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The World <
Price Movements During Session
Highly Irregular.
U. S. Common Dealt in Upon Enor
C 1.
111 u ub uvaic.
Americans Below Parity With Local
Closing Prices Yesterday?Foreign
Houses Sellers.
Imperial Dispatch to The Star.
NKVV YORK, February 11>. ? It was
perhaps tohe expected in view ??f the
general characteristics of yesterday's
dealings that this morning's stock market
should open with a feverish and unsettled
tone. Such, indeed, was the case,
but before the passage of the first half
hour it became plain tl at genera! liquidation
was by no means as urgent as it
was yesterday, anil, furthermore, that
supporting orders had been introduced
into a number of stocks. Price movements
throughout the day were, however,
highly irregular, and at the close
of business the nit results were decidedly
Conditions in the steel trade were again !
the absorbing subject of interest and dis- i
Mission. Imring the greater part of the
business session the promised official announcement
by the sleel corporation was
withheld hut there was? strong mtimatietis
that the official statement would
take the form that renditte an adjustment
of qurrent trade conditions atr
open market would he declared for the
various manufactured steel and iron products.
with the exception probably of steel
Erratic Fluctuation.
I'nited S'ates Steel common was again
dealt in upon an enormous scale, and the
sioek fluctuated In an erratic fashion. A
further decline of 1 point was scored in
tiie opening transactions, after which
tiie stock enjoyed a substantial rally and
later fluctuated irregularly.
Amalgamated copper recovered the
whole of an early decline notwithstanding
a further reduction in the selling
price for the metal. The railway equipment
shares were all weak, while cotton
oil was exceptionally strong.
The traction stocks were practically
neglected during the greater part of the
The expected announcement of the
Southern Pacific bond issue was made
early in the afternoon The amount was
fixed at $?2,0?In addition, the regular
dividends were declared upon both
T'nfon and Southern Pacific stocks. Other
active features of the railway list were
Reading, New York Central, St. Paul and
Atchison. The last named continued ex.
ceedingly firm.
Currency Movements.
Previous to the opening of business the 1
quotations for American shares in then
London stock market were commonly and !
substantially below parity w ith New j
York's closing prices of yesterday.
The London stock market was generally
weak, chiefly because of revived uneasiness
with regard to the political situation
in southeastern Europe. Foreign
chouses were sellers in the local market of
upward of .V>000 shares, but there was no
little suspicion as to the real origin of
these ortfers. The foreign exchange market
was strong, partly in connection with
"the London selling of securities, but little
alteration was shown in the money mar
1. ?i
The principal movements of currency
during the week as set forth in the preliminary
estimates, indicated only a small
change in the cash position of the banks,
despite the fairly large returns of government
balances to the subtreasury.
NEW YORK, February 10.?The cotton
market opened steady at a decline of 1
to 3 points, which was about in line with
the cables. Offerings were light; there
was a little covering by near-month
shorts and some buying of the new crop
months; tids demand was sufficient to
rally prices to about a couple of points
over last night's close, but trading was
very quiet around this level, and later
fluctuations were narrow and irregular,
with the tone uncertain
Futures opened steady. March, 0.47a
0.49; May, 9.4??; July, !>.44; August, 9.30
bid; September. 9.W bid; October, 9.32;
December. 0.28; January, 0.24 bid.
The market continued quiet during the
late forenoon, with prices ruling about
net unchanged to 3 points higher at midday.
Spot quiet; middling uplands, 0.83; middling
gulf, lh h>.
Estimated receipts at the ports today.
?m) hales, against 41.42-3 last week and
31.011 last year For the week, 143,000
hales, against 2O1.S01 last week and 140.403
last year. Today's receipts at New
Orleans. 4.1S3 bales, against 11,133 last
year, and at Houston, 0,210 bales, against
4,342 last year.
Liverpool Cotton Prices.
LIVERPOOL,. February 10.?("losing: .
Cotton? Spot, quiet; prices 3 points lower.
American middling, fair, 3.03; good middling,
3.20; middling, 3.00; low middling,
4 .80; good ordinary, 4.4b; ordinary, 4.14.
The sales of the day were hUMX) bales, of
which 2.000 were for speculation and export,
and included '0,1*n? American. Receipts,
10.2OO bales, all American. Futures
opened steady and closed very
steady. February. 5.06; February and
March, aWj; March and April, 5.03%;
April and May. 3t*;Uj; May and June.
n?ri . T I..1. - ,.i.i i
.' it*, june <tnu jui>. juiy and
August, 5.0!?; Allium and September, 5.0.1;
September and October. 4 !??; October an<i
November. 4.!*;1*; November and December.
4.5?412; December and January, d.lKJti;
January and February,
Special Dispatch to The S'tnr.
BAI.TIMt?KK. \H . February I9.-WHKATStr'-ng;
Mpot contract. 1 .aoUjal.'JO-li; spot No. 2
red *f?iirn, 1 u3>%; February, ] 2o'-.a
t ^i Mareb. I.si; May. l.l!?u.al.lse%; atenmer
No. 2 red, 1 17'-..-i 1 1~\: receipts, 2.4HO bushels;
noil I lr tii on grade. 1.17 <-,*1. Ut >?v.
I1HN Dull: spot contract. "Dtjaift-V; Fehru
ary. To' iT'i-,; March. Toi^aTd-% May. 1 Vja71 \;
steamer mixed. HM>sattV.4; receipts. Id.177 hushe|s.
southern white corn. 72a74; southern yellow
corn. NU.a7o1-^.
OATS Virm; No. 2 white. .171 .,?.*>*; No. 3
white. rrtiU?.-,7: No. 2 mixed. .14' shoo; receipts,
to bushels.
KVF. Firm; No. 2 western export, S-'taSrt; No.
2 western domestic. t?7 bid.
HAY Dull.
C.RA1N FKKIOHTS Very dull; strain to l.trei|Hsd.
per bushel. l'4d February; Cork for orders
per quarter. 2s February.
Special Cablegram to The Star.
LONDON.' February 1!?.-The late afternoon
stock markets were quiet, but generally
above the lowest prices. There was
covering in gilt-edged securities owing to
a more confident feeling with re.??pect to
the eventual outcome of the Balkan complication.
In the late official dealings
American railway siiares rallied on advices
from New York.
The declaration of the regular Harriman
dividends stiffened tiie curb and prices
advanced '? to per cent. Th>re was a
generally gloomy feeling fn foreign se.
nrlti< s. Rio Tintos rallied to tE?V The
continental bourses were quiet and heavy.
)f Finance an
igton; New Y<
Furnished by \V. B. Hibbs & Co.. bankers
and brokers. HihVs building, members
New York Stock Exchange, Washington !
Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of
Open. Hifch. T.nrr. 2:-"0.
A.. T. S F.. com. 101 % 102-% 101% lo^%
A., T. & S. F.t pfd.. lot% 101% 101% 101%
Atlantic Coast Line. 110 110 110 116
B. & O., com 108% 108% 108% 108%
B. & O.. pfd I
Brook. Rapid Tran. 70' , 71% 70% 71% i
Canadian Pacitic... 171% 17J% 171% 171% !
t -.1 A St.L.,com. i>>'^ i.t'g
Fhesapeake & Ohio. 6.7% 67 6.7% 66%
Chi. G. \V., com 7% 7% 7%
A* P r. . . ... . - . ... . I
v-., ,u. iv 01. n.,cum. JW4 Hi>'<
C.. M. & St. P.. pf<l
' "hi. & N.W.. com ? t]
Col. & So., com g;
Delaware & Hudson 175 17."> 17-11 * 174U
Del.. Lac. & West
Den. & Rio G., com. 45 46% 41% 45% . '
Den. & Rio G.. pfd. N7'2 lisi, K7 S8 b
Erie, com 20'~ 50'? 201 ? 50% j fii
Erie. 1st pfd 44\ 45% 44% 45% j SJ
Erie. 2d pfd ?
Great Nor.. pfd 142 142% 141% 142
Hocking Val.. com p"
Hocking Val., pfd ai
Illinois Central 141% 141% 141U HI1* 11
Inter. Met., com.... 1 4 la1.* la 1 5% oi
Inter. Met., pfd 42 4?.'% 41% 42%
K. C. So., com 4o% 41% 40% 41 ; ..
K. C. So., pfd 70% 71 70% 71 11
L. & N 126% 1'26% 1 25 126% j h
Mex. Central, ctfs.. 2d1-. 21 20% 20%
M., K. & T.. com... 4o% 41% 40% j f<
M.. K. & T.. pfd j
M..S.P.&S.S.M..com. 14? 140% 140 140% j
M.S.P.&S.S.M.pfd ; 11
Missouri Pacific 70% 71% 70 7"% i si
N- Y. Cen. & H. R. 126% 127% 126% 127 . d,
N.Y., C. & S.L.com.
N. Y-. C. & S. I... 2d
N. Y., Ont. & W... 4? 40*3 46 ??%! *
Norfolk & Western. W?% oo ??% KP% |
Northern Pacific 158% l-'W'i: ';a'
Pennsylvania 151% 151% 150% 151 % 1
P.. C.. c. & St. L.. Oo% ?. <>% ?m% '.MP, *
Reading, com 120 15n% 1/28% 150 | tl
Rock Island, com I tc
Rock Island, pfd... 62 65 ?' - fi
S. L. & S. F..2d pfd ,,
St. L. & S.W., pfd.. .">2 .V> 52 52 "
South. Pac., com... 117 lis 116% 117'* | oi
South. Pac.. pfd 120',3 120% 120'4 120% a'
Southern Ry., com. 24-% 25% 24% 25% J1'
Southern Rv.. pfd.. 65'65 65
Texas & Pacific 55% 54% 55% 54
Third Ave 50% 40 50% 4<?
T., S. I.. & W? com. 47 47% 47 47% ?1
T.. S. L. & W? pfd. 68% 6S% 68% 68% a
Union Pacific, com. 177% 17.8 1767sl<7,g u
Union Pacific, pfd.. 06 06 06 06 1,1
Wabash, com 18 18% is 1 s% U
?aua^n, ptd 48% 49% 4.H-?s -r.^ ul
Wis. Cen., pom 41 41% 41 41,vs __
Wis. Cen., pfd 84 84 S7% 84 "
Amal. Copper 7.7% 72% 7.1 71% a
Am. Reet Su.. com. 22% 22% 22% 22% a
Am. Can, com 8 s s S P1
Am. Can. pfd 7.7% 7.7% 7.7 7.7%
Am. C. & F.. com.. 49% 49% 49 49
Am. C. 6c F.. pfd G
Am. Cot. Oil, com.. .72'4 .74% .72% .74% j)(
Am. Cot. Oil, pfd tl
Am. Ice Securities. 22 22% 21% ? 45i?
Am. Loco., com.... .74% .7.7 .74'% .71%
Am. Loco.. pfd
Am. Sm. & II., com. 84% 8.7% 84% 84%
Am. Sm. & R., pfd. 1<>4 1?>4 KG KU "
Am. Su. & R., com
Am. Su. & R.. pfd
Am. Tel. & Tel 128% 128% 128% 128%
Am. Tobacco, pfd.. 91% 91% 91% 91%
Am. Woolen, com.. 29% 29% 29% 29% tl
Am. Woolen, pfd... 96% 90% 96% '.M>% b
Anaconda Copper... 44% 44% 44% 44% w
Cen. Leather, com. 10% 10% 10 20%
Cen. Leather, pfd.. 102% 102U M2% 102%
Col. F. & I., com... 17% 18% 17% 18
Col. & H. C. & I
Con. Gas. N. Y 120% 122% 120% 122 u
Com P. Ref., com.. 18% 18% 18% 18% ?i
Corn P. Ref.. pfd 11
Distillers' Securities .'10% .16-% .76% .16%
General Electric 1.7.7 1.7.7 1.7.7 1.7,7 a,
Great Nor. Ore 70% 71 7n% 70%
International Paper. 11% 11% 11% 11% 5'
Int. Steam Pump... 18% 18% 18% 18% 'v
Mackay Co., com .
Mackay Co., pfd 72% 72% 72% 72%
Nat. Biscuit, com.. 101% 101% 101% 101% 71
Nat. Biscuit, pfd 7:
Nat. Lead, com 78% 78% 78 78% I]
N. Y. Air Brake '
Pacific Mail Steam. 72 .72 12 12
People s Gas of Chi. 111% 112% 111% 111% ~
Pressed S. C., com. ,77% 17% 16% 76%
Pullman Co 171% 171% 171% 171%
Ry. S. S., com 44% 4.7% 44% 44^
Ry. S. S.. pfd loo% loo% 100% lo0% -.
Rep. I. & S., com.. 22% 22% 22% 22%
Rep. I. & S.. pfd... 82% 84 82% Si
*S.-Shef.S.& I..com.. 7.7% 7.7% 7.7 7.7
Tenn. Copper 79 79 .28% .78%
U. S. C. I. P.. com. 27% 27% 27 27
l*. "S. R. & T.. com
U. S. Rubber, com. 21 21 20% 2n% '*
U. S. Rubber, pfd.. in.7% 104 101% 101% ?
U. S. Steel, com 49% 49% 48% 48%
U. S. Steel, pfd 112% 112% 112% 112% ..
Utah Copper 41% 41% 41% 41% .
Va.-Car. Ch.. com.. 4.7% 4.7% 4.7 45% ,
Va. I.. C. & C G
rr-> _ 1 - - ?
rmci II JiJUU lei. *H <i| ill fj4 ("<
West. Elee. Man... 79% SO'4 79% 86% M
Call money 2 24 * v
Am. Tobacco 4s.... TO", 7c,4 764 7iji., j;
Am. Tobacco 6s.... 166% 106% 106% 106% c
Atch. Convert. 4s... 104% 104% 164% 101% K
B. & O. Gen. 4s.... lol 161 101 101 "
B. K. T. Con. 4s : w
C., B. & Q. Joint 4s. 98 'IK 98 PS
C., K. I. & P. 4s 804 X04 79% K04
C., H. I & P .r,s 794 7102 7104 7i0/4 v
Inter. Metro. 44s \A
Nor. Pac. P. L. 4s.. lu'5% 103% 103% 103% X
Pa. Conv. 34s, 1912 ^
Pa. Conv. 34s. 1915. 05% 95% 95% 95% '/
Southern Ry. 5s 112 112 112 112
Union Pac. Con. 4s. 164', 164% 105% 1044 ..
U. S. Steel 2d 5s 165% 104% io;i% 101% jj
West Shore 4s
Ex. div . 14 per cent. <;
Closing Quotations.
At the close of the stock market the
following stocks had changed in price
since above <|Uotations, there being no j < ,
change in balance of the closing prices: c.
Atchison. Top. and S. Fe. com.. 102.
Baltimore and Ohio, com., 1084.
Brooklyn Rapid Transit, 71. j;(
Canadian Pacific, 172. w
(".. C.. C. and St. L.. com., 76.
Chesapeake and Ohio, 66%. ,\
Chi., Mil. and St. Paul. com.. 1454. N
Cliicago and N.W.. com.. 177. '
Delaware and Hudson. 174%. i
Denver and Rio Grande, pfd., 87%
Erie, com., 30. ,,
Erie, 1st pfd., 45. ^
Great Northern, pfd.. 111%. j L'
Illinois Central. 142. : I'
Interboro. Metro., com., 15'4.
Interboro. Metro., pfd., 42. . A
Kan. City Southern, com., 404. G
Kan. City Southern, pfd., 70%. K
Louis. & Nash., 1264- p
Mo., Kan. & Tex., com., 41%. ?;
Missouri Pacific, 76%. M
New York Central & Hud. R-, 126%. X
N. Y., Chi. & St. Louis, com.. 52. ''
N. Y-. Ontario & Western, 46%.
Norfolk & Western. 89. c
Northern Pacific, 1384- U
Pennsylvania, 131. \\
Pitts., Cinn.. Chi. A- St. L.? 9^4
Reading, com.. 136%. F.
Rock Island, com., 244. '?
Rock Island, pfd., 62%. ; !*
Southern Paeifiic, com, 118%. ^
Southern Pacific, pfd.. 121. | y
Southern Railway, com., 25.
Southern Railway, pfd.. 63%.
Tl.Uil A ...rv 'fAS
i IIII r\ \
Toledo, St. Louis & West, com., OS
Toledo, St. Louis & West., com., 4s.
T'nion Pacific, com , 77%.
I'nlon Pacific, pfd., i>5:!4. ^
Wabash, com., 18>j,. ^
Wabasli. pfd.. 48%.
Wisconsin Central, com., 41'->. H
Amalgamated Copper, 73'4.
Am. Can., pfd.. 75%.
Am. Car and Foundry, com.. 48. p
Am. Cotton Oil. com.. 54. ii
Am. Ice Securities, 2114.
Am. Locomotive, com . 52%.
Am. Smelting and Ref., pfd., Ih3%. ,!
Am. Tel. and Tel.. 12814- y
Anaconda Copper. 44V4. y
Central Leather, com . 3014- N
Colorado Fuel and Iron. com.. 37"4 *
Consolidated Gas. X. Y.. 121%. ^
Corn Products Ref., com., 18%. ^
Corn Products Ref.. pfd., 7.V4. s
Great Northern Ore, 7o'4. T
International Steam Pump. 37%. '
Macka.v Companies. pfd.. 71. | ^
National Lead. com.. 7K<4.
New York Air Brake. 85.
People's Gas of Chicago, 11 Pi. jl
Pressed Steel Car. com.. 3G14. '
Railway Steel Springs, com., 4314. ti
id Trade.
>rk; London.
Republic iron and Steel, com., 221*.
Republic Iron and Steel, pfd., Si's.
Sloss-Sheffleld Steel and Iron, com., 743i.
Tennessee Copper. .'R'V
I'. S. Steel, com.,
I". S. Steel, pfd.. 112.
Ya. Car. Cliem.. com., 4.">'v
Western Cnion Tel..
Westinghouse Elec. Man., TP's
Amor. Tobacco 4s, 71!%.
A ti lt. Convert. 4s, 104%.
Chi., Rock I si. and Pac. 4s. 7P34.
Chi.. Rook Isl. and Pac. 7>s.
Cnion Pacific Convert. 4s, 1(?4.
I". S. Steel 2d os, llR.
The trading done at today's meeting of
te stock exchange was animated and
ive a suggestion of times when the maret
is more active than has been tlie
iso for some time past. This was
rought out more especially and for the
rst time in the general demand that
orang up for the common stock of the
Washington Railway and Electric Commy.
While the stock was to be had,
id apparently in great abundance at 4:p%,
le buying came from a large number
f brokers and was well distributed.
The bid at the close remained at 43 and
le asking price an eighth of a point
The disposition in the case of the pre;rred
stock appeared to be to sell at
flow the current figures, and the few
ansactions recorded were at '.hi54, with
ime odd lots at 91. Rut few buying orcrs
were in evidence, and at the close
le bid was ftnti, and the asking price
>"s. After call fifty shares sold at iMVi.
(las stock was the most active on the
it ire list. It was well supdrted from
le outset, so that the low levels of yes rday
were not readied. in fact, the
rst sale was about a point higher than
le general lel-el of yesterday. Starting
ut witn a purchase of twenty-five shares
t 77'4, the principal broker in the stock
ought steadily all that was offered up
) 78.
lie was not alone in the buying bid
ther brokers came in and helped along
rsd got the stock at the prices which
<%? < ? looHon lion Hinco itf vpgtfrHav 11 ri
S. I C I 'C. i t I t I ilCllt II 1VOV/ ?. ,7 v? ? - - ?
larked what was apparently a recover}
ward the higher levels of the beginning
f the week.
The market finally settled down to the
i% level, where It was when the trading
ased. There was only a separation ol
n eighth of a point between the bid
nd the asking prices, so that indicates
retty well the disposition.
The bid for the stocK ot the Georgetown
as Company ran up to t?5. three points
Iter than the figures of yesterday, but
lat did not serve to bring out the stock
Mergenthaler sold above the recent liigli
Dint, as one lot of ten shares brought
204 and another lot. 2.19 and the stock
as to be had at 2.2?>4 at the close, with
19 the asking price.
A bid of 10% was made for the stock ol
e Dime Savings Bank, which has just
een listed on the exchange, but then;
as no offering.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales.?Regular call. 12 o'eloek noon? Washing
11 Has cert.. $l.00o at lift. $700 at 11T. $70(
r 116'*. $1,000 at lilt. $1,000 at 110, $1,000 a!
16. $l.iM? at 110. $1,700 at 116.
Capital Traction ."is. $7,000 at 117.
Capital Traction. 20 at 134%. 1 at 134%, 2(
I 1341,..
Washington llirr. and F.lee. coin.. 10 at 43%
> at 43%, 10 at 43",v. .70 at 43'*. 40 at 43%,
? at 70 at 43',. 70 at 43'*. 70 at 43'*.
Washington Rwv. and Klec. pfd.. 70 at l?0%
at 01. 4 at 01. TO at 90%. 70 at 00%. 7 at 01
Washington Gas. 27 at i7%. 15 at 77%, 4 ai
"%, 27 at 77%. 27 at 777*. 27 at 77%, 27 at
rV 27 at 77%, 2.7 at 77%. 27 at 77%, 27 ai
1%. 27 at 77%. 27 at 77%. 25 at 77%. 27 ai
i%. 27 at 77%. 27 at 77%. 27 at 7S. 25 at 70
1 at 7K. 7 at 77%, 27 at 77%. 20 at 77%
I at II%.
Georgetown Gas. 27 at R7.
Mergenthaler I.inot.vpe. 10 at 220%. 10 at 210
National Sarings and Trust. 2 at 200.
I nion Trust, to at 137. 10 at 137%.
After rail--Washington Gas, 27 at 77%, 15 a'
Washington Gas cert.. $2"0 at 117.
Washington Rwy. and Klec. pfd.. 70 at 90%.
Capital Traction 7s. $2,000 at 117.
Georgetown Gas 7s. $1,000 at 120.
Bid. Asked
eorgetown Gas 7s 116
'ashington Gas 4s... too 107
'ashington Gas cert. 6s 116 117
npital Traction 5s 1 Hiai 117>;
nacostla anil Potomac Os 101
itj- and Suburban 5s 104
alumina 5s loSVa 100
alumina tis 114 110
etropolitan 5s Ill 113
'ashfngton Rwy. and Elcc. 4s... 8814 88 V?
otoniac Cons. 5s 102(4 1031/
ntninac Electric Light 5s 107% 10SV,
or. and Wash. Steamboat 5s... 105 .....
hesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5s. 103% lnO
tuerson Steaui Pump tis 75 SO
'ashingtcn .Market 5s, 1927 102 107
'ashinglou Market 3s, 1047 102 107
apital Traction.... 134V4 134$
'ashington Rwy. anil Kicc. com.. 43 43'i
'ashington ltwy. and Elec. pfd.. OOVa OOvj
'ash.. Alex, and Mt. Vernon 05
or. and Wash. Stoainlioat 2ti't 275
.'ashington Gas 77% 77$,
eorgetown (ius 05 75
ell Telephone of 1'a 102(4 103
ergenthaler Linotype 218% 219V,
austuu Monotype 12% 13
reene Cnnanea 10V4 10$
itchell Mining Vfc $
tnerican lst? ]87
apital 2uo
ity 149 151
dumbia 2su
miniercial 174(4 175
armors and Mechanics' 318 355
incolu 130
etropolitan 215 2ltlti
iggs 540 1
>cond 158 105
'ashington 520 330
mcrican Security and Trust.... 240 245
atimial Savings and Trust 197 198Vnion
Trust 135 138
'ashington Loan and Trust 102 205
nlted States Trust 1UO 101
ome Savings 280
ercbunts and Mechanics' Savings. 145 ltiO
nion Savings 225 2o0
init' ShvIiirs 10'4 .....
rlington 22 25M
onimercial 5
orcoran 7t>
ircmeu's IS 19
ranklin 4?
ermau-American 207
etropulitan IS 30
aticnal Union 1.1,4
otomuc 3." 35
iggs sj% y
olumbia 4 5
eal Estate S4 100
rashington 3V?
in or so n Stoiiui l'uuip 11^ 15
rapbophone com 1M
raphophone pfil 25 42
[en-bants" Transfer and Storage., i,mj
ecurity Storage 10O 200
I'a.biugton Market 15% 10
Quotations furnished by K. I". Hutton A- Co.
leniticrs New York Stock Exchange; U. Buwit
blpnian, manager, 1301 U st. n.w.
Open. Higb. Low. Close
oslon Con. Cop 12 12-% 12 12-N
ritish Col. Cop 7's 7', 7 71
turtc Coalition 2 ".'4 2:t', 22', 22$
hicago Subway 20 20 2tl 20
nmberland Ely 8 1-10 S'?i S l it; s>,
avis Daly oVs :!'* ::7S 3",
'ouglass Cop. Com... 2:;., 2"-, 2;i? -25
loretn-e 37* 37g 3T?
oldfleld Con 7va 715-1(1 77s 7'oldfleld
Daisy O'.l <i!l ?!K 08
recite Cananea in-7* in7. in*. 107
licmae Cold Miti.... 1l7u I7. 1^
IcKinley Darragb... !>.'! 03 03 03
evada Con la IS 177a IS
evada Smelting It* l'.a 1 1
evada Utah Cop.. .2 15-Iti 5 215-111215 11
(pissing Mining... 0$4 0:l, 9% 9$
ilver Queen til <13 01 03
t and ard Oil 640 tiTitt t!45 650
"ri-Itiillinn 1 1-10 1 1 10 1 1 10 1 l-li
nited Copper 13%. 13-$, 13N< ir?-"V
ukou 4 11-10 4 11-10 4 11-10 411-lt
BERLIN. February 19.?Exchange on
,ondon, "_'b marks ."iOVj pfennigs for cheeks.
Discount rates?short bills, 1'k per cent;
nree months' bilis, 2^4 per cent.
(Continued from First Face.*
which could Jater be intelligently codi
1 tied, and has evidently, with some fore
sight, laid the groundwork for this re
vision by secmring in advance legislatio
that would enable a committee represent
lng both houses of Congress to protec
tiie printing service from the effects of an
errors or oversights which might r<
suit from the numerous specific repeal
necessary to an intelligent revision an
The commission has recommended fror
j time to time legislation which gave th
j joint committee on printing certain pow
j crs of supervision, in the exercise of whe
alone savings are being effected exceed
ing JcOo.ooo per year. The joint commit
tee on printing has since its creatio
more than fifty, years ago exercised < ei
tain administrative functions, and the?
economies are the direct result of the tie'
powers which have been vested in th
joint committee.
Change in Bindings.
A feature of the commission's work c
interest particularly to librarians and put
lisher? is likely to be in a sense revolu
tionary in its effect. For more than
hundred years the official tiles of the gov
eminent deposited in state and territorla
libraries and the designated depositorie
of each congressional district have bee
bound in sheepskin, notwithstanding rr
, peated protests from librarians and tli
. American Library Association, liereafte
these publications will bo bound under di
rections of the joint committee on printin
in a buckram that has met the approva
of the official representatives of the Amei
ican Library Association, the librarian o
Congress and the director of tlie bureau o
standards, who conducted a series'of pra
tical tests. The commission promises
separate report in detail upon this branc
, of tlie inquiry.
Tiie commission, among it? numerou
recommendations, renews a former pic
; test against a continuance of the "bulk
appropriations, recommends provisions fc
certain reports from the public printe
with a view to allowing the product' c
the office, citing the fact that no compare
tive analysis of the product has eve
heretofore been possible; recommends
schedule of charges which shall he subjet
to regulation by the joint committee o
In addition to legislative drafts embod>
ing these new provisions, drafts are als
submitted of a proposed revision and co<"
Ittcation of several of the more importar
features of the printing law with the ret
ommendation that they he adopted as
basis for a thorough and complete revisio
and codification in line therewith.
1 CHICAGO, February 19.?Coarse grai
prices continued their upward flight o
r tlie board of trade today, and new liig
record marks for tlie May delivery c
I corn ynd oats were established. On opci
> fng transactions corn for May deliver
sold at 66^a66%. while the same opiio
in oats brought uo',j per bushel. Trad
t in ihp wneai pit was cjuii, anci mo mai
. kot was steady.
Opening quotations on wheat were \
lower to 'ga'i higher, compared wit
the previous close, with May at 1.13"
to llllg- On moderate realizing tli
i price of the May delivery dropped t
: 1.13%ul.m?.
i Continued unfavorable weather wa
i responsible for the further advance i
corn prices, which at the opening wer
a shade to above the previous clos<
, There was a little setback from the to
' on realizing, but sentiment was decidec
| ly bullish. May opened at 66 la to 661
' a66 and sold off to 6%.
Activity and strength marked earl
trading in oats. Opening quotation
were unchanged to Ua1# liigiier, con:
pared with yesterday's close, with Ma
" at t?5 to 55 *-2. The advance brougt
? out liberal profit-taking, which cairse
slight recessions. May selling <?ff t
55'*. The scarcity of contract oats i
> store was again the chief bullish ir
Provisions opened unchanged to 2%a
Toward the middle of the day tli
' wlieat market broke from Its bearis
t moorings and tiie May delivery quick!
: jumped to 1.1,V.4 on buying by lnfluenth
' bulls. A 1-cent advance at Kansas Cit
was a factor in the sudden upturn. Tli
j market was nervous the remainder c
the day. and in the final half hour Ma
sold at 1.15% The close was strong, wit
May up l'jalei a.: 1.15%.
Selling for short account caused Ma
[ corn to decline to C578. The market wa
heavy the last half of the day. and close
easy, with May >4 lower, at 15% a 06.
The weakness in corn had a depressin
effect on oats all day. The low point fc
May was 53. The close was about stead;
with May a shade higher, at 55!4.
Close; Wheat?May, 1.15%: July, 1.01
September. 96%; December, 06*4.
Corn?February, 6234; May, (S5~4a66; Ji
ly, 65%; September, 65%.
Oats?May, 55%; July, 49%: Septembe
' 41%a41%.
Pork?May. 16.9.1: July, 17.05.
Lard?May. 9.07%: July, 9. .snail 82%; Sej
ten 1 her, 9.92%.
Ribs?May, 8.02%: July, 51.07%.
' Rye?Cash, 77%a7*: May, 79%a80.
Barley?(ash, ii.iaw*.
i Timothy?March, 3.H).
Clover?March, 0.05.
Liverpool Grain Prices.
LIVERPOOL, February 19.? Closing
Wheat?Spot strong; No. 2 red westeri
< winter, 8s 4 %d; futures steady; Marcl
? 7s lid; May, 7s lO^d; July, 7s 10%<
Corn?Spot steady; new American mixe
(via Galveston), 5s 8d; futures quie!
' March, 5s (ivsd; May, 5s 7Ud.
Receivers Named for Well Know:
i Women's Clothing Firm.
k Justice Barnard today adjudged the ,
G. Pattee Company, dealers in women
clothing, at 1.131 G street northwest, bant
rupt, and appointed John G. Pattee an
Stanton C. Peelle receivers. The bond c
the receivers was fixed at $6,000.
i The order is based on the petition of /
E. Lefeourt & Co. of New York, wh
say the company is indebted to them i
.he sum of $6,0B3; Lefcnurt & Schulo
( who have a claim of $500, and Levet
Grossman & Co., whose claim amounts t
$3,047. These creditors complain that tli
company is insolvent, and it is allege
the corporation has committed an act r
bankruptcy by admitting in writing las
Wednesday its inability to pay its debt
and its willingness to be adjudged* bant
i Attorney Stanton C. Peelle. repre*?entin
the creditors, stated today that the tot;
Indebtedness of the corporation is aboi
$20,000 and that its stock of merehandis
1 and other assets are worth J'd.Out).
Manager of Company Charged wit;
Running Unlicensed Hacks.
Twenty-nine cases, charging the dcfenc
ants with operating unlicensed hacks, wei
filed in the Police Court today again*
Jeremiah Fieklin, manager of a taxica
company, and Krnest Burgdorf, a liver
stable proprietor. There are thirtee
cases against the first defendant and sis
teen against the latter. Continuance
were granted at the instance of counse
for the two accused until tomorrow an
next Thursday, respectively. The corr
plaints were filed by Hack Inspector Daw
son arid Policeman Wheelock of the firs
< precinct.
The charges are the result of the strik
1 of the taxicab chauffeurs, which force
s the company of which Fieklin is manage
, to liire carriages and hacks of liver
i stablemen to carry out their contract
? with hotels and take the places of th
" absent autos at the Union station. It i
said the prosecution in the cases is aim
? lar to that of tlie Cline case, which wa
prominently before the court a week c
more ago.
Assistant Corporation Counsel Pugh, i
' speaking of the prosecution of the dcfenc
' ants, stated that the two licenses, one fc
a garage and the other for a livery stabli
ft held hv the two men were insufficient t
t cover the business of an impromptu hae
5 and cab line.
It matters little what it is that yo
want?whether a situation or a servant
; a want ad. in The Star will reach tl:
person who can fill jour need.
_ Officials of Tobacco Com
panies Criticised.
1 Herbert Knox Smith Tells of Stocl
" I Manipulation.
h | ?
> j Many Sidelights on "Schemes
n 1
e ' m r\ az a t\i c?v* mill
oays uuiueib auu jjnectui5>
e Have Shared Special Knowledge
With Outside Stockholders.
i- "From a manufacturer of cigarette:
n with a capital of $'2.Y0<K),?nn> in IS'.to. th
American Tobacco Company has grow
ll until now its net capitalization, excludin
s intercompany holdings, amounts to th
" enormous sum of . It has at
sorlied li."VO ^separate concerns, and noi
e controls four-fifths of the output of ear
1 important kind of tobacco manufactur
in the Fnited States, with tlie exceptio
^ of cigars."
. The foregoing is set forth in a repot
~ transmitted to the President yesterday b
Herbert Knox Smitli. commissioner c
1 corporations, of tire Department of Con;
" merce and L?abor.
a Furthermore. Commissioner Smith say;
referring to the company; "Its history als
presents important features of stock tna
's nipulation. The linancial transaction
.7 centering around the organization of th
Consolidated Tobacco Company in 1iM
|r are especially noteworthy. At that tim
!, a small body of directors and stoekholt
ers in the combination believed that th
profits of tlie combination could be grcai
a ly increased in the immediate future.
t To Secure Most of Profits.
"They organized tlie Consolidated T<
baroo Company and offered its bonds i
o exchange for tlie common stock of th
I- American and tlie Continental in ordt
thus to secure for themselves most of th
increased profits about to accrue. Th
a profits accruing to tlie common stock f
n 'lie American and the Continental, aft*
its acquisition by the Consolidated, it
creased greatly, and the small hodv f
j men controlling the last-named oompan
I?so small, in fact that six of them hel
a majority of its stock, and thus cor
n trolled the entire combination?becani
n entitled to millions of dollais which, ha
it not been for the Consolidated tram
b action, would have pone to the origin;
>f common stockholders."
i- In his letter of transmittal Commit
y sioner Smith states that his report dea
n with tiie history of the great tobacc
|C combination, from the standpoint of ii
organization, the methods by which it hi
been developed, including "bogus indi
? pendent concerns" of the combination, an
li points out clearly that the leading purpot
of the men who have controlled it iu
(> been to dominate the tobacco industry.
Sidelights on "Schemes."
s The report contains not only the detai
n of the financial operations of the com bin;
e tion in its rise, hut also many sidelighl
j on tiie schemes employed to make tl
combination paramount in the tobacco it
u dustry.
Referring to the offer of the bends of tl
y Consolidated Tobacco Company in e:
'a change for the common stock of tt
i- American and Continental, Commission;
y Smith stated that while there was r
it concealment of the fact that the off;
d came from the principal officers and d
n rectors of the two companies, yet "tl
n conduct of this group of men is a prop;
i- subject for criticism, because tliey coul
foresee much better than outside stocl
,5 holders the large profits about to aeeru
They occupied a fiduciary relation to tl
ie outside stockholders, and should lia\
h shared with them equally the specii
v knowledge acquired by their position."
y tup nniiRT DPnnci
y District Supreme Court.
h EQUITY COURT No. 1-Justice Barnan
Kelly agt. Sipple; demurrer sustains
and bill dismissed: complainant's solicito
('. H. Syme; defendant's solicitor, Georf
u W. Drew.
Prentiss agt. Hendrick; hearing on ru
^ postponed until February lid; complaii
.. ant's solicitor. George Francis William:
' defendant's solictors. R. Golden Donah
,. son and F. W. Hackett.
Bottineau agt. O'Grady; order denvin
j motion; complainant's solicitors, J. <
Fay and Belva A. Eoekwood; defendant
solicitors, Putntati A- Poe.
Mueller agt. Mueller; order of Februar
S vacated and Paul E. Keech appointed t
defend and reference before Thomas I
Fitnam .examiner; complainant's solicit!
Li. A. Bailey.
Lansburgh agt. Parker; decree pro cot
fesso; complainant's solicitors. Wolf <
Rosenberg and Kappler & Meridat.
Mackall agt. Mackall; order appolntin
I>. S. Mackall and II. S. Matthews trus
tees to sell; bond, complainant'
,. solicitor, D. S. Mackall; defendant's si
'' licitors, II. S Matthews and W. A. Johr
i. Curtis agt. Curtis; order of January '2
i. amended; complainant's solicitors, ('. h
,l( Syme and W. 11. Fowle; defendant's sc
t; lieitor, H. B. Moulton.
In re assignment of Samuel S. Simpsor
order fixing bond of assignee at Jlo.ttm
petitioner's solicitor, Francis S. Ke
American Camphor Company ag
n Weed; injunction granted and order t
deposit certificates of stock in registry
complainant's solicitor, M. Strasburgei
J. defendant's solicitor, T K Jeffords.
CIRCFIT' COl'RT NO. 1-Justiee Staffon
c" Hardenstein agt Capital Traction Con
d pany; hearing on motion for new tris
>f continued to February plaintiff's a:
torneys, S. T. Thomas and H. E. Davis
, defendant's attorney's. R. Ross Perry .
Son and G. T. Dunlop.
10 Apple agt. Capital Traction Company
n mniir*ti npw trial nrmifwl anrl siihini'
f, ted; plaintiff's attorneys, Reekie. Fulton ,
{ Cox: defendant's attorneys. R. Ross Pei
^ ry & .Son and G. T. Dunlop.
Cnlted States use of Warren Ehret Con
ie pany agt. George A. Fuller Company; m<
'll tlon to strike out parts of deelaratio
withdrawn and leave granted defendant t
pload in ten days; plaintiff's attorney:
s Tucker & Kenyon; defendant's attorne;
E. S. Duvail, jr.
Dorsey agt. Elmore and Howard ag
S Elmore; demurrer to second count of dec
11 laration overruled; plaintiff's attorney:
11 Merillat & Ambrose; defendant's attoi
ie news, Rirney & Woodard.
Ronanni agt. Southern Railway Con
pany; motion to tlx day for trial grante
and set for March S. 1900; plaintiff's al
torneys. Downing & Retry; defendant
. attorneys, Hamilton, Colbert. Yorkes i
Sweeney agt. Erving; motion for ne<
. trial argued and submitted; plaintiff's a:
torney, Ij. A. Railey; defendant's attoi
"e nev. A. S. Worthington.
:t Witmer agt. District of Columbia; mc
It tion to quash amended return of defenr
ant granted, with leave to amend in fiv
days; plaintiff's attorney. \V. s. Aberi
11 defendant's attorneys, E. H. Thomas an
F. 11. Stephens.
s Farmers and Mechanics' Nations
,] Bank sigt. Milter; motion for Judgmea
granted; plaintiff's attorney, C. II. Cra
gin; defendant's attorneys, II. E. Davi
t- and J. E. I-askey.
Wines agt. Baltimore and Ohio Railroa
it Company; motion for new trial argue
and submitted: plaintiff's attorneys, i^e,
e kie, Fulton & Cox: defendant's attorney:
d Hamilton Colbert, Yerke.s & Hamilton,
r Johnson County Savings Rank agt. Mil
y hearing on motion for now irinl fnrthf
s continued to February !! >; plaintiffs at
ie torney, T. L. Jeffords: defendant's ai
Is torney, William Henry White.
j_ Iniernational Text Book Compatiy as
LS Kinp; motion to quash writ of oertiorar
,r plaintiff's attorney. U. P. Loving; defenc
ant's attorneys, McNeill & McNeill.
CIRCUIT COURT NO. 2-Chiof Justic
Sheridan agt. Brown: leave grante
' plaintiff to file three replications forth
? with: plaintiff's attorney. II. Winshi
Wheatley; defendant's attorneys, Thui
ston. Prentiss & Balllnger.
Adam agt. Adam; motion to sta
u pending bankruptcy proceedings granted
? plaintiff s attorney. Mr. Johnson: defend
ie ant's attorney, H. Wlnship Wheatley.
Crump agt. Capital Traction Company
) txtttsntxmmtmtmttmummammauazmi
I Under Governn
| The Oldest Savings Bs
j y Another Year GoneJ
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> nary 1st to better your condition and to
' ff Are you sarins all you can? Aro yo
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8 D1REC1
|f Henry J. Goodman,
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g Lee D. l.atiraer,
g A. M. Lothrop.
g Theodore W. Noyes,
3* H s. w. w?
"I 710 14th 1
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>t" 21'J- \LAL
'r tSu!r~Ai\cS>
! ? ! NKWllilf
5- f
ls time to file transcript extended to June 1. ?
? Ut09; plaintiff's attorneys. H. H. Glassie 1
and <\ J. Murphy; defendant's attorneys, ;
IS R. Ross Perry & Son and G. T. Dunlop. J
Weaver agt. Johnson; motion to strike |
1,1 out parts of amended declaration granted. |
,e with leave to amend in ten days; plain- |
is tiff's attorney. H. R. Burton: defendant's |
attorneys. Blackistone & Bailey. !
United States ex re!. Philip agt. Macfar. 3
land; petitioner granted ten days to plead I
's to answer; petitioner's attorneys. Gardi- |
l- nor & Hopewell; respondent s attorneys,
E. H. Tliomas and William Henry White. ft
Cunnion agt. Capital Traction Com-JI
panj ; security TOT costs nrnerea; iiiain- ?
1_ uff's attorneys, R. F. Downing and G. A. |
Berry; defendant's attorneys, R. Ross 1
ic perry & Son. I
' Ormsby agt. Johnson; appeals noted Xo. J
ie vember 27 and December 4. 190S, dis- |
ir missed with costs; plaintiff's attorney. ]
10 George F. Ormsby; defendant's attorney, j
?r A. S. Worthington. j
i- Bryan agt. Hurlbutt; judgment under j
>? rule ":t for $SC>: plaintiff's attorneys, R. j
jr Ross Perry & Son; defendant's attorney, j
Id George W. Drew. |
t- Hill agt. Great Falls and Old Dominion j
c- Railroad Company; motion for new trial j
ie overruled; judgment on verdict for 1
'c plaintiff for $.">,000; appeal noted; super- .
al sedeas; bond. $7,000; plaintiff's attorneys. 1
Reekie, Fulton & Cox; defendant's attorneys.
Wilton J. Lambert and R. H. 3
Year'man. i
Belding agt. Heiberger; motion to i
strike out first count of declaration j
granted, with ten days to amend and '
ten days to plead; plaintiff's attorney. 5
H. Winship Wheatley; defendant's at- 3
torneys. Birney & Woodward.
J"' Magruder agt. Fellers; motion to '
e strike out defendant's third plea 3
granted, with leave to plead over in ten <
days; plaintiff's attorney. H. B. Moulton;
defendant's attorneys. Shea & Bat- ^
*' ley. %
1~ Anderson agt. Smith; motion for new
trial tiled: plaintiff's attorneys, I* J. \
f Mather and F. N. Hopewell; defendant's 3
r' attorneys. Maddox & Gatlev. j
s 3
v CRIMINAL, COl'RT NO. 1?Justice 1
n Gould. 3
f United States agt. Eldridge A. Brady; 3
)r murder first degree; verdict, guilty of
second degree murder; attorneys, C. H. '
i- Hemans and H. R. Thomas.
DISTRICT COURT?Justice Anderson, j l
? In re widening of alley in square |
127; motion to quash overruled; jury ^
s sworn and hearing fixed for March 1!?. 3'
)- In re extension of T street; motion to j
>- vacate dismissal sustained; appeal 'j
noted. ~
1 CRIMINAL COURT NO 2-Justice Ander'*
United States agt. Richard Barnes; !
>: housebreaking; motion for new trial filed;
5; attorney, S. D. Truitt.
i" United States agt. Hugo Sacks; larceny:
sentenced to penitentiary for one year and
t eight months; attorney, David Rothso
r; United States agt. Edward Swailes; as- j
*; sault with dangerous weapon; sentenced
to workhouse for six months on first
count and five months and twenty-nine j
J- days on second count; attorney, M. E. I
i- O'Brien.
*1 United States agt. Norman L. Hayes;
t- bigamy; plea, not guilty; attorney, Albert i
s: Sillers.
& United States agt. Arthur Norris. as- j
sault with dangerous weapon; sentenced j
*; to lail for eight months; attorney, J. M. Ji
t- Ricks. \
& Untied States agt. John Jackson and r
Warren Rolls, larceny; Jackson sentenced
to penitentiary for eighteen months; ap- ?
1- peal bond. $800; motion for new trial as
J- to Rolls argued and submitted: attorneys,
n F. J. Ryan and James B. Archer, jr.
o United States agt. Thomas, housebreaks,
ing; defendant remanded.
V, I'nited States agt. Jesse Gordon, robbery;
sentenced to penitentiary for three
t. years; attorney, E. M. Hewlett,
v Alston agt. Fletcher; time to file tran8.
script extended to March 23; plaintiff's
r- attorney, P. W. Frisbv; defendant's attorneys.
Burke & Huftv.
l- Einkins agt. Davidson; motion to disd
miss granted.
Tn re Walter S. Barker; order to pay
* trustee's fee.
[' Tn re Thomas E. Waggaman; order au""
thnrizing trustee to* sell.
In re Thomas F. Keane; order declaring J"
claim of W. G. Carter a first lien.
In re Benjamin Ferman; hearing on
e discharge set for March 15.
In re Thomas B. T.o Cuyer; hearing on
ll discharge set for March 15.
In re Edward G. Rowzee; order finally =
*' ratifying referee's reports.
In re J. G. Pattee Company; ad.iudica- c
l" tion and reference to \V. M. Hallam. and
ls order appointing John G. Pattee and p
fl Stanton C. Teelle receivers; lx>nd, $0,000. n
PliOBATE COl"RT-Justice Barnard.
S( Estate of James C. Dent; will admitted
to probate and letters testamentary
1 granted to Mary E. Dent; bond, $1,500; 3
>r attorney, George R. Linkins. 3
Estate of Catherine Gallagher; letters 3
t. of administration granted to S. Duncan 3
Bradley; bond, $1,000; attorney. S. D. *
t Bradley. 2
i- Estate of Sophia Arendes; order to sell p
U real estate; attorneys. Wolf & Rosenberg. 4
In re Carmen Mayer; order appointing P
Ernest A. Bolger guardian of the person,
e Bfctate of Hamilton I. Gregory: letters
of administration granted to Samuel A.
d Gregory; bond, $1,000; attorney, J. C. Fay.
i- Estate of Ellen C. Dawson; exeropltfled 1
p copy of will tiled. b
Estate of Olive R. Seward; will dated t<
July 12. 1001, filed with petition for pro- r
y bate: attorney. J. J. Darlington. a
I; Estate of Ferdinand Espey; will admit- fl
I- ted to probate and letters of adminlstra- w
tlon c. t. a. granted to Enoch L. White; b
; bond, $15,000; attorney, E. 1* White. p
lent Controfl ?
ink in Washington. |
?What Have You ij
ur Future? |
rear.- What hare rou <|?nc sin'* .Ian- 22
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u putting it away in .nine jml tin mi
n<i trnn'? A. savins* irrnnnt will ?
a later years, when }ou may not foe t.
eil semi-annually. 22
F resilient 8
Vice President
Second Vice President S
Treasurer 2
Asst. Treasurer 2.
J. II. Ralslon. 2Z
< 'nun II IhiHnlnh Zl
John B. Sicilian, Jr., ?
E. Quiney Smith. 3
M. A. Winter, i?
idward. t*
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Dnre Co.. Inc.; no reasonable offer refused.
Bo* 73. Star ofl1?-e. fel0-3t'
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1 "knocker" that the answer lies wl
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jf H1BBS BLDO., TS\ l.'.TH ST. X. W. JZ
il ^
|| Capital, $1,000,000. Surplus. $1.0OO,ti00. j
I We Issnie !
: ;
! Drafts direct on principal cities I
of the world.
Letters of Credit issued.
Exchange bought and sold.
lnvestnients&Collections made, j
Stocks &: Bonds bought & sold, j
j frUL2M I
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conditions of the money or stork
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in amounts from y.VH> upward.
Send for booklet, "Concerning Loans and
Swartzelfl, Rhgem <k
IMemsey Co.,
727 15X11 ST. N.W.
Money at 5%.
Ileiskcll &- McLeran,
o3o-tf iLSTKstate
of Harriet S. Ward; exemplified
opy of will filed
Kstate of James O. Cafon; petition for
irohate of will filed; attorneys, Sheehy
l Sheeliy.
Government Securities.
Bid. Aftcif.
per rents, registered. fll.TO lOl loji^
per cents, eonpons, 1030 10114
per cents, registered. 1H0S-1S.. 1O0V 101'a
per ri'nts, roupous. 1008-1* lOO-'ii 101'a
per cents. cotiiions. small. 1908-18 10O
per cents, registered, llKBl lifl 110^
per cents, coupons. 1923 120
per cents, reg.. Pan. Can., 1?3G. lOOVfc lOl^i
>i strict of Columbia 3.05s. 1024.. lOMVfa
per cents. Philippine, 1014 34.. 100
anauia, 1038 100*4 101
Boston Brokers in Bankruptcy.
BOSTON, February 19.?Walter H.
'rumbull of the firm of Walter H. Trumull
& Co., bankers and brokers of Boson,
filed a voluntary petition In bankuptcy
today, with liabilities of S14/1.UKI
nd assets placed at Inability t<>
oat certain bond Issues and joint liability
rltb another firm of brokers now ia
ankrnptcy is given as the cause of the

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