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The World
Extreme Dullness Marked All
the Dealings Today.
Nothing Beyond Ventures of Professional
Due in Some Measure to United States
Traooiirw A rtinn 17 f c i tro ATTO .
Aiviioui j AJA wuQt ? e iu.uiu~
ments Toward Lower Prices.
r>Np?t. h tn The Star.
NKW YORK. June 13.?The only strik
InK or even salient feature of today's stool
market wn> lis utreme dullness. Londor
did little or nothing, commission houses
f> > t<> s.?y. did less, and probably 80 per cenl
of the very smai! total of transactions represeated
nothing beyond the ventures ol
tar r >. traders upon the floor ol
i'i3 . k . :,4 !:aiibc. Nor was there much
In the i t v/s of the morning or In the occurrences
wall the course of the business
aessi">r> raku!a;ed to incite a more active
MeeiiMUoi. in i-nc direction or another.
As iiM iai, in c very dull market, atten
tlon a; the opening of business turnec
toward !.. niion. but the tone of the America;!
drjurtnent of that market furnished
n<i tii.i in ii,e local speculation. The chlel
?car ttre of the ablings upon the Londor
sloes i xeii.ir go was an exceedingly sharj
brv!?V in the liio Tirtos shares. caused bj
Bo'Iir.t; for Paris account, hut unexplainet
by any specific developments relating t<
the prop?rt>- or to the copper trade,
i Notwithstanding the excessive dullness
I fit; aiuv k market the dealings resulte<
In a number of quite extensive movements
which were chiefly in the direction of lowel
Local Tractions Broke Badly.
The Interborough-Metropolitan securities
broke very badly on Intimations that upoi
the organization of the public utilities com
mission the affairs of that company will tx
subj> I'-'l to a rigid Investigation. Brookl>n
Rapid Transit declined in sympathj
with the Manhattan Borough Tractior
Announcement of the passage of th(
dividend on the stock of the United Rail
ways of San Francisco led naturally to a
further decline in that issue, and the suspension
was attributed to the losses suf
fered by the company In connection witt
the protracted strike in that city.
As was the case yesterday, the dealings
revealed evident liquidation In certain parr
* ? ? * " A T A.
lll'UlHr SIOL'HS, IfUCII <13 rtllivill-aii uv^vinu
tive and other issues more or less Identified
with n more or less individual market con
The srtmewhat sensational failure upor
the Philadelphia stock exchange attracted
some attention, although It appeared t(
liave no relation at all to local market conditions.
The Bank of England's rate of discount
was left unchang d at 4 per cent, and th?
bank's weekly statement was a fairly satisfactory
exhibit. Vnere was little alteration
in the foreign exchange market, and the
question of further exportatlons of gold during
the present eek still hung in the balance,
with the chances rather agaihst -additional
shipments of the metalRates
for Money Harden.
Mr >ney market conditions continued to
harden, especially in regard to the terms
exacted for accommodations running into
the new year, tcap reports in the main
were again favorable, anil at one time
wheat prices broke quite sharply, later recovering
the whole of the decline. There
was little further discussion of the so
called Japanese question, mainly because ol
the reassuring advices in that regard forthcoming
from practically all authoritive
The slightly firmer tendencies of the
money market were probably due in some
measure to the announcement made aftei
the close of business yesterday that tht
Secretary of the Treasury had decided to
recall from the national banks the $30,000,(*?>
of special deposits made with them last
autumn. On the other hand, such a short
t me remains l>etween this and the maturing
of the government 4 per ce-it bonds that it
Js unlikely the money market will be subjected
to any considerable strati on that account.
NEW YORK, June 13.?The cotton market
opened steady at a decline of 3a7 points,
unil immediate!v afterward sold off to a net
loss of 7al3 points on the more active
months on bear pressure and liquidation in
response to lower cables and continued good
weather in the south and reports of failvires
In the t.ondon financial market. Trading
was fjirly active, and at the decline
<?onie of the larger professionals began buying.
The market rallied on this support,
and during the middle of the morning was
about 'J points net lower on July, but within
2 or :t points of last night's linuls on
the active new crop positions.
Vntnri.j <\ri?nuil ufaadv lnlv 11 Qfi- An
gust. 11 50, September. 11.54; October, 11.67;
December. 11.05; January, 11."5; February,
1175 bul; March. 11.V!; April, 11.83 bid.
The market was quiet but fairly steady
late in the forenoon with July relatively
emsy and about 11 points net lower, while
the active new crop months held within 3
>r 4 points of last night's finals.
Spot, nuiet. middling uplands, 13.10; middling
gulf. 13.35.
Estimated receipts at the ports today,
G.000 bales, against 3,334 last week and
Ti.tssi last year. For the week 30.000 bales,
against 2"t>43 last w?ek and 29,770 last
year. Today s receipts at New Orleans,
l.tl7t? bales, against 2.3S5 last year, and at
Houston 100 bales against 7tS> last year.
Livemool Prices.
LIVERPOOL. June 13.?Closing: Cottonquiet;
prices, 13al7 points lower;
American middling, fair, 8.23; good middling.
7-ffli: middling. 7.13; low middling,
6 77. g. ><?d ordinary, 0 05; ordinary, 5.67. The
anted of the day were fi.OUO bales, of which
l.jUl) were lor speculation and export and
Included j,.VM American. Receipts. 1.00C
bales. Including 100 American. Futures
opened easier and closed barely steady;
American middling, g o. c., June. 6.7KV4;
junr ftiiu juijr, xy.xrt, jui y una AUgUSt,
ti.fiIV). August and September, ti.,%3; September
and October, tl.47; October and JCoven.ber,
tl.3*^Vfe; November and December,
December and January, G.^3; January
and February. 6.31%; February and March,
6.12. March and April, U.32V&; April and
May. 6.3a.
Bin-rial Dlapateh to The Star.
BALllUOKK. Md., June 13.?WHEAT?Unset
tl?*?l nti-1 lower; cou tract. l+2a92ft; spot. No.
C red WK?t?Tiit June. i>2ab2V?t July, 1)2
afced. steamer No. 2 retl. Ma^'4; receipts, 4,SG<!
bushel* . southern on grade. 85a92.
fJOKN Kxitirr, spot, mixed. 59%a59V^; No. 2
White. June. 5l*Sa5S?V"j; July, f>l)%a5i)%i
Brpteni??*r. ?i??; steamer mixed. 57%a571?i; receipt
h, t *.'1.01*1 bushels; sum then: white corn, 5SaGi;
uuiliTu yellow torn, fiTaOO.
OATS Weak; No. 2 white, 49a49**; No. 3 white,
4b:t4*l*4. N? 2 mixed, 47; receipts, 8,775 bushels.
KYK Quiet; No. 2 western, export, 80ab2.
HAY Stea?!y, unchanged.
taKAIN FHKKIHTS?Quiet. unchanged.
I/1NDOX. June 13.?American securities
opened Irregular today. Price changes
* * "hi -4 wriuw iu 7j awvB jrcaicrday
s New York ciowng.
e and Trade
Furnished by W. B. Hlbbs A Co., bankers
and brokers. 1419 F street, members New
York ptonk prrhnnrp Wnshlne-tnn stock ex
change and Chicago board of trade.
Open. High. Low. 2:45. ,
Amnlrumgteil Copper? 8JS
Am. Car Si Foundry KHi 415-g 40S
-Am. Car <t Foundry,pM_ 98 68 98 98
Am. Ice Securities. _... American
locomotive.. 5C!4 SC-i ?5/8 &6
American Loco., pfd?? ........
American Smelting 117^ 117^ ll^fi ?6
American Smelting.pfd. ........
American sui<ar 120"^ 1 120V* 120^
American Tobacco, pfd. S3 93 93 #*
Anaconda 66^ 65% tf%
Atch.. Top. A S. F _ tttfj 88* 88'<i
Atch., Top. A S. F.,pM_ ........
Atlantic toast Line.? B2W 92^-8 K% f2%
1'altimore >t Ohio 935-5 M %<P/a ?8?a
Uropklyn Kapid Transit 64 64 62* 62%
Canadian 1'ucltc 16185J? 158 V, 188*
C. C. C. & St. L
i Central l eather ? i2>, 22* 22% 22>?
(Central Leather, pfd ? ........ ? .?
Central Ky. ol N. J 170 i;0 170 170
Chesapeake <fc Ohio. ........ ? ....... ?
Chicago tireat Wcstera.
Chi.. Mil. & at haul 1*7 127 126* 125'4
(.AN. \V 113 143 143 14J
Chi. Ter.A T. Trust,pfd.
Colorado Fuel & Iron.? 80 30 SO B0
Colorado Southern 23* 23* 2'a* 23*
Consolidated Gas?........ ? ,
Corn 1'roducts ?? _. "** ?
; Corn 1'roducts, pld...?_ .......
lielB'.vare A Hudson 106* 166* 166 166
1 P.. L. & W ' Z
, Penver.tKloG.Ky._- 25* 25* 25* 25'4
t Pisllllers' securities. - 1
Frie, common 22% 22% 23%
Frie. 1st pid 5t.H 66* 66* &6H
' Irle, 2d pld -
' General Klectrlc 140>4 J40? UO'ij 140!^
Great Northern, pld 3U7'i 1V?S l^S
Greene Cananea :6 16l<? 15T', 15%
Great Nor. Ore, eta f.3 58 62''4 E2>4
i Illinois Central. _
, Interburo Met i7 17* 15 "l5>;
' lnterboro Met., ptd 48 46 fi% **%
International Paper - ___
International i'timp...L ,?
. Kansas City fcotitliern._
I Kansas City so.. t>ld C6 66 66 66
Louisville & ftiashvilt*. Ill 111 111 111
[ Meckay com _ ........
. Macke.ypld Hivt ~<S' ~&ili tb <
Manhattan Klevated ........
' Mexican Central a)% 20% 20*4 201^ ]
. Mo. K an. v\; Tcx .com... S'-'% 32% 82% 82%
' Mo., Kau. ?fc Tex., ptd._ .
1 Missouri l'acltic !
> Natlocal Lead _... " ?l" "ci 60% CO%
New York t eutral._ 11.% 112'^ 112%
? K. ^ ., Out. & \\ estern ........
1 Norfolk i Western .. ..
, Northern 1'aclfic. 1" :2d i'25" 124% 124% '
r l'acllic Mall steamshljx.
lennsylvBnlaK.lt !20 120% 119% 11%
People's LiasolChicago. 90 MO to HI' <
Pressed iteel Car *.
Railway fcleel tpringa? 40 "40 40 ~ "46
* heading 103% IftiS 102% 102%
Kepublfc tteel & Iron 2 ..... . _....?
Kep. fteel ,fc Iron, pfd? 1
Hock Island, common., 20 20% 20 2C%
l:ock Island, pld 4>'/s 43% 42% 43%
Jloss-Shetiield steel 6t> 66 66 56
St. 1.. A.S. 1'.. 2d pl(i_ _ ...?
f-t. 1 ouis,W., pld._ _
Southern I'acific ?.I" ";&% "?G% "75% ~V&% 1
southern 1'acific, (fed 111% ii2 111% 111%
J-outheru Hallway 19' 19 ih% 19%
S-outbern Hallway, ptiL 60% 60^ 60' 60
lenn. Copper 3;% 37% SIX 37^
leu a. lorn lit iron.. l ........ ..? 1
Texas 1'acilic ....... ~ " " 1
Toledo, L. A z~.z .zzz .1
Toledo, .-t. L.& W.,pfdL 49K "49'4 "iSy, ' 7?'i
I uloo t-acihc? 1?4% li.4% J S3!* 13?%
I nion l'acitic, pici w
tnited MateaKubber^.1 16 " 35^ **35%
L. K Kutiber, pld.. .. 99 99 99 99
I liiied Mates s'teei .. raki 3*2% WPA
t * Steel pfd 97% "ta 9.^ V,yA
Vo. tar Llitrm. Co... ..
Ya. Car Cbem. Co., pii. ....'.1 "7... ZZ!Z
NNabush... i'i iu 19
^ u 1U n?
I \\ abaslt, pi<l
) Western Lnion 80V? Z0% S.0% 30 Va
\\ itconsin Central
\\ ikccLstu Central, pid..
W cvleu Ciooas. .&>4 '-i&.S
American Tobacco 4's~ -
I American Tobacco 6's_. 1UW? 306>? J'toJ-i
! l.Otii lM?llll ?' } . .
I. I ac. l_onv.4'8... ....... -
Linteu kittle ctteel b's?
\> utaiUi .Leb. b's? ...
Closing Quotations.
At the close, of the stock market the follow
ins stocks hail changed In price eince
above quotations, there being no change In
balance of the closing prices:
' Amalgamated Copper, &5V&L
American Smelting,
Anaconda, 5Wfc.
Baltimore & Ohio. SM9?.
Canadian Pacific, 1US%.
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul, 12GV&.
Consolidated Gas, 117^4.
t Erie common. ?? &.
Interboro Metropolitan, 16%.
, Interboro Metropolitan j>fd., 45V4Mexican
Central, 20%.
Missouri Pacific. 75.
| National Lead, til.
[ Heading, lirj.
Rock Island, pfd., 43.
! Southern Pacific, 75%.
United States Steel 5s, i&'/iTHE
CHICAGO, June 13.?Wheat?Prices were
somewhat unsettled at the opening today,
ranging from Vi to % lower to % higher.
Later prices became firm on a good demand
from shorts and commission houses.
September, 9:5%.
; Corn?The market was active and firm
at the opening, but later weakened on selling
by elevator interests. September,
Oats?Firm, with an active trade. Sep!
tember, 35% to 36.
Provisions opened easier, but later bei
ame firm on good buying by pit traders.
September pork, 15.85; lard, S.77V4; ribs,
At the end of the first hour wheat prices
broke sharply on selling by prominent
bulls. September declining to 92. In the
las* half of th? couoinn o rollw ? ? ?
v ..wa ?. v>. U 1 Uil J IUVIV JJICHJC
on reports of a good export demand at
Nejr York, Toronto and Duluth. September
advanced to IH1^ under this stimulus,
which was more than 2 cents above the
lower point of the day. The close was
strong, with September 1% higher, at 8414a
The corn market broke in sympathy with
wheat, September declining to 51%. The
close was steady, with SeDtember Ua?
lower, at 52%.
Close?Wheat?July, 01%;a!>l%: September,
Corn?July, 52%; September,
52%. Oats?July, 42%: September. o5%a3<>.
Fork?July, 15.85; September, 15.U2V4- Lard
?July. 8.?7%: September, 8.85. Ribs?July,
8.i>>: September. 8.07^. Rye?Cash, 86a87.
Barley?Cash, il>ai5.
Grain and Provisions Summary.
CHICAGO. June 13 ? Grain:
. , , Opeu. High. Low. Close.
Wheat?July DO 92 81114 Ul*
Sept 92% WV4 02 04U
Corn-July S3 531* 5U4 52%
S*P? S3 33*4 51 Vi 52%
Oats?July 43 43^ 41 42%
S?*Pt 35^ 30 35 >4 35%
CHICAGO, June 13. ?I'roTlslous:
Open. High. Low. Close.
I\>rk?July 15.IK! 15.(45 15.U2 15 85
Sept 15.75 15.02 15.75 15 02
Lard-July 8.55 8.?7 8.52 8 ?7
S*Pt 8.72 8.85 8.70 8.83
Bibs-July 8.42 8.50 8.42 8.50
Sept 8.57 8.87 8.57 8.57
Liverpool Prices.
1 LIVERPOOL, June 13.?Closing; Wheat? <
i Spot, steady; No. 2 red western winter,
Ua. lid.; No. 1 California, 7s.; futures,
steady; July. (is. 10}?d.; September, 7s. %d. 1
Corn?spot. Arm; Hess dried. 5s u^i ni.i '
northern, 5s. 2V4d.; futures steady, July,
-is. 11 tod-; September, 4s. 10%d.
Government Securities.
' Rill. Aak?!
2 per cents, registered, 1030 lOIVi 104\
2 per cents. cuu|>oiu?( 1930 104% 105Vi
3 per cents, registered, 1908-18.... 102 103
3 per cents, coupons, 1908-18 102 103
3 per cents, coupons, small. 1908-18 101%
4 twr cents, registered. 11*07. uw?.v. mi i/
4 per centa, eouiKjn*, 11107 100\ 10Hi
4 per ceuts, registered, 11123 128% 12?Vs
4 per cents, coupons, lt?2i 128% 12UW
District of Columbia 3.&>s, 1924... 114'.a ,v,, 1
I 4 per cenu, Philippine, 1014-34.... 101*4
t 2 per cents, Panama lOlVi lOSli
Held for Action of Grand Jury.
Upon a charge of housebreaking Harry
Wilson and Lewis Bateman were arraigned
in the Police Court tliia morning and Ju\lgo
Mullownv UDon the evidence urt.lni, )
declared that they had broken a window In
a watchbox of the Pennsylvania railroad
on the Eastern branch and gained access
to the shed, also that they left with a gun
1 and a pair of trousers which belonged In
i the shed. Both were held for the action of
the grand jury, and In default of $3U0 bond
they were ordered to be committed to Jail.
Predictions of some brokers last week
that Washington Gas stock would reach 70
this week were realised ''day on thj local
exchange, when twenty-five shares sold at
that figure. The high-water mark yester- s
day was 69. and today the trading started
with a sale of twenty-five shares at G9%. r
Then 200 more brought one-eighth of a .
point less, after which transactions were
recorded - at three-quarters and seven- 1
eighths and one at TO. The last sale was of t
twenty-five shares at The closing quo- ,
tat ions today were 00^4 bid and asked. ,
A3 apain?r 19) hirl nnd 4ifhU, flttkpd vpstftrduv.
Six thousand five hundred dollars In the 5 t
per cent bonds of the Capital Traction .
Company brought 110)4 and 110% today, and
the closing Quotations were an eighth of a
point below those of yesterday. Eleven '
thousand dollars In the 4 per cent bonds of t
the Washington Railway and Electric Com- j
pany brought 81V4. and the closing bid of t
8H4 was an eighth of a point higher than
yesterday. '
Two small transactions in the preferred h
stock oi the Washington Kaiiway and Elec- t
trie Contpany were recorded. Ten shares
were exchanged at 77% and a sixty-days 11
option on fifty shares broug. - the same e
price. There was no change in yesterday's
Today's Government Receipts. d
National bank notes received today for li
redemption. $1,027.'J66; government receipts <j
from internal revenue, $1,011,012; customs, \
11.000,918; miscellaneous, $218,108; expendl- j
tures, $1,010,000. (
Washington Stock Exchange. t
Sales.?Regular call, 12 o'clock noon?Capital p
Traction 5s, $1,000 at 110%. $500 at 110%.
Washington Kwf. and Elec. 4a, $2,000 at 81%.
$2,000 at $1,000 at 81%.
Waslilngtou Gas. 25 at 0!>%, 25 at 69%. 25 at
00%, 25 at 09%, 23 at 09% 25 at 88%, 25 at 69%,
25 ut 09%. 25 at 09% 25 at 09%, 25 at 69%, 25
ut 09%. 25 at 00%, 25 at 70, 25 at 00%.
Mitchell Mining, 200 at 3%. 200 at 8%.
After call?Capital Traction 5s, $3,000 at 110%,
$1,000 at 110%, $1,000 at 110%.
Washington Kwy. and Elec. 4s, $2,000 St 81%,
$3,000 at 81ft. $1,000 at tUft.
Washington Gaa 4s. $500 at 101. 0
Washington Kwy. and Elec. pfd., 60 at 77%
Ibuyer (JO). 10 at 77%.
Capital Traction, 10 at 132.
Lanston Monotype,' 10 at 12%.
Bid. Asked. s
Washington Gas 4a 100 101ft
Washington Gas cert. (5s 102ft 105 P
Capital Traction 5s 110% 110% Q
Anacoslin and Potouiac 5s 100
City a ltd Suburban 5s 98 102 C
L'blu.nbia 5a 102
Columbia lis 106ft 109ft v
Metropolitan 5s 108ft 110 3
Washington Kwy. aud Elec. 4s,.... 81ft 81% r
Wash., Alex, and Alt. Vernou 5s 101 <j
Potomac Electric Light 5s 101ft 103
V,?. .....I Waah Ho KVTI L.
i?i . uiiu ii unu> uiTuuiuua i t ?wi Tm ? _
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5s... 104 105 P
Washington Market Us 100 s
Capital Traction 130 133
\Va*Lilugton Rwjr. and E!ec. com.... 37 40
Washington Itwy. und Elec. pfd.... 77^4
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 280 300
Washington Gas 0^%
Ueorgetown (Sua 81Vfa 88 1
Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone 42ft 49
Mergenthaler Linotype 208 211 J
Laustou Monotype 12Vi 12% j
fireeiie Cananea lo% 10 ?
Mitchell _ 3V? 3V4 1
American 1C9 171 ^
Capital 200 216
Cltj 144 149 I
Commercial 223 2
Farmers ami Mechanics'.... 315 825
Lincoln 131 % 143
Metrojiolitan 310*4 330
ltigga 005 000
Second 152 155
Traders' 155
Washington 389 400
Washington Exchange 130 140
American Security aud Trust 250 800
National Safe 185 11)0
Union Trust 121 135
Washington Loan and Trust....... 204 210
Washiugtou Safe 35
Home Savings 310
Merchants aud Mechanics' 13V&
Union Savings 200 280
Arlington 83
Columbia ?...
Commercial 5 .....
Corcoran 73 .....
Vlrfmpii'a 20 22
Franklin 57 05 German
American..... 205 ?
Metropolitan fc>0 100 ^
National Uni->n 7 ..... J
People's Ofc G% 1
Potomac 29 30Vi l
Higss 8 i
Columbia 3% G J
Heal Estate 85 1
Washington 0
S. P. Service Corp 120 ?
Graphophone com 41 50 g
Graphophone pfd 80 82 D
Fidelity Storage 119V4 133 K
Merchants* Transfer and Storage.. 100
Security Storage 170 I
Washington Market... 18 20
Union Trust Warrants 70 71 '
? 1
London Closing Stocks. ]
LONDON. June 13. 1
Consols for money 83 15-16
Consols for account 84 1-1G r
Anaconda 11%
Atchison 90ty c
Atchison pfd W/j 8
Baltimore and Ohio 1)0V* ?
Canadian Pacific 173% j
Chesapeake and Ohio 30 r
Chicago Great Western 10-14
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul 130 c
De Beers 23V4 c
Denver and Kio Graude 20
Denver and Rio Grande pfd 73 J
Erie 23V4 i
Erie 1st pfd 58 I
Erie 2d pfd 38 {
Illinois Central 140 r
lionlsville and Nashville 115
Missouri. Kansas and Texas, 33% f
New York Central.... 115Vj \
Norfolk and Western 75fc 1
Norfolk ind Western pfd *80 1
Ontario and Western 37 ^
Pennsylvania 01 Vj C
Hand Mlues 5%
Heading 52,/*? c
Southern Railway 10 s
Southern Railway pfd 61 % *
Southern Pacific 70% J
Union Pacific 137 Vi d
Union Pacific pfd.. 01 a
I'nltari SilHlM Stwl
rnitmi States Steel ptd".'r... I.I III I III .1II 100 V,
Wahash . 13^
Wabash pfll 24
Spanish -iii
lirantl Trunk 28% 1
Bar silver, steady, 30 13-lUd. per ounce.
Money, 3V4a3l<i |>er cent. n
Tlie rate or disrount In the open market (or short
hills is 3 11-!??:!% per cent. 'I'lie
rate of disrount in the open market for threemouths
hills is 3 1110a3% per cent. S
LONDON, June 13.?The weeWy state- Jment
of the Bank of England shows the
following changes: 1,
Total reserve Increased ?437,000. j
Circulation decreased ?208.000. ji
Bullior increased ?229,3tH. q
Other securities increased ?445,000. 1
Other deposits increased ?901,000. ?
Public deposits decreased ?171",000. q
Notes reserve Increased ?501,000.
Government securities decreased ?40.000. g
The proportion of the bank's reserve to o
liability this week is 40.00 per cent, as i
compared with 46.90 per cent last week. a
* ? ?
- n
Famished by E. B. Chapman & Co. (0. B. Chip- j
man, manager), members New York Stock Kzcha'jge,
1301 V St. u.w. I
Open. High. Low. Clow, b
British Col. Copper.... 8fc 814 8 (W4 I
(Chicago Subway 21% 25Vi 21% 2s3 h
Cumberland Kir 8 8 8 8 0
Dominion Copper t>14 014 5% 0 n
Douglas Copper 1014 10^ iqiI
lireene Cananea 1014 10V4 1514 15*4 ll
tireene Gold 11* 1% \QL iJ ?
Greene Gold-SHrer 17-18 17-18 17-10 17-10 p
Mlomae Gold 4% 6* 414 f
Mitchell Mining 3% 81* 314 3C J,
Nevada Smelt. & Mines. 2% 2\ %W
NeTada-l'tah 514 614 5 Si n
Nlplsslng Mines lift lift nft 1114 r
? T
Pennsylvania Semi-Annual Dividend. u
PHILADELPHIA, June 12.? _ne directors r<
of the Pennsylvania company, which op- ?
erates the Pennsylvania railroad lines west ?
of Pittsburg, today declared the regular ^
semi-annual ci- ldend of 3 per cent on the
company's stock. The directors of the Pittsburg,
Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis .
railway, the "Pan Handle Line." another
subsidiary company of the Pennsylvania
system, alao met and declared the usual
semi-annual dividends of 2^4 per cent on the
preferred stock and 2 per cent on the common.
wtr i.wsTin Toim>^ nf I
-'? Wi vuiatU(?, tiuuc:
13.?The Dutch steamer Prins WiUem 1, c
from Amsterdam. May 17. by way of Vene- &
zuelan and West Indian ports, for New D
York was quarantined on her arrival here y
today because she had loaded cargo at r
Port of Spain, ^rinidad, where an outbreak
of bubonic plague was recently re- ci
ported. For the same reason the steamer rr
was not admitted to Venezuelan ports. h
Special Dispatch to The Star.
NEW YORK, June 13.?Conservative stock
r.arket observers say that they continue to
lee signs of improvement in the general
lituation, but they think that any attempl
o advance prices materially at thi3 time
vould b? ill-advised. They point out that a
arge amount of money will be required to
>rovide for the July 1 disbursements, and
hey think that money used for advancing
>rlces before that time would be largely
rasted. In their opinion outsiders could not
ciuci iuo uiaiivck u ??
:ensive scale Just now, even If it had an ap>earance
of genuine activity. In their Judgnent,
il the market is allowed to remain
luiet for some weeks longer outside interists
will be attracted to it because of the
landsome dividend relations and the belief
hat with reasonably good crops the leading
ssues should sell considerably above presnt
m '
* *
A representative of a large corporation, in
liscussing the general situation this mornng,
and in pointing out recent favorable
levelopments, calls special attention to the
eto of the two-cent fare bill by Gov.
iughes. He said that not only has the
rovernor's action been very favorably rehv
nrnmlnont flnnnnlnl Intprpfltfl hut
hat they think the memorandum accom>anying
his veto is the best document of
ts kind that has been made public In a
ong time. He thinks that the action of
he governor will be an important factor
n the restoration of confidence in corporte
affairs. He further expressed the opinon
that if a few announcements of a simiar
tone could be consistently made and folowed
up by the chief executive at Washngton
much more would be accomplished
a the restoration of confidence on the part
>; the public.
* *
The same man in discussing the financial
ltuation said that considerable importance
hould be attached to the indication that
racticallv all of th? nrominent savlmrs
anks propose to pay interest at the rate
>f 4 per cent a year. He thinks that the
ontinuance of Interest at this rate will atract
savings to the strong Institutions, intead
of their being dissipated in wild-cat
eal-estate speculation, as the tendency to
,o has been so notable during the last two
r three years. He further points out that
he ability of the savings banks to pay 4
er cent should be taken as indicative ol
ound financial conditions.
# *
Quotations given below are for large
ots. Jobbers' prices from 1 to 2c. hig'. er.
BGGS.?Nearby fresh Virginia, 17%;
Vest Virginia and southwest "Virginia,
ttal6%; Tennessee, ltfal6%; North CaroInn.
1 HalRli
"BUTTE R^-Crea mery, fancy. 24%a25;
iVestern firsts. 23%a24; seconds. ?2a23.
^ocess, fancy, 21%a22; fair to good, 20a
11. Store-packed, fresh. loalQ.
CHEESE.?New York stata factory,
lew, large, 15%al0.
POULTRY.?Chickens ~ spring, per lb..
&a25; hens, per lb? 14; roosters, per
b., 7a8; keats, per lb., 12al4; turkeys,
>er lb.. 12al4.
DRESSED POULTRY.?Kens, choice,
jci iu., ju, luusiers, pur iu., vuiu, i.iuck.sns,
per lb., 25a30; ducks, per ib., Ual3;
urkeys, hens, per lb., 10al8; tjms, per
b., 14ul5.
VEGETABLES.?Potatoes, per bbl.. No.
I, 2.00a2.25; No. 2. 1.00al.25; potatoes, N.
I. state, per bu., DOal.OU; yams, per bbl.,
!.00a3.75; new potatoes, per bbl., 4.00a
1.00; carrots, new, per bunch, 3a5; cucum>ers,
per basket, 1.25a2.50; per box,
1.50a2.00; onions, Texas, Bermuda, per
:rate, 2.50; Bermuda onions, yer box,
!.50; peppers, per carrier, l.OOal.75; tonatoes,
Fla., per carrier, 1.75a:<.23; tonatoes,
Miss., per carrier. 1.50al.7u; Norolk
cabbage, per bbl., 1.25al.50; eggplant,
'la., per crate, 1.50a2.00; celery, Flo., per
:rate, 2.50a4.00; squash. Fla., per crate,
iOul.OO; snap beans, per, bu., 1 OOal.SO;
rax beans, per bu., -l.OOal.SO; new beets,
Knn/ih ?arS- lattiina liht 1
;ci k/UIiV(i| MHW I A*\rVH?i?*fV I
tale, per bbl., SOal.OO; parsley. N-iw Oreana.
per bunch, 5a(i; spinach, per bbl.,
..oua-.OO; rhubarb, per doz., 20a30; peas,
s'orfolk. per basket, 1.25al.50; poas. per
?bl? 3.00a3.75; asparagus, bunch. CaS5.
GREEN FRUITS.?Apples, packed, per
)bl., 3.00a7.00; oranges, Fla., per box, 2.00
i3.50; oranges. Cal.. per box, 3.50a4.75;
;rape fruit, per box, 3-OOaC.OO; pineapples,
ier crate, 2.0Oa3.50; strawberries, per box,
>al2; blackberries, per quart, 10al2;
>eaches, Fla.. per crate. 1.50a3.00.
HAY AND STRAW.?Timothy, choice,
52.50; No. 1, 22.OOa22.50; No. 21.50a
!2.00; mixed hay, -17.50a20.50; clover.
I0.50al7.50. Straw, rye. bundle. 11.00a
11.50; rye. machine thrash, 800a8.50;
wheat, 0.50aC.75;.oat straw, per ion, 8.00.
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per cwt,
i.GOaO.OO; butcher, per cwt., 4.75a5.u0; orlinary,
per cwt., 2.50a3.00. Hogs, per cwt.,
Toss, C.50. Sheep, 4.50a5.U0; lambs,
iprlng. choice, 8a8H. Calves, choice,
^*>1- lh _ 7U>?S: medium n^r 11. 7 U.
Hows, prime, fresh, each, 35.0Ua50.0t);
rommon, each, 20.00a30.00; old and dry,
jach, 10.00a 12.00.
BEEF CUTS.?Ribs, No. 1. per lb.. 13;
'Jo. 2, 12; No. 3, 10. Rounds. No. 1, per
b.. 10; No. 2, 0; No. 3. 8. Loins, No. 1,
>er lb.. 13; No. 2, 12; No. 3, 11. Chucks,
<o. 1. per lb.. 8; No. 2. 7; No. 3, 0.
WOOL AND HIDES.?Wool, washed,
ree of burrs, per lb., 30a33; wool, unvashed.
per lb., 27. Hides, green, per
b., 9; dry. p?r lb., 16al8. Sheepskins,
rreen. each, 1.25al.50; dry, each, 75al.25.
Calfskins, green, each, 1.35al.50.
GRAIN.?Wheat, choice, 89a92; fair to
rood. 82a85; ordinary. 71a81. Corn,
helled, white, C2aG4; yellow, 62a04; ear,
l.25a3.40. Oats, western, white. No. 2,
ua04; mixed, 49a51. Bean, per tan, 20.00
[20.00. r
Entries at Oravesend.
3.?The following are ' the entries for tomorrow:
First race, two-year-olds; handicap; five
urlongs?John Marrs,^ 12(1; Halket, 120;
epoy, 118; Ziephen, 110; Arasee, 104; Therlidor,
115; Woodlane, 118; Martha Jane,
04; Magazine, 106; Falcada, 104; Holister,
05; Beckon, 111; Ancient, 102; Dane, 98;
lartford Boy, 90; LaJeunesse, 104.
Second race, three-year-olds and up; sellig;
mile and a sixteenth?Robaddr, 106;
lasterson, 104, *Savable, lol; Orbicular,
l>6; Banker. 106: Pofluessing. 101; Jacuin,
109; Lancastrian, 108; 'Shenandoah,
00; 'Herman, 00; Cary, 111; *Royal Ben,
4; *Arabo, 101; Standover, 110; Don
Creole, 95; *Delmore, 99.
Third race. two-years-olds; Hanover
lanes; live anu a nan iuiiuu(s?iViuuiauK,
7; Alauda, 102; *Gene Russell, 89; Royal
rane, 112; LaJeunesse, 97; Saltram, 1)4;
Icalloif. 99; 'Hollister, 01; "James B.
Srady, 98; Blue Huron, 97; Laura Clay, 97.
Fourth race, three-year-olds and up;
nlle and a quarter?Running Water, 136;
Jo Between, 124; W. H. Carey, 119; Blan;y,
118: Beacon Light, 114; Zambesi, 112;
tad News. Ill; Philander, 110; Fountalnlue,
110; Voorhees, 109; Maxnar, 107; Dan
Juhre, 100; Master cf Craft, 100; Bartenler
98; The Cricket, 98; Lally, 92; Flavlgy,
92; Cederstroma 90.
Fifth race, three-year-olds and up; sellig:
about six furlongs?"Athens, 61; Lady
inns, 109; *Morello II. 90; Don Domo, 108;
Iver Blue, 97; ^They're Off, 107; Robinhood,
13; Jacobite. 113; *Gelden Shore, 87; Ed
tall, 101; Ara}>o, 104; Suffice, 99; "Wormian.
101; Pretension. 114; Cutter, 99: Natta
am, 105; Royal Onyx, 103; Right and
'rue, 104; Toy Boy, 90.
Sixth race, maiden three-year-olds and
p; mile and sixteenth?Incachee, 112: Ramsd,
109; My Lady, 107; Llnnepee, 112; Park
Low. 100; Dr. Lee, 109; Coat of Arms, 109;
ioward Shean, 112; Klilsdale, 112; Trouble
laker, 112; Brother Thomas, 112; Ambush,
J9; Wardtne, 112; James N., 109; Mandate,
W; Tiro. 109.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Partly cloudy, track fast.
Award of Contract.
Isaac T. Brown of New York has been
warded the contract for collecting and dlsoslng
of the miscellaneous refuse of the
Hstrlct for two years and eleven months.
ommenctng August 1 next. Announcement
o that effect was made today by the Commissioners.
Mr. Brown's bid of $1G,0(I0 a
ear was the lowest of the six proposals
S. P. Bayly of this city has had the
)ntract for the collection and disposal of
ilscellaneous refuse for the past two years,
U price being $10,000 a year.
| W. E. Woo lard Appointed Chief Clerk
of Patent Office.
William E. Woolard, at present principal
examiner in the patent office, was today
l artriAinta<l nlat?lr in Vi n f (n cnr>.
V.11IVL VIC1 A 1U tliat Uiliv-C IV
J ceed Charles M. Irelan, resigned. Mr.
Woolard Is succeeded as principal examiner
, by Arthur H. Giles, who is now first as,
slstant principal examiner. Woolard was
' originally appointed from Illinois In 1891
; and Giles from New Tork in 1889.
latest ocean lines.
Giant Steamship Can Accommodate
Nearly 4,000.
NEW YORK, June 13,-The HamburgAmerican
line's new steamer. President
Lincoln, arrive^ here today on her maiden
voyage from Hamburg. The steamer had
considerable rough weather during the voyage,
but the officers say she proved herself
an admirable seaboat.
The President Lincoln brought 82 saloon.
144 second cabin, 236 third-class and 2,554
steerage passengers.
The President Lincoln and her sister ship,
the President Grant, form the latest additions
to the fleet of the Hamburg-American
line, an.1 the President Lincoln, com'
pleting her maiden voyage across the Atlantic
ocean today, was hailed with considerable
Interest by the sailors and shipping
Interests as she was towed up the
channel and for the first time made fast
to the company's wharf. These new vessels
are the first of a new class of steair.ers to
be entered In the transatlantic service by
the Hamburg-American company, and all
vessels of the class will oe named in honor
of the Presidents of the United States.
Harlan & Wolf, Limited, of Belfast, constructed
the President Lincoln and the President
Grant, and each of them meet all the
rnlna nf tlia "oiia.hariifaffPiMiSSpriSt'haft" A3
I UIVU V L OW i/v? V??"0VMWWW?. ?------ -
to safety appliances.
Each of the new shlp9 is 616 feet long,
with a breadth of 68 feet 6 inches and a
gross tonnage of about 18.500 tons. Each
of them Is schooner rigged and fitted with
six masts. The President Lincoln sailed
from Hamburg June 1. Boulogne June 2
' and Plymouth June 3. Each of these mammoth
ships will carry nearly 4,000 passengers.
These steamers are constructed through|
out of steel, and have a cellular double
, bottom extending the whole length of the
ship. They are twin-screw vessels.
| Accommodation is provided for 324 flrst1
class passengers. A large number of
staterooms are arranged for one passenger
only. The first-class dining room is on
the upper deck amidships. Chairs are provided
for 228 persona at one sitting.
The smoking room, a large one. aft on the
boat deck, is fitted with paneling and framing
of carved oak and seats and chairs upholstered
in leather. The deck is covered
with India rubber tiles, and the room Is es
pecially well ventilated and lighted. The
library, or ladies' room, at the forward end
of the boat deck. Is paneled In carved satinwood,
inlaid, and upholstered in moquette.
Convenient to the main entrance on the
boat deck is a gymnasium, with a complete
outfit of Zander vibratory apparatus,
electrically operated. On the bridge deck
is a room especially fitted for electric baths
and massage.
The second-class accommodation Is aft
and fitted with two, three and four berth
. rooms, provision being made to carry 125
passengers. The dining saloon Is decorated
and finished In white, with medallions in
panels. A smoking room and ladies' room,
or library, are also provided.
Third-class passengers are accommodated
on the middle and the lower decks aft, and
provision Is made for 1,000 persons, all of
them to be berthed in inclosed rooms. The
third-class dining room, on the upper deck
aft, seats more than 40U. and is paneled and
aeeurateu in wime. a ueauj ucuuimcu
smoking room for this class 4s provided on
the after promenade deck.
Accommodation Is provided for 2.320
fourth-class passengers, on the middle and
the lower 'tween decks, In open steerage
Convicted of Theft.
"I just came out day before yesterday
from serving seven months in Jail, and I
think I need a rest." pleaded Mamie Wells,
eoolred, charged In the police Court' this
morning with larceny and with disorderly
"You seem to think you have a rest at
the jail," replied the judge, and his honor
declared her guilty and imposed sentences
aggregating $15 fine, or forty-five days of
The testimony showed that Mamie visited
the store of Jacob Grite yesterday, and
when she left the proprietor discovered she
had annexed a waist for which she had not
paid. He succeeded In recovering the
waist, and Policeman Ogle of the fourth
precinct arrested Mamie a few minutes
? 1
Ice Cream Blant,
Catering Cafe.
9 m A w?o >if< A a
1LA lr lb 11 KA'b, :
11 Ith and Q Sts. N.W.
Long established. First-class '
custom. Will be sold for value of
furniture and fixtures. Owner
leaving city. Apply-to ^
E. S. La Fetra,
Jel3-3t ii
j W.B.Hibbs. Thos. L. Hume.
I ?bought and sold for cash, or
on margin, on same lavoraDie
terms as we offer for trading in
New York stocks and bonds.
i W.B.Hibbs&Co.,
f New York Stock Exchange
I Members -{ Washington Stock Exchange
L Chicago Board of Trade
14119 F St. N.W.
| available the world orer.
I JeJ3-eo,40
$ %
I "What Has |
| He Borne?" |
^ -Napoleon's Pa mom Question.
^ If you are thinking of building a jjj!
S? house, a store, a block, a hotel or any Tj j
^ structure whatever, you will readily ;e '
$( recognize an excellent rule Is to remem- Sc
J\t- ber Napoleon a famous question, and ap- ?ji
ply it to the builder you have In view. &
rif Judge your man by what he has done? ^
3M not by what he promises. My record as jg
5- a builder In and around Washington is
A. so well known that uiany call me js
"The Builder Who Makes Good."
i $
3| Will Open fc
| At 9 O'CSo
161111 Fourteer
| A *
j: Strong |:
" PininriiniidlatSfMni. 1
U V V>U U U V4? V U V U u ? T
4* t
T Moirey in the bank is a +
.j. strong foundation for plans to )\
+ build on. Not all of us can be
!! rich," but all of us can better !!
" our conditions
Saving ? steady and per
!! sistent?will accomplish won- I!
!! ders. ;;
Open an account with us to
i! day with whatever amount you I!
;; can spare, then add to it as op- ;;
' ' portunity permits.
" The 3 per cent interest we
pay will help swell the sum, ;;
!! and presently you will have a ' '
;; foundation for starting some
? substantial business, or a com- t
I! petence for old age. I|
;; 7th and Mass. Ave. ,N. W. ?
Branches: *
7th and H Sts. N. E., > 1
\\ ' 436 7th St. S. W. ;; |
Deposits more than a Million !!
' and a Half. ?'
+ Jel3-tf +
f -f- I
I CAPITAL. Sl.OOO.OOO?Sl.RrM'S. tl.400.000. I !
RAFTS issued direct j
?4/ on the principal
cities of the world.
?Exchange bought and sold.
?Letters of Credit issued.
?Money transmitted by cable.
?Stocks & Bonds bought & sold.
?Collections& Investments made.
IPa.Ave., opposite U. S. Treasury. I
jel3-28d I
fr 111 ?. I. . }.
We always have
e. q. Smith. varying sums of
money to loan on *
_ _ , D. of C. Real (
Lee D. Latimer. ? , . 1
Estate and make a
feature of negoChaa.
f. Nesbit. tiating loans
The F. H. Smith Co.,
1408 N. Y. Ave.
First i
Co-operative .
.... <
Association, ;
1132S 32d, -Wisconsin Ave. ,
26th Year.
26th Series of Stock Now "
Being Issued.
Monthly Stock,
$2.50 Per Share.
Special Stock,
$3Q.(MJ Per Share.
Paid=up Stock,
$H8<0>.(Xtt Per Share.
Assets $443,424.(M)
Liabilities.. . .$<35*5,821.17 Surplus
H. O. WAGNER, President. K
J. B A ETON MILLKIt, Secretary. 01
WMM,< ! * ?t- B.V.
Tr^ A PIT* 17?"^ /^3 X
2> II A i US |
1 <
>r Business $
NE 117, 119(0)7, J
ck A. M., |
nth St. N.W., |
on, D. C. I
\VIDSON, President. ;;
Vice President. !
Vice President. ;;
ce President. I!
}N, Treasurer. <;
E, Secretary. ;;
IAN, Auditor.
>??? ??? ?????????????? ???
Mergcnthaler Linotype Co.
Now York. June 11. 1D07.
At a meet In* of the Hoard of Director* held thta
flay a regular quarterly dividend of two nnd onehalf
per cent was declared, jm.vable ou and after
June 29. 1907, to the stockholder** of retord oa
Saturday. June 15. 1907. nt one o'clock p.m.
Tlie transfer books will clos* on Saturday. Jon?
15. 1907, at one o'clock p.m.. and reopen oo
Monday. July 1, 1907, at 1?? o'clock a in.
je!2 2t FliKD'K J. WAKBlHTON. Tre* Hirer.
\ Good 5% Investment
In denoDjlDatlona of (1,000, K*J0 anil $100.
Inquire of
Union Trust Company,
1414 F Street N.W.
Jp12 -3t
w * ? - ? -
Year After Year.
The record office will sliow yon
what vast amounts of money we loan
on real estate during the course of a
year. It will also show yon that
many of the largest operators In the
District have been doing their loans
business exclusively with us for
many years past. It Is scsrcely necessary
to comment on this fact, it
speaks tot Itself.
Qtura tdB fl IT1) !W,
^ w <Mka tv/bfiiUf 0\illl^^UOB
Hensey ?o.t
; - -.-L- 1_. liL-l. _L- ' L1 !I-'J .' ' ?1*
Organized 11879.
jj Assets, $2,170,260.07. 1
rAIHTI am a mi i
: tyuiiABLt |
Co-Operative Building |
Offers the Best Inducements >
in Order to
Secure a Home.
For Information
Call or Write for Pamphlet
i Office, Equitable Building. 1
1003 F STREET N.W.
JOHN JOT EDSON. President f
FRANK P. KKESIDE. Secretary. I
mjl8-eo-50 A
? .... ...J ,
vrr mere's a Oreat
?in having national bank projection
for your savings. Our
Savings Department offers you
this protection, and in addition
?7Funds payable on demand.
THI IP TD A irfcooc?
u u it iu 11
Jpl2 2Sd
One Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York
Jiurnntwi 8x?l tarom? ,nr 1?
protected by orer f >ur hundred and nlnetjflTS
Dlllions of assets which have accumulated 1b i
uccessful bus!Less experience of slstj-four 7car*.
Kates will be furnished upon request.
Manager for Dtrtrtet of Colombia,
No. 1383 I at. b.w.
l?oml ?tory hoot room. Teltpboo* Hals 11H
tri SOOt
Perpetual Building
AS8ET8 (2.843.088.83
8U11PLCS 227.250.05
OFFICE, 60? 11TH ST. N.W.
pH.tf-M _
Jamestown Houseboat
Tourist Company.
The purpose of the companr is (o run a boat
eekly frum Washington, D. 0., to off JaniMtowi
zposit Ion grounds. The tourists will be takra
a board at tbe company's wharf at Washlngtos
3d provldwl on ths tour with meals and sleeping
^artoients, and hare all tbe luxury ami accommolt
Ions to t>? found In a well-appointed botel.
oebuI will bfi inch itmI In *!? If ?m<li uiui b??oub
?rs will be taken to and from the grounds in a
earn tender.
We bare a limited amount of '.orfc of the com*
inj for tale at $10 per share, and would recomend
it to the consideration of those who wish a
lick and profitable return on their Investment.
For full particulars apply at 'lie company'* office.
J. O. EC<;RN. Manager.
1703 14th si. n.w. 't'booe North 6901.
Aj 1*401.28

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