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| Tomorrow, I ^
T Your name
> engraved on Q ~
A copper plate
*:* and fifty (50)
y cards printed
Ij! therefrom, all On<
X for 44c cac'' tis:
! Rest wo
| The New
?? It was a month or so ae
*t| York femininity were weari
will Washington do?" The
*i) newly correct hats to he tl
Y disposal of visitors. Take t
v f3 je - s n_n _
% nor cpo na
y The Saturday "End-of-tl
> Sale" is a Palais Royal instil
*i? rcduccd prices are quoted i
*: that no Hats shall linger her
?j? than one week, and thus (
a stock ever bright and ne1
Y sale of $6 Hats at $5 is on
S morrow's features. Another
X for Children's S5 Hats. O
jj ductions.
i Long bull Ik ulm
$ "Hie Most El
V ????
!|! Yoti know that Long (
X developed. Palais Royal pri
not taken advantage of, and
& of gratitude, as strong as ire
| Lo To Piver
? "Oeilli
2 You'll find Mennen's Ta
? prises. Please note what yot
T Lambert's Listerine, M
I bottle ."!K:
I Cutlrura Soap. 3 cakes Pi
a f<"" 5?lc
J Hinds' Honey and Almond D
5 Cream "J!?o
Tf Malvina Cream, 30c jars, P
I 33c.
I M. & L. Florida Water..45c P
a I .a Ftlache Face Powder,
!:! tt\^r IT_? <
vveair JSi
X Quite a rarity nowads
]; stead of $5 for real Whitb
$2.98?guaranteed only du
.( Jet-trimmed S i d e and Je
A Back Combs. $1 to hini
> fc; values, at 33c to... jl .
X Jt
T Jet Hat Pins and Neck set
A Chains: ."He and 75c 2^C dat
? at jewelry stores j,.w
| These Silk Ores
Y If those pictured above ;
? of the many other Silk Dres?
of the scarce browns, and sti
news?not one is a ten-dolla
only one of ten attractive st
in white and colors ; others a
Si -3?>?some worth $2.50.
Some Worth $5.50.
The Light-weight Cloth
V Coats, nee Jed now and ?
when fit ?onshore or S
V mountain, short an<i 94 fc
*1 lengths, in sues '2 to 14 I
X years, worth $.1 SW to o
X $"i ji>. at only $-'{.49 for a
X choice. ?
v ?
$ Stockings for
X Russets a
X A list of prices means vt
You can pay as little as I2<
X quality at the price is always
Y found just the needed tan shr
2 "I admire the way you i
iit's ni an departments 01 yc
J sh
*?| Fall line of Shawls, white and
? ors. in Orenburg, mohair, shot I;
JL Ice wool and silk: hand
J, and machine made; 29c C T>
?*, and up to
% Parasols anc
I *
(<?> tl <7"V\/Tt\
t <$> 11
V \\ orth $2. so.
Other prices?but these
.i been and critically inspected
^ X At Eleventh strict door.
f The Pala
alais R
: hundred announcements from eng
rii.wl mrl /?rk???\1ntn mciiln 111/1
3ll\. VI ill I' I \.\JII1|/IVI\. *>1111 III.1IMV C4I1V1
rk guaranteed. See samples.
"Qcbson Girl" Sailor
Now Worn a la New Vork?\v
;o that the Palais Royal millinery
ng their hats back of the head, ani
authentic reply now is: "The elite
ms worn are here at Sio to S35?ai
. levator to second floor.
kV- Thc
c of tojS
'es, 69c, $11.09, $1.
oqtient Argument of All.
doves arc scarce?and you know
ces are its most eloquent argunien
1 they are attracting hosts of new
?' Latest Odors==t
lcum Powder quoted at ioc and othc
i will not find?not one substitute or
[ennen's Borated Talc. Danderine
Powder l??c buttle
ompeian Massage Cream. L.e Fevre's
5Uc jars 32c bottle
. & R. Cold Cream. 'Sic Mrae. Glvei
tube 19c Cream
apler Poudre Powder Magda Col
books me jars
ure Bristle Hair Brushes, Parker's Ta
51.IX) value Lusterite
iner Dictate off Barne Fi
ivs?Whitby Jet. A price surpriseiv
Jet Neck Chains, full length. T1
ring the distribution of these thirty t
Bracelets, made with Jet Brooche
ge and catch: 'S'Sr- Pins, sample p
it jewelry stores.. worth up to
>t (dull jet) Bracelets. Jet Belt
in gold foun- Brooches; $1 a
ion: $T> tiie ? (1 Q)9 jewelry esta
eler's price ments
ses, $110 Each.
arc not just to your fancy, then pic
;cs. They are here in plain colors,
?les vary from the tailor-made to tl
r dress. All are worth more. The
vies in white ; sizes are here from 2
re here, in jumper and suspender e
$1.50. .
Sotne Worth $3.00. Sonie^
Children's lingerie and Children'
Itraw Hats and bonnets. of plain an
iome trimmed with rib- with trntto
ions, laces ami flowers. Short Skir
nostly worth $3. Choice and Iongcli
f a great variety, so that tucked ruf
i incoming siyit? is as- irimmen.
lured. On third floor. worth 75c.
Ladses and QentSem
nd Browns in Plenty and Prices Ev
:r\ little?the quality offered at eat
: or as much as $5 for a pair of Sto<
the best possible. Let us once agai
ide she was after:
lo business and fully appreciate the
>ur establshment."
awls. Wrappers and Petticoats?Ot
col- Samples of Lawn Wrappers; s
ind, worth $'J. for only W4c, and
like Black Petticoats, with ri
s^an ana nounces as m ine rxjiru- n
9tve skirts 5
I Belts EmbroSdeii
3> Match.
89c 59c
I'orth $1.50. Worth $1.2
will most appeal after the goods off
. Parasols at 89c and $1.90, P?elt<
is Royal, a
vw v
X"X"X"X-/ >
I Tomorrow. $
IbX/^hII Brin- -vour t
y ^^8 I cartl plate to- ?
morrow and se- {
$4/h). cure fifty (50) X
cards printed %
raved copper plate, therefrom for
outside envelopes. Qnly fl5>C X
/ i x
and Picture Hat, f
av F>ack. |
chief announced that the elite of Xew
(1 the question was then asked: "What X
of Washington will do likewise." The |*
id, if desired, private parlors are at the
News of Ribbons. ?
It's latest moment news of the y
-- ? ? * i *ii _j JL
newly iaslnonabie sasn ritmons ana y
tlic heavy ribbon for children s hair. For
sashes are 7-inch Satin Taffeta
at 30c, worth 50c yard. At 75c ami
$1 a vard arc 8 and 9-inch Sash Rib- >
bons in plain colors, stripes and .*
Dresden effects. ()nly 29c for the 5inch
Hair Ribbons. X
that prices have risen as the scarcity
t. They tell you that your necessity is X
patrons and binding old ones with links ?
:o Be 29c Ounce. |
rice is 7t,c Ounce. v
;r famous Toilet Articles at price surone
article of doubtful reputation. X
Hair Tonic. $1 Pray's Rosaline. jars, X
H4c loe. A
Mando. Xo. IS Theater Rouge, box,
89c 17c. ?
n's Complexion Emery Boards, 10c value, &
5<)c 5c. y
d Cream. 50c Wrinkle Erad1cators....l9c V
Jilp Allan's Pnnt Rasp l.Hf*. ?%
ir Soap He Pears' L'nsc?-nte<l Soap..!lc
.'ail Pollsli..l!?c Bath Soaps, G caki's for 25c y
Ready to Be Fitted. |
Surely Sunday is to oe a typical >
summer day ? and every one will &
want to be out of doors. Will you $
be one of the trio of prettily dressed X
girls depicted to left hand? And %
note how little it costs to make the <
children presentable!
$1.98. $1.39. t
k out and let one of the experts fit one *t*
polka dots, stripes and checks. Plenty $
le fancifully lace trimmed. And best of X
Child's Dress at $1.98, as illustrated, is V
to 14 years. The Dress at Si.39 is here
fleets. Sizes 2 to 14 years. Choice for |
SSc. 9c. $
Vorth 75c. Some Worth 19c. &
????? &
9 Wash Hats, Children's Muslin y
d corded pique. Drawers, with cambric V
n crown. Also ruffle; sizes 1 to 8 years.
ts, of cambric Note the making?and T
3th, some with you'll admit that nine Y
fle, some lace cents Is less than the
Ml at 25c. Some worth of the making
alone. ,1,
i I I !?
ien, Girls and Boys,
en Less Than Usual. .?
:h price is the important consideration. ?
:kings here?and you may learn that the *
n repeat the remark of a late visitor who X
moderate charges made for scarce arti- X
i Third Floor. ?
iome The Summer Petticoats of good Y
Silk- washing colors; some unusually at- Y
iHies tractive effects in grays and blues I
kq_ are here, and these are worth e <Th?~ X
75c. To be *
h I
ercu are ^WA, .
?at 59c. rl |
? Q and 11 th. |
Cases in the Police Court-r?Anniversary
of Epworth League?Other
News Matters.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ALEXANDRIA. Va.. May 31. 1907.
Announcement is made that the annual
commencement exercises of the Episcopal
Theological Seminary of Virginia will com
mence.June 15) at .s o clock p.m., when an address
will be delivered before the Students'
Missionary Society by Rev. Jules Provost,
D. D. Graduation and alumni day exercises
will begin at 10 o'clock the morning of
June 21, when essays will be read by the
members of the graduating class. The
diplomas and certificates will also be conferred
at that time by the Right Rev. R. A.
Gibson, president of the board of trustees.
At noon there will be an alumni meeting,
when an essay will be read by Rev. E. L.
Goodwin of Fairfax, and at 1:30 o'clock in
the afternoon an alumni dinner will be
served. The acceptance of a chancel window.
recently presented, will occur at 3:30 |
o'clock, when an address will be delivered
by Rev. A. B. Kinsolving. Ordination day
exercises will be held Friday at 11 o'clock
in the chapel at the seminary. An appropriate
sermon will be preached by Kev.
William E. Evans.
Levi Welch and his colored wife Lizzie
were charge* in the police court this morning
with going out of the state and marrying
and then returning. Welch stated that
he was married August '2, 1005, at Troy.
N. Y., and that he met hi-s wife at Bennington,
Vt. The wife said she did not
care to make a statement.
Before the case had been concluded Wash
Jackson, colored, testified that Welch stopped
at his hotel and on leaving that lie owed
him $14. Justice Caton in summing up the
case stated that the charge of Welch going
out of the state and marrying a colored
wife could not be prosecuted here, as the
marrin pp nr?r?iirrprl in Vnrk H(V hf?W
ever, sent Welch to jail for three months
on a charge of defrauding Jackson out of
the board bill.
Charge of Asault.
John C. Yochurn was arraigned in the
police court today to answer a charge of assaulting
and beating John H. Bellamy, who
resides at 108 North Patrick street. After
examining a number of witnesses Justice
Caton fined Yochum
According to the statement of Mr. Bella
my, the accused visited his house the
night of May 20 last shortly before 11
o'clock for the purpose of paying house
rent to Mr. Bellamy's wife. A dispute followed.
Mr. Bellamy stated that he descended
the stairway for the purpose of
protecting his wife, whereupon he was assaulted.
and afterward a big bulldog, the
property of Yochum. took hold oi h.s leu. t
leg and severely lacerated it. The testi- j
??Anv <?f \lrc Ilullntnv nrnc t r? tho off oft Hint !
she had given the accused a receipt for
$2, representing part payment of hou.^e rent,
when. slie asserted. Yochum said that the
receipt was Incorrect and then wanted his
money hack. Upon refusal of the witness
to return the money he started out for a
policeman, when Mr. Bellamy appeared on
the scene. Mr. Yochum, in his own defense.
told the court that Mr. Bellamy
abused him upon entering the room. The
accused admitted hitting Mr. Bellamy, hut
denied that he was responsible for the attack
by the dog.
Peter Kitts. colored, was charged in
court this morning with robbing the saloon
of Messrs. Dean and Breen, at the southeast
corner of Princess and Fairfax
streets, of bottled whisky valued at $15,
Saturday night last. The testimony was
to the effect that entrance was effected
through a rear window, which was open.
Kitts denied the robbery. When fisked to
explain where he secured whisky which lie
gave away Sunday last he told of two
places where he had purchased it. The
court suspended judgment until the officers
visited the saloons in question When
IIIry reilll lU'U int- l-uun vv iia nunimru mat.
Kitts did not purchase whisky at either
of the places mentioned, whereupon the
accused was fined $20.
Promised to Leave Town.
William Jones, an umbrella mender, was I
in the police court today. According to
Policeman Gill, James was blowing a police
whistle very loudly yesterday afternoon
when near the intersection of Cameron and
Henry streets, and his conduct attracted
several hundred people. The court imposed
a fine of $5 and warned the defendant that
unless he seeks other methods of attracting
attention he will be in court again. Later
Jones paid $3 and was released with the
understanding that he would leave the city at
The Epworth League of Trinity Methodist [j
Episcopal Church will this evening hold an II
i anniversary ceieorauon. i\n iniercsung l|
musical and literary program has been prepared
for the occasion. An address will
be delivered by Rev. L>r. J. W. R. Sumwalt,
presiding elder of Washington district. It
is also expected that several members of
the league will make brief addresses.
The annual meeting of the Alumni Assoelation
of the University of Virginia will
be held at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon next,
when the question of holding an annual I
banquet will be discussed. It is understood
that many members favor the holding
of a banquet this year, and that Dr.
Alderman, president of the university, will
be invited to be present and deliver an address.
Brief Mention.
L UV lUCttl uuaiu Ul t?YIl OCl ? ItC CAailllUCi O I
announces that a civil service examination
for the position of deputy collector
ami clerk in the internal revenue service
will be held at the post office In this city
June 12 next. N. L. Williamson is secretary
of the local board.
An adjourned meeting of the city democratic
committee will be held at 8 o'clock
this evening for the purpose of electing two
members on the board and also to select
Judges and clerks for the primary June 19
next to nominate a candidate for Congress
from this district.
Funeral services over the remains of
Mrs. Margaret Ann Struder, who died at
her home. Seminary Hill, Fairfax county,
Wednesday last, were held at 1) o'clock this
morning at her residence. Rev. Dr. S. A.
Wallace of the Episcopal Theological Seminary
officiated. The interment was made
in Bethel cemetery.
Ten small colored boys, charged with en
gaging in a stone battle several days ago
at the intersection of Washington and Gibbon
streets, were arraigned in court this
morning. Justice Caton lined each of the
accused 50 cents.
During the present month the clcrk of the
corporation court recorded fifty-two deeds
and issued thirty-live marriage licenses,
twenty-one to white and fourteen to colored
Picture of Emperor William as Gift
to American Society.
Mr. Thomas H. Herndon of 14th and
Harvard streets northwest, president of the
American Cross of Honor, has received,
through the Germany embassy, a life-size
bust picture of Emperor William, who recently
accepted an honorary membership
in the organization. The portrait represents
the emperor in his favorite uniform
of the German cavalry regiment, with hel
' mil. It Is encased in a heavy gilt frame,
the royal coat of arms of the Hohenzollern
family forming a portion of the upper
part. Directly beneath the picture the
emperor has written his autograph, "Wilhelm,
F. R-, UH)7."'
The American Cross of Honor was organized
in 1SS)S, and in 1JXK5 was Incorporated
according to an act of Congress, and
its members are persons upon whom the
United States government has conferred
the life saving medal of honor.
President McKinley, it is stated, was one
of the first honorary members chosen
from the ranks of distinguished men, others
being President Roosevelt, Emperor Wil- L
liam, King Leopold of Belgium and Andrew
Carnegie. The members of the board of
governors of the organization are Richard
Stockton, Andrew M. Taylor, Thomas
H. Herndon. John J. Delaney, Eugene F
Longslreet and Ilarrj A. George.
fl. ^
For Sty 11
Tomorrow we Start a Rt
$435 | $
II Superb $6 (Jrade L
!' Bench-made Oxfords. Tli
Five of our most elegant Don't
styles of Bench-made CHAM
Blucher and Oxford Ties. and
Made of genuine French Tan. I
calf, patent calf, patent Colt S
j colt?by the finest shoe- Summe
makers in the world. All slit
Women's Somrnes
T?1 TT
i nat nave ao Kiva
I $2.95 $
$4 and $5 Tan
Lustral Calf gtv
and Patent Colt. |
| Higliest-grade Custom1
made "Aljo" Ties; low Big-eye
button. 2 and 4-hole Ties Oxford 1
| apd Pumps; 8 swell Pe<^ toe
styles. golden-bi
$3.50 $
Low-Shoe-Qucens ! ? , .
| | Have few equals even at | XxOrcl
j $."? for style and wear. 1, j Fit perf(
I 2. 8. 4-hole Ties?2 to 4- j quisitely,
I, I button Low Shoes. "Edna | ably. Mi
j i May Pumps"?Leather or i ever this
| Silk Bow Pumps in best i soft brigl
I j tan or black or patent kid ! kid; hanc
I j and colt leathers. welted.
$2.00 3
"Washington Belle" Gooc
$2.50 Grade Oxfords Lo
Are softer, easier, more White
stylish, more durable than Ribbon '
ever?due to Increased ered wt
buying. Tan, White Sea heels.
Isle Duck. Kid, Patent Soft B1
Colt, Gun M' tal?Pumps, ! turned 01
Sailor, Blucher, Oxford j Blucher 1
i Ties. , in 8 prett
Three Reliiab.
il n , , , o
rettit <n: <^on
We Offer You t!
Men's and
Silk "Juinnipeir
j Ta3!d>r=mad
! men's clo
nnp mal^pr
tastes of th
ed the creations
I riety which offers
the ideas of the i
I With this resoun
those who are co
| II Yoy Ha
I! ?we know of nc
a selection at tha
j At (d^> <1 (?)
rrlM /r.
^ IL?f
From that price on tc
products of which human
any city in America couh
Clothes can be just so good
I Pettit &
Women at the Foil.
roirT^e I-ondon QraUpman. :
We now accept the woman who goes out
Are wor,h fMf times their
SlrfivLPlCo to our celebrated, patented
For men and women
rvrc i ii/r
JDO Line I
e, Comfort ar
rTTT N spite of the most unfavorable
business men have ever knowi
this spring than in any previous
growing busier each day.
That shows what values we're off*
e the most beautiful?attests your
;cord-Breaking June with many time
With Values Like These.
ast Day of "TRI-WEAF
"Thrice Aver;
us Big Sale. Wear."
miss this LAST They're ?.i Shoi
?E to buy $3.50. $4 everything hut j
> High and Low that's why they're
ilack and Patent markably cnmfi
tylish Spring and and durable. 50 si
r Shoes at $2.85. styles; for every
:s; all widths. for every foot.
* Shoes Yoon
Is. Stylish; Hy]
>2^0 Gi:^ a
Oxfords ; Demi-calf. Pate
Vlcl Kid; turn
lisll $3.50 soles. The Ties c
. to 4 largo or srr
$3 Kinds. let styles.
let Blucher and | 95c to $3.
'les; plain or tip
s: tan calf or
own kid. White Shoe?
; Girls.
^(fl) Button Boots
o ^ t Shoes and Pumi
? . . of best canvas or
s and Pumps Sizes to 8. 75c t
1 v atrial f>T. tH ? flTP t
wear remark- zy to 6. . .OSC t
are popular than _ ?
season. Made of
it or dull finished ''Betld-EeS
'-turned or hand- Child's Low 5
Identical with th
folks' $5 kinds.
> 11 /AM soled, yet they *
'11 oTf-CJ as "EASY'' as si
1 $2 Grade $2.0<Q> to $:
w Shoes.
Duck Pumps or 11 U <T
ries; white cov- 11 11 3
>od or leather c , c
Saturday Spc
lack Kid Hand- Girls' Big-Eyelei
Extension Sole t-?!1,t?un
i ^ r , r.,- Low Bluchei
ind Oxford Ties: *i
?r ? giducr.
y styles. only.
lnvn fo) prrj] s(R
jUvi ? iu)iyjp ^
fle Sihoe Houses,
ipany, Seventh and "E
ne Easiest of Paymn
/omen's Clothing,
v (Weir Better Vj?
Cash Store in T<i
Suits, were $
! Suits tup to
Soits aip to $41
thier who sells the pr
is in no position to sati
e multitude. Here yo
of the few best wholes;
; the widest choice be
oremost designers as tc
npfnl linp mon rvf f-icfi
ovt ui nnv^y wi laoLi1
nservative in dress can
ive Bint $12.5?
> other line of clothing
it price. *
) IS /f\\ .We.5how.
r v YWI II variely 01
Gray Won
) the highest price of $40 we fairly
skill is capable. We do not believe
I improve on any of thern if he sp<
I?110 better.
s Company,
to work to earn her own living, and I confidently
expect that in leas than a decade
the novelty and Btrangcness of women go
cost In comfort alon<v?due /j? =
id Wear!
spring weather Washington
n, we have sold more shoes
; season, while we seem to he
ring?proves that our styles
continued confidence in the
lv attractive offerings for all j
' i
o SojmT |
Worth a Dollar More. !.yJ,
ps In Wizards for woar and ||III
r>rice? top-notchers in style. Put J
go re- in direct competition w.th \
>rtable advertised $:t .shoes. l?qual | |
immer to many $.'t.r>0 shoes.
taste; Tans, blacks, patent colts, I
in popular shapes.
g Folks' Shoes.
picnic; Durable; Economical.
Pumps Boys' Swell Oxfords
'ies. Made Like Men's.
. rviif Black and Tan Kid and
" Calf. Patent Colt In all I
r>mp In 2 desirable shapes. Some
nil ?ve- llave the Popular swing ,
lasts and big eyelets; with
strap lacings.
-50- $fi.50 to $3.00.
, for TAN SHOES.
Boys' or Girls'.
Boys' $2 Big Eyelet Tan
I^o w Blueher Hixh or Low
SeaTsle ll'.TA .. $'1.60
Other grades for boys 1
0$1.25 or girls:
o $[ SO $2-5? qualities. . .$1.95
o$>oo Wnds $1.50 ;
$1.50 kinds $1.25 j
Allocs. For Boys.
e grown "Thrice Average Wear" 1
Heavy -smartly-styled in high t,..
'BEND" or low cuts
ippers. Sizes IO to 13I/2.$2.00 |i!
is to 5/2 .$2.50
D 95c.
,cjal. Saturday Special. j
Misses' and Girls' $1.25 ,
t Patent grade White Duck, Hlack
or Vlcl Kid of Patent Leather
a; grtod Theo or Blucher Ties, bit's
to XI tie Gents' $1.25 Low
I Shoes.
\ Cor. 7th and K Sts.,
^ 1914 & 1916 Pa. Ave. N.W. |
233 Pa. Ave. S. E.
Lye" Streets.
?. j .
tents Sn Buying :
and We Un= III
dues Than
?r-. I!
118, tor $ 11 dJ).<98
E<0> for $9.48 |
r > for $117.98 jji
oductions of but
sfy the dissimilar
r i ;|
u nnd representale
tailors?a vacause
it includes jt II
) cut and finish. * jj
dious tastes and
be satisfied.
to Spend > j
which offers such
a Fully Complete
Blue Serges and
revel in the most artistic
that any custom tailor in
:nt a month in the effort.
.Seventh and
"Eye" Streets.
Iinff to the poll on the occasion of the election
of members of parliament will have
worn away.

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