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I i^ wNi
1 m co?
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x wwraMowimw.
l! fninrp TOTI
yjniMo IniJ
I 2Stlh9 2<6t
Boys with bicyclles can
obtain employment in our
Messenger Department.
AppSy to
Postal TeHegraph
CabDe Co.,
1345 Fenna. Ave.
Victor <& Edison
X\ AI A Tl 7
M A ? oS
I mow on sale. Z
JohHi F.Eflflis&Go. !'
937 Pa. Ave. N. W. ^
Machines on Easy Payments. 5
| r a>'^0'-lf'35 X
See Our Specials at \',
$18 and $20 h
including Fancy Suitings and Blue
Serge?fast colors. Garments finished
In all details In the highest art and
with retlned taate.
610 9TH ST. N. W.
mh18 90t
U.S.N .Mar jneWhite&Tints
For marine and general exterior a ad Interior
?ou-u? painting Prepare*! bj UOlLiaU PKIHJK8S,
,U5? rlnjc icroatrr wear.
V.S N. Deck Pilot. Marine Tints. U.S.N Marios
Tor rtau-.a Floors. 80 afcades. Green,
For Kitchen Ploors. 9 shades.
A. B. UcGHAN, Dlst. Agent.
mbC-So.is.? f.tf 804 St. M.W.
^ We don't ask any more,
but we give you the very best (
\ ke Creams <& Water Ices ) t
/ that you can possibly buy. j
\ Only cream anil best flavoring are I
i used. \
Our ilalrj Is the model sanitary dairy of j
) Washington. Phone or write for Milk, Cream, f
^ 10H Florida a?*. '^Pbon? N.
ew Ds
Heurich's "Maei
=Are Now Bottli
me desire to announce
a modern bottling ]
the most complete and up
In the future the celeb
be bottled under the imn
.iring that these high-class
nes..in the best possible c
' *
Finest materials alone d<
ibination of finest materi;
inliness and proper bottling
' 1 A 1
tnese requisite virtues are
duction of "Maerzen" and
^brated for
Purity, Cleanlii
The label on the bottle
I "Senate," under the fooc
t you get the brewery bott
Case of 2 doz., $1.75?50c rebate <
Delivered to hom<
;h, D and Water
' = '
J iir-* l t\ r
icye ju
Specialists. ,
The Kinsman method of ey?
examination does not depend
on one's own Judgment. It Is
scientific and thorough. By this dZ
method we are enabled to determlne
correctly the condltlon
of the eyes, and. Of
course, correct the ailment.
K8NSMAN ? Specialist, I I
. .
1908 F St. N. W. boutn biae. j
J my4-d.eSu I
"Spot" Cash, m
^ Brougham
lagic Meawator
iB-loflammibie. Restores luster to bUek good*.
mi lien sod silk*. Doe* not Injur*. Abas- #
lj necessary to titrj well-dress*d man tad 3 P,
> 0. Drop us card and wt will dcilrcr a but- Jfj
to your door for 23c. jji mi
W DDWAVi PA 1 1JM fli Ml
rgM' Pharmacies, Blmmi* FbuauT, 3 l)
lllette'e Pharmacy. Eppley'a Pharmacy. * ?
and many others can aupply JO*. -A H
h4-90t.8Q ALU
011 \P
I. ? Inntr.nnolrn an/I a trr\nA fual fnf A Jl
rooking. lae It and you'll lie pleaned & iltOT
with the results obtained. We'll supply A sk ,
you Coke. < > StyU
25 bushels Large Coke, delivered 12.50 < |> ,
40 bushels Large Coke, delivered ?3 70 < jfl mat
60 bushels Large Coke, delivered ?5.80 <; >
25 buHbels Cniabed Coke, delivered... .18.00 a S VOU
40 bushels Crushed Coke, delivered... .?4.50 - .3 '
60 boabels Crashed Coke, delivered 16 50 <f OTIC.
Washington Gaslight Co.| I best
413 TENTH Sf. N.W. S 1 ranf
| to s
? 1loWi
Japanese ||aur
Suit Cases. : 1 ?
A very handy traveling ca?e for 9
short trips?llftht, strong c |l Ejf* WWW
and durable. Our apcclal. -
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Something entirely new?24-Inch. U*
leather corners and handle. See It. AL
We make a specialty of repairing. W1
Thone M. 2000. A"7K 7th St ?0tlf
mj3d.eSu,28 /III Our
J Thet
, , , , , , , , i r i , I I , , , 1 i OjtKA
Apricot CordSafl,
?i large bottle; 50c small bottle Deli
Tbl* Apricot Cordial l? tbe pure, da- ^flfl
llcloua product of tba ripe ^California
Apricot. A favorite after-dinner cordial. jngj
mj3 20(1 '
ap3 90t
rzen" and "Senate"
ed at the Brewer
that we have installed, at the
Dlant, which is conceded by e
i , r l
-ro-ciate 01 any in me country,
rated "Maerzen" and "Senat
lediate supervision of the brew
beers will reach our patrons
ondition at all times.
o not make the finest beer,
als, perfect brewing, thorougl
y that produces the Ideal Bottl
developed to an unusual degr
"Senate, which results in be<
less and Excellenc
i fruarantees the nuritvof"]\
? ^ -J
\ and drugs act, June 30, 190
on return of bottles. Wr ite or 'phone West 37.
ss in unlettered wagons if desired.
Streets Northwest
? a,
rrh un 1BA1R1BEK
. P. Galley, |
imball Paanos orv
radl Organs, $2
3 I 1th St. N.W. | ForaG
jff \\ st?re.?!
~*r~ % surance of its
e?Prlrate turnouti, consl?tlng of HmIj A ???rktir?na1 tn#>ri
i, Demarest Victoria and fine hand-made A CcpilOrid.1 ITlcrl
^ pr'c"c*"5' new" Low prlce % meritorious gc
WNEY'S STABLES, f our stock. To
11622 L St. N*W. . I phasize the
ou wish to buy or sell It will be to jour LiWIl AlOWCFj
' to ron""t "* 'P2 90t|28 ing?special
edit for All Washington. j) TEE THEM.
jslTiieriitoK J
... i:? .t d 1 I Garden Ra
ill uiy Siuin. ui "Ciiiga- r y Carr\*n ^rv
s contains many different E Garden Tr
?s and all sizes, and, no fe ?> Garden Ht
ter which one you choose, p < >
cannot fail to get a good e <? LflWfl
Select the one you like & \?a simple i
and we will gladly ar- p \ \ to g*iar<!
je the terms of payment e A ovl ^f^s" 3
- 1' < i Small size..,
nut you. The prices are fe J. Medium si*
, and you will find them p !! Large size..
orl/prl in nlun fimir?c I v fiflHp
>tut iwu in "5W1 vo* |k| 4
I | 25 feet of 1
>eter Qroiran, I j combination7-819-821-823
SevVnth St I | coupling. Spe
ven Away Free! |; 11th ai
in every uruw 01 wc wonn OI
Teas or Coffees we'll give a fine
art blue enamel cooking pan
IB. Leave your order early.
sessional Coffee, per lb 36c Iv' yiav /?. -n*
Senate Coffee, per lb 25c 11 U O If
L-Nectar Tea, per lb 60c k_JI llMlT# II
tAtlantic and Pacifictea~co7 i
branches Id All Parta of the City. !Ptf>ir iVIW/a.
2Ud Staoda In All Marketa. ' iTOr UTlie DC Fit
*~ .. . ~ ?A gallon of F
very Wagons for iron roof p
w and Service. T,jrougfh theuus
?. .. old roof can be
\j attractive appearance and they are I ill have vt
able, of ifTlng long and aatlafactory aert- Cl us udvc
Decidedly reasonable In price. ?_ _ _ ik.t
.Meeks* Sons,6?iGSt. HODOKIN
U mjtirn
V V Jj Special Dtupati-h to The Star.
COLUMBUS, Ohio. May 4.?The dec]
tion of George B. Cox of Cincinnati agi
holding the proposed republican state
marv election this vear has dropped
the Taft campaign like a bombshell.
11 ^ />#*<? generally Interpreted as a declaration I
I lPlTI S the former boss of Cincinnati In favc
Senator Foraker for the republican ind<
ment In Ohio for the presidential non
tion. That the Taft boom managers s<
; gard It Is Indicated by the fact that in
9 I diately after the publication of the li
view with Cox in which he took this ]
I tlor State Insurance Commissioner i
I Vorys left for Cincinnati for a confer
1 with Charles P. Taft. Kvidentiy the
DrevVcry, managers had believed that Mr. Cox w
" || fall into the ranks of the Taft boomei
Cincinnati and k<*ep step with the
YnPT"fQ I'D ' music. They had been proclaimln
' it 1 hrnno-h Mio atota fliot thorn ii'qo nr> 1 r\
4. | ft I hi* wuq>* uii aimu ina i itj'iv. n uo nw ??
! j a Cox organization in Cincinnati, and
i! Clias. P. Taft was really the head of the
I republican organization there was In
. I city now. Cox, they believed, was gi
all his time to Ills business matters,
i? t-j had left politics for good, as far as lea
6 r>eers i 8hiP ls ?>ncerned.
? ! Taft Boomers Alarmed.
,1 jP The suggestion that he may reorga
ery, tnus his old forces and convert the organize
J I into ?n antl-Taft concern to help Sen
I Foralcer to carry the county is evldc
n f rnm r 11 . _> . ,1.. nu.i.
y CLL Vliv^il aianiiiUK IU Uie l ail UUUiilt'i b. K.iifXii
! Walter F. Brown of the state central <
mittee lias spent the whole of this \
traveling over the state Interviewing 1
ing members of the party regarding
state primary election. He reports fin
T . . them generally against its being held
If ic j-np year. The Taft leaders are finding
XL 10 liiv^ sertions from their own ranks on
proposition. The Toledo Blade, which
stout Taft advocate, is out in an edit<
1 acrpincr preaching against such an lnterfer
with this year's municipal elections as
state primary election held this
1 tj would be.
ed neer.
ee in the ; I I Regarding Views of George B. Cos
Holding Primary.
.1 | Special Dispatch to The Star.
ers justly I CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 4.-Senato
! B. Foraker issued a statement this e
i ing which was prompted by numerous
quirles today as to whether he had i
thing to say' regarding the statemen
CI onrwu R nnhlioa r? lfioHpr nrvnn
r the holding of primaries this year in
nection with the contest between Se
tary Taft and himself for the presidei
nomination. The statement says:
T ?? "I never contemplated that anyl
'laerzen would expect to hold primaries for i
year's convention until after we i
through with the elections of this y
6Cpp In the statement I put out to Washini
OCC 1 distinctly said It was now prematur
be considering such matters, but tha
view of the announcements that were b
I made I took the liberty of stating tha
the proper time I would ask the state
HUH irai cuiiiiiiii4.ee iu can primaries lor
I selection of delegates to a state conven
III to nominate the candidates who are t<
elected to office next year and to exp
j the preference of the republicans of i
for President and senator.
| "Coupled, as the statement was, ai
SI /f\\ | primaries with the declaration that it
/1 I I | now premature, it never occurred to
nil IJ that any one would expect that we w
\Vq q start in upon the business of next ;
y until we went through with the businee
HI this year. When I reached Canton
April 10 I learned that it was being clai
I that I would ask that primaries be
, o either before the elections of this yea
ll|Mi in luiiiieuituii wiiii mem, ana l men
.11111} occasion to announce that the same
'l|| struction of what I had originally said
' I now give.
? "When, therefore, Mr Cox said thtu
should not take up next year's busi
K"X*,W?K";,4<,,X?W until after the elections of this year
_ _ K* expressed exactly what had been In
? OS kOsS? ?* mind all the while, and what I hav<
t the while when I have spoken on the
j? ject, tried to say. Beyond this I do
w _ S, care to discuss political matters*~at
ti \/ itin,e"
J W J ( Taft's Brother Cautious.
^ JL ' Charles P. Taft, brother of Secre
J | Taft, said tonight when asked if he
< > anything to say as to Senator Foral
W \ J | "No, I have nothing to say." Mr.
*0 J < > was courteous and smiling, but flrn
1 ' declining to discuss the matter. It is
uaranteed ' * derstood that Senator Foraker has dec
< to leave next Wednesday or Thursday,
f'r later than Friday, for Washington, wl
if uiwu * on May 14, the Brownsville investlga
g v Is to be resumed.
| ma y His close friends say he is abunda
h /VIOWCI* ? satisfied with the situation as he has f(
I & It In Ohio and elsewhere during the
three or four weeks spent here,
t that a T awn I "The situation Is all that we could
1,1,1 ? y slre ? sald one of thege frlends today
Of any Other ar- ? is Improved a hundred per cent over \
r>n?ifmm fViio X 11 was when the senator first arrived,
uiiics irum xnis> jt wag gr00(i enough even then."
5 in itself an as- &
possessing ex- X GIVES ANNUAL BANQUET.
t. Only the most ? , ~~
>ods find place in ? Social Session of Company K, 2d B
particularly em- t Jn the pr"~ dining 'room of the t,
Value OI tnese ,L Men's Christian Association last eve
5 that we're sell- 4 Company K, National Guard of the Dis
at $2.25?we < p of Columbia, grave its annual banquet. Jd
y- PTTARA'\r ' ' William E. Harvey, commanding the
I - A BattalIon of wh(<!h Company K Is a ]
, , presided, and responses to toasta
Smade by Gen. Geo. H. Harries and Me
Wm. Jessop, T. Lackland and C. H. R
II 1 OOIb ' Major Harvey congratulated the comi
W DriceS < ? on "s recor^ an<* uP?n the renewed ii
m ? > est during the past winter. The enroll!
*:' has reached nearly fifty. The officers
1)1 | Oapt. Marshall Magruder, First Lieut. I
X Lackland and Second Lieut. T. G. Lackl
A Gen. Harries described the plan of enct
A ment this summer and urged that a
o representation of Company K attend,
.kes, 20C Up. ? The Company K Club, a new organisj
ar1?.c mi- im T within the company membership, is d<
aues, 50c up. V lng Wednesday evenings each week to 1
OWels, 5C up. % study under the leadership of William
J r I sop, central department secretary of
jca, *ui up. X V. M. C. A.
md inexpensive % Former Steeplechase Rider' Pa!
your lawn and A Last m ht
ci 7pc. V
i 3 icar? ji Leslie H. Dunlap, who was a well-kn
<*?Z" A steeplechase rider on the tracks in
! JLBO doz i northern circuit for a number of y<
4 died at the Washington Asylum- Hos
? 1-1 <fr last niarht. His home was at Rellft PL
Ivrow* j ? Iowa. Two days agro, it is stated, h?
Hose with brass < arrested and sent to the workhouse, b
nozzle and ! ) transferred to the hospital, because ol
:'cial at. . .$11 ,60 c , Dunlap was residing In a house on
???????????i > gouri avenue at the time of his arrest.
) Xj PQSS < > wife, ignorant of his whereabouts aftei
' < arrest, walked the streets two days
id (1 Sis X nights searching fdr him. Last night
J' was at the home of friends, 831 Miss
. j jm . . ...... avenue, when a policeman called and
-fv-inm-vvYTryv.'v. formed her of the death of her husb
Mrs. Dunlap Is said to be without fu
and, therefore, unable Ho make any fur
_ _ arrangements.
~T| |N\ ll "Neglected Neighbors" His Then
J L vLa k (y D) J L Secretary Charles F. Weller of the /
ciated Charities will be the speaker at
*?34- 4f YounS Men's Christian Association
,Bll OI tine KOOI. afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. His subject
lTTT*r< /~v ir T T-\ r-? /-V -r-? Ka M Diah Knra " an/1 ?1*<11 k
lustrated with stereoptican views l
AINT COStS but $1. photos taken in Washington. There
e of this paint the be opportunity for some discussion .
, ... r regarded as important that men shall
made like new. derstand conditions surrounding the
>ur order at once. ?(hl anma?e ^'he^Kd
9 C. 913 7th ?t. n.w. Injury. Remedies may be suggested.
3 d?uol 'Phon* M 2700 generally are Invited to this meetlm
? the lobby. The usual musical features
be part the exercises.
BelievJng that the development of interlara
eat among the children In gardens for both w
linst flowers and vegetables will tend to make ti
prl- them better citlsens and moie Industrious s
Into men and women, the officials of the J'.?ve- a
It is nlle Court have adopted a plan of inducing t
from their probationers to cultivate gardens. It E
>r ot was started yesterday afternoon, when a h
jrse- section of the probationers met at the Juve- s
llna- nlle Court buldlng and was given seeds r
j re- to plant. The plan is expected to be very t!
imc- successful. d
iter- Seeds for both flowers nnrl veeetiibles a
posl- were given to each of the children, and t]
I. there will be a distribution today when E
ence the remainder of the children meet. The rl
Taft seeds were obtained for the court from
ould the Department of Agriculture. From that w
-s In department also stmt' garden ground was f
Taft obtained for tilt* use of the children, and n
g It It Is expected that several of the court's
nger wards will make gardens on the plot.
that Mrs. Kred T. Dubois, wife of Senator Duonly
bois, has offered three prizes to the bert n
the gardens raised by tlie children from the
ving seeds which were issued to them today. 1
and When the gardens are at their best next n
ider- fall, an inspection will be made, and pho- w
tographs will be taken of the best. v
Another Project in View. fi
inlze Another project which will be carried out "
ition under the direction of Judge DeLacy of the ?
.ator Juvenile Court is the establishment and n
intly maintenance of a playground in the rear It
man of the court. I^ast fall, following the e?- ei
'om- tablishment of the court, an attempt wa?
veek made in a <?mall way to provide a playead
ground on the large lawn In the rear of c
the the court, but this year it Is expeoted that ,
ding much more can be done. Swings will be put *
this lin ort?Aiin/1a w.111 I..M Koma h
viv\|uct 51VUUUO mil uc taiu uuv, "aoc "
de- balls will be furnished, and other similar n
tills equipment will be provided. s,
's a On a vacant lot facing on E street In the
orlal rear of the Juvenile Court, a playground j r1
ence connected with the city system and under l<
the the supervision of Dr. Curtis Is being laid P
year OU(. Judge DeLacy recognized that there *
was a need for a playground for white Ir
children In the congested area of the first
> ward, and after viewing with unrest last
year the vacant lot which could be put to
such excellent use for the children lie took _
; on the proper steps to secure the p;ot for a ?
yia\ rj uuuu. 11 naa oeen levyiea on. ana me
equipment will soon be established.
The probation children who are going to
r J. school, to the number of over 100, were a
ven- gathered at the Juvenile Court yesterday li
afternoon for monthly instruction and re- ^
1 port. Addresses were made by Judge De- _
my- Lacy and Probation Officers Zed H. Copp *
t of and Miss M. Darwin. Special Instruction
sine w*s Slven the children In regard to the a
planting of the seeds given them and how a
con- to take care of the plants when they begin n
ere- to grow.
The nrobatlon children who are at work. 1
and who therefore could not attend the o
Saturday meeting, will meet at the court v
)ody for their monthly report today.
next - m p
a-prp "
rton p
e to Maryland Police Boat Captures Vessels
Bearing Undersized Oysters.* [
t at The Maryland oyster police schooner Bes- f
een- sie Jones, Capt. Maddox, commanding,
tlie "worked a trick" on the oyster men down
river a few days ago, and as a consequence s
eleven of them had to pay heavy fines into
3hio *'le Maryland state treasury as a penalty for
violating the law. One afternoon in the latter
b to part of last week the Bessie Jones sailed into t
was port here and dropped anchor oft the 11th r
me street wharf. Iler visit was not for the h
vear PurP?se ?' looking over the oyster boats J
;g 0i at the wharf here, but to get a supply of =
on gasoline for lier speed launch.
med The oystermen down the river had seen j
held- the schooner when she started to this city
r or and calculated that the coast would be
took clear for about three days. Then they
con- went to work dredging and took oysters
that smaller than the law allows, intending to
dispose of the catch before the schooner
returned. 1
npoq x?ui uicj iiittuc a uiiouaK uiaiiuu. LAfilU- r
,1ns the barrels of gasoline the day she
' " arrived here, the schooner took advantage
> of a half gale from the northwest and that
sub n,Kht started down the river. The wind I
was Just right for her to make railroad
this tlm?. and before daybreak next morning
she was In the Wicomico river, after an p
absence of only about thirty-six hours.
There was consternation among the oystermen
when Capt. Maddox nwoke them 1
tary early In the morning and started an exhad
amlnatlon of the ovsters aboard their ?
ier's boats.
As stated, eleven were found with oysters
T f. aboard smaller than the law ;.llows, and
lart they each paid a fine of $50 and over be- .
i in fore they were restored to liberty. The
un- oyster men say It was a mean trick for
ided CaPl- Maddox to play on them?and they
. won't forget it. i
nt]y Ferry Steamer Makes Giesboro Point a
>und Landing Place. past
There are now over 200 men working in
de- the various departments of the Frith- F
"It Sterling steel plant at Gelsboro, D. C?
vhat many of whom reside In this city, and in S
a order to get to and from work have lone
distances to walk each day from the car F
line at Congress Heights. For their convenience
the ferry steamer Lackawanna
began landing at the steel plant wharf yes?
" terday, and Is to stop there on all trips, T
going and returning, between this city and
sung Alexandria. In order to put the boat In
nlng condition for this service, carpenters were
* at wofk yesterday cutting gangways In the
rails of the steamer at each end so that
lajor the boat can be landed, no matter In what B
6th direction the tide may be running. =
part, The reduction In the rate of fare to Ave
' cents each way has Increased th& travel 7
between this city and Alexandria by ferry []
serB- to a considerable extent. The number of
elch, passengers carried on the ferry boat yespany
terday. It Is stated, was much larger than iter
had been in several months.
nent ????
r. d.
and. Recognized by Appointment in the i
Geological Survey.
Secretary Garfield has designated Mr. P.
mon H. Newel], the director of the reelamation
service, as the consulting engineer of
jes? the geological survey. This is In recognlthe
tlon of Mr- Newell's long services in build- *
Ing up the engineering work of that bureau, K
as It pertains to the measurement of
streams and the determination of the water
supply. This work was initiated by him x
ssed 1" 16S6, and carried on under his direction.
It has gradually expanded from a few simple
measurements into a system covering
'own llle greater part of the United States. the
as a result a large amount of data has
;ars, been brought together, covering the bepltal
havior of streams In different parts of the
,in_ country, and affording material upon which ~
' to base substantial development. The lmwas
portance of these Investigations will be
eing readily appreciated when It is known that
his during recent years from $3,000,000 to ~
$(5,000,000 per annum have been expended
M. In water powers and other works which would
not have b.een Invested if it were not *
"ls for the existence of th^ data which have "
r his hnen rirnrnrpd bv the ffpnlrvciml ??rwv
and These records of river flow and the fluc_he
tuatfons in high and low water seasons ex- *
ouri tend through a number of years and are
absolutely essential to the engineer and
Investor In planning Important works for
inds stream utilization. *
iera.i 14 ls Proposed by the geological survey
that this work shall be continued and still
further expanded In various lines, and to
assist In this Mr. Newell has been desig- _
ie. noted, as above stated, as the consulting
lsoo ??? ??* ui luo ouivcj.
: the '
this Lottery for Excavation Funds.
will ROME, May 4.?A bill has been presented
e 11- In the chamber of deputies providing for
from a $300,000 lottery with the proceeds of wj)l
which It Is proposed to carry out excavalt
Is tlons at the site of the Roman amphi- 7,
un- theater at Benevento, the town founded,
lives according to tradition, by Dlomedes and =
lions possessing Trajan s iriumpnai arcn, wnicn
trial is the finest and best preserved of all the Men
Roman structures. The ampltheater at 4
S In Benevento Is lying almost Intact under a
will number of old houses occupied by poor people.
NORFOLK, Va.. May 4.-The Italian
rarshlps Vares? and Etniria of the fleet
o represent Italy at the Jamestown expoItlon
passed In the Virginia capes todny
nd proceeded at once Into Hampton roads,
he arrival of the Italians, bearing the
>uke de Abruzzl. being announced by
eavy salutes both from the American warhips
In Hampton roads and Fortress Monde.
The duke was likewise welcomed by
he dipping of colors and all other honors
ue to his rank from the British, Austrian
nd Argentine warship representatives In
he roads, the German cruisers Roon and
tremen having departed prior to the ar
ival of the Italians.
The Italian ships which cnme In today
rill be joined shortly by the cruiser Rttore
Meramosca. and they are scheduled to relain
in Hampton roads for fifteen days.
Will Go Sightseeing.
The Duke de Abruzzl Is aboard of the
agshlp Varese. The program Is for the
talian ambassador from Washington to relain
with the duke while he is In these
raters ana to accompany tne auno on a
Islt to Richmond, and to some of the
nmous revolutionary and civil war liattleelds
In the Old Dominion.
The German cruisers Room and Bremen,
rhlch sailed from Hampton roads last
Ig-ht and were cuught In a heavy fog In
)wer 1'hesapeake bay, passed out to seu
arly today.
British Squadron to Sail.
The British squadron, composed of the
rulsers Good Hope Admiral Neville's flaghip;
the Argyll, Hampshire and Rox
until, will sail rrom Hampton ronus 10lorrow
afternoon not to return. The
juadron goes from here to Bermuda for
iree weeks, thence to Halifax, N. S.. for
sn days, thence to (Juebec for a similar
erlod. and from there to England. The
essels are scheduled to arrive home durig
the first week in July.
ame to Town, Stood Around and
Was Picked Up.
Edward Newman, colored, eleven years of
<va Intn tho rltv frnin Arlington
ist night and was wishing he could get a
ot free lunch In a "Bowery" saloon when
ollceman Newklrk came along and
pinched" him. Newklrk seldom misses
nything on his beat, but he would probbly
not have seen Eddie last night had
ot the latter remained so long in one posllon
looking for a "hand-out." It waB one
t the happiest moments of Eddie's life
rhen he was arrested by the big-hearted
ollceman. for the latter furnished tilm
J ?1 ? aknvt nrhlla than tin
;ivi c uciK.aviro 111 a oiivriv mine 11ium ?
iad had in many months prior to liU exlerience
last night.
"Yes," he said, when he reached the sixth
ireeinct police station, "my mother is dead,
iut my father Is llvlnff, and I ran away
rom my aunt's home in Johnstown, Pa."
"What did you do before you ran away?"
ie was asked.
"Just took (9.60 from my aunt," he anwered.
"That's all."
EJddle said he came here and went to the
tome of his aunt, Jennie Minor, at Arllngon.
He was there two weeks, and yrsteray,
he said, she told him he would have
o "duck," because her family was al
eady too big. She gave him car fare, and
le came to this city. He was sent to the
louse of detention, to be cared for until
lis father can be communicated with.
IALLARD?LIPPHARD. On May 2, 1907. hy th?
Key. I>?vid T. Neely, MILDUtil) R. LIPPIIAKD
awl CLARENCE U. BALL, A It D, both of WilliiDgtOD,
D. C.
ETWEILER. On Saturday. .May 4. 1007. Mr?.
WM. T., lwlored wife of Win. T. Detweilor.
uneral Monday, May 6, at 3 o'clock, from ilinpel
of Win. H. Sardo k Co., 406 H street uortlieast.
)ODGE. On Saturday. May 4. 1907. at tlie residence
of ber daughter, Mrs. Nellie M. Crossman.
Falls Churob. Va? MARY K. DODtiE.
beloved wife of William B. Dodge. sr.
'aneral Monday, May 0. at 2 p.m., at LewlnsTitle,
Va. Relatives and friends Invited. 2
IARLOW. On Friday, May 3, 1007, WALTF.R
FISCHER HARLOW, too of Walter P. and
Anna Harlow.
'aneral from the residence of his parents. Hlllbrook,
D. C., Monday, May 6. at 2 p.m. (South
Bend, Ind., papers please ropy.) 2
:ROV8. The remains of JOHN M. KROl'S will
he taken from vault at Rock Creek cemetery on
Monday, May 6, 1907. at 2 o'clock and Interred.
Friends and relatives Invited to attend.
IUBPHY. On Saturday. May 4, 1907. at 12:?B,
at ber residence. 701 1Mb street northeast.
JCIiA E. MURPIIY (nee Anson). beloved wifo
of Joseph F. Murphy, aged eighteen year*,
'uneral Tuesday, May 7, at 9 a.m., from tb*
Cburch of the Holy Name.
AGE. On Friday. May 3, 1907,, at Garfield. D.
C.. Mrs. BETSEY PAGE, aged elghtytwo
years. leaves many friends and relatives to
mourn ber loss.
uncral to take place from Immanuel Cburcb
Monday, May 6, at 2 p.m.
IEVERLINO. On Friday, May 8. 1907, at 1 p.m.,
Mrs. MARY SIEVERLING, In ber seventy-fifth
r?> r
uneral from the rpuldpnre of her ion, A. W.
Sieverling, 710 H atreet uortbeaat. May 0, at 2
In Memorlam.
AYLOR. In sad hot lor In* remembrance of nur
dear mother. JI'LJA DRIVER TAYLOR, wLq
died one year ago today. May 6, 1906.
The trial 1b hard, the i>aln severe.
To part with one we loved ?o dearBut
In our hearts she shall remain
Until we meet in heaven again.
Pbone M. 6ST.
w. r: speare,
940 F Street N. W.,
Phonies Mann ^
Wm. S. RiSey, ~
201) 2d it. ?.?. 'Phone East UBS.
J. WILLIAM LEG, Funeral Director
Dd Enitialmer. Ll*?ry Id connection. Cummodlo??
bapel and n.odero crematorium. Uodeit prlcei.
$2 I'enneylv aula an. n.w. Telephone call 1&S3.
328 14TH ST. N.W. Telephone Xortb 37?.
'Phone N. M8. Chai?i. 1830 Hth ?t. aw.
1707 7TII ST. N.W.
Chapel. 'I'hone North 780.
Undertaker and Embalmar.
KTerjthlng mcnun for Famnli.
IHI 82d at. n.w. Telephone Wet 801.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
034 M St. N.W.
? H at. n.e. Modern Chapel. 'Phone Eaat 62i.
690 N. Cap. it. Pbone North 829S.
Undertaker bdO EmMiiutr.
rncnl I'arlora. SOI Rait Capitol at
Tftopbona Eaat 871.
Modern Chapel. Telephone call North 323.
raos. s. seroeon;
1011 7th 1 ?-W. IWgMM Mill) 1000.
John M. Mitchell's Son,
10-82 11th <t. ?.*. 'Phone Eait ITfc
Bh2 tt0t.4
3 EO.C. S H A F FE R,
'Fkoot 2416 Mtik. ttlk sad bl IK. ?.?,

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