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I We're Se!
1 Floor Gov
% Xo summer dullness
5 good care there shall no
; to instill enthusiasm, am
? GOODS?that means 2<
trading in our lines.
\\ Note the?
Grass Matting, 11 yd,
* foe
forass Planing qm
for stairs C
% ?
| 30 5m.x60 so 75c
$ Shanghai Rugs, 9 ft.>
| $8.50, for
Remnants of China
*.'z 1
% Get our price for cleai
I Giddirags
t Floor Coverings gjj
# Exclusively, UBa>
? Close at 5 p.m. daily
| "nyiSEMA
i lUd Outfitters for B<
| Cor 7th am
| Menu's and Youl
| Summer Sui
i Sale Price,'
I $5.
? Odds and ends of 01
jp dressy, summer patte
'f breasted efffects=two ;
$ sizes in one style or an
jf selection early,
I All Men's Si
1 Straus Bros.' S35.(M3) Si
\ Straus Bros.' $30.0? Si
; Straus Bros.' $25.?? Si
; Straus Bros/ sj
: Straus Bros.' $*15.?<D Sn
! Straus Bros.' $12.50 Si
Blue and Blacl
: go at 3356% off
Final Clearance Sa
All $3.00, $2.50 and $2.00 F
! Hats go at
? Just think! You now have
[ in the house! And there ougl
Hat left by next Saturday nigl
Final 01
of All C
Every pair of Oxfords i
at a fraction of our usual un
Women's $3 o25
$3.50 Oxfords.. Ji
nijr lot of Women's Patent Colt
Oxfords; all stylish shapes; a rit for
nearly every foot.
Children's $1 tv
Gray Canvas Rom;
Men's $3 and $<H) ,49
$3.5? Oxfords. ^
Big lot of Men's High-grade Oxfords;
all new styles in all good
black and tan leathers
Formerly Crocker's.
When in Germany j
estews UMS88 STiSi
T1 -w 30? 2? ||J
Feaiy's Jasmin Cream,
5th1no likk it 1uu tan anu sum*crn.
25c Jars '
Pa. Ave. & 1111 th St. S. E.
Slim g |
erSogSo |
down here. We've taken &
t.be. Nothing like "price" %
d we're quoting the LOW- g
3% to 50% less than others %
>e examples: |
. wide, regularly 45c,
36c. ?
Fiber Rugs, 9 ft.xi2 a rs\ &
ft. Worth $8.50, for... |
36 2n.x72 in 98c |
,.2 ft. Regularly Jg gQ j
? -%
Matting, 10 to 25 yds., at
ling and storing Carpets. ^
Penna. Avenue. I
. Saturday at 9 p.m. A 1
.N BROQ {.
oth Men and Boys, hy \) | j
i E Sts. N.W. __ |;
ths' $15 and $20 |j
its, Clearance \>
your Choice, I
1 ]
nr regular stock=new, |
rns=s5ngle and double jf
and three piece#suits;afil *{
notlher=but make your | s
Lsimiimer Suits I
nits. Salle Price, $117.5?
aits. Sale Price, $115.0?
aits. Sale Price, $112.5? |
iiits. Sale Price, $11?.?? *
aits. Sale Price, $7.5? v
jits. Sale Price, $6.25 ;c
z Serge Suits all [
Marked Prices $
He of All Straw Hats $
ine English Split Straw <Q)g^ 2
the pick of the best Straw Hats $ '
lit not to be one Straw tfjQp | t
lit at this price VOC *i* e
Words. I'
::: 1
n stock is in this clearance sale
derselling prices. :i: s
Jenness Miller ,49 jji *
$3.?Q Oxfords.. 11 j ?
Broken line8 of Jcnness Miller Ox- ii; <
fords; sizes '2% to 4 in A and B Iji ,
' widths. ;|i
nd $1.50 White and ; ]
in Sandals, reduced !
49c jj '
Men's Outing .49 jj; ;
Oxfords....... 1L jjj !
Men's White Canvas Outing: Ox- ::: {
fords; rubber soles and leather welt;
$2.tX> value; reduced to $1.49. *t
* BROS., I
939 Pa. Ave. ? ;
:!iiiiiiiiiiii?iiiiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,?na \
I7 |i
r " Mai YelegraphCal/e
:> Georgetown '
office 1 as -been changed from t
No. 1222 Wisconsin avenue to J
No. 123U Wisconsin avenue. Open '
7 a.m. 'to 11 p.m. Telephone r
West 7t'5. s
i jyS-tr.M t
?- t
Effective Decorating. 1
?It takes an artlat to study out effects 2
that will prove most attractive* and the ,
ability of an expert to execute the work. !
Capable Painters and Paperhangers at ]
your service here. 1
DO ITT Painter. 1727 7th at. as. '
rLi 1 1 y Panerhanger. Phsoe N. 412X 1
JylllOd 1
ir >
^^BliiillHfc 9H
<v <&, v j
' '-^^B jflD^ -.BE ^P^l
.^^BG|^^Br^" v^^Hv^r^n 'x'^v^BT-^H
. :^BMf^<< *%i v ^ B^BIBMiliH
An immense derrick, capable of llftlnj
eighty tons, today began taking down th
sandstone pieces of the east front of th
Treasury, and in a short time the grea
sandstone pillars so well known on th
14th street side of the building will giv
way to giant pillars of granite.
Some years ago the supervising archi
tect's office of the Treasury came to th1
conclusion that the entire east 'front o
Hm Troocnrv nr thnt nrn'tinn pnmnri?ini
kllV * * V- CtC l? 1 ,1 t hi ?* v g-r v. X. v???
:he east of the old Treasury building, wa
iisintegrating. The pillars, the pilasters
the coping, the walls, all parts are o
sandstone. .Some of this had begun t<
mumble, and the derision was' reaclie<
that it should all give way to granite o
similar design and patterns to tiie newei
portions of the money edifice of the gov
The pillars of the north, west and soutl
'ronts of the building are of solid granite
Rotables Bid Him Godspeed at Loir
don Station?Whitelaw Reid
Shakes His Hand.
Special Cablegram to The i?tar.
LONDON. July 15.?A large company o
oyalties and members of the diplomati
:orps were at the Waterloo station o
he Southwestern railway this mornini
o say farewell to the Prince of Wales
vho will sail from Portsmouth later ii
he day on the English cruiser Indomlta
>le for Quebec. Ambassador Whitelav
*eid and Mrs. Reid were in the party
Joth shook the Prince of Wales' ham
ihortly before his train pulled out am
ormally expressed their hope that h<
vould have an excellent trip.
1 ne man oi JL?ucuey aim oir r lum i;
T. S. Hopwood are traveling with th<
irince. Sir Francis represents the co
onia? office, while the Earl of Dudley
vho is going out to take up the governor
jeneralship of the Australian common
vealth will represent Australia at thi
Canadian celebration.
Bepresents King Edward.
The Prince of. Wales goes to Quebei
is the personal representative of th<
ting at the tercentenary celebration of thi
'ounding of that city. On board the In
lomitable he will take part in the mili
ary and naval display July 114, in whic!
i score of battleships and cruisers fron
he United States, Urdu Britain. France
Jermany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Ar
tentine will participate. \
The Indomitable sailed from Portsmout]
or Quebec at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Indomitable's Speed.
There has been some talk of the In
lomitable. which is capable of doinj
wenty-seven knots an hour, trying t<
five the transatlantic liners a new rec
>rd to emulate, but it Is understood tha
f anytning in this direction Is attemptei
t will be on the return Journey.
XTill Furnish $150,000 Worth oi
Asphalt Paving This Tear.
iftor r*arpfill pvamlnntion and schedul
ng of all 'bids received at the Distric
luilding last Monday for street and high
vay improvements to be undertaken thi
nsuing fiscal year, the Commissioner
oday awarded the contract for all asphal
>avlng to the Cranford Paving Compan;
>f this city. The total amount Involve!
will be approximately 1150,000.
The Washington Tile and Block Com
tany secured the contract for about J40.00
worth of asphalt block paving.
Contracts for street grading were award
d as follows: G. B. Mullin?Albemarle
ftittenhouse and 41st streets and Wester;
ivenue; to W. F. Brenlzer Company, Min
lesota avenue; to Stutler & Ready, Kear
ley street.
Questions incident to tlie division of th
ispbalt paving contract last year be
ween the Cranford Paving Company am
he P. J. Brennan Company precipitate'
he charges of favoritism In the englnee
lerartment -which the Commissioners de
lared. only this week, to have beei
Local Insurance Company Meets ant
Elects New Officers.
Reorganization was effected in the af'airs
of the American Home Life Insurmce
Company at the meeting yesterdaj
ifternoon following the charges and coun
er charges and the suit filed against Giliert
W. Cave, the treasurer, by C. T
foder. James Vermilya and James H
"aton. At the meeting yesterday the new
fflcers elected were M. E. Parkins, presilent;
R. H. Reh. vice president, and M
Ferguson, secretary. Gilbert W. Cave
was retained in his position as treasure!
tnd general manager.
No answer lias yet been i.led to the
ruit instituted against the treasurer
>ut Mr. Cava says that he intend:
0 me an answer as soon as ne geis uit
>ill of complaint, and will also push th?
uit to compel the transfer to him of th(
ninority stock wliich. he says, has been
old him, but not delivered.
Drowned in the River.
John Smith, a colored man residing
it 417 H street northwest, was drownec
ibout 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon lr
he Potomac river at the foot of 34tli
street northwest while unloading atom
'rom a barge. Smith, who was employed
by the Brennan Construction
Company, was carrying a stone to th<
shore when he accidentally missed his
'ooting and fell overboard. He sanh
sefore his fellow-workmen could sav?
dim. The body was recovered later bj
1 he harbor police and taken to tlx
_ %
g massive pieces weighing between thirty
e and forty tons. The east-front pillars are
e of sandstone, as stated, put up in about
eight sections. They were placed in the
* buildiner when it was constructed in 1838
e 1830. No parts of these pillars had ever
e crumbled In a serious manner, hut some
of the sandstone coping above the pillars
had crumbled, large pieces falling on the
portico. ?
j Granite From New Hampshire.
U Congress appropriated $360,000 for a new
3 east front, and the contract for the work
was let more than a year ago to Edwin Gllf
bert & Co., represented here by H. C. Mc3
Elree. The contract price calls for the
j completion of the work for $310,000, everyf
thing to be done by December 1. For over
r a year the tlrm has been at work at Wor
cester, Mass., cutting out the gtanite
pieces from stone taken from quarries at
i Mllford, N. H. Some of the hewn pieces
, have already arrived, and the work of
I t
Commissioner West Favors Enactment
of a Law.
* The hearty support of the Commissioners
to the proposal to secure the enactment
of a law by Congress at the next
session which will require the examination
- and licensing of master builders in the
District seems assured. Maj. Morrow has
expressed himself on numerous occasions
as favoring such a law? and today Commissioner
.West made a statement in
which he voiced unqualified approval of
the proposition.
f "No one in the District of Columbia can
practice law, medicine or dentistry, nor
c can any one assume charge of a steam
f boiler or engine without undergoing ex5
amlnation to demonstrate his fitness for
, the performance of his responsible duties."
Mr. West said. "At the present
1 time any one can take out a building per
mlt, and no authority is vested anywhere
v for an investigation of the expertness or
ability of the person to undertake the
, work for which the permit Is issued.
There is no question that the public would
- ue iiiucii oener saieguaruea u licenses
z were issued r?nly to builders wiio can
prove their ability and who can be held
? responsible in ample scuri'y for the
e i faithful performance of all work in co-n
pliance with the District building regula,
"The only objection ever raised to the
- proposition came from persons who said
e they could not pay the annual license fee
of $25 or furnish proper bond, and who
claim that licensed builders would form a
trust, which would des.roy competition
c and result in higher pric.s. It does not
e seem to me that this objection Is well
founded, and personally I believe that if i
only competent builders were licensed and
- were subject to the revocation of their
- licenses in event that they were proved
i! unworthy or incompetent the situation in
, the District of Columbia would be greatly
( Improved. The number of licensed build'
ers would always be large enough to secure
active competition. It is all the more
essential that the District should have a
1 law of this character, because it is hardly
likely that Congress will provide a force
of building inspectors sufficiently, adequate
to give constant supervision of construction
"5 i .
1 Held for the Orand Jury on RobJ
bery Charge.
Clarence B. Hill, alias Smith, who has
been in custody for the past week or more
on two charges of housebreaking, waived
f his right to his preliminary examination in
the Police Court today, and was held in
toOO bond on each charge for the action of
- the grand jury. In default of the neces1
sary security* the defendant was re*
manded to prison pending further dispoe
; sition of the ease
s The defendant, who is known under at j
t least a dozen different assumed names,
was arrested by Detectives Parhain and
O'Brien of the centra! office upon tiie <fomJ
plaint of a guest In one of the lower Pennsylvania
avenue hotels that he had been
_ robbed of money and jewelry. Consequent
q: Investigation, so the police say. has indicated
that Hill 1b sm expert hotel thief,
[. and has been responsible for no less than
,# seven different hotel robberies in this city
n in the past month and a half. In addition
. to the charges filed against Hill this
.. morning, it is stated, there will in all
probability be several others by the time
e the first cases are brought to the atteution
of the grand jury.
~ Colored Man at Bladensburg
Charged With Attempted Assault.
William H. Thompson, a colored man
twenty-eight years old, was charged at
Bladensburg tills morning with at*
tempting tfc assault Mrs. Ellen Hodges,
a young white woman of that place.
While on her way to visit a neighbor,
Mrs. Hodges testified, she was accosted
by Thompson. Becoming frightened, she
turned and ran up the road to her own
home, where she fainted from fright.
During the testimony the defendant
gave a very straightforward story, but
as ddhbt remained in the mind of th?
justice of the peace he was held for the
action of the grand jury in $500t It
is understood that friends of the accused
will probably obtain security.
Stole Harness?Now In Jail.
Daniel Alston, colored, arrested several
days ago by Detective Johnson of the
ninth precinct, was adjudged guilty this
morning of the larceny of a set of harness
valued at $34 from Chester A. Scala.
who conducts a feed stable at the inter
section of 12th and C streets northeast,
and in default of $20 fine was committed
to jail for twof months.
r Held on Charges of Theft. 1
Daniel Nolan and Joseph Truman, ret
cently arrested by Policeman Donovan of
i the fourth precinct charged with breaking
5 into the Norris warehouse on the water
front about a month ago and stealing
t two propellers valued at $U0. waived their
i right to a preliminary hearing before
* Judge Kimball of the Police Court this
i morning on the technical charge of house>
breaking and were held in *1.500 bond
r each for the action of the grand jury.
? Both defendants admitted the charge
against them.
?r'*'v . - ^
* ' * t<
w.-. - "
'. mjii fi
,..% * ^ . . < ^j
^ ^ ' VaS n
" ' . 4 ? >*: . *o A .
. v;- :: ** ?V t!
_ an -ttff
taking down the old pieces of sandstone 3
will go right along from today. *
The great derrick that will lift the
granite pieces worked well today, and
the contractors think that everything i
will proceed smoothly front now on. The o
stonework has heon unhlwt to V. Woacher
of Philadelphia, who is represented by
W. H. Gaskins. The first pieces taken n
off today were the ornamental affairs e
on the balustrade above the portico. >
Within a day or so the sandstone pll- b
lars will be down. It is proposed to
take out ten of the thirty pillars at one
time, replacing them as fast as possible d
with the Holid granite pillars, which will h
weigh thirty-two tons exclusive of the I
great bases upon which they- will rest, t
Each granite base will weigh six tons,
making the total weight of the pillars
76,000 pounds. Other pieces to be put I
in will not be so heavy. h
Some of the sandstone pieces removed ?
by the contractors will be used by the E
supervising architect in other buildings e
in the city. \
_______ St
Banking Interests Hope New Gov- a
ernment Policy May Bring Re- c
lief?Premier a Peace Man. f<
Special Cablegram to The Star. J
TOKIO, July 15.?The Japanese press, in
its comment upon the personnel of the
new cabinet, agrees that the new premier, j
Gen. Taro Katsura, Is by no means free g
from responsibility for the faults of his
predecessor. Marquis Saionji. This attitude
is merely a continuation of the posi- P
tlon which it took last week, maintain- (,
ing that the change in cabinets was little
more than a device to appease the popular
clamor. Editorially, the independent Jour- n
uals urge a complete abandonment of the ^
i: ? : _ a i i i
puucies in me past.
Tax System Reform.
Katsura has been quoted during the past
two days as saying that he would devote tl
his energies to the adjustment of finances
and the reformation of the tax system. P
Added force is given to this statement by
the fact that no minister of finance is to
be appointed at present, and t.ie duties of E
this office are to be administered directly
by the premier. The banking interests of j.
the country are much encouraged by this
position of the new cabinet, and are apparently
hopeful that speedy relief will .
be afforded them.
The price of Japanese securities has p
been falling steadily since March, 11K>7,
and the work of the new cabinet in the _
department of finance will be to devise c
some method of preventing further de- u
cline. *
Standpat Military Policy. s
Premier Katsura's proposals for military
and naval reduction and for "recu- w
peration rather than aggression" in for- (i
elgn affairs are regarded, according to the
press today, as having a much better J
chance of a hearing with the people at
large, owing to the fact that Katsura is ?
a member of the same clan as Prince Ya- ^
magata. who is the most powerful of the
group of elder statesmen and represents
avowedly the military seetlon of the state.
The Kokumin, which will probably be
the official organ of the new government. ?
asserts this morning that the cabinet is
"unmilitary." It continues." "Preipler
Katsura proposes neither increase nor reduction
in military and, naval establish- t,
merits. HIr nnticv will he t n m:iin?u.n
the army and navy at that point of efficiency
and sire which will be sufficient to
safeguard Japan in the maintenance of a
peace policy." ^
Hotel Arrivals. 11
Raleigh?A. S. Gould, New York; E. J. j
Riggs and Mrs. Riggs, North Carolina;
W. H. Warren. Richmond, Va.; W. M. 11
Burton and Mrs. Burton. Atlanta, Ga.;
B. Moss, Cincinnati; W. Anderson, New
Arlington?Robert J. Murphy, Portland,
Me.; C. Bein, Old Point Comfort, Va.; n
W. G. Chase. New York.
New Willard?E. D. Ledyard. Mobile, 1
Ala.: Rudolph Dolge, Caracas. Venexuela;
C. Yegen, Billings, Mont.; Frank Ha- n
german, Kansas City, Mo.; Donald MacRae.
Wilmington, N.' C.; E. L?. Flithen. n
Dallas, Tex.
Camp Wine View Tenanted by Only
Two Hen Today. o
Camp Wine View will soon be a thing ft
of the past. *
But two of the striking machinists oc- ?
cupifd the tent near the railroad round- g
house today. They informed C&pt. Daley
that thpv wprp wnnoratinir nnlv Thov a
also informed him that the camp aril! be
abandoned In a day or two.
Believing that there is no longer any n
danger of trouble. Capt. Daley has withdrawn
the police guard from the vicinity 8
of the strikers' camp, and the roundhouse c
ar.d locomotives are now guarded by Capt.
William Tyser's railroad detective force.
Offlc'als of the Washington Terminal j.
Company, against whom the strike of the
machinists is directed, stated this after- _
noon that enough non-union mechanics
have reported for work to carry on the n
operations of the roundhouse, and that
so far as they are concerned the strike n
has failed in its purpose.
The striking machinists take the oppo- v
site view, and declare the "end is not
yet." and the international union will n
back them to the last.,
Injured by a Cartridge.
While at work In the Potomac yards, n
Virginia, about 8 o'clock this morning, n
W. H. Bater, forty years of age, of 312.
R street northeast, employed as a brakeman
on the Richmond, Fredericksburg ?
and Potomac railroad, was Injured on
the right leg by a piece of railroad e
cartridge striking him. He was brought
to South Capitol street and Virginia
avenue on an engine and from there n
removed to the Providence Hospital in
the fifth precinct patrol. p
he Cuban Minister and Family Are
' Ooing* Abroad?Travel Plana
Personal Notes.
The Mexican charge d'affaires and Mme.
(odoy and family are going to Atlantic
ity tomorrow for a stay of some length.
Ir. Jose Godoy. jr.. who has been apolnted
third secretary of the Mexican
>gat!on at Costa Rica, left for New Ur;ans
last night, where he will sail for
Is new post.
Mrs. William Postlethwaite of Washtng>n
gave a dinner, followed by cards, at
re Bishop villa last night at Lenox. Mrs.
lenry Ives Cobb, her daughter, came up
rom New York last night.
Mrs. James F. Barbour and Miss Maruerite
Barbour have arrived at Narraansett
pier, where they remain a
lonth or so before going farther north.
The Cuban minister and Mme. Quesada
rill sail Saturday for Europe and expect
a remain abroad for some time. Their
hildren will accompany them.
PrOf. NewComb and his daughter, Mrs.
V'ilson. after spending three delightful
tonths In Italy, took some long walks in
he Alps. He Is now In Interlaken with
is eldest daughter. Dr. Anita Newcomb
IcGee, and her children.
Gen. Clayton has gone to York Harbor,
Ie., whore he will join Mrs. Clayton and
heir daughter, Mrs. Arthur Grant Duff,
rho are spending the summer there.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Mprray Doener of 1322
Otn street have as their guest Mr. Ralph
Jichols of Huntington. Pa.
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Fox leave
own Wednesday, to be gone for the rest
f the summer.
Mrs E. M. Thomas of 62o K street
;orthwest has returned from an extendd
trip to Philadelphia. Newark, Orange,
I. J., New York, Atlantic City and As?ury
Mrs. John S. Hollingshead and her
laughter. Miss Eglantine Lee Moore,
lave been at Atlantic City since the
"ourtli. During August they will be In
he mountains of Virginia.
Mrs. E. A. M. Law-son, Miss Edith and
'auline Law-son and William Lawson
iave returned to their Langdon home
ifter a pleasant sojourn at Colonial
leach. Mr. E. A. M. Lawson was a weeknd
visitor at the Beach while his family
vere doing two weeks last past.
Mr. I. J. Baker of Langdon is a visitor
.t Chatauqua, N. Y. He will attend the
latlonal roque convention before returnng
Miss Mona Roberts of Osage Lodge,
aingdon, is visiting relatives and friends
jnong the mountains of Pennsylvania.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Roberts of 24th
treet, Langdon, are at Atlantic City,
'hey will visit friends at Newark, N. J.,
nd New York city before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Pain of Pine
lops, Langdon, are at Warrenton, Va.,
ar a month's vacation.
Miss Susie Warren, formerly of 24th
treet, Langdon. is now residing at Taoma
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Farwell, who w-ere
ere on a visit, are now at Lake Forest,
II., where the county fair is the present
reat attraction.
Mrs. C. F. Herrmann and son, ac.-omanled
by her sister. Miss Hilda C. Warer
of Syracuse. N. Y.. are spending a
ew weeks at Atlantic City.
Mrs. William Carney of 219 5th street
nrthon ?t fa tvtntralporin o- frnm a rononf
I V vv>* ? I 1 Vltl ?* A
ttack of bronchial pneumonia, and enertains
hopes of soon being oui again.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
he following:
Jack O. Samuels and Beatrice I. Lcine.
Samuel J. Bendine and Cora Sommers.
Benjamin Walker and Beulah R.
iailey. both of Deanwood. Va.
Salvatore Rtccobueno and Lipari Giroima.
Lomery S. Calloway and Agnes Smith.
John R. Kemble of this city and
eanne R. Tyson of Charlottesville. Va.
George C. Nickens and Florence E.
John N. Macpherson and Mary J.
Henry H. Kelly of Baltimore, Md., and
[atherine A. Haslett of this city.
Arthur C. Moses and Lillian L. Howenteln.
Walter T. Jewell and Bessie I. Chenoreth.
Harry D. Hall of Philadelphia. Pa.,
nd Kanna D. Royston of Baltimore. Md.
Thomas A. Willbourn of this city and
ulia B. Remley of St. Louis. Mo.
George W. Gardner and Bertie A.
Henry A. Kahlert of this city and
larion E. Brady of Gainesville, Va.
John R. Moore and Annie L. Walker.
Melvin H. White and Myrtle E. BoarKin.
Maurice B. Kistler and Delia F.
George B. McDonald of Happy Creek,
'a., and Melza I. Rudaslll of this city.
Oswin W. Menk and Augusta R. Ketler.
Births Reported.
Births were reported to the health office
tiwinrr ko nact ttHOntV. fflll T* hflllrC Hfi fill
Ui lllg ill? fJWfrOV V*TVMb^ 1.WU* *?vrw?u uw ?v.
Samuel and May Krlgbaum, July 11,
008: female.
Samuel J. and Adelaide Henry, June 2,
90S; male and female twins.
Thomas and Anaatatla Gorman, July 7,
1)08; male.
Frank H. and Russell Grimes, May 9,
908; male.
Paul and Mall Daiz, July 10, 1008; female.
Walter E. and Mabel P. Blount, July
3, 1908; male.
Frank and Emma Grlnage, July 10, 1908;
Linsey E. and Lillie Cole, July 8, 1908;
George W. and Lottie Brown, July 9,
908; female.
Deaths in the District.
Deaths were reported to the health
fflce during the past twenty-four hours
s follows:
George Maier, 64 years, United States
ioldiers' Home, D. C.
John W.Gallaher, 08 years, 1410 Chapin
treet northwest.
Minnie M. Hoover, 55 years, 820 9th
treet northwest.
Charles P. Cardozo, 75 years, 018 New
ersey avenue northwest.
John Shea. 76 years. 325 Maryland aveue
Frances Meagher, 73 years. 003 16th
treet north west._ _
Sister Mary D. L?ononoe. ?w> years,
leorgetown Convent.
Solomon Troup, 71 years. Canal road.
Willard C. Phltts. 63 years. Government
iospttal for the Insane.
John Feeney, 75 years, 1428 Ames place
William Ellis, 55 years, 3310 M street
John T. McKeon, 77 years, 1428 M street
George W. Manning, 64 years, 1332 Harard
street northwest.
Mary M. Morris, 3i> years, 1113 8th street
Theodore Chaconas, 1 month, 476 Pennylvania
avenue northwest.
Lewis E. Kengla. 3 months, 334 E street
Alice Culliton, 23 days, 220A Bates street
Infant of James D. and Julia L. Coerth.
2 days, 1223 30th street northwest.
Maggie Williams, 35 years, Woodburn,
William MaAney, 10 years, 23 Snows
William Held. 0 years. 118 Brook court.
Felton Schools, 5 years, 1332 2d street
John Day. 50 years. Government Hosltal
for the Insane.
Joseph P. Harris. M years. Government
Hospital for tho Insane. ,
Gwynetta Anderson, 8 months. 1218 Un-?
den street northeast.
Orbra Barber. 7 months. 220H Liberty
street northwest.
John T. Boxley, 5 months. tCiO L street
Charles Johnson. 7 months. 1019 Constitution
Walker I,. Ja- kson. 11 months. S33 3d
street southwest.
Looking for Missing Man.
The local police have been asked to
locate James Kagnn. "white. thirty -eight
years of age. who has been nifc*s!:g
from his home -n San Francisco. <"al .
since July <1. lte i? <5cm rifted .is bring
about tlve feet nine Im-hes toll etui
welshing about 173 pound* * i?u ir>|
of S200 is offered f or informal Ion regarding
Ills whereabouts or the r<- overy
of his body.
BOWLING. on July IS, 19n8. ?i lot i; tacd
northwe t. Mis. LAi'MUN IttiWLING <?
Kuth Baldwin. nired twenty-sis yrsn.
Services ?t 104 K street northwest ?l T:3t> p m.
on Thursday, Jnly lti. interment st Sa!>-ui
Church, Vs. 1
CONNORS. On Tuesday. July i4, 1 . at 3:30
p.m.. KMMA K., Iiciiivwl wife of Will.am T.
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited t*
attend the funeral from her late residence.
No. 1030 South Capitol street. Friday. July
17. at t? a.m.. thence to St. Vincent de I'aul
Church, where u mass of requiem will he offered
for the repose of lier soul. Internieut
at Mount Olivet cemetery. 2
; COSTIN. Entered Into rest on Tuesda v night.
July 14. lOuh. at 11 o'clock. ELIZABETH
COSTIN. the Ifeloved tvlfe of the late John
i T. Coatln. at her residence, 1S12 11th street
Funeral Friday, 2 p.m.. from the Israel Church,
corner 1st and B southwest. Frieuda ami
relatives invited.
DONOHOE. On Tuesday. Jnly 14. 19"?. at
Georgetown Visitation Convent. Sister MARY
DENISK DOXOHOK, daughter of ltaniel T.
and Eugenia E. Douohoe. iBaltltnorc papers
please copy. I
EMMNEH. Departed to a higher life. ELIZABETH.
widow of the late Julius Euimuer,
aged seventy-two years.
Services will be held at her late residence. No.
?!00 It street northwest. Thursday, July 10,
at 3 p.m. Funeral private.
GANGEWKR. On Tuesday. July 14. 1908. at
3 a.m.. SUSAN, widow of J. D. Gangewer.
Funeral from her late residence. No. 2223 13th
atreet northwest. Thursday. July 14, at 1U
a.m. Friends are invited to attend. 2
GARVEY. On Tuesday. July 14. 1908, at 4:30
p.m.. JAMES J., infant son of James and
Delia Garvey.
Funeral Thursday at 10 a.m. from his parenta*
residence, 251 15th street southeast.
GRAHAM. On Wednesday, July lo. 1908. at
aged sixty-four years.
Funeral from her late residence, 2032 Norilt
Capitol street, Friday, July 17, at 10:30 a.m.
Relatives and friends invited. (Evauavilte,
lud.. papers please copy.) 2
HELLWIG. Suddenly, on Monday, July 13,
1908, at the home of her sister. Mrs. M. A.
Phillips. ii30 L street northwest. SARAH
Funeral Thursday. July 10. at 10 a.m., from
above residence.
1 C1COVPH < In Idle 1 A 1IUIU o4 M
IXllC^l^Ii. "U i 'ICPUflJ , ? U ? J it, unrn, .It V.-IW
nlal Beach. Va.. at 7:15 |i n.. KI.EAN't >BA
KISSXKB, beloved wife of lairenr. KissmFuneral
will take place Friday morning liin
the residence. 868 7th street southwest, ai V
o'clock, thence to St. Mary's Church. Interment
ut St. Mary's cemetery.
McGT'IOAX. Suddenly, on Tuesday. July 14.
UKW. at 10:.'?? a.m.. J. BY HON. husband of
Nellie G. McGuigan.
Funeral from Illndle Chapel, "th and II strceta
northwest. Thursday. 11 a.m. Interment prl ate.
BABBITT. On Tuesday morning. July 14. liiOS.
at 1:30 o'clock. THOMAS T.. the beloved
buahand of Theresa Itabbitt, In the seveufysecond
year of his age.
Funeral will take place frotu the residence of
his son, Charles F. Babbitt. No. 101'J 3d street
northeast, on Thursday morning. July Id. at
8:30 o'clock, thence to St. Aloyshis Church,
where solemn high mass will la- suuk for the
repose of his soul at & o'clock. Belatives
and friends are invited to attend. 2
SHEA HAN. Suddenly, July 14. 1?K>8. at Colonial
Beach, Va.. JOHN SllEAHAN, native of
C<ninty I.imerlck. Ireland.
Funeral front bis son's residence. 1334 H street
northeast. Thursday, July 16. at It a.m.;
thence to Holy Name Church, where mass will
be said f<<r repose of bis soul. Interment at
Mount Olivet cemetery. Friends and relatives
STETX. f>n Wednesday morning, July 15. 1""08,
at 7:30 o'eloek, at the National I.utberan
Home for the Aged. LtfETTK STEIN. (Baltimore
Sun and News please eopy.)
n*fit?vv /\- rp..?a^AOT T.,)w 1i 1Cm?Q of tlio
If .>. xjil xurpufl.i, uui.i ?f'vu, ? v >.Hv
residence of bis father. 1W7 Mintwood place,
NORMAN F., only son of Norman W. and
the late Ella K. Wrenn, In the seventeenth
year of his age.
Reqniem high mass at St. Aloyslns Church Friday.
July 17. at 10 o'clock a.m. Relative*
and frienrli cordially invited to attend. Interment
private. 2
III Meniori&ro.
CALLAHAN. In sad but loving remembrance of
our dear grandfather. JOHN CAI.LAIIAN,
who departed this life twelve years ago tomorrow.
July JO. !?tu.
Anniversary mass at St. Martin's at 0:-'5?l.
DENTV? In fond but sad remembrance of my
d.-ar husband. JOS. \V. DENTY. who died
twenty-four years ago today, July 15, 18M. His
memory still lives.
GREENE. I", everlasting yet sad remembrance
of our beloved one. lillltUdK WESLEY
GREENE, who departed tldr, life four year*
ago tndav. Julv 15. t!K(l.
In sad imt cherished reniembrninv of
our eldest son. CHARLES I . MARTIN. Jr.,
who entered Into paradise July 15. l'.HKi.
We miss bint all through the weary leairs.
We miss him as otb?r*> do sunshine and il?wers.
1MTTMAN. In l>nmc renx-moraii i.i . .. .,
husband. HOMKK V.. PIT I'M AN. who _.J. part od
this life "no v?ar ap?> today. .Inly 1">. l'"'.'.
CtAXDEli. In lovinp remembrance of inv d> ir
H.in. HOWABli MILTON Ql A.NKEi:. who
died bfteeu years apo today. July lo. !S;i3.
TAFLETT. Iti memory of a dear eon un<1
brother. JOHN TAIT.ETT. Jr.. who d^iajte.l
this life one year aco today. Jtilr lo. 1!,:'7.
Loved in life and In death retncinJiered.
Mar he rest in peace.
r1 1 ' -- i
1325 14TII ST. N.W. Telephone North 379.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
3034 M St. N. W. 1'apr,',00rn/^-o?tB^uWM.
H. SARD? <& CO.,
! 406 H at. n.e. Modern ohapel. Phone Lincoln 524.
J. U. TABLER & BR?.,
TKLKl'UU.Mt 11. ?U3.
940 F Street N.W.,
Main 4^1;
Frank A. Speare. Mgr.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Funeral Parlor*. 301 Fust Capitol st.
Telephone Lincoln 372.
1241-43 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. (Ceorgetowal
Telephone West SOI. Washington. D. C.
Phone North 3R8. Chstwl. ~ 1SUO t4th at. n w
Modern chattel. Telephone rail North r.2!?.
1011 "lb st. n.w. Teleplione Mnl.i lnlto
Phone X!. f?37.
J. WILLIAM REE. Funeral Director
and Embalmer. Llrerv in connection Commodious
cliapel anil modern crematorium. Modeat
prices. 332 Pa. ii.w. 'Telephone call
Funeral Designs^
Qeo. G. Slhalfffer.
Beautiful floral design* very reasonable In prlca.
phone 2410 Main 14th and Eve ats. n.m.
17tb and G its. a.e.
Call and tee me beforn /on bar. can aan
jm mooej. m29*9W?4

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