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f ?r <;KM I.E.MKN S SI'R!N? and SfMIIKU
si ITS will l?e f >uu<l aioon? our recent
Ju)i*>rf *tl<M>?.
U J See theae suitings if you appreciate dlatlllCllVfllPSfl
E. ti. Snyder & Coc, Tailors,
Si T*Mu.tli.sn ?<
. . ? \TTRA< TIVF rrtlNTlNO Is a
i'Arti^tlC I "l?usims.H puller" of demons trated
I t....... . I... ...*.!<> f.. I.I.TJ
IO|) l?*>kiets. etc . from tlit* Howard
Press will advertise* voiir business ,
I Villt ill<r l?*sf advantage. flave us esti"
mate and submit samples.
Gea.EJ1oward,7iI4 II2th St.
*p80 d.fSa,11
Printing That's Hagh Class
(? :; I'rlnj Shop N large ?md finely equipped.
? ' it* \\ kn ? !i .vrr l<;i<l?rs of tl.e printers' craft.
Have us Print the Ilooklef. PoWer or Circular
Mitti tiie l?est work 1h assured.
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Tlie Big Print Stiop, lltli st. n.w.
The "Rooffimig Experts"
Have Won Fame
- for i m y In Hoof Kmalrlnt. H:itp them
repair Ir?*?r anil paint it tv!t!? tin* excellent
liraf Ionic Boof rains. The nof w ill l?e made
Nllkr new All \v? rk Kiiarnntied.
0 raff t on & So ra J n c??5'.E1 ir. *"
up.'IT lliil VLarge
and Bookbindery.
m Hodges' repntat'on for e^pertness In Book?
binding hi wtaMlshrd. Hare lilm ilo the
1 Imokhfndtng anil It'll N? upI1 ?l??ne.
f jfih 1^" Big Bookbinderj, 42f)-'12 11th. next Star.
\ aii>'(0-fiil m
J "Tennessee" Wihasky
f -Meets All Requirements.
A favorite ulilsky for 'io-?p?tniltv ifli.I a <leitenriaMe
wlilaky for medicinal purposes. ? |1
.arjst* Im?t T 1?* for. U
SSioomnaker Co., 'n'l'r 51
np.'io tu.th.aa 10
of tlio st<**k of t!?e Itamlolpli l l omuaiiy to
?jnVk tmjrrr. 1! J. STALKY. 42."> Mumey l?l<lg.
npl^> Ht*
pr ?pertles arc i *te?l to ?en?l prici* and partVulars
of any pieces thev *vl?h to to THK
I1AKKISON RKAl/n n? . tH>7 st n.w.
I ar?fe properties preferred. 1 ?ut sii a'l ones riven
fftrj eona <11 ration. ap29 301 6
Protection Fromn Moths.
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Modernizing ( )ld I'.ath Rooms.
We !1 Mixkthe ?dd hath room up to date hv
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HlHlllNSoN & Mcf'AIM'HV. Kft) 10th at.
upia? (H1
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We'll put the r?Mif In top-notch condition and
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f /Tt\Ihx*Ik1 1'rMrtJraI l itiiirr Nl- 1 HIj >t u.w. 1
j VL.ITL9store Kxpfrt. 'l'hone >!. l!7U9. !
i|?2D ?UI j
Idle ncridfttt t?? ? I?I?*r 1 v gentleman on lsth st. hetwwn
I. and M l'riilav. \pril kindly Hend
t heir n run en t.. SAM I KL I>. DRANK. H1M7 loth ;
NT. n. w V i
THE III Sll I'l.l .MlilNC CO . IMS Ti ll ST. N.W.,
Will remove to its new location. at
1>14 14TI1 ST. N W .
on May 1. We w isii to thank our customers for
I ant favor* and we respectfully solicit ? continuation
of their patronage. <p2S-3t,6*
directors of the Metropolis Building Asso< iatioii.
No s. election to ho held on Wednpsday, May
1. between the lours of '2 and S o'clock p.m..
hi the office of the association, corner 2d and
IVuna. ave. s.e.. I would thank all my friends |
wiu? nave an in if rest in ^'hhi. coiuuiuinu auu
J?nt administration of it* affairs, to come on
*nId occasion and fast their votes for the undersign^)
Very respectfully,
ai.27 4f.lo FIIANK P. DAVIS.
k .
< '1 Kit 1 or nil IRUN6TON F1RB I NSC It
mice < >>ini>an> for the District ??f 4'olumbia. No.
i:*to Pa. avf. n.w. The ttooks for the transfer
tt stick .-f this company will l?e closed from the
l?t t?> loth day < f May. lt*?7. U?th days Inclusivf.
K Mif. ,H?.\RS. Secretary. a|?27-s.tii.2t
1"n11 *d Stat'-s F.lectrlc lighting Company ImI-roxcment
Del?en?ure Bond* and Certificates of
mlf htedness mat urine May I. 11HV7. will be paid
t?n said date l?v the American Security and Trust
Co . WasMnjrtun. I? Interest ceases op said
datf midM At KI.Kt THFr PnWEIt CO.
Bv K S. MAUf.OW, Treasurer.
A i?:' I 2U. 114)7. sp24.27.3?at
t- T- r* T - tr~b * i? 1 /f* r ^ _
\ When double Lenses are needed I.oese Rit
focal Glasses will l*e found best both (or
\ reading and distance.
> K.T A n corn Mnniifartnrlng Optician.
\ JVll. /V. UCC3C, 6U :nh st ? w
* ?|i2T S.I
Expert Tcrne::iece Repairer.
? Watch ?'leaning. 75r. Mainspring. 75c.
frvstal. 10o. Finest work guaranteed.
MAX iiKKENRKUO, o'^i 10th st.
?lu*- ONE YEAR'S Interest ?t more are hereby
UotlfVd t-> pay same or said pledge* will be sold
\ Rroker. Auctioneer,
i api'O lOt 314 0th at n u.
A'-s'n No V i!??l Pa ave. *e, for president
vice president secretary and treasurer and ten
directors, on Wednesday. May 1, 1H07. l?et. the
hours of 2 and * p n?.
apl'J.lM&.tO < E WORTIIINGTON. Sec't y.
you get the REST at MODERATE PRICES, Get
estimate. 'Phone or postal.
Edwin EoEllett,
mb'U :w?t.."*?
lug Mr W It Granger. late of Sanders &
Ma.rman's department. Is r.ow a*KOcl&tci
with us. and with our new and Increased facilities
?> are now prepared to do *unlns and re
I>airn? ??T III?* iiigiM-*; g BU?-. Miiuiaifs mr
nlabed. HI (jn WORi'fl. Everything connected
with piano*. Worcb building. 1110 <J aplft-30t
lLcrf;iM- the Value of Your Property by Flavin^
For Cement Pavements.
Cocitrnct Tr?ar Walks. Steps. Coping. Basemeot
anil Stable Floors. AH Work Guaranteed.
Room 222. Colorado building.
COMPANY, Iimc.f engravers.
ap!3 tf
|2.00 per gallon for medicinal whiskey.
I>S BOt.4 Old F at. n.w.
720 15th it.
fhlrt Makers Knclpp and Delmel Linen Meab.
nihi'" d.**8u. 10
Padded Tans, $4 load; 2-horse wagon. $3 load.
Moving- Pack in#?Shipping?Storage.
alate writing Spiritualist*. materialist*. adentl*ta.
religionist*. pronounce It wouderful, *atl*factory.
couvln? lug All kinds of Information
given daily.
Pay chic fading and lnd??i>endcnt writings on
all au^Jrcta. giving the information you wiah to
know llrs 'J to 4 and b to lu p.m. ap25-3ot*
Wills illed for Probate.
The will of Elizabeth Ellis, dated March
28. 1905. has been filed for probate. She
leaves $5 to her husband and her real estate
to her two children. Mary A. Colbert
and Jerome R. Osborne. The sum of JoO
and certain wearing a par el is given to her
Bister Mary Dolly. Nicholas Colbert Is
named as executor.
Irving Frlckey is named sole legatee of
the estate of his wife, l-auru A. Frlckey,
by the terms of her will dated February 17. I
1907, and offered for probate. The husband
is also named as executor.
IJInM, It. GOr, St. f 120. 1 wk.. *2.52. 1 mo.. 17.80.
lumbia. holding * probate court.?No. 13633, Ad
ministration This is to give notice that the tub
crlter, wbt vm by the Biibhim Govt of tb
district of Columbia granted letters teatamentarj
on the estate of Sarah E. Mt I> motigh, de.-ensed,
has, w 11:i the apuro^ai of the Supreme Court ol
the l>l*tr t ??f r.lumbia. holding a l'robate Court,
appoiuted Monday, the 2?>th day of May. 1307. at
lo o'cloc k a.m.. ?s the time. and said court r ?om
an the [date. f<?r rn'iking payment and di*trlbutJ0f1
fr?'m *a?d estate, under tne court's direction amJ
confr.?K when and where all creditors and person?
entitled to distributive snare* or legacies or h
residue. are notified to attend, in person or by
H|f**nt or att<-rii<*y duly authorised, with theli
<laims iitininKt the esta:*4 property vouched. Given
under my band this iiytb day of April, UM)7. THE
Attorney. Attest: (Seal.) JAMES TANNER,
Register of Wills for the District <?f Columbia,
* lerk of tb?* Probate Court. ap30-law-3t
Columbia. holding a Probate Court.?No. 14362.
j Administration.?ThH Is to ftlve notice that the
I villni>rl)n r , . t I V, 1 .. n.t.l o lifla nit.
I ' 1 ' 1 I IJU M ' 1.~ 1 I I' I ' I L < UIUUIUIU| UI4?J
taimil from the Probate Court of the District of
Columbia letters testanx ntary on the estate of
Willi&iu Jones Khecs. late of the District of Columbia,
deceased. .All persons having claims
against the deceased ure hereby warned to exlilblr
tl.e safin*, witli the vouchers thereof, legally
auth?*ntient?d, to the subscriber, on or before the
iOt.li day of April. A. D. 1U08; otherwise they uiay
by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate.
(?1\'*u under my hand this Iftth day of April, 1I*>7.
Hy ?;K(?K?;i; Howard. Treasurer. (Seal.) Attest:
AV . ( . taylor. Deputy Register of Wills for the
Di?tiiei of Columbia. Clerk of the Probate Court.
william 1?. IImovkr. Attorney. apl'I-lawHt
scprhmk coi utof tiif dist rict of colup'l'ia,
holding a Probate Court. No. llt.)l!>, Administration.
a his J- to ghe notice that the sub'
MTlI.er. of the District of Columbia, lias obtained
from the 1'iot : 11 Court of tiip District of Colum
bin 1 t?t> testan:er.t:.ry on the estate of Mary
Ann Orrid. lute of tin* IMstrlct of Columbia, deceased.
All i ergons lia\ln? claims a?aiust the
deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the mhip,
with the touchers thereof, legally authenticated,
to ih?* subscriber. 011 or before the Ifttli day of
Ai i'i 1. A. k>. 1: OS; otherwise they may by law be
excluded from all len:?flt of said estate. Given
undei n.y hand this 15th day of April. 1.-07.
W 11. I.I AM I?. J A It VIS. 11*0 I* st. s.w. (.-"eal.)
Attest: W. C. TAYLOK. Deimty He^lster of
Wills for the IMstrlct of Columbia. Clerk of the
rrohate Court. THOMAS WALKKK, Attorney.
j>; KM n w.*;t
ru i nr.>i r, ? < ?| a i ut THK PISTKHJT OF i'Olumhia.
holding : Probate Court. No. 1418S, Adrat
Ion. This I? to jrlve not Ire that the Bubs'
ril.< r. of the I'birht or <'olmnbia. lias obtained
from tl:e Probate Court of the District of Columbia
loiters of administration c. t. a. on tlie
estate <?f Charlotte II. Ti.omas. late of the 1>Sb
tri? t of i 'obunhla. deceased. All persons having
claims against the deceased are hereby wernei
to exhibit the same. with the vouchers thereof,
1<-pally .mthrnt i.v.ted, to the subscriber. on or
he for* the l.'ith day of April. A. I*. 1 08: otherwise
they ij.ay ly law le excluded from all Inn
e*?t of said estate. Civen under 11;v Inn 1 this*
15th day of \j ril. 1M?7. H. F. LKKiHTnN. Columbian
bldg. (Seal.) Attest: \V. C. TAYLOR.
I?ej?u;y lte;ri?itor of Wills for the District ??f Columbia.
<1. :k of the Probate Court. B. F.
LKIdllTo.N, Attorney. anlti-lawftt
si ii(i:.mk ciii i:r of tii k iustuict or rolutnbla.
holilin- h nrolate court. No. 1 Administration.
TliW \< 1?? cive notice that the subscriber.
of tl;;? I>b;lrict ?*f Columbia. has obtained
fr??n? the I'robat C ?urf of the District of Columbia
letters testament Nry on tin* estate of Franz Niehn
us. late of the i'istrirt of Col tun bin. deceased.
All |>crs<?iirf l?ri\intr claims N^Hiust the deceased are
hereby warned to exhibit the sum?. with the
vouchers thereof, locally nut hent Icntcd. to the subscriber
on ? r l < foie th* 1."?ih day of April. A. L>.
l!M>v otherwise they may ly law bo excluded from
all benefit of said estate. <?ivcn under n?y hand
Ihfv 1 I? iI-ip ..f *..til *? ' > "
NOACK. 11 I" st. 11.u". (Senl.i Attest: W.M. C.
TAVI.OU. I>eputy I{^Is*:#r of Wills for tlit- I?istrli
t of Columi i?t. f'lerk of the I'robate Court. W.
GtfTNN GARDINER, Attorney. apl<5 law, lit
~A I. K FT WICIi > 1 \ r i. A 1K. ATT?>K NI: V. I " I LED
April f?. H?u7. In the Supreme Court of the Di?tiict
of L'olun.Iiiu holding n special term as a
dit*tiht court i f th? United States for the District
of C< Iumhi.i 'n the matter of the payment of
damages resulting to adjacent p o;?erty from
changes >n the prudes ?>f street**, avenues* and alleys
authorized l.y the art of Congress approved
February 2S IJ.w.t. relating to the constructioa of
? union riiilroatl siHtiou in the district of Columbia.
district court No. 671. Notice Is hereby
given that we. the undersigned. having been
designated and appointed by ti??* Supreme Court
vi me iMMiin ?ir i 1'Mimina. Holding a special
term as a In'ted Slates district court for the
I)istri< t of Columbia. as a commission to appraise
the damages resulting to adjacent property
from ?banges i!i tt;e grade* of streets. avenues
anil alleys authorized by the act of Congress approved
February 2H. 1903. relating to the construction
of a 'lnion railroad station in the I>lstrict
of Columbia. will nicer at 10:30 a.m.. on the
17th day of May. A l>. !907. at the United States
court house (city halh. in the I'lstrict ??f Columbia,
in a room to be assigned us by the United States
marsha! for said l?i>*rict. for the purpose of
viewing the proj>erty affected by tne changes of
the grades of lie following named streets, avenilua
'H'lJ o tl?ro " ill Hial ? !/?? K?..
,.wx?. ... ca.vi ...c ... 1. O..U IT.llll.ft l?-?tiinoiiy
touching flip damage* resulting to real
property from Kild changes of grade. in accordance
with the terms and provisions of tho act of Congress
approved April 211. 1004. entitled "Aa act
to provide for payment of damages on account of
changes of grade due to construction of the union
station. District of Columbia.'* to wit: Third
street northeast between M strpe* and Florida
avenue. N street northeast between 3d street and
Florida avenue. North Capitol street between E
and ( streefs. Dingman place. McCullough street I
and the alloys In square numbered six hundred
and twenty-eight K street northwest be- j
tween North Capitol street and New Jersey ave- j
nue. and Delaware avenue northeast between
C and D streets. Owners of real property
damaged by the change of the grade of
any of bald strc*?*s- avenues op allpv? will fll*
a petition with us. In this cause, signed and
sworn to, for an allowance of damages, within
lity ((Km day* after the said 17th day of May,
A. I). 1907. The aforesaid act of Congress approved
April 22. 11K>4. provides that upon the
failure of any such owner to thus present his
claims for damages, within said period, his right
to do so shall cease and determine. CHAS. A.
Commission to Appraise i>a mages. (Seal.) A
true ropy?Test: J. It. YOI'NG. Clerk. By F. E.
ti n.mm.iifl m a SSI ? irr?. ?di?-:uji.??smi
Extension of Massachusetts Avenue
and Amount of Damage Incurred.
The award of the jury In the matter of
the extension of Massachusetts avenue,
from Wisconsin avenue to Nebraska avenue.
was filed today. The damages to the
land to be taken are assessed at $.V?.072.21,
and the jury line! the amount of benefits
accruing by reason of the extension to be
&' !!. *71.1*4. The balance of Wh>..'{2. and
the costs of the proceedings, if the verdict
is confirmed, must be borne by the District
of Columbia. The jury was composed of
\v A. H. Church, John Mltfchell, J.ohn
Henry Small, jr., I,em Towers, jr., and
Conr<:d Becker.
The names of the owners of* the land to {
be tak'-n and the amounts awarded to
them follow: Heirs of Louis Kengla,
(;?-orffe M and Charles K. Kengla.
$r, Mil>i: R??sa M. Nourse, $.*?,567.23; I
Cath**dval Heights Land Corporation.
S14'Jj!; Joseph K. I-eaming. $U.8f?S; Thoa. j
(' ! ?.' ni*?l 1m Till t'UK-WI- I
i< 10 Verona M Washington. 4.".; John
\V. !*inKlf>'. Charles C. Glover, I
*!V<i7 ."l; Octavia 1). Van Wyck, $4,8411.30; i
Josephine A. Patten, *200.20.
The benefits assessed range from >12.7i't,
against the Cathedral Heights hand Corporation.
to assessments of $.">< each
against Octavia B. Van Wyck and Surah
B. Conkllns.
Complimentary Dance.
A complimentary dance was given last
night at Carroll Institute Hall, on 10th
street, by the Jolly New Yorkers, in honor
of their friends. The hall was beautifully
decorated for the occasion. The dancing
began at 0 o'clock and ended at a verylate
hour. During Intermission refreshments
were served.
Annual Dinner at Y. M. C. A.
Announcement is made of the annual dinner
of ttie Department of Education. Young
Men's Christian Association, to be held tomorrow
evening:, at ?::?) o'clock. In the banquet
room of the association building. The
department's special guests will Include the
I'nited States commissioner of education,
Klmer Ellsworth Brown, Director John Barrett
of the international bureau of the
American republics, and Commissioner Macfariand.
The addresses following the dinner
will be by I)r. Brown on "The Continuation
School in Modern Education." Director
Barrett on "Education and Our Foreign Relations."
Charles F. Nesblt on "The Social
Aim in Education." Responses to the toast,
"The Association Eveninjf Institute." will
be made bv Messrs. Thos. Thlbodeau, C. R.
Rowdybush. Bright R. Sonen. G. J. Osterman
and A. B. Russ. Commissioner Mac
rarlaiul will preside.
I Troubles of 1
| " Visiomi I
J* often result from the coffee habit, g
T Before consulting the Optician, quit X
S coffee and try $
? "There's a Reason" |
i"? % '8' f' tW
nnroTQ nrTiir uiTinu
mm urmtRAiiuH
Chief Officers of Foreign
Fleets Coming.
Were Expected to Arrive Jhis
Tarty Will Be Entertained at Dinner
by the President and Mrs.
Roosevelt Tonight.
All the principal officers of the I'nited
States anJ foreign navies who participated
i:i the eerenn nies attending the opening of
the Jamestown expedition will arrive in this
<>it V tl?i? HVITIMIW I n Iho i t>u?? V oniiAr?
News, which luis neni detained down the
Potomac river by unfavorable weather: The
party was expected to arrive liere tiiis
morning. ur..l a progra.n had been i>iepared
for its entertainment today, but because
of ttie del; y the program w is chaadoned.
It-is expected that the vessel will
reach her wharf, at the fo< t of 7th street.
Snowers Late Tonight and Wednesday
?Much Colder Wednesday.
Forecast till 8 p.m. Wednesday.?For the
District of Columbia, showers late tonight
and on Wednesday, tnuch colder Wednesday:
fresh southwesterly winds, shifting to
For Maryland, rain tonight, except fair in
southeast portion, colder in extreme western
portion. Wednesday rain and much
colder: fresh to brisk southwesterly winds,
becoming northwesterly.
For Virginia, fair tonight, except showers
In western portion, warmer In northeast
portion, colder In extreme western portion.
Wednesday rain, colder in the Interior:
fresh southwesterly win Is, becoming
northwesterly. *
Minimum temperature past twenty-four
l ours. 56: a year ago, ?>.
Weather conditions anil genera! forecast.?
The western barometric disturbance has
mad?? little, if any, progress eastward during
the last twenty-four hours. It now extends
from the lower lake region southwestward
to eastern Texas, arid is being followed
by an area of high pressure central
thi?s morning In Kansas and Nebraska. The
latter na*s caused a very marked fall in J
temperature over the plains states as far
south as northern Texas, where the temperature
has fallen about .'in degrees, and |
is now close to the freezing point, snow ]
has ceased, except in southern Colorado
and portions of the upper !ake region, where
it is still falling.
Rain i> probable tonight quite generally in
tliis forecast district, except along the
south Atlantic coast and in Florida. It will j
doubtless continue .Wednesday in the mid- j
die Atlantic states and extend to the coast
in the south. The temperature w 11 fall to- j
night from the lower lake region southwestward
to the east gulf states, and on
Wednesday generally in Atlantic coast districts.
The winds along the middle Atlantic coast ,
will be fresh southerly, increasing; on the
south Atlantic coast light and variable, be- |
coming fresh soumeriy, aim uu mc *-a^i ,
gulf coast light to fresh southeasterly.
Steamers departing today for European
ports will have light southwesterly winds
and fair weather to the Grand Banks.
The following heavy precipitation (in
inches) lias been reported during the past 1
twenty-four hours: Toledo, l.CMi; Milwau- '
kee. l.oS; Chicago. 1.30; Grand Ripids. 1.18; '
Cairo. 1.80: Springfield. 111.. l.SO; Peoria, j
1.38: Grand Haven, 1.02; Oklahoma, 1.56; !
Memphis. 1.-10; Iola, l.r?o; l*i Salle, 1.00.
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were the readings of the
thermometer and barometer at the weather
bureau for the twenty-four nours beginning
at 2 p.m. yesterday:
ThermomeUr: April 20?4 p.m., 71; 8
p.m.. 64; 12 midnight, 5!). April 30?4 a.m.,
.">6; 8 a.m., 57; 12 noon, 72; 2 p.m.. 76.
Maximum?76, at 2 p.m. April 30. Minimum?56.
at 6 a.m. April 30.
I ? A?H1 'jSi?4 n.m.. 30.08; 8
Hill Wlllrici . -
p.m.. 30.<*1; 12 midnight, 30.04. April 30?
4 a.m , 30.02; 8 a.m., 30.01; noon, 2t>.95; 2
p.m.. 2J>.U0.
Tide Table.
Today?L?ow tide, 3:3<t a.m. and 4:20 p.m.:
high tide, W:32 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Tomorrow-bow tide, 4:18 a.m. and 5:10
p.m.; high tide. Ht:20 a..m and 10:30 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose, 5:05 a.m.; sun sets, 6:51
Tomorrow?Sun rifles 5:02 a.m.
Moon rises 0:52 p.m. today!
The City Lights.
The city lights and naphtha lamps all
lighted by thirty minutes after sunset; extinguishing
begun one hour before sunrise.
All arc and incandescent lamps lighted fifteen
minutes after ?unset and extinguished
forty-five minutes before/sunrise.
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of water at 8
? " - * i!A- rwxr? 1 _
a.m.: (Jreat rans, lei'ipnaiuic, w, w??u.tion,
30; Dalecarlia reservoir, temperature,
60; eoiulition at north conneetlon. 30; condition
at south connection, 40. Georgetown
distributing reservoir, temperature, CO; condition
at Influent gatehouse, 40; condition at
effluent gatehouse, 85. Washington city
reservoir, temperature, .18; condition at influent.
18; condition at effluent, 13. Elevation
at Great Falls, 151.80?1.30 over dam.
Weather in May.
The normal temperature for Jtfay In
Washington for the past thirty-six years
has averaged 04 degrees. The warmest
month was in 1880, when it averaged 70
degrees. The coldest was In 1882, when It
averaged 50 degrees. The highest temperature
reached was 90 on May 26, 1880. The
lowest temperature was 33 on May 11, 1006.
The latest date on which killing frost occurred
In sifrlng was May 11, 1009. The
average precipitation for the month has
been 3.71 inches. There was a trace of
snow May 10 last year. Prevailing winda
are from the south.
' I
<WflwS36866HKv^^^H89~^^g II
Ijl^ I
between 5 and 7 o'clock this evening?In
ample time to enable the members of the
party to attend a dMiner to he given in
tlieir honor by the President- and Mrs.
Roosevelt at S o'clock.
The party nimoers about thirty-five
perscns. ami includes Retr Admiral (Jeorge
va.<:iu t -r,. /? i? w- ii .. . * -?. "
* Gjy?. vi. i . ?? . nupr. V ayi. O.
(i. Calthorpe. ('apt. .Sir Robert K. Arhnthnot
and ('apt. A. R. Allenby. all of the
British navy: Commodore Kalau von Ho-fe.
Capt. von Honour Pasehwitz, Capt. Zimnvermanand
Capt. Albert, all of tHo German
navy; Rear Admiral Herman Plescott.
('apt. 1,. Ritter von Hcehncl. Commander
R. P. Von Mayersberj? and Lieut. Commander
Franz Ritter von Keil. all of the
Austrian navy: Commander Jose Moneta
of the Argentine navy .Flap* Linus. Poe
John Rocker, Engineer, Asphyxiated
by Gas.
John Rocker, thirty-five years of age.
wl:o was employed as engineer at the
Cochran Hotel, committed suicide in the j
engine room at the hotel last night or liils I
morning- His body was found on a work- |
bench In the engine room, a covering being ,
over liis head and the end of a gts tube |
resting near his mouth. Coroner Nevitt
was notified, and after making an investigation
decided that death was due to th?
inhalation of illuminating gas. and lie gav?
a certificate of suicide.
Rocker, whose home was at 1K7!I Galoi
street northeast, was night engineer at th*
hotel, lie left his home yesterday afternoon
at the usual hour and went to h's
place of employment. A cot is provided
for the night man. and aft<r Rocker had
attended to his duties he proceeded to execute
his plans for suicide. Nothing was
h> ard from him diiririir th? forh- ..r
tIn* morning, anil when Engineers C. H.
Thomas ami R. II. Cox appeared at >::*> I
o'olock to enter upon their duties fur the
day thev were unahle to gain access to the
engine room.
The eierk who was on ditfy at that hour
was told that tlie door leading to the engine
room was fastened, and lie was also
advised that the odor of escaping gas had
been noticed. A duplicate key was procured,
the door opened and the body of the I
engineer was quickly discovered. The
police of the second precinct were notified
and an officer was stationed at the hotel
to care for the body until the arrival of the
coroner. It is not known, of course, at
what hour the death occurred. Rocker
vv.in iiiunarrieu aim lived with his father at |
the address stated. No definite cause is assigned
for his act. A married sister of the
deceased lives in the northeast section of
the city.
A message was sent to the father of the
deceased telling him of the death of his
son. lie was greatly shocked, but told the
police he would have an undertaker take
charge of the body and prepare it for
burial. I,ater in the day the body will be
taki-n to the (Sales street house, from which
the funeral will probably take place Thursday.
Deed Evidently Premeditated.
Roeker had been working at the hotel
only since the 13th of the month. Two days
ago he was in such bad physical condition
that the man in charge of the engine room
remained on duty with him until he felt
certain that he was able to take care of
lUc me oiiu nigiiir. nigm wnen ne
reached the hotel he whs not feeling well,
but he gave 110 Intimation that he contemplated
taking his life. Before lying
down upon the Work bench and placing the
gas tube in his mouth Rocker drew the
Are from under the boiler, tilled the boiler
with water and securely fastened the doors.
Washington Couple Married in Bocknlllo
T\ ? Pi.
Tij? j/iug oiure.
Sperlal Dispatch to The Star.
ROCKVILLE, Md., April 30.?A marriage
in a drug store la the latest for Rock v I He.
The young folks w!io embarked on the
matrimonial sea under such unceremonious
circumstances were Thomas Guy Burcli.
aged twenty-eight years, and MIfs Jeanne
Celesta Bushell, aged twenty-three, both of
Washington. Accompanied by two .friends
they? came out from Washington on the
electric car reaching here at half-past nine
last evening. They hunted up Otho Tal
bott, deputy clerk of the circuit court, and
that official accompanied them to the court
house and Issued the license. Mayor Lee
OfTutt, who noted their presence in town
and being advised of their wishes, gent for
Rev. Thomas H. Campbell, pastor of the
Baptist Church, and as the couple came out
of the court house they were met by the
mayor, who told them if they would walk
to the nearby pharmacy of Dr. R. W. Vinson
they would find a minister ready to perform
the ceremony. Thanking his honor,
the little party did as suggested and the
nuptial knot was quickly tied in the presence
of Mayor Offutt, the Washington
friends of the couple and a number of other
persons who happened to be about at the
The final words were pronounced Just In
time to allow Mr. and Mrs. Burch and their
friends to catch the car leaving for Washington
one hour after their arrival here.
The young man expressed a wish that no
mention of the marriage should be made In
the newspapers, but would give no reason.
It Is believed to have been a runaway
Capt. Henry J. Richardson, the oldest citizen
of Orange county, Va? died a few
days ago at his hpme. aged ninety-three
years. He was a confederate soldier and
left no relative*. ;
and Mock and the following na.med officers
of the United States navy: Rear Admirals
Evans. I>avls. Thcmas and E-morv, Oapts.
Plllsbury. Comly. Schrceder, Hetlner, Nlles.
Kimball, Barry. Blockinger and Huobard,
and Lleuts. McLean, Buchanan. Brloker
and Castieman. and Lieut. Commanders
Phelps. Vogelsang and Pollock, the last
three named being aids to the foreign admiruls.
Program of Entertainment.
All of these foreign officers are being
entertained by the United States government.
During their stay In this city they
will be quartered at the New Willard. As
already stated, they will be entertained at
a dinner by the President and Mrs. Roosevelt
this evening. The other guests will
ln-clude Secretary Root and Assistant Secretary
Bacon of the State Department, and
Acting Secretary Newberry of the Navy
Department and the principal officers of
the United States navy.
The pfognam for tomorrow Includes a
luncheon given by Acting Secretary Newberry
at the New Wlllard at 1 :;10 o'clock,
following which the visitors will be taken
to Fort Myer to witness a special cavalry
drill. In the evening they will attend a
reception at the British embassy given in
their honor by Ambassador and Mrs. Bryce.
The entire party has been Invited to attend
the ceremonies at the dedication of the
equestrian statue of Gen. McClellan Thursday
afternoon at ?:30 o'clock, and seats
? I
~ -i - -i',:
i # * ....
have l>een provided for them on the grandstand.
They will probably leave Thursday
afternoon to return to their ships in Hampton
roads. j
Other Foreign Visitors Here.
In addition to tl.e official party exp^ted
tliis evening: many other officers of the foreign
delegations at Jamestown are visiting
this city and are being hospitably entertained.
Yesterday's party of visitors was
composed of thirty-three wardroom officers,
escorted by one-thinl as many American
officers. They are quartered at the Arlington.
Shoreham and Metropolitan hotels. ;
junior omcers ox me various squadrons are
expected to come to Washington later In
the week.
George Washington University Trustees
Adopt Resolutions.
At the meeting of the board of trustees
of the George Washington University, helil
April 20, 1 )7, a resolution was unanimously
adopted setting forth:
i inn me ouara or trustees of the George
Washington University receive with profound
sorrow t lie announcement of the
death of Rev. Teunis S. Hamlin, D. D.,
and hereby place upon the records of the |
board its high estimate of the Christian
character and the professional attainments
of Dr. Hamlin. He exerted a wide and
beneficent influence as a Christian minister,
was a citizens devoted to the highest interesis
of this city, and was a patriotic
citizen of tiie nation. In the death of Dr.
Hamlin the city has lost one of its most
influential, high-minded and self-sacrificing
"That the board desires to express pub
11\ ij mr uui Biiunns oi mis university to
l>r. ilunilin for his active and sympathetic
co-operation and for his many valued
services to the university. In his death
tills university lias lost an esteemed friend,
whose ideals of educational work and the
needs of th?s community for higher education
were true and noble in every respect.
"That the president is hereby reauested
to semi a copy of these resolutions to Mrs.
Hamlin, to the official board of the Church
of the Covenant, and to the press."
At the same meeting of the board Justice
Thomas H. Anderson, associate justice of
the Supreme Court of the District df Columbia.
and Mr. llennen Jennings of
Washington, L>. C.t were elected members
of the board.
Thomas G. Plant Company Wins Suits
Affecting Shoes.
It is announced that the Thomas G. Plant
Company has just been given the decision
by the United States circuit court at St.
J.ouis, Mo., in suits, one against the May
Mercantile Cnnwanv. the oilier n-minct
Hamburger Bros. Tlie history of the matter
is said to be of special interest to the
shoo trade.
A lot of factory-damaged shoes, it is explained,
were purchased from a Bjston
dealer by Hamburger Bros., who, in turn,
sold most of them to the May Mercantile
Company of St. I-ouis. The May company
made the shoes tlie occasion of a special
sale, in which moy werf advertised as
"Genuine Queen Quality" shoes, restamped
"Ladles' Favorite," and the public were
assured that they now had a chance to get
the genuine celebrated "Queen Quality"
Oxfords for $1.85.
The Plant company was notified of the
sale by the J. G. Brandt Shoe Company,
the only authorized agents for the sale of
"Queen Quality" shoes In St. Louis, whereupon
the May company, it is stated, were
warned of the alleged infringement. But
the May company contended that since
many of the shoes did not show any damage
and were originally "Queen Quality"
shoes, and as from some of them the trademark
was not entirely obliterated, they had
a right to sell them as genuine "Queen
Qualitv" shoes.
The Plant company maintained that the
trademark "Queen Quality" represented
nu-ir uwii auuHiaru ui excellence, ana that
no one else had the right to say that anv
shoe which It had condemned as unworthy
was a "Queen Quality" shoe, and that it
and it only, had the right to determine
what was or was not a "Queen Quality"
shoe*, also that the advertising of the May
company was calculated to deceive the
public and to Injure the Plant company,
the "Queen Quality" trademark, and th
dealers who handle "Queen Quality" shoes*.
The court holds, It Is explained, that the
May company had no right to make use of
the trademark "Queen Quality" in selling
any shoes which the Thomas a. Plant Company
itself had not sold under the designation
of "Queen Quality."
It also holds that the Plant company is
entitled to have and maintain its trademark
"Queen Quality" as applied- to shoes,
and to apply the same exclusively to the
_ - ~--vm uj it as a grade or
superior quality, and to enjoy the exclusive
right to Us use and the manner of
using it.
The genuine "Queen Quality" shoes, It Is
announced, are sold here by Saks & Co.
Echo of Lamplighters' Strike.
An echo of the recent strike among the
lamplighters of thj District was heard In
the Police Cour; this morning, when Michael
Falverene was arraigned on a charge
of breaking street lamps. The defendant
pleaded not guilty and demanded a Jury
Falverene. It Is stated, was one of the
strikers who went out some weeks ago.
The night of April 18. It Is alleged, he waB
seen by William Perry breaking street
lamps along Ontario road. Perry was the
regular lamplighter on the route, it Is
stated, and he reported the action of Falverene
to the police, and the latter'? arrest
District Supreme Court.
EQUITY CO CRT NO! 1-Cli!ef Justice Cla.
In re twtitiop of Virginia M. Wilson; substitution
of trustee ordered; petitioner's solicitor,
C. W. Kitts.
| Criswell ajrt National Safe Deposit ComI
pany; substitution of trustee ordered; petitioner's
soiieitor. Oscar NaucK.
Anderson aRt. Barnfs: auditor's report
confirmed and distrihutiort ordered; complainant's
solicitor. J. J. Brosnan; defendant's
solicitor, J. A. Toomey.
McMahc i agt. Cov&chlck; pro confesso
ordered: complainant's solicitors, Geo. H.
and \V. H. Unking.
Simmons aj?t. Simmons; custody of children
awarded to father: complainant's solicitors.
A. H. Bell and P. X. Houston; deft
ndant's solicitors, H. J,. B. Atkisson, ti.
C. Williamson and John A. Butler.
EgriTV COl'RT No" '2-Justice C3ould.
Hofiler agt. HoHller: rule to show cause
returnable Mav lit: comnliiinanl'R solicitor
M. T. Ciinkseales.
Stejiart agt. Steuart: reference to X. C.
Downs, examiner, anil Jesse H. Wilson, jr.,
appointed to defend: complainant s solicitors.
Campbell CarriAfcton anil S. 1). Truitt.
Wilson aKt- R Ionian; on hearing: complainant's
solicitors. K. J>. McKenney and
C. R. Wilson: defendant's solicitors, Hamilton,
Colbert & Hamilton.
Benslnger agt. Gleeson: receivers authorized
to make distribution; complainant's solicitors.
Hamilton. Colbert H im'lton; defendant's
solicitors Stuart McNamara and
R. S. Huidekoper.
CIRCl'lT COl'RT No, .Instil? Anierson.
*3iir7it-s afi. oiaier: order m:iK>ng tarties
defendant; plaintiff's attorneys, Turner
ti Mitchell: defendant's attorney, Geo.
Francis W'Ilia ins.
Poling agt. Capital Traction Company;
on trial; plaintiff's attorneys. U. H. Glassie
and C. H. S.vme; defendant's attorneys,
R. Ross Perry & Son.
CRIMIXA1. COURT NO. 2~Justice Barnard.
United States agt. Josephine P'mpson;
violating section 3MI3 R. S. I". S ; defendant
arraigned: plea, not guilty; attorney, J. B.
M.-I .uuirlilin
United Statc-? agt. FranJ< Girton and
Daniel Hurley; housebreaking and larceny;
plea, guilty; sentence, Hu;ley one year
and one day In the penitentiary and sentence
suspended as to Girton; attorneys, I
J E. McNally and J. 11. Croxrialc. I
United States agt. Bruno Brunelli; granc
larceny, bail forfeited and bench warrant
issued; attorney, Campbell Carrington.
United States agt. Howard Warren; robbery;
on trial; attorney, J. McD. Carrington.
PROBATE rol ler- .justice Go.ild.
Estate of Joseph \V. Ott; will dated August
2T>. 1!XK>. filed, with petition for probate;
attorney, I. J. Costigan.
Estate of Mary Carson; will admitted to
probate and letters granted to Georgie P
Carson; bond, $500; attorney, Irving Williamson.
| Estate of Margaret We--t; letters of adi
ministration granud to James L,. Norris.
jr.; bond, $4.<kki; attorney. James L. Nor;
ris. jr.
Estate of Annie Hennessey; order to em!
ploy counsel; attorneys, Hamilton, Colbert
& Hamilton.
Estate of Melissa C. Conway: will admitted
to probate and letters testamentary
granted to Annie B. Conway; bond, $!<>>;
| attorney. L. M. I noma?.
Estate of !x>uise Koss: will admitted to
probate; attorney, A. S. Taylor.
In re Charles C\ Smith; order appointing" I
James R. CJo* eruaniian; bond, $2,000; at-!
j torneys. Mellan At Smith.
In re Raymond L. Shoemaker et al.; order
appointing: Margaret K Shoemaker guardian;
bond, $1.<KK>; attorney, A. K. Shoemaker.
Estate of Tennis S. Hamlin: will dated
February :t, li'oj. file.1 with petition for
probate: attorney. \V. A. McNenney.
Estate of Lawrence Elements; Utters of
administration granted to Hugh H. Rowland:
bond. $100; attorney, (\ \V. Cla^ett.
Estate of Henry M. Walter; will dated
January 4. U9.I. tiled.
Estate of Mai y M. Pool; w 11 dated November
4. 1!*>4. filed
Estate of Francis Miller; will dated November
1!M?2, tiled.
Estate of Elizabeth H. King; will dated
Peeember IS. 1000. filed.
Estate of Clara Dohnea; will dated November
N, IK! IN, tiled.
Estate r ?f Elizabeth Ellis; will dated
March 2-5. l'.Mtt, filed.
Estate of Laura A. Frickey; will dated
Febru.iry 17, 1!?>7. flit <3.
Estate of Horace Orrid: petition for probate
cf w II fii?*d; attorney, Tbomas Walker.
1 he Bvenlng ?t?r Is the official
ci?in of the Supreme Court of the
Dlttrlct of Columbia in bankruptcy
mat eri.
E. Davis to Gilbert Spitzer, lots
45 to ."Vf, square '.".US. and lot '25, square
2917; $10. Same to M!-s L. E. Sanger, lot
2, square 2.*lti; $10. Gilbert ('. Spitzer et*
ux. to Wm. H. Riekard. lot 50. square
IT.tlS; $10. Gilbert C. Spitzer to J. Newton
l.isU'.v, lot .V.'. square LOIN; $10.
Fourteenth Street Heights hand Company
to Ervine H Wine, lots 1H and 1!'.
square 2817; $m. Gilbert ('. Spitzer et
ux. to Joseph G. Myers, lot 51, square
2i>lS; $lo. Fourteenth Street Heights
Land Company to John VV. Liskey, lot
44, square 3U8; $10. Same to M. D. Miller,
lots 5. >. 7. square 2817; $10. Same
to Stuart 1.. Spitzer. lot IS. square 2!tl4;
$H>. Gilbert <". Spitzer et ux to Wade
il. Lineweaver, lot 4s, square 2!?18; $10.
Same to Abram N. Lineweaver, lot 47.
square 13HS; $1<>.
E STREET SOl'THEAST between 15th an.l
Kith streets?Wilhelm Sihmldt et al. to
Joseph W. Offutt. lot 42, square 1075; $10.
and 14th streets?Charles F. Benjamin,
trustee, to Arthur Carr, original lot 2s
and part original lots 27. Ill, square lt>4.';,
TRINIDAD-William A Root et ux. to
Philip H. Nealon. lot SI, square 4i>70;flo.
VAR'nuVKST-Jaincs W. S. I.vnrb . t
ux. to Thomas H. L?ynch, part original
lot 4. square 585; $!<?.
NOS. 2148 TO 2152 I) STREET NORTHWEST?People's
Mutual Benefit Insurance
Company to Mamie Beckstein, lots
.'15. SB, .'17, square 84; $l?i.
Mary C. Barrett et vlr, Hiram W., to
District of Columbia, original lots 22, 2S,
24, S(|Uare south of 64,'i; $3,028.33. Rebecca
Alexander et al. to same, original
lots 15 to 21 and 25, square south of
SRJS,0?M?.lt>. Henry S. Matthews et
ux, to same, lots iSI to 4<), square south
or <H.i;
Gleseklng et ux. to Ellen T. Keane,
west one-half lot 3, block 2, Cllffbourne;
CLIFFBOl'RNE?Angle F. O'Brien to
Asher C Hinds, part block 3; $10.
HOLMEA1) MANOR?Eugene A Byrnes et
ux. to William S. Minnlx, lot 0, block 47;
between M and N streets?Henry G.
Beyer, jr.. to I.oren B. T. Johnson, part
lots 11 and 11!, square 139; $10.
P. Clark to Perclval G. Blnsted.
lot block 1; $10.
Inez I). Balderston, lot 2*. block 21; $10.
A. Swindells et ux. to Richard B. Travers,
part lot 91. sijuare 12U4; $10.
et ux. to Joseph Beale, lot 57, block 11;
Sons of Jonadab Visitations.
The semi-annual visitations to the subordinate
councils have been ordered by the
Sovereign Council as follows: Centennial
Council, No. 4, Saturday. May 18; Good
Will Council. No. 9, Saturday, June 1;
Monumental Council. No. 1, Sunday. June
2; Empire Council, No. 14, Monday, June
17; Pioneer Council. No. 1. Friday, June 1*8;
Shenandoah Council, No. a?, Saturday, July
6; Potomac Council, No. 10, Sunday. July 7.
Public Library Hours.
Tlie hours or opening ror me District
Public Library for all week days (except
holidays), beginning May 1, will be as follows:
Circulation department and reference
room, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; children's room, 9
a.m. to 8 p.m.; school d:ryH, 12 to 8 p.m.
Sunday hours remain unchanged?2 to 10
The change of opening one hour earlier,
from 10 a.m. tc? 9 a.m.. has been made to
meet the frequent requests from readers.
New Offices and Employments
Authorized by Congress.
! IA/II I Rllllinrn Awrn ? a
WILL. ivumDtn UVLM ib.uuu
Over 16.000 Salaries Specifically Increased.
Comparison of the Appropriations
Made by the Second Session,
59th Congress, With tiie First.
The volume of appropriations, new oftires,
etc., required l?y law to bo prepared
anil published at the end of oarli hoscIoii
of Congress under the direction of th6
cummitteea on appropriations of the Sen
<ne nnd House lias been r(>ni|i|<>lrd for
the second session of the Kifty-nlnlh
Congress l?y Thomas P. <'leaves and
J a in ps C. Courts, chief clerk:; respectively
of said committees. A summary of tli?
appropriations shows a iciaiid total of
JyjoJHS, 143.80.
i lie details by bills are .is follows:
Agricultural appropriation act $'.'.447 2W0 00
Army appropriation act VS <134.!MS2.75
Diplomatic and consular approprla
t ion act .'{.<102 333.72
District of Columbia appropriation
act 1<> 44??
Fc.-tlficjuion appropriation act o.spvui I ,o0
Indian appropriation net in I2."?.OTO 15
I I.cffjslntive appropriation act 32.120.333HO
Military Acadcinv appropriation net. 1 HIS* 7ti3.42
Naval appropriation act . ON Hi)
I Pension appropriation net . . 140. 14H
Post ollicc appropriation act -12 <?01. III3.O0
Klvcr and liarbo.- appropriation set lo*.oH3 <*)
Sundry ci.ll appropriation act 1 Io.Top 211 30
iH'Hcii ncy appropriations 12.4OS.00K01
M;sci'S.an? <?iis appropriations. 7.'*.!*<HMi2
Permanent appropriations 140>Mi.35!0.00
liraud total . . ?'.'2o.70S. 143 SO
In addition to tlie spe?ifl<% appropriations
made, contracts are authorised to
I be entered into for certain public works.
requiring- nitiire appropriations by (!ongress.
in the aggregate sum ??f $H7.0H4fThese
contracts cover the following
objects and amounts, namely:
For first class battleships, torpedo-bost
r??yprs and Mitmiartne IhihIh fl."i,7ri<MK)0.00
Con i iii-r l??n. completion. repair ??n.i
preservation of jmlilic works on
rivers and harbor* .140.00
Construction ?>f |?ui?is<: buildings In
certain cities, revenue cut iter* nnd
lid t houses 2.:tr?r..finn oo
A comparison of those contract liabilities
wlih those of the previous session of the
Fifty-ninth Congress, amounting t<? .">7.Shows
h ii iiiorpase i?f tlT'tJT 1-lo ?
sum more than offset by the contracts author.zed
for rivers and harbors, no river
and harbor act having been p tssed at the
first session of the last Congress.
Increase in Official Positions.
The new offices and emp'oyments speilflcal'.y
authorized are is.'.r.i:t in number, at
.<11 annual compensation of fl2.71?t.iH4 1H,
and tliose abolished or omitted are S.<!71 In
number, at an annual compensation of
Kl.HCl.-TJS, a net Increase of i:i..'tll? In numiter
and $S,h."il.7.V.?l(i In amount. < if this ml
Increase in number 11 are for CouKr<8s. 7?1
for the government printing > flli < . IS for
the Department of State, t's for the Treasury
Department, M for the \V..r Department,
for the Navy Department, S'l for the l'o?t
Office Department. .*>.'! for the Department
of Commerce and I^abor, loi for the Department
of Agriculture. K!1 for the government
of the District of Columbia, '.?< for the
coast survey, 14 for the tiuxau of rtntiHriej?.
5 for the diplomatic and consular service,
li.-lli'J for the coast and field artillery of the rfi
irmy, 1.To'*) for enlisted men of the navy
and -il others for the naval es.ablMhmeiit,
4,77o for the postal service, including 14?1
assistant postmasters, 2i,3S~> clerks in post
offices and 1,2<9 railway postal clerks.
Deducting from the net Increase of 13.310
new salaries and employments the fi.4.iU
coast and Held artillerymen, 1.541 seamen
and others for the naval establishment and
4,770 additional employes for the postal
service, there remain only .VJi? net Increase
in employments for all other departments
and branches of the public service.
Many Salaries Increased.
The net number of salaries Increased Is
16,434, at an annual cost of $2
This number includes increimes in tin* .salaries
of the Vice President. Speaker of the
House of Representatives, canhiet nftle^rs,
JM) senators and .'ilMi represent a: ives and .'i4
employes of Congress; Hi salaries in the
offices of the assistant treasurers. -1 in the
Mui'V I lu'n rtmnnl .VII fti t?i<? uMiiwc of f ha
I government of the District of Columbia. 'UP
I in the diplomatic and consular servic* . ! ,T.?H
I in the coast and Held artillery of the army
I ana 14,'Jil! employes of the railway mall
! service.
I In addition to the foregoing s.tlarhs spe<itically
increased, the statement also shows
that by the legislation of the session It is
estimated by the postal authorities that the
annual compensation of r.O'u clerks irk
post offices is increased In the aggregate
$L\lOo.lKM); the annual salaries ??f city
letter carriers are increased approximately
and rural letter carriers
are increased from $7l!o to $1*h> each, at an
annual cost of $(>,047,000.
Increased Appropriations.
A comparison of tin- total appropriations
made at the second session of the Fiftyninth
Congress, with those
of the first session of thit "ongressj, $N7!l,r>K!(,lsr?.l<i,
shows an increase of
The principal lncreasns l>y acts are as
By the army act, f(i,817,417, 011 account of
increase in the strength of coast and Held
artillery; by fortification act, (1 >14,018; l>y
the Indian act, $b*?4,47?; by the legislative,
executive and judicial act, $2,444 414; by the
pension act, $5,8W7,500; by the post office
act, |20,.'Rt5,11)4; by the river and harbor
act, $.'{7,108,ONI, no river and harbor act
having passed at the first session of the
last Congress; by the sundry civil art,
$1U,- X),440, mainly for public buildings
authorized at the previous session; and under
permanent appropriations the increasfl
is $H,810.000, chiefly on account of the meat
inspection service, expenses of arid land
reclamation, and expenses of care and protection
of forest reserves.
The agricultural act Indicates a reduction
of ?183,150, the expenses of the meat
inspection service having been transferred
to the permanent appropriations, otherwise
an in;rease of more than jMi.OuO would
On account of all deficiencies the sum is
reduced $2(1,720,037.
The miscellaneous appropriations of th?
session made In other than regular appropriation
acts show a reduction of S2*l,434,>
390, the previous session's miscellaneous
nnnrMnflotlitno hui'inv r?nrr<?*fi 9-1 11 i M MI
for expanses of admission of new states,
and $lo,^J7,j00 for new public buildings.
Hotel Arrivals.
Arlington?C. C. Chase and Mrs. Chase.
Chicago; F. G. Dodd and Mrs. Dodd. Zanesvllle,
Ohio; De Wolf Hopper, New York; E.
N. Taller, New York; Miss M. Peter. Bethesda,
Md.; C. T. Hathaway. Chicago.
Ebbltt?Daniel Monnehan, New York; E.
H. Marstetter, U.S. N.; B. K. Staple*,
U.S.N.; Gen. W. H. Beck, USA.; S. K.
Henderson, New York.
Raleigh?Mrs. Alfred Vanderbllt, New
York; F. B. Haymaker. Clarksburg, \V.
Va.; A. L.. Kenna, Macon, Ga.; G. W. Ilills,
Wilsonj^N. C. _
KfW \\ maru?Hi. n. nunipr, i-nnaneipnia;
G. B. Hep, North Carolina: E. R. Williams
and Mrs. Williams, Richmond, Va.; Ben
Greet, London, England; T. J. Hughes,
Muntclair. N. J.
RIggs House?J. C. Sprigg and family.
New York city; Charles M. Hobson. Philadelphia,
Pa.; Charles 8. Wlmer, Philadelphia,
Pa.; Ernest Polndexter, city; W. H.
Gllniore, Bradford, N. Y.; A. D. Stone, ,
Srranton, Pa.; J. A. Baldwin. New York;
Frederick C. Mencke, Philadelphia, Pa.
Normandle?Mr. T. G. Randall. Maryland;
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Matthew and daughter,
Philadelphia; Miss Adda Herlng, Baltimore;
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson. Chicago;
Mr. R. H. Lynn, city; Mr. T. K.
Hare, Mrs. Hare and daughter. New York- ,

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