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j ?w?
the outer .
% 608 TO 614 EL
^ C
| Women's Hngi
I Russian Ft
^ l ull Len
| $50.00,
Heretofore 5
f' *
f: HsgJi=grade Cai
K Full Lei
t $6
p,- Heretofore
t- French \
* $3
? '
| Fur Liu
i _
'* : Of Imported Cloths, S<
Rich Fur Collar:
\ $19.75
L Heretofore !
(f i
, ! ?
-'1 Women's is
Of fine Broadcloth. I
Broadcloth air
For Street and Evening W e
| $15.00
; Three=pieee B
Highest Class Models.
I $48.00 $5
(' ]
Even ci
( )f Imported Broat
% $1
,< : Heretofore !
#r ?
* \ _
5 Rcch Caracts
Full Length Models, satin lii
I $19.75
p Lingerie and
if: Of Batiste, ]
I $1.95 $:
V- ?
Net, Chiffon i
r- Embroidered Net, Bra
| $3.95 $
L Heretofore
V fer'
! Furniture, HOI
I Carpets, 1 '
I r 801 Pi
|; Pay a small deposit and we
| Midwim
: The inauguration is not
| niture. You can pick up a
Furniture is offered at barge
I Rugs.
f i VS-yard Samples of $3-5(
H Wilton for a 9
ago than keeping: 111 miiui ilie bright,
cheerful, optimistic, hopeful, buoyant piei
tare of youth in all its splendor, magnlI
or licence: the alluring picture of the glories
try- which belong to youth?youthful dreams,
,51" ideals, hopes ami all the qualities which
belong to young life.
One great trouble with us is that our
lug im tglnations age prematurely. The hard,
and exacting conditions of our modern, stren;.t]
. j uous life tend to harden and dry up the
1 brain and nerve cells, and thus seriously
ou" j injure the power of the imagination,
ight j which should be kept fresh, buoyunt.
tion j elastic.
tual Vital Statistics
feel i Fi.h.i brittle
1 Qf I,not young women who tainted
liia'" last vear iltts fell into the arms of men.
two fell on 1 lie floor an.l one Into a water
CU'! " '
km 1 \ Feminine Financiers.
f -i, l.a.l.M l ifi.l
eke , ,,
The girl ol twenty is generally far more
l capable of managing an allowance than
<nls' tiie boy of the same age.
U J* * v
2 8.3x11 Brussels Rug $19.9
2 8.5x11.3 Brussels Hug $12.0
2 8.3x11.9 Velvet Hub $1*1.7
2 fx 10.4 Velvet Rug $13.3
3 8.3x12 Brussels Rug $13.7
5 Ox 12 Brussels Rug $15.0
52 8.5x12 Brussels Rug $14.7
2 6x7.10 Velvet Rug $7."
2 6x9.10 Brjssels Rug $7.."
3 *>.3x12 Velvet Rug $17.3
2 0.5x9.8 Velvet Rug $9.3
tt 8.5x12 Brussels Rug $14.0
3 8.3x10.8 Velvet Rug $11.t
2 85x12 Brussels Rug $13.7
55 10.6x11.9 Brussels Rug $19.7
2 8.5x12 Brussels Rug $14.0
? 8 3x12.2 Brussels Rug ,.815.0
2 8.3x11.3 Brussels Rug $15. .
2 9x11.9 Brussels Rug $16.7
g 8.3x12.2 Brussels Rug Sl.Vt
? Buffets.
J $ _>." no Ruffef 518.
J.tfi.on Buffet .. $22
2 $32 5i? Buffet $21.
2 JXo.rxi Buffet $2?.
55 iiuffm $27..
55 .'WiOo Buffet $30.i
55 $4ft.OO Buffet *53.
jj stvno Buffet
HX.W'O Buffet $57.
$55.10 Buffet $41.
3 $1)0.00 Buffet $15.'
55 $H.-. no Buffet $4*.
55 $70 00 Buffet $52.
55 $75.00 Buffet $5t;.
9 5SO on Buffet $00.
2 $9u.OO Buffet $t;7.
2 Over 4o patterns to selei
2 from. Oak ami mahogany.
Perpetual Youth.
From Sureess Magazine.
The elixir of youth lies in the mind
nowhere. You cannot be young by
ing to appear so. by dressing youthft
You must Sirst gel rid of the last ves
of thought, of belief, that you are ag
As long as that is in mind, cosmetics
youthful dresM will amount to very 1
in cnanging your appearance. The <
viction must first be changed: the thou
which lias produced 'lie aging gondii
must L>e revereeu.
If we <-an only establish the p-rpe
youth mental attitude, so thai we
young, we have won half the hu
against old age. Be sure of this: 1
whatever yon feel regarding your
will be expressed in your body.
it is a great aid to the perpetua
of youth to learn to feel young, howi
long we may have lived, because the I
expresses the habitual feeling, habi
thought. Nothing 'ti the world will tr
u< look young as lors as we are <
vim ed that we are aging.
.No Unrig else more effectually ret:
psborn !
I 1
I Clearing Sale ?
hi=eflas? Apparel. ?
_ r
my Fur Coats, ^
gth Models. r
$65.00, r:
$ >
ijo.oo to $90.00. i
* TT * A _
raciDii rtmr woshils, i h
igth Models. i;. ?
8.00 ;/ *
$90.00 t o S [ 1 o.oo. ;v. s
. : r
Seal Coats, 4: ?
5.00 | s
$55.00 to $65.00. ijj ;
ned Coats, $ 5
quirrcl or Muskrat Linings, :.j
>; Some With Cuffs. t
$35.00 I:
"* I
>30.00 to SOo.oo. j
:v ,
iSHored Suits, , C J
Icretofore S34.50 to $48.50. [
$25.00 6 j
nd Satan Dresses, ii ]
ar. I leretofore $22.50 to $40.00. L *
9.00 $23.00 I;
roadcloth Suits, t >
Heretofore S59.50 to $90.00.
5.00 $59.00 |.
; 1
mg Coats, J; ;
icloth in Pastel Shades. '
5.00 \ \
>25.00 to $30.00.
. 1 ? . . .. -. - 1
li Cloth Coats, % :
* 'Jl
ncd. Heretofore $29.50 to $39.50. $
$25.00' % \
_ >Jt
Tailored Waists, fLawn
and Linen. r>
2.95 $3.95 |
aumd Siik Waists, t
ided Filet and Silk Waists.
7.50 $9.75 |
S6.75 to $ 18.00. ^
^|V"p9Q Laces Curtains!
ulVC O Window 1
1. Avenue. Shades. |
11 deliver the goods now or later, it
ter Ssu.?0 I
far off. Perhaps you'll need Fur- it
bargain here now. Finest grade |
tin prices. i|;
Brass Beds. |j
) S'iYOO Brass Rp<ls SI ft. 75 S |
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* $40.U0 (trass Urdu STtO.OU XX
0 S4.-..IMI IUhss Beds S."? 7.". 5
0 S.~s 1 <k> Hr?>s ltfds $37.50 H
2 $.V?.?n> Kran* Be<h $41.7.% J
> $*iO.OV? Bras* Bo?Jh * ."? Oo X
O l?r?ss $4$.7% <X
5 $75.00 Brass Bod* $56.75 I 2
Take any Brass Bed in the 2^
^ house at 2Z% off. Some more, ill
I"; ! Iron Beds. !
1 *t..">n Iron Rod* . $-'1.98 Z
5 $<l.(K> 11on R?ds $4.98 : t
$7.50 Iron IV'ds *5.611 ; J
V-.On Iron .. . S'l.OO ; *
"J i $9.00 Iron Rods $*1.7.5
*l?.0O Iron B'ds. . *7..50 'Z
? $12.00 Iron B.mIs $9.00
i> ! *15.50 Iron R-ds.. $9.1)6 ' ?
' 515.00 Iron Pod. Si 1.75 <2
*)?.)? Iron Boil* *12.00 22
Six.'*) Iron Bods $13.5? 8
i *2*V(io Iron Bods *15.Oo ;}
75 I $211.5*1 Iron Bods... *1*1,XX ;Z
>? j *25.oo lion Bods...... $1S.73 <g
75 i Chiffoniers. |
2? $10.00 ClilSonirr* $7.74) 22
*I2.O0 ?'hifTouiors. $3.00 22
*"* St:'..50 Chiffoniers *9.90 22
*17..ml Chiffoniers... *11 75 fi
12 sis.no i hlffooler* $13.50 ?
S2o.o*? ? hiffonlors *15.00 g
,'j! S22.50 C.iiffoniers *16. *8 S
., *25 1*1 Chiffoniers $18.75 22
$2*1.?M) Chiffoniers $19 75 22
Ct $50.n0 ? Ulffonkrs *22.5*) fi
| *"7,.oo Chiffoniers *2)1.75 fi
*40.00 ) 'hiffoniorK $70.00 8
With the Nationa
of the !
Dostal Savings Banks Bill
lWfrtM P^ir Pfnnnc^rl fr
A?Aviv A ay m. ivj^vwv%?
vision of Bankruptcy
rctary Newberry Urg
ships ? Places for
Provided in Senate
The Carter bill to establish postal savings
banks was taken up again by the*
lenate yesterday and read for aniendnents.
Senator Carter announced lie
tould make no attempt to get a vote on
he measure until next week. Several
enators discussed the bill, and a large
lumber of amendments were offered, but
irial action was not taken on them.
Parole of Federal Prisoners.
A bill providing for the parole of United
States prisoners provoked a long discustion.
Senator Hale of Maine argued
igainst giving the power of parole to
>oards stationed at prisons, while Senaors
Clarke of Wyoming and Nelson of
Minnesota spoke in favor of the measure.
To Increase Pay of Judges.
Senator Clark of Wyoming, chairman of
he committee on judiciary, yesterday lnroduced
an amendment to the legislative.
"xecutiN'e and tidic.ial appropriation bill
providing an increase in the salaries of
udges of federal courts.
The salary of the chief justice of the
nited States Supreme Court is fixed bv
lie bill at J18.000. while the salaries of
issoeiate justices are fixed at $17.5nO. The
narshal of the Supreme Court is to re:eive
?5.500. The twenty-nine judges of
nctm courts are to receive salaries ot
UO.OoO and the eighty-four Judges of dis:riet
courts salaries of $9,000 each.
Dr. Reed Nominated for Lieutenant.
The President sent to the Senate yesteriay
the name of Dr. Charles Alfred Dee
Reed of Cincinnati, Ohio, as a first Iieuenant
in the Medical Reserve Corps of
he army. Dr. Reed was a candidate for
ime before the Ohio republican legisla:ime
before the Ohio Republican legislaive
Ransom for Miss Ellen Stone.
Acting on the suggestion in a letter from
the Secretary <jf State last March, recommending
the repayment to contributors cd
the money raised to pay the ransom ol
Miss Ellen M. Stone, an American missionary,
who was held by brigands in
Turkish territory, the Senate foreign relations
committee reported yesterday in
favor of reimbursing the contributors. The
amount is $bt>,000.
Hawaiian Judges Confirmed.
The Senate yesterday confirmed the following
nominations for Hawaiian judgeships
by the President: J. Hardy oi
Hawaii, to be judge of the circuit courl
of the fifth circuit of Hawaii; Jolih A
Mattliewson of Hawaii, to be judge of the
third circuit court of Hawaii, and Charles
F. Parsons of Hawaii, to be judge of the
fourth circuit court of Hawaii.
Stewart Case Causes a Laugh.
A resolution by Senator Rayner o:
Maryland, requesting the President t<
convene a court of inquiry in the case o
Col. Stewart, came tip in course of th*
consideration of the calendar. The cas<
came over from the last session. Whei
the reading of the resolution was well un
der way several senators laughed. Final!]
Senator Frye objected, and Senator Dodge
after expressing some surprise that tin
resolution should still have a spark o
vitality left, obtained its reference to thi
committee on military affairs.
Newberry Wants Four Battleships
The authorization of an entire squad
ron of four monster battleships wai
urged upon the House committee oi
naval affairs when Secretary Newbern
y nnPQ rM hofArp fhnt ffiTTt r.l i 11 VPStPl*
day. Besides the battleships, he sai<
that the navy should be provided wltl
four s^out cruisers, ten destroyers
four submarines, three colliers, one re
pair ship, one ammunition ship and tw<
mine-laying ships.
The testimony of Secretary Newberrj
was the first taken by the committed
in regard to the proposed increase ii
the navy this year. The committee al
ready has finished its consideration o
the regular appropriation for the navy
Secretary Newberry told the commit
tee that the new battleships should b<
of the heavy sutgle caliber, all big-gut
type, and addefl that It was deslrabli
that a squadron of eight of these ship:
be completed as soon as possible.
Revising the Bankruptcy Law.
A bill providing for a revision of th
federal bankruptcy law was reported fav
orably yesterday by the House commute
on the judiciary. Changes are made i
j AMtKICIf. NELSON W.. R. I...1727 Mans, nn
| ANKKXY. LEVI. \V??b Shorehai
I BACON. A. O.. Ga 1757 Oregon avi
ItAll.KV. JOSEPH AV.. Texas Stonelelijti Coui
BANK HEAD. J. H., Ala Ri*|
RKVK.Rir?GK. A. .1. liKi 1 no Wnrih
BORAH. AV. F... Idaho Stooeleigh Coin
Bilt llN'i:. JONATHAN Jr.. Ore. .StooeMgh Or
BKANDKUF.E. F. B.. Coon 1521
BHIGGS. F. O. N.J 23G R s
BROWN. NORMS. Neb TMrtlai:
IJI'I.KKI.KV. M. G. CoiiU 1701 21
BI RKETT. E. J.. Neb 1S16 19lh 8
III.'RNHAM. If. K.. N. H The Rlchmor
; RI'RKOWS. J. Mich 1-106 Mass. an
CARTER. rifoB. If.. Moot 1528 161b b
! CLARK. P., Wjo The Burliusic
| CRANE. \\. M.. Mass.' 1915 Mass. an
I i 'I.Al'l'. M. F., Minn 1"10 Euclid a
'CLARKE. J P.. Ark Cocbri
CUI.I.OM. S. M.. Ill Arlingtc
CUMMINS. A. N.. Inw? Arllngu
PAMKIj, JOHN" W.. Va D*?w?
DAVIS. JEFF. Ark Metropoliti
UEPEW. C. M.. N. y 1775
DICK. CIlAS.. O'o'o 1S21 Adams Mill roi
| I>ll.I.INGHAM. W. P.. \l Cocliri
I DIXON. J. M., Mom 181S 10
DOLL1VER. J. P.. Iowa 1415 Mass. av
DP PONT. H. A.. Del 1711 Mans, av
1.1,KINS. S. B.. W. Va ? 1626 K s
FLINT, F. P.. Pal 2305 Mass. av
FORAKER, J. B.. Ohio 1500 16th a
POSTER. M. J.. La <Vt,n
FRAZ1EB. J. B.. Teun Cochri
FRVK. \V. P.. Me llamllt
FL'I.TON. CHARLES W.. Oregon Arllnjt'
GALLINGEK, J. II.. N. II Normand
GAMBLE. It. J.. X. Dak Portlai
OAKY. F. B.. S. C 1535
LURE. 'J'. P., Oklahoma Congress Hi
I GUGGENHEIM. SIMON. Colo 15.15 I. f
IIALP. EUGENE, Me 1001 lflt|, ?
HANSRitOUGII. II. C.. N. Dak Alhai
IiKYBI.'KN. W. B.. Idaho Stonelelgli Cou
HOPKINS. A. J.. Ill Now Willa
JOHNSTON. J. I'.. Ala lUleli
KEAN. JOHN, N. J 1700 1 l
ICNoX. P. C.. Pa 1527 K i
I.A FOI.LE1TE, R. M? Wis.. IMC. Wyoming av
1 LODGE. H. C.. Mass 1765 Maui, a'
LONG, f . !.. Kan 1455 Mass. av
MARTIN. T. S.. Va Ben-dl
MiCREARY. J. B? Kv Ivbbi
Mri l MHEl:. P. J.. N. Dak 1554 2
MoKXFRV, S. D.. La Metrnji.il t
MiT.AUUIN. A. J.. Miss iV.nitfess lis
MILTON. W. 11.. PI a Congress H;
' MONEY. 11. D.. Miss WRirls
NKWLANDS. F. C.. Ner Wood I
U. >*.. -Nev n )ua
uVtKMA.v. I,. S.. .V C CtK-hr
: UWKX. K. Sbor#ta?
I'AiiK. i*. s.. vi Arlin:?
I'AVVTBIt. T. H.. Kv .. .Halei]
I'KMtOM'. I'M \.?w WiU*
PHRKIXS. *?!... Stoueielgii 1 oi
I'll.KS. S H.. Wafh Cot-hr
i ri.mr. r. v y \rim5t
i KaYNKK. i si DOR. Mil Hignlan
Rli W AKDSOV H. A 1?pI N-<v Will*
HCl'lTT. \. K,. W. V* New Wiila
j'MMMONS, y. N. C Portia
.1 Lawmakers f
Sixtieth Congress f
[ Discussed in the Senate. I
>r Federal Judges ? Re- %
Law Favored?Sec- f
es Four New Battle- j
. ?
Former Presidents ?, |
>r McCreary's Bill. I
the a> t so as to make it conform to de- ;
- cisions of the federal courts. >
An important feature is that providing j
that the fees of receivers in bankruptcy *!
siiall be fixed upon a percentage basis.
The bill also makes tlie bankruptcy act
, applicable to all corporations, except those j
j of a quasi-public, character, such as rail- *
road and insurance companies and bank- <
j ing concerns, thus widening the scope of <
I the law. ?i
Another proposed change in tlie law!*'
.. ? s? i.,... 1- I C
! is inat providing: mm a pfunui i m uaimruptcv
shall not he discharged if any '
false statemegt has been tiled in his ^
case. *8 ?
Proposed "Calendar Tuesday."
Representative Augustus "Gardner of ?
Massachusetts, one of the leading rules
Insurgents of the House, yesterday intro- ,
duced a resolution to provide for. a "cal- ?
endar Tuesday" in the House of Repre- *
sentatives, when only business mat has t
to do with bills on the calendars shall he J
in order. *
It is provided that immediately after '
prayer and the reading of the journal the '
clerk shall call the committees, and the ,
members will have the right to call up (
any bill that has been reported by the t
committee to which it was referred. The <
resolution would add another rule to the <
House rules. 4
Special provision is made for closing de- '
bates on bills after forty minutes. As '
a rule debate can be closed only by the ]
committee of the whole going to the house
for permission, and then returning to t lie .
committee of the whole.
Proposed Purchase at the 4'Soo."
Believing that the advancement of com- .
merce on the great lakes demands such
action. Representative Lorlmer of Illinois
lias introduced a bill for the condemnation
and purchase by the United Stales of all ;
the private property, including land and
i water rights, between the present St. .
j Marys Falls canal and the international
i boundary line at Sault Ste. Marie.
For years the location at the fall of the
' Chandler-Dunbar Water Power Company.
J the Edison Sauit Light and Power Company.
the Edison Sault Electric Company
and the Si. Marys Power Company lias
1 been a source of annoyance to the United
i "I believe that it is best for tlie United
; States to purchase all that property now.
and not wait for the power companies to
build more costly structures there." said
Mr. Lorimer today. "On this great pathway
between the east and west it is necessary
that we have more locks and that
' machinery be installed to regulate the
l flow at the falls. It is important that this
Wr? /lonn oi'on if tirntuiCOrl In
? j UV UVUT-, V. ? ' H II HI'.- pi VT|/V>.7VV? >unvM . v. I
.gulf waterways project fails, and much
j more so if it is a success." 1 '
? Places for the Ex-Presidents.
! To insure against any ex-President of
the United States being "out of a job,*
Senator McCre^ry of Kentucky will make
f an effort before the close of the present
j session of Congress to have enacted his
f bill providing that former executives may
? be appointed members of international
" commissions and representatives of the
2 United States at conferences having to
? do with foreign affairs. The hill has been
- referred to a sub-committee of the Senate
f committee on foreign relations and sev,
eral meetings already have been held to
? consider it. While it is likely the measure
f will be reported front the committee it
e is not thought that it will pass the Senate.
As one of the arguments against the
bill it was pointed out in the committee
yesterday that for at least four years to
! come It would apply only to Air. Roosr
i velt, who already has taken steps in the
5 | mapping out of an active future for himj
The preamble to the McCreary hill sug'
gests Pan-American conferences and con
ferences at The Hague. It sets forth that
j proper representation of the United States
at such conferences calls for such great
familiarity with and mastery of the ques'*
tions to be discussed that ex-I'residents
are eminently qualified to represent tlie
J nation.
' Mrs. Isabel Worrell Ball, chairman of
2 the national committee of the Woman's
1 Relief Corps on legislation to prevent
" desecration of the flag, lias been informed
" by tiie committee on judiciary of the
House, in response to her inquiry, that
i the hearing on the various tlag bills
2 which was set for next Monday origina!1
ly will be held in the room of the House
2 committee on judiciary Saturday morning
[ at 10:."0. A bill to prevent the desecra{
tlon of the flag by using It for trade|
marks and for other commercial purj
poses passed the Senate last May. There
: are several bills of like nature in the
I House, but it is expected that a compromise
may be secured on the Senate
e 1 measure which is said to be praetical'y
nithe same as the flag law of Connecticut.
(SMITH, J. W.. Md Baltimore. Md.
SMITH, WSI. AI.DKN. Mich 110O UUli st.
SMOOT. REED. Utah Kalot-n
STEPHENS"! IN. ISAAC. Minn Shoreliam
1 STONE. WIIJJAM .T.. Mo . Raleigh
i SUTHERLAND. GEO.. Clah Highland*
TALIAFERRO. .1. !?.. I'ia Stoui-lelgh t%?nrt
TAYLOR, It. I.., Tenn ijto'uclcigli Court
g TELLER. H. M.. Col Cairo
, TILLMAN. B. R . S. C Normandle
pi ! WARREN. E. E.. Wro New Willaid
WET.MORE. G. P.. R. 1 1000 K st.
-t Representatives.
J. !
K i ACIIESON. E. E.. Pa Nonnnndie !
t. ADAM SON. \V. C-. Ga Nxtionai '
nl ADAIR, JOHN A. M.. Iiul Congress liall
!d < AlKr.N, ? VATr, h. C Metropolitan
t. , ALEXANDER. r>. S.. N. A I'ofiUPctlciU I
,1 ALEXANDER, J. W., Mo 134;; Uirard
p 1 ALLEN. AMOS I... Mo KdnuJ
r. ' AJIKS. BUTLER. Mass ll.V, Kith st.
hi ANDREWS. W. J!.. N. Moi Sborebam
p. ANIMil s J. K.. X. Y Ar insi.m ,
I | ANSBF3URY. T. T.. Ohio Now WHUr.1 |
id i ANTHONY, I?. It.. Jr.. Kan 23't'J Mass. ?vp. !
ie ASHBROOK, XV. A.. Ohio Congress Hall
it BANNOX. II. T.. Ohio Now YYillar.l
in BAROlKF.m, A. Pa flooidrntaJ
>n ' RAR'FHOI.DT. RICHARD. Mo 1003 Km lid
rh BARTU.ETT. C. I... Oa Coptirun ,
?y BATES, A. I... I'a Now \Villar.l j
in 1 BE A I.E. J. G.. Pa l!Ulu liaiorarou me.
N BEAI.E. JACK. To* Coehran
id HELL. T. M.. Ga 1T5? Q st.
in BENNETT. W. S.. N. Y ll*?? S m. i
th ' BENNETT. J. B.. Ky Metropolitan |
e. BINGHAM, H. II.. La Portia. Ciuli
e. BIRDS ALL. B. P.. lmva Congress Hall
t. BON'YNGE. R. W.. Col Cairo i
e. BOUTEEL. II. S.. Ill Highlands
it. BRANTLEY. J. W.. Ga Rlggs
m BRODHEAD. J. D.. Pa 1314 Conn. ave.
in BROWMjUW, \V. P.. Teiin... .1mj3 Belmont r em
un BRI MMER. C. N.. Pa 517 K st. n o.
r>u BURGESS. GEORGE I".. Texas Normandllie
BURLEIGH. E. C.. Mo 1100 VI. ave.
id BURNETT. .1. I... Ala Congress Hall
L BI'RTGX. II. It., Hoi Highlands
ill BURTON, T. K.. Ohio Koehamheaii
tt. BUTLER. Thus. S.. Pa Cimitioriaud
t. BYRD. A. M.. Miss Metropolitan I
nv CALDKRIIKAII. W. A.. K?n Coiiirfrs lia.*
rf CALL. THOMAS idel.l. Alaska U15 4th *1. ?.?\
itl CAM I'HELL. I*. 1'.. Kan Cumbfrlnnil
rr! CAXWJCK, E. S.. Jr.. .Mis* IK; 1! at.
jh OAPROX. A. H.. It. I Ooh.Mii
t. CAUUTELD. Ii. S? Mo Cairo
ir. CHAPMAN. P. T.. Ill -'HO Columbia mi.:
o. CI.AHK, CHAMP, Mo 1511 K Ft.
ft CLARK. PRANK. K!a llrlsooli
t. CLAYTON. II. I).. Ala Rlgg*
rt COCKRAN. \V. It., N. Y I""-: li
It ! CONNOR, J. P.. lone Hamilton
-.5 I CiioU. 11. W.. Colo Cong.a'?s llail
in : COOK. JOEL, Pa Arlington
ill j COOPER, A. I"., I'a Snort-Lam
?" : COOPER, 11. A.. \Vi* Kb-bns-tid
or i OKCMPAi'KKK. E. !?.. Iu.1
?" CURRIER. I". !?.. N. 11 Uoivev
p. ! ?T SUM AN. F. W.. Wa>h 'J22 M
iu j IUIJ.. u. i?.. r>nt
no' DALZEU.. JOHN. Pa IOC. .V II. :iv?\
tin ! liAItt!A'JM. A. II.. MU'b Hamilton
i'U i HAVIHSON. .1. 11.. Wl* l.?p\vov
fa j HAY IS. C. It.. Mlun Niirmandic
rtl' It.HVMlN. A. I'.. Iowa 1 ".'! ? Enellil si.
;t't lit AUMON'll. I'. A.. Mi< l'ouj'rt'?s Hall
an' llKMtV KIUHN. Mir It IT^'1 H.itii. avr.
on ' 1 ?WU 1 JIT. .1. \Y V Y 17(ff? Tt -t.
.J* IHiAPKIl. WIU.IAM H . V Y ...Corhran
-* : HUISO'll.U M. K.. Y fiili..
r.l ! KJtWAKDS. IKIN Ky KvrteU
uJ ' "KLI.EKBE, J. K., S. C Meir.'jiolilau
Bon Marche
A. Lehman Stock Hig
> ~ New Suits and Coats ar
; ? A. Lehman & Co. factory e
.? Suits worth to J
J $-uw. every assortment complete,
r A. I.KHMAN A- ft). include the stylish high-c
> STUCK- XEW YORK- Suits made of Spring fabrics
i\ $112.50. the rest of this firm's stocl
> | Suit8sJSh to serges and worsteds in all n
r find them in the $18.50 and $:
^ A. LKFiMAN & CO.
S STOCK, XEW \ORK. n /*^ a j* a a
? Long Coats from th
l 1 & Co. Fad
| This is just the kind of wcatht
| A. I.BIIMAX * .vT '?r S?mC time'
t 8TO.-K. NKW YORK. ,;or _\,
Si ~ ~ ,394.50 S15.00 and S18.00.
H SI8.5?. 1 ^
E 10 I For 50-ineh I Hack Coat:
? 1 f=?rv For Long Black Bro
I STOCUt 2new ?o!t? *y*5U a"d ?'8o?;
e -? 4? ti ti ^/Tfc I" or 50-inch Long
H $23.5?. $A!.50 Worth $2000.
fj Suits worth to ? f| E AA rorso-mch Broadclo
I' 5-15.00. 11 lars. Worth $25.00.
I A. t.tUtMAN A CO? SI 6 SO C?r 42"inCl' LO"S
? STOCK, NEW YORK. <4> U ^S25.OO.
V - ? ?
I Now for the Trimrair
| Every Hat in the
You always look for this sale?you know it means
? prices. Every hat in department must be sold before
| $1.95 iZice. $5,002
rrr* o ?. TT TT . * 1:4 .. <1 17 IT
? ii nmnnntiea mats 11 nmnraea ns
| Worth $5.TO to $7.5?. Worth to SHE
And it's a splendid assort- The trimming' of
y ment?all styles, all shapes, this lot is of very hi
% large and small; all colors and ?most of them tl
% black. About two hundred in productions from c
y lot. i workrooms.
I $5.00 for Lot Fur Hats, \
Verv fine stvles. White, Black, Bro1
For Choice off Uo= j 1CA
< /? trimmed Hats
t Worth Up to $3,50.
$ Feit, Velvet and Satin.
<:> .... . . SOll
y This price certainly ought to result in niine
a very swift sale. Hundreds of very fine xviim
A hats in this assortment?large and small can^i
V shapes. Satin Ilats. Velvet Hats. Felt
y Hats, in all colors. Choice entire lot, 29c. 19
y "
v ?
I Clearance off All
<> *
I Children's Coats===i
Big assortment Children's Fine Coats, in
y broadcloth, caracul cloth, pony cloth, astra- j^er
V khan, chinchillas and fancy weaves, trimmed
t?r t ^ ^ 7 .
y with velvet, silk and braid. Sizes to 6 years. tan
f All colors. and
| Worth $3.98, $4.98 /TS\?> W
I and $5.98. Choice . . $i
I Lot Misses' Coats, Worth
:?> ? ? ?
v I
| 314=316
| Seventh St JlJ)vU/ j 1JI AVi_l(y
7 ????????
ELMS. K. C.. Mo Dower OLMSTED. M. E.. N. Y
ELLIS. W. K.. Ore 134:'. Columbia load PADGETT, 1.. IV. Teun
KSGLEBItlGIir. \V. I'.. Cal Cairo PAGE. It. X.. N. C
KSi'H. .1. J.. Wis Congresa llall PARKEIt. It. W.. N.J
F1M.EY, I>. E.. S. C National PAYNE. S. E.. X. Y
FLOOD. II. D., Vn Benediet PEA RUE. G. A.. Md
FLOYD. J. V.. Ark 309 K. J. are. ?.e. ; PERKINS. J. C.. X. Y
FOCHT. B. k.. Pa Dewey j ?KTKRS. A. J.. Mass
FORNES, C. V.. N". Y* Westminster J PRAY. C. N.. Mont
FONS, G. E.. Ill 1921 N 5-1. ! PRINCE. GEORGE W.. Ill
FOSTER. M. I).. Ill Driseoll PIJO \. P.. La
FOSTER. 1?. J.. Vt Brunswick ! RAINEY. II. T.. Ill
FRENCH. B. L.. Idaho The Woodlev I UANSDLI.L. J. E.. La
FILLER. C. K.. Ill Riggs ItAFCII. G. W.. Ind
FCI.TON. 11. L.. Okln Driseoll HF.kDKR, W. A.. k?u
GARDNER. A. It. Mass 1 SIT II M RK1D. C. C.. Ark...
GILHAMS. C. C.. Ind Congress Hall' RHINOOK. J. i... Ky
GILLESPIE. O. \Y.. Tex The ft ii linctoi. ! RICHARDSON. W.M.. Ala >
fill .LETT, F. 11.. Mass The C-mnccttrii* i ROBERTS. E. W.. Mass
GODWIN. II. I... N. C .Congress Hall. UODENBEUG. W. A.. Ill
GOKKKL. II. P.. Ohio Gochrs", ' RI'JSSELL. GORDON. Texas
GORDEN. G. W.. Ga Co'ngress Hall Rl SSELL. J. J.. Mo i.
GRAFF. I. V.. Ill The Dewey ; RYAN. W. H.. N. Y
GREENE. W. S.. Mass 1107 17th st. ! SABATII. A. .1.. Ill
GRAHAM. W. II I'a D<"?ef SACNDERS. E. W.. Ga
GRIGGS. J. M-. Ga .Metropolitan SCOTT. C. F.. Kan
GRONNA. A. .1.. N. Dak Cairo . SIIEPPA It D. MORRIS. Texas...
Gl KRXSEY. 1". E.. Me Arlington i SIIERI.EY. S.. Ky
1IAI.K, N. W.. 'l'enn National SIMS. T. W.. Tenn
HAMILL. -1. A.. N..I.. Metropolitan SLAYDEN". J. I... Tex
II \MILTON. D. W.. |iwj Congress Hall SLEMP. K. R.. Va
HAMILTON. E. I... Mirii Drwry SMllil, S. M ., Mieh...........
HAMLIN. C. \Y.. Mo New Varnuni j SMITH. S. C.. Cal
HAMMOND. W. S.. Minn Dowry ! SMITH. W. R.. Texas
HARRISON. F. B.. N. Y 1717 I st*. I SMITH. M. A.. Vrir
II ASK I NS. KITTREDGE. Vt Grafton j m ?'v *Ic" u"*Ym?*
11AI GEN. G. V. Iowa New Wlll..rrt ! v r. V , .1
II.MVLKY W. C-. Ore Oaklan i ; \>{ tiis.i-1, J n 1;*
HELM. H ARVEY. Ky Congress Hull j II I i'l \iinn'
HENRY. E. S . t orn 1431 h st. ! ^!J.m;NEKS?iN. 1I AIA OL. Minn.
1IEPBLRX. \V. P.. Iowa 1121 E. Ohp. ! iiPrrvo e j' \r
IIIGGINS. E. W.. Conn Portland | .,K\^! , r"' ..-''i'
HILL. K. J.. Conn Burlington i V
HOKSON. R. P.. Ala 3117 S st. | ?' h-JW,M - .'
IIOLL1DAY. L. S.. Ind New Varinini .' AAA XI-1 , "v
HOWARD W. M Ga Riebinoud I ' A*'*. V," Ohio...
HOWKI.L, JOSEPH. I tah KC<> Vt. are. ! ' *' 'AIR. G. ? Ala lo.
lioWLAND. PAI L. Ohio The Cairo HIsrLEWoOD. N. B.; II!
ill BRAI1D. W. P.. W. Va Portland .J.',0^IA> K- > >
III I F. G. F.. Pa 16lK) N. II. are. 1 UIOMAS. W. A..
Ill LI.. J. A. T.. Iowa 1S03 M st. | TIRRKI.L. I.-. W-. Maas
11 CM I'll KEY. W. K.. Wash 91S M st | TON" VILLI.. W. E.. Ohio
HIMPHRKVS. B. G., Miss 1424 K TOWNSEND. C. K.. Ml h
IIPGHKS. WI1J.TAM. Ala Driseot; ! GNDEItWOOD. O. W.. Ala
JACKSON. W. 11.. Md Arlington i VOLSTEAD. A. J.. Mini.
JAMES, A. D.. Ky Joiiuson Hotel i A RFIF.LAND. E. B.. N. A
JAMES, o. At.. Ky i\s bran WALDO. G. E.. X. Y
JONES. W. A.. Va 17o9 U st. 1 WALLACE. It. M.. Ark
JENKINS. J. J., Wis Hamilton J WATKINS. J. T.. La
KAHN. 4FLIFS. Cal Shorrhaui I WATSON. J. E.. Ind
K A I.A NT A N AOLE. J. K.. del. H. L. j WEBB. Ii V.. N. C
1410 Mass. ave. u.w. : 11 KK1I8, C. L.. Ohio
KEIFKR. J. WARREN. Ohio Msrlbnrnotk WILEY. O. C . Ala
KKLIHKR. J. A.. Mass Alllanv WILLKTT. W.M.. Jr.. N. V
I KENNEDY. C. A.. Iowa Congress Hail W11,SON. W. W.. Ill
I KIPP. G. W.. Pit Driseoll WOOD. IR\ W.. N.J
j KITCHIX. W. W.. X. C Drlacnll I WOODYABD. H. C.. W. Vn
. fv'VAlH' 4% 1. V V .171!* Maw. avu 1 a
; KNoiv. f'iili.!! ". Tii.....7."77..IT.bo we? L'cnvii y
! KFBSTKUMANN. GFSTAV. Wash..Congress Hail From Puck.
; I.AFKAX. I?. 1".. I'h Occidental ... ..... . ,
1.AM15. JOHN. Va New Varuum "Well. sir. remarked t
! "i.- I'arrasat i garrulous landlord of the J
! LAXi.J.l.V JOHN \\.. Ky OeS.ita l . .
l.AWKKNCK. t;. p.. Mass Sh.wbam | Throgmorton. the constat
; i.l-.T'.< liOliDON, <?u Snorebain | feller tiav before vesterdaj
1 I.KVF.K. A. 1\. S. Its:: Mil. live. u.e. | " . ".
| 1.1VINOSTON. I.. 1'.. (Ju laid Biitiuore at. ! down Main street, here, tn
I i Tr V1'- .Olymrtta tlie afternoon In his stoekln
hONUttOllTIJ. N.. Oulo. 831 lstli ?t. ,
j l.orn. A.. Mich ix-srey jail, now and
i LOWIiKN. K. O.. II! 171;? Mass. cvi\ "But?great soott?ejacula
LAUKI.n A??A. 'I I'LIO. P. R Congress Hall , l t . ... .
: MAi tiN. k. i?.. Ark t'ongreas Hall ing-maehine agent, it is r
?!*'!!!?*: V.- u- c1 .Highlands ijt. for a fierson lo walk ii
M AI ?l >ON. h. II.. Kmii congress Hall] . . ....
MANN. .1 h.. Ill Shoreham ! feet. Why. my dear sir.
maynaki). II. I... Va Occident*.* j ?.-?v__"
MARSHA 1.1.. THUS. P.. N. Halt.. .The FarraR.it;' neis-mial Ih.citv is
Met Al l.. S. W\. Mass Shnrehi.m "V Reisonai libeitj is
;.Mc?;av[\. c. Ill Dewey i *s ??ns a- it don t inter
{ MoKlM.EV. \V. It.. Ill illy J'arragni square | rigI'.ts of Oilier peopl'.
j Mcl.AIN. F. A . Miss Congress Hall j tends lo add to Hie silence
"h Arlingto., , lsin- mtle city is an off no
MMNMKl.l.. I . W \> \ ?i 4 a no . , ^ i ?* t i
NBI.SON. .1. M.. Wis.! 312 Mil a\.\ if.* iF'J!ieial Wi?H Were Jinbl C
1 oi.i mtt, J. VAN VKCHTKN. N.Y 222;; K st. 'even if we ain't exactly me
ale of the I
h=Class Apparel. 1
e coming from the f
. . . ' QLT*"? e/fli '
very day, keeping
The latest arrivals J 10 *-v"N'
lass Tailor-made a. i.kmman ToT 'i
rj 1 , . 1 STOCK. NKW YORK. ?
Purchased with . :
principally fine I SH3.5S. :
ew colors. You'll ' j;;
2 3. so assortments. l?
A. 1 .EH MAN & CO <>
ie A. Leo man 1 *
nrv $a! .25. \%
.wry. s. in u,..s,.
i- , , . i worth $25.00. ! V
?r tve arc liable to have [ |
A. 1.Ell M AN ?C CO. V
lixturc Coats. Worth STCKK- XEW VOUK' t
! -$11.25. i$
1 KroaJcloth Dros^r* j rf.
S. \\ ortll to SJO.OO. J worth S-J.YOO.
adcloth (.'oats. W orth1 ' X
A '.HUMAN X- CO. *2
Caracul Cloth Coats.
. 0 S309S. ???
til Coats. Willi tur col- Voilr and Serge f*
Skirts worth to
Caracul Coats. Worth ~ >
A. I.HUMAN & CO. ?j?
rued Hat Sale. I
r^i mice. X
V H ^ U M II V *cr V
> superior millinery at a fragment of former ?
* AJ>
>r ^(fl^ ^or
hioice. /I oq5HJ' choice.
its I Trinimed Hats %
.OH). 1 Worth to ?25.00.
hats in I his price emphasizes our ?
igh order determination to make a clean
le latest ! sweep of the season's stock. %
>ur own ; High-class Hats, worth Si5.00, y
i Si8.00. $20.00 and $25.00. X
vorth up to $33.50. *
ivn, etc., properly trimmed. X
nd the Trimmings for Them. 2
ncy Feathers <& Wings ?
in Two Lots. f
Pursuant to our policy to start each sea- %
with all new stock, we include all trim;s
at the sacrifice prices. Combining these <'*
s with the hats at 2Qc. any woman or miss 2
nake a very stylish hat at very small cost. ?
For Wings ^ For Wings *
L' .Worth to 75c. Worth to S2.50. >
and |
\t About Half. 1
1 -V
Lot Misses' Coats, in thibet, broadcloth, y
sev and fancv mixtures: trarnet. brown. C
? o ? y
, green, navy and cadet blues: made in box 'X
[ directoire styles. X
ry&s... $6.981
$7. Choice. $3.oft f
1173/fS ^\\ fob ^ ^ ^ ^ :'
i)IL VyiiL^ Seventh St.
4 *
Ar^^;on j Signs of Long Life.
Cairo j From Hip I'hiladelplila Bulb-tin.
..Vii!?Kj<>th%t! "Metchinkoff will perhaps increase
Burliugt 'o ! man's life !o L'o?? years by feeding him on
161*3* '^"ii^ave1 CU1"died milk, and Doyen, with Ills old
171R H st. j age serum, may add another .? years to
.The ' that. The signs of long life and short
..'.".3113 13th sr. ! life, though, will still hold good, and the
Ar',?8to." j delicate-skinned man will lie prematurely
.' Arlington c'"1 off at 1-" or 130. while tit. man wit a
.V.Co'iigivss Mali the rough, coarse hide \v;11 round out a
.*....13 let ii.o. generous ism or
Benedict The speaker, a physician, and himself
_ ....R.gcs coarse-hided, resumed thought!ull\ :
^ormamhe^Antn "The signs of a short life?and my med...Congress
Hall hal experience has shown these siuns to
.'."......33 R sr. be true?are ttuick growth, a small head.
.. .Cougress Mali white and frail teeth slightly separated, i
..........Cairo very fair and soft and beautiful skin.
"' ,vl'jtr'TZ J,. early corpulence, a sma'l mouth and tine
? ?1 I II Tint I . ,
.. !6"T Irving st. i ?Tt ''air.
....New Wlllan! j "The signs of a Ions life air- ;i coarse.
.-U!) C?>nn. uvo. I rough skin, strong yellowish teeth, coarse
.... IC1 I l'Jth st-j hair, a licrply furroai >1 brow, w ido nos
1C,1Kbbitti tl ils aml a la,'s? tnonth."
Buckingham I ?
u-banibra" A Change of Mind.
Oividfiitnl From the I(o?ton 11?- u!?t.
Mrtrimolbaii' A VVcllcslcy i "allege studeni rushed into
Buckingham i a telegraph office a few days ago ami
tTis^p'ht askerl the clerk for a message blank. She
....New Varnum j immediately wrote a ntes-agc ami after
"on grots'Hah s'ie 'lr"' finished it she tore it in two and
..131 R si. s.e. ! began anotlier blank. This was also torn
SVioreham , in two and then she wrote a "third, with i
....13S4 Uth ft. . . . , . . .
i4 C-duntMa msd i -he handed to the telegraph operator.
.. .Cougtess Hall j After the lady departed the operator
Cairo j'came curious and picked up the torn
-Raleigh , pieces of paper.
g,j| The first, read "It is all off. Never want
l>? .vcv1 to hear from you again." The second
... .OitierVss Hail i read. "Do not write to me again, as I
1 tewor j never want to hear from you." The third
.Drwi'v rncssage, which was sent, read "Come at
New V.!rna? I ?nce wn ,he train "
.. .V.M.O.A. j ? ?
? w jjj?rd j Mausoleum for Betsy Ross Planned.
It legs I From the Philadelphia Inquirer.
*. .Fon'r'" Si Hi:!! j Arrangements have been made by i e
sa. ...Metropolitan I Betsy Ross Memorial Association place
...Hotel the imposing mausoleum designed for the
Bancroft famous maker of the American Hag in
! a conspicuous place in the r.ew part of
lse. Mount Moriah cemetery, east of Hfid
! str?et, lier body being removed from iis
i 1. . . - .... .? ?,| Hit oil t I II ri'iiut ul.'o . I. .
UUM-'UI*" a vr ii?c n v iii u I liiv
ho foxewliat comoterv.
Puxioo tavern. Mount Moriah (Pounril of thp Junior
.1- u- ? te?l a Order <>f I fHtcd Am ri an Mi- r'.-.antes.
.. .... which originated the movement tor the
i\ for waking tnunuin(.nt, lias adopted the design sirithe
middle of raitted by a well known Pliiladelpb a
reel, lie's in i sculptor. Patriotic orders will build th
mausoleum, w . ? h w.il l?e a maguirh in
I edifice of granite, forty teet square, with
ted the wa">"-, v.lu)l anj duplicate of room in which the
lot a crime, is was made, surrounded by bronze *ta i
his slocking ' nary enibiematlc of the a. ti evements of
personal lib- ' Am^iean soldiers and sailors.
proper enough Vfhy Not?
fere with the j |.-ro?, Jodp-.
\n>.hing tuai j reformeil smoker?So voti've rut
of our prom- . .........
. k a /\n t I i\ ? 11 3 1 lu Sim l? P I I * \ ?
? (X ' II ^1 I T|?- I >'?II > ^ . ' . ...... .
-spirited here, ! magazine < 11 me what kin<l <)<> \ ??li pie'trop??litai?."
I fer? light, heavy <?r medium?"

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