sr dec *11.00 S.S.2
4 Wea. Oak 3 fold gr.
% burlap & dcc $11.00 $5.5
* Wea. Oak 3 fold red
? burlap & dec $8.50 $6.S
* Wea. Oak 4 fold gr.
burlap & dec $25.00 $20.0
u Wea. Oak fold red
* burlap & dec $10.00 $7.3
^ Japanese Screens.
^ Reg. value. Speoli
^ 4 fold old rose and gilt.... $5.00 $3.7
^ 4 fold brown silk emb'd
K>, raah. finish $10.00 $7.5
4 fold red silk emb'd mah.
y finish $10.00 $7.5
? 4 fold blue silk emb'd
_ mah. finish $10.00 $7.5
* 4 fold black silk emb'd
^ mah. finish $#.00 $3.7
^ In addition to these there
from $3.50 to $4.50 at one-quar
I* All Firf Screens pvrent T:
^ ; " ? j
* regular price.
v Call airsd Hear the 11
? w. b7moses & sot
% It
' >" >" if > *?" ?c jf jf* if i? as" Jf if $
^>t^xaullt' v* I IJ J
.:, te A Specificationc. Tag 3
'k wilh Every Pair fj*
g A \ specifications
4t# hj 1 r^.vrrn that tks katimaij tstb
h \ villi* ?* mca1 jh0m ^ exactly
v [h limilm0 w the tct of mancatijks
?* HI V>^jiLk^v. akd ar3 oy tmb ruu>T
?5jh m nraufla
b ^vv^&l5 s'" coa^a7*!at
V I I Comfort In every
V curva. Btyle In *vtrj
*? line. An ideal ehoefor VI
^ B etreet wear, particular- wA
? U ly for the man who pre- IV'
* * H J f*r? not to wear rub- IWlvx
V H [ bera Made cf Regal iMjt;:?.
! H I El*ck Eisg Calfv
| $3.50 and $4.00
y 1003 Penn. Ave. N.W.
1 R?(
1 e ?E'
|Spec:a is at A.<& P. Stores.
Lea <fc Ferrtn s Sauce; re*u- |1
lar price, 'S2c. Special
Quaker Oats ? 2-lb. package; nc
regular price, 10c. Special
Domestic Sardines, f>?. Our "5^,
leader at
Iona Tomatoes; special
t-ttbAT Atlantic & Pacific TKA coMain
Store, cor. 7th and E n.w.
Branches In all parts of the city.
k-22 jii.1 Stands in all markets.
.Bin >i, i. iw;4im>:
Espey's $1
-The biggest and best dolla
worth you'll find in Washlngti
Elegant 2 piece Stag U&ndle Ca
Ing Set wltli scimitar blade (fu
gunruiiirt-M n? to quuillj or
teel). Special ?
John B. Espey, 5Jfi!."'riB cli"
Arts and Crafts,
A New Shop
The Washington Book and
Art Exchange,
rar new Fireproof Storage Building ire th? most
ivlng, Packing. Storage.
We are weeding out the
^ screen stock?aiming to close
^ out all the odd pieces and also
reduce the duplicate stock.
We imported a great many 1
screbns. Large purchases
were necessary in order to ,
make such a thing profitably <
rvrvcciKlfi Otl/1 n C O fPCllIt WP <
puoo IU1V-, UilVi t?d U 1 VUU1V ?F
are showing a variety of styles
that makes a satisfactory selection
il. Rou. value. Special.
15 Mahogany 3 fold gr.
10 burlap & dec $20.00 $16.00
Mali. An. 3 fold tapestry.$.28.50 $21.20
? Wea. Oak 3 fold red
burlap & dec $11.00 $8.80
0 Wea. Oak 3 fold red
burlap & dec $11.00 $8.80
' ? Hot !4 folH rod
burlap & dec $10.00 $7.50
5 Wea. Oak 3 fold red
burlap & dec $10.00 $7.50
0 Wea. Oak 3 fold gr.
burlap & dec $12.00 $9.00
10 Wea. Oak 3 fold gr.
burlap & dec $12.00 $0.00
10 Mah. 3 fold green silk....$42.00 $31.50
Three fold blue burlap...$12.00 $4.00
K) Wea. Oak red burlap &
dec $8.50 $0.80
15 English Church 3 fold..$25.00 $18.75
Golden Oak (soiled) red
!5 burlap $3.50 $2.80
Golden Oak $5.00 $2.50
i0 Golden Oak fig. blue
burlap $8.00 $0.00
(0 Golden Oak 3 fold red
burlap & dec $8.00 $6.80
i0 Golden Oak 3 fold $7.00 $3.50
Golden Oak 3 fold $1.25 $1.00
O Golden Oak 3 fold $2.00 $1.60
OorOwn I importation.
il. Reg. value. Special.
5 4 fold em'd and black
mah. finish $7.50 $5.65
4 fold old rose and gold
0 ebony $3.50 $2.65 i
4 fold black and emb'd
0 mah. finish $10.00 $7.50
4 fold blue and gold
ebony $5.00 $3.75
4 fold blue and emb'd
mah. finish $7.50 $5.65
5 4 fold black and emb'd.... $3.50 $2.65
are 8o Japanese Screens that range
ter regular price.
apanese Fire Screens, at one-third off
steetreuiie Fnamo Fiiayer. i
MS, Inc., F St, Cor. 111th.
' ?<" jc sf af arf a?^ a?
The man who buys his X
shoes THIS YEAR by the J
1 f C . 1 1 f ? V
looks oi tne outside oi tnem
is likely to find what a differ- !?
ence the advanced cost of shoe ?
materials has made in the way
they stand up and WEAR. ?
When you try on a shoe, X
have the salesman give you **
all the particulars of its inside |
make-up ?AND GET IT ?
That's only BUSINESS.
And that's the way we do ?
business. The Specifications
tag that goes with your PAIR
nf U*?cro 1 c ic ntir cicrnprl Qtntf- V
? -""S?" - .%
ment and guarantee of the
kind and quality of their every X
part. ^
y!0?\ FILLED. %
The largest retail
^ shoe business in the *j*
i?/. B world. 123 stores in
1003 Penn. Ave. N. W. &
"" I * * **- * * - -
I ? A superb showing of stylish
h < and becoming hats of home
^ and foreign origin. All reaJ
sonably priced.
j latest' Untrlmmed Hats and Best
4 Trimmings. Full line of high-grade
4 Furs.
J Mrs. C. Stiebel, 11113 G St.
4 oo21-Suitu1th-20
= ^HAIR^oods
t3.50 Switches dov 12.60
4.00 Swlr<be? now $3.00
Gray SwItcbM ?U price*.
$4.75 now $3.00.
M nil HAW <i AA
r'a ii.00 DOW $6.60.
.n Lee'a TTalr Medlcant, $1. Reatorva gray balr t
natural colvr? GUAKA.NTEED. Tiereou lalUa
rT- balr.
Ualrdre.ta!ng. Shampooing. Dyeing and Bleachlnj
n 720 SEVENTH ST. N.W.
_ (reelect Pa let
V\ With Care
I 1 \ \ ?when there'? Daintfnir in bm doni
10 \\J J Buy New Era and you'll bare the bw
\?^ paint made. It *xcefls In durabllltj
brilliancy and covering quality. Sol
D. C. Agent.
. W.H. Butler Co., ZVm'
oc21 20d
I .
I Cooks and 1 j
Housewives 1 3
will find j| |
: I vv^vgill vgo | :
11 FIomf- |
i I the greatest aid to I <
? jU success in baking. 1 }
t ? A trial will prove the qual- g j
k & ity and purity of "CERES" ?
^ a Flour. It is the one flour ^ ?j
^ ? that makes success in baking ? *1
a ? absolutely certain. j| 3
!. Si "r-TTDTTC" TT1?.._ ?1.? *5
Mm i'lUUl rtiWd^a K '
v? yields the lightest, whitest, S 5
k ^ sweetest, purest and most si ^
I6 ?< wholesome bread and rolls j| 5
'* 5< and the choicest cake and ? *j
* | pastry. Order "CERES" in j? .{
^ ? time for the next bake. j|
r a Your grocer will B V
* W supply you 2 g
S< with "CERES" Flour. &
r, Sj Refuse substitutes. & 4
* ii> .*
i 1 &
t I Winn. M. Qalt & Co., I |
^ ?! w' iiaiocilnrc tc + .9r tnrl a jtt a
F_ Z?i> * ? avivoaivi J, xoi ul aiiu. * v. ?rx v
^ S It ^ ?i
S Lights I
A <
r* We show a comprehen- 3
c* sive stock of the most de- %
sirable Lights and Fix- {
* tures. I
? Welsfoaclfo Lights *{j
A Lindsay Lights %\ i
Gas Portables jljf i
Electric Portables S [i
* ?jr I
^ uas mxinmres
k Electric Fixtures
! Our facilites for collect?
ing this class of goods
5. are perfect.
? l;SHEDD&cBo:,??
432 Nirntlhi Street.
A **
in H
. |l' 'II u
$3 Gold (to | AA
Spring JK I III)
Eyeglasses, ^
A very special value that will
serve to direct attention here.
We offer you the best optical serv- ^
Ice possible to obtain. Our advice ?
can be depended upon. Our Glasses 7
relieve eye strain. 2
JDXHaSlUtt i BrtUAblST, A
908 F Street N.W., South Side. 4
oc2.'>d,eSu,40 4
:jfc "Odd things not found elsewhere." :&
| A Beautiful | I
| CoSIectDoo of | *
| Diamomids. 1 ^
- XX
We will be glad to have $ P
you inspect this collection }i
>'?< for we are confident it will j| ?
jg prove the most interesting ?
& from the standpoints of a
35 beauty and values i
| Berry & jj *
I Whitmniore Co., 1 g
^ Jewelers. Silversmiths, Stationer*, 3? 5
ft F and Eleventh Sts. $ ?
ii 0^22 40d ? 3 8
Maryland Casualty Co. |
Burglary, $
Theft aod ?
| Jfrntrifrj) ^fiPip
General Agent . A
1 Formerly " " ' )
> Storage Department,
\ American Security and Trust G*(
: I HO Fifteenth Street
' j? Highest Purity i;
< ? Is our standard of Olive OIL The oil < ?
J | that we handle has been tested by ' '
, , Uncle Sam's best chemists' test, ^,
< i and found absolutely pure. We rec- < >
' ' ommend it as a food and for sal- 1 1
'' eds. As a medicine it makes flesh J '
atMna^Vi Ir/iAtta !??
?m) uuu Diiviigiiii accpo mo wvirvia JUBI A
, < > right, and prevents colds. It'a th? < > IT
^ J [ best oil In use. J J H
i :; Evans* Drug Store, ;;
; I 922-924 F ST. N.W, {; EI
* > Full pt., 40c.; qt, 760. < > gj
tnl-ta.sa <? EI
: Giddings & Steele, :
| Floor Coverings Exclusively* J \
; 813 Pennsylvania Ave. J \
> 1 <
A Great Value j>
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fipS. 1
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f for you to buy Floor Cov- ?
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C store. '&
? We've just received a
^ new line of high-grade X
? Wilton Rugs?the best Y
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j. mill. These Rugs are a
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in rich reds, greens, grays,
gold, two-tone and Orien- A
tal effects. The patterns ?
are exclusive with us. gx ?ij*
12 feet in size and suitable X
' for use in anv room.
Such Wilton Rugs regu- X
larly sell for $55.00; our |
sive store .*?
is. $
Glddlmigs. f
Steele, |
Floor Coverings Exclusively,
8113 Pa. Ave. |
n >:
For Fall Brides.
Innumerable articles of
original and exclusive design
that cannot be duplicated
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Established Over a Century,
Jewellers, Silversmiths, Stationery
1107 Pena. Ave.
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Consult me regarding the new "rythmetrlcal"
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Name Any Flavori
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ire You Eating
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Jniomi Trust Co.,
1414 F Street N. W.
>SON B. OLDS Treasurer
K23-tu.tk.aa, 40
Only Family Party Present at Beautiful
and Impressive Ceremony?N
Every auspicious circumstance surrounded
the marriage last night at the home of
Mr. and Mrs., Charles M. Shlnn. the uncle
and aunt of the bride, oT Miss Mary Shinn
to Mr. Charles Robert Claiborne, both of
Lynchburg, Va. The bride, who is the
daughter of the late Col. and Mrs. H. A.
Shinn of Pine Bluff, Ark., has made her
home with her rranilmnthpr. Mrs. Murv A.
Parse, who was present last night, with
other close relatives, to witness the marriage.
The long drawing room where the
ceremony took place was arranged as a
chancel, the bay-window recess being banked
with palms on either side, reaching up to
a canopy of southern smilax, from which
was suspended a chime of white satin wedding
bells with orange blossom clappers. A
veil of green studded with white roses fell
I " - fc.,/'<*j'->'.
*? ^t0' HHmn
Krs. Charles Robert Claiborne.
in the rear. Both sides of the room were
sprayed over with southern smilax and the
mantel was piled with yellow and white
chrysanthemums rising from a base of
green. The officiating clergyman. Rev. W.
s. ciaiDcrne ot Sewanee, Tcnn., brother of
the bridegroom, had entered by the west
door! followed by the groom and his best
man, Mr. Edward Murrel of Lynchburg,
when the music of the wedding march,
pilyed by Miss F'.ora Shinn, cousin of the
bride, gave the signal for the entrance of
the bridal cortege from the lower end of
the room. Messrs. Samuel Scott and John
Cannady, also of Lynchburg, preceded the
ring bearer, Master Ralph Saviilee Childs;
the bridesmaids, Miss Josephine Harwood
of Tennessee, a college friend of the bride,
and Miss Edna Shinn. her cousin, and the
maid of honor. Miss Hal>ie Shinn, the
bride's sister.
Mr. Charles M. Shinn escorted his niece
ta the bower, the bridal toilet of duchess
lace over mousselir.e and taffeta accentuating
her delicate blonde beauty. Her en- ,
veloping veil of tulle was crowned with
orange blossoms and her shower bouquet
of roses and lilies of the valley completed
txu tricgiiiiL iiuu a iiiusL uecoinmg cosiume.
The gown of the maid of honor was of ,
embroidered white crepe de ciiine over |
white taffeta, the modish bodice having a
bertha effect in rose point lace and a j
tucked guimpe of tine white net. Her bouquet
was a cluster of large yellow chrysanthemums.
The dresses of the bridesmaids
were of light yellow chiffon cloth
over taffeta. They carried bouquets of i
white chrysanthemums. Even the costume ]
of the handsome little ring bearer conformed
to the color scheme of yellow and
white, for with his Russian blouse suit j
of snowy linen he wore a light yellow neck- ]
tie. j
After congratulations the bridal garty and ]
JBf l|
^k-JPr ' h
hBl'^*-'^ - a
'. .'^ to#' ? H
PBsSf,-' HI
^msgmw' ^ ^Bn
Charles Robert Claiborne.
Quests passed out to the dining room, where
the table had as a central decoration a
huge wedding cake, which the bride cut
later with due ceremony. A basket of white
rosea and the tapers in the candelabra
burning under yellow shades added to the
pretty effect.
Mr: and Mrs. Claiborne left last night
for New York and Boston, the bride's going-away
gown being of dark red and black
Invisible check and a picture hat in black
trimmed with plumes. They will be at
home to their friends after November 10 at
Lynchburg, Va.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Leech are registered
at the Chalfonte, Atlantic City, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Andrews of Boston
are guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kelly at
2702 13th street.
Mrs. G. H. Peters and Miss Peters, wife
and daughter of Commander Peters, com- E
mandant of the naval station at Cavite, P.
I., have returned to jthe city after a year's j
aibsence spent tn the Philippines and in
traveling in Japan and China. Mrs. Peters t
has taken an^apartment for the winter at
the Porther, loth and U streets, her own &
house still being leased.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Baum and Miss Ida 1
Baum are located at " the Cheltenham,
1700 U street northwest. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Baum have amoved to 3C32 13th
street northwest, where they would be,
pleased to see their friends. \ {
see their friends. t
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cooper of Richmond, *
Va., spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. \
Augusiti nyriies ui ixipuoi mil. t
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Tbwing of Mln- - ^
neapolis. Minn., are the guests of Air. and
Mrs. Myron L. Story of C2S A street southeast.
Miss Mabel Adelaide Walker of 2150 California
avenue ha a returned to the city after
a stay of nearly five months in Topeka, 1
Kan., and Kansas City. Mo. c
Mrs. Louis A. Craig and daughter, Mrs. ^
Harry Howard Stout, of San Francisco, are r
at the Richmond Hotel.
The mnnv frlpnrls nf Mro \faHa T cm.,4h '
will be surprised to learn of her marriage r
at Savannah, Ga., on October 15 to Mr. r
George Smith of Brunswick, Ga. Mr. Smith
has large business interests in his home
Miss Mary Creecy has Just returned after
visiting in Eden ton, N. C., with friends and 1
relatives. I
Mrs. Root has gone to New York to Join 1
bir daughter at the home of her mother,
Wales, and t(J attend to her (all shopThe
Wizard Club will *lve a dance at
Rauscher's December (.
Gov. and Mrs. Edwin War field will give a
reception, followed by a dance, Wednesday,
November 28, at the executive mansion, at
Annapolis, In honor of their debutante
daughter, Miss Carrie Warfleld.
CoL and Mrs. Lewis Smith have formally
announced the marriage of their niece. Miss
Frances Margaret Fuller, to Mr. Ennalls
Waggaman of this city. The ceremony took
nlnrn Ontrthpr fi It* WaIv TrinJtv Phiirrh
PhlTadelphlaT ' '
Mrs. Llllle W. Rochester of Baltimore has
announced the engagement of her daughter,
Sidney Winder Rochester, to Mr. Clay Vernon
Davis of this city. Through her mother
Miss Rochester Is related to the Goldsborough
and Winder families of the eastern
shore of Maryland. Mr. Davis is the son
of Rev. George Allen Davis of Parkersburg,
W. Va., a minister in the United Brethren
The Misses Riggs, who have been abroad
several months, are now in Philadelphia.
Ur r.n,1 11 r* PViotfioM .Tovlftr nn>
*?*? UIIO. IX. V, viiamviu - 1 u; tv> ?n VJ
now at Hot Springs, where Mrs. Reginald
de Koven has been for some weeks. The
latter gave a small tea for her sister yesterday.
The residence of Miss Eliiabeth McCauley
was the scene of a merry gathering
Monday evening, the occasion being the
eighteenth birthday of the hostess. The
evening was pleasantly spent In games and
other amusing features. At 10 o'clock the
guests repaired to the supper room, where
a repast was served. The dining room was
tastefully decorated with bouquets of flowers.
The hostess was the recipient of many
handsome presents. Among those present
were Miss Lydla Williams of California,
Misses McDermott of Hyattsville, Md.;
Miss Annie Fitzgerald of Del Ray. Va.;
Miss Agnes Dowling, Miss Matilda Haney.
Miss Jean Crawford. Miss Minnie Pugh,
Miss Flora Coleman," Miss Katharine Corbett,
Miss Mary McCauley. Mr. John Connell,
Mr. John Crown, Mr. John T. Buckley,
Mr. Daniel F. Hall. Mr. William M.
Hall, Mr. John Fogarty. Mr. John McRea
Parker, Mr. George C. "Dutcher, Mr. Robert
Zaekary, Mr. Robert Featherstone, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Lewis of Kensington. Mr. and
Mrs. G. A. Fox of Mt. Ranier and Mr. and
Mrs. Charles McCauley.
Mrs. L. E. Gladmon announces the engagement
of her daughter Eva M. to Mr.
Charles E. Sebastian, the wedding to occur
early In November.
Washington Marriage in Nearby Su
burb Today.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
KENSINGTON. Md.. October 23?Miss
Prances Irene, daughter of Col. and Mrs.
J. D. Sumner of Kensington, Md., and Mr.
Charles Henry Davidson of Washington
were married today at noon at the home of
the bride's parents in Kensington, only the
immediate families and a few intimate
friends being Dresent.
The parlor and adjoining rooms were
daintily decorated with palms, ferns and
pink roses. The bride entered the parlor
with her father, who gave her in marriage,
and was met at the altar by the groom
and Dr. Henry Rumer of the Warner Memorial
Church, who officiated. She was attended
only by the flower girl, little Miss
Margaret Mann, and the ring bearer, Master
Wlhnott Mann, niece and nephew of the
The bride wore a beautiful gown of white
batiste over taffeta, elaborately trimmed
with lace, a tulle veil, and carried a bouquet
of white roses. Her only ornament
was a pearl brooch, the gift of the groom.
Mrs. Davidson, who was born and spent her
girlhood in Kalamazoo, Mich., Is a very attractive
young woman and prominent in social
and church circles In Kensington. Mr.
Davidson Is a native of Washington, D. C.,
where he is well known In business circles.
After the congratulations a luncheon was
served In the dining room, which was In
charge of Miss Annie E. Graffln of Washington,
D. C., and Miss Pitts of Kensington,
Md., assisted by the Misses Alice Terrell
and Clare Walsh. The many rare and beautiful
gifts that the couple have received attest
the high esteem in which they are held
by their friends. An interesting feature of
the wedding Is the fact that it was the fortieth
anniversary of the marriage of the
bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson left at 2:45 p.m.
for a trip to New York city and Philadelphia.
They will be at home in Kensington, j
Md.. after November 15. The bride's traveling
dress was of green broadcloth, with hat
to match.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued to the
Daniel Rahily, jr., and Pauline H. Goodwin,
both of Petersburg, Va.
David A. J. Fanning of RIverdale, Md.,
md Nora E. Tabin of this city.
John R. Gilliam, Jr., and Edith G. M.
Frank H. McKevltt and Hortense R.
Ifo noino>
Craft Henson and Ella HaJI.
James V. Bergin and Mamie L. MeCalalan.
Henry C. Ward of Pittsburg, Pa., and
Frances Zimmer of this city.
James R. Caster and Delsie M. Curtis.
Edward Jone? and Mary Gavin.
William Ward and Hornzell Stewart.
Ernest Winters and Agnes V. Brown.
Leon DeS. Forrest and Mary A. Stann.
George Coleman and Grade Baker.
Thomas Lee and May Rhodes.
Charles R. Claiborne and Mary Shinn,
x>th of Lynchburg, Va.
George W. Curtin and Pearl E. Eckloflf.
Streaton L. Newmyer of Latrobe, Pa., and
tfinerva L. Kaufman of York, Pa.
Deaths in the District.
Deaths,were reported to the health office
n the past twenty-four hours as follows:
Vickers Fell, 80 years, George Washingon
University Hospital.
James Cosgrove, 80 years, Government
Hospital for Insane.
Sarah X. Wright, 77 years, 124 East Capl;ol
Barnabas Barton, 72 years, Government
Hospital for Insane.
Anna Throop, <58 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Sarah A. Watts, 63 years. Government
Hospital for Insane.
George W. Cole, 62 years, Freedmen's
Harry Smith, 60 years, Freedmen's Hos>ltal.
Jeremiah Lee, 53 years, 4 Columbia ter ace
Fleet Davis, 40 years, Freedmen's Hosjital.
William Harrington, 33 years, Garfield
William M. Miles, 27 years. Emergency
Hospital. ?
Carrie L. McGee, 25 years, 120 2d street
William J. McGee, jr., 13 years, 630 C
street northeast.
Frances Howard, 19 months, Brookville
oad, Tennallytown.
George Bond. 6 months, 37 Defrees
itreet northwest.
Christian Smith, 2 months. Bowen avenue,
Hillsdale,x D. C.
In Memory of Mrs. Davis.
A memorial service commemorating the
leath of the late Mrs. Jefferson Davis will
)e held in Confederate Veterans' Hall, 1410
i street northwest, on Sunday. October 1!8,
it 3:30 p.m., under the auspices of tne
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Disrlct
of Columbia Division, Confederate Vetran
Association of Hyattsvllle, and AlexLndrja
Camps and Sons of Confederate Vet;rans,
have been invited.
Transferable Embroidery Designs.
The Star prints today a small reproduo
lon of an embroidery pattern, and on receipt
of 10 cents the large design for em>roidery
will be sent to any address. Full
lirections are given for transferring the
>attern, as well the latest Ideas in doing
he embroidery. The first of these patterns,
phlch met with great success, appeared last
reek in The Star, and transfer copies of it
nill1 V.? ja rr?i J t : 11 ? _
aim uc acL-urcu. ?nene ueBigim win ttji>ear
each Tuesday In The Star.
Hotel Arrivals.
Arlington?G. R. Ridgeway, Philadelphia;
P. P. Rawson and Mri. Rawson. Nekton,
Ifass.; Mrs. Purtngton. New York; Mrs. P.
J. Hoffman, New York.
Raleigh?Herbert New York;
Edw. Adcock. Boston: W. D. iNugent. Philadelphia;
W. O. Coleman. Chicago; A. P.
Warner, Belolt. Wis
Shoreham?P. W. French, Now York; H. S.
Graham, New York; W. K. Hlokey, New
York; W. J. Wilson. New York; G. C. Boniface,
Jr., New York.
EbHltt?Charles P. Powers, Boston: G.
B SUberman, Kansas City, Mo.; J. U. Sanford,
U. S. A.. W. M. Van Horn IT S A..
and Mrs. Van Horn; A. K. Morrison. Bristol,
New Willard?C. O. Maim, Chicago; Geo.
D. Miller and Mrs. Miller, Rochester. N. Y.;
J. D. Moffatt, Washington. Pa.: A. M Harper.
Pittsburg, Pa.; J. II. Martin, Columbus.
For the Chilean Sufferers.
The National Ked Cross has remitted,
through Minister Hlrks at Santiago, the
Lunutrr ?um ?.i ti.isv lor the relief of the
Valparaiso earthquake sufferers, making a
total to date of $7,000.
BENDER. Departed thin life, Sunday. October 21,
11**1, ?t 3:12 a.m.. THOMAS, beloved husband
of Sarah I). Bender.
Funeral Thursday. October 25. at 2 p.m., from Second
Baptist Church.
BRADY. Suddenly, on Monday. October 22. 1906,
JOHN*, beloved husband of Anna M. Brady.
Funeral Thursday, Octotier 25. at K o'clock a.m.,
from his late residence, rttf I street northeast;
thence to St. Alovslu* Church, where requiem
Dmh wlil be said for the rep* we of his soul.
Friends and relatives Invited to attend (Baltimore
and Richmond papers please copy.) 2
Bt'RLEY. On October 2?>. 1906. lit the Washington
Asylum Hospital. MARY Bl*RIJ!Y. colarpd.
Body at the city morpic. If not called for by
3 o'clock p.m. October 24. 19irtl. tu.-ta remain*
wHl l>e disposed of in accordance with law.
BURTON. Entered Into rest on Saturday. '>cl?>bcr
20. 11>W. WILLIAM RI RTON. devoted father
of Edward and Lillian I\ Burton, at residence
of Mai. F. M. Welch. 91."? 4th street northwest.
Funeral from Second Baptist I'hurch. -''I street
between II and I streets northwest. W? .;i?*sday.
October 24. at 12 o'clock. Relatives and iriends
invited. Interment at Arlington. 2
BUTLER. On Sunday^ October >1. 190fl. at 627 O
pi reel sou m west, j(in.\ mtlkii, agea sixtyfive
High mans at St. Dominie's Church We Inesday,
(October 24, at 9 a.m. I'lienda and relatives invited.
COLE. Departed this life Sunday, October 21.
llM>tf, at the residence of his daughter S14 3?1
street northwest, Rev. GEO. W. l\)l.K, the
beloved husband of the late Anna IV Cole, tha
father of William, Ma. Alonzo, John, Anna,
Harry, Ira, Sadie and Richard Cole.
"Asleep in Jesus."
Funeral will take place from the Nineteenth street
Rapt 1st Church at 3 o'clock, Wednesday, October
GANGEWER. On October 23. lOOfl. at 5 a m.,
ANN M.. widow of the late Allan M. Gaugewcr,
in the eighty-sixth year of her age.
Funeral from her late residence. No. 201K K street
northwest, on Thursday, October 23, at p.m.
Friends invited. 2
IIOLCOMBE. Entered into rest on Monday. October
22, llXrfi, at 8:4.' a.m.. CHARLES It. HOLCOMBE,
beloved husband of M. E. liolombe
and father of Flaxie Holconibe.
Funeral from iwldenct, 1810 <J street DOrlhfilt,
Wednesday, October 24, at 2 p.m. Frie;ida are
invited to attend. 2
IAR DELL A. On Monday. October 22, 1006, at
11:40 p.m.. WILLIAM IA RDKLLA. at the
residence of his aunt, Annie M. Crimmln# (nee
Funeral from 1003 C street southeast. Thursday,
October 25, at S:3<> a.m., thence to St. l>ter'?
Church, where requiem mass will ie said at VI
o'clock. Relatives and friends invited to attend.
LEWIS. On Tuesday, Octnt?er 23. lOrtfl. at 6 a m.f
EVELYN STl'ART LEWIS, only child of E. T.
and Anna Ix>we Lewis, aged three years and
three months.
Funeral, private, Thursday, October 25, at 2 p.m.,
from parents' residence, 13<>4 Glrard street. 2
MACK ESS Y. On Monday, October 22. 11>06, at
11:50 p.m., CATHERINE It. MACK EASY, wife
of Jeremiah Mackegsy and daughter of the
late Peter and Isabella Fegan.
Funeral from her late residence. No. Massachusetts
avenue northwest. Friday mornlne. Octo
l*?r 2ft. Requiem hlffh mass at J* o'clock at St.
Aloysius Ohorch. Interment at Mt. Olivet cemetery.
Relatives and friends Invited to attend. 3
MOORE. On Monday. October 22, 190ft, at 3:20
a.m., at her mother's residence, 1.152 C street
southwest, ADDIE STAIIL, beloved daughter of
Henrietta H. and the late John W. Stahl.
Funeral Wednesday, October 24. at 2:80 p.m. from
Rylnnd M. E. Church, corner loth and D streets
southwest. 2
RODDY. On Monday, October 22. 1906. at <5:43
a.m.. MARY C. RODDY (nee <Yahan), tieloved
wife of B. J. R"?l?ly.
Funeral will take place from her late residence, 1913
4th street northwest, on Wednesday moraine.
October 24. at 9 o'clock, thcnce to St. Martin s
Church, where requiem USSS will l?e Slid BoC
repose of her soul. Relatives and friends invited
to attend. 2
SPOHX. On Mondav, October 22, 190C, at 9 o'clock
Funeral services will be held at Typographical
Temple at 2 p.m. Wednesday, <October 24.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested
to attend.
STICKXEY. On Tuesday. October 23, lHOft, at
2:45 a.m., at his residence, 007 M street
the seventy-seventli year or his age.
Notice of the funeral will be given later.
WATTS. On Monday, October 22. IftOf,, at 7
o'clock a.m., SARAH A., the beloved wife of
John W. Watt#.
j Funeral from her late residence. 236 13th street
southwost, on Wednesday, October 24. at 2
o'clock p.m. Interment at Congressional cemetery.
Relatives and friends Invited to attend.
In Memoriam.
ELLIOTT. In loving and sad remembrance of our
- dear son. JULIUS W. ELLIOTT, who died eight
years ago today.
GARDNER. In sad but loving remembrance of mr
dearly beloved wife and our mother, MARY M,
GARDNER, who departed this life one year ago
today. October 23, 1905.
Home is fad, O God, how dreary;
Lonesome, lonesome, every spot.
We listen for her voice till weary.
Weary, for we hear it not.
GIBSON. In sad but loving remembrance of our
dear mother, JOSEPHINE GIBSON, who died
one year ago to^ay, October 23, 1906.
Dear roomer. you nave xen us
Here alone to roam.
But no one knows the sorrow
Concealed within onr hearts.
1011 7tu et. II.w. Telephone Main 1090.
1520 N. Cap. st. Thone North 3281
Adolph J. Schippert,
o T~>_ A ~ XT "\17 Chanel for Funeral?.
zooo ra. a?c. in. . n>st 151.
AMg'instiuis Bmrgdlorff Co.,
2009 7th st. n.w. 'Phone. North 3608.
Everything flrst-clasi. Terms reasonable.
1325 14TU ST. N.W. Telephone North 379.
J. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Director
and Emhalmer. Livery in connection. Oommodloii
cliapel and modern crematorium. Modest prices.
832 Pennsylvania are. n.w. Telephone call 1353.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
3034 M St. N.W. *'*f'l'i'one?Weit'
Frey Bros.,
Strictly flrat-clasa. Chapel for funerals.
1830 Hth st. n.w. "PUune North 558.
Undertaker and Emhalmer.
Ererythlnf necessary (or fanrrala.
1241 32d St. n.w. Telephone West 804.
nmni:v p rrr nnDirr "
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Foneral Parlors, SOI East Capitol St.
Telephone East 372.
'Phone M. 537.
Modern Chapel. Telephone call. North 529.
Undertaker <& EmibaSmer.
Everything strictly first-clasa and on the moil
reasonable terms.
'Pbones Main ) 4280.
THOMAS heany,
Marble and Grange Monuments.
aalT-Ott Uiu are.
Madert's Monuments
Are ripht: the prices ?re riirht. TUere'a a rra
a<m?I ?ell direct frc.11 quarrlei. 'Phone X.
3.104 Y. liuine office. H42 P n.w. ocU-OOt-5
Cemetery Work of Every Description.
lltb and New York ave. u.w.

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