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?pec].*il Cnrronp^ii'lence of The Star.
ATLANTIC CITY. August 10. 1907.
Tli'1 up-to-date suiii p 11 *r girli My how
?he laled into insignificance before a'
couple of the old-fashioned summer girls j
een on the beach In the early part of this
week for th> first time. These latter summer
?lrls were born within the hearing of
the r. ar if the sea. They played on the
sands wet by the billows all the years of
their chidhood. They bathed in the o.^ean
as children and as young women. They
till bathe in it as o'.d women, for they are
old?at least in years. They have passed
the three-score-and-ten mark. And they
are twins, too. They don't live near enough
to the ocean now to hear the jdash of tlie
billows as they break on the sands. They
moved to a little farm about eight miles
away from here, on the mainland, several
years ng >; but not a year passes th*>y do
not come down to the shore to sj>end the
entir- month of August, and they bathe in
the << tan i vtry day of their stay, Sunday
exc.f.t .1. Their b'Uhing suits are not of!
the latest style, b it they are comfortable i
end they are mod-st. And these summer j
girls <>f sixty years ago. are good swimmer;
They swim as far out as any of the 1
young men who visit the resort, and can |
ex'-. 1 ;ii? i , r cent of the young women In
aquatic feats
The >avht races and the automobile carnival
havt been among the chief attractions
f the resort this week.
Crabbing parties nre all the fashion
hen t'>0. There have been numerous crabbing
excursions inaugurated here In the 1
last week or so One went Out from the
Hotel Bingh&m the other day, and almost a
boatVari of the crustaceans was raptured.
They were taken hack to the Hotel Binsham
where the proprietress, Mrs. Parkes,
hail them cooked in various styles and gave
the members of the i>arty a crab lunch.
Former Gov. McCork'.e of West Virginia
la a visitor at the Ht tel Iroquois. He Is accompanied
by his wife, brother and sisterin-law,
and tl.e entire party are guests of
Mr Levi Cassell, who is spending some time
In Atlantic City Mr. Casse'.i wis taken 111
more than two years ago. and was s?nt to
tflls place for the benefit of his health. So'
great and rapid has been the improvement
M him during his ?:ay that he has almost
aeclded to become a permanent resident of
<japt. W. C. Cowles of the United States
Army, accompanied by his wife and son,
spending the week at the resort. They
Are making their home at the Hotel Clyde.
Capt. Jonn J. Healy. who superintended
tilj Surveying tor the route of the AlaskaBiberlan
railroad. Is spending a oouple of
w4wu at the Hotel Rlngham. He expects to
M called back to Alaska. In the near future.
J^culs F. Q&rdijer of Washington ha* arrived
at thft sfcofe to ?pond a fortnight at
Beflvhlre Ii\n with his daughter, Jdiss Virffin]a
Mr arid Mrs. John A. Schaeffer have
lciaed tne Washington colony ?t the Hotel
Xqt*re!l$, Both are enthusiastio over flshhaVlng
their share of luck In
ifr Wiflilun Pitt Kellogg, a former gov- I
fnor of iialne, but nt?y a resident of
irtnn ft C*. la an^nillno' ? mnnfVi of I
tb? Jla.^.boroujh-Blonhelpn, where he la ac?ChfltKtni$d
By hip attr44tlve niece. Miss
Mai*> KelfogtWilTs.
Ciiar^a J walker of Washington Is enjoying
irs, Aujrvrft vacation at the sl\ofe.
Ho Is ^cccxnjSaniciJ by Mrs. Walker and
their son, iiaster Walker. They are registered
at Berkshire Infi.
Mr ?U?0 Mr* Harry Paul Thorp. Mrs.
faints and Miss Jennie B CMar?
ijy&anln$ton, l5. C., are at the WllfO.
J Iofen?on, the three Mlesee Johnson,
Ml?? FiOta ilritlon. Albert Johnson
And Ejwan} B. Wsuker have augmented thd
pig Washington colony at the glutei Traytnor?.
Mr and Mrs. George I'earson and Mrs.
Hall of Washington have arrived to spend
th? mouth <jf August at young's Hotel.
ACCJUipa-nieu "J uir.r yreiiy daughter,
Mr. ana Mr? HolUngsiiead, Washington
fcoc'.etj folk, are stopping- at the Avoca
L. A IJebmar. hu? Joined a fashionable
Washing-ton colony at the Hotel Iroquois.
Capt. and Mrs. W. T. Hodgws, popular In j
Washington social circled, ar? fojourning
Indefinitely at the Hotel P^nnhurst.
llrs C. T Belt of the Capital city has
leased ple.isant apartments at Haddon Hall
to remain at the shore until 8?ptember.
Mr? Chaterhlne Pehnm&n of Washington
lias Joined friends at the Chalfonte.
Visitors from Washington are registered
at the following Atlantic City hotels:
American Garden?W. Denlnon.
Hotel Arlington?iH. Davis and P. Demp ey.
Hotel Alfred?C. F. King. C. W. Nee, wife
and children.
Hotel Afberdeen?Mr. an.d Mrs. Wade,
Berkshire Inn?H O Berglln and wife,
M:s J 0 MaoChenny and children.
Hotel Belden?P. M Schwartz, Mls? M.
Schwartz Mls9 C. Callan and P. Call&n.
Hotel Bothwell?C. M. Davis. J. J. Broe UUI.
Hotel Borton?Charles Frtcks, B. BurVeaa.
Hotel Clarendon?George Keen, 8 8. Carpenter
Hotel Chalfonte?Mr. and Mr*. Q 8.
Whitford. Mamie A. Leonard, Dorothy H.
Dorr an.
Hotel Cajrtro?A. Neff and family.
Haddon Hall?A. H Plant. Leon M.
traus, Is. A. Clarke, Jennie Alllaon, J. B.
L j
I i
i i
Allison. W. H. Gatchell, Miss Olive Plant,
Win. H. West, wife anU baby, Mrs. C. L.
Hotel Cornell?Mrs. P. Jones, Thomas
rr.i it. Mn 11?W r Parker Mrfl Doneh
erty, Mrs. Robertson. }
Hotel Chelsea?Mrs. R. Sweeney, Mrs. 0
Chas. Trultt. b
Hotel Creston?Mrs. A. C. Read. Miss F. c
Re id. Miss W. Jlrdine, P. Fassatt.
Hotel Chctwoode?Owen Rabbltt, M.
Bernstein, C. A. Dowbit, John Daley, Francis
Hotel Colwyn?Mrs. M. Hailman, Miss B.
Hotel Continental?W. Higgins, C. H.
Cross, J. Hausar.
Hotel Columbia?Mrs. J. Elliott and
Ho:el Clifton?Mrs. C. Lount, W. Lount,
Mrs. M. L. Davenport, Mrs. J. V. Murray
J and C. B. Lucas.
j Hotel Dennis?H. H. Harn, Mrs. Louis
| Belrose, Miss Belrose, J. V. Camalien, T. E.
McGregun, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Fivor,
Miss Mary Callenowen, Miss Dess M.
Bowers, John H. G-iipper, family and nurse,
J. G. Maradel and family. Maj. T. H.
Eboitt House?J. H. Orth and wife, M. J. ]
Fiansord and wife. M." Barr J Dermodv. !
Hotel Erie?Mrs. J. Kabbitt and daugh- j t
ter. \
Hotel Elwood?Mr. and Mrs. H. Knoff.
Hotel Elberon?Annie Connor, May Con- o
nor. a
Hotel Frontenac?C. Hall and wife, Thos. *\
Gilmer. t
Hotel Fredonia?J. Bishop and wife, F.
Brown, M. Flynn, Chas Terry and wife.
Hotel Gladstone? Mrs. M. Cromwell.
Hotel Holmhurst?J. Tweedale, Mrs. J.
Twewlale, E. K. Staley, Mrs. G. K. Staley,' t
J. G. Johnstone, Mrs Johnstone, H. B. Har- a
rlson, G. J. Osterman.
Hamilton Hall?P. Larsen. c
Hotel Keystone?Miss N. Horn and moth- n
Hotel Loralne?L. Schlossberg, F. Schloss- ?
berg, l^eo. M. Schlossberg. Melvin Schloss- *
ber?, Morris Sehlo=sberg. Mildred Schloss- i
berg, H. J. Lange.
Hotel La Fontaine?Miss C. Ratcliffe, Miss
L, Pratt, Win Arlmon and wife, Miss P. %
McClure, E. P. Stuart, Mrs. Waring, Miss
Hotel Larchmont?Miss Kennedy, Miss
Richenbacher, Nora F tzgerald, Katherine ;
FitEgeruld, Katherme McQuade, J. Nerry, i
J. T. Ferry, Mr. Scanlon, Koland Wallace, !
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wood.
Hotel Moncaster?Mrs. W. Flchtenkan,
Miss A. Fichtenkan.
Hotel Monticello?Mr. and Mrs. L. Bergmack,
C. Holl and wife, Mrs. B. Wrlgnt,
H Ha'.n, Mr. and Mrs. J. CKConnell, J. w.
Hotel Belmont?F. W. Selbold and
wife, Mrfc A. Hundon, Master C. Hudson,
Mies H. Jones. Miss J. E- Pettlt, Mrs. J. F.
Hotel Normandle?B. Myers and wife.
Hotel New England?w. W. Wehgan, E.
Payne. E. J. Qulnn and family, Mr. J. B. K.
Elliott find wlfft.
Hotel Ostend?Mrs. C. MCEane, James
Phillips ?[ou#o?8. Wliiiten, Mrs. N, Qroga.
Hotel Princes*?Mite M. Arnold, Mrs. F.
B. Arnold.
^iotel Runnymede?Cora Osslre, Robert
088lre, Mrs B. MusSey.
Hotel Raleigh?A, I>. Haas.
Hotel Rudolph?Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Payers,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Goldenberp.
Hotel R!o Grande?Thoe. Menn and wife.
Hotel dothern?C- C. Redwood, J. M. Wearing,
W, P. Lieinberg.
Hotel Stanley?H. L.. Fornwald and wife,
S. A. WAnl.
Hotel Sherwin?M. Waters.
Hotel ijhelburne?Mrs. E. Ervana.
Hotel Seobriffht-S. Wallard.
Hotel St. Claire?Mr. J. Kallmann and
Seaside House?W. C. Hood and wife.
Hotel Sah Jose?A. Lambert, A. S. Lambert.
Hotel Tray more??dw. Walker. Mrs. P.
Burks. Mr*, franklin, H. Franklin, H. Van
Beuden, Mrs J. BasraOHotel
Wiltshire?3. M. Hassett, E J. Tebrey,
Mrs. J. O'Mara, Miss (J. B. O'Mara.
Young's Hotel?Geo. W. Pearson and wife.
Miss Hall, C. N, Wood, Mr8. Chas. Hearnu,
H. Kipp, L. Brett, J. H. Crawford, S.
Smith, B. Hughes.
Spwltl Corre?ponii#nc? of The Star.
UBB9BURQ. August 10, 1007.
Mr. and Mrs Hartley Trundle entertained
at Rxeter, their home near here, j
tin Wednesday evenlngr In honor of their *
house guests, the Misses Gaitlier and Miss I
Helunan of North Carolina. Thoaa present
were M'.ss Ethel Pike of Washington, !
D. C.: MSbs Florence Van Devanter, Miss ]
France? Marlow, Miss Ada Alexander, Miss
Llllas Janney, Mies Margaret Flshburne t
Miss Rebecca Harrison. Miss Mary Cbnrad' <
Miss Nancy Lee Janney. Mies Cora Lutz,
Mlas Maria. Washington Harrison, Mlse Haj-rietto
Conrad. Mlsa Netta Harrison. Messrs 1
Charles F. Harrison. KMjrar Littleton, J. 3
R. H. Alexander. Albert English, Walter i
Harrison, Cuthbert Conrad, Robert Preeton
William icuim. wuuu juimicj- or fnua- <
dfclphia. MoOormlck of Washington. Prttch- i
ar<i and McCorkle of Haddon-fleld, N. J.,
and {lev. W. H. Burkliardt of LeeBburr. :
The Bridge Club vu entertained on Wed- '
neaday morning by Mrs. Thomas W. ?Xiwards
at her home on Cornwall street, 1
Leesburg. The gue?ts of the olub were
Miss A<letalC? Qaither of North Carolina.
Mlse Ethel Pike of Washington. M1m Mary
Qienn Austin of Leesburg, Mrs. Charles T.
Claggett of Washington and Mrs. William
Burr Harrison of Washington. The mem
1 ? m, _ *-?_? VHoa !
uera were JUK.I ttwectja Iiaii irrvn,
LIIIhs Janney, Miss Virginia Bowie, Mlas
Florence Van Devanter, Mis a Anna Shepherd.
Miss Cora Lutx, Miss Virginia Bowie,
Mrs. Hartley Trundle. Mr?. William A. I
Metager, Mrs. William H. Martin and Mrs.
W. D. Hempstone. The top score was made
by Sirs Trundle. *
The attendance at the second day of the
annual ifreeting of the Prohibition and
&v>ngeHeal Association of Loudoun County,
srhlch It being held ijear Purcellvllle,, this
:ouwty. was very good . - ?~
Iti ^ie artertiooh ah exciting game of
ball wfcj played between the teams representing
Purcollvllle and Leesbutg. The
former Wife defa&ted by the score of 5
to 2. The feature of the game was the
batting gf Cfistle for Leesburg. The batteries
wWe: Leesburg, Jackson and Alexander-Purcellvllle,
Roszel and Young.
Dr. William B. C&rr of "Washington, D.
C., la ^lilting relatives near Wheatland,
Loudoun county.
Mrs William Burr Harrison of Washington
is, with her little child, the guest
of Mrs. W. 1>. Hempstone of this town.
Mrs. Mary M Cline and Miss Grace Citne
sf Winchester. Va? are visiting: relatives
In Leesburg.
Miss Anna M. Lewis, who has been
flatting the Misses Pike of this town,
tula returned to her home In Georgia. .
Kte^srs. Prltehard and McCorkle of HadIbnfiald.
N. J., are guests of Rev. VV. H.
3'urkhardt at the rectory In Leesburg.
Miss Bertha Perry of this plaoe Is the
files t of Miss Winifred Fegan of Wash- ]
Inffton. t
Special Correspondence of Hi" Star. I
FIRGMttA BEACH. Va., August 10. 1U07. I
Th? members of the Mexican National t
Band, tb3 jgovernm?nt band of Mcx oo,
were entertained at Luncheon last Sunday fl
ifternoon by Mayor Holland and Mr. W.
r. O'Keefe of the town council. Alcwit
Ifty-six members of the organization were
present and seated at the several tables
iprcad in the pavilion. The luncheon was
liven immediately after the afternoon con:ert
otf the band, and proved quite a treat
tor the members, in that the menu oon lsted
of local products in the form of sea
food. ' s
The exposition car service recently organ?ed
by the Norfolk and Southern Railway
-ounpany has been well patronized since
:he beginning. The cars leave Virginia
Beach at 0 o'clock in the morning and 0
in the evening, and go direct to th<^6xpolition
grounds without stops, so tliat the
:rip is both rapid and convenient. The last
airs to leave the exposition grounds at
light give plenty of time to attend all the
concerts and illuminations and arrive at
:lie Beach about midnight. It is estimated i
iiiat the road lias carried several thousand t
people on those special trips dur.ng the a
>ast fe-w'days, and otht-r arrangements are 1
jeing made to provide for any groat lnireasfe
that may occur. J
The 'Casino at Cape Henry was the scena c
Wednesday last of a large llsh fry given
:o the members of the Knights of Coium- \
>us, in convention at Norfolk. About \
L,6(X> people were present and greatly en- t
loyed the dinner, most of them being from
;he interior of the United States, and con- is
lequently strangers to this style of dinner. i<
During the afternoon a Cakewalk was r
fiven. Dancing and bathing also formed
i part of the amusements provided for the t
fisitors. (
Capt. Carroll Foster of the Virginia Pilot f
kssoolatlon was the host at a dinner given
n board the steamer Relief Wednesday C
.fternoon. Covers were laid for eight, the 1
aptain's guests belr.g Miss Isabelie M. a
'eacock of Washington, D. C.; Miss Carrie
Jltnner, Miss Henrietta Blumer and M.ss 1:
MUlor r?f \"otv Vnr'rf n n H \Tr Ran tan
.fidgett of Norfolk, chaperoned by Mrs. d
-Term^n J. Walz of Washington. D. C., >;
ind Mrs. Mack Johnson of Norfolk. During 3
he afternoon the party was taken far a
ihort Cruise out of the capes, and the 8
nethod of transferring pilots from the in- r
oniing and outgoing ships was demontrated
to the party. ^
Messrs. Claude and Wilbur Lindsey of 11
Washington, I). C., were recent visitors to
he Cace.
Miss O. Olivia Kirk and Miss F. C. Con- I
erse of Washington, D. C., are recent ar- t
Ivals to register at the Mount Vernon. ^
Mr. C. O. Lyle and Mrs. Lyle of Wash- a
nminn Vl HTfl QrHT'al Qt fh/1 Dairtll
Ii-g t-vjii, JU?. ' . Ii??c uiiitcu ?.i. v*it; jucauu
or an extended visit, and are quartered at 0
he Hotel Virginia Beach. I
Miss Isabelle M. Peacock of the reclamalon
service. Department of the Interior, ig v
isitlng relatives at the Cape. c
Miss Janle Stewart and Miss Carrie Dunn
f Washington, D. C., are among the latest I
idditions to the social circle at the Beach. \
'hey are stopping at the Richmond Cot- I
age. ' ,
Mrs. A. W. Stiles and Miss Stiles of h
Vashlngton, D. C., are registered at the I
Mftwood Cottage for an extended visit.
Mr. J. A. Pigue, U.S.N.. Is spending a I
irlef outing at the Beach, and Is stopping t
.t the Driftwood Cottage. \
Midshipmen Roberts, Howard, Howell,
itlles and Rotalda. U.S.N., have registered C
t the Driftwood Cottage for a brief visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Johnson gave an in- r
ormal dance at the Casino at Cape Henry >'
"riday night In honor of their guests, the '
liases Blumer and Miller of New York. "V
Arrivals from Washington during the
agx?went hhvtt uul'iian crrciiu-ieaau. *
.moiig those found on the registers are: t
Mount Vernon?Miss Nix, Miss Kirk, 't;
diss Converse, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Davis,
>r. and Mrs. 13. W. Hazel!, Misses Isaibel t<
tnd Annie Parker, Mr. and Mrs. P. T.
Jevls, Mr. and Mrs. F. Barker and son. T
Hotel Virginia Beioh?Mr. H. A. Floyd, \
Ux. B. G- Horn and wife. Miss Lena Boyer, i
klr. O. O. Dyle and wife, Miss Cass!e A. j
Liockway, Mr. W. W. Dreyfus. a
The Gray Arches?Miss Payne, MJss Ger:rude
D. Evans, Miss Shoemaker, Miss Hel- },
? " x
;u ?uueuu.
Gordon Cottage?Mrs. F. F. Stone. u
Victoria Cottage?Miss Julia Roache, E
lire. James Robinson, Miss Elolse Robinson, \
Miss Phyllis Robinson, Miss Bertha Robinwn.
Miss Elsie Robinson. I
Richmond Cottage?Miss Janle Stewart, t
Miss Carrie Dunn, Mrs. T. B. Scarff, Mr. c
a.nd Mrs. McFe?, Mr. C. F. McFee. ?
Driftwood Cotta?o?Mrs. W. F. Alexander, j
"H Wav Mr on.1 \fro Ptcnm \fioq iIa i
Lauzanne. F
The Hancock Cottage?Mrs. E. P. Talia- }
ferro, Misses Sarah, Ella and Annie Talla- I
ferro, Miss May Springer. Mr. and Mrs. B. s
W. Woolford. Mrs. Katherlne Norwood, 3
Mrs. Irving Norwood. J
The Meredith Cottage?Mrs. Couser, Miss
Hurley, Mr. Lawrcnc* Hurley, Mr. Herbert n
Hurley. 1
Special Correspondence of Tfoe Star.
T\T y^XTT A T DfifU \rn A 1A IfWkT
irxu * ? ' " , ? a. , IV, liAff,
The week-end trips to the Beach have become
very popular, bringing many hundreds
.0 Join the already large contingent of
SVa?Hlngtonlans here, thereby taxing the
lotels to their utmost to accommodate
The social event of the season was the
?hcert ^nd dance given on Randalls parlllon
last Tuesday evening for the benefit
>f the building fund of the new Episcopal
Church, the feature of the evening's program
being a doll drill by sixteen little tots
inder the direction of Mrs W, F. Renshaw
if Washington. Miss Beula Luxon of St.
Mark's choir. Miss Etta Wilson, Miss?s
^yda and Annie Eaton. Miss Sadie Lewis,
lirs. George J. Stafford, Mr. Philip South- |
ird, Mr. Vermillion, Miss Vermillion, all of )
>Vashington. with Prof. C. V. Samuels and ,
rfrs. H. B. Miller, took part.
.n luuncii party was given last weanes- ]
lay night to a ball at Coltons, Mil., by Leser
Sis, Frank I. Tenneyson. Jr.. Ward Stur- |
fera, Malcolm Gettlnger, Richard Robinson
ind Ernest Gibbons, all Washington ana, In "
lonor of the Misses Johnsort and the'.r [
rlends, Mlse Julia Fuller. Misses Ann's j
ind Mary Koene and Miss Clara May |
lelchenbach. Mrs. A. E. Johnson of Wash
ngton chaperoned tlie par.y.
Mr*. Frank L. Ourand and daughter, Miss I
rasr:e Our^rid of Washington, have reopened !
hr,!r pratty home on the Beach front, ac- J
:ompanled by Mrs. L. Stevenson and 1
ion, L:frls V. Stevenson, and Graham !
iodg'B. I
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Daniel of Wash- |
ngton are visiting the latter's. mother, Mrs. .
3. D. Lamb, ot her cottage." on the river i
ront; also Miss Tad* Daniel.
Mrs. Annie E. Coulter of Washington Is
it the Althea.
Mrs. I. N. Hammer and son Frederick
lave returned to Washington, after "being j
ho guests of Mrs. J. D. Ligon.
Uro ro^lla TS.KUn ? V,* i
o. x uums aiiu uau^iuci , iUiss j
3thel Tubins. and Miss lone Davison of
-Vashlngton are spending August at the
Stewart cottage.
Miss Bessie Tiffany of Washington, who !
s spending the summer at the King George
Souse, has been joined by her sister, Miss
Jally MeL. Tiffany, for the balance of the
;eason. Mr. Harry Tiffany has returned
o the city.
Mr. Dennis Connell, after spending his
acatlon with Mrs. P. S. Cus.ck, has reumed
to Washington.
Mr. Charles E. Holt is entertaining his
ather and family, Mr. John Holt of Washington;
also Mrs. B. E. Bradley and
laughter and Frank Padgett.
Mrs. H. Norris has returned to Washngton
after visiting Mrs. H. N. Keene at
lor home on the wnt?r front.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ohancey of Washington
are the hosts of Mr. Charles Holirook,
while Mr. Hnd Mrs. Arthur Harper
nd biby and Miss Allen of Delaware
lave returned to the city.
Mrs. Arthur Luvrss;n and family and
Irs. Sake of Wash'ngton are spending Aurust
at ths J,lnwood Hour-?.
Mrs. Z?ll Weaver Jayne of Washington,
vho has Just returned from a tour of the
i-estern states, has Jo'ntd her family at
heir horn? on the front.
Miss Nellie McKenney of Washington
rave a most delightful straw ride to Wi!:trson's
Tuesday evening. Mrs. William Enlis
of Alexandria, Va., being the chaperon.
Mr. Stephen Caster spent the past w-ek at
he ISckington with his friend. Mr. Wajter
Drury. Mr. Caster has just returned
rom an extended trip through California.
Mr. R. M. Dobbins and children, W. J.
"ullinan Mrs. M. E. Dobbins, Miss L. Dobilns
and Mrs. 11 F. Bell of Cleveland Park ;
ire sojourning this monm at me notej.
Mr. Georgi S. Baldwin of I^aurel, Md.,
s also a gUvSt at the hotel for August.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sonn-mann and chlliren
of Chevy Chase, Md., have h:?n visltng
Mis. Sounemann's parents, Mr. and
.Irs. W. F. Renshaw.
Mrs. Charles M. Wright, after being the
ruest of her sister, Mrs. H. B. Miller, has
eturned to Washington.
Mr. Rexford M. Smith and Mr. C. A. M.
Veils, after a pleasant trip to the Beach
n their power yacht, the Red Rover, have
eft for Washington. 1
Misses Emma K. Ryan and Nellie T.
lyan and Mrs. George- B. Clark and daughters,
Misses Jennie and Elizabeth Clark.of
Vashington, are sojourning several weeks
t the Linv/ood House.
M. L. Jacobson and Mrs. E. S. Border 1
f Washington are stopping at the IIot?l
Syrd for the season.
E. W. Persons and wife, after a delightful
acation at the Byrd. have returned to the
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Freeman, Masters
.rauxman and Bird and N. M. Gibbons of
Vashington, are registered at the Mount
lose House for a couple of weeks.
Mr. William Relcheabach of Washington
ias been visiting his mother, Mrs. William
^ Cullen.
Mrs. J. Hubbard Bean and son, Everett
5. Bean, after spending several weeks at
he Stewart cottaga, have returned to
% asningion.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Whits and children of
'leveland Park are sojourning at the hotsl.
Prof. F. Durrienlat of Washington arived
last Wednesday aboard his power
aeht, Flora-Dora, accompanied by Mr.
,oorg.; Byrnes of Washington and Mr.
Villis Whlttier Cas^, jr., of Denver, Col.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Baldwin and son, Mr.
1. P. Baldwin, passenger agent of the Balimore
and Ohio railroad, and wife, are
iking their vacation at the Waldorf.
The following: 'WashlngtonyvJSa are reglssrcd
at the different hotels;
Althan?"P r Pramntfin 15. H. Inflrerfioll.
j. A. Hopkins, Miss Susie Rollins, Miss
'essie Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. James
Ford and children and Mrs. E. C. Wlldt,
I. M. Travers, M. E. Travers, Misses Sarah
nd Agnes Travers of Alexandria, Va.
Bentley'e Pavilion?Mr. and Mrs. James
3. Cullen, J. Stansbury, Ike Brown, R. B.
Velch, E. F. Welch. Raymond Thorn, Samlel
Thorn, Miss Davenport, Mls3 Emma
Ichaffer, Mr. Gentner, Mr. Harvey and
Vllliam Summerville.
Byrd Hotel?Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Scott,
lenry C. Emrlch and wife, Mrs. Messer, B.
Jerry, TV. S. Miller, J. E. Fowler, Max
often, i-iarry lx>eo, jameg karris, tiawaru
lizer, Frank Drifus, William Benheim,
ames H. B^ssling and son, J. F. Brown,
Irs. J. T. Everette, Miss E. Everette, Mrs.
i. H. Campbell and daughter. Miss Mae
falser, Miss Lydio Jackson, Stephen A.
Jrooks. Mrs. F. E- Adams, J. W. Anderon,
H. J. Ockershauser. W. F. Hammon
nd Mrs. J. J. May, Mrs. William Recker,
rliss Flora Recker of Alexandria, Va.
Cedar Croft?Miss Estelle King:, Mr*. Blnlek,
Miss Helen McCormack, Miss Florence
Slwood and Dr. H. H. Towler of Delaware.
Colonial Beach Hotel?J. C. Mudd. H. B.
Hodyle, S. Greenbaum, B. F. Queen. George
Wright, S H. Scott. Miss Minnie T. Ball.
David Lewis. Frank Geraci. T. Whitney,
Mips I,aura Boggs, Mrs. Ogg. Miss Lela
Reed. James W. Crawford. Miss Ida Robertson,
Miss Littesor, R. G. Reed, F. D.
Glbbs, Joseph W. Danford, Thomas Griffin,
Jr., Fred Dean, John Mubroy, Mrs.
David Leroy, Thomas Brassll. E. G. Streeks,
N. E. Streeks, T. Martin and Albert Well,
Hugo Herfurth, Mrs. M. R. Herfurth and
Mrs. K. Steuernagel, Mrs. A. H. McCuen
of Alexandria. Va.
Cushing Cottage?Mrs. N. M. King, Mrs.
Carberry and daughter. Miss M. E. Hungerford.
Miss Nannie Hungerford, Mls?
Lillian Sale, Miss Carrie Sale, Miss Marian
Herle, Mr. and Mr?. Klrby, Mr. aji<T Mrs.
Sromwell and children, A. J. Armlty.
Ecklngton?Miss Maude L. Llghtfoot.
Mrs.' C. Maloney. James McClelland, Luke
Cor.nor. Jafnes J. Corbett. S. Britt, J. W.
JohDSon. H. W. Saunders, R. P. Perry,
Edward J. Keefe, Ray Connor, John 8.
Drury, Mr." Wis?, Mr. Cor>igan, Mr. Man-*
gan and Mr. Spray.
Humphries Cottage?Mrs. Fannio MacAllister.
J. Finney Engle, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
Neilson. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Godfrey,
Mr. and Mrs. Vorperker. Mrs. Chapman and
n:m Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Harris and son
Jersey Cottage?Miss Lottie Whltmore,
Miss Agnes C. Kelly, Miss Nellie Goldcmith
Vfrc w F rirp-ivpu and nnn Mrs.
James C.. Davidon, T. B. Farrell and wife,
M ss Emma Oler, James Mclver, James
McTver, Jr.
J?hnson House?J. 8. Jamison and family,
Louis A. Spieas, James Loftn9, Mrs. Ada
Meyers. Frank H, Tucker, George S.
Brunger. * v
King George House?H. 8. Holly, Ward
Mohm, H. B. Bristol, C. M. Wlnebugler,
W. R. Leech, C. Hayden, I. C. Mannakee,
S. R. Golibart and wife, S. R. Gollbart, Jr.,
and family, E. Savage, Henry Ashworth, L.
Koven. R. L. Reed and wife, Mrs. M.
Wright, Mrs. Cowslll, Miss Alma Cowslll,
W. Warren Brown, wire and children: Joseph
M. Garrett and wife, John F. Killeen,
wife and children; Mrs. C. E. Kaldenback,
Miss M. E. Kaldenback, William BKtmnn
and wife and L. Hulflsh of Alexandria, Va.
LInwood House?Mrs. Annie ghlrley and
eon, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Porter, Frank T.
Fones. Irving I. Sechrlst, Mr. and Mre. 8.
Ruppert, Miss Viola Hoover, Miss Lillian
Sievers, Mi?s Blanche Sorrell, Miss Lizzie
Harmon, Louis A Spless. Mrs. A. M. Rensen,
Miss M. E. Phlpps, Fred W. Drucher,
Mlim Mary A. Connolly, Joseph Lange, Miss
Mollle Rogan, Miss May D. White, Miss
Jos?ph!ne Emery, William J. Hefferman.
Milton H. Davie. Frank I. Tenneyson Jr.,
W. M. Gettinger. M. J. Frarle, E. M. Wilkerson.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Browne, Edwin
Atherton, Carl H. Donch, Archie A. Moore
and wife. John Lederer, R. Nathan Wolfe,
J. M. English. Charles Ellsworth Taylor,
John Walter Essex, Jr., W. H. E. Boyd,
Prof. S. Herbert Veihmeyer, Bernard F.
Miller, Joseph J. Campbell, R. I. Sandere>s\n
A T? \fothamc. T Plnp F.iiffpnp
W." FuglYt and wife,' W. g.'waiker. C.? W
Crutchet, R. H. Prescott, Jair.es Soy da,
Mrs. Mary Lynch, Charles E. Lynch. Eugene
Sutton. John Gleason, John Weigel
and wife, Arthur Budgett. Louis Grimes.
Rlcha-d Sedgwick, C. Gladman, John
D:acon, H. T. Cromptcn and1 wife, James
M. Tennesson, John B. Hoy, H. K. Hoy,
Wm. W. Welkor of Al^xan-d-rla, Va.
Stsuart Cottage?Ear] Hennings, Earle
E. Daughten, Miss Mary I.. Walters, Miss
Maud} Ktrkl?, Mrs. Lemuel Cudlip, Miss
Mabol Cuditp, Miss Mamie Foster, Mrs.
Kate Thorn, Miss?s Katheryne and Elberta
Thorn. Master Thom No yes, Mrs. Agnas L.
FLah 'r, Miss Reglna Fisher, Elmer L. and
Carol V. Fisher.
Waldorf (formerly- Shorman's)?Samuel
Copp, Newton Malone, E. T. Pathson. Jas.
Dsroy, Mlss-cs Kate and Julia Bifield,
Ml&s Rhoda Summers, Miss Nannie WasliWm
C f'hrlsfian and1 wife. Georare
G. Miller, E. G. Staub. F. H. King, Wm.
J. Rogers, Chester R. Wood, Herbert D.
Rosson, Xy^onard King, W. D. Thorn, J. E.
Whaley. Miss Etta E. Grimes, C. W. Mcintosh,
Jalvu:- Ma-lone and A. W. King.
Waleott House?Chis. W. Wright, R.
LIvsrmore, John Boll, Mrs. R. E. Doyle,
Jas. Th.cker and wife, Chas. B. Rogers,
Clarence Jerome Peck, W. S. Thornton,
Thcs. Walsh, Miss L^-lda V. Dawson, Miss
Mauda E. Erolg, Maurlcj Moser, Mrs. Louis
Moser, J. Ward St'-rgi.?, W, M. Thoma?,
K. I. Nesnan, I. J. Naw, Walter B. Doyle,
J. C. IJghtcap and family, J. A. Drake,
n* .<? ri Tfo riforrl fl=n f
Dennis, Jas. Green, W. S. Buckley, P.
Crossfleid, W. Llscher, Jas. A. Barrett,
Miss Mary Barrett, Miss H^l?n Mur ay,
Jas. B. Goldsmith, Ed Howell, Jas. B.
Drew, F. Clinton Knight, Miss Florence
Wad?. Howard Wad? of Alexandria, Va.,
and F. E. Burgees, Mrs. H. E. Burgess of
Hyattsvlile, Md.
Woodlawn?Harry Essex. Miss Annie
More, Mrs. Jennie Belt :in;l child, Mauric:
- v.'.i VT r-- XT' T~?
ttocne, i^uvv rti u. ivui ji . ?uio. i . jl-?. i?*< Auliffo,
Mis. M. B aschi, K. Gunter, J.
Kais-r, FJ. R. Morelt?, Mrs. I,ucy John-on.
I^eah Meador. F. M. Jon^?, John Ersood,
Max Cohen, Miss Anr.i? Aol?r, Miss S; .11a
Bakvr, Miss I. Roch.tt, Mis'? C. Si k 1.
Mi.cs Agnes M agl~r, W. B. Bach", J H.
IJpphard and wife, Mrs. Harri t Bradford,
Mrs. G. B. B:tts and daugrhtar.
Special Correspondence of Tho Star.
August 8, 1907.
St. Catherine's bay, upon which this town
is situated, affords a happy combination of
lBBM^tffjftfe.Atf***' -Ittf^iS^^^rlr&nfiift'tiSfTlrrT ' il
^^ii#^'" "'^'^wih1^frFf^TWwft ^T^ywBB
a water and land resort, and tramps
through the country are as popular as the
bathing. All the cottages are filled and the
hotels are turning folks away. Most of
the cottage contingent are Washlngtonians,
but nearby Maryland and Virginia towns
furnish quite a number of guests. Semiweekly
dances are another diversion, and
Monday evening a masked ball Berved to
draw to Sliver Springs a large crowd of
country belles and beaux.
Last week a party of young- men from
a neighboring resprt came to River Springs
In a sailboat. On their return a squall i
struck the boat and capsized It. but as- ,
slstance was promptly given them and no
one was drowned.
Mrs. Sellnger and Miss Selma Sellnger of
Washington are quartered In the Blackistone
House. I
Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Manning are chaperoning
a party of young folks here. Including j
P.. E. Manning, Miss M. V. _Lybrand, Miss
KUDy fci. cotter ana Menry j^ii Mouitr. ]
Mr. Edward M. Cleary and Mrs. Cleary
of Washington put into St. Catherine's bay
Monday aboard their yacht, the Jennie,
and remained here for several days.
Miss Bessie Walfcc? of Washington is (
registered at the ^acklstone House.
^Tf\ ^
^' V"" *^ ^
Queen Til
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hellbrun *r? occupying
their cottage here ahd will remain
for several weeks
Mr. Frank Blackistone and his two children,
Paul J. and Helen E., a.r? Visiting
Dr. Blaeklstone at the hotel.
Mrs. Higgler and Mr. Rodler won the first
prizes in the euchre given here Wednesday
Other Washingtonlans here are George A.
Green. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Garner.
Miss Ik>rothy Garner. Mrs. John H. Magu.
Miss Mary Magu. Jerome Magu, J. W.
Bars?. G. Porcy liarue, Henry Horning.
James H. Ortchard, Edgar Priest, William
,Leeeh, Lansing Volk, J. O. Henry, Arthur
ScHluter. Jerome Pollman, Sam I?eech,
Leonard Clarke, Harry Haydon, William
Volk, Charles McAllester. Elmo Hunter,
Ben Master, Ieady Ward, Allen Carlen,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Gilbert. Waldo
Clark. Warren W. Grimes. Mr. and Mrs.
TViar. TT? d1 1--1- ?" " -
.*. oiicluciii. .-niss neien sneckels j
Alex. Schlegel, Milford Witts, Adelald' I
Hughes, Harry Robinson, Mr. 'and Mrs.1
Johfl T. Walker, Miss Bessie Walker. William
J. M. Rlssler, Miss Bessie Riss.er,
Daniel P. Corndorf. Gertrude Rollins,
Maude Combs, Mae Combs, Eugene Davis,
Mrs. Davis, Mrs. J. Gibson, J. H. Dyke,
Gaugh A. Tippltt, J. S. Manning. Mrs.
Manning, Henry Tait Rodier. Ruby E. Potior,
Frank E. Manning, M. V. Lybrand,
Frank D. B'.ackistone, Miss Helen E.
Blackistone, Paul J. Blackiston? Dr. R. R.
Cooke, Mrs. A. V. Cooke, Miss Ethel L.
fnnkp \fr V? urim "
'? inia~.it n. vieii>acn,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tonnet, John T. Walker,
Max Eanet. Ben Goldberg, W. R.
Bache, Max Cohen and Harry Loeb.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
August in, 1!H)7.
The first week of the Mountain Chautau- I
qua Assembly has closed very successfully, j
and in spite of frequent showers the lee- |
tures and entertainments have been we:!
Til? "o!g day" of the week was "Lutheran
day," which brought a large number of Lutherans
to the grounds to attend their annual
reunion. The services were held in
the old auditorium and a general goad time
was enjoyed by all present.
Mrs. J. W. MacMiilan and Miss MacMillan
of Washington are here for the s.ason
at the Mountain Lake Hotel.
Mr. Robert J. Myers of Washington is
spending a few days here.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fr-wenman. Mr. W '
D. Minis, Mrs. E. M. Shirley. Miss Ida Shirley.
Rev. George I'. Wilson. Mr. A. C.
Graves. Mr. J. A. Graves a'id Mr. Charles
Washburn of the Capital city are recent
Special Correspondence of The Star.
LONG BRANCH, N. J., August 10, 1907.
An amateur circus, participated in by a
lot of well-known summer folk in this vicinity,
will be he'd Saturday, August 24. It
is planned to make the circus an annual
event, and to this end there has been recently
organized the Monmouth County
Amateur Circus Association.
A lot of the summer people from this section
went oveis to Eatontown, just west of
Long Branch. Wednesday, when P. F. Collier
entertained extensively!-^- He gave a
clambake to several hundred of the country
folk, coming from miles around. Mr. Col- <
Her Intends to entertain in this, fashion each ,
year. On the old Monmouth race course he
gave some hors2 races in the afternoon by
way of after-dinner entertainment.
As August advances the arrival of peop'.e '
from the south becomes very noticeabl?. <
The resort is entertaining more southern |
people than it ever did before. Not a few
>f them have come up In automobiles.
Thft vnliner nonnlft trim nQi*?inlnn*A<l " e 1
i^iuvi^olcu rt. irw | '
nights ag'> in a Shakespearean dance at tlie 1
Hollywood all went off on a straw ride re- ;
:entlv by courtesy of the management. A
trip was made to Deal lake, where there '
was a late supper.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren White are regis- J
tered at the Hollywood from Washington.
I*his hotel is also entertaining Mr. and Mrs. <
Marvin Alcock of Baltimore.
Located at the Takanassee from the Capital
city are Mr. and Mrs. James D. Egan
and Ralph Egan. ]
i i
Special Correspondence of The Star.
OCEAN GROVE, N. J.. August 10, 1907.
What is considered by many people the
greatest musical festival of the summer
occurred In the Auditorium Thurs iay
night, when a thousand littfe children gave
a. concert.
The childs' chorus gang a lot of old
familiar selections, and among the new
BOngs given with best effect was Tostl's
"Good-bye." A gypsy chorus was a new
feature of this year's show. It had a camp
with a real tent and Are burning on the
enlarged stagr at one side, while on the
opposite side was a military encampment
with about fifty young boys, between ten
and twelve years of age, in soldiers' cosThere
are indications that the campmeeting
season this year will be one of
*Vinn ^rriinarilv zpalons d^vAtiAnoi
muic tut*" - -------- ---w?.v?oi
Preiser. The Rev. W R. \\ edderspoon.
D D. Of Pittsburg. who used to be pastor
of the Asbury Park Methodist Church, will
preach next Sunday morning, the first Sunjay
of camp. The second Sunday of camp
Bishop Wilson will preside. Camp opens
Friday next and closes Monday, August M.
Among: the late arrivals at '.a Pierre are
Mrs. Charles O. Woodbury. Miss Q. Woodbury
and R. Q. Bristol of Washington.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Charles H. Wiicox of Waj-hngtor.
are summering at the Arborton.
The Arlington Is entertaining R. A. Phillips
of Washington
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Moulton and Miss
Elma Moulton are season's guests at I.a
Located at the New Philadelphia are L.
3. Garnfr and Harry Newton Garner of
Washington. ,
. '
tADlft VII.
? __ !
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ASBURY PARK. N. J., August 10, 1907.
Announcement of the young girl whom j ?
the carnival committee has selected to rep- '
resent Queen Tlt&nla at this year's fe??!.. *!
i -- -
vaviwcs ims wnetteu interest considerably'
In the coming baby parade and attendant ,
functions. This year's uueen will be Mis?
Jessie May Hazelrlgg, a pretty brunette,
who has still a couple of years to spend before
leaving her teens. MISs Mazelrlgg will'
tnakc her first appearance in carnival j
events August 23. the night of the boat
festival on Deal lake. She will be formally
crowned Tuesday night, August 27. Th?
baby parade comes the following Friday
afternoon. Entries have been coming in In 9
large numbers of late, and the entry list
is mounting toward the 300 mark. Perhaps
800 or 900 children will enter, but heavy
registrations are rvnt ,
- vajiWkVU UV. tUlb 1IIO
last week preceding the show.
Greater crowds than have ever been in
Asbury Park, except on special occasions,
such as the baby parade, are now thronging
the resort from one end to the other,
and hotel proprietors hardly know how to
take care of patrons. From now on summer
visitors who come into town without'
having engaged board In advance will be
hard put to it for accommodations.
At the Hotel West End a snowstorm in
August was the novelty given for the entertainment
of children in the ballroom
Wednesday night. While the little ones *
danced at a cotillon, paper snow came
down from the ceiling, tn their great slee.
A big euchre was hold at the Brunswick
a few days ago, given by Mrs. Charles A.
Mann, fur the benefit of a summer-home
fund for destitute children.
A mid-week informal dance of a delight- ?
ful nature was enjoyed hv patrons of the ^
Hotel Lafayette Wednesday. Some participants
were Miss T.. Morgan, Miss Rise
Laub. Miss Edith Patton. Miss Lillian
Bryan. Mi3S II. F. Hamwell, Miss Louisa
Pee. Mrs. W. H. Clark and Mrs. F. K.
Registered at the Estelle from Washington
is Miss E. Michie. who will spend some
time here.
Mr. and Mrs. J C. Beuchardt of the Cap?
ital city are located at the Southern.
If. and E. Harvev of Wilmington are
prominent among the late arrivals at the
Coleman House.
Registereil from Washington at the NewV..
AT- rt^.l AT TT?^ - 1 ~
uui hit air .?ii. ttiiu min. * ui'iiin.-" uunaiuo. # ^
AmnRK those who have lately arrived
from Washington .at the Grand Central .are
Mr. anil Mrs. A. C. West.
Courtnay Wiide Is a Washington representative
at the Ocean I lot"I.
The Colonnade is entertaining for a fortnight
P. Solomon. He comes from Washington.
Washington is represented at Norwood
nail r<y josepn Horaora ana J. J. imrlln?ton
and his two daughters.
Miss Ethel Hickey cf Washington Is at
the Brunswick.
Am<ng those who have lately arrived at
tiie Victoria from Washington are Maj. and .
Mrs. I.lovd ami their sons. They will
spend the remainder of the summer here.
Special rorre*poii(lence of Ttie Star. ^
RAY VIEW, Md., August 8. 1007.
The number of visitors at this and ad?
Joining resorts shows no falling off. compared
with other years. Boating, strawy
rides, dances and the like are some of the1
diversions of the people here, and there is
excellent rock and perch fishing.
Among the r?sidents of the capital registered
at the hotels here are: Stanley Stine,
Mrs. George Tolson and daughter, Mr*.
Charles Tolsonv Mrs. Mansfield and daughter
Clara, Mrs. J. J. Appieh, Mr. and Mrs.
Rogier, Fred Horning. Miss A. Krmold,
Master Clarence Rammllng, Miss Flossla,
Huhn and brother, Mrs. Alice Davis, son
md daughter, Mrs. W. Mushake and son,
Mrs. Kffie Hopkins, Mrs. Cus Horning arid
rainily. Mi'. Burse, Mr. Percy Barse, Dr.
Komisky, George Stiles. J. Reed Cheseldlne,
Arthur Ellis, King Oakley. Mise Ida Chlsel3lne,
C. B. Johnson, Mrs. Clara Hoge, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles La Porte and daughter,,
Mr. find Mrs. A!b"rt Tew and son, Mr. and
%#.... Ti,n?inc Pn!lnrL- and son. Mrs. Haxrv
Hooper and daughter. Her.ry Bradley, Harry
Bradley, Miss Myrtlo Bradley, Miss Margar.n
Stewart. Charles Pumphrey, Miss
Hattie rornplin y, Miss Ida Conrad, Georga
Mac-lain and Walter Nellson.
5portal Correspondence of Th? Star.
AVON-BY-THE-SEA, Auguit 10. 11K)7.
Miss Hazel Tagg took the first prlre fop.
'aney costumes given by Proprietor Boggs
>f the Avon Inn, at a costumed ball he}4
n his hotel a few days ago. The awaj-4
vas a large "Teddy Boar," almost half
h? size of the recipient.
A big card party was held Wednesday
light at tr.e Bucmngnam, ana was paru?
:ipated In by some s!*ty-odd player*.
Stirred Into renewed activity by several
:atches of horsemackerel In this section,
he largest fish ever known to have been
aken along tlie shore and weighing up to '
i thousand pounds, anglers at Avon have
>een most active for the last ten days. *
rwo or thieo parties go out each morning
n motor boats to the fishing banks two'
nues off shore, and the surf is more or less
lotted with men In hip boots, wading out
vhere th?y can cast well Into the breakers.
Imong the most successful of this week's
. %-f- /"M, ~ CI., ,
tsnermeii wuiu mi. v-nuuco o^iiwunz ?iuu
,1 r. Henry Saseen. who hooked a number of
ia?s. There were no fish caught of great
veight, however.
The Buckingham is entertaining Mr and,
rtrs. Thomas Kgan, Master H. Egan and _
ilaster Thomas H. Kgan, Jr., of Washingon.
Registered at the Avon Inn is Miss Grace
ioyt of Washington.
Washlngtoniana registered at the Hotel Jr
>x?ord are Mrs. Paul Budil and Alar- '
an Letter. ^
\ t

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