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Calendars and E
HIS Remnant Sale of tom
n 1 Those so inclined can find
^1/ There are remnants of ev<
There are pieces, the last of
all of these remnants at reduced p
assortments. Bargain opportunit:
the home.
Friday Bargain in
Women's Calf Boots.
We offer at a special price a new
line of Women's Black Russia Calf
lLace Boots. They are made on an
Up-to-date last, with welt soles, and
kre suitable for cither house or
.Street wear. Sizes 3 to 6. A, B, C
find D lasts.
Special Trice, $2.50 pr.
Regular Price. $3.00 pr.
Also these remnants:
14 pair Women'* Patent VIcl Kid Button Shoe*,
fcouna toe, welt Hole, slightly (lainaired; sites 4H,
- - - ?. ~ . o.; _?a un o I
BVj and 7AA?4. r?^, h snu o v*ja?o^j aim ou???,
7^, and 8C-64D. Reduced from $0.00 to $2.50
18 pair Misses' Lace Shoes, of various leathers?
Odd* am! end of neveral lines; all have spring
heela; slzea 2^. 3. and 4A?2^B?2Mi and 0C?
44. 3. W) and 6D-AHE. Reduced from $3.00 to
Jfl.TiO pair.
Third floor. Tenth st.
Friday Bargain in
Women's Dressing
- * I
Outing Flannel Dressing Sacques,
pretty figured patterns, in pink, blue,
lavender and grayj made with fitted
back and loose front. i
Special value, 50c. each.
Knitted Short Petticoats, in red,
Havy, black, pink and blue.
Special value, 50c. each.
And these remnants:
2 Women's Nainsook Gowns, round neck, yoK6
ffect of lace and tacks; elbow sleeves. Keduced
I froui $2.75 to $2.00 each.
4 Women's Hand-made Gowns, hand-embroidered
' ruffle on collar, down front and on sleeves. Re}
iluced from $2.00 to $1.60 each.
2 Women's Hand made Gowns, round neck, long
mleeves. tucked voke, embroidered spray across
, front. Keduced from $4..to to $3.T5 each.
C Women's Cambric Pettlroats. trimmed with
| full ruffle of two rows of lace insertion and lace
| edge. Reduced from 75c. to 59c. each.
1 Women's Imported Hand-made Light Blue
. Albatross Dressing Sacque, trimmed with hand
embroidery and torchon lace insertion; full sleeve?.
R*duo?] from I2.V00 to 115.(JO.
Third floor. Eleventh st.
Friday bargain in
Women's Vests and Pants.
50 dozen Women's Swiss Ribbed
Vests and Pants, fall weight, regular
and extra sizes; vests high neck
and long sleeves; pants ankle and
knee lengths.
50c. per garment.
Regular Price, 75c.
And these remnants:
11 pairs Women's Ribbed Cotton Drawer*, with
tight band: slightly soiled; slse 6. Reduced from
BOe. to 35c. pair.
10 Women's 8wlss Ribbed Black Vests, hirh
Veck. lone sleeyee; size 5. Reduced from $1.00
to Me. each.
Main floor, V St.
Hosiery Department.
14 pairs of Women's Purple Plaid Lisle Thread
Hone.' with double hwls auJ toes; sizes ?H. 9 and
Reduced from 30<vjo 25c. pair. !
17 pairs Women's Lisle Thread Hose. French Mo*
check effects; sixes 8H, 9 and 8H. He<loced from
BOc. to ISc. pair.
Kifa floor, F st.
Friday Bargain in
Sample Pieces French
riPfor n niimKflr nf comnl#>c r\f
f T V UUV1 U llUlill/Vt VI JW11IJ7IVJ V?
French China at very special prices.
'.They represent pieces needed for
daily use and are well worth your
careful inspection. A variety of
shapes and decorations.
Covered Dishes, 85c. each.
Regularly $1.50 and $1.75.
$1.00 each.
Regularly $2.25 and $2.50.
Sauce Boats, 85c. each.
Regularly $1.50 and $1.75.
Sauce Tureens, $1.50 each.
Regularly $2.50 and $3.00.
Soup Tureens, $1.50 each.
Regularly $3.00 and $4.00.
Open Vegetable Dishes, 75c. each.
Regularly $1.25 and $1.50.
Platters, 50c. each.
Regularly 75c.
85c. each. Regularly $1.25 to $1.75.
$1.00 each. Regularly $2.25 and
And these remnants:
3 Decorated Austrian China Salad Bow la, Reduced
from $1.00 to 05e. each.
15 Decorated Austrian China Salad or Deaaart
Plate* Reduced from 15c. to 10c. each.
10 Decorated Austrian China Baucc Dlahea. Reduced
from 13c. to 10c. each.
1 doten I worsted llarllaud China Soup Plataa.
Reduced from *4.00 to (3 00.
S Gorman China Cracker Jara. Reduced from
$1.00 to 75c. each.
8 Decorated Austrian China Chocolate Pitcher*.
Reduced from $1.00 to 75c.
1 Hand.painted French China Chop Plate. Reduced
from flO.OO to $5.00.
1 Ilaml-dtfHorHt^d Aiutrrian Phin? r?v?
Reduced from SI.25 to 75c. each.
2 IMorated Feru Dtshea. Keduc.'d from 11.50
to 85<-. each.
1 Tea I'ot. Stwar and Cream Set, creamer dam||fx]
Reduced from 13.50 to $1.M.
rifth floor, G at. I
?6 ward
New York?WAS
Varies for 2907 and Hallow(
arg is ?ur
iorrow (Friday) includes every depart
exceptional bargains in everything ne<
try character and in every line'of good:
certain lots, of things that are unmat
rices on Friday in ordei^lo get the si
ies abound for tomorrow?and the g<
Friday Bargain in |
P. IN. Corsets.
10 dozen P. N. Corsets, made of
good quality white coutil, popular
straight front, dip hip model, with
elastics attached. Sizes 18 to 30.
79c. Value, $1.00.
And these remnants:
4 pairs French Corsets, fancy coutil, low boat,
dip lil|>. elastics attached; sizes 18, 19, 30 and
21. Reduced from $3.00 to 93.00 pair.
4 pairs Lily of France Corsets, French coutil,
straight front, dip hip, elastics attached; sUe*
28. 21) and 30, Reduced from |0.00 to J4.00 pair.
2 no Ira Pronoh Cnrwla twined with real Whale
bond straight front, long hip; sire 19. Reduced
from $3.90 to $3.00 pair.
Third floor. Eleventh at.
Upholstery Dept.
.7 pair* Iriah Point Lace Curtain*, all-orer etfecta
with heary borders. Reduced from $7.50 to $8.00
S pairs Escurla Lace Curtains, Arabian color,
8Mi yards long and the usual width. Reduced
from JH.75 to (2.50 pair.
25 pairs Scotch Madraa Curtains. In white and
gold, blue aud gold, green and red and white.
Reduced from |0.i5 and (7.60 to 13.50 pair.
25 pairs Silk-effect Cross-stripe Curtains, suit
able for dining rooms and bed rooms, it educed
from $2.DO to $1.50 pair.
150 .Tarda 50-lnch French Tapestry, In light, m?dlum
and dark effects, suitable for renpholstering
furniture and for door hangings. Reduced from
12.50 and $2.75 to $1.75 yard.
3 Buffled Net Bed Sets, for full size metal
beds; trimmed with extra heavy Renaissance lace:
bolster roll to match; slightly soiled. Reduced
from $14.00 and $10.50 to $8.50 set.
4 Heavy Tapestry Coach Covers. In decided
oriental effects; full siie. Reduced from $7.50 to
(5.00 each.
1 W. & L. Hand-made Lounge, fitted with best
soft-tempered springs and filled with t>e8t hair;
slightly soiled. Reduced from (30.00 to $22.50.
2 Japanese Bead Portieres, in green and red
effects; damaged. Beduced from $4.50 to $1.23
50 Tapestry Squares, suitable for upholstering
single chairs, also for pillow tops, etc. Reduced
from 3.V.. 40c. and 50c. to 25c. each.
Fourth floor, Q st.
Blanket DeraartmernlL
2 palm 11-4 Wool Blankets, soiled, reduced from
$T.AO to $0.00 pair; 1 pair, 11-4. reduced from IT.BO
to $6 50; 1 pair, 11-4, reduced from $13.00 to
3 pairs 11-4 Wool Blankets, subject to mill Imperfections,
reduced from $6.00 to $4.50 pair; 1
pair, 11-4 gray, reduced from $5.50 to $4.50; 1
pair, 11-4, reduced from $8.30 to $6.25.
1 pair 11-4 All-wool Blankets, subject to mill
Imperfections. Reduced from $0.50 to $5.00.
Second floor, K st.
Sewing Machine Dept.
1 "W. A L." Drop-head Machine, complete with
fall set of latest attachments and guaranteed for
five yearn; woodwork slightly marred. Reduced
from $25.00 to $20.00.
1 "Capital" Sewlag Machine, with aatomatia
lift; complete with full set of latest Attachments
and guaranteed for ten rears; woodwork slight!/
marred. Seduced from $28.50 to $25.00.
1 "Aittnmfttlf" Kpwlnir \fnr>hln? with antnmntiA
lift; complete with full set of latest attachment?
and guaranteed for ten years; woodwork slightly
marred. Reduced from $40.00 to $37.50.
I "Standard" Sewing Machine, complete with
full set of latest attachments and guaranteed for
Dire years; woodwork slightly marred. Reduced
from $85.00 to $30.00.
Second floor, G St.
Gflove Department.
II pair* Women's 1-clasp White Pique Glores;
sixes 6V4 and CH. Reduced from $1.00 to 30c. pair.
9 pairs Women's l-clasp Black Castor Gloves;
sites 5V4. r>y4 ami O'*. Reduced from $1.00 to 00c.
Main floor, Q St.
IRflnfSr Flrpss Oirvnuffls
ib#UMWU? VI V4/9
4 T<\a. 50-Inch Chiffon Oherlot (Lupln'a). Reduced
from Hi.00 to |4.00 for pee.
8ik I"1*- 'M-'nc* Broadcloth. Seduced from $8.18
to (o.00 for pee.
3\ ydi. 50-Inch Chiffon Broadcloth. Reduced
from |9.38 to >8.00 for pee.
"I\i yd*. 42-Inch Chiffon Panama (Prleatler'i).
Reduced from $7.13 to $6 00 for pee.
3ft jds 54-Inch Broadcloth. Reduced from
$7.88 to $8.00 for pee.
6% /da. 44-Inch Henrietta (Lopln'a). Reduced
from 18.38 to 15.25 for uce.
3 yd*. 56-Inch Chiffon Broadcloth. Reduced from
95-25 to *4.50 for pee.
7 yd*. 42-Inch Wool Crepe de Chine (Lapln'i).
Reduced from 17 00 to $3.50 for pee.
4 yd*. 45-Inch Chiffon Volte (Lupin's). Reduced
from $4.00 to $3.00 for pee.
8 rd*. 52-lnch Chiffon Chertot. Reduced from
$3.75 to $2.75 for pee.
yd*. 42-lnch Wool Crepe (Lupin'*). Reduced
from $3.38 to $2.50 for pee.
4 yd*. 54-lnch All-wool I'tnuna. Reduced from
$4.00 to $3.00 for pee.
Second floor, O St.
Toy Department.
2 Witches, with bonbon boxes attached, for
Halloween favors. Keduced from $8.00 to $1.B0
8 Satana. with bonbon boxes attached, tor Halloween
favors. Reduced from $1.00 to 80c. each.
8 Witches Seated on a Load of Swltchss, with
bonbon boxes attached, for nalloween favors. Beduced
from (2.00 to |1.00 each.
1 Dolls' Toilet Table, with complete outfit.
Reduced from (3.00 to $2.00.
1 Movable Doll In Cart. Reduced from $7.50 to
x vniiuren anwmifi, in vnape 01 cai ana a OK.
Reduced from $5.00 to 95c. each.
1 Large Noah'a Ark, without animal*. Reduced
from $8.50 to $3.00.
1 Large Steam Engine. Reduced from $20.00 to
4 Air Rides, damaged. . Reduced from $1.00 to
10c. each.
2 Croklnole Bosnia. Reduced from $1.00 to 3Bc.
2 Keatner Dolls, loose jointed, red need from
$3 00 to 91.00 each; 3 reduced from (2.50 to $1.00
1 Dolls' White Enameled Bed, damaged. Reduced
from $2.30 to 75c.
8 Dolla' Complete Outfit*. Red need from $1.20
to 90c. each.
6 Dolla' Complete Outfits. Reduced from $1.00
to 75c. each.
Fourth floor. Eleventh at.
Basket Department.
8 Kancy Scrap Baskets, damaged, reduced from
30c. to 10c. each; 1, reduced from $1.00 to 70c.
1 Palm Clothes Hamper, abopworn. Reduced
from $7.00 to $1.00.
1 Work Basket, on stand, reduced from 13.50
to $2 00; 1, reduced from (2.30 to fl.SO.
1 Willow Music Stand. Reduced from $3.50 to
1 Infants' Bassinette. Reduced from (2.00 to
1 Infants' Palm Hamper. Reduced from <9.00
to 13.00.
6 Sweet Grass Baskets. Reduced from 85c. to
85c. each. v
2 Handled Kolfe Baskets. Reduced from S1.T5
to $1.00?-ach.
Fifth floor, O St.
Glassware Department.
1 Cut Olass 8poon Traj, slightly chipped. Reduced
from S3.25 to Il.Hfi
1 Small Cut Glass Bowl, chipped. Reduced from
*3.50 to *2.75.
1 Austrian (ilass Bon boo Basket, damaged. Seduced
from (2.50 to $1.29.
1 Austrian Glaaa Uonrl. slightly chipped. Bedaced
from *5.00 to *3.96.
4 Pressed Olass Pitchers. Redoced from 00c. to
25c. each.
5 "Perfection" Glaaa Decanters. Reduced from
35c. to 10c. each.
fifth floor, O at.
& IHott
e'en Dinner Cards?Main F
IKonnant :
ment of our vast establishment from
eded for personal comfort and adorm
s. They are simply odds and ends <
tched, which, however, will match mar
tore in shape for next week's business
oods are just such things a& are neec
Friday Bargain in
Men's Cheviot Suits.
We have secured and offer at a
saving of three dollars each on the
regular price, a line of Men's Stylish
Suits. They consist of plain
black cheviots and fancy cheviots
and worsteds. They are cut in the
popular 3-button style, with broad
shoulders and snug-fitting collars;
and there are all sizes in stouts, reg
ulars and longs.
__ $15.00 each.
Regular Value, $18.00.
Also a lot of
Men's Fancy Vests.
White grounds, with neat stripes
and figures, cut in the season's leading
style; sizes 33 to 44.
Special Value, $1.25.
And these remnants:
8 Men's Bain Coats, In neat gray effects; slses
40 and 42. Reduced from $13.00 to $12.60 each.
8 Doable-breasted White Vests; slightly soiled;
sizes 88. 30, 40, 42 and 44. Reduced from $3.00
to $2.00 each.
5 Flannel Vests, neat stripes and checks; sizes
86, 37, 38, 30 and 40. Reduced from $3.00 to $2.00
Main floor. Tenth st.
Friday Bargain in
Men's Furnishings.
io dozen Men's English Chevrette
vjloves, this season s popular tan
shades, with heavy outseams, welt
back and spear points. These were
not up to the high standard of the
foreign maker- from whom they
came, hence the special price.
$1.00 per pair.
Regularly $1.50 and $1.75.
They are shown in men's sizes
nnlv nn rarlpf Ipnorflic
iiv VU\<V V >V>lg blliJl
50 dozen Men's Tan Cotton Sox,
heavy weight, fashioned after the
English hosiery. The quality is exceptionally
good, but the shades of
l!an are not the best. We offer these
at the special price,
15c.; 6 prs. for 80c.
Reg. Price, 25c.; 6 prs. for $1.50.
25 dozen Men's Colored Silk
cu:?u t>~
OU lug JL ICS dUU JlliClU J_>U W3, UCW
fall styles and colorings, and made
from the cuttings of half-dollar ties.
Special Price, 25c. each.
And these remnants:
8 Salt! of Men's Pajinu, white madras, with
tan trimmings, 18-lnch collar alee; tolled. Reduced
from *1.50 to 75c. a eult.
7 Men'a White Cheviot Soft Shirts. with enffa
attached, alse 16H; soiled. Bed need from |1.94
to 65c. each.
8 Men'a Natural Gray Ribbed Wool Union Salts,
sixes 36 and 38. Reduced from >4.50 to $3.00 each.
Main floor, 9 at.
Men's Hat Dept.
14 Brown Stiff Hats; sizes 6% to 7*. Reduced
from $2.00 and 18.00 to 11.80 each.
8 Black 8tiff Hats; sixes 6% to TV4. Reduced
from $2.00 to $1.00 each.
14 Black Stiff Hats; sizes 6% to Tft. Reduced
from $3.00 to $2.00 eacb.
18 Soft Rata, In pearl, nutria and black; size*
6% to 7%. Reduced from $2.00 and $2.50 to $1.90
15 Soft Hats, in pearl, nutria and black; sixes
6% to T%. Reduced from $8.00 and $8.50 to $2.00
20 Soft Hat*. In omrl and black; alae? 0% to
1%. Reduced from (*.00 to $3.00 each.
SO Fancy Hat Bands. Seduced from 50c. to
28c. each.
Main floor. F at.
Boys' Clothing Dept.
1 Young Men's All-wool Fancy Cheriot Salt;
lie XT, or 33-lnch cheat measure. Reduced from
18.00 to 110.00.
4 Tonne Men'a Fancy Mixed Gray Bolt*; alzea
19. and 20. Reduced from (12.80 and $15.00 to
90.30 each.
11 Boy*' All-wool Fancy Cheviot Salts, doablsbreasted
Jacket, with belt; extra pair of knlckerbooker
panU with each aolt; sixes & to IT. Reduced
from 110.00 to $T.50 each.
12 Boys' All-wool Fancy Cher lot Salts, doablebreasted
Jacket, with belt: extra pair of pant*
with each snlt: slses 8 to IT. Eeduced from $8.50
to I6.T3 each.
10 Boys' dray Mixed Salts, doable-breasted
style: sixes 9 to 10. Reduced from $3.75, $4.50
and $5.00 to $2.80 each.
1 Toons Men's Tsn Top Coat, silk lined: sise 90.
or 36-inch chest measure. Reduced from $20.00 to
4 Boys' Tsn Covert Cloth Top Coats: slses 8, 0
ana lu. ueaucea rrom wi.oo to *4.wo each.
5 Boys' Bine OhrTlot Reefers; llm 3. 7, 8, 9
and 10. Reduced from $7.80 to $4.96 each.
Third Boor, Tenth at.
Boys' Furnishing Dept.
10 Bora' Colored Madras Russian Blouses. "K. ft
E." brand; sites 3 to 10. Reduced from 50c. ana
75c. to 39c. each.
11 Boys' Russian Blouses, of madras and linen:
sixes 8 to 7. Reduced from $1.00 to $1.00 each.
12 Boys' Msdras Shirts; sixes 13 to 14. Reduced
from 75c. and $1.00 to 50c. each.
8 Boys' Vests. In slain whits and white with
neat figures. Reduced from $1.00 to 50c. each.
13 .Boya' All-wool Flannel Blouses, "K * K."
| .? ?v# ? ? **"'? ?. BUVO, ?U OltCV. OP" I
dnecd from 00c. to 25c. pair.
Fourth floor. Tenth at.
& Lothrop.
Drand; sum 7 to 10. Bedoced from 91.00 to 99c.
18 Bora' Belts, to tan. black sad fray; sixes 34
to S4. Reduced from 50c. to He. each.
12 pairs Boys' Knickerbocker Pasts; sisas tad
,15. Bedoced from $1.50 a ad 12.00 to 91.00 pair.
11 pair Boys' Bloomer Pants; alaes 8, 4 and B.
Reduced from $150 to 50c. pair.
10 Boys' Golf Caps. Bedoced from 50c. to 30c.
9 Bora' Sweaters, In white, farnet and blue:
sixes 30, 32 and 34. Reduced from 91.80 to 91.00
Third floor. Tenth st.
Sporting Goods Dept.
2 pair* Foot Ball Panta. alae $4, reduced from
$3.00 to 1100 pair; 1 pair, alme 80. reduced from
{2.50 to $1.00; 3 pair, alxea 32. 3fl and 38. reduced
from $2.00 to 75c. pair: 6 pair, alaea 30 and 34,
reduced from $1.50 to 75c. pair.
1 Bora' Bicycle, 20-inch frame. Reduced from
$20.00 to $10.00.
1 Otrla' Bicycle. Reduced from $21.75 to $11.00.
IS nalp Ham* 13-11 D.n?? -1* ?J ?
loor. Q Street.
the basement to the seventh floor,
nent and beautifying the home.
>f thing's, any of which would be
ly things in a home. We close out
i x. _i* t t_ a
i ana to oner iresn ana complete
led now for personal comfort or
.Women's Suit Dept.
1 Gray Panama Cloth Eton Jacket Salt, trimmed
with braid; slxe 8a. Reduced from <38.00 to *15.00.
2 Gray Home*pan Salts, fitted Eton Jacket, with
white broadcloth rest ana Telret cuffs and collar;
plaited skirt; sixes 80 and 88. .Reduced from
(40.00 to $18.50 each.
1 Serge Snlt. white with small hair line check;
Bton jacket, with deep fitted girdle; size 40. Reduced
from $38.00 to |15.00.
2 Dark Gray Panama Cloth Salt*; Eton Jacket
trimmed with white broadcloth and finished with
touches of black satin; sizes 84 and 38. Reduced
from $43.00 to $20.00 each.
8 Gray Novelty Cloth Fancy Eton Suits, platted
skirt; sires 34 and 38. Reduced from $38.00 to
$18.60 each.
Third floor. O st.
Misses' Department.
9 Misses' Oray Novelty Cloth Eton Suits, trimmed
with braid: plaited skirt; sizes 14 and 18.
Reduced from $25.00 to $13.00 each.
3 Girls' Blue Serge Reefers, with emblem on
sleeve; size* 4 and 6. Reduced from $7.90 to
$8.96 each.
2 Misses' "Peter Thompson" Suits, of light check
goods, trimmed with red silk braid and red emblem
on sleeve; plaited skirt; sixes 10 and 18. Reduced
from $21.00 to $15.00 each.
9 Misses' White All-Unen "Peter Thompson"
Suits, made regulation style, with skirts plaited to
form yoke: sixes 12, IS, 18 and 20. Reduced from
$18.00 to $8.73 each.
6 Girls' Lawn Dresses, joke of embroidery finished
with tacked bertha; sizes 10 and 12. Beduced
from 11.50 to 75c. each.
A lot of Olrls' White Lawn Dresses, yoke of
embroidery and tucks; sixes 0, 8, 10, 12 and 14.
Reduced-from $1.95 to $1.00 each.
Third floor, O st. ^
Infants' Department.
2 Children's Tan Cloth Coats; one trimmed with
braid to match: the other with blue braid. Reduced
from $12.75 and $13.00 to $7.50 each.
2 Children'! Cloth Reefers; on* In tan trimmed
with braid to match; the other In dark bine, with
white collar and cuffs trimmed with narrow blua
braid. Reduced from (13.50 to (10.00 each.
2 Children's Cloth Coats, one In cadet blue, the
other In raspberry, trimmed with stitched bands
and tucks; velvet collars and cuffs to match. Reduced
from (15.00 to (12.00 each.
1 Children's White Broadcloth Coat, embroidered
down front and on collar and cuffs. Reduced from
(28.00 to (15.00 each.
Third floor. Eleventh St.
Picture Department.
1 Large Oil Painting. "Maria*" rlew, by Fonca,
In deep sold burnished tram*, with shadow box.
Seduced from $12.50 to (6-28.
2 Small Oil Palntlnt*, br F. Bailer, "Th*
Stoney Brook*," In deep sold burnlahed frame*.
Reduced from $12.00 to |6.25 each.
1 Large OH Painting, "Spring In the Country,"
In deep gold burnUhea frame, with shadow box.
Reduced from 123.00 to 912.00.
1 Large Oil Painting, "The Cottage by th*
flea," in deep gold burolahed frame, with shadow
W D<wtiina<l fMvm <Vk tn CIO U\
1 Large Oil Pain tine, "Sunset In Mid-Winter,"
in deep sold burnished frame, with shadow box.
Reduced from $10.00 to $20.00.
1 Oil Painting, "Flowers," by B. Vixln, In deep
Sid burnished frame. Reduced from $18.00 to
1 OU Painting, "Landscape" scene, in cold
fcurnished frame; medium sue. Seduced from
$30.00 to $10.00.
Fourth floor. Tenth st.
Furniture Department.
8 Weathered Oak Settee*. Reduced from $13.76
to $4.96 each.
8 Weathered Oak Arm Chairs, to match settsee.
Reduced from $10.00 to $3.90 each.
4 Weathered Oak Side Chairs, to match above
.k.lu O..1 _.t mo BA a? an AST a_
wiu LUBiin. tKUUL-m uuiu fO.UV fcV men.
0 Weathered Oak Bockcra, to match the a bore ,
chalra. Reduced from $8.60 to $3.90 each.
8 Large Weathered Oak Library Tablea, to match
the above rocker. Reduced from $20.00 to $9.96
1 Very Massive Weathered Oak Settee, rash 1
eat. Reduced from $39.00 to $9.69.
1 Quartered Oak Sideboard, serpentine front, rope
border, cross-banded. Reduced from $89.00 to 1
1 Fine Spring Couch. Reduced from $80.00 to '
1 Handsome Quartered Oak nat-top Desk, built* i
up top. csrred drawer pulls; else 00x83. Reduced
from $37.90 to $31.69. ,
1 Rattan Baby Carriage, with hood; upholstered
In corduroy; slightly soiled. Reduced from $30.00
to $18.99. 1
Sixth Boor, G St.
Bed Department.
1 4%-ft White Enameled Bed. with braes
trimmings. Reduced from $8.80 to |7.00.
I 4H-ft. White Enameled Bed, very heavy and
jtrong; slightly damaged. Bedoeed from $30.00 to
1 4 Mr ft. Cotton Eelt Mattreea. made In two
SO U?* soiled. Bednced from $15.00
1 4tt-ft. Hair Mattreea, of good quality hair,
made In two parta and full SO lbs. In weight!
extra thick; ticking slightly soiled. Bedoeed nom
$29.00 to $20.00.
i ren M?ure?B, our own mue. Keaucea
from (9.00 to IT. 00.
10 Plllowi, filled with good feathers?mostly lire
goose feathers. and corered with German llp?i?
ticking; regular slae. Bednced from 92.30 to 21)0
Second floor. 7 at. I
Traveling: Goods Dept.
8 Leather Cabin Bag*, steel frame, leather lined,
two Inside pockets, size* 13. 14 and IS lnche*.
Reduced from $8.00 to $3.00 each.
4 12-Inch Leather Bags, steel frame, leather
lined, two 1 n>l<l? Dockets, beat lock. Reduced
from $18.00 to $8.SO each.
3 12-loch Black Laatber Baca, with gun metal
trimmings; food lock; lined wttb black allk.
Seduced from $14.00 to $3.00 each. I
1 18-Inch Imported Hogskin Bag, beat leather
lining, two Inside pockets, best brass lock. Reduced
from $14.00 to $3.30.
1 14-Inch Brown Grain Seal Leather Bag. leather
lined, good lock. Reduced from $10.00 to $4.23.
1 22-inch Sole Leather Bag. steel frame, lined
with leather, best brass lock and cstches, all
parts hand-eewed. Reduced from $90.00 to $8.00.
Basement, Equitable bldg.
Housefurnishing Dept.
S Ou Heating Stores, shopworn. Reduced from
|S.00 to (8-00 each.
S Gu Beaten (to fit on bnrnera). Reduced from '
$1.00 to 80e. each. (
S Set* Mr*. Potts' Bad Iron*. Reduced tron |
75c. to 55c. set. .
S No. S Iron Tea Kettle*. shopworn. Reduced
from 86c. to 50c. each.
1 Ojrater J)T7*rvahopjrorn. reduoed from 11.25 to
ioe.; i, reaacea own |i.w 10 Vl.UU.
3 Galvanized Iron Garbage Cans, damaged. Bedoced
from $1.95 to BOe. each.
1 Copper Wa?h Boiler, dented, reduced from (4.00
to $?t3: 1, reduced from $8.50 to f2.1c.
Kb Lard or Floor Cans, deatsd. Bedoced from
00c. to 38c. each.
1 Japanned Oake Cloeet, dented. Bedoced from
|lj| to 75c.
2 Japanned Bread Boies, dented. Bedoced from
05c. to 40c. each.
6 He?Yj Japanned Walters, shopworn. Bedoced
from 00c- to 80c. each.
0 Enameled Ware Jellj Molds. Bedoced from
40c. to 23c. each.
1 Russian Coffee Pot, shopworn. Reduced from
$5.00 to *2.00.
1 Alcohol Lamp. Reduced from 50c, to 28c. I
each. ,
1 Bodgera' Steal Knife. Reduced from $1.00 ,
to 88c. <
12 bottle* "Pollux" Furniture Pollah. Reduced .
from 25c. to 10c. bottle.
Fifth floor. Eleventh at. t
Sweeping Formal Alliance Regarded
as a Possibility.
Influence of Philippines and Chinese
Open Doer.
Germany and Russia Objective Point
?England's Co-Operation Assured
?Other Considerations.
Unreasonable misapprehension is being
caused by the rumors of an interruption in
the friendly intercourse between the United
a+a+Afl -1*1 *- 1
cuiu wiuuugii, wnere una
misapprehension exists. It Is In other minds
than thos? of American or Japanese statesmen.
There have been many petty annoyances
in the history of the relations of the
two nations, and yet the world of diplomacy
does not recall a single Instance where any
of them became the cause of bitter exchanges.
The amity between those two powers
shows another thing?the possibility of
two nations differing In Ideals and ambition
but having a single Interest In common?that
Is to Bay, the preservation of
peace and lofty humanitarian Interests. It
has been suggested that Japan Is dangerus
to America because of Its Imperialism.
But this Is declared to be a wrong conclusion.
Japanese Imperialism is not extensive,
it Is claimed; it is rather intensive.
Japan has memories of which she
may well be proud, and, it Is asserted, her
only desire now is to enhance the glory of
the new empire, which, after emerging
from her long isolation. Is now living in
the full tide of the rivalries and ambitions
of the great powers. Behind all this, bowever.
there remains the spirit which leads
the people of that empire to cherish and
maintain, even in the rush and whirl of
the new career, whatever can be saved
frm the great things that fell to their lot
during many centuries of seclusion.
Marked Preference for United States.
Japan's spirit toward America has been
manifest for many years. On different occasions
It was rumored the former had designs
upon the Philippines. The assertion
was wrong, because Japan did not and does
not want them. It is declared. All Japan ever
did In connection with the Philippines was
I() snow a marKeu preierence aa lu uiv nation
she desired for her neighbor in those
islands. As is well known,. Japan has kept
steadfast to her first and instinctive preference
for one power, In spite of the scheming
of the many other great nations, who
for a long time have sought to win her
favor and regard. As Mr. Hloki, the late
charge d'affaires of the Japanese legation,
said in an Interview in The Star, Japan
has clung to America only because of an
Instinctive sentiment recognizing western
magnanimity. In turn, she has grown to
admire and respect Great Britain as the
masterful nation or tne oia wona.
It is an amity on the co-operative plan.
It Is more than likely that Japan may give
material help to the United States In the
direction of the Philippine policy, to extend
trade relations between the empire and the
colonies, or, which has been definitely decided
upon recently, the assurance of an
understanding whereby military and strategical
plans of mutual and tremendous interest
will be completed. The Influence of
this arranged plan Is not easy to understand
at first thought, but its magnitude Is
marvelous In case of future trouble In Asia
between the nations. Of which there will always
be some.
Two Japanese Principles.
It must be borne In mind that whatever
Japan may do In the future, it will be done
in connection with these two principle: her
strong, instinctive dTead of Russia and captlvatlon
by the Impressive Imperialism of
Oermany. Japan expects at any moment
to see either Russta or Germany looking
for a pretext for another foothold In Asia.
William II is not satisfied with Klao-Chow.
His efforts toward getting an outlet in Asia
are too well known. He used 'Morocco as
a blind some months ago, but he failed.
For this reason Japan needs American support,
as America needs Japanese support,
hot with the intention of territorial aggrandisement,
but for the expansion of
commerce and the open door.
Germany and Russia, it Is asserted, have
planned, are planning and will plan to control
Asia Minor. If this result should ever
be accomplished the Asiatic continent
would be so far removed from the rest
of Europe ae though an ocean divided them.
It would permit Russia and Germany to
ttiA IT.iiPAnAon Kminda rv trlvinap t ham
LVfi ktij I1K7 UUtVfVWt wwituui / ( kllUU?
In this manner more power than can be Imagined.
In the end this plan would also offer
an outlet to Germany In the Mediterranean.
which she has coveted for so many
decades. In case of trouble In China?and
only the combined Japanese and American
forces can prevent It?the two empires
could throw their arms and their supplies
across the Asiatic continent with amazing
rapidity and facility. In suoh a case Japanese
predominance and American influence
would rapidly decrease to nothing.
England and France, on their part, would
be nelpless, because the combined fleets of
these four nations could not cope with the
army movements of Germany and Russia
under the excellent leadership ot "a" German
Possible American Alliance.
The alliance between Great Britain and
Japan?the thorn In Germany's heart?>waa
well received by the United States, knowing
that. In a measure, it guarantees the
statu* quo for almost the entire continent
of Asia, apart from the empire of Turkey.
AU that probably will follow Is an alliance
between Japan and this country, such as
was discussed last spring by the administration.
Of course, republican ldeala do
not permit a formal partnership, but. it
1s predicted, the year may come?and soon
at that?when these unwritten laws and
principles modeled after paat needs will
have to be rwept aside.
The alliance should be brought about for
the consolidation and maintenance of th,e
general peace In the regions of Asia, especially
along the Pacific shores, and. of
the Philippines; the preservation of the
common Interests In China by Insuring
the Independence and Integrity of the Chinese
empire, and me principle of equal
opportunities for the commerce and Industry
of all nations In China, in conjunction
with the provisions of the Anglo-Japanese
treaty; the maintenance of the fisheries
rights of the respective parties In the re
glons of the Bering straits, of the Philippines
and of Saghallen, and the defense
of their special Interests In the said regions.
It Is claimed that It should be agreed
that whenever, In the opinion of either
the United States or Japan, any of the
rights and interests referred to above are
In jeopardy the two governments will communicate
with each other and will consider
in common the measures which
should be taken to safeguard all menaced
Interest* and rights.
flnf&intor/la 0V1 AilM Ka to Iran f A fVin ! >*?.
Mts of either nation In ease of unprovoked
ittack or aggressive action, wherever arising,
on the part of any other power or
powers. Should a war be deemed necessary
In order to defend these territorial
rights and special Interests, the other contracting
party will consider herself morally
bound to help make peace In mutual
igreement, whether by force or not.
Japan possessing paramount political,
rallitary and economic Interests in China,
the United States would recognize the right
>1 japan 10 u?e sucn measures or guidince,
control and protection in China aa
ihe may deem proper and necessary to
tafeguard and advance those Interests, provided
always that such measures are not
;ontrary to the principle of equal opportunities
for the commerce and Industry of
ill nations.
It Is maintained that provision should be
made for the Interest of the United States
In all that concerns the security of the
Philippine coasts, and Japan would recognise
the right to take such measures in the
t 008 TO 614 ELE
h; Complete
H |:
Ladies' and Misse
: Gowns, Cot
]\ Silk and Lin
At Very Mod
I Suit Pep
^; Exclusive and popular style
4 fn short, long and hip-length eff
4! desirable materials,
ii $19.75 $25
4. - ~
| Coat Pep
Tourist Coats
3' In exclusive mixtures, plaids an
^; models; loose or fitted; misses'
h at
I; $10.00 $12
J: Evening Coats
3' In pastel shades and black, of
2 satin and interlined; copies of fo
3: ?'
1 $25.00 .
t Skirt Dec
Walking Skirts
Of chiffon broadcloth, full side
;j; at bottom; black, blue, brown.
5' Of best black French voile, mo
"V tine taffeta dron. Va1ii? fc? nn
0 X" f T %J
Z Of new mannish mixtures and b
eral pleated models. Value, $8.
Of fine taffeta, in three stylis
J- .
t Waist Den
]; Plaid Taffeta Waists
% In all combinations; stylish mo
3; value..
]: Messaline Waists
h In black and pastel shades* lac
X. tional value?
t $4.95
2: Black Taffeta Waists.
7 T? _ !f - ? -S t
? i auor-pieareu moaeis; six vane
3! special?
t $3.95
4 "
proximity of that coast for safeguarding
American possessions.
In order to make the arrangement and
the understanding as simple and as effective
as possiuie, eocn ul luo iwu vuuiiirieo
would consider Itself bound not to enter
Into separate arrangements with another
power to the prejudice of the objects described
This understanding between Japan and
the United States, arranged according to
the needs of the day, may become necessary
'n view of offsetting any understanding
which Russia and Germany may reach
It took the place or ' treene ?wooaen
dishes, platters and bowls?In the homes of
the peasantry, and It was In general use
until superseded through the adoption of
oheaper materials, china, earthenware and
Britannia metal. Like sliver, fine pewter
oxidises slowly, and unlike those of copper
or brass, its oxides are harmless. Tin
forms the greater part of pewter, the finest :
varieties, sometimes called "tin and temper,"
being simply hardened by a small
portion of the copper- Ordinary pewter Is 1
a mixture of tin and lead. Thq law of <
France restricts the percentage of the lead i
to 16.0, this mixture being claimed as proof '
against sour wine and vinegar. Britannia |
metal 1s really a pewter of good quality, i
containing tin, antimony and copper. <
Pewter was manufactured by casting and
hammering, the use of the lathe being 11m- 1
lted by the laws of the craft guild. In i
early times the molds for casting belonged i
to the guild and were lent to the members, j
From the nature of the material the beauty ]
of pewter depends chiefly upon its form or ,
Aiit1lnA> I? la (AA fn w IrtnHo n * A*.
I namentatlon produced by the chaser and
engraver to be successfully used. Decoration
by the latter method is usual, but It
quickly shows signs of wear.
The shapes of pewter vessels and their
designs followed those of the silverware
of the period. In some cases it is probable I
that the pewter objects were silversmith's .
trial pieces, executed In this cheaper material
In order to judge of the effect of
the design before It should be worked In
the more costly material.
In the present collection are several speo- ,
lmena 01 me so-uaueu iuua Domes or
"carriers," octagonal, flat and round, with 1
screw tops, and In one case a spout, proba- i
bly for milk. Spoons of various shapes ,
(but no forka) ewers, tankards, flagons,
jugs, porringers, ecuelles, dishes, platters '
and chargers are all represented.
The two-time lamps with glass reservoirs '
and metal bands divided Into numbered
spaces show how time was measured during
the night hours of the seventeenth cen- ]
tury. Interesting also are the candlesticks, .
barbers dowi, cisterns?one wnoily or lead?
beakers, spoon stands, salt cellars, coffee
urn and stand, coffee, tea and chocolate
pots, pepper casters, salt boxes, etc. Church
pewter Is represented by a baptismal basin,
cruets with tray, benltlers for holding holy
[ water and alma basins; Jewish ceremonial,
by seder dishes and a lamp.
Voice of Ko-aL
rrom idc sui(ui tuim.
There are the two celebrated towers of the |
Imperial city, the Bell tower and the Drum 1
for the protection of their own Interests
and for the furtherance of their own ambitions.
England's assured co-operation,
through the provisions of the LansdowneHayashi
treaty of August 12, 1905, would
make the three nations a triumvirate that
would command the respect of any belligerent
power In China.
From the Bulletin or tbe Metropolitan Museum or
The museum has recently acquired a collection
of pewter, principally of Austrian,
French, Flemish and German make of the
seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries. Of the 180 pieces domestic utensils
predominate, with a few pieces mads
for ecclesiastical ceremonial.
Pewter has been known and used in most
countries of the old world for at least 2.000
years. It was the substitute for silver
and was to be found upon the tables of the
well-to-do classes of the middle ages. Later
tsborti |
. k
Stocks of ; h
:s* Tailored Suits, j>
i K
_ A? Cl.J-i
HLIS, DKiriS, i
gerie Waists
erate Prices. ! I
I b
r I K
flllaf MNAM^ i L
I (
s in Tailor-made Suits, with coats < ects,
in all the newest and most j ?
artment jj
d stripes; swagger full-length
and ladies' sizes; extreme value ; ?
.50 $15.00 Z
{ b
< <
fine broadcloth, lined with fine
reign models, txceptional value T
$29.75 j|
iartment. i
. ' H
< (
< H
I >
pleated, with tucks ?| K (OA 1 >
Value, $21,50.... ;
un. ..$18.00 if
$6.50 j;
h models. Value, ^ j ^ QQ ' f
\ Y
?-?- I >
del; regular $5.00 ^3^95 !!
. ?
e-trimmed fancy models; excep'
I h
<Ci" trie ~
ties; extra quality material; very ; ;
$4.95 : |
t- *.4.--IA.-Xiliii M t L
i r ?" r XT T T T?
GORNS and Bunions that annoy
you permanently re*
x ??-??*
J. J. Georges & Son, Inc^
oc3*-tf 1111 PA. AVE.
is of benefit as a deodorizer, ,
'antiseptic cleansing agent and
preservative. Ask your dentist.
tower. Aa to the casting of th? bell In t^t
former there la this legend: There had be Ml
two unsuccessful attempts and the ltfs of
the founder was threatened In case of A
third failure. His daughter discovered by
occult means that nothing but the blood of
a virgin mingled with the molten metal
would Insure success. So at the next
Ing she sacrificed her life by throwing her*
self Into the molten metal, leaving only
sne shoe behind. The casting was- perfeot;
But when the bell
ov* uvn an wen
horror-stricken as after the heavy boom of
the bell came a low wall as of a girl In
igonj", distinctly saying the word 'hslelt,
shoe. And to this day pople when thejr
hear It say: "There's poor Ko-al's void*
-ailing out for her shoe.' "
Spirit Gave Him Rheumatism
Baltimore Oorr. of tbc Philadelphia Record.
To being haunted by the spirit of IsaM
Winder, the negro murderer, who vm
hanged at Towson last March, and who?e
spiritual adviser he was at the time. Rev.
J. B. Amis, pastor of St. Matthew's Colored
Baptist Church, ascribes his falling health.
The clergyman called on Marshal Fa man
today to obtain a permit for a Sunday
" " j? ao. Yvnin in the marshal's of9ce
he asked permission to examine a number
of photographs of criminals and the
scenes of their crimes which adorned tlM
walls. This was (ranted, and as Amh
caught sight of a picture of Winder he literally
"Fo' de lan's sakes, doan' lemme look at
Jlsh year plxture! It's dat Ike Winder, an'
he's de cause ub mah rheumatic. Dat y?r
ce Winder done ha'nt me ever since dejr
hung him at Towson. Lemme git outer
byah!" and the pastor hobbled on his
crutches to the other side of the room.
"Dish yer ^rheumatl* done caused by
rv mum, no ejL]?wiieu. ne aone come to
ne at night an' run hla col' hands over mah
'ace. an' 1 hear* him breathln' hard, Je?*
is he did dat day at Towson. One night ha
rone and run hla hands over mah (ace. an
t feel jea" like spldah webs, only oo'ser,
in' den he re'ch down and pull every stitch
lb bed clo'a offen me. How did I know
twas Ike Winder? Huhl I ain't bin studyn'
de Scriptures to' nothln'."

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