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Four Hundred Pupils Piloted to
Children Tranquilly Walk Through
Smokq to Safety Without.
Morritz Moser, Scholar; Hiss M. E.
McKee. Teacher, and W. E. May
Distinguish Themselves.
Thanks m efficient fire drill nearly 400
children of the Seaton Public School
man-lied unperturbed through smokeehokcd
halls to safety on the outside of
the buddies' when a small Tire broke out
in the basement of the structure about
;> ::o O'clock this morning.
During those two minutes it took to
empty the building of its precious humanity
there was displayed equanimity,
presence of mind and chivalry of the kind
lauded in all time
Kut Morritz Moser. a pupil who is just j
entering his teens: Miss M. K. McKee.
teacher of the fifth grade, and W. K.
May. the janitor, are accorded the major
meed of glory. These three were on the
third floor when the tire was discovered. I
Miss McKee was directing the pupils in
tier grade in the arts of penmanship, and j
Morritz. with knitted hrows and protrud- i
in* tongue, was tr>ing to make his pen
form the letters of the words of :t short !
proverb. Janitor May was busy at work I
doing some cleaning in the third-floor !
orrlilor. Industry there was on all three
floors of the school building.
Bire Bell Rings Out.
Viang, clang, clang."
K.ccry little head in Miss McKee's room
bobbed up. The tire boll in the corridor
was making the din. Eyes shifted from
waiting pad to teacher.
"Fire drill, children." said Miss McKee,
In even tone. "Gel your coats quickly."
A few seconds sufficed for tdie children !
to get into their coats. Hats were carried
in hands.
Then, in single tile, under the eye of
Miss McKee, they marched from the j
cloakroom into the corridor. Going down i
stairs ciouus 01 ?moiif roued into their
faces. Miss MrKeo walked sedately with
them, putting her arm around one wbo
had begun to cry and gently voicing reassurances
for all.
When the forty children of her class had
reached the second-floor corridor Miss McKep
saw the dense volume ?f smoke
choking the stairways to the first floor.
The lire escape was remembered in a |
flash, although it had never been used t>y i
the children in a fire drill.
"This way, children," she called, head- |
ing the procession into one of the secondfloor
classrooms, from which the tire escape
leads. Miss Lackey, a seventh grade
teacher, who had directed her pupils safely
down the stairways to the exit door,
had remained on the second floor. in
haste, but unflustered, she opened the
window leading to the tire escape.
Morritz Moser all the time had been
busy. He had helped playmates into
eoats in the cloakroom on the third floor, i
He was near the head of the line when it
reaclic^ the window. There iie stopped. i
Boy Stays to Help. I
"I want to help you. teacher," he burst
And he remained in the smoke on the
Inside of the window assisting his little
girl companions over tlie window sill and
on to the platform of the tire escape outside.
Not until the last member of his
class was outside did lie finally crawl!
through the window from the smoke-filled I
room into the fresh air. Kollowing hint |
-Miss AlcKee and Miss Stoneroad another'
teacher, made their way down the fire
escape, last out of the building.
Despite the smoke in the corridors..tluekenlng
every moment, all the teachers
directed pupils carefully and quickly
downstairs to safety, reassuring those few
children who showed sign of fright.
.Janitor -May was about the busiest he
ever has been for about three minutes 1
after the fire was discovered. While work-1
ing on the third floor he detected the odor
of smoke. Fie looked over the banister to <
see clouds of it pouring 191 from the lower
floors. '
He dropped his t?nls. seized the fire ex- <
tinguisher on the third floor and hastened
down to tight fire. On the second and
first floors were other fire extinguishers.
He picked up all three and ran. five steps
at a time, to the basement. J
May Puts Out Fire.
The smoke was dense now, but May <
soon located the flames. Playing the j
chemicals on it. lie was soon able to stamp
It out. His quickness in getting the fire
extinguishers into action, all the teachers 1
declared, prevented a much larger and
more dangerous blaze.
The tire was confined to a quantity of
cornstalks and dried grasses that had (
Im?cii used in the kindergarten. While
being carried by pupils from the kindergarten
room on the first floor to the hasomont
some of the long stalks caught lire
from a burning gas jet against which they
accidentally struck.
Not knowing that they were afire, the
boy who was helping the teacher in the
work placed them against a wooden partition
and went back upstairs for more.
A few minutes later the blaze was dis- j
covered by some workmen in the base- j
rnent. They began to shout. Miss Collins, ;
the principal, heard the cries, discovered!
the smoke and sounded the lire alarm. |
, The damage was slight.
Former Wild Cattle of England.' ! :
I'iooi tbf Court Journal. ^
? "hillingham Is an imposing structure,
.it four gre.tt towons, standing 'n picturesque
gardens and a fine park, in
which is the herd of wild cattle of the ;
breed which on<e roamed over Eng- j
land. The castle dates front the twelft.: j
century and is a most interesting old j
place. j
f'hlllingham wild cattle, with those In |
?'adzow forest, in Lanarkshire, are the!
>n?y two purely wild breeds now in ex- !
i-teru-e. Of a pure white with biack I
muzzles, parts of the ears red and white !
horns with black tips, they are handsome j
. rest urea, as the famous picture by |
Landseer of a Philiiughani bull shows. ; t
At one tlnie t tere were herds of wiKl j
.title at several place"--- Drumlarrig and
Dalkeith. two of the Duke of Buocleurh's j
ticotttah seats: at Wballey "Abbey, Leigh |
Park. Androssan, AVcilaton Park, tJlad.-tone
Park. Gun ton Park and at J.vine
Park, l.ord Newton's ipleiHttd ?>!?! place|
in riieshlrc- i>tit they either gradually
<i t fl out through interbreeding ?>r were 1
k!!)eli off. i .
The latter fate befell the herds at I>al- '
Keith ;unl I^eigh Park, the cattle. both j
< ows ami bulls, at I.eigh being ? ? dan- |
gerous that the owner early in tiie last | 1
?onttirv had them all shot. Writing In; t
1571 of the wild cattle in Scotland, ilee- ;
tor Bruce describes the bull as having
the fierceness of the iion "and the craftiness
of the serpent, if one were caught, ,
said this authority, lie soon died of mingled
rage and grief It is a pity to think j '
that of the wild cattle of hhiglatul, which t
were plentiful prior to the conquest, only
two herds now remain.
Spectacle Worth Seeing.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer. I
It is reported from foorgla that John ; I"
I >. Itockfeller lias taken up a winter residence
there in the hope of being made a
colonel. It will be up to Joe Brown
put liirn n ntiic staff 51 y! wouldn't John, <
look fltie iti gold lace on a horse! t
?. ,
From ihe Chicago Record 1 lei a id
|>o voit believe in tiie suiierman
I used to. but I don't any more."
" WJiv?"
"I married him." j
Gnriistinnias Garas, oooi&iiets
The Morning=and Bef
Which to Shop.
Oj LA OU SEE it all over th<
j J) more convenient an
i-Ugl All departments
aspect of the store, s
show more choice novelties
than ever before.
The saving of time in ffi
predated. Our facilities cm
anything heretofore devisee
customers will find that th<
necessary delay and accom
heretofore been possible.
Thoughtful folks who di
now making their holiday
mence today.
mra E ARE pleased to ,
Woman's F
? f Vf IIA V 11 4J
At Ha
These Suits are the same as w
bright, new, fresh goods, just fron
The materials are chiffon broac'c
demand?wistaria, taupe, catawba. r
prise the long coat model, in sever;
ribbon tic; some with the stylish lo
correct new long sleeves?with ^ug
popular flare style: some being plai
buttons of self material. Coats are 1
lands, and are lined throughout with
from an overstocked manufacturer a
We offer in conjunction with th
ar stock which have been selling io
rombined constitute the most cxcq
he minute Suits.
$ 16.50 eac
Tbird floor. G st.
Christmas Ha
^ ARE making broad
/( M ] II Handkerchiefs as comfc
sands that are coming '
M. IOUUIW.1 V1I1V1 t ' V |/?? nil
kerchief Department, on Tenth strec
incut. This makes it easier for us
important. The fundamental point,
kerchief we sell for linen is absolutel
Our present collection of Hoik
elaborate and complete \vc have evei
'irect enables us to sell pure linen a
zotton or union.
We show a mammoth assortme
Handkerchiefs, and there is a spier
Handkerchiefs for men, women and
Among- the embroidered goods
.hiefs for women there is a greater v
in an hour's time.
There is a superb collection of 1
ing the most attractive novelties th;
There is a fine and artistic col
Handkerchiefs, made in Belgium oi
juisite hand-rtiade lace.
4 *
Women's Sheer AI!=
linen Hemstitched Hand=
kerchiefs, e mra b r o 5 dered %
within the hems*
Women's AIMinen "
Eiandkerchiefs, trimmed
with iace edges, exqimisite
Hand-worked Initial Ilandkcrchi
Women's; Mi
T2]/>c each: 6 in box, 75c.
25c each ; 6 in box, $1.50.
^oc each: 6 in box, $,}.oo.
Men's Plain Hemstitched Irish
widths of hem.
J 2Vic, II 8c, 25c, 35c, 50
A full line of Children's Initial I
Maiu floor. 1! st.
S pec 5 a 1_ Sa leJBoy s'
/PECIAL attention is called t
and Reefers, purchased at ve
fered at correspondingly low
of reputable manufacturers,
materials, cut and tailored in the lati
ind thoroughly finished inside and t
A lot of Roys' All-wool Suits, ii
tancy mixtures; some have one pair ;
jocker trousers. All new. fresh and ;
$5.?? each. Worth tfr<
A lot of Hoys' Sailor Blouse an
Aool materials, in plain colors am
rousers. Well made and well fittin
53.75 each. Worth fr<
A lot of Boys' Bine All-wool Re
nixtures; some have lapel fronts; oi
izes j1 A to 14. Very attractive coat
$5.0? each. Worth ffrc
A lot of Boys' All-wool Reefers
Vets; all lined with excellent quality
p-to-date coats and all this season's
$3o7? each. Worth fn
TUir?l floor, T>nth St.
i9 Calendars and Diaries
'ore III 0'C!ock=5s the
Gift Merc
g store. Each day brings <
cangement, better combii
contra bute in some way
md offffef something suita
5 from Paris, Berlin, Vien
oliday Shopping is somet
3 that direction are beyor
I, both in the cash and de
gy will be able to do their
ipflish more an the same 1<
[slake worry, hustle and lb
purchases. You'll be am
announce the arrival of 5
broadcloth and V
tlf the Regular P
e advertised for yesterday and so
i tlie cases, and are among the b<
loths, worsteds and cheviots, in
eseda and mvrtle greens, navy b
il variations; some with standing
ng directoirc revcrs and large <
gestive hints of the coming new
n: others finished with folds of
variously trimmed about collar. j
i a good quality of satin. We pu
t a concession that enables us to :
il Price, $16.50 a
s, $35.00 and $37
e above, and'at the same special j
r $35.00 and $37.50 each, respect
ptional offer probably ever made i
h. Values, $35.00 an<
efforts to have the buying of
)rtable as possible for the thou- 1
now. Have enlarged the Main
ent and opened another Handit
side, adjoining Book Departto
sell and you to buy, and is (
however, is that every Hand-j *
y pure linen.
lay Handkerchiefs is the most '
gathered, and importing them y
s low as is ordinarily asked for
i *
nt of Plain Hemstitched Linen (
idid variety among the Initial (
and Lace-trimmed Handker- <
arietv than you could look over <
7rench Handkerchiefs, present- L
it come from abroad,
lection of Real Duchess Lace
fine hand-spun linen and cx)
25c each ; $3.00 a dozen,
j- 50c eacli; $6.00 a dozen.
I 75c? 3?1-00 UP *? $3-?? each. |
25c each; $3.00 a dozen.
- 50c each; $6.00 a dozen. |
75c and $150 each. | ?
icfs. pure Irish linen ; our direct 1
en'ss 1
25c each : 6 in box, $1.50.
35c each; 6 in box, $2.00.
50c each; 6 in box, $3.00. I j
Linen Handkerchiefs, several J
c, up to $11.50 eacho
landkerchiefs. t. in box for 2^c.
Xrnas Clothing.! *
o the following" items in Suits
ry decisive concessions and ofprices.
They are the products t
made of the most fashionable
est and most up-to-date styles, 1
mt. * 3
ti plain navy blue worsted and!c
and some two pairs of knicker- '
attractive suits. Sizes 7 to 17. J
^ ea/X A rt r?t ?
Jfflfil $0.5<UNlt0 3?oO<U>. 'j
id Knickerbocker Suits, of all- ?
rl neat fancy mixtures; lined j)
g suits. Sizes 4 to 16. a
Mm $5.?? to $7.5?. v
efers, in plain colors and fancy cj
thers button high at the neck; 'v
s for the little felllows:
>mra $6.5? to $8.5?. '
in plain colors and fancy ef- c
flannel; sizes 3 to 11. Stylish, c
make. v
)im $5.?? to $6.5?.
dward & liothro
===Main Floor, O Street,
Ideal Part of the Day 5m
Dint some new exhibition,
nation of Holiday things.
r to the general holiday
ible for the occasion. We
ma, Dresden and London
hing that is always ap=
id question superior to
livery departments. Our
1 shopping without un=
ength of time than has
>ustDe toward the last are
raong them iff you com=
"iffty=ffnve more off the
Worsted Suits
Id by 12 o'clock noon. They are
:st values we have ever offered,
the colors just now in'greatest
lue and black. The styles corn?
collar and the smart bayadere
ilirectoire pockets; all have the
spring models. Skirts are the
satin and large satin buttons or
pockets, sleeves, etc.. with satin
rchased this lot of tailored suits
sell them at half their real value.
>rice, many Suits from our regutvelv.
Hence these several lots
n \Y omen's Stylish, New, Up-to1
Children's Coats
SpecaallBy Priced.
k OFFER several
\j\j\y i-"j' icu rtiui American
models, at rc-.
luced prices. They are all this
season's goods and consist of
rroadcloths, corduroys, serges
in:l various novelty cloths, in
white and colors. They arc richy
trimmed with furs, braids,
ancy buttons, etc. A collection
if beautiful coats for little children?and
make ideal Xmas gifts.
$3.00 each. Were $5.00.
^6.00 each. Were $6.50 to S8.00.
[>6.50 each. Were $7.50 and $7.75.
[>7.50 each. Were $8.50 and $10.00.
&8.00 each. Were $10.00 to Si 1.50.
$18.50 each. Were $25.00.
Infants' Dr>pt., Third floor. Eleventh st.
Women's Silk Hosiery
At a Special Price.
E HAVE secured
IV (v I 11 a'u^ ?^cr at a sPecia^
price, a small lot (30
dozen pairs) Woman's
Pure Spun Silk Hose. They
ire in black only, and have coton
soles, which make them
norc comfortable and more serviceable.
Special price, 75c pr.
Regular price, $11.25 pr.
Inclosed in neat box, if desired,
or Xmas gifts.
Main floor, F st.
Our Arch=Rest
Shoe for Women.
n vftm nave aciaeu to our
(v IV I II stoc^ a s^oe made
especially for the relief
of women with
lat feet and broken-down arches,
riiese are constructed on a last
lesigned for a shoe of this charicter
after years of careful study
>f the ills produced from this
ause. such as pains in the limbs,
mkles and feet and discomfort
md fatigue after short walks.
rhey#are made of the best don;ola
kidskin, with flexible Good'ear
welt sole and a heel designed
md attached so as to catch the
veight of the body where the orlinary
heel does not; also made
vith broad shanks and an arcliupporting
counter extending to
he ball of the foot, thus doing
way with the arch prop, which is j
lumsy. inconvenient and injun- j
>tis to tlie shoes in which they are !
Pdce, a pair.
Ihinl floor. Toofli st.
p. i
Woodward & Lothrop.
Walnut Furniture
At Reduced Prices.
- i
t*y i * HTS handsome Furniture
Ml 1 ie ? * ^
|| | jo *ft ivu 1/V U3 111
V?iy tions and put together
and upholstered in our
own workrooms.
It is made in Italy in the dainty
Louis XIV and XV period styles,
is hand-carved and represents the
very highest type of art in Furniture.
We have withdrawn from stock
all the discontinued patterns and
offer them at one-third less than
regular prices. Included arc 3piece
Chaise Lounges, 3-piece
Suites, Side Chairs, Arm Chairs,
Piano Stools and Sofas; some in
natural finish; others waxed and
gold leafed. They can be arranged
into full suites if desired.
These pieces make very attractive
and useful Xmas gifts.
Formerly. Xow.
Side Chairs, natural a, _ ? _ , r _
finish ?l/-5? Prl-/D
Side Chairs, wax finisi.
: $19.50 $13.00
Side Chairs, natural ^ ^
finish $22.50 $15.00
Side Chairs, wax finish
$24-5? $I0.50
Side Chairs, natural ^ ^
finish $30.00 520.00
niao ? nan s, natural __ cv.~
finish $3I.OO $20.50
Arm Chairs, wax fin- A ~
I*h $37-50 $25.00
Arm Chairs, wax fin- e .- o-.r -ish
$4/0? *>3k/D
Arm Chairs, natural ^ r
finish $55-?0 $36./5
Arm Chairs. high Cc- e
hack, natural finish... $00.00 JJ?40.00
Piano Stools, natural A _
finish *. $20.00 S13.50
Piano Stools, with ru-? Cu ?a
cushions; gold leafed.. *30-?? S24.OO
Piano Stools, French ^
gold finish $40.00 $2/.00
"-pee. Chaise Lounge. <*. _ eo,
natural finish $125-00 $83.30
fi-piece Upholstered ? q
Suites, natural finish.. ^?0000 &72.50
Sofas, natural fihish. $90.00 $60.00
I'pltolstery Dept.. Fourth floor. G St.
Imported Novelties Ira
Leather Desk Articles.
ME ARE showing
many odd and artistic
leather things,
both for the desk
and to carry about the person.
Included arc articles for men and
women, in all the latest and best
leathers and shades.
Also Handsome Desk Sets, in
mission leather.
Imported English MTorrn <5- . o,.
Fitted Writing Portfolios. v^pOO TO JJt.-3.OO
t^*: .. .Nw!e"*..in. ,iea.ih" $2.25 to $7.00
leather Memo Pads 75*- tO$4oO
Engagement Calendars 75c 1? $4-50
Address Pooka ^OC to $}.00
I^Pa^.lrr.thrr.c?n!!".;..*u. 38c to $3.00
xr?wm7,S Sio.oo and $12.00
Also a large assortment of Calling
Lists, Shopping Lists, Visiting
Lists and Engagement Books,
covered with leather, in new sizes
and new shades.
Main floor. Eleventh st.
Dainty Shawls
For Ximias Gifts.
mS a gift for the mother,
grandmother, sister or
girl friend, nothing
would be more appropriate
or received with greater
pleasure than a pretty shawl.
Wc are showing a very large
assortment this season, including
many novelties, selected with special
reference to the holiday trade.
The effects are neat, rich and
We mention a few items that
are especially attractive:
Women's Silk Shawls, shell stitch: > pw-,
white and Mack; one yardfoquare. Kadi. .
Women's Ileavy All-wool Shawls, ill eream
only; I'J yards square; finished \t-lth C > rtrt
fringe. Each ?.VUU
Women's All-wool Cream Shawls. In fancy
weave; lVj yards square; finished w ith
wide border and fringe. Each ? v4-VJU
Women's All-wool lllack C'Hsbmere
Shawls, two yards square, finished with g?fringe.
Women's Cream Silk Shawls, In fan stitchflnished
with fringe; 1>? yards square. CEach
Women's Handsome Silk Shawls, in cream
and black, finished with fringe; 1!, CV-,
yards square. Each
Women's Handsome Silk Shawls, in tfancy
weave, finished with fringe; P-j yards g?0 cn
square. Each *P?Ou
Women's Silk Head Scarfs. in white. "7ZC
pale blue and shell pink. Each / .'
Women's i'reani All-wool Senrfa. shell stitch,
finished with fringe; IVi yards long, C
Bach ! P.I-00
Third floor, tt at.
Fine amid Beautiful
Waists for Women.
^ R showing of Waists
/I ^ y for women is a veritable
yju/ exposition of all that is
new, stylish, attractive
and elegant. And true elegance,
whether it find its source in sim- j
plicity or rich elaboration, marks
every garment in our collection.
The variety of styles is not merely
representative, but exhaustive,
as every new idea that has been
presented thus far finds expres
The following items represent
styles and effects that have become
very popular this season:
Women's Flue Measalim- Satin Waists, In
taupe, polden brown, (lark blue ami black; finished
with lar*e tneks and buttons; fasten in
front; ion* leg o-mutton sleeves; all
sizes. Each VJ-/0
Women's Net Waists, In white and cream;
heavy applique yoke, finished with baby Irish
medallions; long tncked sleeves; ail <>- ? slr.es.
Each |
Women's Net Waists, in polka dot effects, [
neatly tucked and embroidered; tuade over white '
silk; Ion* leg-o'-mutton sleeve; finished <?- I
with black satin tie: all sizes. Each... vi-OU ,
Women's Tucked Net Waists, in brown, dark
blue and black, trimmed with satin oIr. j
bind In* and flniahed with tie. Each.. V'O.jU i
Women's Handsome All-over Tueked Messalinc
Patlr. Waists, in tsupe, *o!den brown and black;
ion* tucked le*-o'-mutton sleeves; ail e.n
sizes. Each H>10-5?
Women's Handsome Irish Point Blouses, with
lone leeV-mutton sleeves; all sizes.
Each ipij.OU .
Third floor. G st. [_
Special Sale Me
E HAVE secured and
I( I [{III dollars on regular prii
the well known "Ken\
perfect goods, and c
shadow stripe, and light and dark j
cut in the most popular styles am
$11.75 each. Values
We also offer a few of the fa
brown and gray fancy effects, in j
$11.75 each. Values
Special Sale M
We also offer at a third und
weight Trousers, in choice palter
well blended stripes. They arc cu
tailored and thoroughly finished, ai
and general wear. These trousers
coat, make a very attractive suit.
$3.95 a pair. Valm
Main floor. Touth si.
Books for (
OOKS are standard gifts.
]}rv\ able, and splendid collect
(Lful are offered in our Bo
The Books are so ar
f _ _ i t . 1 r ?
uuu aim easy selection, ootn or wit
and adequate light.
The wise and prudent ones ai
holiday wants.
Everything is here now and
been neglected. Fiction. History,
clog}r. Essays, Outdoor Books, Ck
Books for boys and girls and a :
Holiday Books, which in point of e
Special attention is called to
wealth of embellishment seems to
young readers, not only in the matt
attractive, but also in the matter o
ing, so that books for.children are :
standard, works of art.
CMdreira's Books.
[ by Cireto Halm; beautiI
ful full-paite ilU
J i lustrat ions In c,
rr< /-. . -v t rnr> r a r*
' i L7U1 ur i rir.ADURE
SHOW MAN. by Frederic <'ltapin;
profusely illustrated, many Jsi.je
In color" v ^
by Millicent Olmstead; the adventures
Of Great A, Little A and
Bouncing- B; full-page illus- 8oc
trations in color
CIRCI'S. by F. G. Wheeler; a continuation
of the famous "Billy
AVhlskers" stories; charmingly ^
funny; many illustrations... oOC
LITTLE PURRS. by Elizabeth L.
Gould; a delightful story for children
about a little girl and her live
kittens; fifty illustrations, .
many in color
BLUE BEYOND: a remarkable
i book of real poetry and some of
the most original and best executed
pictures seen, in a
book *-5?
New Xmnias Books.
\ ERN ITALi. by T. V.
*V \ v Bampus: illustrated <?>nn
in color ip^.uu
RYE. with pictures $> fln
in color by Underwood * '
pictures in color by Under- g. qq
wood *r y*J
Riley, illustrated in color,
with illuminated page bor- e.
ders vl-3?
\ BOOK?the story of Pinafore told
\ by \V. S. Gilbert: many full- *I
page illustrations in color.. T4- -"J
Camp: a rattling foot ball
story: illustrated in color... "P1?u
by .T. S. Hamilton: a .story of college
days; illustrated in jcolor
" J
GIRLS. by K. R. Ellis V1'1^
by F. T. Tomlinson; successor
to "Four Boys in the ^
Land of Cotton"
by Winn Standisb. A fine book to
give a boy interested in <Cr Tathleties
^ >
" 4
Biography History.
HE TOY SHOP. A story
/ 1 of Lincoln, by Margarita
#1 1 Spalding Gerry. The
Vx. | j kind of story that brings
^imV a lump to the throat and
a glimpse of glorj cr.,
to the eyes r>u'PAR1S
Whiting. Various phases of
life in the French capital
are delightfully dc- e-> ^
picted; illustrated
SPAIN, by Maud Howe. This talented
author has written with appreciation
and sympathy of c.-y.
things Spanish: illustrated.. v ? '" i
.by George Wharton James, j
Authoritatively he points out wnac j
is fact and what is tiction
in Helen Hunt Jackson's C > (v-v
Romance; 100 illustrations... v
AND LAVA, by Win. T. Hornuday.
The exciting story of a hunting
and exploring expedition in the
deserts of southern Arizona and i
the mountains of northwestern
Mexico. Full of adventure
and scientific; wonderfully e,
illustrated S\J-w
FRANCE. by Edith Wharton.
The altogether charming
account of a motor trip
through many parts of
France ?--00
WAYS, by Henry C. Shelley.
Treats of Interesting nooks and
corners of England that are ,
off the beaten track; illus- <r
trated Jfrj.OO
Main floor. Tenth st.
0x8ward <& LotBiroj
& Loth rop
;n's Overcoats.
offer at a savin}; of three to six
ces a line of Men's Overcoats of
on" make. They arc all new and
omprise plain black, black with
;ravs, in fancy effects. They are
1 are well tailored and carefully
i, $15.00 and $18,00.
mous "Ken-reign" Raincoats, in
popular models, at
$15.00 and $18.00.
eo's Trousers.
cr price a lot of Men's \\ interns
of dark gray and black, with
t in the most popular style, well
lid arc suitable for dress, business
, worn with plain blue or black
All sizes in the lot.
is, $5.00 and $6.00.
always appropriate, ever acceptions
of the best and most bcautiiok
npnart mcnl
ranged as to afford ready inspccich
are facilitated by ample room
re buying now in anticipation of
on the shelves. Xo branch has
Biography. Travel. Poetry, Tbcissics.
Standard Authors in Sets,
superb assortment of Illustrated
xcellence are second to none,
the Books for children. All the
be lavished upon the books for
er of illustrations, which arc very
f type and paper, as well as bindfrequently.
from the bookmakers'
Mnsceflflainieoiuis Books.
i ' WIUjOWS. hy Kenneth
n I (Irahmr. There in someIt
\ thing of everything in
VS-^y this book, front bro;nl
farce to heanti- o.
ful poetry -?0
Chesterton; companion vol
umc to Heretics
by Gilbert K. Chesterton: silence
and religion, worship of
the wealthy, etc - v'O"
Henry Mills Alrlen. for forty years
editor of Harper's Magazine.
A work of sjiecfal inter- est
DICTIONARY?new Winston
edition. Contains all ordinary
words, many new words, division
into syllables, pronunciation, capitalization,
synonyms and antonyms
in the text and many other new
and desirable -features; o.
cloth oI.OO
Flexible leather Sl.40
by Algernon Charles Swinburne; a
volume of prose marked by every
fealty of his thought and style,
revealing at once a new as
well as> the old Swin- ^
burne I}?2.00
New FSctson.
| V | by Helen Huntington; a
; 11 I story of the social gayeties
of the New York
smart set. or at least of a
set that is securely in the
metropolitan social Sl.I^
swim !
by Alice MacGovan; (
lustrated by George Wright. A tale
of primitive power in wdiidi an
impassioned love contends against
the startling incidents of a $x.|mountain
of August, K.70, with
frontispiece by H. M. Brock. A
stirring and dramatic storx
filled with intrigue, adventure. ,
violence and the love of $1.15 '
woman J
A WOMAN AT RAY', hy Sibilla
Alermo; a powerful story concerned
with the delicate problem gj.j- I
of divorce " I
THE DIVA'S RUBY", by F. -Marion
Crawford; a first rate story
that will surely keep the reader's
interest at a high pitch; $|.fr
G. Wells; a breathless story C. . - ;
of battle and adventure ?P r? ,
Kinross; a novel in which a strong
undercurrent of mystery connects |
exciting scenes in London, C. , - i
Paris. Russia, etc *P4-40 I
Theology Philosophy.
SOl'h, by Horatio \V.
Dresser, Ph.D. A por- ,
tion of this book is de- |
voted to tite principle.which
underlie the work '
of adaptation to Individ
ual needs, and is especialiy meant
for teachers, ministers and others
who wish to become physlcians
to tile soul
George Barton Cutten, Ph. I J. An
outline of the psychological p!ie- j
nomena of f'hristianity, covering as
nearly as possible the whole
tield SJoO
Arthur Tiiomson. A new
volume of Bross Lectures... *T.OO
by L. B. Paton. Ph. !?., professor
of Hebrew. Hartford Theological
Seminarv V 0
LIFE, by Rev. J. Macgowan. An
intimate study of the nature, the
Ideas and the habits of life of the
strange races which inhabit that
vast empire; 11! full-page illustrations
in color, and many g. ?others
from photographs. .. v.W J
Woods Hutchinson. A. A!.. M. D. A
book not directed to Invalids, but to
the ordinary normal individual.
Popular fallacies regarding eating,
drinking, bathing, etc.. are exploded
by cool, sane argument
which profoundly interests o.
while it logically convinces.. "P1""-4*

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