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In the Recent Endurance
Contest, May 15, 1909.
A light, snappy car famed
for its speed, reliability and
smoothness of running. The
handsomest roadster built
The only car to finish which had
already covered 10,000 miles without
overhauling. This shows it to be a
The only touring car to finish with
out tire trouble of any sort, showing it to
The only car to finish without road
penalties, due to tardiness or adjustments,
showing it to be a RELIABLE CAR.
The only touring car on the run in
which no member of the party, driver,
observer or mechanic, was called upon for
any work of any sort, showing it to be
the ideal car FOR A PLEASURE
TRIP over any kind of road.
If you want evidence of the economy,
durability, roadability and general sturdi
ness of a car, what more could be offered?
This car, entered and DRIVEN BY
ITS OWNER, after a year's use with
out overhauling, went through this gruel
ing test, in which no car of its class
made a perfect score; was at every con
trol AHEAD OF TIME; had no ad
justments; had no tire trouble; was with
out defect at the finish and has had no
adjustments since.
The question of scores is in contro
versy. The facts, however, as above
outlined can be established in detail and
prove that now, as in the past four sea
sons, the MARK 48 COLUMBIA
2020 M Strut N.W.
Phone N. 5141.
NOW that the indoor social sea
son is about over. members of
the social colony are Riving
consideration to the seashore
and suburban villas. When
Congress adjourns many of the members
will return to their homes in their auto
mobiles, touring the country en route at
Naturally the interest of autoists cen
ters about the White House, -which for the
first time is equipped with horseless ve
hicles. Mrs. Taft has an electric vehicle.
The White House tars are finished in
dark blue with a russet door panel and
a narrow stripe of the same color fol
lowing the lines of the molding.
* *
With the withdrawal of Packard car
No. 4, as the result of being penalized
in the reliability contest of a week ago,
causing a tie with Matheson car Xo. i:l.
the controversy is practically at an end
and during this week the trophies will
be awarded. The pifsentations will be
made by President William D. West at
the clubhouse of the Automobile Club
of Washington on Georgia avenue.
The Packard car came through with
a clean score, while the Matheson was
penalized four points at the conclusion
enjoyed an all-day trip to Frederick, Md..
last Sunday in Mr. Gordon's Oldsmobile
touring car. The party arrived at Rtdge
vil'.e, Md., about 1:30 o'clock, where a
stop was made for dinner. After a short
rest the trip to Frederick was resumed.
Washington was reached Sunday evening.
In the party were Mr. and Mrs. Fulton
R. Gordon, Mrs. C. S. Hart and Frank
W. Hart. Mr. Gordon is a member of
the Automobile Club of Washington and
was one of the judges in the recent re
liability contest.
* *
Onp of the first roads to be improved
in Carroll county will be the old na
tional turnpike from Raltlmore to Freder
ick, via Rldgeville, Md. Arrangements
are now being made for the purchase
of the pike, and when it is taken over
by the state in its entirety -ill of the
toll gates along the line will be abolish
ed. The toll from Baltimore to Ridxe
ville now amounts to $1.25 round trip.
* *
Mr. and Mr?. Charles E. Wilson and
Mr. and Mrs. Howard , Fisk, in
a Pullman '-!<>. toured through the
state of Maryland last Sunday.
After spending Saturday night at
Catonsvllle. Md.. a start was made
early Sunday morning, the route being
night's stop will he at Willlamsport, a
distance of 130 miles from Philadelphia.
'The uecond day's journey will he to
Johnstown, 143 miles. The third control
will h? in the Smoky city, which Is sev
enty-five miles farther away. On th? re
turn the first night's stop will he at Lew
istown, 165 miles. Tlie run of 165 miles
to Philadelphia will conclude the trip.
The total distance is 725 miles.
* *
An unusual performance for a motor
cyclist occurred last week during the re
liability run, when G. S. Herryman, on a
Harley-Davidson motorcycle, kept pace
with the pilot car the entire distance of
165 miles, lie left about 5:30 last Satur
day morning arriving at 3:46 In the after
noon in exce'lcnt condition. He led the
automobiles into Waynesboro, the first
peg of the journey, and would have ar
rived ahead of the bunch had he not lost
his way near Hagerstown, when he went
ten miles off the course. ,
* *
Cincinnati dealers are planning to set
apart a week for the disposal of all of
their second-hand cars.
A taxlcab company with $25,Of>o capital
has been incorporated at Portland, Ore.
More than $110.<*)0 has been collected In
? r
v- V
? m
r # ??
r ^ waej?bw
jpeialce,? (aiwontokmeje oe.nator
? kayrrnwaykoiemr.p
' ,ixs&rw iW\^
.'?V ?'?:??? C-T- ?i>'???*? wWwHti-ffc >/iv>A*AvX<?<vduiii?
' The. 6wtdwhtllnlite.i2.,i/lme.
lagilrcbaktz And daxtchteir
Horttl-zaK-ham AtstdTortce-r Turkish
of the technical committee's examination.
! Later a protest was filed by the owner
of-the Matheson car, which was followed
by the contest committee penalizing c.ie
Packard car four points also. The L.ut
trell Company decided to withdraw the
Packard. s<> the Matheson car will re
ceive the Washington Post trophy for
the best score In class A. In class B the
Buick car No. 10 will receive The Even
ing Star cup for the best score in that
class and also the Automobile Club of
Washington trophy for the car unishing
with the most perfect score in any of
the three classes. In class C. Ford car
Nu, ?> will be awarded the Washington
Times cup.
* *
C. S. Johnston of New Haven. Conn.,
who spent several weeks In this city, left
yesterday morning with a party of
friends in a sixty-horsepower Conti
nental touring car for New York city.
The start was made at t? o'clock in the
morning, over the Washington-Bali.more
boulevard. The journey was resumed
this morning from Philadelphia, and two
days will be spent in New York, after
which the run to New Haven will he
made. Those in the party .nclude Mr.
and Mrs. C. S. Jounston of New ilaven,
Mrs. Raymond von Palmenberg ot
New York and Smitli Hempstone of this
* #
Messrs. John A. I-utz. John J. Fister
and A. H. Gait returned a few days ago
from a tour through Maryland in a
new Mora touring car. They found the
roads very dusty, due to the lack of rain,
between Olney and Potomac. They are
probably in a better condition now alter
the rain of the past two uays.
* *
C. FrcS Cook of this city, Deltus M.
Ed wards of New York and Clifton V.
Edwards, also of New York, in Mr. Ed
wards' 15WD Fiat IS, recently made the
run from New York to the National
Capital. The start was from the l.'IOth
street ferry. New York, at 7 o'clock a.m.,
and Baltimore was reached early in the
evening of the same day?a distance of
miles. The trip from New York to
Washington could have been made easily
in one day, but the party, not bfing in a
hurry, stopped two hours In Philadelphia
and mor? than an hour in Wilmington.
No trouble of any sort was experienced.
The route from Philadelphia was by way
of Chester, Wilmington, Newark, Del.;
Elkton, Md.: Perryville, Havre de Grace.
Belair, Baltimore and 1-aurel. i^ater in
the week Deltus M. Edwards and Thom
as H. Sheridan of this city made the
trip to Philadelphia and return. From
New York to Phi adelphi* and on to
Wilmington the roads were in excellent
condition; between Wilmington and New
ark. tine macadam; from Newark to E!k
ton, dirt roads filled with ruts, and from
Elkton to Perryville, dirt and miles of
sand; cross the Susquehanna on ferry
boat; from Havre de Grace to Belair, fine
stretch of macadam; from Belair to Bal
timore, o!d pike,' rough and full of deep
holes into Baltimore; from Baltimore to
Washington, half of the new macadam
road is in magnificent condition and
smooth a* a table, but the other sections
are full of mud holes from ten to eigh
teen inches deep.
* ?
Fulton R. Gordon and * party of friends
Baltimore to Relay, to Ellicott City, to
RidKeville, for dinner. There tliey were
joined by Mr, Hizer and family of Bal
timore in a Winton touting car. The
two oars returned over the Frederick pike
to Kllicott City, from which point they
headed for Reisterstown, returning via
Pikesville and Baltimore. The remainder
of the evening was devoted to touring
the suburbs of Baltimore.
* *
A number of members of the Automo
bile Club of Washington are planning
trips for Decoration day. Several of the
enthusiasts will take a flying trip over
the roads to Atlantic City, while others
will take a spin dawn the Shenandoah
valley lor about three days.
* ?
Among the unfortunates in the reliabil
ity contest last week was Horace C.
Chandlee, the treasurer of the Automo
bile Club of Washington. In company
with William D. West, president of the
club, lie acted as pilot with his Stanley
steamer, starting at 4 o'clock, an hour In
advance of the contestants. While cross
ing the car tracks a jolt disoonnected his
water gauge. ye continued as far as
Rockville. but, not wishing to run any
chances of the boiler exploding, halted.
Piesident West shifted his flag to the
Hist car reaching him. In the meantime
Mr. Chandlee made the necessary repairs
cit'ter sending to Washington, and at 'J
o'clock proceeded over the course 011
schedule time, lie wound up at the club
house in tine condition, after a delightful
trip. He Is figuring on making a two
day trip of it later on.
* *
T. B. Spence and W. B. McBurney took
a flying trip to Brandywine, Md.. a few
days ago. Mr. McBurney came down
from the Matheson factory and drove
Matheson car No. in. lie recently par
ticipated in the three-day endurance run
at Wilkesbarre, Pa. In addition to being
an electrical engineer, he holds high hon
ors as a civil engineer.
* *
An innovation in endurance runs will
be a tire and rim competition tour in the
Catskill mountains and the Berkshire
hills, New York, June 12, 13 and 14. Ob
servers will be allowed by the entrants,
who will report on the condition of the
tires, especially as to bloW-outs and punc
tures. It is the first event of its kind in
this country and the outcome will be
watched with interest. It will include all
the trials given to tires in general tour
\ * *
Harry ftrme Journeyed over part of the
course of the reliability contest during
the past week with his family. The trip
was made in a Ford touring car of the
six-cylinder type. It was made as far as
Emmitsburg, returning via Frederick,
Md. The trip occupied two days.
* *
The Quaker City Motor Club has ar
ranged the itinerary of its endurance run
from Philadelphia to Pittsburg and re
turn, which will start June 14. The first
motoring fees by tlie state of New Jer
sey since January 1.
TIi? Pottstown (Pa.) Motor Club, al
though organized only a year, now has
more than 100 members.
A touring competition, to be held July
lo and 14. is being organized by the East
German Automobile Club of Konlgsbutg.
The work of erecting danger and direc
tion signs on the roads In central Ohio
has been started by the Columbus Auto
mobile Club.
A permanent organization has been ef
fected by tne chauffeurs of Kansas City.
Mo., under the name Automobile Mechan
ics' Association.
The newly organized motor club of
Chester. Pa., which now has sixty-five
members, has joined the Pennsylvania
State Motor Federation.
Hundreds of big automobiles with sol
diers as drivers assisted the French gov
ernment during the big strike of postal
employes, when the railway mail service
was tied up.
Professional chauffeurs of Philadelphia
have begun a movement to have the
mayor name three or four special auto
mobile detectives to halt joy riding.
* *
Personally conducted touring parties un
der the management of a motor car man
ufacturing concern are being organized in
several sections of the country.
A motorist in England who has kept an
accurate record says that in the two years
he has driven 10,109 miles at a total cost
of ?512.34, which works out $0.0506 per
The Hermitage Automobile Club of
Nashville, Tenn., and the Tampa Auto
mobile Club of Tampa, Fla., have been
elected as unfederated club members in
the A. A. A.
The annual contest for tl\e greatest mile
age attained by members has been in
augurated by the Dong Island Motor Club.
A cup will be awarded the winner when
the contest closes, November 1.
The authorities of Hammond. Ind., have
installed a water gun with a ti.ree-inch
nozzle which will be trained on motor
speeders who refuse to stop when or
dered to by the police.
Gov. Pcnnewill of Delaware will deceive
th? members of the Delaware Automo
bile Association at the southern termi
nus of their 100-inile run to be held May
le Hit *Ut ^ SK-^-Nfc dkAlfclit .-^.^ ^ ^ &Mjfc
|[email protected]! Car No
One of the two cars to make perfect technical scores in
the Washington Reliability Contest May 15, 1909.
8 -
ITS position at the start was due to accident, but not so
with its position at the finish. That was due to DESIGN-?
Only two more left, and one of these goes to our Bal
timore house if not sold in Washington before shipment frpm
factory. You can get one if you speak NOW?tomorrow
may be TOO LATE.
1315 New York
titmmmw m mmmmwmmm mm mm m t w- wt m m mv w mm r* ?
To INCREASE Tire Mileage
All things being equal the mileage Is wonder
fully Increased and troubles correspondingly re
duced by using larger tiros. Moist automobillats
harp now found this out.
Whore 3-lncb tires of a certain site will last
4.001 or 5.00ft miles with a liberal sprinkling of
trouble It haft been found tlru?* and again that 4
inch tires of the same size will carry the SAME
CAR, under the same conditions of road and
load, from 8.000 to 10,000 mllea. often without
a SINGLE PI'NCTIRE. Which leads up to a
point that many motorists are still unfamiliar
Which means that each 4-Inch Goodyear Quick
Detachable Tire in ALMOST *V? INCHES?other
sires In proportion. This overslse feature will
enable y<m to fet mors miles out of a tire thsn
you have ever thought possible, and will pra<
tlcally eliminate punctures and blow-outs at tb*
aamo time.
No change in rims la needed--*? alterations of
any kind required. Simply buv a Ooorlyesr Quick
Detachable of the aire your car la equipped to
carry. The tire will be full IS p?>r cent larger
than you can aecure In ANY OTHER TIRE SOL.D
Mileage will be INCREASED by ftr more than
ir> per cent-trouble will be DECRBISED by far
?<>re than 15 per ?-ent- and the original price of
fJoodyear Quick Detachable Tlrca?all ov?-rat*e -
la but slightly In advance of ordinary tires,
which are all smaller. We urge you to rail at
your convenience and make comparisons and st
the same time consider some facta and tlgurpa
of vital interest to the mau who paya the tire
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Local Branch, 102(1 Connecticut avc.
Local Arcnpy. Rudolph A West Co.,
13S2 Sew York ave. n.w.
Electric Light, An Electric Fan
and An Interesting Book
Form a combination that la very
conducive to summer comfort and
One'a home ahould naturally be
a place of freedom and ease.
Those residents of Washington
who are compelled by bnalneaa or
other cares to remala at home
should arrange for the nse of
electric lighting service aad for
an electrle fnn now.
Then hot, humid nights will not
be wakeful ones nnd sultry even
ings can be pleasaatly speat.
Potomac Electric Power Co,
213 14th Street N.W.
2H. The members will dccorate their cars
for the orcasion.
The organization of tiie Century Motor
Club of Philadelphia has been completed.
The club is an outgrowth of the old
Century Wheelmen, and will occupy the
fine clubhouse of that organization.
* *
From San Francisco to Portland, Me.,
and then back to the Pacific coast by way
of the northern route to Seattle, is an
automobile trip to be made this summer
by Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lattleficld of Oak
land, Cal.
The roads in the coast roads to the
eastward of Algiers are even superior to
those of France, according to Colgate
Hoyt, former president of the A. C. A.,
who recently returned from a tour of
northern Africa.
One of the topics for discussion at the
convention of the International Associa
tion of Accident Underwriters at Niagara
Falls in July will be the automobile haz
ard. which is growing in seriousness.
If a bearing should become hot the best
and simplest way to cool it is to pour
water on it until quite cool and then
lubricate well before running again. Tn
new cars the bearings are very apt to
run hot.
Kenton, Ohio, now has an automobile
club with nlnety-flve charter member*,
and a motoring organization has been
formed at Rlpon. Wis., the college city on
Green I<ake. where many Chicago and
eastern men have summer homes.
Judging from the requests pouring hi
for entry blanks, the annual Independence
day meet of the Motor Club of Wildwood,
N. J., will be the most successful yet
held at that Atlantic coast resort. The
beach is already being put in condition
for the contest.
* *
Active work has been begun by the
newly organized Iowa State Automobile
Association looking to the formation of
more local motor clubs in the cities of
that state. The chartered cities of the
organization are Council Bluffs, Mason
City, Sioux City anfl Marshalltown.
Mrs. Alice R. Ratnsev of Hackettsack.
N. J., Is preparing to start on her trans
continental tour June it. She is confident
of reaching San Francisco by July 15.
and expects to drive and repair her car
unaided by man the entire distance
Three other women will accompany her
Charles Klein, the playwright, is tell
ing of how he enjoyed a taxlcab ride
from London to Kdlnburgh. lie ea> s
while in London. feeling h bit bla**. he
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The crew of the pathfinding car on the
Denver to Mexico City trip experienced
one of the roughest tours that lias yet
fallen to the lot of American automo*
bilists. Stranded in a desert forty-six
miles from a railway, the crew of the car
remained forty-eight hours suffering from
hunger and thirst. The stranded crew on
the desert of Cresta Blanca are watch in*
anxiously for relief after two days of
waiting. Billy Knipper is looking into the
distance for McCarton and Howard, who
were long overdue.

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