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4?t.i.. s *i??11 * * ?4 * j 22 *331 ta
f 5
K - - ? - ^?..
4TI. %> I H ( I TV, X. J.
fir^Ao' r Q o, -v m Marjrlr.^I Are.
iU^HuiU ->0?- ""9 near Brach.
t>p?'n :?U j-far l riv??f? KatiM. Elevator to utreet.
c,.. H.ut o. 1'. MILLER.
H4 1 ..? 4
t OV" *7> *11 and Ark. a/ea.. 1 nr\.
i-*^A.?Il w<7-il c tr.,M ?tation and Vooa?'" pfer.
Oc?aii view. premises extend to bv&ch; burl-.ug from j
ttnw?p. ?: up. n.->k>t. f all c bosbcrans.
miitA _
Grand Atlantic Motel,
Ca'/H ft j 800 rum - Specialty reduced ratM
for .^ ember and ?N-r??>?*r Ymerlcan plan. $10 to
f]s w.-.?k!y: 12 to i' dallj. pu per lor table nnd
t?;v! larreat and tlneat rooms: hot and cold
a*1 -\n*er id all baths. private and public: mualc.
Wf ?r folder, ifarnjp'
,. .v ;i ch ahi.es e. cope.
Hotel new England,
So.i : ? ir Una ave and rhe Bea^b: near pier* and
a:" n* I4r|?'. * ;nny r*">rns, private imuw;
eleva? ?r >?.:n fail- > < Jt50. t able and
? > lor Special s ptember terms. Write
f - BE1 \ .N A WILLIAMS.
#. 13! 1 4 r
L . .. u u Is u J ILC - -?21^9 rani* from B??ach.
hotel as Rood ?* the l**at Paparlty,
it ? ? h'I itfrHi-tiona. Special low rales i
.m!cr. 5s. ?l?> up u?'eklyf $1.54) up
>'.h ' i o<ean-vtew rooma, metal
f t '- ? t?%jttor, bath.-* Sopfrtof c??-?klnf*. whit# J
n?-r . \N"!?1 - .???1 fiori Lcs, overlooking? ocean
h !.".<? 7 ' '*
"New "hotel" ostendT
O k* M?'*k <>t ' . an fn?nt. Capacity. .*?00.
Pj - $12 .* ?) up weekly. American plan.
N- All barbs, private or public.
ar! ' -'T ^trimming j>ool hare sea water. Kle- |
rat I rtenslve i>?rch.'s Every room baa oc??an
x'.p* ... furnished Orrheatra. Booklet.
It \ [ h > D. P. RAUTEK. Msrr.
a ".<> 7t. 10
0 - e*?d of Kentucky arenue. Near all attracts
H im., at MODERATE RATES. Elegaut rooma
with r-afh Table awl serried of highest standard.
Fine orcheatr*. Liberal management. Cap-. <?0.
S o I a I rat pa. $10 up weekly, |2 up dally. Kiduoed
8ei-t. rntea. Booklet. Ask Mr. Foster.
Hotel Majestic, Beach. Close to
Bt?'el Pier. O<*e?o view Capacity. 300 Elevator,
private batha. etc. $10 up weekly. $3 up dallr.
|p*-rlnl for Sept. Booklet. SAMUEL D. ELLIS.
au21>-7t.g _
1 A CONTAIN IP. *"?!?*
???? ?*? vr? ? . u?. . ?>? 1*0. DMl IOCBWUB.
modern appointment* superior ItMe. September
rate* $7 t<_? $10 weekly. R. B. PARKER.
One of the Dement atone, brick and ateel bnlldIcjTi
with erery comfort. Aluaya open, alwayi
really. alnaj* buay. For further tufonnatlon ask
Mr Foater, 1333 Pennsylvania are. au21-30t. 10
Mil ier~Cottage, Nortv -.? ? .T,
Fir?*l!**nt table. el?*crrfc ilgbtw; $125 Jail/, $7
n<1 $s weekly. Special September rates.
iHi.o'xfnn n o>S^T/f*Ths
? -ean end South Carolina it?.; center of attraction*
. as ideal modern b<?tel. ranking with the beat
house*, capacity. 400; rooms single or en aults.
with prlva'e bath; elevator to street level; eitenslre
porches, orchestra, etc.; apeclal terma,
SI2 so. $15 $17.60. *2o wkf. Special Sept. terma.
ipen all yetr. Booklet mailed. W. P. SHAW.
au6 3(>t.10
Hi ITFI Maryland ave. and Beech.
x?\ Every comfort and convenience.
IMPFRI M Elevator. baths, large rooma.
liuud TaW L C. KENDBICK.
tl2.' 30t
bea>'fc. Modern, blgh-claaa family house, new
throughout. Capacity. 400. Offers apeclal Sept.
and full ratea of S* 110, $12 50. $13 up weekly,
$2 up daily, for large, cool front rooma. metal
bed a. Excellent ta!?le. abundantly supplied with
fresh milk. eggs, poultry and vegetables from
c?n mrrn. Attentive wnite ??rn?. Ki???tior to
11 floor* 4.000 ft. cool porcbw. Booklet. Ked
ii'wl term* orpr l,at>or d*J. J. P. COPE. Propr.
B B KlXtl. Mgr. ?ul2-30t-10
Mr<rvron nil sjicoiOiM
m u u IL+1L+ ]Uli~?iLPJL^irVvU'i^
Tennessea ave. near Beach. opposite Protestant
and Catholic Churches.
A new mortem, up-to-date hotel. Extra largo
rooms Private bathk Telephones. Metal ht'da.
Excellent tiMe. Filtered water. Poultry an<1 fresh
ragetahlea from our own farms. Finest of meat
Roarsnt^ed l>? dally veterlnar* inspection. Capacy,
4."*> White serrlce. Special rates, $9 to fli.BO
wttkly : t\ ?V) to $3 dully. Booklet.
Pa<- ft - and Arkansas avea.. 1 sq. from station and
Young h Pier; orenilses extend to Beacb. Bathing
fr.vi: ..iiiui R*th? 'i.hntiH* nil miki1t>rn rnnti<n. i
fences Ocean-view rooma, $T up weekly. Superior
table White atrrict. Booklet.
Jv 14 Sg.m.8 PAIL C. ROSECRAN3.
Tennessee are near Beach, opposite Protectant
and Catholic Churches.
A new. modern, up to date hotel. Extra lar<;e
ror.;n.??. Private baths Telephones. Metal bed*.
Kx table. Filtep'd water Poultry and fn-sh
egetat ies from our own farms Finest of meat
f"iarn'>!eed by dally veterinary inspection. Capacty.
4;?0. White aervlt-e Spe? lal ratea, to $17.50
H'eek.y; $1 ,V) to daliy. Booklet.
*-.2* 3Ut.l? It. B. LUDY.
Beach; capacity. 2<??; elevator to atreet level:
conxeuleut to attraction*; superior table; special
fall rhtf* M E. THROCKMORTON.
Fireproof R:o Qramde,
Nrvr York ave and Beach. American and European
plan. Running water and telenhona iu nvi>r 100
Oceau-vlew rooius. ele\aU>r. .-aft*; aurf bath bouaea
fre* a ra??at elaborate . ulslue; values considered,
Sept rates are extremely low J. I'aul Kllpatrlck.
?ul2 30t.7
Ocean end Virginia sve Elevator. Private
bath* (>;-en surroun<il:ifa. $\2 50 to $18 weekly
fcooWU-t uihju application. Special Sept. rates,
a a:, '.ot 5 W B COTTMN.
Hotel " scarborouqim,
lU-uch Front nnd Maryland Avena*.
Bet^rvu Piers; center of all attractions; adjoining
1- ?t thing beach, excellent <>??*? front |0?0\
conuf : ? k elevator to street level, private baths;
music f u-?t French tulsine Weekly rates, $12 90
tiailj, $U 50 Ui American plan Management
auif^ 3Ot.0
O f?:; *-nd Vlrjcln a menup Special fall rates. 19 j
to $ " w?'k!v, ele\*tor. privrtte batha; every
Hi ut rn i onveiiieuce; ex?ei!eut table aud aertioe.
KVtv ?.av)D. J O A J E. DICKINSON.
TMrertly on thf* ?xv?an froi t: opj>oalte the ffeel
TMer Capacity. 300: every appointment and comfort.
u m?erlor ruletne American plan; floeat
cafe In the city
M'k?'l.\L SE1TE.MHF.R A.ND FAl.l. TERMS.
a .14 JOHN t ut/SB.
Roanoke Hotel,
dati"i;?i aud g<R'd tab.** $.s to $14 week t.
aulT .'lot 4 v a on ili ?vn
8uj>er.<>r location. i?iu<-lou:* Inwhh; hnthing privilege*
from hotel Capacity 3?<> Kiev., tor. extei
lv^ ? rtc. Sn. ;?1. j;ii to |i5 weekly. *2
to ${ .ittllj. L. v STICK KEY.
it at
IP?!L^ A Mh li'jfnn ?ve near lleach.
L iix- . Kxr--hslvflv Improves! i
up wkly. ElCfl aer* A COIHIAN. Prop.; M
COW AX. Mgr. J>4 out
ggg pffcClj Cctta end S. Cufoliua !
-* <-N i vp fe-nlnr^ed antl re
fur: i- i. between piers: lnrpe airy rooms; special
rate* to $12 weekly lh*?klet. A 11. UlUKF.
JhrVV "51 I
II A R So CarOllM uve.. I
!Lwx\: O?.-2? n Hr Ueach; tfratcUm
$1 SO dny Of. $.? up
J..ir. : lit VRS J Yi>l NGBIiOOD^ j
VKNTM1H. a. J. I
CAR IS 8"? C O -K r ~3 N N,
Directly on the beach at Ventnor Atlantic Clty'i j
fashionable suburb. |
J*26 tu.tk.8u.B0t A.. C. UcCLULLAN. Owner.
Grandly altuated on bluff, directly on the beaeb.
raid pine groTea, adjoining State Military Encamptrent
FJn^at roads f^r drlvine In the at a fa. No nrnfqul'oes.
2 houra from Philadelphia. Capacity, 300.
Moderate ratea. Booklet JOHN H RISDON. Prop^
Jyti-tiOt 6
until Sept 20 to fishing parties and families:
boating, flsh'ng. crabbing. sailing. music and
dancing; large dining room; rates moderate.
Take Md. and Va. and Del. steamers, foot or 1th
st. Apply to J. T. SWANN. IMney Point. Md.
jy 4--7M. & _
Op?ns July 10. Boating, within* tnd flabta*:
mtiilr and dim-log. Term# moderate. ROBBS A
C'HF.SSKR. I'rnps., St Ueorge Island. Md.
KrerrtMuf new. neat anJ. mod era. KWitflP,
iteam heat, electric llaht*. prUate hatha, orc%??
tra Golf. All amusements. Write for booklet.
a>3 -SO W-SOt.7 1. D. I VISUM. Ml. POCOVIO. Ft.
SO eq. miles of mountain forest park and laksi
refined povironineBt sod imofffmrati; medietas!
springs: resident pkjsUlso. Gtr?? sod Uvsvy.
?ei awarr'wate'r gap, pa.
The Kattatiminy,
ALL YEAR. New management; largest,
most modern, finest Jorated hotel. _ TABLE ST'P
i i,i im? r'tfu.m iiuiki/s fakm. Ben phone uz;
telegraph office. Booklet showing hotel, scenes la
Klttatlnny Turk, auto map. on application. American
plan, also a In carte. Livery, parage. SPECIAL
Water Qap Moose, ne.P. p?.
Opon ontll In December. New ownership management.
Not connected with any other hotel. Entirely
rebuilt, modernl**Ml and newly furnished
throughout at cost of $1<X>.000. Capacity, 400.
Highest altitude. Hydraulic elevators. Steam
heat. Private tiled baths; running water In all
rooms. Cuisine of highest standard. White service.
Private golf links. Tennla. Boating. Every
outdoor^ diversion. Saddle horfces, livery. Orchea
era. warage. Booklet or views nod auto route
maps on requeat- Special September and autumn
Capacity 280; hot aw) cold water la f??fj room;
acetylene lights; swimming pool; dancing hall;
Gel and billiard table; Mack baas flablng; grounds
rge and shady; Orat-claaa table; livery attached;
three hour*' ride from Washington; special rate
from August 20 to October 1. Address T. 8. DONCAN,
Manager. aa21-14t
Bloemont; Taller, mt. and water scenery; shaded
grounds and driven; automoblilng. Hthfng. boating
and swimming; spring beds: children excluded;
dally mall, R. P. D.: telephone, good
far*' fl>Mh maaia mllW * ?!*- k
till Not. ; circular Star office, or "MAuairfTciSl
TLEMAM. Cos tie man's Ferry. Clarke Co.. Vft.
JelS-dtoseSO !
Katabllahed reputation. Open until Jan. 1.
anl.VSOt.S j J. C- CORNISH, Prop.
Sparrow's Inn, !SrP' ^
looking Shenandoah rlrer and mountains; high and
cool: excellent table. Mrs. W. D. SPARROW.
ao23-30t* 4
Trjr the "Hill Top" th!? teaaon. W? know jam
will be cleaned. All modern luiprorementa. T. 3.
LOVETT. Prop.. Harpera Ferry. W. Va. Jfl4-tf-B |
inc ULP^iK, WOTLP. ^
and aerrlce excellent. Addreea A. P. nANIBL,
Prop.^_ H?rper? Ferry. W. V*. mjr22-tf-4
Special Correspondence of The Star.
OCEAN CITY. Md? August 81, 190T.
Among the more Inexpensive resorts along
th? Atlantic coast where brain and bodv find
rest and relaxation from the dally grind.
Ocean City 1? gaining more and more attention
as Its many attractions become better
known. Forty years ago there wa? no
sign of hut or house on thl? Stnepuxent
Island?a narrow strip of land fifty milea
long, lying between the ocean and Slnopuxent
bay. Its greatest width being
scarcely a mile and a half. In place of
sand dune and hummock today has risen
a beautiful little seaside city destined to
become one of the rival resortg along the
With the broad Atlantic at one's very
door and the quiet waters of the bay In the
rear, with a boardwalk several mllea In
length upon which borders a long line of attractive
hotels and cottages, with magnificent
bathing, boating, fishing and crpi>blng,
with music and dancing and all the varied
amusements dear to the popular heart, he
must Indeed be cynical who cannot find
some pleasure best suited to his need.
The broad sandy beach Is a perpetual paradise
for children, whose tanned and ruddy
faces bespeak the health-giving tonic of tho
sea, while their elders, no less bronzed,
though less strenuous, gain new health and
vigor with every breath of this life-giving
ozone and salt-laden air.
At the Sunday evening concert at the Atlantic
Hotel the Rev. Dr. l>udley. rector
of St. Stephen's Church In Washington,
sang three magnificent solos, and the Boston
Mount fort Orchestra of five young
ladles rendered the instrumental numbers.
The men of the United Stales life saving
service give*a drill Mondays and Thursdays,
which affords a most interesting exhibition
for the early riser. Ocean City
lias a splendid water and sewerage system,
relying wholly for Its drinking water upon
its artesian wells, 1.000 feet deep, the water
possessing medicinal properties and said to
be W per cent pure. This favored spot,
fanned by the breezes of the gulf stream,
has an tftmnoratnra ^ni>lnor tKo rinnA
when less favored places are sweltering
with the torrid heat. This fact and the
bathing, so free from treacherous undertow
or dangerous side currents, form a combination
hard to resist, and make this southern
cliy by the sea a haven of health for
the nervous wreck or the wearied brain.
Staying at The Rldeau during August
were Mr. and Mrs DeUruxntnond, Miss
Lucy Whitacre, Miss Laura CadiMan, the
Misses Ivy and Beatrice Ridgeley, Mr. Wlllard
K. West, Miss E. M. Leech, Miss Lulu
Nolto, Misa Rose Ruppert and Mrs. Charles
A. Metcalf of Washington.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
SPRING I.AKE. N. J.. August 31, 190T.
A big tennis tournament on the courts of
the Hotel Monmouth has keen engaging the
attention of the young people athletically
Inclined since Monday. The tournament Is
the largest of the kind ever run off here,
there being nearly a hundred entries.
Arrangemets have been made by Proprietor
Richardson of the Hotel Allaire for
some Shakespearan readings Sunday night.
Invitations were sent out yesterday to a lot
of cottagers hereabouts and a large gather
lug la anticipated.
The Essex and Sussex gave a "lemon
party" the other evening for the benefit of
the Ann May Memorial Hospital at Spring
l.uke. This entertainment was a fair.
Various titbits, some of little and some
of considerable value were sold blind
handed, done up in lemon skins.
The young people are preparig for a big
barn dance at the Casino Club on the
night of Seoterober 4.
Mlsa M. K. Tucker and Miss C. M. Wilson
of Washington are season guests of the
Grav Swan Inn.
William N Conrad has Joined the Washington
colony at the Grav Swan Inn.
Spending the late summer days at the
Essex and Sussex la Mrs. A. L. Barber of
Si'eeiml Correspondence of The Star.
August 31, 1!W7.
The ei*l of August finds th<? summer colony
at this pretty little resort still unimpaired
In numbers, and participating even
more actively than at the season's beginning
in outdoor sports, and in the indoor
merry-makings which the recent cool days
and nights have encouraged.
Much interest is being shown in the testimonial
l>al! and enterta'nment to be g'vcn
at the Warwick Arms this evening for the
benettt of St. Peter's Roman Catholic
Church. This promises to b- one of the
most Important social events of the season,
and will bo attended by a full coterie of
hotel guests and cottagers.
The week began with a b g progressive
euchre given Monday night at the Warwick
i I -V
I s^z
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ASBURY PARK. N. J . August 31. 1907.
The babv parade. which was of course a
great attraction at Asbury Park this week,
passed off much more auspiciously than It
ever did before, and this Is stating Its success
In mild terms. What contributed moat
to the thorough enloyment which 100,000
people had In the spectacle was as delightful
weather as Its ever seen. The air was
dry. brought hither by a west wind that
had been blowing for twenty hours, and
was just warm enough so that spectators
could not feel chilled. There was no suffering
from the heat, as there so often haa
been. The spectacular effect was enhanced
Immensely by the new amphitheater. Ten
thousand people gathered in this great
arena, watching the parade of youngsters
around Its interior under most favorable
conditions. Then the parade went down
over the usual course, to Asbury avenue,
along Ocean avenue, where the tens of
thousands who could not get seats In the
amphitheater might ?ee It.
Now that carnival week is over, folks are
looking forward to one of the best fall seasons
that the resort has ever known. Hotel
proprietors report that their bookings are
exceptional?way ahead of other years. Almost
all the houses will keep open until
October, and. in fact, not even the largest
ocean front houses contemplate closing before
September 25. This Is a great change
from the custom of a half dozen years ago,
when things used to shut down immediately
after Labor day.
Monday will be the greatest day of the
season here, so far as the crowds of people
In town are concerned. The railroads are
running special Labor day excursions to a
greater number than In former seasons,
and predict that the resort will be visited
by 20.000 people, not Including the regular
Registered among the newcomers at the*
Grand Avenue are Arthur Cowslll of Wash|
lngton and J. H. Whlttit of Richmond. Va.
M. F. Mlckley of the Capital city Is among
me mu) arrivals ai nonana nan.
Registered at the Davenport Inn ia Miss
J. E. Prather of Washington.
AmonR the residents of the Capital city
who are making the Victoria their home
for the remainder of the season are Miss
N. M. Shields. Mrs. James E. Podgett and
Miss H. Podgett.
At the Edgemere Inn frt>m Washington
are located Mrs. Philip Walter. Miss Lee,
Mise Hertford. Mrs. M. M. Norton and
Miss Bum.
The Brunswick Is entertaining Mrs.
Thomas J. Fisher and O. E. Pagan of
Located at the Clifton from the Capital
city are Miss Walsh and Miss Anna O.
J. E. Weetervelt of Washington has recently
arrived at the Surf House.
The Fenlmore's register bears the signature
of Miss Ethel M. Bailey of Washington.
At the Brunswick from Washington are
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Alexander. Miss Laura
Pagan. D. N. Davidson and G. Davidson.
Washington is represented at Sunset Hall
by Miss E. Bear. N. C. Bear. Mrs. Charles
Hanford and Miss Margaret Rltter.
The Coleman House is entertaining Miss
L. Newton and Miss K. O. Frye of the
Capital city.
Among the recent registrations at the
Maryland are Miss Ada Splnks and Mis*
Nina Splnks of Washington.
Among the Washingtonlans at the Yorkshire
are Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hall,
Miss Grace M. Hall. Miss Elizabeth Hall
and Miss A. Nickles.
Registered among the newcomers at the
Mugnolla are Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Collins.
They hail from Washington.
Prominent among the newcomers at the
Fifth Avenue House are Franklin H. Hough i
j wii.. nr ui * I
tiiiu laniii; ui vraaiuilKlun.
From Washington at the 8t. Laurent is
registered Miss M. O. Wlnne.
Reentered at Monmouth from the Capital
city are the Misses Potbury.
The Baur-au-lao ia entertaining Mrs. H.
T. Stancliff and Mrs. Edgar Allen of Washington
and Mrs. Wendell Mischler of Wilmington.
Speciai CorrMpondcnre of The Star.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. August 31, 190T.
This week in all probability will be the
last real "big" week of the summer's crush
of visitors. It is not as large as last week
In point of numbers of visitors, but In
spite of that fact there are thousands of
people here, and many more will arrive today
to spend the week-end and remain over
Labor day, next Monday. While the summer
was late In making itself felt and
many people stayed at home who usually j
le^auou iw uic enure <n juiic, auil me OUSIness
of this month has b?en so unusually
great that it has more than made up what
was lost earlier in the season. But there
will be an exodus after Monday. Many
people who have been living at the shore
all summer, in hotels or cottages, will go
back home this week in order that their
children may be ready to enter the fall
school term and not lose any time. Hotel
men are agreed that the season has been
unusually kuuu urspue me lareness in
getting started, and the reports of the
several banking institutions, in which deposits
are shown to be far heavier than last
year, seem to bear out their statements.
The outlook for the fall business Is especially
bright. In a large number of the
hotels reservations have been made well
Into November, and in several instances
up to the winter holidays. It has be^n announced
by several proprietors that they
will keep their hotels open all the y >ar In
the future, another indication of prosperity
and faith in an ever-increasing amount of
winter business.
The city engineer has announced that
work on the construction of the new Boardwalk
300 feet nearer the ocean between
Connecticut and Maine avenues, will probably
be started about the first of October.
The accretions made by the action of tide
and wave at that end of the island have
been so great that the Boardwalk in Its
present location is back over 4<)0 feet from
the water In some places. The city will
probably construct the pillars and girders
of the new Boardwalk of concrete. The
action of the elements on the ste?l substructure
of the present Boardwalk has
caused it to rust so badly In places that
holes have been discovered in some of the
great steel beams. There is some talk that
?W.-? ?ltw ..,111 V, n nil ~ 4. -? l
tuu vjh-.y **i*i im*c cm v**. mc picscm aitftJl
substructure incased In concrete, the same
as was done by the Steel Pier Company
last spring. If this is done it will cost
an immense amount of money, but once
done it would provide a Boardwalk which
nothing but an act of Providence could
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Corey, the (
former the much-talked-of president of the
Steel Trust, were in the city last Sunday.
They came down from New York in an
automobile and had luncheon at the Hotel
Traymore. They expected to remain over
night, but did not register at the hotel, because
they were not desirous of attracting
any more attention to themselves than thsy
could help. But they were recognized by
several Pittsburg people who are staying
here this summer, and In the evening they
got into their machine and drove away
United States Senator and Mrs. Philander
C. Knox and their son. P. C. Knox, Jr.,
who have been spending several weeks at
the shore, went back to their home at Valley
Forge this week. They were accompanied
by Miss Marsh and Mr. Pierce of
Valley Forge, who have been entertained
for the last ten days by Mr. and Mrs.
Knox at the Hotel Shelbourne. The trip
from the resort to Valley Forge was made
In the senator's bin touring car.
Visitors from Washington are registered
at the folio wins hotels:
Hotel Abbey?Mrs. L. Craig and son,
Minnie Leemltser. F. Calton.
Hotel Arlington?James Murray, Mrs. H.
English, May C. Murphy.
Hotel Algonquin?R. R. Eydorf, Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Riley and son.
Hotel Aquarllle?Mr. and Mrs. W. Warren.
Hotel Beaumont?Samuel Bird, Mrs. *8.
Hotel Belden?Mrs. J. F. Warner, R. airman.
Mrs. A. A. Custard.
Hotel Biscavne?A. G. Gibson, Miss M.
Murray. E. Warren.
Bingham House?Mr. C. Winston knd
Berkshire Inn?Miss 8. O. Ossman.
Hotel Cornell?E. Noyes, C. Meyers and
Coulter Hall?L. L. Grant.
Hotel Chetwoode?Mrs. T. Pyle, G. Koch,
Mrs. R Elchhorn. R. Eichhorn, Mary Ruppert,
Eleanor Ruppert, Francis Donovan,
May Ruppert, Rena Gourney, Gertrude
Cralff Hall?Miss J. Sweeney. Miss C. M.
Sweeney, Mrs. M. M. Mason.
Hotel Channel?J. Kerswell, Mrs. F. Hedcllnes.
Dr. B. Blttes. wife and son.
Hotel Cedarcroft?D. W. Lewis.
Hotel Clifton?H. C. Hazard. S. T. Hazard,
Mrs. D. A. Fulton. F. Fulton.
Hotel Dennis?Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Camp
Den, Mrs. ti. f. oucneii, e. j. nucami, e* i
3. Buchett. Mrs. Katie Norwood. Miss P. R.
Joyce, Mlit M. Joyce, Michael Helster,
Mrs. Carrie C. Koenlg, Raymond O. Koenlg,
Emma McDonnall.
Hotel Davenport?E. S. Hoffman.
Hotel D? Vllle?Mrti. W. Blake, Miss
Hotel Ethlyn?L. A. Rosenthal, D. A. Rosenthal.
P. M. Breberet, C. Weddle.
Hotel Fredonla^Mlss M. Burgess, E. 9.
Hotel Gladstone?William Greeseking.
Hotel Holmhur8t?Mrs. L. A. Craig and
son, Mrs. P. M. Dubant.
Hamilton Hall?F. Chambers.
Haddon Hall?Mrs. Grafton Fox, Miss Agnes
G. Barnes. H. B. Mlnnlo. E. H. Pillsbury,
Mrs. Edwin H. PUlsbury, H. H. Talmadge,
Alice 8. Barnes, Miss Hood, Mrs.
Kuehnle's Hotel?F. A. Rockan.
Hotel iArchmont?C. Dutton. G. Lange.
Hotel t,a Fontaine?Mrs. J. Rapp, D. WH"liams.
Charles Williams and whe.
Hotel Lamborn?MIm R. Ke&m, Mrs. E.
Walsh, Misses Sullivan. B. V. D&rrell, Miss
B. W. Wetzel.
Hotel Lorraine?Mr. and Mrs. 8. Bensinger.
A. Elsemann.
Hotel Morton?Miss H. Jones. 3. Lyle.
Hotel Malatesta?J. H. Powell, J. B.
Hotel Melrose?M. L. Statler, T. W. MoGreer,
C. J. Lyon.
Hotel Montlcello?Elmer Burton, Mrs. J.
Wolfe. Miss M. T. Wllfe. Miss Alice Wolfe,
Miss Eleanor Wolfe. Miss E. C. Carty, Miss
A. Halmeed.
Hotel New Liberty?J. A. Pitzmer, Mrs.
H. Pitzmer and family. Miss Sayde Pefclman.
Fritz Pelsman.
Hotel New Belmont?E. G. McCarty, 8.
B. Boland.
Hotel New England?Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Roch, J. K. Ergood, Miss M. J. Brlen, Miss
J. Murphy. Miss A. Lally, J. Immer and
?1'- *n?o Imm.i, Uica n Tmmor O R I
w i r, luioo iu. -v?. >...
Smith. D. W. Wilkins. Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
J. Johnson. Miss A. E. Kehler, Mrs. J. W.
Deerken. J. Smith.
Hotel New York?Ivouis Clements.
Hotel Oriental?Mr. a?id Mrs. H. C. White,
O. M. Smith, Jr.. D. Rorhschie, L. M. Newmyer.
Hotel Ostend?M. Leany, Mrs. T. Burney,
Miss Paul.
Hotel Princess?O. D. Swell, T. Crowther.
Hotol Princess Anne?Mrs. J. Mlckle, J.
Broad foot, wife and baby.
Hotel Parkhurst?Miss Tyson.
Phillips House?Miss A. French.
Hotel Raleigh?R. L. Watnough, 8. MoGulgan,
Mlaa K. McGuigan, S. West, H.
Hotel Richmond?Mrs. M. Gattl, Miss J.
Gattl. Master S. Gattl. M. Stelnmetz.
Hotel Rio Grande?F. Carroll, Chas.
Schafer. Wm. T. Reed.
Hotel Roxborough?Mr. and Mrs. T.
Hotel Raymond?J. E. Nell.
Hotel St Regis?Mrs. F. Mortaugh, D. L.
Mortaugh. Laura Mortaugh.
Hotel St. Elmo?Mr. R. Bellman, Mrs. R.
Sellman, Miss Mary Bulwer, Mr. K. Myers.
Hotel Stanley?Mr. and Mrs. R. V. L.
Hotel Stlckney?A. Murphy and wife.
Seaside House?Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Price,
Mrs. Gustavus Werber. Geo. C. Johnson.
Hotel St. Clare?Mrs. L. O. Shunard.
Hofel Shoreham?W. R. Garrett, C.
Sklnker. Mr. and Mrs. J. Carew, Mr. and
Mrs. M. A. Skinner. C. L Turner, R.
Whitlesey. J. M. Suffrles.
Hotel Traymore?Mrs. F. Marbury, Miss
K. Marbury. Mrs. M. Mackall, J. Trimble
and wife.
Hotel Warwick?H. Pflster.
Young's Hotel?Mrs. G. Stewart, W. Mann
and wife.
Hotel Yarmouth?H. A. Andrews.
Special Correspondence of The Star
SPRINGS. W. Va., August 31, 1907.
The season here is drawing to a close,
though many guests linger, as this is the
KooiiHfnl Hma r\ f t Vio van p Tha non I
Hl'-'Ol m UUII1UI l?"V ?tv / V W . * i?twpie
hare been enjoying the cool, crisp days.
Many of the guests now In this paradise
of the social gods and goddesses, White
Sulphur, are royally hospitable, and their
friends are enjoying a number of small
farewell fetes, so to speak, given either In
the hotel proper or at their picturesque cottages,
embowered amid vines and flowers,
and scattered over the vast grounds about
the springs.
Miss Aubin McDowell gave a card party
last Thursday with Mrs. R. H. Goldsborough
of Washington and Mrs. J. G. Wilson
of Smithfleid, Va., guests of honor. Others
who enjoyed the game included Mesdames
Stokes, Christian, Keinhart, Kellogg, Mid
*' ' W M
fi > , ,fj
dleton, Woflham. Chlsolm. Haskell, Rauers,
P?rry, Holt, Brun, Lay, Lowndes, Slmonds
tifvu. nratin n^/.?
iA>UBIU9UII, fT UilC, VTl UUU>, fVCtia,
Reed. Arrington, Yullle, Hall, Reese, Cabell.
Jonea, Thayer, Mlsa Campbell and
Miss Octavla Bates.
From Washington have lately arrived
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ross Perry.
Special CorrMpondrnce of The Star.'
BAR HARBOR, Me., August 31. 190T.
With the close of the last week In August
Bar Harbor witnessed the end of the officially
gay season and the beginning of the
quieter autumn season, which lasts through,
out the months of September and October.
During these months the' resort Is devoted
mainly to the cottagers, the hotel guests
starting cityward early In September. There
la much entertaining done during the fall,
but mostly of a quiet sort. The larger
functions have been for the greater part
crowded into August, and came to a brllKan*
nl/vaa ?UU I
iiuiiv Muog a iiw outij u.gui null luc liuapillil
This week's Malvern hop was one of the
most brilliant of the summer, and there wm
no falling off either in enthusiasm or attendance.
Dinners were given previous to
the darning by Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wyatt,
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Minis, Miss Fannie Sullivan,
Mrs. C. F. Wlnthrop and M. de Geoffrey.
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt's guests were
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coleman Drayton, Mrs.
S doey W. Keith, Miss Neilson, Miss Biddie,
Mr. Harrison and Mr. McMichael.
Count Bernstorff, a memiber of the Danish
legation, has arrived at the Newport for a
fortnight's stay.
Mynheer von den Berch von Heumstede of
the Royal Netherlands legation is among
the recent comers to 'he Malvern.
Saturday night's hop at the Swimming
Club lost none of Its brilliancy by reason
of the waning of tho season. It was attended
by most of the younger dancing e?t.
and the older as well. Prior to the dancing
a number of dinners were given at the club,
the hostesses including _Mrs. Oscar Living
sion, Airs. i_,inaiey itotrman cnapln. aliss
Grace Elllston and Dr. A. P. Francine.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
CAPE MAT, N. J.. August 31. 1807.
While today la the close of the summer, as
far as the calendar is concerned, yet a
large number of the visitors will remain
here throughout September, and the departures
after those following Labor day
are considered will be few In number until
the middle of next month. The season has
been a successful one and the hotels and
boarding houses have profited better than
was expected.
Already plans for next season are being
talked of, and particularly In the construction
of recreation and amusement piers on
the ocean front. Plans for one are already
prepared and the contract Is reported to
have been given out.
Today Cape May was the mecca of a
large number of yachtsmen from sister resorts.
who came here to witness the annual
invco (,i vu i/ctvrccii jr utn id ui 1110 vanuua
other seaside cities. Last Saturday most
of the yachtsmen Journeyed to Ocean City,
and today the compliment was returned by
the yacht clubs of the other resorts.
J W. GUI and R. J. QUI of Washington
are among the guests at the Stockton
Dr. William Sprlgg o Washington is,
with his family, occupying a cottage on
Atlantic Terrace for the remainder of the
Charles Keifer of Washington is a guest
at the Elberon for an extended period.
Right Rev. Leighton Coleman, D. D.,
Bishop of Delaware, who has recently returned
from his 100-mile tramp, is a guest
at the cottage of Mrs. Anna S. Reed on
Lafayette street. Bishop Coleman will officiate
in St. John's P. E. Church here tomorrow
morning. In St. Peter's Church at
Cape May Point in the afternoon and In the
Church of the Advent here In the evening.
A B Chalfleld. Miss Cha'.fleld anrl Rd
ward N. Chalfleld of Washington are spending
the late season as guests at the Star
J. B. Barry, a midshipman in the United
States Navy, has arrived at the Chalfonte
and Joined his parents, Mr. and Mrs. David
S. Barry of Washington, and will pass
his leave of absence with them at Cape
and Mrs. George H. Brown of Washington
are at the Devonshire.
Mia. J. C. MacFarland of Washington 1*
a guest at tho Stockton Hotel.
Walter W. Talcott of Washington has
returned to Congress Hail for another seaside
C. K. King of Washington is'a guest at
the Columbia.
Alfred M. C. Bobbins of Washington is
passing his vacation at the Star Villa.
Gouverneur Hoes, son of Chaplain Hoes
of the United States Navy, is a guest at
the Baltimore Inn. The young man has a
large number of friends about Cape May,
having passed several summers here.
Rev. Father P. J. O'Connell, rector of St.
Vincent de Paul's Church, Washington, has
been upending some time here, accompanied
bv Mr. D. Q. O'Nell of the United States
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sullivan of Washington
are enjoying the late rummer as guests
at the Lafayette.
C. J. Menke and Misg Menke of Washington
are gu?*ta at the Aldlne.
Scott Baker, Henry S. Baker, James 3.
Baker and R. W. Baker are among Washlngloniaog
sojourning at the Baltimore Inn.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
COLONIAL BEACH, Va., August 31, 190T.
Last Monday night Mr. and Mrs. George
W. Byrd were hosts at an old-fashioned
cake walk given at their home.
The choir boys of St. John s Church,
Georgetown, have returned home, after
spending a most enjoyable vacation at the
choir lodge.
The Red Rover of the Capital Yacht Club
has been in port the past week, with Mr.
and Mrs. Rexford M. Smith, Miss Louise
Whiddicomb and Mr. C. A. M. Welis
aboard. The party made a pleasant cruise
to Leonardtown. Md. Mr. Hampton Magruder
accompanied them.
Mrs. C. J. Hanback, after spending the
entire summer at the Crown Castle, has returned
to Washington.
Mrs. Walter T. Brecht and Miss Fannie
Payne of Washington are hostesses this
week of quite a parts' of young folks at the
Rainbow cottage. Miss Clara Ward. Miss
Agnes Brecht and Mrs. Brecnt are their
guests at present, while Miss Margaret
8weeney. Miss Bella Dunn. Mrs. Relnmuth
and child and Fred Frailer have returned
to the city.
Misses Mary and Mattie Wllklns and Miss
Annl? Neltsy of Washington are stopping
at the Red Tod.
Miss Hattie I>ockwood of Washington is
visiting Mrs. George Phoebus at hor cottage.
Bloomingdale. while Mrs. M P. Phoebus,
Miss Gwendoline Shohn and Mias Frances
Schmld have returned after & delightful
Mr. Henry D. Cochran, after several
weeks' stay at the Waldorf, has returned to
Mrs. George Sherwood and Miss Sally
Sherwood of Alexandria. Va., are stopping
at the Brooklyn cottage.
The large electric launch Aloha, belonging
to Mr. Robert H. Bontx. has returned
to Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Jose. Mr and Mrs. Barney Klawans, Miss
little Crandalls. Winfleld Bontz and Mr.
R. H. Bontz's family accompany Mm.
Mrs. Charles Relter a*d children. Charles
and Edna, have returned to Washington,
after a visit to her sleter. Mrs. John M.
Miss Carrie P. Bryan of Washington Is
the guest of Mrs. D. D. Lamb at her cottage
on the front.
Mr William Snyder, after a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. John Chancey. has returned to
Washington. Also their other guests. Mr.
Charles F. Holbrook, Frank Jackson of
Brookland. D. C.. and William Baldwin
Snyder of West Virginia, have returned to
their homes. ]
________ i
Special Correspondence of The Star. (
ROUND HILL, Va, August 31, 19OT. i
Monday evening a delightful dance was <
given at the paviylon at Round Hill, Va. 1
About thirty couples were present.
Tuesday evening a "tacky party" was enJoyed
by both old and young. The costumes
were very quaint and original.
Wednesday afternoon a Chinese tea.
served in Canton medallion ware, was
given by Mrs. Albert 8. Oatley of Mt.
Pleasant. She was assisted by her sisters,
the Misses Gertrude and Mildred Hoge
Wednesday evening a larg? party from
Runnymcde farm attended a dance given
at the town hall.
Those summering at the home of Mr. W.
S. Cole from this city are Mrs. Renshaw,
Mrs. Jones, Mrs. du Fiefe, Mrs. A. 8. Oatley,
Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Zimmerman. M ss
Zimmerman, Miss Gertrude Hoge, Miss Mil- '
dred Hoge and Miss Jane Flshback.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
SEA GIRT, N. J? August 81, 190T. 1
i>w *
or? uiii iia* mc i cpumiiuu nuu iuudi pwpla
who know the place. Kilned largely
from association it has with the state en- '
campment of the state camp grounds here
and the encampment of teams participating
In the national and International rifle
matches held each fall, this year's series of
which will begin Monday and last through <
September 7. However, the resort has
many other claims for attention, and now
that property on the famous stretch of ,
shore running south from Barnegat Bay,
which divides the north and south Jersey i
shore, to Atlantic Highlands, is now en- i
tlrely taken up oy cottagers, it is predicted
that development at Sea Girt will come i
very fast. Fortunately the land is all re-,
stricted, so that it cannot become anything
but first-class property. Sea Girt residents
pride themselves in living in a recreation
spot by the sea that Is altogether that,
with none of tue disadvantages of the more
metropolitan resorts directly accessible from
Among those who have lately arrived at
the Tromont and who will remain until |
late in September are M. C. Comstock, a
residents of the Capital city.
At the Farker House are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Hansford of Washington.
Special Correspondence of Tbe Star. .<
DEAL, N. J., August 31. 100T.
Activities In the Deal golf links did not I
by any means cease this week because the i
club's greatest tournament, an invitation i
tournament, the largest ever held in Amer. ,
ica, had juat been terminated. As a nat
ural sequence to tne lournamcni scores 01
players who could not possibly get on the j
links at any other time last week were
out, wanting to try som? of the shots they i
had seen made by the crack players of the 1
country. The links also became a social '
rendezvous and there were many merry
parties there daily.
Great preparations are being made by
Proprietor Howard of Hathaway Inn for i
a harvest festival and dance on the beautiful
lawn of the hotel Monday n ght. It
will be the biggest social affair of the summer
there. Under some fine old trees '
square dances. Virginia reels, landers and 1
the like will be run off, and the Casino of (
the house, decorated with farm products,
will be In service for those who want to 1
waltz or twostep on a good floor. The lawn
will be decorated with Japanese lanterns, I
and refreshments will be served. ,
Lj'ttleton Rogers, jr.. of the TTnlted
States Army is registered at the Hathaway '
Inn. This hotel Is also entertaining Mr. '
and Mrs. George F. Thompson and the <
Misses Thompson, who come from the Cap- ?
Ital city. *
Special Correspondence of The Star.
August 31. 1907. c
There are prospects for a splendid Sep- *
tember season and one which will far f
outdo those of other years. The hotel r
proprietors say their reservations for the 8
month of September are exceptionally good *
and that numerous cottagrs. who 'requent
the hotels as their social headquart rs. t five j
spoken of their intention of remaining for a *
late fall season. Ordinar.y. a great many
cottagers go from here abroad each year, t
but the foreign outpouring will not be d
heavy. C
Prominent VVashingtonians at the Monmouth
Beach Club are Mrs. John O. Car- \
lisle and the Misses Carlisle. u
The club numbers among its guests |
Thomas Martin and Hubert MerrUm of 2
Washington. I t
;t ended
k, new jersey
Special Correnpoixlencv of The Star.
OCEAN OROVE. N. J . Aufpjst 31. 1?0T.
In the auditorium tomorrow the morning
sermon will be preached by Rev Dr R J.
Cooke. The Rev. Mr. Van Hook will conduct
the temple services as usual, and th?
evening service will be devoted to short
addresses by leading evangelists. Bishop
Wilson will open the service with a fifteen,
minute address.
What most frequenters of Ocean Qrov#
consider the finest musical attraction of
the summer will occur in the auditorium
tonight, when the chorus of a thousand
children riven Its "Nlirht in PuirvlarH " 11*
a deal with the Asbury Park Carnival Association
this will appear as the closing
vent of carnival week and Tltaula. queea
of the fairies, with her maids of honor and
her courtiers, will occupy the center of tli?
auditorium platform. A wonderful electrical
display has been arranged for.
Miss M. P. Smart has Joined the Washington
coiony at the Warwick Arms, whers
she is spending the late summer 'lays.
Among the late registrations at the Pino
Bluff Inn are Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Inne^a,
Miss Inness and Richard Inness of Washington.
W. L.. Worthington "and family of Washington.
who lately arrived at the Warwick
Arms, will spend a month here.
A.L J^fc?N 11U JIB T.
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ALLENHURST. N. J., August 31. 1IW.
The young people of Allenhurst who last
Friday gave an amateur play, "Jersoyw
land." at the Deal Casino for the benefit of
local charities, repeated the performance
Thursday night In the beautiful ballroom
Df the Allenhurst Inn, and after the performance
was over enjoyed a dinner In th?
^afe oPthe hostlery. This was an elaborate
Affair. Thirty-four covers were laid. Th?
dinner wound up with a general jollification
and much toasting.
The Curlew Is entertaining Mies Flo:-eno?
Ward. Mrs James Bryant, Miss Dorothy
Prince, Ford Evans and B. N. Dimming of
Among the late season's guests at tha
Dunes are Mr. and Mrs. A. S. l'auley of
Special Correspondence of The Star.
LONG BRANCH, N. J., August 31. 190T.
At a dinner given at Thomas', on the
Runson road, a few evenings ago, the engagemrnt
was announced of Miss Maud*
Fogarty, daughter of the late Patrick Fogarty,
to George R. Belfour. M1j? Fogartjr
is considered one of the handsomest young
women of the summer colony here. Th?
wedding will lake plu;e early In November.
The final game In a series of base ball
combats between the Long Branch players
and the Carlisle Indian team was played
Monday at the base ball park. TUe gam*
lasted a dozen Innings.
Interest was lent to the project that Long
Branch be made a winter resort when Demeter
Pick, manager of the new. Hotal
Pakanasseo and the West End Cottugeak
gave out the other day that he would keep
the Hildreth cottage open all winter. Qernando
Pannaci will also keep the Hotel
Pannacl, in Ocean avenue, open. Several
other places have been fitted out (or cold
weather. Mr. Pick said yesterday he had
reservations made already for forty persons
for the Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meeks of Washington
are late arrivals at the Takanassee.
The Pannacl is entertaining the Mioses F.
C. and B. French of Washington.
Among the guests at the 8carboro are
Mrs. Edward Schmidt and Miss Fluretm
Broome of Washington.
Special Correspondence of The St?r.
August 31, 15X>T.
Ball players at Avon, the Avon team
composed of collegians, played before a
i u r<ra oeoumtilacro tho nl hAr ill v lioi 11 n t? tha
flailing Bradley Beach team by a score of
i to 2.
A baas weighing thirty-one pounds vai
the record catch of the week and tho bigjest
flsh but one or two landed tliis season.
It was taken from the surf by Mr. P.
From the Avon Inn a large beach party
went out Tuesday night for a eampfire.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Pierce of Washington
are patrons of the Oxford.
Among th? late arrivals at, the Buckingham
ar>- Miss Claire Woodruff, Miss Cora
Woodruff and Miss Helen Burton of Washngton.
Special CorrPSj?ondeiire of The Star.
BELMAR, N. J.. August 31, 1907.
But eight players are now left of Chose
who two weeks ago entered Into the Belmar
Club's annual bowling tournament, all
the rest of tha entries having been eliminated.
Belmar will this afternoon witness lta
Irst automobile parade, a feature of sumTier
entertainment that will probably bo
Tiade an annual one. Mr. Will J. Quinn of
he Hotel Columbia got up the parad . offering
a dozen prizes fur the b st entr. s.
md of the entries tie-re are over forty
Phe prizes are automobll fixtures.
At the Hotel Columbia this evening a big
iarv?8t dance wi.I be tne sorial fu ct on
;laimlnK attention of all hotel patrons and
h?ir friends. All day decorators have be n
Itting up the spat .us apaitment with
rtalks or corn. puinpKins. suasn s, sneaves
if wheat and the like, until It m?w preienlM
a most attraoliv^ appearance. Tho-e
>articlpating in the <la ice win be att red
or tha most part as farmer fo ks. 'I ha
nen have bi en buying inexpensive "J an
ind where possib e suiting hold of o d cow.
side boots, and big farmer hats, flannel
ihirts. etc.
A euchre party entertaining fifty peo?le
was held Wednesday night at the Windior
A children's Mother Goose parly o<vup ed
he attention of ful!y fifty little fo.k.s, chllIren
of summer cuttag rs, at th^ B :,mar
?lub TuesJay night.
Washingtonlans recently arrived at the
Vindsor include Mr. and Mrs. W. E. liogars
ind Miss Kate Rogers.
Late arrivals at the Buena Vista ine'udis
dr. and Mr*. Fred Dunning of Washington.

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