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V ti
Ohio, of Mis* Mary McDonald and Mr.
^ Harry H Price the bride wore a princess
dnss of white fwJss embroidered In rope??
and wore the orange blossom wreath which
1 ? r ri' "her wore as a bride thirty years ago.
Tbe s ipp? r was served after the t?r!dH'
<<>i:ple had received congratulation?. Small
tn'ii'S were brought in and the quests were
h? *; >] < -nfortabl>^ in the commo li kis
r?-..rs. wh:> a dozen of the especial friends
of tbride and grnom were honored by
1 * \ug given seats at the bridal ta.ble, spread
In the dining room. The table had a centerpiece
of pink roses, and places were marked
' y dainty hand-painted cartls. to which pink
s :k balls, filled with rice, were attached.
The cake was surmounted ?by a reiki of Mrs.
MrPonalVn wedding?a quaint ornamental
figure Of k. bride in old-fashioned garh. it
v.. s a dainty little figure, and its flutings
en?l frostliiK" were as perfect as though
jt w?re adorning a bride's ^ake for the ilrst
t'mo. The ! was graduated from National
F'<irk Seminary, this city, In 11MM,
and has niitny friends here.
0:i? r> f the most delightful children's
blrt:-. parties of the season wn? given at
tl." hi?ne of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Pal(t!'-!?h
Tuesday evening at their residence,
?441 Ontario road. In honor of the fifth
Wrthilay of their son. Robert, Jr. The parlors
were decorated for the occasion In
Am-rioan beauties, ferns and palms There
w r- twenty children present. Games and
r>v -ir W?'r?> f^atnrf>a onil nnnpfl
I'inK In chorus, and solos, with Master
Robert as soloist of 'he evening. The accompani't
of thn evening was Mrs. Palfcleish,
who Is a fine musician. The children
marched to the dining room, where a
pijuntiful supper was served. The table
^ >?: :
fc Vvr <"''*. " X
V t .
dcconiti. t;s were prf-c n and white, with the
customary birthday rake with five little
?_xiu u tiling; . nun rujij'ri ?x
grab bag was brought and each child took
a grab and was delighted with the presents
received. Many beautiful presents were
given the little host. Among those present
were Misses Helen Morris, Ruth Pack,
Florence Berry man. Blanch Carnahan,
Mayda Carnahan, Elizabeth Jones, Virginia
Whoff, Marguerite Hensey, Margaret
Steep, Blanch C'ramner. Clara Cramner,
Eileen Eastwood, Elizabeth Bent. Viola
Bent and Masters Ralph Kisk. Wesley Morris.
James Berryman, Donald Hensey,
Blanchard Carnahan and Robert Dalgleish.
A large number of friends of Mr and Mrs.
Ijalglelsh were present to enjoy the festivities
of the evening.
Mrs. Catharine Pennman of Fort Wayne.
Ind , who spends her winters in Washington.
Is at present In Atlantic City She Is
accompanied by her friend. Miss McMurry
cf Edinburgh, and will not return until
the 1st of September or later In the season.
Mr. and Mrs William Collier and family
are spending the summer at their country
home at Fairfax Court House, Va.
Miss Cnrr!? French, daughter of Mai.
French of 17"1 I street, who has bet :i
pending the rast three weeks visitii'g
family of Mr and Mrs. William < ... ! at
Fairfax Court House, returned In :i' last
ve- k M my enjoyable parties a:.d barn
dances were given in her honor.
Miss Florenre ITorncss is spending -th"
rummer near l.e<.sl>urg as the gu> st of Mr.
Mi l Mrs Ci.arl'-s I'adelej at their eountfy
* home.
??I : nil1: .*i : > rmUTU'K ? 11* W I i, \\ r. <)
have 1m.t n r< si Vnts of the c ity for a numt?
r of \? s. ! 11 last wet k : r t:?e west
to make Ui? :r future home.
It an-! Mr-w ?' i m; - : ]a in and their three
Interesting children have returned home
f. . ;? -I- . t: trip of a three Weeks'
\ .Mt * * Kikiim: !. I\i
Miss ].-.)> .] Tfut:. es and Miss A. Peterf
. ol Stoneieigh Court left last week for
an i\t . ! trip K:rst the\ will \ sit
t J >: ,vn e\!-.-?si!i-'n and from th-re
K ? to i". Is?I 11. is. and later go to the
f :r w? st : r se/eral weeks.
M- - T : ; T- v * ?>ff of :;d s:r. -t and her
M - Y? n :uca T?-getiioff. leave
m ' . i L ?. t. d <i 1 'll I L . . i V"
M: > Avi :y Taylor an<1 Mr Fuller ret
.. \t >r?nlay from a two \v? . ks'
t t ' Muss.
M M o is visiting frieiuls in
M i v
s- S of the l'>enver l?-ft \Y? lnes?I'-ar.:?
(1 by a numb-r of y?? i4\?
i i?. sj 1 several weeks at Harpers
1 . t y
M <'telle I'urtcr loft last week
t. - the rest ?-f !:;< season with her
i m Wyt: V 11*. V;i Mine Port\r
? N " t" speml the coming winter in
1 \ n
M - Si ssie Fo U r f Rho 1. Island aw
? : - t \ ..i v sj ml several
' \n i ks.
Mrs Sara' l " T of 1117 N Ptreet
I*-!: l.ist w fk t.? vtfsit her it? r. !n
N' w V : k. :iricl :.? r sister. In Riot-klyn. Rtturn
:*:# w ill v .- t tri'-nds In I-'hilatlelj-aia.
"Bishop nr. ! M >. Sabin of Kt*20 M street
h*'. returned home after bftYlng spent six
?> Ks at Pupltam Beach, Me.
Jl:?s J Dixon of Corcoran Ftr<. t is
M'.itM t..c summer at Locust Farm X??v
York M'.-s I>ix< r? w.U not return ln>
but will K'i ficin there to a young lad. V
bouv...ii? school ti.ls autumn.
Mr anl Mrs. W. Osgood of 14th Street
und t). .r tw i .ldu n ar-- at Asbury Park
for u s ort trip.
Mrs William W l'aly departed last evening
for a T: t<? ih- Jamvti'wn exposition,
<i< t o n, ar>' ! y her son and daughter
Harry and Mabel and her niece, ,\i:s>
J.r> 11 a They w: 1 also visit Norfolk.
Vii> .i Hi ;u'h, Hampton and ? >10
M'!? R<?so M. <?ill!i of thi~ r Ty Is-th?
guff! of Mif-s I/.zzie Lwi'kwooii, Colonial
] ' * ?i v" 15, \ ?I
Mrs. 8 E Baltojr, who was visiting liei
^ brother, Mr W. S. Jenk?. the past !..
ha a r? turned to her home in Virginia.
Mrs J. N. Whitney of 1619 17th street is
spending1 the summer at the E'kton Hotel,
i Elkton, Va.
Mr and Mr.?. Gus Louis of 3W7 11th street
northwest find gruest, Miss HerzoR of Ctn,
! cinnati. will be at home next Wednesday
j evening.
! Mr? Martha P. Morris of 'Wheeling. W.
| Va? is visiting- her niece, Miss Bessie Stone
; j of 3<>'J 11th street southwest, after an ab^
sence of twenty years.
j The friends of Miss Janice M. Wood and
! J Mr. Paul H. Lipp, both of this city, are
; extending them congratulations on the raar|
rlage of the young couple last Tuesday
] evening at Rockville. The weddinjr was a
; j quiet one, the ceremony having b-een performed
in the presence of a few friends by
i the Rev. E. I>. Woolf. pastor of the M. E.
Church South. Mr. and Mrs. Elpp will
reside at l.ri24 14th street, and will be at
home to their friends after August 17.
Miss Laura Cadman has departed for
Ocean City, .\li., to be away two weeks.
Mrs Oliver PI Newton, accompanied hy
her niece. Miss Olive M. Nolan, is at Asbury
Park. N. J. They will be Joined later
In the month by Miss Ellen S. Meyers.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Baumgnrten have returned
from a three weeks' trip to the
Jamestown exi>ositlon.
Mtes Mary Glassman of 11th etreot and
Rhode Island avenue has departed for a
visit to her sisters In Philadelphia and Atlantic
City. Returning she will Btop In Baltimore
with friends.
Mrs. William Harry Gaskins, with her
' v i SSsf
' ^ a . < : '
:n mills.
\ sister and the Misses Delotta, have rei
turned from a visit to Braddock Heights,
! Md.
Mr. M:irtin A. Knapp, chairman of the
interstate commerce commission, and Mrs.
Nellie Maynard Gardner of Syracuse, N.
Y.. were married yesterday at noon at the
Hotel Manhattan. New York city. The
wedding was very quiet and simple, with
only a f< w family friends present, the ceremony
being performed by the venerable
Bishop Andrews, a lifelong friend of the
groom. Mr. and Mrs. Knapp will spend
some time at Spring I,ake Beach, N. J.,
and on their return to this city will Yeeide
ill Stonelelgh Court.
Miss Mary C. C'.ifford of Brightwood
Park is visit.ng relatives in York and Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. E. William G. Wldmayer of
Bright wood are visiting relatives in Ph:1a/delphia,
Pa., and New Gretna, N. J., after
which they will so to Atlantic City for a
short stay.
Mlf? Jeannotte M. Si-oan has gone for an
Indefinite stay to Colonial Beach.
lUc.vanOria Socictp
i Sprdal ("Vu-rr^iKvntlfnoe of Thf? Star.
Al.KXANlip.iA, Va.. AugniPt 10, 1907.
Mr. ll? m y Star r Wattles left \V? dnesday
f'?r a ten days' visit to Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mis. Lawrence Perry have return*
<1 from a visit to Philadelphia and AtI
'antic City.
Rev. Pr. W. F Fislier. Mr?. Fisher and
llttl' Miss Pahlwin Fisher have pone to
Lymhl urg, where they will spend the next
two months.
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cdrlin and two
chi.i!i'. n have gone to Atlantic City.
Mr. Ilichard Mlcou of Seminary 11:11 has
returned from a visit to Dr R. H. Carter, |
at A neon. Canal Zolie, Istlunus of'Panama.
Mr. ami -Mrs. William If. MeCuen, Mr.
T.Ubott MeCuen and Mr. Leslie McCuen
left Wednesday for a two weeks' visit to
Colonial Beach.
Mrs. Margaret II. PaUeysnn, daughter of
Mr. James Patterson, and Mr. Patrick F.
Human, jr.. son of City Tax Collector Patrick
F. Gorman, were married in Washington
last Tuesday by Rev. William J. Carroll.
Mr. < I aries A I.rill of Connellsville. Pa.,
is tl.e gufst ??f his cousin, Ahlerrnan Jacob
Drill, at Jjis home on i rince street.
Mr. itnl Mrs. Charles Kell, Miss Mary
Kelt nnd Mr. Lutlier Kell have returned
fn?m a \is;t to relatives at Aceotink, Va.
Mr. Walter M, Donnelly and Master Lee
Imnnelly left Monday fur a trip to Jamestown.
Miss Miriam Jenkyns of .Philadelphia is
the guest of Miss Esther T. xieishley.
Miss Alice Gronau has returned from a
v ;> t to her grandfather, Mr. Wiiliaiif
Gronau of Philadelphia.
Mrs. James A. Long, Mrs. Florence
Wh it and Miss Florence Long are at Colonial
M Anna Tennyson Is the guest of Mrs.
Kr, ke Artio'.d at lier home, Falrvlew,
K: Ucurgv county.
Mr. nnd Mrs W. B. Oden and little
daughter of Warrenton, Va . are the guests
"f Mr. an?l Mrs. J.imes T. Preston at their
homo on yueen street.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J Sumpsnn have returned
to their home at i.as Cascadas. Canal
Zon.\ Isthmus of Panuma. after a visit to
Mis. Sampson's mother, Mrs. Turner.
Mr?. William 1'. Taylor and little son,
.arid Mis J. A. Dieneit and children, left
Friday for a two weeks' visit to Ocean City,
1 Mr John W. Herndon is standing the
month of August at Old Orchard, Me.
Mrs. William Moulder X'hler and two children
have returned from a visit to Delai>lane,
s Mlts Sal.le Kemper left Thursday for Del
aplane, Vt, where she will be the guest of
Mrs. Henry Ashby.
Rev. Wllllum J. Morton has grone to Stafford
county for the month of Augnist.
Miss Bessie Jones has returned from a
visit to Miss LouMe Hudgins ?t Portsmouth,
? ??-* If? o? <vruV/i? w/^ri/lfro TTflnno/^ir
iJL . ailli 1*IIP.
of Warrenton, Va., have Issued Invitations
to the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Agnes Gray Kennedy, to E>r. William Beverly
Mason of Washington. The marriage
will take place on Thursday, August 29, at
the home of the bride-elect's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. 'William Bryant nre spending
the month of August at Cape May.
Mr. Henry O'Bannon Cooper and Mr. Magruder
Dent have returned from a visit
to The Plains, Va.
Mrs. George William Ramsay and Mr.
Dennis Ramsay are at Atlantic City.
Mlsa Bessie Swank of Pennsylvania Is the
guest of Miss Courteney Grenougli ttt her
home on King street.
Mrs. Cornelia Johns, formerly of Alexandria,
but now living In Norfolk. Va.. was
; the guest of Mrs. William S. Greene it her
I home on North Washington street last
| r?
Mrs. William Albert Smoot and Master
William Albert Smoot 3d are at Atlantic
Mrs. C. F. Obcr-meyer of St. I>oui? is the
guest of her slsler, Mrs. Andrew Altcheson,
at her home on South .Lee street.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Downham and children
have returned from a visit to Round
hm, Ya.
Mr. and Mrs. George 8. French have returned
from a rfhort visit to Atlantic City.
Alderman Walter W. Ballengcr has returned
from Atlantic City.
Mr. Horace B. Ramey left last week for
I - tV.Ho rkonavilla M V
and Atlantic City. ;
Dr. Crawford, dean of the Episcopal
Thtological Seminary, and Mrs. Crawford
left la*t week for a two weeks' visit to Dr.
Crawford's former home at Coburgr, Canada.
and w-ill ?r>end the remainder of the
summer at Flattioard Island, near Portland,
Me.. as the guests of Mr. 8. F. Houston.
Mrs. C. E. Duffey and little daughter
have returned from a visit to Woodstock,
Va. ^
Mrs. John Nugent and family are spend.
X * 1? ?V, ~ a ? ? TIII1
uiig Lilt; iriuuiii ui nu^usi ai i\uuuu inu,
Mrs. Henry Fairfax. Robertson. Mlas Nellie
Robertson and Miss Mary Robertson left
yesterday for Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Smlthers are
visiting friends in Charlottesville, Va.
Mrs. ,Annie Shirley, Master Gibson Shir- j
ley and Mrs. I^orenza Miller are at the j
Linwood House, Colonial Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hill and children
| left Monday for Atlantic City.
Mr. Oeorg? Ross Beckham, formerly of !
Alexandria, but now of <_ hlcago, was the j
guest of friends during the past week, en :
route to the Jamestown exposition.
Miss Annie P. Luckett Is the guest of
Mrs. M. G. Grlmea at R&pidan, Va.
Mr. "William A. Ferguson has returned
from a visit to Colonial Beaoh.
Mrs. Norma I.<eone Jenkins left last week
for a two weeks" visit to the Jamestown
Messrs. Oscar Bobbins and Russell H.
Cnr'.in have returned from a visit to Atlantic
Mr. Elmer Thompson Is attending the
Jamestpwn exposition.
Ca.pt. Isaac P. Foroa end family are
spending the month of August at Ridley
Park, Pa.
Miss Annie TTurdle is the giiest of her
r.1^ TTfrfr.llA Tn.nff V,
iii'Ttc, jjoitiio ? cittnui 111, ai ?? uvucliff,
N. J.
Mrs. Corneous P. Taylor and Miss Oallle
Taylor are thp guests of Mrs. Taylor's
mother, Mrs. Connell, at Charlottesville,
!Va- ?
Mr. TTcnry Baeder left last week for a
ten days' visit to Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Allen are visiting rel
! atlves at High Point. N. C.
Miss Florence Evans h^s returned from
Knoxville. Tenn., where she Spent the past
few months.
Miss Mary Hellmuth and Miss Lizzie
j Folmar tire at Atlantic City.
Miss Ida TTnas of Washington Is the truest
of M!ss Carrye Bernheiraer at her home on
King street.
Mrs. Jefferson Beach and Miss Etellle L.
Beach left last week for a two weeks' visit
to the Jamestown exposition and Atlee,
Miss Louisa Ball has returned to her
home In Mount Savage. Md.t after a visit
to Miss Florence Long on Queen street.
Rev. Q. I. Humphries and Mrs. Humphries
have gone to King George county,
Va., for a three weeks' visit.
Miss Mary King and Miss Lena Craven
are visiting Leesburg and Purcellvllle, Va.
Mrs. Bdward Walker and Miss Bessie
Moore left Monday for Marshall, Fauquier
county, to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Oliver Monk and
Master Kdmond Gaines .Monk have returned
to their home In Washington after
a short visit to Mrs. Lucie Luckett at her j
f. m nn P'j T ri. ciract
Master Bryan Pitts !a at Choir Lodge.
Colonial Jea~h. with Ine choir of Grace
Episcopal Church, of which he Is a member.
Miss Sallie T>ee of Bedford City. Va . is
the gikest of Miss Janie Balleniter at her
home, Mount Pleasant, Fairfax county.
Mrs. Genrpe Vivian Peyton and little |
Lucy Peyton left Friday for Atlantic City. J
Miss Lucie Luckett and Miss Janle Pal- ]
ii ngi-r nave returned irom n visit 10 JNllss |
Conway at Charlottesville, Va.
Mr. Rohley D. BrumhaeTi has returned
from a visit to Luray, Va.
Mrs. P. M. DeLane and Master Francis
Di l.ane left last week to spend tho remainder
of the summer In the mountains
of Virginia.
Mr and Mrs. Edward Cotfelt and children
are the quests of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Chapman at Winchester, Va.
Mrs. J. J Riley and daughter have returned
from a visit to the Jamestown ex
I position ana Kicnmona, va.
"Miss Mary Diggs of Anacostia, D. t?., Is
the guest of Miss Mary Chauncey at her
home on Duke street.
Messrs. Maurice Simpson and Raymond
Slmj-son are spending a few weeks at Colonial
Miss Florence Riley of Roanoke, Va., Is
the guest of Miss Dcona Sullivan at her
home <%i Prince street.
Mrs. M. J. Waterman and Mrs. William
Rosenf.ld of Baltimore are the guests of
Mrs. E. Goldsmith on Prince street.
Miss lAila Bisson Is visiting Miss Mary
-* V? 1 *?
uaivttiu tit iitrr nuiuu U.L AianaSBftS, Vft.
Most Valuable Swords.
Fr -m tfce Philadelphia Bulletin.
The veterans rifling In the flag-hung carriage
toward the cemetery talked of warlike
things?cannon, guns, swords.
"The most valuable sword In the world,"
said the colonel, "belongs to the G^ekwar
of Baroda. It Is worth $1,125,000. It hag
been handed down from father to son for
700 years.
"The lillt and scabbard of this sword are
lncrusted with diamonds and rubles and
emeralds so thickly that you can't see the
goldwork underneath. All those Jewels are
miracles of bigness and purity.
"The Shah of Persia owns a sword worth
ISO.OOO. Its ornaments are orient pearls.
The Czar of Russia has a dtamond-in
crusted sword valued at $73,000, and the
Sultan of Turkey wears on state occasions
a scimitar whose hilt alone was valued by
Polak of Paris at $118,000.
"In this country, 1 regret to say, we have
.pot <t sword worth more than $J,000."
Special Correspondence of The 8t?r.
RICHMOND, Va.. August 10, 1007.
Since Richmond society has recovered
from the Interest created by the announcement
of Mrs. Fltxhugh Lee In regard to
trie eiiKa^emeni anu iiypiuu*. uuig ?i?&>.
of her youngest (laughter, Virginia, It has
begun to recall how popular In society and
at tho clubs her fiance, Lieut. John Carter
Montgomery of the 7th United States Cavairy,
waj? when he visited the Richmond
and other Virginia horse shows, two years
ago, In command of a detachment from his
regiment, and gave with It an example of
skilled horsemanship that proved a most
attractive part of the ring performances
whenever and wherever presented. Gen.
Fltzhugh Lee, Miss Lee's father, who was
master of horsemanship at West Point Military
Academy at the early age of sixteen,
was present then, and complimented Lieut.
Montgomery. The two forrfted a very
pleasant acquaintance during the Richmond
and Norfolk horse shows.
Miss Lee Is a charming young girl, with
dark hair, blue gray eyes, and cream white
complexion. She Inherits her frar.k grace
and responsiveness of manner, being wholly
girlish and unaffected.
Miss I^ee and her mother are visiting Mrs.
James Caskie Cabell, an Intimate friend, in
Richmond. The wedding is scheduled for
the early autumn, though the exact time
and place have not yet been appointed.
Lieut, ^lontg-omery is now stationed at Fort
Rliey.'Kan., where Mrs. Anne I^ee Brown,
wife of Lieut. Lewis Brown, and Lieut.
George Mason I>ee, the sister and brother
of the bride-to-be, are already located.
i ne marriage win oe one in which me
wliole south will be Interested.
The handsome dinner to be given by the
Governor of Vlrgnia and Mrs. Swanson to
Prince William of Sweden at the Chamlterla'.n
Hotel, Old Point, on the evenng of
August 3'. is a much talked of affair In
smart set circles at this time. The Invitations
will be limited to 100, and have
already been sent out. The Swedish minister,
a number of distinguished diplomats,
officers of the exposit.on and navy,
and a l?-vy of lovely Virginia girls wi 1 lie
numbered In the select and honored few
as*ed to meet, his royal highness. 1'lace I
cards will bear the Virginia crest hand- j
painted between the Swedish and United
States flags, and, in compliment to the
Swedish national colors, yellow and blue, !
golden g'.ow roses will be lavishly used in
the decorations.
Mrs. Swanson has determined that the elegance
of her dinner appointments shall be
altogether equal to any given the prince
during his stay In this country. She will
number in her dinner company the most
beautiful and representative women in the
state. The menu will be distinctly VirginIan.
and will Include a.l the especial delicacies
in the culinary line for which the
/"? 1 .3 ? V, ? 1 V.?
urn iA/iuiiiiuii iiaa i'?njs lauicu. t
Next Wednesday evening, August 14, Gov.
and Mrs. Swanfon will give a reception at
the Virginia builditip to Gov. Glenn of
North Carolina. Airs Glenn and tiie members
of their party and staff In the receiving
party with the Governor of Virginia
and Mrs. Swanson will be Lieut. Gov.
and Mrs. J Taylor lillyson. Gov. and Mrs.
Glenn and Mrs. Grant, wife of Gen. Grunt
Of the United States Army. The Virginia
Kn.il/linir \x* i 11 Ki* fll !tiH with anrl
music in honor of the welcome to North
Carolinians. Refreshments will be served
during the evening, and the occasion will
be one of the most brilliant of the state
receptions yet held.
Miss Elizabeth Gilmer Tyler, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lyon Gardner Tyler of William
and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va.,
who Is at this time angriest of her friends,
the Misses Merrill, In Richmond, surprised
her Richmond friends by the announcement
of her engagement to Midshipman Alfred
Hart Miles, U. S. N., now serving on board
the battleship Kentucky. He is a son of the
late Charles B. Miles of the navy, and met
Mies Tyler during a two years' course at
William and Mary College, of which her
father is president. Miss Tyler is a granddaughter
of the late John Tyler of Sherwood
Forest, on the James river, and also
o trrn n ,1 1) 11 tfir r\P * Via lota Thnmnc! A\T
Gilmer, formerly Governor of Virginia, and
appointed by President Tyler to be Secretary
of the Navy. The wedding will be
celebrated during September in historic
Bruton Church, at Williamsburg, Va.
Another announcement for the autumn of
Interest to society In Richmond, Hot
Springs and New York concerns the approaching
wedding of Miss Elizabeth
Lanier Dunn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lanier Dunn of New York and Ho; Springs,
to Col. Alexander Sidney Buford, jr., of
Richmond, a popular member of fashionable
society, and of the social and hunt
clubs here. The wedding will be celebrated
at Hot Springs, where the Dunns have their
lummer home. Miss Dunn is considered a
great beauty. She is the granddaughter
of the late Gen. John Dunn of the United
States Army, and the greatniece of the
late Gen. Benjamin F. Butler. Her sister,
Miss HSidTeth Dunn, married Mr. George
Cole Scott, an Intimate friend of Col. Buford,
who was one of the bridal party,
meeting Mlse Elizabeth Dunn and his fate
at the same time. Co.l. Buford is a member
of Gov. Swanson's staff.
Many Entertainments at the Inn?A
^arge Washington Colony.
Bperlnl Corrpspoiiijpnee of The Star.
WINCHESTER, Va.. August 10, 1907.
While the big: city man auU woman goes
IU Liio r?iiidiici uujnniuiiua'a ttiiu iitra-illl iceorts
for rest and recreation? far from the
nolss and turmoil of commercial life?they
am just as apt to have their time fully occupied,
and more so in some respects, as If
they had remained at home. Here at the
Winchester Inn the guests tire continually
"on the go," but it is as different from
mctropolitanism as day is from night. Situated
on a commanding eminence, in the
western suburbs, but not far from tlie business
and shopping center, the guests of
Manager Shepard live in ease and comfort, '
and the large colony of Washingtoniane
now stopping at the Inn contribute the
erMtpr nnrtlnn tn thp pntArtwInmpula aP
kinrl or another with which every day Is
filled, while a night rarely passes that a .
small dance Is not given or card parties :
held. The array o.f beautiful women on
the big porches just after supper Is quite
bewildering, and when a german Is given
the scene Is indeed dazzling. One of the
most charming young ladies who arrived
the latter part of the present week from
Washington was Miss Maud C. Gouvenour,
who is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rober- '
deau Buchanan of that city, who were
among the season's early arrivals. Much
social attention has already been shown '
Miss Gouveneur. who is a member of an '
old and distinguished family and pretty and ,
clever. j
Miss Clara Baldwin, another attractive '
Washington girl, is here with her brother,
Judge W. D. Baldwin, and Mrs. ^aldwln
of that city, and is very popular among the
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Affleck of Wash- ;
lngton are spending some time at the Inn. ]
\f r Afflpok'fi uranrlmnthf-r Mrs TCHvn h&tVi
Affleck, is one of Winchester's most venerable
women, being In her ninety-third year.
Miss Estle G. Main of Hagerstown spends l
a great deal of her time at the Inn. She is
the organist of Christ Protestant Episcopal
Church of Winchester, and on last Sunday 1
evening Miss Main gave a recital on the J
big new pipe organ In that historic old i
church ImmedlateJy preceding the regular
evening prayer. Mar.y. of the Inn guests
and others spending the summer here were 1
m auenaance ai me Bucreu. concert.
Dr. and Mrs. Reaser and daughter and
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua "W. Sharpe, all of
Chambereburg, Pa., arrived at the Inn the
other day In a largo automobile. They ,
have been on an extended tour of the Cum- j
berland and Shenandoah valleys and ,
stopped oft here to rest and refresh themselves.
All members of the party were profuse
in their expressions of the beautiful ]
dress of nature in this section of the coun- i
,-1- of J
The principal turnpikes anil even mountain
roads are In prime condition for automobiling
and all who can own or lease a
touring car spend much of their time sightseeing
In the country and visiting the numerous
battlefields and other places of historical
Mr. J P. Feiser, one of the star pitchers
of the Winchester base ball team, who has
been spending a week or two at Woods- ]
boro. Md.. on account of sickness. has returned
here, where he la very popular.
Misses L.. fl and M. Van Pelt, Mr. F. P
Melton and I)r. Geortre M. Prt?ton. all of
Virginia, wtre among the iate arrivals this
week at the Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McKenney Perry of
Washington are on 6. visit to the lntter s
parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. West Baker, near
town. Mrs. Berry was formerly one of the
most popular belle# of this section and her
marriage a few years ago was an Important
social event.
Messrs. William and John Muse of Kansas
are spending some time visiting friends
and former associates In Winchester and
Frederick county, of which their family
have been prominent residents for many
Miss Esta Glenn, a pretty and popular
young lady of Harrisonburg. Va., who has
been on a visit to Miss Hilda Correll of
Winchester, returned to her home on
Thursday. A number of entertainments
were given In honor of Miss Glenn during
her visit here.
The congregation of the Presbyterian
Church, one of the wealthiest churches in
Virginia, has given its pastor, Rev. Dr. J.
II. Lacy, a month's vacation, which he is
spending at the Jamestown exposition, Virginia
Beach, Richmond and at his old home
at Fredericksburg. Va. lie Is accompanied
by his son, Sellman Lacy.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Griffith and children
of Washington are spending several
weeks with Mrs. Griffith's relatives at
Old-time Virginia hospitalltj has been
lavishly dispensed during tlie past week at
' Soldiers' Retreat," the country home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ij. Withers in Clarke
county, where a house party has been in
progress complimentary to Mr. Flournoy
Shepperson, a talented young student of
Union T1 eologfcal Seminary of Richmond,
who is asai?tinc Rev. D. H. Scanlon, pastor
of the Berryville Presbyterian Church,
in his ial duties during the summer.
A lprj-s r umber of young people have
been in attendance at the house party,
among others being Mr. C. Trelan and son
of Washington, who aie visiting in Clarke.
Miss Sadie DeWees of Mississippi is
visiting at the home of her uncle, Mr. W.
D. Chipley, near Stephens City, and is being
entertained much by the many new
friends she has made since coming to Virginia.
Mrs. John M. Snyder of Paris, Texas, Is
slopping at the home of her mother, Mrs.
James Burton, on West Water street.
Mm. I^uclen Carr, Jr.. and children and
Misa Katharine Harrison left Thursday to
spend several weeks at Cape May.
Mrs. Peter Vredenhurgh of New York,
who was Miss Virginia Cabell Baker prior
to her notable wedding in old Christ
Church here on June 1, is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Baker,
on South Washington street. She was accompanied
home by her cousin. Miss Frances
Peyton Page, who has been sojourning at
Atlantic City and Freehold, N. J., the country
home of the Vredenburghs.
ur. ana Mrs. J. Randolph Graham, who
have been at the Jamestown exposition, are
now at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Julian
F. Ward, on South Washington street, for
several weeks before returning to New
York. He Is the son of Rev. Dr. Jamfs R.
Graham, tlie venerable pastor emeritus of
tiie United Presbyterian churches of Winchester.
Mr. James Bragonier of New York Is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H.
Bragonier, on North Braddock street.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles VV. Grant, jr., and
Misses Elizabeth and Ruth Grant of Baitl
mure arc u;e bucsib oi Miss Ji;mily Conner
of thiB city.
Messrs-. Theodore ar.d Ernest Sloat of
Washington are spending their vacations
at the home of the latter s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter D. Sloat, on South Market
Mrs. Ira Capper and Miss Mary Capper
have returned from Chesapeake Beach,
where they have been spending several
Mrs. G. B. Harris has returned to her
home in Charles county. Md., after an ext
f-n viuH tn hor ntVir.r XXTi Hl? ~
? . - ~ ?>/ ..VI t.ivL.ici, m ? a. ?t Allien IX
McPherscn Fuller, In Winchester.
Misses Mamie Wlesel and Margaret Conner
of Cumberland, Mr.', are being entertained
1)1" Mrs. John Seal of West Ck>rk
Miw A trnPC Tnnsf>Att r\f
- v.w uti i ,y vine,
Clarke county, was the hostess at a charmingly
arranged tea the other afternoon on
the occasion of her birthday, and a large
number of guests spent a delightful time.
Messrs. Tiliomas and Lee J. Timberlake of
Washington are spending their vacation
with relatives at Brucetown, this county.
Mrs. Cornelia Campbell and Miss Nannie
fampbell of Washington are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Llllis of Winchester.
Rev. James R. Graham, Jr., and family,
who have been spending several months
with relatives In Virginia, principally on account
of Mrs. Grfthnm'H hpultli ri.tll
Bhortly to sail for China, where Rev. Mr.
Graham Is connected with the Presbyterian
missionary movement.
Misses Mary and Averll Millet of Martinsburg,
W. Va? gave a delightful card
party a few evenings since In honor of their |
guest, Miss Alvira Miller of Winchester,
who won the first prize. Mr. Thomas
Lemen, Jr., was awarded the second prize.
Considerable surprise was occasioned this
week by the announcement of the marriage I
In McKeesport, Pa., of Miss Agn?a Elizabeth
Clohan, daughter of Postmaster and !
Mrs. Alexander Clohan of Martinsburg, W. I
Va., and Mr. Prince H. Dunn, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas L. Dunn of the same
place. The young couple left a few days
before, going to tire home of the bride's sister,
Mrs. Ada Mollis, in McKeesport, where
the marriage took place. It Is stated that
(here was no objection to the match, but
that the principals wished to avoid a pubUp
worl rl i n p-- at Tlta
inv uimc 13 <1 very
pretty young lady and the groom was recently
graduated from th? Shenandoah Valley
Academy of Winchester. Botty are
members of prominent families and have
many friends In Washington.
Miss Mary Funkhouser, who kaa been the
sruest of Miss Elizabeth Kern on Amherst
street, left this week for Harrisonburg, Va.,
where her parents, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. A. P.
Funkhouser. are spending the summer at
Assembly Park.
Prof. John Campbell of Athens, Ga., has
loined his family here for the remainder of
the Bummer. They are. Etopiing at the
home of Mrs. Campbell's father, Maj. Rob?rt
W. Hunter, on South Washington street.
Misses Edith and Nina Brown, daughters
->f Mr. and Mrs. J. Few Brown, gave a
charming entertainment a few evenings
since at their home on North Market street
In the form of a musicale in honor of a
number of out-of-town guests. Ic. s and
Jther cooling refreshments were served during
t<he evening and the house was liandliomely
_5|rs. J. Clifton Wheat and son. Ross
Wheat, who have been spending part of the
summer at "Lynwood," the old Wheat
liome in Rockbridge county, returned to
Winchester this week.
Messrs. M. G. Shull and X. McDonald of
IVashington have been visiting relatives and
former associates at Marlboro, near town.
After spending a few days visiting friends
n Washington, Miss Sara Points has been
loined by a party of friends, and they are
low at the Jamestown exposition.
Miss Ruth McCorkle of Harrisonburg,
Va., is visiting the family of her brother,
Mr. Tazewell M. McCorkle, at Summit
Point, W. Va.
Mr. Marshall Russell has returned to New
Fork, where he is engaged in business, after
spending a brief vacation at the home of
;iis parents. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Russell,
in South Washington street.
Mr. Charles W. Bowly has gone to Pittsburg,
after visiting friends at his old home
News has been received here to the effect
:hat Mrs. James II. Williams, widow of
3en. Williams of Woodstock, Va.. who recently
went to Atlantic City on account of
ler health, has suffered a relapse, and Miss
STannle Burns, a trained nurse of this city,
s now with hsr. as is also hsr daughter,
Miss Annie Williams.
Mrs. Charles Collins and daughter, Miss
Elizabeth Collin* of Washington, are sjiend
!ng; the summrr with Miss Sh-^rrard on Arr?- ' }
herst street. | >
Mips Hrl^n Waters has arrived from ?
Georgetown. P. C.. to spend several we ks ,
at the home of her sister. Mrs. c, O Mill* r,
on North Rraddock street Mis* Waters t
has many friends and admirers in Win- ,
Chester, and is one of the most popular \ t
visitors now in town. i &
.Misses Laura ami Evy Tucker MoGuire i ,
left this we* k to atteiul the Jamestown < '
position. They are the guests ? f their i
une'.e. Mr. Harry St. George Tucker. i ,
Miss LiIIie T!ml>eriake Is spending some < '
time as the guest of her sister. Mrs. Ar- | 1
tlur Burton, In Baltimore. j ,
Mrs. I.izzte Logan left this week tr> visit
friends In Anne Arundel county, Md.
M'.sb Ress'e Ryan has returned to hi>r
home In Washington, after visiting friends
In the vicinity of Hoyco, Clarke county.
During her stay In Clarke, Miss Ryan w.ts
handsomely entertained and attracted
many new friends and admirers. Shortly
before departing for her home many of the
young people of Boyee ;ftui Millwood gave '
a hay rl'ie In her honor They drove to the
Shenandoah river at Berry 8 Ferry by
moonlight and spent a delightful time at :
that historic and romantic spot.
[ t
Messrs. John Rlnker of Washington and
Harvey Rinker of Stewart. Ya . are visiting
their parents, Mr and Mrs. J. C. I '
I DUl-or ixr
*v.?jrv*r?, hi. xvciiitiitc, tt antra coumy.
The principal soc i.il and outdoor feature
of the serial week in C'.arke county was
the tournament held at Saratoga Springs. 1
the magnificent estate of Mr. R. f'owvl l'.?^ . i
noar Hoyce, and the crowning event of ti
day was the tournament ball hoi 1 at nicM t
in the clubhouse of the Blue Rld*e Hum
Club, one of the wealthiest organizations ;
nf the kind in Virginia or the south.. Mr. i *
Hugrh Nelson, jr.. ridinp as the "Knight of t
Kentmere." was the winner, and crowi.ed i t
I Miss Dorothy Gilpin the queen of love and i ;
tvauty. Air. Ueorge Burwtll, Jr.. . rnwn< i j
Miss Isabelle Carter of Richmond. Mr 1 1
Townsend Burwell crowned Miss Rosalie :l
Wheat of Berryvi'le. Mlfs Susan Pape j t
was crowned by Mr. Donald Gilpin. Mr. t
Edward G. Butler placed a crown on the ;
head of Miss Marguerite Burwell. Mr. Roy !
(J. Mitchell crowned Miss Mary F. Page- ^
Miss Roberta I>ack!and of Washington
was chosen by Mr. Archie C. Randolph, |
upon whose head he placed a maid of
honor's crown, and Mr. Kenneth Gilpin ;
crowned Miss Nannie Nelson. The charge
to the sir knights was delivered by Mr.
R. S. Blackburn Smith of Berryvllta, while
the coronation address was made by Mr.
George Harrison of Bnyce. In addition to
scores of Clarke county people being present
at the tournament and there were
many guests from Washington Richmond.
Baltimore. Winchester and elsewhere. A
pretty german was led by Mr Roy G.
Mitchell, dancing with Miss Page. A
Winchester orchestra furnished music, and
the festivities continued until early In the
\Ir? TaKti C+Qt'mon '
' wii" ?jvu j iiwiii vi Avi\.iiiiiuiiu in n.'o '
guest of her sister-in-law. Sirs. Lorir.g A. J
Cover, In tills city. t
Mr. Charles F. MeGuire of Hoboken. N. y
J., has been spending some time In Win- i l
Chester and Clarke county. Mrs. MeGuire j >
Is the daughter of Mr. Marshall McCor- ' e
it i< k. the distinguished Virginia lawy<^- of c
i T-erryville. r
J Mr. Theodore Y. Klnzel of^ the Farmers |
ana Merchants" .National BanK has returned
from a vacation ppent at Atlantic
City and with friends In Washington.
_____ *
Miss Emma Kinzel has gone to visit her
friend. Miss Clara Dobbins of Sherwood
Forrest, Md., ar.d together they will visit
Niagara Falls and tlio Jamestown exposition.
and "spend some time with Washington
friends before returning to their homes.
AT XT . /'*??*? * /\_1 ?? r? - 1
iiiicu i^uniiu uciuei 01 uriuiiuo, ria., wno j.
has been on an extended visit to friends In ! ^
Winchester, spent this week !n Baltimore ; r
as the guest of her friend. Miss Amy Gos- : J
nell, who has also been visiting in this city. | j
Mi.-s Blanche G'enn Dlffcnderfer, for- j ^
merly of Winchester. bJt for the past year j '
tif Jacksonville, Fla.. while visiting her ,
uncle. Mr. McKim Dlffenderfer liere, was , *
married to Mr. Frank J. l.indergreen a ^
prominent business man of Boston, a few ! 1
days ago. The wedding plans bad been j f
kept a profound secret and only the house
guests at Mr. Diffenderfer's knew of it. J
The couple left at once for Boston, their
future home. Mr. Lindergi ean first met his
bride while In Jacksonville on a vacation
last winter. The bride is a member of an
old and well-known Winchester family.
APnnwn TWT7 riTV *
i JkX w \J1 l L/ A X 1JU Vjl i X
A huge automobile lumbered along Pennsylvania
avenue crowded with orphan children
who were blowing horns, waving flags
and laughing, as only children can.
And another chili', who was walking on
the flagging im a lace-ruffled frock and expensive
hat stopped to look wistfully at her
less fortunate little brothers and sisters. g
"Miriam, for goodness sako come along; c
ana ao aoia your head up I" * c
"Ves, mamma. I was just looking at the ^
good time those children are having."
Then Miriam straightened her thin, droopy c
shoulders and dutifully followed her taffeta s
mamma and an oldish, dyspeptic looking : J
man who was probably her pa. ,
She was a pudgy woman who looked as if J
her life's aim was to fight flesh, and she |
was telling her experiences to a lath-like j J
person who listened with the superiority ; ;
that generally goes with bones. And while ! I
1 the pudgy woman talked and the lath-like i i
one listened they ate pink loe cream In a !'
j cafe, with the whizzing of an electric fan | "
cnat ouzzea nice a gone-mad Dee as a
pleasure-giving accompaniment. f
| "Ves, they say roller skatjng Is fine for reducing
the hips, so tho minute I got to .
Atlantic City I hunted up a rink and paid
,1'or the use of skates. The first thing I did T
was to engage a teacher a,t a dollar an
hour for the exclusive privilege of knocking v
him down and tumbling on top of him. "
When he had dragged nie to my feet?don t 1
ask me how?I immediately upset a young f
?nVJ 61'UJU6 amiifi ua caanj its
if she wore greased wings. Then I wrecked :
a group that was doing fancy steps to
music and, by the time 1 had not my full
dollar's worth of tumbles and bruises, and
ruined my silk frock, and burst my gloves, r
and lost my temper, I got weighed and *
found I had lost a half pound, which was '
one consolation, anyhow."
"Yes, It must have been. They say Ice '!
cream is fattening. How much added
weight would you suppose there is in a
saucer, hull?"
It was a mean tiling to do, but when the t,
pudgy woman pushed aside her half-finished
brick the lath-like person lmnicdiately
drew the saucer over to herself and 1
ate it to tlie very last scraping. a
A group of young people were having all *
soils of a good time the other evening on I
a porch out 10th street way. The moon \
was shining, an- automobile was at the i w
curb, and In the shadow of a doorway a , t]
mamnfa""?if in smiling rotundity dispensing ; g,
lemonade. I a
"Poor Nell!" said the elrl in nink mull. I \
"just think of her being .at Cape May,
where there is only one eligible man to |i
fourteen girls! Awful, isn't it?"
"Awful!" assented the girl in white lace, p,
who had been automobiling ail afternoon s.
with poor .Nell's liance. "I hope, how-ver, ti
she won't get homesick and run back before ai
iier visit's over." w
She said it as if ?she meant It?which she t<
probably did. si
"I had a post card from Kate this morn- it
ing," joined In a third girl who liad been t(
singing snatches of melody us fresh as a lc
bird on a bough. "She says it's horridly tl
I>oky up in the mountains, with every girl p
at the hotel running after one lone, lorn i!
telegraph operator.'' p
"Madge is getting along all right," a
chimed in mamma, "but she writes me that tl
the salt air has rulr.ed her dresses until
out? imsn l n. i ci^ iu v\ rdi .
"And the curious thing- about It," announced
the cynical young man who owned F
the car. "is that those girls have the audacity
to pity us bccausa we must stay at
home?funny, isn't It?" 8:
And the crowd laughed, as if it were very B
funny, indeed. ' ti
A man who was on the front bench of an '
open car moved up to give the end seat a
to a woman- When the car stopped for 01
another woman, who wanted to get on the
front, the woman who had l>e'"i given the hi
end seat made her pass over. Then the
man who had moved up said to the man
next to him:
"This thing happens every time I give P'
up my end seat to my gentle sister?. I J"
never knew it to fail. And they call us 1
men end-seat hogs. Makes me hot:" fa
Why shouldn't it?
A man who showed his fondness for the b;
earth earthy things of this life, ho far as to
le could pet them, was crossing Fenr.syl.anla
avenue the other evening A ?
eached the souih ! ?*e his wa\ w is t.;. ? k' <1
>v a crowd thai f w a rmeA around .i m.tn
ivho was prcai hlng penance and ] raver i
I'he earth earth v ma a wormed his wn>
hrough the crow*! and was on Its outer
<lfce when the speaker said something t; .. t
; ?ght h;a Interest and brought '.- in to .1
And wl.cn th.e prea.-Vug was v\ t *
nan said to the person \s ho was ?
iround for contributions:
"1 haven't heard that talk shout the
praters of eternal life since my mother us? d
;o icii us kKIs about U. ll?iv s pr
,'f live boot s."
His words Imj'l'.rd that ho was nviki -4
in appropriate ex-han^e. Axul wl10 Km \\*7
Then he went his way.
Famous Exeter Hall
To Be a Restaurant
EXKTKU HALT* ft* two prrni.it. <?
have known It. no lotigor < *! !? T ?
last meeting within its v?r?.-c-t :s I. <
>orn lielil, pnye tlio Lomlon T?->grn|>h. :n I
:;e doors closed. Tin* ilt'.il IS' of th< fi". *
itlierlnK ground of evangelists at ! i I
mthroi'lsls lias been l>i< mglit ;il>out I o
ounty council At It* Well. st mam -
of pounds have be?n spoilt in alterit
ions within a vny few \?ars. K'vn'.y
t made further demands, which t! .e tc mts
filt themselves unuile to < o:uj ly
A'lth. and Kxft<r Hall In its old. histoilo
rharacter has c? Msed t?> t>. ror som,? time
he dark, lofty, narrow portico, framed in
villi <?raoco-r*er.nthian columns. will oi-ninue
to mark cut the place. Possibly it
nay remain permanently, but the int* rU r
s bound to be transformed in the restless
econstruction of the Strand, for a wel'tnown
firm of restaurauteirg has ac?,u1i.d
he building, and its rearrangem?-nt w ill t o
T h p fninniis Vinlt wn? ht-Ut at a nit*- f . f
ESO.tWK) sixty-six years ago, wnen tie
strand was more decorous and nunUte,
>erhaps, tlian it now is There wan nei d
or such a building. where the force# of reiglous
and benevolent life could conccnrutfl.
The uses to which It was put 1411:1 ky
earned for It the description of 'a t?m>le
of modern philanthropy." I3ut It gai.x J
m even greater distinction. li came to
ank among the nation jl buildings, a:.d
vas better known than some that coi.ie
noje appropriately within the category.
There are thousands of provincials now
iving more certafn of the whereabouts i f
-Jxeter Ha l than many people born and
Ii'll',.,1 1n I /in/1 All ft Vina Killin ( Vinir ?.
if annual visitation for decades, embodyng
the spirit which kc<>n^allve and invlgirates
their social nmhltlons That spii it
vas not always spoken of with respect,
['here was a time when the phrase "Ilia
Cxetcr Hall spirit" was used derisively In
iome quarters. It was meant to Imply a
urfeit of cant and dogmatism. But the
leriod of harsh criticism ended years a^o.
'eople were driven of necessity to aiio; t
nore liberal phraseology, for the hull
omewhat changed and broadened Its assoilatlons.
as time progressed, though it
lever surrendered Its primary function us
he center of religious and phllanthroi>io
* *
It was In this perplexing biil'fling p^r>>lexlng
because of Its marvelousiy v.eceplve
size when Its narrow portals l.ave
>oAn no imicl/f n") o Kfiinalit t A
JCCll liiai inuoiv> ? HO im 1M|(- i iv
he aid of religion In ft way hitherto unknown.
In Exeter Hall people once gathered
to listen to the works of the great
nastors of oratorio. The change of hoi iO
i'as drastic. The custom hail been I a
>resent oratorios In the London theaters
luring L^>nt, before Exeter Hall was b i It.
Jut a departure eame about when t .a
!acmd Harmonic Society was rstahli.- < I
n 1&31. The theaters were then abantlcn i,
ind the great hall, lying back from the
Strand, resounded with tire glorious harnony
created under the guidance of S- r
Michael Costa. Oratorio has since talc-n to
ither fields, but the memory of many
ingers on those great days, and recalls t ie
lillni.ia r\t laat w-nrnc^n f n f i? in nf
'Israel in Egypt," In April. 1SS0.
Throughout its career Exeter Hall lias
icen reflective in its associations of tl,?
iharacterlstics of the age. And religion
ind philanthropy have been characteristics
>f every age since Christianity began. No
hange in proprietorship Imp -riled the ideal
let forth when the initial brick of the labyinthine
pile was laid. When the Young
Jen's Christian Association took over die
miiding in 18S0 ?50,000 was spent for the
property and on restoration, with tha extrees
object of carrying on the noble work.
Lnd records contain accounts of meetings
leld there that hnve never been surpass-d
or glowing hopefulness. The great meetngs
which Spurgeon and other divines coninuously
conducted on Sundays did not ontlo
In lmpressiveness that memorable gi'Jiring
which inaugurated the new era wh n
lhaftesbury and Cairns and the Archbishop
f Canterbury poured out their eloquence
>efore a mighty congregation of men anil
i-omen wiio iiad launched an undying movcnent.
Yet it Is not among the great gatheihigs
>f a strictly religious character that w<*
hall find the events tihat have stamped
leepest the fame of Exeter Hal!. Th* re
lave been meetings there of a soeinl anil
latlonal character that will never fade fiom
nemory. The evil of the slave trade dr. w
hither men and women In desp rate ar.d
esolnte protest, One meeting of th^ atoliionlsts,
held In June. 1840, stands out in
he forefront of that long and bitter strife,
ts central figure was the venerable Thomas
"larkson. This patriarchal father of pliil.ntluopy
was the chosen president. The i..i. 1
lad fillc-d to tha doors when the tott rug
Id nun, accompanied by his daughter-:ntiw
and a tiny grandson, moved to the plat
orin, anu guzea wun oirri cvta up?m uu ?Licence
that burned with fierce resolve. > , t
l atched his faltering movements wllh t> r.or
solicitude. Up began In feebl - tun s
litih apologi s for the failing memory which
nade strangers of many lifelong friends siting
around him, then with the sol.inn
arnestness which Is th" strength of tha
ged he urg?d ynwaveilng perseverance In
he noble cause of freedom, and finally liftng
up a hand, with a trembling fine r
lolnting upward, he delivered the cxhortaion:
"May the Supreme Kuler of all I:
nan events, at whos disposal are not :.!y
lie hearts but the intellects of men - ni iy
le, In Ills abundant men y, guide y r
ounsels and give Ills blessings upon y> ur
* *
T1 ose were simple, eommnnplnr" wor<'?,
ut never did a sentence produce profound- r
ITects. There was a momentary pause, as
he feeble figure sank Into the chair; tin
udience was bound up In emotion. Th> n
here leap"$ from the tongue of every in n
nd every woman pros nt a heart-lifting
Am-n, Amen"?from some, lnde d, to
rhom the word seemed strange and. u:>t!l
lien, expressionless. That scene of li rribable
emotion was s> Iz'^l upon 1 > 1 :i<?
rtist llaydon, who we..' In search of a .L b ct
for his brush, and U-- t'.ius d-s?-r.i. -- it:
I have seen the most affecting tra
r.ltative and real, but I never did w ' -<
1 life or In drama fo deep, so touching -')
alhelle nn eff* r-f nrmln il i 11 nnv c
'MibIy as by t!;o w un.iff-cted. ui,s j , jeated,
natural and hori'-st words "f t. s
ged and agitated person. The run n
ept, the men shook Off tli ir tear*, umblt
) prevent their flowing. For nn- If 1 v..is
) affected and so astonished that it ?..?
lany minutes before I recovi ! 1 s.iili ?. ?:%
? perceive the moment of lut: >. I id
inged for had conie to pass and Vi';; ui.i
Hi* moment I immediately chose f. r tii
icture." There were otlK-r anti-sl.iv m* t>tzs
In Fleeter II.ill. at one of wi.leh ti,r?
rlni?i consort made his ilrst app a: in lit
uy public meeting, but none appro :, h-d
lis i:i power.
Dcg Fennel to Start Balky Horse.
roni the NsshvIHc 'IVnmss-enn.
"A balky horse is tlie men nest th.nff this
de of Memphis," said A. L. Nichols of
rentwood. Tenn. "I had a horse one time
lat balked on all occasions. lie would
aik If you whistled, baiked If you laught-d
nj bulked If you lovk?.d from the coiner
f your eye.
"One day he balked and I could not make
im move forward to save me. An old n<*
V,? n! .? ? ? 1 J ?
Ml 111.11* JJCXj'!'*.!*' ? <?* 'Iia *.*'J nui'1 T- J
:medy Qoliiij to the Flrle of the. road lie
ilied a handful of dog fennel weed. Tak
K this he rubbed it under the horse's nose,
he animal ehook his head once or twi
ilsed up his tntl and started down t:ie r -.n!
the merriest trot you ever saw. Ti.il
c-atment of dos fennel fured tho ho.-s, .,r
ukintt. lie never mad>' another atu-n>pt
i act ugly after that."

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