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IVery Hands
Weathered 0
. I 5
X at Bargaio Prices.
Sale Price.
A *12.<>0 Briwwln K11 jr. 6 ft. * 7 ft. 6 In |K95
A *H '"? Velvet Hug, 6 ft. x 10 ft. 6 in *9.85
A But Bnmeb Hug, 8 ft. 3 in. x 8 ft. 9
Jl I'1
Y $17.oo Velvet liuic. 8 ft. 3 In. x 8 ft. rt in.$12.85
X $20.00 Velvet Kug. 8 ft. 3 in. x 10 ft. 3
x In $15.73
V $30.00 Velvet !til|f. 10 ft. 6 In. x 13 ft $19.73
> *23.<?t Velvet Kug. 8 ft. 3 in. x 13 ft $17.85
$28 <mi ilru*!wlrt KiifC, 8 ft. 3 In. x 12 ft. ..$20.00
A Hrnwls Kn*. 10 ft. ? In. x 13 ft..*25.00
J $25.00 Axinlnster Hug. 8 ft. 3 In. x 12 ft..$18.75
$20.00 Itrussels Knjr, 9 ft. x 10 ft $15.tH)
J, $25.00 Velvet Riifr. 8 ft. 3 In. i 12 ft $17.50
**? ??i?.,u ft n in x 12 ft. 6
$ In *25.00
Of *3.-110 Wilton HUlf. 9 ft. 1 12 ft *25.00
y *3.Y<?> V. lr*t Kmc. H ft. 3 In. \ 14 ft *27.50
V *2.1.75 Velvet Knu. 9 ft. % 11 ft *16.75
V *2K.??> llnuwel.H Ku*. 10 ft. ? In. * 12 ft.
<* * In *19.85
?>0.00 HnlMell Kuk. 9 ft. * 12 ft *15.75
V We have 147 of these Rug*, in various sizes
an<l colorings.
3; W. H. Bioeke, Cor. P,
V It
, 1
White House Bread
Is the best Bread for jgxgxSxjHjjKgx^igxgN
the home table. Best
for sandwiches. and Best b
makes the crispest toast SCie
e.nd best toast.
v Fnmds That Hi a'
;; Quality to Recoi
I White Hoi
"The Bread o
I White Ho
J? "The newest tl
41 t
0 We point with pardon
1 | and best achievements as
j ; to make perfect Bread anc
*.! are a triumph of the bs
% NEW ERA in Bread mal
J4 The bakerv in whit
^ sanitation and convenienc
fof the making and purve;
most stringent care is exe;
you they are PURE, ac<
I! conceptfon of the word.
X These products are dil
4 pearance from other Bre
% lighter and more palatabl
? White House Bre
| Sold Wherever
I Boston Ba
I First and B Streets
(In front of U. S. Caj
?j> It
319 S. SALINA ST.,
Where full line of their unequalled
Fountain Drinks served to perfection
The tame as at ?e fcy&r? 31 other Stores
Orders can be placed at?4^?v Stores
I In this city for prompt delivery from anyl
Store in other Cities J
thus saving express charges. j
Caramel* without their eaual <T , J
John F.EflfiSs^Co.
937 Pa. Ave. N. W.
Talking Machines. I Phonographs.
Records. Cases, &c.
IUU^? " Ji) |
: /PJora Whisky,$>(| i
4 I n Tlie pure prod act received dl- 11 ?
T 1 11 fr.?? tk,*? <lik:t lllorv fti V#w* h II I
I J \y Carolina. You won't And the JLL
e?nial of thi* l orn Whisky any- >
j where else in town. ^
???? *
I Painting and Paperbaniring are not merely
tcbantcal work, but require bralna am! skill
in ?rder to produce the beat effects. We point
to work we've done as proof of oar ability.
Moderate charges.
Q> I I TP T Painter. 1727 7tb at. o.w.
t" l_ a a I ? Pap?rl?an*er. 'I'bone N. 4123.
^ Cor. Pa. ;; J
^ve an<* 11 I
< 3
omrae $4.SO i; j
)ak IRocker, ;; ;
92. y?. 11
& I
t 3
irgain special. This neat, roomy # ?!
very comfortable Weathered %
Rocker, thoroughly well made. X |
ed joints, that sells & |
$2.98 I j
Our Mid-Winter Sale ;; j
of Furniture, Carpets ;; I
and UphoSsteries ;; j
- - ?- I. .:_UL TU. X ?
?is ai us uciguui. me udi- T J
gairiSf offered are truly re- % \
markable. Furniture, Carpets y i
and Draperies are reduced to X 5
fractional prices. Excellent
chance to replenish the home- ;
furnishings at small cost. !j> j
a. Ave. and 8th St. j: '
<2> 4
ecause purest and %
ntifically made. X
ve Purity and |
nmend Them. I
use Bread $
f Quality." o
niise BoMIs I
? --v <*>
t ?
[ling in rolls." o
able pride to our latest |!
evidence of our ability *
1 Rolls. These products |!
ikers' art and mark a t
?ng: |
:h WHllii HULMi &
ire made is a model in | *
e. Through every step ??
ying of these foods the $
rcised. When WHITE J
) ROLLS are offered j?
wording to your fullest %
iTercnt in shape and ap- f
;ad and Rolls, and are |>
e- $
ad and Rolls Are %
Bread Is Sold. I
ik5imo? C<n>_ I
?uuu uu^ -?' ?" y g}
5 ^
White House Rolls.
Dltol.) If you'd enjoy perfect
hot Bread for breakfast
<5 warm these rolls in the
oven for a few minutes.
Ir : .il
thlnna nnt fnnml ula.i.i-Kiipn ''
BotSi Pfiain
amid Jeweled.
The bags we show are
in good taste and exceli
i ? _ ^.1 ;
leiu examples ui uie jewelers'
In 14-karat gold?various
sizes and designs.
Berry & Jewelers.
Whitrnore Co., Silversmiths
I" St., Cor. I Ith. Stationers.
__ tv22-4<M
/"v */ n ?i
seetmre ^caiip ana
Facial! Massage
QtmafisJifl I while my 8pecl*l price* ?re in
force. Thoroughly safe and efReduced,
tre*tm",t by "cltn,lflc
Otp? ' *2 Scalp Treatments, $3.50.
ririivCSo 12 Facial Treatments. $8.00.
Hattie M. Shacklette,
Toilet Studio, 1002-04 F St.
For Women and Children Only.
fe19 tn.th.sa 20
Enter the Great
Call at store for particulars, and
watch the Daily Papers.
r.23 Eleventh Street N. W.
F ? . !
Itfc unfailing satisfaction
makes it a delight to a hostess,
a comfort to a family.
Burchell's "Bouquet"
Coffee- 25c. lb. 132S F.
| crgOO l-lb. Io>tm to tt? urwl i I
' T T " ! ! ?
Unvarying .. *
j ?Success is |
I The Proof of |0
| Superiority, i
flour that invarift
1 ably brings baking t J?
! to a satisfactory & h!
. A.
; termination musi # w
be a flour of superior qual- # c
; ity. It is a fact well estab- '<? *
i lished among good cooks # G
j that 'ft a
! "Cream I:
Blend" I I
The Perfect Flour i I
> ^ w "" ^ ^ W ~ W-W ? ^ ^
? Can always be depended *
| on to yield the most deli- -ii= ^
? cious and most nourishing ajj i
i bread, rolls, biscuits, cakes #
I and pastries. # t
;= Order "Cream Blend" 3j. J
| next time ? the flour that jj| 1
\ PROVES its quality by re- ? \
? suits. $
!fc . ^ T-? ^-v y-?T-*Tk %C"S Jk
Ai YUUK LrKUL-i^KS. & c
:SB.B.Earnshaw& Bro.J
(rWhnlp^nlprs lios, 1107, 1109 lithst. s.c. >t$
I- wnoiesaiers,1000 1002 M gt 8e &
Mr It &
A food for body and brain? food for '
health and strength. Helps you to acquire s
and retain better health. More nourishing r
than meat?highly appetizing?easily digested. *
C?'Price, Cc. loaf delivered. Write or 'phone. j;
KrMft'sBakery,ANDpiTAVE.' f
fe23,sa,tu.tu-a> _
AN EVENT of great
imraportasTice to lovers <
niff ffrim#* lh<n>r?II?-<3. ]
Great redactions orn I
books embracairag a
- i
wide range off inter= ,
estnng subjects. '
Manny rare bargains
can be had by mak= ?
Sng selection now.
Bremitarao'sH!' <
fe23-sa,tu,th,40 <
,f? 1
K?V v-'- V~> \-*i "> i*-> k"< v"> r '/ {**>V '< riW3 <~i i v?) ?-> r > v~i i~i f 4
* . ... .
A _ TIT17^ A ?:/* OJ-atwn/nvTirtuMitfir >/? i
5<? * w <c /"^u <5 irv&.uiiu'ci'?
$ to our new home, ?
| 927 F Street No -Wo, j j
i On Mardhi J, j;;;
we find on hand a few 50
:o! slightly defaced sewing k
machines, and owing to our ,
3s limited storage room. will ? |
s?; dispose of them at reduced ,
# prices. f
% Simger |
?"? ! ui1 tu 5 /-? _ -ff
i sewninig ivuaLciniamie M., 5?
5 61! 6 5>tlh St. N.-Wo ^ ;
S ff23-3t ir
VI * & M. \^Ji * +
Qalt Watchcs are always
guaranteed to
be free from any defect
in material or construction.
Do you want The
i ocdiiu,
Established Over a Century, _
Jewellers, Silversmiths, Stationers
1J07 Penn. Avi.. I
Profits Clipped
for $3 50 and $4.00 Qualities in
Women's Dress
means a saving of Dollars.
If you need a pair do not delay.
Robt. Cohen & Son,
1114 F St. N.W.
i; d"yv<\ i-J VA/ i n c ic no H
I -fill ** ?-<U8 IIL? S|
^ ^ Qfld Fmmiture. |
Have us reupholster, repair 1
or refinish your old furniture |
during the Lenten season. &
PWe make a specialty of such S
work. Highest satisfaction assured, g
610 12th Street, North ^Tir! j j
?r ?u, iu-ov HE
Denatured Alcohol, 86%; 00c. gallon; IOC! plat
Wood Alcohol. I**; iJe. talios; 10c. plat.
Now la the time to 1 ij acd thla la tk> plaea ta
baj It right.
022-824 V BT. M.W.
??? Ci
:b& basket the guest of j
honob at a laboe dinner. of
ther Hospitalities at Well-Known da
tt-. mi?.1- .4
auxuca?Aiijiciv fcnuuu av
Notes. Tt
????? as
Mr. and Mrs. Francois Berger Moran, a
hose hospitalities are so frequent and de- th
ghtful, gave a large dinner last night in th
onor of Mrs. Barney. To meet her there
ere present Senator and Mrs. William A. jn
lark, Senator Perkins. Miss Perkins, Sen- pi,
tor Daniel, Count and Countess Secken- M
? ? " - ? ?? xxtJ
orff, Mr. and Mrs. josepn urawiora, jars. -
ardner Williams, Mrs. Hinckley, Rear Ad- j
liral Terry, Miss Terry, Miss Le Breton, pf
Ivil Engineer Rousseau, United States gi
avy; Col. Barnett and Mr. Totten. ^
Afterward other guests came in for a w
lusicale and to be entertained by a child ta
ancer. Li
?;? tr
Mr. and Mrs." William Phelps Eno en- in
srtained at dinner last evening Senator and F'
Irs. Depew, Capt. Ryan of the British em- ^
aBsy and Mrs. Ryan, Commander Heb- |n
inghaus of the German embassy and Mme. p]
Jebblnghaus, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pinhot,
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Graves, Mrs. C. B.
Vood, Miss Grace Allen, Mr. Barry arid Mr. rc
"rederlc May. dj
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Moore were dinner
losts last night, when their guests were M
iepresentatlve and Mrs Mann, Representa- m
lve and Mrs. Burleson, Representative Mc- hi
" 1 A* Dnitnlnh ,
viniey, iiiiss iuuius, mi. auu mio. x?uv>w.k? fcVj
Cauflfmann, Dr. and Mrs. Macdonald and b<
Jr. and Mrs. Scott C. Bone.
The nieces and nephews of Mr. W. C.
VMeara assembled at his residence, corner
d and B streets northwest, last Wednesday w
vening, the occasion being the seventy- f
eventh anniversary of Mrs. O'Meana.
Phose present were Mr. J. Domineck
)'Meara and wife, J. Frank O'Meara and p<
vife, W. A. O'Meara and wife, M. R. fc
VMeara, William Whalen and wife, James
Archer and wife, Mrs. Annie Crogan,
rVilliam Stahl. wife and son, Mrs. J. Bree
lahan, Miss Nellie Bresnahan, Miss Kosie
Jresnahan, Miss Laura Unsworth, . Miss f(
.lary Unsworth. After congratulations had
>een extended Mr. J. Frank O'Meara, on belalf
of the nieces and nephews, presented
heir aunt with a beautiful work basket,
ifter which all adjourned to .the dining a
oom for refreshments. In the center of the
able was a large cake tvith seventy-seven
andles lighted, surrounded by seventy- a!
leven roses. Music and felicitous speeches
inished the evening. ai
Mrs. Charles R. Smith of 613 Q street c
lorthwest gave a enjoyable progressive "'
itichre to friends St. Valentine's night. E
landsome valentines were prizes. The winters
were: First, Mrs. H. F. Winn, Mr.
}. W. White; second. Mrs. E. P. O'Daniel, h
Dr. A. P. Bogue; booby, Mrs. J. D. Bradleld,
Mrs. O. H. Coumbe. Light refresh- b
nents were served. Among those present
were Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Winn, Mr. and ,
Urs. E. P. O'Daniel, Dr. and Mrs. O. H.
Coumbe. Mr. Geo. W. White, Dr. and Mrs.
r. D. Bradfleld, Mr. and Mrs. Sollais Mrs.
Smma Demaray, Mr. Arthur Demaray, Dr.
J "* " * T~? T-? ,3 "** ? XX
LIIU Mrs. A. sr. X3Ug uc anu .ui. ucwife^
Smith. 41
Mrs. Frank W. Paine and Miss Paine of 31
iValla Walla, Wash., have arrived on a
,'isit to Mrs. Paine's sister, Mrs. Webb of
"th street northeast.
Mrs. George E. Corbett of 1st street north- a
west entertained a number of her friends
it progressive euchre recently. Handsome r
prizes were contested for and the favors
were especially appropriate. n
Mr. Edwin M. Niess gave a birthday party ,
it his home, 61 Rhode Island avenue,
rhursday evening last. The parlors and j
lining room were tastefully decorated with
bunting and flags and cut flowers, and re- j,
'reshments were served. Among those present
were Misses Anna Barker, iaora Bing- ^
iman, Dorothy Farr, Dorothy Hardy, Minnie
B. Mankin. Nellie .V. Niess. Thelma j
Payne, Ruth Sears. Alma Stiefel, Mrs. Rosa.
V. Hamilton and Messrs. Raymond Chat- i
field, Clyde Collis, Benjamin Harlan, Lawrence
Jones, Atbert Niess. Kdwln M. Niess, 5
Blyn Weldon, Ralph Wolfe and Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin A. Niess. f
The February meeting of Constitution j
Chapter, D. A. R., was held Tuesday evening,
at 1310 Columbia road, Mrs. H. N. ^
Couden and Mrs. Flora \V. Patterson being
the hostesses. The regent, Mrs. Hannah B. f
Sperry, presided. During the business session
voluntary contributions to the building
fund of Continental Hall were made,
and the vice regent. Miss Mary Wood, was
elected alternate to the regent, to represent
the chapter at the coming Continental Con
eress. Mrs. Helen m. wood spoKe upon
the prominent men who traveled in J906, .
reviewing the achievements of Commander
Peary in the far north, the inspection of
tlie isthmian canal region by President
Roosevelt, and the official journeys of Secretaries
Taft and Root. Mrs. Harriet A.
Arnold spoke entertainingly upon our in- t
sular possessions, describing their local
governments and enlarging upon the commercial
value of the islands to the United
States. Before adjournment for refreshmontc
tl>P fiiihippt for rnnsidprftUnn at thp
March meeting was announced to be "The i'
Present Status of the Japanese in America."
Every lady is expected to be pre- E
pared with a brief statement as to the
stand her state, her senator or her friends
take on the subject. s
The regular monthly meeting of the r
Washington Colony of New England
Women was held at the residence of Mrs.
Abbie L. Ham, 2312 19th street, Tuesday r
? * i * ~ ~ 1 l
evening ia?i. AS LUIS was aisu mc auuuai
meeting, after the regular business routine i
election of officers took place which resulted
as follows: President, Mrs. F. G. W. Ben- r
jamin; first vice president, Mrs. Charlotte
Emerson Main; second vice president. Miss l
Eliza Coleman Tullock; recording secretary,
Mrs. J. Y. Withee; corresponding secre- s
tary, Mrs. Paul Brockett; treasurer, Mrs.
Abbie L. Ham; historian, Mrs. Robbins; s
councillors, Mrs. Richard Rathbun of
Maine, Mrs. William H. Feaman of New ?
Hampshire, Mrs. Charles G. Gould of Vermont,
Mrs. Henry H. Darroll of Connectl- I
cut, and Mrs. Mary Wheaton of Rhode
Island. i
A program of short stories, the hostess,
Mrs. Ham, reading four original poems, i
preceded a social hour, during which refreshments
were served.
The officers present were: Mrs. White, i
Mrs. Benjamin, Mrs. Main, Mrs. Brockett,
Miss Webster, Mrs. Rathbun and Mrs. s
Robbins. The_members present were: Mrs.
Ham, Miss TUUOCK, Mrs. wunee, Mrs. :
Smaliwood, Mrs. Darroll, Mrs. Wheaton,
Mrs. Teller, Mrs. Gllfillan and Mrs. Smith. ]
Mrs. W. T. Ham, Mrs. Miranda B. Tullock,
Miss Benjamin, Miss Phelps and Messrs. I
Ham, Wright, Smith, Darroll and Brockett
were present as guests of the society. ]
Mrs. S. Lowenthal of Salisbury, Md., and i
Miss Hannah Weinberg of Baltimore, are
the guest of their sister, Mrs. J. S. Kann,' 1
of the Pierrepont. At home Sunday afternoon.
/ i
Misses Bolen, Watkins and Wands ten- .
dered a very interesting celebration of
Washington's birthday to their friends at 1
the residence of Mrs. Watkins, 1003 K street
northwest, February 21. The parlor was (
beautifully decorated with portraits of
General Washington and Mrs. Washington, j
T3un+tn<? Xros also in nrofnsion. The enter
tainment consisted of new and interesting
games, recitations, etc. An unique feature
of the evening was a genuine cherry tree,
with the fruit upon it, and which was chopped
down by those present. This created
considerable merriment. Refreshments were
served. Among those present were Misses
Haughton, Way, Hoizberg, Higgins, Higdon,
Nina Hlgdon, Mauser, Nettie Maurer,
Twitchell, Watkins, Taylor, Gannett, Loomis,
Bolen and Wands, Mesdames Watkins,
Twitchell, Gavin and Loomis, Messrs. Norris,
Poteet, Duvall, Coghlan, Satterly, Hoizberg,
Smith, Holroy, Bryce, Loomis, Crouch,
Garvin, Lee, Kester, Wands and Ellyson.
Mrs. Thomas Chalmers Newton (nee Kirkwnrv/ii
vlll hft at home Mondav. Februarv
25, at the Alden. 2618 13th street.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Morse o? New York
are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Brown
of 1218 S treel.
Miss Marlon C. Melchior and Mr. Harry
R. Mann, who were married February 18
at Rockville, Md? by Rev. Ernest L.
Woolfe, are now living with the parents of
the former at iu? Ttn street nortneast.
President 'Needham was the guest of
honor at a reception yesterday afternoon
In George Washington University Library,
when the Columbian women were the host
les. The George Washington colors an/T J<
e notional ones decorated the room. Mn. N
edham, Mrs. Ernest. Mrs. Wolff and ynss
ephane presided at the tea tables. ai
Urs. Sidney Heller will be at home Sun- a
y afternoon In honor of Miss Ada Heller u
Winchester, Va., and Miss Relta Wolfer- N
inn of Streator, IU.
rhe marriage of Miss Annie Arthur, g,
ughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ar- jj,
ur, and Mr. William H. Cusick took place
the parsonage of Anacostla Episcopal |CI
lurch Tuesday evening. February 12. p
le bride was attended by her sister, Miss j,*
orence Arthur, Mr. Walter Grimes acting jr
best man. The bride was prettily, at- c
ed In white chiffon over blue and carried p;
large bouquet of white carnations. After u
e ceremony the young couple returned to
e home of the bride at Oxon Hill. Md.,
here a bountiful wedding supper was
mawa oanro/t lot ar
*?cu. nciicuiiuiciiio ncic ov? ?<???.
the evening, Just before the happy cou- ?
e left for their new home at New Glatz,
d. The table was beautifully adornejl
th pink carnations and maiden-hair ferns.
Mrs. Harriet Hayden Flnck of Philadel- ^
tia and Mrs. Hayden of Chicago were ?
lests of Mrs. Josephine Arnold Rich, 1221 I:
ist Capitol street. In the past week. Mrs. ^
Inck is president of the Pennsylvania d
omen's Press Association and the seerery
and treasurer of the Quaker City f
idles' Motor Club, the first in this coun- o
y. Last evening a reception was given d
her honor, and a number of the District
^deration of Women's Club's called. The
lams were beautifully decorated with
slden Gate roses and red carnations. Durg
the evening Miss Griffith of Tennessee d
ayed several selections on the piano. s
Mrs. J. Granville Meyers, 1328 Columbia u
?ad, will be at home informally Wednes- t
iy, February 27. r
Miss M. Frances Harmon and Robert ?<
ii?_ a i_ii? i ? j ?_ T)nU(
.iiio otiytiu were quituy iuai i icu in DOIU- I
ore on February 21, 1907. After a short t
jncymoon in New York they will return (
> their home in this city, where they will t
i pleased to see their friends. fc
i z
Faint and Powder Club. 1
The Paint and Powder Club of Baltimore, f
men eacn year gives sucn an amusing enrtainment
in that city arid have been seen 1
;re also with great success, will give a j
;rformance here at the Belasco April 6 g
ir the benefit of the Christ Child Society, j
, e
Marriage Licenses. j
Marriage licenses have been issued to the c
>llo?wing: ~ J
Robert Anderson and Lucy F. Tolson. *
John Lott and Elizabeth Dixon.
Earl A. McGarry of this city and Mamie 1
yres, Lexington, Va. 1
Jales Simms, Prince George county, Md., '
nd Mary M. Tybers of this city. j
Frederick P. Childress. Richmond. Va..
id C. Allen Coon, Hagerstown, Md.
William A. Allcutt, Glen Riddle, Pa., and (
enle M. Campbell, Anacostia, D. C.
Ambrose P. Kincheloe, Fauquier, Va., and ,
.Katlienne Weaver, Waynesboro, Pa.
Karl (J. Taylor and LJllle Koache.
Joseph B. Miller and Gertrude M. Dellett,
oth of Lancaster, Pa.
Arthur Brown, jr., and Hattle M. Howard, '
oth of Fredericksburg, Va.
Lawrence G. Sims, Linden. Md., and
lamie F. Palmer, Arlington, Va.
Births Reported.
Births were reported to the health office in
le past forty-eight hours as follows:
John R. and Margaret Teney, January
9, female.
Charles T. and Jeanette Rousseau, Febuary
20, male.
John C. J. and Jennie C. Renter, Janury
2S>, male.
Walter E. and Harriet T. Neumeyer, Febuary
20, female.
Paul A. and'Kmma Menzel, February 19,
lale. <
Frederick A. and Frances M. Miller, Febuary
19, male.
James K. and Katherinfc E. McCalmont,
'ebruary 10, female.
William J. and Mary E. Keim, February
t>, female. i
Robert Z. and Agnes A. Hazell, February
9, male.
John F. and Alice A. Hurdle, February
j. female.
Robert E. and Mary E. Easton, February
0, male.
James S. and Roxina I. Dugan, February
. male.
Reuben and Carlie Cook, February 13,
Edward and Mary E. Coleman, February
8, female.
rViarlpQ A anrl A nnia "F! Rlum Fphrnnrv
5, male.
John and Josephine Smith, February 10, .
William P. and Mary M. Whitlock, De- >
ember 30 male.
William and Annie Shorter, February 16,
aale. Nathan
and Sarah Graves, February 21,
Robert and Mary Carson, February 21,
Francis J. H. and Eva S. T. Carroll, Febuary
3C>, female.
Robert L. and July Bias, February 19, 1
nale. \
Albert and Frances Ashton, February 12,
Deaths in the District.
Deaths were reported to the health office
n the past forty-eight hours as follows:
Robert Morris, 70 years, Minnesota avelue,
Twining City.
Virginia O. Johnson, 82 years, 1032 Otis
troof n nrt Vicj at
11 t iiUl bUVUOt(
Mary R. Magle, 73 years, 28 Seaton place
David L. Foster, 62 years, 723 11th street
John J. Lucas, 26 years, 2158 K street
Mary Maloney, 62 years, 3d and H streets
reresa j_i. sexton, years, ixii street
Margaret J. Emory, 14 years, 722 12th
itreet northeast.
Catherine McCarthy, 80 years, 807 7th
itreet northeast.
Carl Blume, 5 days, 211 F street north;ast.
Mary George, 35 years, 217 Ball's court
jonn vv. jounson, w years, za street
Harriet Austin, 80 years, 3d and H streets
Daniel Haskins, 53 years, Ivy City, D. C.
Mary Allen, 10 years, 1417 3d street northwest.
Helen Smith, 5 years, 1104 6th street
Margaret J. Stoddard, 72 years, 1127 11th
street iiunuwcau
William T. Kates, 35 years, Emergency
Victor F. Montgomery, 39 years, 1121 4%
street southwest.
Susan R. Seaton, 73 years, 216 12th street
Helen F. Kussmaul, 1 year, 1410 H street
Alonzo L>. Colvln, 24 years, Sibley Hospital.
William T. Oarrison, 70 years, 1404 14th
aireei iiorinwrai.
Clara V. Anderson, 30 years, 3426 Reservoir
place northwest.
Flavius J. Pennington, 37 years, (Jeorge
Washington University Hospital.
Mary F. Davis, 60 years, 605 A street
Essie Hearnes, 23 years, 1905 K street
Eliza Hollis, 55 years, Washington Asylum
Adam Mahoney, 39 years, 311 H street
Lottie L. Robinson, 29 years, 1109 21st
Btreet northwest.
James M. Clarfc, 0 months, 1137 C street
Lucy B. Medley, 2 months, Garfield, D. C.
Hotel Arrivals.
i cs ta t-? 1- t? ?- ?
oiiuiciiaui*~*o. r. i/avis, xsroOKiyn, Y.J
R. D. Cochran, Pittsburg; A. B. Hepburn,
New York; J. L. Schumacher, Brooklyn,
N. Y.; W. P. Stoddard, Plymouth, Mass.
Arlington?W. E. Bailey and Mrs. Bailey,
Harrlsburg, Pa.; Marion Bobbins and Mrs.
Robbins. Brooklyn, N. Y.; A. L., Crawford,
Philadelphia; A. G. Smith, Philadelphia; G.
Connolly, New York.
Kbbitt?R. M. Reynolds, Newport News,
Vq Tstfem Ckoahon T>? tr * '
a.., u wm? MMwuiati, X a. , X1U1UIU
Brown, Yonkers, N. Y.; G. T. Townsend,
Middle town, N. Y.; C. P. Noble, Philadelphia.
New Willard?D. B. Atherton, Scranton,
Pa.; S. S. Duryea, New York; W. N. Ely
and Mrs. Ely, Philadelphia; Mrs. S. Knapp,
New York.
Raleigh?Mark W, Pagan, Jersey City, |
N. J.; J. C. Williams and Mrs. Williams, I
Norfolk, Va.; J. B. Harper, Durango, Col.; I
>hn Coyne, Johnson City, Tenn.; B. Meyer,
ew Orleans.
Norm&ndie?T. B. Beers. Brooklyn; Mr.
id Mrs. B. F. Longe. Baltimore. Md.; Mr.
id Mrs. 8. W. Conwell. Dover, Del.; Miss.
. W. Turner, Philadelphia; Miss M. K.
cCrught, Philadelphia; George Dexter,
ew York.
Riggs House?John L. Vance- Columbus.
hlo; C. Vance, Columbus, OJilo; w. tr.
pdgwlck, Bath. N. Y.; A. R. Rouse Bur- ]
ngton. Ky.; John D. McCllntock. Phlladeluia,
Pa.: f>r. J. S. Kelsey and family. Beriley,
Cal.; S. S. Dickson, Philadelphia. Pa.;
. Stratton, Philadelphia, Pa.; John Romey,
ew York; C. E. Benler and Mrs. Benler,
idlana; Charles W. Brooke, New York; H.
hapman and Mrs. Chapman, Indiana: J.
. Mathews, Philadelphia, Pa.; E. E. Titus
id Mrs Titus, Richmond, Va.
ntertainment Given by Rhode Island
Avenue M. P. Sunday School.
A large gathering assembled In the Sunay
school house of Rhode Island Avenue
lethodist Protestant Church.lst and Rhode
aiansi flvpnno northwest. last evenlnic. to
ritness an? "olde folks' concert," (riven uner
the auspices of the Ladles' Aid Society
f that church, the proceeds being for the
enefit of the building fund of the new Sunay
school house recently completed.
The house was filled to overflowing at an
arly hour, and the audience was appreciate
and enthusiastic. The performers were
ressed In costume of the olden times, and
oolafnl /-? tha HpotPP
UIIIC Ul LI 1 CI 11 W CI C laaiciui ?.vr iuu vtv0..>,
f art. The performance opened with the
sual "Auld Lang Syne" and closed with
he "Star Spangled Banner," the audience
Ising and joining In the last chorus.
Among the features of the concert were
'Ye Two Parte Song" (Reuben and Cynhla)
l>y Cynthia Ann Scrivenner and Reuien
Speakeasy Dodge; "Ye Speik Piece"
the bumblebee), by Charity Lightfoot Lomiard;
"Ye Two Parte Piece" (Sister Ruth),
? *? **? ? Unnnn na A 11 nn on/1 Cimnn l^hpn P.
ly i\uiu iuai\cj;cttv,c^iucw auu ?> ?/!
;er Dorsey; and "Ye Two Speak Piece," by
Belinda Jane Laughlin and Josiah Speidel.
Following the concert, the members posed
or flashlight pictures.
The cast, under the direction of Neighbor
rrueas Steele, was as follows:
Ye women singers?Ruth Makepeace Alen,
Sweetsing Neal, Pegsy Steptoe Neal,
lamantha Allen Collison, Sara Ellen Steele,
3oiin^a Tana T.ancrhlin r*vnthin. Ann Scriv
nner, Priscilla Howard, Charity Lightfoot
Lombard, Gladys Littletot Steele, Malvina
Smith, Matilda Jane Martin, Betsey Amania
Crosby, Rachel Amelia Daniels, Justa
Jttle Dodge, Jerushia Shuckers, Patience
daddox, Singlow Meacham, Penelope Howird.
Ye men singers?Josiah Speidel, John AIen
Taylor, Simon Ebenezer Dorsey, Ru>en
Speakeasy Dodge, Jonathan Gotwalls,
Hiles Standish Palmer. Solomon Obejoyful
iVeeks, Trustworthy Stewart, Dafe Tobe
narpsicnoraeste?ijigrminger v> uuc.
Development of Power on the Desplaines
River Discussed.
Secretary Taft granted a hearing this
nornlng to representatives of Gov. Deneen
!I nunuis anu uwier xiunuis meii v* uu aic
nterested in the development of water
jower along "the Desplaines river. Mr.
Randolph, the chief engineer of the sanitary
district, was the chief spokesman for
jlov. Deneen, and urged that no franchise
oe granted to private corporations or to
individuals for the development of power
ilong the river.
It was made clear, by the Secretary of
War that the department must regard the
state of Illinois and private corporations as
In the same class when applying for the
rigiu 10 develop puwer.
Departure of General Barry to Take
Command in Cuba.
Brig:. Gen. Thomas H. Barry, who has
been on duty at the War Department for
several months past as the principal assistant
to Gen. Bell, chief of staff, left this
city this afternoon for the purpose of relieving
Brig. Gen. T. J. Wint, who is in ill
health, of command of the army of Cuban
pacification. Gen. Barry will proceed byrail
to Miami, Fla., where he will take the
steamer for Havana, arriving there Tuesday
The Cross-Town Line.
To the Editor of The Star:
Many of the residents of East and North
Washington read with some regret your
editorial of Thursday evening referring to
the union station street car bill as reported"
Dy me wouse uistrici committee, especially
that part referring to the provision for a
north and south line in the eastern half of
the city and thence continuing along Florida
avenue from 8th street northeast to 7th
and Florida avenue northwest, thereby
completing a genuine cross-town line. While
the editorial admitted there was considerable
demand for this, at the same time you
regretted that it was included as a rider on
the union station bill. Of course, we know
that The Star is fully cognizant of the fact
that this provision will materially benefit
l.-.no r-Jk iuu\ nlln ^ ,, ~ 1 ? rpu
uui icoa liio.ii ui uui pupuiaiiuii. x lie
people residing in the sections to be traversed
by this proposed extension have
worked in every way for the last ten years
to obtain it.
Senator McMillan, during the last Congress
before his death, stated to the writer
that the time was almost ripe to oblige the
Capital Traction Company to build this line.
Although continuously besought to agree to
the proposition that company never consented
to it since its power house was destroyed
by fire in December, 18!)8, until its
directors voted In the fall of 1SKK5 to construct
and operate the line if Congress
titai11H o-ra nt 1 ho nonnlo anfVinrHv fnr 11
nvuiu (5 i uii i j/wwj/iv uukiiuttij iv?l >i(
Every organization of citizens along the line
has enthusiastically and continuously favored
it and their representatives have urged
upon Congress the granting of this authority
by every means within their power.
Under these circumstances It seems to us
that The Star should throw nothing in the
way of securing this desirable legislation.
In justice to its position, long and honorably
held, as a foremost defender of the public
interests in the District of Columbia, may
the many friends and supporters of this
proposed extension not rely upon you to aid
In promoting its enactment and thereby
greatly benefit the entire eastern and northeastern
part of the city?
We trust that you may be ready and will1
,1 ? ?UI? nnnnntnllv no n./v V.n,rA Un/>M
lllg LU UU Lilia CO^v.iaii> aa nc nave uccii
informed at the Capitol that it Is impossible
to get such a provision through Congress
as an independent measure, not because of
its merits, which are admitted, but because
of the log-rolling custom" which has been
followed in Congress ever since that expedient
secured the national capital for the
banks of the Potomac. A. R. SERVEN,
President North Capitol and Eckington
Citizens' Association.
The Navy League.
Between two and three hundred persons
were present yesterday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Pinchot at a reception in honor of
the delegates to the Navy League, which
has been in session here. Gen. Porter made
an address, explaining the need of the organization
and its work in various coun
tries, especially in Germany. A Washington
branch was formed and-addresses were
made by Commissioner Macfarland and Mr.
James Stokes of New York. Mrs. Robley
D. Evans, Mrs. Colby M. Chester, Mrs.
Presley M. Rixey, Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs.
Albert S. Barker received the guests.
The Mayflower at Guantanamo.
The Navy Department Is informed that
tne naval yacni aiaynower, navmg on
board Assistant Secretary and Mrs. Newberry,
Mrs. Metcalf and Rear Admiral
Capps, chief of the naval bureau of construction
and repair, arrived at Gu.intanamo
naval station yesterday.
Yacht Club Entertains.
The Galatea Yacht Club entertained a
company at a qjinquet Thursday evening in
the True Reformers' Hall, their guests being
Miss Womack, Miss Russell, Miss Waters,
Miss Tllley. Mr. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Harris
and a number of Elks.
Runaway Boy Returns Home.
William Jackson, who is in the drug business
at Trenton, N. J., came here last night
to set hie teen-year-old eon William, who,
/ , - JL.
t is alleged, ran away from home early thU I
week. The boy left home. It was stated.
>eoause he was tired of going to school.
Detective Baur arrested the boy yesterday
ifternoon at the city post office, where he
ailed to get a message from home. When I
glared under arrest the boy cried and said I
:ie was anxious to go home.
didshipme: Selected for Special Work J
Because or special aptitude the Navy De>artment
has selected Midshipmen R B.
[ngersoll. H. F. Lenry, 1-okhii Crosap and
15. I. Selfredge for special instruction In
Jrdnance work.
It is possible that the special qualifications
called for In the deslgm and construction
of naval ordnance will In the end result
in the formation of a separate corps
?orrespondin|f to the other staff departments
in the navy.
BIRCH H HAD. Departed tlila life on Friday. February
22. 1U07. at 5:So p.m.. CHAKLOTTK
M. RIKCKIIKAD, beloved wife of Middleton
Fnnrral Monday. February 25. from her late residence,
at 2 p.m. Interment private. (Baltimore
paper* please copy.) 2
COLEMAN. On Friday. February 22, 1907, at
2:ltf a.m.. at No. 512 8pmee street northwest,
ELIZA COLEMAN, tbe looted wife of Spencer
Coleman and motber of Mary V. Overton (nee
The tank waa hard and severe
To part with one I loved so dear.
But in my heart thou ahalt
Remain until we meet again.
t unersi from First Baptist Church, 27th atrfft
ami Dumbarton arenue northwest. Sunday. Fet>ruary
24. at 1 p.m. Friends of the family respectfully
invited to attend.
GARRISON. On Friday. February 22, 1?07, ai"
3:15 ii.m., at his residence, 1404 14th street
northwest. WM. T. (iARKISON, in his seventieth
Funeral ?t 11 a.m. Monday, February 25. from
Harvey's chapel. 1325 14th street northwest.
Hclxtiroa an/I frlon.U {?,.!?...t i
~ . v? auu tuciiua IUIHCU. o
John A. Rawlins Post. No. 1,
Washington. I). C., February 23. 190T.
The death of Comrade WM. T. GARRISON, late
A Company. Oth Battery, I). C. Volunteers, in this
city on the 22d instant ia announced to the post. Funeral
services, at which the attendant*" of comrades
Is requested, will be held on Mondsy, February
25, at 11 o'clock a.m.. from Harvey's chapel,
1325 14th street northwest. Bv command of
W. J. WEISS, Commander.
JAMES A. ALLEN. Adjutant.
GRIMES. On .Friday, February 22. 1907, at fl
.uj., ti il.i.iaa1 h. uiumkn, beloved husband
of Laura and Hon of William and Nora Grimes,
afted twenty-nine years.
Funeral from bla late residence. 40K Maine avenue
southwest, Monday. February 23, at b;30
a.m. Maaa at St. Dominic's Cburrh.
HARBIN. On February 22, 1907, at 4:30 p in.. W.
ItlORTRAND, aged one year, seven months und
nine days, lieloved son of Bertrand, jr., aud
Margaret C. Harbin.
Funeral will take place from the residence of his
parents, 442 8th street southwest, on Monday,
February 25, at 2:30 p.m. Relatives and
friends Invited to attend.
HARDON. On Friday, February 22. 1007 at 8
a.m., at Silver Sprint. Md.. ANNIE 1IARDON.
widow of the late Robert S. Ilardon. In the
sixty-third yesr of her age.
runerai on Momiay. February ?5, at 10 a.m.. from
her late residence. Silver Spring. Md. Interment.
Rock Creek cemetery, f riends Invited
to attend. 3
JACOBSON. On Friday. February 22. 1907 at 5
a.m.. HERMAN JACOBSON, beloved husband
of Cornelia F. Jaeobson.
Funeral from Yoakley & Jenkins' undertaking parlors.
5)03 II street northwest, at 2 p.m. Sunday,
February 24. Private interment at Glen wood. 2
IiEMMON. On Friday, February 22. 1907. at 3:30
o'clock a.m., GEORGE A., beloved husbaud of
Sarah Leminon.
Funeral on Monday, February 25. from nines',
1715 14th street, thence to St. Augustine's
Church, where mass will l>e said for the repose
of hi* soul at 10 o'clock a.m.
LEMMOX. The members of tbe Young Men's I*rotectlve
League are requested to meet at Masonic
Temple Hall, 19(h street between L and
M streets northwest, tomorrow (Sunday} afternoon,
February 24. 1907, promptly at 4 o'clock,
to make arrangements for the funeral of our
late brother. GEORGE LEMMOX. Funeral
serrlces Monday, February 2ft. at 10 a.m.. Bt.
Augustine's Ctourcb. Ai* members requested to !
l?e present. By order of the president, OH AS.
LOGAX. At her residence, 2125 K street, on
Friday, February 22, 1907, at 4:15 o'clock p.m.,
Mrs. MARY J. L/XJAX, widow of tbe late
Henry Logan.
Funeral Monday at 3 o'clock n.m. from Mt. Zion
A. M. E. Church, 29th street, West Wash*
MCNEILL. At 10:45 p.m.. on February 22, 1907,
in the seventieth year of her age and after a
1 lingering illness. Mrs. FBAXCEH L. McNEILL,
| widow of James M. McNeill and mother of
Frank A. McNeill, formerly of llerndon, Vl.
Funeral private, Monday, February 25.
ROCHE. On Friday morning, February 22. at
10:10 o'clock, MARGARET ROCHE, beloved
wife of the late James E. Roche.
Funeral from 1009 11th street southeast on Monday.
February 25. at 8:30 o'clock a.m.. thence
to St. Peter's Church. 2d and C streets southeast.
where mass will be celebrated at " 9
o'clock a.m. Relatives and friends are invited
to attend. 2
SCIIAFHR. On Friday. February 22. 1907, CATHARINE
M. 8CHAFKR. )?ek>ved wife of the
late Conrad Schafer. in her eighty-fourth year.
Funeral from her late residence, 487 F street
I southwest, on Monday. February 25, at 2
I o'clock p.m.; thence to St. John's Lutheran
i nurcn. ueiatives and mends invited to at*
tend. Interment at Prospect Hill cemetery. 3
SBNKY. On Saturday, February 23. 1907. at 6:20
o'clock a.m.. at bar residence. Massachusetts
avenue northeast, KJJZABKTI1 WOKliELL
VALK, wife of Fred McDonald Heney
and eldest daughter of the late MaJ. William
W. and Anna 4>ordou Valk.
Notice of funeral hereafter. (New York and Baltimore
papers please copy.)
SIMPSON. Departed this life Wednesday, Februarv
2*>. lflo7_ MARTHA SIMPSOV
Funeral will take place Sunday, Febrnarj 24, ?t
1 o'clock, at Mount Moriuh Baptist Church,
corner 2d and N streets southwest.
THOMAS. Suddenly, on Thursday, February 21,
1907, ROBERT THOMAS, husband of Mrs.
Rebecca Thomas, aged fifty-four years.
Funeral at his late residence, 832 l^anjont street
northwest, Monday at 2 o'clock p.m.
WEST. At Williamstown, Mass.. on February 20.
1007. at 4:15 p.m., Mrs. AMANDA WEST of
825 9th street northeast.
Funeral Sunday, February 24. at 1 p.m., from Mt.
Iloreb Iiaptist Church, 16th street northeast.
(Newark pupers please copy.) 2
WOLFE. On Friday. February 22. at 9:25 o'clock
a.m. HANNAH WOLFE, the beloved wife, of
the late Richard Wolfe and mother of Morris
Wolfe and Mrs. Launder Vail Kiswlck.
Funeral from her late residence. 105 2d street
northwest, on Monday morning. February 25.
at 8:30 o'clock, thence to St. Aloyrtus' Church
at 9 o'clock a.m. Friends and relatives are
respectfully invited to attend, (Pittsburg papers
please copy.) 2
In Memoriam.
GADD&SS. In sad but loving remembrance of
our little darling. DOROTHY IRENE GADDESS,
who entflM Into the paradise of God
one year ago today, leaving to mourn her untimely
loss a devoted father, mother and grand
mother, besides a wide circle of bereaved
uncles and aunts.
"None knew her but to love her,
None named her but to praise."
liesr, pauem sunerer, irceu ir?m i>uiu?
Our loss we know to Ik? thy gain,
Ji?fe In the blissful land of rest,
God called you?lie kuew best.
Undertaker and Euibaluier.
Everythlug necessary for Funerals.
1241 32d st. n.w. Telephone West 804.
If 111 fti\u\ u f u>"i/wiu'j
1620 N. Cap. (t. 'Phone North 3203.
408 H Ht. n.e. Modem Chapel. 'Phone K. 5-4.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Funeral Parlors, 3U1 Kant Capitol it.
Telephone East 372.
Modern Chapel. Telephone rail North 620.
'ttilji rycr c ic?m>in ic/OS^T ~~
u Jill^<3. CJ.
1011 7tb st. n.w. Ti-lopbono Main 1090.
'Phone M. 537.
Wm. So Riley,
aw 2d ?t. 8.*. 'Pboue East 058.
1326 14TH ST. N.W. Telephone North 3T9.
J. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Director
and Knitinlmcr. Lifery In connection, Oqmmodloaa
chapel and modern crematorium. M<xlo?t prices.
332 PenogylTanU ave. n.w. Telephone call 1380.
Joseph F. Birch'8 Sons,
?OT4. M St N VV Parlor for Ftwmlc.
Puo4 ^V1 'Phono W?t ML
'Phone Hl? Mala. Mtb ud III lU. a.v.

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