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| Women's Taffeta
Silk Skirts,
4 >
< > Box and side plait effects. Very full;
X all sizes. Were $13.50. Now
I $8.90.
A* ? is* ^ ^ ,5=* i=?-? ^ ^3 -531 ^ ^3L
TT.T. T. O'. r~r. t. r. r. <. rj-. ' r. ? r. < i . ? r. ?.. ? r. ?
* 24-in. Moire Brevette
| Velutina,
f $1.00.
A very soft and lustrous material for
X costumes; In three shades?navy,
O bronie and prune.
fOur Dres
Y To say that our sales of D
It is not so much the beaul
Our buying was unusually
> The few random items whi
f $1.50 Black Cheviot $1.19
56-lncli All-wool Priestley's Black
X Cheviot. The correct
A weight for separate /t? 4 -g /-v
A skirst or suits. $1.50 *S I I
j. value. For Monday, yd.
| $1.50 Black Voile, $1.25
* A SO-lnch Lupin's Black Voile, with a
A beautiful tine mesh. ^ _
> $1 ">0 value. Note the *k|
<5 width. Special, yard.
? Black Roxana Cloth, 98c.
A 4B-inch All-wool Black Boxana
J Cloth: one of the new. crisp weaves,
A and a good dust shaker.
A Priestley's make. $1.23
value. For Monday, ^OC?
f $1.25 Wo?
^ . 250 All Pure Wool Skirt Pat
and white; full size and shrunken.
I Yc
Hazing at Naval Academy a
Thing of the Past.
There is no more hazing at the Naval
Academy, according to the report of the
boaTd of visitors Just received at the Navy
Department. "It seems evident," says the
board, "so <ar as the Individual member*
of the board have been able to ascertain
from Investigation in many quarters, that
under the new conditions of discipline established
as the result of the abolition of
the single penalty of dismissal for conviction,
and under the very able management
of the present superintendent. Hear Admiral
J. H. Sands, United States navy, and commandant,
Capt. P. Colvocoresses, United
States navy, hazing seems to be absolutely
eliminated; and if the present discipline and
spirit actuating the cadet officers are main
talned it will be exceedingly difficult for it
ever again to obtain any serious foothold;
especially will this be the case if It Is understood
that under these new conditions,
which permit a graduated punishment instead
of the arbitrary and sometimes unjust
one imposed by the law which was
repealed, there be no hopg of either presidential
or congressional Interference with
the penalties imposed."
Olive Drab Colored Targets.
Targets in silhouette representing the human
form will hereafter be useu in small
nmotipo in tKft armw Th? nrdnarire
department has ordered the construction of
a number of these targets. They will be
covered with canvas of a khaki or olive
drab color and will be tested In competition
with the old color used hitherto. It Is
not expected that the scores obtained will
be so satisfactory as those which have
been made In the past, because the new
target Is not so distinct, but It Is considered
to be of positive advantage to have
marksmen become familiar with the modm..
miiitarv uniform destined to be worn
by an enemy in the field. It is essential, for
Instance, that those who shoot shall acquaint
themselves with the appearance of
the olive drab under various conditions of
climate and backgrounds. Much interest
attaches to the results of these tests to see
Just what added difficulties are imposed by
the olive drab dress of the armies of todsy.
The advocate* of the color have Insisted
that the khaki uniform was a contribution
to Invisibility and that the wearer was the
better protected against attack because the
marksman would have more difficulty In
finding his target.
New Scheme of Recruiting.
The Navy Department has hit upon a
novel way of recruiting. The stanch and
trim gunboat Wasp., which has been rev
- * fitted at the Boston navy yard, Is to be
ent up and down the southern rivers In
expectation that the boys and young men
* Lans
p w omer
Taking certain brolk
are some very smart m<
The splendid variety
ipTL* ^ <10y A TI <m\n Anf-Tt r /\^
ii uucire iiu u>c i^hcuuu-j ih
Suits of Plain Gray and
Mixtures, "
Semi-fltting, collarless coat, trimir
k stitched straps and velvet buttons
\ skirt; were $21.50. Special price,
I $11.90
Collarless, semi-fitting back, trii
days ,
I $1.25 Black
| The head of our SiSk D
t here. If taken prompt a
| nounced savings. Includ
OA nSarar /~vf 0^7_5 #* ,
if piwwo ui ?</=iiii
J 50 pieces of Bea
$ T!h5? 5s taodoMbtedly t
s Goods Af
?- i
'ress Goods are breaking the good recc
:v, variety and superior quality of our v
advantageous, and faultless fabrics cot
ch follow demonstrate the economies v
Black Storm Serge, $1.89
56-inch Priestley's Black Cravenette
Storm Serge. Good for separate
coats or tailored suits. /r>f n/\
Regular price, $2.25. JKI rtU
Special, per yard ^
Chiffon Broadcloth, $1.98
62-inch Imported Chiffon Broadcloth
in the well-known make "Dellus;"
all the new season's shades, Including
three beautiful lus- /r>4 An
trous blacks; $2.39 ^1,^0
vaiue. special, yaru...
$1.75 Worsted Suiting, $1.49
56 inches wide; all the wantfd
shades, with invisible ^ a
plaids and stripes. For I 4U
Monday only ^ '
>1 Skirt Patt
terns, in a large assortment of staple d
>ur Choice, 98c. eac
who have a liking for the water through
the use of small boats will be attracted
to the more thrilling sea-going life of a
man-of-wars-man. The Wasp, commanded
by Chief Boatswain Chase, is In Hampton
Roads. She is fully manned, and In her
many- persons living along the rivers will
get their nrst glimpse 01 a navai vessel.
x Baltimore Coming Home.
The cruiser Baltimore, which has been
on the Asiatic station for several months,
has been ordered home for repairs, which
will be made at either the New York or
the Norfolk navy yard.
Acceptance of the California.
The Navy Department has received the
report of the acceptance trial of the California,
and the vessel is regarded as fulfilling
In all respects the departemntal requirements.
The trial speed was 22.26
knots. The Vessel will be shortly placed
in commission and will Join the Pacific
" Launch of the Montana.
The Newport News Shipbuilding Company
has notified the Navy Department
that the armored cruiser Montana will be
launched at the yard of that company December
15, at 8:30 o'clock a.m.
Commended for Courage.
Gen. Duvall, commanding the Department
of the Oulf, has issued a general or- .
der expressing his appreciation T>f the
courage and devotion to duty displayed by
the following-named officers and men during
the hurricane which swept the gulf
coast on September 27, 11)06: Capt. Fred T.
Austin, A. C.; Second Lieut. Lawrence C.
Crawford, A. C.; First Sergt. Gustavo Ungerer,
9th Company. C. A.; Sergt. Frank
Briston. 7th Company, C. A.; Corporal Paul
Draeger, 7th Company. C. A.: Corporal
Mallle Haynes, 9th Company, C. A.; Private
Frank Brown. 7th Company, C. A.;
Private Powell B. Chandley, 7th Company,
C. A.; Private Rancy Urigg, bin Company,
C. A.; Private Oeorge Reld, 7th Company,
C. A.
"These officers and men," says Gen.
Duvall, "manned a boat and after several
hours' effort made a successful trip from
Fort Barrancas to Fort McRee. Fla., and
rescued comrades from a position of (Treat
peril. The boat was In constant danger of
being swamped by the storm and the crew
In Imminent danger of drowning, as no
man could have overcome the force of the
waves had he been thrown Into the sea.
"It Is courage such as this, as well as
bravery in battle, which has made service
In our army one ot honor."
Gen. Humphrey to Remain on Duty.
Brig. Gen. Charles F. Humphrey, quartermaster
general of the army, will not apply
for retirement at this time. He will
continue on duty as quartermaster general
of the army at least until the expiration of
his four-year tour of duty in April next.
It 1b rumored that Gen. Humphrey will be
succeeded by Maj. C. A. Devol as quartermaster.
a member of the general staff now
on duty at the War Department.
Naval Paymaster in Trouble.
1AS3isiani raymaaier vvnuam i. oypner,
United States navy, has been ordered to report
before a naval court-martial at the
Washington navy yard on December 3.
i-'s Tailore
;era Issues from our regular st
?dels, duplicates off which hi
/ of designs, colors hod sizes
: eager takers off these value
Fancy Suits of Diagonal 1
In blue, black and smoked
led with nine-inch semi-fitting coat,
; plaited pockets; satin lining; kilt
J25.00. Special price,
nmed with plaits. Colors: Black, tan,
Peau de So
69c. Pe
* \
?e part mem t reports certaara ?
dvaoitage off, this offer mean
led are:
utiful PF-4U DR C
line best silk offffenmg we hav
>rds of all former seasons does not ad
weaves, but the unexpectedly low pricc
jId not be offered for less.
v'ith which our Dress Goods Departm
$1.19 Broadcloth, 98c.
52-inch All-wool Broadcloth in the
wanted shades, such as wines,-garnets,
greens, browns.
blues, tans, grays and
black; $1.10 value. Special,
Black Broadcloth, $2.75
52 to 56-lncli Black Broadcloth in
both Chiffon and heavy weight; these
Qro niw hput nufllltips which sell
regularly for $3.50 yard; already
sponged and shrunk; made In Belgium.
Germany and ^ ? _
France. Special for
Monday only, yard *?
erns, 98c. |
esigns; blue, red, gray and black $
I $
h. *
X~X~X~X~X"X"X"X~X~X~X*X~X* : >
The charges allege failure of that officer to
settle his accounts to the satisfaction of
the auditor of the Navy Department. The
accused officer was appointed to the navy
pay corps from Louisiana in 1904.
To Improve Naval Fe^onnel.
Naval officers generally are manifesting
great interest In the various propositions to
Increase the efficiency of the personnel of
the navy. Althpugh not meyde public the
general character of the report of the
Newberry board seems to have become
Among the general recommendations of
the board Is the establishment of the grade
of vice admiral, to be filled by commandersin-chief
of the principal commands afloat;
legislation which will permit the retirement
of naval officers after a service of thirty
years, as is the case In the army; the retirement
in the next higher grade of those
officers who pass the professional and fail
to pass the physical examination for promotion.
Naval constructors are not specially affected
by the Newberry report and gain
something by increases m pay tor lengtn i
of service In various grades. The civil engineers
are placed on army pay. The pay
officers' request for Increased rank is not
Army Ordera
Col. John L. Chamberlain, inspector general,
Is relieved from duty in the office of
the Inspector general of the army, and ordered
to San Francisco, Cal., and report .
to the commanding general, Pacific division,
for duty as inspector general of that
Post Commissary Sergt. Jerry B. Machle
has been placed on the retired list on his
own application.
Bv Hlroftlnn nt th? President. First Lieut.
G. Arthur Hadsell, 10th Infantry, is detailed
as captain, Philippine Scouts, vice
First Lieut William B. Graham, 20th Infantry,
recently relieved. Capt. Hadsell Is
assigned to the command of the 3oth Company,
Philippine 8cout8.
First Lieut. J. C. Gregory, assistant surgeon,
has been assigned to ^uty at the
Presidio of Monterey, Cal.
MaJ. Erasmus M. Weaver, general staff,
and Capt. Johnson Hagood, Artillery Corps,
will proceed to Fort Monroe, Va., for the
purpose of consulting with the artillery
board upon matters relating to Are control
and other Important subjects now before
th? board, and UDon the completion of this
dufy will return "to their proper station.
Surrenders Himself to Police.
Hearing that a charge of stealing a few
cenU' worth of cigars and tobacco had been
preferred against him, Charles Grimes, a
resident of Twining City, went to the police
station In Anacostla yesterday afternoon
and surrendered to Sergt. Stevens.
Grimes, who Is eighteen years of age, was
employed at the Lyceum Theater, and
when a theft Involving some cigars and tobacco
was committed, It Is alleged, another
employe blamed him for it. The police act1A
r>Allo tora 1 fnr his nrvn^aranpp In
the Police Court tomorrow.
SIf you want to buy or sell a dogr,
advertise under "Dogrs aitd Pets," &c..
In The Star. One cent a word three
* ** : a_ _ J
a Willis ai
ock gives us the opporturai
aive foeem quickly sold at mu
i in the under=priced assor
Worsteds, I Suits of Blue,
! r l.
gray; twenty- VIII
trimmed with "Prince Chap" j
ed skirt; were plaited skirt; sizes
Special price,
>0 $l<
len's $17.50 Craven
olive aiitl Oxford gray. Rain neither
?ie at 89c.
au de Cygne
iiarpius lines for clearance.
? the securing of beautiful
soft and lustrous fi
it and Evening Sha
'e Ibeemi able to make no a lor
g Unprece
lequately state the case. There must
's we are enabled to make, which accc
ent is brimming over.
Tourist Suitings, $1.(9 |
56-inch New Tourist' Suiting in
grays, both light and dark, with overplaids,
herringbone and
fancy stripe effects; d? -g -g
$1.50 value. Spccial, I I tJ
yard S
,i. . 7~~T
Novelty Suiting, 98c.
56-inch Novelty Suitings and Tourist
Coating In a good range of colors,
with neat plaids and stripes, light
and dark shades; some of /\q
these cloths are worth up
to $1.50 yard. Special, yd. '
27 inches wide; extra heavy,
A material that is now great]
What can you give to father c
by yourself? .
PARKER. BRIDGET & CO. announce
that not even in the most famous shopping
places in Paris will you find richer or more
elegant dress apparel, millinery and accessories
than go to make up the ParkerBridget
stock, and that as the grande coutouriers
of Paris dress the world's royalty,
so does the Parker-Bridget house dress all
those who seek garb of character and cor
rect style, be they intent upon spending a
modest sum or rich enough to be unhampered
by price limitations. This store has
special departments for gowns, wraps,
blouses, millinery, gloves, boas, veilings,
etc., each possessing its own charm of exclusiveness,
whether it be a little Parisian
beaded bag or luxurious furs.
S. KANN, SONS & CO. announce for tomorrow
a sale of both street and evening
coats from a third to a half less than
regular prices. For the woman who has
delayed until the present time to buy her I
coat tomorrow will, Indeed, be a red letter
day. For those who are Interested In
mink furs there will be a big list to select
from, all mink furs being the most desired
kind at present. Feather sets, with
large pillow muffs and long boas of curled
coque, In pretty evening shades, are also
to be offered at prices wonderfully low,
and will prove Ideal for a woman who appreciates
a lovely Christmas gift. For
women who have a fad for nice stationery
and engraving there's an offer of a free
gift of two quires of fine paper, engraved
with Initials or monogram, with plain envelopes
to match, on an order for engraved
cards and plate. Silver trimmings
that were such a feature of the costumes
worn by .fashion leaders at the New York
horse show will be on snJp tomorrow At
very attractive prices. The tide of Christinas
gift hunting has commenced in earnest,
and countless are the suggestions
given in the list of jewelry and toilet table
trinkets advertised by this firm today.
THE PALAIS ROYAL, in preparation
for Christmas, announces a room-making
sale. .Holiday goods are making inroads
on the permanent departments devoted' to
suits and wraps, millinery, dress goods.
trimmings, etc., ana as a consequence,
prices are so very much reduced that tomorrow's
opportunity will doubtless be
embraced by today's reader of the Palais
Royal's page. The "coupon" is to be another
featuro of the coming week. It is announced
that certain artloles are to be offered
at prices so low that the Quantity to
be distributed has to be restricted to the
holder of coupons cut from today's Palais
Royal page. Housekeepers will "bo interested
in the paragraphs devoted to Thanksgiving
day needs. Any one spending a certain
email sum in the basement is to be
presented with a decorated Carlsbad china
salad bowl. Cut glass water seta, wine
sets and other articles are offered: at very
iuw prices tu muse urjugms me cuupun
which will be found in today's advertisement
of this store. "">
JULIUS OARFIXKLE & CO. direct attention
to their line of women's coats and
wraps for all occasions; women's suits of a
variety to meet every fancy, either strictly
tailor-made or more elaborate styles;
dresses made ud of the best imported and
domestic garments; waists in silk, net, chlf
<~x~x~:-x~:-:~x~:~m >x
420=26 Se
9 Through
b Reduced
ty for another special suit=s<
clh SiSglhier prices.
tment assures complete sati
Brown and Black Women's
eviot, Black
acket?rolling collar; 24-inch lenyt
and ilnished i
34 to 44; were $19.50. lined with 1
plait front,
jacket ; all si!
*.9U I 5
ette Rain Coats, All
wets nor spots them. They will keep
? and Messal
Tlhat's the excuse for the ac
materials for street or ev
)IF, of heavy deul
ng time, and yom won't find i
jdented P(
be a good reason for this increased tt
Hints for their great popularity.
$1.50 Venetian Cloth, $1.33
52-inch All-wool Venetian Cloth,
which has a fine twill face and guaranteed
not to wear rough, in the sea- *
son's most fashionable v
shades, including black; g -y -y
positively a $1.50 value. "K I
Special, yard
New Fall Henrietta.
Silk-finished Henrietta: 100 colors,
including red, cream, navy, brown,
Alice, green, old rose, pink,
light blue, nile, reseda, nUr
etc. For tomorrow, yard..
I Robing, 25<
double face, and in twenty-five differ ei
I \r in r1f>nion/l fr^r Katli rnhpc
>r brother that would be more acceptal
fon and hand-made lingerie effects, and
fur pieces in all the latest effects and with
absolute reliability guarantee^ with every
piece. Inspection is invited to a large and
beautiful showing of handkerchiefs, gloves,
veilings, hosiery, belts and neckwear.
J. L. LEVERTON & CO., #he women's exclusive
outer garment store, offers this
r. V. + r\9 tV.A T'nxo
| WCCIV tiuuiiici iclific oiiipiuwu ui (.lie; YCI; i
latest styles in suits and coats just selected ,
in New York. The very latest ideas In !
suits are in this lot. Special mention can
be made of the swell three-quarter coat
suits made with the smart neat effects and
in all correct colors. Also a number of
new styles In the short Jacket effects. Including
the desirable wine, green, brown,
navy and black broadcloths. The coats
received are broadcloths in black and white
and new patterns in tourists mixtures.
Having been bought for less than full
prices, are offered accordingly.
PHIIJPSBORN'S have on display new
hats, gowns, suits and coats adapted from
| tne styles worn at me recent norae snow
In New York. The season's newest modes
that have the stamp of approval of the
best-dressed women of New York.
Recent shipments from their New York
store Include garments with clever Ideas
not heretofore shown In Washington this
season, which will prove of great interest
to all well-groomed women.
All departments now have their bargain
spots, Incomplete lines of very desirable
styles having been reduced in many In-:
stances. Women who understand fine
qualities and appreciate these saving opportunities
will find much to Interest them
at this store tomorrow.
.tmittki & wiutmuku can anenuon 10
their collection of meritorious goods in
jewelry, silverware, stationery, etc. With
Thanksgiving in the immediate foreground
a special feature la made of carving sets in
which originality of destgn combines with
merit of quality. The stock embraces sets
of two pieces for game and sets up to
seven pieces that Include all carving necessities.
FAMILY SHOE STORE extends Thanksgiving
wishes to the public and. reminds
those Invited out to dinner not to go in
shabby shoes. This house carries, in addition
to a full stock of footwear suitable
for all occasions at economical prices, a
complete variety of fancy hosiery and slippers
for gentlewomen at lowest known
LANSBURGH ? BRO. announce another
special suit selling event as a result of
taking certain broken Hnes from their regular
stock. These include some very smart
models, duplicates of which have been
quickly sold at ipuch higher prices. Another
feature of the coming week will be collartess,
semi-fitting cravenette raincoats in
DiacK, lan, ouve ana oxiura ($ray. xney
will keep the wearer dry in rainy weather .
and warm on cold days, and are being offered
at unusually attractive prices. In the
silk department bargains will be offered in
a full variety of street and evening shades,
while in the sections devoted to genera)
dress goods, imported and domestic, the
economical woman who dresses well on a
small income because she makes her own
dresses will And treasures in broadcloths,
cheviots, serges, tourist suitings, Venetian
cloth and a thousand and one new weaves
for home and evening wear.
I MAYER & CO. are continuing their sale
* of the latest pattern MoDougali kitchen
******* * *******************4
venth St.
to 8th St. '
Prices, w!
jSSing event. Included
isfactsom to every early
Suits of Navy Blue, Worn
and Brown Cheviot, fi
h jacket, trimmed with straps 24-incii
vith narrow silk braid. Jacket ' , ?
taffeta. Full skirt: inverted '
trimmed to correspond with taffeta
:es. Were $2.1.00. Special, All siz
i 19.75
you dry on rainy days: will keep you
i a a rv ^
line at 4yc. %
ute reduction announced $
ening costumes at pro= |
)le=faced quality. |
4 '
. _ . . *
a Full Variety of =*
its dm plicate.
)pularity j
ade, and there is.
New Pall Prunella, 98c. |
A Rood, sturdy fabric; all colors, '.w
including the new dregs of wine,
blue and green; all wool; $
44 inches wide; nice for ;
Eton dresses. Tomorrow...
New Plaids, 49c.
Fifteen Scotch Clans, most beauti- $
fui color combinations, a f-k A/
These go on sale tomorrow 4VC
at nor rnril
?*? ? *"- J"*"
42-inch Batiste, 39c. f
Think of it; 42-inch All-wool Ba- T
tiste, in cream, Alice, navy, brown, ;'<?
green. baby blue, tan, v/'v
etc. Worth 59c.; a big
bargain at, per yard
yard. I
nt designs of plaids, checks and
ble than a serviceable robe made ^
cabinets, which was such a success last
week. The window demonstration showing
the convenience of this almost indispensable
adjunct to tue kitchen has attracted
admiring crowds of passers-by, many of
whom have been so impressed as to become
purchasers with no further question. New
arrivals are reported in the various departments
devoted to floor coverings, curtains,
draperies, etc., and a? this house
is established on a credit bases it appeals
to many people who would not otherwise be
able to so snugly furnish their homes.
THE BON MAROHE reports the arrival
of a new lot of stylish gray checked tourist
coats In both loose and tight fitting
styles. These are bargains both in quality
and price, and the same may be said of Jin
assortment of high-grade suits of the season's
latest modes. Another specialty of
great value to the mother of little ones Is a
desirable line of sample coals lor cnuaren.
HOUSE & HERRMANN are prepared to
remedy aH shortcomings in the homes of
those who Intend to entertain on Thanksgiving
day. Those who need new dinner
sets will find many beautiful patterns In
* *?J J * ?J?? ? tklnn <n Vln haOA.
impuneu uuu aiiici nan vuhib ?? whuu
m^nt, while the various upper floors are devoted
to an endless stock of furniture that
ranges in variety from the simplest patterns
to massive pieces worthy ot the most
Imposing home.
Meeting of Subordinate Lodges for
Business and Pleasure.
Minnehaha Lodge, No. 1. International
nt r.nnfl Tpmnlarn. met in Pythian
Temple, 1012 9th street northwest, Tuesday
evening. Visitors were present from Perseverance
Lodge, No. 2. Routine business
was transacted, some special committee appointments
were made, and the exercises
in commemoration of the forty-first anniversary
were postponed to Tuesday evening,
the 27th instant, when an open session will
be held. Representation in the Grand
Lodge was provided for by the election, as
delegates, of Messrs. Howard Radcllffe,
Jesse Tull and William A.^Ridgely. as al
ternates, Miss Katnerine w nucorau, jure.
Carrie Smith and S. W. Russell.
Excelsior Lodge, No. 21, International
Order of Good Templars, met In Elks' Hall,
JKfci Pennsylvania avenue northwest, Wednesday
evening. Mrs. J. 8. Freeman, chief
templar, called the meeting to order, spoke
words of welcome to visitors who were
present from Minnehaha, Perseverance and
Fidelity lodges; conducted the business
routine, announced her committees for the
new quarter and then declared an open
session, appointing Mrs. "Elliott as charman
to crfnduct the literary and musical entertainment.
The program Included instrumental solos
by Miss Margaret Berger; an address of
welcome to outside friends by the chair; a
temperance reading by Mr. I. L. Corby;
remarks on the anniversary and a recital
by Mr. S. W. Russell; a solo by Miss Alice
Frasier; humorous recital by Miss Nina
Higdon; remarks and recital by Mr. H.
Henderson; a vocal duet by the Misses
Berger and Lad an; a solo by Mr. Charles
Fisher; a dramatic recital Dy mr. reunmii i
and addresses by Messrs. Foster and Go- |
forth. Refreshments were served. I
A meeting was held in Melford Hall, 8th I
and I streets northeast, Thursday evening I
4- < '
Store Closed
rhanksgiving Day. ;
...... . .. p
Our Weekly Bargain Day, I \
rednesday, Nov. 28. I
itch for Tuesday Night's |
Papers. |
There'll Be Some Big |
Surprises. |
en's Suits of Navy Blue, $
Hack and Brown Cheviot,
I length, close-fitting jacket, trim- X
rith straps and buttons; lined with y
silk. Full skirt, plaited in clusters. Y
es. Were fcK).r>0. Special; A
$23.75 [
warm on cold $12.50 |
Women's |
Walking Skirts
In TJlua a riil Dln/>lr Donomn Plifiirlnt . >
and Thibet cloth, side and box plait Y
effects. Waist measure?, 24 to 3?t. X
Value, $6.5)8. Special, X
$4.59. !
24=inrh Velveteen fnr X
Costumes and Wraps. ?
Shades: Myrtle, tobnc, golden if
brown, gray, cardinal, garnet and ?
black; money's worth If bought at 'j*
$1.00. Here at X
69c. I
50 Engraved Cards $
from Copper Plate,
69c !
Now Is the time to plsce orders for A
Christmas?vnn r?r?f a??k- *
better results, but you save yourself >
thr anxiety lest the order be not exe- y
cuted In time. v y
Reprint from plates, M raids, 20c. X
ri. . i
For the Sewing %
Basket. *
- - Z
5-yard piece of Silk and Wool X
Braids; ail colors; piece..". 7c , ,
Skirt Gauges; the best kind; each.22c
Clinton Safety Pins; all sizes; 3 ?
dozen for 10c ? ?
Crowley's Gold-eye Needles; a
paper 3c '
Machine Needles; all numbers; 2
papers for .V
Asbestos Iron Holders; each.. 3c jr
Solid Steel Scissors; all size*, 3V6 J *
to tl inches ?2c ( (
Cling Socket Fasteners; black X
and white; dozen 7c J,
Warren's Silk Featherbone; black <a?
nn,1 ?.1.ua. "
auu wimc, 1>C **
Tomato Pin Cushions; each 5c &
Kodel Hooks and Kyes; black and y
white; card 3c y
under the auspices of the Grand Lodge,
International Order of Good Templars, to
promote a plan for a more thorough organization
of the order in that section. The
meeting was called to order by the gtand
??- T T 1 1 -?
tiuci, mi. x. u. v^ui uy, anu ujKfimi Will)
devotional exercises. Mr. S. W. Russell,
chairman of the Grand Lodge public meeting
committee, was then called to the chair.
In a brief address he explained the special
purposes of the meeting and the preparations
. that had been made for It; remarked
upon the history and achievements
of the order. Its birth In Utlca, N. Y., In
1851; its introduction In Canada some three
years later; its planting in England in 18H7,
and its rapid growth in both hemisphere*,
stating that it was started in the District
of Columbia by the Institution of Minnehaha
Lodge on the evening of the 21!d of
November, 1865. Alluding to the educa
^? u~ I , m
nun ai iriiiutcs ui inc uiuci 110 spunr ui
its well-equipped publishing house in Independence,
Wis., and of a yet larger one in
London, England, and the publication of
temperance periodicals by very many
Grand Lodge jurisdictions. Readings from
current numbers of several of these organs
were given which received close attention.
Readings were given by Mrs. Evelyn Gilbert.
Miss Laura Bryson and Messrs. McCaliion
and Gilbert. Addresses were given
by Mrs. A. H. Frear, Mrs. Gilbert and
Messrs. Frear, Lee, Westdal, Tull, Henry
Smith, Corby and George Lawrence. Several
gospel temperance songs were sung
and entertaining vocal and Instrumental
selections were given by Mrs. Carrie Smith
and Miss Brlcker. Mrs. Frear, pianist, led
in the congregational song service.
CHICAGO, November 24. ? The annexation
of Canada, tentatively, and the establishment*
of reciprocal trade relations
with a removal of all tariff duties with the
British dominion, specifically, Is the purpose
of an organization to be known as the
British Association of Illinois, which was
perfected here Thursday ni^ht.
for Children and Invalid*.
Scarlet fever la unknown la countries
where cow's milk la not need as food;
hence milk from Insanitary atsblea may
contain the poison causing It.
Milk la also known to bars earned
epidemics of
A simple precaution consists 1b
aim scalding It will not affect Its
digestibility. After scalding keep cool.
and corered.
A regular diet for children on coomills
? <n>A.I?Kl?
VTIUCU UiliB U> lil?ui>aau?v>
^ E. BERLINER. See'y.
We ftroc a stringent taw prolilhlrln:
tbe ulf, or dm In lea cream, of rfu>
CREAM not paatenrlaed.
aqp a.g

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