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The World of Finance and Trade.
Washington; New York; London.
Tone of Market Decidedly Firm
Irregular Shifts in the Railway List
Day's Most Extensive Movements in
Industrial and Miscellaneous
Shares?Some Advances.
THipatrb lo Tlip Star.
? NEW YORK, April 20.?The extent and
continuity of yestbrday's rise it: the stock
Mnarket led to quite heavy profit-taking
sales In this morning's local dealings. bin
Vthese transactions were effected without
heading- to any pronounced reaction, and
In fact the tone of the day's market, as a
?whole, might correctly be described as be
,ing decidedly firm. Aside from tlio fur
ther extensive advance in the grain mar
ket there was little of .interest in the
day's general situation.
Money market affairs exhibited little
'change and the European stock markets
continued steady and gave no material
?reflection of the Turkish, political crisis.
The discount rate of the Bank of England
was left unchanged at 2',? per cent, and
the bank's weekjy statement made a
strong showing..
Foreign houses had fairly large' orders
#ln the local market on both sides of the
account, but the final operations showed
a small excess of sales.
A great deal of interest was taken in
the March statements of earnings of the
Union and Southern Pacific, and both
companies made handsome exhibits.
Rally for Genernl Market.
? In the early part of the day. however,
the securities most directly concerned
were comparatively heavy. J,s?ter they
?rallied In common with the general mat-*
ket. and furnished their usual proportion
,or the day's total transactions.
i The T nlted Stateg Steel stocks, which
were particularly stimulated yesterday by
the quarterly statement of earnings. also
showed the effect of profit-taking sales, j
but in common with the general market i
the net results of the transactions in
? megtion were not remarkably conspie
.iiou*. Some of the day's most extonsivo
movements took place in the industrial
>Tftnd miscellaneous shares, and included
material advances in American* Eoconio
^Ive. Colorado Fuel and Iron, the Repub
lic Iron and Steel stocks and Pressed
,S:ecl Car.
. Brooklyn Rapid Transit was again firm
? and active, but otherwise the transactions
in the local traction issues were not upon
a large scale.
Technical Trading.
The irregular shifts in the tone of the
railway list in comparison with yester
"da>'s well maintained strength deprived
the transaction? in that quarter of some
?of the Interest which attached to yester
day's dealings. At the same time the
^t>rl?e movements scored could be attribut
ed only to technical trading circumstances
t'jn the instance of the majority of eases.
The shares of the Southern railway
^showed more animation than for some
Trime past.
The. ,-anthracite and bituminous coal
sioeks exhibited the wide and rapid
fluctuations in prices which must appar
ently be reckoned upon pending the final
rflecision of the Supreme Court in the com
modities* case.
The day's dividend announcement and
"ether routine developments furnished no
?*" -
NEW YORK, April 29.?The cotton mar
ket opened steady at a decline of 1 point
to an advance of 2 points, and after sell
ing off a point or two from the initial
figures rallied on steady cables, more ag
gressive support from bullish sources and
moderate covering by shorts, who seemed
to be rendered nervous by the steady
ruling of May contracts on the eve of
the first notice day tomorrow. Prices
touring the middle of the morning ruled
?about 0 to S points net higher.
The market was irregular in the fore
noon. with near months relatively easy,
owing to scattered liquidation, while the
new ?rop -was comparatively firm on bull
support and a little Investment buying.
Prices at midday ruled about 6 to 12
points net higher.
Spot quiet; middling uplands, 10.75
middling gulf, 11.00.
Estimated receipts at the ports today
yn.000 bales, against 20,i>.V) last week and
? 12.011 last year; for the week. no OOO
?bales, against 144.274 last week and 5s'o:J2
?Jast year. Today's receipts at New ur
.leans, 0.052 bales, airalnst 5,338 last year
?*nd at'Houston 1,152 bales, against 1 on
last year.
Futures opened steady. May, lo.42;
I.me. 10..Mj bid: July. 10.::2; October. 100*;
Oeeeinber. 10.04; January, ??.!???; March
V.U8 bid. ' ?????.?,
Liverpool Cotton Prices.
, El\ EFtPOOl.. April 20.?Closing: Cot
Jon?Spot in increased demand; prices
three points lower; American middling
#Tair. good middling, 5.G7; middling, I
5 47: low middling. 5.20; good ordinary.
^VO": ordinary, 4.05. The sales of the day
Were IO.(nk) bales, of which .ViO were for
speculation and export, and included
American. Receipts. 3.000 bales,
Including 1,00t> American. Futures open
ed and closed steady.
April, 5.38; April and May. 5.37; May
and June, 5.37: June and July, 5-H'v
^uly and August, ."..itu,: August and Sep
jWmber, 5.42; September and October,
October add November. 5.3t>1,>>: No
vember and December, 5.31'3: December
and January, 5.34; January "and Febru
ary, 5.33?i: February and -March, 5.31;
.March ami April, 5.:;5.
?' Government Securities.
- per ri>n;?. rcs;*icr<?l. I'll", 102
'?. per cents. (-unpens. 101%
?? n?-r rente, registered. I!*???-1fe. . loj ', lO-'i
?? Pi nts. i-ftlipiitiB. p>-J
l*r (-onl?, coupon*. small. I!n* is J.jti
4 P?t cent*, rcgl?ti-n-i|, I!>2."> tii?
?I i?t rent*, votj|>uiis. I(l?> IL'O'j
i>er cents. teg.. |'?u. i'an . tiiUtJ 101 iOilA
I?istrn-l ?,f Columbia 1921.. tOS'j ....
4 |n-r i-puts. I'iiiItppine. liMI34.. lull
1'auaun, lKis pjl l0j'^
t 9
Florists Go to Wall.
J. M. Hammer Sc. Sons, florists, at (>i
? Florida avenue northeast, have filed a
petition in voluntary bankruptcy. Tho
debts are listed at $2.80K.04 and assets at
$52::. Among the creditors are the fol
lowing foreign concerns: Jacs Smits of
Naarden, Holland. $537.25; H. Zipp & Co.,
Eelsse, Holland. $4u0; C. J. Speelraan of
Hassenhelm. Holland. S200, and C. Kuer
6 Son of liilligom. Holland. ?.?.
Attorneys Tucker & Kenyon represent
the petitioner.
Women's Presbterian Mission Board.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., April 2H. The
women's Presbyterian l>oard of missions
meeting is being held at the Immanue!
?Presbyterian Church here. Among those
"in attendance are Miss Mary 1,. Fret-,
man of South America. Miss Guttle V.
ilollidav of Persia. Miss Velma Snook of
iterea and W. Y. Jones of Japan.
Furnished bv W. B. Hibbs & Co.. bank
ers and brokers, Hibbs building, members
N'rw York Stock Exchange. Washington
?Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of
Open. IHsb. l.ow. 2:30.
A.. T. S. F.. com. H>9% 109% W?% HW%
A.. T. iV S. F.. pfd
Atlantic Coast Line 126 126 126 126
B. & O.. com 114% Il l's 114% 114%
B. & O.. pf* 06 96 **?
Brook. Bap. Tran.. 77% 78% 77% 78
Canadian Pacific.. ? 178 178 177 177^
C..C..C, & St.I...com
Chesapeake & Ohio 70 70 75 75%
Clii. (J. \V.. com 5 5 4% 4%
C.. M. & St. P.,com. 150 150% 149 149%
C.. M. & St. P.. pfd
Chi. K- N.W.. com.. ISO ISO 180 180
Col. & So., com.... o:{% 63% 64
Delaware & Hudson 181 192% 181 181%
! Del.. Lac. & West.. 670 670 670 6J0
Den. & Rio G., com. 52% 52'? 51% 51%
Den. & Rio G., pfd
Erie, com SI 31% 3ft'/k Sl't
Erie. 1st pfd 46% 47% 4634 4< ?>
?^ric, *d pfd.*?????? ?????? **'"*
Great Nor., pfd 144% 144'f: 143% 14.? 4
Hocking Val., com
Hocking Val.. pfd
Illinois Central 14'? 145% 145% 14.?%
Inter. Met., com.... 15% 16% 15?4 '0%
Inter. Met., pfd.... 4."> 40% 45 46
K. C. So., com 45% 45% 44% 44%
K. C. So., pfd 75% 7.1% 72% 72%
L. & N im> l-'iO 138% 139
Mcx. Central, ctfs
M.. K. & T., 10m.. 43% 43% 43% 43%
M., K. & T.. pfd
M..S.P.&S.S.JVI..com. l.!6 136 136 136
Missouri Pacific..., 71% 74'? 73% ???34
X. V. C. & II. R... 130% 130% 129% 129*
X.V.. C. & S.L..com
N. Y., C. & S. Li.. 2d
N. Y.. Unt. & W... 49% 49% 40% 49%
Norfolk & Western. 91% 92 91',i 91%
Northern Pacific... 144% 144% 143% 14316
Pennsylvania 1"?0 l-'!6% 135% 135%
I'.. C.. C. & St. L.. 90* 90% 90% 90%
Reading, com 116% 1-17% 146 147%
Rock Island, com.. 29% 29% 20 29%
Rock Island, pfd... 71% 71% 71 71%
S. L. & S. F..2d pfd. 44%.45% 44% 45%
St. L. S.W.. pfd. 59 60 58% 59*
So. I'acific, com.... 120% 120% 120 120%
So. Pacific, pfd
Southern Ry., com. 29% 29% 29\4 29%
Southern Ry.. pfd.. <58% 69% t!8% 69,i
Texas iV.- Pacific..;. 33% 33% 153% IS!!!
Third Ave .TS 33% 33 33%
T., S. I.. & W? com. 52% 32% 52 52
T.. S. J- W.. pfd. 69% 69% 68% 68%
Union Pacific, com. 188% 188% 187% 188%
In ion Pacific, pfd.. 95* 96 95% 96
WabasJi. com 19 19 19 19
Wabash, pfd 49% 50% 49% 49%
Wis. Cen.. com 57% 57% 56% 56%
Wis. Cen., pfd
Amal. Copper 77 77% 76% 76%
Am. Beet Su., com. ."5% 35% 34% 35
Am. Can, com 10% 10% 10% 10%
Am. Can. pfd 79% 7!?% 79% 79%
Am. C. & F., com.. ."*)% 51% 50% 51
Am. C. & I'"., pfd
Am. Cot. Oil, com.. 58 58% 57% 58
Am. Cot. Oil. pfd
Am. Ice Securities.. 4?> 10% 39% :>9%
Am. I.oco., com.... 56 56% 56 56
Am. I.oco.. pfd
Am. Sn;. &. R? com. *9% 90 89% 81*%
Am. Sm. & R.. pfd. 105% 105% 105% 105%
Am. Su. & R.. com. 133% 133% 133 133
Am. Su. & R.. pfd.. '.
Am. Tel. & Tel 141% 141%-141 141
Am. Tobacco, pfd ......
Am. Woolen, com.. 34% 35 34% 35
Am. Woolen, pfd
Anaconda Copper... 40 46V4 45% 15%
Cen. Leather, com. 29% 29% 29 29
Cen. leather, pfd ?.
Col. F. & I., com... 39% 40% 39 39%
Col. & H. C. & I... 61% 61% 60% 61
Con. Gas. N. Y 137* 137% 137% 13T*
Corn P. Ref., com.. 22% 23 22% 22%
Corn P. Ref.. pfd... S4 81% 84 84%
Distillers' Securities 3.8 38% 38
General Electric.... 158 158 157% 157%
Great Nor. Ore.... 69% 69% 69% 09%
International Paper
Int. Steam * Purtlp. T, 39% 39% 39% 39%
Mack ay Co.. com... 78 78% 78 78%
Mackay Co.. pfd.... 73* 73% 73% 73%
Nat. Biscuit, com
Nat. Biscuit, pfd
National Lead. com. 88% 88% 87% 87%
N. Y. Air Brake... ..
Pac. Mall Steam... 30 30 30 :M>
People s Gas of Chi. 116% 116% 116% 116%
Pressed S. C.. com. 38 :i8% 38 39
Pullman Co 186 186 186 186
Ry. S. S.. com 39% 40% 39% 40%
Ry. S. S? pfd
Rep. I. & S., com.. 24% 24% 24% 24%
Rep. I. & S.. pfd... 80 8f)% 80 80%
S.-S. S. & I., com.. 77*4 77% 77 77
Tenn. Copper 40% 41 40% 41
U. S. C. I. P.. com. ' 31% 31% 31% :<1%
U. S. R. & I., com.. 79% 79% 79% 79%
U. S. Rubber, com. 33 33 33 33
U. S. Rubber, pfd.. 104Z 104% 101% 104%
U. S. Steel, com.... 54% 55 54% 54%
1'. S. Steel, pfd 115% 115*115 155%
Utah Copper 47% 47% 47% 47%
Va.-Car. Ch., com.. 46% 46% 45% 45%
Va. I.. C. & C 61 61 61 61
Western Union Tel. 71 71% 70% 70%
West. Elec. Man ? 82 82% 82 82%
Call money 2 2 2 2
Am. Tobacco 4s.... 29% 79% 79% 79%
Am. Tobacco 6s
Atch. Convert. 4s... 107% -07% 107% 10i%
B & O. Gen. 4*.... 101 101 101 101
11 R. T. Con. 4s.... 86% 86% 86% 8614
C. B. & Q. Joint 4s. 98% 08% 98% 98*
C., R. 1. & P. 4s.... 80% 80% 80% 80%
I. & P. tiS? ? ? ? ..... ? ??? ? ?????
Inter. Metro. 4%s.. 79% 79% 78% 79%
Nor Pac. P. L. 4s.. 102% l(rj% 102% 102%
Pa. Conv. 3%s, 1912. 99% 99% 99% 99%
I*a Conv. 3*8. 1915. ? 96% 96% 96% 9H
Southern Rv 5s.... *12% 112% 112% 112%
Union Pac. Con. 4s. 107% 107% 107% 107%
U S. Sieel 2d 5s.... 104 104% 104 104%
West Shore 4s 103* 193 10o 10J
Baltimorean Thinks He Has Found
Long-Lost Brother.
BALTIMORE. April 29.?After thirty
six years' absence from home, during
which time his family had heard only ru
mors of .his whereabouts, the mother, sin
ter and brothers of James Hughes, who
failed to return home one night from
work on the cutting through of the West
ern Maryland railroad, believe they have
located him in Moorecroft. \N yo. Tues
day George II. Hughes, a brother, who
lives at 1U06 Woodley street, received a
letter signed with his brother s name,
In which family relations were discussed,
the relations mentioned in the letter be
ing those of George Hughes. Besides,
this brother are two more. John Hughes
of Springfield. Ohio, and Rustln Hughes,
who lives wtih his mother. Mrs. Cecilia
Hughes. 1542 Newington avenue, and one
sister, who. before her marriage, was
Miss Gertrude Hughes.
Little doubt is now left in the minds or
the family as to the discovery of the long
lost brother, which it is hoped will re
sult in a reunion.
James Hughes left one morning as
usual for work when the grading for the
Western Maryland was under way in Bal
timore county. He was expected home
that night, but did not return. Later he
was heard of in Pennsylvania, after
which all trace of him was lost.
Baltimore Flutter Over Possession of
Original Writing.
BALTIMORE. Md? April 29.-The orig
inal manuscript of ' The Star Spangled
Banner." of which the Francis Scott Key
Memorial Association is endeavoring to
secure possession. Is now in the W alters
gallery. It was transferred to Henry
Walters some time ago by Mrs. Edward
Shlppen of this city for a consideration,
Mrs. Shlppen says, but with certain con
ditions binding Mr. Walters to insure
the perpetual care of the precious paper.
It Is Mrs. Shippen's desire that the
manuscript remain in Baltlntor? for all
time, and she says she will use every
endeavor to prevent Mr. Walters loaning
the manuscript Lo the memorial associa
Bank Statements Called For.'
The controller of the currency today
issued a call for a statement of the con
dition of all national banks at the
dose of business on Wednesday, April
Gas stock slid away today at the meet
ins of the Stock Exchange?or, at least,
the prices did?and it looked, just as one
of the brokers remarked, that the recent
melon that had been cut was spoiled
first by having been kept too long. How
ever. the prospect for the stock was re
vived somewhat by the interest shown
in it by one of the brokers, who took
several lots of stock and so brought the
figure for it back to 72.
Before that was accomplished about
125 siiares sold on a range of from 71%
to 71%. At that stage the buyer offered
to sell 100 shares at 72. and, while some
twenty-flve-share lots sold at that figure,
and also at an eighth of a point less,
still the bid at the close was 71% and
the asking price 71%. as compared with
72% bid and 72% asked, as recorded at
the close of the call yesterday.
The principal buyer of the stock was
also a bidder today, but not to any ex
tent at or above 72. In the light of re
garding this recession in the figures for
gas stock as the effect of the recent dec
laration by the company of an extra dlvi
i dend. It was observed on the floor today
1 by one of the brokers that another extra
! dividend announcement by the company
would no doubt send the stock down to
The principal feature of the trading to
day. however, was the free buying of the
bonds of the Washington Railway Com
pany and of the consolidated and the
"first*" bonds of the Potomac Electric
Light Company.
The latter brought higher prices than
'those recently quoted, although they have
sold higher. Today 100% and 100% were
the prices paid for the "firsts'' and 100%
was bid for more, after some ?O.OUO had
been sold.
A quotation lot ,of fifty shares of the
common stock of the Washington Rail
way Company sold for 42. which is the
lowest level reached by this stock for
some time past. For the past few days
this stock has been going off gradually,
and the cause for such a movement is gen
erally ascribed to the current talk to the
effect that there is to be no dividend after
all on this stock at this time as has been
all aiong supposed.
The stock of the L"nRed States Trust
i Company has got going up in such a
i fashion that it does not appear inclined
: to stop, and so today the highest record
ever made was reached, when ten shares
sold for 105. and the bid for more was
within a half point of this level and there
was no stock offered for sale.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales.?Regular call, 112 o'clock n?on - Washing
ton Rwy. and Klec. 4s. *1.000 hi $4,000 at
87*i. St.000 at 87%. $."..000 nt s7%.
I'otomac Klectric Cods. 5s, 11,000 nt 103'#.
11.000 at 103',.
Potomac Electric right 5s. |1.000 at 109%
$1,000 at 109'*. $1,000 at lo0%, $1."00 at 109%.
$1,000 at 10?'j. #1.000 at lOft-V $1,000 at 10!#%,
?1.000 at 100*.. *1.000 at 100V
Washington Rwy. and F.lec. coin.. 20 at 42'?,
50 at 12.
lUCi^uiuniK LlllOtjP*, ^
!.anston Monotype, of* at 14, 100 at 14.
Union Trust. 10 at 134.
U. S. Trust. 10 af 10::. 10 .it 105, 2 at 105.
Potomac Insurance, 10 at 34U.
After call?Union Trust. 0 of 134%.
Mergenthaler Linotype, 2 at 206,i.
Washington Rwy. ami Klec. com.. 23 at 41n?.
Washington Kwy. and Klec. pfd., 21 at 92V
Rid. Asked.
Georgetown Gas 5s 110 110
Washington- Gas 4s 102 101
Washington Gas cert. Us 109 116
Capital Traction 5s 117 117Jj
Anacostia and Potomac 5s lot
City and Suburban 5s 104
Columbia 5s. 101 105
Columbia Os llo IIS
Metropolitan 5s 113 116
Washington Rwy. and Klec. 4a 87% S7%
Potomac F. lee trie Cons. 6s 1031* 103%
Potomac Electric U(bt 5s 109% 109%
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5s.... 103 ....
Chesapeake and Totomac Tel. 5s. 104% 106
Kmerson Steam Pump 6s 7.1 82
Washington Market 5s. 1927 100
Washington Market 5s. 1047 100 ....
Capital Traction 136 138% I
Washington Rwy. and Klec. com.. 41% 42
Washington Rwy. and Klec. pfd.. 02 92%
Wash.. Alex, and Mt. Vernon 41 55
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 260 270
Washington Oaa 71*4 71%
Georgetown Gas 55 03
Bell Telephone of Pa 101 103
Mergenthaler Linotype 208 2"WA
Lanston Monotype 13% 14
Greene Cananea 9% 10%)
Mitchell Mining
American 175 180
Capital 203 205
City 15* 1GJ
Colombia 275
Commercial 174 1764
Farmers and Mechanics' 310
Lincoln 128
Metropolitan 208
Riggs ? 550
Second 156% 105
Washington 315 320
American Security and Trust.... 240 213
National Savings snd Trust 195 *'"<
Union Trust 134%
Washington Loan and Trust 198*4
United States Trust 104%
Home Savings 280
Merchants and Mechanics' Savings. 140
Union .Savings 230
Dlnie Savings 10
Arlington 25 27
I Commercial 5
Corcoran 70
Firemen's 11#% 20-%
Franklin SO
German-American 267
Metropolitan 2
National Union 6%
Potomac 33 35
Columbia t 3
Ileal Estate 84 lOO
Washington 2 4'-j
Emerson Steam Pump 12 15
Graphophoue ?coru lo%
Uraphophoue pfd 2i? 31
Security Storage 175 2i?0
Washington Market 15% 19
London Closing Stocks.
LONDON, April 29. 4 p.m.
Consols for money 85
Consols for account 85
Anaconda 9%
Atchison *110
Atchison pfd lOOfc,
Baltimore and Ohio 11 ""i
Canadian Pacific 182'..?
Chesapeake and Ohio 77Vj
Chicago Great Western 5
Chicago. Milwaukee ami St. Paul 154
De Beer* IS1*
Denver ami Rio Orande 53%
Denver and Rio Grande pfd 90
Erie 32
Erie 1st pfd 1*
Erie 2d pfd 39
Ovand Trunk 22
Illinois Central 119%
Louisville and Nashville 142
Missouri. Kansas and Texas 44'^
New York Central 133>,
Norfolk and Western 94
Norfolk and Western pfd 90
Ontario and Western 50%
PenngyKsnla 09-%
Rand Mines 85,
Reading 75',
Southern Railway 30%
Southern Railway pfd 70' i
Southern Pacific 123*4
Unlou Pacific 193%
Union Pacific pfd 98'..
United States Steel .'... 50' i
I'nlted Statea Steel pfd 118%
Wabash 19'?i
Wabash pfd 50%
Spanish 4s..." 97%
Amalgamated Copper *78%
Bar allver, steady. 24%d per ounce.
Money. % per i-ent.
The rate of discount in the opeu market for
short bills is l%al 3-16 per cent.
The rate of dlacount in the open market for
tliree-months bllla la l'4al 5-16 per cent.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE. Md.. April 28.?WHEAT?Quiet;
spot contract. 1.40al.40%; syot No. 2 red west
ern. 1.40al.401i; May. 1.29 asked; July. 1.1 H;*
1.11%; ateamer No. 2 red. l.37al.37>,?; receipts.
2.281 buslfels: southern on grade. 1.37*1.40.
CORN?Dull; Bitot contract. 79a 19 V.,; April.
79a79V?: May. 79a7?li; July. 76; ateamer mixed.
73a7S'i: receipts, 6.704 bushels; southern white
corn. 75Ha79H; southern yellow corn. 75a79.
OAT*?Dull; No. 2 white. ?OaOO%; No. 3
white. 58'iar4Hi: No. 2 mixed. 57'ja58; receipts.
2.903 bushels.
RYE - Finn: No. 2 western export. 87'-iaSS; No.
2 western domestic. SSjMt.
I1AY -Steady, unchanged.
CHICAGO, April 29.?Despite a decline
of 3i to v?d in wheat at Liverpool, the
maiket here opened strong today, with
prices a shade lower to 1c higher. A
scarcity of offerings soon forced July to
l.l?V\t, from a closing range of- 1.09% to
May corn opened Ua^s to ^a"8 higher, at
71to 7IS?. profit taking causing a re
action to 70%.
May oats opened to higher, at
oO1! to ."?t"v9. Later the price eased off to
Provisions opened a shade higher to 5c
Wheat sentiment was bullish all day,
and prices advanced *till further, July
selling up to 1 12lg. Some reaction oc
curred on realizing, but the market closed
strong, with July up 178. at 1.11 Mi
The strength of wheat caused the corn
market to rally again, and the close was
I firm, with May higher, at 71a71,?.
Close: Wheat?May. 1.23*4; July. 1.11%:
September. 1.03'/*: December. 1.02'.,a1.<i2:'rs.
Corn?April. 71%; May. 71a71'*; July,
September. Decern l>er, 5S%a
Oats?May. ott'*: July. 49^?: September
4S's; December. 42Vi
Pork?May, 17.70; July, 17.92Iial7.0."?;
September. 17.0,_',;.'
Lard?May. 10.25; July. 10.371$; Sep
tember. 10.52'2.
Ribs?May, 9.72'y: Julv. 9.80; September,
Rye?Cash. So; May. 82,*a83.
Barley?Cash. (Vftsa70.
Timothys-April. ,i.W;; September. 3.80a
Clover?April. 9.50.
New York Grain Prices.
NEW YORK. April 29.?Flour?Receipts.
17,039 barrels; sales, 2,200 barrels; dull
but (irmly held.
Wheat?Receipts, 39.000 bushels Con
tinued unfavorable weather northwest
heavy decrease in Minneapolis stocks,
commission house buying, light offering?
and strength of outside markets caused
an upturn of about a cent in wiieat this
morning. May, 1.27s*: .July. l.lG^feal.n1,^;
September, 1.09%al.09%. ?
Rve, dull; No. 2 red western, 94. f.o.b.
New York.
Corn-Receipts, ",".">7 bushels. Firm early
on wet weather and covering of shorts.
July. 77'4.
Quotations jelven below are for large
Jots. Jobbers' priccs are higher.
EGGS. ? Nearby fresh Virginia,
.20; west Virginia and southwest Vir
ginia, li>; Tennessee. 10.
Bl'TTER.?Creamery, fancy. 27>Aa
28; western firsts. ?_'7a27,2; seconds.
27a28; process, fancy, 23a24; fair to
good, I9a20. Store-packed, fresh, 16.
CHEESE.?New York state factory,
new, large, 16al6V&.
POULTRY.?Chickens, winter, .?er lb..
20a23: spring, 30a35; liens, per lb., 13;
roosters, per 1J>.. 8; keats. per lb., 1,2;
turkeys, hens, per lb., 18; turkeys, tonis,
per lb., 15alC; ducks, per lb., 12al5.
DRESSED POULTRY?Turkeys, 20*23;
hens, choice, per lb., 10al8; roosters,
per lb., 8; chickens, per lb., 20a22;
spring, per lb., 28a35; ducks, per lb.,
16a 18.
VEGETABLES.?Potatoes, per bbl..
No. 1, 2.50a3.00; northern, per bu., l.ooa
1.25; new, bbl.. 4.00a5.00; sweet pota
toes, per bbl., 3.00a3.75; yams, bbl.,
2.00a2.50; turnips, per bbl., ?5al.00; cucum
bers, per basket, 2.00a3.50; onions, per
bbl., 2.5Ua275; onions, bu., 1.10al.53;
cabbages, southern, per bbl., 1.25al.75;
eggplant, crate, 3.00a3.00; squash, per
basket. 75a1.00; pe;is, per basket.
2.ooa3.00; spinach, per bbl., 1.5oa2.no;
kale, per bbl., 25a50; lettuce, per bas
ket, 1.00al.5V; tomatoes, per crate,
1.50a2.25; radishes, per 100, 1.00a3.0o;
celery, per bunch, 40a73; celery, Fla.,
per crate, 1.75&2.50; peppers, Fla.,
per carrier, 1.25a 1.50; new beets, bunch,
Ca7; new carrots, per bench,
3a4; rhubarb, per doz., 25a30.
GREEN FRUITS.?Apples, per bbl.,
S..~>0a0.50; oranges, Fla., per box, 2.0'Ja
<*.50; oranges, Cal., box, 3.00a3.50; grapo
fruit, .per crate, 4.00a5.00; pineapples,
per crate. 3.0oa3.50; strawberries, Fla.,
qt., 18a30; North Carolina, per qt., lOa.18.
HAY AJ^D STRAW.?Hay, western.
No. 1, 14.50al5.00; No. 2, 13.00al3.T3;
mixed. 11.00al3.00. Straw, rye, bundle.
20.00a2l.00; rye, machine thrash, 13.0oa
14.00; straw, wheat, per ton, ?.00as.50;
straw, oat, per ton, 8.00a8.50.
SEEDS.?Alsike. per bu.. 9.00a9.25;
clover, per bu., U.15atf.50; timothy, per
bu., 2.00a2.10.
LIVE STOCK.?Cattle, extra, per
cwt., 5.50a0.00; medium, per cwt., 4.00a
4.75; ordinary, per cwt.. 3.00a3.50;
Hogs, per cwt., gross, 6.5'Ja7.00. Sheep,
per lb.. 4a5. Lambs, fall, choice, per
lb., 6a7; medium, 0; spring, choice. 8 % a
9. Calves, choice, per lb? S'.j; medium,
per lb., 7%a8.
BEEF CUTS.?Ribs, No. 1, .?er lb..
15; No. 2. 14; No. 3, 12. Rounds. No. 1,
per lb., 10; No. 2, 0; No. 3. 8. Loin*.
No. 1, per lb., 14; No. 2, 13; No. 3, H.
Chucks, No. 1, per lb., 0; No. 2, 8; Na.
3, 6.
WOOL AND HIDES.?Wool, -washed,
free of burrs, per lb- 2Sa3o; wool, un
washed. per lb., 22a25. Hides, green,
per lb., V; hides, dry. per lb.. 10al4;
sheepskins, green, each. 75al.l5; calf
skins, green, each, 1.3oal SO; dry iiut
hides, per lb., 12al5; dry waited hides,
per lb-. 12al4; mink, each, 1.50a4.o0;
muskrat. 25a32; opossum, 25a30; gray
fox, 40al.00; skunk. 5oal.95; red fox,
2.00a2 5o; rabbit, 1; raccoon, 40a90.
GRAIN.?Wheat, per bu., 1.32al.t0.
Corn, shelled, per bu., 7tJa80; ear, per
bbl., 4.25a4.50. Oats, western white, No.
Si. per bu., 63atW; mixed, UJatH. Bran,
per ton, 28.00a30.00. Middling per ton.
Proposed Feature of San Francisco
Bay Celebration.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 29.?With the
object of trying to induce several of the
European nations to send warships to
Sah Francisco to be present during the
celebration in October of the commemora
tion of the discovery of the Bay of San
Francisco by Don Gasper lie Portola, C.
C. Moore, ex-president of the chamber of
commerce, will leave this week for Eu
Invitations v. ill be extended 1o Great
Britain. Germany. France. Spain, Italy.
Japai> and the South American republics.
Among the features under consideration
for the festival is a sham naval battle
and attack m>on San Francisco by the
combined foreign warships.
Champion Swimmer to Marry.
NEW YORK. April 29.?The engage
ment of Charles M. Daniels, the cham
pion swimmer to marry Mrs. G. O. Wag
ner. -daughter of the late F. 11. Goodyear
of Buffalo, has been announced here.
Mrs. Wagner, who resides at the Hotel
Plaza. Inherited a fortune at the death of
her father, who was president of the
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad Com
Ohio's Mexican War Veterans.
PIQU... Ohio. April 20?The Ohio Stale
Association of Mexican War Veterans
will hold its thirty-fifth annual reunion
in Piqua May 1. the anniversary of the
battle of Palo Alto. Out of 0,000 men
who enlisted from Ohio in the Mexican
war only twenty are now living, and they
have banded together with a vow never
to cease holding their reunions so long
as two are left.
Ask for Vote on Local Option.
JEFFERSONVILLE. Ind.. April 29 ? Pe
titions signed by .1:809 voters of Clark
county have been presented to the board of
county commissioners asking for a vote
on the local option question. According
to the Indiana law 20 per cent of those
who voted for the last nominee for sec
retary of state can order such an elec
tion. * The vote in 1908 in this county was
Motor Car for Postal Collections.
Collector Walter P. Ray. with a new
motor car, will hereafter make the pack
age collections in the main office district
of the city post office, which includes
the dowiftown business section. Post
master Barnes has withdraw the two
wagons heretofore used for the purpose.
Capital, $200,000.00.
U. S. Government Supervision:
?Because We Have the Gomfideinice of the
?Public and Our Service Meets Every
?Requirement off Our Depositors.
2,154 New Depositors Since January 1, 1909.
interest paid on Savings Accounts, compounded every
six months/ One dolflar or more wiiS open an account.
Pa. Ave.N.W.
7th and Q Streets N.
20th and Pa. Ave. N.W.
Issued bv The Mutual Life Insurance Company
will ci^r vfiU a certain Income, ?hi<*h Is
nntp^d t*v ??Tpr 1*'? hundred and forty million
dollars of assets, accumulated In a bUixessfoi
business experience of nlit.v six years.
Apply to
Thomas P. Morgan,
1335 K lit., n?cond-story front room.
Telephone Main 1126.
Money at $%.
loanf.d on d. c. reai. estatb.
Heiskell & McLeran,
noSntf 1408 H ST __
Present Condition of Mills Best in
Eighteen Months.
i?peeial Dispatch to'Tlio Star.
CLEVELAND. Ohio, April 29.?'The Iron
Trade Review today says:
"With the exception of rails, all the
principal finished lines of iron and steel
are making progress and are lending to
the general market ail appearance of re
newed activity. The condition of the
larger mills at present is probably the
best at any time during the past eighteen
months, as increased operations are
being well sustained, and in some prod
ucts orders arc actually in excess of cur
rent output. Some of tlie interests being
so benefited are venturing the expression
of a belief that the turn toward normal
trade has been made, and that a gradual
advance during the" remainder of the year
is likely to follow.
"That the accumulating tonnage is
reaching a point where it is suffusing a
greater strength and confidence is shown
by the firmer attitude of some makers
toward the lowest prices prevailing. In
steel bars the l.io-cent base, which is still
quite freely quoted In some quarters, is
not being so aggressively inet, and at this
level the market is more completely in
the hands of those interests which are
willing to offer such inducements. Steel
bars have been one of tlie best lines of
the whole market as to specifications re
ceived, but plates and shapes are also
making a favorable record in point of ton
nage being closed.
"In wire products conditions more
closely approaching a genuine open -mar
ket are prevailing, and the official price
schedule, which is becoming more and
more nominal, is being generally under
Special Cablegram to The Star.
LONDON. April 20.?There was a
steadier feeling in regard to consols and
investment issues after the announce
ment of the budget which involves no
loan, but contemplates a . reduction of
?:1.000,000 in consols through sinking
fund operations, llome rails were with
out much feature. Foreign securities
were easier on realizing sales. The de
partment of Kaffirs and mining shares
presented an irregular aspect. De Beeis
ended with a net loss of 3-10, at lo'/g. Rio
Tintos were higher at Tots
American railway shares showed weak
ness at the official close on advices from
New York. Prices on the curb were in
clined to sag- The continental bourses
were steady.
LONDON, April 20.?The weekly state
ment of the Bank of England shows tlie
following changes:
Total reserve increased c l.V'..??00.
Circulation decreased ?09,000. -
Bullion increased ?53,!>10.
Other securities decreased ?505,
Other deposits decreased tlUVW.
Public deport* increa^d ?01/KM).
Notes reserve increased ?1T5,000.
Government securities unchanged.
The proportion of the bank's reserve
to liability this week Is ."iO.;;i per cent.
L.hsi week it was 40.T3 per cent.
The rale of. discount of the Bank of
Engiamd remained unchanged today at
?j'4 per cent.
PARIS. April 20.?The weekly state
ment of the Bank of l<*rance shows the
following changes:
Notes in circulation increased 00.100.
00O francs.
Treasury deposits increased 4,T30.000
f runes.
General deposits increased 0U,?i>0,000
francs. ,
Gold in hand increased 14,o2.?,00'J
Silver in hand increased 1,000,OU'J
francs. * ?
Bills discounted incVeased 140,350,000
Advances decreased 8,025,000 francs.
Closing: Three per cent rentes. OT
francs 25 centimes for the account. Ex
change on London, ? o francs li>V2
centimes for checks.
BERLIN. April 20.?Exchange on Lon
don. 20 marks 43 pfennigs for checks.
Money nominal. Private discount
rate. 17? per cent.
London Exchange Closed May 1.
LONDON. April 20.?The stock exchange
here will be closed Saturday, Alaj L
Arc your saving money?
Some day you will want to
own a home or start in busi
ness for yourself. Arc you pre
paring for that time?
A small amount put bv reg
uarly every week will soon
ml m
equip you to take advantage of
the first good opening that
comes requiring a little capital. \\ ithout' a reserve fund,
you may lose a dozen good chances to win success in busi
Make the right start today.
Open an account with our Savings Department. One
dollar will start it.
We pay 3 per cent interest.
Home Savlmirs Bank,
Seventh and Mass. Ave. N.W.
7th and II Sts. N.E. 436 7th St. S.W.
Under U. S. Treasury Supervision.
ap2fl-l f
1 "WHAT m 1
nnr= rr Ar\nnaan -!i
?Napoleon's Famous Question. 2|
* * y>
s% To succeed in life one must
*1 (r>
i;> liave the right tools?the right }i?
assistance. Napoleon chose as
sistants as the direct result of
his ever famous question: The
shrewd business man of tuday ?n
?? in selecting a builder invaria- j?
j il bly asks, "What has he done'."'
J Ask it about &
; ^ "The Builder Who Makes Good.'' ^
i :k ' HIBBS BLD(J., 723 13TH ST. &
.??..? !,v' ?>.? v.* ?-.? *- Jf,%? W '.O ?. ?.
- -?v- r \?* -/-I c-?r -< ft rv~, rr\? %?--< ?* *
1 :v{
Organized 1892. Assets. Hf0.405.00 A
. Serial Building $
Twentj-seroud issue of stock tiow open
for subscription. ~(f
Sliarrs of stuck, one dollar ca> h, pay
utile monthly.
JOHN QUI NX. President.,
N. H. SHI'A. Treasurer. :;i
JAMLS F. SHEA. Secretary. i":
M, Biggane, M. J. Keane, *;;*
.1. .1. Brosnan. " M. A. Ki anr, '??
,1a*. K. ' "iinrllv, K. I>. M'Aiillffe. ?" V
,In|in T. I'rowlt'J. Kol.t. O'Neill.
Jlanriee Fitzgerald, M\v. J. Q.iiun.
!'. I ". Haunuu. J as. 'l'uole.
'Ji 643 Louisiana Ave. N.W. it
& apl7-eo.tf.40 3c
V-W**>C"Sr i"'<<*k"'#.*'<k"< C*'< .* r'<i**/?". C".v"/1' *a"
The Safest investments
Are those that do not fluctuate during dls- '
tcrbed conditions of tbe money or stock i
markets. First deed of trust notes (first !
mortgages*. well secured on real estate in ;
tte District of Columbia, constitute "gilt '
edge" investments. Tbey do not depend
upon tbe financial responsibility of Indi
viduals or corporation* for their stability,
and are exempt from taxation as persons) .
property. We can supply such ^vest
ments In' amounts from $500 npwsrd.
Send for booklet. "Concerning Loans and
SwartzeH, RBieeoi &
Hensey Co.,
?27 15TH ST. N.W.
oclft-d.eSu.30 * ' v
t Thomas L.Hume& Co., g
% Members ?*?
& Washington Stock Exchange. 4?
Direct Wire to
N. T. Stock Exchange.
| 11333?=35 F Street*
% Washington, D. C.
<t? Telephone M. '-53.
??? ap1S90?.28
foS"C"? #???#?
I Association.
I Loans on Real Estate.
$1,000 for $5 Monthly Interest
i $2,000 for $10 Monthly Interest.
$3,000 for $15 Monthly Interest.
I $4,000 for $20 Monthly Interest.
; $5,000 for $25 Monthly Interest
Parmcni* hack <"1 principal dr.ir 4 per mi
interest. No tuuiail&bious. kioderst* tiytl
506 Uth St. N.W.
Capital and Surplus.-II.750.000
Depr-sita Over ??.?wkt.<Xn>
Funds for Use
E ISSUE Travel
ers' Checks of
the American
Express Co.,
Letters of Credit and Drafts
011 principal cities of the
t_r Prospective tourists are in
vited to confer with us.
The Washington Loan
and Trust Company,
Corner 9th and F Sts.
JOIIX juv EDSOX. President.

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