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Opening of Bids for Dredging
Near This City.
Deepening of Channel Through Draws
of Bridges.
Existing Channels to Be Extended.
Character of the Material?Reclaiming
Anacostia Flats.
It:ds for the improvement of the Potomac
(tad Anacostia rivers In the vicinity of this
city will be opened at noon tomorrow in
the office of MaJ Spencer Cosby, United
Btatis Army rngiiu-tr officer in charge of
the Potomac and other rivers in Virginia
tributary to Chesapeake bay. and under
the terms of the specifications the work
must tie started within sixty days after the
awarding of the contract.
The work to be done has been divided
by the engineer's office Into five heads as
follows: Dredging the Virginia channel of
the Potomac river, dredging the tidal basin,
dredging soft material In the Anacostia
river, dredging hard material In tlie Anacostla
river und removing piles from the
Anai r.stla river. The Improvement In the
Virginia channel Is above the old Long
bridge toward Georgetown and Includes
the deepening of the channel through the
draw* of the new bridges over the Potomac.
A channel twenty-one feet deep at low
tide and about 350 feet wide is to be
d.'edgt-d on lines to be designated by the
engineer. The length of the channel to be
drudged Is 7.000 feet, more or less. The
depth of cutting will range from one to
nine feet and will average about four and
one-half feet.
The material is believed to be soft mud
with perhaps a small proportion of sand,
and to consist entirely of deposits from
freshets in a previously dredged channel.
, The excavated material will be deposited
upon the adjacent portions of Potomac r"ark
at localities to be designated by the engineer.
A largo amount of this material will
be deposited In the 17th street sewer canal,
which is to be filled, and upon the section
near Easbvs Point, which localities are
now IOW. 1 lie graue 01 uic iujupicitu im
Is to be about sixteen feet above low tide.
The maximum distance from the channel
to be dredged to the place of deposit is
about 3,500 feet and the minimum about
000 feet. %
The estimated amount of dredging in
Virginia channel, Potomac river, Is 400,000
cubic yards.
In the Tidal Basin.
In t'.ie tidal basin it is proposed to dredge
tl* entire area of about 111 acres to a depth
of e'.ght feet, except within fifty feet of the
sea wall, where the depth Is to be eight feet
at low tide.
The lines of dredging will be designated
by the engineer. The depth of cutting will
range from one to seven feet and will average
about four feet.
The material is believed to be 80ft mud
and to consist entirely of recent deposits
from freshets In a previously dredged area.
Tho excavated material will be deposited
upon the adjacent portions of Potomac
Park at localities to be designated by the
engineer. A large amount of the material is
to be deposited in the small tidal reservoir,
the X7th Street sewer canal afld the elliptical
arftafbetween the southeastern shor^ of the
tld&f reservoir and the Washington, Alexandria
and Mount Vernon electric railroad.
The grade of the completed fill is to be
about sixteen feet above low tide, except on
the section below the railroad, where It will
c-e aDoui iweive iet-i auove iuw uue. i ne
maximum distance from tihe place of dredg- !
Ing to the place of deposit is about ..jW feet
ami the minimum about 4Wt feet.
The estimated amount of dredging In the
tidal reservoir, Potomac river, Is 000,000
cubic yards.
Below Navy Yard Bridge.
In the Anacostla river below the Navy
Yard bridge the existing channel is to be
extended to the eastern limits of the navy
yard, and is to be widened by dredging
chiefly near Buzzards Point, near the navy
yard, and probably opposite Washington
barracks, on lines to be designated by the
engineer. The depth Is to be made twenty
feet at low tid". The length of the channel
In which dredging Is to be done is about
9,001) feet. The depth of cutting will range
from one to twenty feet and will average
aVwiMf i
The material i8 believed to be soft mud
with an occasional trace of sand, and nothing
except mud, sand and similar easilydredged
material will have to be dr.'dged at
the price bid for soft material, Anacostia
The excavated material will be deposited
upon Anacostia flats below Poplar Point,
behind the left bulkhead line, at such localities
as the engineer may designate. The
grade of the completed fill will not exceed
seven feet above low tide. The maximum
dlntanc from the channel to be dredged to
the place of deposit is about 3,(JOO feet and
the minimum is about 500 feet.
The estimated amount of dredging of soft
material In Anacostia river Is about 700,000
cubic yards.
The greater part of the material to be removed
from the Anacostia river is soft mud.
but Is is proposed to widen the channel, in
order to get a crook out of It at Uuzzards
Point, where the material to be excavated is
hard clay, sand and gravel, and in cunse?
uuenee of tiie hard nature of the material
separate specifications have b**en prepared
for that portion of the work. The channel to
be dug through the Anacostla. iur will be
to a depth of twenty feet at low tide, on
lines to be designated by the engineer The
hard material is largely overlaid by mud.
which will be dredged and paid for as soft
material. The length of the hard bar to be
dredged 18 al>out 70" feet. The depth of
cutting will range from one to twenty-one
feet and will average about ten feet.
Compact Gravel and Sand.
The material is believed to be compact
gravel anil sar.d, with some clay. Some of
this materia! was dredeed bv the hvdraullc
process uiule." a previous contract.
T!.e excavated material will be deposited
upon Anacostia flats below Poplar Point,
behind the bulkhead line, at such localities
us the engineer may designate. The grrade
of the completed All will not exceed seven
feet alx>ve low tide. The distance from
the grav> 1 bar to the place of deposit Is
about feet.
The estimated amount of dredKlng of
hard material In Anacostia river Is 21.000
cubic yards. About " ?> piles remain from
an old wharf, which originally stood In
Anacostia river opposite the navy yard and
In the portion of the river to be dredged
under these specifications. These piles are
generally about twelve Inches In diameter
and are believed to average about forty to
fifty feet In length. The material In which
. x .i ???
Ml*" <im<rn til '' ^ * tv , t *.??; OUll muo.
The plies Will, ut the option of the contractor
be either pulled up in their entire I
lengths from the river bed or broken off j
?o as to provide a depth of at least twentyfour
feet at low tide over the portion of
each pile remaining in the river. After
belr.g removed the piles will, if required by
the engineer, lie placed and properly secured
ort.Anacostia flats, at such localities as
ma*' be designated. If the engineer does
not require that they be thus placed, the
piles will be disposed of as the contractor
sees fit. subject to the approval of the
1'iider the terms of the contract to be
given out all the above work must be done
under the direction of inspectors appointed
by the engineer's office, and the contractor
' is to furnish the inspectors with daily
transportation to and from the work. If
required: with a safe, clean and suitable
boat with the services of competent oarsfc
men whenever required, and with such
other facilities as may be necessary for the
fe. examination of the channel and the proper
^ execution of their duties. Any differences
arising between an Inspector and tha con.
I 420-426 7th i
! Great
X TL~ ? ?
X Jilt. S Li III UlCl 3'
i concerned, Summei
$ liciltc 111!
& Consider the
$ investment by supp
J These goods a
J such a sweeping sac
i dress and waist, als<
M 254c Plain and Printed 1
Y ? *
X 5? P'?ces of Claremont Mills' ]
A Batiste and Lawn; white groun<
| ment of patterns; printer! in red, y
$ helio, green and black and wl
$ Never sell for less than bu
$ close them out, for this lot, yard..
$ Suitable for kimonos, gowns
$ etc.
f SiIk=Finished Irish P
A stylish fabric for street or
*?* separate skirts and coat suits; 27
{ a permanent silk finish?in all the
V 11 - t A i _ t :
wen as a large assortment ui pr:
i designs on white grounds. A
{ value of these today is 37^c ;
Ijjjl This lot at, yard
| Muslin
| Underwear.
$39c Women's Drawers, 29<
A Women's Drawers, made of excellent
X quality muslin; open and close; cut full;
finished with full, deep ruffle, with rows
j? oif cluster tucks, hemstitched;
V others are lace trimmed; sizes ^ ?
23. 25. 27, 20. Actual value, /Of
V 39c. Special
? 75c Drawers, 50c.
*? A number of good styles, made of Iong?
cloth, nai"nsook, muslin and cambric; cut
X full; finished with unvbrelPa ruffle, with
A rows of cluster tucks; choice embrold6
ery edging; others lace trim- &
med; sizes 23, 25, 27, 29. Actual Rl If
value, 75c. Special price
| 39c Corset Covers, 25c.
v Corset Covers, -made of excellent qual*j*
lty cambric and longcloth; round neck;
V full blouse; daintily trimmed back and
front with double rows of fine
lace beading and ribbon. Sizes _
A 34-44. Actual value, 89c. Spe|
| Corsets.
C. B Corset; made of batiste; new
y high bust, long dip hip; long back, douy
ble steel through; sizes /H g r\/\
'j* 22 to 3H. A good corset for J? I I II I
X {1.75. Special
R. & G. Corset; made of batiste; low
y bust, long deep hip; two | wri
y sets of supporters. Spe- | #3\/
X American I^ady Corset; made of ba.1.
tiste; new high bust, long f\f\
A dip hit); garters. Spe- IIM
cial ^
G-ird'.e Corset; made of ba- ma
y tiste; lace trimmed; garters ^lj?*
I y attached. Special ^
' $
I Gloves.
ladles' 16-button Douible-tlpped Silk
Y Gloves, In tan and black; g p/~v
j* "Fownes" make. Spe- |
A Ladles' Regular 75c Quality ? /> _
A Two-clasp Silk Net Gloves, in
?ji white and black. Special
Y Misses' One-clasp Suede | |-|
Y I.isle Gloves, in white; regular | VC?
25c Quality. Special
X Indies' 16-button Double.}.
tipped Silk Gloves, in A A
A !>l:irk: "Fownes'' make. ^ . 1 III
|? For
y Indies' Regular ?)c Quality Two-clasp
Y Suede > IJsle Gloves, In tan,
Y moiie. 'gray, blue, green, purA
Pie. white and black. Spe j.
Y Indies' Regular 80c Quality ? ?
J' Two-clasp Taffeta Gloves, In U
Y black Special **
| Laces.
Y All-over Black Silk Lace,
Y In pretty designs; -IS inches f />* tm
J* wide. Sold regularly for J |
.I, Jl.4!? Now
f All-over I^ace IS Inches wide; 'J/"\ -?
A in white and cream. Regular
A 50c and 76c values. Now
? Plain and Figured Nets; in
Y white and cream; #T> Inches
X w'de. Good va,ue at 080 yard /OC
| Now, yard
i Chiffon Veiling, In regular
* ---- -- > leading
V widtn arm a** _
V shades. Was 49c yard. 6pe- OUC
clal, yard
A A lot, of Venice Lace Ap- | y-v
j A pllque. Values from 25c to 50c J v/C
yard. Now, yard
tractor may be referred to the engineer,
whose decision In the matter shall be final.
Sunken Logs or Timbers.
All piles, sunken logs or timbers, except
the Diles before mentioned, which may be
encountered while dredging will be removed
by the contractor and p'aced In secure
positions on the flats at localities
designated by the engineer. Piles, logs and
timber so removed measuring twelve
inches or more in diameter or in the
-square and fifteen feet or more in length,
will be paid for at the rate of $5 each.
All logs or other timber of smaller size will
b- removed by the contractor without extra
cost to the United States. Should any
wrecks or obstructions other than piles,
logs and timber herein referred to be encountered
within the limits of the areas
to be dredged, they will be removed by the
contractor If required by the engineer, and
est Ke<
hite an
eason has just reached i
r Wash Fabrics have ha
^se Prices,
advancing market on i
lying your next summer
ire all fine and fresh, a
rrifice of profits on then
o for the fall a fine skirt
Batiste, 97&c Figure
Plain and Printed In io distinct {
Is; large assort- pink, helio and
ellovv, blue, pink, for, yard
,ite- i\l& ~
50c E
, house dresses, , . .
36 inches w
linen ; for ladies
Special, yard...
oplin, 25c. evening
dresses, ,
inches wide, with 33C cUlu
: plain shades, as A small lot
inted ures, dots and :
ctual gjr ^ suits, also men'
^ wear. Keguiar
Our Su
' These arc positively the final r
< p aa iir ?_
;pio.uu women's suus
$17.50 Women's Suits
$19.50 Women's Suits
$22.50 Women's Suits
$25.00 Women's Suits
$27.50 Women's Suits
$29.50 Women's Suits
23S Od
In going through our stockroo
at a very little cost to you. These
They are mostly Eton Suits and soi
All Our Ladies' S
Same Lc
25 White Lawn Shirt Waist Su
and mussed; sizes 34, 36, 38. Prices
and $7.98. While they last, for ch<
Sixty Black and Navy Blue 1
and waistbands; this season's newi
Prices were $3.98, $4.48, $4.68, $4.9
Prices were $5.68, $5.98, $6.48, $6.9
7 Net Dresses; sizes 34, 36, 3
were $13.50, $15.00, $18.50, $22.50.
Midsummer C
of Si
30-inch All-pure Silk Black
Taffeta; strong and will give Q fv
satisfactory service; 11.10 value rtUr
35-inch Pure Silk Black Taffeta;
soft and lustrous, and will ^ J B"
give satisfactory service; J I
, a $1.50 value for
35-inch All-pure Silk Black Tiiffeta;
a well-made lustrous and strong silk,
and will give satisfactory ^ |
service; a good value ?n 8 III)
for $1.25; for
5R-inrli All-silk Natural-colored Pon
gee; strong and durable; will f/\
launder and retain finish; a 75e
value |
Clearance S,
89c Fancy s'uitings, 49c.
56-lnch Mixed Suitings; In j
checks and stripes; former
prices, 75c and 89c. Special....
69c Black Panama, 49c.
44-Inch All-wool Black Panji- a *-v
ma; excellent for summer
skirts; 68c value. Special....
the actual expense of removal, to be determined
by the engineer, will be paid by
the United States.
The contractor must promptly and at all
times provide for the uninterrupted passage
of vessels through the channel upon whl(5h
he Is working and through any channels
crossed by hto pipe line. He shall keep
suitable lights each night between sunset
and sunrise upon his 'plant anchored or
stationed in or near navigable waters and
shall be responsible for all damages resulting
from neglect in this respect.
The material, both hard and soft, excavated
from the Anacostla river will be
used In reclaiming a large tract of the
Anacostla flats between Poplar Point and
the portion of the flats reclaimed about
three years ago, when the first improvements
were made on the Anacostla river.
It is said to be the ultimate purpose of the
engineer's office to reclaim all the flats In
the Anacostla river, provided the govern
d Coloi
ts zenith. Wash gooc
1.1* XT
a tneir season, rsow
'hich Are Lc
these goods?that all
's needs at these rock-t
nd nothing but the ob
1. Don't miss this ct
id Colored Swisses
Patterns of blue, * ^\\/
yellow; 25c kind I / /jl*
(louse Linen, 35c.
ide; strictly all pure *y p*
>' and children's wear.
c English Madras, 25c.
of White English Madras, in figstripes,
for waists and
s shirts and children's >
Tic and 3Qc kind for.
it and Wi
Reduced Low
eductions on all our Black, Navy Bli
Irfc ott/4 Ih m c? n
IUO C4.ll VI 1^1 1U^ V/
mi we found 238 Ladies' Suits. Not
suits were originally priced $15.00 t(
me Jacket Suits. While they last yoi
flirt Waists of La\
>w Level of Prices
lits ; slightly soiled /to -d *"1 ?\
were $2.98, $3.98 J I yy
viohair bicihan bkirts; all lengths
est styles.
18. Now $2.87
8 and $7.48. Now $3.87
|8 and 40. Prices /h a
Your choice m"
? M JH Mil w V
33-inch. All-pure Silk Genuine Shantung
Pongee; a good /f? | <<*
heavy, strong quality;$1.50 I
32-lnch All-pure Silk Black Taffeta;
brilliant and lustrqus, and aq
will give satisfactory service; vAt'
a $1.25 value for 35-inch
All-pure Silk Black Taffeta;
strong, brilliant and lus- ^ |
trous; a $1.60 value | _ ZV
36-inch All-silk Black Jap
Habutai; Lyons dye, and well 'ma
woven; a good value at 75c,
ale of Dress
$K50 Suitings, 79c.
56-lnch All-wool Suitings; In
cnerKS. piaias, ?c., ngm
shades; former prices, $1.25 and / UP
$1.50 yard. Special
50c Black Batiste, 39c.
All-wool Black Batiste; 36- f/-*
Inch, and good black; 60c
quality. Special
ment can get title to the portions f reclaimed.
The work projected for the channels in
this vicinity will be of much value to shipping.
For the past year or two vessels'
drawing eighteen feet and even less have
iiuu irouDie in going 10 ana irom me
Georgetown piers. The proposed depth of
twenty-one feet will give ample depth of
water for the deep-laden coal vessels that
load cargoes for Boston and other New
England ports at Georgetown.
Translated for Transatlantic Tales From FUegende
Customer?"You have deceived me outrageously.
You told me that X would b?
provided with a good watch as long as- I
lived, and now, after barely a fortnight, It
Is quite good for nothing!"
Watchmaker?"But it Is not my fault that
you were bo thin and sick looking!"
. ^
s of til
is were never in such
all that remain MUST
>wer Than >
indications point to si
bottom nrices.
servance of a hard-andlance
to secure for youi
25c Curtain Swis
42-inch-wide Plain Swiss, spei
adapted for curtains; 15 pieces
and worth 25c. For this lot, yard
20c Newport Suitii
34 inches wide, in all the plai
COLORS?looks and wears equ
an all-linen: for iiimner and hi
suits, etc.; all shades. A 20c valu<
$3.00 English Nainso
High class; soft, silk finish; 3*:
yards to the piece?one of the le
women's and children's underwear.
Only 50 pieces. $3 grade
for, piece
aist Depai
er Than Ever 1
je, Brown and Fancy Mixed Suits:
I $32.50 Women's Suits
^ ie> aa mm r _ _
900.UU women s ^uiis
$37.50 Women's Suits
$39.50 Women's Suits
$42.50 Women's Suits
$45.00 Women's Suits
$47.50 Women's Suits
$49.50 Women's Suits
? I 12 ?
i uauies ^UILS,
this season's styles, but suits which cai
> $39.50, as the marked tickets on 1
1 may have your choice
vn. Silk and Net W
That Prevailed Lai
22 Silk Jackets; not this sea
worth price we ask. Your choice.
34 Skirts, in black and navy bl
son's. Sold as high as $15.00. Yo
est styles, in Prince Chap and Etoi
^nd serge; sizes 34 to 40.
Prices were $22.50 and $25.00. Nc
Prices were $37.50, $35.00 and $32
Midsummer S
and Ne<
Lace and EimhroWprv "NToolr Pon?i. I
lng; usually sold for 10c P7T / _
and 15c neck band. One J
day, each / Ji
Slightly Mussed Ladles' Ascot Collars;
white and colors. | ^ f /
Regular price, 25c. Clear- I
ance price, each /Jt
Doub'.e-row Lace Edge | *">1 /
Ruchlng. Regular price. I
10c yard. One day, yard. /jh
Upholstery G<
ance I
8?ici?i clearance or an window
Screens and Screen Doors; 20 per cent
discount on all regular prices.
Full-size Cotton Hammocks; light and
dark colorings; strongly made so as to
wear well; well worth $1.26; /vn
valance on either side,
A better grade for $1.29.
An odd lot of Heavy Portieres that
sold for $5.00 and $8.00; one and two
pairs of a kind; both fringed and tapestry
bordered; reds, greens /t? ??
and combinations. Closing
price, pair
Embarrassing Use of an Instrument
of Hospitality In the Islands.
Prom the New York Sun.
"I like a good cigar," said & man recently
returned from the Philippines. "The family
cigar of the Islands la a good cigargood
In material. In make and in alze; but
the Filipino family cigar I never could enJoy.
"It is from fifteen Inches to a foot and a
half long and Is somewhat more than an
Inch In diameter. When not In use It Is
thrust Into a hole In one of the upright
bamboo posts of the dwelling. The hole Is
not so far above the floor that the youngest
walking members of the family cannot
reach It.
"Whan any member of the household, the
BRO. i
le Seas
^11 UUUI
great demand. But, s
' goWholesale
:ill further advances?a
fast clearance rule coulc
rself a fine quality mate
s, 18c. 25c W
;ially -f Q 5? pieces 28
only, I QC ties?5 patterns
I. .. . * waists and drt
? wear. A 25c kii
tig, 15c. ?
in colors?FAST ,
ai to 35c Import
ouse p ^ pieces Fi
e at, ? Lawn, 47 inches
without losing f
? A 35c kind for, y
ok, $2.25. ?
> inches wide; 12 < or |r
ading fabrics for IOC
^ ^ mm 30 inches w
j) A . ?rade ? cannot
***-* tjlan jgc today.
?..... $8.88
....... $9<S8
n be modernized v
them will show.
ill Be Sold at the
>t Week.
son's style; easily ^
ue; not this sea- sH ^
ur choice ?P^ftUO
L-WOOL Suits; this season's new~
?A~ ~f -11 1
it , nictuc ui du-wuui paiidina.
>w $9 87 I
.50. Now $14.87 I
ale of Ribbon
All-silk 4 and: 5 Inch Plaids and Roman
Striped Ribbon; light and dark
combinations. Regular price, /Uf*
89c and 49c. Special, one day.
Special lot of Odds and Ends of Ribbons;
up to 8 Inches wide. You will
find here velvet ribbons, satin ribbons,
gros grain ribbons, for slipper ties, belts
or hat bands, and many other desirable
ribbons for trimming. For a -y
quick clearance, your choice, on JyC,
bargain table, per yard
oods at Clearprices.
Llnene Couch Covers; neat stripes and
?laln effects; look like real linen;
ringed on all four sides; f | 1
launder well; $1.58 J Z.T
White Swiss; a large variety of do i
signs; In both striped and dotted; 80
Inches wide; suitable for cur- | /\ ]
tains or dresser covers. Really I 1,
worth 12%c yard I
$1.60 Smyrna Rugs; a large variety of
oriental and floral designs; choice patterns
in pleasing comblna- /}? | J /v 1
tions of red, green and I J U ]
olive; fringed on both ends
old man or his four-year-old daughter,
1llr? 4itlf Imm ? ?K/V M II-. _l
iccia unc laAiug a omunc uic lauuiy cigar
Is dragged from its hole in the post and
fired up. When the cigar gets too short for
comfortable smoking another takes Hts i
"It Is a queer sight to see a Filipino Infant 1
puffing away at a big black cigar about a ;
third as long as the child is and ho large <
around that It distorts the little yellow face <
into which it Is Inserted. <
"The family cigar Is not taken away from
the residence; It remains always at hand as <
a vehicle of hospitable expression. When a <
Visitor calls the family cigar, If It Is not In i
use. Is withdrawn from Its hole In the post ]
and offered to the guest with a gracious <
gesture. 1
"If the cigar.happeryi to be In use. per- I
haps by a little girl sqiflitted back in a corner,
the person doing the honors snatches r
It from the mouth of the smoker and prof- t
fers it to the guest without delay. I
"To decline this offer of hospitality is not i
l7-425 8thSt. |
~ "" |
rvt-i !
o far as this store is J
>st Todav. !
nd make a splendid ;;
I induce us to make
rial for cool summer
hite Dimities, 15c. "
-inch-wide Checked White Dimi- < >
to select from?for ^ m* <!
:sses, also children's I !'
id for, yard - M VW ,,
_ _ 6
ed Persian Lawn, 25c. |
ne, Sheer Grade Imported Persian j>"
wide; will wash par
inish or fulling up. V
idia Linen, 12J4c. |;
ide?fine, sheer 4 ^\\ /
be had for less I / /l C y
This lot at, yard -*t w V
I inane S
?_vi iivi i^i y
OO-lnch Shrunken Linen Sheeting;
beautiful quality." Our /H g ' '
regular $125 value, tgjr, | .UU " '
a yard ' ~ 41
Extra - weight Bleached gp " [
Damask; 62%c quality. Spe- v
Size 22 x 44 Extra - weight ^ P"
Turkish Towels; 33o
value 41
22-tnch Bleached Irish (fc | 7C ]1
Napkins; $2.00 quality. 1 . / O ?>
Per dozen i X
30-Inch All - linen Waist V
Linen; 3i^c value. Spe- X
clal *
At Linen Dept. j|
19x38 Extra-heavy" f / ,,
Turkish Towels; 10c J O
quality / i t
Size 20x40 All-linen Hem- "
med Huck Towels. Spe- f '
clai ;;
19-lnch Silver-bleached ^ i ^
German Napkins. Special, ;pi.za ?
per dozen
_ I
* >
Apron Ginghams: standard grades; A
short lengths of 25 yards; S "J / <i *
all color checks; fast colors; OiMC '
8c grade. Special vr?^st|w <(
82-inch Cannon Cloth; soft finish and * '
steam shrunk; suitable for q ^ / 41
ladies' and children's wear; M.T/j f
12 %c grade. Special rtv ( t
36-inch Unbleached Sheetlnur; heavy
round thread; short lengths, mr ?
5 to 15 yards; 10c grade. Spe- J C. V
cial ]'
10-4 Bleached Sheeting; full /\ V
double-bed width; free from J,
dressing; 35o grade. Special. j,
32-lnch Llnonette Suiting, In white y
grounds, with dots and plaids; tan 4'
grounds with various colored dots; v
beautiful tor Jumper | /
suits; j2Qg value. Special Y
81x00 -Extra ,.Uyieja-fltjlsh Sheets; jj
double-bed size; no seam; X
torn and hroned; fi5c grade. J A
Special A
81x00 S. A. C. Sheets; 3-lnch hem; jf
soft finish; no seam; a spe- Y
clal offering of 100 dozen; 90c / jC jt
vmue. opeciai : Y
42x30 Linen-flnlsh PI1- | ^ I / 5
low Cases; 3-lnch hem. I A
Special i
Hosiery. \
Ladies' Fine While Lace &
Lisle llo'Se"; double sole. sj>llc- ?'?
ed heel; 50c value. Special... ?
Ladies' Fine Lace Lisle Hose; black, y
white and tan; double heel | fk T
and toe; 25c value. Sj>e- I XJC' 1
cl.il V ?
Ladies' Silk Lisle Hose; ^ f X
black, white and tan; double A
heel and toe. Special r
Ladies' Fine Black Chiffon Gauze y
Lisle; douhle sole; spliced X
heel nnd palter top; 50c V
value. > Special t
Misses'Fine 811k Lisle Hose; <"> p
black and tan; doul>le heel
and toe; fast dye. Special... i
Children's Black Rib- 1^1/ V
bed Hose; double lieel I P\/^r' V
and toe; fast dye. Special M ** /"2^ |i*
Misses' Ljice Hose; black ^ p {
and white; double heel and V
toe. Special
Children's Socks; all colors; r* w X
plain and lace; double sole; X
spliced heel. Special +***' ** V
Ladies' Fine Black Cotton X
Hose;? double sole, spliced ^ g ?:
heel; fast dye; 2S)c value. / I f y
Special " 1 ^ ?
Five for $1. ?
Misses' Fine Ribbed Black j ^ X
Hose; double sole; spliced I Of* .J.
heel; 25c value. Special a
Three for 50o. A
wi |
considered srood form In Filipino socletv!
In fact, It amounts to scorn of friendly Intention.
Knowing the career of tlw average
family cigar, It Is not easy to accept and
smoke It with an appearance of enjoyment
when it is taken from Its hole In the post,
but It Is considerably harder to receive It
from the mouth of some member of the not
overneat looking family, and Europeans
ind Americans frequently balk at this stage
3f the call.
"There is a queer thing about the etiquette
jf smoking In the Philippines." the trav;ler
added, "for which I have never been
ible to find any explanation. It Is thla:
[f a Filipino asks you for a light from your
;lgar you must not fll<*k off the ashes, aa
wo do almost Invariably In this country,
jefore handing It to htm.
"To do so Is regarded as an affront that
10 degree of gracious manner In extending
he weed to him can atone for. I never 4
'ound any ona who eould suggest an ex*

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