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r- -
n XCE that most Chi
among pnnosopne
and Prime Ministei
man, a simple farmer in
world for all time, the j
which might read : " It's
potentates to rise cauti*
they soar the sorer it fee
And this reminds me ol
Coast of Africa, who ne\
indeed Ja Ja himself was
when I paddled abreast <
ui 01. v iiiv_eiii, yj 11c ui i
British West Indies. Hi
a soft breeze at all times
sun's rays, grand volcan
luxuriant tropical veget;
to altitudes almost Alpii
coa, orange, banana ; here
rounded by everything c
forget any throne.
But King J a Ja was
commanded twenty-five
finest army in the world
was before the Rough R
that time the standing e
was exactly the same as
this induced His Majesty
in which he demons'.rati
that his African Empire
forces, must necessarily cc
It waQ not mv
was a King in Africa. Iand
white linen trousers, 1
oriental slippers. His C
lain was a bright eyed,
who showed me to the rei
ceremony as though into
sovereign of the Old Wo
King J a Ja had turnet
Queen Victoria; and at t
of putting him into a pri;
and feet, as we treated J
Oueen made him a prese'
Indian paradise, gave hii
sent him a wife, and in a
personal liberty compat
dence in St. Vincent.
He introduced me to 1
can damsel dressed in a 1
made me think of a larr
the handle. He offeree
mug. When I declined
told him that my medic
things. This surprised h
white man he had ever
whisky. Then he offers
svrup and water, which
,* i? *.^ 4-^ u:
UIUCI LU j)IU\C llilli I
Booker \\ ashington.
Then the King made
He expanded upon his j
value of his alliance; he
an American man of wai
then found the Empire o
am a judge of features, c
pire of Ja Ja scheme. I
portant as a wite; in Ja
of a hundred or so.
Ja Ja was a fine Negri
was wrong in not quotin
and thus anticipating by
of our great Colonial I
might have been disapp*
Stripes ever waved ove
might have deceived hir
another Aguinaldo. Bes
opinion of the United St?
his belief that I had padc
i Out
^ /O.. _
r Kjiiain
i gar ten
m B Thus Attired.
His Majesty
Struck an
r?( linillinnc o nnrtPP
loiiaii kjl u
rs, the friend of Emperors
rs. a Roman country gentleoutward
life, a man of the
>oet Horace, sung a song,
well for Kings and other
ously, because the higher
Is when they come down."
i King Ja Ja, from the \\ est
-er heard of Horace; and
; but a hazy name to me
of his palace in the Island
the most beautiful of the
ere is perpetual summer?
tempering the heat of the
ic mountains clothed with
ation rising from the sea
n.e. Mere grow sugar, colife
is easy, and man suralculated
to make a King
not happy. At home he
thousand warriors, the
I, said he?but then that
iders conquered Cuba. At
irmv of the United States
that of King Ja Ja; and
to a comparison of forces
ed to his own satisfaction
?, being equal in fighting
irrespond in other respects,
to correct royalty. Ja Ja
I n mino nn^QrcUirf
it ? wit cx gaui,v. uiiutioiiu b
bare feet and very gorgeous
hief Lord High Chamberwoolly
headed black boy
seption room with as much
the presence of a reigning
i his army against that of
he end of the war, instead
son with irons on his hands
efferson Davis, the British
nt of a palace in this West
n plenty of pocket money,
ddition allowed him all the
ible with permanent resilis
wife?a handsome Afrilow
neck white stuff which
ib chop with a cuff round
1 me whisky in a pewter
it he was offended, until I
ine man forbade me such
im?he said I was the first
met who didn't ask for
;d me some sort of fruit
i of course I accepted in
hat I had no objection to
me treasonable overtures,
lower in Africa, upon the
urged me to bring down
and carry him away and
f Ja Ja. Queen Ja Ja, if I
lid not encourage the Emn
St. Vincent she was imJa
she might become one
d in his way, and maybe I
ig this conversation earlier
. _ r i- _ r j :
a iew years ine iounaing
impire. However, Ja Ja
ointed, had the Stars and
r his African capital,?we
n; he might have become
ides, I discovered that his
ites navy was tinctured by
iled down from New York,
: of tl
\t Specimens of a
, Who Are Reig
and that my trusty Rob Roj
pedo boat. This legend serv
although I heard of it only 1<
Opposite the palace of Kin;
little ketch which E. F. Kr
Entrland all the wav to the
ers of the sea know "The C
King J a Ja had seen me clai
the Falcon, and had concei\
might tit it out once more ai
the United States?the land
empire would be satisfied. I
he would probably find it h;
into any New York hotel; ai
mixed feelings about Ja Ja.
Kings are quaint things in
craft and kindergarten. This
fciicictii?ciii<ju, IUI aiine my
have noted the kingly cl
courts, ranging from the I
pompous palaces of the Th
Danube, and the Spree. Kii
one or two distinguishing
summed them up in a convers
King Ja Ja Introduce
berry Finn, Tom Sawyer, ar
the raft journey on the Missi
Kings never breathe a i
breathing is sterilized for the
Their atmosphere is made fo
men and women who try to t
that the monarch ought to '
normal times monarchs do w
to second hand thinkine. ]
untainted by original thoug
Franz Josef in Austria, the
Victoria of blessed memory.
The moment I talked with
a King,?only a King could
of courtly thoughts; only a
could treat seriously the lofty
day in our tropical paradise.
This One Was ]
/"\X the other hand, King 5
was different?in degree,
offered me no whisky, because
in Basutoland, and besides he
of the bottle. Masupa succ
Moshesh (a corruption of J
Moshesh was a grand old scou
~ ti,
time ucmccii lctiumg uuci
Christianity to British missio
the Basuto into a nation of t
through raiding upon his n<
men to death, sparing the bes
young boys only in case the)
cruits for his army. But in t
aries looked askance at Mosl
Government wearied of his ai
King Masupa buried his illi
rites half Christian and half
cended the throne of Taba
henceforth to follow the advic
commissioner, who at the tin
tie \
Royalty in \
T T 7
ming Una is
was a species of tored
me in good stead
ang afterward.
I Ja Ja lay the famous
light had sailed frorr
Plata River. All lov
'ruise of the Falcon.'
nbering in and out oi
-ed the notion that 1
nd carry him away tc
I where his claims tc
did not tell him thai
ard to gain admissior
id paddled away wit!
i their combination o;
. is not merely a Ja Je
cruise to St. Vinceni
laracteristic at man\
Borneo jungle to tht
ames, the Neva, th<
ngs are much alike ir
traits?Mark Twair
ation between Huckle.?
J Hi. Wifr
id Xigger Jim during
latural breath; their
m by courtly process,
r them by desiccated
;hink what they think
think; and maybe in
ell to limit thpmspK-pc
Long reigns are those
ht?witness dear old
venerable William I.,
Ja Ja I knew him for
have thought his kind
writer of comic opera
l> 11V 11.1\_ O U1JVUJOLU lliai
lasupa of Basutoland
but not in kind. He
whisky is contraband
had drunk up the last
eeded the illustrious
kloses), and this old
mdrel who divided his
PAttlp flnH nrnfp?inor
- ~ X "&
naries. He organized
)lack fighters?mainly
jighbors, putting the
it women, and rearing
r proved available reime
even the mission4-u^
L1CT311, CtliU. LilC AJIlllSIl
Listrious ancestor with
African, and then asBasio
with a promise
e of a British resident
ne of my visit (1896)
Vay *
7^7 * r* r, j
i neir craji ana
turbed in Obscun
- was the eminent Godfrey Lag
, was a sailor's chest, on whic
Hicmitv telling mp that hp w
> armies against the Boers an
i his ancestors.
While thus orating I prepa:
' for he was picturesque in his
f hand was extended in drar
t wore a colored shirt of Europ
) bare, and in his left hand he
) was every inch a King,?in
t him thus on mv plate. Bui
11 1 J x_ 1_ *
i \ en aiiu rubnea 11110 nib ruya
i Here was not a tithe of th
Ja Ja in St. Vincent; but here
E to royalty,?an abundance
i courtiers. Masupa shouted
t vened: thev dragged a box
r and from it pulled out sever;
which they submitted for a
finally selected a paper coll
spike tail coat with gold lace
once been a consular uniforn
ment of old hats he selectec
struck an attitude. His cou
I have thought of this pict
instance, a great war lord
ground in the flashing unifo
euard. Masuna was no less
by divine right; he too comn
people and the unbounded
courtiers. What odds if one
and the other in a Versailles,
Schloss. Royalty is not a tl
it is of the spirit knowing n;
tations. The old saw thai
man" was fabricated by sc
reared in the London fog. 1
?leastwise if it is dress that
it is want of it which maketh
girl but many a sunny King
Masupa treated me with e
gave me his royal hand at j
sovereign, the man who is t
what Booker Washington is
chusetts to-day. He is the g
pie, the second Moses?a moi
rules by divine right of succe
The last words of such a
x t - - e r
cannoi De 01 inning linpori
obscure to finite senses. "I
insignia!" quoth the King of
another insignia!"
I bent my ear to catch his
your Majesty!" quoth I eage
"You may," quoth His Ma
" What is lacking in your ro
"A red jacket.'' And I he
Then Came the Suli
TN Borneo I had the honor
mightiest monarch of the I
for he thus put it to me. Th
the child of the sun and moon
whose commands were issued
of the world and ranged so ta
they included not merely the
ward and the Java
Archipelago to the
southward, but
envprpfl much of
the Chinese mainland
on the west,
and also whatever jf
of Australia was
worth noticing. nsfe
This kindly old feA;
gentleman died nTlj
hut a few months
ago, mourned by |K
all of his court;
for each member
of the court owned
a share in the WyT
pirate craft of CuT
which his Sultan
was titular com- IM '
mander. i W/P*.
Brunei is a Ven- ifHl 11<
ice on stilts: all
the houses of this tj/J/JI
famous Malay cap- SegHjp
ital are cocked up
on slim piles arranged
so neatly I Mi
that canoes paddle
) w
jden. Masupa's throne
:h he sat with African
as thirsting to lead his
d win back the soil of
red to photograph him;
royal cups. His right
natic gesticulation, he
ean make, his legs were
swung a war club. He
Africa,?and I wanted
t up he sprang with a
il palace.
le comfort surrounding
were other things dear
nf nnrl man\r
, and his court confrom
under his bed,
ll bits of roval apparel
pproval. His Majesty
ar, a checked shirt, a
and buttons which had
1, then from an assort1
a high silk one, and
irtiers stood about ad
ure at times, when, for
issues on the parade
rm of the royal bodyserious.
He too ruled
landed the loyalty of a
admiration of many
lives in a Kafir kraal
Hofburg, or Mommoth
iiing merely of dress;
iught of outward limit
"Dress maketh the
imp* 11 n t racr>riKo
' ?"V V* 1 1 1 L* * V. iV VA OV.1 ll/V
fo-day we know better
maketh the mere man,
not merely the chorus
of my acquaintance,
ffusive cordiality, and
Darting?the hand of a
o his people in Africa
to Africans in Massa;reat
leader of his peo-e
than a Moses, for he
man to me at parting
hnwpvpr nrarnlar or
have not enough royal
the Basuto. "I want
words. "Can I help
yal insignia?" quoth I.
:ard no more.
can of Brunei.
of audience with the
"ar East. I put it thus,
is was none other than
l, the Sultan of Brunei,
from the largest island
ir in all directions that
Philippines to north
f M
stook. Him for One of
the Domestics.

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