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93c table covers, 59c
Art Scction
) Th- - T.iM-' <'?>v? r? -ire of iinf^n. 2 styles.
one ht-msti* !? ! a:i around: the ?>th?r
1 emlicll.s ..1 wit! ;i r.>?s of fap?tlng
and Ik-tiis!;ii h? <1 hrrn.
Y?<? - i i"> ! > .'? inclvs ar 1 "4 by M
In. } s
' (if coivm they ? '! "fly" out Monday
! <! t:.- i iiK > !' <>f
I'.i .-t F"T" 1 S K i r: h. Sons .< Co.
l\? J) . ! I &. S
jjj^lans made and woi
L.->/ are comfort and 1
stock is offered at a re
A ritr K/orl cn??ln/v r~\+* *~r~>
| i my uvu, cipin(x; ui maun
j upon payment of a reason
And ris^ht here we w;
below prices of equal grades
floor during this sale may be
Bed for $1.98
f'holre of singlt* or clo.iMe si>;e.
It s extra strong; made of best malleaMe
Iron; enameled in white. It is tlis
department's low price leader and a
wonderful value at the sale price.
Bed for $11.49
Blade of best malleable iron, with heavy
enamel in white, blue, blue and white,
green and white or plain green.
Pillars. 1 l-lt? in.; brass spindles, 5-8 in.;
head, 611 1-2 in.
A nrof! v orul ovfr inr/lui-in' '">!><?
White goods j
Take a tumble! ;
So low arc prices that you will !
think immediately of apparel for j
which you require just such f
White Goods. j
t PERSIAN LAWN, fine !
an<l sheer. 40 In wide. Ac- j f
tuailj worth 2,">c a yd. To- 1 t
fnorro* at t
,sr> m ww anu ciways sow 1 9/
at 20c a yd. Special, at 1Z/2c J
2s in wide; line qual- ^ -^?|/
lty. and ottered tomorrow at, | /
a yd v ,1
SCOTCH UW.N8 that are * ?worth
all of ifcv a yd. OfTered I C
at m
sheer, .'12 !n wide, worth 111/
38c a yd., for J J/2?
very fine, and wo'-th 2fk? ^ ^1/
a yd. Special tomorrow IZ/2C
First Floor?S. Kann, Sons & Co. J'
\Y liat a lot of Shoes it does take 1
And what an advantage to buy a
one extra pair, if not more, for t
Thes.- are mailt' up in bluchor styles.
with large eyelets, ribbon laces; these
?r<- very stylish and serviceable.
Leathers are?TAN. K1L>. Ul'I.L AND
Forme: Salt8'zes
price, price.
to s si t;? si :?> s:
V, to 11 ? $17.-, f
U>4 to 2 .? ' > ?L> in f
24 to 0 13.00 ?2.ca 11
infants' i'atent Leather 1
Ankle Ties. In sizes from 2 to G. For- }mer
selling i?ric(\ 8f?o a pair. Clear- i
..i ( price J
Sho?* I>*?par:ment? Second Floor.
Small lots at "cle
Now is the time to supply yourself wit
Mohair or Colored Chiffon Voiles at
lots, hut of kinds that an- suitable f
want to Chan them out before the fall stoc'V
44-INCH Mohair, reg- | KKGVJ.AR 41t<
U'.ar $1 2T> qua:;ty. Spe- I lilark Mohair.
Clal jirlce. a yard, a yard.
$J.UU I 39c
CIIIFFOX VOII.R, In color*. al! the most <
rludii.g Ma. k and cream. Only 7 pU-< es in ;
K?c nuuliiy. Spejlal, a yard
"Commercialized Consciences" Said to ^
Regard People's Savings as Their rc
"Legitimate Loot.''
OMAHA, Neb.. August 10.?The committee
on Insurance of the American Bar As- tj
of which Ralph W. Breckenriiige s<
j | All-silk umbrellas
j t for men or women
Ill $1.98
| ? i These are from a receiver's sale. '
i:: actual values are $.".00 to $3 00.
flood variety of styles.
\ 1 ?.len's I'mbnlias are close rolling kl
Both Black and Colored Umbrellas
7 t women.
? f Fli st I'loor, Bargain Tables.?Get i
; for your vacation trip.
I bras
rked out four months ah
health requisites that no
cluccd price. j,
E |||5 J
zs5 reserved \ ,
lab'e deposit j tslSfB
mt to say that the mark
elsewhere. There's hardly a family in :
purchased at a substantial reduction frc
Eed for $4.98
An all-white enameled bed with brass
vases and cross rails. Posts, 1 1-lti
In. A good substantially-made bed
in any of these sizes: 3 ft.. 3 ft. 6 In.,
4 ft. or 4 ft. ?? in. One of the neatest
low-priced beds possible to buy.
Bed for $31.98
Complete with spring and
2-piece mattress
An extra t>ig bargain. Lowest combination
price ever advertised; was $39.50.
Bed is all brass; 2-in. posts; best
French lacquer; bow foot; colonial
style vases; fitted with cable-woven
wire spring, wun supports and pure
cotton felt mattress, with best tick.
Made in two sections.
which includes "ru
In addition to this special purchase
"Run of the mill" sheets
and cases
The majority in each lot nre nerfp^t
Kearly all have gome little oil spot
or stain. Those with other imperfeetions.
such as large threads, dropped
stitch, trifling rips and small tears
which are easily remedied oy any
Hemstitched sheets, 79c
98c to $1.75 qualities
?Made of Anchor, New Bedford,
Wamsutta and Percale sheetings, in
nil sizes ranging from 72 by 90
Inches to 00 by 108 Inches. Every
sheet in this lot is hemstitchod, and
the majority are absolutely perfect
except for oil spots.
Bedwear Sale ? Fir at Floor ? Bargain
Tables and Bedding Annex.
:arance sal!
io keep the children in respectable-1
t such savings as are offered in thi:
he young people before the summer
>UR SPECIAL Oxford for OU
misses and children. These are in an
liand-turned and welted soles, and
every pair is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
eathers are?KID, DULIa SHINY. S!zei
Former Sale . .
Izes. price, price.
itofi $1.30 $1.10 814
>?*, to 11 $175 $1.60
[?, to 2 $2.25 $1.70 2'A
q ^mi^UKttNS I
_/ ? Strap Slippers, si?
price, a pair, $1.00.
an-up" prices ;
:h a-good dress in cither Black *
a low price. These are ^liall I
nr almost any season, and we |
is begin to arrive. X
' quality ] FIVE plf-ces Black |
cspeciai. Voile, 8S)c quality. Speclal,
ft yard, tomorrow,
leslrable of the season. In- Cf\
iH, so don't delay. Regular
r Omaha is chairman, today made public oul
10 report which It will present to the next the
leetiriK of the bar association at Portland, nel
[f> AllfirilRt s'ti tvia v,; ~ v. ? ?
. ? .it WHICH CU1I1- IJH
rises about 15,000 words, attacks state In- Sm
iranee departments; gives reasons for the wa
eed of sane legislation and why Insurance D.
tould be supervised; takes a shot at de- A
?rred dividend surplus and the "wiM
-- V .* V 111L
isurance companies; advocates a state Are ins
larshal law; stands for federal supervision
f Insurance, and ends t>y recommending Voj
ie passage of six resolutions.
No Minority Report. ru*
This year there is no minority report of ag!
ie committee. The recommendations and ces
:or:ngs are given to the association with- 'bi(
: y ni
ill y/jj
>s and
is, mai
lead make this the best,
one can do without. I
l_ -If l_ iL.
;aie anoras ine oil
are more than 501
eel prices are the self-s
ii.*_ -*i i
mis cnv wncrc one or more items irom
>m an already fair price.
All-brass bed for $37.50
Regularly sold at $50.00
Made with continuous 2-in. posts,
with 3-4-in. fillers; extra fancy clusters.
Bed Is fitted with bail-bearing
casters. Finest bed construction on
the market.
Fine bed for $6.98
Continuous post style; pillars 11-10 In :
go'd-filled fancy trimming; enameled
in white, green or blue; head <E> In.
high; foot 47 in. high. Much above
the average bed selling at one-half more.
We carry a complete assortment of Cots,
Divans and Couches, from which we
have selected these styles as being
of exceptional interest:
n of the mill" hemsl
: lot the sale contains needfuls at pric
Plain and
hemstitched cases, J5c
19c to 50c qualities
?The majority in this lot are plain
hemmed, but many df them are hemstitched.
These have the oil or
grease spots the same as the sheets,
and some have dropped stitches and
trivial rips. Made from Wamsutta,
Androscoggin, Fruit of the Loom and
other standard muslins. Sizes for
ANY pillow?3C by 30 In. to 54 by ,
38 In.
satin bed spreads, $2.98
Actual $5 grade
Choice of three very pretty patterns.
not one of which has ever been sold regularly
under $5.00. Designs are
raised, and these spreads will launder
for years without losing any of
their beauty. Size 80 by 90 In. LIm- v
lted number at this price.
: ALL ~T]
i i
i i
ooking footwear, doesn't it?
s sale. You'll find need for
is over. !!
fR BANNER Oxford, M isses< f c
J Children's Shoes, hand-turned or
Ited Boles, shiny or kid leathers. T
Former Sale
s. price, price.
>8 $1.19 9Sc E
toll $1.39 $1.10
to 2 $1.75 $1.39
to 8 $2.25 $1.89 T
I '
t'atent Leather 1 fl # *" ?
s 5 to 8. Former r a 3 C* I
Clearance price.. J I
3fLJn <ti tn
VW-11 * y > > V
Printed crepe de
we intended to include in our regui
ing price advantage and have a limited qui
you've a black silk dre9s In mind for early
taffeta. There la a saving worth considerl
patterns in the lot, and among then
rose designs, vines, combinations, stripes,
tenslvely for scarfs, neckwear, etc., and a
this kind. Requires but 2%, yards for a sea
Worth J1.00 a yard. Here tomorrow ut
Silk Department?First Floor.
: a dissenting voice for the first time in fall'
history of the committee. The person- f<>r
of the present committee is R. W. ll'rc
eckenridgre of Omaha, chairman; Burton
un or Atlanta; It. A. Mercur or to- "j
nda, Pa.; W. R. Vance of Washington, hav
C., and Robert Dunlap of Chicago. mar
.fter calling attention to the fact that com
public pays $1,000,<JOO,OUO every year for ard!
urance. the report says; and
The system of state supervision In a ni
Sue. but back of that, in the opinion of littl
! committee, the responsibility for cor- tr?a
>t!on by company and state officials with
pect to life insurance, lies in the extrav- "I
ince, manipulation of Investments, ex- prot
isive commissions or riotous desire for just
intss' which was developed out of the holy
i mm mini*
r? uun nmiuft
on a rv
VI 114.1 I
most distinctive, and i
t is the only time of y<
jgest savings of s
other styles includ
same prices at which t
the sale cannot be used advantaged
Drop-side couch, $3.79
When extended by raising the aide Is
4 ft. wide. Made of National v?ire fabric.
with oil tempered helicals; bronzed
malleable iron frame.
ALSO at same price a Sliding Couch, extension
style, of same material.
Monarch patented bedcouch
for $10.98
?This, as the name indicates, takes the
form of a coucli or a double bed, by
th? working of a lever. Fitted with ;
jointed mattress.
Same with mattress of felt,
covered with fancy art 98
o Oo
titched sheets at 79
es which no thrifty person can i^noi
Hemmed sheets, 55c
69c to 89c qualities
?All full bleached. The majority damaged
only by oil spots, and the majority
all one-piece sheets. Some
seamed sheets in the lot. Made from
extra quality muslins In sizea Dl by
1)0 in. up to 00 by 90 in.
Summer-weight spreads
$1.39 each
l $2.00 value. Extra good quality even
at $2.00. Full size. Good assortment
of patterns. All Marseilles spreads.
One of the best "snaps" ever presented
In thia clasa of bedwear.
Hemmed sheets, 65c
HQ_ i f i. <
/7c to qualities
-All plain hemmed. The majority perfect
except for oil spots. Made of the "1
finest cottons, including Pequots,
Conestogti and Fruit of the i-ooin
brands. Sizes 54 by 00 in. up to 00 !
by 108 in.
Pearl buttons
in a great sale j
ity Map u.vsuiiian
could possi- |9
bly require will B V
be found In this II I
bargain lot? |
from the tiny |
pearl buttons
used for baby fFNTS
dresses to the * ?J
large size used A f'A'Pn
for wraps. VjAlXL'
holce of fish-eye and fancy effects In i >
2 and 4 hole, also self-shank and 2- <1
hole buttons for shirt waists.
here Is quite a rage this seasv,.i for
pearl buttons to trim skirts In front
and back, and you can afford to buy
more than o/dlnarily at tomorrow's
special price of 10c a card. '
iich card contains from 8 to 18.
Any card worth 15c and from this
price up to 2">c.
hey are really wonderfully good buttons
at so smjill a price?10c a card.
irst Floor?S. Kann, Sons & Co. '1
m i* _tit|it . m m _a a - -- -- ' 1
\jtt f - ?
wasn jrony jackets t
85c and $1.29 j
Worth $1.50 to $4.00 I
black taffeta silk, I
chine, worth $1.0
i special purchase lot?an advance
lar order?but buying in large quan
intlty to offer now at this special price. Y
fall get It tomorrow from t'bta lot. Tlila is (
nc nn pvprv vord
new designs shown exclusively by
n are exquisite bordered effects, bo
etc., and all are on white grounds. This it
pretty, dainty summer toilet Is hardly com]
irf, and you could not buy one ready made
ure to apportion frequently and account vi<
the Immense surplus accumulated lnj
>ugh the deferred payment policy. mi
"Consciences Commercialized."
rhese Immense sums of money in sight na
e be.>n regarded as spoils by insurance ari
latrers. whilst* consciences havp hcan
mercialized according to modern stands V
i by the state insurance departments th:
their hangers-on, and, worst of all, -by Qai
umber of state legislatures, which, with un
B knowledge and less scruple, have f<M
ted as legitimate loot these moneys a"'
ed by voluntary taxation to provide ,
Inst disaster and calamity. se'
t is just as dishonest to steal under the agl
eotion of the law as without it; it is
as dishonest for the state to lay un- I:
' bands on trust funds as for an indi- of
I | So
I ! I
to tun U/\
nost economical sale oi
ear when positively eve
ill the year. Be
lorl in o onto
icu III IIIG daic ai
hese goods are sold r<
Special crices fot* rpnnv^t- I
a. A ?
ing mattresses
?During- this sale we will renovate and
recover mattresses for ~)tz
only ?J
?Or we will renovate and put nc
on new ticking for only ?Jrr?/J
\T/:? 1--J
wire u?u springs
?During this sale we offer all Springs
at special reductions. These are the
more popular kinds:
J4.0<> Springs, of closely woven ffq ir
wire, choice of 4 sizes f
$5.00 Springs of National wire tfO "1C
fabric, 4 sizes, choice J
Springs, double fabric, in what is
called the pencil weave, aq
heavy cable edge
'c and hemstitched
re with justice to the best habit one c
Fringed bed spreads
(cut corners for metal beds}
We offer White Crochet SfixitO in.
Fringed Spreads, with out-out corners
to fit metal beds. In the res;- OQ
ular S2.5<> quality, for only..
ALSO a lot of J2.00 Fringed Crochet
Spreads. 8i>x!Hl In., cut-out tf-f A a
corners, in this sale for only >P*??*7
White crochet spreads
Four lots that offer Immediate buyers
greater economies than any sale we
have ever held.
$1.25 White Crochet Spreads for nr
double beds 'DC
fl.50 White Crochet Spreads d> ? < r
for double beds f ? 'J
11.75 White Crochet Spreads, >% Marseilles
C-00 Extra Large White Cro
x-iurt oprea-us iur i
What's n
These at $29,
Very striking are the new Tailored
of the new suits, though, of cour
suits, and if you intend taking a t
THE SUITS AT $29.75 are in
, mannish effects, with 2 plain brass
meet and below which Is shown a vest
ming; skirts are In the new cluster pie
tary silk braid trimming. They are
Imported ir
First showing tomorrow of direct
Made of finest broadcloth and ver
Some new colors shown, too, pron
wine, gray, biscuit and black.
Priced very low at $39-75 and $49
59c a yard !
0, 75c a yard {
fall order?a little more than
itities we gain a most gratify- i
i>u can't do better by waiting, aa if i
)ur celebrated green edge guaranteed j
us. Fifteen or more different j
th edges bordered; some in t
taierlal is used very ex- #? *
ete without a scarf of / ""V/"? *
for twice that amount. / JC J
lual. and the states commit a monstrous
lustier ft'lipn thpv na?>Malhr *
ilntain themselves by legislative raids I ?
on trust funds; moreover, it Is the climax
cowardice to commit extortions in tha
me of police power, but most <>f tli^m
; doing it and thus commit the identical
ense they condemn and punish in the in"ldual.
'But we have not risen above the idea m
it money in sight belongs to him who 0f
u get hold of it and keep out of jail, and
til that dishonesty which is a part of the
indation upon which our present insurce
legislation rests is pulled out of it and
! American people quit cheating themves
they can have no absolute protection B
ilnst the evils under consideration.''
? tic
f you want work read the want columns hi]
The Star. 1 u i
Samples at $3.98 !
Values up to $10 a suit IT"
ilv 41 Suit? In this lot. Sale price so f ~ J
ow that women going to the ?ashore f - .
vill flr,d it more economical, as well t =
is vastly more satisfactory, to have J
heir own suit than to rent bathing T
uits da ilv durine thpir st?v *
me In blue. red and black. The t J
rimming is especially to be com- J I
nended. Second Floor?Suit Dept. J I
r th e whole venr. TUn
_ J ~ ^
iry style bed, spring or
sides kinds specie
one-third (Vs) off r
^o'ularly, and w 11 avera>
?r> j o
BUY. Remember, any bed, spring <
! . Matti
?we make them to order at
less than usual stock prices
?A point that customers will highly appreciate
is the fact that we do not
carry made-up ma,ttresses in stock to
become dirty and mussed. We have j
all the stock sizes and grades made up j
rs ordered.
Our J2..ri0 Mattresses, straw filled n-nii i
cotton top, good quality ticking'.
bound edges, in tills qq
sale for .J>K~0
Our ?!.49 Mattresses, clean husk filling,
with cotton felt top. A. C. no
A. ticking, rti this sale for..
cases at 15c each j
an acquire?saving, money. |
Soec?al sale of oillnws ;
All guaranteed to be sanitary cleaned I
and positively odorless. Unequaled i
values. *
LOT 1?Blue and white striped ticking, |
curled feathers; weight 5 lbs. T
to pair; size 19 by 20 in. f
EACH ^~C ?
I-OT 2?Fancy striped or art ticking; ?
size 19 by 27 In.; weigh 6 lbs. *70_ 1
to pair. Value. 98c. Each ' JC ^
LOT 3?Novelty art ticking covers; soft. A
downy feathers; <j lbs. to pair; size 21 A
by 27 in.; ideal pillow for beds. Oq t
Value. *1-25 each. This sale O/C f
LOT 4?Herringbone blue and white slrlp- f
ed ticking; filled with mixed duck and J
goose curled feathers; 8 lbs. to pair; 1
size 21 by 27 in. Value, 12.<?> ff ? jq i
each. This sale f i
LOT 5?Best Goose-feather Piflows; her- i
ringbone Whitaker ticking; size 22 by I
27 in.; 7 lb to pair. Worth <r< /r i
$2.25 each. In this sale, each. ???OD
ew in tailc
,75, $35.00, $39.75 am
Suits for fall wear. Mannish effect;
se, plain colors are shown for those wl
rip, why not be attired in the latest st
plain colors and THE SUITS A
buttons that almost terial that Is rea
ing of Persian tr:m- . , ,
atfd effect with mi l- ets and skirtK 1,1
truly smart looking ming. This styl
like- striking effei
todels at $39.75 .
copies of Imported Tailored Suits. 1
y elaborately trimmed and embroiderc
linent among which are the Copenhax
at 69c | fS1;Why
suffer the inconvenience of your
friends having to sit on the pon-h. or of haullnj
chairs In ana out when a lawn bench can In
??? *u pmr ;
ITere'a something extraordinarily big: in a lawn
It^is 3^2 ft. long, has 8 slats on seat, somo with
7 slats on hack, and other* with 3. with 2 eruss
bars. Uprights or * painted green or red.
These settees fold flat, making It easy to transport
from one part of the luwn to another, and
will not take much room to store!
Choice of these 6o benches tomorrow at, each, 69c.
Fifth Moor?S. Kann, Sons & Co.
hree of Ito's Staff to Head New
Departments. th
SEOPL. August 10.?In the reorganiza- c,
an of tlie Korean government, three mem- s(,
rs of Marquis Ito's staff will become vice
Inlsters of the three Korean departments
state. *
Ma . tuis Ito, accompanied by eight memis
of the Japanese-Korean administra>n,
left today for Tokio via Chemulpo, ini
lere a large demonstration will be held in an
lebration of Ito's late coup d'etat. Gen.
Hazegawa lias been appointed acting ' ,
siui-iil general, ana tne practical restorain
of order In Korea will devolve upon an
m. Gen. Hazegawa has declared that In cei
national sense there will be no elimination soi
I t S
That arc indispensable to be
dispensed at cut prices
DER, one bo* to a customer. I lP
Monday, at. . .i ,
SOAR that regtil:<rly M-i'.s Sf
for .v Monday, i c tk
Kirst Ki<ior?S. Kami, Sons & Co.
mattress in our <rreat
SSy mentioned
narked prices
;e 10 per ccnt 01 more
>r mattress you find on our sales
OUR Jfi.00 AT.T.-TTA IR Mattresses, Binch
box, selected short hair, sanitary
cleaned. h?-st grade art or A. ff a aq
C. A. ticking:, in this sale for ^>4.^7
OUR *8.00 ALU-KELT Mattresses, two ?
sections, imperial edpe. r>-lnch box, Colonial
striY>eJ ticking, in this
OCR $12.00 Best H. & B Black Hair
Mattresses, 1 or 2 sections, choice of
pla'n blue striped or fancy tf"7 QB
ticking, this sale T','0
Ol'K $!."> lSxtra Heavy 6-lnch Bos Pure
White Kelt Mattresses, 2 sections. Imperial
bound edges, fancy frffl 9R
or stri'ped ticking 3>iVj?70
Pr?S5^d crtasctx/aro *
? ? ?- Ml V "
| at half and less
' For prici details s?e today's Post. Times
' or Herald. The sale prices of half and
' loss are due to a factory making a
' , change in it? plant, :>nd preferring to
sacrifice profit instead of paying for
storage and being liable for breakage.
Look this sale up 011 third floor Mon*y
Silver bags
98c and $1 49
? ? ? ? ? y ^ ^
For silver and other coins
"Put money in thy purse" is good
advice, but unless you have a good
substantial pur* to put It in, you
can t follow th.s advice. These are
not only trustworthy but ornamental
and convenient, ar.i b^st of all, unusual
good valies for the price.
<t f A Q for G-rm- 3 Iver Purses, in
4J * ? / : I Str Dt a?Ui?i designs.
Worth f'J .1?S tach.
QO_ for G-rrr.an S.lver Mesh Bags, ?
7 OC oxidized frame, chain and ring.
Regularly $1.49 each.
Q p tor Silver-pl.-ted Purses. in
/OC French gray finish; very special
at the price. ,
Jewelry Dept.?First^Floor.
>red suits?
$ $49.75 show
; are most popular for the making
10 prefer them. You'll like these
vie ?
' /
T $35 arc of invisible striped many
a mannish suiting, with cutawav iark.
the latest kilted style with fold trim?
is particularly adapts to women who
cts. Second Floor?S. Kann, Sons & Co.
md $49.75
rhey are really superb.
'en blue an<l leather brown, also t
4 4 *
lawn bench
tfr:. AS! w.v. -
the throne in the government of Korea. ?
id believes that under the order of things
e people may possibly become more co
slve, but will rely upon the Japanese for * l
e maintenance of arder.
Marquis Ito and hla party will sail from
lenfulpo on a warship. The Chemulpo
uadron has dispersed.
Spanish Schools.
om the Xueslro Tleinpo, Madrid.
fhe schools of Spain aro Inadequate and
3anitary, the teachers aro poorly paid
d not alwavi capable and about half the
ople are Illiterate. Yet nobody trouble? ?
out this deplorable state of thing*, en4
excellent law which was passed half a
ltury ago to enforce a kind of compul- .
ry education la a dead letter.

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