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Prices of All Kinds of Lumber
tumbling. Libbey & Co..?:th & x. T. av.n.w.
C. A. Muddiman & Co.
Handsome Electric and Ga< Drop Lights,
Art Glass Dome Chande lers.
1204 G st. Lamps. 010 12th st.
Wide Boards. $2 Per 100 Feet.
*'rank Libbey & Co.. fith ? X. Y. ave. n.w.
Tree ornaments, snow, tinsel,etc.Gould's
For Christmas.
Fin^ Lamps. Gas Drop Lights,
Electrii- Stands. Artistic Domes.
1204 G. C. A. Muddiman. CIO 12th.
Flooring, Alabama (Good), 82 Per
1'*' ft. Libbey & Co., 6th & X. Y ave. n.w.
Thomas K. Flower. twenty-eight years
of age, giving iiis address as 1224 13th
street northwest, accidentally fell U|>on
the s'dewalk near 11th and H streets
n<>rt in est yesterday afternoon and cut
his chin. The police of the tirst precinct
took him to the Emergency Hospital for
Jp F. Sheetz, Pure Homemade
Candfcs. 2.">c and 40c lb., to be bought only )
at 42.~? 12th st. n.w., one door above Ra
leigh Hotel.
Open Evening^.
C. A. Muddiman & Co.. 12th and G sts..
Gas goods.
Clear Ceiling (Beaded). $2 Per 100
ft. L'bb?y & Co., f?t!i A- X. Y. ave. n.w.
Great Bear Spring Water. 4 Gal.,
BO?. Office. 704 11th st. Phone Main 3340.
Cypress Shingles. No. 1, $5 Per 1.000
Fran': T.?hbev X- C*o Otb X. Y. ave. n.w.
William j Brown, colored, thirty-two
years of age. who lived at the under
taking establishment of Arnold Adams.
Nichols avenue. Hillsdale, became ill of
a hemorrhage yesterday morning and died
shortly after a physician reached him. As
his death resulted from natural causes an
Irquest was deemed to be unnecessary.
The police have been asked to find
Charles Keefe, fifteen years of age, who
disappeared last Tuesday. He went away
from his home. 12.'13 Pennsylvania avenue
southeast, the police were told, about 3
o'clock in the afternoon.
Reuben ftiles. an elderly colored man,
?was driving his horse along 11th street
southeast yesterday afternoon near the
Anacostla bridge, when a car came be
hind his wagon and bumped against it
with force enough to break out two
spokes from a wheel and bend the rear
axle. Giles, who lives in Garfield, be
came frightened and jumped from his
wagon. When lie learned there was no
danger of further trouble he resumed his
journey homeward.
Plead for Prohibition.
In the interest of prohibition a meet
ing was held Monday evening in St.
Mark's Lutheran Church under the aus
pices of the' Southwest W. C. T. U. The
opening prayer was made by the pastor.
Rev. J. Luther Frantz. Solos were ren
dered by Mrs. Milton Odell and Mr. James
Cathell, with Miss Mary Brewer as ac
companist. Mrs. Clinton Smith, president
of the District W. C. T. U.. made an
address, in which she told of "the work
for prohibition. Mrs Fernald president
of the Mothers' Club, and Mrs. Henson
ulso fpoke. Refreshments concluded the
Art Subject?A Masterpiece, Free
*ith E1R Grove Butter coupons. Get one
Death of A. Claude Chaney.
A. Claude Chaney, husband of Mrs:
Rosalie S^t'lmney and youngest son of the
late Judge\M. D. Chaney of Annapolis,
Md? died yVsterday morning at his resi
lience, 2217 lfith street. The funeral ar
rangements Ipave not bee,p completed.
Death o^ Francis B. Stryker.
/ Francis B. | Stryker, son of a former
^ipayor of "Brooklyn, X. Y., died at 8:40
jk yesterflay morning at his residence,
_ Florida/ avenue. # Mr.' Stryker, who
* iVconnected with the supervising archi
jtecrfe office! Treasury Department, had
A a resident of this city for tw?nty
yeurf. He was sixty-seven years of
*T His wife and five children, Frank.
Burden. \\ illiam. Francis and Edna
Sir> ker Mirvive hi7n- Arrangements for
the .uimtmi have not been completed.
Annnal Election.
t The following have been elected officers
VfiScott CounoH, Xo. 4.VS, Xational Union,
V?r the eatoing year: George M. Moore,
president; H. W. S lah, vite president;
E C. Palmer, speaker. C. L. Hlmebaugh,
ex-president: J. H. Bell, secretary; B. F
Chase, financial secretary; W. W. Case
.treasurer; J. P. Matthews, chaplain; w!.
jV Jenkins, usher; George A. Las horn,
jygeanft-at-anus; S. S. Lissuwitz, doorf
J P. Matthews. J. C. Peacock. J
C^^pStnnell, trustees; F. A. Warfleld
> L:vmgston. J. H. Beil, C. L
Hlmeha igh. <Ungates to cabinet: George
v Livingston. delegate to immediate re
y '? F. Wolfe, delegate to D. C. F.
Baltimore nnd Return, $1.25,
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
Every Saturday arid Sunday. All trains
both ways, both days, except Roval Liml
it.-d. City offices. 1417 G st. and Oly Pa
Bequests to Theological School.
\\ 1LM1NGTOX, Del., December 21
The will pf the late Bishop Leighton Cole
man of the diocese of Delaware, which
was admitted to probate today, makes two
bequests to the General Theological Sem
,na?>;' Y?>?'k city. One is of #1
ls ,lo1b<' ^vested until it reaches
*.>.ooo and then applied as a scholarship
fund In meniorv of the late Samnel H
Johnson. D.p. The beneficiary student is
'to be named by the Bishop of Delaware.
I lie other bequest is Ids valuable collec- !
tion of autographs.
, % lh* Historical Society of Delaware is I
m queathed the late bishop's large collec
tion of canes There are also money be
quests to various local institutions. " The
estate is valued at about #20.quo, including
a life insurance of J7.00O.
Mrs. Christiana Heinzerling Dead. I
Mrs. Christiana Heinzerling, widow of
George H. Heinzerling. died at 7:30 o'clock
yesterday morning in the eightieth year of
her age at her home, 711 Virginia avenue
Funeral services will be Jield at 2 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon at her late residence
llie interment will be in Prospect Hill
25th and Penna. Ave.. Star Branch.
Herbst'a Pharmacy. 2.">th and Penna
ave. n.w.. receives Want A<fs.-' f?r The
btar. Wanted Hep advertisements are
only 1 cent per word each insertion.
Colored Odd Fellows Elect Officers'.
Star of the West Ixidge. Xo. ISrto; Grand
United Order of Odd Fellows, at its thirty
ninth annual session, elected officers as
Annual?A. llayson, P. tj., *e-elected;
William T. Xaylor. treasurer, re-elected
William H. Ros?. advocate; Mourse W."
D an, third degrci> lecturer; Charles H
1-ee deputy degree lecturer; Lawrence
( lark, delegate to Hall Association, re
Quarterly?Clarence ,A. Mayo. E S ?
James E Amos. V. G.; Edward Snow x"
G ; Gorge H. Sims. P. X. G : James E
H-ster. X. F.; M. O. Green, P. X. F.
Mr. Hayson. at th? end of the present
te-rn. will have served his lodge cotisecu
tlvcly forty years, and as P. S. is at the
head* of til* list in consecutive service
helr.g the oldest officer of his rank in the
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in
Thousands of Pictures of Jolly Kris
Kringle Clipped From The
Sunday Star.
J. H. Roper of 653 Maryland avenue
northeast wins the prize of a fifteen-dollar
order on Saks & Co. offered by that store
to the person who deposited at the store
before December 17 the largest number of
pictures of Santa Claus clipped from The
Sunday Star. Little Master Hoper sent
:n 841 pictures, accompanying them with
the following letter to Saks & Co.:
"Gentlemen: I herewith tile with you
pictures of Santa Claus clipped from
The Sunday Star and for which I am hop
ing to get first prize in the contest.
Hoping to hear favorably from you.
and wishing you a merry Christmas and
a most prosperous new year. I'am,
? Your obedient little friend. f
"J. H. ROPER." |
Others Who WeTe Lucky.
The three additional prizes of orders for
J.i, $.'! and $2 worth of goods at Saks &
Co.'s store were awarded to the follow
ing. in the order given, the number of pic
I tures deposited following the names:
i J. E. McGowan. 57 I street northeast,
.'{(IS; Howard Kraemer. Ml5 .'id street
southeast, 30<>! Preston Culver, 1841 9th
street northwest. :."!>4.
1 hijjon Talbott, !(5<! F street southwest,
came along fifth, missing a prize bv just
four pictures. He deposited 290. In all
more than 7.000 pictures were deposited
with Saks & Co. Several contestants
j came near the 200 mark.
Orders in payment to the winners will
be mailed by Santa Claus Monday.
Nimes of Remaining Contestants.
The names of the other contestants fol
low: Harry Stokes, W. M. Thomas,
Thelma Adams, James Walter, Michael
Sweeney, George Fisher. Charles Simir
ton. Lester Manns, R. C. Dalrymple, Ma
mie Shepherd, Adolph Leisler, Roy Norris,
George Walling. W. H. Brown. Archie
Pearson. Charles Iluggett, l^aurence
Snowden, Harvey Clark, Lester Eliff,
j Maye qonners, Henry Ashburn, Charles
Downs. I.aster Murray. Lillian Knight,
Eugene. Jonet*, M. Goldsmith, S. C. Hig
gins, GoiWn ? Slatter, Edwin Hart.
K chard Garner, Albert Stanley Sutton,
Frank Yost Pollard. James Ahern, Ed
ward Pitt, Lawton Frye, Joseph Tolson.
G. Walling, Alice Turner, Wafker Janney,
Eugene McConnell. Esker Brown. Edgar
Carter. James N. Johnson, Harry Ma
gruder, Marvin Hawk, Ida M. Thayer,
August Massinio, Archie Hutton, Herbert
I Dick, H. Cogswell, Ernest Warner. Aflell
Wharton. Joseph'Young. Laurence Gould,
I.aurence Fitzgerald. Martin Hart. Wil
j liam \\ ilson. Jack Chase, Grace Tanner,
George Perry, Edward Metzell, Jerry
Adams, Miss Lewis. Frank Johnson, Cur
ran Davis, Charles Morgan. Ernest War
ren. Charles Lanham, Clarence Broham,
HUdrwi Reeves, Herbert Bowan, C. H.
Hale .and Clarence Weston.
Matinee Girl Justly Popular.
Art subject free with Elk Grove coupons.
Court Sustains Demurrer in Naval
Battalion Case.
Justice W right of the Supreme Court
of the District of Columbia has sustained
the demurrer of Gen. George H. Harries,
commanding the District of Columbia
Militia: Lieut Durston and Ensign Bieo
of the Naval Battalion of the National
Guard of the District of Columbia to the
to recover $10,000 damages filed by
\V i ham G. Cleveland, based on the death
of his son Melvin. The latter was
drowned November 20. 1906. from a
'""nch which was being towed by the U.
a. S. Oneida near Blackistone Island
in the Potomac river.
The defandants claimed that they were
not liable in damages for an injury to an
enlisted man while they were acting in
the discharge of their official duties. In
the absence of proof that they directly
caused the injury or that their actions
were illegal or ma'icious the court in sus
taining the contention of the officers held
that the declaration failed to show any
legal liability on their part.
Maj. William S. Hodges, judge advocate
general. District of Columbia Militia, and
Assistant United States Attorney McNa
mara represented the defendants.
Winter tourist tickets now on sale via
outhern Rwy. Fast trains leavo Wash
igton 11:00 a.m. and !>:5d p.m. daily
irrying through sleepers and Southern
;Wy' cara" City offices, 705 15th
t. and 511 Pa. ave.?Advt.
Anacostia and Vicinity.
The members of the Garden Memorial
Presbyterian Church tendered a surprise
donation party to Rev. George M. Cum
mings, the pastor, and his family last Fri
day evening at the pastor's residence, 230
Fillmoi-e street, Anacostia. Mr. and Mrs.
Cummings, who were being entertained at
the home of friends, were summoned un
expectedly to their residence, where they
found awaiting them a large numlier of
members of the church, who ihad taken to
the pastorial residence many packages
and baskets containing provisions A
small papier mttche turkey was found
among the articles, with a generous dress
in*? of roins.
The Men's Brotherhood of the Anacos
tia Baptist Church held a meeting re
cently. when committees were appointed
for the ensuing year. Rev. James R. Ed
' the I"18101" of tlie ohurch, who had
| been chosen president of the organization
presided. It was decided to conduct a
j watch night meeting New Year eve un
der the auspices of the club. There was a
discussion of a proposition to erect a
| build.ng for use as a gymnasium and a
parsonage and the sentiment was unani
mousry in favor of starting such a work
[ at as early a date as possible. The church
is at present without a pastor's residence.
| and it was agreed that the gymnasium
that is being advocated could be con
j structed on the first floor of such a res
idence as it is propose*! to erect.
Rev. Frank Isaac, the pastor of the
Caroline Street Methodist Episcopal i
Church, Baltimore, was the sp?aker la^t '
I Thursday evening at the congregational!
! meeting in the Anacostia Metbodist Epls
i copal Church. ?
I Miss Ethel McClanahan. one of the
chief nurses at the Government Hospital
for the Insane for several years, has re
signed and gone to Seattle.-Wash.
Annojineenient is made of the marriage
of Miss Edith Harris Richardson, daugh
ter of the late Dr. A. B. Richardson, for
merly superintendent of the Government
Hospital for the Insane, and Dr. Edgar
Sliugert Ingraham. a member of the fac
Ohio ?f ?lli0 StHte l"n'verKl<y. Colun^bus,
! The season of indoor amusements has
; been started at the Government Hospital
for the Insane, and dances are held regu
larly each week, to be followed by ama
teur theatrical performances after Christ
_ -f
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Funeral of Mrs. Martha A. Garner.
FALLS CHURCH. Va? December 21?
i The funeral Mrs. Martha A. Garner took
place here yesterday from the Methodist
j Episcopal Church South. Mrs Garner
! died on Wednesday in her eighty-first
| year She was one of the oldest residents
| of tiiis place and had a large eorn"-tion.
; She is survived by three sons and tllree
daughters.?George Thomas of New Vork.
1 Lucian G. of the War Department, and
John William, attorney. Washington, and
i Mrs. Sophia Swift of Vancouver. B C \
Mrs. Emma J. Garner and Miss Margie e'
Garner of Falls Church. The pallbearers
were Mrs. Garner's grandsons. Lucian.
Thomas and Allan Garner, J. Alfred
Swift and William and Charles Davis
The services were conducted by Rev j
L. Klbler. ass'~ted by Rev. M. Summer
| veil of the Episcopal Church.
Last Bequests of John F. Legge,
Caroline <? Hawley and Others.
The will of John P. Legge, former local
terminal agent of the Baltimore and OWo
Railroad Company, was filed yesterday
for prrobate. He leaves his entire estate to
his wife. Mrs. Ellen M. Legge. and asks
that she be allowed to act as executrix
without being required to furnish bond.
The document is dated March 20, l'.KH.
No estimate of the value of the estate
is given.
The will of Mrs. Caroline C. Hawley.
dated May 1, 1SI0, was also filed for
probate. To her granddaughter. Helen C.
Hawley, is bequeathed $400, and shares
of stock to James M. Hawley and Ida
Hawley Robbins. The remaining prop
erty is to be divided between her two
children, James M. Hawley and Ida
Hawley bobbins. The son is also named
as executor.
By the terms of the will of Mrs. Sadie
A. Calvert, dated March 11. 1X!>\ and of
fered for probate, her entire estate is de
vised to her daughter, Mfs. Florence L.
Willis. The daughter is also named as
John Lane, by his will, dated October
5. lilt*!, and filed for probate, bequeaths
>liis estate to his two children, Kdward
Lane of this city and Mary M. Ivine of
Baltimore, Md. Benjamin F. Uhlfeider
is named as executor.
By the terms of the will of Caleb Haw
kins. dated June 13. 1907. his personal
estate is given absolutely to his widow,
Mrs. Rachel Hawkins. She is also to
have a vacant lot on O street between
21st and 22d streets. Premises No. 2724
P street northwest is given to the widow
for life and at her death to Otlio Ed
wards in trust to permit her daughter,
Pau'ine Gaskins. to use for life. At the
death of the daughter the house is to go
to Helen Gaskins.
Subject to the life estate of his wife
house No. 2722 P street is given to Gladis
Gas-kins. Nd. 2725 P street to Roy Gas
kins and No. 2721 O street to Otho Ed
wards. Two other houses are, to be sold
and the prt>ceeds divided between Addie
Hawkins and the children of Nicholas
Hawkins. Otho Edwards is named as
executor. -By a codicil Mr. Hawkins ar
ranges for a home for his sister, Addie
Hawkins, during her life.
For Xmas?Roses, Orchids, Violets
and other choice flowers. Shaffer, 14th & I.
New Discovery Cures Eczema and
Eradicates Minor Skin Trou
bles Over Night.
About a month ago the dispensers of
poslam, the new discovery for the cure of
eczema, decided to allow the druggists of
the country to handle it. Previous to that
time it could only be obtained direct from
the laboratories.
Since this change in the method of dis
tribution, poslam has met with the most
phenomenal success of anything intro
duced to the drug trade in the last thirty
years. All leading druggists, including
Ogram's in Washington, are now carrying
the special 50-cent size recently adopted,
also the $2 jar.
This great success is not surprising
when it is remembered that, in eczema
cases, poslam stdps the itching with first
application, proceeds to heal immediately,
and cures chronic cases in a few weeks.
In minor skin troubles, such as pimples,
blackheads, acne, herpes, blotches, rash,
etc., results -show after an overnight ap
plication. Experimental samples oi pos
lam are sent to any one by mail free of
charge by the Emergency Laboratories, 32
West Twenty-fifth street, New York
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National Union Councils Choose Of
ficers for Ensuing Year.
Local councils of the National Union at
recent meetings chose officers, as follows:
Treasury Council, No. 200?George L.
Lohrer, president; William H. Smyser,
vice pl-esident; Theo. L. De I-and, speak
er; Robert D. Howell, recording secretary;
John W. Harsha. financial secretary; A.
S. Brown, treasurer; D. W. Keck, chap
lain; Yf. D. Ritner, usher; John New
man, sergeant-at-arms; trustee?, Theo. L.
De Land.p. W. Keck; delegate to,cabinet,
George L. Lohrer; delegate to Immediate
Relief Association. J. W. Harsha; in
stallation of officers will occur January
15, 1C0S.
Scott Council.?George M. Moore, presi
dent: H. W. Salah, vice president; E. C.
Palmer, speaker; C. L. Himebaugh, ex
president; J. H. Bell, recording secretary;
B. F. Chase, financial secretary; W. W.
Case, treasurer; J. P. Matthews, chap
lain; W. L. Jenkins, usher; G. A. Lashorn,
sergeant-at-arms; S. S. Lissowitz, door
keeper; trustees, J. P. Matthews, J. C.
Peacock, J. C. McConnell; delegates to
cabinet, George Livingston, F. A. War
ti&ld, J. H. Bell. C. I.. Himebaugh; dele
gate to Immediate Relief Association,
George Livingston; installation o? officers,
January 18, 1008.
East Washington Council. No. 217.?Oli
ve" P. Hazard, president; Charles M.
Buckey, vice president; Henry C. Hazard,
speaker; John J. Repettl, ex-president;
John H. King, recording secretary; Ed
ward L. Dunn, financial secretary; Harry
C. Lybrand, treasurer; Geo-ga A. Green,
chaplain; Charles F. Fisher, usher; George
W. G. King, sergeant-at-arms; George E.
Truman, doorkeeper; delegate to cabinet,
George W. G. King; delegate to Imme
diate Relief Association, George A. Green;
installation cf officers, Janua-y 15, lixis.
National Vnlon Club held a meeting
Friday evening at f'ythian Temple. The
meeting was simply a business one, no
entertainment being given.
A series of entertainments, however,
will be given the coming season, including
the progressive euchre party to the ladies
the third Friday of n?xt month, and a
progressive euchre in February.
State, War and Navy Council, No. 201,
National I'nlon, at a recent regular meet
ing elected the following officers for the
ensuing year: President, Thomas H.
Eichelberger; vie* president. Joseph C.
Whyte; ex-president, Guy L. Prescott;
speaker, Edwin M. Barr; secretary, A.
Rutgers Rlngwalt; financial secretary,
Douglass Zevely; treasurer, Frank S.
Pa ks. chaplain: John D. Torrey; usher,
Abram A. Ackerman; sergeant-at-arms,
Louis C. Winters; doorkeeper, H. W.
Throckmorton. Trustees: D. C. Morrison,
Charles T. Miller. H. W. Throckmorton.
Delegates to cabinet, William I?. Green,
Charles T. Millar, P. M. Kennerly, John
D. Biddis. Delega/e to tiie National
Union Immediate Relief Association, John
D. Torrey. Thes-- officers will lie install-d
at the next regular meeting. January 21,
1908, when a most happy time is antici
Baltimore and Ohio to Baltimore.
Trains leave new Union station every
hour on the hour, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. week
Civil t Engineer Who Served Govern
ment in Panama.
John Powell Spindle, a civil enginesr,
died Friday afternoon at hlj home, 934
O street northwest in the forty-sixth year
of his age. Mr. Spir.dle was formerly em
ployed with the Norfolk and Western
railroad and laid out railroad lines
through southwestern \ irginta. He was
in charge of one of the narties sent to
Panama by Admiral Walker to find a
feasible route for the Panama canal. He
also did electric work ior ra.lways in the
Hawaiian Islands. He became ..1 in No
vember of la*t year of myopia ?and was
later brought .home.
He was the son of the late Robert H.
Spindle. His mother. Mrs. Mary P. Spin
dle. ajid a brother, Hunter H. Spindle of
Harrisburg. Pa., survive him. There will
be no services at the house. Committal
service will take place Monday morning
at 11:30 o'clock at Oak Hill cemetery.
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j ?Advt.
bids not satisfactory.
Proposals for Bridge Ornaments
Hay Be Rejected.
Bids were received at the District buTfd
ing yesterday for furnishing the four life
sized imitation bronze lions which are to
be erected at the north and south ap
proaches to the new Connecticut avenue
bridge, which the Commissioners expect
to throw" open to the public immediately
after New Year day. There were only
two bids received for the work, and. ac
cording to officials of the engineer de
partment. it is likely that both of them
will be rejected.
The bid of the W. H. Mullin Company
of Salem, Ohio, which was ?:i.!WX>, is con
sidered by the authorities to be too low,
and apparently represents a cheaper prod
uct than the Commissioners desire to
have ornament the approaches to the
bridge. The second bid, made by the J
I., Mott iron works, which has offices in
this* city, was $9.42S, and is considered to
be too high. ~
The Commissioners have SJS.fv1 to spend
for these lions, and tliey may ask lor
other bids.
Potted Plants for Xmas Gifts.
Every variety; reasonable prices. Shaffer,
14th & I.?Advt.
Commissioners Recommend Legisla
tion Regarding Personal Taxes.
The Commissioners have forwarded to
Senator Gallinger, chairman of the Sen
ate committee on District affairs, the
draft of a bill making personal taxes in
the arrears a personal charge against
persons owing such taxes, and recom
mended its early enactment. Regarding
the necessity for this legislation the com
missioners informed Chairman Gallinger
in a letter accompanying the draft t..at
the enforcement of the present law has
proved to be tedious and in many respects
The proposed legislation provides that
the collector of taxes of the District of
CoKimbia he authorized to bring sui
therefor in the name of the District in
any court of competent Juri^dic tion in the
District or to bring suit against a per
sonal tax debtor in any state or federal
court where the debtor may be found.
In their letter the Commissioners said:
"In the city of Baltimore tile authorities
are meeting with great success In making
seizures for unpaid personal taxes upon
judgments, the procedure being- to sue?
delinquents before a justice of the peace,
seize the property on writ of execution
and sell or hold the same in abeyance
pending the discovery of the ability of the
owner to pay. This feature has been
demonstrated as practical and is consid
ered essential to proper and successful
enforcement of the law."
Christmas Holiday Rates.
Southern Ry. has authorized reduced
round-trip rates, account Christmas holi
days', dates of sale, December 120 to 25, in
clusive; December 30 and .'il and January
1; final limit, January 0, liWS.?Advt.
Held on Charge of Robbery.
Charged with having been implicated in
the "hold-up" of Harry Goldman two
days ago, George Brown, Thomas Magru
der and Thomas Vass, young colored men,
are detained at the second precinct police
station. It Is alleged that Thursday aft
ernoon the men met Harry Goldman in
Nailor's alley, and robbed him of a col
lection of Christmas goods he was offer
ing for sale. Two pairs of suspenders
were recovered by Precinct Detective For
teney and the other officers who made
the arrests. Goldman reports that a
quantity of Qther goods were taken, and
that they have not been returned to him.
Return of Stolen Rings.
Mrs. L. G. Foster of the Madrid aparf
ment house, who recently was robbed of
three rings worth $400, it is alleged, by
John Egan. received an anonymous let
ter yesterday telling her that the rings
had been pawned in New York for $125
the day after the theft was committed.
Inspector Boardman communicated with
the Nfew York police and arranged for the
return of the rings to Mrs. Foster. Egan
will be brought here for trial when he fin
ishes his sentence of five years in the
penitentiary at Albany for what he did
in New York after leaving this city. At
the time he committed the theft there he'
represented that he had been sent to the
apartment of Mrs. Foster to inspect the
electric wires. ?
Five Very Artistic Pictures
?gat them from Chapin & Sacks. Send 5
2-...nt stamps. .Nua.jjr is ii.niud.?AUvt.
For Devolution of Church Property.
PARIS, December 21?After a debate
covering several weeks, the chamber of
deputies today, by a vote of 354 to 177.
passed the bill providing for the devolu
tion of church property, escheating to
state departments' and communes under
the separation law.
One article of the new bill, which raised
the bitterest opposition of the right party,
limits the suits for recovery of pious
foundations, such as masses for the re
pose of the souls of the dead, to direct
lineal descendants. Where there are only
collateral heirs, the bill provides that such
foundations shall go to public charities.
Charged With Shoplifting.
"My name is Mary Naughton." said a
woman who was arrested i|ist night for
alleged shoplifting, "and I will not tell
you where I live."
When she made this statement at police
headquarters an officer suggested that her
name was .probably Matthews, but she In
sisted it was Naughton. She had been
arrested by Detectives Weedon and Bur
lingame. and charged with the theft of a
fur neckpiece from a store on Pennsylva
nia avenue, and while in custody, it is
said, she was seen to throw away a box
containing cheap jewelry.
At the house of detention the woman
said her name was Bridget Matthews.
Her relatives were notified of her where
Tree ornaments, snow, tinsel, etc. Gould's.
Grand Visitation.
Fred D. Stuart Encampment of I. O. O.
F. was paid a visit by Grand Chief x'a
triarch Gates and a delegation of grand
officers at the regular meeting the even
ing of the 10th instant, when a very sat
isfactory examination in the work cf the
order was held.
An agreeable surprise and diversion was
presented in the form of a di\ idend
declared to members present, after which
refreshments Were served. Remarks were
made by Past Granu Patriarch J. H.
Wood, Grand Patriarch Gi.ces and ntliers.
Marine Band Orchestra Concert.
Following is the program for the con
cert by the Marine Band Orchestra, W11-.
liam H. Santelmahn, leader, at the united
States marine "barracks tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock:
March, "Guard of Honor" Lehnhardt
Overture, "Crown Diamonds" Au^er
"Pas des Aphores." from Ballet Sym
phonique "Callirhoe ' ^haminade
Waltz, "Life a Dream" Zikoff
Excerpts from "The Merry vVidow," Eehar
I.argo from "Xerxes" Hanuel
Two numbers for strings:
(a) Serenade Pierne
(b) Intermezzo, "Forget Me Not."
Slavonic Dance, No. 1 Dvorak
Galop, "Fun in a Skating Rink".. .Moses
Gifts of Sentiment
are best expressed in flowers, and b?st ex
pressed in the flowersgrown byGude,12HF.
Verdict of Suicide.
Coroner Nevitt decided that William H.
Outlaw, the colored employe of the Post
Office Department, who, as stated in The
Star yesterday, .was found ? dead in his
home at 1503 Marion street, yesterday,
committed suicide by inhaling illuminating
gas. The coroner reached this conclu
sion after making an investigation of the
affair. It was TOind Outlaw had inhaled
the gas through a rubber tube, the end
of the tube having dropped from his hand
before death claimed him. Relatives of
the dead man will take charge of his
Open Evenings Till Christmas.
Buy ycu.tr Wines and Distillates of a merchant who intimately
knows their nature.
The Quality House is patronized by thousands of families who will affirm
that it is-the best place to buy \\ ines and other beverages.
- Established in 1865. It contains the most extensive and bes't appointed
stock of Wines and Distillates to be found in the entire country. It is devoted
especially to the family trade. The stock embraces over 300 standards of bever
ages complying with the Pure Food Law. They are so intelligently and cau
tiously selected that they are the wonder and the envy of visiting wine mer
chants from other citiiS.
This stock contains the rarest and oldest Wines and Distillates, not obtain
able elsewhere. It abounds likewise in other grades at moderate prices to choose
from for the festive family board. Choice from hundreds of original casks and
personal guarantee for identity and purity of Christian Xander's bottlings. ,
Courteous service bv attendants in stcwe.
Out-of-town Christmas orders should be sent at once to insure prompt delivery.
Quality House
Established 1865
Send for Price List.
909 7th St
'Phone Main 274
No Branch Houses
30c Cluster Raisins, 18c;
Mixed Nuts. 12%c: Malaga Grapes, 10c;
Seeded Raisins, 11c; Cleaned Currants,
!)c; Layer Pigs, 10c; Dates, 7c; R -d Rib
bon Mince Meat, 7c; Atr.ore's. 10c; Plum
Pudding, lite; Pound Cake, 12%c; Fruit
Cake. 15c; Eggs, 24c; Butter, 32e; 4 Va
nilla, 25c; Peanut Brittle, 10c; Best To
matoes, 7c and 8c can; Hams, 13%c. J. T.
D. Pyles' stores. de20-4t
Imported Italian Delicacies
and finest line of Nuts. Raisins, Olive Oil.
etc. Stands, Center Market. delO-tt
For Food or Medicinal Use i
get an Original Can Pompeian Extra 1
Lucca Olive Oil. Your druggist or grocer.
Gratti's Olive Cream Shampoo.
is the only pure olive oil hair invigorator.
At druggists'. , de20-tf
A wagon belonging *0 Roland Ashton
of Montgomery county, Md.. and an au
tomobile belonging to Dr. Charles Brown
of 1411 K street northwest collided on M 1
street northwest yesterday afternoon. The
wagon was slightly damaged, but nobody
was injured.
Apply Satin skin cream to wet skin, wipe |
dry. Secures satiny, smooth skin. 25c.
Safe Deposit Boxes, $3 Per Annum
for usual $5 size. Open 9:30 a.m. to 10
p.m. Wash. Exchange Bank, 710 14th.
Rochdale Co-Operative Sbciety
Of the District of Columbia saves you
from 5 to 20% on your purchases. See the
Secretary, H. C. Emery, fi35 G st. n.w.
Original membership only 50c a year.
Tree Ornaments, 421 9th.
Roller Skates, Holiday Prices.
T'nion Hardware Co., $2.50 Winslow,
$2.9<i: Barney & Berry, $."5.85. H. W.
Higham, jr., 103-105 B st. s.e., opp. Cong.
Library. Skates repaired reasonably.
Mrs. Fannie Reed, fifty years of age,
became suddenly ill while at the transfer
station near Brightwood and Florida ave
nues yesterday afternoon. She was taken
to the office of a physician and given
treatment. Later she was taken home by
the physician.
The Bankers' Life Association,
assets $11.000,00r>, has Insured business
men for almost thirty years at an average
cost of $9 per thousand. Carried by 15,<h)0
bank officers. Insure now and pay 30. CO,
90 days later. Jas. Moore. District man
ager, 021 13th street. 'Phone Main 248S.
? ??:
Bicycles for Xmas
are also appreciated. Prices and terms
reasonable. H. W. Higham, jr., 105 B s.e..
opp. congressional Library. deu-ltit
Kodaks! Kodaks! Kodaks!
Cameras & supplies of all kinSs. Printing J
and enlarging. WHITSON'S. 712 9th n.w. !
NO matter
how little
or how much
you advertise it
will pay you to .
pay us to write
the right ads to
make your advertising
good advertising.
Postal or
'phone us.
L. P. Darrell Adv. Agency,
L. P. Darrell. Itoonis 102-103-104.
R. W. Cox. Evening Star folds:.
F. T. Uurlei. Thorn* Main 244a.
i xtraordi -airy pin rcBiase
-We've bought the Entire Optical De
partment of Schiuedtle Bros (704 7th
St.). Tills purchase includes all pre
scriptions, record books, frames, mount
ings, lenses, etc. Glad to serve those
who patronized Schmedtie Bros. Satis
faction guaranteed. #
M. A. Lesse, uia?[r?"Hngw?ptlcUn
Grand IHIoteE Victoria.
Located on Gulf of Naples. Approved American
Equipment. Private Rat lis. Elevators. Cen
tal Heating. Garage. Postal Telegraph.
Cook's Office. Galleries. Moderate Charge, j
Cook's Coupon first-class.
ocG-Su-lSt . '
Appropriate for XMAS GIFTS j
is on display at ? }
620 Ninth Street N. W.
Homme off the Famous VeJati's Caramels.
Washington's Favorite For Over 40 Years.
Mail or 'Phone Orders Given Special Attention.
Main .2081.
BafltiBiniore amd Ohio R. R.
?7.00 a.m. Direr. Pullman Parlor.
tO.00 a.m. Buffet, Parlor. 5-hour Train.
?9.00 a.m. Diner and Pullman Parlor Car.
til.00 a.m. Diner and Pullman Parlor Car.
?l.Ot) p.m. Diner and Pullman Parlor Oar.
?3 00 p.m. "Royal Limited." All Pullman. 5 hr&
t4.00 p.m. Coarhes to Philadelphia.
?5.00 p.m. Diner and Pullman Parlor.
?8.00 p.m. Cliches to Philadelphia.
?11.30 p.m. Sleepers.
?2.52 a.m. Sleepers.
ATLANTIC CITY. tT.OO. ?0.00. til.00 a.m.. !
tl.00. *3.00 p.m.
ANNAPOLIS, week days. 8.00 a.m., 12.09 noon.
4.45. G.OO p.m. Snndavs. 8.30 a.m.. 5.30 p.m.
(Week dava. 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.)
?2.52. *5.00. fO. 30, *7.00. *7.20. t8.00, *8.30.
?0.00. f0.30. *10.00. Ml.00 ~.m.. tl2.00. tl2.05.
*1.?>0. 11.15. t2.00. *3.00. t3.20. ?3.30. t4.00,
t4.45. *5.00. t5.03. *5.30. tfl.00. ? J.30. t7.00, *8.00,
tO.30. *10.00. ?10.35. ?11.30. Ml.35 p.m.
CHTCAOO. ?p.l0 a.m.. M.22. *5.30 p.m.
?0.10 a.m.. *4.05 p.m.. *12.40 nlcht.
PITTSBURG. *0.10 a.m.. *i.2? *0.10 p.m.,
?12..To night.
CLEVELAND. *0.10 p.m.
OOLUMRCS. *5 30 p.m.
WHEELTNO. *0.10 a.m.. *5.30 p.m.
WINCHESTER, to. 10 a.m., t4.05. t5.00 p.m.
FREDERICK. 18.20. t0.10. ?0.15 a.m., fl.SO,
t4.05, to.4." p.m.
HAOERSTOWN, tO.lO a.m.. t5.00 p.m.
?Dally. tEvcept Sunday. {Sunday only.
TELEPHONES at following Ticket Offices: 1417
Q St. N.W.. Main 1591; 010 Pennsylvania Ave.,
Main 27^. New Union Station?Ticket Office,
Main 73sO. Information Bureau. Main 7380.
Chesapeake-Ohio Railway
NOTE.?Published only as information, and not
4:00 P.M. -C. & O. LIMITED, daily?Fast vest!
bule train. Pullman sleepers to Lonisville,
Cincinnati. Indianapolis. rhicaco and St.
Louis. Connection for Virginia Hot Springs
Pullman cars Louisville to Nashville. Mem
phis and New Orleans. Dining cars, a la
cafte service.
11:10 P.M.?F. F. V. LIMITED, dally?Pullman
sleepers to Cincinnati. Lexington and Louis*
ville. Compartment sleeping car to Virginia 1
Hot Springs week days. Dlnlne car, a la
carte service. Pnllmnn sleepers Pinclnuati to
Chicago and St. Louis and Louisville to Mem
phis. Nashville and New Orleans.
Reservations and tickets at 513 Pennsylvania ,
avenue. G00 1 ?th street and new Union Station. !
Telephone Main 7380 for Washington Terminal Cab
?ervicc. and Main 1000 or 2200 for C. & O. Ticket
Sealboard A i r La rue Ra i 11 way
NOTICE?Following schedule not guaranteed.
9:05 A.M. DAILY?Sea board Mall Throneh
roaches and Pullman Sleepers to Savannah and
Jacksonville. Through Sleepers Washington to
Hamlet and Hamlet to Atlanta and Birmingham
Dininc Cars.
6:00 P.M. DATLY?Seaboard Express. Solid
train, with coaches and P??Mnv?P Sleeper* to Sa
vannah. Jacksonville and Tsups. , Through
Sleeper to Atlanta. Birmingham and Mcmpbla.
Divine Cars.
It n 3T 4 VSELL. PiecpnfW
? S ?
U tn\ U a
N. B ?Following schedule ficures published
only as Information, and are not guaranteed.
*8:05 a.m.?Danville, Harrisonburg and way
?9:00 a.m.?Sleepers and coaches to Atlanta
and New Orleans. Sleepers to Columbus and Ma
con. On. Dining car.?
?13:00 t,.m. -Sleoi?ers and coaches to Columbia,
Pnvannah and Jacksonville. Dininc car.
*4:^5 p.m.?narrisonhure and way stations.
?4:55 p.m.?Charlottesville. Warrenton and waj
?0:15 n.m.-?Sleeper* and roaches to Atlanta.
Sunset Route Tourist sleeper to San# Francisco
four times a week.
?0:50 p.m. ?Sleeper*. an-Y coaches tr? Chsrlotte.
ColumMa. Alkei? and Amrnata. Dininc car.
?1015 p m ?Sleepers and coa^h^s frfa Lvneh
tursr and Bristol^ to fhattanooga. Memphis and
Nc"' '"Mean*. Dlnintr car.
*11:00 p.ih.?New YoiV and New Orleans Ltd.,
solid PuUman to Asbeville. Atlnnta. Birmingham
and New Orleans. Clnb and observation cart.
Dininc car.
Note.??Daily. tWrek days.
Through trains from tb? south arrive w?stilns
ton 7:35 8-.4S nnd 0:0' a.m.: 2:40. 5:25. 8:45. i
11:30 and 11:40 p.m. dally. Local trains from
Harrisonburg 12:25 p.m. week ('ays and 8:45
p.m. daily: from Charlottesville dnllv S:00 a.m.
Frequent trains to and from Bluemont.
Ticket offices* 705 15th s!.. 511 Pa. ave. and
new Union station.
W. H. TAYLOE, Q. P. A. L. S. BROWN. O. A.
10,000-ton Twin-screw Passenger Steamera
Direct to
Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
falling from New York at noon. ^
Tnlted States Jan. 4 I Oscnr II Feb. ?
C. F. Tletcen. .Jan. 30 | IlelUg OlaT F?b. SO
Saloon. $>i0 and up: second cabin, ISO.
A. E. JOHNSON & CO., 1 Broadway, New Tort.
Or to Local Agent*
Whera in Europe
Havo vour mall addressed care the London offlo*
of The Washington Star. No. 3 Regent Street.
I?ndon, England. If desired, mall will be for
warded to all i^arts of Europe and the Conti
nent. Tourists are requested to register at our
1 office upon reaching London.
No. 3 Regent St.
Direct Line to Havre?Paris (France).
Saillnc every Thursday at 10 a.m. fronv
Pier No. fc. North River, foot Morton St.. N. T.
La Bretagne Dec. 20 I* La I?rraine...Jan. 10
?La Provence.. .Jan. 2 La Bretague.... Jan. ?t
Lu Gascosne... . Jan. !i ' *I^a Tonraioe.. Jan. 30
?Twin-screw steamers.
GF.ORGE W. MOSS. 1411 G ST. N.W.
! mhl -.'itiGt
! Hainni!!5iiiirg=Ainniericai!ni Lime.
Rv Most Modern and Luxurious Lerlathans.
! FlIMSIM 1 r ,:r?',n, ,m'w, P"0-:s
1 PARIS' ^1
GaAMBURS J ?!SS.:::::::::::JK: i>
tSalls to Hamburg direct.
EMMMTI Hamburg ...Jan. 4. Feb. 15
MkiFtfS r Ba,uT'a ?? Jan- "?M,r T
mm j Mo,tke Jaa-291 Apr22
\1/?van/lrio Special tri;?s by S.S. Hamburg.
AlCX311(in3 Jan. 4 and Feb. 15.
Via Gib. & Italy.
West 0"d?es and Orient.
Special cruises by superb st earners, lasting from
10-70 du/s. Cost from $7.V$300 and up.
Bookings here for steauierb of Hamburg and
Auglo-American Nile Co.
Tourist Dept. for General Information. Travel
ers' Checks good all over the World.
K. F. DROOP & SONS. ?J25 Pa. ave.
oc-2C tf
(Randall Line.)
Str. Ilarry Randall. Monday and Wednesday at
4 p.m.. and Saturday, 7 a.m.. for river landing*
to Wicomico river and Nomlol cr^ek landing*.
Lower Macbodoc creek Mouday and Wednesday
?Lly. Returning, steamer arrive* in Washington
Wednesday ana Friday mornings and Suuoa/
Steamer Wakefield. Sunday. Tuesday and Thur*
day at 7 a.m.. for river landings. including Grin*
der's wharf. Port Tobacco creek and Maddos
ereek. Returnirr. arrive In Washington Monday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons. nolG-tf
awar?? and Virginia Railway Co.. commencing
Sept. 2. will make three trips weekly between
Washington and Baltimore, weather permitting.
The passenger accommodations are uuvurpassed
*?y any on the Chesapeake Bay or tributaries.
They are electrically lighted and the cuisine 1*
perfect. Steamers leave Washlnjton every Sun
day. Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m.. and Bal.
tlmore every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
st 5 p.m. Time of trip, about 36 flours. Fare,
$2.50. Staterooms. $1.56. Meala. SOr and 73c.
Staterooms and further information rpply t*
Telephone Main 745. 7th street wharf.
T. MLUDOCK. Gen. Pan*. Agt.. Baltimore,

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