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I Last
@ u
? Regulai
|8j you'll n
? a Time,
S that In
W Cancclc
U $9.5
? **g
^ ~
/*g>\ Substantia] Tw
Vj?SJ c ;"ip r Lawn S\\
br.Kfil fram?'.
(p) rd ":t: :","1
p In natural mail'
(J? laVo. $;
^ Uu< .1 to.
H Washing
^ for 50c
? a Week.
T! ? i?-e-ladfn schoonc
I . wis !I (Jcward are rep
part of Chesapeake bay
port by tomorrow niKht a
P ?> -M has aboard a ca
.?f the refrigerating
inload at the wharf of
fY.upany. at the foot of
th? <?i?w;tnl. loaded with
!s t< discharge her cargo
of Mutual Ice Com pa
where It will he used In
lad* n oars from the soi
Philadelphia, N?w York
kets in the north. The
from the Kennebec July
ani from Hoothbay. M?
They should have arrive
we* k. hut it is supposed t
winds coming down thf
aus^'i t) ? delay c<?nsoi
pany barge No. 5. laden
city. ;s coming down the
p?'< uu i?i urri\?- r.ere i<
schooner I.ydla M. I )eai
from Bath. July l?;. will
dl?- of the week.
The steamer t?t. Johns,
here from Colonial Head
a njiei ial trip down to F(
carry a lar^e reel of wlr
to the fnirtnt ?-r offVer In
provenn-nis being made
reel ?as one of a shipni
n>orv, but after it was d<
street wharf it was foui
to ?: ' .n ti.?* <an(fwa>v o
boats, so the St. John
service to transport tl.e
about four tons, to Its
I irwt.wl ' on t Vl? <ln
Fort Washington about 1
Arrived: Steam bar*"
lumber and shingles fr?
Una port for dealers h
arulria; schooner Maud
from u Virginia point 1
het; power barge Louisa
the lower river for th<
scow Fannie, cord wo<
Week of 1
in rrm vm 1 r nirl
' Vt v. ?_-% ft I V V-% A "V V/ ^ V vt * a a
r lT ndcrsellin<i Prices.
eed for fall house-fixii
and we give every pi
Case of Death All P;
Regularly w
} g $2.50. Sp
J |\ for Monda
r j2nk\ very sp<
I SfE sct consists <
P Glasses to 111
decidedly pre
highly artis
duplicate this
sets to sell M
price .T*."!
0 Bed, $4.95.
Xpw pattern in En.
eltd Iron Beds, like c
i, . well built, of heavy t
rf* ing, wua i-unuuu
W m, posts; strong ami rlf
^\\ choice of green i
rk^HTTj white; worth $!?
dmcd $4.9
$3.50 Bed, $1.
-~^*S}Ell N'eat White Enam(
u=>^"<r==?sS^ Iron Hed; well built
" " Vi continuous bent tubi
_ c ii jl strongly braced; wu
DO.fi, || $3.30.
f ;'0u ^ d I .^i
"i% ^ $45 PARL
platform vlnniatchable bargain.
genu- offered during this great va.li
~ v.- highly polis! ed crotch ma ho?
* y ^ upholstered in French cut ve
* * special bargain price
j Sideboard
||| Bargains. M;
gnlrleent Quartered K
t'8P J*. ' 'ak Sideboard, elabo
/ * .lately carved roll top;
"use Frenh plate mir"""'
sweli worth
5aReduced to
gg?? $19.75.
SXrmKri'W Substantial Highly
T/ I'nlisled Solid Oak
UMSfl SlUKHOAltb, carved
iJfciESifl top; large French pl.tte
MMgl mirror: worth WJ..30.
Reduced to
^ $10.75.
TOWf! Hall; Consolidation (
no s nkh, from jj,
) TVTP TTT3 A\TT Georgetown for a Ne'
11V.L.K itlUWr William 11 Yerke.s.
barge from Point I.i
tw. .-11.1 t . ? i Sailed Tug t'ainill
ib ?..?? j tlun t*oaj company ba
orteJ in the lower with coal for Bosto
an J "l.onlrt be in Uowen. light, for a ri'
it the l.it.st. The J00,1 for "'>?
Simmons. liKlit. for a
r*o of about l.fHm to tlIK Minerva
material and will scows for a river poi
i Maclnnx T..a 1 I* rO \ ". 1 !.{? .
loth street. while ^^'d H
about 1.400 tons. " Memoranda: Tug n
at the Ice house this city with a to'
ny at Alexandria, barges from ISaltimor
the Icing of fruit- Peckham from C.eors
. arrived at Portsmoutl
Jth and going to tjon; schooner Maldei
and other mar- to bring a cargo of 1
Daylight sailed ville for this city a
11!. and the Gow- feet.
. . l!arge No. 8 of th
the same da\. Company went undei
d here eaiiy last I Georgetown yesterdi
I.at they ha 1 head j aboard a cargo of at
coast, and this coal for a New Kngli
. I ttn/^or tllA cr
iaa.ion <"oal Com- y
? \\ inchestfr. now unit
with ice for thia #th ?lreet wllarf
coast and is ex
>morrow, and the ? . .
ring, which .ailed Fanners Wives
be lieie the mid- Tii?p:it<-h to The !
after her arrival Kansas women are 1
i last night, made "ie *?!g hay crop. W
art Washington to farmers, wearing sunl
e cable, consigned faces from the broil
charge of the iin- and late in the hay tl
at the fort, Dip ;l mower or n gu||,y
cut of a uozen or
elm red at the Stli m,'n id
to be too large A dispatch from ]
f the river freight 100 young women wo
w 1s culled into i today. They enjoyet
re< I. which weighs | are wives and daug
i Ucsthiatlon. It | farmers, who. instenc
iim t-r's wiiarf at at one of the lake
I o'clock yesterday home to help save tin
Dennis Simmons, '
ill a North taro- Silas Skinflint ?"An"
lere and ai Alex- there high-ratlin' con
S.. pine lumber creasln' their wages .'
'or the local mar- E*-a Way back -"H
i, cor-1 wood from that III HlgBins res
? Eastern branch: wuz on account uv
id from Marshall election."?Puck.
Phis Great B
able Fin
- f t It <=? ctr?plir n t One-tl
v yj i in v-? wiv v -? v*
The best chance you'll
tig at a generous saving,
irehaser a Certificate of
lyments Cease and the B
DSOME sy .
SET u,t*'
orth An Ex I
ecial OVC
barga'ii ovc
Absolutely the liest I'arior Suite value z?
le-givlnB sale. Five handsome pieces; 1
rany frames: best spring construction; F
rona or satin d imask; $4."> value; atd >
Extension Table
JjeSjWgMBBBr duoea to
'oal Company tiarse DENIES THE C
iston to load coal at
"jr^W0?1? Colored Boy Is Accu,
x>kout. and Locked
V^oSSSS^ A" "'??? *?*.
n; schooner S. I... arrest of Walter Cheatha
, er point to lOKl cord te. n years of age. attra
steam bares Dennis ,.r ? ?? ??.i??,,.;.,.,
North Carolina port , . . *
.. towing three light av<'""" between C and K
nt to loa>l sand and al>out 10 o clock. When
bugeye Bert'ia May, rest the boy was chargt
point to load cord a ]JOcketbook from Mrs.
>ixle is on Iter way to 805 11 strcet northeast,
w of two roal-laden was guilty, and gave thi
r. c/ilmnxa. Un.,rw I .. i _ , , ?
v , .^.n/vuci j cm ttnoiner coioreu uoy,
vtown with coal, has committed the robbery,
i, X. }!., her destina- . . .
n has been chartered Mrs Roberts was only
uinber from Jackson- her husband, Eugene Rc
t $f>.75 per thousand ner of 1st and E street!
boy appeared and grabbe
e ("onsolldation Coal Her husband started in {
r the coal chutes at antj Bicycle I'olioemen
1>r ."Pil is taking Hn<j a number of civil is
iout l..iOO tons of soft pursuit. Cheatham, who
,nd Port. She will bo as ^ D BOUtl)wea
lut.n by the schooner takpn an<J lockrd
lading curbing at the The poi,ketbook w'as fc
ing in front of a hous<
? avenue.
Work Haying. ?
uly 27?Hundreds of 1
T?., >1. T? ' 1 * *
lelping the men save .outjieye xiepuDiican l
Ives and daughters of an Invital
Sonnets to shield their Snerlal Dispatch to The Stai
ling sun. work early COLUMBUS, Ohio, Julj
elds. They can drive Republican Club of Coli
rake as well as the n|ght that the meeting I
tary Taft, to be held li
Rourbon county says when he passes through
rked in the hay fields to the Philippines, shall
I the exercise. I hoy auSp|ce8. The d vision
liters of prosperous ...
I of taking a vacation however, without an o
resorts, remained at club of the fight for ar
hay. dorsemeot of the Secreta
? the presidential nomlaat
what excuse did them dividing the party in Oh,
gressmen offer fer in- D. K. Watson, former!;
K) per cent?" federal codifying commlf
ill Thrasher told me force in the club, and
id somewhere thet It chief political lieutenant
the increased cost uv opposed tlte proposition.
was injecting a faction!
argain Sale of jj
rniture. j
lird to One-half Off Our ^
have to get the Furniture ^
You Can Pay a Little at '
Guarantee which provides
alance of Account Will Be 1
Glass Pitcher,
ra Special Value for Monday, -
A very pretty American Cutglass
Pitcher. Cut in an entirely
new pattern and more gracefully
shaped than the pitcher shown in
the illustration. We've just received
another lot of these pitchers
and will place them on
"sale Monday at this extra J |
snrri:i1 nrirr>
$15.50 ?
* Iw4ftr Dresser;
"* JEk $8.75. (
er-? Thi= gracefully (
?" ~ " i if designed, well- /
1JU_ ? IJ built DRESSER, I
' 0Ur I *' ??8? ' ' ' - i|S quartered oak
the '-' |)j? finish; oval I
/I!; French plate
stock f ? *-* Ii5 mirror; turned t
! - y* i!fj standards; deep >
grade , *jj .- -i'/j drawers; worth .
rat or s I ~~ li'i $15.50. Special f
WL ^ 1 E| r*Lj ! fur ^
E UF-~1P $8-75.
jpps J\r ^
? This Lawn Bench, substance
tially built of rounded slats,
strongly braced and nicely finrv
pm ^ ished in green. Reg- q
J / ^ ular $1.50 value.
Reduced to O ^ W
IHARGE. clul) which would be sure to cause tr
' He openly charged that it was pro
_ , - _ ,, with a view to influencing the state
sea or KoDDery ,,.^1 committee, which is to mcjt here
Up. Tuesday.
. , , . .. Watson demanded to know if J
leh resulted ill the m.'-nnt that if Taft was nominated he 1
ill, colored, seven- bolt the ticket. Malloy raoveJ tha
eted the attention resolution to Invite Secretary Taft to
s on New Jersey in Columbus and deliver an addres
. recommitted to the committ;e on invit
streets last night j q? t)l|s motion the vote was 4U ayes
placed under ar- j noes.
d with snatching I At the suggestion of Thomas II. Ci
Willie Roberts or t!'e P ilUent of the club, the resol
vvaH made to road that the Secretary
but he denied he invited as a distinguished American
e police the name zen and a son of Ohio and not as a :
ivho, he said, had 1)er of an>' Political party. It was
unanimous'y adopted.
a few feet from *
iberts, at the cor- DIMPFEL, V/ILL CASE.
*. when a colored _ _ . 77" ? _
>(] pocketbook. vOQt6Stftnt Is ft Il6lRtlV6 01
>ursult of the boy. ' ward Addicks.
Hudd and Lautcn ? , ,
ins Joined In the S|,erl*1 <o Th* stargave
his address WILMINGTON, Del., July 27.-The
t, was soon over- nouncement was made today that Fred
, P. Dimpfel, Jr., who is contesting the
n On the park- A,th?r In rnnntv <*rvnr
s on .New Jersey "* *? '*" * "*"""
Easton, Md., In order to prevent J'
going to a c-hild of his brother, is a c
LIN TAFT of ^ Edward Addicks.
' The case Is attracting much attei
31ub Sends Him un<' inasmuch as Mr. Dimpfel left $15
jon it is important.
] - When the decedent died' at Easto
" ' left Ifis estate in trust to his two
27. The Buckeye William O. and Frederick. William
ambus deeid d to- rled a daughter of Sands Mills of 1
n honor of Secre- more. who obtained a divorce from hi
* New York. The decree nrnhihit#?H the
>.n -iuSu?i ij i,anfj from marrying during the life o
Columbus en route i wife. She afterward married Mr. Dii
be held under lis banker of Baltimore, the couple now 1
was not reached, 'nK at Salisbury, Md.
utcropplng in the William O. plmpfel nevertheless
. . , Miss Marie Holliday In Washington,
id against the n- this marriage they had one child,
ry's candidacy for father is now dead, and It Is to pr<
ion which is now this offspring from securing the f
[0 that the suit has been brought. Ai
, ' . the attorneys for the contestant Is W'i
yynw " co?p*rJohn
R. Mal'oy,
for Senator Dick, Thousands of situations have been
The latter said It tamed through the want columns of
il matter Into the Star.
^Sr (Continued from First Pago.)
?) profisslon in 1S42 at (I.iincsville, Ala. He
served as a lieutenant in the Mexican war.
lUll and in 1H4'J went with a party of friends on
Sv horseback to California. Before that trip
,2Sk he had be*n elected solicitor for the seventh
H circuit, and after his return he was elected
judge in the same circuit. He continued in j
Wt the practice of law until the breaking out of !
the civil war. when he entered the Con- !
federate army as a major of the Biih Ala- j
bama Infantry. 11- was in many battle.*, !
and arose to the rank of brigadier general, i
?l_"pon the close of the war he returned to
his home and resumed the practice or the
law. 1'ntil h'F election as I'nlted Stales
senator he was ni ver a candidate for any
S political omee.
Last of the Old School.
Senator IVttus was oni of the la^t of the
old school of statesman in the Senate.
Dignified and courteous to a degree, lie
?' was a great stickler for the pres rvation
of the amenities in debate and conduct and
when he occasionally presided over the
Ml Senate was a martinet in preserving di?cipline.
Woe botidp the young senator who
failed to give the most careful attention to
4Hm tiie rules of debate; tlve presiding officer
would call him to time quickly and sternly.
Wk Senator Pettus was not a great orator,
MR/ but lie was a keen debater, anil possessed a
fund of sarcasm upon which be draw libiflhn
erally when occasion otTered, as w.ts evlL^nri
ilonnurl in l\)o nalaUrotnrl wit!l Sonfltfir
tBeveridge. Ho venerated the Constitution
of the United States and was never
abspnt from ji debate on that subjeet, but
d-spite liis advanced years would sit
patiently for hours, shitting his ixisition
from time to time to be near the s -nator
who was occupying the floor.
One day In th? last session of Congress
ex-Senator Pugh of Alabama came up to
QBkl the Senate and stood In th 1 r.ar of tiie
seat.*. where lie was soon join d by Sen?ator
Morgan. Senator Pettu?, peering over
his horn-rlinmed spectacles, joined his colleague
and his predecessor. The tliree remaincd
in friencly conversation for finite
01 a wliile, much to th? interest of th? spectators.
who remarked that Hie combined I
BJ ng-? of the three Alabamiana wa- 250 years.
Mr. Pngh was eighty-seven. Senato- I'ettus
was eighty-six and Senator Morgan was
ygy eighty-three. They have ail passed over
within the year.
Beloved bv His CoHeae-ues.
Senator Pettus was very much beloved by
his colleagues. Notwithstanding hi.s adjg.
vanced a go he was fond of amusement and
Ew) was devoted to a friendly game of cards at
his own homo, recognizing no limitations of
time when fir.jrayed in his favorite pursuit,
W so long as the candle held out to burn and
the fine cut was not exhausted. Many deKyi
light ful anecdotes are told of his fondness
*?^ for harmless play.
? ro a irienu last year he expressed His
three cardinal principles or views of life,
lie said: "I love my wife, I love a game
A] of cards and I hope to live to be quite .a
mature man." Ho was only eighty-six
then, but he did not regard that as any691
thing. He was devot >d to his family and
was a great home lover.
Senator Pettus will be succeeded by Mr.
Joseph F. Johnston, who was choscn at
the primaries as an alternate the same
ffia] time Mr. Bankhead was elected to succeed
Sf-nator Morgan In event of his death. Mr.
jonnsion is a man oi pr nouncea ability in
Mj both business and politics. Ho is of atw'
tractive personality, with engaging address,
?and it te P ophcsUd will be a cr<?ri:t to his
state. He mad.' his reputation in politics
in reconstruction days, when ttie democracy
'fl&S of Alabama was in great straits, but he
JBy is a man of modern iJi*as and thoroughly
? alive to the int rests of the n-'w /south.
One of Mr. Johnston's neph ws, Gordon
Johnston, w.is a member of Col. Koosevelt's
regiment of Rough Kid'rs in the
.Svi w:>r with Sj.ain and is very mucli liked by
the President, m
m ?
Delaware Financier Is Opposed to
? Roosevelt's Renomination.
Spr**lal CaliloRram to The Star.
LONDON. July 27?Gen J. H. Wilson of
Delaware, accompanied by Rudolph Ellis,
the head of tin* Fidelity Trust Company,
left the Hotel Kitz today for Paris. Gen.
Wilson, in unpatlnp r?f 4
Ojj was emphatic in denunciation of President
^ ^ Roosevelt, saying it would be disastrous to
tlie conservative element of the republican
5B^/ party if he were renominated. The general
"1 know thousands of the leading eonservative
business men of the country
? within the republican ranks who have never
voted the democratic ticket, but who will do
so if Mr. Roosevelt is nominated. Personally,
1 shall vote against him.
JBy "While political matters are chaotic, I do
"ot think there is any likelihood of the
nomination being given to the present oecupant
of ttie White House. Of all the
?prospective candidates the chances of Gov.
Hughes seem to mi to be gro%ving better i
f?v each day, but it would not be safe for any I
g|| man in the present circumstances to ven- |
lure it propneay as 10 who will de the next
standard-bearer of the republican party."
Had Been a Well-Known Actor for
Fifty Years.
CHICAGO. July 1!7.?C. T. Murphy, promOt)
lnently connected with the American >;ta^o
for almost half a century, died today at his
m home In Lake Bluff, 111., after an illness
of two years. Mr. Murphy was an actor,
playw ight, stride manacer and snmr 1
HS9J writer. During Ills stage career lie played I
j?_ with Edwin and John Wilkes Booth, John
McCullough, Joseph Jefferson, Lawrence
^J8j5v Barrett, Kd win Forrest, W. H. Crane and
Maggie Mitchell. x
(?f) *
Queen and Ingomar Compelled to
?1 Drop Out.
NEW YORK, July 27.?After a race that
^cen- ^eKun with the utmost excitement and in
next which both J. R. Maxwell's schooner Queen
and M. K. Plant's Ingomar withdrew from
ial'oy the contest, the Ehnina crossed the line a
IVOllld winner in tli.? 1?o> ~? "*1
... >..v- ??>. u.ij ui tut- L.arcnmont
t the Yacht <"lub r.ices on Long Island sound.
stop The sailing was full of incident until the
is be Queen and the Ingomar were compelled to
'ition. drop out.
to 72 On the lirst round Capt. Charles Barr
was lending with the Ingomar and tha
arke, Queen and the B'mina were about even
lutlon jn second place. A long tow got in the
was way of the yueen. Hnd she was oo-npelled
citl- to go about, los ng so much time that she
mem- withdrew. On the second round one of the
then Ingomar's sails was tr.rn nn nnH
stopped racing. The Elmina went on !
alone and crossed the line without any
The fifty-seven-foot sloop class was won
, ' by Istaiena, Aurora second and Winsome
Ed- third.
In the sixty-six-foot class the Effort
had a walkover.
During the race for eighty-foot sloops
i an- Judge John Proctor Clarke's son's boat,
erick I the Mist, capsized and sank in the choppy
, wj]| waters, and J. M. Williams' boat, Nora,
also went down. All on board were picked
at up by passing vessels. Near the finishing
r."),<XX) line the sloop yucenie capsized, but did
ousin not sink.
ltion, Hard Labor for Life for Soldiers.
0,000, BUKHAREST, July 27.?Fifty-eight Roumanian
soldiers were I*(lay condemned by
n he a court-martial to hard labor for life for
sons, having refused to fire on peasants during
mar- the outbreak of agrarian disorders in this
aaltl- country last March. Three soldiers were
m in <iente'ioed to twenty years' hard labor for
hus- having killed an officer and other men were
if his given shorter terms or imprisonment for
?k, a haring participated In the uprising and rc*esid
fusing to obey orders.
Jd^y To Try to Float Stranded Steamer.
The HALIFAX. *N. S., July 27.?It is not def- |
event jnjtely known here whether the West India i
fu.000 line steam(>r Orinoco, which went ashore j
lllam ott CaP? Sable last night, can be floated. A 1
mam representative of the Orinoco's owners left ]
here today for the scene of the wreck. Two |
steamers also have been dispatched from
i ob- this port to Cape Sable to assist in floatThe
lng the Orinoco if It should be found possible
to save h?r.
Was Being Subjected to Anesthetic
Preparatory to an Operation for
Whil,? Ix-inp placed under Hip influence of
nn am stheti' preparatory to undergoing an
Operation for ::>pendicltis at th< Columbia
imspuai. yes? .day afternoon. M;ss Heiie
Sinclair. daughter of Mrs. Daisy Sinclair
and the late Krig. Gen. William Sinclair, V.
S. A., died very suddenly. Her d"ath was
attributed to congestion of the lungs.
The relatives and friends of the young
woman were greatly shocked at the announcement
of her death, as she was in
apparently perf^^t health when she awoke j
yesterday morning at hrr apartments in 1
the Rochambcau. Following the breakfast |
hour she complained of a slight pain In her |
fiu* . niiu in in 'I'll ii ui' ?tinv su M'\n t aim |
alarming that Dr. VV. J. Bovee was sum- |
moiled, and he directed that she be sent to
the hospital for an operation without delay.
Death claimed Miss Sinclair forty
minutes after the anesthetic was administered.
Dr. Bovee was assisted at the hospital by
Dr. Lowe, and prior to administering the
ethei they subjected the patient to the
most thorough examination, the results of
n-li inlt rr > *'?i no m-l/1 irion .if ?'a>ibnAcc . .n t tin
n uivii ? ? v: iiti rt inriitc v? i ?-? ru nuioo >111 iin
part of the respiratory organs. The heart Is
said to have been in excellent condition.
A< cording to statements made by relatives
of the young woman, th? physicians administered
an' exceptionally small quantity of
the ether, notwithstanding they were satisfied
that the condition of the patient was
such as to enable her to undergo the or
aeai, ano wnen mey noieu me msiani mfcct
it had on Miss Sinclair they were
mystified at the results. They at once
realized the danger of the situation, and
made heroic efforts to save her life, hut
were unsuccessful. Mrs. Sinclair, t lie
mother of the young jvonyui. was In the
operating room, and was standing I) side
her daughter when the death occurred.
Miss Sinclair was the only surviving
daughter of Mrs. Sinclair. Her father,
thf late (Jen. Sinclair, was for many years
Identitied with the army and old Washington
society. Her material grandfather was
William J. McDonald, for years chief clerk
of the I'nited States Senate. Miss Sinclair
was thirty-eight years old. and was prominent
in society.
Although no definite plans have been
mide, Mrs. Sinclair said last niRl t that the
funeral will he held at St. John's Kpiscopal
Church, at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Burial will be at Arlington cemetery, where
the body will be placed beside that of Gen.
Big Dredge Ancon Sails From Baltimore
to Colon!
The big twin-screw suction dredge Ancon,
which was built at Sparrows Point by the
Maryland Stetl Company for the isthmian
canal commission.' has sailed from the yard
of her builders en route to Colon, where she
will go in s?rvice. The dredge is one of
the largest ever built in this country and
Is going to the isthmus under her own
steam. A description of the ship was given
in The Star about two we?ks ago. The
An?on has aboard the machinery of the
smaller dredge Mindi. which is on it< way
to Colon in tow of the Norfolk tug Jack
Twohy-and which will arrive at its destina
tion arjout tiie lime in? Ancon arrives mrn-.
The Mindl anil Ancon are to b? employed
in dredging operations in connection with
the digging of the Panama canal. Work on
the construction of the dredge Culebra. the
sister ship of the Ancon,"is now in progress
at the steel works at Sparrows Point, and
within six weeks she will be completed and
re^dy to sail for the south. Capt. Hellikson
is in command of the Ancon on the trip
to Colon.
' I
Two Power Launches Latest Additions
to the Fleet.
The power launch Aline, belonging to Mr.
A. Murray of this city, and the power
launch Levant, belonging to Messrs. Arthur
A rtKiir T r\ f title < ?! %.*
V aiKll.l <11111 muiui vi WHO V.VJ . j
are the latest additions to the fl^et of pleasure
boats owned here. They were put overboard
at Reagan's railway the latter
part of last week and as soon as they can
be fitted out they will go in service. Both
boats were built by their owners in this |
city from knockdown frames and the keels
were laid on the same day and they were
launched the same day. Both boats are of
the same type and are thirty feet long,
with ample beam to give them stability on
the water. They are both equipped with
sixteen-horsepower gasoline engines that
will give them good #peed. They have
roomy cabins, with comfortable accommodations
for lone tiips. The new boats are
handsome craft and will be big additions to
the local fleet of pleasure craft.
Capt. C. 11. Brannagan has a thirty-foot
dead-rise sailing rraft at Cumberland's
boathousc at the foot of 9th street to be
fitted with an auxiliary engine, a shaft and
wheel. A ten-hors?power gasoline motor is
to be installed aboard the boat and h r
owners will use her for pleasure cruising
on the river. The equipment of masts and
sails will be left on tlie boat for service
with fair winds o:' should the engine become
disabled. TI.e craft will be used for
pleasure trips on the river during the late
summer and fall.
Small Boy Loses Himself.
Hugh Carter. t?n years of age, whose
home Is at Lanhnm station. Prince George
county. Md.. left his home yesterday to enjoy
a walk in the woods and got so far
away that he was unable to llnd his way
bark. Late in the afternoon lie was found
on the outskirts of this city by Mr. Stevens
of 41H loth street. The latter took the boy
home with him and notified the police.
Samuel ('. Carter, father of the boy, was
advised of his whereabouts and lie was
taken home.
Junior Machinists' Outing.
"Won't von come to our excursion. Marv
In this Uapry fashion the union of Junior
Machinists, No. 17, set about issuing invitations
a few days ago for their annual
outing at Marshall Hall tomorrow. In
addition to this the cards contain an unqualified
offer to admit everybody to their
matrimonial club, which may or may not
be organized in connection with the picnic,
and the Junior Machinists report that favorable
responsi s have been coming in from all
directions. The river boats undoubtedly
will carry crowds of record size on their
trinu tnmnrrnw
The M. E. Deaconess Commission.
BALTIMORE, July 27.?The deaconess
commission of the tleneral Conference of
the Methodise Episcopal Church will recommend
to the General Conference which
will meet hera nex" May that all deaconess
affairs be taken out of the hands of the
board of bishops aud turned over to a special
board of nineteeen members, five of
whom are to be bishops, selected by the
uoaru 01 uisnops. mere will be four pastors.
four laymen and six women, three of
the latter to he deaconesses.
Revolver Was Ancient and Unloaded.
Augustus Williams, colored, sixty years
of age. whosa lone Is on Defiees street,
was locked up at the ninth precinct police
station last night upon a charge of carry- t
ing concealed weapons. Policeman Berens i
arrested Williams In tiu northeast section j
of the city because, it Is charged, he had I
an old revolver in his pocket. The weapon
was not loaded, and the elderly man begged
to be released, saying his wife died only
about a month ago and he was anxious to
go home. His appeal to the policeman waa
not heeded and he was locked up.
NBW YORK. July ?7 Resolution* xpressing
indignation at the murder of H.
S. Tavshanjlan. the wealthy Armenian rug
merchant who wan assassinated on th?
siwi nere several daxs an.). and pledting
support to the authorities in their effort*
to put an end to such crime* were adopted
at a mass meeting of several hundred
Armenians at Murray 1111 l.yceum tonijrht.
The police believe that Tavshanjian was
the victim of a band of Armenian bla kmailers,
whose agent Belros Mampartzoomlan,
the man under arrest for the murder.
shot down the merchant because oj
his refusal to comply with tlie band's i!cmands
for money. Dr. A Ayrazian p
sidrd at the meeting tonight Among t <?
speakers was Archbishop Sa>;? Ijum of t <j
Armenian Church.
Resolutions adopted by the Armenian llepublcan
Club of Boston regarding the murder
of Tavshanjlan were read.
The district attorney's office continued today
the Investigation int.* tin* mnr.ler i
rug merchant. Th?>re soems little doubt
that Hampartzoomian, the man undor arrest.
had confederate* In I he crime, but no
other arrests have been nwidc.
The court of appeals at Paris Wednesday
reversed the decision of the lower court !n
the Spencer v\ i 11 east*, thereby setting as ?le
the judgment of the lower court granting
the Princess de Vlcovaro possession of the
estate In -France.
BELT. Departed tlilN life on Friday morning. July
2?'?. at !? o'<vo?k. afi?ir a lingering iilnc**,
ltiNATll S l>elove<l hu*l-ati'l ?>f Marllia
and father of Artnatcad and William beit, aged
eighty seven years.
Funeral service* at 11??ly Trinity Church Monday
niorniiij,* at 'J o\ lo?k.
B1KNSIPE. On Thursday. July 2\ liur7. at I in
resilience nt Ii> attvville. M?! . JAMES l(lt Ah*
rw111> m ii.NMin-..
Funeral serines at Finkney Memorial Church, Hyntlsvilie.
Sunday, Jul\ 2S. at 4 p.m. Interment
at Rock Creek cemetery at C> o'clock. 2
C-ommandery of the 1Mb trie t of ColumMft.
city of Washington. .lulv 27. 1'.h>7.
The death of Succession Companion J.WIKfl
BRADFORD HCKNSlhi: at I lyattsviilc. Maryland,
on the 2."?th Instant, is announced to the
Command* ry.
Funeral services, at which the attendance of Com.
panions Ik requested, will l?e held at Finkney Memorial
Church, llyattavllle. on Sunday, 2sih Instant.
at 4 o'clock p.m. Interment at Uock Creek
cemetery. D. C . at 0 o'?iock p.m.
The Insignia ?.f the Or.ler will he worn.
Hy eointuand of
Brevet ltrlg. Oenl. M. V/ \Y')OPII 1'Lh. I S Vol*.,
Comiil >m!cr.
CANNON. On Saturday. July 27. 1907. m11 10
a.m.. MARY IHILIA. beloved daughter of ratrick
and Julia Cannon, aged eight ninths and
eighteen days.
I.'im. l ti I * I... ? -- V- . IT
L'Oili street northwest. .Monday, July 29. mi 9
o'clock a.m. Foncral private.
FITZGERALD. On Saturday. July 27. 1007. JOHN
FITZG Kit ALU, the beloved husband of Monorail
I- itzgerald.
Funeral will tnke place from T. A. Co*tollo's
undertaking establishment. Monday. July 29. at
h:43 a.m.; thence to St. Aloyslua Church. where
mass will l?e said at 9 a.m. for the repose ??f Ma
soul. Funeral private. 2
FLETCHER. IH-parted tldfl lif* on July 2l?, 1907,
at 10:35 p.m.. at her liome. 515 M ?tr?et
northwest. JANE, beloved and devoted wife of
William Fletcher.
Funeral from her late residence. Monday. July 29,
at 4 p.m. Interim ut pri vate.
INGRAM. On July 20. 1907, at 2:35 a m . at her
residence. 0OU K street north went, Mrs. I U CJNDA
INGRAM, wife of George Ingram.
FunerAl Sunday, July 28, at 1 o'clock, from Zfon
Baptist Church, F street between 3d and 4^
streets southwest. x 1
LOMAX. Suddenly, at her residence. 931 M street
northwest. KL1.1CN LI'CI DA, relict of the lata
John M. I.oimtx of Charles county. Md.
The funeral services will Ik- held Sunday, July 2S,
11)07, at 4 p.m.. at tin- t'liurch of the Imarnatiou.
corner of N ami 12th streets northwest,
interment, private, at (llenwood cemetery.
(Charles county, Mil., papers please copy ) 2
MIXHALL. On July 2?. 11K>7. at 9:30 n.m. at
Ills residence, 51*0 3th street southeast, JOSKI'II *
it., the koii of Capt. James K. and tile late
Annie Mulhail.
Funeral Monday, July 20 at 0:30 a.m.; thfnce to
St. Peter's Church, where reiiaiem man will i?o
said for the repose of hi6 soul.
SINCLA1K. Suddenly, on Saturday. July *7, 1907,
at 2:10 p.m.. at Washington. !>. C., Mlm
1SKLI.K S1NCLA1U, the daughter of Mm. haMo
Sinclair and the late (Jen. William Sinclair,
I'. S. Army.
Services at St. John's Church. Washington M? nday,
July 29. at -i p.m. Interment ut Arlington.
(New Vork papers please copy.) 2
THILL. Suddenly, on Saturday. July 27 1007. at
N:.m a.m.. ANTON .11*1.11 S TIIILL, beloved
1 > liali'.l . I ..r A :.?r,TI.IIl
Funeral Monday. July 2J?. at p.m.. 'rtMn Ma
late resltknc*. 1222 Mli s'reet oorlbwi>nt.
Friends ami relatives invited. < Haltluiore pa|N*ra
please copy.)
THOMAS. On Friday July IN',. 1907. MAUY 10.
THOMAS. devoted wife of William 11. Thomas.
Funeral Monday at 2 o'clock from Lincoln Temp c,
11th and K streets.
In Memoriam.
BAKKRSMITFI. In sad but loving remembrance
of my dear son. UKOlHii: II. IfAKKKSMITll,
who died one year ago to'lay -July 28, 10 Hi.
The ange's cau.e for iny son tieorge.
I pleaded. O let him stay.
The angels answered. "Wo cHnnot,"
And t(.ok my son away.
1JY 1118 MOT 11KB.
RUAHLER. In sad but loving remembrance of n.jr-"
hnsban-l and our father. WILLIAM I?!t A I lLF.ll.
who died fifteen years ago l??day-July 2S,
ri\l(|.MMl Tii c.1.1 Kilt- lmlnir r.mon hran.vi .?f s.nr
dear father. DANIEL i'\ SlfKltD, wIm> ?W l?c;i
*d this life five years ago today?July "N,
Sorely our God. In 11 Ih wisdom.
Known what is rl^rlit and besl;
* And >vr wait unlay 1o~ tuuienee.
Till we meet in the land of rest.
HtT'PEKT. In !oving hut sad remembrance of my
beloved son And "ur dear brother, JOSE I'll
D. Kl ri'EBT. w ho di?*d wwu yearn ago today
-July 2*. 1900.
Loved in life, remembered in de4tli.
WAUD. In loving memory ??f our faithful mother.
Mr*. ELIZABETH WAltD who died five year*
ago yesterday July 27. 11102.
Over our hearts Ju the years that have Clown
There is no l??ve, d".*<r mother, 'Ike time owe
Tired of the base the hollow, the untrue.
Mother, oh motht r. our hearts long for you.
W. K. SFlcAiklc,
94<0) F Str.eet N.W.,
'Phones Maim
J. Will.1AM U.K. rut', ntl Dlnvtor
nnil Knilmluur Lh?*rj In conwctlon. Commodious
chapel uimI ni<xl<'rn oreiniitortum. Modo?t pri.rs.
.132 Ppniiaylvfinlri avc. n.w. mil 1380
ruNKitAi. diufctors \m> km halm Kits,
132ri I4TH ST. N W. Telephone Norm 37:?.
'Phono N. f&S. nVaiX'l. ISTto Htb ?t n.w.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
3034 M st. \wv. ^^ vsrs1*Wffl.
H. SARDO & CO., "
408 II *t. n.o. Modem Chapel. 'Pbone UbcoIh 524.
1520 N. Cap. 8t. 'IMiorit- North .12.>3.
ckoh(;k iT zt inioitsT.^
CTudertukcr nrnl IC:itlwiliuor,
Funeral I'arlors. .101 Kn*t <*ni?itol st.
Telephone Liuoolii .'{72.
Mooern Cbapcl. Tolcph ne call North S29
Tim OS. So SfciKUItON,
srrrEssoit to h. s cain.
ion 7t!i *t. n.w. TdepiiOflg Mtto 101>0.
I'bnnc M .'k!7.
Tbono 2416 llulo. 14 lu aud Ey? ?( . u w.

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