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The impressive funeral services of the
Presbyterian Church were held today over j
the remains of Major Frank B. Gordon, i
formerly of tlie l nited States \ olunteer?,
wnil a ?on of the late Gen. John B. Gordon,
one of the leading commanders of the confederate
military forces. The s< ene of the
obsequies was the chapel of Joseph Gaw- j
ler's undertaking establishment. 17:10 IVnn- |
sylvania avenue. They began at 11 o'clock. '
Rev. I>r. W. T. Moss, pastor of the Wash- !
tngion Heights Presbyterian Church, was;
tli- officiating clergyman. ]
Among those in attendance were Senators I
on and Clay of Georgia. Representatives :
Livingston and others of the Georgia delegation
in the House of Representatives, tlie '
daughter.! of the late Gen. Jos. Wheeler, :
ti'?- formed confederate cavalry command-!
er Ml- H. E. Davis, Mr. A. Lipscomb and
Mrs I.ipscoinb. l>r. Thompson and Mrs. [
Thompson, Miss Helena Mc< arthy. Mr. N. i
O. Messenger. Mr. Orlando Smith. Mrs. !
AN ill am Keed and representatives of the 1
* 1'nited Confederate Veterans, the United!
Spanish War Veterans and the Sons of Confederate
Veterans and several individual
members of the G. A. R.
Tlie immediate familv was represented by
Mrs John B. Gordon and Mrs. Frank B.
Gordon, wife of the deceased.
Funeral Discourse.
At the conclusion of the reading of the
Piesliyterian service for the d-'ad Rev. nr.
Aloss offered prayer, and then in a short
aiidress told of the varying story of life. !
lie Mooted the saying that "We spend our j
ji irs as a tale that Is told." and described j
the passing of men as "the ships that pass !
In the night." He said only the opening j
chapter of the story of life Is given here.
That the plot?the theme?is fully developed
In tin' great hereafter. The span of man's
being is only completed in part on earth.
The finishing touches, which he likened to j
u completed structure of great beauty, are i
added In the eternal years that follow '
earthly life. There is consolation and j
solar.- in the great future for the sorrows
and sins of man's erring life on earth.
At the conclusion of the pastor's elo- j
quent address Mrs. William' Reed sung
with pathos and touching effect, "Just As I
Am. Without One Plea."
The caske' was covered with beautiful
floral remembrances, sent by friends of the
family and organizations of soldiers. At ;
the conclusion of the obsequies the remains !
were taken to Oak Hill cemetery and in- 1
terred In the Kilbourn family lot. The '
nnai services ai :tie grave were conducted
b> Rev. I>r Moss.
Market Produce Affected by the Recent
Cold Snap.
The recent cold weather affected market
produce in this aud other sections, and
higher prices rule. Potatoes, onions, cabbage.
kale and spinach are nothing like as
plentiful as they were beCore the cold
weather appeared, growers In this section
having experienced difficulty in cutting kale
ai:il spinach. Dealers have a"so been unable
to get western produce, the severe storm in
tiie west preventing shipments. Apples are
higher than they were a short time ago, but
oranges are plentiful and cheap. Good Florlrla
(iran^M nr?? c.iliimr ?? ? ,v*
- o v. at 11 < nil to ou
cents a dozen, and the fruit is in perfect
Marine products have also been greatly
affected by the cold snap. The weather has
caused a scarcity of fish and oysters, but i
tnl? oysters are being received, the snpp'.y
arriving equal to the demand. Only a few
tlsh are from the Potomac river fisheries
Some Potomac bass are being handled
by local dealers, and they are also getting a
fe>\ rock, perch and herring. Bass are Selling
at 15 and cents: rock. 20 and 25 cents;
herring. 50 cents a dozen, and catfish are
15 cents a pound.
There has been practically no change in
the butter and egg market since last week,
fresh eggs stl ing at from .'to to ,'L't cents,
and the meat market is about the s-ime as
it was last week. Poultry is more plentiful
tlian it has been, but prices are about the
tame as they were a week ago. Game is
scarce and high. (juuJl are selling at 35
cents each, rabbits from .15 to 40 cents, and
ducks are as high as they have been during
the present season. Squabs are scarce and
Hio-v* ~*. * -? -
........ ^a>iug cvt irwra w to 4o cents each.
Report of Committee Having Contributions
in Charge.
The last chapter of the San Francisco
disaster, as far as the District of Colum- j
t> a is coirerned. was closed today when
E S. I'arker. president of the Metropolitan
Citizens' National Bank, as treasurer of the
California relief fund of the District, sub- I
milted his report to the Commissioners. j
A wording to his report, the total amount of |
money handled by him for the relief of
the California sufferers was $72.970.30. '
However, this does not include all, as '
many of the contributions were made i1
tlirough the local newspapers and lndl?idtials.
Mr. I'arker has listed the contributions
as follows:
April 28, Charles H. Keep, treasurer
American National Red Cross, {10,000; |
ii j. Charles H. Keep, treasurer Amer- |
1. an National Red Cross, $20,000; May 8. I
Charles H. Keep, treasurer American Na- !
i nai Kea I'ross, *25,000; May 9. to i
Plielan, chairman, by District of Columbia
tire department, $271; May 10. to Plielan.
cl airman, artists' salaries, Chase's Theater,
J195: May 25. to Phelan. chairman
t> tchers and pupil* of public schools,
$1,166.01; May 25. to Plielan. chairman,
pro Friendship lawn fet". I1.3S6.65;
J111\ 11#. to Plielan. chairman. SH.? >>. Jan- i
uar> lit. to Plielan. chairman, cash balance, i
$KVI.ri4; total, |72 !'7t? ."IM
As chairman of the board of Commissioner*.
Commissioner Macfarland has !
*riii.-n the following letter tr> Mr. Parker,
tluink.iik him for his services and complimenting
the citizens of Washington for
tlieii Interest in the fund.
"I have your favor o? January 22. 1907,
si ititig the disposition made of the California
relief fund contributed by the citizen*
"f the l?i?tri? t of Columbia after the
disaster hist year. 1 suggest that tiie account
l>c audited by a committee whom I.
Will renuest to serve for that purpose, consisting;
of Mr. Joim Joy Kdson. Mr. W.
Itile> lieel.le and Mr. J. Nota Modi 11
"In closing this matter I want to thank
joii for v?jur kind and valuable service as
treasurer of this fund, the largest ever ,
raised for such a purpose in the District j
of Colombia. The contribution by our I
ciuxt ms 01 s.ien a tuna reneciea creaii ;
upon the national capital, and was another
?r\ idence of the civic Interest and phllan111rofii?
spirit of our people."
Ai'i'&ngeinents Hade by the Kentucky
Republican Club.
Announcement is made that the reception
by the Kentucky Kepublican t'lwb of this
ci:y In honor of the republican representative*
and repress ntatives-elect from the
Blue Grass state will be held tomorrow
evening, beginning at 8 o'clock, in Grand
Army llall. Hill Pennsylvania avenue. The j
program ot exercise* will include an ad- |
dress of welcome by Mr. George Baber,
president <>i me ci'to; anuress. hcepresenta- |
tlve J. B. Bennett: vocal solo, Mrs. Jessie I
Spencer Hover; address. Representative
, Don C. Kdwards; address, Mr. John VV.
I.niiKley. representative-elect; vocal solo,
Airs. Jessie Spencer Hover; address, Mr. 1
A. D. Jiims. representative-elect.
Music by the Rebew orchestra will bo 1
interspersed between the addresses and re- 1
freshnients will be served. The convmitteea
in charge are as follows:
Reception?A. I... Clothier, Luther Walter, '
Bin A. Line hack. M. F. West. Byron Richards,
Theo. F. Langley, J. N. 8hawhan. C.
A Connid. Program?Milo Shanks, Harry
Giovannoli. Hall?W. R. I-ane, Alfred
Hardest.v Refreshments?J. S;>eed Smith.
Jackson Morris.
The Duchess of Manchester has been
appointed lady in waiting to Queen Alexandra
at London. This is one of the most
coveted positions at court. The honors
howered upon the former Miss Zimmerman
of Cincinnati are attracting much
ALT)RICH. NELSON W.. R. I The Arlington
AI.GER, RUSSELL A.. Mlcb 1401 l?tfc *.
AUJK, J. FRANK. Del The Portland
ANKENT, LEVI. Wart The Inlands
BACON, ACOUSTtfS O.. Oa 118/ Oret?n I'#.
BENSON, ALFRED W., Kan The Cochran
BERRY, JAMES n.. Ark Metropolitan
BEVERir><;E. ALBERT J.. lad Portland
BLACKBI RN. JOSEPH C. 8.. Kj 1702 l#th at.
BRANDEGEK. FRANK B.. Conn 1521 K at.
BULKEI.EY, MORGAN O.. Conn. ..1701 22d It
BURKETT. BLMKR J.. Net* 1816 l#th at.
B' RNHAM, HENRY E., N. B The Richmond
BURROWS. JULIUS C., Mich 1406 \Iaaa. are.
CARMACK. EDWARD W.. Trai.. .1437 R. I.
CARTER. THOMAS H.. Mont 1528 Wtii ?t.
CLAPP, MOSES E.. Mian 1310 Euclid at.
CLARK. CLARENCE D., Wjo The Portland
C1.ABK. WILLIAM A., M t 1?15 Maas. ??
CLARKE. JAMES P.. Ark Cochran
CLAY. ALEXANDER S.. G? fJormandle
CULLOM. SHELBY M.. Ill *-413 M?sa. are.
DEPKW, CHAUNCEY M., N. X 1775 N at.
DICK, CHARLES, Ohio 1821 Adams 1111 road
DOLUVBB. JONATHAN P.. I?wa...Tbe Hamilton
DRYDEN. JOHN K., N. J 1539 18th at.
DUBOIS. FRED T.. Idaho 2010 R at.
DI PONT, HENRY A.. Del Conneeilcat
ELKINS, STEPHEN U? W. Vl 1624 K at.
FLINT, FRANK P.. Cal 2206 Macs, are
FORAKER, JOSEPH B.. Ohio 1500 16th at.
FBAZIER. JAMES It., Tenn Cochran
FULTON, CHARLES W., Ore The Portland
FRYE, W. P.. Me Hamilton
GALL1NGER, JACOB II., N. H Normandle
GAMBLE. ROBERT J., S. Dak Cosmos C!nt>
GKARIN. JOHN M., Orejon Cochran
HALE. EUGENE, Me 1001 lfith at.
llANNfilUM (ill, HKMtY U., N. 1 r Hie aia-iu/
HEMENWAY. JAMES A.. Ind Nnrnnmli*
HEYBIRX, WEI-DON B.. Idaho Stonrlelgh Ct.
HOPKINS. ALBERT J.. Ill New Wlllard
KITTREIXJE, A. B.. S. Dak ShorH.mni
KNOX. PHILANDER C.. P? 1527 K at.
LATIMER. ASBl'RY C.. S. C New Wlllard
LODUE, I1F.NUV CABOT, Mass...1765 Mass. are.
LONG, CHESTER ... Kan 1455 Maaa. are.
MeCKEARY. JAMES B.. Ky Coc?iran
McClTMBER. I'ORTER J.. X. D 1534 22d at.
MtENERY. SAMUEL D.. La Metropolitan
MAI.LORY. STEnlEX R.. Flu Cochran
MARTIN, THOMAS S., Va 1326 18th st.
MILLARD. JOSEPH H., Neb New Wl'lsr.l
MONEY, II. D., Miss Portner
MORtJAN. JOHN T., Ala 315 John Marsha.ll pi.
NEIjSO.N, KNIJTE. Minn 643 E. Cap.
NEWLAXH8. KRANCIS W.. Ner Woodley ro?,l
NIX GEORGE S., Xe? New Wlllard
OVERMAN'. LEE 8., N. C Cochran
PENROSE. BOIES, Pa Ne^ Wlllard
PERKINS. OKOltGE C., Cal Stonelelgh Court
PETTIS. EDMOND W., Ala 1513 L it.
PILES. SAMUEL. H-. Wash Cochran
PLATT. T. C., N. Y Arlln*toa
PHOCTOB. KEDK?EM?. Vt The Cbamplaln
SCOTT. NATHAN 3.. W. Va New Wtllar'l
SMOOT. REED. Utah The Hlrhlanda
SPOONER. JOHN C.. Wis 110# Hth at.
SUTHERLAND, GEORGE. Utah The Highlands
TKLIJCIt. I1KNKT M.. Col Cairo
TILLMAN. BENJAMIN R.. 8. C The Farragot
WKTMORE. GEORGE P.. R. 1 1809 K at.
whyte. william p., Md Shoreham
JOSDPH a. CANNON, Speaker 1014 Vt. are.
ACHESON. E. F? Pa Normaodle
A DAMSON, WM. C., Ga The BaDToft
AIKEN. WYATT, 8. C Farragut
ALEXANDER. D. S., N. Y Normaoule
ALLEN. A. L., Me Roland
ALLEN. H. C. N. J Shfrman
AMES. BUTLER. Maaa 1155 10tb at.
ANDREWS. W. H., Del Shoretum
ANDRUS. J. B.. N. Y Arlington
BABCOCK. J. W? Win 1 B it. n.w.
BANK HEAD. J. H? Ala Rlgga
BARCHFIEDT. A. J., Pa Occld ;ntnl
BARTLETT, C. K., Ua Shoreham
BATES. A. L.t Pa Normandla
BE ALU JACK. Tex Cairo
BF.DE. J. ADAM. Mlon.... The Rhode Island
BEIDLHR. J. A., Ohio..... New Wllnr'd
BELL. TrlOS. M., Ga Iroquois
BENNETT. J. B., Ky iCrerett
BENNET. W. S-, N. Y 1909 S at.
BINGHAM. H. H.. Pa Norinandls
BIRDS ALL. B. P.. Iowa 1415 Mass. ire.
BONYNGE. R. W.. Colo Cairo
BOl'TELL, H. 8., Ill Highlands
BOWERS. E. J.. Ml*a 2108 R at.
BOWERSOCK. J. D., Kan Hamilton
BOWIE. S. J.. Ala Metropolitan
BRADLEY. T. W.. N. Y Arlington
BRANTLEY. W. G.. Ga Rlgga
BRICK. A. L., Ind Normandi?BROOCKS.
M. L., Tex Norma mile
BROOKS, F. E.. Colo 1748 P at.
BllOWN, W. F... Wis H*mltr>.i
BROWM.OW. W. P., Taon 1018 K. Cap.
BROI SSARD, R. F? La Dewey
BRI MM. CHARLES N., Pa Richmond
BIU NDIOK. S.. Ark Stoneleigb Coart
BLCKMAN. C. B.. Minn Nar.^ral
BUKKr C. H., S. Dak Dewey
ui n'ir.3.>, ur.ii, r.. ifx.............. .AoriDanuie
BURI.EIU11. E. C., Me Richmond
BURLESON, A. 8.. Tei 1272 N. H. a?e.
BURNETT. J. L, Ala Metropolitan
BI RTO.T n. R.. DM The Portland
BURTON, T. E., Ohio Rocbambeau
BUTLER, M. G.. Teno Varnam
BUTLER, T. 3., Pa 1345 VI. a?e.
BYRI). A. M.. Miss Metropolitan
CALDER. W. M.. N. Y...*. New WUlard
CALUERI1EAD. \Y. A.. Kan The Hdnor
CAMPKK1.I.. P. P.. Kan Coc'jmn
CAMPBELL, W. W., Ohio 1300 O at.
CANDLER, E. S., Jr., Mlsa Varnam
CAPRON. A. B., R. 1 1621 K St.
CASSEL. H. Bl RI>. Pa Shor hain
CHANEY. J. C., Ind Ebbltt
CHAPMAN. P. T.. Ill Farragut
CLARK. CHAMP, Mo 200 A at. a.e.
COCKS, W. W.. N. Y 306 N. J. aTe. a.*.
COLE. R. D.. Ohio Arlington
CONNOR. J. P.. Iowa Hamilton
r'nnl'FB A F !> fniAp.i.
cooper] n. A.', wi? Richmond
COUDREY. H. M., Mo New Occidental Hotel
COUSINS, R. G., Iotri ShoreUara
CROMER. O. W., lod Dewey
CRUMP ACKER, E. D.. lad Dewey
CURRIER. F. D.. N. U Dewey
CURTIS. CHAS.. Kan Gordon
CUSIIMAN. t\ W.. Wash 922 \I *t.
DALE. T. H., P? ..Dewey
dalzell. jons. p? ibos n. h. aw.
DARRAGII. A. B.. Mich Haon'tcn
DAVIDSON. J. H., WI? Dewey
DAVIS. C.-H.. 4Inn Rlgga
DAVIS, T. B.. W. Va ttlT H at.
DAWKS. B. U? Ohio Arlington
DAWSON. A. F . Iowm The Windsor
DE AR.MOND. D. A., llo Varoum
DKKMEU. EI.I AS, Pa 'iboreham
DE.NBY. ?.. Mich Marlborough
DICKSON. 8., IU Drlscoll
DIXON. J. 11.. Mont Cairo
DIXON. L, Ind C*Ir>
DOVENER. B. B.. W. Va Riggj
DRAPER. W. H.. N. I Cochran
DRESSER. 8. R-. Pa *. New Wlllarti
r.?iu/iAI * %? C* M V
1'U JI. n., . *
DUXWELI.. chAISLES T.. N. * Ererett
dw1ght. j. w.. S. Y .1t05 k St.
EDWARDS. D. C.. Ky Ererett
ELIJ?RBE. J. K.. 8. C Metropolitan
Kl. iS. E. C.. Mo Dene;
enulebb1g1it. w. F., Cal Dewey
KSCH. J. J-. Wla 924 I JC
fassett. J. sloat, n. * leoi 2i*t mt.
FIELD. SCOTT, Te* Cochran
kin ley. d. K.. S. c National
fitzokrald. j. j.. n. v ixu ku are
flack. W. H. n. Y 13 T .1.
FLETCHER, 1_, Ulna The W.*tmor*!aad
FLOOD. H. D.. Va New Wlllanl
FLOYD, i. C.. Ark Varnum
FORDNEY. J. W.. Mich rVwcy
FU8S. o. E.. Ill On ft jo
FOSTER. D. J., Vt 1312 L at.
FOSTER, J. H.. lod 1505 L at.
fowler. c. n.. n. y Sborebara
FRENCH. B. L.. Idaho Tha Oakland
FLLKERSON, F. B.. Mo Driaeoll
Fl LLEH, C. K.. Ill Hl?a
GAINES. J. H.. W. Va Ererett
UAINES. J. W.. Tena 1225 G at.
GARUEK. H. C.. Ohio R.itel^b
GARDNER. A. r.. Mass New WUlard
liARDNEH, J. J.. N. J IMwqr
GAUDNEII. w . Mich 1303 Clifton at.
GARNER. J. N.. T?* 1322 Vt. are.
GARRETT. F. J.. Teas .121 Seat a ?laca
lilLBE&T. G. O.. Kj* BSggt
CIIJ-. JUtt--. JWMSk
IHI.I.AMS. C. 0.. Ind National
GIl.I.KSI'lE. O. W.. T*x ,1711 Rigga place
GILXJRT. f. H.. Man The oonecrtrot
GLAS2*. CAKTKU. Va Bochamlwau
GOKUKL., It. P.. Ohio The Shorebam
GOL'LDKN. J. A.. N. ? Wmaluttr
lillAKK, J. V.. Ill Dewey
UltAHAM. W. H.. Pa Dewej
GRANGER. O. L. D., R. 1 1408 1st (.
GItEKNE, W. 8., Jim 110T 17th at.
BRtuli. A. W.. Tex ...1737 Corcoran it.
GRIGGS. J. M.. Ga Bancroft
UltO.NNA. A. J.. N. Dak Cairo
GliOSVrNOR. C. H.. Ohio '..Dewey
GlDGKIt. J. M.. X. C Cochran
UAI.E. S. W. Tenn 116 A ?t. a.e.
HAMILTON. 15. I... Mleb ,.l>e?ej
HAltDHIdi| X. W., t<a.................Sbumbin
MAMKIX&. K., Tt .The~Graftoa
HAl.'GEN, O. N.. Iowa 1415 Mm. trf.
MAX. JAUES, Va Kiaerort
* YES, K. A.. Cal *127 CaHforaa M.
KIUN, J, T.. A1I. Metropolitan
HKNBT.K. 0>Ui 1421 K at.
HENRY. E. U, Tex Calm
HEPBURN, W. P.. Iowa. 1124 East Cap.
HERMANN, B.. On 1307 Euclid It.
! HIOGIXS, E. W.. Cona Portland
J HILL, & J? Conn Cocbraq
! HILL, W. 8.. Mlaa Uetmpjlltan
I HINSHAW, E. H? Neb. Dewey
I i ftOLLTOA*. E. 8.. Ind EbWtt
I tJruin U tf P?l
. liiruvi, >u.( r an ajtui
! HOUSTON, W. C., Tcdb 216 Md. are. o.?.
I HOWARD, W. M., Ga .' Bancroft
! HOWKIX, B. r? N. J Cochran
I HOWELL. JOS., Utah DriscoU
I HUBBARD. E. H.. Iowa 1415 Mara. are.
1 HUFF. GEO. F.. Pa 1325 161b at.
HUGHES. J. A., W. Va Rid*
HULL, J. A. T. Iowa r..1232 16th at.
HUMPHREY. W. E.. Waata . 930 U at.
HUMPHREYS, B. Q.. Mlaa Varaum
HUNT. J. T.. Mo 880 3d at.
JAMES. O. M., &j Rls*s
JENKINS, J. J., Wla Hamilton
.JOHNSON, J. T.. S. C nrnnm
! JONES. W. A.. Va 1709 Q at.
JONES, W. L.. Wash Vamam
KAHN. JULIUS, Cal Hamilton
KALAMANOALE. J., Hawaii Dewey
KEIFBR. J. W., Ohio Marlhorough
KEI.niER, J. A.. Mass 1720 H St.
KENNEDY. J. L., Neb Y. M. C. A.
KINKAID, M. P., Neb Dewey
KITCHELV. C.. N. C Drisoo'l
KITCHEN, W. W.. N. C. DrUeoll
KLEPPER, F. B.. Mo DrisroU
K.I,I.\J . .11. C. L.. Pa KlSffi
KNAPP. C. I,., N. Y Nornian.H*
1XOPK. P., Ill Dewey
KNOW LAND, J. K., ?al. Arlington
LACBY. J. F.. Iowa Wggs
LAFBA.V. D. K.. Pa Occidental
! LAMAU. W. B.. Fla Arlington
LAMB. JOHN. Va Notional
| LANDIS. C. B.. Ind Por?.?ni
LANDIS, FRED. Ind Benedict
1 LARR1NAGA. TCLIO (R. C. of P. Rico) .. Dr .'1
LAW, C. B., N. Y E?.-r*tLAWRENCE,
C. P.. Mass Shore:.nro
LEE. GORDON. Ga .'.Shureb Jta
LEGAKE. G. 8., 8. G Dewey
LE FEVER, F. J., N. Y Arl ni'Oi
LEVER. A. F.. S. C 13 lit st. n.e.
LEWIS, E. B.. Ga MerropoUtan
LILLKY. M. E., Pa Pennsylvania < uo
LILI.EY. G. L., Conn New Wii .iril
LINDSAY, C. H? N. Y Ra >:*?>
LUTAUKR. L. X., X. Y Allmny
LITTLKFIELD, C. E-, Me Hamilton
LIVINGSTON. L. F.. Ga 191C Bit more ?t.
LLOYD. J. T.. Mo SCI A jt. s.e.
LONG WORTH. V, Obio 831 18ib St.
LORIMKR. VII.. Ill 1736 11
r/^nn n a uuh
LOUDEN. L.O., Ill Wi..?M
j LOUDKNSLAGER. H. C., N. J lK-?r?y
! LOVE1UNG. W. C., Mass Arlington
MADDEN. M. B.. Ill Th? Highlands
i MAHON, T. M., Pa Metropo lian
. MANN, J. R., Ill 1729 Q it.
! MARTIN. E. W? S. Dak De*ey
i Mt-KINNEY, JAMES, 111 The Portland
' McCALL, S. W.. Mass flborehara
MCCARTHY, J. J., Neb Westminster
McCMiARY. J. T., Mlun Occidental
! McCREARY. O. D., Pa Stom-Ielgh t'.W
McGAVIN. CUAS., Ill Dewey
McGUIRE, B. S., Okla. (del.) Normandla
McKlNI.EY, W. B 1221 Conn. ave.
McKlNI.AY. D. E., Cal 413 4th at.
MoLACHLAN, JAS., Cal New Wlllard
McLAIN. F. A.. Miss Vaiuum
McMORRAN, H.. Mich Normindie
McNARY, Mass Stioreham
MACON, R. B., Ark... Drlscoll
MARSHALL. T. F.. N. Dak Cochran
MAYNARD. H. U. Va New Wli>a-d
MICH M.EK, A.. Ill Drlscoll
MlLLKIt. J. M.. Kan 3213 13th at.
MINOR. E. S., Wis 49 D at. a.e.
MUNDELL, FRANK W.. Wyo The Cairo
MOORE. J. M., Tex Normandla
MOORE, J. H.. Pa Occidental
MOON. J. A., Tenn =, 610 E ?t
MOON. R. O., Pa New Wil.ard
WOUSER. G. E.. Ohio 1326 12th at.
UURDOCK, V.. Kan Cochraa
MURPIIY, A. P., Mo 3T.0 Md. are. n.e.
MYKR, A.. La 1700 Q at.
XKED1IAM, J. C.. Cal Cairo
NELSON, J. M.. Wis Hamilton
NORRIS. G. W? Neb 1811 Q at
OLCOTT, J. V. V.. N. Y 160# Ooon. a*e.
OI..MSTED, M. E.. Pa Arlington
OTJEN. THEO., Wla Dewey
OVEKSTItEET, J. W., Ga Metropolitan
PADGETT, L. P.. Tenn Dewey
PAGE, K. N? N. C Cairo
PALMER. H. W., Pa...; Arlington
PARKER, R. N. i 1723 R. I. are.
Parsons, n.. s. T i22? i?tb at.
| PATTERSON, G. B? N. 0 Cairo
PATTERSON, J. O., 3. C Vainnm
PAYNE. S. E., N. Y Normandla
PEARRF. O. A., Md The KenMnf
PERKINS, J. B.. N. Y. .1013 New Hampshire ave.
POLLARD. E. M.. Neb Dewey
POU. E. W., N. C Richmond
POWERS. L.. Mb New Wlltard
Pt'JO, A. P., La Arlington
RA1NKY, H. T., Ill Drlacoll
RANDHLL. C. B., Te* National
RANSDELL. J. E.. La Dewey
! REEDER. W. A., Kan 118 Md. ave o r.
j REID. c. C? Ark 1219 M at.
j UEYBi:RN. J. E.. Pa 1789 Mass. are.
i REYNOLDS, J. M., Pa Cosmos Club
! RHINOCK. J. U. Kj New Wlllard
1 RHODES, M. E., Mo GOO Md. are. n.e.
' RICHARDSON. WM.. Ala Rlgga
J RIVES. Z. J.. Ml Drlacoll
1 ROBERTSON, S. M., La Riggs
I TmUIKtttlN J. T Apk
KODENBURG. W. A.. Ill 1364 Columbia road
RUCKER. W. W., Mo National.
RUPPERT, JACOB. Jr.. N. Y New WiilarJ
RUSSELL, Q? Tex Varnnm
RYAN. W. H.. N. Y Cairo
j SAMUEL. R. W-. Pa 501 L at.
! SAUNDERS. E. M.. Va Metropa'ltan
SCOTT. C. P., Kan Oo^-ao
SPROGGY. T. E.. Jblo Drisco'I
SI1ACKLEFORD. D. W., Mo Varnnm
SHAKTEL, C. M.. Mo Cairo
SHEPPARD, M.. Tex Y. M. C. A.
SHRRI.EY. Ky 2027 O at.
SHERMAN. 1. S.. N. Y Normaadla
SIBLEY. J. C.. Pa 1715 Masa. are.
SLAYDEN, J. T.. Tex..., 1631 B St.
SLF'jP, C.. Va Ebbltt
81 MS. T. W., Tenn Va-nuu
SMALL, J. H., N. G Cairo
SMITH. GEO. W.. Ill 1313 Columbia road
SMITH, W. R.. Tex 1431 Clifton place
SMITH, D. H.. ICj RIffffa
SMITH. M. A., Aria. (deL> Occidental
SMITH, S. C.. Cal Weatmlfuter
SMITH, S. W? Mich Buckingham'
SMITH, T. A.. Md 31 B at. n.w.
SMITH. W. A. Mick "lew Wlllard
SMITH. W. I.. Iowa Hamilton
SMITH. W. O.. Pa 206 Del. a??. n.e.
SMYSER, M. L.. Ohio 13 I at. a.*.
SOUTHARD. J. n.. Ohio Hamlitm
SOUTH ALL. R- Q? Va Nat.ooai
SOUT1IWICK, G. N., N. Y Nonnanrtla
si'AitMiAA, n. m., ria Metropolitan
SPERRY, N. D.. Coon Buckingham
SriOHT. THOS., Mia* 188 A at. n.e.
STAFI'ORD. W. H.t Wla Cochrma
STANLBY, A. O., Kj Rtgga
STEENKRSON. II., Minn ."...Cairo
STEPHENS. J. H-, e* Predonla
STERLING, J. A., Ill B.1ro1
STEVENS. F. C., Minn Cairo
SllI.LIVAN. J. A., Mara Cairo
8ULLOWAY. C. A., K. H 5 B at n.e.
SULZER. WM., N. Y. 131 B at. a.e.
TAYLOR, E. L., Ohio 1836 Jefferson place
TAYLOR. O. W., Ala 1013 P at.
TIKRELL, C. Q., Maaa Normandl*
TA*?.\KY. J. A., Minn KtggJ
THOMAS. C. n., N. C Cairo
THOMAS, W. A., Ohio Raleigh
a., Ky Kiggi
TOWNS, 0. A., N. T Raleigh
TOWXiKXD. C. K.. Mich 13:? I. at.
TYNDAIX, W. T., Mo Burton Hotel
I NDKKWOOO. O. W.. Ala Cochran
VOLSTEAD. A. J., Mini Dewej
VltKKI.AXD. K. B., X. ? Dewey
WADSWORTH. J. W , N. T 1783 K at.
WALDO. O. E? N. Y Normaudle
WALLACE, R. M.. Ark Metropo.lt*]
WANGER. I. P., Pa 1217 Vt are. n.w.
WASKHX. F. H., Alaska (del.)..2151 ?'la. are. n.w.
WASHBURN. C. O., Mass Shore ham
WATKINS. 1. T? I* Y. M. >\ A.
WATSON. J. E., Ind Norman.I.e
i WEBB. E. Y? N. C 1219 Maaa. are. n.w.
i WEBBER. A. R.. Oblo Drlacoll
WEEMS. C. L., Ohio K ggs
WEEKS. J. W. Maaa Ston>Wgh Conrt
WELBOIIN, Jons, Mo 1758 Q at.
I WHARTON, C. 8.. Ill Benedict
! WILEY. A. A., Ala ....Metropolitan
J. S., Mlaa 1023 Yt. are.
ITlLWtf. W, TT.. inv>7
WOOD. I. W.. W. J......... Nonunlit
WOOD YARD, C., W. Ta XancnXt
VOl*HO, B. O.. Mich Narmtn lto
KEXOR. W. T.. Ind 33 B ?t n.w.
Chang* in. Train Designation.
General Agent L. 8. Brown of the Southern
railway announces that Nos. 37 and 38.
solid Pullman trams, running between
New York, Washington and New Orleans,
with sleepers for Asheville and Birmingham.
and heretofore known as the Washington
and "Southwestern Limited, will be
designated hereafter as the New Tork and
j New Orleans Limited. This train leaves
Washington daily at 11 o'clock in the evening
and Is scheduled to arrive In New OrItR.is
at # "'clock the second moraine.
I ^ I
<?t?g* and the r
1 x* * i wr* *
1*1 ia- w lntei
In a few days we take stock,
or neckties, or suits of clothes,
merchandise and wearables inl
as desirable as before?only tl
ever?only the prices are low
out our intention, we have ma
Carriage and Automobile !
At a Third Off
We haven't changed the original price-marks, no
simply make your selection, and pay us a thir
marked price.
Every Carriage and Automobile Robe in o&r st
from the most modestly-priced cloth Robe to
Coronation Robes. Here are a few examples:
$2.00 Robes?now $1.33 $10.00 Robes$2.50
Robes?now $1.67 $15.00 Robes$4.00
Robes?now $2.66 $25.00 Robes$5.00
Robes?now $3.33 $45.00 Robes$6.00
Robes?now $4 00 $60.00 Robes$7.50~Robes?now
$5.00 $75.00 RobesBoth
plain and novelty effects among them. A1
ber of Robes made of waterproofed fabrics.
1 Men's and Bovsf Sweaters I
- _ / ?
"Time and tide wait for no man." Nor will th
here long?the Sweaters are so desirable, the n
large, and the values so uncommonly big. All of
early choosing.
j! BOYS' WOOL SWEATERS?kinds hat Were 75c an
now reduced to
BOYS' WOOL SWEATERS?kinds that were ?1.25 an
[ now reduced to
* ? imm w/\r\r onroirnWTJfl |M ? ir/vnil Uaotn
iVlHilN ft IjAMD O- VV UUli OV* DAlliiiW?1U a &wu iicotj
lar and coat 9tyle9. Kinds that were $5.00 and $5.
I; now
Some Very Sharp Price-Re<
in our Boys' Shop
Decidedly bigger values than usual are offered a
in the Pre-Inventory Sale.
Boys' Trousers Sharply Reduc
* All sizes from 3 to 17 years.
j| All the 59c and 75c Trousers are reduced to.
All 4-Via rooriilar nn TVr?ii?prc arc rprlnrprl fi
Pennsylvania ,, K
Avenue VttK,
v ... - ' ? I
^ g" ' - Z
i ill fcliv t V^UiUl Y* <w A ?.
All the $1.25 and $1.50 Trousers are reduced t<
Boys' Furnishings Sharply Reck
Choice of any regular 15c Hose?special at.
jj Small sizes of Boys' 25c Wool Gloves?now.
Buck Gauntlets, sizes 7^2 and 8, were 50c?nc
White Unlaundered Shirts, were 39c and 50cFancy
Stiff-bosom Shirts, were 75c and $1.00
n ? r>lrn, -n -itn There aren t many or tnem, di
ooys V-JVCTCOaiS have the cut and the style tha
they have plenty of length and fullness.' Fashioned In
and fancy mixtures, touched oft effectively with black
| velvet collars. The sizes are 7 to' 16 years. The
tailoring the sort usually found In grown-ups' clothes.
The former prices were (3.50 and $4-C0?now reduced
?* r Mnra nf fhPSP! vet
boys' Suits and Keeters that there Is a deci
making an early selection. All ire good styles; some
natty and all of them show that all-round excellence
boys' clothes the best made.
jj THE REEFERS include both plain and fancy fabrics;
some are lined with red flannel. Broken sizes
from 2Wi to 10 years. Were $3.50 to J8.00. Now reduced
THE SUITS Include double-breasted models, with
straight trousers, double-breasted with knicker- <
bookers, and Norfolk-Jacket styles with knickerbockers.
Built of plain and fancy fabrics, and in
the top notch of style. Sites 7 to 17 years. Were
$3.50 to $6.00. Now reduced to
.. /
- lr ities
for saving money will be many,
noney saving will be targe, in our
r Pt^-Tnv^nfnt*
A9 it is easier to count dollars than t
, we intend to convert all the accum
to dollars. The things that make up
le quantities are changed. The qua!
rered. To make it worth your whil
de the values very big indeed. Tod;
>ale of Suits and (
And Trousers have just b
iterest in our January Clearance Sale of Suits and Overco
at way with a Saks sale. The high character of Saks clotl
:ws spreads rapidly, and men hasten to secure a share of the
nity that knocks at your door only once a year?this oppor
e best that comes out of the celebrated Saks workshops at;
ice-reductions always justify what a good many men do?th
for the next winter. To summarize again, the sale ofifersChoice
of all $12. 50 to $15.00
Suits and Overcoats at . . .
Choiceofall#22.5oto$25 Fancy
e *i._ 1 \\T' r\ ^
ouiis ana vv inier wvercoars at
Choice of all $28 to $35 Fancy
Suits and Winter Overcoats at
Choice of all #38 to #50 Fancy
Su-its and Winter Overcoats at 1
A Sale of Men's $4,00, $4*50 and
Special at
Left from our regular lines?unassailable proof that the fa:
tailoring of a better-than-usual character. Fashioned of fa
cassimeres in a wide diversity of patterns.
ixuuca ^ SAMPLE:
r shall we. You
d less than the I MM
V , , ^/u&i
ock is involved, ?
those luxurious
-now $6.66 SHOES AND
-now $ 10.00 ?
-now $ J 6.66 Continues
-"gj? $4.00 Bench-made
-now $40.00 I5rnr ^ ,
-now $50.00 j>o?dU Custom-grade
so quite a nuin- Yesterday's advertisement, thougl
more conservative than the subjec
? response. If you are not one of t
leduc^d ^ou to ^ose no t'me i
ese Sweaters be BECAUSE this is the first time t
umber not very in strictly up-to-date styles ha'
: whirli ci10(TP<;ts 4-U- ,1?'_
~v*e>? uigiuu uiiuv.1 Liic ic^uidi pi icc:
BECAUSE these are the adva
a $i.oo-^0 Spring and Summer, and, beinj
? exceptional care.
d..'!:6?r95c BECAUSE the duration of the
r weight. Regu- limited, the saving large, an
50- "Queen Quality" claims to the
factions . Odds and Ends of M
i Arc Cjreatly.
} It's a point in their favor that the lit
t this week-end | highly they were regarded, and hov
i merelv a matter of findinc vour siz
leather. In the more correct tan shat
, Were $1.25 and $1.50?now reduced to
/ZT MEN'S FANCY SHIRTS-wlth stiff b(
3. .... . ozC patterns. Qualities that sold at $1.0fi
> 95c 16%. 17 and 17% only?now reduced to
ICed nel, cut extra long and extra gener
j regular 50c kind?now reduced to
.... ir_ Th i 4# CL\ rtt h'j f ami
w xjc x ui vjiuvc^ x ux v^ap;
-now.. 29c f TMr
-now. .35c ai a i nir
it what there are Some of these Furs are sample pit
t bojs like. And a third below their regular selling
blue, oxf?rd gray them at a third off that low price. ]
. price-mark, they may be had now a
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, i
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, >
ide?d advMuie'Tn Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, \
of them are very Fur Gloves, Caps and Collar?, 1
that makes Saks Fur Gloves> Caps and Collars, >
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, \
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, \
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, i
?VR Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, ^
Fur Gloves, Caps and Collars, v
It would be hard to name a fur in
found employed in one or more of t
/4T _
a tc uimnpcuu)
, ~4k
y Sale
o count fish-hooks,
ulated small lots of
) the small lots are
lities are as high ns
e to help us carry
ay's batch of news.
een added
nts prows ana re. Il'c nkvave
lies is so well known that the
good things. It is an opportunity
to take your pick from
a big money saving. And the
lat is, provide their entire out$8.75
$5,00 Trousers
shioning is correct and the
ncy worsteds, cheviots and
5 OF
} $2.65
i couched in language much j
:t merited, brought a prompt 'I
he many who bought to-day,
getting here to-morrow. j
hat "Queen Quality" Shoes
ve ever been sold in Washs.
nee styles for the coming
g samples, are finished with
sale is short, the quantity
d the opportunity to put
test is the best ever.
ies are broken. It shows how
v desirable they are yet. It's
:e, which most likely is here.
fine English cape I
Jes; outs earn-sewed. ^
>soms. A variety of A ^
and $1.90, in sizes ^
' warm domet flan ous
In girth. Our
s and Fur dollars
:ces, and were already priced
prices. Now you may have
[n short, whatever the former
it a third less than that price.
were $1.65?now $1.10
were $2.00?now $1.33 I
were $2.50?now $(.67
were $3.00?now $2.00
,vere $4.00?now $2.66
vere $5.00?now $3.33
vere S7.C0?nnw Hfl
Tt -%J~ tfV*W
\ere $10.00?now $6.66
vere $15.00?now$J0.00
vere $25.00?now $16.66
general use that is not to be
hese pieces.

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