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In Curing Old, Chronic
Cases of
nncumni ioiti
Patients Given Up as
Speedily Restored to
Health by
Muni nn'i: 5 V PhniimaticmDnmpdv
JT1UIIT 1/H OW/l UIIVUlliU?iOH?i\viiiv?j
I want every rheumatic to throw away all medicines,
all llulments. all piasters. and try MITNYON'S
3 X HI1EI MATlSM CI*HE. No matter
what your doctor may Ray. no matter what your
druggist may say, do matter what your friend*
luuy say. no matter how bigoted or prejudiced you
may be against all advertlse?l remedies. go at
once to your druggist and get a bottle of the 3 X
ItllEl MATISM CI'Hi:. Trice, $1.00. (He wlli
get It for >on t* he lias none In stock.) There
nr?> 1CO doses In a bottle, and. as one lady says:
"Every tablet Is worth more than n diamond of
the same size." A few doses will take away all
ntbfP and pains, and a cure generally effected before
on?? hot tie Is nsed.
Remember. this remedy contains no salicylic
odd. no opium, cocaine, morphine or other harmful
drugs. It Is put up under the guarantee of the
I'ure I'ood and I?rug Act, but my guarantee I consider
tli?- b?*st Try the remedy, and If you are
anli-fin.l l.rinc* fhc cnu.lc ImtMo In tllP and I I
^111 refund your money.
If you have any other ailment, remember that wp |
i 'it up ."7 different remedies for f>7 ailments. We
jihti' no "cure nils ** Our Cold Cure cures the cold. !
Our (Vugh ( ure !s worth more than all the emulail
the oils, ill the balamna and cough cores
that iiHVf ever heen made. You can prove this
atatement tv the investment of 2T> cents.
M\ KMiifv < tire. I bell \e, has saved more lives
? n?l i:r?'d in re chronic cases of Madder and kidrev
till: .iiit ih.in any known remedy. Money bacfc
"whenever It falls.
My l>yspepsla and Stomnch Remedy enables one
to eat a good. s.juare meal and digest It.
My Constipation Ointment gWes a natural moverent
In from two to three minutes, and Is rap- !
Idly taking the place of all cathartics and weakening
If you are nervous and despondent. If yon can't
sleep. If you are weak and run d"wn. don't fall
to pet a bottle of M liny on's Paw Taw Tonic. It
will make you strong, make you sleep and make i
you cheerful.
My Headaehe Cure stops all hendaches In from
II to 10 minutes, and Is a good heart and stomach
All persons suffering with Piles 1 most earnestly
*?k ro try ray Pile ointment. It stops all Itching
und pain Instantly. .Money tack if It falls to |
iurn ami cur* quickly.
Munyon's Yitali/er srlves vlpnr and strength to
It! men ami restores lo??t rowers.
If you need medical advice, address
Munyon, 53d and Jefferson sts.. l'Llla., P4.
myT tr.th tf
|j| Vv-.vitr.-;v;? Ksjfc
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W ir,U5 ta tk .? S6I.40 *
Superintendent of Schools
Makes Recommendations.
Dr. Montgomery Resigns as Assistant
Promotions and Other Changes Authorized
by Board?Number
of Janitors Dismissed.
Changes affecting practically every employe
In the public school system were authorized
by the board of education at Its
meeting yesterday afternoon In the Franklin
school building. The resignation of Dr.
Winfield S. Montgomery from the office of
assistant superintendent for colored schools
was accepted and Roscoe Conkling Bruce,
supervising principal of the tenth division,
was appointed to the vacancy. Dr. Montgomery
was given Mr. Bruce's place, which,
he held before he was made assistant superintendent.
Admiral George \V. Baird, president, and
Mrs. Mary Church Terrell were the only
members of the board not present. Prof.
Barton \V. Kvermann, vice president, occupied
the chair. Superintendent Chancellor
and Assistant United States Attorney McNamara,
special counsel for the board, were
James K Farmer, at present connected
with the Jamestown exposition in an official
capacity, was appointed secretary of the
board at a year, to succeed William
W. Connor, resigned. The name of the new
secretary was presented by a committee
headed by Capt. James F. Oyster, who,
with Mr. \V. V. Cox, spoke in favor of Mr.
Purmtir f'AW fvnloinnrl W.? + AT?
* ?. i.ivi. 1. v?'.\ cA|/ioiiicu inaL iui. raiuici
had been prominently connected with the
American exhibit at the Paris exposition
and with the expositions at Buffalo and St.
Louis, anil sakl he was regarded as a young
man of pood executive ability and address.
Prof. \V. V. Tunnell of TToward University
was appointed supervising principal of the
thirteenth division at a salary of $2,200 a
year, to succeed Mr. F. L. Card&zo, deposed.
Prof. Tunnell will take charge June 1.
It has been rumored that Miss Lucy Moten,
principal of Normal School. No. 2.
would be demoted, but the matter did not
come up at the meeting, it being held out,
it was said, out of deference to Mr. John
F. Cook of the board. The superintendent's
recommendation for the demotion will probably
be presented at a subsequent meeting.
Promotions Ordered.
The following teachers were promoted
from one class to another, as stated: H. M.
O'oolidge, P. Taylor, C. A. Van Doren, L.
Chester, B. Quillain, H. P. Hoover, W.
Foley, A. A. Jones, M. P. Shipman, M.
White, I. Solomons, C. \V. Hecox, E. W.
ro*s, c?. j\. uaiinn, c,. 31. uoinoun, Li. u.
Doherty, H. S. Whitbeck, E. C. Drane, R.
P. Sanderlin, from class 4 to class 5; E. J.
Uakin. J. A. Degges, R. T. Pumphrey. M.
I. Merillat, from class 8 to class 4.
Superintendent Chancellor reported the
following persons as eligible for examination
for promotion to group B, class 6,
under the provisions of the school lav.', and
the board authorized him to fix a date for
the examinations: \V. M. Phelps, E. S.
Newton, E. K. Brandenburg, L. W. Mattern,
E. I.tehschutz. N. Hoegelsberger, P.
Holmes, Charles Hart, M. Weddell, E.
Golden, S. M. Karr, 1 O. Young, >1. J. McKnight,
F. Sanders, F. C. Daniel, G. W.
Kelly. J. I.. iJitto. E. 1. Compton, C. Merrlwether,
I. M. Campbell. H. M. Cushing, M.
H. Brewer. M. I.. Robins. H. W. Gary, M.
[Jean, E. Turner, V. Alexander, C. W.
[>rr, M- E. Morgan, L. W. Evans, R. C.
Rtlilz. K Reed I M Dnlv M Plant V
Prey bold, C. J. Christian, 1>. E. C. Colliere.
A. Clark. A. S. Uotkin, T. Rupli, B. J.
Bumont. M. R. Wallace. J. W. Adams.
Conditions at school headquarters In the
Franklin building were reviewed by the
superintendent. He said, in part:
"What we actually need at present are
the following rooms: Main office for secretary,
three smaller ottice rooms with
desks for clerks, one office for superintend
cut., i ? u jui asaiaiaiu sujici imicucms,
one room for president of the board
one large room with desks for eight board
members, one large room with desks
for four white directors, one large room
with desks for nine white supervising principals,
one room for colored directors, with
desks; one room for colored supervising
principals, with d?'sks; one audience room
for public meetings of the board; one file
room for documents; storage rooms for
bonks and supplies?not less than 10,000
square feet. (We really need 20,000 square
feet. We And our present 5,000 square feet
absolutely Inadequate.)
"The foregoing accommodations are needed
now, Irrespective of whether a few
years hence a permanent building Is secured
as a hall for the board of education."
School Playgrounds.
Recommendations relative to the school
play grounds were approved by the board,
as follows:
Open playgrounds for the white school3
at the Henry, Arthur, ljUdlow, Jefferson,
Curtis and Towers school buildings, and for
the colored schools at the Phillips, S'evens.
Garrison, Bell and Magruder school
Playgrounds are to be opened from June
2-1 to September 11, 11)07, from tt o'clock
a.m. to 12 o'clock noon, and from 5 o'clock
p.m. to dusk (7 o'clock p.m. during thf> early
part of the session, and 7:.'10 p.m. during
tile latter part).
Assistant supervisors are to be excused
Jrom service every Monday forenoon.
The lirst term is to extend from June 2j
to August 5, and the ee-ond term from
August to September 11.
The following schedule of salaries is to be
established for assistant supervisors:
Kor all persons appointed for the first
year of service, the salary shall be $;U> per
There shall be a regular promotion lor all
assistant supervisors of $5 per month for
each year of service.
Kor all assistant supervisors performing
especially satisfactory services, there shall
be an additional allowance of per month,
over ainl above the regular salary provided
Salaries for caretakers shall be at the
rate of $15 per month.
The following persons were appointed
assistant supervisors In the playgrounds,
the salary given in each case being arranged
in accordance with the foregoing
schedule: Henry School?First term, Miss
Klva Whltcomb, S40; second term. Miss
1-ewls. $l.V Arthur Schocl- First term. Miss
Ke?no, }tn; second term, Miss tleletly. J40.
T ?F^ir-f f??irn \'i?? Wron-i.r
$!<> second term. Miss Linn. $35. Jefferson
School?First term. .Miss Burden. $35: second
term. Miss MoMahon. $35. Curtis
School?First term. Mi.S3 Sioekerd. $40; second
term. Miss Morris, $35. Towers School
?First term. Miss Mcl,aurine, $35; second
term. Miss Cherry, $35. Phillips Scliool?
First term. Miss Beason, $.V>; second term.
Miss S.i?iii Williams. $45. Stevens School?
First term. Miss Henderson. $40; second
term. Miss L, B. Davis. $15. Garrison
School?First term. Miss Itussell, $55; second
term. Miss Genevieve Thompson, $45.
Bell School?Firft term. Miss Wylie, $40;
second term. Miss A. V. Williams. $.'(5.
Magruder School?First term. Miss M.
Walker. $45; second term. Miss Powefl, $.'!5.
Substitute Assistants.
The following persons were appointed
substitute assistant supervisors:
For white schools?Mrs. Miller, Miss Kate
Young. Miss Henrietta Schlerf, Mrs. E. R.
Henlev, Mr. P. I- O'Brien, Miss Mary A.
Mason. Miss Sidney Duffle, Miss Youngblood
and Miss Alice Berry.
For colored schools?Miss Dora Smith,
Miss Eva Thompson, Miss Jennie Wlnfleld,
Mr. Walkef. Mrs. B. F. Benn, Mrs. Maude
Crump, Mr. Dodson and Mr. Milton.
The following persons were appointed
caretakers of the playgrounds at salary
specified in the foregoing schedules: Henry
School, T?-#. Jones, Arthur School, Robert
Ammann; Ludlow School, \V". P. Cannon;
Jefferson School, Julius Strobel; Curtis
School, A. J. Duvall; Towers School, C. L.
Wttlttrow; Phillips School, James Hunter;
Stevens School, J. I>. Matthews: Garrison
School, J. P. Johnson: Bell School, James
Ashton; Magruder School, J. F. Garner.
The salaries from June 2u to June 30,
Inclusive, are to be paid by the Public
Playgrounds Association. Appointments
are to date from July 1, 1V07. and payments
to be made from appropriation for school
playgrounds, 11WK, from that date.
Frizes and Awards.
A recommendation from the committee
on prizes and awards, Mrs. Ellen Spencer
Mussey, chairman, with regard to the Gait
fund, was adopted. This fund ajnounts to
$2,000, and It was decided to divide the
income equally between the Business High
School and the Armstrong Manual Training
School, prizes to be given to the pupil in
the graduating class of each school who
shall submit the best report upon commercial
products or industries, such report to
be accompanied by a collection of materials
illustrating same, to become the property
of the school, to be known as the "Gait
collection." This Idea for using the income
from the fund originated with Principal
Davis of the Business High School.
A plain for redistrlcting the schools and
renumbering the divisions was approved
by the board. The divisions will be made
to radiate as far as possible from the
Franklin School, and each division, as far
as possible, will be made to contain both
city and suburban schools. The number
nf tfinrhcru In tho l-Qrlrnia /UvlclAnc nrill
aiso be equalized to some extent.
Changes in Schools.
The following appointments and changes
in the teaching corps were approved:
Resignation of E. L. Morris, head of the
department of biology and chemistry in the
high schools, at the salary of $1,900 per annum.
to take effect from and after June 30,
M. G. Slarrow, teacher of the ungraded
class, fifth division, promoted from class il
to class 4 (rated as a fifth grade), to take
effect on and after September 1.
II. W. Draper, transfe rred from the principalship
of the Reservoir School to the
principalship of the Brightwood School,
sixth grade, at a salary of $1.23) per annum.
to take effect on and after September
W. E. Nally, transferred from position
as eighth grade principal to position
ub eighth grade teacher, to take effect on
and after September 1.
W. B. Ireland, transferred from position
as eighth grade principal to position as
eighth grade teacher, to take efTect on and
after September 1.
J. B. Bogan, promoted from sixth grade,
Dangdon School, to the sixth grade principalship
of the Reservoir School, at a salary
of to take effect on and after September
H. J. Schlerf, transferred from seventhsixth
grade, Brightwood School, to the
sixth grade, Langdon School, at same
salary, to take effect on and after September
Separation Ordered.
The Franklin and Thompson School buildings
separated, and the designation as
principal of the Franklin School of C. K.
Finckel, and of the Thompson School of S.
F. Parks, and the proper adjustment of
1 : ? 4 1. ~ , on O A
u1;* in iiic La^s, lu uinc cum un unu
after September 1.
li. L. C. Patterson, transferred from
teacher of eighth grade to the seventhsixth
grade princlpalship of the Tenley
School, at salary of $ 1, l'.KJ, to take effect on
and after September 1.
Aliss Helen Gordon appointed permanently
as teacher in the Normal School.
H. P. Johnson, transferred from the seventh
grade principiflship of the Arthur
School to the seventh grade, at salary of
$1*20 per annum, to take effect on and after
September 1, 1907.
R. A. Maurer, promoted from the position
as teacher of history to the head of
the department of history in the high
schools at a salary of $1,1(00 per annum,
to take effect on and after September 1.
J. L. Brooks, promoted from position as
leacner in uie mgn scnuuis iu piuiujiai
(seventh grade) of the Arthur School building
at a salary of $1,230 per annum, to lake
effect on and after September 1.
E. S. Noyes, transferred to position of
teacher of history at a salary of $1,000 per
annum, to take effect on and after September
1, 11*1".
Miss Hattle Middleton, appointed as
teacher, detailed as clerk at the McKinley
Manual Training School and assign to class
1 at a salary of per annum, for serv
ices to be rendered from May 20 to June 30.
William Taylor, appointed as janitor of
the Kenilworth School building at a salary
of Sioo per annum, vice David Evans, deceased,
to take effect on and after May 24,
1U07, at 12 o'clock noon.
Miss Annie C. Carroll, 1211 Duncan street
northeast, placed upon the list of substitutes
in the graded schools.
Teachers Detailed as Clerks.
Miss Angela M. Simonton, appointed as
teacher, detailed as clerk and exchange
operator at the Franklin School building
(temporary) and assign to class 1 at a
salary of $500 per annum, vice Mr. R. V.
Gardner, resigned, to take effect on and
aftej- May 15.
Mr. E. I... Irey, transferred from position
of teacher, detailed as clerk at the McKinley
Manual Training School at a salary
of $500 per annum, to temporary position
of messenger in the office of the secretary
of the board of education at a salary of
$720 per annum, for services to be rendered
from May 10 to June SO, 11XJ7.
Miss Gertrude Condron, appointed as
teacher, detailed as clerk at the Central
High School and assigned to class 1 at a
salary of $500 per annum, for services to
be rendered from May. 28 to June 30, l'J07,
vice Mr. Butta, resigned.
W. M. Duvall, transferred from the Toner
to the Hyde School building at same salary.
Joseph F. Dyer, appointed as janitor of
the Toner School building at a salary of
$<><:o per annum, vice W. M. Duvall.
Miss Belle Shetter. appointed as teacher
of an ungraded class, rated as a fourth
grade, and her assignment to class ,'t, at a
salary of $(! "><) per annum, to take effect on
and after June 1.
Changes Among Janitors. .
The following changes in the corps of
janitors were approved:
Dismiss H. M. Locke, janitor of the
Seaton School at salary of per annum,
to take effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss Clinton Vermillion, janitor of the
Peabody School at salary of Umk) per annum,
to take effect from and after June 3<>.
Dismiss Eli Sherwood, janitor of the
Weightman School at salary of SWH) per
annum, to take effect from and nftir
June HU.
Dismiss I. V. Warner, janitor of the
Threlkeld School at salary of $300 per
annum, to take effect from and after
June 30.
Dismiss J. M. Divine, janitor of the Addison
School at salary of $t>00 per annum, to
take effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss Charles Moxley, janitor of the
Tenley School at salary of $700 per annum,
to take effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss A. W. Berryman, janitor of the
Takoma School at salary of $t*tO per annum.
to take effect frofn and after June 30.
Dismiss W. H. Smith, janitor of the
Pet worth School at salary of 1300 per annum.
to take effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss C. B. Jones. Janitor of the Blake
School at salary of JliOO per annum, to take
effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss J. C. Matthews, janitor of the
Stevens School at salary of $1,200 per annum,
to take effect from and after June 30.
Dismiss Jefferson Thomas, janitor of the
Cook School at salary of 1700 per annum,
to t:ike effect from and after June 30.
i^ismibs j. i nompson, janitor of the
Anthony Bowen School at salary of $*!00
per annum, to take effect from and after
June :? .
Dismiss J. \V. Sinclair, janitor of the
Central High School at salary of {2,000 per
annum, to take effect from and after
June ;h>.
Transfers Made.
Transfer G. II. Parker, Janitor, from the
Morgan to the Addison School, at same
salary, to take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer E. V. Wright, Janitor, Irom the
Wormley to the Cook School, and promote
from salary of $?S00 to $700 per annum, to
take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer J. H. Smtler, Janitor, from the
Garnet to the Stevens School, and promote
from salary of to *1,200 per aunum, to
take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer I?ngstreet Bradford, janitor,
from the Svphax to rhe Garnet School, and
promote from salary of $700 to SiHMi ner
annum, to take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer J. P. Hamer, janitor, from the
Bruce to the Syphax School, anil promote
from salary of $000 to $700 per annum, to
take effect on and after July 1.
An Apointment.
Appoint R. W. Woodson. Janitor of the
Bruce School at salary of $000 per annum
to take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer J. C. Garner, Janitor, from the
Magruder to the Wormley School, at same
salary, to take effect on and after July 1.
Appointment H. F.Coates as janitor of the
Magruder School at salary of J4J00 per annum,
to take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer C. Talbert, Janitor, from the
Cranch to the Peabody School, and promote
from salary of $700 to $iKX? per annum,
to take effect on and after July 1.
Transfer R. Ammann, Janitor, from the
Arthur to the Cranch School, and promote
from salary of JtiOO to S700 per annum, to
take effect on and after July 1.
Appoint Henry Long janitor of the Arthur
School at salary of $tK?0 per annum.
to take enect on and arior Juiy J.
Transfer William AIcQueeney, janitor,
from, the Business to the Central High j
School, and proomte from salary of Jl.ttK) J
to $2,000 per annum, to take effect on and ,
after July 1. ,
Transfer W. J. Conlln, janitor, from the .
Western to the Business High School, and <
promote from salary of $1,400 to $1,600 per <
annum, to take effect on and after July i. <
Transfer G. W. Dugan, janitor, from the
Force School to the Western High School,
and promote from salary of $000 to $1,400 <
per annum, to take effect on and after
July 1.
Transfer J. Ij. Moudy, Janitor, from the ?,
Woodburn to the Takoma School, and pro- *j
mote from salary of $420 to $000 per an- ^
num. to take effect on and after July 1.
Appoint J. A. Berkeley as Janitor of the J
Morgan School at salary of $600 per an- J
num. to take effect on and after July 1. J
The following vacancies would then ex- J
1st July I: Weightman School. $G00; Petworth
School. $5fo0; Seaton School (engi- ;
neer). $S00; Blake School, $000; Force
School (engineer), $1100: Chevy Chase ?i
School. $;?*>; Threlkeld School, $300; Tenley
School (engineer), $700; A. Bowen ^
School, $CiOO. J
* *i
Says She Did Not Mention Archbishop .1
Ireland's Name to the Pontiff. *j
NEW YORK, May 30?Mr. and Mrs. Ij
Douglas Robinson and their daughter, Miss ]
Corinne Robinson, arrived yesterday on the j
Cunarder Caronla. While on their stay ?5
abroad they were received In audience by <
King Edward, the president of France and
the pope. J
It was the visit of the Robinsons to the
pupe mat amacieu suine ULienuuu un ima j
side of the water, and It is said that a J
Catholic prelate had tried to make capital
out of It to advance the interests of Arch- *J
bishop Ireland for the cardinalate. Mrs. .j
Robinson, who is a sister of President
Itoosevelt, denied that politics had been *1
.. ... ..
menuonea in ner auaience witn me pope, ;
or that Archbishop Ireland's name had been
mentioned. j
The story that they were hurrying home ?|
because of a telegram from President *j
Roosevelt demanding that they cut their .1
stay short was branded by Mr. Robinson as !
absurd. He said that tliey had had a most
enjoyable visit abroad, and had everywhere
been hospitably received. *i
In Mr. Olmsted's Absence. }
Leave of absence has been granted Mr. ?J
Victor II. Olmstead, statistician and chief !
of the bureau of statistics of the Denart- >
ment of Agriculture, to enable liim to su- J,
perlntend the taking of the census of Cuba.
During his absence on this important mis- *j
eion Mr. Charles C. Clark, the associate
statistician, will be acting chief of bureau ^
and chairman of the crop reporting boaVd,
and Mr. Nat C. Murray will be assistant
statistician. *j|
To Open Lands in Montana. ]
The lands within the Huntley irrigation 5
project, In Yellowstone county, Montana,
will be opened to entry July 22, under a *jj
proclamation issued by the President and
regulations prescribed by the Secretary of
the Interior. These lands embrace 63:1
farms, approximating forty acres each, all
of which can be Irrigated from works constructed
by the government under the Irrigation
They will be opened under a drawing system
wjiich differs materially from the system
of that kind heretofore adopted, and
which, in the opinion of Commissioner Ballinger
of the general land office, will be
much simpler and less expensive than the A
old plan. A
? >;
Disgrace to Die Under 100. A
CLEVELAND. May 30.?Chief Chemist *<
Wiley of the United States Department of
Agriculture, in the course of an address A
delivered before the graduating class of y
Case School of Applied Science yesterday, V
said: A
"I belong to a hundred-year club, any v
member of which who shall die before he's
100 years old will be immediately expelled A
in disgrace. A
"The present generation is going to live A
much longer than the one which came be
iure, uecause 11 Knows more about tne
laws of diet, hygiene and surgery. J
"It's a rank disgrace for any man to die y
except from old age." f V
Eliot Against Caste. ' 1
ITHACA, N. Y., May 30?President "
Charles W. Eliot of Harvard University J
delivereu an address to the Cornell Chapter
of the Phi Beta Kappa Society on its
twenty-fifth anniversary yesterday. q
He spoke of the university administration
as a type of free government in the
future. He said the universities should
be free from the restrictive bonds described
In the words caste, race, class,
sect and party.
Whole State to Be "Dry."
HOt'STON, Tex., May 30.?Under the con- ^
structlon placed on the new liquor regu- G
liitinfir Ijiw nf T^vaa hv tho r^norit
~ ? ? ?? d;
legislature, every wholesale and retail ^
lliiuor license in the state expires July 11, g
the date the law becomes effective, and as
It will require twenty days to have the ?
new license Issued, it is held that every a
saloon and wholesale liquor dealer In tl
Texas will have to close for that time. n
"Albert Crowell" a Suicide. d'
NEW YORK, May 30.?A man who registered
at the New Grand Hotel Tuesday jj
night as Albert Crowell of Henderson, Nr C
C., was found dead in his room yesterday, D
with a bullet In his brain. Near the body J*
on the floor lay a revolver. y
The police believe the man registered tinder
an assumed name. There was nothing tl
about his effects to indicate his identity or |/
explain the cause of his act. He was about jj
forty-five years of age. ^
Absolutism in Portugal. ?
LISBON. May 30.?The absolutist regime A
Is now in full operation in Portugal. Tes- C
terday King Carlos signed a number of ^
decrees granting subsidies and Increasing j;
the salaries of civil servants, etc. p
Tt is rpnnrtpfl t'hflt thp kinc IntfinHsi tn pi
confer with Premier Franco regarding the ^
question whether his majesty has author- ?;
ity to govern for three years without a par- |
liament. The king visits the-military barracks
Harriman In H?1?Tillman.
DENVER, Col., May 30.?"Harriman
ought to be In h?1," said United States _
Senator Benjamin R. Tillman yesterday.
As he rode from the station, just after his _
arrival from a wearying trip In Montana
and the Dakotas, he was asked about E. H. ^
Harriman and made the reply. j-,
"That remark is not quite original, how- v
ever." he added. "Cullom said It first, but V
I think I said it first aloud. But I'm tired, ?
utterly worn out, with this long Journey
I've been on, so I'll merely add that 'God \
moves In a mysterious way His wonders to
perform,' and may be He'll attend to Har- v
riman." F
"Undesirable Citizen."' a
Judge Mullowny added another name to ^
President Roosevelt's list of "undesirable p
citizens," In the course of the trial of a g
case in the Police Court yesterday. The 'V
case was that of Edward 'Hiompson,
charged with assaulting Annie Prtsby. ^
After hearing the evidence, the court j
turned to Thompson and remarked: /
"I think you belong to that class of unde- I
sirable citizens of which we hav^ been c
hearing lately." The sentence imposed f
was $00 fine or four months' imprisonment, t
1 Lanst
| 420 to 426 7
?: iT/7
f ir^
? "Women's Summer - weight Merino
? Vests; Jersey fitting, high neck, with
I, long or short sleeves, also low neck;
t sleeveless or with a short x-vkj
|. sleeve; ?1.25 and $1.30 values,
? Tomorrow, each
! (Tnmxnt/Hl s fiirn
% " ^ U Vir U/ >k. jj W VMi 11 u u u
! Albatross, Nun's Veiling, Crc
| in good lengths and all colors, inc
shirt waist or an entire dress; som
We want to clean 'em np in a day,
I worth coming for early, for dress g
say take your choice at, per yard..
Silk Rei
p Remnants of Silk in great vari<
!* and plain; some blacks among tl
i* yards. Values up to 75c for
C Remnants of Silk in many di
\ Fancy Colored Taffetas and Peau 1
? in Rough Pongees and a few
> Lengths from 1 to 10 yards. Yah
v for
| 39c for Remnan
i? 7 A. 1
, -yvoriLU
| Remnants of All-wool Black
? Serge, Batiste, Nun's Veiling, Her
! ous fancy weaves, including niohai
\ rics. Former prices, 55c, 75c and gi
$1.50 Cloth R*
54-inch Suitings, in remnants f
checks and stripes. Former price
For Friday only
All Wash Goods
Every remnant without excepti*
day, and a figure put on them that v
conceivable kind of material too m
be a quantity of white and colored
chasers will be the most fortunate, a
as Lannon Lloths, Voiles, clack 11
ured and plain materials, that are
I2j^c to 50c, for, yard
25c White French am
100 pieces, 47 inches wide; e>
made of Sea Island cotton. Sell re;
Friday, one day, yard
Adjustable H;
spipciai .
u *1?<9 U ft U <3
Height. Closed.
15 inches. 20 inches.
18 inches. 20 inches.
22 inches. 20 inches.
24 inches. 15 inches.
24 inches. 20 inches.
24 inches. 22 inches.
24 inches. 25 inches.
28 inches. 20 inches.
28 inches. 25 inches.
30 inches. 25 inches.
36 inches. 28 inches.
????? i
Former Attorney General Hampton L. '
arson of Pennsylvania lias accepted an initatlon
to deliver the oration at the thirtyxth
annual commencement t>f the law de- '
arfment of Georgetown University, in ;
aston Hall, Georgetown College, next Monay
evening at 8 o'clock. The opening adess
will be by Rev. David Hillhouse liuell,
.J., president of the university, who will
Iso confer the degrees. Mr. Chief Justice
eth Shepard of the Court of Appeals of <
le District of Columbia will award a large
umber of prizes. The musical portion of '
te program is to be supplied by the Schroeer
The graduates are:
Masters of laws?William F. Condon, A.
[. LL.B., Fort Dodge, Iowa; Robert B.
rowiey, LL.B,, Haverhill, Mass.; Edwin R.
'avidson, LL.K., Boston, Mass.; De Ycaza ]
Moratinos, A. M., LL.B., Uli Ull, P. I.;
ohn Duggan, Jr., LL.B., Connellsvllle, Pa.;
Walter L. Furbershaw, LL.B., Brooklyn, i
f. Y.; Isaac S. George, A. M., LL.B., Balmore,
Md.; Alexander C. Gibbs, LL.B.,
nion City, Tenn.; Stephen 8. Grogan, A.
1., LL.B., Milwaukee, Wis.; Charles J.
:ane, LL.B., Pittsburg, Pa.; William D.
enahan, LL.B., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Paul
dgar Lesh, LL.B., Washington, t). C.;
ohn G. Loos, LL.B., Harvard, Neb.; Chas.
. McCarthy, A. B-, LL.B., Washington, D. i
.; John Molloy, LL.B., San Juan, P. R.;
ohn A. Murphy, LL.B., Newport, R. 1.;
icu xv. ^ icisuii, ?. jj., ijiia uiiit
feb.; Michael C. O'Brien, LL.B., Philadelhla,
Pa.; William H. Ruger, LL.M., Fredrick,
Md.; William L. Rhoades, LL.B.,
coding. Pa.; William J. Scholz, LL.B..
aginaw, Mich.; Richard J. Taggart, LL.B..
Washington, D. C.; George Th. Thomaides,
L.B., New York city; Rudolph H. Yeatlan,
LL.B., Washington, D. C., and John
t. Zable, LL.B., Kewan.ee, 111.
Bachelors of Law.
McKinney Barton, Jr., Chattanooga,
enn.; Ray Baumgardner, Muncle, Ind.;
ussell P. Belew, Edlnburg, Va.; Clarence
'. Burton, Lewes, Del.; Bartholomew W.
utler, Worcester, Mass.; J. Camillus Car\11
Vfnnrno \H/>h Vi?r**oll T-Tandriv r*nhh
Washington, D. C.: Edward J. Cohnan,
lenver, Col.; George R. Colllere, A. B.,
Washington, D. C.; William F. Columbus,
Waslngton, D. C.; J. Edward Connolly, A.
Syracuse, N. Y.: Charles E. Corgan.
^antlcoke. Pa.; William A. Crawford,
Washington, D. C.; M. Jose Cuenco, A. M.,
ebu, Cebu. P. I.; J. William Cummins,
v neeung. - v a., jguauuB jv.. v..uiue,
'all River, Mass.; Frederick H. Daiker,
Washington, D. C.: Patrick Henry Dela.lair.e,
Delaplane, Va.; Hugh M. Devlin,
i. B.. Berkley, R. I.: Charles C. Dunn,
few York: Martin J. Durkln, Parkersburg,
V. Va.; Watts T. Estabrook, Great Bend,
'a.: Richard R. Farr, Fairfax, Va.; Wilon
M. Farr, Fairfax, Va.; Asterio Favis,
'igan, P. I.; Hugh J. Fegan. A. M.. Washigton,
D. C.; George A. Finch, Washlngon,
D. C.; William J. Fis-her, A. B., Lehrille,
Iowa; James B. Flynn, Oockeysvllle,
id.; Francis M. Foy, A. M.. Plttston. Pa.;
ilexander E. Friedrich, Madison, Wia.;
Bias Pozon Gonzaga. Sebu, Sebu, P. I.; Ira
'. Haycock, Washington, D. C.: Benjamin
'. L. Heron, Atlanta, Ga.; Charles Sherman'
ltllj$r, Fernandina, Fla.; Edward Hood,
>urgh &
1th St. 4117 tc
rvtnnr n tt^tjtmt?rrftwwrit? a n
IM11U ILflCK vv
i Women's Fine Richelieu Rlhfced I-isle- i
thread Vests; low neck ami q
sleeveless; 25c value. Tomer- 11
! row 11 v :
(3 for 50c.) j
^moanits Worth 50c
pes, Mohair, Batiste, Panama, Checl
Iuding a few Cream Fabrics. There a
ie splendid for children's dresses. Th
hence half price and less. There's a
[oods worth up to 6oc will be snappei
ii> yji vv v_ a v uv.?ui uuiv. >
lem. Lengths, i to 10
ffcrent kinds, including Plain and
de Cygnes, with some good colors
good lengths in black.
ipq nn tr* fst 1 w npr var*l A \
....4 s>c
ts Black Goods,
i 98c.
Goods, such as Voile, Panama,
irictta, Mystral, Granite and varir
and silk and wool fab- T) (Thsv
3c. For Friday only
imnnaoits, 69c.
rom 1/ to 6 yards; broken plaids,
s, 98c, $1.25'and $1.50.
Remnants, 9%c.
Dn will be sacrificed tomorrow, Fri^
ill create a rapid clearance. Every
imerous to mention, but there will
I ones to select from. Early pnrlS
the best go first. Such materials
atiste and Lawns, figactually
worth from q
1 Persian Lawns, 115c.
:tra fine sheer qualities;
adily at 25c a yard. For jj
idow Screens.
Open. Price.
33 inches. 20 cents.
33 inches. 25 cents.
33 inches. 30 cents.
26 inches. 30 cents.
33 inches. 30 cents.
37 inches. 30 cents.
41 inches. 35 cents.
41 inches. 42 cents.
41 inches. 45 cents.
45 inches. 55 cents.
Cecilia, Ky.; Elihu Horn, Washington, D.
C.; Arthur J. Hudson, Cleveland, Ohio;
\rthur J. Hughes, Milwaukee, Wis.; Harry
H. Humriehouse, A. B., Baltimore, Md.;
V Thnrr-tAn O ? 1 1 "D~.~ A Af/1 . T\~l ? ?
>1. 1 IIV1 1UUI1 IIJCUII, Ullll I UUU, JIU. ,
Jaraniila, Ilollo, P. I.: Frank P. Jenal, A.
M., Hartlngton, Neb.; John M. Kennedy,
A. B., Kansas City, Mo.;
Dtis B. Kent. Waco, Tex.; Joseph A. Lennon,
A. M., Boston, Mass.; Maurice F. Lennon,
Joliet 111.; I>ouls Loeffler, Washington,
D. C.; Daniel J. Lucey, A. B, Melrose,
Mass.; Hall S. Lusk, A. B., Washington,
D. C.; Joseph Macmanus, A. B., Mexico
City, Mex.; George M. Mann, Washington,
D. C.; Cary A. .Marshall. Markham, Va.;
Charles M. Mattingly, A. B., Charies county,
Md.; Thomas F. McDonnell, Providence,
R. I.; Daniel F. McGowan, Washington,
D. C.; Thomas F. McGovern, A. B., Denver,
Col.; Daniel P J. McKenna, Valley
Falls, R. I.; Richard W. McMahon, Lynchburg.
Va.; Francis S. Montgomery, A. M.,
Omaha, Neb.; Joseph F. Morton, Spokane,
Wash.; Charles V. Mullen, A. M., Denver,
Col.; Thomas'W. O'Brien. Philadelphia,
Pa.; Ralph T. O'Connell. Milford, Me.; Le
Roy M. Paddock. Wlnfleld, Kan.; Frank S.
Paladinl, Washington, D. C.; Clarence Le
Roy Parke, Indianapolis, Ind.; Israel H.
Perskin, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Albert H. Pike,
Millerstown, Pa.; James L. Powell, Jr.,
A. B., Richmond, Va.; Joaquin Ramos, Tarlac,
P. I.; Frank H. Reedy, Long Meadow,
Mass.; Frederick F. Repetti, Washington,
D. C.; Oscar J. Schmaltz, Pittston, Pa.;
Charles J. Smith, Jr., Milford, Mass.; Louria
E. Smith, Tahlequah, I. T.; Louis A.
Spless, Washington, D. C.; Samuel B. Stern,
Birmingham, Ala.; Frederick W. Tempes,
Vancouver, Wash.; William B. Thomas,
Fairmount. Md.: Frank Toohev. Cambridge.
Mass.; Francis M. Tracy, Erie, Pa.; Frank
Van Sant, Washington, D. C.; Robert H.
Walker, Washington, D. C.; Clyde B. Welkert,
A. B.. Woodsboro, Md.; Joseph S.
Wilson, Chicago, 111., and Paul V. Wollard,
Shenandoah Junction, W. Va.
Officers and Committee Members.
The class officers are as follows:
Fourth year? Robert E. Crowley, president;
John Molloy, vice president; George
T. Thomaides, secretary; Walter I.,. Furbeshaw,
treasurer; Stephen S. Grogan, sergeant-at-arms,
and John Duggan, historian.
Tliird year?Charles Sherman Hillyer,
Dresident; Ignatius X. Cuttle, first vice
president; M. Jose Cueno, second vice president;
Daniel J. Lucey, secretary; J. Wm.
Cummins, treasurer, and Charles J. Smith,
jr.. sergeant-at-arms.
Second year?Edward L. Leahy, president:
Carl C. Mueller, first vice president; Joseph
Addison, second vice president; Kalph DeShields
yuinter, secretary; George Clement
Dutcher, treasurer, and William M. Flnnerty,
Class of 1SW0?Grover C, James, president;
George R. Bliss, vice president; James
Splller, secretary; Bernard M. Focke, treaslir^r
nn<l RJi'hflrrl .T Howninir ?i>ri7?9nf.9t.
The reception committee comprises Carl
C. Mueller, chairman; Horace W. Barber.
Oliver W. Birkhead. H. Ralph Burton. Donald
S. Edmonds. John J. Ganss, Harry K.
Hickey, G. West Holland. Villard Martin.
Henry C. McKenna, Elmw C. Wood, Thos.
R. Lynch. William J. Bacon, jr., Harold H.
Clarke, Frank C. Douglass. John J. Drury,
Burton R. Green. Alexander Jameson. Geo.
Melling, Ronald W. Pugh. J. Julian Southerland
and Malcolm K. Varnell.
The building committee and several officers
of the Richmond Y. M. C. A. yesterday
inspected the Lynchburg Y. M. C. A. building
for the purpose of Including the best
features of the Institution In the plans for
the proposed new home In Richmond.
c Bro. [
? 425 Still St. I
*. I
Women's Fine Crochet Fancy \ ests; T
ribbed, in white, pink, blue anil laven- X
der; low neck and sleeveless;
3i>c value. Tomorrow, \
each. A
; <&60c at, ydl.9 H9c. |
cs, Stripes, Plaids, Mixtures, etc., X
re lengths in this lot suitable fur a V
ese are great values?all of them, y
first choice, however, <1 /T"V\ X
1 up quickly when we Jj X
Specials. |
? ?
Net Certains. i
a Strip, 25c. |
A lot of odd half pairs of Swiss and A
I-aro Net Curtains; some of ^
them sold as hlRti as $2.00 pr. 4*
Special for Friday, strip *.
Ta mm alive ' $
Curtains, a Strip, $
39c. |
30 pairs of Tamative Summer Tor- jf
tieres; colors are greens and reds; sold V
up to $1.98 a pair; this Is an odd lot
and we want to close them in a -y /fft ?
hurry. Special for Friday, <
strip V
$11,89 Ruffled I
Cunrtaiflinis, $1.39. $
Ruffled Net Curtains, renaissance y
edge and Insertion; will V
drape neatly and is cool fl D /TT\ Y
looking for summer, the j| jjU y
pair ^ 8 Y
Screen Doors. I
Light-finish Doors; all sizes; grill ef- >
feet In center; 2 corner D,n> *5*
pieces and braced through JZv) y
center. Complete ^ u 0 ^
Light-finish Doors; 4-lnch stiles; fanry y
piece In all corners; grill V
effect; selected lumber; ^ V
best black wire. Complete, >5 I 41 T
ail fixtures ^ >1 nr ' V
m* - /?? J TT TT M
ooys' 3icraw niaits$
at 54 Price. |
We offer this Friday about 250 Boys' ^j*
and (Juvenile) Sailor Straw Hats, X
slightly damaged in shipping, at the y
following quotations: V
Boys', the 25c quality at 15c. <
Boys', the 50c quality at 25c. y
Boys', the "5c quality at 35c. V
Boys', the $1 quality at 50c. j?
Sailors, the ?"e quality at 15o. t
Sailors, the 50c qua4ity at 25o.
Sailors, the 75c quality at 35c. X
Sai'iors, tiie $1 and $1.25 qualities at A
50c and 50c. >
Sailors, the $1.50 and $2 qualities at f
75c and 80c. V
Here is an opportunity to obtain -a
Straw Hat at half price. , ?
Pure Food Law Used Unjustifiedly by
Some Firms.
The Department of Agriculture is considerably
worked up over the action of a
number of food and drug firms who are exploiting
the Dure food law f - ?
purposes. The manufacturers argue that
as the government sets a standard of purity
and forces manufacturers to live up to It
the government In this way becomes the
sponsor of the firm operating under a government
serial number. Innumerable advertisements
have been put In circulation
lauding all sorts of food and drug preparations
as being "guaranteed by the government
of the United Slates." Some of the
advertisers have gone so far as to declare
that they were personally and officially
guaranteed hv tlie
W -rf - .V?.?V..V V" I'"States.
This sort of advertising the Department
of Agriculture Is determined to
stop if it can, and the recently organized
board of food and drug Inspection has lasued
the following notice:
"The attention of the department has
been called repeatedly of lato to the abuse,
for advertising purposes, of the serial number
assigned to a guaranty. The Department
of Agriculture accepts no responsibility
for the guaranty which the manufacturer
or dealer flies. Particular attention
must be paid to the fact that it must
neither be directly stated nor implied in
any fashion that the Department of Agriculture
or the United States government
guarantees or indorses the products to
which the guaranty and serial number are
attached. The guaranty represented by the
serial number is the guaranty of the manufacturer
and not of the government.
"To facilitate business a serial number
is assigned to this guaranty, and the guar
anty is niea in the Uepartment of Agriculture
for the purpose of verifying the serial
number when It is used on packages of
"The misuse of the serial number Is a
misrepresentation, and in each case of such
an abuse the serial number will be withdrawn
and the guaranty returned after
proper notice. Serial numbers, however,
which have been issued and passed into
commerce prior to withdrawal will be
respected by the department In any action
which may be brought against dealers selling
goods bearing the number which Is improperly
"The attachment of the serial number or
guaranty to articles which are not foods
or drugs is also regarded as a misrepresentation
on which a similar action will
be based."
$50,000 for Scott College.
ATLANTA, May 80?Conditioned upon
the friends of Agnes Scott College for
Young Women, at Decatur, Ga , raising
$50,000 before January 1, 1909, Samuel M.
Inman, a wealthy citizen of Atlanta, has
offered to give a building to the college, to
cost, fully equipped, not less than $ft0,000.
The announcement was made at tne annual
commencement exercises of the college
The Ohio Oil Company, whose head Is
John D. Archbold of New York, paid J10.003
into the state treasury at Columbus. Ohio,
yesterday, In accordance with the V.'illia
b!ll providing a state tax upon corporations.
The fee rs one of the largest ever paid into
the state treasury. The capital stock of th?
company is J 10,000,ooO.

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