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Waiting to Arrest Suspects Said to Be
on Steamer?Other News
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ALEXANDRIA. Va.. April 30. 1907.
George Grlffln and Charles Michael were
arraigned In the police court today to answer
a charge of setting fire to two unoc
cupled frame houses, known as Nos. 318
anfl 320 North Lee street. There was no
evidence against Michael and he was permitted
to go. Griffin was held for the action
of the grand jury.
Policeman Henderson testified that about
1:30 o'clock last Sunday morning he heard
three distress calls. He arrested Griffin
and Policeman Joned took Michael In custody.
He stated that they also discovered
the fire and then released the men. After
considerable difficulty, he said, they succeeded
In subduing the flames. According
to foneeman jienaerson s eiuiciiiciu n.c
Are had been started in a small alley between
the two houses. An old chair filled
with excelsior was used to start the fire.
The houses were unoccupied. A young man
named Dean said he secured water and
helped the policemen to subdue the fire.
Eva Baker testified that Griffin called at
her house and asked for matches and kerosene.
She told the court that she gave him.
matches, but refused to give him kerosene.
When Michael was placed on the stand he
told the court that after seeing Griffin light
a match he fled. Griffin, he said, remarked:
"Com') on and start a fire."
5a n Hfnriprsnn latpr today rear
rested Michael, on an order from Justice
Caton, and he is held as being an accessory.
It stated, however, that ttfie principal
cause of his rearrest is that he is a nonresident
of the state, and. being the principal
witness In the case, it is the desire of
the oflicials to have him when the case is
called for trial. Michael is a resident of
Awaiting Arrival of Steamer.
The police here have received word that
Thomas Laffiter, colored, accompanied by
Lizzie Jones, Irene Smith and Helen Fisher,
colored, who are suspected by the authorities
at Norfolk, Va., of being implicated
in some of the recent assaults and
murders committed In that city, are thought
to be passengers aboard the Norfolk
steamer. L.ieut. Bettis and Policeman
Beach and Detective Burlingame, the last
named of Washington, are awaiting the
arrival of the steamer, which, it is said,
will reach this city about 6 o'clock this
evening. If the suspects are found on the
steamer they will be arrested by the local
police and held for the Norfolk authorities.
The damage suit of George D. Hopkins
against the Washington, Alexandria and
Mount Vernon Electric Railway Company,
to recover dam-ages In the sum of $.r>,OUU
for being ejected from a car operated by
the defendant company, will, it is thought,
be given to the jury late this afternoon.
Attempt to Burn Building.
An unsuccessful effort was made about
5 o'clotk yesterday afternoon to burn the
old reading room structure of the Southern
Railway Company at the southwest corner
of Henry and Wolfe streets, which is unoccupied.
The entire fire department responded
to an alarm and saved the building
from destruction.
uurillg me >cnr iwcivc ui muic
attempts were made to burn the structure.
Kfforts on the part of the police and railroad
authorities to apprehend the perpetrators
have been futile. At the suggestion
of Chief Petti of the fire department
the railway authorities this morning began
the demolition of the building.
In the corporation court today Judge
Barley granted twenty-one additional
liquor licenses, making a total of fiftyeight.
About sixty-five licenses were issued
last year. The last day set for making
application for licenses is May 1. Hevf'jl
1 i/innr rltiQlc-rw uhft li:HV n??t VPt misfit*
application will, It is thought, renew their
licenses before the last day.
In the police court todtv the following
cases were dispoKfd of: Harry Robinson,
charged with interfering with an officer in
the discharge of his duty, fined $0; Bettie
White and Dollie Jenkins, both colored,
charged with disorderly conduct, fined
each; L. I^ane, Jt.lia Green and Martha
Johnson, all colored, charged with disorderly
conduct and fighting. I^ane was acquitted,
and Green and Johnson fined $.">
each; Benjamin Hamilton, colored, charged
with using abusive language, was fined
JS.oO; Grace Williams and Samuel Gladden,
both colored, charged with disorderly
conduct and fighting, forfeited $0 collutcral
Interview With Midgets.
Mayor Paff of this city yesterday had an
interview with George Midgets, alias William
Johnson, colored, sentenced to be
hanged in this city May 24 next for the
murder of Charles T. Smith. Midgets protested
to the mayor that he was Innocent
of the crime. It is understood that he gave
the mayor information which, it is thought,
may possibly lead to the apprehension of
Morgan Minor, alias Frank Robinson, who
Is wanted by the Pennsylvania authorities
on a "barge of murder.
In tie corporation court this afternoon
the wi 1 of Capt. Charles F. Entwlsle was
admitt -d to probate and ills widow, Nannie
Louisa Entwisle, qualified as executrix.
The deceased leil Hlf enure rsimr, nmtn 1=
valued at $10,000, to his widow.
A melo-drama in three acts, entitled
"Crawford's Claim," was presented by the
Young Men's Sodality Lyceum Dramatic
Club last evening at the Lyceum Hall before
a large audience.
The remains of Mrs. Ju'.ia Lewis, who died
Sunday last at her home near Manassas,
Va.. were interred at 2 o'clock this afternoon
in the family lot at "liosemount."
Several friends of the deceased from this
city attended the funeral.
vir tnhn Barrett delivered an address last
nlglit at Ijee Camp Hall on "American
Diplomacy." The lecture was under the
auspices of the Cameron Club.
Noted Pugilist Will Marry Wealthy
Woman When Divorced.
Nlf\V YORK. April 30.?John L. Sullivan,
pugilist, actor, lecturer and monologlst, la
about to claim a matrimonlaj prize as a
reward for his successful engagement of
11(1 weeks on board the water wagon. Just
as soon as he gets a divorce from Annie
Bates, a handsome woman, whom he married
In Providence In 1883, John will sign
articles of agreement with a wealthy New
York womar who has sufficient confidence
In the big fellow to share her fortune with
Sullivan denies that he Is contemplating
a return engagement with the parson.
Former Deputy Police Commissioner Mack,
attorney for John L. in the divorce proceedings,
and Frank Hall, manager of the
i former champion fighter, yesterday admitted
that John was about to be married.
but refused to give the name of his prospective
Sullivan lived with - his first wife but a
*hort time. When they agreed to separate
John gave her a house In Boston and went
his way. A son born of this union died
many years ago. About fifteen or twenty
years ago Mrs. Sullivan Bued her husband,
then In the zenith of his pugilistic fame,
I for 120,000. She was unsuccessful.
During all the years that have inter
vened John i>. nas siuesteppea me nme
fellow with the bow and arrow, but Cupid
kept in training and "got" the big fellow.
John went down for the count. His second
trip to the altar will be the close of a romance
as modern as It is delightful.
Two years ago, when the mighty Sullivan
was doing his best to corner the hop
market, he made the acquaintance of the
woman who will soon become his wife.
Despite John's gruff exterior, he has a
sincere way. of expressing himself that
never fails to win out. They met several
times after that, and the outcome was her
promise to- help John carry his name, provided
he would travel "by the oil-water
route for a period of two years. John haa
made good, with more than a doxen weeki
to spar*, ^
In submitting future estimates of appropriations
for public playgrounds In the District
the Commissioners will consider the
advisability of Including in such estimates
a section which will provide In specific
termB for the employment and payment of
the necessarv nersonal services, and. If
practicable, naming the positions and the
compensations attached to the playgrounds
service. This action on the part of the
Commissioners was recommended by John
R. Garrison, auditor of the District, who
has just received a list of employes of the
Playground Association showing the compensation
of each.
Mr. Garrison believes, in view of the fact
that the public playgrounds are to be maintained
by appropriations from Congress and
will be permanent from now on, the employes
of the Playgrounds Association
should come under closer scrutiny of the
Commissioners and should be subjected to
the same rules regarding the payment of
tholr salArloa u? rin thfi other employes Of
the District. Mr. Garrison called particular
attention to the large salaries paid to the
employes of the association, and he stated
that while he can see no objection to the
salaries, he does believe It would be a
much better plan to have this set of employes
considered in the annual estimate*
submitted by the Commissioners to Congress.
In connection with this subject, Mr. Garrison
quoted section 2 of the District appropriation
act, with respect to "he employment
of services of the character mentioned
in the government of the District
of Columbia, in which it is provided "that
no civil officer, clerk, draftsman, copyist,
messenger, assistant messenger, mecnamc,
watchman, laborer or other employe shall,
after June 30, 11)05, be employed In any
office or branch of the local government except
at such rates and in suca numbers,
respectively, as may be specifically appropriated
for by Congress for such clerical
and other personal services for each fiscal
year; and none of these named employes
shall be employed In any office, department
or other branch of the District government,
or be paid from any appropriation
made for contingent expenses, or for any
specific or general purpose, unless such
employment is authorized and payment
therefor specifically provided for In the
law granting me appropriation, ui is authorized
as hereinafter provided for, and
then only for services actually rendered in
connection with and for the. purpose of
the appropriation from which payment is
made and at the rate of compensation usual
and proper for such service."
The Auditor's Beport.
Auditor Garrison reported that, "while
it is maintained by my office that the
laws granting the appropriations for
public playgrounds for the fiscal year
1907-08 authorize the employment of personal
service and payment therefor under
the head of 'supervision' and probably
also under that of 'maintenance,', still it
is not at all clear that these two words
meet the full requirement of the provisions
of the section of the law quoted."
Tiie District appropriation act for the
fiscal year 1907-08 provides an appropriation
of $75,000 for the purchase of playground
sites. The acquisition of these
sites by the Commissioners will place
the playgrounds on a permanent basis.
There was also $5,000 appropriated for
the equipment, maintenance ana yuyms
of salaries of employes. During' the past
season flO.OOO was appropriated for this
purpose and more than half of that sum
was expended for the compensation of
the supervisor and his long list of assistants.
The appointments made by the
supervisor for this season together with
his own salary will call for a monthlyexpenditure
of $76r>.
The Commissioners have nothing to
do with the supervision of the playgrounds
other than ttie handling of the
appropriations and the auditing of accounts,
but the Commissioners stated today
that, in view of the large salary list,
they do not think the $.".000 appropria
tlon for maintenance, equipment, ana salaries
will go very far.
Three Men Await Grand Jury's Action
on Charge of Burglary.
Because the police recognized as stolen
certain clothing worn by prisoners taken
into the first precinct station house a few
days ago, Benjamin, alias Mose, Johnson,
John Taylor, alias I-ong Griffith, and Eugene
Barnes were charged in the Police
Court this morning with breaking into the
tailor shop of Joseph R. Costinet, (X/7 fith
street northwest, and removing a quantity
of clothing therefrom. When arraigned the
trio pleaded not guilty, and waived the
preliminary examination before the lower
CUUri. A lixry wn?. vji u?-i uc iwiuh
to Jail in default of $1,000 bond to await
the action of the grand jury.
Benjamin Johnson was also charged1, with
William Mason, with robbery from Frank
Riley, and after they had waived the preliminary
hearing they were ordered committed
to Jail, in default of $1,000 bond, to
Tiwait the action of the higher tribunal.
As the result of outcries made by Riley
when he was held uj> at the corner o'
Ohio avenue and 18th street a few nights
ago Mason and Johnson were arrested by
Sergt. Lohman and Policemen Messer and
Adams of the first precinct. After Johnson
had been taken to the station house a coat
^ie was wearing was identified as like one
reported stolen from the tailor shop, and
after some "third-degree" work on the
part of the police Johnson Is said to have
admitted the housebreaking offense, and
Included Griffith and Barnes.
Appeal by Associated Charities.
The Associated Charities announces that
a dressmaker and seamstress, a white woman,
who continued at work until exhausted
by sickness, is In need of sanatorium treatment.
Deserted by her husband, and ambitious
to secure a grammar school education
for her daughter, who Is also frail, the
woman has worked longer than she should.
Since last summer she has been too 111 to'do
any work at all. Her disease is pulmonary
tuberculosis?consumption. Her only hope
of recovery, according to the physicians, is
through good food, fresh air and freedom
from worry which a sanatorium would afford.
To keep her at a sanatorium will cost
$10 a week. Five or six months' treatment
will probably be necessary. The other
patient, a flfteen-year-old girl, for whom a
similar fund was raised, Is progressing
The Associated Charities management says
It would be glad to administer, through Its
"golden book fund," any money which may
be sent to 811 G street for the woman In
question. Any funds so designated will be
used exclusively for this woman.
Fuse Leading to Trouble Ignited.
When James Mickey, colored, called at
the home of Addle Jefferson in Shepherd's
alley yesterday afternoon and found the
girl enferlainlng another visitor, the fuse
leading to trouble powder was Ignited, so
to speak. When the smoke of battle cleared
away, George Webster, the visitor In question.
had numerous cuts on his head, and
was bleeding profusely. Mickey was arrested
by Policeman Sager of the second
precinct, and was a defendant before Judge
Mullowny In the Police Court today on a
charge of assault. The court adjudged
Mickey guilty, and ordered him to pay $10
fine or to serve thirty days In Jail.
Mickey claimed that, when he arrived, he
found the girl and her caller In a fight, and
that In acting as peacemaker he hit Webster
over the head with a bottle and caused
the cuts.
Can't Utilize Signal Men.
The acting Secretary of War has been
obliged to reconsider his allowance of the
request of Gov. Hughes to have two companies
of the signal corps of the New
York state militia participate with the
regular soldiers of the coast artillery l*
the joint drills next summer. These signal
men are mounted, and there Is a lack
of accommodation for them. In addition
to this the Joint drills are not of a nature
to require their peculiar services. These
facts have been communicated to Gov.
Hughes by Secretary Oliver with the
statement that the War Department will
be glad to furnish any expert assistance
and instruments needed by the Blgnal companies
when they go Into camp with the
remainder of the New York militia at
Peeks kill. __ .
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"Ankle Ties"
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Examination of School Teachers in
Alexandria County.
Arrangements have been made for the
spring examination of public school teachers
for Alexandria county to take place
Slay 2, 3 and 4, under the supervision of
James E. Clements, county superintendent
of schools, and his assistants. The examination
of white teachers will be held at the
Hume School building and of the colored
applicants at the Rosslyn School building.
Examinations will be In writing, and will
commence promptly at 9 a.m. each day.
Superintendent Clements states there will
be another examination of teachers called
the'"summer examination," held at the
same- places, July 29, 80 and 31, 1907, and
that It Is provided by the state ooard of
education that:
"Teachers may take either of these examinations.
but all who do not expect to |
attend a summer institute should take the
examination In May, as the result of the
July examination for those who do not attend
the summer schools may be madS
known too late for many teachers to contract
for schools and may thus cause them
Inconvenience. Those teachers who take
the examination in May and fall, will not
be permitted to take the July examination
unless they In the meantime attend some
summer institute."
It Is announced that a concert will be
given by the pupils of the Columbia School
near Arlington, Va.. the evening of May
3, under the direction of Miss Margaret J.
Petty, assisted by Prof. A. P. R. Works,
Miss Kendrick and Mrs. S. P. Wright.
Work of Framing a Constitution is
Practically Complete.
The duty of framing a constitution for
the recently organised Chamber of Com
merce was practically completed last evening
at a meeting of the subcommittee selected
from the Joint committee of the
Business Men's Association and the Jobbers
and Shippers' Association. The subcommittee,
which is composed of Jackson H.
Ralston, chairman; Rob?rt A. Chester,
Monroe Luchs, Charles Linking and Allen
Albert, jr., will report the result of Us work
to the members of the joint committee at a
meeting to be held tills evening In dude's
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lace-trimmed ne
?st chiffon Pana- straps; knee leng
pes, checks and $1-5? value
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Hall at T- o'clock. The committee will
probably place the constitution before the
first meeting of the Chamber of Commerce,
to be held at the New Wlllard next Monday
evening. The draft of the constitution has
not yet been made public.
Coast Survey Steamers.
The United States coast and geodetic survey
steamer Hydrograplier, which was under
repair at a Baltimore shipyard for
several weeks past, Is again In service and
will sail at once for a tour of duty of several
months on the Gulf of Mexico, making
surveys of the many harbors on the gulf
coast. Capt. John Ross Is In command of
the ship and on her way down the coast
she will make stops at various points to do
coast pilot work. Her first stop will be >n
Utimntnn maris a ml she will remain there
for a day or two before going to sea.
The coast survey steamer Endeavor Is at
anchor In the harbor off the Washington
barracks park, and will remain there
throughout the summer In charge of her
engineer." Capt. Miller and the others of
her officers are under orders to go to the
Pacific coast for duty on the coast survey
steamers doing duty In the northern Pacific
and Alaskan waters. It will probably
be a year before the Endeavor goes Into
service again.
Personal to Biver Men.
Capt. George Ross, master of the Consolidation
Coal Company tug Edith G. Winship.
is confined to his home by tlness, and
Capt. Ernest Davis of the tug Walter F.
Meade Is temporarily in command of the
Mr. T. B. Garnett has been acting as purser
of the steamer St. Johns on her recent
trips, and will take charge of the purser's
office on the steamer Wakefield as soon as
that steamer resumes her place on the
river route.
Mr. M. 8. Parker of this city has been appointed
superintendent In charee of the excursion
park at River View during the
coming summer season.
Capt. Milburn, who went away from this
city in charge of the ferry steamer Callahan
to Norfolk, and who has been in charge
of her since she haa been in service on
Hampton roads, relinquished the command
of the steamer Saturday, and haa returned
to bis home In tbla city.
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Shoe Sales shall smash all
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T*k ~ ? - * r\?i?i ? ? ?
kkiuuu ui upimon in JNew York Senate
ALBANY, April 30.?The senate judiciary
committee will tackle the last
chapter of the Kelsey case today. Indications
are that it will present a report
to the senate tomorrow. There is excellent
reason for believing that this report
will say the committee has complied with
the instructions of the senate to examine
Into the Justice of the recommendations
of Gov. Hughes that Kelsey be removed,
but that It has no recommendations to
The Kelsey people are counting on seven
votes, and perhaps eight, In favor of the
"no rpfnminpnilfltlAn" r*?..? -
? ?-?? ?? ?i i) n i i nero
will be a minority report which will undoubtedly
recommend the removal of Kelsey.
The fate of the superintendent will
therefore be put squarely up to the senate.
which must adopt one of the two reports.
The minority report is likely to give
voluminous reasons to justify removal.
The majority report will probably be prepared
by Senators Raines, Grady and McCarren.
Assenting to the majority report will
probably be Allds, Grattan. Smith and
Hlpinan. Against Kelsey will be Davis,
Page, Armstrong. Cobb, Taylor and Cohalan.
the last two being democrats. This
is the way the line-up 1n the case looked
last night, though the pointed declarations
made by Gov. Hughes in his Cooper
Union speech Sunday night has had an
appreciable effect upon republican senators.
and some of them may backslide.
The Kelsey people are extremely sanguine,
but the governor's supporters feel
hopeful of a decided change of sentiment
In favor of the governor's position when
the case reaches the open senate, where
the public, through the newspapers, can
have a chance to analyie the reasons of
Raines and the others for insisting on
keeping Ketsey In office in spite of the
proof of his unfitness furnished by the
An Interesting content for the democratic
nomination for the house of delegates from ^
the district composed of Northumberland
and Westmoreland counties, Va., Is In
nvaffr^ba W A CvHnnr a#
y * "8* ?? v wt iiuiiuuixiuci*
land county, who was a candidate, ha#
withdrawn In favor of T. A. Jett of that
county. The other two candidate*, both
residents of Westmoreland, are Oeorre Mason,
the Incumbent, and W. T. Majro.

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