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? * - --?-.1.1
t Medical Authorities Advocate Con- J|
etltutlonai Treatment.
For vpart pant sufferers from sstbma have
tiled all kinds of treatment? mokes, sprays, la- ,
balers, douches, changes of climate and similar
methods-w it bout success, until the fact was established
!>y the most prominent medical au- .
thorities In the rosntry that asthma Is a constitutional
disease, and must be treated accordingly.
if a euro is expected. The discovery O
of the famous specific, ascatco, vvas really the '
result of the efforts of a celebrated Kuropean
specialist, who studied asthma on the theory
that It i? a constitutional ailment. His success
in evolving a positive and permanent cure by the
use of ascatco is so well known that the demand
for ascatco in "Washington, as a remedy |
for the large number of those afflicted with asthma.
has tnnde lr necessary for the Austrian J
laboratory. S2 West 2.*.th st.. New York city, i
"> supply Ogram's drug store with the prepara- '
Hon. so as to enable sufferers In this city to j
obtain it without inconvenience. Ascatco Is pre- .
parol in two sizes?th" fiftv-ccnt size for mild .
<a?es. and which will prevent choking spells,
and the $2 size, which Is sufficient for a month's ^
treatment, in which time the most obstinate
i asos are invariably cured In the home of the
.... . ?. .... 1 .1... . ! I ... nfn .., .1 nt . >1 t I I
I'M l I *111, v. lliinijl f IIV ? iiti i I Jt* t?I tiuuaiu *?? U?. I illt
inn from liiiRinrss at"1
|| ( MAS. li. KDMONSTON'. 8 ^
H Something- in 1 ^
?* 8 sol
CM i
^ I
jj ?Would Make an ? f*
I Ideal Xmas Gift. ilS
8 1 T or-ASS carries -w ith it H> tw
.? /[ \ that atmosphere of quality 8 tin
u II and exclusiveness which 8 tin
V-W makes it the most pleas- H nii
St ins. the most precious and H ,
3 the most acceptable of S Ch
3 Christmas Gifts. We Invited your g
JJ inspection of our collection of Cut 8
St Glass. It is the best American 3 ^
8 Cut Glass?the tinest produced in 3 an
3 the world?clear, brilliant and per- XS gte
fppt tinrl chnwn in th#? npn-pct rut- xX
g tings and shapes. We quote a few g pY
C prices to give an idea of the values S qk
5 obtainable: g
2 Fern Pishes $2.75 tip 5 ing
m Bowls t,> $50 * tl,i
Pit'-iiers $4,541 up g
S Celeries $:t.50 ii|t
B Sugar ami Creams $2.5o up *4 fr<
2 t ask's $o.5? up it ? "!
g Catsup Bottles $2 up t~ gu
Peeantors for all purposes.$1.25 up it
t? Bonbon Pishes op XZ
|Chas. R. Edmonston,|
g China, Glass and Houseftirnisbings, H
1 1205 *Pa. Ave. I
iliiiiiiiiiiiMiiMMiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttiliiM psf
Corcoran Gallery Exhibition a Rare
Artistic Treat?Memorial Meeting. 1
The. Corcoran Gallery of Art is being ?
visited daily by art lovers iri large numV.
r- ?<o t r. iri Atif 4 1 >.t a v ' i 5 V\14 Inn ? f t hi. r>lr < ? I
i?ri o uf virw til*": lAUU^iuuil Ul ?-IlC WUi i\d |
of Augustus Saint Gaudens and the paintings
entered in Hie prize competition,
which were opened to the public yester- rpj
day. The exhibition was opened Monday
night by President Roosevelt in the presence
of a brilliant assemblage. Yesterday
afternoon the exhibition was visited by
Andrew Carnegie, who had several
friends with him; members of the Chinese
special embassy and others prominent in
public life. This rare artistic treat will
remain on exhibition until January -0.
V memorial meeting in appreciation of -j
Augustus Saint Gaudens will be held in ?ni
the Corcoran Art Gallery Tuesday, l>e- ^
cenjber 1.1. Short addresses will be made in
on that occasion by Secretary of State prj
Root, the Italian ambassador. Baron j
Mayor des Planches; tiie French* am- (.a,
bassador. J. J. Jusserand; tiie Brazilian ~
ambassador, Joaq\um Nabuco; the British ,
ambassador, James Bryce; the Japanese
ambassador, Baron Kogoro Takahira, and c,a
the charge d'affaires of Mexico, Don Jose pu
F. Godoy. Letters will also be read from We
the art societies of France, Great pa
Britain, Germany and Italy.
*1 d
* tin
???? be?
Chicago Girl Gets Locked in While
Busy on the Wire. to
CHICAGO, December 9?Miss Mabel 11
Roan used a drug store telephone so long
la?t night that when she came out of tlie tah
booth the druggist lia<l locked up the Bui
place and gone home. It was 11:30 o'clock nf*'
T J p
when she telephoned from her prison to
e Stanton avenue police station. A po- ret
*i< eman was sent to the residence of the T
druggist, but it was nearly two hours be- 'nK
fore he reached the store. we
While waiting for the druggist to re>
use her Miss Roan talked with friends ter?
over tiie telephone. *
_ eat
Austria Offers Turkey Indemnity. wa
Special Cablegram to Tbc Star. tlu
P\RIS. December !?.? According to the
latest advices received from Constantino- i>f>,
pie. Turkey and Austria-Hungary have boi
resumed negotiations concerning tiie annexation
of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It
is stated that Austria has offered Turkey
.<lo.nrO.iiOO as an indemnity for the annex
A Medicine That Does Not Cost Anything in*
Unless It Cures.
If toii suffer from constipation in any form ''lf
whatever. acute or chronic. we will guarantee reji
to supply yon medicire that will surely effect a in
. nre if taken with regularity and according to
direction* fir a reasonable length of time, feltotild (.jj
tl<? medicine full to benefit you to your entire nai
?at isfaotlou we promise that it shall cost vou
long. <>x(
\o other retffedy can l>e compared with liexall ant
te-derliea for th> easy, pleasant and successful *'"a
treatment of constIpation. Tbe^active medicinal .1JU
!.ge(si,ei:- of this remedy, which is odorless, j|
ia*teless and colorless, is an entirely n**w dip
...uiy, ivnnliincl with other extremely vaiuahle
greiiiei ts, it forms .1 preparation which Is In- ha?
. minaralde as a perfect t-owel regulator, intea- l"'1
;inal invigorator and atrengthener. ltexall Ord'-rltes
are notnl.lc for their ugrecahlencs* to the stu
paiate and gentleness of action. They do not l''U
w 11
cause griping or any disagreeatde effect or in- ^
convenience. ami may he taken at any tiuie, day
or night
\\Y particularly recommend Rexall Orderlies L
for children, delicate or ajred persons because
I he* do not contain ar t thing that could possibly Un
njiire the most delicate organism. They are
jts-t a? easy to take as candy, aud, unlike other J
preparations for a like purpose, they do not i?50
reate a habit, hut. instead, they overcome the
< au?e of habits acquired through the use of or- jn,J
dinaty laxatives, eatbartlcs and harsh physic, j o (H
arid permanently remove the cause of constipa- 1 hji?
tion or Irregular trowel action. J
' Sei
Wo want you to try Itexall Orderlies at our j0(1
i sU. We know that there l? nothing that will J
do you so much good, and we will refund jour $3,.
money without argument If they do riot do a* j
we saj they will. They are prepared in tablet? bid
fortu in two sizes of pnekages; .16 tablets, koe, P0<
and Ik tablets We O'TKmneli's llizraiarict,
furl f* st. n ? . :t2d and M sts. n w , Id st and tilt
1'a. ate. a.e., S'Jd and tl sts. n w. to
enate Receives Correspor
bia's Claims ?Joint I
Providing for Inaugui
Chairman Fowler's (
Proposed Commil
That some negotiations? for the settle- J
?nt of the controversy between the j
lited States and Colombia over the sep- j
ation of Panama from- Colombian terrl. 1
\v and its establishment as a separate
public are pending is shown by correondence
transmitted to the Senate yes day
from the tiles of the State l)ertinent.
The nature of this proposed
ttlenient was not disclosed by the ?cor?pondence.
The correspondence consists of letters
d cablegrams between trfie T'nited States
d Colombian governments, beginning
tober 31, 190T). in the first of which aeration
is asked for by Colombia to dlsse
of her claim for loss of territory,
>ich she charges was brought about
rough a revolution fomented by the
lited States.
'o Arrange Inauguration Details.
Senator Knox of Pennsylvania introccd
a joint resolution providing for the
polntment of a committee of Congress
arrange the details of the lnaugura11
ceremonies March 4 next. This conittee
will he entirely separate from titie
izens' inauguration committee, but the
o bodies will aci in harmony. It Is
derstood that Senator Knox will be
p chairman of t lie congressional comttoe.
.airman Fowler for Credit Currency.
"hairman Fowler of the House banking
(I currency committee has Issued a j
itemcnt advocating-' as the only true j
d economical currency "an untraminelcredit
currency, which is interehangele
with bank deposits that are subject
check." To make the American bankr
system impregnable Mr. Fowler
nks that the gold reserve must be
ritralized. banking unified and bank
>dits decentralized. lie opposes a govnnent
savings hank and the government 1
arantee of bank deposits.
Proposed Budget Committee.
Representative Smith of Iowa has induced
a bill having as its object the !
mation of a committee on the general :
dget with tlie view of keeping the
nual appropriations made by Congress
thin the revenues of the government
d authorizing the President to send to ,
ngress in connection with the annual
imates a statement of what should be
ne in case they are excessive. The bill
s the approval of Chairman Tawney <
the House appropriation committee. !
Authorizing a Volunteer Army. {
'resident Roosevelt has? transmitted to :
ItnUbnAfntn UN IHt olANU I
:lls of preparing papers .
in patent fraud case.
ctated to Him by Everding While ;
Barton, and Heany Were
"ho story of Nod Barton, John Heany
J Henry Everding working together to
;pare papers to be fraudulently placed
the files of the patent office was the
ncipal link today in the government's
ain of evidence in the patent fraud
'he public stenographer who wrote the
leteen pages which the government
lms constitute part of the fraud was
t on the stand and described what
nt on in Heany's laboratory in York,
.. November 3, 1907. As the testimony
s given in response to t?he questions of
: district attorney, it could be seen
it some splendid detective work had
mi done to trace the suspicions papers
their origin. The stenographer. Jaines
Metsenheider, said he had been called
Heany's laboratory one Saturday afterm
and had done some typewriting.
Die next day was Sunday and he worked
.it of the day on the specilicatidhs.
Ling direct dictation from Everding.
rton was there, and so was Heany, but
tlier of them did any dictating,
any would occasionally leave the room
h a paper in his hand, and then would
urn with a fresh lot of dictation,
hen the sheets of the patent file coveran
application of January 19, 1005,
re shown Melsonhelder. and he dered
they were the sheets he had writtn
November. 1007.
'rederick Yunt of 4.'!0 11th street northit
was put on the stand by the governnt
this morning and added a niite told
the district attorney's evidence in ,
matter of a conspiracy. His testiiny
was to tlie effect that Heany had '
ited Washington several times and had <
mi his guest here. Yunt was a neigh- ,
* of Barton's and met Heany in front
Barton's house. '
- t
estate in litigation. \
:ecutor of Late Dixon Fullerton !
Seeks Advice of Court. j
'lie million-dollar estate of the late
ton Fullerton, who resided in this city t
ttie Albany, 17th and 11 streets, up to 1
death last April, was brought into |
gat ion today through the tiling by At- t
ney J. *\Vitnier ]>atimer. representing t
executor. Angus 1,. Fullerton, of a bill j
equity for the construction of the de- t
ised's will. The executor alleges that j
certain respects he is uncertain what y
s the testator's meaning and intention, f
L appears that Mr. Fullerton by a codi- c
cut off entirely one of the legatees J
ned in his will executed some time bee,
and it is as to the manner in which l
s share should be distributed that the t
cuter Is in doubt and seeks the advice
i instruction of the court. He alleges
it certain of the heirs are claiming to
entitled to this share and have made
1 are making demand upon him for it.
is also alleged by the executor that in 1
>ther codicil of his will the testator un- V
took to give to one of the legatees dl- t
tly a certain share of his estate, which
I by his will been put in trust for her .
E..t ? i.?. i .. . I
n-lii, i>m i?-i aurr ui uiu language pill- ^
yed the executor deems it. necessary j
his protection tliat the court declare r
li to have been the intention. The
ll.-rton will was tiled in the register of
Is' office here in April of last year, and j
July was admitted to probate by the *
>bate Court.
????? _ a
usual Spectacle at Atlanta in Sale
of "Moonshine" Whisky.
ATLANTA. Ga,, December 0.?About ?
i gallons of moonshine whisky was
d in Atlanta yesterday, the governiit
being the seller anil the buyers
ng members of a crowd of nearly ^
l?o persons attracted by the unusual I
ctade of u liquor sale in a "dry" c
nmunity. The whisky had been
ze.| at Illegal stills in the Georgia
ithills. r
tidders paid from S'J.'Jo per gallon to r
35. and on one lot the bidding t
iched $.1.70. This bid. however, wuh .
ectod when it was found that the
Ider's thirst was digger than his '
ket book. and that instead of deslr- t
: an entire keg, the quantity being
Honed, be wished only to "pay at t
? rate of S.3.70 per gallon" for enough i I
make a few drinks." t
idence Regarding ColomResolution
ration Arrangements.
Currency Statement.
ttee on Budget.
the Senate and House the draft of a bil
authorizing the raising of a voluntee
army in time of actual or threatened war
and intended to replace the present legis
latlon which, in his message, the Presl
dent says was placed on the statute book
piecemeal and hurriedly.
Wants Local Bills Considered.
The Parkview CitisenH* Association ha
petitioned Chairman Smith of the Hous
District committee that all bills on th
District calendar be got out of the wa;
before the subject of a change in tin
form of government for the District I
taken up.
Committee Vacancies Filled.
Speaker Cannon has assigned Represen
tative Higgins of Connecticut to the com
mil tee on the judiciary in place of Repre
sentatlve Littlefleld, resigned, and Repre
sentatlvo Martin to Indian affairs 1
place of Representative Parker, decoasec
First Call of Committees.
For the first time in the Sixtieth Con
gress there was a call of committees yes
terday, but no measure was reported b;
any of them.
To Tax Forte Rican Bay Rum.
Representative Payne lias introduced i
bill to amend the internal revenue act am
compel Porto Rican bay rum to pay <
revenue tax, from which It is now exempt
Rules of House of Commons.
Representative Gardner of Massachu
setts, who -wants the House rules revisec
lias introduced a resolution to ascertaii
what is being done to revise the rules o
the British house of commons. The reso
lution asks the Secretary of State for th
Information, to be submitted not late
than February 1, ll?09.
To Extend Liability of Employers
Efforts will be made at tills session t<
A?. C4?II ?
'Aicnu me oirnuiK employers iiaoim;
bill, passed last session, so that ship em
ployes as well as railroad employes wil
receive the 'benefit of its provisions.
To Amend Railway Rate Law.
Amendments to the railroad rate la?
are proposed by Representative Townsen*
of Michigan in bills Introduced in thi
House. One gives the Interstate com
merce commission power to prohibit ai
advance in rates from taking effect whei
shippers protest aguinst the advance prlo
to the thirty days' notice. He would als<
tjlve the shipper the privilege of routinj
Foremost Men of Letters and Othei
Dignitaries to Attend Notable
Function This Afternoon.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
NEW YORK, December 0.?While they
are celebrating the anniversary of tin
birth of John Milton In London today ii
the Church of St. Mary-Ie-Bow, In sounti
of whose bells the poet was born .TO*
vears ago, a similar ceremony will marl
the same occasion In the city of New
York, in the Church of the Ascension, a
1:30 tliis afternodn. It will be attendet
by a number of the foremost men of let
Lers of America and by representatives
of the civic government, the army an<
navy, the churches of New York and th<
consular representatives of foreign coun
Some 700 guests will be present by invi
ation at the ceremony in the Church oi
the Ascension. Bishop Greer of New Yorl
will preside. There will be a full at
tendance of clergy representing the Prot
;stant Episcopal parishes of the city. Rep
resentatives of the Presbyterian, Metho
list and Baptist churches will attend.
The prelates and heads of the various
livisions In New York of the Greek Cath.
II - /It 1- : 1 1 l? 4- 4 ?<.V>
J11C Iiurcil will u*: pi csriu, nuittiMj ninr
bishop Platon of the Russian Orthodox
"hurch, Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny oi
Lhe Syrian Church, the Rev. Metados
Koules of the Greek Church and the Rev.
Boghos Kastanian of the Armenian
To Make Addresses.
Richard Watson Gilder and William
Dean Howells, as eldest and foremost in
Honor of American authors, -will make the
-hief addresses in honor of the great Pu itan
poet. Samuel L. Clemens has wiltten
from his home in Reading, <)pnn.,
hat care for his health will prevent his
tttending. He has instead sent a letter
which will be read in his enforced absence.
Other addresses commemorating
the day of Milton's birth will be made by
Hamilton W. Mable and Dr. Nicholas M.
Butler, President of Columbia University.
The British ambassador, James Bryce,
who could not come from Washington to
ittend, has sent a letter expressing his
sentiments upon the Milton tereentenlial
celebration, which will be read at
he exercises. Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke,
lirector of the Metropolitan Museum of
\rt, will be present. Ben Greet, the actor,
who will be among the guests of
>roininence, will assist the occasion with
l reading of sonnets from those of the
rreat poet, to which will be added his
>wn selection of some other passages of
Hilton's verse.
The religious feature of the birth celejration
of him who was the poet of Purian
devotion will not be prominent.
Music a Distinctive Feature.
It is evident upon view of the profram
that those who prepared the cerenontes,
bearing in niind the poet's own
(references, decided especially to accede
o them in the favoring of muBic.
The choirs joined will sing the composiions
of llandei, whose music in England
vas heard in Milton's time and doubtess
came to Milton's ear, as well as the
nuslc of Henry Lawes, the English com
>oser, Milton's own early friend.
Unusual preparations have been made
or the music of the tercentennial. The
hree choirs, scrupulously drilled for the
>erf'ormance, have, besides the church
irgan, to support them a string- orchestra
nade up of members levied among the
ymphony orchestras of the city.
> _________
Alleged Bad Check Operator Held for
Grand Jury.
Lawrence T. Latshaw, alias W. C.
Sates, alias D. C. Bacon, the alleged
>ud check operator, arrested in this
Ity about a week or ten days ago
harged with false pretenses, because
if two bad checks passed on local hotel
nanagers, waved preliminary examinaton
in both cases before Judge Mulowny
of the Police Court this mornng
and was held In $5,000 bond for
he action of the grand Jury.
In default of the necessary security
he defendant was remanded to the
"nlted States Jail pending further acion
in the charges against him.
! Remember
That Your SJJS/J'JJ
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1 Will Al= j ^ N.W
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| Charged, j
I s
I *1% #41
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Bill Introduced in House Provides tt
for One. ^
A bill providing for the establishment
of a tariff commission of seven members v<
to fix the rates of duties on all imports a
was Introduced In the House of Repre- c<
sentatlves today by Representative Fow- f;
a u ' |i ^/iT\
l ?SSi 1 /)
ii rf
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ndard Quality Black Taffeta Silk
ir of New JerBey. It provides that Con- -r
ress shall fix maximum and minimum r
iriff schedules, and the rates which the 8
ommisslon would fix would be within
tiese limits.
The commission would be required to inestigate
all questions of federal taxation g
flfecting imports and foreign trade, to I
ollect information with regard to manu- t
ictures and commerce, and to recom> j
Cl All!
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New Currants, lb
Finest Fruit and Pound Cake, pound
Goods, Silk:
checks and strines. S1.00 value. F01
:est colors. Has never sold under $i.^
de; a large variety of the most wantei
mis. that have always sold at 8c yard.
. Sold at 9c usually. For tomorrov
? *
heck styles; various colors. Values,
r material. This Fine Caracul Cloth
soft chiffon finish; yard wide. Sell
nand reciprocal trade treaties Each tional
nember of the commission would be ham
elected to serve a term of fourteen years. w
Mary-landers Thank Lafean. The
A delegation of Marylanders, headed by Hncl 1
State Senator Blair Lee, called today on [^'euM
Representative I.afean of Pennsylvania,
vlio recently Introduced a bill in Congress jf v
iroviding for the construction, as a na- umtus
i (
V. | Remember
XI I ; That Your j
AT IT I j Purchases
RCB> I Will Always
Charged. 1
( Buy now while S
i stocks are com- \ 3
\ba plete and select- *
KMl 1 eas>'- I \
&-? ? ?
|Y* j
'rices. 1
jacking and transit. These 5
at ?
&.,.8o i
ilar prices a maker's j i
in a great variety of ?:
nee by the man as \\
ler prices than you'd j:
f all builds. You can Ij
i Up to $10.00,1
luctions. |
II 1/eC ?
. . 82Q &
7Jic 1
I lie j:
39C |;
5lAc J:
7%c 1
7Hc I
7%c |
37AC I
37Ac ?
9^ 1
lie &
IOC g?
?, Eteo |
* B
r tomorrow's sell- f
? $1.001
1 colors. Selling a $
49c 1
For tomorrow ^
v you can buy \
IOC and n'/ic J /^C I
is 52 inches $3. OA 1
sat $1.49 98C I
tribute of affection toward AbraI.incoln,
of *a great memorial highfrom
tlie vicinity of the Whita
' to the battlefield of Gettysburg.
Marylanders thanked Mr I^afean
irgv<I him to rlo all In his power
uro ffcvorable consideration of the
ou want work read the want {
of The Star. 4

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