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^The World
Declines in the Stock Market
j Not Easy to Explain.
Commerce Commission's Statement
Taken Into Account.
Influenced by Legal Proceedings in
Minnesota?Big Gain Expected in |
Tomorrow's Bank Statement.
fperlal T>!?iiat< h to The Star.
iS'KW YORK, January 23.?A superficial
?xp!;ui;ition of the declines in today's stock
market was found In the transmission to
I'onsri-ss of the report of the Interstate
commoiTf commission ot its Investigation
of the relations between the railway lines
unil the bituminous coal industry.
As a matter of fact, the report set forth
lit 11 nothing that has not been exploited
before in addition, many stocks showed a
Kreiiti r degree of weakness than those diTectl.x
concerned with the findings of the
Interstate commerce commission, and furthermore
the market was weak long before
I hen- was any general information as to
the iittiire of the Interstate commerce comvnl.ss'on's
however, being the most tangible
feature of the day's situation, it was hit
upon as accounting for the general course
of pr i es. On the other hand, except In the
..I* n inHivMnut securities. It was
dittl. It to assign any specific reasons of
novrlty for the market's course.
Givat Northern preferred showed exception^
weakness, and In that Instance the
deelltappeared to have some connection
witli tho Institution of proceedings by the
wttoVnry jff-neral of the state of Minnesota
aga'hsl tlK> St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba
railroad, the parent company of the
Groat Northern, to show cause why its
charter should not be revoked. The groundwork
of the complaint of Minnesota's active
attorney general was not clearly stated.
Losses in Railway List.
Other railway stocks which showed round
losses ,tt one time or another during the
day ?, re Erie issues, Pennsylvania, Atchi?on.
St. Paul, Southern Pacific, I'nlon Pacific
Heading, Kouisvllle and Nashville,
Southern Railway preferrftl and Canadian
Pacific. The last named, indeed, was exceptionally
weak, and fully satisfactory explanations
for Its particular course were not
The report of the Interstate commerce
commlsston upon the general conditions in
the bUiujntppus coal trade could hardly be
Instanced in connection with the dealings In
the ftidujtriill and miscellaneous issues,
will' b exhibited, however, the same tendencies
tfliich were apparent in the railway
list The I'nlted States Steel stocks showed
ren.wtii pressure. Amalgamated -Copper
n*ojIr althmio'ii ealAq nf enn
per metal were reported as high as 26 cents
a pound. and there was a violent downward
plunge 4?i Virginia coal, coke and iron. Elsewhere
in this group declines of one point
ami uver were common. The local traction
shares were a'so heavy.
Tluj-rpKeJiminary estimates of the principal
movements in currency during the week
pointed to a gain by the banks of something
under Sti.ooO.IWO. of which about tW per cent
*a> derived through their operations with
the subtreasury. Thf banks' gain in cash
this, week stands out in strong contrast
with thai reported for the same period of
las: week, and should there be a further
large expansion of the loan account there
would not he much left for the augmentation
vt surplus resources.
New York Stock Market.
Fum1?tied by \V. 3. Hlbbs & Co., bankers
nd r>r<>Ker?. 141'J t street, memoers ixew
^ork stock exchange, Washington stock exchange
and Chicago board of trade.
Open. nigh. isnn. J:4S
/rm1t#in?te<ir(?pper.. ? l'SJi 115% 113",
>m C?r .k F nnndry. 14 44 4Sy, 4^;-,
/tr Car A. Foundry,pfd- ....
> m. ire-eoirltles 8f>% 85% 85% ( o1^
/ mt ili su '.ocomotive... 73 ",3 72% ~.zy%
Jlniiilctn uit<v.pH -
American .-meltiny 149 149 147'^ 147%
Jkmetfrnh r-meltinsf.Dfi.. 110 116 llfi 118
Amfricmi >nu?r 132% 132% lsl1^ 131%
American 'lobacco, pfl
Arneon'1a _... *81% 2S4% i81 282
AUh., Top. & f. F_ 104% 1C4% 103% 104
Atrb., lop. A St. F.,pM
At'eDlM- lca.<t Line- 126%
PaJt.moreA Ohio 117% 117!, llrt% 117
IrooklviiKapldTranilt- 77% 77% 76% 77
t intduu J'aclflc. 1845-4 1X4'4 182 182%
t. C. A St. L., 90 SO 88 88
t mini l eather.. 88 S8 37% 87
lentr?l leather, ptd.__
Ctmral Ry.ofN.J__._
tlm*T< ate A Obio...__ 51% 51% 61% 61K
t fcit ?*o i >re?t Western- I6V4 lti'{ ir?^ I6S4
ib).. Mil. & sl r?ui? 1?54 150% h8>4 m?i
C. AN. \v._ 189 189% 1? 189
Ifcl.Yrr <t T. Trust, pfi.
t olondo Fuel A iron? W? 62% 61% 62
IcloiaduMiutbern ? 86>? 36% S6Vi 88>f
Cocti li>!iileU Umi ? - __~
Ccn I'Tdfliu-U 24% 24% 24% 24%
fe rn I'Todticta, pfd._ 87 87>4 87 87%
Sel?? ere i Huilion -16 -16 212 212
4 Riou".Rr~?~ '<w% '?% mi 'ii%
X/Ullller?' recurllles. 71% 71J4 71>i
J rlf.rnnnioB ?-._ 40 40 39% 39%
trie, lit plil 73% 73% 73'4 <3v4
I rle, .<1 l td 63S ?3% 63 6:i
fcrneial fcWtrlc 161% 161% 159% 159%
Ciret Northern, pfd..._ 17S 173 171 171
(in tin-t opper 81% 31% 31% 31 ^
Crmt Nor. Ore, Ct?...... 7tti "8'i 7V1,, 77s,
lllitt la Central 16% 16j '4 166% 16ii'/+
Jnterluro Met 17V% S7^# 37 ?7%
iBteitoro Met., pfd 74 'A 73 73Vg
International l'aper - .?...
iDtrrnaitonal llimp
K*B**s?1ty i-outuerii
K r*.'- t Ity ."-o., pfd
J.vulfcville dt Nashville.... 18B 139 138 138
Manhattan Elevated 148 143 142K 14-'H
II ex iteu Central 'if'
Jj?.. Kan. A lex., com. m-t S8V? ?-,y. jt%
Mii., Kid.iI Tex., pM. TO^i ',(}<. -,oy. 7rrt?
Mlmi.url l'acltlc_.?_ H71: 87*
hatloual Laad ~ 70* 'oh 70* 70*
Kf v \?.2 S'V.trtl > ? l-N
fc. ^ Out. & ^ wl?nL.? m ^
Norfolk A. Western _ h8 89~87Wi 87V*
>"rti"-rn P?c,Hc IMS 156)4 1M 1MH
Jac .tii Mall.-teamshlp... 87* s;*? b7!4 8
FiDUfjrhanlaK.lt 18Mi JS6H 184H 1M*
rto^lri i,aa of Chicago. 8.'^ VJ\. ?8?. 17s
FritstdrtaelCar ? ", m?
yail? a>- Meel Springs.? 54* 68* &!'*
'28H 1287. 127>1 12%
t?l Iibllc frWel <% Iron.. y) 88 8?',-: s"'}?
**|\ t'ttlA iron, pM... 98 y8 B8 ?8
keel Island, common.. /7 /7 28* asu
kock Inland t>fd 80 80 80 do
Ho?a->heftiela Meel. 78 73 78 78
"?Z?-&X~- *? ^ ?*
? ?* ** ?*
fmtbein K?ilway ?* jgu "i#/,
fcuberti KUlwajpfd... 8T% 87% 86?^
Tcuu. Coal A Iron
1 ri?? Pacific 34 34 "ji"~ "?i~
Toledo, bt. L. A w__._
Toledo ? I. A W, pfO. MH 6*H ?H MS
I niou Factflc 176* 17&H 174^ 174%
I nlon Pacific, pfd
I nlted Mates Rubber
V. p. l ubber, pid
Caltetf - UMI <U?I 47*4 47% "?g?z
V. ?. M??L ?M_. 106* 106* 106 106?
\ a. 1 nr. Chemical Co S6 86 86 86
?"?b"*?Ta \iy. 17^
*aba?h,i>M 86 -34% 84*
V ttti-ro Culon_. 84 84 84 * 84
V focoDsiu C eulral ... , , ,. _ .
V Ik unalu Central, pfd. 47 47 ?* "wl 47
V io,rzi Uuo<la.?..._ ..nl [
b- suk
ABifriran Tobacco 4"?._ 73% 7?% TV/. 79*
Con. Tob. 4*? .
Ko?k Itland 4'a_ _
f" ' -.... ii.
i n'ltwl tetate*" teeiVsZ Ml ii#J4 ~v?\
V ibuh IwU ?' _ -
Closing Quotations.
At tltt close of the stock market the following
stocks had changed In price since
above quotations, there being no change In
balance of the cio:ing prices:
Amalgamated Copper, 113%.
American Car and Foundry, 43%.
and Trade
American Car a,nd Foundry, pfd., 102.
American Smi-lting. 147.
Anaconda. -HO.
Atchison. Top. & Santa Fe, 103'j.
Atlantic Coast Line, l'-UV
Baltimore and Ohio, llSTi.
Brooklyn Rapid Transit,' 7tt??.
Canadiaji Pacific. 181.
Central Leather, 37.
Chicago, Mil. and St. Paul, 140^.
Chicago and Northwestern, 18H.
Colorado Fuel and Iron, 51%.
Consolidated Gas. 135.
Corn Products, pfd.,
Denver and Rio Grande, S7%.
Distillers' Securities, 71%.
Krie, common.
Great Northern, pfd.. 188.
Great Northern ore., 77'/^.
Interboro Metropolitan. 37^.
Kansas City Southern. 27*4.
Mo., Kansas & Texas, com., 37V?Missouri
Paciflc, 87^i.
New York Central. 12S%.
N. Y., Ontario & West., 45}i.
Northern Paciflr. loa.
Pennsylvania R. R., 134%.
People s Gas of Chicago, 9?V?.
Railway Steel Spring Co.. 54.
Reading. 127.
Republic Steel & Iron, 37%.
Southern Pacitkv 113*4.
Toledo St. Ix>uis and Western. ;?!.
I'nlon Paciflc, .17KH.
I'nited 8tates Steel, 46!4*.
I'nlted States Steel, pfd., 106Va.
Wabash preferred. 34*?.
NEW YORK, January 25.?The cotton
market opened steady at unchanged prices
to an advance of one point, but eased off to
a net decline of four and five points during
the early session under realizing and a little
selling attracted oy disappointing caoies
and private advices from Liverpool reporting
a slower demand from spinners. Trading
was very quiet on the decline, and the
market during the middle of the morning
steadied up a point or two from the lowest,
but showed no fresh feature and no improvement
in the volume of business.
The market continued quiet late in the
forenoon, but showed a steadier tone, and
at midday was about one to two points net
higher on covering of shorts ahd a renewal
of the support noted earlier In the week.
Spot, quiet: middling uplands, 11.00; middling
gulf. 11.25.
Estimated receipts at the ports today,
48 000 bales against 51,36S Ja?t week and
23,728 last "year. For the ijf^ek, 300,000
uairs aBdlllSL itiO.lt! 1U9L WITR mill lll.inu
last year. Today's receipts at New Orleans.
T,i>8S bales against 3,420 last year,
and at Houston 17,266 bales against 4,302
last year.
Today's Cotton Summary.
Fnrnlshpd br Dick Bros. * Co.. 1412 H ?t. n.w.
I'booea Main 0440-8441.
Open. High. Low. 2:00 D.a.
January 8.84 9.34 0.32 9.32
Mnrnh Q ifi o _io o An Oifi
May 9.5?i. 0.58 9.52 9.57
July 9.63 9.?4 9.38 9.83
October #.04 9.75 9.IH 9.73
Oneu. High. Low. t .00 n.m.
January 10.31 10.20 10.20 10.20
March 10.19 10.24 10.19 10 20
May 10.2:t 10. U lp.21 10.24
July 10.31 10.31 10.31 10.31
Octo?>er 9.8# 9.89 9.89 9.89
Januarv ......... 9.32
March : .' 9.44
May 9.53
July ... 9.00
October '. . 9.72
January V 10.20
March 10.21
Maj 10.22
Julj 10.31 ?
Liverpool Cotton.
LIPERPPOL, -January 2T?.?Cotton?Spot,
quiet: prices unchanged; American middling
fair, 0.70: good middling. 0.22; middling,
5.U0; low middling. 5.64; good ordinary,
5.24; ordinary, 5.00. The sales of the day
were 7/XJO bales, of which 500. were for.
speculation and export and included 6.000
American. Receipts, 24,000 bales, including
16.10O American. Futures opened and
closed steady: American middling g. o. c,
January. 5.55: January and February. 8.54%;
r euruary anu Jiarcn, Aiarcn ana
April, 5.414s: April aud May, 5.4U; May and
June, 5.4S: June and July, 5.47: July and
August. 5.454: August and September, 530;
September and October, 5.35%: October and
November, 5.3'J; November and December,
CHICAGO, January 25.?Wheat today
opened active and strong. Commission
houses and shorts were good buyers, but
oirenngs were light. The receipts In the
northwest were still very small, and cables
reported as firmer. There was much less
selling for profit than 011 yesterday. May
opened Ha1,^ to Vaa% higher, at 7~ to 79Vi.
and sold at 78}?a7?V
May corn opened at 46 to 4Cft and sold at
May oats opened at aSSgaSS'.i and sold at
May provisions opened dull, pork at 10.33,
lard at 9.50 and ribs at U.15.
Because of profit taking wheat prices
cased off somewhat at the *nd of the first
hour. May declining to 78^?. A rally soon
took place and for the remainder of the
day prices held firm. The close was strong,
with May Ha1,2 higher, at 79.
Corn?Prices eased off ou selling by cash
houses and longs. May selling down to 45%.
j ne close was easy with May oil at
Grain and Provisions Summary.
CHICAGO, January 25.?Grain:
Open. High. I<o*r. Close.
Wheat-May 78 78% 78% 79
July 78% 78\ 78% 78*
C?rn-May 4# 46% 45% 45%
July 45% 45% 46% 45%
Oats-May 38% 38% 38% 88%
July 85% 85% 36% 35%
CHICAGO, January 25.?Provisions:
Open. High. Low. Close.
Pork-May ltt.UU 16.& 10.52 16.65
Lard-May........ 0.50 8.02 8.50 U.60
July .... 8.00 8.05 9.57 9.05
RIIm?Ms* O in O'tA O 1*C CI OT
July". I 5.25 i).8T 5.28 5.37
Special Dispatch to The 8tar.
BALTIMORE. Md., January 25.?WHEAT?
Quiet; aput. contract, 78Via7S%; apot, No. 2 red
western. N0aMA4, January, IS^a.8%; February,
78\a7S%; March. 7W,a7t?Vjj May, 8lVi; ateamer
No. 2 red. 73a73Vi; recelpta, 2,041 buabeU; southern
on rrarie. 7:la7H1^.
CORN?Kaaier; apot. 49%a49H; January, 49%a
41?V>; February, 4t*s,a4#%: March, 4t?*a+tt',; May,
004: ateamer mixed. 47%a47M; recelpta, 105.SOS
kltyhaU ' AVnnl.1. IrtV flW kn.h.l. .1 ' -
.. .. , ^.r,. ,V| .ua,w> UIIWH Ht, avutunu wane
corn. 48%aS0'?: southern Yellow corn, 47%a49!4OATH?Firm;
No. 2 white, 43a43S; No. 3 white,
42^a42%; No. 2 mixed, 40%a41; receipts, 21,185
RYE?Steady; No. 2 western, domestic, T0?71;
choice, 75*70; receipts. 372 bushels.
HAY?Firm. urn-hanged.
GRAIN FREIGHTS?Quiet; steam to Liverpool,
per bushel, unchanged; Cork for orders, per quarter.
unchanged. ^
Furnished by B. R. Chapman It Co. (O. B. Chipman.
manager), members New lork stock exchange,
1801 F at. n.w.
Open. Hlzh. Low. Close.
Butte Coalition 37'4 37V* 37% 37%
British Col. Copper 10% 12 10% llu
Chicago Subway 40% 40% 40% *40%
Cumberland Ely 12% 12% 12% 12%
I>ominton Copper (new) 7 7% 1 7%
Ely Consolidated 2% 2% 2% 2%
Greene-Cananea 23% 22% 22% 22*
(I rtM>no I 'nuiver *> *lt*Z ot CT "
? " w?7? 01-/4 OI ya
lireene Gold 2 2 2 2
Greene Gold-HllTer 2 2 1% 2
Mirmar Gold H'4 6Vi #U (ju
Mitchell Mining S# ft<? 5U B<2
NfT*d? Smelt. & Minn. &'-? &V? 4T4 5
Nev?<l? l't?h 4% 4% 4% 4%
Trinity Copper 42 42 38% 39 2
lolled Copper.. 73% 73% 72? 73*
LONDON. January 'JR.?Bullion amount:-r.g
to ?90.000 waa taken into the Bank of
Kngland on balance today.
PAUI8. January 25.--Thre? per cent
rentes. ?4 francs 40 centimes for the account.
Exchange on Lonflon, 25 francs 22ft centimes
for checks.
BERLIN. January 25.?Exchange on London.
20 marks 51 pfennigs for checks.
Discount rates?Short bills, 4V4 per cent:
three months' brtta, 4%' per Mai.
local rnrAjrciAL mews.
What Interested the brokers who attended
today the meeting of the Stock -exchange
waa what occurred -Then the atock
of the Second National Bank was called.
There were only a fey of them that took
any part In the trading, but all were interested
spectators of what was done. In fact,
there seemed to be something so - vel
about the character of the trading that
every one appeared to be anxious to find
out what was its meaning.
It was quite evident very few had any
Idea of what was going on, and those who 1
i made the transactions were, with one exception.
the same who have for the past
. day or two. been b.Uding n <he stock. The
largest buyer today, and he secured something
like fifty shares, and paid the highest
price, namely 1S3, had not prevlou3iy taken
? Aam In thla POlir
?*?/ )>ai t iu miak n?ks wv hw ??
Yesterday only one lot of this stock, conslstlnc
of ten shares, was sold, and the 1
price paid for that was 151, and at the
close the bid was ISO and the asking price
152. Attention was first called to this stock
by what took place at the meeting of the
board on Tuesday last, when fifty shares
in ten-share lots sold on a range of from
149% to 150. Previous 'to that time the
bid had ranged several points below 150,
and the asking price was about on that ,
1 level, and then the stock, as Is the case gen|
erally with those on the bank list, did not
"6 u?0 IIIUV.II 111 kite UMtljr %A uitwu v ? *? ??
On Tuesday, however, there appeared to
be quite a market for it, and at that
time the idea among the brokers seemed
to be that quite a block of It wag likely
to come on the market soon, and the alleged
purpose was to make preparation
for It favorable to the prospective sellers.
Today, however, the same brokers were j
prominent In It until the close, when an- \
other broker stepped in and took several of ;
the blocks. The range of the selling to- j
day was from 150H to 153, and a block of j
thirty shares, ttys only transaction omer
than ten-share lots was sold for 133. The
total sales reached eighty shares. At the
close the bid was 132% and the asking
price 133%.
The balance of the list did not Attract
much attention. All the Mitchell mining
stotk that was for sale at 5% way taken,
amounting to 600 shares in all. and then
the bid was on that level and the asking 1
price an eighth of a point in advance. ^ j
There was some trading in the bonds of
ti? nr..ki * i >n,.. ??/i rv,m
Hie T* aoniiigiuu ivannaj aiiu vuvouav w?
pany on the recent level, which is 85Vi and
85<4. and fifty shares of the common stock ,
was bought at 40% by a broker, who sold
an option at 40%. ;
In connection with the revival of the ru-'
mor of the resignation of Mr. Loeb as private
secretary of the President is heard .
the talk in local financial circles that He '
has been offered the position of president of 1
the Washington Railway and Electric Company.
As the voting trust Is dissolved next June .
the stockholders will thin have a chance to
express themselves on the question of offl- 1
cers as well as on others which-come within 1
the powers of the holders of stock In such ]
Until that tlmo the choice of officers, as
well as matters, are decided by those holding
the stock in trust. 1
iuuay a uuvermueuv ivctcipto. i
National bank notes received today for 1
redemption, $1,390,015; government receipts I
from Internal revenue, $709,760; customs, '
$925,535; miscellaneous, $63,002; expenditures,
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales.?Regular call, 12 o'clock noon-Washington
Rwy. and Elec. com., 50 at (buyer 60J, 30 at
, 1
IVanhlnvton Rtrr and FW nf<l KH fit fiA
at 85%, 11 at 86.
Washington Gas, 25 at 56%. ^
Mitchell Mining, 100 at 5%, 100 at 5%, 100 at .
5%. 100 at 5%. 100 at 5%, 100 at 5%.
Second National Bank. 10 at 150%, 10 at 151%,
10 at 152, 10 at 152. 10 at 153, 50 at 153. 1
Washington Title, 100 at 0. .
Southern I'ublic Service Gorp, 10 at 114, 10 at *
114, 10 at 114. *
After call?Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s, $1,000
at 85Mi. $1,000 at 85**, $1,000 at 85%, $1,000 at
85'i. $1,000 at 85%, $1,000 at 85%, $1,000 at 85%, 1
$1,000 at 85%.
Mitchell Mining. 100 at 5%. ,
Capital Traction, 3 at 143. !
? District of Columbia 3.65s, $450 at 115. * * <
Bid. Asked. .
Washington Gas 4s 103 104
Washington Gas cert. Gs 112 115 *
Capital Traction 4s 104% 107 *
Anacostla and Potomac 5s 101% ..... 1
City and Suburban 5s 101 1
Columbia 5s 104% 105%
Columbia 6s 110 111
Metropolitan 5s 112% 115 1
Metropolitan 0s. B... 100 103 j
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s S5% 85% j
U. S. Eleo. Lt. deb. 6s 100 101% f
V. S. Elec. Lt. cert. 6s 101 ;
Potomac Electric Light 5s 103% ..... c
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5s 106 107 I
('hMflnpake and Potomac Tel. 5s.. 1045& 105U ?
Washington Market Os 100 8
Capital Traction 142 143
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.... 40 40^4
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd.... 85% 85%
Nor. aud Wash. Steamboat 275 200
Washington Gas 1 ~..... 5*5% 57
Georgetown Gas 00 70
Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone 51% 58 ?
Mergenthaler Linotype 200% 202%
Lauston Monotype 13%? 13%
Greene Copper 30% SlU
Mitchell 5% 5%
imAlnan - ?
nuin ivau. A (J ?.
Capita! 205 226
Central 370 400
City 141 145 I
Columbia 300 325 ?
Commercial. 20H 215 (
Farmers and Mechanics' 310 326 ,
Lincoln 130 141 *
Metropolitan...* 319 335 J
Rlggs 000 650 Second
152',4 153'i
Traders' 150 200 ,
Washington 590 ..... *
American Security and Trust 270 280 J
National Safe 190 ]
Union Trust 137 13914 i
Wo.klnfftnn I Aan ami Trust Olrt Old
Union Trust Warrants 81 34 '
Honif Sayings 275 (
Union Barings 200
Washington Exchange 125
Arlington SO 80
Columbia 10 11
Commercial 0 I
Corcoran 74
Firemen's 22 23
Franklin 50
German American 300 ..... 1
Metropolitan 60 100
National Union 714 .....
People's 0 6%
Potomac 28 80
Kiggi 8 t
Colombia V/k 5
Ueal Estate 85 100
Washington 5(4 8
S. P. Serrlce Corp 113V4 114%
Graphophone com 42 ? 45
Grapbopbone ptd 82 86
Security Storage 155 200
Realty Appraisal Agency 20% 20%
Washington Market 20
Fidelity Storage 117%
London Closing Stocks.
L.IWUUN, January ra, * p.m.
Consols for money 86 15-16 4
Consols for account 87 1-16 1
Anaconda 14% t
Atchison 107% 1
Atchison pfd 104 t
Baltimore and Ohio 120V6 .
Canadian Pacific 189
Chesapeake and Ohio - 53%
I Chicago Great Western 17% ?
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul..., 155 :
De Beers 27% J
Denver and Rio Grande 40 4
Denver and Rio Grande nfd t Kill l
Erie................. .?:T................ ids
Erie 1st pfd 75Vi
Erie 2d pfd 60
lllluols Central 171
Louisville and Nashville 148 ,
Missouri. Kansas and Texaa 39%
New York Central 134
Norfolk and Western 90 ?
Norfolk and Western pfd SO
Ontario and Western 46
Pennsylvania 09M
Kand Mines 714
Beading. 86tf
Southern Railway 29%
Southern Hallway pfd 61
Hmilharn PaolAo
Union Pacific
I'nlon PaclBc p(d 95
rnltrd Stain Steel 48%
tutted State* Steel pfd .... 100% ;
Waliaah 18
Wabaab pfd 36 <
Spanlabitf oura U5H <
Bar ailrer. firm. 31%d. per ouuce.
Money. 4Vfca4% per rent. i
The rate of discount in the open market for abort <
bills la 4% per cent.
Tbe rate or ui?rount in the open market for three- mootii*
bills is 4% per cent. ]
The Agricultural Bill.
The House today began consideration of
the agricultural appropriation bill, no '
time being fixed for the cloaa of general i
Special Dispatch to The Star. *
NEW YORK, January 25.?A slight Hurry
in call money rates today would not surprise
some of the most active speculative
Interests In the stock market, but no one
looked for a sustained higher level for
either call or time money for some weeks
to come. Bankers who are in the closest
touch with the local monetary situation, and
with the demands on this center from the
principal interior points, do not attach any
Importance to the announcement of Secretary
Shaw that he does not propose postponing
further the return of government
funds by the national banks. They say that
the general monetary situation is such that
the money loaned by the government can
be returned without disturbing actual conditions
in the least.
Very much has been said recently regarding
the needs of the larre corporations for
more money with which to provide facilities
commensurate with the traffic at hand
and In prospect. A close student of this situation
Is Inclined to believe that exaggerated
Ideas are held regarding the amount
of money that will be asked for by the corporations
during the next few months. In
discussing this matter he called attention
to the fact that most of the corporations
whose securities are actively traded in on
the New York Stock Exchange have already
announced their financial needs and
plans 'for some months to come.
In taking up the matter In detail he referred
to the fact that the Pennsylvania,
the Atchison, the Southern railway, the
Hill roads, the St. Paul and many smaller j
lines have already announced their plana |
fully. As to the Erie and several others
lie believes- that whatever they may do in
the near future with respect to raising adiitional
capital has been well discounted
because it has been accepted as a fact that
f hov oolr
T> WVMU uun A.VT& M1WIC 1UIIUO. Alt OUV/l L, |
lie believes that not only are the require- i
ments of the corporations pretty generally
understood, but also that the effect of the
LBsues already made, or soon to be made,
has been pretty fairly discounted In the
recent decline in the stocks most directly
* *
In view of the present political antagonism'
to the railroads In the northwest
and tp the Hill lines in particular It Is
not believed that any steps will be taken
toward a sale of this equity to the Great
Northern, fn fdct, If the latter's $60,000,900
stock issue is not approved by the
stale, authorities, the company would not be
a-ble to perfect the purchase.
There is good reason for believing that
important developments of a highly favorable
character will soon be announced by
the United States Rubber and Ruibber Goods
manufacturing Companies. The report that
the latter corporation is to be liquidated
Is well founded, -and If the plan is carried
through It will prove of greater benefit
financially to the United States Rubber
Company than any one except the inside
Interests realize. In some circles It Is believed
that if the plan Is carried out? It
will clearly pave the way for the resumption
of dividends on United States Rubber
common In April.
Quotations given below are for large
ots. Jobbers' prices from 1 to 2c. higher.
KGGS.?Nearby fresh Virginia. 24; West
L'iro'jntu unrl cnn f nof Vlrarlnfn O ? T on _
lessee, 28; North Carolina, 21.
BUTTER. ? Creamery, fancy. 30a31.
iVestern firsts, 27a28; seconds, 20a21. Process,
fancy, 24a25; fair to good, 18al9.
store-packed, fresh. 17al8.
CHEESE. ? New Xork state factory,
lew, large, 14%al5.
POULTRY. ? Chickens, per lb., 15al6;
lens, per lb.. Ilal2; roosters, per lb., 7;
fucks, per lb., 15alil; geese, per lb.. 9all;
teats, per-lb., lOaVi, turkeys, per lb.,
rirrs^cn tjatttttiv pv>i?vi>rr >u.rii.
IC; hens, choice, per lb., 12al3; roosters.
>er lb., 8; ducks, per lb., 15al6; turkeys,
>er lb., 14al6; capons, large, per lb., 17a
capons, small, per lb., 15al<J.
VEGETABLES.?Potatoes, per bbl.. No.
>, 1.50al.75; No. 2. l.ooal.25; N. Y. state,
>er bu., 65a65; Maine, per Back, 2.00;
rams, per bbl., 2.00a2.50; yellow sweets,
>bl., 2.00a3.00; carrots, per lju., 75al.OO;
ucumbers, hothouse, per doz., 75al.00;
>nions, per bbl., 2.00a2.25; Spanish onions,
>er box, 1.25a3.50; peppers, per carrier,
!.00a7.00; tomatoes, Fla.. per carrier, 4.00
i5.00; Danish cabbage, lb., lal%; eggjlunt,
Fla., per crate, 6.00al0.00; celery,
>er doz., Goal.oo; turnips, per box, 30a05;
urnips, per bbl., 1.50a2.00; cauliflower,
)er cratc, 2.00a4.00; squash, Fla., per
>asket, 3.00a4.00; snap beans, Fla., per
>u., 8.00^10.00; wax beans, per bu., 4.00a
'.00; Hubbard squash, per bbl., ?.50a4.00;
klrrii ner 4 HO' Prnoaola
iprouts, per <qt. ^>ox, 15c.; lettuce, Fla.,
>er %-bbl. basket, 2.00a.500; lettuce. N.
1, per %-bbl. basket, 1.00a2.00; lettuce,
Jew Orleans, per t<bi., 8.00al0.00; kale,
>ebbl.. 1.00; parsley. New Orleans, per
junch, 5c.i spinach, per bbl., 1.75a2.25.
GREEK FRUITS. ? Apples, loose, per
>bl., 1.25a2.25; apples, packed, per bbl.,
!.0oa4.0U; oranges, Fla., per box, 2.00a3.50;
>ranges, Cal. navels, per box, 2.75a3.50;
frape fruit, per box, 2.00a4.00; pineapples,
>er crate. 2.50a3.00; cranberries, per box,
!.00a3.00; cranberries, per bbl., tt.50a9.00.
HAY AND STRAW.?Timothy, choice,
!0.00a20.50; No. 1, 19.00al9.50; No. 2, 17.50
l18.50; mixed hay, 14.50al7.60; clover,
I3.00al6.00. Straw, rye, bundle, 11.00a
L2.00; rye, machine thrash, 8.50a0.00|
vheat, 7.00a7.25; oat straw, per ton, 8.00
GAME. ? Rabbits, per doz., 2.00a2.50;
mail, per doz., 2.50a3.00.
BEEF CUTS.?No. 1 ribs, per lb.. 13; No.
! ribs, per lb., 11; No. 3 ribs, per lb., 10.
Ho. 1 loins, per lb., 1.1; No. 2 loins, per lb.,
LI; No. 3 loins, per lb., 10 No 1 chucks,
ior IK. 7: No. 2 chucks. Der IK. 6: No. S
shucks, per lb., 5. No. 1 rounds, per lb.,
); No. 2 rounds, per lb, T; No. 3 rounds,
>er lb., ADDRESSED
MEATS.?Calves, full dressMi,
9.00410.00; heads oft, 9.50al0.50; hogIressed
calves, 8.50a0.00. Hams, country,
lugar-cured, ICalS. Hogs, small and ntat,
?er cwt., 8.50; medium, 8.00; heavy, 6.50
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per cwt.,
I.75a5.00; butcher, per cwt., 4.00; ordljary,
per cwt., 2.50; rough, per cwt., 1.50
l2.00. Hogs, per cwt., gross. 6.00a0.25;
>rdinary, per cwt., 5.00. Sheep, clipped,
t.00; lambs, choice, per lb., ?tt; medium,
>er lb., Ca7. Calves, choice, per lb., 8V4a9;
uediufn, per lb., 8a8ft; grass calves, per
b., 4a5. Cows, prime, fresh, each, 35.00a
0.00; common, each, 20.00a30.00; old and
Iry, each, 10.00al2.00.
WOOL AND HIDES. ? Wool, washed.
'ree of burs, per lb., 3oa36; wool, unwashed,
per lb., 27a28. Hides, grreen, per
b? 11%; dry, per lb., 16al8. Sheepskins,
freen, each, 1.2Sal.SO; dry, each, 75al.OO.
Calfskins, green, each, 1.00al.50.
GRAIN. ? Wheat, choice, 74a75; fair to
rood, 68a72; ordinary, F.OaOO. Corn, shellid,
white, 51a52; yellow, 49a50; ear, 2.70a
5.75. Oats, western white. No. 2, 42a43;
nixed. 41a42.
Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
Furnished by Dick tirsa. A Co., 141? H st. a.*.
I'bonea Main 9440-0441.
Open. nigh. Low. 2:00p.m.
Imerlcin Cement'... 8 1-10 8 1-10 8 8
Cambria Steel 47 47* 46% 40%
F.iecinc ol America, 10% 10% 10% 10%
"liloo Tmction AO 50 SO BO
PUlla. Rapid Transit 21% 21% 20% 21
fanopah 18X4
'nlted Qu Imp 02% 02% 02% 93%
Philadelphia Electric 8 8 ? ?
Government Securities.
Fid. Asked.
! per centa. registered. 1030 104V 103%
! per centa, coupona. 1080.. .1 104% 103%
I per centa. reglatered, .1-18 103 102%
1 per centa. coupona. 180S-18 102% 108%
I per eenta, conpoua. small. 1008-18 102%
I per centa, registered. 1907 100% 101%
I per centa. coupona, 1907 100% 101%
I per cent*, registered, 1035 138% 120%
I per eenta, coupon a. 1026 130% 130%
District o: Columbia S IOm <HU UK
1 per cents,' Philippine ibu'silHI ioftt IIIII
2 per cents, registered. Pa Da ma.... 103% 104%
Professor (at chemistry examination)?
'Under what combination is gold released
most quickly?" ,
8 tu dent?"Marrlaft/'?Fl legend* Better.
Will Come Up in Court ?t Allegheny
Pi, Xondty. /
Notice has reached the War Department
that before the oyer and terminer court at
Allegheny, i^u next Monday the case of
Ueut. Drury and Private Dowd, U. 8. A.,
who have been held on a charge of killing
a civilian Who was fleeing from the military
reservation there, supposedly having stolen
some government copper, will be called In
tbe court for disposition. Pending hi
motion in behalf of tbe government to have
the case either dismissed or brought to
trial at once.
It has now been pending on the docket
for two years, requiring the War Department
to keep Ivieut. Drury away from his
comoftnv. now In tho Phllfnnlniui nrirt *>rl
vate Dowd on rpo rutting duty near Pittsburg
ready for trial at any moment. MaJ.
Porter, assistant judge advocate general,
mill proceed to Allegheny to assist the
United States district attorney in support
f the government's motion.
New Orleans Entries.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
NEW ORLEANS. La.. January 25,-Tfte
following are tomorrow's race entries:
First race, six fnrlongs; selling, MOO?Nervator,
107; Happy Jack, 103; Goldbearer.
90; Dapple Gold, 105; Chieftain. 105; Lady
Carol, 99; Jerry C., 106; Maggie Mackey.
1U> . i ?*AT .
po, vcuursi, ?? ?, miijur V/itiiwiucr, iuu ,
Deux temps, 101; St. Noel, 100; Ossineke, 94.
Second race, four furlongs, purse <400,
two-year-olds?Poem, 108;'Lut* Poster 106;
Ida May, 104; Figelda, 110; Rebel Queen,
112; Lee Crest, 115; Em. fry, 118; Lula B.,
108; Montbert, 104; Convenient, i0*i; Worka-Day.
112; Blue Lee, 115.
Third race, five and one-half furlongs,
purse 1000?Little George, 95; Zfmllss, D8;
Grace George, 93; Blackburn, 93; Dargln,
110; Lady Navarre, 112; Tudor, 08; Lucullus,
'110; Ensley, 107; Echodale. 113; Penrhyn.
107; Expect to See. 98; Keator. 117.
lfourth race, one mile. Merchants Handicap,
$1,250 added?Deoro, 1)3; * Juggler, 119;
Devout, 102; "James Reddick,_105; Emer
gency. nz; -una, iwd; "ur. srpuiil, iw;
Mortlboy, 92.
Burlew & O'Neill entry, C. R. Ellison
Fifth race, one mile and seventy yards:
purse, $500?Blue Bird, 112: Fleldwlck, 92;
Hyaolnthe, 110: Dr. Young, 107; Sllverskln,
112: Don't Ask Me. 110; Judge Burroughs,
95: Campaigner, 93; Mortlboy, 95.
Sixth race, six furlongs, selling, $400?
Tichimingo. 96; Klein Wood, 108; Dromlo,
105; Matador. 113; Pity, 105; Gold Proof,
110; Orllne, 94; Airship, 101; PJnstlcker, 106;
Ralbert, 115; J. W. O'Neill, 110; Grenade,
Seventh race, -one mile and twenty
yards, selling, J400?Gauze, 105; Fonsoluca,
105; Royal Breeze, 91; Gold Coin, 105; Odd
Ella, 102; Tinker, 98; Kate Powers, 103;
^ick ADrams, ?u; uanng. i??; may jsilison.
112; Foreigner. 106; Footlights Favorite,
108; Helen Lucas, 82; Torchello,
110; Viperlne, 103.
Weather cloudy and track sloppy.
Auto Racer In a Wreck.
ORMOND, Fla., January 25.?In a third
attempt to break the one-mile auto record
on the beach here today Marriott's steam
car struck a bump In the beach and was
hurled into the air and shattered to fragments
when It fell and hurtled along the
track. Marriott was seriously but probably
Tint fofollv In inra/1 W n m-i.v+4>'o /Vnf mo a
nvi luvaiij iiijuicu. awaiiivki. o vai nao
running- at the rate of nearly 125 miles an
hour at the time of the accident.
Nearly 400 Pension Bills Passed.
The House today passed 380 pension
bills in one hour and fifteen minutes.
A savings ac
count with this *Q^rS?t.
bank encourages AIviu M- Lo,vr<prM
saving. Saving's ,ohn B- siemau. jr.,'
i .. .? Secretary.
deposits earn in- g. o. wai*ou.
terest at jackson h. raimoti,
the rate ^ /Ttv/ , ? *Jtorne*- ;
$1 opeas a savings account.
Union Savings Barak,
710 14th St. V k'-'
ja25-28d Adjoining the old location.
No man can take advantage
of opportunity who lacks the j
ready cash. A savings account
now is the best of helps to later
success. Future suffering and
' regret make a big price to pay
for present costly pleasure.
Start your savings account
today?start with a little, if you
like, but start, and the battle is
half won.
We pay 3 per cent interest.
Home Savings Bank, !
7th and Mass. Ave. N.W.
! Branches:
7th and H Sts. N.E.,
436 7th St. S.W.
Deposits more than a Million
and a Half.
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company off New York
Guarantees * Bxed Income for life, which Income
la protected by over four hundred and seventy millions
of assets which hare accumulated to a successful
business experience of sixty-three year*.
Our booklet. "Annuities" (sent free on request),
tells all about this class of Investment.
Manager (or District of Columbia,
No. 1S3S r it. n.w.
Becond-atory front room. Telephone Main 1120.
! Highest Returns];
To Investors j|
with safety to principal guaran- *
teed by flrat deed of trust notes *
on Washington business property. * (
S Several nqtes, $5,000 each, for ?!
V sale, paying 5 per cent net to In- \\
i* vestor.
; Smaller no tea on residence prop* 1;
! ?*y. , ,,
\ Heiskell& McLeran, I
\ 1008 F St n. w.
1! f=r*HE World's Great= |
<' kL est Fortunes Had +
Small Beginnings.!!!
Don't hesitate to start a bank ''
i i account because your ftrat deposit !'
i i tnusl necessarily be a small one. , ,
i i As little as one dollar will open an ,,
* > account In our SAVINGS DEPT. ,,
' I C7Intemt paid at savinga. roods > ?
payable on demand. . .
: National bank,i s.*|
if niuroiAL
41st ]
TVTT a O Tl /W
Savings &
of the District
Cor. 15th St. ar
Capital ......
i -
ucpuMis uvcr
S. THOMAS BROWN. ..Presid.
I WTT T TAMP Trr?Yfr?vcTr?xT
William d. hoover. .. .Se
E. FRANns: v
WM~D.~ HOOV'eR,Id'v.* Pres.
and Trust Officer.
Government Bonds
Investment Securities
25 Cedar Street. 99 Stat* Street,
Mew York. Boatoa.
Elegant banking room, with
.? fine fixtures and superior vault,
N.W. COR. of 12th and G sts.
n.w. Perfect light, fine location,
especially adapted for office
or financial institution.
For particulars see
The F?H. Smith Co.
(E. Q. Smith, L. D. Latimer, 0. F. Nnblt),
11408 N. Y. Ave.
>1. - - ,.l
L'pder U. S. Government Control.
===Thas Bank
Is Open Every
Satyrdaiv Nosrht
?from 6 to 9130 o'clock, for
the convenience of those who
find our regular banking
hours inconvenient.
Start an account here with
a portion of this week's salary.
3 Per Cent f mite rest
Paid on Savings Accounts.
Commercial Accounts Invited.
Savings Bank, f%E?g?
142S New York are.
The Safest Investments
Are those that do not depend
poo the financial responsibility
or the stability of any lndlrldual
or corporation. Fltut deed* of
trust (mortgage) notes liberally
secured on good real estate Is
the District of Columbia const!
tats "(llt-sdfs" Investments.
These are the only hind we make
sad stipply to investors. They
bear Interest, payable seml-anaaally,
at t(< rate of fire per ceat
per annom, and may be had of as
in amounts from 9500 snd onward
at par and accrued Interest.
Snd for booklet. " Concerning
Loans and Inrrstmenta."
Swartzell, Rheem &
Hensey Co.,
n An?E.U buiui1hu,
1 sai Dowr i
3 Napoleon Bonaparte wai a genius la prob- gi
^ lag record* a* well as Id military operation*. n?
3j Without tbe right men about: him be knew fr
3 be could not succeed, therefore be was ii
everlastingly asking: "What has be dooe?" W
If be were looking for a builder today In fe
Washington be would make tbe aame query. ?
3 Many would tell him about me aa K
J "The Builder Who Make* Good," p
Advance* Money at Six Per
** _ . _ A "* . A . _
uni rer Annum on
Real Estate.
Office, 506 11th St. N.W.
life Deposit,
; Trust Co,
i of Columbia,
id New York Ave.
.... $1,000,000
. . . $6,200,000
' - " * Occupaton.
Lawyer "
:nt Farmers and Mechanics' Bank
Lumber Dealer
.President Second National Bank
Pres. R. E. and Col. Title Ins. Co.
Retired Merchant
Brig. Gen., LT. S. A., retired
cond Vice Pres. and Trust Officer
Evening Star
. Lawyer !
.Justice Court of Appeals, retired
Patent Lawyer
red Banker, Late of Riggs & Co.
t President of Nat. Savings Bank
Real Estate
CHAS. E. NYMAN, Secretary.
FRANK W. STONE, Assistant
9:30 a.m. to
II T> m
Business men whose business
is greatest after 3 o'clock will
appreciate the advantages of
banking with this Bank.
Washflmgtoni Exchange
IFV <1 *=? ft /Ok fl A A. 11?
Kan IK, 'street'.'
11. -? ' - .it
Second NatSoriial
IRfliimlLir !
Solicits. Your
Savings Account
With every assurance that j
the service rendered will
be the best obtainable.
V, Foreign Exchange Bold
' . Latter# ?r Cr?d!t. ? '
, Express Money Order*.
7tih St. Bet. E and F Sts.
VU ga e Ih ii m wlf <n> im
f T Mi/Uttt>UUglkVttil
Loam <& Trust Co.
PAID-UP CAPITAL *1,000.000. '
"surplus. laoo.ooo <babnbd>."
Loans Id any amount made on approrrt ml
? estate or collateral at reasonable rates.
? Interest paid upon deposits on monthly baj>
? ances subject to check.
Tbla company acta as eiecntor, admlnlstra
? lor, trustee. agent, treasurer, registrar aoi
?? In all other fiduciary oapacltles.
? Boxes 'for rent In burglar and fire proof
Tsults for aafe deposit and storage of valuable
i Rpal Rafata Do nirtmant 1m nPAna PA/i tn aa.
aume the management of lour real aatat*.
Careful attention given to all detatla.
JOHN A. SWOPE Vice President
ELLIS SPEAR Berond Vice Prealdent
HARRY O. MEEM Aaalatant Treaaurer
BOYD TAYLOR Aaalatant Treaaurtc
|u>irw\muu\j^ - ^
Bead Offlc*. 00 Wall atr New Tort.
Washington Braoob, 1416 O (treat n.w.
r* s i ? 5 T) E?/fli /T^/T^rfTi
capital.. ?pxVihWiVIVIW.
Surplus.. $3,250,000.
Flscsl Agents for the United State* la
Chins, Panama and the Phl.ipplne lalanda.
Depository for foods of Philippine go?erument.
London, Bombay. Calcutta. Hlngspore. Penang.
Hongkong, Csoteo, Msnlla. Oaba.
Shanghai. Yokohama. Kobe. San Prsnclseo,
City of Mexico. Psnsms, Washington.
Agencies la all psrts of the world.
I. irvBiuirui waaifim VILB Bonoa
INTEREST: 2Vi P" cent per onnm oa
monthly balance*. Higher ratal oa
time mooejr. Oar cert 111c?tea caa be
Issued In namea of two IndtTldDali. and
made payable to either or aurrlvor,
thereby avoiding lncoDTanleoca and delay
In eaae of death.
CThe bank eitenda a eordlal lnrltatioa
to all who wish to open personal, profeaatonal,
baslneaa. trustee or corporation accounts.
The same courtesy la extended In
the rase of the smallest account aa of the
|| HIPH. jawu.am |j
? i
Kr more than the companj laaulng tb?m; moat
mini jrtn old; no Induatrlal polleiM. T11M
HARItlSON REALTY COM PANT. fc>7 O at. n.w.
/^r.DPniT icc.oH
?Drafts issued direct on principal
cities of the world.
?Money transmitted by cable.
?Exchange bought and sold.
?Investments & collections made.
?Stocks & Bonds bought & sold.
3 H T>2 ^ ?? ? Maflnnal
Pa. Ave.,opposite U.S.Treasury.

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