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The Slightest Impurity IV
of Intestin
Let any mother who wishes to keep hei
baby well throughout the warm weathei
give special heed to the condition of its
nursing bottles, for the slightest Impurity
or germ may cause a severe attack ol
intestinal trouble. This statement wit
seem an exaggeration, but it is not, and
thoughtful mothers will doubtless be glad
to adopt every suggestion that aids ir
keeping bottles in a thoroughly wholesome
As to this work of cleansing, the shape
of the bottle is important. For instance,
those with sides perfectly straight, so that
food does not adhere, are easily cleaned.
They cost a little more than those with
curve, but are worth the extra sum.
Should the old-fashioned kind, with small
necks, be in use. a stiff bristle brush with
a wire handle is necessary in the washtng.
The brush is like that used for cleaning
lamp chimneys, only smaller. The besi
cloth for wiping is soft old linen, but il
this is out of the question bleached cheesecloth
must be used. It is absorbent and
easily rinsed afterward. A Jar of dry
boracic add is even more essential thar
soap, though the latter is also required.
Rinse Bottles in Water.
'As soon as a bottle has been emptied il
should be rinsed in cool, not hot, water
All vessels that have contained milk ir
any form should always be washed flrsl
in this manner, for a hot applicatior
causes the albumen and casein to adher<
For Baby's Comfort.
One of the nicest materials for making
a baby carriage robe for summer vacatioi
use is the common white cotton crepe tha
sells for from 12V4 to 15 cents a yard.
To fashion one all that is necessary ii
a deep hem set in on the four sides, ant
if a touch of color is desired a separate
lining of pale pink lawn pinked on th<
edges with the scissors or a bow of pinl
ribbon added.
Such a cover will wash and requires nt
ironing. When baby is taken from hi!
carriage to the grass or sand the inex
pensive robe will serve as a robe for hin
to lie on.
.Among the bargains to bo found on remnant
counters where sheer dress goods
are kept are some very pretty fabrics thai
will answer admirably for bedroom dra
paries later on in the season.
The flowered organdies and dimities
made up into curtains, bed spreads, bu
reau scarfs and cushion covers will dc
much to brighten sleeping rooms or family
living rooms during the winter, anc
as these materials are now -being sold ai
a big reduction one can afford to b<
rather lavish in making purchases.
On iff 11 no for Erlnrlw lA/omon
WUIIIUIV IUI bUbl IJ llUlliaili
Both the care as well as the dressing
of the hair becomes a more important
feature at the middle-age period of a
woman's llfs than in-her youth. Generally
speaKlng. the hair then loses its vitality
and luster, falls out, grows thin in
spots and refuses to yield to a becoming
style of hairdreesing. In spite of everything.
even the disadvantages of economy,
there must be means found in fhe way of
time to attend regularly to the hair night
and morning?never to neglect shampooing
every three or four weeks, and to
avoid the use of hair tonics, which often
ruin the color of gray or white hair.
White castile soap used for shampooing
after the hair and scalp have been gone
over thoroughly with the white of two
fresh eggs is the beat known met .nod to
cleanse and beautify white or gray hair.
If the hair is very dry use a white
pomade?that comes for the purposeputting
it with light touches upon the
scalp only, before retiring.
To follow the styles of hairdressing
which are adopted nowadays, without
much discrimination between those of
mature years and the young generation,
is very often a delusion and a snare,, particularly
if the folly of dyeing, or what
is more discreetly called "touching up."
has to enter the process. This artificiality
when one Is advanced in years bespeaks
a vanity that Is blind to good taste. It is
advised that women after reaching a certain
age take the greatest pains to have
their hair well and becomingly arranged;
that they supply nature's deficiencies by
taking advantage of the skill and ingenuity
that make it possible for them to
secure the mo^t becoming additions toward
that end. But let there be no coloring
of the hair, no exaggerated pompadours.
frizzles or marcel waving*.?
House Gowns.
For middle-aged women's house gowni
there Is nothing prettier or more economlStriped
* ^97
r??~m 1
The sketch illustrates an e
young girl, the model being of ^
The skirt was trimmed with t
crosswise, and the bodice had i
ham tucked and set in lengthwi
cut on the cross of the goods. .
embroidered linen was worn, wii
? - -
lay Cause a Severe Attack
al Trouble.
to the glass. After the cool rinse the bot
tie must be filled with water and allowed
, to stand. If desired, until several are ready
fo.* cleansing. They should never remain
empty, for the food will dry on and the
F difficulty of cleansing Is greatly increased.
1 The nipple should be treated in the same
I way as the bottle, standing afterward
in a dish of water.
1 When cleansing time comes a pan is
i filled with very hot soapsuds. In this
the bottles are nlared. filled and the brush
Is then plunged up and down and around
in such manner that each part of the
' inner surface will he washed. A pan of
. fresh hot water is then required for rlns:
ing, and there should be still another
rinse, with bath oontalning a teaspoonful
' of boracic acid to a gallon of water. After
this treatment the bottles may be turned
upside down to drain and put where dust
I and flies cannot get inside.
1 About Cleaning Nipples.
; The nipples are more difficult to clean,
: and for tnem a rather soft brush is best.
r They are first placed in cold water, then
[ the tips are put into warm soapsuds and
well brusned. Bach must then be turned
t inside out. while another scrubbing is
given. This last is most Important, otherwise
old food will cling. They should be
rinsed finally as are the bottles and alt
lowed to stand in boracic acid water until
. each is required for use.
t In sterilizing or pasteurizing milk care
, must be taken that the bottles are cooled
rapidly after heating, and that they are
1 kept cool until a second warming is given
i before feeding.
cal than allwool batiste in shadow check.
This material falls so gracefully, and
? the shaded design is a trimming in itself,
1 that the fabric is particularly desirable,
t It wears well, too, and comes in a number
of pretty tones, so that one can always
s find a color becoming.
1 The semi-Drincess model, with the neck
? cut in round Dutch edged with a narrow
lace tucker, will suit the plumper type.
The same model cut square In the neck
to display a lingerie chemisette will toe
becoming to the women of middle age.
Classic Drapery.
One of the fashionable weddings in
London for which Paris dressmakers
were kept busy was entirely Greek, the
bride in a draped gown of white eatin
embroidered in a Greek key design in
seed pearls and with long points of the
peplum hanging from the shoulders and
weighted with pearl tassels, tier maids
of honor wore white crepe gowns embroidered
in silver that were very similar,
Bave that they did not wear the
shawl of fine white silk mull that draped
the head in antique fashion, in place of
the traditional veil. The pages. Inevitable
at an English wedding, wore Greek
tunics in fine white cloth embroidered in
pale blue Greek key design, and they
wore myrtle chaplets on their heads and
sandals on their feet. I thought the
bride's limp veil, swathing her head and
shoulders and one arm, instead of the
usual crisp, floating cascade of stiff tulle,
a most beautiful idea and worth repeating?Vogue.
Pretty Handkerchiefs.
Was there ever such a wealth of choice
in nanencercmeiB as at present? All
white handkerchiefs are not seei) so
much as formerly, but In colors there are
shades in every imaginable color to choose
For instance, gray and white Is the latest
combination. White 'kerchiefs hemmed
with pearl gray or a gray background
decorated with white embroideries are
much favored.
Another pretty effect is produced by
heavy corners of white on a colored foundation.
Scallops share popularity with
the quarter-Inch hem as a finish.
Wide Round Collars.
Wide round collars make a pretty finish
to frocks in dainty colorings cbt in
i round Dutch neck, and are so simple
that any girl could fashion them for
Sheer white lawn, the outer edge cut
into shallow, round scallops, forms the
foundation. This is edged with a narrow
Insertion sewed to a frill of lace.
Further ornamentation is given by the
dainty lace motifs, that are sewed into
each scallop.
The inner edge is finished with a bias
tape which is sewed into the neck, the
collar turning back.
This is the general model. The dec?
oration, of course, can be arranged to
- suit individual taste.
for Young Girl.
ffective and simple gown for a *
vhite and pink striped gingham.
>ands of the striped fabric cut i
vide bands of the striped ging- '<
ise, the body of the gown being !
\ low turndown collar of white
th a soft tie of. black, ^
Pillow ; Dress
Cases, t?
: Regu
12^C I ?Jdayiapf?
Dress Ging
45 x 36 L.inen uJar price#
It F,nish plI,ow In strip
[ Cases;^ regular broken plai
I "T.ha1 IT" ! gf?y. oxbio
j, and Ironed. Fin- j ^r<;
i|j Jshed with 3- j Excellent m;
Inch hem. One dresses, house
J! day at 12%c. At 5c a yaw
Every woman who has the
iceable garments tomorrow. W
are Splendid Quality All-wool S
stripes, fancy gray mixtures, gr
Correctly tailored models ir
In a good assortment of col<
with fancy stripes, stylish chalk
A Pay $1.98 tomorrow and se
$ Former $10 an<
I Reduced
? It is clearance time for thes
% so radically reduced.
g Choice is offered of several
X signed of soft white batiste and Frenc
X tions of dainty val and laces, embellis
X Others are trimmed with German val 1
i girdle or insertions ana iucks.
Skirts and sleeves are elaborately t
Plain white and dainty shades of pi
Regular $10 and $12.98 values torn
| Regular 19c to 2
| 8 l-2c Each. Ii
& These Handkerchiefs were s
X slight imperfections, such as a f
$ faults that do not hurt them in t
.*? an extra supply of handkerchiefs
X tunity of buying two, three and f
t The entire lot consists of finest, s
*$ kerchiefs, with hemstitched and scallo
X ported from St. Gall. Switzerland, and
4 If mattings are to be boug
% chance that shouldn't be overlo
X heavy-weight, close-woven, sean
4 ?the splendid grade for which t
Y Finished with double corded selvag
V Choice of 15 attractive patterns?i
A, green, blue and tan.
Tomorrow at 18c.a yard instead ol
fyM ' 'V
i /v !> : *?.< >;.< V* ' % u: U : w
U ' ?<|v ii< 4 r w -V
Jfl |
1 k - *;"V V\ :- ^ ,
sV. ; . . > > ' '* .' *"* >'?
? -v- ' \ f .X'-vX X V - X-> ... v :
! ? ' - r : }, . '5 ;: '/VT -. '
v ' : >
i< y <<- ' <i. <;ri\ * ; \ ? '
I I- ' ' .
\ I ,
f ^ - - * -/
k .. * >" ; "?
, :V'
v . < >* ;.x
I "J
^ :,*4 '%^fw?d+'' if , " *;
/ ' v?- v; . "' ' J
t - sf yl "$.&**> mvr ,f|
|V^;X-'v' - - - v
: '''* ^ ' K ' , J
Honors Showered on Washington
Delegation After Prize Drill
Was Over.
Illustrious Potentate Roe Fulkerson of
Almas Temple, Past Potentate Frank Sebriryj.
Grand Representative Thomas P.
Morgan. Arab Patrolmen H. E. Walls,
W. Wells and Maurice Hoover have returned
from the session of the Imperial
Council. A. A. O. N. M. 8., held last week
it 8t. Paul.
All are enthusiastic over the manner in
which the Almas Patrol acquitted itself
at '.the great competitive drill, which
proved it the champion patrol of the
United States.
"Five captains of patrols," said Mr.
Fulkerson, J'marched their men off the
Ginghams, | mcJ
a Yard. | on this di
larly 10c. | ????
ffering for Wed"Mill
Ends" of i
hams at half regi
es, checks and i
ds, of pink, tan,
od and blue col- ".TH
aterials for children's ^ <p . .
garments, etc. ^ r? V
1 instead of 10c. 7
?w?swwm??????wih hm?mmw????y HWWMMMMSMMMM
slightest need for an extra Skirt
e are clearing our stock of certai
kirts, of fancy stripe suitings, m
ay checks and fancy gray stripe
i plain kilted and side kilted effe
rs, including light tans, fashion;
stripes and black and white mixl
cure a good serviceable Skirt ac
t r\r? npOTT*
simos Jurmepulis
i $12.98 Values, '
[ to $3.98.
?. i ^
e?that's why the prices have be<
handsome models, elaborately d
h mulls, almost entirely made of "inse
hed with dainty embroidery medallion
aces and diet lace yokes, with beautif
:rlmmed to match.
nk, light blue, natural and lavender.
orrow at $3.98.
I5c Handkerchiefs,
mporters' Seconds.
old to us as "seconds" because
)inhole, oil spot or thick threadhe
least. Every woman must ha-1
in summer?and here's an oppo
our for the usual cost of one.
heerest quality Swiss Embroidery Han*
ped borders?the best Handkerchief ir
I intended to retail at 19c and 25c each.
dATTING, 18c.
* ' %
ht this summer here's a barga
oked. We offer 50 rolls of ext:
iless China matting at 18c a yar
:very store charges 30c.
;e edge.
n stripes and checks?colorings of re
r 30c.
- . >
: : ; * ' * - , >; :, '
' ' : : '< ' ' -/ : -f f > . r.
' * , ' \ i >
\ ' "i"- -r't
1 <>', A* v *
>> :.? >. : '? v\
, Z-'?
?- ' '
- /v J^B
- v
!MM ^ vS< >
?^B^B-^vBB <
'. ' -:-^vy >v-*U.--- 3^B9MB v ' -' - * .>>:. : : > >i'- ' ; >
W| J?. ": ''. ' : > '
W mttk. :'?- i
<-*>* "4 ^
^B *<
* * - ? :: - V' *, + , '
field after witnessing the Almas dr
freely conceding that they could not h<
to compare with them."
At the great banquet in Minneapt
Wednesday evening, by reason of the ]
trol's victory. Potentate Fulkerson a
Capt. Gibson of thj patrol were gi>
seats of honor at table and were f
quefitly called upon to respond to toa
in honor of their prize company.
Through the courtesy of Potentate K
drlck of Lulu Temple, Philadelpt
Lulu's famous amateur band was turi
over to Almas Temple after the first da
parade and did the musical honors
Almas and the Arab patrol during
remainder of the week.
Owing to the scattering of the memb
of the patrol after reaching Chicago
will be necessary to postpone the
ception to the victors. Members of (
patrol have gone to the Pacific cos
others to Buffalo, by way of the gr<
lakes, and Capt. Gibson, with a lai
party, went as the guests of Nath
Weil, traveling passenger agent of 1
Philadelphia railroad, to Atlantic v,ity :
rest and recuperation.
"By its victory," said Frank Sebrh
"Almas Patrol has made Almas Tern;
still more famous throughout the len?
and breadth of the United States. W1
after Wednesday the folks at St. Pi
roared themselves hoarse every time c
people came in sight. Capt. Gibs
you help along the 6 o'clock Saturi
it during July and August by doing yoi
ay before 6 p^m. and NONE AFTER t
vAR $5.00 ALL-WOO
> AT $1.98.
to wear now and until late in the fall J
in lines that show too hitr a surolus?hi
annish cloth stripes, all-wool invisible
cts; trimmed with tailor-made folds am
ible grays, gray and blue plaids, fancy
tually worth $5 and $6.
, $10.00 FELT ]y
Made to Order \
Again tomorrow we continue
having made arrangements with th
,n for another day.
This is the lowest price ever q
matter of fact it is less tnan we would
e_ ordinary conditions.
II Made of elastic felt, 5 inches thick, fl
with heavy striped ticking. Choice of one
?{ Sizes 3 feet 6 inches, 4 feet and 4 fee
We will take orders for fifty of these
regular price is $10.
? Women's $2.00
Women who want to be corr
vas oxfords. We hold a special s
?* made of best grade Sea Island cam
~~ your while?$1.29 a pair instead of
Choice of blucher, Gibson and
r~ turned soles and canvas-covered he
All sizes?B, C, D and E widtl
d- 0O0
. Women's Regular $1.50 and $
Oxford Ties, in four-eyelet and three-eyei
= styles. Leather and canvas-covered heel
ped and plain toes. All sizes tomorrow,
in 25c to 39c Mecb
ra "
d How effective these Point Ve
trimming summer dresses and wi
every ten women are buying them
, Tomorrow we offer a lot of Handsome
' and festoon shapes, superior qualities tha
mer frocks to best advantage, at 12Hc <
and 30c each.
~p ' f\ "... /?' '-irr'" ~ IT.
a ( J
I /
' ^.; v-^ . > >'< > M
v ? ,%. v'"'
< : : V
, if it*. > % ' .. '* :
? * v <-. fm \
' 'y ' A i
-; . > /\
. ?.
' ? : r..- 'v < ' > , ;-' 1/
-f < - f
< ' ' ; '
' ''' ' "V' y' '"
r > ' . > . Y. V .A y
;.' - ' J! - * '. - :< t
> > ": *"<* - ; > vl.. ???:.; ;
V ' f & ' " - *
V '* ' ' ' * g'X% V; *V
; , ^ ^ V ^
:Kh< *'4 >> J iff v 4
" ' '* Li g& 0
*' ,? V . * > - I'
, ?>- - * - " .< ->> ' ; < * -
: p|
: - v;L ?? s : . v ,i .<> :: ' > ' ..:
^ ; " -
'*'V. * ' 3 -I \ Iwj
v.,,* v-*,- * - ^ : ^aT/
111, taught the other captains a lesson in
>pe patrol drilling which they will never forget."
The pleasure of the party which re)lls
turned yesterday was marred by the fact
pa- that it was their train which ran into .
ind the automobile at Columbia City, Intl., ,
rea killing six people. J
re- i
,f?" Assignments of Employes to Various j
ied Posts of Service. i
\r' ^
jor The following orders and instructions to '
the the forces of the United States coast and
geodetic survey service have been issued
ers from the headquarters of the service in
it the old Butler mansion on Capitol Hill: i
re- B. B. Latham, to do topographic work in \
the vicinity of Chincoteague bay, Md.
tst, a. H.? Heck, to prepare for wire drag
eat work on coast of Maine. !
'ge Geo. Hartnell, magnetic observer, to
ian duty at magnetic observatory at Chelton- <
the ham, Md. 1
for Isaac Winston, to temporary duty as 5
assistant in charge. 1
tig. W. I. Vlnal, to inspect tide stations at ]
pie Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Tork. \
;th P. A. Welker, commanding the Bache, to 1
i'y, office for consultation. i
luI John Dow, nautical expert, to return to
>ur Manila upon expiration of leave. <
ion Rockwood, aid, detached from, the office <
lay closing ' "Sample
hratsho??ng Neck^
_ Regular 25c
39c Values ,
In this purcha
> York maker a "sai
F|^wS| Neckwear are eml
WB- prettiest and ne'
(C^ j i styles for women.
i 1 brand-new, fresh a
^ , the kinds most sulta
: wear.
1? P The collection lncli
? | and Net "Merry
Lace Jabots, Fan<
_ l?r?? Ascot Ties.
?? m FS I new Cretonne Stocl
?s a?a ? Values worth 25c
| i etch.
>hould secure one of these servsnce
this deep sacrifice. These
; plaids, stylish checks, cream
d bands.
colored stripes, cream grounds
for Only $4.98.
this unexampled lovrpflte offer,
le manufacturer to accept orders
uoted for such Mattresses?as a
have to. pay the manufacturer under
nished with tape edge binding, covered
or two-piece styles,
t 6 Inches,
mattresses tomorrow at $4.06. The
White Canvas
rAfir it ?i oq i III
ivjyv cit ^ / a petit.
ectly shod must wear white caniale
of superior quality oxfords, !
/as duck, at a saving well worth
two dollars.
two-eyelet .sailor ties, handels.
Large eyelets and wide laces,
* 75 White Canvas t
let Gibson and Blucher /fl| F
Is. D and E widths. Tippair,
at w
tllions, 12 l-2c.
nice Lace Medallions are for
aists! Seems as if nine out of
for this purpose.
Venice Lace 'Medallions, In oval, square
will wash perfectly and set off aumsach.
Kinds sold regularly at 25c, 28c
and to report to Heck for wire drag work
J. El Burbank, magnetic observer, to assume
charge of magnetic observations ir
Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois
Michigan and Indiana.
H. A. La Rue, deck officer, to temporary
duty in the computing division.
C. F. Woodyard. magnetic observer, to
report to Burbank for work in Illinois,
Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.
A. J. Ela, deck officer, to report at the
office when relieved by Maupin.
J. H. Hawley, aid. to report at the
office when relieved by Maupin.
G. H. Mack, C. Y. Harger, H. A. La Rue
and A. M. fiobieralskl. deck officers; L. W.
Smith, aid; detached from the office and to
report to Heck for wire drag work.
J. E. McGrath, to duty at the office.
W. B. Fairfield, to duty in the computing
W. H. Dunlap, magnetic observer, to report
to Burbank for work In Illinois, Minnesota
and Iowa.
E. W. Smith, to examine astronomic station
at Minneapolis in connection with
regular work.
A. H. Heck, to make examinaUons with
wire drag work on coast of Maine.
A. J. Ela, deck officer, to temporary duty
in computing division.
H. M. Trueblood,. to do supplemental
work for chart correction on coast of
W. D. Lambert, magnetic observer, to
report to Burbank for work in Wisconsin
anri Minnpnnto.
G. R. Putnam, to visit New York, to secure
information for revision of charts in
that vicinity.
C. L. Garner, aid, to duty in the computing
F. A. Moiby, magnetic observer, to report
to Burbank for work in New York.
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and
E. B. Collins, assistant, detached from
Forney's party and to report at the office.
W. M. Hill, magnetic observer, to make
observations in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky
and Tennessee.
D. B. Waln^Tight, to make topographic
survey of Great bay and vicinity, N. H.
Isaac Winston, to assume charge of repairs
to tide indicator at Reedy Island,
H. P. Ritter, to report at the office for
C. L. Garner, aid, detached from the
office and to report to Heck.
3. F. Goldsborough, chief engineer, to
duty on the Bache.
E. B. Collins, assistant, to report to
J. W. Maupin, to close work in Mobile
bay and report at the office.
F. B. T. Siems, aid, to report at the
office when relieved by Maupin.
Police Endeavor to Stop Swimming
in Danger Area.
Under instructions from the District
health officers the policemen of the harbor
precinct are endeavoring to break up
Bwimmlng from the wharves, foot of N
street south to the government reservation
at Washington Barracks Park.
Several small sewers empty Into the harbor
aboqt this area. The health officers
fear that typhoid fever will be contracted
by those swimming there, as It Is almost
Impossible for the bather to keep from
getting water in his mouth while swimming
and diving.
In the other sections of the harbor the
police are not interfering with the bathers,
provided they wear proper bathing costumes
and are allowed by the wharf lessees
to bathe from the wharves.
This policy of non-interference Is appreciated
by the boys. Hundreds of them are
In bathing every day. There is no particular
bathing hour for the boys, as they
are in the water the greater part of the
Examinations for Engineer.
The United States coast and geodetic
survey service wants a chief engineer in
:he service in the Philippines and a salary
if $115 per month will be paid to the person
securing the appointment.
Civil service rules govern the selection
sf the man. Examination will be held at
.'arious points in the United States August
i' next and the person passing with the
highest percentage will be given the appointment.
Others passing will be placed
jpon an eligible list and will be appointed
:o other vacancies in the engineer department
of the service as they may oceur.
Detailed information regarding the elimination
can be had by applying to the
;ivll service commission in this city.
Une" Soaps I;
rear. ! at !.
515c::!: 3%C jj
Se of Si ?VCW Tomorrow you j j*
nple line" of > can buy usual 5c (
braced all the | ; cakes of Launsrest
summer i dry Soaps at i
Every one is 3?*e In our Base- 1
.nd pretty?Just ment Housefur- |
ble for vacation nlshlngs Depart- I
ment. .
tides large Lace Colgate's OcWldow"
Bows. | tagon. Babbitt's.
ry Dutch Col- Gold Dust. 1
Gibson Stocks. 1 Brooke's Cryst
Collars, etc. tal. Cincinnati
and 39c for 15c Oleine. Blue
i Napt ha. i
CORSET COVERS?50 dozen High
and Low Neck Corset Covers of good jf
quality muslin, finished ready 0 Y
to trim. All sjzes up to 44. A
Regular 15c value. For V/w J
MUSLIN DRAWERS?30 dozen Mus- V
lln Drawers, made with cambric x'
ruffles and tucks, open and ^
closed styles. All lengths. 11 A
Regular 25c value. For - X
SHORT SKIRTS?25 dozen Short ?
Skirts with ruffles, tucks and ^ pa J.
hem. All lengths. Special J.
price ? a
CORSET COVERS?100 dozen Naln- I
sook and Cambric Corset Covers, A
neatly trimmed with Cluny. 2
Torchon and Val laces and ^ ? X
Inserting^ and ribbon. All V
sizes. Special price y
$3.50 Go-carts, $1.98 |
A remarkable offering for ?
Wednesday. A
One hundred Folding Go-Carts, with A
reclining reed back, steel gearing and X
handles, with good strong large size X
rubber-tired wheels. X
Always sold at $3.50. Tomorrow at X
$1.98 each. y
Carpets Cleaned, jf
3c a Yard. $
Carpets cleaned by our pro- ?
cess are made to look fresh and bright x
and the dirt is all taken out without A
the slightest Injury to the fabric. A
Phone or drop a postal, and we will ,j?
call for your carpets. X
Carpets of all kinds cleaned for 3c a ^
j at u.
Stored and insured until fall at small
cost. *
I j
Bathing Shoes,
Worth 29c, 39c & 50c,::
19c- I
500 pairs of Women's Bath- * *
lng Shoes, in oxford, sandal, strap and ' |
buckle styles. Perfect fitting and com- , ,
fortable. < ,
In colors of brown, black, blue and < >
white. . < ?
All sizes. At 19c a pair instead of < ?
29c. 39c and 60c. V
(Shoe dept.) 2
At Reduced Prices.
8.00 I3.5E
Rtb ax7. ss.oo
80 at km
Wigs of all abadas?at tow prices.
STJT7T T un?c 720 7TB
. ilcLLcK u st.n.w.
, apl4-d.eEo.S0
Paris Pattern No. 2493. .
All Seams Allowed.
This useful little all-over coat Is developed
In natural-colored linen, and will
be found most appropriate for the coot
afternoons which always come in. the latter
part of Aug<u?t and the early part
of September. TTie wide plaits id' the
front and back give ample fullness,, and
the wide cape-like collar and turn-back
cuffs on the full-length sleeves are a
simple and stylish finish. The collar and
cuffs are trimmed with insertion of coffee-colored
filet lace, and Oie little od& is
made of insertions of similar lace fagoted
together and trimmed with turquoiae-Wu?
ribbon. If desired the cap may be Uf
material. The pattern Is In four sizesone
to seven years. For a child of flVe
years the coat requires four and otiequarter
yards of material twenty Inches
wide, two and one-half yards, thirty-six
Inches wide, two and one-quarter yardi
forty-two Inches wide or one and threequarters
yards fifty-four inches wide;
two and three-quarters yards of insertion
to trim. The cap needs two
yards of insertion one inch wide or threeeighths
of a yard of material twenty
Inches wide or one-quarter of a yard
thirty-six Inches wide, each with two
yards of wide ribbon for ties, two yards
of narrow ribbon for rosettes and one
and three-quarters yards of edging to
Price of pattern, 10 cents.
Fashion Dept., The Star, Wash., D. C.
For 10 cents inclosed please send pattern
to the following address:
Sixe Pattern No. 2492
Address... .'
It takes foor or Are days to get tkls pattern,
as orders are filled (rem New Tork.

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