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|Toilet Q.oods Snra;
Genuine Cosmos Buttermilk Soap, ci
? Woodworth's Nina Violet Talcum Po
** Fragrant Florida Water. V&-plnt bo
T Prepared Chalk and Orris Root, tht
T the teeth because absolutely nure:
I Medicinal Atomizers, with hard rub
bulb: ,'ft>c. value....
Orangewood Manicure Sticks, hoof
each, at fi for
"M II. L." Nail Knamel. in rake for
K.io- Chamois, soft bleached kind; ri
Safety Benzine, for all cleaulng kuri
explode, and is far superior to thi
removing sunns ana removing spo
X rlcs; per bottle
^ Williams' Shaving Sticks, traveler
X boxes
$ Pir.aud's Brllliantlne, all odors; regi
Hand Sapollo, the regular It*-. size.
? Swansdown Powder Puffs, with sat
porcelain tips; worth 13c. and ti*c. <
FREE TOMORROW?Generous si a
<4* Rett & Ramsdell's "Perfect" Cold (
J chas<? made at the Toilet Goods torr
i9C. \vlde C0tt
Special for Thursday onl
yard-wide Bleached Cotton, fi
from dressing or starch. Exi
women's and children's under
value for 5c.
^ French Satine Waists,
? Regular $2.00 O&r'
^ value VOC.
Special lot of Women's French
> Satine Waists, In two handsomely
embroidered styles. - Open down
* the front or down the back. Einf
bro:dered panel front and tucked
^ back. Large sleeves and deep
cuffs. Sizes up to 40. Regular
J2.0t> value. Tomo-row for !?Sc.
r _
y, \\ omen s Gloves,
^ Women's Black Jersey Fleecef
lined Gloves. In ail sizes. iSxcel*}
lent gloves for shopping and gen"
eral wear. Regular price. 19c. a
pair; ." 12V4c. a pair.
Women's Collars,
^ Regularly ioc. each...
? Soeolal lot of Women's Embrold
_ pry Turn-over Col'ars, In scores
* of new and dainty patterns, tomorrow
at half usual price; 10c.
values for 5c.
Chiffon Ruch;
^:^,arb;. 1254c.
* The new and fashionable Trlple^
Chiffon Ruchlng. wtth comblna*
tlon lace edge. Regular price. 23c.
1 a yard. Tomorrow for 12%c.
Men's Half Hose,
; ?rbriy..,2^;.8^c.
^ 101) dozen pairs of Men's Black
h and Tan Fancy Silk-embroidered
* Jlalf Hose, with seamless foot,
^ double heel and toe. A!1 sizes.
m Regular 12^fcc. value. Tomorrow
at 8%c. a pair.
^ Men's Bath Robes,
5 ?i;"arly $3.so
* Men's Wool Eiderdown Bath
Robes, in several neat patterns.
^ Good heavy we'ght, extra well
? made and finished. Values worth
? $.'?.!>* and $4.50. Tomorrow at
^ Italian Cloth.
T"? 1 I r\ _ -m m
; ?aeS:,a"y.,oc-J2^c.
y. Double - width Italian Cloth,
^ heavy mercerized grade, in war^
ranted fast black. Regular 18c.
^ value. Tomorrow for 12%c. a yard.
^ Grand Duchesse Lining,
Regularly 29c. 21c.
^ \ ct I W
Gilbert's well-kr.own "Grand
? Duchesse" Lining, which has the
? appearance of satin. One yard
* wide. Warranted perspiration
proof; in fast black and 36 shades,
y for fall and winter. Regular price,
* 29c. a yard; tomorrow for 21c. a
"J yard.
Stationery Specials.
4R-page Composition Books, lc.
each Dennfson's Decorated
? v rt-'pt* riip?r iiav?R u?, 111 w aiir?c
^ tive designs, worth 5c. a dozen,
1 for 2Vic. a dozen Tuxedo Wrlting
Paper. In 1-lb. packages, for
? J'.tc?Envelopes to match, 3 packages
for 25c "ic. Carter's Wrlt^
lng Inks. 2 for Tic Plain Visiting
* Cards. 5c. pack 5c. Steel Pen
^ Points, 2Hc. a dozen Plain
* White Envelopes, .t^c. package
^ Of 25.
H \\ omen's Raincoats,
5 1uT,ar $'2:00. S^.98
^ Vl'/iman' o PrQi-onaf Do inn/wita
m ?? "men a * mi * lltlit ivaiiii.v/aui,
m tight-fitting back, trimmed with
_ stitched straps of self material.
* Inlaid collar of self cloth. Plain
^ coat sleeves. finished with turn?
hack ciifTs. Dark shade of tan.
All sizes at tomorrow. In^
stead of $12.00,
^ Covert Tackets, <n>Q
. * Worth $6 to $8..<*>*> vc>
* Women's Stylish Tan Covert
Cloth Jacket*, in Jaunty 25-lnch
KJ hip length. Tailored in thoro
fashion, and trimmed with straps.
? i,-ii"U wnn satin. values wortn
$6.00 to $8.00, tomorrow for $3.'J8.
? Mohair Waists, ?fl fjQ
^ Regular $3 value. 11 yo
H Mohair Shirtwaists, made of
? lustrous silk finish dotted mohair.
full blouse of tailored pleats and
^ clusters of tucks. Neatly tucked
* down the back. Tailor-made
? sleeves. In fashionable shades
* of light tan, light blue, pink.
^ cream and black. Regular $3.00
^ value, tomorrow for $1.!*J.
H Taffeta Silk
I $s ?a!u?. R.ep!!ar53.48
% Fine Quality Chiffon Taffeta
H 811k Waists. the entire yoke and
_ blouse richly embroidered and
* combined with fine tucks. AnX
other model is embroidered on
% yoke and panel, combined with
" Insertions of lace. Both long and
* elbow length sleeves. Sizes up to
^ 44. Regular value for $3.48.
^ Plaid Shirtwaists,
H Regular $1.50 Q&r
* value yOV'
^ Special lot of Fashionable Plaid
Shirtwaists. in an excellent vast
rlety of the moat approved com*
blnatlons. Tucked and tailored
% effects, showing plaids of green
? and blue, brown, red and green.
^ All sizes. Regular fl.50 value,
^ tomorrow for 88c.
^ Infants'Wearables,
^ Worth up to 39c....
^ Choice of Little Children'^
H Wearables, Including Knit Toque*
U'tllfu onr] C" . ~ ? T
"? ?- auvi wiuicu oauqucs, uvg"
gins. Flannelette Sacquea. Dreasea
and Skirts. Regular 8J?c. values
^ tor 26c. tomorrow.
r ar ?r ?r ?r ?r ^ grr?r atar r ar ar K*
ally Priced.:; I To
wder 6c * T A
tile* ?c *' t \
best preparation for ? T Lm
2-ounce box for 3c J * T ^ ?
ber Itttlngs. and large J ^
?lc i A
shaped; regularly 3c. X A feu
."....5c a
m; regular '25c. size, l<!c ^ ?i?
egularly 10t\. for 5c <S> J
xises; will not burn or T Extrs
5 ordinary benrlne for ^ JF en's B
its from delicate fab- T three-q
, , j,00 ??? ? breaste
a ?i?p in onfl m<'l ??n 3! js. .
.:. i z oacKjlar
39c. size 27c X A Colla
for flc X # narrow
In tops and bone or i4 f with i
^aeh 8c ??> V . . , . '
e trial samples of Dag- <$> <?> , ?
>eam with every pur- ?S either
lorrow. ^ J| Regu
-A A ?. A A A. A A A A A AAA J?.'
;omi, Sc. ! Ij=
y?a 400 yards of jf
ne close weave, free ?
:ellent quality for J;
wear. Regular 9c. %
*. M
Percale Dresses,
Little Children's House Dresses,
of good quality fast color percale.
In pink and blue figures.
Sizes 0 months to 3 years. Excellent
garments for house wear.
Tomorrow at 12V?c. each.
Children's Coats,
$2'75 $1-^8
Children's Heavy Quality Cloth
and Astrachan Boticle Coats. In
red, hlue. green and brown. Neatly
trimmed. Sizes 2 to (1 years.
Regular $2.75 value, tomorrow at
Women's Garments,
Kegular 98c. A <Q)r
Choice of Women's Warm Winter
Wearables, including Knit
Fascinators. Shawls and Trolley
Capes, in black, white, blue, red
and Dink. Extra large sizes, sold
usually at !)8c. Tomorrow for
40o. each.
' i_nnciren s Sweaters,
?S,ar75.c: 49c.
Children's All-wool Sweaters,
open-down-the-front style. Sizes
to fit little tots from ft months
to 4 years. Choice of white, red
and bine. Regular 75c. value; tomorrow
at 4?c.
Long Kid Gloves,
Unusual value at.**^
Women's 16-button length Kid
Suede Gloves. In black and white;
every size. Because we, Imported
these gloves at the old prices we
nan Mm ? ? ~l
von vuci iitciii rti fw. i > a (/an ,
which Is very much less than
asked elsewhere for this superior
grade glove.
Men's Underwear, "SQ^
Regular 50c. value.. *
Men's Heavyweight Fleecelined
Underwear; Jaeger color,
with soft warm fleecing. Finished
with flat tailor-made seams. Garments
with peari buttons and
double-ribbed cuffs. Tomorrow at
instead of .Vic.
"Famous" Shirts, 'JOf
Regularly 50c
Very few men are unacquainted
with the excellent qualities of the
"Famous" brand ITnlaundered
Dress Shirts. Made with pure
linen bosom and double reinforced
back and front. Cushion neckband.
A size to fit every man
perfectly. (14 to IS). Sold for 50o.
everywhere; tomorrow at 3i)c.
Men's Gloves, tl
Regularly $1.25 pair.. *
Among Men's Gloves "Adler's
make" is best known. Tomorrow
we offer the genuine Adler's
Gloves, cut from selected cape
leather. In correct out-seam style
and finished with self stitching.
uvery size at SI a pair.
Boys' School Suits,
??f.upto $1.69
Special lot of Boys' Fancy
School Suits, in Eton. Norfolk.
Sudor and Russian belted styles.
Sizes to 8 years. In a variety
of fancy mixtures. Values worth
up to $3.iW for $1.09 tomorrow.
Children's Toques, II
Worth up to 50c...
Boys' and Children's All-wool
Toboggan Toques. otherwise
known as "Stocking Caps." in all
colors. Extra heavyweight for
winter wear. Values worth up to
50c. for 15c. each tomorrow
(Boys' Clothing Department.)
Boys' Winter
Suits, Worth up Of*
to $4.50 tPX.OV
Boy?* Heavy Winter weight
School Suits, sizes 7 to IS years.
Fashioned with utmost care of
Fancy Cheviots and Casslmeres.
Double-breasted coats and straight
Knee parua. vaiues worm up to
$4.50 for $2.89.
Boys'Dress Suits, ffcQ
Worth $5 and
Boys' Pine Quality Dress Suits
of Fancy Worsteds. Cheviots.
Tweeds and Casslmeres. Size* T
to 17 years. Coat made in doublebreasted
style, pants in straightknee
style. Regular $5.00 and
10.00 values for $3.98 tomorrow.
Muslin Wear, 1 A f
Worth 25c. each *
Special lot of Women's Muslin
Drawars. made with deep cambrlo
ruffles, hem and tucks; also Low
and V-shaped Corset Covers, trimmed
with embroidery and ruffles.
All sixes. Tomorrow at 14c. each.
Muslin Petticoats, |
Worth 20c. each...
Women's Good Quality Muslla
Petticoats, trimmed with ruffles
and lace, finished with tape
bands. Regular 2ttc. value, tomorrow
for 19c.
Silk Jumpers. ?'> <f*Q
Regular $5 value
These Black Taffeta Silk Jumpers
are the newest fad for fall wear.
They are worn over white shirtwaists
and give a very smart and
dressy appearance to the costume.
They are cut out V-shap^ to the
top of bust line. Tucked entirely
Into the fullness of bust, trimmed
at top with fagoting and edged
with lace. Short cap sleeves,
edged with lace and trimmed with
fagoting. Back 1* trimmed at
the top to correspond with the
front. Button - down - the - back
style. A.U sizes up to 44.
araFarrarar r aPriPaftfaf/rf
unst Coats i |"
t $3.98. .
tual $10 Value. | :l||
m < ^
jordinary offering of Worn- 2 , ^
rown Mixed Tourist Coats: ? O ?
uarter length, double- T 4. *
id style with loose-fitting i
r and cuffs inlaid with Y T
soutache braid: buttoned 2 A
iplfjmatprinl hiiltrtns' fin- ? w
rith large patch pockets on ' J J |
side. < > ?
lar S10 value at S3.98. ^1 4 *
<jM|i <M?4
Flannelette Kimonos,
Regular 39c. 2^C
50 dozen Women's Short Kimonos,
of good quality fleece-back
Flannelette, finished with scalloped
edge and wide kimono
sleeves. Neat stripes. Ail sizes.
Tomorrow at 2jc. instead of 3?c.
Dressing- Sacques,
Regular $1.00 value.
Women's All-Wool Eiderdown
Dressing- Sacques, tight back, finished
with crochet edge. Colors
are red. gray, pink and blue. All
siaes at 79c. tomorrow instead
of *1.00.
Women's Aprons,
Rpcriilar mr 11 "TlIT / ?
lot of Check Gingham
and White Lawn Aprons, made
extra long and wide, finished
with wide tie strings. Pocket
on the side. Regular 19c. value,
tomorrow for 12V4c. each.
T^ace Curtains. dCT> /Lifti
Values up to $4
Special lot of Nottingham Lace
Curtains, 3V4 yards long. 54 to t*>
Inches wide A wide range of new
and carefully selected patterns. Including
dainty plain centers and
all-over heavily worked or small
flgured designs. Values worth
up to $4.<10 a pair. Tomorrow at
$2.69 a pair.
Feather Pillows, 3'Q'C
Keguiariy 09c. eacn. ~
Large size (18*^6 inches) Feather
Pillows, for double beds, filled
with crushed turkey feathers,
guaranteed odorless and sanitary
and covered with genuine featherproof
ticking. Regular price, 60c.
each. Tomorrow for 39c.
All-wool Blankets,
Worth up to $7$3o<p8
r>t All-Wnol RIankfttS. class
ed as Imperfert, because of some
slight fault that does not hurt
their serviceability in the least.
Full 11-quarter size for double
beds. Pure white, with dainty colored
borders. Tomorrow at $3.U3
a pair Instead of $7.00.
Bed Comforts, ?Rf
Worth $1.50 each..
Large size Comforts for double
beds, scroll stitched quilted on *
white cotton, and covered with
Hoot mialltv sn'lknlln#* R.f?ertilar
*1 .30 value, tomorrow for 98c.
Mercerized Tapestrv,
faer^larl>'$I a '69c.
50-lnches-wlde Heavy Quality
Silk Mercerized Tapestry, in the
new plain colors. Regular price,
J 1.00 a yard. Tomorrow for 60c.
a yard.
Bagdad Couch Covers,
R^ularly $3.?? Jf.Qg
toLII ? *
Special lot of new Bagdad Couch
Covers, 50 inches wide and three
yarda long. Reversible quality?
both sides alike. Tomorrow at
$1.98 instead of three dollars.
Best Silkolines,
Pomtlorlv T1 l/if <=7T> / _
yard '
Yard-wide Silkollne, tn a wide
range of the newest and most
attractive designs and colorings.
This is an extra heavy hlgh-lustered
quality, sold regularly at
12^c. a yard. Tomorrow for 7%c.
a yard.
Framed Pictures,
Regularly 50c. and
Special group of Framed Pictures,
showing a great variety of
new and artistic subjects. Gold
gilt and wood frames. Worth
50c. and 75c. each. Tomorrow
at 39c. each.
Upholstery Sundries.
Sc. Brass Extension Rods. 2c.
each?10c. Carpet Lining, Sc.?6c.
Carpet Lining, 2%c.? Sc. Carpet
Tacks, 2 for Sc.?10c. Stair Pads,
Bc-^-S-ft. Curtain Poles, with ali
o? Dino
UXlUrVOi OU. vuimiu
lc. dozen.
Boys' Knee Pants,
Worth 50c. and
75c. pair
Lot of about SO dozen pairs of
Boys' Corduroy Knee Pants, sizes
4 to 14 years, also Fancy Caaslmere
Knee Pants. In straight and
Knickerbocker style, sixes 8 to 15
yaars. Oood serviceable grades
sold regularly at 50c. and 75c. a
pair, for 29c. tomorrow.
Tailored Suits,
Worth $25 and J j 3#7g
A rack containing a lot of
Women's fine Quality Tailored
Salts; representing this season's
most approved styles and materials.
Included are suits of plain
broadcloths. Imported check
broadcloths, large plaids, stylish
mixtures and checks. In charming
blouse models, neatly trim
mea, long ugni-mung euwisi
plain tailored models and hiplength
effects. Co'ors are gray,
navy blue, wine color and black.
Regular $25.00 and 130.00 values
tor *18.75.
All-wool Golf Vests,
Regular 98c. value..
Special lot of Women's AllWool
Oc!f Vests, made in double*
breasted style. All sixes. In red.
white, gray and black. Regular
96c. value for 5Pc. tomorrow.
fir ??r.tf **??*> it
(w/iu V 11?41 ^ 11 11 11 nil N 1L.
Store Closes at 6 P. M
' Women's Handkerchiefs,
300 dozen Women's AU-llnen
Handkerchiefs, trimmed with
Mechlin, Val. and Italian laces.
Scores of new and dainty styles
to choose from. Every thread a'l
pure linen. Regular 25c. quality
for 12h?c. each.
W n m o n ' c Wtn/IL'<irpKi^fc
?? V7 111 V il %J llUIIUIWi VlilVIOf
Worth 8c. and ioc.
As many as fifty patterns to select
from. In the lot are women's
lace edge, embroidered, scalloped
and tucked Handkerchiefs, also
plain hemstitched linen. Values
sold regularly at Sc. and 10c. each.
Tomorrow for 5c.
Hat Trimmings, ^?(T
Regular 75c. value..
Fine Quality Roses, of silk and
velvet and muslin and velvet, in
all the most approved colors and
shadinsrs. The laree kind which
are so very popular this season.
Regular 75c. value tomorrow at
Ostrich Plumes, (ThS
Regularly $4.00.
Special lot of Fine Quality Black
Ostrich Plumes, extra superior
sort, with wide, lustrous libera
and large heads. Full length; in
black and various desirable colors.
Actually worth $4-00, tomorrow
for >2.93.
Smyrna Rugs, ? fl
Worth $3, ** " v "
Size SOxiJO-Inch "Princes" and
26x:">2-tnch "Duchesse" brand Allwool
Smyrna Rugs; In a variety
of rich colorings and deslgn9.
Strictly reversible?when one side
begins to show signs of wearing
out you can turn over and use
the other. Regular ,3.00 value for
Jap. Mattings, II QWorth
30c. a yd....
Genuine 180-Warp Japanese
Mattings, in a variety of patterns.
including carpet effects and damask
designs. Choice of red,
green and blue colors. This is the
sp'endid hand palmed quality
which gives such long service. Tomorrow
at 19c. a yard instead of
30c. 40-yard rolls for $7.00 instead
of $12.00.
Tapestry Portieres,
^?rrth$6:00 $3.98
Handsome Silk Mercerized Tapestry
Portieres, finished with Oriental,
Gobelin Tapestry Borders.
50 Inches wide and' three yards
long. Regular W.00 value, tomorrow
for $3.08 a pair.
Popular Music, TJ
Regular price, 15c..
"Won't You Come Over to My
House?" sung with great success
by Frederick Bowers. Regular
price ltlc. a copy. Tomorrow at
10c. a copy.
Torchon Laces, tl ? / f,
Regularly 5c. yd...
Special lot of Heavy Quality
German Torchon Laces, in desirable
widths and patterns for
trimmings. Regular value, 5c. a
yard. Tomorrow at lVfcc. a yard.
Silk Veilings, ij Ar
Regularly 25c. yd... a
Silk Veilings, in black and leading
colors, showing all tne fashionable
meshes. Tomorrow at 10c.
a yara instead or zac.
Black Silk Laces,
Regularly $1.25 yd..
New styles in Black Chantllly
Laces, 45 Inches wide, extensivelyused
for waists and entire suits.
Regular $1.25 quality tomorrow
for 8S)c. a yard.
Point de Paris Laces,
Retrularlv ioc. a it / _
New lot of Point de Paris Laces,
edges and insertions in the assortment.
Variety'Of pretty patterns.
including floral and conventional
effects. Regular 10c.
value at 4Hc. a yard.
Women's Neckwear,
Special lot of Swiss Embroidery
Collar and Cuff Sets, in a va
riety of new raised and openwork
patterns. These seta give
a pretty effect to any costume.
Regular 25c. value at 12yfcc. a set.
Taffeta Ribbons,
Atl-SUk Taffeta Ribbons, the
non-crushable soft tlnlsh kind.
Full 3 inches wide. In black,
white and leading colors. Regular
vain a tomorrow af RUa.
a yard.
Plaid Ribbons, g Regularly
39c. yd...
Great ia the vogue (or Plaid
Ribbons. Special lot of Newest
Scotch Plaid and Roman Strip*
Ribbons, full 4 inches wide, the
proper styles for belts and hairbows.
Complete range of popular
combinations. Regular 39c. value,
.tomorrow at 23c. a yard.
Tourist Coats,
SES* $13.75
Women's and Misses' Tourist
Coats, made of imported mixture?,
in fashionable plaids and
stripe effects. 52 inches Ions,
with collar and turn-bac* cuffs.
Inlaid with combination collar of
broadcloth. Handsomely tailored
and finished. Choice of light-colored
plaids, broken checks and
mannish effects. All sixes. Regular
$18.00 value for $13.70.
r it r.rrir *r rr?r r ?r jr rir ?r
il?fe mm ostium
Saturday Excepted.
Walking Skirts, |
$7-?orth .u"..t" S3.S0
Women'! Stylish Walking Skirts,
consisting of Mohairs, Panamas
and Cheviots, in all the newest
kilted effects and pleated styles,
navy blue and black. Regular
$5.00 to $7.50 values, tomorrow at
Bleached Sheets. "3t?(r?
Regular 50c. value. ^
200 dozen Manhattan Bleached
Sheets, size 72x1)0. for three-quarter
beds. Made of heavy cotton,
free from dressing. Regular 50c.
value for one day at 39c.
12-4 Bed Spreads. SOf*
Regular $1.25 kind.
12 - quarter White Crochet
Spreads, full s'ze for double
beds. In attractive Marseilles patterns.
Pearl hemmed, ready to
use For one day at 8Uc? instead
of $1.25.
Best Dress Ginghams.
A new tot of the Genuine Bates'
Seersucker Dress Ginghams; In
blue, tan, gray, oxblood and
black-and-white checks, stripes
and broken p'atds. Specially desirable
for children's dresses. ' A
staple 12V4c. value lowered for one
day to 0%c. a yard.
Table Oilcloth.
^ 1414c.
yaru - / ^ ~
5.00f> yards of 5-quarter Table
Oilcloth, in glossy white. This Is
the best quality manufactured
and always retails at 21c. a yard.
Lowered for Thursday to 14Vfec.
a yard.
Outing Flannel.
Extra fine quality heavy fleecedback
Outing: Flannel; in newest
styles, including white, light blue
and pink grounds with popular
Roman stripe3, Ombre stripes.
dashes and novelty stripes of all
sorts. Always sold for 12<4c. a
yard. Tomorrow at 9\c. a yard.
Colored Taffetas. . 35Q<C
Regular 59c. value.
The balance of that special lot
of Colored Dress Taffetas ofTered
tomorrow at the same low price
which created such a stir Monday:
firm, olose-woven grade, every
thread all pure silk; in navy,
marine, royal, seal, golden, garnet,
myrtle and black; also
changeable combinations. Actual
5!*c. aualltv for Hflc. a vard.
Yard-wide Taffeta. Qg/,
Regular $r.io grade
38-Inch Black Taffeta Silk, extra
heavy rustling grade, guarantoed
to wear; this Taffeta is far
superior to any Silk sold for less
than $1.10 a yard. Tomorrow at
85c. a yard.
\irL!i T _ P'll __
wnue jap. :mik.
Regularly 39c. yard
27-inch White Japanese Habutal
Silk, a firm-woven even-thread
quality with a rich luster; launders
perfectly. Tomorrow for 25c.
a yard instead of 39c.
. 36-inch Black Silk.
Regularly $1.35 a ^ J ^0^
Yard-wide- Double-faced Black
Peau de So!e Silk, extra heavy
quality, with soft mellow finish.
Every yard guaranteed, tsucn
splendid silk as you must pay
$1.35 a yard for in the regular
way. Tomorrow, at $1.09.
Women's Slippers. A(Q)f
Regularly $i pair..
Hand-crochet Slippers, In as
sortea colors, ah sizes rrom a 10
7. Regular dollar kind; tomorrow
for (8)c. a pair.
Women's Boots.
valac'ar$2 50...5t.69
Special lot of smart Winter
Boots, of patent kid and vlcl kid.
In lace and button. Welt or turn
soles. Sizes from 2 to 7 in tha
lot. Regular $2.50 value for $1.09
a pair.
Shoe Dressings.
Regularly ioc... vPv#
Popular Shoe Dressings, including
Whitemore's Baby EHte, Tan
Combination. French Qloas.
Blackola. Shinoht. etc. Regular
10c. kinds, for one day at 6c.
Fine Table Linen. QQRegularly
$1.25 yd.
CiXira nne quality ocoicn ana
Irish Satin Damask Table Linen,
heavy weight, entirely free from
starch or lime. Bleached to a
snowy whiteness. Patterns include
oak leaf, pansy, fleur-de-lis,
grape, coin spot and many other
designs. Alf with heavy doubleborder
effect Regular $1.25 value.
Tomorrow at 88c. a yard.
64-in. Table Linen. >16^
Regularly 59c. yard
Strictly first quality Austrian
Mercerized oaun raoie uamasK;
full . 64 Inches wide. Superior
flnirfh, guaranteed to retain its
luster permanently. In a lln# of
elaborate patterns. Our regular
customers who have bought this
cloth can testify to its splendid
wearing qualities.
Dinner Napkins. fiQf
Worth $1.19 a doz. OVCe
Strictly all-pore Linen Dinner
Napkins, snowy white bleach, 19
inches square. Fast selvage on
both sides. In a line of artistic
patterns. Regular $1.10 value tomorrow
at 80c. a dosen.
ecjuc jc? ie?e?eir ar?tjc**?r
- dfc
s-'l Silk-Lined f
ii.i; Waists
11; \i <?1 0*
fc | rii tyRmsv
? | Regular $3.50 Va
J J i Handsome Sflk-Mned Whlt<
J J X Waists; the season's most ;
t 2 lar style for dress or tb
41 * wear; all tucked and elaboi
_i iCt wlttl 1 n aart Irtn a n f
X ? and made with a center par
<|> embroidery; back is all tu
+ * sleeves are three-quarter le
<|> prettily tucked.
Lined with silk; sixes up 1
Regular (3.50 value at $1.?
<? P iff, ifri ittl if ** *- *- * AAA A A A A A A A
rTfr V8n?r'JJ v V V '8' I1 V VfW T" *5*^
Crash Toweling.
Repdariy '^c.
The well-known "Ba.rnsley''
Crash Toweling, strictly all-pure
linen. Full bleached, with fast
color red border on the sides. Soft
finish, thoroly absorbent sort. Instead
of 12%c. a yard tomorrow
at SH4c.
Dinner Napkins.
Worth 89c. doz.
(each at) ^70^*
.iw aozen .Mercerized DamasK
Dinner Napkins, 20 Inches square,
all white. In large and small
block designs. Excellent sort for
boarding house and restaurant
use. Instead of SOc. a dozen, tomorrow
at 3%c. each.
Huck Towels. n
Regular ioc. value " /2* *
' 100 dozen Union Linen Huck
Towels; all white: soft finish and
thoroly absorbent, as such towels
should be. Hemstitched at the
ends. A resriilar tiv. value for
one day at 7V4c. each.
Table Padding.
Regularly 35c. yd..
500 yards of Heavy-weight Table
Padding, which saves wear on
the linen* and protects the table
from being scratched. Regular
35c. grade, tomorrow for 22c. a
Buffet Scarfs. fl ?iT
Regular 29c. value.
Unen Momie Cloth Dresser or
Buffet Scarfs. 1% yards long,
fringed all around and finished
with border of openwork. All
white. One day at l!)c. each.
Belt Buckles.
Regular 50c. value.
Newest style Gold-plated Belt
Buckles, in oval or square shapes
with three prongs. Choice of
bright finish, Knglish or dull Roman
gold finish. The latest fad.
Regular 50c. sort for 2Stc. eaoh. ,
Nethersole Bracelets.
Regular 98c. valI
1 Gold-plated Nethersole Bracelets,
hinged or solid styles. Plain gold
!-u efnnfi C4>ttin.CS
I nnisn, or wilii ncai Uw?..a?
Regular S)8e. values for one day at
49c. each.
Children's Belts. tl /Oj-,
Special value at... " vt.
Children's "Buster Brown" Belts,
made of good quality double-faced
patent leather. In black, white or
! red. Dip front. Neat harness
| buckle. All sizes tomorrow at
I 10c. each.
Shopping Bags. TJ
Regular 25c. value.
Net Shopping Bags, large size,
strongly made with riveted h&n|
die. One day at 15c. each?usual
25c. value.
Trimming Buttons. t| (Tj)^
Worth 15c. to 25c.
Newest style Buttons, for drew
trimmings. Including colored
pearls, flat tops with self shank's.
Jet. steel and fancy metal styles.
Values worth 15c. to 25c. a dozen.
Tomorrow for 10c. a dozen.
Safety Pins. gThree
cards for...
Good Quality Nickeled Safety
P1d?. In all sizes. One dozen on
a card: sold regularly at 3c. and
4c. Tomorrow at three cards for
Hooks and Eyes. EJ-,
144 for
Spring Hooks and Eyes: black
or white. In all sizes, aoia regularly
at 2c. a card. 6 cards, containing
one gross, for 5c.
Hose Supporters. t] g-,
Regularly 25c flCrt.
Women's Pad Hose Supporters,
made with four straps and large
pad. Good quality wide elastic.
In all colors. Regular 25c. values
for 15c.
Underwaists. -T) g _
Special value at...
Children's "Perfection" Underwaists.
wUh hose supporters at
taehed. LWUDie siucnea uuudui
and strongly finished. Rubber
button hose supporters. All
sizes from 2 to 14 years. Special
at 25c.
(Notion Dept.)
Leaders in Notions.
Dressmakers' Adamantine Pins,
6 papers for 5e?White Cotton
Tane. 3-yard rolls for lc....Clark's
"O. N. T." Darning Cotton, all
colors and black, 3 spools for 5c.
Deiter's White Knitting Cotton,
all numbers, 3 or 4 thread,
at 3^4c. a ball "San Toy" Composition
Bone Collar Buttons. 1
dozen on a card, for Sc....5c. Folded
Sateen Tape Measures, 2c.
each 2c. Jet-head Hat Pins, 2
for lc?Ktrby Beard's Wire
Hairpins, straight or waved, lc.
a package 5c. Tracing Wheels,
3c each.
(Notion uepartraent.)
Carbage Cans.
Regularly 50c...
5-gallon size Galvanized Iron
Garbage Cans, with tight-fitting
cover. Regular 60c. value; tomorrow
at 39c. each.
Wash Boilers.
Worth up to $1.50. ?yv.
Extra Heavy Tin Wash Boilers,
with cooper bottom* and patent
cold handles; choice of three popular
bJms?7. 8 and 9. Regular
price*. 91-2S. $139 and *1.50. Tomorrow
at 88c. eacb.*
grj?x.?j?f* ar iriCatLjt?rir?r?r
feti |BigEcoraoi
A i Z National Biacult Co.
X * Snaps and Oysterettea
X Z S-lb. bucketa of Armi
V X X bearing the IT. 8. govs
x I Armour's "Shle'.d" Bra
??> Rumford's Baking Po'
Z a Shrtver'8 String Beans
i|> X Assorted Jams and Pr
lllG. X "Challenge" brand Co
* S X Baker's Breakfast Coc
; Net ? Van Kill's Celery Cho*
popu- J* 'J Gillies' "Jav-Marmo" i
ntefy Y '' "Aplteio," the new he
lace J J J "Zest," the popular br<
lei of J it Armour's "Veribest" 1
eked; 2 < ? can
ngt'1' X ' * Armour'8 "Verlbest" P
o 44. S J Large size Jars of Qer
X ? Su^ar Corn, sound, pei
4+W ??? ??
=a <\ 16c. Pillc
I < [ Special for Th
^ I ine "Fearless" Pil
I I ? ?extra large size.
< ton, free from drej
1 % oranu vases are n
Wtm * ?*?>* <S*S>?
Wash Boards. 2QC
Regular 39c. value.
Crystal Glaas Wash Boards. the
kind that never rust and wear for
years, with proper care. Tomorrow
at 2)c.; regular :Wc. value.
Wash Tubs. ^Or*
Regularly 50c
Galvanized Iron Wash Tubs,
family size; the kind sold regu
larly at 50c. I?wered for one
day to 39c.
Regularly 75c
Set of sljt Rogers' genuine "W.
R." brand Silver-plated Teaspoons.
In choice of plain or
fancy designs. Regular price.
75c. a set. Tomorrow for 39c. for
Saucepans. /gr
P Amiln r! ? ?*("/* aiaU " ?
24-pint size Seamless Granite
Iron Saucepans, with cover and
ball handle. Regular 75c. value
for 45c. tomorrow.
Coal Shovels. *=? _
Regularly 12c. cach.
Galvanized Iron Coal Shovels,
with long handle. Tomorrow at
7c. each. Instead of I2c. ,
All-over Laces.
Worth $1.50 and $2
Extraordinary offering of handsome
Venice All-over L.aces, In
wmte, Dutter color and the latest
shade called "Phycell." showing
the most approved designs for
entire waists, including floral and
conventional patterns. Regular
$1.50 and $2 qualities tomorrow at
98c. a yard.
Taffeta Ribbons.
J 054c.
All-silk Taffeta Ribbons, the
ertft- rtAn-ornaVioblo (woHo ?r? ninlf
light blue and cardinal. Full 5
Inches wide. Regular lDc. value
tomorrow for lO'/fco. a yard.
All-wool Panama. a
Regularly 6oc. yard
Superior grade all-wool French
Panama, hard twisted, reversible
sort, in such desirable shades as
brown, navy, roya'.\ garnet, cardinal,
hunter's^ myrtle, olive, gray
and black. Tomorrow at ?sc. a
yard instead of 6t>c.
All-wool Albatross. 5 5^.
Regularly 50c. yard
38-Inch all-wool' Albatross, an
excellent crepe finish quality, in
all street and evening shades, also
cream, Ivory and black. Regular
80c. value tomorrow at 35c. a yard.
Cluny Lace Bands.
Worth ioc. and I2$c.
A new collection of Cluny Lace
Bands, in pretty designs for trimming
Jackets and waists. Regular
10c. and 12%c. values tomorrow
at 5c.
Dinner Sets.
Regular $10.00 SQ
lOtv-piece Dlimer Sets of American
Porcelain China, with handsome
gold tracings. All large-size
pieces, including ,soup plates.
Regular ten-dollar value ror *0.W
a set.
Toilet Sets. *t| Qq
Regularly $2.25..
Ten-piece Toilet Sets of American
Porcelain China, with undergiaze
decorations in blue arid
green. Taese sets are excellent
value at $2.25. Lowered for one
day to |1.89.
t it t-1 - u e
jeuy olasses. 11 \y/ ~
Special value at.
1,000 dozen best quaXty Crystal
Glass Jelly Tumblers, wtth tightfit
ting tin tope; popular 8-ol
Stove Pokers.
Regular ioc. kind vie.
Nickel-plated Stove Pokers and
Lifters, with patent cold han<l1a?
XTatuf'Aft 1**at o m oArtn a a tha
fires are started. Regular 10c.
values tomorrow at 5c. each.
Table Tumblers. A\/ n
Worth 98c. doz.. ^
Another lot of Extra-thin
Blown Table Tumblers, In new
engravings. Choice of six handsome
designs. These glasses sell
regularly at 98c. a doxen. Tomorrow
at 4He. each.
ci <1 mm
OKIdlll IIUiUtl5. II /
Regularly 25c. each
The Gllray Adjustable Sham
Holder, will fit any size wooden
bed. At 17c. each tomorrow instead
of 25c.
Coal Hods. U g _
Regular 23c. kind.. *
A new lot of Good Heavy Qual
icy japanned uoai noaa uo incnes
high), for 15c. each tomorrow.
Their equal coats 23c. elsewhere.
China Tea Sets.
Regularly $2.50 $1.89
Pretty Blue Japanese China Tea
Sets, with dainty gold tracings;
consisting of tea pot. sugar bowl,
cream pitcher, three cups and
three saucers. Regular $2.50 value
for J1.89 tomorrow.
ftjr ?arar?rar?r?rir#rjrirri
mies in Groceries.;;
'a Untwla Milk Biscuit. 7.u Zu Olnger <
, all regular 3c. package* for 3\%c ' '
sur'a "Shield" Brand Lard, every oivw < >
rnment Inspector's stamp 85c. '?
md Boneless Bacon, lb 1.1%c. < >
irder. regular 5c. si re, two for 5c. ' *
. 3-lb. cans for 8c. < >
eserves, regularly 13c. Jar 7c. T '
idensed Milk, regularly 10c. can..7^0. J J
oa. regular 10c. cans 7>*c. < >
r, new packing, regularly 10c TVfcc. ' '
Coffee, regularly a^c. lb 10c ( >
alth food, regular 10c. *Ik> 6c. ' '
iakfast food, regularly 10c 7>$c. , ,
>rand Corned Beef, regularly 15c. ' ?
10o. < *
'otted Ham or Tongue. 2 for 5c. (1
mart \4n?tnrrl r*??riil?rlv 1ik< 7U.?? -?
feet quality, regularly IV. c*n 5c. J
>w Cases, 12J^c. ;;
ursday only?100 dozen Genulow
Cases, size 50 by 36 inches ! I
Made of heavy bleached cot- j j
ssing. 3-incn nem. "tearless" I
iow listed at 16c.; each, i2j^c. <?
Outing Cloth. w
Regular ioc. value vnr ?
Newest fall stvles In Outlnn ^
nannris, including white. blue
and pink grounds, with all aorts *
of stripes and checks. Regular ^
10c. value tomorrow at ~%c. a yd. .
Embroidered Flannel. *
;Rard!Urlf..59C'..a 48C. ?
Fine Quality All-wool White ?
Embroidered Flannel. In a variety *
of silk-woven embroidered de- k
signs. I'seful for Infants' wear.
Regular 5ttc. grade tomorrow at 48c.
a yard. "
Souvenir Postals. ti _ k
Regularly 2 for 5c... ^
Another big lot of handsome fe
8ouvenlr Postal Cards, richly ^
lithographed In colors, and show- ,
lng the various public buildings ?
of the national capital. Regular
price, 2 for 5c. Tomorrow at a t,
penny each. *
Tourist Coatings. ?7gr
Regularly $i yard.. a
Extra Heavy-weight Tourist
Coatings. 00 Inches wide (note the ^
width). The proper material for ?.
the fashionable tourist coats. In *
two distinct styles?a broken plaid
and heather plaid effect. Regular
price, $1.(10 a yard. Tomorrow at ,
75c. a yard. *
Ladies' Cloth. /A&f Vi
Regularly 65c. yard ^
Excellent grade of Ladies'Clot h. Ife
with soft lustrous finish, full ^
yard-and-a-half wide. In the fol- .
low ng colors: Wine, garnet. *
cardinal, myrtle, navy, royal. fe
Drown, ngnt. medium and dark c,
gray, also black. Regular 63c? ,
quality tomorrow for 4S<\ a yard. *
Mohair Sicilian. "5 ,Qr k
Regularly 75c. yard ^ y
More of tliat excellent grade ^
silk-finish Mohair Sicilian on sale ' '&
tomorrow at 3!>c. a yard?regular *
75c. value. In garnet, cardinal. *
golden and seal lirown. navy and *
royal blue, dark and silver gray. V '
?1, kl.-l. ? 1.. r
aiau uiavn. .-V uuoijjruiJl, I rVVI - r
sible grade. "
Silk-barred Plaids. *
Regularly 39c. yard
A brand-new collection of these
stylish Sllk-barre<1 Plaids, in all lb
sorts of combinations, including ^
both light and dark grounds, on ,
sale tomorrow at 25c. a yard?in- *
n? J n 0 Qtl. T*1 ? 1 fi?
oivau VI Oil. 1 IIC) UHIK^ II'.O jfe
prettiest sort of dresses for chil- c,
dren and women's waists. ,
Black Cheviot. AOr? ^
Regularly $i yard. k
A very special ofTering of H- j*
inch Black Cheviot, extra heavy *
weight reversible quality with su- ^
perior finish. Rich Jet black. The .
usual one dollar fabric for COc. a *
yard tomorrow. k
Black Henrietta. fc
Regularly $i yard.. ^
40-lnch stik-flnlsh Henrietta, in
a rioh, lustrous black. Close twill ^
, weave with genuine drap d'ete *
finish. Regular dollar grade at *
00c. a yard tomorrow. ^
.. ? ... V.
New Suitings. fc
Regularly 50c. yard ^
Choice of our entire 9tock of O
regular 50c. Suitings. 38 to 40 ?
inches wide, showing a complete *
variety of all the fashionable ef- 1b
feet a, including gray overplaids, u
herring-bone effects. two-tone ?
novelty weaves, black and white *
broken checks, etc. Tomorrow at fe
39c. a yard. t.
Men's Stylish Suits. ?
*e?Ur*:js?...$8.75 ?
. Ik
Special offering for ona day of t
Men's Stylish Pall Suits, In neat- ,
patterned fancy mixtures, worst- *
eds and all-wool black thlbet 5ft
cloth. Stnffl* or doiAMe-breasted t,
styles. Dark colors for fail wear. ,
Tailored In excellent manner. Ac- *
tual J12.50 values for $8.73. ^
Youths' Suits. i?
vR2ellr?'?^.. $7.75 i
Special lot of Young Men's fc
Long Pants Suits, fall and winter
lengths. In stylish fancy mixtures
and worsteds. Single or *
douMe-toreasted styles. Regular V
$10.00 values for $7.75. *
Men's Top Coats. ?
Regular Si s.oo IR fl ?
Laundry Bags, 25c. each. ^ H
Coal Sifters. T| ^ I
vaiae...:.r.. * I
Men's High-class Fall-weight * I
Top Coats of stylish black dlag- %k
onal and gray-striped effects. ' H
Silk lined throughout. Form-flt- T M
ting. Regular $15.00 value (or * I
$12.00. fc
Art Specials. ?
12%c. Stamped Pillow Tops, fc
7c?59c. Ruffled Pillow Ribbons, .
3% yards lony, 37c. ...15c. Momie *
Cloth Tray Covers, wltb fringed rft
borders, 9c 25c. Batten berg u
Dolleys, 15c. each?98c. German *
Linen Bureau Scarfs and Pillow *
Shams, 49c. each 39c. Merc*rlzed
Pillow Cords. 3H yards long, ?
25c Battenberg Braid, 36-yard
fnr 22^ 39c. Large Size lb
Regularly 15c 11 *
Oak-frame Coal Sifters, large , I
size, with strongly braced bot- *
toms. Tomorrow at 10c. each In- H
stead of 15c. ^ H
Children's Gowns, "jQr I
' Regular 39c. value.. * I
Children's Flannelette Nlarht H
Gowns, made In Hubbard style. Id ,
sixes up to 6 years. Pink and ^ H
blue stripes. Regular 3Uc. value. t H

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